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Conference krakar::uk_swapshop

Title:UK Business Swap Shop
Notice:Business items only please
Created:Fri Feb 12 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:574
Total number of notes:1323
Number with bodies:48
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1.04VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993Introduction and Guidelines
2.04VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993Conference Announcements
3.06VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993Conference Discussion
4.01VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993Pointers to related conferences
5.0VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993OFFER: RD53 at REO
6.02VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993OFFER: 2
7.0VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993OFFER: The Digital Dictionary available @REO - GONE!
8.02VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993OFFER: RD54 for CC transfer @REO
9.016VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 12 1993OFFER: 3xLA75-AE Printers available @REO
10.01SUBURB::FRENCHSFri Feb 12 1993OFFER: Ribbons for swap etc
11.0FUTURS::SAXBYMon Feb 15 1993NEEDED: Laptop PC AC adapter/Battery Charger?
12.0VANGA::KERRELLMon Feb 15 1993OFFER: Two Monthly Overtime Sheet Pads - GONE
13.012VANGA::KERRELLWed Feb 17 1993OFFER: Various Books & Manuals
14.03--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 18 1993NEEDED: Keyboard for PC swap please.
15.04RAYON::RASOOLMThu Feb 18 1993NEEDED: Two internal telephone binders
16.02TRUCKS::MILES_BThu Feb 18 1993NEEDED:: ULTRIX Documentation
17.0QUICHE::PITTFri Feb 19 1993WANTED: DECpc 32
18.01SLOW1::LOWEThu Feb 25 1993SWAP: VGA for SuperVGA PC monitor
19.0PEKING::NASHDTue Mar 02 1993Wanted: Rainbow stand.
20.0VANGA::KERRELLTue Mar 02 1993OFFER: Small Nobo Whiteboard - GONE
21.01VANGA::KERRELLThu Mar 04 1993OFFER: Paper
22.0VANGA::KERRELLThu Mar 04 1993OFFER: Plastic Exhibition Badges - GONE
23.08VANGA::KERRELLThu Mar 04 1993OFFER: Eight Thick Card "Digital" Placards
25.02VANGA::KERRELLMon Mar 08 1993OFFER: A/B/C/D Switch - GONE
26.01RAYON::RASOOLMWed Mar 10 1993WANTED: VAX VMS internals book
28.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Mar 18 1993OFFER: WPS+ for DOS
29.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Mar 18 1993OFFER: Digital clock
30.0UPROAR::IME257::DAVETue Mar 23 1993SWAP : TK7
31.02SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSWed Mar 24 1993OFFER: Microsoft Macro Assembler
32.03SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSWed Mar 24 1993NEEDED: Hard disk for DECstation 2
33.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Mar 25 1993WANTED: WPS_DOS 3.5" kit
34.0CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Mar 31 1993WANTED: SCSI Tape/Disk
35.01TRUCKS::WINWOODWed Mar 31 1993OFFER: 4:1 VGA Concentrator
36.01CHEFS::OSBORNECWed Mar 31 1993WANTED : Notebook charger cable
37.08PEKING::NASHDThu Apr 01 1993OFFER: Cables, boxes and barcode eqpt
38.0QUICHE::PITTThu Apr 01 1993OFFER: VT33
39.0CURRNT::POWELLFri Apr 02 1993WANTED : Serial/Parallel converter for LN
40.04VANSVN::GRIFFITHThu Apr 15 1993WANTED: BC-17Y (disk cable for VX 2
41.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 22 1993WANTED: 386 laptop/luggable
42.03WOTVAX::GLYNNPThu Apr 29 1993NEEDED: Modem to telephone line cables
43.01VAXCAT::RKETue May 04 1993Needed: RACAL Modem manual, to borrow
44.07VANGA::KERRELLThu May 06 1993OFFER: VS2
45.02RAYON::RASOOLMTue May 11 1993WANTED: BC22F-25 cable
46.04VANGA::KERRELLFri May 14 1993WANTED: KMV1A boards
47.01VAXCAT::RKETue May 18 1993Needed, LQP45 daisy wheel
48.02RAYON::RASOOLMWed May 19 1993WANTED: TK%% cartridge holders
49.0CURRNT::DAWThu May 20 1993WANTED: 3 x DSV-11 boards
50.01VANGA::KERRELLMon May 24 1993OFFER: LCD Clock
51.01VANGA::KERRELLMon May 24 1993OFFER: Pro APPOINT Pointing Device Software plus Mini-Mouse Mat
52.0VANGA::KERRELLThu May 27 1993OFFER: Stationery
53.0WELLIN::GRAHAMThu May 27 1993OFFER: vr16
54.04WOTVAX::GLYNNPThu May 27 1993OFFER: 7 switch boxes
55.0CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Jun 07 1993OFFER: VAXmate
56.0BRUMMY::RICHARDThu Jun 10 1993OFFER: Printer Ribbons
57.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jun 10 1993SWOP: Chips and DEPCA
58.0QUICHE::PITTMon Jun 14 1993WANTED: Two things for laptops ...
