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Conference 7.286::setld-ultrix-lps

Title:The setld and ULTRIX layered product installation/integration conference
Created:Thu Feb 08 1990
Last Modified:Wed Apr 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:359
Total number of notes:1357
Number with bodies:11
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1.0SQM::PRESTIDGEThu Feb 08 1990Purpose of this conference, please read
2.02MISEX::MCGINTYSun Feb 11 1990setld ACT = M?
3.02NAC::HARRINGTONMon Feb 12 1990Example sh5 functions
4.052SMURF::BENNETTMon Feb 12 1990Who are you?
5.05CRLVMS::WOLMANWed Feb 14 1990fitset problems in 3.
6.07SHARE::MCGRATHTue Feb 20 1990Help with setld needed
7.01SQM::KOZIKOWSKIFri Feb 23 1990setld -i listing un-installed subsets
8.05SQM::KOZIKOWSKIFri Feb 23 1990setld -i from user account
9.011KASINO::NEIDECKERTue Feb 27 1990Urgent need for setld guide
10.01FLUME::reevesMon Mar 05 1990Compression broken if output != .
11.08BALZAC::MARKOWSKIMon Mar 12 1990Some "standards" to install a layered product
12.04MISEX::MCGINTYTue Mar 13 1990doconfig hangs around
13.015UHAINA::RODASTue Mar 20 1990ULTRIX t4.
14.08BABBLE::MEAGHERTue Apr 03 1990Installation Template Doc Wanted
15.01FPTVX1::CUSHMANFri Apr 06 1990fatal verification error on UDTBASE
16.09MISEX::MCGINTYThu Apr 12 1990Documentation could do with some hints for dms
17.01R2ME2::VANGILDERMon Apr 16 1990which files for an online kit?
18.02MISEX::MCGINTYFri Apr 20 1990Sequence of events when installing multiple subsets
19.01ANNECY::GORDONWed May 02 1990setld -v problem on ULTRIX T4.
20.01NAC::HARRINGTONWed May 02 1990Is ROOT=x needed?
21.01ANNECY::GORDONTue May 15 1990"Rewinding tape..." blockage
22.01FENNEL::RETZELTue May 15 1990Subset Number?
23.01NAC::HARRINGTONThu May 17 1990What are these Volume files?
24.03EPIK::HOLOHANMon May 21 1990gentapes problem
25.01ANNECY::GORDONFri May 25 1990Adding / Deleting a driver using DMS
26.03JRDVTue May 29 1990Ver. up of Layered Product
27.04R2ME2::WWALKERWed May 30 1990subsets which depend upon the same file
28.06HANNAH::OSMANWed May 30 1990security problem with setld ?
29.01TOOK::SZABIETWed May 30 1990SETLD examples?
30.01MINDER::EWINGRFri Jun 01 1990setld for third parties
31.0R2ME2::RICOFri Jun 01 1990Novice questions
32.011HANNAH::CARRWed Jun 06 1990Can't create a kit
33.01OZROCK::HUNTWed Jun 06 1990The nature of .dw files?
34.01DNEAST::HAZZARD_CHUCTue Jun 12 1990Stuck doing install on DS31
35.01TLE::PETERSONMon Jun 18 1990V4 setld tools wanted
36.07TLE::PETERSONMon Jun 18 1990Replicating kit media
37.03RANGER::BOYKINTue Jun 19 1990To kit symbolic links or not?
38.01MARX::ADAMSWed Jun 20 1990Trouble with invcutter
39.03TLE::PETERSONWed Jun 20 1990ArchAssert()
40.01TLE::PETERSONWed Jun 20 1990gentapes error: Cannot find <foo>.comp
41.02MARX::ADAMSThu Jun 21 1990"Not enough filoe system space" error
42.01REGENT::LEVINEMon Jun 25 1990gentapes .comp file gets misplaced
43.06REGENT::LEVINEMon Jun 25 1990Product Name length truncated...
45.013D::LEMAIRETue Jun 26 1990Names duplicated in subsets
46.01TOOK::SZABIETFri Jun 29 1990Do I write any code to take care of -D option?
