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Conference visa::ftsv;1

Title:File Transfer Spooler for VMS
Notice:FTSV for customers - see note 186
Created:Sat Mar 08 1986
Last Modified:Thu Dec 08 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:398
Total number of notes:1553
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.0PICA::BLANCHETTESat Mar 08 1986Welcome
2.0PICA::BLANCHETTESat Mar 08 1986Keywords
3.02PICA::BLANCHETTESat Mar 08 1986Directory Listing
4.02PICA::BLANCHETTESun Mar 09 1986What is FTSV?
5.01PICA::BLANCHETTESun Mar 09 1986Where is FTSV?
6.0EN::BLANCHETTEMon Mar 10 1986FTSV Support
7.0CEDEX::BLAKETue Mar 11 1986bug in /protection qualifier
9.04KOALA::ROBINSFri Mar 14 19862 local symbols left around.
11.02MERIDN::DOLANFri Mar 14 1986VMS Rev Requirement?
12.05FAITH::FALEKMon Mar 17 1986Does it work for PROLOG-3 files ?
13.08DELNI::CANTORMon Mar 17 1986Request for feature: subject in notification
14.04AUSSIE::BELLTue Mar 18 1986What VMS version?
15.010ECCGY1::COURTSWed Mar 19 1986My disk is getting full....
16.02DELNI::CANTORSun Mar 23 1986Request change in job exit status for retries
17.01FNYFS::TURNERMon Mar 24 1986Enhancement Request / USERNAME
18.08DRAGON::RANDTue Mar 25 1986Does it support Proxy?
19.09FAITH::FALEKTue Apr 01 1986FTSV hook needed
20.0CASVWed Apr 02 1986Data Distribution Analysis Available
21.09WHYNOT::CLEOVOULOUWed Apr 02 1986Wishlist item -- /SUBMIT=com-file + other comments
22.01FDCVThu Apr 10 19862
23.0RDF::RDFMon Apr 14 1986WISH ITEMS
24.02DELNI::CANTORWed Apr 16 1986Request enhancement of REQUEUE
25.0CASVThu Apr 17 1986VMS queue entrys limited to 2
26.01ISWSW::DOOLITTANFri Apr 18 1986FTSV vs Proxies on startup
27.01ISWSW::DOOLITTANMon Apr 21 1986Look what they've done to my file, Ma ...
28.06MYVAX::STARKSTONTue Apr 22 1986FTSV support
29.0CASVWed Apr 23 1986Common info needed to id unique
30.03ECCGY4::COURTSThu Apr 24 1986Problem with duplicate filenames ?
31.03CACHE::PERRONTue Apr 29 1986WARNING: Queue Corruption Hazardous to FTSV
32.01ISWSW::DOOLITTANWed Apr 30 1986ftsv copy /trans=confused??
33.01CASVThu May 01 1986FTSV and logicals
34.01CASVThu May 01 1986FTSV blows quemanager up on entry over 9999
35.0ZUREIS::UWEMon May 05 1986victim oFTSV/copy relative files
36.03CASVWed May 14 1986Know file type limitations!!!???
37.05ZPOVFri May 16 1986CRC errors in FTSV save set?
38.01CASVFri May 23 1986DAP CRC checking in DECNET,RMS and FTSV
39.09ZUREIS::UWETue Jun 03 1986wanted : FTSV PASCAL PROGRAM
40.04SARAH::D_SCHULLMANWed Jun 04 1986bug with default file protection?
41.07FDCVThu Jun 12 1986recovery from a DAP error - how ??
42.02RAVEN1::SYSTEMMon Jun 16 1986Queue problem
43.09BPOV1Mon Jun 16 1986FTSV AND ACL'S
44.01ZPOVTue Jun 17 1986FTSV in command files?
45.01CASVTue Jun 24 1986FTSV reports success on Failure B U G !!!
46.02BUCKY::MPALMERWed Jun 25 1986history questin
47.03JAWS::STRYKERThu Jul 10 1986Known Remote node is unknown?