59.0BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 15 1993WANTED: DESTA or similiar
60.04MEAD::FULLERTue Jun 15 1993WANTED: BC13L-1
61.01VANGA::KERRELLWed Jun 23 1993WANTED: Tape Labels for TK5
62.02QUICHE::PITTThu Jun 24 1993OFFER: VMS Security volume and course guide
63.01VANGA::KERRELLWed Jun 30 1993OFFER: VT + Modem
64.02RAYON::RASOOLMTue Jul 06 1993OFFER: 4x VT22
65.06RAYON::RASOOLMTue Jul 06 1993OFFER: 2x LA5
66.03IW::WARINGTue Jul 13 1993Offer: VAXstation 31
67.03VANGA::KERRELLThu Jul 15 1993OFFER: Two Monitors
68.02VANGA::KERRELLMon Jul 26 1993OFFER: NEC Pinwriter P22
69.02VANGA::KERRELLTue Jul 27 1993WANTED: Memory Expansion for MV31
70.0NRMACO::ROWELLFri Aug 06 1993OFFER:TF857 Upgrade
71.0NRMACO::ROWELLFri Aug 06 1993OFFER: 6
73.0CHEFS::JEANESMFri Aug 13 1993NEEDED: 31
74.03CHEFS::JEANESMFri Aug 13 1993OFFER: 2 x 2
75.02CHEFS::ALLANFri Aug 13 1993OFFER: VAXmates etc
76.01CHEFS::JEANESMThu Aug 19 1993OFFER: TK5
77.05CHEFS::JEANESMMon Aug 23 1993OFFER: Scanner MD3
78.01VANSVN::GRIFFITHMon Aug 23 1993WANTED: MV 35
79.0CHEFS::ALLANMon Aug 23 1993VAXmates need a home
80.0BAHTAT::HILTONTue Aug 24 1993RRD4
81.0REPROT::GARMCS::MCSHANEGFri Aug 27 1993OFFER: Floppy disks
83.04VANGA::KERRELLTue Aug 31 1993OFFER: 3.5" Floopy Disk Labels
84.01TENTO1::LEUNGFTue Aug 31 1993OFFER - Rainbow 1-2-3
85.0YUPPY::STANTONRTue Aug 31 1993NEEDED - VAXMATE boards
86.0ERMTRD::ALFORDTue Aug 31 1993WANTED: TK7
87.0ALBURT::LEWISThu Sep 02 1993NEEDED: SPX graphics board for MV31
88.01VANGA::KERRELLFri Sep 03 1993OFFER: VS31
89.0ALBURT::LEWISMon Sep 06 1993BORROW: VS4
90.0YUPPY::CARTERMon Sep 06 1993Urgent: Need screen and keyboard
91.01LARVAE::SMITH_JONMon Sep 06 1993OFFER: Harvard Graphics
92.02LARVAE::SMITH_JONTue Sep 07 1993OFFER: DataEase & Reflection 4
93.0ROCKS::KEANEThu Sep 09 1993NEEDED Pathworks for OS2 V2.
94.0ESSB::COFLAHERTYThu Sep 09 1993WANTED: Coprocessor to run Auto-Cad
95.01BOUTYE::MULLANThu Sep 09 1993WANTED: Poqet Memory, etc
96.02TRUCKS::MILES_BTue Sep 14 1993WANTED::VAXMATE or Similar
97.04ERMTRD::ALFORDFri Sep 17 1993OFFER: scratch TK5
100.0CURRNT::DAWTue Sep 28 1993WANTED: Colour PS Printer and Colour/B&W Scanner
101.05LARVAE::MUNRO_MTue Sep 28 1993WANTED: DSSI Cable
102.02UPROAR::WIZDUM::DAVEWed Sep 29 1993WANTED: Inside Windows NT
103.01UPROAR::WIZDUM::DAVEWed Sep 29 1993OFFER: SCSI Cables
104.01CHEFS::ALLANThu Sep 30 1993DECmate III & Printer for a Terminal
105.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONFri Oct 01 1993WANTED: Philips PC memory
106.04CHEFS::ALLANMon Oct 04 1993RX5
107.03CHEFS::ALLANTue Oct 05 1993Modem wanted
108.02VANGA::KERRELLWed Oct 06 1993OFFER: Tape Cartridge
109.0VANGA::KERRELLWed Oct 06 1993OFFER: 1993 Autumn TickIT Programme
110.02CHEFS::JEANESMWed Oct 13 1993NEEDED: Memroy for Workstations
111.02LARVAE::LEYTONThu Oct 21 1993Vodafone Car Kit Required
112.01IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Oct 26 1993OFFER - pathworks for dos documentation
113.01ROCKS::KEANEFri Oct 29 1993OFFER:- Micro fiche viewer - printer
114.0TBIRD1::WHITMARSHFri Oct 29 1993another Vodafone car kit req'd
116.02CHEFS::JEANESMTue Nov 02 1993WANTED: Modem please
117.0VANGA::KERRELLTue Nov 02 1993WANTED: VMS Workstation
118.0CHEFS::JEANESMTue Nov 02 1993OFFER: Rolls for Elec. Calculators
119.04LARVAE::SMITH_JONMon Nov 08 1993WANTED: PC monitor
120.02PEKING::NASHDTue Nov 09 1993WANTED: RAINBOW h/w and s/w
121.0BAHTAT::HILTONWed Nov 10 1993WANTED: PC Hard Drive
122.0DGMTThu Nov 11 1993MicroVAX II wanted,smaller the better.
123.05KERNEL::FARRANTLSat Nov 13 1993Wanted: DECmate III floppies
124.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon Nov 15 1993PS/2 mouse/keyboard connector
126.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Nov 17 1993OFFER: VCS Connection Hardware free...
127.0CHEFS::JEANESMMon Nov 22 1993WANTED: Network Cards for PCs
128.0CHEFS::JEANESMMon Nov 22 1993WANTED: Modems
129.0QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 23 1993WANTED: Any ol' thinwire?
130.0VANGA::KERRELLWed Nov 24 1993OFFER: Oracle Development Environment
131.0CURRNT::SHAWTue Nov 24 1992WANTED: DECstation 35
132.0BAHTAT::HILTONMon Nov 29 1993WANTED: Memory card for 32
133.0JOCKEY::GAMETTue Dec 07 1993Wanted DS5
134.02VANGA::KERRELLWed Dec 08 1993OFFER: 3.5" Double Sided Floppies
135.01CHEFS::JEANESMWed Dec 08 1993WANTED: Diaries
136.0CHEFS::JEANESMFri Dec 10 1993WANTED: Memory for PC
137.0KERNEL::PETTETMon Dec 13 1993WANTED: RF73 or RF72
138.0DGMTThu Dec 16 1993SWOP: Short DSSI cable for longer one..
