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Conference 7.286::xnotes

Notice:Kit pointer is *NOT* inn in Topic 70
Created:Sun Aug 30 1987
Last Modified:Sat Dec 07 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:250
Total number of notes:1909
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01THEBAY::MTHOMASSun Aug 30 1987Introductions
2.0117WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Member Introductions
3.04WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Directory Listings
4.01WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Xnotes Announcements
5.014WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Kit Information
6.0WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Reserved For Future Use
7.052WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Setup and Installation Problems
8.0WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Reserved For Future Use
9.025WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Noteslib Exerciser Topic
10.0WINERY::THOMASSun Aug 30 1987Reserved For Future Use
11.036WINERY::THOMASMon Aug 31 1987Requirements Wish List
12.023WINERY::THOMASMon Aug 31 1987The Noteslib Callable Interface
13.01WINERY::THOMASMon Sep 21 1987X volunteers needed - signup now!
14.017NETRIX::MICHAUDWed Jan 13 1988Creating New Topic with 'addnote'
15.03SBLANC::THOMASWed Jan 27 1988Barebones UI
16.07KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNTue Mar 08 1988Why not also use TPU based stuff...?
17.0NETRIX::THOMASSat Sep 24 1988VAXnotes/Ultrix -- Status
18.04KIPPIS::LEHTINENFri Sep 30 1988nshow (something like the MH show command but for notes)
19.0SACKET::THOMASThu Oct 20 1988Impressions of DECwindows VMSNotes.
20.046MIPSBX::THOMASTue Dec 27 1988X Client!!!!
21.035MIPSBX::THOMASSat Dec 31 1988Anyone else using/playing with XNotes?? If so, speak up!
22.01LENSMN::BONINIWed Jan 11 1989Resources?
23.05MIPSBX::thomasMon Jan 16 1989Mailing list for announcements of new versions on XNotes...
24.0237826::BONINIWed Jan 18 1989entering topics?
25.030SMURF::REEVESThu Jan 19 1989New user looking for hidden features
26.06ENXIO::thomasSun Jan 22 1989Button Bitmaps
27.06COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jan 24 1989Feedback on V
28.013VAJRA::richardSat Jan 28 1989TextEdit widget key bindings get real confusing...
29.02SMURF::GRIFFINTue Jan 31 1989xnotes privilege error
30.04SMURF::RBHANKTue Jan 31 1989NOTES-E-NOTNETWRK error
31.026MIPSBX::thomasMon Feb 06 1989To dxnotes or not to dxnotes?
32.01CSOA1::STUTSONThu Feb 23 1989Buggy Postscript previewer
33.06SMURF::LAMBERTFri Feb 24 1989ENXIO X
35.01FLUME::reevesThu Mar 02 1989This note has a very long title to demonstrate some strange handling of long titles by xnotes...
36.01FLUME::dikeWed Mar 08 1989A couple more bugs...
37.06OSLACT::BJORNMYThu Mar 09 1989Connect failed, No response from object
39.02GIDDAY::KOTWALFri Mar 17 1989?????
40.09UFP::AVOLIOWed Mar 29 1989No titles (headers) displayed!
41.020LENSMN::boniniThu Apr 13 1989xnotes.hp questions
42.09VEENA::thomasFri Apr 14 1989Moderation Functions
43.0255Fri Apr 28 1989Problems when used with HPWM
44.01VEENA::thomasSun Apr 30 1989V
45.05CHOVAX::YANCONEWed May 03 1989xnote kit invaded by aliens
46.04JD::brennanWed May 03 1989
47.014MAXDOG::kittellThu May 04 1989Can't Paste into Edit Window
48.04MAXDOG::kittellThu May 11 1989"Turn down the TV!" "Aww, Ma! The volume knob is gone"
49.01PHDVAX::DLEWISMon May 15 1989"Can't figure out where your notebook is"
50.01KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed May 17 1989resource for slider color ?
51.05AIAG::BRENNANMon May 22 1989Any thoughts on DDIF support?
