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Conference cdsrv::askenet_v3

Title:Ask the EasyNet V3
Notice:The "live" conference is at ANYWAY::ASKENET
Created:Tue Oct 14 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jul 07 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1615
Total number of notes:9281
Number with bodies:0
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1.05USSCSL::DOLANTue Oct 14 1986Introduction
2.0USSCSL::DOLANTue Oct 14 1986Directory of archived ASKENET_V2
3.07KRYPTN::CROWELLWed Oct 15 1986Why is it so big?
4.01CYCLPS::PANGAKISWed Oct 15 1986On-line thesaurus?
5.03CSCMA::JOHNSONWed Oct 15 1986Clothing Repairs?
6.022USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986colored stripes in the mill
7.09USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Why 'd' and not 'D'
8.02USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Missing person on 2563
9.018USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Does anyone know Dave Robinson?
10.06TOMB::BEAUDETWed Oct 15 1986What ARE these "thingys"?
11.04USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Any help with Tandy->LQPSE?
12.05USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986>WHERE do I put IT!<
13.05USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Question a dual processor product
14.02RICKS::PEKKALAWed Oct 15 1986EDD for simple line/spacial drawings
15.02USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Will Info Source Wanted
16.02USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Been to Prague recently?
17.06USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Needed: Travel notes
18.03USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Ethernet file servers: VAX <-> PC's & Rainbows ?
19.09USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986In Search Of: Susan Stamberg
20.04USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Coin Appraisers
21.01USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Need Maynard area Real Estate
22.04USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986EMAIL Lossage
23.01TOPDOC::PHILBROOKWed Oct 15 1986Vanity Plate Charge in NH?
24.01USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Digital ZK tee shirt?
25.07USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Who can justify the right??
26.0USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986On-line thesaurus?
28.07USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Old rate of exchanges ?
29.03TOPDOC::PHILBROOKWed Oct 15 1986Donations?
30.03USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Balloons!
31.05USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986New Orleans Restaurants
32.04STONED::GOLDSTEINWed Oct 15 1986Schools for Travel ?
33.01EXIT26::MITCHELLWed Oct 15 1986SILVERFISH! What are they?
34.03ZEPPO::MAHLERWed Oct 15 1986Telex over the ENET?
35.011RICKS::PEKKALAThu Oct 16 1986Available Software Journals?
36.014SQM::RAVANThu Oct 16 1986Take me out to the ball game?
37.013RDGENG::LESLIEThu Oct 16 1986Details of Stans farewell, please.
38.01RDGE28::WILTSHIREFri Oct 17 1986FTSeV HELP!!
39.01SAVAGE::TURNERFri Oct 17 1986Directions to U.N.H. Needed
40.012YODA::BARANSKIFri Oct 17 1986How do you start a Not For Profit?
41.010VIKING::FLEISCHERMon Oct 20 1986hemisphere-specific monitors?
42.012DOC::MIREIDERMon Oct 20 1986split text into multi columns
43.01TLE::CNOLANMon Oct 20 1986Symphony and Lotus Instructor Wanted
44.01MDVAX1::VONDERHAARMon Oct 20 1986PCA1 w/portables
45.04DRAGON::MCVAYMon Oct 20 1986Sweetest Day -- ???
46.03VNAEIS::WONDRAMon Oct 20 1986SIXTEL graphic for VT22
47.045NETCOM::HANDELMon Oct 20 1986Ground
49.011HERMES::CLOUDTue Oct 21 1986Form Feed?
50.0ADS::LOWETue Oct 21 1986Social Security - 2
51.02NY1MM::CHURCHETue Oct 21 1986how does micom tell vms it lost carrier?
52.02BRDWLK::VEALEKTue Oct 21 1986ED SERV. Tapes??
53.05BRDWLK::VEALEKTue Oct 21 1986DEC Banking Slides???
54.02HYDRA::MISKATue Oct 21 1986Dictionary Wanted
55.09MOORED::GERSTLETue Oct 21 1986How to find available conference rooms?
56.01FDCV13::CALCAGNITue Oct 21 1986Land for sale?
57.05RDGENG::LESLIEWed Oct 22 1986Internal Mail query
58.09EXODUS::SEGERWed Oct 22 1986redundant manuals?
59.0DV78Wed Oct 22 1986>ERROR rate on MEMORY? (SPEC)<
60.015CLT::ZIMANWed Oct 22 1986Better way to remove pine needles??
61.02RDGENG::LESLIEWed Oct 22 1986Concordance tool?
62.05PDVAX::P_DAVISWed Oct 22 1986WANTED: VMS-based Project Management tools
63.02PUNDIT::SEGUINWed Oct 22 1986what is Digitals new product strategy
64.06ECAD::SCHIPANIWed Oct 22 1986Stranded in Chicago?
65.04VIKING::COUTUThu Oct 23 1986Where to get Birth Certificates in Virginia?
66.02NIEMAN::FERWERDAThu Oct 23 1986Icelandic Anyone?
67.020DELNI::LANGLOISThu Oct 23 1986When does Daylight Savings end?
69.018SYSENG::NELSONThu Oct 23 1986Mass. Registry of M.V.
70.027WFOVX3::KLEINBERGERThu Oct 23 1986Social Security Numbers
71.05BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Oct 23 1986Cabinet Opening Tool
72.04RDGENG::CORNEFri Oct 24 1986OCR anyone?
74.05USWAV1::DENTONFri Oct 24 1986Where did HUMAN::DIGITAL go?
75.02YODA::BARANSKISat Oct 25 1986Official court sizes?
76.08RDGENG::LESLIEMon Oct 27 1986Super-duper Remote_Control device?
77.04RANCHO::RAHMon Oct 27 1986Where is DEBUG conference?
78.03JOET::JOETMon Oct 27 1986Files stuck on an IBM floppy!
79.02COMET::ROBERTSMon Oct 27 1986Windsor Knot
80.03ADVAX::GREENWOODMon Oct 27 1986Andy Leslie hangs my system !
81.04KRYPTN::CROWELLMon Oct 27 1986Node 2.9
82.09HYDRA::THALLERTue Oct 28 1986squirrels problems
83.08VINO::KKLEINERWed Oct 29 1986Hot tubs?
84.03VINO::KKLEINERWed Oct 29 1986Desperado?
85.06TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Oct 29 1986Joining to CIS (CompuServe)
86.02TDC::COCKSWed Oct 29 1986Co-operative Bank of Concord info??
87.05TOPDOC::SLOANEWed Oct 29 1986I've been wondering ...
88.04ECAD::HARTWed Oct 29 1986CALENDAR Program
89.03EN::FRIEDRICHSThu Oct 30 1986SPSS anyone?
90.06FURILO::BOWKERThu Oct 30 1986PAY by PHONE Services?
91.02TOPDOC::SLOANEFri Oct 31 1986Goings and cummings
92.01TOMB::BEAUDETFri Oct 31 1986How do you stop the FF?
93.08HYDRA::THALLERFri Oct 31 1986frozen water dish for dog
94.03ADVAX::GREENWOODSun Nov 02 1986Shortwave Radio
95.05VAXUUM::DYERSun Nov 02 1986Pine Needle Pillow
96.021CEDSWS::LAMBSun Nov 02 1986Where is channel 1?
97.03--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 03 1986I need firewood for the wintah!
98.06LA78Mon Nov 03 1986VAX-SPERRY Communications
99.0SNICKR::PIERPONTMon Nov 03 1986Perfection Oil Heater
100.01EXIT26::STRATTONMon Nov 03 1986Looking for PRO training
102.016COLTue Nov 04 1986?Price Of Maple Syrup?
103.04AMULET::FARRINGTONTue Nov 04 1986Speed learning - speed reading
104.02NUWAVE::SUNGTue Nov 04 1986Copies of Polaroid Instants
105.03MARY::TRAPASSOTue Nov 04 1986IDECUS online registration?
107.011DRAGON::MCVAYTue Nov 04 1986How to complain about a short-life car?
108.010GAYNES::HORGANTue Nov 04 1986Datatrieve novice needs quick pointer
109.01CANYON::MOELLERTue Nov 04 1986Donate your GiGi CRTs Here..
110.010YODA::BACONTue Nov 04 1986Wanted: GRE test practice books
111.04JRDVTue Nov 04 1986Computer shops in Hawaii?
113.03FRSBEE::PAGLIARULOWed Nov 05 1986Need A Vacation
114.02SEENA1::ABEYAWed Nov 05 1986PC XT/AT HOME ????
115.01TRUCK::PRG_GRPWed Nov 05 1986Pipe Organs and Automatic Musical Instruments
116.09HBO::ORNSTEINWed Nov 05 1986Where is fortune cookie
117.09SKYLAB::FISHERWed Nov 05 1986A honey of a question
118.04REGENT::MINOWWed Nov 05 1986Looking for Moonlander Sources
119.07FDCV13::CALCAGNIWed Nov 05 1986Calif or Hawaii Help!
120.06HERMES::CLOUDWed Nov 05 1986I'm changing right before my very eyes
121.04AYOV1Thu Nov 06 1986Word Puzzles
122.0ANT::WOLOCHThu Nov 06 1986CAD tools??
123.01MERIDN::TUSIAThu Nov 06 1986Bellevue, Wash. Info
124.01SLDA::DUNAISKYThu Nov 06 1986System Managing Help
125.022THRILL::FRIBERGThu Nov 06 1986DEC stock
126.012ODIXIE::DIALThu Nov 06 1986DCU computer system manager.
127.02OSAVFri Nov 07 1986IC manufacturing NOTES ?
129.04BOEHM::CBRADLEYFri Nov 07 1986chain saw
130.07CSCMA::JOHNSONSat Nov 08 1986Looking for a device
131.01DPDTue Nov 11 1986zip_codes needed
132.07DEREP::JONGTue Nov 11 1986Car Crash -- What Happens Next?
133.02CEOTue Nov 11 1986FCS-11 <-> RMS-11
135.08SLDA::DUNAISKYTue Nov 11 1986Where are the specs?
136.027MERIDN::BAYTue Nov 11 1986BCD Clock
137.05MERIDN::BAYTue Nov 11 1986The smell of pine trees in the air
138.05VORTEX::JOVANWed Nov 12 1986do you know the way to Boston University?
139.07CANYON::MOELLERWed Nov 12 1986COBOL Generator Overview ??
140.06TOPDOC::PHILBROOKThu Nov 13 1986Flashers at gas stations...
141.04RDGENG::LESLIEThu Nov 13 1986Version numbers in development cycle procdure?
142.04ADVAX::GREENWOODThu Nov 13 1986Directions to Digital locations
143.01HPSCAD::GATULISThu Nov 13 1986NI noise immunity info wanted
144.06RDGEFri Nov 14 1986handbooks?
145.09NIMBUS::OHERNFri Nov 14 1986sounds good, but what does it pay?
146.013PULSAR::SILVERFri Nov 14 1986New car - lease or buy?
147.04MOJAVE::PURMALFri Nov 14 1986Conference external node access help
148.02DV78Sat Nov 15 1986Tell me, What I need TO DO!
149.02ACOMA::JBADERSat Nov 15 1986No entries found in class MAIN in your notebook
150.0DRAGON::ENORRISMon Nov 17 1986Info Needed From DEXPO EAST 86
151.01BEES::EGOLFMon Nov 17 1986SAVE performance info??
152.03HUMAN::CONKLINMon Nov 17 19862^7 years ago today
153.01SAHQ::MILBERGMon Nov 17 1986IBM PIF Graphics
154.0MMOMon Nov 17 1986Sperry to WPS
155.07SARAH::P_DAVISMon Nov 17 1986Who's in charge of bathrooms in the Mill?
156.01PFLOYD::WROTHBERGTue Nov 18 1986Answering Machine Help ??
159.01SKYLAB::FISHERTue Nov 18 1986NOTES-11 to VAXnotes?
160.020ALIEN::POSTPISCHILTue Nov 18 1986How Do Mirrors Reflect?
161.0SQM::AITELTue Nov 18 1986"Unnatural Causes" film - Agent Orange Testing.
162.02MARVIN::WARWICKTue Nov 18 1986IBM vs. DEC at Chess ?!
163.015GUIDUK::TIMMERMANTue Nov 18 1986VAX 78
164.023ESPN::HENDRICKSTue Nov 18 1986Cats and Computers
165.01CLUSTA::TAMIRWed Nov 19 1986ENET volume/activity
166.05TOPDOC::SLOANEWed Nov 19 1986Does DEC do business with S. Africa?
167.02JOET::JOETWed Nov 19 1986VAX-based typing drill program?
168.011DSSDEV::ALDENWed Nov 19 1986Cut your own Christmas trees
169.09USRCV1::SCHLITZERMWed Nov 19 1986Where are Features&Benefits
170.05USWAV1::KOPECWed Nov 19 1986managing agent needed
171.0UTRTSC::VERKADEThu Nov 20 1986Music Week anybody?
172.013HPSCAD::WALLThu Nov 20 1986Auto Inspection Explained
173.08341Thu Nov 20 1986VMS Object Module Information?
174.0CUSTOM::LEVITINThu Nov 20 1986? Food starch modified ?
175.04DEBET::LANGLOISFri Nov 21 1986Vaxstation GPX info
176.04NOBLE::MARKFri Nov 21 1986On-line SDC LNx doc files?
177.01FDCVSat Nov 22 1986Need help with DECmate/DF
178.011VORTEX::JOVANSat Nov 22 1986Paperback Book Exchange?
179.05USMRM2::MGRACEMon Nov 24 1986Where Were You in '32?
180.011APOLLO::BERKSONMon Nov 24 1986Laser - step by step?
181.01CEOMon Nov 24 1986TK5
182.02NZOVTue Nov 25 1986QUANTEL - what or who is it ?
183.01PIGGY::MCCALLIONWed Nov 26 1986United Consumers Club - info needed
184.03MMOWed Nov 26 1986Intro to Parallel Programming?
185.02CANYON::MOELLERWed Nov 26 1986LN
186.06USSCSL::DOLANWed Nov 26 1986ASKENET Scheduled Downtime
188.06KRYPTN::CROWELLWed Nov 26 1986Looking for a small busser
189.07VAXUUM::DYERThu Nov 27 1986High-Tech Companies Not Involved With The Military
190.09VAXUUM::DYERThu Nov 27 1986Whammys
191.035VAXRT::CANNOYThu Nov 27 1986Winter Solstice
194.010USHSFri Nov 28 1986Esperanto
195.03WFOVX3::KLEINBERGERSun Nov 30 1986Disk Quota Question
196.013REGENT::EPSTEINMon Dec 01 1986Uses for useless wood?
197.01KLAATU::THIBAULTMon Dec 01 1986Swim goggles?
199.09BEES::EGOLFMon Dec 01 19869 min Snooze??
200.07MREASY::CROWLEYMon Dec 01 1986Don't Fence Me In!
201.02DELNI::FOLEYMon Dec 01 1986convert this to graphs?? MAIL me please...
202.03USWAV1::DENTONMon Dec 01 1986Why is TROUT::TV locked?
204.0GRAEME::WELLSTue Dec 02 1986Superprint TDY
205.09RANCHO::RAHTue Dec 02 1986foreign language support for OS's?
206.01MOJAVE::PURMALTue Dec 02 1986I need help with symbols
207.06MILRAT::SOUSATue Dec 02 1986Get-Away Weekend Ideas Wanted
208.01--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 02 1986Cut Your Own Christmas Tree?
209.0NIMBUS::OHERNTue Dec 02 1986Info from '86 NCC in Vegas?
210.02--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 02 1986What's wrong with SEAPEN::CLASSIFIED_ADS?
211.07PUNK::SUNGTue Dec 02 1986What's this RU symbol?
