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Conference wecare::eacsb

Title:Spit Brook Employee Activities Committee
Created:Tue Sep 03 1991
Last Modified:Tue Oct 29 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:26
Total number of notes:101
Number with bodies:0
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1.05CASDOC::HEBERTTue Sep 03 1991Welcome!
2.01ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Moderator Actions
3.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
4.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
5.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
6.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
7.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
8.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
9.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
10.0ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Reserved
11.08ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Requested store items
12.04ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Requested EACSB activities
13.01ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991EACSB agenda items
14.021ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 05 1991Minutes of EACSB meetings
15.024ROBOAT::HEBERTFri Sep 27 1991Photo service at ZKO
16.0KOALA::MENARDFri Nov 01 1991Grand Opening ZKO Store
18.0ATPS::BLOTCKYFri Mar 27 1992Alpha Logo products available
19.04ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Apr 30 1992EACSB 1992 Annual Report
20.0R2ME2::OBRYANFri Oct 30 1992EAC Store Hours: do they need to be adjusted ?
21.04TOMK::KRUPINSKITue Nov 03 1992Dine out tonight card?
22.02RAGS::GINGRASThu Nov 19 1992Sweating in the cafe
23.0STAR::CANTORTue Jan 19 1993Leaving.
24.0NUBOAT::HEBERTFri Feb 25 1994The new cafeteria store
25.0FRASER::FRASERSat Jun 03 1995Sandwich/hot food vending machine gone
26.0NUBOAT::HEBERTTue Oct 29 1996Magic Kingdom Club Cards available from EACSB