47.016VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Jul 05 1990setld + Multi-user mode on ULTRIX V4.
48.01TOOK::SZABIETThu Jul 05 1990Directory checksum error...
49.04OZROCK::HUNTMon Jul 09 1990Ordering of subsets : a problem
50.01XLIB::ONEALWed Jul 11 1990setld, tar, RISC, VAX on same tape?
51.01HANNAH::CARRWed Jul 11 1990Installation declined by SCP
52.02SQM::KOZIKOWSKIMon Jul 16 1990"sh5: fgrep: notfound" during base install
53.02TLE::PETERSONWed Jul 25 1990spaces, not tabs, in master inventory (.mi)
54.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Aug 16 1990why all these errors during VERIFY stage
55.05THRUST::HARRIGANFri Aug 17 1990an 'OR' of dependancies ?
56.07HANNAH::HAMILTONMon Aug 20 1990dms and lmf: install-time license check?
57.01HANNAH::HAMILTONMon Aug 20 1990dms: echo to terminal in scp file
58.04TENERE::SILVAWed Aug 22 1990setld example?
59.07MARX::KELLEYWed Aug 22 1990setld -D <path> problems?
60.02MAILVX::HENDRIXWed Aug 22 1990ACT setting POST_L
62.07MARX::ADAMSThu Aug 30 1990setld -d does not remove all files
63.0MARX::ADAMSTue Sep 04 1990tape errors not caught by gentapes
64.0SQM::MARIATue Sep 11 1990RIS products availability to clients??
65.02TLE::MARIOMon Sep 17 1990gentapes warning.
66.03RTL::VANGILDERMon Sep 24 1990Dependencies across versions of Ultrix
67.01NAC::HARRINGTONWed Sep 26 1990Loading special case
68.01OZROCK::MCGINTYWed Sep 26 1990Can I override tarsets redirection of stderr?
69.02INBLUE::RODASThu Sep 27 1990Problem with kits on a RISC machine.
70.013RANGER::DAN_SMITHFri Sep 28 1990setld re-entered after exit
71.04EPIK::HOLOHANTue Oct 02 1990setld extraction checksum errors
72.01TLE::MARIOTue Oct 02 1990Kit development questions
73.04SUBWAY::WORTNERThu Oct 04 1990Extracting Single Files From Subsets
74.03NAC::HARRINGTONFri Oct 05 1990Configuration Dependency Checking
75.02ULYSSE::SMITHTue Oct 09 1990ULTRIX layered Installation Guide templates.
76.03NAC::HARRINGTONTue Oct 16 1990Hybrid diskless environment?
77.02ANNECY::MOUTHONWed Oct 17 1990dms: install sources
78.05TLE::PETERSONThu Oct 18 1990Bad symbolic links after installation
79.01QUIVER::PARISEAUWed Oct 24 1990gentapes at 16
80.05XNOGOV::MAXWELLThu Oct 25 1990cant install 4.1 subset
81.01AIAG::WISNERFri Oct 26 1990Comments on "Guide..."
82.05AIAG::WISNERMon Oct 29 1990preparing setld kits for ENET distribution
83.04KERNEL::MCNULTYWed Oct 31 1990Installation declined by subset control program
84.01FPTVX1::CUSHMANWed Oct 31 1990DMS boo-boo and I can't cleanup
85.01MARX::KELLEYWed Nov 07 1990warnings in stderr
86.0TLE::PETERSONWed Nov 07 1990Preventing superceding of newer versions
87.07TENERE::SILVAThu Nov 08 1990File location questions?
88.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 09 1990setld is unfriendly, it just says "no subsets found to install"
89.05DSSDEV::ENXINGFri Nov 09 1990Kits with man pages ...
90.01RANGER::HINGSTONWed Nov 14 1990sh5 tar error with DMS install
91.08TENERE::SILVAThu Nov 15 1990Questions about setld problems?
92.02AIAG::WISNERThu Nov 15 1990kits error message: invcutter: sort error, record #11
93.0TROAFri Nov 23 1990Bindsetup failure; Any HELP
94.01ULYSSE::RODASTue Nov 27 1990A funny gentapes script ? or a funny user...