212.01USRCV1::SCHLITZERMWed Dec 03 1986Reverse Gateway
213.04QUOKKA::SNYDERWed Dec 03 1986
214.04YODA::BARANSKIThu Dec 04 1986Did ASKENET stutter?
215.01RANCHO::RAHThu Dec 04 1986Help deleting bad note entries
216.01MERIDN::BAYThu Dec 04 1986Know anything about cables?
217.018NUHAVN::MCKINLEYThu Dec 04 1986Haverhill TSN access?
218.01GRECO::FRYDMANThu Dec 04 1986Apple IIc and DEC printers?
219.010EUCLID::PAULHUSThu Dec 04 1986DECSketch ? needed
220.015EXIT26::STRATTONThu Dec 04 1986How to swallow a pill?
221.08SHIRE::MORIAUDFri Dec 05 1986Biorhythm ?
222.04SKYLAB::FISHERFri Dec 05 1986Return address for s/w shipping report
223.012NUWAVE::SUNGFri Dec 05 1986Save the Christmas Trees
224.033JETSAM::HANAUERFri Dec 05 1986The ZERO Minute Snooze
225.02MSDSWS::RESENDEFri Dec 05 1986TOPS 2
226.04HUMAN::CONKLINSun Dec 07 1986Any experiences with Radio Shack's new PC?
227.03CEDSWS::SCHELLSun Dec 07 1986Looking for Idle Assets
228.03WKRP::KIERSun Dec 07 1986DECUS Publications
229.016FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIMon Dec 08 1986Just an Idea -
230.039NATASH::CHARYKMon Dec 08 1986Microwave ovens...threat or menace?
231.0COMET::ROBERTSMon Dec 08 1986Scorched Polyester
232.01USMRM2::MGRACEMon Dec 08 1986Champagne Charlie
233.01FURILO::KENTMon Dec 08 1986University of Vancouver
234.010BCSE::KREFETZMon Dec 08 1986Goodbye Chicago?
235.07AGNT99::GERDEMon Dec 08 1986Apartment insurance?
236.02MOJAVE::PURMALMon Dec 08 1986Editor keypad standard ?
237.023BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Dec 08 1986Using Calling Card at Spitbrook
238.06VIKING::FLEISCHERMon Dec 08 1986Hypertext @ DEC?
239.053LEELA::MYEEMon Dec 08 1986My first speeding ticket...
240.06DV78Mon Dec 08 1986Error rate on VAX memory?
241.03UFP::MURPHYMon Dec 08 1986Company policy on publishing?
242.02ESPN::SMITHTue Dec 09 1986starting a small business
243.017CURIUS::HANAMTue Dec 09 1986Copyright symbol?
244.02APOLLO::BERKSONTue Dec 09 1986auto test vector generation?
245.09CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENTue Dec 09 1986List of phone numbers for dialup access?
246.010SQM::AITELTue Dec 09 1986Avoiding caffeine jitters
247.012CHARON::PAGETue Dec 09 1986ENET Security Question
248.01MMOTue Dec 09 1986REF ACCT - MEAT PACKERS
249.02USHSTue Dec 09 1986BACKUP file transfer IBM <-> uVAX II
250.03ZPOVWed Dec 10 1986How to connect a network to the CSNET?
251.04SAFETY::SEGALWed Dec 10 1986Where to Get Tax Book for Engineers?
252.0YODA::BARANSKIWed Dec 10 1986Stand alone 86*
253.01KAFSV1::READThu Dec 11 1986'Tis the season to be jolly ...
254.03BISTRO::TIMMERThu Dec 11 1986Technics SL-P116?
255.0616514::MOELLERThu Dec 11 1986VMS Security/TokenRing Connect?
256.03NOBLE::MARKThu Dec 11 1986PAGESWAPPER?
257.05HPSCAD::FORTMILLERFri Dec 12 1986Beginner Swimming Lessons
258.03USHSFri Dec 12 1986LEXIS/NEXIS Service Connection software needed
259.09DV78Fri Dec 12 1986I weigh in the morning!
260.04IOSG::BAILEYSat Dec 13 1986Reading age ?
261.04ZEPPO::MAHLERSun Dec 14 1986Staying Cheaply, but comfortable, in Frankfurt ?
262.01FURILO::KENTSun Dec 14 1986Water bed conditioner
263.07KRYPTN::CROWELLSun Dec 14 1986Antifreeze in my heating system
264.07ALTHEA::ROSEMon Dec 15 1986Coax Cable questions
265.03MSDSWS::RESENDEMon Dec 15 1986RX11 Driver for uVAX?
266.07ANT::GUNDAVARAMMon Dec 15 1986-< ..DCL ??.. >-
267.014HYDRA::ECKERTMon Dec 15 1986Calling all telephone experts
269.04TKOV52::MANAKATue Dec 16 1986?MicroVAX's Boot ROM rel #?
270.05COGITO::JAINTue Dec 16 1986Any Chem E jobs in DEC?
271.07NETCOM::HARRISTue Dec 16 1986On-Line SITE-CODE database?
272.05USRCV1::CARNELLPTue Dec 16 1986Magic Kingdom Club
273.02MREASY::CROWLEYWed Dec 17 1986Question on Warranty
274.05CURIUS::PALLIESWed Dec 17 198616mm film <-> video tape?
275.01CHEAPR::SCANLANDWed Dec 17 1986Looking for info on UPS
278.016VERDI::JBELLThu Dec 18 1986Logan Airport Parking
279.05PUNK::SUNGThu Dec 18 1986ALF dolls
280.02SANFAN::COONSKEThu Dec 18 1986Need VAX FAX Program
282.033822::SHERRILLThu Dec 18 1986Link to Western Union Easy Port ?
283.03KRYPTN::CROWELLThu Dec 18 1986Grace your great!!
284.03EAYVFri Dec 19 1986HELM ??
285.01WARHED::SUDDICKFri Dec 19 1986Small sectors on RX5
286.06ECADSR::HARTFri Dec 19 1986Help- Color Overheads f/UIS files f/VAXsight????
287.02SNO78C::CLARKEMon Dec 22 1986Kurzweil VoiceSystem
288.07BIGMAC::TELSEYMon Dec 22 1986CATV Remote Control ?
289.012QUOKKA::SNYDERMon Dec 22 1986Keyboard for kids?
290.0AQUA::SAMBERGMon Dec 22 1986micro2 support
291.05ADVAX::GREENWOODMon Dec 22 1986Identify this noise
292.04ANT::GUNDAVARAMMon Dec 22 1986-< DCL Distrubution List! >-
293.02MANTue Dec 23 1986DATABUS
294.09NACMTW::DALYTue Dec 23 1986Copy of VAX Mailwatch? (Toolshed?)
295.02GOLD::WRIGHTTue Dec 23 19862b:: or not 2b::
298.05--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 24 1986Where can i get a HAM radio?
299.04FDCVWed Dec 24 1986When is the fiscal leap year?
300.0NUWAVE::METZGERWed Dec 24 1986 To California Residents
301.04RDGENG::LESLIEThu Dec 25 1986PDP11/66 ?
302.012VIKING::TARBETSun Dec 28 1986"Et interdum filio canem...."(?)
303.04STAR::NAMOGLUMon Dec 29 1986Repairing a broken glass??..
304.03BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Dec 29 1986Copyright Question
305.01HYDRA::THALLERMon Dec 29 1986FX lines
306.07--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 29 1986Where have all the laughs gone?
307.07THE78Mon Dec 29 1986DCU holiday hours?
308.02HPSCAD::HORGANMon Dec 29 1986IBM AT to Rainbow conversion?
309.07FSTVAX::FOSTERMon Dec 29 1986Broadcasting Questions
310.06ARGUS::CURTISMon Dec 29 1986Future facility in Lancaster, MA?
311.0CIM::LORENTue Dec 30 1986Honda Automated Assembly System
312.01JOET::JOETWed Dec 31 1986Need a file "lex"ed...
313.01ZEPPO::MAHLERWed Dec 31 1986Facility Codes for RDB and DTR ?
314.05SERPNT::SONTAKKEWed Dec 31 1986Where to find an electric punch machine in MLO?
315.01NACHO::DIGRAZIAWed Dec 31 1986Can I tell VMS to phone me?
316.04BLIMP::ANDY_LESLIEThu Jan 01 1987Tupperware dealer in N.E.?
317.01KAFSV1::LOCKYERSat Jan 03 1987Where is Schielleiten, Austria?
318.05ESTORE::DILIPMon Jan 05 1987List of Schools Pl
319.05FDCVMon Jan 05 1987Reception Hall needed
321.050CSCMA::JOHNSONMon Jan 05 1987Is 12 Noon AM or PM?
323.02PUNDIT::MCWILLIAMSMon Jan 05 1987Where can I order a Kilt ?
324.01ESTORE::MOORTHYTue Jan 06 1987Gateway to TI
325.016PUNK::SUNGTue Jan 06 1987Have you ever won?
326.010MOZART::SLEWISTue Jan 06 1987Hypnosis?
327.01LEROUF::BREICHNERWed Jan 07 1987railway disappeared in tunnel ??
328.05DV78Wed Jan 07 1987Why do I itch?
329.02OSLThu Jan 08 1987Software engineering project management tools ?
330.08NYMGR::MCCREADYThu Jan 08 1987stat questions
331.02WAR75Thu Jan 08 1987SVC MS-DOS
332.01GENIE::CLARKThu Jan 08 1987XMODEM, "Omniterm"
333.01NACHO::DIGRAZIAThu Jan 08 1987Graph-following, project management?
334.05MUNOIS::CSCHMIDTFri Jan 09 1987Environmental spec's anyone ??
335.021VORTEX::JOVANFri Jan 09 1987Small Claims Court?
337.014USMRM2::GROSSFri Jan 09 1987School Busses
338.012RDGE43::KEWFri Jan 09 1987Antecedents, how many
340.0NY1MM::SWEENEYFri Jan 09 1987TK5
341.01RENKO::KAISERFri Jan 09 1987Toyota Tercel: bodywork?
342.03BASHER::FOXSat Jan 10 1987Export Licensing
343.010USWAV1::DAGOSTINOSat Jan 10 19871987 Tax prep progs?
344.03TSE::GRAYSun Jan 11 1987Looking for a METS Baseball Cap
345.02TROPPO::ANDERSONMon Jan 12 1987Stats on VAX NOTES?
346.09HPSCAD::FORTMILLERMon Jan 12 1987Definition of Price Fixing?
347.04KRYPTN::CROWELLTue Jan 13 1987History of FOCAL-11??
348.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSTue Jan 13 1987Left Over Cook Books Available
349.013FURILO::KENTWed Jan 14 1987Mechanics Hall
350.04HYDRA::ECKERTWed Jan 14 1987A few RX33 questions
353.02CGHUB::CONNELLYThu Jan 15 1987What's the right term for this concept?
354.05LEELA::MYEEThu Jan 15 1987Need advise for first condo ??
355.07BASHER::IBLThu Jan 15 1987Disk-Jockeys?!
356.02SCOTCH::GLICKThu Jan 15 1987More party than my house can hold
357.014SLDA::ROYThu Jan 15 1987stock plan...
358.08ALTHEA::ROSEThu Jan 15 1987Roads to New Hampster!!
359.014CHOVAX::BONINIThu Jan 15 1987Star Wars
360.018RDGENG::LESLIEThu Jan 15 1987What is the XYZZY for British Airways?
361.05WHOARU::LEWISFri Jan 16 1987Lost Baggage
362.015WARHED::SUDDICKFri Jan 16 1987Atomic Bombs
363.03TSG::BOONEFri Jan 16 1987auto appraisal
364.08DV78Fri Jan 16 1987I want a <FF> in my text!
365.04GOBLIN::MCVAYFri Jan 16 1987Textbooks on Publishing?
366.03CSCMA::JOHNSONSat Jan 17 1987Idea for new (?) notesfile
368.020SERPNT::SONTAKKEMon Jan 19 1987How to `defrost' sugar in mircowave oven?
369.05ORACLE::PANMon Jan 19 1987Canadian Ice Festival?
370.09STING::BARBERMon Jan 19 1987Anyone out there from N Germandy ?
372.02CURIE::JOYMon Jan 19 1987North Shore Summer Rentals?
373.01FSTVAX::BARRMon Jan 19 1987Looking for a speech pathologist
374.03ARNOLD::ROTHTue Jan 20 1987Need QL
375.016CHOVAX::BONINITue Jan 20 1987Fastest VAX language
376.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Jan 20 1987Set VT241 colors program?
377.02BRDWLK::VEALEKTue Jan 20 1987OA finance demo?
378.04CYGNUS::OGRADYTue Jan 20 1987Looking for "machine controls" group
379.04HYDRA::THALLERTue Jan 20 1987VT241 color pictures
380.018PMVAX::NELSONTue Jan 20 1987Worcester Centrum information wanted
381.019KRYPTN::CROWELLTue Jan 20 1987VAX 8974 and 8978, Whats inside
382.03RDGE4Wed Jan 21 1987LA21
383.012CSCMA::JOHNSONWed Jan 21 1987Looking for words to a song
384.01ANGORA::WOLOCHWed Jan 21 1987NOTED Dilemma
385.02BRDWLK::VEALEKWed Jan 21 19873rd party sftwre help??
386.05CANYON::MOELLERWed Jan 21 1987DEC-2
387.0USHSWed Jan 21 1987padriver problem in 4.5 cluster
388.02ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Jan 21 1987freeing dynamic memory allocated by RTL STR$ func.
389.06THE78Thu Jan 22 1987Estimate Methodologies Needed....
390.06BRSDVP::PIGEONThu Jan 22 1987Voltage in singapore ?
391.04CADLAC::WONGThu Jan 22 1987Light switches needed
392.04MOZART::KOCHThu Jan 22 1987Places to skate/sled/toboggan?
393.010MYCRFT::PARODIThu Jan 22 1987Livelock?
394.04UPTOWN::MMOYThu Jan 22 1987Service for reading sealed disks?
395.07AKOVFri Jan 23 1987BAR CODE info. needed
396.01MUNDIS::POLSTERFri Jan 23 1987SRD (Decus)
397.0CLUSTA::NEEDLEMANFri Jan 23 1987boat mooring wanted
398.018VAXUUM::DYERFri Jan 23 1987Can't Get Dishes Clean
399.03TKOV52::INOUESun Jan 25 1987What is VIM ?!
400.04BASHER::IBLMon Jan 26 1987Pop fanatics start here.....
401.013AQUA::SAMBERGMon Jan 26 1987865
402.06CAPECD::HOLLANDMon Jan 26 1987Apartment Hunt
403.01SUPER::CLARKMon Jan 26 1987Hardware documentation directory?
404.01WHYVAX::HAMPTONTue Jan 27 1987Allergies/Immunology
405.013TKOV58::SHIMONOTue Jan 27 1987IBM and Apple on Superbowl?
406.01BRDWLK::VEALEKTue Jan 27 1987Conversion Site?
407.07INK::BRAKOTue Jan 27 1987CHASE MANHATTAN credit cards?
408.0ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Jan 27 1987New Conference for Medical Q&A!
409.04DAMSEL::MARMATTue Jan 27 1987Conference Room Needed 2/25
410.01COGITO::GLOWACZTue Jan 27 1987Reading binary file from paper tape
411.02GRECO::FRYDMANTue Jan 27 1987DIS/ADLPIPE-Help needed
412.05SPMFG1::CHARBONNDWed Jan 28 1987Help find old TV show
413.016SUPER::LMARSHWed Jan 28 1987Bought a Toyota Camry recently????
414.06ANGORA::WOLOCHWed Jan 28 1987Credit Bureau Info???
