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Conference abbott::content-retrieval

Title:Document and text processing based on content
Notice:see note 1
Created:Wed May 18 1988
Last Modified:Thu Sep 05 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:251
Total number of notes:929
Number with bodies:0
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2.0XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Aug 13 1990Reading List and Reviews of Books, Reports, and Articles
3.07XANADU::FLEISCHERWed May 18 1988Conferences on Related Subjects
4.052XANADU::FLEISCHERWed May 18 1988Current Meeting Announcements
5.014XANADU::FLEISCHERWed May 18 1988Archive of past meeting announcements
6.055XANADU::FLEISCHERWed May 18 1988Who's Who -- introduce yourself, please!
7.0UTROFF::VERHEIJENMon May 30 1988Holland as well
8.01SUBURB::MCDONALDATue May 31 1988Optical Disk retrieval.
9.03SUBURB::MCDONALDATue May 31 1988Integrated content retrieval.
10.01SUBURB::MCDONALDATue May 31 1988Document Technologies Inc.
11.01SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Jun 07 1988How about a survey?
12.031TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Jun 08 1988Project Mercury ERP proposal from CMU
13.05XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Jun 16 1988The "Desktop Libraries" proposal
14.0XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Jun 16 1988Enhanced Document Database Utility (Croft @ UMass Amherst)
15.02CURIUS::CIUFFINITue Jul 05 1988... Indexing Strategies ...
16.0AIAG::CARIFIOTue Jul 12 1988ai and hypertext: one man's opinion
17.0XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Sep 08 1988Informix: free-text search, large objects, object-oriented
18.02CASEE::RAYNERFri Sep 09 1988Information Navigation
19.01MOSAIC::MCNALLWed Sep 21 1988What does it cost to use 3rd party software?
20.02XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Sep 23 1988CBR, "filtering", and the Information Lens
21.01CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEThu Oct 13 1988INFO-DB+ or other products
22.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
23.016XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Jan 30 1989NISO standard Z39.5
24.0XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Mar 03 1989ISABELLA -- Information Searching Application
25.0XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Mar 15 1989"Massive Info Storage, Management, Use" at UC Berkeley
26.0IAMOK::DELUCOThu Mar 16 1989Application Integration Architecture (AIA)
27.04XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Mar 16 1989"TOPIC" by Verity, Inc.
28.09KAOOTue Mar 21 1989criteria for evaluating content-based retrieval?
29.02XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Mar 31 1989Lotus Announces "Magellan"
30.0XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Apr 07 1989CIS report on "full-text DBMS" market
31.03LISVAX::MONTEZTue Apr 18 1989Indexed by word system (DB) .
32.02HARPO::WARDMon May 08 1989Beyond Inc., commercialize Information Lens
33.03REVEAL::LYMANMon May 08 1989NISO Thesaurus Standard Revision
34.01XANADU::FLEISCHERFri May 19 1989BOSE AD's "Advanced Information Management" project
35.0HESPER::LYMANWed Jun 21 1989Carnegie Group Text Categorization Shell
36.01KAOFS::J_MORRISWed Jun 28 1989Advice on PC Text Database???
37.0XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Jul 11 1989Phase
38.0XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Aug 07 1989"Support Info System" and "A priori"--customer support CBR
39.03MANMTue Aug 29 1989(HELP!) BASIS VS. STAIRS
40.04REVEAL::LEEThu Sep 07 1989Neural-Network Demonstration in Burlington by Excalibur Technologies
41.02XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Oct 06 1989AI-STARS (not to be confused with STAIRS)
42.05XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Nov 16 1989Retrieval and Hypertext '89
43.03XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Dec 06 1989IRLIST Digest is back!
44.03RODNEY::PETERSTue Dec 19 1989Excalibur evaluations
45.012CASP::SEIDMANWed Dec 20 1989Current Awareness Service Project
46.02RODNEY::PETERSWed Jan 03 1990Corp. suggestion: Content Addressable Memory
47.01XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Jan 12 1990a Notes "Search & Profile" Feature
48.02RODNEY::PETERSMon Feb 05 1990Rating spelling correctness
49.05RODNEY::PETERSMon Feb 19 1990Scoring search results
50.01SCAACT::RESENDEWed Feb 21 1990Positioning various CBR products from ISVs?
