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Conference turris::bliss

Title:Notes About BLISS
Notice:See note 672 for V4.7 kit; Mail bug reports to TLE::BLISSGROUP.
Created:Sat Jan 25 1986
Last Modified:Tue Mar 25 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:718
Total number of notes:4317
Number with bodies:7
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1.011ELUDOM::FAIMANTue Dec 20 1983The BLISS Notes File
2.03HARE::STANWed Dec 21 1983re-loop'ing
3.0METOO::MAILMANThu Dec 22 1983naming condition handlers
4.04STKTue Jan 10 1984EXITLOOP with an argument
5.013BACH::PIERSONFri Jan 13 1984UN*X Strikes
6.02STKWed Jan 18 1984a fetch question.
7.04STKThu Jan 19 1984PUSHR/POPR vs. MOVQ/MOVL
8.04ELUDOM::STANSBURYWed Feb 08 1984Externals in a Library
9.02BISTRO::WSEITZThu Feb 09 1984BLISS-32 debugger VMSV4.
10.04SYBIL::BRAMHALLThu Feb 09 1984Register conventions
11.01GRDIAN::MEIERFri Feb 17 1984Libraries in a Library
12.03GRDIAN::MEIERMon Feb 27 1984Checking condition codes
13.08ISOLA::HAMNQVISTTue Feb 28 1984how do i make a dispatcher?
14.05ERLANG::WHALENThu Mar 08 1984Explanation of /OPT:SAFE
15.01KRIKIT::PORTERFri Mar 09 1984Use .ASCIC in listings?
16.02ISOLA::HAMNQVISTFri Mar 09 1984transfer vectors
17.06GRDIAN::MEIERSat Mar 10 1984BLISS for micros
18.010KRIKIT::PORTERTue Mar 13 1984iterative macros
19.011KRIKIT::PORTERMon Mar 19 1984what number parameter is this?
20.02ISOLA::HAMNQVISTTue Mar 20 1984output register params
21.08SMAUG::GARRODTue Mar 20 1984Bug with ADDRESSIING_MODE
22.02ISOLA::HAMNQVISTTue Mar 27 1984bliss16 JMP
23.04ISOLA::HAMNQVISTTue Mar 27 1984C-bit in Bliss16
24.03ISOLA::HAMNQVISTWed Mar 28 1984wanted -- MDL16
25.02ISOLA::HAMNQVISTThu Mar 29 1984the dot
26.06KRIKIT::PORTERSat Mar 31 1984sal volatile
27.0KRIKIT::PORTERSat Mar 31 1984Addressing_mode for $code$
28.03KRIKIT::PORTERMon Apr 02 1984How about /CHECK=UNUSED
29.013KRIKIT::PORTERTue Apr 03 1984UNIVERSAL ?
30.011ORPHAN::BRETTWed Apr 04 1984Just a Thought
31.05GRDIAN::MEIERThu Apr 05 1984Real type checking?
32.04GRDIAN::MEIERFri Apr 06 1984%REPEAT
33.03STAR::BECKMon Apr 09 1984uBLISS
34.07MARVIN::NICHOLSONSat Apr 14 1984Work out my case-range ?
35.06ORPHAN::BRETTMon Apr 23 1984Some Lexicals
36.0ORPHAN::BRETTWed Apr 25 1984Bliss Wars
37.01ISOLA::HAMNQVISTFri Apr 27 1984strange bliss16 code
38.02KRIKIT::PORTERThu May 03 1984When does LONG=4 ?
39.0GRDIAN::MEIERWed May 16 1984How to CVTLW?
40.0ALIEN::PETTENGILLFri May 18 1984What are the BLISS plans?
41.0ORPHAN::BRETTThu May 24 1984Default Dynamic Init
42.01ALIEN::PETTENGILLSat May 26 1984Is BLISS the wrong choice?
43.07ALIEN::PETTENGILLMon Jun 04 1984BLISS 18, MACRO 13, MACRO wins
44.01ALIEN::PETTENGILLMon Jun 04 1984B16 - How to exit with status
45.06AMBER::OSMANTue Jun 05 1984stupidest Bliss error
46.08VLNVAX::RDFWed Jun 06 1984BLISS/new architectures
47.0ALIEN::PETTENGILLThu Jun 28 1984RSX and RMS require files
48.02KRIKIT::PORTERWed Jul 11 1984%ISSTRING funny
49.01VNAFCC::DAVIDTue Jul 17 1984Flip Book BLISS LG and UG ?
50.0AMBER::OSMANWed Jul 25 1984null expr aprs in vlue rqrd cxt
51.0LATOUR::AMARTINFri Jul 27 1984Automatic JSYS call definitions
52.01ISOLA::WSEITZThu Aug 09 1984Having Trouble with BCREF
53.01CUJO::MEIERWed Aug 22 1984FT2 Bliss Kit
54.04XENON::MUNYANMon Aug 27 1984Missing CASE elements
55.05AMBER::OSMANThu Sep 06 1984Bitten by an "informational"
56.09AMBER::OSMANTue Sep 25 1984HELP BLISS usually doesn't
57.0ELUDOM::FAIMANThu Sep 27 1984BLISS News, Issue 3
58.06ERLRW::WHALENFri Sep 28 1984Source line too long. WARN or I
59.0HARE::STANThu Oct 04 1984HELP on qualifiers
60.0TURTLE::GILBERTTue Oct 09 1984Compile-time initialization
61.013TURTLE::GILBERTTue Oct 09 1984Wish-list Items
62.010SMAUG::GARRODThu Oct 11 1984The /DEBUG switch
63.01VNAFCC::DAVIDTue Oct 23 1984Address of /G PC ??
64.0KRYPTN::BLACKFri Oct 26 1984Bliss-16 Interface for RSTS
65.01APACHE::VIJAYTue Oct 30 1984AST linking mechanism for BLISS-
66.0BARTOK::BARABASHWed Oct 31 1984Bug: Object file not deleted
67.010SYBIL::BRAMHALLThu Nov 15 1984Using CMPF
68.04TURTLE::GILBERTThu Nov 22 1984%IDENT
69.01KRYPTN::BLACKMon Nov 26 1984"Sav" Psect Attribute
70.019ERIS::CALLASFri Dec 14 1984Floating point support
71.02LATOUR::RDFMon Dec 17 1984MULM and DIVM
72.03ERLANG::WHALENMon Dec 17 1984CMPM
74.03TURTLE::GILBERTThu Dec 20 1984Unique Names
75.06WARLRD::WOODBURYSat Dec 22 1984Variable size LOCALS
77.03SARAH::D_SCHULLMANFri Dec 28 1984defaults for access actuals
78.04ERIS::CALLASFri Dec 28 1984Another Floating Gripe
79.018CADET::TANNENBAUMMon Dec 31 1984User Structures and DEBUG
80.02KRIKIT::PORTERWed Jan 02 1985Gossip
81.0LEROUF::HAMNQVISTSun Jan 13 1985.MAIN. in Bliss16
82.02LEROUF::HAMNQVISTSun Jan 13 1985Crossref and /Machine
83.06NACHO::MACINNESThu Jan 17 1985VAX Soft Eng. Manual
84.03GRDIAN::MEIERWed Jan 23 1985BLISS KIT
85.0GRDIAN::MEIERThu Jan 31 1985request for CVTLF
86.0SARAH::D_SCHULLMANFri Feb 01 1985what will BLISS V4.2 be?
87.08LATOUR::RDFFri Feb 01 1985Debugging macros
88.05KRIKIT::PORTERTue Feb 05 1985SUBM listing quirk ?
89.02JON::OLSONTue Feb 05 1985Change in cmnd line syntax ??
