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Conference vardaf::amailtpu

Title:Amailtpu: Privacy Enhanced Mail
Notice:See 8.last (installation instr.) & 11.last (CERT & TRANS files)
Created:Fri May 18 1990
Last Modified:Mon Sep 26 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:511
Total number of notes:1640
Number with bodies:0
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1.03ULTRA::ZURKOFri May 18 1990Amailtpu: Privacy Enhanced Mail
2.036--UnknownUser--Fri May 18 1990kit, documentation, and release notes
3.04TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990related Note Conferences
4.021TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990Who are you? sign in here
5.05TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990conference administrivia
6.02TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Sep 24 1990Amailtpu description
7.02--UnknownUser--Fri May 18 1990how to get a public key certificate
8.02--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 24 1991installation instructions (how to get a kit)
9.0TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990reserved for conference info
10.0TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990Yes, you can post your amailtpu procedures in this conference
11.01VARDAF::CHURCHFri Aug 06 1993CERT & TRANSLATION files - last update
12.0TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990what is the difference between amail and amailtpu?
13.04TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 18 1990Vax Notes and VMS Mail integration
15.08ULTRA::ZURKOMon May 21 1990Fill and autowrap do not work
17.08ULTRA::GASSERWed May 23 1990Key map issues
20.019ULTRA::ZURKOWed May 23 1990Newmail count not decremented
21.09TOHOKU::TAYLORWed May 23 1990what should the User Interface look like?
23.01TFH::SZYMANSKIWed May 30 1990XMAIL code to use AMAILTPU interface
24.08TOHOKU::TAYLORThu May 31 1990compatibility with the VMS Mail Utility
26.012ULTRA::ZURKOThu Jun 07 1990/EDIT generally ignored
27.0ULTRA::ZURKOThu Jun 07 1990COMPRESS confuses Amailtpu
28.01ULTRA::ZURKOThu Jun 07 1990ERASE only message buffer?
30.03ULTRA::ZURKOThu Jun 07 1990MARK doesn't create a visible mark
32.06ULTRA::ZURKOThu Jun 07 1990READ/NEW seems not to work
33.04ULTRA::ZURKOFri Jun 08 1990SELECT/BEFORE seems to default to MAIL
34.02ULTRA::ZURKOFri Jun 08 1990SET COPY_SELF work?
35.0TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jun 14 1990PRIVACY-ENHANCED ELECTRONIC MAIL seminar Tuesday, June 19, 199
36.01TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Jun 22 1990should amailtpu startup in mail or editor mode?
37.09ZENDIA::LINNMon Jun 25 1990shriek (!) apparently unpalatable
38.018ULTRA::ZURKOFri Jul 06 1990CRLFs visible
39.02ZENDIA::LINNFri Jul 06 1990distribution list file not found tolerated benignly
40.01ZENDIA::LINNFri Jul 06 1990normal case produces error report when short message read
41.01ZENDIA::LINNThu Jul 12 1990Triple-window case considered distressing when not ANSWERing
43.01TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Jul 13 1990what version of VMS and TPU to support?
45.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Jul 16 1990Suggested improvements for handling <cr>
46.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Jul 16 1990Bad messages on bad DELETE
47.04ULTRA::GASSERMon Jul 16 1990too many messages from REPY error
48.07ULTRA::GASSERMon Jul 16 1990What's the initial default folder?
49.0TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Jul 17 1990lost header buffer / window mapping
50.04TFH::SZYMANSKIWed Jul 18 1990Wish List for Command Prompt Area
52.01ULTRA::ZURKOMon Jul 30 1990cursor hang after SEND
53.0ZENDIA::LINNTue Aug 07 1990Why are the two Key-Infos different for the same recipient?
54.01ULTRA::KINDELFri Aug 10 1990Several Difficulties
55.05TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Aug 14 1990behavior of SEND/EDIT, REPLY/EDIT, and FORWARD/EDIT?
57.0ULTRA::ZURKOFri Aug 17 1990Amailtpu down effects Edit/tpu session
58.0ULTRA::ZURKOFri Aug 17 1990Poor person's routine woes in key lookup
60.01ULTRA::ZURKOFri Aug 17 1990Make new certificates less painful
63.0ULTRA::ZURKOMon Aug 20 1990Time part of message, not folder
64.06ULTRA::ZURKOMon Aug 20 1990Press Return to see next message
65.07ULTRA::ZURKOMon Aug 20 1990The better name note
66.0TOOK::PITKINMon Aug 20 1990Minor bug with help
67.03ULTRA::HERBISONTue Aug 21 1990Reformat the final message
68.05ULTRA::ZURKOTue Aug 21 1990CERT file is not friendly
71.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Aug 22 1990change the tpu timer message when sending mail?