95.014ASDS::WINANTWed Nov 28 1990IVP in ULTRIX?
96.03ZURTue Dec 04 1990fitset(8) problem installing subsets to /var
97.07NAC::HARRINGTONWed Dec 05 1990Subset Dependency Checking (again)
98.01SQM::KOZIKOWSKIThu Dec 06 1990Supporting ULTRIX-32 V3.* AND ULTRIX V4.* - subset naming paradox
99.03CLOVEN::ROYThu Dec 06 1990Using RA6
100.0TLE::PETERSONMon Dec 10 1990setld -D xxx -l then setld -l, locks system
101.01SMURF::BENNETTMon Dec 10 1990SETLD: The Movie - training seminars
102.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGThu Dec 13 1990setld from remote tape device.
103.02ROYALT::DWTITue Dec 18 1990URGENT! GENTAPES help needed
104.01NAC::HARRINGTONThu Dec 20 1990Kit Build Procedure
105.08TLE::PETERSONFri Dec 21 1990Kitbuilds require superuser priv, can this be changed?
106.03TLE::PETERSONFri Dec 21 1990Compressed kits working?
107.0SQM::KOZIKOWSKIThu Dec 27 1990setld fails exiting w/out installing mandatory subsets
108.0NAC::HARRINGTONThu Jan 03 1991gentapes modifies .ctrl file
109.03RUTILE::MACKWed Jan 09 1991Mail option -s unknown by SETLD
110.03OZROCK::HUNTThu Jan 10 1991gentapes : 2 kits on one tape
111.03IMPINK::mccarthyThu Jan 17 1991A "$" in the mi file
112.03GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERThu Jan 24 1991Re-create setld tape after -x'ing?
113.02TLE::PETERSONFri Feb 01 1991Interruping setld via SIGINT (^C)
114.0TLE::PETERSONSun Feb 03 1991Message ordering trivia
115.01TLE::PETERSONMon Feb 04 1991Debugging SCPs
117.0TLE::PETERSONTue Feb 05 1991Utility files for .scps
118.02CLOVEN::ROYTue Feb 05 1991installing a library in dms environment
121.09IBSOM::MOODYTue Feb 05 1991setld works, but setld -D doesn't ??
122.0TLE::PETERSONWed Feb 06 1991Hints from a VMS user gone ULTRIX
123.02IBSOM::MOODYThu Feb 07 1991setld dependancy checking, -D, and -i options seem to conflict??
124.01HANNAH::HAMILTONWed Feb 20 1991Trouble with gentapes and making 9-track tape
125.01AUNTB::TOWNSENDThu Feb 21 1991Upgrading to a multiuser liscense
126.09DSM::GOULDTue Feb 26 1991gentapes hanging on RISC ULTRIX 4.
127.02DSM::GOULDWed Feb 27 1991Beginners questions...
128.0NAC::HARRINGTONWed Feb 27 1991Saving existing files
129.04DSSDEV::ENXINGThu Mar 07 1991SH5, PATH, and SETLD woes
130.02DSSDEV::ENXINGThu Mar 07 1991fverify on Ultrix V4.2
131.03RIPPLE::DENIGAN_KEThu Mar 07 1991SETLD problems with ULTRIX 4.1
132.01CLT::KOBAL::FERWERDAMon Mar 11 1991cat file location?
133.06FPTVX1::DINITTOWed Mar 13 1991Problem using DMS install Software option
134.04VIRTUE::KOZIKOWSKITue Mar 19 1991FLAGS values in .ctrl
135.011SQM::PRESTIDGEWed Mar 20 19912 architectures, 1 tape, and ris - some considerations
136.01VIRTUE::MARIAWed Mar 20 1991Product Deletion
137.01MARX::ADAMSThu Mar 21 1991code in PRE_D ignored
138.03SMAUG::GOWDASun Mar 24 1991Common subset
139.0GUCCI::SORTONMon Mar 25 1991DECdecision
140.0DEDUCE::HARTMon Mar 25 1991Call for Papers -Interop./Migration Conf.