48.01WKRP::KIERThu Jul 10 1986Error message mismatch
49.03CSSE32::MERMELLMon Jul 14 1986exceeds retries on first try
50.02ECCGY4::COURTSTue Jul 15 1986Internal error 15
51.09BPOV1Fri Jul 18 1986FTSV and the cluster
52.01NANUCK::SSMITHFri Jul 18 1986Wish-list: A history log of what I've copied.
54.04ZUREIS::UWESun Jul 20 1986Error during closing,why ?
55.04MERCRY::BJAQUESMon Jul 21 1986BUG USING ftsvqueue.dat
56.03ERLANG::DICKENSWed Jul 23 1986Wish list: /NOTIFY=MAIL enhancement
57.02DWOVAX::HUNTMon Jul 28 1986DAP Error
58.05CASVTue Aug 05 1986How to get failover
59.08NACHO::WILLIAMSThu Aug 21 1986Internal error 16 bug
60.02MERCRY::BJAQUESMon Aug 25 1986FTSV Bug on mailmessage
61.03PUZZLE::JOSEPHTue Aug 26 1986<help w/ $ftsv queue...>
62.03FDCV14::DOTENWed Aug 27 1986Logical name problem
63.0SHIRE::WATTSWed Aug 27 1986announcing the development of FTSV v2.1
64.011SNO78C::MCLARENMon Sep 08 1986Customer Availiability?
65.03AUSSIE::BELLWed Sep 10 1986Access violation from FTSV
66.015PAMPAM::CLARKFri Sep 12 1986Grouping several COPY command into a single job
67.01PAMPAM::CLARKFri Sep 12 1986Beware of long COPY commands - double trouble
68.07PAMPAM::CLARKFri Sep 12 1986Please let me name my FTSV jobs
69.0CEDEX::BLAKETue Sep 16 1986Accounting in V2.1
70.0115677::BJAQUESTue Sep 16 1986BEWARE of FTSV version .
71.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Sep 18 1986Purchase FTSV????
72.02SHIRE::PETERFri Sep 19 1986FTSV V2.1 Update spec
73.03TENNIS::KAMTue Sep 23 1986FTSV failed to install on uVAX
74.02TENNIS::KAMTue Sep 23 1986FTSV failed to install on LAV
75.01ISWSW::DOOLITTANWed Sep 24 1986Support for VMS BACKUP save-sets?
76.06BPOV1Thu Sep 25 1986NORACCESS but really failed
77.04CASEE::CLEOVOULOUSun Oct 12 1986Manual reclaiming of space is a pain.
78.05SCAVAX::ROSCHTue Oct 14 1986Max Files? 5,
79.05MERCRY::BJAQUESTue Oct 21 1986Major bug in callable FTSV
80.01CASEE::CLEOVOULOUTue Oct 21 1986Sizing inconsistency?
81.0SHIRE::PETERThu Oct 23 1986FTSV V2.1 phase
82.04ISWSW::DOOLITTANFri Oct 24 1986Error status "%SYSTEM-W-DEVFOREIGN"?????
83.04GUMDRP::LINDSEYMon Oct 27 1986Protection problem using FTSV
84.03COMET::ROBERTSMon Oct 27 1986Want to Queue to Specific Batch Queue
85.01RDGE28::WILTSHIREThu Oct 30 1986FSTeV Help!!
87.04CASEE::CLARKTue Nov 04 1986After 1
88.02ARNOLD::ROTHWed Nov 05 1986False completion of FTSV batch job
89.02FDCV14::DOTENFri Nov 07 1986Won't install with batch
90.010MARVIN::SCOTTMon Nov 10 1986Queues and FTSV
91.09WBA::WINGTue Nov 11 1986FTSV Copy isn't executing the Copies!
92.02ISWSW::DOOLITTANFri Nov 14 1986ftsv copy */PRIORITY* request
93.04CASEE::CLEOVOULOUSun Nov 16 1986QIO system service request failed
94.04TENNIS::KAMThu Nov 27 1986intelligent completion message ?
96.03CASEE::CLARKFri Nov 28 1986MAIL message and Batch Log don't agree on error
97.01CSSAUS::BELLSun Nov 30 1986More Statistics?