51.01RODNEY::PETERSThu Feb 22 1990What is "soundex"?
52.05RODNEY::PETERSThu Feb 22 1990Standard databases & queries
53.01RODNEY::PETERSThu Feb 22 1990"The Research Assistant" product
54.01XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Feb 26 1990OFFICE FILTER Announcement and Conference
55.015XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Mar 27 1990The CLARIT Project at CMU
56.02ALLVAX::PETERSTue Apr 17 1990Excalibur now Free Internally!
57.0HAGEL::HAGELFri Jun 01 1990CBR Services now available
58.0DLNVAX::BREEDINGTue Jun 05 1990ADL retrieval software
59.0SMEGOL::COHENTue Jul 03 1990Interesting article on information filtering and executives - ComputerWorld
60.02WINERY::BASSETTWed Jul 18 1990Oracle's SQL-Text Retrieval
61.0HGOVC::CARLOCHOIThu Jul 26 1990infobase on science
62.0KAOU3Fri Aug 03 1990ISO Search and Retrieval Standards
63.04XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Aug 15 1990University of Michigan Electronic Information Server (EIS)
64.04CSOA1::BARNARDMon Sep 17 1990INFO-DB+ ??
65.07XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Sep 24 1990Canon Canofile 25
66.06XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Sep 24 1990MAYA Design, "Hyperfax", and optical filing
67.02HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGWed Sep 26 1990Free-Text Search
68.0XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Oct 05 1990The limitation of keywords
69.0AUNTB::TEMPLEThu Oct 11 1990Help - Large Document Management Problem
70.03XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Nov 14 1990Text Retrieval '9
71.0CUPMK::TAKAHASHIWed Nov 14 1990Need help for case study
72.011MERLOT::BASSETTTue Nov 20 1990Comparison - TOPIC, Basis/Plus, Excalibur, Oracle
73.0CANOVA::GROSSITue Dec 18 1990Evaluation criteria for Library systems needed
74.01ZPOVC::TEOHENWed Dec 26 1990STATUS & BASIS-Plus
75.023TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Jan 23 1991MAYA's "2
76.0XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Feb 28 1991Clipper Program: Closure
77.01XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Mar 04 1991UCSD Cognitive Science, AIR neural-net retrieval, etc.
79.04XANADU::FLEISCHERWed May 08 1991DowVision news server
81.01VEGAS::PORTERWed May 15 1991VMS reference site with BRS/Search?
82.01HGOVC::JOLENEWONGTue May 21 1991BCIS software
83.02CUPMK::DUBEWed May 22 1991Fulcrum
84.021XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Jun 03 1991MAYA Contract Review Slides, 24 May 91
85.01RHETT::GANCARZThu Jun 20 1991ULTRIX CBR available internally?
86.0XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Jul 10 1991Integrated Communications wishlist from CMU's ITC
87.0KETJE::LEFEVERThu Jul 11 1991TOPIC performance/sizing info; STATUS info?
88.0ZABAVA::WILLIAMSThu Jul 11 1991Digital Library Network (DLN) V2 Project
89.023SEARCH::BREEDINGThu Jul 25 1991Paper on the WAIS project at Thinking Machines
90.01GVAADG::PERINOFri Aug 09 1991DECimage Express
91.011LGP3Thu Sep 05 1991CMU Mercury "LIS II" user documentation (quick reference)
92.01CTCH22::CASHMANThu Sep 05 1991Massively parallel text retrieval
93.01XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Sep 13 1991The Internet Gopher -- A Distributed Information Service
94.017TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Sep 25 1991The general library systems topic
95.014TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Sep 25 1991General Information Sources note
96.02ZABAVA::WILLIAMSWed Oct 23 1991Forum for Enterprise Library Services
97.01XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Oct 24 1991Apple "Reporters", customized newspapers, scurry around the network
98.0XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Oct 24 1991Prototype tool announcement - Accelerator
99.04XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Nov 01 1991Information on CD-ROM
101.07LGP3Wed Nov 06 1991Mercury slides at EDUCOM '91 (by Denise Troll) [DDIF images]
102.01SEARCH::BREEDINGMon Nov 11 1991Catalogue of Electronic Text Projects (Georgetown)
103.02ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSThu Dec 12 1991CBR Doc. Kit Pointers Please
104.011LGP3Mon Dec 30 1991New York Times on "the electronic book" (12/29/91)
106.05LGP3Thu Jan 16 1992General Electronic Publishing topic
107.0DLNVAX::BREEDINGThu Jan 16 1992CSPP Response to Bush's HPCCI plan (report)
108.02LGP3Mon Jan 20 1992Prototype CBRS-based retrieval-by-mail
109.01ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSMon Jan 20 1992Research -> Commercial Products ??