91.019SPEEDY::BRETTThu Feb 07 1985INSV and BLBx
92.03HARE::STANThu Feb 14 1985Lost notes
93.012SPRITE::OSMANThu Feb 28 1985Interleaved mach/bliss listing
94.06CADLAC::GOUNThu Mar 14 1985Text library support
95.0KOBAL::STANFri Mar 15 1985%G
96.03STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
97.0STSat Mar 23 1985Sales Product Training NOTE FIL
98.01XENON::TANNENBAUMMon Mar 25 1985Data Ordering
99.06GUIDO::HALLYBSun Apr 14 1985data definition fixups
100.027KRIKIT::PORTERTue Apr 16 1985Move memory. How?
101.012USHSTue Apr 16 1985CREATE A FILE ON DSK
102.02LEROUF::HAMNQVISTWed Apr 17 1985(Un)Signed VECTOR in OWN
103.0LATOUR::AMARTINMon Apr 22 1985Teach Bliss; spread the faith
104.01SPRITE::OSMANFri Apr 26 1985a[c=x]<>c=x;a[.c]
106.07BLOTT::KIRKHAMMon May 13 1985Where has PRETTY gone?
107.0SMAUG::THOMPSONMon May 13 1985Unique Names Qual.
108.03LOGIC::VANTREECKWed May 15 1985Peephole optimizer?
109.0SPRITE::OSMANTue May 21 1985% No source lines found for
110.06STONED::MULVEHILLTue Jun 04 1985Input/Output conversion ?
111.0TOOK::CAHILLFri Jun 14 1985Routine declaration
113.0LATOUR::RMEYERSTue Jun 18 1985Coding Standards Notesfile
114.010ORC::HEFFERNANThu Jun 20 1985Byte Count in PLIT
115.01JON::OLSONFri Jun 28 1985Memory allocation...
116.05PEANO::FALCONEThu Jul 04 1985Need Latest BLISS.CLD File
117.0TOOLS::DAVIDSONTue Jul 09 1985compile several vs. one at time
118.02KATIE::HEBERTWed Jul 10 1985BLISS compiler ACCVIO
119.04OPUS::RSCHMIDTMon Jul 15 1985Character Vectors
120.01KIWI::GREENEMon Jul 22 1985How to file QAR?
121.010SPEEDY::BRETTMon Jul 22 1985%NAME('') doesn't work :-)
122.03NERSW5::BEELERTue Jul 23 1985REI Builtin?
123.05CTOAVX::STUTZMANSat Aug 03 1985Runtime access to .Lxx files
124.07JON::OLSONWed Aug 14 1985regaining control
125.02KLOVTue Aug 20 1985Bliss on PRO
126.08ELUDOM::WILLTue Aug 20 1985Support for BLISS-36 and XPORT
127.04ELSIE::HILDUMWed Aug 28 1985XPORT and RMS
128.02NANDI::TAYLORWed Aug 28 1985data type matrix
129.09BNH::WRIDEFri Aug 30 1985Bliss - Basic Linkage
130.01ELUDOM::SIEGLERFri Aug 30 1985XPORT notes file
131.0ELUDOM::SIEGLERFri Aug 30 1985XPORT Source Files
132.06ELSIE::HILDUMTue Sep 03 1985ACCVIO in second compile in bat
133.01ELUDOM::SIEGLERTue Sep 10 1985XPORT Command Files
134.06ORPHAN::MEIERThu Sep 12 1985Will we see %ROUTINE/%MODULE?
135.01WEBSTR::BEYERFri Sep 20 1985/QUICK bug & optimization
136.01TWOCAD::WATSONMon Sep 23 1985Looking For DTR DAB
137.08WEBSTR::BEYERTue Oct 01 1985PRESET of strings
138.0PBSVAX::COOPERThu Oct 03 1985Translation to/from others.
139.01GOLLY::GILBERTFri Oct 04 1985BUG expanding a PRESET
140.05CLT::GILBERTFri Oct 11 1985Internal compiler error
141.08GRAFIX::STANSBURYFri Oct 18 1985Status of BLISS
142.09SMAUG::GARRODTue Oct 29 1985IBM BAL backend for BLISS
143.05SPEEDY::BRETTWed Oct 30 1985Strange Bliss glitches
145.03ERIS::CALLASFri Nov 01 1985What's my linkage?
146.01HAZEL::CONDOTue Nov 05 1985Accessing ISAM files?
147.01SPRITE::OSMANTue Nov 05 1985STEP/RET says %No source line
148.08MLOKAI::MACKWed Nov 06 1985D-float to text "123.456"?
149.04WEBSTR::BEYERThu Nov 07 1985Boolean expression evaluation
150.02BABEL::FREEDMANWed Dec 04 1985Reserved addressing mode fault
151.05SMAUG::GARRODMon Dec 09 1985Where's BLISS going?
152.02TURRIS::SPENCERMon Dec 16 1985Conversion to VAX Notes format
154.03AURORA::HALLYBWed Jan 29 1986Code chunk size/address calculation
155.03CLT::COWANSat Feb 01 1986Var used by not set
156.02WARLRD::M_HYDEMon Feb 03 1986Help for a non BLISS type person?
157.08TLE::BRETTThu Feb 06 1986/NOMACHINE_CODE doesn't work
158.02WHYVAX::STARKGRAFThu Feb 13 1986BLISS-16 Bug in RSX11M.R16
159.03OSLWed Feb 19 1986CH$MOVE and access violation
160.03BISON::EITZMANFri Feb 28 1986BLISS-16 Implicit Signal
161.029SMAUG::GARRODWed Mar 05 1986BLISS for Ultrix?
162.06CLT::BUTENHOFFri Mar 07 1986.L32 uses different addressing_mode from .R32
163.01BAGELS::BOROFFThu Mar 13 1986VMS System Services
164.01ERIS::CALLASWed Mar 19 1986How do I get autoincrement mode?
165.01AURORA::HALLYBThu Mar 20 1986BLISS-32 on VMS V4.4?
166.01OPUS::RSCHMIDTThu Mar 20 1986Aligning a Routine
167.05SMAUG::GARRODThu Mar 20 1986"/SOURCE=EXPAND is broken"
168.03TLE::BLISSGROUPFri Mar 21 1986Help needed tuning BLISS on 75
169.01TAVSun Mar 23 1986Course...
170.08TLE::BLICKSTEINTue Mar 25 1986Trimming trailing null macro actuals
171.02GALLO::MCCUTCHEONTue Mar 25 1986BLISS and C
172.014TLE::BISHOPBWed Mar 26 1986Bye, bye XPORT
173.05SIERRA::OSMANWed Apr 09 1986error should say name to be UNdeclared is missing
174.03KIRK::NORTONTue May 06 1986Latest Documentation
175.018AURORA::HALLYBWed May 07 1986Inquiry: pessimistic 8-byte CH$FILL
176.09MUNICH::FROEHLINFri May 16 1986missing RMS MACROs
177.05NATASH::MCGREALFri May 16 1986Bliss-32 primer 3 volume set
178.02MERIDN::WILLIAMSMon May 19 1986$sndopr set-up
179.04ERIS::CALLASMon May 19 1986REMQUE builtin value
180.05SIERRA::OSMANThu May 22 1986why death instead of error?
181.05MERIDN::WILLIAMSFri May 23 1986PC & stack data utility
182.015TLE::CLARKSun May 25 1986Output items need the VOLATILE attribute
184.06WHYNOT::SAUNDERSFri May 30 1986Plans for Operating System Transportability
185.03KALKIN::BUTENHOFFri May 30 1986IF bug THEN branch to wrong place?
186.05SUSHI::SORNSONThu Jun 05 1986How do I get BICL3 instead of EXTZV?
