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Conference ziglar::maple

Created:Mon Oct 13 1986
Last Modified:Fri Oct 25 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:164
Total number of notes:1143
Number with bodies:0
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1.010MODEL::YARBROUGHTue Oct 14 1986Welcome to MAPLE and Symbolic Mathematics
2.01ENGINE::WHITEThu Oct 16 1986Is it really any good?
3.05MODEL::YARBROUGHFri Oct 17 1986Errors in the documentation
4.01HOUSE::HERGTFri Oct 24 1986Macsyma/NIL VMS V4.4?
5.02AIWEST::DRAKESun Oct 26 1986Fourier?
6.03PBSVAX::COOPERThu Oct 30 1986Intrusions from below the surface.
7.09MODEL::YARBROUGHThu Nov 20 1986Bug : missing routine 'arctan2'
8.03ENGINE::WHITEFri Nov 28 1986Manual to lend?
9.02MODEL::YARBROUGHMon Dec 01 1986Simple integral failure...
10.04EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Dec 18 1986floating point binary
11.01AVOID::TAVROWMon Jan 12 1987Can save print two-dimensinally?
12.06COOKIE::TAPPANMon Jan 12 1987Do we receive updates?
13.02MODEL::YARBROUGHTue Jan 13 1987Hand-held Sym Math from HP
14.04HOUSE::HERGTMon Feb 02 1987Maple NewsLetter
15.01OMEN::MCMENEMYFri Feb 13 1987how to solve DEQs ?
16.02ANTARE::COUGHLANSun Mar 15 1987Inequalities?
17.03ANYWAY::WOLFFFri Mar 20 1987Trouble to save a session.
18.03CHARON::PAGESat Mar 28 1987Need help on installation
19.011MODEL::YARBROUGHTue Apr 14 1987Bugs found in MAPLE V4
20.09ANYWAY::WOLFFThu Apr 30 1987Problem with Logicals.
21.02SCSIJR::SHEFFIELDFri Jul 10 1987Having some trouble accessing library???
22.04SERVO::MIKEMon Aug 17 1987MACSYMA-DOE: Colorado Springs Site License
23.04MODEL::YARBROUGHTue Aug 18 1987Anybody out there actually USING MAPLE etc.?
24.02GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Sep 24 1987Convoluting Delta and Step Functions
25.01AUNTB::SOEHLSun Oct 25 1987"Guest" machine for MAPLE?
26.03HPSTEK::CHENETZWed Dec 02 1987Maple cannot find solution???
27.04PBSVAX::COOPERMon Feb 15 1988A different type of Symbolic Math system
29.0PBSVAX::COOPERThu Mar 03 1988For those with Macs at home.
30.01PBSVAX::COOPERMon Apr 04 1988BUGS (and inadequacies) in MAPLE v4.1
31.02PBSVAX::COOPERWed Apr 20 1988Technical Seminar on VMS DOE-Macsyma.
32.015PBSVAX::COOPERMon May 09 1988What V4.2 will have
33.02MQOSWed Jul 20 1988A new Mapler in trouble
34.01PBSVAX::COOPERTue Jul 26 1988Test problems for new system.
35.01CACHE::GOLDFri Aug 05 1988Exiting from Maple in batch?
36.01AKQJ1Wed Sep 21 1988Errors in "First Leaves..V4.2"
37.0AKQJ1Wed Sep 21 1988Errors in Reference Manual, 5th edition
38.0ERLTC::COOPERMon Oct 31 1988Weakness in MAPLE's isprime function.
39.01SDOGUS::DRAKEThu Nov 03 1988write files
40.03VIA::HOOVERFri Jan 13 1989Mathematica vs. Maple
41.04MODEL::YARBROUGHMon Jul 10 1989Algorithm for p(n), the partitions of n
42.019DECNIX::HERGTFri Jul 28 1989Maple 4.3 announcement
43.0MODEL::YARBROUGHFri Oct 20 1989Mathematica + DEC
44.0CADSYS::COOPERMon Nov 06 1989Maple for MIPS
45.0LEVERS::W_MELARAGNIWed Dec 06 1989invlaplace of imag #?
46.04MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Dec 13 1989Unhappy New Year???
47.04RICKS::MILLSSun Jan 21 1990Plot with MAPLE?
48.01TROAThu Feb 15 1990Math Tools for Actuaries?
49.07MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Apr 11 1990Bugs in MAPLE V4.3
50.0RICKS::AKHIANIFri Apr 13 1990Formal Verification using MAPLE
51.014VMSINT::THIELMon Apr 16 1990MAPLE library access
52.02TRUCKS::CHANTWed Apr 18 1990Maple for Amiga ?
53.01JRDLSI::T_KOCHIFri Apr 27 1990Help me!!!