415.02YODA::SCHIFFWed Jan 28 19878
417.04TOPDOC::PHILBROOKWed Jan 28 1987Fed. tax interest ded. insight needed
418.010TOPDOC::STANTONWed Jan 28 1987Looking for a Submarine Ride (You Read It Right)
419.06KUNTRY::MITCHAMThu Jan 29 1987What can be done for Squeeky Shoe problem? (honest)
420.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 29 1987CLASSIFIED_ADS
421.013AYOV1Fri Jan 30 1987FOO.BAR?
422.012FNYFS::WYNFORDFri Jan 30 1987Moderators...
423.0CEDEX::BIJAOUIFri Jan 30 1987Collection of 'Digital' stickers
424.07VIDEO::OSMANFri Jan 30 1987Please help me get an hour of timesharing.
425.05TURBO::NEWSHAMFri Jan 30 1987Hot Tub's in Hotels ?
426.03LANDO::MOTTFri Jan 30 1987Help with DECPROM? Referrals?
427.01AIAG::KAMESHSun Feb 01 1987Household budget in DECALC
429.014SERPNT::SONTAKKEMon Feb 02 1987Who is Samantha Fox ?
430.01UTRTSC::ROBERTSMon Feb 02 1987Tobago (and Trinidad)
431.01FURILO::BOWKERMon Feb 02 1987Credit Card Scam
432.01TAVMTS::JUANMon Feb 02 1987SCADA for water supply automation.
433.0416514::MOELLERMon Feb 02 1987865
435.02WKRP::LEETCHMon Feb 02 1987Change in car plan A or B???
436.015WME::MACOMBERMon Feb 02 1987Clothing Deposits/Donations
437.04POTAK::LEVITINMon Feb 02 1987What's the title of this book?
438.02YODA::BARANSKITue Feb 03 1987Who in Digital rents Buildings?
439.011--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 03 1987America's Cup T-shirts?
440.04CEDEX::BIJAOUITue Feb 03 1987Wanted : TV plateau
441.027BOSTON::DENTONTue Feb 03 1987How do watts convert to kw/hr.?
442.04BALZAC::DOUHAIRIEWed Feb 04 1987RS485 Interface
443.03NETCOM::HANDELWed Feb 04 1987Difference between condo/cooperative
444.01ROMWed Feb 04 19878mm videocorders
445.01MERIDN::TUSIAWed Feb 04 1987School Scheduling Algorithms
446.01MANTIS::MILLERVWed Feb 04 1987night courses in Boston area
447.05TSG::QIDWAIWed Feb 04 1987Carnival in Rio!
448.010VAXWRK::RACELWed Feb 04 1987Good Quality Wood Furniture at a Discount?
449.010SAMVAX::FIRTHThu Feb 05 1987How much longer...?
450.03MISFIT::SCHLITZERMThu Feb 05 1987Battery Nesting Device?
451.042DSSDEV::EPPESThu Feb 05 1987Why have exits been renumbered on interstates?
452.01HARPO::B_HENRYFri Feb 06 1987small 4X4 info wanted
453.07HARPO::B_HENRYFri Feb 06 1987cleaning fuel oil from clothes
454.012AIMHI::KRISTYSat Feb 07 1987Killer bunny needs sawdust!!!
455.02QUARK::LIONELSat Feb 07 1987Customer visit in San Francisco
456.04MSDSWS::DANTONISun Feb 08 1987I want to learn chess.
457.07IOSG::BAILEYSun Feb 08 1987What is VAXELN ?
458.07PIXEL::KRUPINSKISun Feb 08 1987Sailing a canoe?
459.01SAHQ::LILLYMon Feb 09 1987you can PICS your friends, and you can PICS your operating system, but...
460.01--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 09 1987Compaq computer supplies
461.0SQM::LARRY_MMon Feb 09 1987HERBALIFE?
462.05RDGE4Tue Feb 10 1987LN
464.05TOPDOC::PHILBROOKTue Feb 10 1987Back problems - massage?
465.04SALLIE::PENNINGTONTue Feb 10 1987steel balls
466.03CADSYS::RICHARDSONTue Feb 10 1987Mail-order farming tools outside US?
467.02SSGVAX::SARAOTue Feb 10 1987Just enough to hang me....!
468.01MDVAX3::STEIBTue Feb 10 1987Prototyping Tool Needed
469.010KRYPTN::CROWELLTue Feb 10 1987Whats in the RED meat?
470.01CLT::WIECHMANNTue Feb 10 1987Trivia Hall of Fame?
471.04JEREMY::GIDEONWed Feb 11 1987PCC (Portable C Compiler)
474.01GNUVAX::MAROTTAWed Feb 11 1987Filing 1986 Tax Returns
475.010ZEPPO::ROSENTHALWed Feb 11 1987My doctor friend needs a computer!
477.0YODA::BARANSKIWed Feb 11 1987Canobie Lake Flowers?
478.08QUOIN::BELKINThu Feb 12 1987HELP creating a Notes conference - don't work!
479.01CEODEV::FAULKNERThu Feb 12 1987sealed interoffice mail
480.06ENGINE::WHITEThu Feb 12 1987Do we need banking/insurance programmers?
481.01MAY2Thu Feb 12 1987Boskone?
482.09RDGE4Fri Feb 13 1987Largest commercial VAX application?
483.03FSTVAX::FOSTERFri Feb 13 1987whither UCOUNT ??
484.012USMRM2::MGRACEFri Feb 13 1987Latin, Anyone?
485.02JOET::JOETSat Feb 14 1987Help needed on VAX floating point roundoff error
486.01CURIE::HORGANMon Feb 16 1987Anyone heard of APTEC?
487.02FNYFS::WYNFORDTue Feb 17 1987LN
488.0726Tue Feb 17 1987Insurance company compensation for lost time?
489.012BIGAPL::GITNERTue Feb 17 1987Submission of Software to the Public Domain
490.07INK::BRAKOWed Feb 18 1987THESIS SURVEY
491.017FURILO::BLINNWed Feb 18 1987Where can I get tax forms (e.g., Schedule D)?
492.02FELIX::GKLEINBERGERThu Feb 19 1987Donation of Personal Computer Possible?
494.09STKTSC::RYDENThu Feb 19 1987??DECSET??
495.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 19 1987Job Hunting for a Carpenter
496.01RDGENG::LINDEFri Feb 20 1987TDBS/A1
497.03CHOVAX::YOUNGFri Feb 20 1987VMS <--> Unix ??
498.01EAYVFri Feb 20 1987VRV
499.04BCSE::D_SMITHFri Feb 20 1987Radon levels in home
500.01KRYPTN::CROWELLFri Feb 20 1987Looking for PAL software
501.05GRECO::ANDERSONSun Feb 22 1987Recommendations Wanted for Romantic Resort Hotel
502.01JEREMY::GIDEONSun Feb 22 198732k*8 static RAM
503.04YODA::BARANSKIMon Feb 23 1987Irridescent glasses?
504.04ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 23 1987Error in the VMS documentation for $FAO?
505.027GOLD::OPPELTMon Feb 23 1987Some of us don't want to hold it when we pump.
506.06USMRM2::GROSSMon Feb 23 1987Stolen Money ?
507.04KUNTRY::MITCHAMMon Feb 23 1987Refrigerator won't empty all ice from icemaker tray...
508.01MERIDN::TUSIAMon Feb 23 1987Cottage For Family Vacation
509.02MERIDN::BAILEYMon Feb 23 1987Hello, DECSA gurus?
510.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 24 1987ACCESSING DSIN AND DECSTORE
511.01AMULET::YELINEKTue Feb 24 1987Damaged Equip : When is it mine?
512.04REGENT::EPSTEINTue Feb 24 1987Where do you report an inept mortgage company?
513.011RENKO::KAISERWed Feb 25 1987ASCIIfy file for transmission
514.01TKOV52::MANAKAWed Feb 25 1987Benchmarking LAVC
516.0JETSAM::NORRISMon Mar 02 1987Newletter back issues
517.04CNTROL::GERDEMon Mar 02 1987Fast-Food Slave Drivers
518.064GL::PRINCIPIOTue Mar 03 1987Given store credit instead of cash
519.012KELVIN::RPALMERTue Mar 03 1987Stopping mail delivery for 'resident'
520.03ZEN::WINSTONTue Mar 03 1987Looking for source of Moving boxes
521.02NAC::MOHAMMEDTue Mar 03 1987Decworld Equivalent in Honk Kong?
522.06CHEVTue Mar 03 19871
523.022FDCV18::GENDRONTue Mar 03 1987Looking for MENSA info
524.011MILVAX::K_HAMILTONWed Mar 04 1987Electronic Mail Outside DEC?
525.06BRDWLK::VEALEKThu Mar 05 1987DEC Stock info??
526.017BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Mar 05 1987Electricity and Weather
528.07KIRK::LUNGERFri Mar 06 1987should the phone co's advertise?
529.021CHEAPR::SCANLANDFri Mar 06 1987Knife Sharpeners?
530.05MRMFG1::A_PEIRANOSat Mar 07 1987Where can I find these???
531.05FDCVSun Mar 08 1987Recommendation for a Marlboro Dentist
532.08BMT::COMAROWSun Mar 08 1987LA5
533.04TAVMon Mar 09 1987Medical Networks ???
534.02YIPPEE::LIRONMon Mar 09 1987 Rainbow & CV
535.07AMUSED::UPPERMon Mar 09 1987Seeking Hit and Runner
536.04FDCVMon Mar 09 1987Need a country setting for a workshop...
537.08OVDVAX::CATHERSMon Mar 09 1987My kingdom for 2 PHC tickets...
538.058USHSMon Mar 09 1987Cat control problem -- help!?
540.02DECBEL::ROBBENSTue Mar 10 1987Conversion form ICL-ME29 Interactive
541.04VAXUUM::DYERTue Mar 10 1987Missed "Ask the Globe" Questions
542.05DRAGON::MCVAYTue Mar 10 1987ALL-IN-1-gate?
543.023ASGNQH::BALDWed Mar 11 1987US Deficit Interest
544.01TORA::GKLEINBERGERWed Mar 11 1987Wordstar V4, MSDOS
545.06SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERWed Mar 11 1987VAX Instruction Set SPI
546.05MILRAT::SUTTONWed Mar 11 1987ULowell Computer Center dial-in #?
547.01037934::WOLOCHWed Mar 11 1987Rt. 19
548.0437934::WOLOCHWed Mar 11 1987Legal (profession) software
549.01TONTO::EARLYWed Mar 11 1987Wanted: Convrsational French language course
550.05SKETCH::HFCOOPWed Mar 11 1987Mass. used car laws
551.0516514::MOELLERWed Mar 11 1987uVMS v4.5,MUXserver Software ??
552.02NCVAX1::DICKSWed Mar 11 1987Need Lap-Top or Briefcase Device Needed
553.02CNTROL::GERDEThu Mar 12 1987Convert SCFM to LFM?
554.011VACANT::DIAMONDThu Mar 12 1987ZAP like
555.05IMBACQ::SIEGMANNThu Mar 12 1987MAILWATCH clone??
556.01CLT::ZIMANThu Mar 12 1987DR Demento?
557.03--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 13 1987FORD Discount Plan?
558.01IRT::FLADUNGFri Mar 13 1987Lat remote printer prob.
559.07ECADSR::SHERMANFri Mar 13 1987Compose Character?
560.06VNX::TALCOTTFri Mar 13 1987Looking for on-line IBM stock quotes
561.013VAXWRK::CONNORFri Mar 13 1987NOTES Problem
562.08USSCSL::MICHAELSFri Mar 13 1987Driving Record questions
563.07KBOVMon Mar 16 1987Spring 1987 IDECUS?
564.0USMRM3::JROEHMMon Mar 16 1987Plumbers
565.02HULK::GEISENHAINERMon Mar 16 1987stolen dec phonebook?
566.08VAXUUM::DYERMon Mar 16 1987"The Birds" - More To It?
568.01RENKO::KAISERMon Mar 16 1987What WS demos can we give ADGs?
569.010TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Mar 17 1987"Petster" -- worth the effort?
570.06MDVAX3::STEIBTue Mar 17 1987Recommend Your Favorite Tool...
571.0AUTHOR::WELLCOMETue Mar 17 1987Stan Rabinowitz memorabilia
572.011BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Mar 17 1987Anti-shoplifting Device
573.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 17 1987VAX C DOCUMENTATION
574.019FSTVAX::CARLSONTue Mar 17 1987Living outside the U.S
576.02UFP::MURPHYWed Mar 18 1987Info on HAWK?
577.02SHIRE::ROWLEYWed Mar 18 1987MAPS/MODEL ??
578.07TALLIS::KLOSTERMANWed Mar 18 1987Number for Mass Buying Power
580.01SERPNT::SONTAKKEWed Mar 18 1987DCU interest in MASS & NH ?
581.01EXODUS::LAMYWed Mar 18 1987durango computers?
582.0AIMHI::KRISTYWed Mar 18 1987Desperately seeking COBOL tutor.
583.029VIKING::FLEISCHERWed Mar 18 1987Travel to Canada
584.07AIMHI::KRISTYThu Mar 19 1987Sixel file creation help needed.
585.0SHRBIZ::KULPThu Mar 19 1987?Electronic Requistioning Application?
586.0237934::GUNDAVARAMThu Mar 19 1987-< Color Graphics >-
587.0326Thu Mar 19 1987Shrank Wool In Washmachine
588.0116566::ALLENThu Mar 19 1987K-Town attendees!
589.07RANCHO::HOLTFri Mar 20 1987Mercury and the hat trade...
590.01TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Mar 20 1987Rainbow setup problems?
591.03ISBG::MILLERFri Mar 20 1987Lock Lookup Lockup
592.09TONTO::EARLYFri Mar 20 1987Is it ok to keep free money ? Answer 'surveys' ?
593.01CSSE::QUINNFri Mar 20 1987Stock on the Vancouver Exchange
594.08JEREMY::GIDEONSun Mar 22 1987Videotape formats
595.06BEING::POSTPISCHILSun Mar 22 1987Seeking Bed and Breakfast near Nashua
596.07DRAGON::MCVAYMon Mar 23 1987Spiders are exempt from normal reproduction rules?
597.04HYDRA::HOMMELMon Mar 23 1987Sixal scaling
598.02MMOMon Mar 23 1987DEChealth Info Please
599.04HPSCAD::WALLMon Mar 23 1987Employee Purchase Info
600.02AIMHI::KRISTYMon Mar 23 1987Vocal instructor in the Nashua area?
601.09EVER11::EKLOFMon Mar 23 1987Granite Spheres
602.07CURIUS::HANAMTue Mar 24 1987another compose character question
603.02MSDOA2::SATTERTue Mar 24 1987Source of this quote
604.04ARCHER::DEVLIBTue Mar 24 1987need help on EXTRACT command
605.046QUARK::LIONELTue Mar 24 1987Social Security Numbers
606.01ANGORA::WOLOCHTue Mar 24 1987Vocal Instructor - Worcester
607.04TAVENG::CHAIMWed Mar 25 1987Farmington Hills ????
608.02FNYFS::WYNFORDWed Mar 25 1987INTEL 8749 chip needed
609.04GOOGLY::KERRELLWed Mar 25 1987FTSV Support?
610.01REGENT::MERRILLWed Mar 25 1987How tolls the bell?
611.05TOPDOC::CORMIERWed Mar 25 1987Styrofoam peanuts??
612.01YODA::SCHIFFWed Mar 25 1987 ".cld" files
613.0416514::MOELLERWed Mar 25 1987Rainbow 1
614.03THEBAY::FREITAGWed Mar 25 1987Looking for IBM labelled tape copier
615.05WORDS::BADGERWed Mar 25 1987SID,PMS software info needed.