52.03FLUME::griffinWed May 24 1989defaults questions
54.0433236::jemThu Jun 01 1989Why does my node name appear as my decnet address?
55.010PEKKA::ELLI::peuraWed Jun 14 1989Hidden area and XNotes
56.03MELTIN::dickThu Jun 15 1989Icon...
57.06LDP::WEAVERThu Jun 15 1989Problem with
58.03LENSMN::boniniWed Jun 28 1989A break in the action?
59.01AVIATE::GABRIELWed Jul 12 1989Problems with V5.2 ????
61.01DSSDEV::GRIFFINTue Jul 25 1989protections on the VMS side
62.05LEECHS::malcolmWed Jul 26 1989Beginners problems
63.06LASHAM::HEERJEE_KSun Aug 06 1989Any [x]notes on Ultrix?
64.015KEPERA::BURMEISTERTue Aug 08 19895.13 lies
65.01DSSDEV::GRIFFINFri Aug 11 1989xnotes on UWS V2.2?
66.01IFDEF::ricoWed Sep 06 1989Documentation, SET SEEN
67.04FENDAN::philThu Sep 07 1989unrecognized node name
69.031SUFIX::ROBWed Sep 13 1989ShellNotes sources and library
70.065MIPSBX::thomasThu Sep 14 1989
71.027MIPSBX::thomasThu Sep 14 1989What window managers do you use?
72.06MINDER::COUPLANDSThu Sep 21 1989setup problem?
73.0MELTIN::dickFri Oct 06 1989Resources
74.01LENSMN::boniniThu Oct 19 1989simple questions
75.04PDVAX::peterFri Oct 20 1989Conferences with membership?
76.01SARAH::P_DAVISTue Oct 24 1989'Search for note' or any way to read existing notes
77.010PDVAX::peterWed Oct 25 1989Year in date field?
78.012SHALOT::KELLYWed Nov 01 1989Bug Updating Unseen?
79.04ERA::JAQUESWed Nov 01 1989HELP !! trying to instell xnotes
80.01DHHLMon Nov 06 1989Which version for RISC ?
81.01VNASWS::HAUSBFri Nov 10 1989New User: Directory, Extract, ...????
82.04IORST::mfoxMon Nov 13 1989Good stuff
83.01ARTY::gauthierThu Nov 16 1989No keyboard forcus if notebook is iconified.
84.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTITue Dec 26 1989Do I need a VMS system as well ?
85.0--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 28 1989Cant open NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTES ???
86.06WPOMM1::walterThu Dec 28 1989How do I get a directory of a Conference ?
87.02SDOGUS::BOYACKTue Jan 02 1990Xnotes productization plans?
88.06IOCTL::ZEMONWed Jan 17 1990xnotes7 vs. VAX UWS2.2
89.03NOTMY::LEETue Jan 23 1990Note for Ultrix
90.06SARAH::P_DAVISMon Feb 05 1990XNotes
91.03TOPTEN::GREENTue Feb 06 19904.
92.05KERNEL::CARLETONLTue Feb 06 1990Classes in Xnotes
93.0DAVIS::peterMon Feb 12 1990Missing left character column?
94.08ANDRIS::putninsFri Feb 16 1990Notes*initialState behavior?
96.05TOOK::M_FOXWed Mar 07 1990xnotes is crashing
97.02CLT::GOLLY::JAMISONFri Mar 23 1990Motifisms and display of year on notes...
98.01OSLLAV::SVEINNMon Mar 26 1990looking for Xnotes location...
99.02WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Mar 27 1990Can't start xnotes
100.01VAJRA::rwoodThu Mar 29 1990Congratulations, Matt
101.012SMURF::LAMBERTFri Mar 30 1990Problem with use of ULTRIX username
102.012PRAJNA::harterTue Apr 03 1990getsvc error with V
104.01VAOUFri Apr 20 1990"Open Systems" NOTES client??