141.0TLE::PETERSONTue Mar 26 1991ABC primer on kit building
142.02IBSOM::MOODYTue Mar 26 1991Problems during development process.
143.02USWS::HEINEYThu Mar 28 1991Question about tclear
144.0DSSDEV::ENXINGFri Mar 29 1991/etc/stl/depord and RIS
145.02VINO::OCONNORFri Mar 29 1991gentapes fails, DIRELIST empty???
146.02DSM::GOULDWed Apr 03 1991What to ship ?
147.06CLOVEN::ROYTue Apr 09 1991de-installing software in a dms environment
148.07HANNAH::OSMANWed Apr 17 1991please help me with this remote installation problem
149.0HURON::KELLAMWed Apr 17 1991multiple install options on v3.x, but not v4.x
150.0POBOX::SACHSTue Apr 23 1991Setld hanging problem
151.05TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Apr 24 1991where to put successfully installed message?
152.0FORTY2::MANNTue May 07 1991Probably a simple question for SetLD gurus
153.0DEDUCE::HARTTue May 07 1991Registration info - Interop./Migration Conf.
154.0REGENT::AUGERIWed May 08 1991gentapes checksum error
155.0TOHOKU::TAYLORThu May 09 1991is the daemon currently running on the system?
156.04SCAACT::DAVISSat May 11 1991setld -> to disk kit -> setld
157.02DECWET::READINGMon May 13 1991setld -u does not work with ABC primer
158.01DECWET::READINGWed May 15 1991second request for help
159.0DECWET::ROARKMon May 20 1991Requirements Document?
160.0DECWET::READINGThu May 23 1991setld available in other languages?
161.01ULTRA::GOVOTSKIWed May 29 1991How to check for Ultrix 4.1 or beyond?
162.0USWS::HOLTThu May 30 1991What happens when setld is interrupted?
163.08FMAN::petersonMon Jun 17 1991Field test numbering idea
164.01XSTACY::BODONOVANWed Jun 19 1991What constitutes failure
165.03SHALOT::ELMOREMon Jul 01 1991Tying Subsets Together
166.06RAB::ROYMon Jul 01 1991Symbolic links ?
167.04RAB::ROYWed Jul 03 1991Calculating disk space required during installation
168.03CALS::HEALEYTue Jul 16 1991SETLD/SCP for VMS Users? Help!
169.0WMOIS::ANANDThu Jul 25 1991Will the latest version of Ultrix contain LMF ?
170.03SAFRON::VAUGHNFri Aug 02 1991kits error: "sh: /usr/tmp/kglbl1
171.02SAFRON::VAUGHNFri Aug 02 1991Where are the actual LMF calls discussed in detail?
172.03CTOAVX::SMITHDTue Aug 06 1991setld vs. tar
173.0SALSA::MOELLERWed Aug 07 1991setld err with Supp Subset vol2
174.036AURORA::MARIAThu Aug 22 1991REQ_CHECK Tool
175.01WMOIS::STMARYFri Aug 23 1991License data for Ultrix generated by VMS ?
176.02SAFRON::VAUGHNMon Aug 26 1991why no case *) allowed?
177.03DSM::GOULDTue Aug 27 1991Manditory subsets ?
178.03TLE::PETERSONWed Aug 28 1991Does V4.2 setld automatically run ACT=V?
179.0TLE::MCCARTHYTue Sep 10 1991What does copy mean for the PAK template?
180.01TLE::SASAKIWed Sep 11 1991Verifying a setld tape?
181.03PAMSRC::ZACHWIEJAThu Sep 12 1991Digital Software on Third Party Hardware
182.01DECWET::VEZINAWed Sep 18 1991In search of a subset...