139.0WEAR::BODDYMon Dec 20 1993WANTED: LN
140.02QUICHE::PITTWed Dec 22 1993OFFER: As a Christmas present to our readers - a Rainbow Owner's Manual
141.0JOCKEY::BOURNEJWed Dec 22 1993WANTED: BASIC for the Rainbow
142.0LARVAE::DARRALL_DThu Dec 23 1993WANTED : VMS 5.5-2 on CD (OLD CONDIST)
143.05ERMTRD::ALFORDThu Dec 23 1993OFFER: digital 1994 pocket diary
144.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONWed Jan 12 1994OFFER: 1994 Diaries
145.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONWed Jan 12 1994WANTED: RZ disks
147.0BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENFri Jan 21 1994Exchange DECstation 5
148.02VANGA::KERRELLMon Jan 24 1994OFFER: Colour Plotter Pens
149.02YUPPY::CARTERMon Jan 24 1994WANTED: Serial-Parallel convertor/Parallel printer
150.0DGMTWed Jan 26 1994WANTED: RZ23/RZ24 drives....
151.0DGMTWed Jan 26 1994WANTED: Etherworks board,Thinwire...
153.0MARVIN::CARLINIFri Jan 28 1994Request for DECrouter 25
154.01SUBURB::SMYTHITue Feb 01 1994OFFER: Anti-Static Tables
155.01DGMTMon Feb 07 1994OFFER: Tabletop SCSI TK5
156.0TIMMII::RDAVIESFri Feb 11 1994WANTED: Front panels for a DECPC 4xxST?
157.0CURRNT::POWELLWed Feb 16 1994WANTED: Parallel kit for LA21
158.0PEKING::NONDEPThu Feb 17 1994WANTED: VAXstation or VT's for DECwindows/Motif
159.0RIOT::greMon Feb 21 1994WANTED: Hard Disk for DECpc 433 (for WNT dev)
160.0LARVAE::WALKERMon Feb 21 1994SCSI cables urgently required
161.07YUPPY::CARTERMon Feb 21 1994Wanted/Swap parallel printer
162.0245266::DOWSETT_KWed Feb 23 1994WANTED:DRAM
163.01QUICHE::PITTThu Feb 24 1994WANTED: a comms cupboard or rack
164.02YUPPY::SIGMA_HHLSun Mar 06 1994Wanted 286 P.C.
166.04VANGA::KERRELLFri Mar 11 1994LOAN: AIP CD-ROMs
167.0WOTVAX::JONESHMon Mar 14 1994WANTED: 1GB SCSI drive for 2wk loan
168.01NEWOA::FLACK_IFri Mar 18 1994NEEDED: Lots of VAX Hardware
169.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 22 1994OFFER: 4 X CI Cables
170.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 22 1994OFFER: DECserver 2
174.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 22 1994OFFER: DECserver 1
175.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 22 1994OFFER: LA5
176.07VANGA::KERRELLTue Mar 22 1994WANTED: RRD4
178.0SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSTue Mar 29 1994WANTED: PostScript cartridge for LN
179.02CHEFS::ALLANTue Apr 05 1994LA75 Printer wanted
181.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Apr 06 1994OFFER: standard Desktop Mains Leads
183.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Apr 06 1994OFFER: VAXstation/DECstation SCSI Cables X 12
184.0--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 06 1994OFFER: VT13
185.0KERNEL::SCOTTWed Apr 06 1994WANTED: 3
186.07SUBURB::VEALES::VEALESThu Apr 07 1994OFFER: PC Memory
187.0BAHTAT::HILTONSat Apr 09 1994WANTED: Floppy Disk Box
189.0BELFST::TAGGARTTue Apr 12 1994Wanted: KDM7
190.0WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Apr 12 1994tk5
191.0YUPPY::NEALDTue Apr 12 1994Any free VAXStations ?
192.01ELGIN::RASOOLMWed Apr 13 1994WANTED: Cable to connect VXT base to display
193.03SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSWed Apr 13 1994OFFER: Box of TK85 tapes
194.02KERNEL::FARRANTLThu Apr 14 1994Wanted: Basic PC/WPS
195.0VANGA::KERRELLThu Apr 14 1994WANTED: RZ26s
196.03QUICHE::PITTThu Apr 14 1994EduServices self-paced courses available
197.0FILTON::DOWSETT_KThu Apr 14 1994WANTED: Memory SIMMs
199.08ELGIN::RASOOLMMon Apr 18 1994WANTED: Four PC network cards
200.0ALBURT::LEWISTue Apr 19 1994WANTED: URGENT short time loan of equipment
202.03PEKING::NONDEPFri Apr 22 1994Thank you Patrick WANTED in reverse order
203.03VANGA::KERRELLWed May 04 1994OFFER: Modems, Power Supplies, Cables
204.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONWed May 04 1994WANTED: TURBO channel Graphics card
205.02VANGA::KERRELLThu May 05 1994OFFER: Anglepoise Lamp
206.0QUICHE::PITTFri May 06 1994VR29
207.01NOWIT::THOMPSONMon May 09 1994WANTED:PROM blaster
208.0QUICHE::PITTWed May 11 1994LA75 and PMAD required ...
