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Conference 16thbt::decnet_rt

Title:DECnet/RT Notes
Notice:Project cancelled
Created:Thu Oct 30 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jan 30 1995
Last Successful Update:Thu Jan 23 1997
Number of topics:41
Total number of notes:147
Number with bodies:0
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1.04VAXRT::GENTRYThu Oct 30 1986Conference Announcement and Abstract
2.0VAXRT::GENTRYThu Oct 30 1986Phase
3.05VAXRT::GENTRYThu Oct 30 1986DECnet Requirements Document (restored note)
4.015VAXRT::GENTRYThu Oct 30 1986Suggestion for more activity (restored note)
5.01KRYPTN::GENTRYThu Oct 30 1986Foreign Country Requirements
6.02CSC32::LIVERMANFri Nov 07 1986What format DECnet-RT tapes??
7.08WELSWS::HEMMINGSWed Dec 03 1986Ethernet Support?????
8.08VNAIS2::RANISCHFri Feb 27 1987RT/VMS DECnet connection isn't running
9.06HGOVTue Mar 10 1987Decnet-RT on LSI-11?
10.01POTARU::NTAYLORMon Mar 16 1987Asynch Support via DLV11-J?
11.01USRCV1::HOLTJTue Mar 24 1987RT-11 & Xerox XNS
12.01COMICS::BUTLERWed Apr 22 1987Patch kits for DECnet-RT V2.1
13.02COMICS::BUTLERWed Apr 22 1987FPU support Required??
14.03CRVAX1::KAPLOWWed May 06 1987Can't delete file on RT from VMS
15.01TRCTWed May 20 1987Decnet-RT Phase IV
16.03SHEILA::GILLARDMon Aug 10 1987Copying RT11 to VMS via DECNET
18.0SED75Thu Oct 01 1987The Punter would like to see this provided.
19.07SRFSUP::LONGOFri Oct 09 1987DECnet-RT to DECnet-VAX problem
20.01CSC32::BURNETTThu Dec 10 1987DECNET/RT vs. DUV11
21.02LUTECE::COSTEUXFri Dec 18 1987Decnet/RT and 11/73 - RL
22.04LUTECE::COSTEUXTue Dec 29 1987DLV11-J vs DL11-WA or DLV11-F ?
23.02USFHSL::CORNWALLMon Jan 18 1988IBM PC <---> RT11
24.01MAMTS6::FPRUSSThu Jan 21 1988DECnet RT & XM?
25.02VAXRT::CZERNYWed Feb 03 1988Looking for DECnet-RT Field Test Sites
26.04POBOX::KLINDWORTHFri Apr 01 1988DECnet Phase IV Questions
27.02MSDSWS::LOVETue Jul 26 1988Current DECnet v2.1 patch level??
28.01POLAR::DAMMon Sep 19 1988DECNET/RT supports DDCMP protocol???
29.0VAXRT::GENTRYWed Oct 12 1988Communications brainstorming
30.03POLAR::DAMWed Oct 12 1988Where to find DECNET-RT V2.1
31.01CSC32::BURNETTMon Jul 24 1989DECNET/RT vs. PHASE 5?
32.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Feb 23 1990Decnet/RT documentation need
33.0PDVFri Apr 06 1990DECNET-RT on E-NET
34.04SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Apr 11 1990Need to use a DELQA under RT11.
35.01WELMTS::LAMBERTCWed May 02 1990Old Versions??
36.01INFACT::DOAKThu May 24 1990Questions about RT to VMS DECnet installation
37.0USWRSL::MAK_SITue Sep 25 1990ddcmp support?
38.05KETJE::LEFEVERMon Oct 08 1990file access questions
39.01COPCLU::KNUDSENFri Nov 01 1991Problems starting decnet
40.02EMDS::PETERSONMon Nov 18 1991GenRad Dt
41.0MSDOA::PRENTICEMon Jan 30 1995Is DECNET still around??