54.03HPSRAD::SOLOWAYFri May 11 1990Strangeness with Maple 4.3 under VMS
55.04SAINT::STCLAIRThu May 31 1990MACSYMA KIT????
56.03JUPITR::BUSWELLTue Jun 12 1990Keyboard help
57.0100CIVAGE::LYNNThu Jul 05 1990Correspondence from the MAPLE comunity at large
58.0211SRUS::PUDERFri Jul 06 1990Gaussian Elimination Matrix
59.05CIVAGE::LYNNFri Sep 14 1990Anouncing V5 (but not for VMS?)
60.01CIVAGE::LYNNMon Oct 01 1990Symbolic Math Conference down South
61.04EUCLID::OWENTue Oct 02 1990Can't find maple_install.mem
62.08SMAUG::ABBASISun Oct 21 1990factor(n); Nth roots of unity
63.04SMAUG::ABBASITue Oct 23 1990MAPLE 4.4 Out !?
64.01SMAUG::ABBASIWed Oct 24 1990FYI: MAPLE on DOS 386
65.01WBC::BAKERWed Nov 07 1990E-mail address of MAPLE folks
66.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Nov 12 1990IVP and Maple
67.05VMSINT::THIELWed Nov 14 1990Help with Maple, please
68.0SMAUG::ABBASITue Nov 20 1990FYI, ACM symbolic math confrence
69.01VMSINT::THIELWed Nov 21 1990Help with character construction
70.01VMSINT::THIELMon Nov 26 1990Plot3d ?
71.0CIVAGE::LYNNMon Jan 07 1991Int'l Symposium in Germany
72.0CIVAGE::LYNNMon Jan 07 1991Int'l Symposium in Austria
73.02TALK::JARVISMon Jan 28 1991Can't read help.m?
74.0SMAUG::ABBASIFri Feb 08 1991suggestions for new maple package
75.01CIVAGE::LYNNWed Feb 20 1991MAPLE avail. to schools via CSLG program
76.0101CIVAGE::LYNNMon Mar 04 1991More correspondence from the MAPLE community at large
77.03ALLVAX::JROTHThu Apr 18 1991MAPLE on RISC workstations?
78.0SMAUG::ABBASITue Apr 23 1991integration of composite expression
79.03CSC32::S_ROSCIOFri May 03 1991Complete kit?
80.0100CIVAGE::LYNNFri May 03 1991MAPLE Comm. at large, Chap. III
81.03WBC::BAKERFri May 03 1991Algorithms for doing symbolic math
82.01CIVAGE::LYNNWed May 15 1991Mathematica Texts by A-W
83.04ALLOUT::STEWARTWed Jun 12 1991help system from hell
84.01ALLOUT::STEWARTThu Jun 13 1991stack dump from maple
85.0CIVAGE::LYNNMon Jun 17 1991MAPLE Users Survey
86.02CIVAGE::LYNNThu Jun 20 1991ICIAM Conference
87.03TFH::MORANMon Jul 01 1991Magn and Phase, how?
88.01CIVAGE::LYNNTue Jul 09 1991MAPLE on Notes-News gateway (DEC Internal)
89.05SMAUG::ABBASIThu Jul 11 1991how to tell maple to clear all known variables?
90.0101CIVAGE::LYNNTue Jul 23 1991Contributions from the MAPLE community, V4.
91.0CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jul 24 1991DERIVE, from Soft Warehouse
92.02JIT761::K_SEKIGUCHIMon Sep 02 1991Inverse Matrix / Fraction
93.0CIVAGE::LYNNMon Sep 09 1991How many digits used/displayed?
94.02THAXWed Sep 18 1991Cayley-Hamilton Theorem
95.07CIVAGE::LYNNTue Sep 24 1991MAPLE V Beta test/VMS
96.02CIVAGE::LYNNTue Sep 24 1991Calling MAPLE V from C in U*IX - VMS too?
97.01HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGThu Sep 26 1991plotdevice := postscript or Regis ? How ?
98.0CIVAGE::LYNNFri Sep 27 1991Books about MAPLE
99.01CIVAGE::LYNNMon Oct 07 1991Question on bug recording policy
100.03SSDEVO::THIELMon Oct 14 1991Maple V5: What good are Dirac and/or Heaviside?