616.04RDGENG::LESLIEThu Mar 26 1987New Orleans?
617.05TURBO::NEWSHAMThu Mar 26 1987Escape Sequence Question
618.010MILRAT::SOUSAThu Mar 26 1987Auto Insurance Question
620.01CSCMA::JOHNSONThu Mar 26 1987Looking for exhaust fans
621.02AUTHOR::WELLCOMEThu Mar 26 1987PDP-8 DECtape drive?
622.04--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 26 1987Free TU58 cassettes
623.01TURBO::NEWSHAMThu Mar 26 1987Question on Backup on VAX's
624.07GOOGLY::KERRELLFri Mar 27 1987VAXmail=>A1
625.01PICVFri Mar 27 198745 rpm's - Cleaning tips?
626.01CELICA::PAGEFri Mar 27 1987Backup specific UIC's
627.0TOPDOC::CORMIERFri Mar 27 1987Capitol Theatre
628.03NHL::PILOTTEFri Mar 27 1987Caterer Wanted
629.05KUNTRY::MITCHAMFri Mar 27 1987Does KO use VAXnotes?
630.05BCSE::RYANFri Mar 27 1987Hypothetical legal question
631.0REGENT::MERRILLFri Mar 27 1987Who pays the winners 1
632.010TAVENG::CHAIMSun Mar 29 1987VMS Internals....
633.08TAVSun Mar 29 1987Reference sites anyone?
634.014EXIT26::STRATTONSun Mar 29 1987Which of two lanes for "straight through"?
635.010USHSSun Mar 29 1987NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTE file size
636.0TKOV58::SHIMONOSun Mar 29 1987getting an IEEE Micro magazine
637.07TOPDOC::PHILBROOKMon Mar 30 1987Help needed by local shelter
638.03TAVTue Mar 31 1987MCI MAil info pls
639.01CHEAPR::SCANLANDTue Mar 31 1987Fiber Video Multiplexers
641.0FURILO::BLINNWed Apr 01 1987Need help finding stolen car
643.05USSCSL::MICHAELSWed Apr 01 1987Moe, Larry, and Curly
645.05CSCMA::JOHNSONWed Apr 01 1987Looking for literature
646.01CURIE::BECKERThu Apr 02 1987Notes Listing
647.02NAAD::NEWMANThu Apr 02 1987Upgrading from V4.1 to V4.5 of VMS
648.03MOORED::GERSTLEThu Apr 02 1987Looking for a 4th gen. language Program Generator
649.01COOKIE::KRANTZThu Apr 02 1987Circuit Minimization Software?
650.08WHYVAX::HAMPTONFri Apr 03 1987Location of Le Boeufteque Restaurant
652.012NUTMEG::RYANSun Apr 05 1987***NODES & LOCATIONS***
653.0ROMMon Apr 06 1987portable BSC3 (master) anybody?
654.06PECOCK::WHITTALLMon Apr 06 1987Follow that carriage
655.05RDGENG::LESLIEMon Apr 06 1987Query on front board for uVAX I
656.016BLADE::ANDREMon Apr 06 1987"Frequent Flyer" and company travel
657.0251341::STEINTue Apr 07 1987HP communications - Anybody ?
658.010TSG::JACOBSTue Apr 07 1987Color or B&W daily comics?
660.05FURILO::BLINNTue Apr 07 1987Intensive ESOL course in Boston?
661.01SKETCH::HFCOOPWed Apr 08 1987Ergonomics--Price?
662.08WHOARU::DIAMONDWed Apr 08 1987VAXnotes
663.04PECOCK::WHITTALLWed Apr 08 1987Mileage Charts
665.03HPSCAD::WALLThu Apr 09 1987Comparison Shopping: Modems
666.06FROST::WALZThu Apr 09 1987Small size printer paper?
667.03BRDWLK::VEALEKThu Apr 09 1987Looking for UIS files
668.07HEFTY::GUSICJFri Apr 10 1987Unissued shares of Digital stock??
669.073363::MORGANFri Apr 10 19872
670.06RAINBW::MELOSKIFri Apr 10 1987DayCare/Bedford possible?
672.03SNOMAS::GUTZMERFri Apr 10 1987Where can I find the file
673.018TIXEL::ARNOLDSat Apr 11 1987natural or unnatural?
674.018AIMHI::SMITHSun Apr 12 1987I need help with math/physics problem
675.018XANADU::RAVANMon Apr 13 1987"Do not discard original packaging" - true or false?
676.07ULTRA::SEKURSKIMon Apr 13 1987Music Box
677.02SPICE1::MIKELISJMon Apr 13 1987Directions to ZKO1-1
678.010RUNWAY::YORKMon Apr 13 1987Aviation Satellite Weather on DEC Hardware
679.01MENTOR::PJOHNSONMon Apr 13 1987Let's play detective
681.0237935::WOLOCHMon Apr 13 1987Outdoor World??
682.074GL::DIAMONDMon Apr 13 1987Police/Fire/Rescue on scanner?
683.06STAR::NISHIMOTOMon Apr 13 1987DEC Anonymous Suggestion Box?
684.0COLORS::BROWNMon Apr 13 1987DEC Mass sites; employee numbers
685.01TALLIS::HASSMon Apr 13 1987Looking for Bliss
687.01EXIT26::HOOKMon Apr 13 1987Buying a computer
688.06CHAPLN::ROSENTHALMon Apr 13 1987Need info on group homes for the disabled
689.01BIGMAC::SKORKOMon Apr 13 1987Freelance/Graphwriter/Lotus
690.06WATNEY::SPARROWMon Apr 13 1987TMJ surgery questions
691.016PUZZLE::BLUMMon Apr 13 1987Where to find cheap credit cards?
692.03ARMORY::MIKELISJThu Apr 16 1987IDECUS Spring Symposium
693.02MENTOR::PJOHNSONThu Apr 16 1987Looking for newspapers
694.02BARNUM::BROUILLETThu Apr 16 1987Define keys in MAIL?
695.01USSCSL::MICHAELSThu Apr 16 1987Real Estate W/O a broker
696.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 16 1987454a Oscope Manual needed.
697.04CHAPLN::ROSENTHALThu Apr 16 1987Question about inheritance tax
698.088913::ROBERTSThu Apr 16 1987Klunk
700.03BAGELS::LANEThu Apr 16 1987Jewelers?
701.07NUTMEG::RYANThu Apr 16 1987*** GOOD HAIRCUT? ***
703.0MENTOR::PJOHNSONFri Apr 17 1987Reunion Coming Up
704.02NUTMEG::RYANFri Apr 17 1987*** BINDERS? ***
705.02JON::CALABRIAFri Apr 17 1987?
706.02PIGGY::MCCALLIONFri Apr 17 1987Corporate Listing-mileage?
707.01UHCLEM::FEINFri Apr 17 1987Oven Problem
709.05IRT::CHURCHEFri Apr 17 1987Is it soup yet?
710.03VAXWRK::RACELFri Apr 17 1987What is this book? I read it then lost it.
711.01--UnknownUser--Sat Apr 18 1987Avatex Modem
712.04DELNI::JONGSat Apr 18 1987High-Tension Lines and PCs
713.09USATSL::LILLYMon Apr 20 1987help to stop smoking
714.08STAR::MALIKMon Apr 20 1987Renting Trunks?
715.0151341::STEINTue Apr 21 1987Art style package for VS-xxxx
717.03DPDSAL::BEELERTue Apr 21 1987ACM Communications,HELP!
718.04PARITY::MCCONNELLTue Apr 21 1987Need Usenet Dist List Info
719.01BARNUM::BROUILLETTue Apr 21 1987Video Conferencing?
720.011VCQUAL::MARSHALLWed Apr 22 1987US Geological Survey maps
721.02DELNI::DALYWed Apr 22 1987DECmate III margin bell too loud.
722.02PIGGY::MCCALLIONWed Apr 22 1987Help - RMS to Notes
723.06ECADSR::SHERMANThu Apr 23 1987Am I getting the Royal treatment?
724.07NUTMEG::RYANThu Apr 23 1987*** MENS CLOTHING STORE? ***
725.01NUWAVE::PARKThu Apr 23 1987Where's the foos?
726.012TLE::SAVAGEThu Apr 23 1987Conway's game of life
727.03QUARK::LIONELThu Apr 23 1987Hyatt Legal Services
728.04ARMORY::MIKELISJThu Apr 23 1987Personal 'fridges
729.022AIMHI::SMITHThu Apr 23 1987Fly vs Train
730.0NAAD::NEWMANThu Apr 23 1987Tax Adivce Wanted
731.010KIRK::LUNGERThu Apr 23 1987One of these days... POW right in the kisser
732.02GLASS::PSOSThu Apr 23 1987engineering log book
733.02TAVENG::GOLDMANFri Apr 24 1987you teach - we pay!
734.04BRDWLK::VEALEKFri Apr 24 1987Coupon Mailing Help?
736.05FALEK::FALEKFri Apr 24 1987A way to limit notes access to our cluster only?
737.02SHRBIZ::KULPMon Apr 27 1987traveling dog
738.011Mon Apr 27 1987Any Philadelphia Nodes ???
739.07TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Apr 27 1987What's Vogon?
740.02JEREMY::DAVIDBTue Apr 28 1987South American nodes?
741.02TAVENG::CHAIMTue Apr 28 1987Anyone Near Allentown or Easton Pa....
742.016PDVAX::P_DAVISTue Apr 28 1987Clean up DSR carriage control? Run TECO on VWS?
743.02CURIE::JOYTue Apr 28 1987Quote a quote in MAIL?
744.01EXIT26::CAMACHOTue Apr 28 1987Boston Symphony
745.01TAVENG::CHAIMWed Apr 29 1987Tall Men Clothing....
746.021GOOGLY::KERRELLWed Apr 29 1987Cure for hiccups?
747.02TSG::MCEVOYWed Apr 29 1987Save SLEDGE!
751.01BMT::FLADUNGThu Apr 30 1987Any AUSCOM knowledge ?
752.02CHEAPR::SCANLANDThu Apr 30 1987How to digitize video?
753.01PUZZLE::BLUMThu Apr 30 1987SPI's & CBI's on the net?
755.06FSTVAX::FOSTERThu Apr 30 1987any botanists out there??
756.07BRIVAX::RIZANFri May 01 1987MicroVAX II in airplanes
757.07NUTMEG::RYANFri May 01 1987*** ROWING MACHINES??? ***
759.0112612Sat May 02 1987What do houses cost where you live?
761.06CAMLOT::DAVISMon May 04 1987Help! My waterbed won't drain!
762.010NUTMEG::RYANMon May 04 1987*** CALORIC I/O CHARTS? ***
763.05DAMSEL::MARMATMon May 04 1987Microfiche Reader/Copier?
764.0EXIT26::STRATTONMon May 04 1987Looking for Intermedia system in Digital
765.03ARMORY::MIKELISJTue May 05 1987In search of BSR, Ltd.
766.04ROMTue May 05 1987quebec to groenland?
767.010ODIXIE::SAKOVICHTue May 05 1987digital bumper sticker search
768.04JOET::JOETTue May 05 1987What happened to HUMAN::?
769.0MENTOR::PJOHNSONWed May 06 1987Canada: Help with Lawnmower Parts?
770.02BLITZN::AIKALAThu May 07 1987THENEWSOAPBOX (where?)
771.03HBO::SMITHThu May 07 1987Cape Canaveral/Kennedy
772.03TIXEL::ARNOLDThu May 07 1987Digital bookstore - mail order?
773.05BIRMIC::WOODSThu May 07 1987Baseball INFO - help me decipher it
774.04WHOARU::WONGThu May 07 1987Time for DEC
775.09CAVEAT::WOLFEThu May 07 1987Name that Prison!
776.06CLUSTA::RYANThu May 07 1987Boston directions
777.02BMT::COMAROWFri May 08 1987Local Area Vax Cluster
779.016DPDMAI::RITZFri May 08 1987What freezes fastest?
780.06HOO78B::KEWFri May 08 1987RPC - Who? Where?
781.02CNTROL::COTEFri May 08 1987Calculating FiscalYear, Quarter & WorkWeek?
783.04NAZARD::WHITESun May 10 1987Need info on IBM CPU, etc.
784.0MENTOR::PJOHNSONMon May 11 1987How to get NBA stuff
785.022TALLIS::SOBRIENMon May 11 1987Allergies and remedies
786.01SERPNT::SONTAKKEMon May 11 1987? Remove platen from LA75 Companion Printer ?
787.07MELODY::CURTISMon May 11 1987Air conditioner question
788.054GL::DIAMONDMon May 11 1987VTX "*M*" - I want my messages!
789.07NUTMEG::RYANMon May 11 1987Why is access to ASKENET sometimes really slow?
790.02NUTMEG::RYANMon May 11 1987Want UK contact for Austin-Healey parts
791.03FDCVMon May 11 1987ANONYMOUS ENTRY - HELP!!!
792.02FDCVTue May 12 1987need help w/ NOTES protocol problem
793.017JEREMY::GIDEONWed May 13 1987?node<-->cluster?
794.01JEREMY::GIDEONWed May 13 1987?SCRIBE?
795.03NUTMEG::RYANWed May 13 1987Why is SPAM's birthday not a DEC holiday??
796.02ERASER::GRACEWed May 13 1987Desperately Seeking Samuel Clemens
798.01ULTRA::OFSEVITWed May 13 1987Any use for empty binders?
799.07CSSE::COLMANWed May 13 1987How does one select a surgeon?
801.01USRCV1::FOLEYThu May 14 1987"FOLEY" process, like DOLBY?
802.013ECADSR::LAWThu May 14 1987SPR'S
803.02CHAPLN::ROSENTHALThu May 14 1987?? about 1987 W4 form
804.03SAHQ::MILBERGFri May 15 1987Has DIGITAL moved??
805.01VIDEO::OSMANFri May 15 1987Do you have connections in Italy, anyone ?
806.05BMT::SPRINGERFri May 15 1987.LN3 files on LN
807.05LEZAH::BOBBITTFri May 15 1987anyone seen JUNIPR:UU?
808.05CAADC::MARSHFri May 15 1987No more 85
809.0OSLMon May 18 1987Hotel reference site needed
810.0MENTOR::PJOHNSONMon May 18 1987Looking for Amway Salesperson
811.06FDCVMon May 18 1987AMTRAK in Framingham?
812.02CHAPLN::ROSENTHALMon May 18 1987Been to Royal Plaza in Marlboro?
813.02FNYFS::ESCOTMon May 18 1987Soft IMAGE IN in SPD?
814.04VAXINE::THILBERTMon May 18 1987How to translate node name to location and back?
815.04CURIUS::BRASSARDMon May 18 1987Digital Facility: Augusta, ME
816.01BEING::POSTPISCHILMon May 18 1987Unknown Toy Inquiry
817.02NUTMEG::RYANMon May 18 1987Why does my NOTEBOOK grow without bound?
818.011MELODY::CURTISMon May 18 1987Best airport for coming to Shrewsbury, MA?
820.013COLTue May 19 1987Submariners do it with red light
821.01HLDGTue May 19 1987Whatever happened to ASKENET_V2??
822.07NUTMEG::RYANTue May 19 1987***MYSTERY TITLE CHANGE?***
823.03FNYFS::JUINTue May 19 1987help on tdms error message ?!
824.09VIDEO::OSMANTue May 19 1987Why is the Islip garbage barge such a problem?
825.01LASSIE::S_FRASERTue May 19 1987Questions about Nashua High School
826.03GLORY::STREMICKTue May 19 1987What is `partially hydrogenated' oil?
