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Conference aosg::osf_tuning

Title:OSF/1 AXP Performance Tuning
Created:Mon Sep 13 1993
Last Modified:Tue Apr 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:115
Total number of notes:398
Number with bodies:21
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1.01AOSG::USILTONMon Sep 13 1993Conference Guidelines
2.040AOSG::USILTONMon Sep 13 1993Introductions
3.0AOSG::USILTONMon Sep 13 1993Information Pointers
4.0AOSG::USILTONMon Sep 13 1993Oldies-but-Goodies #1
5.0AOSG::USILTONMon Sep 13 1993Oldies-but-Goodies #2
6.0AOSG::USILTONThu Sep 16 1993-non_shared (Cross posted from ALPHA_OSF
7.01XIRTLU::schottThu Sep 16 1993OSF Tuning Presentation/documents
8.01ASIMOV::CHALTASFri Sep 17 1993floor(3) requires use of libm
9.03TROOA::SOLEYSat Sep 18 1993UNIDATA tuning
10.05ARRODS::PENDERGRASTTue Sep 21 1993double-precision divides hardly faster than 24
11.02JULIET::THOMPSON_SAMon Sep 27 1993Tuning questions
12.01VNABRW::KASPAREC_FWed Sep 29 1993"delay_wbuffers" object code patcher (cross-posted)
13.03WASHDC::SARASINTue Oct 05 1993Looking for a good Tuning Paper
14.015DEMOAX::GINGERWed Oct 06 1993Slow File I/O?
15.01MDCRAB::RICHMONDFri Oct 08 1993
16.0AOSG::USILTONMon Oct 11 1993ORACLE Performance Tuning Book
17.02VNABRW::KASPAREC_FFri Oct 15 1993process monitor
18.05ASIMOV::CHALTASWed Oct 20 1993Efficient Byte Swapping
19.01DECWET::SWANSONWed Oct 20 1993performance tools note
20.0MDCRAB::RICHMONDFri Oct 22 1993
21.0AOSG::USILTONFri Oct 22 1993DB performance improvements
22.03DPDMAI::ANDERSONTue Oct 26 1993ARC/INFO Tuning Experience
23.0MLNORO::TOSOThu Oct 28 1993maximum values for kernel parameters
24.03ZARDOZ::howeThu Oct 28 1993Maximum pcnfsd client support?
25.0LNGBCH::METZIDISFri Oct 29 1993some questions
26.04MR4DEC::MGREENFIELDMon Nov 01 1993tools wishlist
27.03BREW11::CARTERRTue Nov 02 1993Parameters to control swapping.
28.01COPCLU::MARTINTue Nov 02 1993pwosf - swapspace allocation problem
29.04MUNICH::KRNETAWed Nov 03 1993how shared memory >1GB?
30.0MUNICH::KRNETAWed Nov 10 1993Informix + 3 GB RAM = OK!!
31.01XLIB::MARSONTue Nov 16 1993Universal Buffer Cache (UBC) questions
32.02PRMSFri Nov 19 1993Fetch policy question
33.010STAOFF::SMITHMon Nov 29 1993Benchmark runs much slower on OSF 1.3
34.04KYOSS1::GREENWed Dec 29 1993rdump performance?
35.01MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROMon Jan 17 1994VAXRTE Control-A Patch needed for OSF/1
36.04ZIGLAR::FOXWELLWed Jan 19 1994need file sys I/O tools
37.0EMC2::DUHRFri Jan 21 1994ps on OSF/1 for mem & swap
38.01QCAVFri Jan 28 1994Virtual mem problem while running fortan program
39.012HLDEWed Feb 02 1994PREFIX performance monitor
40.01SIOG::KERNANFri Feb 04 1994 On Site Bench Mark Verification
41.08PH6VAX::GENTILETTITue Feb 15 1994iostone.c benchmark performance questions.
42.02ZIGLAR::FOXWELLThu Feb 24 1994looking for 'xnfs' tool
43.02UNXA::SCODAFri Mar 04 1994mfs filesystem for /tmp
44.0MUNICH::KRNETASat Mar 05 1994cc or C RTL performance problem on OSF v2(239)?
45.01TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 10 1994Any tuning suggestions for this customer?
46.01GLDOA::KATZTue Mar 15 1994PC -> Alpha/OSF1
47.01STKHLM::LINNELLWed Mar 23 1994quantifying and purifying
48.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Apr 01 1994Performance Information Repository
49.012MRKTNG::SLATERSun Apr 10 1994Application Performance and Configuration Guide
50.0TPSYS::BARRYThu Apr 14 1994Swap file size - results
51.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Apr 21 1994Positioning, Sizing, and Optimizing Oracle Applications
52.0SIOG::JORDANFri Apr 22 1994Any INGRES tuning experience around
53.02KETJE::BEYENSThu Apr 28 1994Speeding up process startup
54.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Apr 28 1994Where can i find 'top'?
55.01BGSDEV::SRINIVASMon May 09 1994Performance problem with sync on Gold? (Cross posted due to lack of response)
56.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue May 10 1994LinkWorks Performance Update Presentation
57.0MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROTue May 17 1994Oracle Financials and OSF/1 V2.