99.02SHIRE::PETERMon Dec 08 1986Looking for FT sites
100.0FNYFS::BERNATTTue Dec 09 1986Too many files ???
101.03BPOV1Fri Dec 12 1986Copy Failed, But what happened.
102.01COPSun Dec 14 1986CRC Failure causes FTSV abort
103.018AKOVMon Dec 29 1986%FTSV-F-NORACESS, Can not access the required que record
104.02GOLEM::GUAYWed Jan 07 1987Delete after successful transfer?
105.07VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Jan 09 1987Better control of FTSV batch jobs
106.02NANUCK::SSMITHTue Jan 13 1987How about a COPY /NOWARNING qualifier?
107.04NANUCK::SSMITHTue Jan 13 1987How about a Copy /NEW_VERSION qualifier?
108.03PAULUS::WEHLETue Jan 20 1987what about generic queues in a cluster?
109.02BEES::DITMARSTue Jan 27 1987Can parameters be modified for an active job?
110.01ISWSW::DOOLITTANTue Jan 27 1987??V2.1 release info??
111.02NEAVAX::KNIGHTFri Jan 30 1987Post processing FTSV copies
112.010CHUCKL::LEMONSMon Feb 02 1987A security problem
113.01NANUCK::SSMITHMon Feb 09 1987/TIME = system max. => -W-IGNORET
114.02SETH::BURKETue Feb 10 1987Atta a boy or girl!!!
115.01AYOV18::DCHALMERSFri Feb 13 1987Inconsistent Internal error 15
116.01CHUCKL::LEMONSMon Feb 16 1987FTSV - a 'supported product'?
118.04WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Feb 18 1987Using FTSV Net > Magtape?
119.01NEAVAX::ONEILLWed Feb 25 1987File NETSERVER.LOG Locked
120.03NEAVAX::KNIGHTWed Feb 25 1987INITAILISING spelt wrong
121.04JEREMY::KEARNEYWed Feb 25 1987Ready to go back to Magtape...
122.02FNYFS::TURNERFri Feb 27 1987/NOTIFY=MAILBOX on Clusters
123.05LAMIA::WILFRIEDWed Mar 04 1987jobs status QUEUED forever ...?
124.01DAIRY::DUQUETTETue Mar 10 1987%link-w-useundef on installation
126.02PULSAR::SILVERTue Mar 17 19872 queues or priority possible?
127.01ZUREIS::HILDEBRANDTThu Mar 19 1987error closing
128.01NEAVAX::KNIGHTFri Mar 20 1987FTSV 2.1 available?
130.04CEDEX::BLAKESat Mar 21 1987FTSV V2.1 Schedule
131.01GOOGLY::KERRELLWed Mar 25 1987Error during FTSV closedown
132.01MUDIS3::KLAGESMon Mar 30 1987%ftsv-f-noracess, record too large
133.01SHIRE::PETERTue Apr 07 1987FTSV V2.1 FT started
134.03AKOV68::JOHNSONFri Apr 10 1987Recommendations wanted by novice
135.03PAULUS::WEHLEThu Apr 16 1987problems with FTSV T2.1
136.01USOPEN::KAMMon Apr 20 1987FTSV copies to TK5
137.01CSCMA::CLARKThu Apr 23 1987Please Have a Look
138.06MUNOIS::PPELLEMANSFri Apr 24 1987Another close error
139.01NAAD::NEWMANThu Apr 30 1987FTSV Batch Job Name suggestion
140.0AIAG::BRENNANFri May 01 1987%FTSV-F-ACCVIO, access violation
141.0149232::ROUSSETSat May 02 1987NETMBX privilege: to have it or not to have it?
142.01CEDEX::BLAKETue May 05 1987FTSV Internals Seminar ???
143.01YSATIS::ROUSSETWed May 06 1987/allocation=m and /extension=n
144.04PAULUS::WEHLEThu May 07 1987FTSVQUEUE.DAT on $1$DUAx ?
145.01NAXOS::GRUNDSTROMMon May 18 1987Error in linking with FTSVLIB (2.
147.04PUZZLE::JOSEPHFri May 22 1987FTSV brought TARGET node down to it knees...