72.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Aug 23 1990Strange behavior with parameters to HELP
73.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Aug 23 1990REPLY doesn't provide a chance to create the message
74.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Aug 23 1990Bad interaction between SELECT and REPLY
75.0ULTRA::WRAYFri Aug 24 1990AMAILTPU_STARTUP directory
76.0ULTRA::WRAYFri Aug 24 1990Missing "@"s
77.07ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990PRINT/NOW the default?
78.04ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990READ/NEW doesn't default to MAIL file
79.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990MESSAGES bufer erased on SEND/EDIT
81.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990Funny screen behavior on SEND/EDIT
82.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990SEND/ED gives old message
83.07ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990DELETE deletes hidden message
84.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990Viewing deleted last message with LAST
85.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 24 1990NEWMAIL error message on EXIT
86.0ULTRA::ZURKOMon Aug 27 1990error messages should indicate which type of key
87.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Aug 27 1990Don't leave modified buffers around
88.026ULTRA::WRAYMon Aug 27 1990Aborting SEND or REPLY /EDIT
89.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Aug 27 1990Confusing messages on PK decryption
90.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Aug 27 1990BACK and NEXT don't like deleted messages
92.07ULTRA::GASSERTue Aug 28 1990User unfriendly message for file name
93.02TOOK::PITKINTue Aug 28 1990Personal name missing?
94.09ULTRA::GASSERWed Aug 29 1990Key map confusion
95.01ULTRA::GASSERWed Aug 29 1990Hints for defining keys. Are these right?
96.04ULTRA::HERBISONWed Aug 29 1990Please add EVE as a synonym for EDIT
97.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Aug 29 1990Improve the grammar of messages
98.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Aug 29 1990Two models of EDITOR-UTILITY interaction
99.02ULTRA::GASSERWed Aug 29 1990Illegal context block address from CTRL/Z
100.02ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 30 1990Header shifted
101.05ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 30 1990FILE should do a DELETE from current folder
102.0ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 30 1990FILE leaves header lying around
103.01ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 30 1990Suggested improvement on errors in SEND/ENCRYPT
104.04ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 30 1990Comments on format of encapsulated headers
105.03ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 30 1990Misleading message on DIR/FROM with no match
106.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 31 1990High priority bugs: header inconsistent with body
107.04ULTRA::GASSERFri Aug 31 1990No prompting to create new folder or file
109.03ULTRA::GASSERThu Sep 06 1990Handling of MIC-only mail
110.0ULTRA::GASSERThu Sep 06 1990FILE raw message vs FORWARD processed message
111.010ULTRA::GASSERMon Sep 10 1990Trouble defining personal key map
112.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Sep 10 1990Suggested changing of key map order
113.02ULTRA::GASSERThu Sep 13 1990edit leaves amailtpu_edit files in sys$scratch
114.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Sep 14 1990What message am I mailing?
115.07ULTRA::KINDELTue Sep 25 1990Printing missing timestamp
116.03ZENDIA::LINNWed Sep 26 1990SELECT folder shouldn't be same as DIR folder
117.04ZENDIA::LINNWed Sep 26 1990Answer to cc's would be a useful enhancement option
118.04TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Oct 04 1990Save the cleartext version of the message
119.03TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Oct 04 1990how often to make changes that break things?
121.05TFH::SZYMANSKIFri Oct 05 1990Problems with the new code
122.04ZENDIA::LINNMon Oct 08 1990Journaling should include the buffer AMAILTPU_EDIT
123.02TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Oct 25 1990Timestamp, where to put it and when???
124.05ULTRA::HERBISONFri Oct 26 1990What is the current version number and release date?
125.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Oct 26 1990start at the beginning of a message after /DECRYPT
126.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 29 1990
127.07ULTRA::GASSERMon Oct 29 1990Setting confirm
128.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990A suggestion for the DIRECTORY command
129.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990Why can't I get the on-line help
130.06ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990AMAILTPU ignores a file specification on REPLY
131.06ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990Strange messages at AMAILTPU startup
132.02ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990AMAILTPU hids new messages
133.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990AMAILTPU doesn't display a new message count on startup
134.05ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990Errors and dumps from deleted messages
135.03ULTRA::HERBISONWed Nov 07 1990How does AMAILTPU work for you?