187.04THEBUS::KOSTASTue Jun 10 1986Help on LBR${init_,stat_,show_}timer calls from BLISS-32
188.03SIERRA::OSMANThu Jun 19 1986addressing_mode inconsistency
189.014CSC32::HEINTZETue Jul 08 1986Nested Routines Allocating Vars From Stack?
190.01CSC32::HEINTZEWed Jul 09 1986How about H_SIGN = %H'
191.01NANUCK::LUNTWed Jul 09 1986Bliss compiler for 2
192.03CAD::FARMERWed Jul 09 1986JSB linkage called from STANDARD linkage
193.07ASYLUM::REZUCHAFri Jul 11 1986HEX / Char variable len Vector I/O?
194.02CADVAX::LAWRENCEMon Jul 14 1986BLISS to PLI interface problem
195.06EAGLEA::DANTOWITZMon Jul 14 1986SDL and fields
196.027DLOMon Jul 14 1986BLISS/LINKER questions (-TRUNC)
197.05SNEAKY::KERRISKTue Jul 15 1986where is TPARS2.R16?
199.02EAGLE7::DANTOWITZFri Jul 18 1986BLISS and RMS
200.01THEBUS::KOSTASMon Jul 21 1986help on shr options for $fab, $fab_init, etc...
201.04CSC32::HEINTZEMon Jul 21 1986How to Pass H_FLOATING by Value?
203.08MERIDN::WILLIAMSThu Jul 24 1986Name already declared in this block:
204.0224HOUR::EITZMANTue Jul 29 1986ABSOLUTE specified on PSECTs
205.04GAYNES::SEIGELThu Aug 07 1986Problem with %REQUIRE 3
206.05NOVA::BEYERMon Aug 11 1986PSECT Allocation
207.02GAYNES::QBARRYMon Aug 11 1986Bliss optimizer bug?
209.05BUDMAN::RYANThu Aug 14 1986Wierd Macro
210.08EAGLEA::DANTOWITZWed Aug 20 1986Preserving R1
211.0JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
212.02DSSDEV::BRAMHALLTue Aug 26 1986Too many PSECTs?
213.09DSSDEV::BRAMHALLTue Aug 26 1986Trying to build a table...
214.09CHOPIN::WESTGATEWed Aug 27 1986specific virtual addesses
215.05TLE::MEIERThu Aug 28 1986Wrong line number association for LSE diagnostics
216.02SMAUG::GARRODFri Aug 29 1986What is a RECORD?
217.02ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Sep 04 1986Undeclared IO$M_MULTIPLE..???
218.013DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYMon Sep 08 1986Inconsistant use of search lists. What does Bliss do?
219.012EAGLE7::DANTOWITZTue Sep 09 1986Maintaining BLISS code
220.02MARVIN::SCOTTSat Sep 13 1986BLISS/TERM=NOERROR breaks .DIA files
221.06SQM::HALLYBMon Sep 15 1986GLOBAL REGISTERS in linkages
222.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Sep 18 198664 bit integers
223.01KBOVThu Sep 25 1986Position dependent code
224.017SMAUG::GARRODTue Sep 30 1986A suggestion for fixing the VOLATILE problem
225.05ATLAST::FRAZERWed Oct 01 1986Why not module OWN?
226.04TLE::SPENCERFri Oct 03 1986Limited Availability of BLISS T4.3
227.021TLE::MEIERWed Oct 08 1986REQ and BLI files have same SCA decl class
228.08CAD::HEILMANMon Oct 13 1986XPORT file reading problem
229.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZFri Oct 17 1986SE with BLISS
230.02JANUS::HARTMon Oct 20 1986DECR I FROM %X8
231.0CASEE::CLARKTue Oct 21 1986BLISS compiler terminates with secondary error
232.07REGINA::OSMANTue Oct 21 1986How do I %quote something ?
233.07OSLCSC::OLAVThu Oct 23 1986How to express ".(.p)[NODE$L_RIGHT]"?
234.06JANUS::HARTMon Oct 27 1986VOLATILE problem
235.02FURILO::KENTTue Oct 28 1986Installation
236.04IOSG::HULINFri Oct 31 1986Scoping and SELECTONE problems . . . ?
237.03MILRAT::CARITOTue Nov 04 1986VDS BLISS examples
238.02HITECH::JORDANMon Nov 10 1986Usage of CMPF builtin
239.05HANDEL::AHARTWed Nov 12 1986books for Bliss
240.02TAVSun Nov 16 1986Upcoming Course???
242.018NOVA::ROYALMon Nov 24 1986JSB to system routine
243.01DSSDEV::GUMBELMon Nov 24 1986Problem with Form Feeds
244.03MARVIN::WARWICKMon Nov 24 1986BUILTIN details ?
245.09TLE::SPENCERMon Nov 24 1986RE: BLISS-16 Retirement
246.06CEDEX::BIJAOUIWed Dec 03 1986Declare a 512x512 bitmap ...
247.08SQM::HALLYBFri Dec 12 1986Disagree with DEBUG-E-NOTASTRUCT message
248.01DSSDEV::BRAMHALLFri Dec 12 1986Internal compiler error?
249.02ANYWAY::WOLFFMon Dec 15 1986UIS Require files ?
250.02TLE::MEIERTue Dec 16 1986LSE template problem with erasing text before optional placeholders
251.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZFri Dec 19 1986The FP
252.01DSSDEV::BRAMHALLMon Jan 05 1987/CHECK=REDECLARE problem?
253.02OMEGA::PULSFri Jan 09 1987?Turn off OTS?
254.09EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Jan 14 1987Wish list on optimization
255.016SQM::HALLYBSat Jan 17 1987Optimizing image activation time
256.0TLE::MEIERWed Jan 21 1987Diagnostics for unterminated macros
257.015HPSCAD::QBARRYWed Jan 21 1987A question about BIND Data declarations...
258.03CLT::BOURQUARDFri Jan 23 1987SCAN pretty-printers for BLISS ?
259.01MARVIN::WARWICKMon Jan 26 1987SCA and indirect routine calls
260.012MLOKAI::MACKWed Jan 28 1987%IF NOT %DECLARED(Module_Name) broken?
261.03NINJA::BLUEJAYThu Jan 29 1987Deposit using address of a word
263.0ECLAIR::GOODWINFri Feb 06 1987Macros definition documented?
264.011TLE::SPENCERThu Feb 12 1987Common BLISS experiences
265.0TAVENG::GOLDMANMon Feb 16 1987An offer you shouldn't refuse....
266.01HPSCAD::QBARRYSun Feb 22 1987Rumor Control: Is XPORT becoming unsupported?
267.025MARVIN::DIXONTue Feb 24 1987How to cope with device interfaces?
268.01TAVENG::CHAIMWed Feb 25 1987The str$h_length field...
269.06TAVENG::CHAIMWed Feb 25 1987Why an Accvio...
270.02TAVENG::CHAIMWed Feb 25 1987Vector of String Descriptors....
271.020MINAR::BISHOPWed Feb 25 1987How to code field ref. as value?
272.017TLE::BRETTWed Mar 11 1987POPR slower than MOVL (SP)+?
273.02NINJA::BLUEJAYThu Mar 12 1987%LINK-W-TRUNCDAT error
274.06SMAUG::GARRODFri Mar 20 1987Beware of LOCAL INITIALS; they make your code non-shareable
275.010TALLIS::HASSMon Apr 13 1987Looking for a Bliss course
276.04CADSE::CERNESEMon Apr 13 1987Where is LIB$_KEYNOTFOU found?
277.01CHIC::MANUELWed Apr 15 1987SMG literals in STARLET.REQ
278.01ATPS::SPM_MALLORYFri Apr 17 1987SCA Support KIT?