102.01CIVAGE::LYNNWed Nov 06 1991MapleV in Batch
103.0CIVAGE::LYNNTue Nov 19 1991ISSAC'92 Call for Papers
104.099CIVAGE::LYNNTue Nov 19 1991More messages from the MAPLE Community
105.0CIVAGE::LYNNThu Dec 05 1991AMAI Conference - Call for Papers
106.0CIVAGE::LYNNFri Dec 06 1991MAPLE/DEC AVS announcement
107.02CIVAGE::LYNNThu Jan 09 1992Single-user license for "students"
108.01CIVAGE::LYNNThu Jan 09 1992Bugs in MAPLEV
109.01CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jan 22 1992MAPLE Summer Workshop
110.0CIVAGE::LYNNFri Jan 24 1992Integration: bounding the values of variables
111.02ORACLE::TSUKFri Jan 24 1992Where do I get MAPLEV doucumentation?
112.0ALLOUT::STEWARTFri Feb 07 1992start maple from apps menu?
113.01WBC::BAKERTue Feb 18 1992Price Reductions for Mathematica/Maple ?
114.0CIVTue Mar 10 1992DISCO Conf, Bath, England
115.0CIVThu Mar 19 1992Mathematica Conferences in '92
116.02IMTDEV::ROBERTSWed Mar 25 1992Boolean Algebra?
117.02STAR::ABBASITue Mar 31 1992question on linalg and matrix , rank, det
118.010STAR::ABBASITue Mar 31 1992any one has problem with QUIT in maple ?
119.0100GLENN::LYNNThu Apr 02 1992April '92 + batch of messages from the MAPLE community
120.02GLENN::LYNNThu Apr 02 1992Errors in "Mathematica" book
121.0CADSYS::COOPERThu Apr 09 1992Maple V, release 2, to be released.
122.0CIVThu Apr 09 1992Cross-number puzzles
123.0CIVFri Apr 10 19922nd Call for Participation, RISC-LINZ Summer School in CA
124.02CIVTue Apr 14 1992On recognizing '
125.0CIVTue Apr 14 1992def. int. odditity and plotting dsolve numeric?
126.0CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 15 1992Free System for Computational Discrete Algebra
127.01CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 15 1992Free Computer Algebra System
128.0CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 22 1992More Free Symbolic Computation Software
129.05CIVThu Apr 23 1992SymbMath PC Package
130.0FUTURS::HILL_KFri Apr 24 1992other maths packages?
131.05CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 29 1992Broader purpose made explicit?
132.03BEING::EDPTue May 05 1992Derive
133.0CIVWed May 06 1992Survey - please respond to sender
134.09CADSYS::COOPERWed May 06 1992MAPLE trick question.
135.02CIVWed May 20 1992MapleV for multiple platforms
136.017CIVThu May 21 1992May '92 + correspondence from Waterloo...
137.0CIVFri May 22 1992AXIOM >= SCRATCHPAD
138.0CIVTue May 26 1992Mathematica Courses at U Ill this summer
139.0CADSYS::COOPERWed Jun 03 1992PARI
140.0CADSYS::COOPERWed Jun 03 1992ALJABR
141.0CADSYS::COOPERThu Jun 11 1992Math Archives.
142.01STAR::ABBASIThu Jun 18 1992how to define function defined differently over different ranges?
143.0STAR::ABBASIThu Jun 18 1992AMIpro equation editor
144.01TFH::TORABIWed Jul 01 1992I need help!
145.02BIGRM::CRONINTue Aug 25 1992Maple crashing systems????
146.03HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGTue Sep 01 1992Signal Processing package ?
147.02HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGWed Sep 02 1992Help need with xmaple
148.0STAR::ABBASITue Sep 15 1992MAPLE problem with output and accvio in future VMS version
149.02BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Oct 27 19923 questions on ordering and output
150.02LUNER::COXTue Dec 01 1992Status of Release 2 ???
151.04CADSYS::COOPERFri Dec 11 1992MAPLE V Release 2.
152.02CX3PT1::KOWTOW::J_MARSHWed Jan 20 19932D plot using log-log coordinates?
153.02MR4DEC::ROSENFri Jun 04 1993Maple V R2 Available (pointer)
154.02NICCTR::HOTue Jun 08 1993Help with factoring...
155.01VNASWS::WILFRIEDFri Jul 09 1993Maple available on Alpha AXP?
156.0RUSURE::EDPTue Jul 13 199399% Perfect Square
157.0CADSYS::COOPERFri Jul 16 1993TIP: writing procs which create procs.
158.01HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGMon Sep 13 1993stats function on file, how ?
159.03NOVA::FINNERTYWed Nov 10 1993Getting Started, a simple example
160.0MFOIS1::CHOQUETMon Jan 31 1994Maple Available on DEC OSF/1 AXP ?
161.01NOVA::FINNERTYFri Mar 04 1994Generated symbols?
162.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOWed May 18 1994MAPLE on DEC OSF/1?
163.0VNABRW::SCHERBFri Aug 05 1994Maple V R2 for VMS available on the net ??
164.0NETRIX::"broder@pa.dec.com"Fri Oct 25 1996Maple V Release 4