136.04ZENDIA::LINNThu Nov 08 1990Private key password shouldn't be needed for verify only
137.010ULTRA::HERBISONTue Nov 13 1990`last message sent' before sending a message
138.011ABSZK::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990Directory listing after reading message
139.08ABSZK::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990CURRENT message changed after DIR
140.01ABSZK::SIMON::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990EXTRACT should default file type to .TXT
143.0ABSZK::SIMON::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990editing buffer initialization not done
144.01ABSZK::SIMON::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990DEL/ALL
145.01ABSZK::SIMON::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990Customizing user preferences
146.02ABSZK::SIMON::SZETOWed Nov 14 1990SEND/NOEDIT should not put file in buffer
147.06ZENDIA::LINNThu Nov 15 1990dir/subj= selects
148.02ABSZK::SZETOThu Nov 15 1990AMAILTPU ignores margins
149.01ULTRA::HERBISONSun Nov 18 1990Bad error message from DELETE
150.02ULTRA::HERBISONSun Nov 18 1990SELECT without a folder-name, does not select new messages
151.04ULTRA::HERBISONSun Nov 18 1990Please change ^W to totally refresh the screen
152.03ULTRA::HERBISONMon Nov 19 1990Too much precision required when specifing a message number
153.03ULTRA::HERBISONMon Nov 19 1990SEARCH doesn't find strings (and talks too much)
154.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Nov 19 1990Give errors as soon as possible
156.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Nov 20 1990Extra messages from SHOW ALL (e.g. `No mail file open')
157.08ULTRA::HERBISONTue Nov 20 1990command recall history and function key echo
159.03ULTRA::HERBISONWed Nov 21 1990SET FILE w/o file name should display a message
160.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Nov 21 1990Suggestion: Allow complete review of a pending message
161.03TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Nov 21 1990multiple sender-ids in the header, co-sign a message
163.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon Nov 26 1990Suggestion: return to the current message on ^Z
164.05ULTRA::HERBISONTue Nov 27 1990AMAILTPU doesn't prevalidate adresses
165.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Nov 28 1990Bad message window location on exit
166.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Nov 29 1990PURGE/RECL/STAT produces ugly output
167.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Nov 29 1990Shifting messages when displaying
168.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 30 1990Suggestion: EXTRACT /BUFFER
169.02ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 30 1990AMAILTPU threw away my message!
170.03TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Nov 30 1990specification of the SEND and REPLY /LAST qualifier
172.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Dec 04 1990No positive response from an EVE WRITE
173.04ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 05 1990AUTO PURGE does not work
174.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 05 1990PURGE doesn't clear the wastebasket folder
175.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon Dec 10 1990Problems with the on-line help
176.06ULTRA::HERBISONMon Dec 10 1990Suggestions for MARK, UNMARK, and PRINT
177.02ULTRA::HERBISONMon Dec 10 1990Can't scroll backward in HELP output
178.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 10 1990display a confirmation of job queued
179.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon Dec 10 1990Difference between FORWARD in VMS MAIL and AMAILTPU
180.0MADMAG::NORRISTue Dec 11 1990Can not decrypt because of recipient_id
181.02ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990SET FILE should clear the screen
182.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990AMAILTPU forgets you're not sending a message
183.07ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990Several EXTRACT related problems
184.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990Strange error message: Invalid message Id
185.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990Suggestion: Return to previous buffer after EVE
186.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990SHOW FILE differs from VMS MAIL (and isn't helpful)
187.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 12 1990Suggestion: return to previous context after send
188.01ULTRA::GASSERWed Dec 12 1990Defaults to current node
189.0ULTRA::GASSERWed Dec 12 1990CUR/ED; CTRL/Z duplicates header
190.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Dec 13 1990Hide the internal buffers from users
191.02ULTRA::GASSERThu Dec 13 1990How to use personal section file
192.02ULTRA::GASSERThu Dec 13 1990Wrong version number used for mail files
193.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Dec 14 1990Initial `EVE foo' places the user in MAIN
194.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Dec 14 1990EVE mode doesn't preserve the window shift
196.02ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Invoke procedure upon entry into editor
197.02ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Poor performance reading large messages
198.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Crash on wildcard in SET FILE
199.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Don't queue empty buffers
200.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990"folder does not exist" inappropriate
201.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Indicate deleted messages
202.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Dec 17 1990My solution to long header lines
203.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Problems with date/time stamp on EXTRACT
204.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 17 1990Crash on EVE session in spawned process
205.01ULTRA::GASSERTue Dec 18 1990Automatic reclaim?
206.03ULTRA::HERBISONTue Dec 18 1990A suggesting for binding ENTER
207.03ULTRA::HERBISONTue Dec 18 1990Comments on SHOW KEY /ALL
208.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Dec 18 1990Bad messages from SHOW KEY
209.03ULTRA::HERBISONTue Dec 18 1990How do you type an ALT'ed key from the keyboard?