279.09DENTON::AMARTINThu Apr 23 1987Bliss-32 allegedly violates the VAX calling standard
280.01SMAUG::THOMPSONFri Apr 24 1987EDIV Builtin
281.06STAR::EATONWed Apr 29 1987Use of /ANA causes an ACCVIO in BLISS T4.3-797...
282.012MINAR::BISHOPFri May 01 1987Assembling listings
283.02TALLIS::KOCHFri May 08 1987This program causes compiler to crash
284.01PUPPIS::LENGYELMon May 18 1987Need $MOUNT example
285.02VIDEO::OSMANWed May 20 1987why does compiler save too many registers?
286.046MINAR::BISHOPWed May 20 1987BLISS needs input on CH$ functions
287.02VIDEO::OSMANFri May 22 1987why is the compiler entering an infinite loop?
288.04VIDEO::OSMANFri May 22 1987why don't conditionals in macro arg work ??
289.010TLE::SPENCERWed Jun 10 1987Announcing BLISS V4.3
290.012VIDEO::OSMANWed Jun 10 1987I'd like an 8
291.03KEEPER::KOSTASFri Jun 12 1987help
292.04CEDSWS::SOEHLSat Oct 10 1987Where, oh, where are the docs?
293.04WME::GIUFFRIDAThu Jun 18 1987Need Help Desparately
294.07COOKIE::DOUCETTESat Jun 20 1987Benchmark Results
295.01SQM::JMSYNGEWed Jun 24 1987%DECLARED doesn't apply to macros?
296.01IOSG::KIRKHAMFri Jun 26 1987CH$ instruction registers
297.012IOSG::KIRKHAMMon Jul 06 1987BLISS compiler limit?
298.03VIDEO::OSMANTue Jul 07 1987we desperately need SYS_13 version of LIB.REQ
299.01MARVIN::WARWICKThu Jul 09 1987$hiber in LSE wrong
300.06MARVIN::WARWICKFri Jul 10 1987SUBM builtin generating wrong code ?
301.01TLE::SUNDARAMThu Jul 16 1987ADVANCED BLISS course
302.06PILOU::TURNDALFri Jul 17 1987Convert Integer to ASCII
303.09BOVES::QBARRYTue Jul 21 1987Getting around a space-over-speed inefficiency.
304.01GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Jul 24 1987%EXTRACT function for BLISS?
305.02CADSE::SHANNONMon Jul 27 1987INfinite loop in 4.3
306.08HPSCAD::QBARRYTue Jul 28 1987Wishlist item: EXITITERATION to stop CURRENT iteration of a loop.
307.06DECSIM::GROSSWed Jul 29 1987Code generation non-optimizations
308.010HANZI::FRANCESMIUThu Jul 30 1987Compile Bliss Module with SPEED Option
309.01RAGS::HUFFThu Jul 30 1987internal compiler error 5
310.05GLIVET::HUSTONFri Jul 31 1987TTY_GET_LINE access violates
311.04GLIVET::HUSTONMon Aug 03 1987Calling a BASIC routine from BLISs
312.06SQM::JAMISONMon Aug 03 1987BLISS for VMS 5.
313.03HPSCAD::QBARRYTue Aug 11 1987Bliss compile bug around register allocation, code motion, and/or stacklocal initial.
315.04ATPS::SIEGELThu Aug 20 1987listing without machine code
316.04PRSIS4::BURESIThu Aug 20 1987Addresses of descriptors as values of a vector.
317.027TALLIS::WESTGATEFri Aug 21 1987I just want the value of the PC
318.01PRSIS4::BURESISat Aug 22 1987Macro definitions for the $PUTMSG argument.
319.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYWed Aug 26 1987How to call C from BLISS?
320.011VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Aug 27 1987Help for calling $GETJPI from BLISS
321.06DECSIM::GROSSFri Sep 04 1987Can the stack be made volatile?
322.01CLT::DAMOREWed Sep 09 1987New BLISS compiler problems.
323.05GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Sep 10 1987Dynamic Stack Allocation
324.07DECSIM::FARMERThu Sep 10 1987macro lexicals
325.013CXCAD::VENNERMon Sep 21 1987dynamic declaration of arrays
326.02RHODES::WOODSWed Sep 23 1987Any good BLISS textbook available?
327.02TLE::MEIERThu Sep 24 1987Collect Analysis data but generate no output file?
328.03SHVANO::WELLSTue Sep 29 1987Problem accessing network kit on tle::
329.06Z::TENNYTue Sep 29 1987Variant records, or Unions; in Bliss-32 ?
330.04ROCOCO::NORTONThu Oct 01 1987.R32, .L32, and .BLI: Where Are They Discussed?
331.01STAR::BOUCHARDFri Oct 02 1987%STR-F-ERRFREDYN error
332.02ROCOCO::NORTONTue Oct 06 1987Bliss Training Revisited
333.07EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Oct 15 1987A Fixed address variable
334.010ROCOCO::NORTONTue Nov 03 1987Using registers with JSB linkages
335.01WONDER::NORTONThu Nov 05 1987Field-Declarations: Need Help
336.03VAX::NORTONMon Nov 09 1987Structure Attributes: Understanding Use
337.05TLE::SPENCERTue Nov 10 1987Looking for BLISS field-test sites
338.04TLE::MEIERWed Nov 18 1987Comments in LSEDIT Bliss templates
339.03WONDER::NORTONFri Nov 20 1987First of Two Writes Optimized Away?
340.011IOSG::KIRKHAMWed Dec 02 1987Forced entry mask definition?
341.04SEMNOZ::HOLDGATEFri Dec 11 1987Bliss primer online ?
342.09VISA::BLAKEFri Dec 11 1987BLISS uses FP when it wants SP...
343.0KIVIAT::KELLERMon Dec 14 1987PIC or NOPIC that is the question
344.03IOSG::KIRKHAMMon Dec 14 1987BBxx instructions not used?
345.05TOOK::HEFFERNANTue Dec 15 1987BLISSNET problem
346.03SQM::HALLYBWed Dec 16 1987LSE templates, again
347.06BORNES::HOLDGATEFri Dec 18 1987device drivers in bliss
348.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZFri Dec 18 1987Redeclaring VECTOR
349.01STAR::PIPERMon Dec 21 1987speaking in double negatives...
350.014ATPS::EPM_CONT1Thu Jan 07 1988Need lexicals for line number and module name
351.02UKOSC::KAKATue Jan 12 1988Some questions for thought.
352.06NOTIME::SACKSThu Jan 14 1988BLISS-32 V4.4 Released
353.03CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Feb 01 1988Is BLISS case sensitive?
354.0IOSG::KIRKHAMThu Feb 04 1988Better PSL checking
355.06TILLER::SEARSFri Feb 05 1988Warning from register alloc & movpsl
356.018IOSG::KIRKHAMWed Feb 10 1988Wishlist item: CASE compression
357.03YODA::BERGAZZIThu Feb 11 1988BLISS courses anywhere?
358.09RDGEFri Feb 12 1988SPI require files ?
359.01CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Feb 15 1988Keyword macro for $FAO?
360.014MEIS::WOLFFMon Feb 29 1988Double Dot Operators.
361.02AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Mar 04 1988any BLISS support for Common Data Dictionary (CDD)?
363.04MEIS::WOLFFWed Mar 16 1988Addressing Modes.
364.08MINDER::NEWELLMon Mar 21 1988BLISS-16 Device driver/ACP - (SWSTK$ anyone ?)
365.02BUGEYE::HOWed Mar 30 1988how to CHMK in BLISS?
366.026ATPS::EPM_CONT1Thu Mar 31 1988Bliss confusing the debugger?