58.0MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 18 1994Sizing and Tuning Oracle Applications on Digital Platforms Presentation
59.01REDDWF::GIFFORDMon May 23 1994Tuning of Mathematica on OSF/1 V2.
60.01SSPADE::SHAMIMTue May 24 1994paging stats in vm_perfsum
61.01ANNECY::ADAMTue May 31 1994how to get a small system ?
63.09HEN::PLESSASMon Jun 06 1994Any tools avail to analyze port to OSF/1?
64.02MRKTNG::SETTYFri Jun 10 1994Terminal Output vs. CPU time/Context switching
65.03EPS::BARRYMon Jun 13 1994table is full...what table?
66.0ZIGLAR::FOXWELLMon Jul 18 1994customer question about 'acctcom -i'
67.0CSOA1::SWARDENMon Aug 01 1994OSF/Progress/RAID Perf?
68.02KETJE::BEYENSTue Aug 02 1994Reporting idle time on DEC OSF/1
69.04LABC::RUTue Aug 09 1994Where is LFU utility?
70.0KETJE::BEYENSWed Aug 17 1994ip tuning parameters ?
71.04KETJE::BEYENSTue Sep 13 1994many wired pages? where do they come from?
72.0BPSAXP::TUBAMon Oct 10 1994ld process and shared libraries?
73.04COPCLU::BRIANMon Oct 10 1994Does VSZ and RSS include shared memory?
74.01SMARIO::DAVIDSONMon Nov 07 1994calculate total physical memory used?
75.01LABC::RUTue Dec 06 1994cpu wait%
76.01CGOOA::CRICKWed Dec 07 1994How can we maximize network throughput?
77.0MQOU18::A_YASSIRTue Dec 13 1994Traffic Generated By NIS & BIND Services
78.05COPCLU::BRIANFri Dec 16 19943
79.01MIASYS::ENGLANDThu Jan 12 1995num-of-sems IPC parameter
80.01QCAVFri Jan 20 1995Shared mem seg, allocated where ??
81.01CERN::THIBONNIERFri Jan 27 1995Tools for locating where the time is spent within OSF/1
82.01FUJISI::ENGLANDMon Jan 30 1995where to get syd on net?
83.02FUJISI::ENGLANDTue Feb 21 1995how many threads allowed?
84.04STAR::FENSTERWed Mar 29 1995How to cache text/code segments ?
85.01VAXSPO::TOMEFri Apr 07 1995TRITON - Bad performance
86.02ASABET::absMon Jun 12 1995ABACUS and C-Mold tuning Advice
87.0SWTHOM::WUILQUETue Jul 04 1995AdvfsCacheMaxPercent
88.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANWed Aug 16 1995AlphaServer upgrade disappointments
89.01ZPOVC::LAWRENCECHOEFri Sep 15 1995Kernel Parameters Equivalence
90.01FUJISI::ENGLANDFri Sep 15 1995scalability results?
91.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Oct 11 1995How expensive is swapping ?
92.02OTOOA::LANGEWed Oct 25 1995ufs verses advfs
93.0MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Oct 30 1995prefix for UNIX V3.2C ??
94.02SEAWLF::SCHMIDTTue Nov 14 1995MAPENTRIES tuning and Alloca
95.0SMOGGY::BALDWINFri Dec 01 1995netstat -s full sockets?
96.05MCSILO::MSPILLANEMon Dec 11 1995System file and process table information.
97.0FUJISI::ENGLANDTue Dec 12 1995IP perf. data
98.04OTOOA::LANGEFri Dec 15 1995drops in % idle and performace
99.0MCSILO::MSPILLANEWed Jan 10 1996Number of file slots in the system file table.
100.02VNABRW::SMOLNIKThu Jan 11 1996Number of disk I/O's per process, amount of local/shared memory per process ?
101.02VAXSPO::TOMEFri Jan 12 1996LSM vs. independent disks
102.04NEOVWed Apr 03 1996Help on tuning DU for Progress
103.02MWBVAX::BROWNTue Jun 25 1996Oracle Tuning & SysV
104.03NETRIX::"chyan@decatl.alf.dec.com"Mon Sep 23 1996hsz4
105.02AOSF1::krasWed Sep 25 1996Tuning for Web Server?
106.01NETRIX::"chyan@afl.dec.com"Thu Oct 31 1996bad file status on /proc
107.02NETRIX::"chyan@alf.dec.com"Tue Nov 05 1996Customize default matrix.con configuration file.
108.0NETRIX::"AustinK@mail.dec.com"Thu Nov 07 1996Tuning questions.
109.02MSBCS::GRADYTue Nov 26 1996Tuning for VCS cad tool?
110.02OTOOA::LANGEWed Dec 04 1996maxusers parameter
111.0KITCHE::schottThu Dec 05 1996Some tools
112.0 *+2HPCGRP::DEGREGORYThu Jan 30 1997system call to measure pagefaults?
113.0 *+9NETRIX::"nrhegde@qcavThu Feb 20 1997Digital Unix occupies more memory than SUN SOlaris and performance is Same on both
114.0 *+5COPCLU::BRIANThu Mar 06 1997Digital UNIX - SunOS - Ingres/Net problem
115.0 *+1QCAVMon Apr 14 1997sybase tuning hints?...