105.02CLT::CLTVAX::dickMon Apr 30 1990MB2 or MB3
106.021SALSA::MOELLERWed May 09 1990UDXNOTES
107.0JULIET::GRANT_GAThu May 10 1990coming attractions
108.02BABY::STEINBERGTue May 22 1990kill me with kindness
109.02ACTGSF::STEINBERGWed May 23 1990fur balls from Hell!
111.04RDGENG::HAYWARDWed Jun 20 1990Positioning of XNotes ?
112.05SMAUG::MIERSWAWed Jun 20 1990Does xnotes work on DECnet Phase V?
113.01SAC::REILLY_GThu Jul 12 1990xnotes, BIND, and member-only conferences?
114.02TLE::WELLSThu Jul 19 1990Any kits newer that 1
115.06SKIES::rhlWed Jul 25 1990I need a bigger font
116.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jul 27 1990Small Xnotes sub windows
117.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jul 27 1990Address not available
118.04IORST::mfoxMon Jul 30 1990Porting to OSF
119.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Aug 02 1990CREATE NOTE doesn't work
120.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Aug 07 1990RMS-F-SYN, file specification syntax error
121.011BAHTAT::ALDERTONMMon Aug 13 1990Xnotes suddenly stopped working
122.016SHALOT::KELLYMon Aug 13 1990Do I have the right version?
123.05CAVDOG::mamrosMon Aug 20 1990Time bug in new xnotes?
124.037SNOBAL::273Tue Aug 21 1990Weird things with new xnotes ...
125.08TAKEN::glaserWed Aug 22 1990Xnotes questions
126.03GAUCHE::jnelsonThu Aug 23 1990What's the correct format for dates?
127.01GAUCHE::jnelsonThu Aug 23 1990BUG: Error Writing; Broken Pipe
128.05GAUCHE::jnelsonThu Aug 23 1990Minor Bug: GOTO Note Popup tied to Xnotes Window, not Conference Window
129.03BACK::haycoxWed Aug 29 1990Can't open conference
130.03BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONMon Sep 03 1990New Xnotes button explanations
131.010PEARL::JAQUESTue Sep 04 1990clean up kit location note 7
132.04BAHTAT::FORCE4::hiltonMon Sep 10 1990Xnotes bitmap?
133.0ACTRIX::dehartogWed Sep 19 1990commandline parameters for xnotes?
134.02SCOOTS::268Mon Sep 24 1990getsvc message
135.01RIXRAX::ttlWed Sep 26 1990Meta<key>space as compose, how ?
136.08DATABS::BALLOUFri Sep 28 1990Features wanted.
137.04TROU55::greenallMon Oct 08 1990Add/Del entry
138.03KAIRYS::michaelTue Oct 09 1990That worked...Few more questions...
139.02KRISIS::reevesThu Oct 11 1990No such note vs. NO_SUCH_NOTE
140.0TNKRBL::LIEBWed Nov 07 1990Problems on 4.
141.04TMELSS::ARCABASCIOWed Nov 14 1990loaded, but now what?
142.01XM::jensenThu Nov 15 1990my turn for dumb questions
143.04CLT::CLTMAX::dickMon Nov 19 1990Motif 1.1 wierdness
144.011BARD::mcafeeMon Nov 19 1990Some resources...
145.02LOGRUS::KELSEYWed Nov 28 1990How do I get text into xnotes?!....
146.02SHALOT::KELLYTue Dec 04 1990UWS V4.1 question
147.0BERNThu Dec 06 1990Can't seem to find everything?
148.01BERNFri Dec 07 1990Hidden Areas (again)
149.0UTRUST::DEHARTOGSat Dec 15 1990Again, where are the latest versions?
150.06BARD::mcafeeMon Jan 07 1991XNote Development Continuing???
151.03SUNETA::harterMon Jan 14 1991Crashes in
152.012SANTUR::shahThu Jan 17 1991More beginner questions.
153.0KRISIS::reevesThu Jan 17 1991Trivial bug: moderator button
154.013VAJRA::rwoodThu Jan 31 1991Comments on XNotes
155.02STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINMon Feb 04 1991Motif 1.1,UWS 4.2 and Xnotes crash
156.01BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONFri Feb 15 1991How do you know about new versions?