110.0LGP3Thu Jan 23 1992American Information Exchange (AMIX)
111.05KETJE::CAUDRONFri Jan 24 1992"Fuzzy" search algorithms ?
113.02AIAG::ANICKTue Jan 28 1992AI-STARS technical papers available
115.0XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Feb 11 1992GenBank Update Software (for that 'gene of the week')
116.01SYOMV::BYERSWed Feb 12 1992Process Industry Application
117.0XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Feb 18 1992Pensoft's pen-based personal information manager
119.04LGP3Wed Feb 19 1992OCLC's "Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials"
120.0LGP3Fri Feb 21 1992Open Document Architecture Consortium
121.0MANANA::FLEISCHERFri Mar 13 1992FTP Relay Service
122.01MANANA::FLEISCHERWed Mar 18 1992Functional specifications for a document server at Tilburg University
123.0MANANA::FLEISCHERSun Mar 29 1992Electronic Dictionary Research and Machine translation in Japan
124.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Mar 31 1992A content-retrieval opportunity
125.0MANANA::FLEISCHERThu Apr 02 1992Philips Compact Disc Recorder
126.0MANANA::FLEISCHERTue Apr 07 1992"TECHNOID --- TECHbooks' New (book) Ordering and Information Display
127.01LGP3Fri Apr 10 1992Looking for an Intel Unix text retrieval system
128.02NOSNOW::FRAZIERGRWed Apr 15 1992Doc. Retrieval Serv. Has This Been Done? HELP!!!
129.0SEARCH::BREEDINGMon Apr 27 1992Gartner on Relational/Document Databases
130.014LGP3Wed Apr 29 1992John Gage of Sun on "The Global Book"
131.0LGP3Tue May 19 1992Boeing's 777 Electronic Library System
132.0NIKEZ::BREEDINGTue May 26 1992BYTE articles on Text Management
133.01LGP3Fri May 29 1992Apple's "Newton" Personal Digital Assistant (and the RISC that beat Alpha?)
134.03TAMARA::FLEISCHERFri May 29 1992TREC newsletter, DARPA TIPSTER, etc.
135.04LGP3Tue Jun 02 1992What Scholars Want and Need From Electronic Journals
136.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERMon Jun 15 1992Lotus Notes: Document Imaging, a companion product with Eastman Kodak
137.01TAMARA::FLEISCHERFri Jun 26 1992Croft's UMass CIIR (Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval)
138.03TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Jul 07 1992Ted Nelson's Xanadu
139.02TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Jul 07 1992World Wide Web
140.06LGP3Tue Jul 07 1992The "Information Utility" topic
141.03LGP3Tue Jul 07 1992Mass-market information distribution
142.01TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Jul 07 1992MIME for global hypertext
143.01LGP3Fri Jul 10 1992The SIMPR Project: The Results (final report)
144.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERSun Jul 26 1992IPCT -- Interpersonal Computing and Technology: An Electronic Journal
145.014WARD::LEBLANCTue Aug 18 1992Database Matching vs. CBR --- help!!!
146.04LGP3Thu Aug 27 1992Library of Congress puts Russian Documents Online
147.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Sep 08 1992are our PostScript viewers 'safe'?
148.05EVTPUB::COUILLAULTWed Sep 09 1992Personal Librarian
149.0LGP3Mon Sep 14 1992Okidata: "THE DECADE OF THE DOCUMENT"
150.012LGP3Wed Sep 16 1992Bell Labs' "Rightpages" -- page-image-based journal library
151.06LGP3Mon Sep 28 1992Clinton/Gore '92 Volunteer Email Effort
152.06LGP3Thu Oct 01 1992"Instant Index"; DOS/Windows text search & retrieval
153.0PRSSUD::SAWICKIThu Oct 08 1992DFR standard ??