209.01PEKING::NASHDMon May 16 1994NEEDED: VAXstation headphone cable
210.04WELSWS::BOURNEJThu May 19 1994WANTED: Vaxstation 2
211.03CHEFS::ALLANWed May 25 1994Laptop Free to good home
212.0VANGA::KERRELLTue May 31 1994OFFER: Panasonic Battery Charger
214.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Jun 07 1994WANTED: VMS 5.5-2HW or 5.5-2H4
216.0LARVAE::MASON_JWed Jun 08 1994Need: Memory
217.01PEKING::NONDEPThu Jun 16 1994SWAP DECstation5
218.0CHEFS::ELKINLMon Jun 20 1994WANTED: 425i SIM memory
219.05BRUMMY::WALLACE_JTue Jun 21 1994Offer: uVAX35
220.0TOMMII::RDAVIESWed Jun 22 1994Will you show me yours ( PCXCV-GC that is )
221.01REPROT::GEORDI::HOWELLJ1Fri Jun 24 1994WANTED: LA75 Printer with Cables
222.0MUGGER::HESLOPMon Jun 27 1994OFFER: TZ857 to TZ867 upgrade
223.02PEKING::NONDEPWed Jun 29 1994Various items to grab
224.0REPROT::64572::HOWELLJ1Tue Jul 05 1994WANTED: H8571-J 9 pin plug connector for PC
226.01VANGA::KERRELLTue Jul 12 1994OFFER: Digital Promotional Product Catalogue
227.02CHEFS::TAFF::WobTue Jul 12 1994WANTED: Power Adaptor - Transformer
228.01CHEFS::WELCHLTue Jul 12 1994LA75 Printer Manual Wanted
229.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Jul 13 1994SWAP: 6
230.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Jul 13 1994SWAP: 6
231.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Jul 13 1994SWAP: SA65
232.01VANGA::KERRELLFri Jul 15 1994OFFER: DECstation 21
233.0ELGIN::RASOOLMWed Jul 20 1994OFFER: 835
234.05CHEFS::JEANESMWed Jul 20 1994WANTED: Cables for LA5
235.0KERNEL::PETTETFri Jul 22 1994Wanted RQZX1 controller and/or RF72/73 disks
236.08VANGA::KERRELLFri Jul 22 1994OFFER: VAXstation 31
237.0WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Jul 26 1994need scsi card, disk expansion box, swap for....
238.0ELGIN::RASOOLMTue Jul 26 1994WANTED: PC memory (yet another try!)
239.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Jul 27 1994WANTED: Pathworks V5 Doc Set
241.01NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Aug 08 1994OFFER: Two DECstation 2
242.01NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Aug 08 1994TK5
243.0SUBURB::JAMIES::phillipssWed Aug 10 1994Keyboard Swap
244.0MOEUR8::VIPONDThu Aug 11 1994Wanted TLZ6L tape drive.
245.01ELGIN::RASOOLMMon Aug 15 1994WANTED: ljet25
246.02ELGIN::RASOOLMTue Aug 23 1994OFFER: PC memory?
247.013BAHTAT::HILTONFri Aug 26 1994Lj25
248.01KERNEL::BARNARDPSun Aug 28 1994DS2
249.02KERNEL::BARNARDPThu Sep 01 1994Monitor required
250.0MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEThu Sep 01 1994VT51
251.04ELGIN::RASOOLMFri Sep 09 1994OFFER: LA75
252.06ELGIN::RASOOLMWed Sep 21 1994OFFER: TK tape cartridges
253.0PLUNDR::BOYLEMon Sep 26 1994V31
254.019QUICHE::PITTTue Sep 27 1994Offer: Various cables and connectors
255.06SXKITN::DAWWed Sep 28 1994Offer - various bits n bobs
256.01VANGA::KERRELLThu Sep 29 1994Wanted: PC Mouse
257.0SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSMon Oct 03 1994WANTED: RRD42 for Keith Loud@hhl
258.01LOOKIN::LUCKMANTue Oct 04 1994WANTED: RRD42 Caddies
259.0WAYOUT::LOATWed Oct 05 1994Spare RZ disks anyone?
260.01CHEFS::WELCHLMon Oct 10 1994Passive Adaptors H8751-J Wanted
261.02SXYEXE::OTTENTue Oct 11 1994
262.02LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Oct 13 1994WANTED: Half-decent 386 PC..
263.01SUBURB::GRANTT::TAYLORGTue Oct 18 1994WANTED: Any TZK Tape drives and any old RZ SCSI Disks
264.0TRUCKS::MILES_BWed Oct 19 1994LA424
265.01PEKING::NONDEPThu Oct 20 1994VT34
266.0ARRODS::FINNIMon Oct 24 1994OFFER: 6 x TA9
268.0SUBURB::FRENCHSFri Oct 28 1994WANTED: RRD42
269.0SUBURB::GRANTT::TAYLORGWed Nov 02 1994WANTED: IDE Disk 12
270.0GRUMBL::keaneWed Nov 02 1994WANTED: OS2 Network software
271.0SXYEXE::OTTENWed Nov 02 1994Wanted - Long SCSI Cables (6 foot)
272.0NOWIT::THOMPSONThu Nov 03 1994OFFER: Pathworks for DOS, ULTRIX and VMS
273.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Nov 03 1994DECpc MTE 466 Tower Manual wanted..
274.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MFri Nov 04 1994WANTED: BN24H-XX cables or H8584-AA converters please
275.0CHEFS::ALLANTue Nov 08 1994DEClaser 22
276.0TRUCKS::MILES_BWed Nov 09 1994DELNI
278.0ELGIN::RASOOLMMon Nov 14 1994WANTED: H8571-E adapter
279.0ELGIN::RASOOLMMon Nov 14 1994Swap: 8mb simm for two 4mb simms
280.01CHEFS::ALLANTue Nov 15 1994Mouseless PC
281.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Nov 15 1994OFFER: Ultrix/Risc 4.3 Manual set
283.0PEKING::NONDEPWed Nov 23 1994Colour Laptop with TFT Screen for Xmas :-)
285.03SXKITN::DAWWed Nov 23 1994Wanted VT1
286.03VANGA::KERRELLFri Nov 25 1994OFFER: Oracle Poster & Car Sticker
287.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu Dec 01 1994OFFER: PC stuff, UNIPLEX
288.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Dec 07 1994SWAP: Graphics card
289.06ARRODS::WHITEHEADJThu Dec 15 1994WANTED: Modem (urgent requirement)
290.01NOWIT::THOMPSONThu Dec 15 1994Caddy for RRD42 drive
291.0BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jan 03 1995OFFER: Various old PC software packages
292.01CHEFS::GARMCS::MCSHANEGFri Jan 13 1995SWAP: 2x4 for 8x1 SIM
293.0LARVAE::LEYTONFri Jan 20 1995OFFER: 5.25" Floppies
294.0SXKITN::DAWMon Jan 23 1995Wanted - BC22D or 2 x H8575-A and BC16E-**
295.0BAHTAT::COUTTS_LMon Jan 23 1995Fantastic deal for anybody with a spare Alpha Servvev
296.02PEKING::NONDEPWed Jan 25 1995OFFER EXCEL 3.