367.010HANZI::LEONLAUThu Apr 07 1988I don't want optimization
368.012CHALK::HALLYBThu Apr 07 1988Got those MACRO blues again
369.03CLT::GILBERTFri Apr 08 1988%DECLARED
370.015ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Apr 11 1988Optimization and BLISS-16
371.05ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Apr 11 1988I'm doing lots of binary logic
372.01FORTY2::RANDALLWed Apr 13 1988File Read/Write (SEQ) from BLISS
373.03STAR::NAMOGLUThu Apr 14 1988Macro names in BLISS library?
374.03DECSIM::FARMERThu Apr 14 1988WARN#275 (ADDRESSING_MODE) ??
375.04DECSIM::FARMERWed Apr 20 198831 characters is more than 31 characters
376.02WONDER::NORTONWed Apr 20 1988Where Is Library Statistics Documented?
377.01DILLAN::KAKAMon Apr 25 1988Simple questions.
378.02MILRAT::VACCAROMon Apr 25 1988Looking for Installation Kit
379.04TALLIS::HERDEGWed Apr 27 1988Limited number of plits per block.
380.03HALLEY::MUNROESat Apr 30 1988Better initialization for constant filled things...
381.05MEIS::WOLFFTue May 03 1988Signed Word Comparision.
382.05ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue May 03 1988Couldn't BLISS-32 optimize this better?
384.04POOL::HALLYBThu May 05 1988Why can't I declare bounds on a REF object?
385.06POOL::HALLYBMon May 09 1988Walking interior-linked lists
386.05ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon May 09 1988"But I *DID* call TARGET_ROUTINE. Look! Oops."
387.022MARVIN::GILLOTTTue May 10 1988PRETTY under V5.
388.05DSSDEV::MUNYANWed May 11 1988How do I declare a varying length descriptor on the stack?
389.08POOL::HALLYBWed May 11 1988Where's the MOD squad?
390.01EAGLE1::KIRKFri May 13 1988VMS versions...
391.02DMCVAX::MUNROESat May 14 1988When is -1 not -1, when it's a byte...
392.01CXCAD::VENNERTue May 17 1988assigning values to formal names
393.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed May 18 1988Unused symbols within declared scope
394.0119221::LONGWed May 18 1988More on BLISS texts
395.01AQUA::SCHULLMANThu May 19 1988temporarily save/restore "dedicated" registers?
396.012MEIS::WOLFFMon May 23 1988$HIBER() NEQ $HIBER !?
397.035KYOA::MIANOWed May 25 1988BLISS outside of DEC
398.02DECSIM::FARMERThu Jun 02 1988conditionals in nested macro-calls
399.09AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Jun 03 1988optimization for SIGNAL_STOP and LIB$STOP
400.03AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Jun 03 1988run-time vector sizes; explicit stack usage
401.010VIRRUS::DIEWALDThu Jun 09 1988BLISS equivalents to C "is..." macros?
402.02HANZI::WILLIAMLIMon Jun 13 1988How to protect variables in a program?
403.02TKTVWed Jun 15 1988$FAO vs $FAOL
404.04CSDPIE::KOSTASThu Jun 16 1988Bliss/debug question ...
405.05TILLER::SEARSThu Jun 16 1988DECnet access to LIBRARY file?
406.04WTFN::SCALESThu Jun 16 1988Highway 4
407.08CERN::ARNOLDFri Jul 01 1988Problem with Field-References in a Structure-Declaration
408.02YODA::BEMISThu Jul 07 1988Where are the PAKs?
409.03BARNA::MAURIMon Jul 11 1988Access to the AP of a calling procedure.
410.010TLE::ARSENAULTTue Jul 12 1988Controlling unspecified portions of PRESET
411.06MEIS::WOLFFMon Jul 18 1988NFB Definitions in .REQ files?
413.03JEREMY::OFERThu Jul 21 1988BLISS V4.5 ?
414.013AITG::RAVIThu Jul 21 1988Suppress WARN messages..
415.06MINAR::BISHOPMon Aug 01 1988CH$A_RCHAR feature--any users?
417.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Aug 02 1988EMUL, EDIV Revisited
418.02Z::TENNYTue Aug 02 1988Image activator problem?
419.03MDVAX3::COARMon Aug 08 1988Wish: *all* occurrences of undeclared name in .DIA file
420.04MARVIN::GILLOTTFri Aug 12 1988Problem with ADDM builtin
421.08JENNA::SANTIAGOTue Aug 16 1988Converting XPORT -> SDL Structures?
422.01MOSAIC::PRAETORIUSTue Aug 23 1988missing strength reduction?
423.02MOSAIC::PRAETORIUSWed Aug 24 1988REMQUE (1 outa 2 ain't bad?)
424.06BUNDY::LONGWed Aug 31 1988"Guide to VAX BLISS" - ?
425.03TAVENG::CHAIMThu Sep 01 1988Debugging BLISS Macros ...???...
426.014MINAR::BISHOPTue Sep 06 1988BLISS Field Test Kit T4.5-856 is available
427.07MOVIES::HOWELL_MATue Sep 06 1988What's the best way to lock down memory?
428.05GENRAL::HEINTZESat Sep 10 1988How to declare types in Param List?
429.026ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Sep 12 1988FORWARD not satisfied by BIND ???
430.01AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Sep 12 1988are references to UNDECLAREd names supposed to work?
431.05GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Sep 12 1988Help Calling $FAO
432.04GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Sep 15 1988Intermittant Problem with %ASSIGN
433.010SCDGAT::ROUNDSFri Sep 23 1988New Bliss Course
434.03CADSE::WGREENEMon Sep 26 1988Optimizer hack needed
435.011AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Sep 30 1988%REF only allowed as routine actual parameter?
436.03MORGON::LECANNELLIERFri Oct 07 1988strange code produced ... mayday !!!
437.06AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 07 1988when are declarations "executed"? bind/quote problem?
438.03AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 07 1988using quote functions with lexical conditionals
439.0AQUA::SCHULLMANSat Oct 08 1988ROUTINELOCAL and related wishes
440.01BISTRO::BSC_TOMTue Oct 25 1988TYPE (Terminal I/O) Macro?
441.06AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Oct 25 1988no warning on PRESET allocation overflow ?
442.0PILOU::REZUCHAWed Oct 26 1988Terminal QIO Write Example
443.02AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 28 1988have macro param default to value of another param ?
444.03AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 28 1988trailing commas removed from MACRO param list
445.01AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Oct 28 1988"ping pong" macro recursion
446.04GENRAL::HEINTZESun Oct 30 1988Do code blocks have values?
447.02AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Nov 01 1988restrictions on %NUMBER and %SWITCHES
449.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Nov 01 1988ASCIC count byte as Data[-1]
450.01AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Nov 02 1988position of ENABLE has no effect on enable location
451.05AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Nov 02 1988intermixing code and declarations
452.03SSDEVO::HAMPTONThu Nov 03 1988macro expansions problem
453.0AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Nov 04 1988%LENGTH and %REMAINING for keyword macros
454.01MINAR::BISHOPTue Nov 08 1988BLISS conference will move Nov 3
455.03VINO::LLAVINWed Nov 09 1988Need to run V4.2 Bliss on a V4.4 BLiss system
457.02MTA::SANTIAGOWed Nov 09 1988Getting link/compile TADs?
458.03STAR::ILESThu Nov 10 1988How to avoid warning message in macro invocation
459.03AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Nov 14 1988code efficiency with redundant comparisons
460.01AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Nov 15 1988code efficiency: external literal identical to self?
461.02AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Nov 15 1988code efficiency for compound expressions
462.01THRUST::BLACKTue Nov 22 1988BLISS for MIPS?