154.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Oct 21 1992Mead Data Central and the presidential campaign
155.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Oct 21 1992Information Networking: The First Cities Vision
156.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Nov 04 1992'Global Document Clearinghouse' -- Info Dissemination w/Royalties
157.0UNTADH::IBRODIETue Nov 17 1992Market and Technology Overview
158.02BIS1::STESMon Nov 23 1992Request Info on CBR White Paper
159.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed Dec 02 1992Dow Jones launches JournalFax: one-page report delivered by facsimile machine
160.0PUBS::DUBEWed Dec 16 1992Team Document Library
161.01EISYFI::ISLERFri Dec 18 1992Soft Solution?
162.0AIAG::ANICKTue Dec 22 1992AI-STARS enters limited field test as STARS V3.
163.0SNKERZ::BREEDINGWed Dec 23 1992Report: The New Publishing (PACS Review)
164.012IJSAPL::TIWONTue Jan 05 1993Search methodologies
165.0KEDZ::BREEDINGTue Jan 12 1993SCHOLAR newsletter for text analysis/natural lang.
166.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Jan 19 1993Good stuff from alt.hypertext on WAIS, WWW, Gopher, and hypertext
167.06TAMARA::FLEISCHERThu Jan 21 1993CSPP, National Information Infrastructure, and citizen access
168.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERMon Jan 25 1993D&B Software signs $5 million in client/server decision support
169.03BEJVC::PRCSWSWed Feb 03 1993comparison - TRIP and BASISplus?
170.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERMon Mar 08 1993Internet Talk Radio
171.01HGTAI1::PRCSWSWed Mar 10 1993Ultrix BASIS+ questions
172.0LGP3Wed Mar 10 1993Interleaf's "WorldView" -- Intelligent Information Distribution and Retrieval
173.0LGP3Thu Mar 11 1993Search Notes conferences using VTX/TR
174.01KEDZ::BREEDINGTue Mar 23 1993Proc. of LOC Workshop on Electronic Texts
175.02TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Mar 23 1993free public access to federal electronic information
176.0LGP3Tue Mar 23 1993EIP Trip Report on "Full Text Indexing and Retrieval"
177.02LGP3Wed Mar 24 1993MCC KBNL Update, March 24, 1993
178.02CECEHV::EIJKTue Mar 30 1993Applesearch
179.0LGP3Tue Mar 30 1993Pick project (Paris Integrated Computerized Kiosk) at PRL
180.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Mar 30 1993Bellcore develops user .Link. to a national information infrastructure
181.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERFri Apr 02 1993AT&T Unveils New On-Line Internet "Directory of Directories"
182.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERThu Apr 08 1993Digital and "video and information services on-demand"
183.03LGP3Fri Apr 09 1993Oracle's Artificial Linguistics "Text Engine"
184.0HGOVC::CARLOCHOIMon Apr 12 1993any MORE white papers???
185.02AIAG::ANICKTue Apr 13 1993Integrating IR and lexicons
186.04HGOVC::CARLOCHOITue Apr 20 1993Trip from Paralog-contact?
187.01KETJE::HAENTJENSTue Apr 20 1993Under MS-Windows today, moving to NT
188.0MANANA::FLEISCHERTue Apr 20 1993Rohm and Haas survey of Internet usage in the chemical industry
189.0LGP3Mon Apr 26 1993Avalanche Development and Adobe Systems Announce Technology Licensing Agreement
190.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERMon May 10 1993Individual, Inc. announces HeadsUp, a personal newspaper for wireless E-Mail
191.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue May 11 1993Readers Choice, a single source to choose from over 1
192.01AIAG::ANICKFri May 14 1993Case-Based Reasoning and Information Retrieval
193.0TAMARA::FLEISCHERWed May 26 1993Calera demonstrates new OCR engine at COMDEX
194.01TAMARA::FLEISCHERThu Jun 03 1993Apple PIE division and electronic publishing
195.04TAMARA::FLEISCHERMon Jun 07 1993survey of "Advanced Text-Search Software" (comp.infosystems.wais)
196.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 08 1993More commercialization of content retrieval
197.01KEDZ::BREEDINGTue Jun 08 1993Internet Services FAQ
198.03HGOVC::CARLOCHOITue Jun 08 1993meaning of some terms
199.02HGOVC::CARLOCHOITue Jun 08 1993Z39.XX update?