148.01ILOVWed May 27 1987FTSV Linkage ERROR !!!
149.04PUZZLE::JOSEPHThu May 28 1987Can't access accounting file
150.04FGVAXU::BEISTELMon Jun 01 1987I agree
152.01PULSAR::SILVERWed Jun 03 1987COPY /HOLD?
153.05TOPCAT::WOODWed Jun 10 1987Problem copying from MS-DOS
154.04NANUCK::SSMITHThu Jun 11 1987Wish for new SHOW JOB qualifiers
155.01HULK::GEISENHAINERThu Jun 11 1987wish list: job ident info in mail msg
156.03MYKENE::STIRRUPMon Jun 15 1987LAVc installation failure
157.0NANUCK::SSMITHTue Jun 23 1987wishlist: /COMMENT qualifier
158.02RTOADA::ODISLWed Jun 24 1987FTSV without SYSPRV
159.05VISA::BLAKEMon Jun 29 1987FTSV V2.1 Release
160.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987Notes 161.
161.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987Initialization principle
162.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987IVP execution may fail
163.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987V2.
164.09VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987Spool, FTSV ...
165.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987Command length
166.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987RSX - VMS transfers - Block Count
167.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987Documented Restriction - /CONCATENATE
168.0VISA::BIJAOUIThu Jul 02 1987FTSV Installation - DCLTABLES
169.02RDGEMon Jul 06 1987FTSV-F-NORACCESS
170.09ECLAIR::GOODWINTue Jul 07 1987FTSV on SYS_13?
171.03SRFSUP::LONGOTue Jul 07 1987Spelling error in FTSV V2.1 - INITIALIZING
172.01ZUREIS::HILDEBRANDTWed Jul 08 1987file write error
173.01COWS::W_PIPERSat Jul 11 1987Internal error 1
174.0THAVSun Jul 12 1987RMS-E-FLK
175.03PAULUS::WEHLETue Jul 14 1987LOST after CANCEL
176.05CSTVAX::SALTYSFri Jul 17 1987FTSV in a batch procedure
177.02FNYFS::CAMPBELLThu Jul 23 1987Can't "CANCEL" a job, or requeue it.
178.0PICA::DICKThu Jul 23 1987/INPUT may omit file extensions on output
179.03MUVAX::TBURLEWThu Jul 23 1987LAVcluster mention (a pet peeve)
180.01PAULUS::WEHLEFri Jul 24 1987Error: DEADLOCK detected
181.01QNTMSW::BERUBEFri Jul 24 1987File Not Found Bug?
182.09CNTROL::RICETue Jul 28 1987How do ya do directories?
183.01MONSTR::DUTKOFri Jul 31 1987/NOTIFY=MAIL Using DECNET for Local messages?
184.04LARKAN::KRALTue Aug 04 1987Search tree not handled corrctly
185.06RUBY::MORINTue Aug 04 1987COPY/MAILBOX-status
186.0HORUS::MAGNIThu Aug 06 1987FTSV in NETWORK ASSETS library
187.04MARTY::FRIEDMANTue Aug 11 1987login info
188.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Aug 11 1987"Login information invalid" means "Insufficient Resoureces"
189.04NMGVWed Aug 12 1987Pint/del after FTSV copy?
190.0DELNI::CANTORWed Aug 12 1987FTSV.EXE leads users to false conclusion
191.08INFACT::NORTHERNWed Aug 12 1987ERROR, Unable to read internal queue
192.04PAULUS::WEHLETue Aug 18 1987FTSVQUE.DAT corrupted
193.02CNTROL::RICEThu Aug 20 1987Don't warn me when it's what I asked for
194.0DELNI::CANTORFri Aug 21 1987SYS$SYSROOT searchlist not properly scanned
195.04FDCV2Wed Sep 02 1987Questions from FTSV novice
196.05ELBOW::DRAPERThu Sep 03 1987No callable i/f for run/detach images???
