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Conference shire::easynet_osi_migration

Title:EASYnet migration to DECnet/OSI
Created:Thu Dec 23 1993
Last Modified:Sat Nov 11 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:40
Total number of notes:141
Number with bodies:0
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1.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993Welcome
2.021GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993Sign in
3.0GVAThu Jan 13 1994Project Plans
4.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993reserved
5.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993reserved
6.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993reserved
7.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993reserved
8.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993reserved
9.0GVPROD::BUCLINThu Dec 23 1993reserved
10.01GVAThu Jan 13 1994UK Concerns about the migration to DECnet/OSI
11.03GVAFri Jan 14 1994Multiple NodeSynonym directories proposal
12.02GVAMon Jan 17 1994Format of documents
13.0GVAMon Jan 17 1994OpenVMS and FUllNames
14.02VARDAF::CHURCHFri Feb 11 1994Changes which may affect migration docs/project
15.0GVAFri Mar 04 1994Migration strategy description
16.012GVAFri Mar 04 1994Project Status Reports
17.01GVAFri Apr 15 1994Hidden area node transition
18.0EASE::BARRELLMon Apr 18 1994Changes reqd to incoming/outgoing timers by POLYCENTER Scheduler
19.0EASE::BARRELLMon Apr 18 1994Problems with session control applications - MAIL proxies enabled ...
20.0GVAThu Apr 28 1994Area 5
21.06VARDAF::CHURCHMon Jun 06 1994Converting DECnet to TCP/IP "discussion"
22.05EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Jun 09 1994DEC:.Europe.NodeSynonym
23.02CFSCTC::SMITHFri Jun 17 1994Where is the DEC: namespace documented?
24.06GVAWed Jul 06 1994Readiness check-list
25.021GVAMon Jul 11 1994DECnet/OSI characteristics settings
26.05GVAWed Jul 20 1994System management gotchas...
27.03FUTURS::CHAMBERSTue Aug 30 1994set session control node synonym directory DEC:.Europe.NodeSynonym
28.0EASEW2::BARRELLThu Sep 29 1994DECstep - future releases
29.0EASEW2::BARRELLThu Sep 29 1994Spawning within an NCL script to decide if a characteristic should be set
30.0VARDAF::CHURCHMon Oct 03 1994X.25 Security and VAX P.S.I. gotchas
31.0EASEW2::BARRELLFri Oct 07 1994Event Dispatcher
32.0EASEW2::BARRELLFri Oct 07 1994Configuring and customising MOP
33.0GVAWed Oct 26 1994Clarification on DECstep V6.
34.01VELI::KORKKOWed Oct 26 1994DNS servers / upgrade timetable
35.03AKSELI::TFORSELLWed Nov 02 1994Hidden node registration to DEC: namespace
36.0JGODCL::SYS_MJANSSENWed Feb 01 1995Our EASE-OSI problems.
37.01STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Feb 22 1995How's the backbone transition going?
38.03ALBIS::SUTTERTue May 16 1995.Europe.NodeSynonym: Unable to communicate with any DECdns server!
39.0VELI::KORKKOMon Sep 04 1995Europe.GlobalTimeservers sick
40.03PLAYER::63767::HERTAWed Oct 25 1995simple names as aliases in BIND for RFC1