157.043DAVIS::peterFri Feb 15 1991Comments on XNotes
158.0KRISIS::reevesThu Mar 07 1991Runaway error windows
159.0DEDUCE::HARTMon Mar 25 1991Call for Papers -Interop./Migration Conf.
160.06DELNI::M_BOOKERFri Apr 12 19914.2 and Motif 1.1 xnotes?
161.0LESLIE::EDMUNDSWed Apr 17 1991Illegal instruction
162.09NEGD::TRIBEThu Apr 18 1991Bus Error ??
163.0BACK::haycoxTue May 07 1991Segmentation Fault.
164.0DEDUCE::HARTTue May 07 1991Registration Info -Interop./Migration Conf.
165.04GOULAG::NERAALFri May 31 1991Error at xnotes startup
166.01AIPOTU::dallasThu Jun 06 1991alternate notes icon for mwm people
167.08OTHER::LESLIEThu Jun 06 1991How do I include a file?
168.0GAUCHE::jnelsonMon Jun 10 1991Can't find bitmaps?
169.025CTHQ2::DEVIVOMon Jun 24 1991Comments on
170.0TYFYS::PATTERSONFri Jun 28 1991Please change the conference memo...
171.07FLASHY::devivoMon Jul 01 1991New user/Intro guide to XNotes
172.02UTOPIE::ASCHAUERTue Jul 23 1991Shellnotes and Phase V ?
173.06THEBAY::ISTA::larryThu Aug 08 1991New Features??
175.07KXOVAX::MACDONALDSat Aug 17 1991xnotes from VT terminal?
176.020NAC::ENGLANDFri Aug 23 1991demand for xnotes?
177.04TOOK::COBBWed Sep 04 1991missing some conferences....
178.03TLE::JNELSONFri Sep 20 1991xnotes: segmentation faults in #124
179.04ASICS::EDMUNDSSat Oct 05 1991Notes date/time is wrong
180.01OLDTMR::FOXFri Nov 01 1991Notes documentation needed.
181.01NAC::ENGLANDThu Nov 14 1991it's in there
182.011TRCU11::VANDUYFri Jan 10 1992Crash on "Bus error"
183.01RDVAX::PIERSONTue Jan 28 1992Experimental Tk-based interface
184.03OGWANI::TANAKAFri Jan 31 1992XNotes installation problem,please help!
185.01CSOA1::STUTSONFri Feb 14 1992Sun vs. Digital
186.04RSMBCK::TISAMon Mar 09 1992Backups on Ultrix
187.06ASDS::SHIELDSThu Mar 19 1992Where is there a kit containing source code?
188.06JRDVFri Apr 24 1992NNTP-Notes
189.03BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Jun 18 1992Hidden area problems?
190.014HARBOR::VANSICLENTue Jun 23 1992UCX and TCP/IP
191.02LYOISA::JACQUINThu Jul 16 1992Xnotes for our cutomers
192.02SMURF::BRUCEFri Jul 31 1992stupid question: NOTES$NOTEBOOK protection...
193.02JULIET::BARDSLEY_JETue Aug 04 1992Any 3rd party app for Notes on ULTRIX??
194.0OSITEL::RUDDATWed Aug 05 1992Insufficient network resources
195.01SMAC1Wed Aug 19 1992Where is VAXnotes conference ?
196.012HGOVC::HEERJEEThu Oct 22 1992Entering new notes through UNIX Mail
197.0HGUNIX::kbhSun Nov 01 1992New Note
198.01UTOPIE::ASCHAUERThu Nov 12 1992Xnotes on Silver (BL1
199.02WSBPM::gvsFri Nov 13 1992Current resource file?
200.07WSBPM::gvsFri Nov 13 1992Pop up menu items not working.
201.01WSBPM::gvsFri Nov 13 1992Notes*edit*editBody.rows:
202.01WSBPM::gvsFri Nov 13 1992
203.03FLUME::bruceTue Nov 17 1992interesting error messages
204.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Nov 17 1992alpha osf/1 and failvm error...