463.01DECALP::KOUSSIOSFri Nov 25 1988BLISS produces the wrong instruction here
464.0AQUA::SCHULLMANSat Dec 03 1988code efficiency: testing for zero-valued fields
465.07SMAUG::GARRODSun Dec 04 1988Will there be a BLISS compiler for PMAX?
466.04FOR9::MORGANTue Dec 06 1988/OPT=SPEED bug with INCR
468.01AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Dec 13 1988optimization of parallel STACKLOCAL declarations
469.03DLOACT::STEINERThu Dec 15 1988uVAX Required lost?
470.02CSC32::TAVARASThu Dec 22 1988<text declaration stack size>
471.04ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jan 05 1989Why did BLISS choose registers as it did?
472.011VINO::WITHROWMon Jan 09 1989Bliss32: Dirty Tricks
473.01WONDER::NORTONWed Jan 18 1989Why Did Missing ";" Cause Missed Sbrtn Call?
474.05WONDER::NORTONWed Jan 25 1989How To Get Rid Of Expression Value
475.03MDVAX3::COARTue Feb 07 1989Incorrect DST information reported for IF-THEN-ELSE
476.09IMBACQ::SCHMIDTMon Feb 27 1989BLISS-16 xxxLIB.OLB Runtime Support Libraries
477.03STOAT::BARKERMon Mar 06 1989Sign extension ignored in field reference (Bug?)
479.04VISA::BIJAOUIWed Mar 22 1989Comments about STARLET
480.021VINO::WITHROWWed Mar 22 1989Need a profiler/timer/estimater for instructions
481.01Z::TENNYFri Apr 14 1989TLE::BLS$REQUIRE_VMS*: not accessible
482.03DPDMAI::SMITHTue Apr 18 1989Array descriptors in Bliss?
483.010MU::PORTERSat Apr 29 1989Different addressing modes for same datum
484.01CVG::PETTENGILLWed May 03 1989ACCVIO if insufficient disk quota and /DIAG used
485.05MU::PORTERTue May 23 1989Generating a BITW and not a BBS
486.03KNOWAY::WOLFFTue Jun 27 1989Generating a JSB @Offset(Rn) ?
487.06LAIDBK::MIKKELSONTue Jun 27 1989Novice Alert!
488.02UNTADH::BRAEUMon Jul 03 1989Beginners problem with LIB$GETJPI
489.02IOSG::KIRKHAMWed Jul 12 1989BUILTIN values returned
490.07UTRUST::EISINKWed Jul 19 1989Future ? Linking an application
491.013CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Jul 21 1989How to place register into an entry mask
492.03BEATLE::NORTONFri Jul 21 1989Why Is This INFO #212 Generated
493.08BRUHAH::NORTONMon Jul 24 1989Why Does vector[
494.05BRUHAH::NORTONMon Jul 24 1989Case Index Expressions
495.014HYDRA::SCHMIDTWed Jul 26 1989On Big-Endian versus Little-Endian...
496.02KYOA::MIANOThu Jul 27 1989The Future of Bliss
497.038TLE::WILDWed Aug 02 1989BLISS-32 Field Test Kit T4.6-9
498.06TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Aug 04 1989Any BLISS-to-C cross-compilers out there?
499.02VMSDEV::HALLYBMon Aug 07 1989Need help w/macro with variable arg list
500.011HYDRA::COARThu Aug 24 1989Are PSECT offsets CTCEs or not?
501.04BEATLE::NORTONFri Aug 25 1989MFVP/MTVP As Bliss Built-ins?
502.08LAIDBK::KUSTICHFri Aug 25 1989BLISS v4.5 Documentation?
503.05BEATLE::NORTONTue Aug 29 1989Output Params: > longword?
504.03IOSG::KIRKHAMMon Sep 04 1989%ALLOCATION and bound symbols
505.02ACESMK::SILVAMon Sep 11 1989String comparison?
507.012HYDRA::SCHMIDTMon Sep 18 1989LITERALs and ADDRESS ABSOLUTE references (PIC)
508.04AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Sep 19 1989allow ADDRESSING_MODE attribute with BIND
509.05THEBUS::RAVITue Sep 26 1989Want JSB for CALLS in RTL STR$ libraries?
510.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Oct 09 1989Code will not run pre VMS 5.2 systems--CLASS A DESC
511.01CADSE::KUTNEYFri Oct 13 1989Help!! with LIB$FIND_FILE...
512.09UNTADH::BRAEUFri Oct 20 1989Problems with BITVECTOR [256] INITIALIZE (%B'
513.010STKHLM::CARLSSONThu Nov 02 1989Debug problem
514.010BEATLE::NORTONFri Nov 10 1989Why Does VOLATILE Fix Opt?
515.01FORTSC::MATUSZAKWed Nov 22 1989BLISS on RISC?
516.0TOOK::RASPUZZITue Nov 28 1989What can I do to make BLISS test the carry bit?
517.0TLE::WILDWed Nov 29 1989FT Version of BLISS-32M Available
518.02HOTAIR::VIGILMon Dec 18 1989 LIB$PUT_OUTPUT problem ??
519.05PROXY::SCHMIDTTue Jan 02 1990Why is BLISS creating the flow that it is?
520.02TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jan 04 1990CLI$DCL_PARSE example?
521.029MINAR::BISHOPThu Jan 11 1990A^B, CH$ limit: BLISS wants to know your input
522.06PROXY::SCHMIDTMon Jan 15 1990Why did BLISS generate this code sequence?
523.011624Wed Jan 17 1990Limit on # of params
524.03NEWVAX::SPERLINGFri Jan 19 1990CDD/Plus support
525.01PROXY::SCHMIDTFri Jan 19 1990In BLISS, wWy Does the *CALLER* Clean Up the Stack?
526.01JUNO::HAQUEWed Jan 24 1990Controlling OPTIMIZATION
527.04POOL::GMURRAYMon Feb 05 1990$ITMLST_INIT & an array of records
528.07MINAR::BISHOPFri Feb 09 1990BLISS sharable images--hints, tricks, pitfalls
529.02LUTECE::SZAFRANSKIWed Feb 14 1990Disk Striping interface
530.01POOL::GMURRAYFri Feb 16 1990Functions that fill in ASCII descriptors
531.05POBOX::BOLKERWed Feb 21 1990Bliss code that makes calls to TPU routines
532.02TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Mar 02 1990.cld file for T4.6 BLISS?
533.01BEATLE::NORTONMon Mar 05 1990Why Do BINDs Cause WARN#
534.0GLIVET::SAGEARTue Mar 13 1990JOB: BLISS S/W Engineer - NH
535.04PROXY::SCHMIDTWed Mar 21 1990"Illegal Up-Level Reference" with a LABEL Declaration
536.07STAR::CLABORNMon Apr 02 1990Getting caller's PC
537.010TLE::MEIERFri Apr 13 1990Macro expansion blues...
538.07DENNY::PERIQUETTue May 01 1990Need macro trick to strip leading chars
539.03CSC32::R_WILLIAMSTue May 01 1990BUG in SYS$FAO???
540.08LDYBUG::CHAPSKYMon May 07 1990psect size?
541.03VMSDEV::HALLYBMon May 14 1990LINKAGE + callback routine in register
542.03TOMK::KRUPINSKIWed May 16 1990Is BLISS affected by microcode bug in RIGEL?
543.09PROXY::SCHMIDTFri May 18 1990Why do my STRUCTUREs always get aligned?
544.02QUICKR::ARNOLDFri Jun 08 1990BLISS needs a CONTINUE statement...
545.03TLE::FUELLEMANNThu Jun 21 1990BLISS macros and %STRING question.
546.034GL::FLANAGANTue Jun 26 1990Can SCA find condition handler establishments?
547.06JENNA::SANTIAGOTue Jul 10 1990Help: Binding in large image
548.02UNTADH::BRAEUWed Jul 11 1990Why is `.255' a legal expression?