297.02NEWOA::FLACK_IWed Jan 25 1995WANTED: TK7
298.0SBPEXE::OTTENMon Jan 30 1995RF-Disk to BA4
299.01NOWIT::THOMPSONTue Jan 31 1995OFFER: Old Microsoft Software
300.0PEKING::MCSHANEGWed Feb 01 1995Wanted: HP DeskJet/Docs/Cartridges
301.01KERNEL::PETTETMon Feb 06 1995Wanted RF73 or RF72
302.05VANGA::KERRELLTue Feb 07 1995Disk needed for DECpc 333
303.01DIBDIB::DBATESThu Feb 09 1995OFFER: "Old" Microsoft Office documentation
304.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Feb 16 1995OFFER: Assorted SDI cables,job lot only
305.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Feb 16 1995OFFER: 8 X CI Cables
306.03PEKING::NONDEPThu Feb 23 1995Spare modem ?
307.0BRUMMY::SHEPHERDThu Feb 23 19951
308.0PEKING::NONDEPFri Feb 24 1995Spare postcript printer. No IS have no waiting list
309.0CHEFS::WARRENJMon Feb 27 1995One Day Free Seminar on FORTRAN 9
310.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Feb 28 1995WANTED: PC keyboards X 4 or OFFER: VT51
311.02WOTVAX::MACDONALDIWed Mar 01 1995TK5
313.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 03 1995OFFER: KZQSA-SF Q-bus to SCSI converter
315.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MFri Mar 03 1995OFFER: A-B RS-232 switch
316.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MMon Mar 06 1995OFFER: Old PC Software,boxed...
317.01NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Mar 06 1995WANTED: Desta drop cable
318.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MMon Mar 06 1995OFFER: DECmate II,complete
319.02PEKING::MCSHANEGTue Mar 07 1995OFFER: LN
321.06LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 08 1995OFFER: old-style DEPCA X 3
322.03LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 08 1995OFFER: VAXstation 31
324.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 08 1995OFFER: DTC
325.03LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 09 1995OFFER: CD Caddies
326.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 09 1995OFFER: RZ23 SCSI disk 1
327.02LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 09 1995OFFER: Diskettes
328.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 09 1995OFFER: TK5
330.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MMon Mar 13 1995OFFER: PV-Wave stuff..
331.06LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 14 1995OFFER: Power Leads
332.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 14 1995OFFER: DEC-423 Data leads
333.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 14 1995 OFFER: VSXXX-AA Workstation Mouses
334.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 14 1995OFFER: LK4
335.04LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 14 1995OFFER: RS-232 Comms Cables various
336.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 14 1995OFFER: Transciever drop cables
337.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 15 1995 WANTED: Yes Wanted !! An Answerphone
338.06LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 15 1995OFFER: Tricom Tornad
339.04LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 15 1995OFFER: PC63S-AA ,weird kind of two button mouse
340.02LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 16 1995OFFER: M7513 RQ/RD Expander for RQDXX
341.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 16 1995OFFER: UTP - DEC-423 cables BN24H-
342.01ARRODS::WHITEHEADJFri Mar 17 1995WANTED: Headset Telephone
343.03SXKITN::DAWWed Mar 22 1995Wanted Telephone adapter BT socket to RJ11 US Style plug
344.02BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 22 1995Offer: Laptop Docking Station
345.01ELGIN::RASOOLMWed Mar 22 1995WANTED: TK85 cartridges
346.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Mar 23 1995OFFER: H4
347.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 29 1995SCSI Cables,DECstation 5
348.0QUICHE::PITTWed Mar 29 1995Wanted: KEAterm documentation, please?
349.03SBPEXE::OTTENThu Mar 30 1995PC63T-BA 8
350.01PEKING::NONDEPMon Apr 03 1995OFFER: One RRD4
351.07PEKING::NONDEPTue Apr 04 1995Who wants them. 1st reply has it-them.
353.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed Apr 05 1995WANTED: RZ24 or greater disks... X3
354.0ELGIN::RASOOLMFri Apr 07 1995Wanted: desktop workstation
355.04ELGIN::RASOOLMFri Apr 07 1995Offer: TK5
356.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_ATue Apr 11 199519" Racking required!
357.01KERNEL::FARRANTLTue Apr 11 1995OFFER:DECstation 21
358.02CHEFS::NONDEPTue Apr 18 1995WANTED US power cord for Hinote Ultra
359.09VANGA::KERRELLThu Apr 20 1995WANTED: IDE Disk 4
360.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MThu Apr 20 1995WANTED: DEClaser 32
361.01SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSTue Apr 25 1995OFFER: Obsolete SIMMs
362.0GTJAIL::MARTINMon May 01 1995WANTED: internal modem for a DECpc 32
363.03VANGA::KERRELLTue May 02 1995OFFER: Toshiba T16
364.01CHEFS::WILLIAMSCFri May 05 1995WANTED: Memory for DecPC 433
365.0FILTON::DAVIES_JTue May 09 1995Wanted - DECNIS
366.01WEAR::BODDYTue May 09 199527
367.01WEAR::BODDYWed May 10 1995Offer DECstation5
368.05WEAR::BODDYThu May 11 199531
369.04BBPBV1::WALLACEFri May 12 1995I have 4MB 72pin SIMMs. I want 8MB 72pin SIMMs.
