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Conference ulysse::telecom_industry

Notice:Please introduce yourself in topic 2
Created:Tue Feb 07 1995
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:134
Total number of notes:413
Number with bodies:35
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1.0ULYSSE::SYSTEMTue Feb 07 1995New conference announcement
2.050ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Feb 07 1995Who are you ?
4.0ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Feb 07 1995reserved
5.0ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Feb 07 1995reserved
6.05LARVAE::BRIGGS_RThu Feb 16 1995Q3?
7.06TRUCKS::WINWOODFri Feb 17 1995Fraud Management
8.02ULYSSE::VANGUMPELTue Feb 21 1995FCC Auction
9.01IIKE::FREAKMon Feb 27 1995Satellite Billing and Provisioning
10.02LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Mar 01 1995ITU on the WWW
11.03ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONFri Mar 10 1995Info Requested on FROST from Logica
12.05VAXRIO::BRUNOFri Mar 10 1995Billing systems
13.0+16ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONThu Mar 16 1995Kenan Systems Billing System
14.03ULYSSE::VANGUMPELTue Mar 21 1995New CPC and MSPP Broschures available
15.02OTOOA::MOWBRAYFri Mar 31 1995911 and dispatch
16.01ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONWed Apr 12 1995DACS Network Mgmt Oppty
17.01ANNECY::BIC_VWed Apr 12 1995Alphaserver Intelligent Peripheral Platform
18.03EICMFG::AJKFri Apr 28 1995Telecom'95, Geneva: "Connect!"
19.04HLISC1::639Wed May 03 1995Dedicated Cust Care system
20.0ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONThu May 04 1995Canada WWW Server Sites
21.04ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONMon May 08 1995Re-engineering the telephone industry
22.02F1Thu May 18 1995Private T1 or T3 line
23.01BSS::A_HOUCKWed May 31 1995U.S. Taxes and Billing.
24.02ULYSSE::DENISThu Jun 01 1995Now the Services ...
25.0ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONWed Jun 07 1995Japan's Personal Handy Phone System
26.0ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Jun 09 1995US. Telecom Expertise Center
27.0ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONWed Jun 21 1995Indonesia: 4 new operators
28.05FILTON::FOSTERThu Jun 22 1995Yellow Pages
29.04ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONMon Jun 26 1995CC&B Downsizing References?
30.03ISIDRO::JJPEREZMon Jun 26 1995Data Warehouse/EIS/DSS
31.0MSAMTue Jun 27 1995Call Completion
32.03MICROW::NEWCOMERTue Jun 27 1995SPIRIT Notes
33.04TKOV6Thu Jun 29 1995Do you know AMATPS ?
34.02ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONFri Jun 30 1995Televoting Application: Korea
35.04BSS::A_HOUCKTue Jul 04 1995TIMS Wireline Billing?
36.01LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Jul 12 1995PRISM and CORBA?
37.0SNOFS1::MICHELAWed Jul 19 1995Let's save time and improve accuracy
38.02HGOVC::JERRYLOCKThu Jul 20 1995Applications required for wireline operator
39.02HGOVC::JERRYLOCKThu Jul 20 1995Network info required
40.04HGOVC::JERRYLOCKFri Jul 21 1995Billing application wanted
41.02SIOG::MKELLYMon Jul 24 1995PICK Conversions, Logistics applications
42.04ULYSSE::VANGUMPELThu Jul 27 1995Fixed Network On-line Call Rating
44.04SHIPS::GOUGH_PThu Aug 03 1995SUN->Alpha/OSF Porting
45.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Aug 23 1995support of protocol CSTA FOR PABX integration
46.02ULYSSE::VISCIGLIOWed Aug 30 1995Telecom Presentations: Pointer addresses
47.02MSAMFri Sep 01 1995External Alarm Panel
48.0ULYSSE::VANGUMPELTue Sep 05 1995Wireless Seminar T95
49.04MSAMTue Sep 12 1995US$1
50.0BIS1::DEVOS_BMon Sep 18 1995urgent,rooms during Telecom
51.02AZUR::SUTHERLANDMon Oct 02 1995Telecoms Industry Model
52.02AZUR::SUTHERLANDMon Oct 02 1995Magtape Emulation off Ericsson switches
54.0+2BEVThu Nov 09 1995Object Application Awards for SI Project at Swiss TELECOM
55.0BEVMon Nov 13 1995Existing FAX-Solution wanted
56.0HERON::KNOCHWed Nov 15 1995Wanted: E3 hardware design consultant
57.0ULYSSE::SEZNECThu Nov 16 1995TMN Training documentation
58.03JITPSS::MORIGThu Dec 07 1995DMS 1
59.01TPOVC::EIS_PJUWed Dec 13 1995CIT Application error,Help!
60.01ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Dec 19 1995APA expertise center announcement
61.02HGOVC::JAMBUThu Dec 21 1995SMS on UNIX for Cable TV operator ??
62.05MSAMWed Jan 03 1996FTAM Resource
63.0TKO75Tue Jan 09 1996Over 1 million subscriber reference
64.0ULYSSE::DENISTue Jan 16 1996Alcatel 1353SH anyone ?
65.02TAVThu Jan 18 1996ISDN - PRI - EURO-ISDN vs DSS1 (Q.931)
66.0ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Jan 30 1996Commission Systems for the sales channels
67.0ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONFri Feb 02 1996Payphone "systems"
68.01DEKVC::SUNGBONGKIMFri Feb 02 1996FRAUD : Where can I get the answer
69.02ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONFri Feb 02 1996TINA-C Status?