549.03JARETH::EDPFri Jul 20 1990Built-In Test Suite
550.01MINAR::BISHOPMon Jul 23 1990BLISS is looking for test programs
551.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Jul 27 1990Looking for RMS$_RUNDOWN in STARLET.L32
552.01SMAUG::MENDELTue Aug 07 1990DEBUG cannot resolve LOCAL variables on stack (sometim
553.04NOXORC::CROXONSun Aug 12 1990Looking for Bliss V2.2
554.05JENNA::SANTIAGOMon Aug 13 1990Nieve coding question
556.06VISA::BIJAOUISat Aug 25 1990Problem calling lib$get_vm
557.01CSC32::M_BURLEYMon Sep 10 1990Is there a Bliss v4.6A?
558.02PROXY::SCHMIDTTue Sep 11 1990CMKT$ Wrong in RSX11M.R16 (BLISS-16 'Require' File)
559.012JENNA::SANTIAGOWed Sep 12 1990Case blind CH$EQL
560.02TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Sep 17 1990code examples for how to handle privileges?
561.09MINAR::BISHOPWed Sep 19 1990Odd/strange/wierd/funny BLISS code
562.06CERN::JRSTue Sep 25 1990ADDRESSING_MODE works with OWN & GLOBAL
563.040PROXY::SCHMIDTTue Sep 25 1990Can calls to a ROUTINE not be optimized?
564.02PROXY::SCHMIDTWed Oct 03 1990DATACOMMENT anyone?
565.01MU::PORTERThu Nov 08 1990I'm flattered that you think all nodes have Nmail, but...
566.07POOL::GMURRAYTue Nov 13 1990Accessing elements of block structures
567.08STAR::GFPAULTue Nov 27 1990Declaring IOSB not as VECTOR[2,LONG]
568.02TLE::ARSENAULTThu Dec 06 1990%BLS32-F-TEXT, Internal compiler error 4
569.04GUESS::DOUCETTEThu Dec 06 1990no inline optimizations?
570.01DSM::SCHWARTZFri Jan 11 1991Question on Field References <>
571.04HPSRAD::MOTTMon Feb 04 1991Problem Linking Bliss object '/SYSTEM/NOHEADER'
572.04DECSIM::GROSSFri Feb 15 1991Optimizing a dispatch to one of a set of JSB routines
573.06MINAR::BISHOPMon Feb 18 1991BIND use drops VOLATILE attribute of object bound to
574.02MINAR::BISHOPMon Feb 25 1991Day-one bug; write beyond bounds of non-fullword output parms
575.06PROXY::SCHMIDTWed Feb 27 1991How did (ADDRESS_OF_ROUTINE)() Evolve?
576.017NANOOK::FOXThu Mar 07 1991On-line documentation anywhere?
577.010CLOUD::SHIRRONThu Mar 14 1991question about BIND
579.08CRACKR::SYSTEMSat Mar 16 1991Bliss 16 on VMS 5.4-2?
580.0154GL::FLANAGANWed Mar 20 1991Can Bliss mimic the C language struct syntax?
581.04JENNA::SANTIAGOThu Apr 04 1991Question about macro expansion
582.06DENNY::PERIQUETWed Apr 10 1991TESTBITxx without BUILTINs
583.01PRFECT::PALKAWed Apr 10 1991Error in range attribute of GLOBAL LITERAL
584.02DENNY::PERIQUETFri Apr 12 1991CVTTP, CVTPL, CMPP macros?
585.0PROXY::SCHMIDTWed Apr 17 1991The %SIZE() Lexical Seems Overly Restrictive
586.05ROCKY::QUICKThu Apr 18 1991Data type conversion
587.01SNOOPI::ALONGITue Apr 23 1991DESPERATELY seeking 4.1
588.08GUESS::DOUCETTEThu Apr 25 1991error message line numbers from listing
589.08MGB::GILLOTTMon Apr 29 1991Help with macro argument expansion
590.09SMAUG::MENDELTue Apr 30 1991UNSIGNED MOD problem
591.013DECSIM::HAMAN::GROSSWed May 01 1991Bliss optimizer (code generator?) bug
592.04PROXY::SCHMIDTThu May 02 1991"Bliss has no datatypes"
593.011MU::PORTERThu May 02 1991A bug in BUGW
594.07UNTADA::BRAEUWed May 15 1991Problems with LIB$INITIALIZE
596.05CSC32::HADDOCKThu Jun 06 1991Pseudoterminal Pseudocode in IO Users Guide
597.04MINAR::BISHOPFri Jun 07 1991Named registers and side-effects: expectations?
598.011MUCTEC::BECKERMon Jun 17 1991equivalents to __FILE__, __LINE__ ?
599.01MUCTEC::BECKERMon Jun 17 1991compile-time constants in .L32 ?
600.04VMSDEV::HALLYBFri Jun 21 1991Help needed, don't understand WARN#
601.02PRFECT::PALKAWed Jul 03 1991Compiler generates incorrect code
602.09VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Jul 17 1991STRUCTURE definition for vector of ref-of-block?
603.014JENNA::SANTIAGOMon Jul 29 1991Simple questions about interlocked queue
604.023REINIG::REINIGFri Aug 02 1991We'd like a new informational
605.019JENNA::SANTIAGOThu Aug 08 1991Help with writing condition handler
606.04TAVMon Aug 12 1991Can image contain different compiler versions..??
607.010NEPHI::COARSat Aug 17 1991Arguments: REF versus BIND versus MAP versus ...
608.01TPOVC::ROGERTSAIMon Aug 26 1991Kit location
609.09MINAR::BISHOPThu Aug 29 1991LRM 12.4.2, assignment to formal parameter
610.01DECSIM::HAMAN::GROSSThu Sep 05 1991Bliss crashes with optlevel=
611.05NOVA::ARNOLDTue Sep 10 1991Missing CVT builtins
612.03NOVA::ZASTERAMon Sep 16 1991questions about use of VOLATILE attribute
613.06VMSSPT::TCARRFri Sep 20 1991run-time global blockvector
614.018AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Oct 22 1991$descriptor generates .address, can I avoid it?
615.01PROXY::NOXORC::CROXONMon Dec 02 1991Program to Flow Chart
616.03KERNEL::MENDELSOHNThu Dec 05 1991Transfer size limit of CH$MOVE documented anywhere?
617.01MTVIEW::JOVANThu Dec 05 1991NEEDED: Bliss Primers Vol l1,2,3
618.03CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Dec 06 1991Will changing TPA$K_MAXKEY have adverse effects?
619.020TLAENG::AKKAMONTue Jan 21 1992Bliss programming questions
620.03PORI::SCHMIDTTue Jan 21 1992BLISS for Motorola MC68
621.013SHALOT::WELTONThu Jan 23 1992BLISS Origins
622.013LATVMS::RASPUZZITue Feb 04 1992Can BLISS generate auto-increment instructions?
623.02STAR::F_BLANDOFri Feb 07 1992JSB blues
624.011DSTEG::DRAGONFri Feb 07 1992Need X4.7 Kit
625.05NOVA::BERENSONWed Mar 04 1992Optimization Help Needed
626.01MARVIN::CARLINITue Apr 07 1992Macro needed with & without arguments & parentheses
627.06PENINE::OXBURYTue Apr 28 1992Help with JSB LINKAGE...
628.04SQM::DUFAULTTue Apr 28 1992function parsing
629.0TLE::PETERSONMon May 04 1992%CASE, %SWITCH or %ELSEIF
630.08NOTIME::SACKSFri May 08 1992Help us solve SHARE PSECT problem
631.03SMAUG::GARRODSat May 09 1992BLISS for Intel 386 / 486?