183.05AZUR::NAVARROMon Sep 23 1991product location in DMS /RIS environment
184.0TLE::PETERSONMon Sep 23 1991Subroutine to delete empty directories
185.0AZUR::NAVARROThu Sep 26 1991Software propagation on DMS satellite and setld -c
186.01ESASE1::HANCOCKWed Oct 02 1991setld -d with -D problem
187.04VIA::WALSHTue Oct 08 1991Verification Errors with SETLD
188.01TINCUP::RANCEFri Oct 11 1991trouble with kits utility
189.05GUESS::DOUCETTEFri Oct 11 1991/usr/kits vs. /usr/lib/cmplrs
190.02PAMSRC::ZACHWIEJAMon Oct 14 1991Message Catalogs
191.01DECWET::TRINHFri Oct 25 1991Ensure that copyright is included??
192.08TINCUP::RANCETue Oct 29 1991scp examples
193.05DECWET::TRINHTue Oct 29 1991tk5
194.01JEKYLL::HYDEThu Oct 31 1991network kits, one year later...
195.04TLE::KDICKINSONTue Nov 05 1991Error in CDROM setld command
196.03SAFRON::VAUGHNMon Nov 11 1991Storage location for a Unix Domain socket?
197.02GLDOA::BOELEMAMon Nov 18 1991Setld through VMS??
198.0QUIVER::TRAHANTue Nov 19 1991Kit Bld ???
199.02DSM::MATTEDIWed Nov 20 1991Name conventions for ECO's to Field Test and release
200.06FORTY2::BAKERFri Nov 22 1991general questions from a layered product
201.02TYSON::KURATASun Nov 24 1991setld -l hangs
202.02EPIK::HOLOHANMon Nov 25 1991setld extraction error
203.05TINCUP::RANCEWed Nov 27 1991multiple subset kitcap file
204.07SQM::MARIAMon Dec 02 1991Setld on OSF/1
205.05VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOThu Dec 05 1991gentapes to correct a setld TK5
206.01TOOK::ECKHARDTMon Dec 09 1991DMS installation configuration question
207.01OPG::SIMONTue Dec 17 1991Facility code registration.
208.0DSM::GOULDTue Dec 17 1991Basic DMS question ??
209.0DSM::GOULDTue Dec 17 1991LockInit basic question ??
210.01RHETT::AMANTue Dec 17 1991tar: putfile() can't stat: G3R.image
211.012COOKIE::MCDANIELWed Dec 18 1991Dependency checking...
212.02CLT::4GL::FERWERDAWed Jan 22 1992Only one subset showing up on RIS menu
213.01SHAWB1::BARROWCLOUGHMon Jan 27 1992problems deleting subsets with scamp
214.03JPS1::VAUGHNWed Jan 29 1992Copyright Notices Displayed at Installation Time
215.0STARV5::LIVINGSTONTue Feb 04 1992gentapes trouble
216.0MATISE::TALEBIWed Feb 05 1992setld and floppy disk (rrz4c media)
217.04FORTY2::BAKERFri Feb 14 1992dependencies are in *BOTH* directions
218.01HELIX::HASBROUCKFri Feb 14 19924.2a setld -l hangs on TK5
219.02FRITOS::TALCOTTTue Feb 18 1992How do you support ris/dms installs?
220.015GOOEY::WWALKERTue Feb 18 1992SCP's - When and How they are called
221.03DECWET::NAMATALLAFri Feb 21 1992Is there a problem in using "clear" in the scp file
222.04OPG::SIMONFri Mar 06 1992sh: /usr/tmp/kglbl15513: not found again
223.0RSMBCK::TISAMon Mar 09 1992DECNSR version 1.
224.0RSMBCK::TISAMon Mar 09 1992Backing up a ULTRIX machine
225.06OPG::SIMONWed Mar 11 1992setld -d doesn't delete directories.
226.03WMOIS::DUPREZ_RWed Mar 11 1992repro of kits, tape->disk (for CDROM usage)
227.02FRITOS::TALCOTTWed Mar 18 1992What are the rules for allowable subset names?
228.0TLE::PETERSONTue Apr 07 1992Dry run for setld kit building DECUS presentation
229.0SCAACT::ADISESHANWed Apr 08 1992Guide available online ?
230.01HEGIRA::FARRThu Apr 09 1992Question on updating of whatis database at installation time
231.01QUIVER::TRAHANTue Apr 14 1992KIT FILE NAME ???
