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Conference utrtsc::uwaves

Title:Communications, Radar, Logic
Created:Fri Aug 26 1988
Last Modified:Wed Apr 19 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:47
Total number of notes:293
Number with bodies:0
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1.010ANT::JANZENFri Aug 26 1988Welcome to uWaves
2.024ANT::JANZENFri Aug 26 1988Books and Journals
3.08ANT::JANZENFri Aug 26 1988SPICE and other modeling tools
4.06ANT::JANZENFri Aug 26 1988GaAs logic references
5.010ESASE::ODEAMon Aug 29 1988Network Analyzers
6.03ANT::JANZENTue Aug 30 1988Spectrum Analyzer Products
8.025GENRAL::BANKSThu Sep 01 1988Sign-in topic
9.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 07 1988Technical Seminars
10.02AD::GALLOWAYWed Sep 07 1988Frequency Domain Measurements
11.03ANT::JANZENWed Sep 07 1988Oscilloscopes
12.0ANT::JANZENWed Sep 14 1988Frequency Band Designations
13.03ANT::JANZENWed Sep 14 1988Connectors
14.05WOODRO::RICHMONDSun Oct 09 19886-11 GHz Sig Gen?
15.08GENRAL::BANKSWed Nov 02 1988Magnetron question
16.02LDYBUG::RICHARDSONFri Nov 04 1988Advice on Cavity oscillators
17.06ANT::JANZENWed Nov 09 1988T Pads
18.03ANT::JANZENSun Nov 20 1988Microwave cooking
19.058ANT::JANZENSun Nov 20 1988Police Speed Radar and Radar detectors
20.01CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Dec 01 1988Museum exhibits
21.05ANT::JANZENWed Dec 07 1988RaDAR introduction
22.05SLALOM::PEARSONThu Dec 08 1988Seeking Duroid/G-1
23.06ANT::JANZENWed Dec 14 1988MetroWave
24.013ANT::JANZENMon Jan 16 1989Transmission Line Theory
25.01ANT::JANZENFri Jan 20 1989Superconductors and Microwaves
27.010ESASE::ODEATue Feb 21 1989Hi freq coax cable
28.02ESASE::PAHFri Aug 25 1989HELP ! what is SOR ?
29.0ESASE::ODEASat Aug 26 1989GHz Probestations
30.02UTRTSC::BEYERMon Jan 22 1990Noise Match on GaAs Fets
31.06DPDMAI::DALTONDTue Mar 27 1990Horn Antenna?? Help
32.01PRCSWS::LKLEEWed Apr 04 1990G7
33.03MRCSSE::BONOMOThu Aug 16 1990resonant frequencies and reflection characteristics
34.01MILKWY::JANZENSat Aug 25 1990Books for Sale
35.0STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Sep 11 1990
36.05UTRTSC::BEYERFri Feb 08 1991Microwave circuits in machined boxes
37.0BRUMMY::PARISHMon May 20 1991Travelling-wave tube fly's to UK
38.01TARKIN::MCALLENWed Oct 09 1991YIG devices
39.03STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Oct 09 1991Parts for 3
40.02PNR1::ELLIOTTWed Nov 27 1991help with omnidirectional radio signal
41.0TAVIS::RYMERFri Jan 17 1992info request on Eesof and DEC solution
42.0STKAI2::SEIPPELTue Feb 04 19921
43.0ECAD2::BIROWed Feb 19 1992NEED Source Antennas for 1.5 and 2.2 Ghz
44.01ZPOVC::GGLOHThu Jul 16 1992wireless-networking
45.0ISSHIN::MATTHEWSTue Jul 21 1992Mode killer for a BIG resonant cavity
46.03--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 12 1992Traffic Control Radar
47.0212368::"beyer@uto.dec.com"Fri Oct 07 1994test