210.04ULTRA::HERBISONTue Dec 18 1990Comments on DEFINE/KEY
211.0ULTRA::GASSERWed Dec 19 1990A welcome improvement in Select
212.0ULTRA::GASSERWed Dec 19 1990Select of nonexistent folder
213.02ULTRA::GASSERWed Dec 19 1990Suggested improvements to SEND/ENCRYPT
214.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 19 1990Code to stop scrolling on a form feed
215.03ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 19 1990I can't read my own encrypted message
216.03ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 19 1990REPLY /DEC/ENC is broken
217.04ULTRA::HERBISONWed Dec 19 1990AMAILTPU bombs on long message lines
218.0--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 19 1990
219.01ULTRA::GASSERThu Dec 20 1990Grinding on FILE
220.05ULTRA::HERBISONThu Dec 20 1990AMAILTPU doesn't handle MTS addresses correctly
221.0ZENDIA::LINNThu Dec 20 1990Silence on unprocessable PEM message not considered golden
222.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Dec 20 1990SET NODEBUG doesn't restore message flags
223.01ZENDIA::VANHORNThu Dec 20 1990Need confirmation before CTRL/Z exits AMAILTPU
225.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Dec 21 1990Multiple messages on file/all
226.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Dec 21 1990Extraneous message on FILE/ALL
227.02ZENDIA::LINNFri Dec 21 1990Problem answering autoforwarded message
228.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Dec 21 1990Switch to NEWMAIL inappropriate
229.05ULTRA::GASSERWed Jan 02 1991Shift right should reset on each message
230.0TFH::SZYMANSKIThu Jan 03 1991Question about SEND_ARRAYs
231.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Jan 04 1991param=layup doesn't work
233.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSTue Jan 08 1991What is the difference between Amail & Amailtpu?
234.06MADMAG::NORRISTue Jan 08 1991ERASEing Mail Messages
235.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 09 1991`SPAWN command' erases the output of the command
236.01TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Jan 09 1991^C not handled by send command
237.03ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 09 1991`HELP command' doesn't display the correct text
238.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 09 1991Old message left on the screen after SEND/ENCRYPT
240.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 09 1991Don't print encrypted messages
241.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Jan 10 1991F13 erases too many characters
242.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Jan 10 1991^H in the middle of a command line doesn't work
244.03ULTRA::HERBISONFri Jan 18 1991Folder !AS does not exist
245.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Jan 18 1991Bad display of message header after file switch
246.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Jan 18 1991Missing qualifiers in help and a suggestion
247.01TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Jan 21 1991Recursive distribution lists do not work
248.02ULTRA::GASSERTue Jan 22 1991Gremlins moving messages from NEWMAIL to MAIL
249.0ULTRA::GASSERTue Jan 22 1991READ/NEW says NEWMAIL does not exist
250.01TFH::SZYMANSKITue Jan 29 1991Crashing BUG with Too Long Node Names
251.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Feb 01 1991Recursive distribution lists shouldn't cause loops
252.0--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 01 1991
253.05ULTRA::EYRINGFri Feb 01 1991Misc. new user problems
254.04TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Feb 04 1991wishlist: blind carbon copies (BCC)
255.0ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 05 1991Extra lines from EXTRACT and REPLY
256.0ULTRA::GASSERTue Feb 05 1991No response when asking to view deleted message
257.03ULTRA::GASSERMon Feb 11 1991New idosyncrasy in cursor placement on SEND
258.02ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 12 1991Selection range should go away in edit buffer
259.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Feb 13 1991Fully separate EVE mode from AMAILTPU mode
260.02ULTRA::GASSERFri Feb 15 1991Fatal error binding key to TOP, BOTTOM
261.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Feb 15 1991Exceeded quota on READ
262.01TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Feb 19 1991MISSINGQUOTE, missing quote error in distribution list
263.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 19 1991AMAILTPU doesn't accept tabs on the command line
264.02ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 19 1991Apparently meaningless Find key
265.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 19 1991Is the definition of INSERT HERE intentional?