197.04SRFSUP::LONGOThu Sep 03 1987Enhancement: SHOW JOB/NOFILES
198.03NRPUR::CHABOTTue Sep 08 1987Logicals with the /POST_FUNCTION
199.02HPSCAD::BDALYMon Sep 14 1987Bug when sending more than one file
200.03CIM::KAIRYSWed Sep 16 1987Installation glitch
201.03FNYFS::MESNIERThu Sep 17 1987FTSV problem in callable mode
202.0EMC2::LISSAJOUXWed Sep 23 1987Logical for FTSV version
203.0SRFSUP::LONGOWed Sep 23 1987CANCEL leaves jobs LOST until canceled again
204.04CHUCKL::LEMONSFri Sep 25 1987SHOFIL/DEV errors during installation
205.06VIDEO::OSMANMon Oct 05 1987FTSV leaves
206.02HYDRA::THALLERMon Oct 05 1987password shows in log file
207.03LESLIE::LESLIESun Oct 11 1987!AS Not Copied - what does this mean?
208.04MLOKAI::BRUNELL_PWed Oct 14 1987callable interface
209.07MSTEAK::ELFFri Oct 16 1987Error in Node Name?
210.02MERCRY::MCONNOLLYMon Oct 19 1987Accounting File
211.01MLOKAI::BRUNELLWed Oct 21 1987FTSV from Ada tasking
212.02DELNI::CANTORWed Oct 21 1987Privileges necessary to use FTSV?
213.01MLOKAI::BRUNELLWed Oct 21 1987FTSV /notify questions
214.02RDGE44::BROOKERFri Oct 23 1987Cannot access queue file record
215.01MLOKAI::BRUNELL_PFri Oct 23 1987How does FTSV restart
216.04SINNET::KAMMon Oct 26 1987%FTSV-F-INSUFPRIV, Insufficient privilege to run FTSV
217.04EMC2::COTEFri Oct 30 1987Error while converting the internal queue ?
218.02RANIER::APF_KEVINTue Nov 03 1987"username password" syntax hangs the copy...
219.02AYRMIS::SYSTEMWed Nov 04 1987%RMS-E-EOF, end of file detected
220.02HUMAN::CONKLINWed Nov 04 1987minor installation hasle
221.01STLMon Nov 09 1987Is FTSV a product that can be sold?
222.01STP::ANDERSONMon Nov 16 1987MAXIMUM TIME value exceeded
223.01SNOCMon Nov 16 1987/POST_FUNCTION parsing
225.05EMC2::COTEWed Nov 18 1987ERROR during FTSV Shutdown using Callable FTSV
226.03ROMWed Nov 18 1987FTSVQUE.DAT Problems
227.01STLThu Nov 19 1987Checkpoint restarting with FTSV?
228.04STLThu Nov 19 1987File compression?
229.01TLSEFri Nov 20 1987FTSV source files ?
231.08INFACT::NORTHERNMon Nov 23 1987FTSV, the next chapter, when?
232.011GAOVThu Nov 26 1987'LOST' ENTRIES...?
233.0ANGORA::FLATLEYFri Dec 11 1987V2.1-
234.02TYRANT::SZEMPLINSKIFri Dec 18 1987installed o.k., but won't work..
235.01ARTFUL::SCOTTSat Dec 19 1987FTSV could use a PAUSE command
236.04VIDEO::LEVMon Dec 21 1987FTSV kit for VMS V5.
237.01MDVAX1::HILDEBRANDThu Dec 24 1987restart/file fragmentation
239.035Wed Dec 30 1987CRC err's on close
240.0DELNI::CANTORWed Dec 30 1987Error in documentation of logical names
241.02FYRCAT::DALYTue Jan 05 1988Problems copying multiple files
242.01TALLIS::STEWARTTue Jan 05 1988help copy /prot claification suggestion
243.03TALLIS::STEWARTTue Jan 05 1988retrying permanent errors
244.07SNOCTue Jan 05 1988FTSV shutdown errors. Priv/prot? ISI errors...
245.01FILMOR::SAADEHFri Jan 15 1988another ? on copy/notify
246.03GIBSON::DICKENSFri Jan 15 1988correct protection for FTSVQUEUE.DAT ?