232.01DEMON::ZIKATue Apr 14 1992on-line kit builder doc location, beginner, simple kit
233.02TLE::SASAKIWed Apr 22 1992Check for Ultrix 4.2 or later?
234.052483::NAVARROThu Apr 23 1992OSF setld reversed pre_d and configure delete ?
235.0COOKIE::MCDANIELThu Apr 23 1992gentapes problems with multiple tapes (TK5
236.03TINCUP::RANCEWed May 20 1992clever solution requested
237.0TINCUP::RANCEWed Jun 03 1992genra help requested
238.06TINCUP::RANCETue Jun 09 1992INSTCTRL merger????
239.0RANGER::BOYKINThu Jun 11 1992Verify problems on install...kitting indicates no problem
240.0FRITOS::TALCOTTFri Jun 12 1992When do you need to lock subsets?
241.0FRITOS::TALCOTTFri Jun 12 1992How to handle man pages when man isn't in /usr
242.03NAC::HARRINGTONWed Jun 17 1992New conference, or recycle this one?
243.0DECWET::NAMATALLAWed Jun 17 1992
244.02IMOKAY::wagonerWed Jul 01 1992Help on dependencies
245.04JPS1::VAUGHNMon Jul 13 1992DMS testing.
246.03G::SASAKIThu Jul 16 1992How to require an optional subset?
247.01FORTY2::BOYESFri Jul 17 1992Deleting files at end of installation
248.0HANNAH::SCHULLMANTue Jul 28 1992single kit/subset to support both OSF/1 and ULTRIX ?
249.01FORTY2::BAKERThu Jul 30 1992NAME field in .ctrl file - what are its uses?
250.01FORTY2::BAKERThu Jul 30 1992INSTCTRL file - used for RIS checksums?
251.09DSM::GOULDMon Aug 17 1992Full eco/mup kits ?
252.07HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Sep 04 1992"incremental" installation of a subset's contents?
253.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Sep 04 1992what if setld's menu doesn't fit on the screen?
254.07VAXWRK::ELKINSMon Sep 14 1992Referencing a CD instead of installing onto disk
255.0NAC::HARRINGTONTue Sep 29 1992Printing Release Notes from the SCP
256.02NAC::HARRINGTONFri Oct 30 1992Displaying on-line docs...
258.03EPIK::HOLOHANThu Nov 05 1992Configure phase scp problem
259.04SQM::KOZIKOWSKITue Nov 10 1992FooBar V2.
260.01LATVMS::DUGALWed Dec 02 1992gentapes error: _K_Image_Merge(1 args): Needs 2 arguments
261.02KISMIF::WITHERSTue Dec 08 1992cant put file?
262.01CRONIC::BUCKSHAWTue Jan 26 1993Ultrix V4.3 requiring Ultrix V4.2 dependencies
263.04DSSDEV::WIELEMon Feb 22 1993lmf check in installation procedure
264.0QUIVER::WILSONThu Mar 04 1993File exists messages in verify stage
265.01NICCTR::TSAITue Mar 23 1993Building a kit on Ultrix/Risc system
266.01MLNAD8::LONGONIThu Mar 25 1993Guide to preparing SW for distribution
267.01OPG::SIMONFri Mar 26 1993A file in multiple subsets
268.05NAC::HARRINGTONTue Mar 30 1993Creating softlinks to /usr/opt/PROD_NAME
269.04XSTACY::MDUNPHYTue Jun 01 1993Automatic installations - is it possible
270.03HYLNDR::MKINGWed Jun 02 1993Volunteers to host/moderate this conference ?
271.01BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Jun 07 1993Unanswered dependency question.