370.01BAHTAT::HILTONTue May 16 1995WANTED: expansion units/mounting frames
371.0WOTVAX::FLACKIWed May 17 1995DEC1
372.0BAHTAT::WALLS_TThu May 18 1995Monitor SWAP for RZ26
374.0COMICS::FLANDERSDFri May 19 1995WANTED : KFQSA Q-Bus to DSSI adapter
375.04CHEFS::BOLAND_CMon May 22 1995Wanted - DECStation
376.03JBUBBA::AS_BRADBROOKTue May 23 1995WANTED: VaxStation 31
377.01FRENGI::PAULFri May 26 1995Wanted: Colour card for VAX 4
378.01VANGA::KERRELLWed May 31 1995OFFER: TK5
379.02ARRODS::WHITEHEADJFri Jun 02 1995WANTED: VAXstation 31
380.0CHEFS::DICKSON_BTue Jun 06 1995graphics for Jensen
381.01TOMMII::RDAVIESThu Jun 08 1995Old disks
382.01UTROP1::OREMUSThu Jun 08 1995NEEDED: DRQ11
383.0CHEFS::WELCHLWed Jun 14 1995DEC multijet 15
384.0BLKPUD::WARNESGThu Jun 15 1995WANTED: 8
385.0LARVAE::LEE_MTue Jun 20 1995425ST Mounting kit
386.04CHEFS::FLACK_IWed Jun 21 1995VAX 6
387.0CHEFS::WELCHLWed Jun 21 1995Wanted - LA7
388.02SBPEXE::OTTENMon Jun 26 1995Wanted: Cable for VRT13-D3
389.0KERNEL::WITHALLGTue Jun 27 1995WANTED : Microsoft Works user guide v2.
390.0BAHTAT::MCCORMICKTue Jun 27 1995SWAP VR297-D3 for empty SZ12.
391.01CHEFS::RASOOL_MThu Jun 29 1995Available: VR32
392.01GTJAIL::MARTINFri Jun 30 1995Swap KFQSA-SA for a KZQSA-SF ?
393.0WELSWS::BOURNEJMon Jul 03 1995WANTED: Hard disk for DECPC 333
395.0SXKITN::DAWWed Jul 05 1995WANTED: fax/modem
397.0ARRODS::WHITEHEADJThu Jul 06 1995WANTED: BC22E-25 Cable
398.0+145815::GARMCS::MCSHANEGWed Jul 12 1995SWAP: 1x 32Meg SIMM
399.02LARVAE::BARKER_CWed Jul 12 1995VAXStation for Free !
400.0KERNEL::WITHALLGWed Jul 19 1995WANTED: Service and User guides
401.0KERNEL::PATELATue Jul 25 1995Wanted : Memory for DECstation 5
402.0SEDOAS::CLIFFE_SMon Jul 31 1995WANTED: VT32
403.02NEWSRV::ACEMAX::rasoolmMon Jul 31 1995WANTED: scsi disk drive
404.0LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Aug 01 1995Kermit for Macintosh required on diskette please
405.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Aug 03 1995Windows NT and Uniplex
406.0845815::GARMCS::MCSHANEGThu Aug 03 1995WANTED: EISA card
407.02KERNEL::PATELATue Aug 08 1995Wanted : BC13L-1
408.01FAILTE::KERRAYThu Aug 17 1995PC6XM-CD 2Mb for DECpc 433sxDT
409.02FAILTE::KERRAYThu Aug 17 1995PC6XM-AB for DECstation 325
410.0YUPPY::GAYFri Aug 18 1995WANTED: MicroVAX 31
411.0NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Fri Aug 18 1995Does anyone want a DECstation 5
412.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Aug 25 1995SCSI Board for VAXstation
413.0ARRODS::WHITEHEADJFri Sep 01 1995WANTED: Postscript Laser Printer
414.02CHEFS::FLACK_IMon Sep 04 1995Wanted: RZ57 or Equiv
415.0DOTZ::AS_BRETTMon Sep 04 1995Wanted - 4
417.01TMCUKA::ROWELLFri Sep 08 1995Workstation Tablet
418.01CHEFS::DICKSON_BMon Sep 11 199531
419.0DIBDIB::DBATESTue Sep 19 1995Offer: About 8 LN
420.03ERMTRD::CLIFFEFri Sep 22 1995Wanted Modem/memery/disks
421.01KERNEL::BARNARDPFri Sep 22 1995VT13
422.02QUICHE::PITTFri Sep 22 1995DECstation 31
423.0MARVIN::CARLINIThu Sep 28 1995CDROM drives, anyone?
424.0245815::GARMCS::MCSHANEGMon Oct 02 1995WANTED: Urgent - Modem/PC cable
425.0COMICS::FLANDERSDThu Oct 05 1995WANTED : RA72 or RA73 disks
426.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MThu Oct 05 1995WANTED: LANbridge of any kind.....
427.01CHEFS::WELCHLThu Oct 05 1995Microsoft Office
428.0CHEFS::CLIFFE_SThu Oct 05 1995WANTED: LA12
429.03TRUCKS::PARMARWed Oct 11 1995WANTED: Memory for DECpc222
430.03HIPS::WATSONWed Oct 11 1995Misc Junk (Word/RZ23/LA5
431.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 16 1995BC
432.0COMICS::LUCKMANThu Oct 19 1995WANTED - PC Dead (well almost) or alive.
434.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 23 1995Assets for Takeover - NO cost associated
435.0RIOTWed Oct 25 1995MS Word V2.
436.0KERNEL::PATELAWed Oct 25 1995WANTED : DECLaser 115
437.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MThu Oct 26 1995WANTED: 2 X 6
438.0WELSWS::BOURNEJFri Oct 27 1995WANTED: Ultrix v4.4 manuals
439.0OMARA::OMARATue Oct 31 1995Need: Desktop postscript laser
440.01OMARA::OMARATue Oct 31 1995WANTED: Various items from time to time
441.03BBPBV1::WALLACEWed Nov 01 1995VT1
442.0SEDSWS::BRODIEThu Nov 02 1995Wanted : Decserver
443.0KERNEL::ROELThu Nov 02 1995serial mouse
444.0QUICHE::PITTFri Nov 03 1995Anyone got a spare car-kit for a P3 Mobile Phone?