827.04PARITY::ORNSTEINTue May 19 1987VT1
828.010USSCSL::MICHAELSTue May 19 1987Sports Car Conferences
829.015COLWed May 20 1987Census in other countries too?
831.04ECADSR::SHERMANWed May 20 1987Blood red (blue)?
832.08FDCVWed May 20 1987Need Montreal info - fast!
833.02ENGGSG::BEAUDETWed May 20 1987Pheonix - management tool?
834.02HYDRA::MISKAThu May 21 1987Your ship leaves with the tide.
835.08REGENT::MERRILLThu May 21 1987Foreign Currency Travelers Checks
836.04DUBSWS::D_OSULLIVANThu May 21 1987Library systems
837.01CADSYS::RICHARDSONThu May 21 1987Need info on Outward Bound
838.04TSG::KELLEHERThu May 21 1987Tool to make .PHOTO files?
839.0CEODEV::FAULKNERThu May 21 1987conversions to fortran cc
840.01NAAD::NEWMANFri May 22 1987What happened to CUJO::EMPPURPRO?
841.0NAAD::NEWMANFri May 22 1987Scicards to Regis conversion
842.0OSLFri May 22 1987Encryption blackbox ?
843.01REGENT::MERRILLFri May 22 1987Steel Grate for Stove ?
844.02TALLIS::SOBRIENFri May 22 1987How did Dallas end?
845.01JAWS::DAVISFri May 22 1987Where's Human::Digital?
846.0MERIDN::JUDDFri May 22 1987Looking for Language Tutor on Tape
847.01IOSG::BAILEYSat May 23 1987Career Directions ?
848.01PRANCR::ROBERTSSat May 23 1987Parley-vous DEC?
849.07MSDSWS::DANTONISun May 24 1987Super Computer Interconnect info needed!
850.02ROMMon May 25 1987Should I buy DEC stock?
851.0SHIRE::MORIAUDTue May 26 1987French words list?
852.06TAVENG::CHAIMTue May 26 1987VaxMail to Olivetti ???...
853.05TSG::QIDWAITue May 26 1987Gift offer in the Mail!
855.01DONJON::PMATue May 26 1987Any GLS'67 Alumnae here?
856.05VINO::DZIEDZICTue May 26 1987Jukeboxes Wanted
857.04BMT::COMAROWWed May 27 1987John Hancock Medical Emergency Phone Number?
858.015NRADM::MITCHELLWed May 27 1987How to kill/control Carpenter Ants?
859.03REGAL::DIAMONDWed May 27 1987DECalc/PLUS Docs anyone?
860.05USWAV8::KINNEYWed May 27 1987Remote system backups
861.07NUTMEG::RYANThu May 28 1987??? CAVANAUGH VW ???
862.03FURILO::BLINNThu May 28 1987B&B Inn in Bah Hahbah?
863.02CASPRO::MWRESINSKIThu May 28 1987Ps-EYE-chedelics?
864.010BRSADG::BROWNFri May 29 1987Super-Conductors
865.0543248::ANDYSat May 30 1987How to clean engine oil from a carpet?
866.0SAFETY::SEGALSat May 30 1987DEC-Public SOFTWARE Acct to be Deleted Soon
867.06CAADC::MARSHSun May 31 1987Carpet/Linoleum Interface
868.02BIGAPL::SHAMELMon Jun 01 1987Info on skiing in Utah wanted
870.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSMon Jun 01 1987Q-Bus Options Technical Customer Support?
871.05SEAPEN::PHIPPSMon Jun 01 1987Solicited During Working Hours
872.02VORTEX::JOVANMon Jun 01 1987Can Rayon Be Washed vs Dry-cleaned?
873.022TSG::KELLEHERTue Jun 02 1987Imaginary Numbers -- doing research...
874.04KLAATU::THIBAULTTue Jun 02 1987Great Woods info
875.01RITZ::RKETue Jun 02 1987Monopolies Commission
877.03EXCELL::MAHLERTue Jun 02 1987Can't sleep till I find an answer...
878.02TOPDOC::PHILBROOKTue Jun 02 1987Auto Body Repairs Gone Sour
879.01BRAT::PULKSTENISTue Jun 02 1987Where to get loam in NH?
880.02MSDOA2::BROGERSTue Jun 02 1987327
881.01NACHO::DIGRAZIATue Jun 02 1987MBA in Laundromat
882.08BROWNY::BERNSTEINTue Jun 02 1987Finding "Famous" mailing addresses
883.029CSSE::COLMANTue Jun 02 1987AIDS via mosquito?
884.025IECG::GREENWOODTue Jun 02 1987Coincidence
885.02RITZ::RKEWed Jun 03 1987XXDP + lots of time?
886.01NUTMEG::RYANWed Jun 03 1987??? AUTO BROKERS ???
887.010ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Jun 03 1987Water water everywhere, but no water coolers.
888.03THEBAY::WOODRIWed Jun 03 1987Questions on APL
889.01USHSWed Jun 03 1987FOCUS IBM <-> DEC
890.07VIKING::FLEISCHERWed Jun 03 1987Is the "Declaration of Independence" a law?
891.02IRT::SPRINGERWed Jun 03 1987Crash Dump Analysis Doc...?
892.09SALSA::MOELLERWed Jun 03 1987DEC/Xwindows group ?
893.01TOPDOC::GREENBERGWed Jun 03 1987WP Advice Needed
894.02GVAADG::DONALDSONThu Jun 04 1987Simple drawing/diagram generator
895.02HLDGThu Jun 04 1987Operational cost
896.03TONTO::EARLYThu Jun 04 1987HELP with NOTES conf. Moder. INSERT before NOTE n.
897.01CHAPLN::ROSENTHALThu Jun 04 1987Help pick a birthday present!
898.02WME::MACOMBERThu Jun 04 1987VAXmail to DECmail ?
899.012VOYEUR::FESTAThu Jun 04 1987Looking for my Long Lost Pal
900.05BARNES::RENOThu Jun 04 1987What's wrong with UCOUNT?
902.03EXIT26::STRATTONThu Jun 04 1987Looking for Oshkosh outlet in Maine
903.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 05 1987I need a Pro Floor Stand
904.0CSSE::QUINNFri Jun 05 1987Looking for a House Cleaner
905.01CYCLPS::PANGAKISFri Jun 05 1987Discount Publishing Company for DEC employees?
906.02SHIPIT::BENHAMFri Jun 05 1987Lake Winnipesaukee Area
907.02PIGGY::LMCLAUGHLINFri Jun 05 1987Avon Calling??
908.07BARNES::RENOFri Jun 05 1987Just what is PURPLE RAIN, huh?
909.06MENTOR::PJOHNSONSat Jun 06 1987What is 'speaking in tongues'?
910.010EXIT26::STRATTONSun Jun 07 1987What is "mojo"?
911.028CSSE::COLMANMon Jun 08 1987How are jurors selected?
912.021CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Jun 08 1987Mystery Zip Code
913.01NERDS::SARENMon Jun 08 1987VAX 75
914.08BRAT::PULKSTENISMon Jun 08 1987Getting to Logan Airport
915.02NAAD::NEWMANMon Jun 08 1987Potential breach of security... Who do I contact?
916.02AYOV18::ELIPSZYCTue Jun 09 1987Peru travel info wanted
917.01HPSCAD::WALLTue Jun 09 1987On the use of the VTX Jobs book
918.06FDCVTue Jun 09 1987Where is live LOBSTER?
920.03VINO::KSTEVENSTue Jun 09 1987Camping near Tanglewood
921.06SERPNT::SONTAKKETue Jun 09 1987.REQUIRE in RUNOFF/DRPLUS over DECnet, any tricks?
922.03BIGMAC::SKORKOTue Jun 09 19878 1/2 to 5 1/4 inch conversion
923.01THEBAY::WOODRIWed Jun 10 1987Pointer to an industry group?
924.0RUNWAY::YORKWed Jun 10 1987Drafting help for Avn Services?
925.03MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Jun 10 1987Virtual terminals and terminal servers
926.0USSCSL::DOLANWed Jun 10 1987We've lost a friend....
927.027EXCELL::MAHLERWed Jun 10 1987Calculating Electric to get Landlord off Back!
928.01POP::SUNGWed Jun 10 1987Mass Pike Futures?
929.01ARMORY::MIKELISJThu Jun 11 1987Directions to MIT from Worcester?
930.06SALSA::SCHENKERThu Jun 11 1987Digitizer tablets anyone?
931.05USSCSL::MICHAELSThu Jun 11 1987Pension Plans and the new tax laws
932.06USATSL::LILLYFri Jun 12 1987Xerox laser printer connection to VAX?
933.0ECADSR::RAVENFri Jun 12 1987Boston Computer Society: SIG CAD?
934.0PVAX::PAGEFri Jun 12 1987LQP
935.01ECADSR::RAVENFri Jun 12 1987Please Find CAD Documentation!
936.06EUCLID::PAULHUSFri Jun 12 1987Glass slider element repl.
937.05VORTEX::JOVANFri Jun 12 1987Entry into Sales?
938.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 12 1987Classified_ads still on Lando?
939.0CADSE::GOUNFri Jun 12 1987Info needed: Third Party Home Purchase appraisers
940.0NCVAX1::DICKSFri Jun 12 1987Summer Internships
941.0NAAD::NEWMANFri Jun 12 1987HPGL to REGIS or SIXEL converter wanted
942.0VOLGA::TETZLOFFFri Jun 12 1987Seeking FIDS guru.
943.05PRANCR::AIKALASat Jun 13 1987Can replies be moved?
944.02PLDVAX::GUNDAVARAMSat Jun 13 1987-< Information on the PRO-38
945.04MSDSWS::DANTONISun Jun 14 1987COLECO ADAM Schematics needed
946.05PUFFIN::OGRADYMon Jun 15 1987How to disable CALL-WAITING?
947.02TOPDOC::STANTONMon Jun 15 1987What is a "CPM Managed Community"?
948.08DIEHRD::MAHLERMon Jun 15 1987The Ultimate in Informational Questions!
949.02FDCVMon Jun 15 1987International Airline Passenger Association
950.01AUTHOR::WELLCOMEMon Jun 15 1987Meanings of MCS 2
951.0HUDSON::PIERPONTMon Jun 15 1987WGBH-TV/WGBH-FM Support needed
952.01AIMHI::KRISTYMon Jun 15 1987Notes DIG wants YOU!
953.0ALPINE::TRAPPMon Jun 15 1987Need BIG Keyboard!
954.07ECADSR::SHERMANTue Jun 16 1987Newport, RI?
955.0GLINKA::GREENETue Jun 16 1987Desperately seeking Tupperware (!?)
956.01GOOGLY::KERRELLTue Jun 16 1987Lost in France
957.025MANTIS::MILLERVTue Jun 16 1987"lost" check
958.04VINO::DZIEDZICTue Jun 16 1987Directory of Notes Conferences?
959.0USATSL::LILLYTue Jun 16 1987OA benefits analysis
960.02MERIDN::BAILEYTue Jun 16 1987Looking for Leprechauns!
961.0CASVTue Jun 16 1987Page numbering Algorithm - 1 of ?
962.0INK::KOBSTue Jun 16 1987Telephone hotlines for customers
963.07PUZZLE::BLUMTue Jun 16 1987Plural form of `status'
964.04NAAD::NEWMANTue Jun 16 1987How do I access LIVEWIRE?
965.0NAAD::NEWMANTue Jun 16 1987The FAA wants YOU!
966.01BRSOPI::ROBBENSWed Jun 17 1987PACE-info wanted.
967.07MANILA::DEEREWed Jun 17 1987Electric Bug Zappers
968.03NAAD::NEWMANWed Jun 17 1987Volume Shadowing on a Stand-Alone MicroVAX
969.04ESDC2::SOBOTThu Jun 18 1987Caffeine and health
970.0CSSE::MARGEThu Jun 18 1987Seeking Flesch Test Readability Checker
971.01DVINCI::FERWERDAThu Jun 18 1987Long-distance Carrier Discussions?
972.01VIDEO::GABRIELThu Jun 18 1987DEC-MATE II escape key ????
973.014IOSG::BAILEYThu Jun 18 1987Teflon Bullets..
974.03BUBBLY::LEIGHThu Jun 18 1987Treasurer's check? Cashier's check?
975.0116BITS::HAMPTONThu Jun 18 1987small business-type software
976.011BCSE::D_SMITHThu Jun 18 1987Data Flow Diagrammers
977.04IPG::CARLILLFri Jun 19 1987Are VAXes 1
978.04ARMORY::MIKELISJFri Jun 19 1987DECworld '87 tickets?
979.027BRAT::PULKSTENISFri Jun 19 1987Long Distance Tel. services?
980.01IOSG::BAILEYFri Jun 19 1987SORT conference ?
981.0USSCSL::MICHAELSFri Jun 19 1987Auto leasing w/insurance
982.02RICKS::CHUMSAEFri Jun 19 1987Travel to Italy NOTE?
984.06NRADM::MITCHELLFri Jun 19 1987National Public Radio
985.01UPBEAT::MMOYFri Jun 19 1987Is there a 1
986.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Jun 19 1987Book of contacts for outside soliciation of DEC
987.0COGITO::CHINSat Jun 20 1987Emergency, D.J. Wanted
988.05JRDVSun Jun 21 1987Dog food name?
989.0VAXINE::THILBERTSun Jun 21 1987Jack & Jill (DJ) info wanted
990.010DAMSEL::MARMATMon Jun 22 1987A quiet retreat?
991.01BRSOPI::ROBBENSMon Jun 22 1987Trekking-info ??
992.0CAPECD::HOLLANDMon Jun 22 1987Marlboro Apartment Hunt
993.056HARDY::KENAHMon Jun 22 1987Baseball Questions
994.01CSMADM::PILOTTEMon Jun 22 1987looking for a SWING BAND
995.05RUBY::LALIBERTEMon Jun 22 1987Cholesterol Count
996.01NAAD::NEWMANMon Jun 22 1987How to access the Lang & Tools QAR system
997.02PDVAX::P_DAVISMon Jun 22 1987Seeking inn for fall foliage
998.07BAGELS::LANETue Jun 23 1987What to do at Niagara Falls?
999.03ROMTue Jun 23 1987 % discount for DEC employees?
1000.03FURILO::BLINNTue Jun 23 1987Good grief! It's topic 1
1002.03FNYFS::CAMPBELLWed Jun 24 1987Where is ABSTRACTS.LIS
1003.04TAVENG::CHAIMWed Jun 24 1987Quality Assurance Training...???
1004.03TMCUK2::ANDERSONWed Jun 24 1987SSG Demo Cluster rumour
1005.04BRSOPI::ROBBENSWed Jun 24 1987"Random store" stock ?
1006.010DIEHRD::MAHLERWed Jun 24 1987DEC Copenhagen, Denmark?
1007.07ECADSR::SHERMANWed Jun 24 1987Unwritten codes
1008.03TAVENG::CHAIMThu Jun 25 1987Social Security retroactively....
1009.01RITZ::RKEThu Jun 25 1987APT System
1010.020PISCES::GAUDETTEThu Jun 25 1987One for you mad scientists out there
1011.01ULTRA::OFSEVITThu Jun 25 1987DEC CRL?
1012.07DCC::COURTSThu Jun 25 1987Singer-Link/Westinghouse/CAE
1013.0VAXINE::THILBERTThu Jun 25 1987Wanted! Used LA-75
1014.02SALSA::MOELLERThu Jun 25 1987BISYNC Communications
1015.012SALSA::ABELSONThu Jun 25 1987Cassettes Run RAMPANT!
1016.03SMAUG::MURALIFri Jun 26 1987Any pointers to rtn to parse quoted string?