247.04HPSMEG::ROSENFri Jan 22 1988INDEX file corruption
248.0516611::LONGOTue Jan 26 1988Internal Error 1
249.02THRILL::WILSFri Feb 05 1988Bug? Error parsing
250.06VIDEO::OSMANMon Feb 08 1988how about SPOOL MAIL or SPOOL PRINT ?
251.011DELNI::MHARRISThu Feb 11 1988How can I see WHY a JOB became LOST?
253.02SNOCWed Feb 17 1988Slow during SHOW JOBS [/ALL]
254.02RSTS32::BROWNMon Feb 22 1988help on install fstv 2.1
255.03HBO::MYERSWed Feb 24 1988Post_funct & Since qualifiers SUCCESS??
256.010STING::EMERSON_PThu Feb 25 1988a NOTIFY=MAIL help request
257.04MEMORY::OPERATOR1Thu Mar 03 1988FTSV-F-NOHEADER problem ????
258.01BISTRO::MACKINNONThu Mar 10 1988RFA-accessed record was deleted
259.012HBO::MINEZZIFri Mar 11 1988Error during shutdown???
260.03CSSE32::MERMELLWed Mar 16 1988output files allocated but not filled (again)
261.0CSSE32::MERMELLWed Mar 16 1988get a directory listing
263.02IND::FLADUNGTue Mar 22 1988FTSV...the product...
264.01SNOCFri Mar 25 1988FTSV version for VMS V3.7 ?
266.02INFACT::NORTHERNFri Apr 08 1988Internal Error, FTSV 2.1-
267.01PICA::DROWNSMon Apr 11 1988New Toolkit address MK
268.0242371::HORTONSWed Apr 13 1988COPY with orig date
269.01SARAH::PWONGFri Apr 15 1988QAR for internal errors 27 and 1
270.0SARAH::PWONGFri Apr 15 1988QAR for internal errors 28 and 29
271.05THRILL::WIEGLEBFri Apr 15 1988/POST_FUNCTION command parsing problem?
272.03THATIS::DUGGANFri Apr 15 1988The /INPUT qualifier !
273.02GLIVET::MILLERMon Apr 18 1988Install failed with V5.
274.01NANOOK::FOXMon Apr 18 1988Ultrix Stream Files don't get copied properly!
275.02THROAT::CLARKTue Apr 19 1988%RMS-F-NORMAL, normal successful completion
277.03RTOEU::IMAASSWed Apr 27 1988file close if job on PAUSE
278.01TLE::REAGANThu Apr 28 1988Some nits with the V2.1 installation procedure
280.05GVATue May 03 1988COPY/INPUT and logicals
281.02CADSE::CERNESETue May 03 1988/INPUT doesn't behave like DCL COPY
282.07WUWEI::FLADUNGTue May 03 1988Prob with search lists ?
283.01THATIS::DUGGANFri May 06 1988Synchronization of FTSV
284.01RDGE44::CLEVERDONMon May 09 1988Translating FTSV$STATUS
285.044844Tue May 17 1988system management over a network ...
286.02HYEND::PSWANSONFri May 20 1988Customers using FTSV?
287.02DGMTThu May 26 1988Every job gets LOST
288.012TAVENG::CHAIMWed Jun 01 1988Problem Copying Notes Files ...
289.04RUATHA::WAGNERFri Jun 03 1988File Owner = [DECNET] ???
290.02ISTG::MULLERWed Jun 15 1988callable FTSV OK yet?
291.02RDGE44::BROOKERThu Jun 16 1988DAP code ?
292.01EMC2::COTEFri Jun 17 1988Problem with the /USER_NAME qualifier
293.04TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 21 1988Misleading information to non-privileged account
294.0452447::CHAIMWed Jun 22 1988Dynamically modifying frequency of a job...
295.02SMAUG::LINDQUISTTue Jun 28 1988Spec location?
296.014PICA::DICKWed Jun 29 1988- DAP errors with FTSV -
297.05PICA::DICKWed Jun 29 1988Internal error 1
298.01ZFC::DERAMOThu Jun 30 1988Internal error 1
299.01CSSE32::FRAZIERFri Jul 01 1988Internal error 1
300.01SRFSUP::COHENTue Jul 12 1988Product Manager?