445.0CHEFS::LEYTONThu Nov 09 1995DEClaser (LN
446.02CURRNT::SHAWMon Nov 13 1995Any old iron?
447.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Nov 14 1995WANTED: Tabletop TK5
448.04CHEFS::garmcs.reo.dec.com::McShaneGTue Dec 05 1995SWAP: Jensen AXP / P59
450.0BBPBV1::CARTERThu Dec 21 1995OFFER: RS232-2
451.02BBPBV1::CARTERThu Dec 21 1995OFFER: VAX 4
452.0BBPBV1::CARTERThu Dec 21 1995OFFER: A/D, D/A and Realtime Clock
453.01RDGENG::WINNTue Jan 02 1996OFFER: Complete VMS documentation set.
454.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MWed Jan 03 1996WANTED: LK4
455.02GRUMBL::KEANEWed Jan 03 1996Wanted:- Telephone with Headset.
456.02RDGENG::WINNThu Jan 04 1996OFFER: 4 Layered Product CDs
457.03GRUMBL::KEANETue Jan 16 1996Odds and Ends to go!
458.0WOTVAX::16.194.2Tue Jan 16 1996Anyone want some free hardware ?
460.0BOOTM1::GRAHAMDTue Jan 30 1996DTJ copies
462.0KERNEL::BARNARDPTue Jan 30 1996OAG Flight Disk needed
463.01DIBDIB::DBATESThu Feb 15 1996OFFER:BOX of TZK1
464.06CHEFS::NASHDWed Feb 21 1996Wanted: UNIX experience
465.0VANGA::KERRELLWed Feb 21 1996MS-DOS 6 Upgrade
466.01VANGA::KERRELLWed Feb 21 1996MS-DOS V6.22 & Windows V3.1 Kit
467.01CHEFS::NASHDThu Feb 22 1996WANTED:DECstation 21
468.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MThu Feb 22 1996WANTED: 4
469.0KERNEL::PETTETFri Mar 01 1996Wanted
470.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Mar 05 1996WANTED: Thinwire and UTP Pieces...
471.01WOTVAX::THOMSONSThu Mar 07 1996RA6
472.0RDGENG::RUSLINGFri Mar 08 1996laptop wanted
473.02KERNEL::ROBBThu Mar 14 1996Offer - HSC9X HSC to SCSI kit
474.01KERNEL::ROBBThu Mar 14 1996Offer - DRANETZ mains monitor
475.01KERNEL::AYLINGFri Mar 15 1996Offer - KZQSA Q-BUS to SCSI adapter
476.0CHEFS::HOLDCROFT_JTue Mar 19 1996WANTED: LK25
477.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 20 1996WANTED:TK5
478.02QUICHE::PITTFri Mar 22 1996SWXCR software for RAID controller on NT?
479.02CHEFS::HANCOCK_MFri Mar 22 1996WANTED: DECserver 5
480.01DIBDIB::DBATESMon Mar 25 1996OFFER: 1 * MS Project 3.
481.0CHEFS::EDWARDS_JMon Mar 25 1996LN
482.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MWed Mar 27 1996OFFER: MS42-KA 8mb Memory for VS 31
483.0DIBDIB::DBATESThu Apr 04 1996OFFER: Microsoft Test 2.
484.0CBHVAX::CBHTue Apr 16 1996WANTED: DSSI discs
485.0KERNEL::HANCOCKMTue Apr 23 1996WANTED: VT52
486.0CHEFS::MCSHANEGFri May 03 1996WANTED: DAT backup device
487.02RDGENG::RUSLINGTue May 07 1996Local motorsport?
488.0SEDSWS::TUCKERWed May 08 1996LQP Wanted
489.0NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Wed May 08 1996Exchange DECstation 5
490.0RDGENG::WINNMon May 13 1996WANTED: VMS documentation
491.01RDGENG::WINNMon May 20 1996OFFER: Floppy Disks
492.02BBPBV1::WALLACETue May 21 1996Available: TK5
494.0CHEFS::CLIFFEWed May 22 1996WANTED : Telephone cable for 1
495.0CHEFS::MCSHANEGWed May 29 1996WANTED: DE435-AA Network Card
496.0DIBDIB::DBATESMon Jun 03 1996OFFER: MS Visual Basic 3.
497.0KERNEL::SCOTTTue Jun 04 1996VAX865
498.0KERNEL::WITHALLGWed Jun 05 1996Wanted: Laser Printer
499.02CHEFS::ALLANMon Jun 17 1996Free book
500.02KERNEL::HANCOCKMTue Jun 25 1996OFFER: Oracle Support Notes CD V11.2.5.
501.0VIVIAN::P_MILNERTue Jun 25 1996PC wanted for six months
502.01WOTVAX::KAKAVThu Jun 27 1996WANTED: VXT2
503.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Jul 02 1996WANTED: AXP15
504.06CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Jul 02 1996WANTED: Relatively recent set of OpenVMS CD's
505.03BBPBV1::WALLACEMon Jul 08 1996OFFER: Qbus bits: 11/23, memory, sound card
506.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MFri Jul 12 1996WANTED: VRC16 screen(s)
507.0KERNEL::ROELWed Jul 17 1996PC keyboard
510.0DIBDIB::DBATESThu Aug 08 1996WANTED: Prioris XL chasis
511.0DIBDIB::DBATESFri Aug 09 1996SWAP: Wanted >35
512.03WOTVAX::HILTONMon Aug 12 1996H8575-B adapter?
513.0SBPEXE::OTTENTue Aug 20 1996RZ29B-VA ?? (Please!!!)