1017.02CHUCKL::ASLANIANFri Jun 26 1987la5
1018.012TSG::KELLEHERFri Jun 26 1987CITY-NET for those with modems
1019.09FDCVFri Jun 26 1987Jolt Soda!!
1020.05IOSG::BAILEYSat Jun 27 1987VMS BACKUP..
1021.06VAXINE::THILBERTMon Jun 29 1987VTX News, Weather, Sports?
1022.03TAVENG::CHAIMMon Jun 29 1987Technical Writing Training....
1023.04MMOMon Jun 29 1987Tokyo F/S Help
1024.01NACHO::DIGRAZIAMon Jun 29 1987RS232C disk drive?
1025.0SALSA::MOELLERMon Jun 29 1987LN
1026.09GRUNT::MOORTHYMon Jun 29 1987Password problem
1027.0INFACT::BEVISMon Jun 29 1987Disk Compression S/W?
1028.02JEREMY::GIDEONTue Jun 30 1987English version of Talmud
1030.036DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Jun 30 1987Decapitation and I saw the basket?
1032.04DIXIE1::DIALTue Jun 30 1987A.O. Smith Software, ATM Switch interfaces?
1033.04NEPTUN::BERKSONTue Jun 30 1987How to change a NODE:: name?
1034.08KNEE::WEBERTue Jun 30 1987Basic Elevation Question
1035.01FURILO::BOWKERTue Jun 30 1987How about explaining Cricket...
1036.02DV78Wed Jul 01 1987Excess Microfiche
1037.010NAAD::NEWMANWed Jul 01 1987How does the LA75 do Form-feeds?
1038.03MILVAX::K_HAMILTONWed Jul 01 1987Floppy to Notes
1039.05MSDSWS::HENDERSONWed Jul 01 1987SYSUAF through DTR
1040.02VIDEO::OSMANWed Jul 01 1987July 1
1041.01IRT::COMAROWWed Jul 01 1987DEC-2
1042.01QUASER::STEELEPWed Jul 01 1987Looking for: Automatic SBA System
1043.022INK::BRAKOThu Jul 02 1987DEC's Top 1
1044.04VIDEO::GABRIELThu Jul 02 1987Recoginizing <ESC> codes ????
1045.01KELVIN::RPALMERThu Jul 02 1987Tolerance Analysis Software?
1046.02HLDGFri Jul 03 1987Anything on Information Service ?
1047.02FNYFS::ESCOTFri Jul 03 1987Latest DEC Stock Prices?
1048.06QUARK::LIONELSun Jul 05 1987Perfume stores in MA/NH?
1049.01DIODE::CROWELLSun Jul 05 1987VAXstation Software Developers Incentive
1050.03OSLSWS::BRITTMon Jul 06 1987AFTN-Aeronautical Fixed Telecom. Network
1051.01ECADSR::DIAZMon Jul 06 1987Semiconductor Research Corp?
1052.08TOPDOC::TEMPLEMon Jul 06 1987Fall Foliage in Italy
1053.06NACHO::WILLIAMSMon Jul 06 1987Printing Circuit Boards
1054.05CURIE::HORGANTue Jul 07 1987Boat trailer plates??
1055.014NEPTUN::BERKSONTue Jul 07 1987Unshred shredded paper?
1056.04TIPPLE::KOCHTue Jul 07 1987I need a conf room in ZKO for 7/15/87
1057.04BRAT::PULKSTENISTue Jul 07 1987Merrimack Dentists-Good, bad indifferent?
1058.03VAXINE::THILBERTTue Jul 07 1987The Correct Time
1059.09TKOV6Tue Jul 07 1987Who's singing this?
1060.04ESDC2::SOBOTWed Jul 08 1987"draught" versus wind
1061.08VAXINE::THILBERTWed Jul 08 1987Getting around in Notes
1062.02PARITY::ORNSTEINWed Jul 08 1987Needed: Requirements Document Template
1063.015ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Jul 08 1987Local document circulation logjam
1064.04CIVIC::EMDSPRODWed Jul 08 1987newsgroups listing?
1065.029TALLIS::SOBRIENWed Jul 08 1987Fact or fiction ????
1066.08HPSCAD::WALLWed Jul 08 1987Will Headphones survive dunking?
1067.011KLAATU::THIBAULTThu Jul 09 1987Continental Question
1068.013PUZZLE::BLUMThu Jul 09 1987How does dithering work?
1069.02VINO::DZIEDZICFri Jul 10 1987Fasteners needed (screws & etc.)
1070.02VAXUUM::SWATKOFri Jul 10 1987VT22
1071.013DIEHRD::MAHLERFri Jul 10 1987Life in Prison?
1072.03REGENT::MERRILLFri Jul 10 1987Dreaming and laughter - a coffee break question
1073.03VAXUUM::SWATKOFri Jul 10 1987Directions to MIT from NH
1074.010DELNI::CHRISTENSENSat Jul 11 1987Hit and Run; Car
1075.05NCVAX1::DICKSSat Jul 11 1987Where is UBO?
1076.010TALLIS::KOCHSun Jul 12 1987Correct position of car headrest?
1077.08VAXINE::THILBERTSun Jul 12 1987Need help with DF-
1078.06VAXINE::THILBERTMon Jul 13 1987Pine Pitch
1079.05SMAUG::DESMONDMon Jul 13 1987Dentists in Littleton or Billerica?
1080.0TLE::SAVAGEMon Jul 13 1987Fair Market Value?
1081.01ASD::LOWMon Jul 13 1987Geofacilities Information Systems?
1082.018TOPDOC::SLOANEMon Jul 13 1987Lost Notes
1083.03DIEHRD::MAHLERMon Jul 13 1987What towns are local to Downtown by PHONE?
1084.0WHYVAX::HAMPTONMon Jul 13 1987VAXLisp doc set wanted
1085.0BAGELS::LANEMon Jul 13 1987Need help finding a PTP sponsor
1086.020BISTRO::KIRKTue Jul 14 1987Mosquitoes spoil summer!
1087.03DELNI::CHRISTENSENTue Jul 14 1987Dollar Value
1088.02ASD::DIGRAZIATue Jul 14 1987Stamp value
1089.03VIKING::TARBETWed Jul 15 1987An easy/cheap way to buy DEC stock?
1090.01VAXINE::THILBERTWed Jul 15 1987The Buddy Holly Story"
1091.05NUTMEG::RYANWed Jul 15 1987???READ NOTES VIA BATCH???
1092.09DV78Wed Jul 15 1987Wrap it in Foil!
1093.011MANTIS::EGOLFWed Jul 15 1987Color Blind
1094.03OSLSWS::BRITTThu Jul 16 1987VAX-System/38 Communication?
1095.01TKOV51::MANAKAThu Jul 16 1987DEQNA HW ADDR Trouble!
1096.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 16 1987Pascal Packed Arrays/DTR?
1097.05MANANA::RAVANThu Jul 16 1987Sporadic "disk full" - but it isn't
1098.05FROST::WALZThu Jul 16 1987How to Copyright Something?
1099.010ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Jul 16 1987life insurance (in NH)
1100.03ENGINE::JAINThu Jul 16 1987Museum of Science discount tickets?
1101.01NUTMEG::RYANThu Jul 16 1987???SPD's???
1102.03ANGORA::WOLOCHThu Jul 16 1987PWB run - current limits
1103.018STAR::MCCOYThu Jul 16 1987Silica gel for packing film?
1104.0THEBAY::WOODRIThu Jul 16 1987GeoVision software?
1105.01EXIT26::STRATTONFri Jul 17 1987Looking for red ribbon for line/hardcopy printer
1106.017HLDGFri Jul 17 1987It's a gas
1107.012ANGORA::MORRISONFri Jul 17 1987DEC LQP's discontinued
1108.06DIEHRD::MAHLERFri Jul 17 1987List of DEC Competitors?
1109.01AMRETO::GLICKFri Jul 17 1987Help with SET HOST/DTE
1110.04NUTMEG::RYANFri Jul 17 1987???AIRLINE QUESTION???
1111.011TSG::KELLEHERSun Jul 19 1987Dilemma -- renting a car
1112.06IECG::GREENWOODSun Jul 19 1987Telephone wires
1114.03ASD::DIGRAZIASun Jul 19 1987Length of Fiscal Year?
1115.07SAVAGE::FINKMon Jul 20 1987Honeymooning in Jamaica
1116.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 20 1987<Travel info - Cancun, Mexico>
1117.0LESLIE::ANDYMon Jul 20 1987Official description of SPR process please.
1118.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Jul 20 1987Classification Science?
1119.05ARCHER::MOORTHYMon Jul 20 1987Logan Express
1120.05ECADSR::DIAZMon Jul 20 1987Traffic Ticket Experience ?
1121.01MISFIT::SCHLITZERMTue Jul 21 1987Logan Shuttle
1122.03VINO::DZIEDZICTue Jul 21 1987Metal Plater needed
1123.017HARPO::B_HENRYTue Jul 21 1987day trip to NYC?????
1124.01TIPPLE::KOCHTue Jul 21 1987Calling all product managers...
1126.01NERDS::SARENTue Jul 21 1987Cruiseship vacations?
1127.07TSG::KELLEHERWed Jul 22 1987Heard of "BED and BREAKFAST"??
1128.02GAOVWed Jul 22 1987HELP ON BATCH QUEUES
1129.01JON::CALABRIAWed Jul 22 1987defining keys in notes ?
1130.02LEZAH::QUIRIYWed Jul 22 1987Getting "down East"
1131.01AKOV76::EATONDWed Jul 22 1987Tips on tipping, etc.
1132.04ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Jul 22 1987Why are holidays when they are?
1134.05PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jul 22 1987UB4
1135.02NETCOM::HANDELWed Jul 22 1987Help needed urgently - doctor
1136.01CURIE::JOYWed Jul 22 1987Inns in New Bedford, Ma.?
1137.01BETA::EARLYWed Jul 22 1987Competition for APPIX/SPOC ??? Do we need it?
1138.04ACORN::MINOWWed Jul 22 1987Read BRU tapes on VMS?
1139.02HKOVThu Jul 23 1987Document Scanner on VAX Based System
1140.08DELNI::CHRISTENSENThu Jul 23 1987Soviet Consulate
1141.02CURIE::FERWERDAThu Jul 23 1987How now brown cow?
1142.04DACT6::CHASEThu Jul 23 1987x-ray scanners
1143.05DYO78Thu Jul 23 1987CR-11 Card Reader
1144.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 23 1987Want a copy of a note
1145.04REGENT::POWERSThu Jul 23 1987do flies bear live young?
1146.06VIDEO::GABRIELFri Jul 24 1987SYS$OUTPUT to a FILE ????
1147.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 24 1987CAMPING HELP!!!
1148.0CSC32::J_PARSONSFri Jul 24 1987Brother typewriter interface box needed
1149.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRIFri Jul 24 1987TU8
1150.01MAY2Fri Jul 24 1987Brimfield Fair Dates?
1151.0116BITS::KRUGERFri Jul 24 1987Help with sending mail to other networks
1152.05CAADC::MARSHSun Jul 26 1987What's my job code?
1153.0TAVMTS::ENGNRMon Jul 27 1987Printer idle detector....
1154.05GVAADG::DONALDSONMon Jul 27 1987changing prompt string?
1155.01CAM2::KAMMINMon Jul 27 1987Problem with WPSPLUS CBI
1156.019ODIXIE::SAKOVICHMon Jul 27 1987Honeymoon ideas, anyone?
1158.021CHUCKM::MURRAYMon Jul 27 1987Tipping for carry-out orders?
1159.01ANGORA::MORRISONTue Jul 28 1987Wanted: VAX appt. calendar prog.
1160.04DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Jul 28 1987Newtonville to Everywhere? Help?
1162.05JETSAM::REZUCHAWed Jul 29 1987Wholesale Food?
1163.01MTA::FLADUNGWed Jul 29 198787
1164.08REGENT::BROOMHEADThu Jul 30 1987Fossils?
1165.05PHENIX::CONNELLThu Jul 30 1987For us old green-thumbers...
1166.03TSG::GOLDSTEINThu Jul 30 1987Internal Video Cameras ?
1167.011GNUVAX::KARLSONThu Jul 30 1987Looking for Newton's Cradle
1168.03TSG::MCGOVERNThu Jul 30 1987Home Nursing Care Needed
1169.02NACAD::SITLERThu Jul 30 1987problem forwarding notes
1170.07BISTRO::KIRKFri Jul 31 1987Assembling a waterbed => madness!
1172.0619887::HAMPTONFri Jul 31 1987ATM operation
1173.0JOKUR::LITCHFIELDFri Jul 31 1987CALENDARS - Fiscal/Manufacturing/etc?
1174.0HUDSON::PIERPONTFri Jul 31 1987WORTH/CHAMPS/CHIPS Does anyone remember?
1175.013PULSAR::SILVERSat Aug 01 1987Eliminating bolding
1176.02HPSCAD::FORTMILLERSun Aug 02 1987Neurosurgeon from Emerson - 6
1177.0OSLSWS::BRITTMon Aug 03 1987Testing PABX-application?
1178.05NAC::SPENCERMon Aug 03 1987Where's Larry Glick?
1179.03BRUTWO::MTHOMSONMon Aug 03 1987Pagemaker?
1180.03BCSE::RYANMon Aug 03 1987Address to submit sniglets
1181.02BRUTWO::MTHOMSONMon Aug 03 1987SPSSx Order number?
1182.03RSTS32::DELBALSOMon Aug 03 1987Entomology conference sought
1183.0MISFIT::SCHLITZERMTue Aug 04 1987No Tunnel !!
1184.0OSLSWS::BRITTTue Aug 04 1987Honeywell Bull?
1185.06RITZ::RKETue Aug 04 1987Which came first, RtS or JotN?
1186.04THE78Tue Aug 04 1987producing a VMSINTALL kit
1187.04MSDOA2::JCARTERWed Aug 05 1987Cleaning secure data
1188.07USHSWed Aug 05 1987Build a tape on XENIX for VAX/VMS ???
1189.05--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 05 1987Where can I donate my '77 Nova?
1190.01RITZ::GKEWed Aug 05 1987WPS-PLUS/VMS Documentation
1192.03VANNA::TATLOWWed Aug 05 1987How does caffeine work?
1193.06USMRW1::RSCHAVONEWed Aug 05 1987Office Poster
1194.01RDGENG::DUNNWed Aug 05 1987Career change into Personnel ?
1195.01GYPSY::TURNERWed Aug 05 1987Codes for Stock Touch-Tone Sys?
1196.05BRAT::PULKSTENISWed Aug 05 1987Directions/Bayside Expo/Boston?
1197.013POP::SUNGWed Aug 05 1987Swallowing Ice?
1198.05NUTMEG::RYANWed Aug 05 1987??? ROBOTICS & DIGITAL ???
1200.03ARVOX::MARKThu Aug 06 1987New DEC facility in Lancaster?
1201.02CHUCKM::MURRAYThu Aug 06 1987Reg Penna Dept Agr ?
1202.012--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 06 1987When is the next full moon?
1204.09VANNA::TATLOWThu Aug 06 1987Fun with Microwaves
1206.03ANGORA::WOLOCHFri Aug 07 1987Tailor or Seamstress
1207.08MANTIS::FULLERFri Aug 07 1987Whale Watching
1208.02AKOVFri Aug 07 1987SCADA/EMS ?????
1209.01CAMLOT::BLAISDELLFri Aug 07 1987Digital Equipment Finance Corporation
1210.04RQDX::METZGERFri Aug 07 1987Allergist needed
1211.0USATSL::LILLYFri Aug 07 1987USCF Sponsorship
1212.02MILRAT::HAMERFri Aug 07 1987Photos stuck together by moisture
1213.020PENUTS::PENNINGTONFri Aug 07 1987How many stars are there in the Universe?