272.04HELIX::HASBROUCKMon Jun 07 1993Verification error w/setld on OSF/1 AXP
273.0LIBRT1::SKKTue Jun 15 1993Inventory precedence flag - need help
274.02XSTACY::MDUNPHYMon Jun 21 1993dxterm and setld
275.02DEWEYD::WIRZBICKIThu Jul 08 1993Beginner Questions... Real new kid on the block
276.0CLADA::LIBOVETue Jul 13 1993/sys/dist/kits on RISC/ULTRIX v4.3 says /usr/tmp/kglb1
277.02AZUR::CHAIAHELTue Jul 20 1993Pb: SUBSET that does not appear into the "setld -l <location>" menu
278.0SMURF::HSUTue Jul 27 1993/usr/bin/kits in DEC OSF/1 V1.3 is broken.
279.02CLADA::DRUDYMon Aug 23 1993DMS install & /etc/dmsinit
280.0FRUST::LUKASTue Sep 14 1993'Stderr is redirected to file stderr' failed ???
281.02WASHDC::SARASINWed Sep 15 1993some questions on osf1 .k and .mi files
282.04WASHDC::SARASINTue Oct 05 1993Setld fails if X.desktop is running on OSF/1
283.03BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Oct 19 1993Install a file from one of two subsets ??
284.0543Thu Nov 11 1993Setld hanging ?
285.01KOALA::ARMSTEADThu Nov 11 1993Layered Products (OSF/1) and mandatory subsets
286.01KOALA::ARMSTEADThu Nov 11 1993Install-time display of notices
287.05ESSB::PHAYDENWed Nov 24 1993Is there a doc in the house ?
288.06XAPPL::BSIMONSThu May 26 1994Purpose of -D <root>?
289.03BROKE::GUROSMon Jun 06 1994/usr/lbin/depord: dependency ordering error
290.01UNXA::RICHARDSFri Jun 17 1994Layered Product Gold Kitting Guidelines available
291.04OZROCK::HUNTFri Jun 24 1994OSF/1 Gold RIS, /etc/exports and the mysterious "kit" directory ...
292.01NOTIME::SACKSThu Jun 30 1994setld sending mail at installation
293.05OZROCK::FERRIERWed Jul 06 1994Subsets and source directory hierarchy for Gold kits
294.03LABRYS::CONNELLYWed Jul 06 1994History & external usage of setld?
295.0TLE::TATHAMWed Jul 06 1994"broken pipe" message - what does it mean?
296.05OZROCK::FERRIERTue Jul 12 1994OSF/1 Gold DMS - Kernel Build failing
297.02EPS::MOSESTue Jul 26 1994setld -c problem
298.07NRSTA2::BRODERICKTue Jul 26 1994key file format error
299.0SMURF::HSUWed Jul 27 1994Dependency Checking/Locking in LP GOLD (DEC OSF/1 V3.
300.03OOTOOL::CHELSEAWed Aug 03 1994Making third-party product setld compatible
301.02OOTOOL::CHELSEATue Aug 30 1994Multiple subsets, need only one copyright
302.02R2ME2::BSIMONSTue Sep 27 1994Where to put a user guide document?
303.0341174::MDUNPHYTue Sep 27 1994Layered Product Software Installation - Software Control Program Activities
304.0341174::MDUNPHYThu Oct 27 1994What to put in SCPs on OSF.....
305.04KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Nov 01 1994DCE install on OSF/1 test: arguament expected. 23823
306.01TRLIAN::GORDONMon Nov 07 1994newinv and setld
307.0IOSG::CAKEWed Nov 09 1994Three kits on one tape
308.07NOVA::CUSSONThu Nov 17 1994Correct way to redirect setld installation ?
309.02MARVIN::MUNSLOWMon Nov 28 1994Setld -d but leave some files?
310.02HELIX::STLAURENTFri Dec 02 1994gentapes broken after upgrade to OSF V3.
311.014LGP3Thu Dec 15 1994config data files and upgrade questions
312.01IOSG::CAKEFri Dec 16 1994UID/GID
313.0PDVMon Dec 19 1994setld and rx26 floppy
314.07STAR::L_SZABIETMon Jan 23 1995Determining disk space requirements
315.02CSC32::SCHLABSTue Jan 24 1995setld -l on 3.
316.05SKYSOX::lengyelTue Feb 21 1995How can I invoke a script in the .scp file?