266.0ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 19 1991Long message on delete from wastebasket
269.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Feb 25 1991Slow to reply to huge message
270.02TFH::SZYMANSKIThu Feb 28 1991Fatal Crash with Node down
271.0ULTRA::GASSERTue Mar 05 1991Invalid message on number in empty newmail folder
272.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Mar 05 1991SEARCH doesn't start at the first message after SELECT
273.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Mar 06 1991Comments on the help text
274.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Mar 08 1991SHOW KEY should provide more information
275.0TFH::SZYMANSKIMon Mar 18 1991Select Folders from the DIR/Folder List
276.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Mar 18 1991Invalid ISI RMS error
277.03TFH::SZYMANSKITue Mar 19 1991Performance Improvement for MJT$SEND_ADD_BUFFER
278.01ULTRA::HERBISONThu Mar 21 1991DO DO leaves edit mode
279.09TFH::SZYMANSKIFri Mar 22 1991Improved Mjt$mail_read
280.013ULTRA::KINDELMon Mar 25 1991EXIT Anomalies
281.0TFH::SZYMANSKIMon Mar 25 1991Improved Copy and File Message Routines
282.0TFH::SZYMANSKIWed Mar 27 1991Bug with system$delete_file
283.01TFH::SZYMANSKIThu Mar 28 1991Range Support added to mail$cmd_delete
284.05TFH::SZYMANSKIThu Mar 28 1991Support for COPY/FILE message_numbe/range
285.01ULTRA::GASSERFri Mar 29 1991DELETE/ALL nonfaunctional
286.0--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 10 1991
287.01ULTRA::GASSERWed Apr 10 1991Journal file locking error
288.0ULTRA::GASSERThu Apr 11 1991Consistent cursor position during command execution
289.04ULTRA::GASSERThu Apr 11 1991Auto switch back to MAIL on empty NEWMAIL
290.02TFH::SZYMANSKIThu Apr 18 1991enhance extract to accept a list/range of messages
291.03TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Apr 22 1991Wishlist: command line support for @file-spec
292.06ULTRA::HERBISONMon Apr 22 1991WISHLIST: scroll window when entering header fields
293.03ULTRA::HERBISONMon Apr 22 1991GOLDen difference between VMS MAIL and AMAILTPU
294.05TFH::SZYMANSKIWed Apr 24 1991Need to Abort on CONTROL_C
295.04ZENDIA::LINNThu Apr 25 1991Can symmetric KM still be invoked?
296.02ZENDIA::LINNFri May 03 1991WISHLIST: search across multiple address fields
297.04TOHOKU::TAYLORFri May 03 1991speed? Is performance an issue?
298.02ULTRA::GASSERMon May 06 1991NEXT past last message bumps current message
299.01TARDO::TARDOThu May 09 1991TIS PEM Test Message
300.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon May 13 1991PRINT silently fails with bad /QUEUE qualifier
301.06SSBN1::YANKESTue May 14 1991Why not add encryption support to VMS Mail?
302.02ZENDIA::LINNThu May 23 1991Crash on 'device full' error
303.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri May 24 1991Bad message when deleting deleted messages
304.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed May 29 1991REPLY /[NO]EXTRACT support
305.04ZENDIA::LINNThu May 30 1991PEM product announcements
306.0TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Jun 04 1991extra blank line when message is enrypted
307.05ZENDIA::LINNWed Jun 05 1991Amailtpu verifies independent DES-based message from pem-dev list per 1113
308.04ULTRA::GASSERWed Jun 05 1991Breaks on ULTRA::ULTRA::GASSER
309.05ULTRA::GASSERWed Jun 05 1991Extract/append aborts if file does not exist
310.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jun 05 1991Message definition errors from SHOW ALL
311.0ULTRA::GASSERTue Jun 11 1991No-op if specified mail file already current
312.07ULTRA::GASSERTue Jul 02 1991Suggested improvements for confirm delete
313.0ULTRA::HERBISONTue Jul 02 1991SEARCH ignores new mail
314.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Jul 12 1991Eliminate "end of directory listing" until done
315.01COUNTMon Jul 15 1991FILE/NOTES removes mail headers - problem!
316.01QUICHE::PITTWed Jul 31 1991Query about plans
317.01TFH::SZYMANSKITue Aug 06 1991Improvements to MJT$send_buffer
318.07ULTRA::GASSERThu Aug 15 1991Wrap header lines and don't truncate
319.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon Aug 26 1991Commands removed from the command line history
320.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Aug 30 1991Incorrect description in the HELP HELP text
321.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Sep 06 1991State what is shifted
322.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Sep 06 1991GOLD-^W doesn't fully restore displayed message
323.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Sep 06 1991Hassles with private section files
324.03ULTRA::SEKURSKIMon Sep 09 1991Ticked off user NMAIL jobs make the subject line creep down the page
325.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Sep 11 1991^W does not work as expected
326.06ULTRA::HERBISONFri Sep 13 1991AMAILTPU doesn't purge all wastebasket folders
327.09ZENDIA::LINNThu Sep 19 1991search prompt overlays text buffer
328.01TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Sep 20 1991executing mail commands are startup time
329.03QUICHE::PITTTue Sep 24 1991%TPU-E-MISSYMTAB, missing symbol table
330.04ULTRA::GASSERFri Sep 27 1991Changes needed to confirm_delete_not_visible
331.02QUICHE::PITTWed Oct 02 1991/Encrypt=(NoPublic,Mic_Only) encrypted!
332.03QUICHE::PITTWed Oct 02 1991How to start encrypted notes?
333.01QUICHE::PITTThu Oct 03 1991Show Forward /User=* missing!
334.03QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 04 1991Funny around Reply/NoExtract?