70.0ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Feb 09 1996CTIA - Wireless'96
71.0ULYSSE::SEZNECThu Feb 22 1996TECTRIS VoD Trial
72.01ULYSSE::SEZNECThu Feb 22 1996AMERICA Telecom'96 Announcement
73.01COLA1::COLD1A::PALSAWed Feb 28 1996Status Kingston SCL?
74.0ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Mar 05 1996Network services consultant Job notice
75.0ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Mar 08 1996TeMIP users'group forum
76.02ULYSSE::SEZNECMon Mar 11 1996SPIRIT seminar
77.0TAVMon Mar 18 1996Data over CATV - What do we have?
78.01HGOVC::JAMBUWed Mar 20 1996Do we have any Debit Card Application ???
79.01ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Mar 26 1996Is there a Market fro Internet Terminal
80.02GUIDUK::KELLY_CRThu Apr 04 1996SS7 support on Alpha D/U
81.0ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Apr 05 1996Telecom related Websites
82.0+1ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Apr 05 1996Training: FAQ on Telecom and answers
83.03DAIVC::TANTRITue Apr 09 1996Refference List
84.0ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Apr 19 1996Xfer Protocol with Nortel DMSx
85.0ZPOVC::DANGELOFri Apr 19 1996Introduction
86.01TAVSun Apr 21 1996How to upgrade IVR to CallCenter W/O CIT?
87.01TAVMon Apr 22 1996ISDN/PSTN to FrameRelay product?
88.0HITIT::KAYIWed Apr 24 1996ERIPAX interface?
89.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Apr 25 1996Any useful materials for building Telecom DW ?
90.01DSVBThu Apr 25 1996SDH ???
91.02CHEFS::BRIGGS_RWed May 15 1996Accunet?
92.0TAVThu May 30 1996DEC and Voice Germany 96 conference 18-2
93.0ZPOVC::BILLMUNSONFri May 31 1996Some Canadian Telecom History
94.03ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Jun 04 1996TeMIP Portfolio presentation
95.04SNOFS1::MICHELAWed Jun 05 1996MultiMedia BroadNet Services
96.0MXOCWed Jun 19 1996Lost in DID world
97.03ULYSSE::SEZNECMon Jul 01 1996Help for the Postal market
98.01ULYSSE::DENISTue Jul 02 1996Telenor WIN !!
99.01CXOSI::HARRISONTue Jul 02 1996Public Repository for Telecom Slides.
100.06VNABRW::UHLThu Aug 01 1996customer call handling?
101.01SNOFS1::nzoap1.nzo.dec.com::WorkbenchuserMon Aug 12 1996Remote Management for PABXs
102.07NETRIX::"charles beauregard@mqo.mts.dec.com"Tue Aug 13 1996Local Number Portability
103.0SNOFS1::MUNSONBILLSat Aug 17 1996clearVISN vs. TeMIP?
104.01ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Aug 23 1996AMDOCS/Wireless on Digital
105.01SEND::PARODIFri Aug 30 1996Telecom opportunity in Italy
106.0HGOVC::JERRYLOCKMon Sep 02 1996Question on UPIC
107.02SNOFS1::nzabs113.weo.dec.com::MitchellFri Sep 06 1996Looking For Publications
108.02ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Sep 06 1996TeMIP Newsletter #1
109.0SNOFS1::MUNSONBILLWed Sep 18 1996Why the Internet is slow; Telecom impacts?
110.04SNOFS1::nzoap1.nzo.dec.com::PICKARDAThu Sep 26 1996Fax on Demand Applications
111.01ULYSSE::SEZNECThu Oct 24 1996TMN Portfolio Flash info
112.03NQOSThu Oct 31 1996Customer Lists for BOS, NM or ...
113.01NETRIX::"alexander.paz@iso.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 06 1996ntegrated Telecommunications AlphaServer Solution
114.0ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Nov 19 1996Convergence Billing
115.0ULYSSE::SEZNECWed Nov 20 1996Intelligent Peripheral Training
116.02ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Nov 22 1996Communications Industry Global Foundation Training
117.01MICROW::NEWCOMERMon Nov 25 1996NCR adopts SPIRIT STDL
118.0ULYSSE::SEZNECTue Nov 26 1996Bellcore and SAIC
119.0ULYSSE::SEZNECWed Nov 27 1996Andersen chose NetExpert
120.0ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Nov 29 1996Cable Trade Show - Anaheim
121.02CCAD14::MCCULLOCHMon Dec 09 1996ASN.1 Decoding Query
122.0ULYSSE::SEZNECWed Dec 18 1996Internet Service Provider Program event
123.0+5COLA1::COLD1A::PALSAThu Jan 09 1997Altel/Virtuoso II Question
124.0DELNI::NEWCOMERThu Jan 23 1997Installed base TP, ACMS family etc.
125.0 *+1ULYSSE::SEZNECMon Feb 03 1997GSM World Congress - Cannes Feb 19/21 1997
126.0 *+2ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Feb 07 1997CIEC web pages
127.0 *+3HGOVC::XFMVThu Feb 20 1997Pointer for IN on Easynet
128.0 *+1ULYSSE::SEZNECFri Feb 28 1997TeMIP forum 97
129.0 *+1HGOVC::DAVIDLEEMon Mar 03 1997Need Swiss PTT video tape for TeMIP solution
130.0 *+1HGOVC::JERRYLOCKWed Mar 19 1997Need to talk to Siemens thru UPIC
131.0 *+2NETRIX::"alexander.paz@iso.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997CMIP / UNIX
132.0 *+2NETRIX::"alexander.paz@iso.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 08 1997FaxServer / OpenVms
133.0 *+1DKAS::DAVIES_DTue May 13 1997Need CDR Assembly software
134.0 *NNTPD::"seznec@mail.dec.com"Fri May 23 1997