632.08TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu May 14 1992How to get current routine name
634.01VINO::LLAVINFri Jun 05 1992BLISS error code help ERR #1
635.07BLKPUD::KINGATue Jun 09 1992Problem with DECRU producing an infinite loop
636.03VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Jun 10 1992Jumping to an address
637.0+10DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSFri Jun 12 1992Will BLISS documentation be on CD distribution?
638.01EOS::SHANNONWed Jun 24 1992Multimodule compilation
639.03OZROCK::HARTWIGTue Aug 04 1992Incorrect code generated for BUGL
640.01BEGIN::ROYALFri Aug 07 1992PSECT alignment
641.04SMAUG::T_LEEThu Aug 20 1992AST procedure with Wihile loop
642.01VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Aug 26 1992Legal to modify loop index inside loop?
643.02VINO::SPINKFri Aug 28 1992descriptors, bliss and c -
644.02DECSIM::HAMAN::GROSSTue Sep 08 1992Question about Starlet.REQ/L32 inconsistancy
645.02RANGER::WELLSThu Oct 01 1992Creating VMS fork process
646.08STEVEN::HOBBSTue Oct 06 1992"Green Book" may be reprinted
647.04FSCORE::C_HENDERSONFri Oct 09 1992Help needed On Bliss??? problem
648.01RANGER::WELLSMon Nov 02 1992Bliss User Written System Service
649.02CSC32::HADDOCKThu Nov 19 1992Why does $code$ default to /noshare?
650.01SMAUG::BELANGERFri Nov 20 1992Performance of code generated for Alpha using some BUILTINs
651.04DECSIM::HAMAN::GROSSFri Dec 11 1992Bliss for Ultrix/Unix/OSF1?
652.02CLOUD::SHIRRONMon Dec 14 1992macro FOO, routine FOO
653.03NOVA::AMWAYThu Jan 14 1993When are BEGIN-END pairs <> parentheses?
654.08FORTY2::BRIDPORTTue Jan 19 1993Using the FAOL System Service from BLISS-32
655.028NOTIME::SACKSWed Jan 20 1993Is this legal BLISS?
656.07VINO::TLITTTue Feb 02 1993A modest suggestion: Universal BLISS
657.01MANWRK::COOKEWed Feb 10 1993Material and Notes Required for BLISS course
658.01ATPS::NEMEA1::MOLLOYTue Feb 23 1993Inconsistencies with (OWN,LOCAL,STACKLOCAL)...
660.01JAHMAN::ELLISMon Mar 15 1993Version 4.5 Needed...
661.02TAVWed Mar 17 1993BLISS for ALPHA (cross also) ..??
662.0MARVIN::SCOTTSun Apr 04 1993Bliss to C conversion tools
663.05LJOHUB::JESSOPTue Apr 06 1993Don't know Bliss, Don't have docs... But I DO have a question! :)
664.02CSOA1::LENNIGTue Apr 13 1993where is V4.7??
665.01AUSSIE::PENNYWed Apr 21 1993Where to look....
666.0111SRUS::FLECCHIATue Apr 27 1993Question about machine code after a code change...
668.05NOTIME::SACKSFri May 21 1993BLISS-32 V4.7-998 now available
670.01ADISSW::FERRINWed Jun 16 1993Bliss Data Types
671.06CSOA1::LENNIGMon Jun 28 1993Optimizer bug?
672.011NOTIME::SACKSFri Jul 16 1993BLISS-32 V4.7-999 now available
673.02ROYALT::RASPUZZISat Jul 17 1993can I align the top of a loop?
674.03COLLIS::JACKSONTue Aug 03 1993Alignment faults on CH$MOVE with Alpha native code
675.03NOVA::DIAMONDTue Aug 17 1993Curious about macro expansion
676.0411SRUS::HUDSONThu Sep 23 1993Compile time only symbols needed(?) ...or other resolution
677.05MU::PORTERWed Sep 29 1993Bliss says non-shareable value when it is shareable
678.01MU::PORTERWed Sep 29 1993Request: /CHECK=ALL
679.08MU::PORTERThu Sep 30 1993ALIAS versus VOLATILE
680.08STAR::TCARRThu Oct 14 1993BLISS and DECThreads
681.011TLE::JBISHOPFri Oct 15 1993Well-known bugs/FAQ/Start here
682.05AUSSIE::LEONGTue Jan 04 1994What is the type $desc really ??
683.0MUTEX::PUSEYWed Jan 12 1994Need net kit for V4.6-9
684.0STAR::PRAETORIUSFri Jan 14 1994BLISS stuff on the Internet
685.02NOVA::DIAMONDThu Feb 03 1994addressing_mode(nonext-long_rel) and error message
686.03BBIVThu Feb 10 1994Urgent info reqd about BLISS manuals.
687.014GUIDUK::SOMERMon Mar 07 1994The future of Bliss on VAX/VMS ?
688.09CHOWDA::HARNOISMon Apr 04 1994on-line manuals?
689.01HGRDMon Apr 25 1994Optimization Safe ?
690.01STAR::KGREANEYWed May 18 1994Confirmation on CH$FIND_NOT_CHAR specifics.
691.05TLE::HUDSONFri May 27 1994Internal compiler error 8
692.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Jun 27 1994determine syntax level and/or keyword existence?
693.010MEMIT::BARNIERThu Jul 07 1994Pb with porting from VAX/VMS to Alpha/VMS
694.0MARVIN::HAQUETue Jul 19 1994Bliss grammar anyone?
695.01STAR::KGREANEYWed Oct 05 1994The NUL character.
696.01TOSSUB::SABBADINTue Oct 18 1994BLISS for OpenVMS AXP ..info
697.06GALVIA::ESTONETue Dec 06 1994Bliss REQ files
698.01RANGER::JESURAJThu Dec 29 1994Any Tool for converting Bliss to C?
699.02COMICS::CHAPMANRTue Feb 21 1995Numeric literal overflow creating STARLET.L32
700.02CESARE::FOLCHINIMon May 08 1995BLISS for OpenVMS 6.1 on VAX
701.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jun 08 1995"Attempting to use address of LOCAL outside scope"
702.04STAR::GOLDSTEINMon Jul 24 1995Optimization of OWN storage references?
703.02DIEHRD::ODONNELLThu Aug 03 1995{ Where's the kit? }
704.02STAR::GOLDSTEINThu Aug 10 1995Macro expansion and lexical functions
705.08SMAUG::GARRODTue Aug 15 1995Incorrect non-shareable value in SHARE PSECT x error
706.02CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGFri Sep 01 1995compiler prob w/ macro??
707.01FORTY2::SUTTONMon Nov 06 1995Where is bliss
708.02STAR::FURNANZFri Dec 22 1995undefined symbols - tryng to build schcom.exe
709.04GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jan 04 1996Link truncation error on LOCAL INITIAL declaration
710.03COOKIE::FROEHLINMon Feb 05 199664-bit literals on Alpha V7
711.01KSTREL::PEARSONFri Mar 01 1996Problem with BUILTIN macro definitions on Alpha
712.07NEWVAX::SSIEGLERTue Apr 02 1996XPORT.OLB for Alpha?
713.0NEWVAX::SSIEGLERWed Apr 03 1996Is XPORT.OLB proprietory?
714.01STAR::KEENANTue Apr 16 1996Is this a BUG ?
715.01HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMMon Apr 22 1996translate C to Bliss, someone help?
716.08STAR::JESSOPMon May 06 1996Is SIGNAL supposed to return anything?
717.03MAIL2::EVERETTTue Jun 11 19964.7 available to customers?
718.01CASE4U::MAEHNERMon Aug 19 1996Any chance to get the BLISS 16 compiler?