335.0QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 04 1991Reproduceable output with cursor in wrong place
336.04QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 04 1991AMAILTPU crash on exit
337.03TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Oct 09 1991FI => ambiguous command verb, could be FILE or FIRST
338.01ULTRA::GASSERWed Oct 09 1991CTRL/C on SEARCH bombs
339.03QUICHE::PITTThu Oct 10 1991Security of secret encryption keys
340.01TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Oct 10 1991ELF (Employee Locator Facility)
341.02TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Oct 11 1991AMAILTPU$INIT for mail startup commands
342.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Oct 14 1991CTRL/Z in Subject gives CTRL/C message
343.0ZENDIA::LINNMon Oct 14 1991Why the extra blank lines?
344.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Oct 14 1991MARKed messages confuse DIRECTORY
345.01QUICHE::PITTTue Oct 15 1991Wishlist: scroll message area by one line
346.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Oct 17 1991FILE after SELECT act differently from mail
347.04QUICHE::PITTWed Oct 23 1991read next message does not wrap from the last to the first msg
348.01ULTRA::GASSERThu Oct 24 1991Command recall musings
349.0QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 25 1991deleting a deleted message produces 'not reading message' error msg
352.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Oct 28 1991EVE status line has old information
353.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Oct 28 1991Margin action flawed
354.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon Oct 28 1991Old help file
355.04ULTRA::HERBISONMon Oct 28 1991Changed file-writing behavior on quit
356.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Oct 29 1991Strange behavior with incomming mail
357.07QUICHE::PITTWed Oct 30 1991Purge/Before=date feature requested
359.0ULTRA::GASSERWed Oct 30 1991Behavior on failed SELECT
360.03ULTRA::HERBISONWed Oct 30 1991PRINT/QUEUE=bad generates garbage messages
362.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Nov 01 1991Forward/nodecrypt doesn't do the obvious thing
363.05ULTRA::GASSERFri Nov 01 1991Behavior on MIC failure needs improvement
364.0ULTRA::GASSERFri Nov 01 1991Forwarding signed messages that were encrypted
365.06QUICHE::PITTMon Nov 04 1991Printing postscript mail messages ...
366.06QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 05 1991Request for dual personal names?
367.02TFH::SZYMANSKIMon Nov 11 1991Message Editting BUG/Restriction
368.03ULTRA::GASSERMon Nov 11 1991Positioning to selected message in folder after select
369.03ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 15 1991Suggestion: Allow DIR to show full subjects
370.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 15 1991Suggestion: Don't reset width when leave EVE mode
371.03TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Nov 19 1991SEND filename @list /EXCLUDE=@blacklist
372.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue Nov 19 1991CC (only) of REPLY is truncated
373.04ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 22 1991An initial MARK produces bad error messages
374.01KADOW::PKADOWThu Dec 05 1991Copy to several folders at once
375.0ULTRA::GASSERMon Dec 09 1991Confirm should appear on reply/encrypt
376.0TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Dec 17 1991Bibliography on E-mail Privacy (from telecom.priv)
377.05TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Dec 18 1991Who am I and who do you think I am, do they match?
379.01TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Jan 03 1992when will it be time to go to system wide installation?
380.01ULTRA::GASSERMon Jan 06 1992Error message displays binary
381.01ZENDIA::LINNTue Jan 07 1992Message is not an indexed variable...
382.03TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Jan 07 1992EVE, SPELL and AMAILTPU interaction
383.01ULTRA::HERBISONFri Jan 10 1992Missing AMAILTPU_EDIT buffer confuses AMAILTPU
384.01TFH::SZYMANSKIMon Jan 13 1992Using Notes in AMAILTPU
385.01ULTRA::GASSERTue Jan 21 1992Viewing old header while typing new
386.01TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Jan 21 1992backup restores file with lower version number
387.04TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Jan 21 1992try to run and nothing happended
388.0QUICHE::PITTThu Jan 23 1992Kit should cope with local source saveset
389.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Jan 27 1992Error message when displayed buffer vanishes
390.01TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Jan 27 1992save/file all encrypted messages as cleartext
391.0ULTRA::GASSERTue Jan 28 1992Confusing message
392.04ULTRA::HERBISONTue Jan 28 1992Wishlist: DIRECTORY /SORT
393.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Jan 30 1992Crash from keypad-comma
394.03QUICHE::PITTFri Jan 31 1992"Funny" with DECwindows interface ...
395.02SMURF::JJGFri Jan 31 1992PEM for ULTRIX?
396.0QUICHE::PITTFri Feb 07 1992Command line recall screwed up
397.05QUICHE::PITTFri Feb 07 1992Transferring backup savesets via VAXmail and AMAILTPU ...
398.02TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Feb 07 1992/SENSITIVITY[=text] qualifier?