317.0UNXA::GRANDINETTIThu Feb 23 1995Proposal to unprotect ./sys/conf/files and ./sys/conf/alpha/files
318.02SPECXN::HIROSSFri Feb 24 1995selection of optional subset installs all manditory subsets?....
319.04AZUR::DICKOMon Feb 27 1995Patch or not patch that is the question
320.04POLAR::STEWARTNFri Mar 10 1995Problem-install man pages on running system
321.04RHETT::LOHFri Mar 24 1995problem with gentapes to build a setld tape
322.02REQUE::VANGILDERWed Apr 05 1995dependency checking for "Digital UNIX" release?
323.01UHUH::TALCOTTTue Apr 11 1995How to specify order in which subsets are presented?
325.06TOOK::H_MOYWed May 10 1995'setld' no good from gentapes
326.01DECC::SULLIVANTue Jun 06 1995DEC C++ kit doesn't install via "setld -D non_std_root_dir"
327.0249393::SUTTERWed Jun 07 1995setld on Digital UNIX slower than it could be!?!
328.02EPS::BARRYFri Jun 09 1995gentape to unix file?
329.02NETRIX::"DAGSS2::"chan@wro.mts.dec.com""Tue Jun 13 1995 FUSE installation
330.02METSYS::HELLIARFri Jun 30 1995Installation Order Control
331.01SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Jul 05 1995when is a tar file not a tar file?
332.01AZUR::NAVARROMon Jul 24 1995Product needs an account ?
333.0OZROCK::FERRIERFri Aug 11 1995Replacement of sh with ksh in Platinum
334.0UHUH::TALCOTTThu Sep 07 1995Who should be owning files on the kits?
335.02SKYSOX::lengyelWed Sep 13 1995How can I exit setld if something else is not present?
336.01UHUH::TALCOTTThu Sep 28 1995Docs vs. Reality for DMS installs - How can symbolic links really be done?
337.04SEND::CHOIThu Sep 28 1995gentapes works for V3.
338.01DECC::SULLIVANMon Nov 13 1995How to not display a subset in the menu?
339.0DECC::SULLIVANWed Nov 15 1995Install different versions of the same file, depending on OS?
340.01CSC32::SCHLABSMon Nov 20 1995How to copy cd distribution to tape?
341.052446::JEREMYThu Dec 28 1995Setld kit preparation questions
342.01SIOG::MCQUILLANWed Jan 03 1996Changing Ticker - Any problems caused ?
343.01OZROCK::FERRIERSun Jan 07 1996Are Platinum Lite libscp extensions safe?
344.0RECV::CHOIThu Jan 11 1996setld from CD failed with 'tar...' on Digital UNIX 2.
345.0BOOTM1::GRAHAMDTue Jan 23 1996setld in background + answer file ?
346.01RECV::CHOIWed Jan 31 1996How can older kits be deleted while 'setld -l .'?
347.0UFHIS::TMCCRILLISMon Feb 05 1996bundling subsets together
348.06RECV::CHOIFri Mar 29 1996What restriction on subset name for setld?
350.01OZROCK::FERRIERTue May 07 1996Force loading of dependant subsets for layered products?
351.0WASHDC::SARASINTue Jun 18 1996How do I add a custom subset to the Base OS RIS area?
352.01RECV::CHOIThu Sep 26 1996What is 'Choices (1 2 4-6):'?
353.01RECV::CHOIFri Sep 27 1996Where is chapter 8 of Programming support tools (for Platinum docs)?
354.0RECV::CHOIThu Oct 17 1996Problem with creating Image Data File for Digital UNIX 4.
355.0 *NETRIX::"kar@unx.dec.com"Fri Feb 07 1997scps and language sensitive commands
356.0 *+2OZROCK::THOMANMon Feb 10 1997What exactly does RESERVED mean, RE: the .mi file
357.0 *+3NETRIX::"thoman@ozy.dec.com"Tue Feb 11 1997
358.0 *+1REQUE::CHOITue Mar 11 1997setld question for Digital UNIX
359.0 *OZROCK::THOMANWed Apr 23 1997Key file 2nd column - Must be a single period ? - Also the % in Desc. Column