205.02DECWET::KESSLERWed Nov 18 1992Okay, I'm stumped, why does this happen
206.012WSBPM::gvsFri Nov 20 1992UID instead of username for author
207.01WSBPM::gvsTue Nov 24 1992xnotes utilies?
208.06GLDOA::BROWDERTue Jan 12 1993Access control rejected & upgrade to VMS V5.5-2
209.0100NETRIX::michaudThu Jan 21 1993OSF/1 & ULTRIX tty based NOTES client
210.0TOOK::MICHAUDThu Jan 21 1993This note contains a DDIF File
211.05PEKKA::peuraSun Jan 24 1993application keypad?
212.06MOGNET::gerhardWed Jan 27 1993decnotes and DIRECTORY - when?
213.03ANDRIS::putninsThu Feb 25 1993Problem with addnote (ShellNotes)
214.0BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Mar 24 1993Color confusion...
215.02ABYSS::jtkohlThu May 06 1993xnotes vax segfault?
216.0WATNOW::gerryThu May 13 1993xnotes crash remote displaying
217.02SMURF::LINDNERWed Jun 09 1993yet another xdefaults question...
218.05ROMThu Jul 29 1993Notes server on Ultrix/OSF1
219.03MR4DEC::SGENTILEThu Jul 29 1993Where is the latest kit now?
220.01WASHDC::SARASINMon Aug 09 1993man page for xnotes
221.0MR4DEC::SGENTILETue Aug 10 1993I'm having some problems
222.014541::mamrosFri Aug 27 1993xnotes/decnotes having problems with newer Notes version?
223.015it.lkg.dec.com::thomasMon Sep 27 1993TCP/IP support -- coming soon to a network near you
224.05KALI::EWANCOWed Oct 06 1993nscan broken pipe
225.01WRKSYS::REISERTFri Oct 08 1993Xnotes for Alpha OSF?
226.01A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try Conferencing FT2
227.04OSLThu Nov 04 1993Again - OSF PRODUCT sometime?
228.02SSDEVO::BRADACHMon Nov 15 1993Documentation ??
230.01GLDOA::SPATOULASWed Jan 12 1994MS-windows client for xrn ??
231.01AOSF1::krasWed Jan 26 1994upgrade to PV messed up decnotes
232.09ULTXTue Feb 01 1994Looking for not-the-latest xnotes
233.02XYZZY::jmnWed Mar 02 1994DECnotes (V2.
234.08SMURF::LINDNERThu Mar 31 1994Font problems on DEC OSF/1 V2.
235.04CURRNT::CLARKEJMon May 09 1994DECnet-free .notes_profile ?
236.02SYORRK::krasWed Jun 08 1994Need new mips decnotes?
237.01ULTOE::browderTue Jun 21 1994Who is product manager for DEC Notes ...
238.08CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARSFri Jul 15 1994osf/1 server-kit
239.0GENVA1::RIPOLLTue Jul 26 1994Ultrix 4.3 kit ?
240.09EDWIN::EDWIN::GULICKWed Aug 24 1994problem with .notes_profile
241.014BROKE::ALEXANDERTue Sep 13 1994OSF/1 V3.
242.06NETRIX::"thomas@netrix.lkg.dec.com"Tue Sep 13 1994Does posting from Mosaic work?
243.04DREUL1::robFri Oct 14 1994Alpha nshow removing LF's
244.031946Wed Apr 05 1995Problems with some conferences
245.041946Wed Apr 19 1995resource questions
246.02edwin.mko.dec.com::GULICKThu May 25 1995IP-only config with VMS 6.1
247.01ULYSSE::DONZETue Aug 22 1995Error opening !AS as input
248.01NETRIX::"partha@indus.xko.dec.com"Wed Nov 20 1996Can't open notebook, NOTES$_NONOTEBOOK ??
249.0--UnknownUser--Sat Dec 07 1996
250.0--UnknownUser--Sat Dec 07 1996test 2