514.01WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mTue Aug 20 1996Wanted: HP 7475 manual - beg/buy/borrow
515.04POMPY::LESLIETue Sep 03 1996Memory for an Alphastation 2
516.04GTJAIL::MARTINWed Sep 04 1996MicroVAX 31
517.0CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Sep 10 1996WANTED: KDA5
518.0BELFST::G_DOWNEYMon Sep 16 1996Wanted: Mobile phone car kit
519.0POMPY::LESLIETue Sep 17 1996LG
520.03POMPY::LESLIETue Sep 17 1996 Wanted: TK7
521.0QUICHE::PITTMon Sep 23 1996Wanted: Video memory/Graphics card for DECpc 466D2LP
522.07POMPY::LESLIEWed Sep 25 1996 DECstation 5
523.0POMPY::LESLIEThu Sep 26 1996Multia
524.01WOTVAX::THOMSONSFri Sep 27 1996RA8
525.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MMon Sep 30 1996OFFER: Disk/Tape Storage for disposal
526.01CHEFS::HANCOCK_MThu Oct 03 1996WANTED: VT42
527.02POMPY::LESLIEWed Oct 09 1996TZK11
528.0POMPY::LESLIEMon Oct 14 1996Wanted: PC SCSI adapters & Plus!
529.04CHEFS::HANCOCK_MMon Oct 14 1996WANTED: Keys for 85xx,6xxx
530.03TERRI::SIMONTue Oct 15 1996WANTED: VAXstation Storage Expansion box
531.04SBPEXE::OTTENTue Oct 15 1996SCSI Cable - BN21P-
532.0POMPY::LESLIEWed Oct 16 1996sensible swap offers for a 634
533.0CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AThu Oct 17 1996Wanted: multiple PCs single screen switch
534.04CHEFS::MCSHANEGTue Oct 22 1996SWAP: SIMM's Swap
535.0CHEFS::NONDEPTue Oct 22 1996To go Videotext terminal before 31.1
536.02CHEFS::MCSHANEGFri Oct 25 1996WANTED: LA* Printers
537.03POMPY::LESLIEMon Oct 28 1996short-ish SCSI-1 cables needed
538.01VANGA::KERRELLWed Oct 30 1996Notebook shoulder bag?
539.01VAXCAT::RKEThu Oct 31 1996DEClaser 325
540.04CHEFS::HANCOCK_MMon Nov 04 1996WANTED: VAXstation 4
541.05POMPY::LESLIEThu Nov 07 1996Book: Writing OpenVMS Alpha Device Drivers in C
542.02WOTVAX::STONEGWed Nov 27 1996DECpc 333 memory needed
543.01GRUMBL::KEANEFri Nov 29 1996Tlz
544.0545862::HILTONThu Dec 05 1996Thinwire Ethernet
545.0CHEFS::LEYTONFri Dec 20 1996WANTED - Digital Organiser Binder
546.01VANGA::KERRELLThu Jan 02 1997VAXstation 31
547.04QUICHE::PITTTue Jan 07 1997Anyone got a spare H8571-E DECconnect to 25 pin connector, please?
548.02KERNEL::TOYNTONAWed Jan 08 1997Wanted: RZ55/56 Offered: DECpc parts
549.0CHEFS::16.37.1Wed Jan 08 1997Wanted: Modem Card/Box - Offered : Disk/CD
550.0POMPY::LESLIEMon Jan 13 1997Vitalink Translan 32
551.0+1KERNEL::HANCOCKMMon Jan 20 1997SWAP: DWZZA-VA X 2 for HSD1
552.0 *SEDSWS::SIAREYWed Feb 12 1997Items needing a new home
553.0 *+145538::OTTENThu Feb 13 1997SDI "Liqorice" Cables (RA-Series disks)
554.0 *SBPTMA::ABBOTT_KFri Feb 14 19971GB scsi for 1GB EIDE
555.0 *KERNEL::HANCOCKMWed Feb 19 1997WANTED Empty BA35
556.0 *WOTVAX::HILTONWed Feb 19 1997Memory swop
557.0 *+1CHEFS::ALLANThu Feb 20 1997Wanted Laptop Carrying Case
558.0 *SEDTMA::HANCOCKFri Feb 28 1997OFFER: DECserver 5
559.0 *45538::OTTENTue Mar 04 1997SF73, and RA73 for SA73 WANTED
560.0 *COMICS::TRAVELLFri Mar 07 1997Wanted: Vax4
561.0 *CHEFS::SEARCHRWed Mar 12 1997SWAP: 8MEG Memory.
562.0 *+1KERNEL::HANCOCKMWed Mar 12 1997WANTED: Your old DECserver skins...
563.0 *SEDSWS::HANCOCKMon Mar 24 1997WANTED Monitor VRC-anything
564.0 *WOTVAX::louhun.olo.dec.com::HUNTERWed Mar 26 1997Tape storage Boxes
565.0 *WOTVAX::louhun.olo.dec.com::HUNTERWed Mar 26 199712" Media Cartridges for RV2
566.0 *+4BBPBV1::WALLACEThu Apr 03 1997VAXstation 31
567.0 *+2WOTVAX::dhcp35.olo.dec.com::cooperaMon Apr 07 1997Wanted: Battery Pack for Hinote Ultra CT45
568.0 *+5WOTVAX::HILTONWed Apr 09 1997WANTED: Adaptec 1742
569.0 *TMCUKA::ROWELLTue Apr 22 1997VMS Manuals
570.0 *+4KERNEL::PETTETWed Apr 23 1997Wanted RZ55/56/57/58
571.0 *+2CHEFS::KERRELLDFri Apr 25 1997Box of Tk5
572.0 *CHEFS::16.195.8Mon Apr 28 1997SWOP: 72pin SIMMS with 3
573.0 *+145538::OTTENThu May 01 1997T2
574.0 *+2CHEFS::CORBISHLEYBThu Jun 05 1997OFFER: LA75 Consumables