399.0TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Feb 10 1992wireless cellular data broadcasting system
400.05TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Feb 11 1992Searching through ALL folders
401.01ZENDIA::HERBISONThu Feb 13 1992Message not displayed correctly after DELETE
402.02ZENDIA::GASSERFri Feb 14 1992FILE/SUBJ looks in wrong place for mail file
403.01QUICHE::PITTWed Feb 26 1992ELF problems ...
405.04QUICHE::PITTFri Feb 28 1992A couple of thoughts from a user ...
406.0K9::PIPERTue Mar 03 1992Extra space in "[End of..." messages
407.0K9::PIPERTue Mar 03 1992V6 (Blade) SYSGEN parameters
408.0K9::PIPERTue Mar 03 1992Bug: automatic deletion of folder due to purge boggles AMAILTPU
409.016GROTTO::GASSERWed Mar 04 1992Command line confusion with MIC-clear
410.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Mar 04 1992Correction in READ help
411.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Mar 04 1992NODECRYPT and DEPEMIFY commands
412.05TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Mar 04 1992wishlist: MARK /UNSEEN
413.01ERLANG::HERBISONSat Mar 07 1992ACCESS VIOLATION with Unknown terminal type
414.02GROTTO::GASSERMon Mar 09 1992Proper display of VT escape sequences in buffers
415.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Mar 11 1992CTRL/C during display of a long PostScript message
416.0TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Mar 13 1992Should every message be signed automatically?
417.02ERLANG::HERBISONFri Mar 13 1992Remove `Last message sent' when not accurate
418.02SRFCLB::RADAMSWed Mar 18 1992range delimiter and set/show forward /user=
419.0STAR::CANTORFri Mar 20 1992PRINT should refuse when there's nothing to print.
420.015TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Apr 01 1992REPLY /TO= | forward with subject line
421.02TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Apr 01 1992a DWIM send would know what send node::username means
422.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Apr 01 1992send to someone forwarding to ALL-IN-1 Mail for VMS fails
423.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Apr 01 1992document directory multiple folder capabilities
424.0KYOA::KOCHFri Apr 10 1992Possible ^C bug and user feedback enhancement
425.01GROTTO::GASSERWed May 06 1992Focus remains in message after CTRL/C during READ
426.01ISOISA::HAKKARAINENThu May 07 1992File from MAIL.MAI folder-name -> ARCHIVE.MAI folder-name
427.02TOHOKU::TAYLORTue May 12 1992certificate serial number in wrong format
428.05ASABET::HARVEYWed May 13 1992Add REPLY file-spec to Amail.exe?
429.0ERLANG::HERBISONFri May 15 1992Suggestion: Allow F18/F19 to work during message confirmation
430.04CSC32::M_FRAZIERTue May 19 1992EXTRACT doesn't work after a REPLY or FORWARD
431.02ERLANG::HERBISONFri May 22 1992Suggestion: Display message length and line number
432.0GROTTO::GASSERTue May 26 1992Warn of partial message in buffer
433.01GROTTO::GASSERTue May 26 1992Turning off journalling
434.01ERLANG::HERBISONFri May 29 1992Incorrect status line from CURRENT/EDIT
435.0ZENDIA::TAYLORTue Jun 02 1992explicitly tell user about self-signed certificates
436.05QUICHE::PITTWed Jun 03 1992Bug handling single quotes in the subject line ...
437.02TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jun 04 1992improve startup performance, 15 seconds is too long
438.0TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jun 11 1992ALL-IN-1
439.03GROTTO::GASSERMon Jun 22 1992Error reading !AS on wastebasket in purging state
440.0GROTTO::GASSERWed Jun 24 1992Funnies on delete errors
441.01ERLANG::HERBISONTue Jul 07 1992SEARCH doesn't look at messages after a search fails
442.03QUICHE::PITTMon Jul 27 1992Command recall bug
443.01ERLANG::HERBISONWed Jul 29 1992SEARCH failure confuses DELETE and CURRENT
444.01QUICHE::PITTTue Aug 04 1992Should delete update the current message?
445.01ERLANG::HERBISONTue Aug 04 1992BUG: Placing a message in the command buffer
446.0ERLANG::HERBISONTue Aug 04 1992CURRENT/EDIT doesn't always correct the status line
447.02QUICHE::PITTTue Aug 18 1992Building against own TPU section
448.01QUICHE::PITTThu Sep 10 1992The future of AMAILTPU?
450.07TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Sep 17 1992What to do next?
451.0QUICHE::PITTMon Oct 05 1992Nested mail transports ...
452.05QUICHE::PITTThu Oct 22 1992Confused of Basingstoke! Installation/Upgrade query ...
453.0QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 23 1992Bug in version checking in AMAILTPU.KIT!