301.03TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 12 1988error in device name or inappropriate device type for operation
302.02CSOA1::ROTHFri Jul 15 1988NOTIFY=MAIL doesn't broadcast new MAIL to terminal
303.045645::BLAKEMon Jul 18 1988Documentation available in PostScript
305.02TOMCAT::TRACEYMon Jul 25 1988FTSV Is there a Future Y/N/?
306.0ISTG::MULLERMon Aug 01 1988Help using /INPUT
307.02TALLIS::INGRAHAMWed Aug 03 1988Unable to Cancel jobs
308.04TALLIS::INGRAHAMWed Aug 03 1988FTSV fails with no error msg
309.02CSDPIE::REYNOLDSThu Aug 04 1988Files not being copied
310.01WELSWS::GRAHAMMon Aug 08 1988copy/input "username password" problem
312.02ABSZK::GREENWOODThu Aug 11 1988Has the kit location changed.
313.03DECLB8::LEEThu Aug 18 1988FTSV - Which QUEUE
314.01GYPSC::BINGERThu Aug 25 1988FTSV or BACKUP problem
315.01GLORY::HULLTue Aug 30 1988Is FTSV better than COPY in performance?
316.04CADSE::MORINFri Sep 02 1988Queue file header problem
317.01WINERY::KNOWLESFri Sep 02 1988ftsv command questions
318.03VISA::ZAAFTue Sep 06 1988*** FTSV V2.2 Phase
319.03BRAT::SMITHTue Sep 06 1988Which FTSVs will work w/V5.
320.0VISA::ZAAFWed Sep 07 1988
321.02VMSSG::MAGOONWed Sep 07 1988Priv or protection problem.
322.02NANUCK::HOHMDMon Sep 12 1988VMS V4.7 V5.
323.04VIDEO::OSMANTue Sep 13 1988FTSV said "normal completion" but didn't copy the files
324.02IND::WELLISTue Sep 13 1988A Few Basic Questions
325.03CURIE::BAKERMANThu Sep 15 1988FTSV creates file names for me
326.01CSC32::BOWMANFri Sep 16 1988FTSV and RMS Attributes: Stored Semantics: DDIF
327.0VISA::ZAAFMon Sep 19 1988
328.01RTOEU::IMAASSWed Sep 28 1988notify mail information
329.01CECVFri Sep 30 1988.IDX files prolog error
330.01CRUISE::KGRAYThu Oct 13 1988Capturing Non-Queueing Errors
331.04BRSDVFri Oct 14 1988IVDEVTYPE - specify mailbox
332.0VISA::ZAAFMon Oct 17 1988Requirements collection for V2.2 closed
333.0VISA::ZAAFFri Oct 28 1988FTSV V2.2 Requirements doc available
334.01KYOA::JASTREBSKIWed Nov 02 1988$SNDJBC problem in call interface
335.0VISA::ZAAFWed Nov 09 1988FTSV V2.2 Exited Ph
337.01VISA::ZAAFThu Nov 24 1988FTSV V2.2 PH 1 Documents available
338.0VISA::ZAAFThu Dec 01 1988FTSV V2.2 Ph 1 Exit
339.012Fri Dec 09 1988/NOTIFY=MAIL problems
340.01KAPTIN::BLEIFri Dec 09 1988LOST and in dispair!
341.03HAL9Mon Dec 19 1988bad queuefile protection??
342.017NUKMAC::FRANCIS_PTue Jan 17 1989A problem with a queue file.
343.0VISA::BIJAOUIWed Jan 18 1989FTSV says white when it thinks black
344.019INCH::GREEN_KThu Jan 19 1989Callable FTSV detached
345.03SENIOR::RZUCIDLOThu Jan 19 1989LOST jobs... help!
346.03DDIF::CANTORFri Jan 20 1989COPY/INPUT problem with foreign file specs
347.02MTA::WATSONFri Jan 20 1989Can't Copy to MUA
348.01MLNAD1::VALLEWed Jan 25 1989Internal error 1
349.05DEADWD::MAEHNERFri Feb 03 1989cluster installation requirements..