200.01HGOVC::SIRCARThu Jun 10 1993Document Management Positioning Paper
203.03LGP3Mon Jun 21 1993Structured Full Text Query Langauge (SFQL)
204.0LGP3Wed Jun 23 1993"large commercial data services can be a normal part of corporate decision-making"
205.0HALEVY::COUILLAULTThu Jun 24 1993New notesfile on hypertexts
206.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Jun 28 1993Sentinel delivered by WGS Advanced Development
207.0DIRIGO::FLEISCHERTue Jul 06 1993On-Line Congressional Hearing July 26 'The Role of Government in Cyberspace'
208.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jul 08 1993Cox, Prodigy Plan Computer News Network
210.0LGP3Wed Sep 08 1993XMosaic: A Browser for Internet Services
211.0LGP3Tue Sep 14 1993wonderful indexing/searching software optimized for VMS (from Bruce Tanner)
212.0CECEHV::EIJKWed Oct 13 1993FWD: Report on TREC-2
213.0LGP3Wed Oct 13 1993SDT/RTG Reuse Library
214.01HALEVY::COUILLAULTTue Oct 26 1993Topic on Alpha & WNT?
215.0LGP3Mon Nov 01 1993Jim Miller on "Desktop Information Access"
216.0LGP3Mon Nov 01 1993The Integrated Repository
217.03LGP3Mon Nov 15 1993Government Information Locator Service (GILS)
218.0LGP3Mon Nov 15 1993CNI Fall 1993 Coalition Task Force meeting
219.0LGP3Thu Nov 18 1993U.S. Patent Office seeking advanced retrieval system
220.0LGP3Mon Nov 22 1993The Digital "Knowledge Aquifer"
221.0LGP3Mon Nov 22 1993NSF Proposal on Digital Libraries
222.0LGP3Wed Dec 01 1993Corporation for Public Broadcasting Interactive Multimedia Initiative
223.0LGP3Wed Dec 01 1993Americans Communicating Electronically (ACE)
224.0LGP3Thu Dec 16 1993notes on BayCHI talk "What I Learned at the Library"
225.0LGP3Wed Jan 19 1994Information Infrastructure Sourcebook (TOC -- a bibliography)
226.02RDVAX::BREEDINGWed Jan 26 1994free (EDS) patent searches/ Maya Search Engine
227.01NZOMIS::HOWARDSat Feb 05 1994On-Line Help Options?
228.02MUDIS3::CKASBERGERWed Mar 23 1994URGENT: FTR reference projects
229.01MUDIS3::CKASBERGERFri Apr 08 1994Handling of many concurrent users ?
230.0LGP3Tue Apr 12 1994MECCA -- a new system for communicating within a group
232.0LGP3Fri Apr 22 1994Digital Web Indexer (DWI): call for participation
233.0LGP3Tue May 10 1994Catalogs as semi-structured objects - by Jim Miller
234.0RDVAX::SRCHER::BREEDINGWed May 18 1994Text Encoding Initiative publishes guidelines (FYI)
235.0LGP3Thu Jun 02 1994lightweight indexing alternative to WAIS
238.07LGP3Fri Jun 24 1994Retrieval engine for internal projects??
239.02AIAG::KIMThu Jun 30 1994Public-domain Text Compression Software?
240.01AIAG::ANICKFri Aug 26 1994Local language info retrieval/translation?
241.0LGP3Fri Aug 26 1994Nick Arnett, Verity's World-Wide Web Product Manager
242.06LGP3Tue Sep 27 1994Text Retrieval Requirements for Web-based Services
243.03CECAMO::EIJKFri Oct 14 1994Anyone know of a port of SMART to OSF/1 ?
244.0LGP3Wed Nov 16 1994OCLC on 'state of the art in W3 search and retrieval'
245.01BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBTue Feb 28 1995Looking for Conquest for OSF/1
246.0LGP3Thu Jun 01 1995WAIS/DEC Marketing Agreement Release 5-16-95
247.0CECAMO::EIJKThu Sep 07 1995Borges: an information filtering service for Usenet and WWW.
248.029395::FLEISCHERTue Oct 03 1995IBM infoMarket Search
249.029395::FLEISCHERWed Oct 04 1995Alta Vista - Web Indexing
250.0LGP3Wed Apr 03 1996Open Text 64-bit text search
251.04AIAG::KIMWed Sep 04 1996SQL based search engine ?