454.0TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Nov 09 1992PEM makes itself useful
455.0TUXEDO::ROSENBAUMWed Nov 25 1992useability note on '[End of directory listing]'
456.0ERLANG::HERBISONWed Dec 09 1992Internal error when checking for new mail
458.02ERLANG::HERBISONWed Jan 13 1993Old conference pointer
459.0NEPHI::COARThu Jan 14 1993Broadcast exits HELP
460.02ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Jan 15 1993Install on VMS T6?
461.02QUICHE::PITTTue Jan 26 1993WISHLIST: File/Encrypt please
462.04TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Jan 27 1993switch to make DIRECTORY /LAST the default
463.01ISOISA::HAKKARAINENMon Feb 01 1993AMAILTPU becomes unuable when Help Prompt window is cancelled
464.0SMURF::PUCKMon Feb 15 1993Using AMAILTPU with NOTES
465.02TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Feb 18 1993elf lists needs end-of-list text
466.03BSS::BORENSun Feb 21 1993WISHLIST: reading foreign mail
467.01STAR::GPAULWed Mar 03 1993AUTO_PURGE option inconsistency
468.01LASSIE::HERBISONFri Mar 05 1993Problem with SHOW FORW/USER without privileges
469.09BSS::BORENFri Mar 12 1993mic verify failed.....
470.05PRIME8::VAUGHNFri Mar 12 1993Help with batch access
471.03QUICHE::PITTMon Mar 29 1993Additional key binding please
472.07QUICHE::PITTTue Mar 30 1993Command needed for "skip to next form feed"
473.04LASSIE::HERBISONThu Apr 01 1993Has AMAILTPU been ported to Alpha?
474.01LASSIE::HERBISONFri Apr 02 1993What does SHOW LAST do?
475.02LASSIE::HERBISONTue May 11 1993`SEND file' should abort if the file doesn't exist
476.02LASSIE::HERBISONWed May 12 1993AMAILTPU can't deal with missing external files
477.02LASSIE::HERBISONWed May 12 1993Strange behavior from DIRECTORY/START:n
478.07QUICHE::PITTWed May 12 1993Can I capture the message subject within a TPU procedure?
479.05QUICHE::PITTWed May 19 1993ELF no longer reports location codes ...
480.07QUICHE::PITTFri May 28 1993Reverse directory listing?
481.0TOHOKU::TAYLORTue Jun 15 1993define key to PRINT and NEXT
482.06STAR::BUDAWed Jun 23 1993Add /FOREIGN qualifier to SEND /ENCRYPT
483.03TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Jul 07 1993Any problems running on V6.
484.09QUICHE::PITTThu Jul 08 1993Updating Certificate file?
485.04QUICHE::PITTThu Aug 05 1993More problems with ELF ...
486.05DANEEL::REEDFri Sep 03 1993Workaround for slower DCL EDIT after installing AMAILTPU
487.0TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Sep 20 1993wishlist: FORWARD /DELETE
488.01QUICHE::PITTThu Sep 30 1993Syntax for Extract/Buffer= ?
489.0BSS::BORENFri Oct 01 1993distribution lists?
490.02TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Oct 08 1993locate orphan external mail files
491.0QUICHE::PITTThu Oct 21 1993Reply/All - reply to all addressees ...
493.03CSC32::DAVISSONWed Nov 10 1993Update on Ultrix requested
494.0QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 16 1993Archival facility in AMAILTPU
495.02QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 16 1993Receive with the original date, source, etc
496.0QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 16 1993Easier integration of TPU procedures?
497.0QUICHE::PITTTue Nov 16 1993Data compression within AMAILTPU?
498.02QUICHE::PITTWed Nov 24 1993Enhancements to Print command (and possibly File as well)
499.06QUICHE::PITTWed Nov 24 1993Purge a single mail message
500.02VARDAF::CHURCHWed Jan 12 1994Who did the mail come from?
501.05TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Feb 18 1994REPLY to a encrypted message should also be encrypted
502.04VIVIAN::RANCETue Apr 19 1994Request for DELETE/ERASE
503.0QUICHE::PITTWed Apr 27 1994Encrypted /Foreign mail is brilliant ...
504.04QUICHE::PITTWed Apr 27 1994Does anyone else build their own section file?
505.01BSS::BORENFri Apr 29 1994re: 11.* Where are the updated files?
506.08QUICHE::PITTFri May 06 1994Request for File * option ...
508.03VARDAF::CHURCHWed May 11 1994CTRL/Z at the "Command:" prompt!
509.03VIVIAN::RANCEWed May 18 1994PURGE seems to be broken.
510.03NEPHI::COARFri May 27 1994Mike is leaving Digital :-(
511.02VARDAF::CHURCHThu Sep 22 1994No maintainer and no source code