1214.03SALSA::ABELSONFri Aug 07 1987MS-DOS 'under' VMS
1215.05TSG::KELLEHERSat Aug 08 1987Your Thumbs Are Not Your Own
1216.07CAMLOT::BLINNSun Aug 09 1987What's a "harmonic convergence"?
1217.02WELSWS::TREVENNORMon Aug 10 1987Advertising agency software application?
1218.019QBUS::MITCHAMMon Aug 10 1987Help with "Montezuma's Revenge"...
1219.02WELSWS::TREVENNORMon Aug 10 1987Electronic versions of books.
1220.06RITZ::RKEMon Aug 10 1987The Bible.
1221.01NAC::SPENCERMon Aug 10 1987Looking for nice photo album
1222.011MEMORY::BERNSTEINMon Aug 10 1987Speed doesn't kill, stupidity kills!!
1223.0ATPS::FODENMon Aug 10 1987I need a cleaning person in MK N.H.
1224.02TSE::LEFEBVREMon Aug 10 1987Family camping notes conference?
1225.01AUTHOR::WELLCOMEMon Aug 10 1987Value of old sheet music?
1226.02NCVAX1::BLACKMon Aug 10 1987French to English Translation
1227.03VIDEO::GABRIELMon Aug 10 1987How can I get the same output on many terminals?
1228.02NAAD::NEWMANMon Aug 10 1987What conferences for Zenith Z89 computer?
1229.05STAR::ROBIETue Aug 11 1987Help with coffee cup stain removal
1230.04--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 11 1987Spitbrook housing costs???
1231.0ULTRA::SEKURSKITue Aug 11 1987Encryption Modems
1232.04FLOWER::ADLEMANWed Aug 12 1987Ring_Back conference
1233.04CASPRO::SALOISWed Aug 12 1987Who's got the Football?
1234.01ARVOX::MARKWed Aug 12 1987Hardware equivalent to SPD?
1235.03OSLThu Aug 13 1987Hotel discount agreements?
1236.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 13 1987On a cruise????
1238.030VANNA::TATLOWThu Aug 13 1987Cities with Subways
1239.03TWEED::D_WHITEFri Aug 14 1987Looking for Van Info.
1240.04TSG::GOLDSTEINFri Aug 14 1987Where to stay in Nova Scotia ?
1241.01NAAD::NEWMANFri Aug 14 1987Synchronized Time Setting within a Cluster
1242.02BRAT::PULKSTENISFri Aug 14 1987Hovanian Realty(Condos)/NJ?
1243.012VANNA::TATLOWFri Aug 14 1987e
1244.01FRSBEE::GIUNTASat Aug 15 1987Help cleaning satin
1245.01SHEILA::PUCKETTMon Aug 17 1987Where's INFOVAX conference?
1246.0CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Aug 17 1987Anyone got baseball schedules?
1247.01VIDEO::LANTEIGNEMon Aug 17 1987Version 7A of MASS11
1248.03VANNA::TATLOWMon Aug 17 1987MicroVAX vs. VAXstation
1249.03TORA::KLEINBERGERTue Aug 18 1987Travel Agency, or book it yourself?
1250.0TAVMTS::JUANTue Aug 18 1987File transfer uVAX-S/36
1251.08VIDEO::OSMANTue Aug 18 1987Origami, Mon Kiri
1252.09VINO::DZIEDZICTue Aug 18 1987Dental insurance deficiency?
1253.02TSG::QIDWAITue Aug 18 1987Is there a DFS?
1254.05WCSM::PURMALWed Aug 19 1987System service to do a COPY ?
1255.0DIXIE1::LINDQUISTThu Aug 20 1987Directory Assistance Software???
1256.01CHOVAX::BONINIThu Aug 20 1987What is a transputer?
1257.0ALIEN::BEZEREDIThu Aug 20 1987poster information
1258.01VANNA::TATLOWThu Aug 20 1987Airport Metal Detectors
1259.02VICKI::TRAPASSOFri Aug 21 1987Spine Inserts Survey
1260.012ULTRA::OFSEVITFri Aug 21 1987Leeches (ugh)
1261.02AUSSIE::MOSSSat Aug 22 1987MSCP and UQSSP protocols
1262.08IOSG::BAILEYSat Aug 22 1987Long term Alcohol ?
1263.01ARVOX::MARKSat Aug 22 1987Old speakers need fixing
1264.01MGOSMon Aug 24 1987EMULEX
1265.01PSYCHE::WILSONMon Aug 24 1987Crossword Question
1266.02KAOFS::READMon Aug 24 1987Leap Year SPR Response
1268.0PUZZLE::BLUMMon Aug 24 1987FYI... DIRECTIONS conference
1269.01DSSDEV::MUNYANMon Aug 24 1987Help with a scratched watch face
1270.09DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Aug 25 1987How does STANDBY work on airlines?
1271.04GEMVAX::DIXONTue Aug 25 1987Trying to sell a wedding gown
1272.01HYDRA::MENNETue Aug 25 1987Bread Board Needed
1273.05HLDGWed Aug 26 1987Notes 'faces'
1274.06GOOGLY::KERRELLWed Aug 26 1987Testing: Problem Tracking/Reporting System
1275.0JOKUR::SMALLERWed Aug 26 1987Need a CHEAP Limousine!
1276.01SALES::VIGNEAULTWed Aug 26 1987Beeper for work
1277.0GORDON::GORDONWed Aug 26 1987AA and Al-Anon information
1279.05THATS::ROBERTSWed Aug 26 1987Commenting Guidelines??
1280.03PIGGY::MCCALLIONWed Aug 26 1987Looking for Car Model Shop/Store
1281.03EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Aug 27 1987Did something change?
1282.02TAVENG::CHAIMThu Aug 27 1987Detecting Printer Stoppage...
1283.01GNUVAX::KARLSONThu Aug 27 1987Canobie Lake Park dates needed
1284.03MAGIC1::GERDEThu Aug 27 1987Staplers
1285.08CASVFri Aug 28 1987Earth size?
1286.017AIMHI::SMITHFri Aug 28 1987Wheel-balancing at one speed?
1287.06WONKA::DAVAULTFri Aug 28 1987Just Love This Conference!!!
1288.03BELFST::CAMPBELLFri Aug 28 1987Property Management s/w
1289.02SUGAR::HARRINGTONFri Aug 28 1987Old BASIC-Plus Primer?
1290.06CURIUS::HANAMFri Aug 28 1987Raquetball rules, anyone?
1291.01ARMORY::MIKELISJFri Aug 28 1987Task Scheduling Software?
1292.02CSSE::MDAVISFri Aug 28 1987Antiques Appraiser/Boston Area
1293.017CADSE::GLIDEWELLFri Aug 28 1987Is Pure Water Poison?
1295.01EXIT26::KELLOGGSun Aug 30 1987SRT???
1296.08BEING::POSTPISCHILSun Aug 30 1987California Activities
1297.0ROMMon Aug 31 1987CRT prd line reference anyone?
1298.02FURILO::KOPECMon Aug 31 1987looking for a health club
1299.01CSSE::MDAVISMon Aug 31 1987EDTINI.EDT
1300.0PUZZLE::BLUMMon Aug 31 1987Blind programmers
1301.02DRCS::ABEYATue Sep 01 1987Wanted: room in Korfu
1302.0NYSBU::CHURCHETue Sep 01 1987Who is teaching VAX BI in Bedford?
1303.01PUZZLE::BLUMTue Sep 01 1987Gravity inversion info needed
1304.06SHIRE::BIZEThu Sep 03 1987Distinguished Latinist Wanted
1305.01GYPSC::SWOBODAThu Sep 03 1987VAX-to-VAX via SNA-Backbone
1306.03MPGS::DRURYThu Sep 03 1987Underground homes
1307.03BMT::MANERAThu Sep 03 1987ASDE Demonstration
1308.015JON::CALABRIAThu Sep 03 1987Xref code name to mktg designation ?
1309.04STUBBI::TETZLOFFFri Sep 04 1987SLICK-5
1310.01FDCVFri Sep 04 1987Help: ID'ing painting in Boston
1311.02MDVAX3::COARFri Sep 04 1987Illegal Tymnet data characters
1312.03MDVAX3::COARFri Sep 04 1987Sliding lease-break penalties
1313.01SHIRE::ANASTASIFri Sep 04 1987Silva Mind Control
1314.018BPOVFri Sep 04 1987Sunglasses???
1315.010RDGENG::KEDMUNDSFri Sep 04 1987Backgammon anyone?
1316.03CLT::ZEHNGUTTue Sep 08 1987wreaths
1317.02STKEIS::LJUNGBERGTue Sep 08 1987Who has been in Oxnard, CA
1318.017CLT::ZEHNGUTTue Sep 08 1987Tipping a JP?
1319.0FIDDLE::RENOTue Sep 08 1987Martha's Vineyard
1320.09ARVOX::MARKTue Sep 08 1987Enhance or redraw a graphic of USS Enterprise?
1321.01ULTRA::PRIBORSKYTue Sep 08 1987Need source for Red Wing boots/shoes
1322.03CASVTue Sep 08 1987Can I mail PRO/Sight image files?
1323.06BEING::DAYTue Sep 08 1987Anybody have access to a paper tape reader?
1324.01AYOV1Wed Sep 09 1987Conversion between joules and calories
1325.02BRSSCP::ROBBENSWed Sep 09 1987Laser-printer wanted.
1326.05REGENT::EPSTEINWed Sep 09 1987New Westford, MA Facility?
1327.022B::ZAHAREEWed Sep 09 1987Track someone down at DECworld?
1328.04TSG::MCGOVERNWed Sep 09 1987U2 Ticket Help
1329.07TSG::GABRIELWed Sep 09 1987Info on HASHING algorithms ??
1330.041Wed Sep 09 1987LNO3 question
1331.021Wed Sep 09 1987DEC stock quotes
1332.013FNYFS::CAMPBELLThu Sep 10 1987Static shocks from my car!
1333.06CRETE::FLANNERYThu Sep 10 1987what is a "truck terminal"?
1334.02FIDDLE::RENOThu Sep 10 1987The Big E
1335.02ARVOX::MARKThu Sep 10 1987Voice lessons / music teacher
1336.01TLE::MEIERThu Sep 10 1987Bridge game on VAX?
1337.011SLDA::ROYThu Sep 10 1987Eye care
1338.04BISTRO::KIRKThu Sep 10 1987Dogs, dogs, dogs...our best friends...
1339.04CASVThu Sep 10 1987Crickets Anyone?
1340.01MRMFG1::W_ROBERTSThu Sep 10 1987looking for direction
1341.0CSSE::QUINNThu Sep 10 1987AutoFact Show info needed
1342.03DIEHRD::MAHLERThu Sep 10 1987Publishing a book?
1343.01GYPSC::SWOBODAFri Sep 11 1987aircraft engine manufacturing, help available??
1344.06BELFST::MULLANFri Sep 11 1987South for the Winter
1346.092B::LESLIEMon Sep 14 1987Fake Bleeper?
1347.07FURILO::KOPECMon Sep 14 1987Wood for a fireplace
1348.02MEMORY::BERNSTEINMon Sep 14 1987Cat Lovers, UNITE!!!!
1349.03EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Sep 14 1987FREE RL
1350.01THEBAY::BLACKPMon Sep 14 1987Does anyone know of a standalone Purchasing Sys
1351.01MPGS::ROBINSONMon Sep 14 1987Foreign film source ?
1352.02EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Sep 15 1987Tinted Contact Lenses
1353.04CHUCKL::PIERPONTTue Sep 15 1987DEC Cards
1354.0AQUA::SAMBERGTue Sep 15 1987need to trade a date for canobie
1355.0SED75Tue Sep 15 1987American Red X LG Manual wanted
1356.09PFLOYD::WROTHBERGTue Sep 15 1987VMS -> Un*x Command Equivalents
1357.02MSDOA2::SHERRILLTue Sep 15 1987IA Benchmark Info ?
1358.0MDKCSW::SUMMERSTue Sep 15 1987DOD-STD-2167 Pointer?
1359.0MAY2Tue Sep 15 1987Looking for a 68
1361.05THESUN::DAYWed Sep 16 1987Multi-player interactive games for VMS?
1362.02HYDRA::THALLERWed Sep 16 1987LEX/YACC
1363.01YAZOO::TETZLOFFWed Sep 16 1987Local source of Dry Ice?
1364.01MGOSWed Sep 16 1987Anything about CDC/Cyber -?-
1365.02MEMORY::BERKSONWed Sep 16 1987Best type of snake for pet?
1366.01FDCVWed Sep 16 1987Where do I obtain DEC switches?
1367.0VIDEO::COHANWed Sep 16 1987Zuckerman Harpsichord Co. (?)
1368.03MILRAT::JWALSHWed Sep 16 1987Help with Linker Options
1369.07WOOK::LEEWed Sep 16 1987Problems with Manufacturers Marketplace
1370.017PASCAL::BAZEMOREWed Sep 16 1987Llamas as pets
1372.03PUZZLE::BLUMWed Sep 16 1987Choosing a lawyer
1373.03DIODE::CROWELLThu Sep 17 1987Typ,min,max relative humiditys..
1374.03CASVThu Sep 17 1987French giftshops?
1375.09MAY2Thu Sep 17 1987How Long is a Smoot?
1376.01RUNT2::BERNIERThu Sep 17 1987Looking for horticultural training
1377.09SUPER::KENAHThu Sep 17 1987The Boston Phoenix
1378.07IOSG::WDAVIESFri Sep 18 1987Artificial Sunlight ?
1379.01RUNT2::BERNIERFri Sep 18 1987How do you set personal_name in notes
1380.01STING::KENTSat Sep 19 1987New York Times delivery
1381.04TIGEMS::RYDERSun Sep 20 1987pulse rate sensors
1382.01WHYVAX::HAMPTONSun Sep 20 1987Biology oriented bookstores
1383.03LEELA::MYEEMon Sep 21 1987Canceled Canobie Lake
1384.08BELKER::KOPECMon Sep 21 1987limo service Leominster-->Logan? Worcester?
1385.05LANDO::TAGMon Sep 21 1987Job Resource Center in MRO3?
1386.03GENRAL::BANKSMon Sep 21 1987Looking for flourescent lamps
1387.03LANDO::TAGMon Sep 21 1987Computer Based Instruction (CBI) courses
1388.01TIGER::WOLOCHMon Sep 21 1987Statistics Question
1389.05ESD66::BERNSTEINMon Sep 21 1987SOUP KITCHENS in Worcester ?!
1391.06DELNI::BELLUSCIMon Sep 21 198712
1392.06BCSE::BANTISMon Sep 21 1987Bellygram Wanted
1394.0ARMORY::MIKELISJTue Sep 22 1987Football Tickets?
1395.01--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 22 1987Words to old spiritual
1396.05VAXINE::THILBERTTue Sep 22 1987Software Services?
1397.02PSYCHE::WILSONWed Sep 23 1987Need Contact Lens Doc
1398.05BARNUM::BROUILLETWed Sep 23 1987apples vs apples
1399.01EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Sep 23 1987Looking for PMBI info
1400.0EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Sep 23 1987Missing Persons Dept.
1401.04CSC32::LUNDYWed Sep 23 1987Where do computers go to die?
1403.06JOKUR::WHEELERThu Sep 24 1987Checkbook Balancing Program Needed
1404.02MPGS::GAUDETTEThu Sep 24 1987Bumper sticker: "UPS y Ralph"?
1405.03GENRAL::BANKSThu Sep 24 1987Where's the egg?
1406.02TRCOThu Sep 24 1987Hardcopy readers - Is there such a thing?
