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Conference noted::streams

Notice:Membership requests to SMAUG::Murphy
Created:Mon Jul 29 1991
Last Modified:Thu Jul 21 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:56
Total number of notes:362
Number with bodies:0
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1.03TOOK::ROSENBAUMMon Jul 29 1991Welcome to the Streams notes conference
2.086TOOK::ROSENBAUMMon Jul 29 1991Member introductions
3.09TOOK::ROSENBAUMSun Sep 29 1991Streams conference: Open or Restricted?
11.04UNXA::FRANEYWed Jul 31 1991Synch queues: perceived problem discussion
12.02SMAUG::MURPHYThu Aug 01 1991M_FLUSH, when does a module see one of these?
13.010OZROCK::FIDLERFri Aug 02 1991Information required on streams-based tty subsystem
14.01TOOK::ROSENBAUMSun Aug 04 1991VMS-based Mentat Streams: Hints & Kinks
15.04TOOK::ROSENBAUMMon Aug 05 1991Digital - Mentat Licensing
16.0MIPSBX::thomasMon Aug 05 1991How to add drivers and modules under SunOS V4.
17.02SEVENS::MURPHYTue Aug 06 1991How to find out what STRMSGSZ is set to?
18.04SMAUG::MCDONELLTue Aug 06 1991Streams emulators: Spider vs. Mentat
19.06SMAUG::GOWDATue Aug 06 1991Kernel pool allocation routines
20.03SMAUG::OAKLEYWed Aug 07 1991STREAMS-based NPI question...
21.08OZROCK::COURTTue Aug 13 1991Modules as MUX's
22.010OZROCK::COURTWed Aug 14 1991For 1 to 1 Mux Drivers is it possible to link queues ??
23.02OZROCK::COURTWed Aug 21 1991To M_PCPROTO or not, that is the question ?
24.012TOOK::ROSENBAUMMon Aug 26 1991SpiderStreams
25.02SMAUG::OAKLEYWed Aug 28 1991An "XPI" alternative to using NPI for X.25!
26.06RANGER::PESENTITue Sep 03 1991Installing MPS based products on ULTRIX
27.04SMAUG::MURPHYMon Sep 09 1991Steps needed to add drivers/modules to TIN BL6
28.02SMAUG::MURPHYMon Sep 09 1991How to tell read queue from write?
29.03RANGER::LAIWed Sep 11 1991 OSF/1 streams vs SVR4 streams
30.02UNXA::MENNERMon Sep 16 1991Central Repository
31.01SMAUG::S_SHAHWed Sep 18 1991Has anyone worked with Loop Around Driver ?
32.07DECWET::CAPPELLOFMon Sep 30 1991OSF restrictions on STREAMS functions
33.02OZROCK::COURTTue Oct 01 1991changing the Message Type
34.07RANGER::COOKMon Oct 07 1991Read any good [STREAMS] books lately?
35.02RANGER::COOKFri Oct 11 1991a hierarchy tool...
36.07OZROCK::GREHANMon Oct 14 1991STREAMS scheduler ???
37.014SMAUG::GRAHAMTue Nov 05 1991Streams flow control details
38.06UNXA::VITALETue Nov 05 1991Getting a list of network adaptors
39.010OZROCK::GREHANTue Nov 05 1991Interrupt level allocation of messages
40.0UNXA::FRANEYThu Nov 07 1991VMS based Mentat Streams: What is it?
41.07OZROCK::GREHANMon Nov 11 1991What is the 'general' style for processing ?
42.09SMAUG::MCDONELLTue Nov 19 1991selective msg removal: getq() vs. rmvq()
43.027OZROCK::COURTThu Nov 21 1991How do signals work with a stream of multiple modules ???
44.02UNXA::FRANEYFri Nov 22 1991Streams ToolChest Product Description
45.01TOOK::ROSENBAUMTue Nov 26 1991meeting with Mentat?
46.05UNXA::VITALETue Dec 10 1991Question on transparent ioctl's
47.03MIPSBX::thomasMon Dec 23 1991qenable/putq on an unopened queue.
48.01KYOA::GASIOROWSKIWed Feb 26 1992who uses STREAMS?
49.04USWRSL::YUAN_VIMon Mar 30 1992help with a tricky STREAMS configuration
50.0UNXA::MENNERFri Apr 10 1992Related conference...
51.02MIPSBX::thomasWed Apr 22 1992I_LINK, mux_id, l_index
52.07KYOA::GASIOROWSKITue Apr 28 1992how to compile/link a module?
53.01KYOA::GASIOROWSKIThu May 14 1992mblk_t.b_next -> NULL ?
54.01SMAUG::MCDONELLFri May 22 1992srvc() blocking via getq()
55.0NETRIX::thomasMon Sep 20 1993Postscript copied of DLPI, NPI, and TPI available
56.0NBOSWS::BLUNDELLThu Nov 11 1993SUN STREAMS SCSI Driver to OSF/1 Porting help?