350.01MANILA::WESTERLAGESat Feb 04 1989Internal Error 26 QAR
351.01CHOVAX::RASKISTue Feb 07 1989Requeue changes job name for COPY
352.04AZUR::DOTTIWed Feb 15 1989Post function needed for lost jobs
353.01YUBAN::LICATAWed Feb 15 1989Internal error 1
354.0RTOVC7::RIMMERWed Feb 15 1989FTSV and PDP's running RSTS.
355.03DDIF::CANTORWed Feb 15 1989Filetype lost in transfer
356.04KITS::ROCCAWed Mar 01 1989256-char command restriction
357.04POBOX::PUTNINSMon Mar 13 1989Can FTSV turn on DECnet circuits dynamically?
358.03ELISTue Mar 21 1989FTSV$STATUS again....
359.04DELNI::MHARRISWed Mar 22 1989Loosing File Tags (SEMANTICS=DDIF)
360.03SNOCTue Mar 28 1989Can FTSV V2.1 run under VMS V5.1
361.01CASEE::CLARKFri Mar 31 1989/NOTIFY=MAIL help text is erroneous
363.011STP::ANDERSONTue Apr 11 1989Queue file data structure available?
364.05VISA::ZAAFMon Apr 17 1989FTSV X2.2 Kit available
365.03DUBMon Apr 17 1989Network Operation Not Supported?
366.05HLDGWed Apr 26 1989FTSV$GET_STATUS question
367.01TALLIS::INGRAHAMWed Apr 26 1989FTSV fails w/no message, if disk offline
368.02JGL::JLENIHANWed May 03 1989Copying an ULtrix .tar file
369.01TALK::JARVISWed May 10 1989X2.2 Bug! what's wrong?
370.05TROAWed May 10 1989Access control bug
371.01DIODE::CROWELLTue May 16 1989LOST files, Protection problem?
372.0VISA::ZAAFSat May 20 1989FTSV X2.2-
373.03JENNA::SANTIAGOFri Jun 09 1989Wishlist; Real Job Info (Callable)
374.02SHIRE::PETERFri Jun 09 1989Possible problems under VMS V5.
375.02VISA::ZAAFTue Jun 27 1989FTSV V2.2 Release
376.01CADSE::REHMTue Jun 27 1989More problems with /INPUT
378.01BIS::DURYFri Jul 07 1989POST command question ?
379.01IMZADI::KISERSat Jul 08 1989Problem with the /EXCLUDE qualifier.
380.03BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOThu Jul 27 1989Where FTSV
381.08SKIVT::P_BOUCHERFri Jul 28 1989FTSV V2.2 - LOST JOBS !!!
382.013RABBET::FARRELLMon Jul 31 1989No HEADER Error
383.0FIXERS::GALLOWed Aug 02 1989transfer MORE than 1
384.01SOURCE::ZIMMERMANThu Aug 03 1989ftsv and vms 5.
385.0ELISMon Aug 07 1989RMS$_REENT problem
386.04ANARCY::DILIDDOWed Aug 23 1989Install failure - need halp ASAP
387.03RTPSWS::DAVISTue Sep 05 1989DTF and FTSV for restart?
389.06BAGELS::CHANDLERFri Sep 15 1989Do I really need to submit a QAR?
390.015IAMOK::ROSENBERGMon Sep 18 1989What Happened?
391.09UNTADI::WALKERFri Sep 22 1989Log files, sys$output and sys$error
392.06KERBER::VANAVERMAETWed Sep 27 1989/TRANSFER=RECORD, indexed file, wide, RMS-F-NPK
393.04REGENT::HUMMERSWed Oct 04 1989/NOTIFY=MAIL suggestion
394.0PROXY::CANTORSat Oct 07 1989Two installation problems.
395.0MLAD1Sat Oct 14 1989FTSV cluster failover mechanism
396.01MEOCFri May 14 1993FTSV X.25 Performance Vs Copy
397.0ANNECY::BIC_VTue Dec 21 1993Write error on accounting file
398.0CMOTEC::CHOIThu Dec 08 1994FTSO?