1407.04DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Sep 25 19871178
1409.01MEMORY::BERKSONFri Sep 25 1987Digital-sponsored sports teams?
1410.02ECAD::LAWFri Sep 25 1987banner program
1411.05CADSYS::MCDONOUGHSun Sep 27 1987Seeking PC HW/SW Advice
1412.02TAVSun Sep 27 1987PC VT1
1413.0STAR::KAPLANSun Sep 27 1987CAD/CAM on workstations?
1414.05CHGVSun Sep 27 1987Cricket Questions
1415.03COGITO::GLOWACZMon Sep 28 1987Comparing cars to computers
1416.01SUCRE::CONWAYMon Sep 28 1987Maggie-tosh
1417.06SARAH::VISWANATHMon Sep 28 1987DEC-1
1418.04VAXINE::THILBERTMon Sep 28 1987Canned Turnip
1419.01CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENMon Sep 28 1987Systems and Options Catalog?
1420.011IND::COMAROWMon Sep 28 1987Part Numbers Please?
1421.01SHRBIZ::STOCKDALETue Sep 29 1987Forums at DEC
1422.03SAHQ::LILLYTue Sep 29 1987mvs/sp to mvs/xa
1423.06LIBRAE::BAILEYTue Sep 29 1987Touch Typing Course ?
1424.03MILRAT::SOUSAThu Oct 01 1987Everything I Ever Needed to Know ...
1425.03SUPER::LMARSHThu Oct 01 1987Asking price on a PRO-35
1426.03FDCVThu Oct 01 1987E.R. Program?
1427.03XANADU::RAVANThu Oct 01 1987Company Mailing List Corrections?
1428.0GENRAL::RINESMITHThu Oct 01 1987Consumer Reports on Disney
1429.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Oct 02 1987Dexpo this year?
1430.02WFOVXFri Oct 02 1987RETIREMENT!
1431.04NFL::WATKINSFri Oct 02 1987Personal name
1432.05LANDO::TAGFri Oct 02 1987Area Body Shops
1434.02MYVAX::ROBERUCFri Oct 02 1987Pert Chart+DCL+Batch=??
1435.06HSTSSC::BACKSTROMSat Oct 03 1987Does 'Autotote' ring a bell?
1436.05NAAD::NEWMANSun Oct 04 1987Benson's Animal Park for sale!
1437.01WENDY::REIDMon Oct 05 1987Sponsoring a child?
1438.03WENDY::REIDMon Oct 05 1987BODY SHOPS
1439.01MYCRFT::PARODIMon Oct 05 1987Free Computer
1440.01JRDVTue Oct 06 1987BASIC-52 Compiler Needed.
1442.02BIOMIC::BELLTue Oct 06 1987Electronic Glossies
1443.07VIDEO::OSMANTue Oct 06 1987Baybank card for Mobil gasoline payment BUT...
1444.05VAXINE::THILBERTTue Oct 06 1987Classified Ads
1445.0TSG::KELLEHERTue Oct 06 1987Low-rate Mortgages for Charities?
1446.02SPIDER::HERRLICHTue Oct 06 1987VMS utilities QAR system?
1448.01CADSYS::RICHARDSONWed Oct 07 1987Need "Down East" info
1449.02MDVAX1::WAGNERMWed Oct 07 1987Help on Print Queues
1450.03GEMVAX::DIXONWed Oct 07 1987Parenting Notes
1451.03DACT6::AYERSWed Oct 07 1987Computer Vision -> VAX
1452.0TALLIS::KOCHWed Oct 07 1987Seek thistle-patterned linen tablecloth
1453.025ARVOX::MARKWed Oct 07 1987When does 21st century begin?
1454.06RUTLND::TEWHEYWed Oct 07 1987??Elusive Eclipse??
1455.01DIODE::CROWELLWed Oct 07 1987.2 MIPS to heat an office
1456.011LIBRAE::BAILEYThu Oct 08 1987Traveller's Cheques..
1457.06FURILO::KOPECThu Oct 08 1987Tradesmen charge for travel time too?
1458.03EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Oct 08 1987Looking for Time-Life Music
1460.04LANDO::TAGThu Oct 08 1987LA75-paper rack part number
1461.01PARITY::ORNSTEINThu Oct 08 1987Looking for Empress RDBMS
1462.03BMT::FIELDSFri Oct 09 1987Experience with TI "portable terminal" ?
1463.07CSC32::LUNDYFri Oct 09 1987MENU-11 on a VAX?
1464.0BRAT::PULKSTENISFri Oct 09 1987Christmas ornament collectors?
1465.09--UnknownUser--Sat Oct 10 1987Proctor & Gamble's Credibility?
1466.01MORGAN::JELENIEWSKIMon Oct 12 1987help w/ CONDOR 3
1467.04--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 12 1987"Dolly needed" - short term loan
1469.01TOMK::KRUPINSKIMon Oct 12 1987Need BLACK double sided tape
1470.04DIODE::CROWELLMon Oct 12 1987T.V. Tuner to put out RGB
1471.02ISTG::CHESLERMon Oct 12 1987DEC in Clinton,MA?
1472.01NZOVMon Oct 12 1987Passport system anyone ?
1474.02HPSVAX::MILLERTue Oct 13 1987Retirement: to be or not to be?
1475.01NIPPON::GREENWOODTue Oct 13 1987Edsel
1476.04LANDO::TAGTue Oct 13 1987Shoe Repair
1477.02BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Oct 13 1987Canobie Lake Park Hours
1478.03ENGGSG::BURNSWed Oct 14 1987Perpetual Calendar needed.
1479.01JOKUR::SMALLERWed Oct 14 1987VAX DOCUMENT course?
1481.02BELFST::MCCLINTOCKWed Oct 14 1987Snow White?
1482.0BRDWLK::RELIFORDWed Oct 14 1987Proposal Sample needed
1483.03CADSYS::MCDONOUGHWed Oct 14 1987Cleaning electric blanket?
1484.01DRCS::ABEYAThu Oct 15 1987Spanish translation for VTX instructions
1485.0BUFFER::HEINSELMANThu Oct 15 1987Info wanted: Yukon wood/coal/oil furnace
1486.03KLAATU::THIBAULTThu Oct 15 1987I'm sooo compressed
1487.04TWEED::MCDONOUGHThu Oct 15 1987Used Dec Vans ?
1488.02HPSCAD::FORTMILLERThu Oct 15 1987DEC Tours
1489.01DIODE::CROWELLThu Oct 15 1987Internal Cost;Interleaf IWS-PLUS
1490.07SQM::BURKHOLDERFri Oct 16 1987Do geese eat bulbs?
1491.02MDVAX1::VONDERHAARFri Oct 16 1987PC Integration Proposal needed
1493.01BRDWLK::VEALEKFri Oct 16 1987Ethics Game?
1496.01MILRAT::HAMERFri Oct 16 1987Awapuhi
1497.011DRAGON::MCVAYSat Oct 17 1987Flow on the sidewalk?
1498.03COGITO::GLOWACZSun Oct 18 1987Renovation on 1-4?
1499.03REGENT::METZGERMon Oct 19 1987Inexpensive Cowboy Boots?
1500.02ARMORY::MIKELISJMon Oct 19 1987Buck saw Sharpener wanted
1501.04CHARON::OLOUGHLINMon Oct 19 1987Wall Street Tumble???
1502.012SHIRE::MORIAUDMon Oct 19 1987Tool to manage a library?
1503.01DIODE::CROWELLMon Oct 19 1987Stock Market blues.. What causes this?
1504.01NERDS::SARENMon Oct 19 1987System Service for GETDEQNA?
1505.01DACT6::CANNONTue Oct 20 1987Easynet to BITNET?
1506.0ARMORY::MIKELISJTue Oct 20 1987Circuit Schematic wanted
1508.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 20 1987Soliciting DEC employees directly ? Its ok now ?
1509.01ISTG::HOLLANDTue Oct 20 1987DIAL
1511.01CASVTue Oct 20 1987PFT, anyone??
1512.05VIKING::TARBETTue Oct 20 1987Greenwich --> NYC via commuter rail?
1513.04HPSCAD::WALLWed Oct 21 1987Printing and Binding -- All in-house?
1514.09FIDDLE::RENOWed Oct 21 1987NOBEL PRIZE
1515.02--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 21 1987
1516.02UPBEAT::MMOYWed Oct 21 1987Need a 12
1518.02PNEUMA::WILSONThu Oct 22 1987Iran/Iraq War Question
1519.05ASIC::RMARTELThu Oct 22 1987Beer
1520.0PUZZLE::BLUMThu Oct 22 1987Who's Who in America
1521.01PUZZLE::BLUMThu Oct 22 1987Starting a pet grooming business
1522.02PENUTS::PENNINGTONThu Oct 22 1987Does "COPUS" exist?
1523.0PUZZLE::BLUMThu Oct 22 1987Calculating disability deduction
1524.05MILRAT::SOUSAThu Oct 22 1987Brrrrrrrrrrr ...
1525.03RITZ::RKEFri Oct 23 1987Static Dissipative environments.
1526.03JOET::JOETFri Oct 23 1987Halloween makeup source needed in Worcester area
1527.0VAXINE::THILBERTSat Oct 24 1987Air-Check Hobby
1529.03MORGAN::KENTSat Oct 24 1987Where for a course in Basic
1530.02STAR::BONDESat Oct 24 1987Song from Captain Kangaroo?
1531.06TSE::GRAYSun Oct 25 1987Anyone heard of LOGLAN?
1533.04AKOV11::SCHAVONEMon Oct 26 1987Pool Tables?
1534.02OCTAVE::FOXMon Oct 26 1987computer furniture
1536.0BISTRO::WATSONTue Oct 27 1987proportion of lawyers in government?
1537.01JOKUR::SMALLERTue Oct 27 1987Corporate Sponsorship
1538.01HPSRAD::SUSELTue Oct 27 1987corporate scrap
1540.01STAR::NAMOGLUTue Oct 27 1987Leather good shops?
1541.05TALLIS::HASSTue Oct 27 1987TV repair question
1542.02AYOV12::ASCOTTWed Oct 28 1987Banner Character Print?
1543.02HLDGWed Oct 28 1987Things do to today tool for Opertors ???
1544.02TOPDOC::PHILBROOKWed Oct 28 1987Resource for unusual bells?
1545.04STING::HAMILTONWed Oct 28 1987All-In-One 'Flag'
1546.09EUCLID::PAULHUSWed Oct 28 1987Plastic dishes ?
1547.02--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 28 1987Looking for RCA parts TV
1549.08TAVENG::CHAIMThu Oct 29 1987VMS Internals ....
1550.0REGENT::POWERSThu Oct 29 1987engineers working for the handicapped?
1551.02STKHLM::RYDENThu Oct 29 1987Is GIGI dead?
1552.01SLDA::WHEALTONThu Oct 29 1987DLN and DEC Product info??
1553.0MYBOAT::HEBERTThu Oct 29 1987USS BOSTON Crew?
1554.02CASVThu Oct 29 1987LCP FILES?
1555.07LESLIE::LESLIEThu Oct 29 1987Spirit-like source code needed
1556.04VIDEO::OSMANThu Oct 29 1987anyone have nice business card printing procedure ?
1557.02MANANA::RAVANThu Oct 29 1987How many stockbrokers does it take...?
1558.03WME::MACOMBERThu Oct 29 1987UVax To ADEPT - How?
1559.04PANIC::PACKFri Oct 30 1987Cost of notes??
1560.02MANILA::DEEREFri Oct 30 1987Q-Bus extender cards
1561.03HLDGFri Oct 30 1987detect file arrival at a node
1562.01FURILO::KOPECFri Oct 30 1987Berkshire Mt suggestions for hiking?
1563.01SLDA::WHEALTONFri Oct 30 1987Some info on the OML
1564.02WHIRL::HCROWTHERFri Oct 30 1987VAX/VMS Troubleshooting Guide Needed
1565.04CADSYS::MCDONOUGHSat Oct 31 1987Ski-condo rental?
1566.02USSCSL::DOLANSun Nov 01 1987MIS foreclosing 11/16/87...HELP!!!
1567.01LUDWIG::THILBERTSun Nov 01 1987Big Screen TV's ??
1568.01VAOASun Nov 01 1987Price of a soldering/desoldering station?
1570.03SLDA::WHEALTONMon Nov 02 1987Informations sources in DEC?
1571.01MISFIT::EPSTEINJMon Nov 02 1987Sort/Merge Performance
1572.01GVAADG::DONALDSONTue Nov 03 1987User Requirement Spec. - help!
1573.01SPIDER::HERRLICHTue Nov 03 1987CDU conference?
1574.06LOONMT::HARTTue Nov 03 1987Classified Ads ?
1575.02EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Nov 03 1987PAC and FSPPC meeting calendar
1576.02SLDA::WHEALTONTue Nov 03 1987Where are the Eng SPecs?
1577.02SLAVIN::VANGILDERTue Nov 03 1987Need Directions to Berklee Center
1579.04AURA::WONGTue Nov 03 1987Mileage needed for reimbursement...
1580.02WAV14::NEWMANTue Nov 03 1987Does the UNIBUS support the RX33?
1581.06LESLIE::LESLIEWed Nov 04 1987Billy Carter
1582.02HLDGWed Nov 04 1987Checkpointing Facility???
1583.01ISTG::HOLLANDWed Nov 04 1987uselists
1584.02WAV12::NEWMANWed Nov 04 1987What is AS-H3
1585.03SRFSUP::DITTEMOREThu Nov 05 1987Rain Gauge?
1587.01ARVOX::MARKThu Nov 05 1987Making Layered Products Callable, where?
1588.013ARMORY::MIKELISJThu Nov 05 1987"goin' to the Chapel..."
1589.01TRHThu Nov 05 1987'Set host' from HP to VAX ?
1590.05SPYDER::ANDREWSThu Nov 05 1987First visit to the States - info. needed
1591.01HARDY::LMARSHThu Nov 05 1987PDP-11 MACRO Reference Manual
1592.03BOSTON::DAGOSTINOFri Nov 06 1987KERMIT info needed
1593.06DV78Fri Nov 06 1987Small binders
1594.05LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 06 1987Childs cassette recorder/player price in Boston?
1595.03WELSWS::TREVENNORFri Nov 06 1987Office layout vs efficiency?
1596.02BEES::PAREFri Nov 06 1987online jobs book?
1598.010BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Nov 09 1987Traveler's Checks
1599.01AMULET::HALVERSONMon Nov 09 1987Where's the parenting notes file?
1600.04ESD65::FARRELLMon Nov 09 1987Exchanging Currency
1601.06MAY2Mon Nov 09 1987Duck Soup?
1602.01MILRAT::KEEFEMon Nov 09 1987Appleton, Wisconsin clothing stores
1604.04FNYFS::ESCOTTue Nov 10 1987SONY address in US?
1605.04CSSE::BANCROFTTue Nov 10 1987VAXMAIL many tiny files
1606.06RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Nov 10 1987What's Ethernet?
1607.06STKHLM::RYDENWed Nov 11 1987LJ25
1608.02USSCSL::DOLANWed Nov 11 1987ASKENET_V4 Announcement & V3 Plans
1609.0NUTMEG::RYANWed Nov 11 1987??? Borrow 6 VR26
1610.0MEMORY::BERKSONWed Nov 11 1987Store for football bladder?
1611.02MPGS::ORNSTEINWed Nov 11 1987LPS4
1612.01SHIRE::MORIAUDThu Nov 12 1987Digital in Latin America?
1613.01MILRAT::MCALLISTERThu Nov 12 1987**** HELP **** Printing Labels ****
1615.0NOTED::SYSTEMThu Jun 09 1994Conference will be deleted by July 1 1994