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Conference isvhub::netnotes

Title:NetNotes Product Set
Notice:See note 3 for Kit Locations
Created:Fri May 06 1994
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:212
Total number of notes:1225
Number with bodies:171
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.06ISVNET::CLOUTIERThu May 19 1994Welcome
2.0+36DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Sign in here!
3.017DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Kit Information
4.0+2ISVNET::CLOUTIERTue Jul 02 1996Permanent Client License Key
5.0DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Reserved
6.0DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Reserved
7.0DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Reserved
8.0DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Reserved
9.0DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Reserved
10.0DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 06 1994Reserved
11.02TRURL::porterMon May 09 1994Can't load dnetwlib.dll
12.013KLAP::porterMon May 09 1994Bugs, assorted
13.027KLAP::porterMon May 09 1994Wish-list items, assorted
14.05DECWET::NEWKERKMon May 09 1994How should membership records look on exsisting notes conferences?
15.02GEMCIL::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiMon May 09 1994PW Conferencing and NetNotes should NOT share config info
16.015GEMCIL::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiMon May 09 1994Suggestion: get rid of spinning disc
17.03AYOCQA::caly8Tue May 10 1994Problems with Update on AXP Client
18.04KLAP::porterTue May 10 1994Truncated author field in directory
19.02KLAP::porterTue May 10 1994Access violation displaying history
20.07GEMCIL::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiTue May 10 1994can't get UPDATE to work on Alpha NT w. TCP/IP
21.05DELBOY::DORANATue May 10 1994Cannot create conference
22.04GEMCIL::PW::winalskiTue May 10 1994can't get DECnet transport to work
23.011KLAP::porterTue May 10 1994Automatic batch extracts
24.01KLAP::porterThu May 12 1994error reading from or writing to conference
25.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu May 12 1994Text window bugs
26.03GEMCIL::sofcad.zko.dec.com::knightTue May 17 1994"[...]" or "<...>" errors
27.01GEMCIL::sofcad.zko.dec.com::knightWed May 18 1994accvio on history??
28.011AXEL::FOLEYWed May 18 1994Greater than 8
29.016HARBOR::JACKSONFri May 20 1994Can't connect to any conferences - suggestions?
30.09GOLLY::sofcad.zko.dec.com::knightTue May 24 1994UPDATE is possibly still funny in x2.
31.03DECWET::dsnow.zso.dec.com::snowTue May 24 1994Print a note doesn't work
32.09324::porterWed May 25 1994Too much noise when network connection cancelled
33.029324::porterWed May 25 1994Per-entry selection of network protocol
34.04NUKVXA::Andy_DoranThu May 26 1994Serving conferences
35.03GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiThu May 26 1994X2.
36.02HARBOR::pravda.athena.mlo.dec.com::JacksonWed Jun 01 1994cursor flicker?
37.01GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiWed Jun 01 1994beep whenever server accessed
38.029324::porterThu Jun 09 1994Can't drag scroll bars
39.01XUI::vannoyMon Jun 20 1994Bug: Tabs appear as white space
40.05NUKVXA::Andy_DoranWed Jun 22 1994Sending Mail
41.01NUKVXA::Andy_DoranWed Jun 22 1994Drag/Drop conferences
42.0XUI::vannoyWed Jun 22 1994Title Area: wishlist
43.04ISVNET::CLOUTIERFri Jun 24 1994Binary Attachments to Notes Coming SOON - Seeking Comments
44.0GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiWed Jun 29 1994new beta anytime soon?
45.039324::porterFri Jul 01 1994Installation comments
46.01DECWET::kwatro.zso.dec.com::schreiberFri Jul 01 1994Wish-list items
47.02ISVNET::CLOUTIERFri Jul 01 1994BUG ALERT!!! - Server BUG ALLERT!!! - Server Bug Allert!!
48.04GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiSat Jul 02 1994bug and suggestion concerning printing notes
49.01RANGER::BACKSTROMTue Jul 05 1994Remember the non-English/non-US ASCII world ;-)
50.04GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiThu Jul 07 1994Include of file into Edit window broken in X2.
51.04ISVNET::CLOUTIERFri Jul 08 1994Has anyone tried / used Binary attachments?
52.04XUI::vannoyTue Jul 12 1994Failed to enter note.
53.05XUI::vannoyTue Jul 12 1994Wait Cursor doesn't go away
54.05OSLACT::OLAVTue Jul 12 1994Minor nits
55.0+29OSLACT::OLAVTue Jul 12 1994How does Route Through Node work?
56.08WOTVAX::DORANAWed Jul 13 1994DIR/TITLE= Bug?
57.029324::porterWed Jul 13 1994More multithreading might be worthwhile
58.02ISVNET::CLOUTIERMon Jul 18 1994RAS - How is it set up?
59.01STOPC2::forevr.shr.dec.com::YOUNGTue Jul 19 1994Where can I find out about search capability
60.01STOPC2::forevr.shr.dec.com::YOUNGTue Jul 19 1994Can anyone create a conference on my NT machine?
61.03STOPC2::forevr.shr.dec.com::YOUNGTue Jul 19 1994Add the kit as an attachment
62.03STOPC2::forevr.shr.dec.com::YOUNGTue Jul 19 1994Where did OS Technologies come from?
63.019324::porterWed Jul 20 1994Double-sided printing required
64.06BATVXThu Jul 21 1994Can't load DECNETWS ?
65.019324::porterTue Jul 26 1994User actions ignored during initial DIRECTORY operation
66.02XUI::vannoyFri Jul 29 1994Access Violation
67.012ISVNET::CLOUTIERFri Jul 29 1994Request for Input - Command Input and Scripts
68.019324::porterWed Aug 03 1994Extract-file not closed
69.06AYOCQA::caly7Fri Aug 05 1994Possible prob with Show/Modify Note
70.019324::porterFri Aug 05 1994set note/exist=no
71.05HYDRA::wolf.ljo.dec.com::BECKFri Aug 05 1994X2.
72.0119664::PatrickSat Aug 06 1994Invalid password when adding member to DECnotes conference
73.0LJSRV1::nwoot.nwo.dec.com::OLAVSun Aug 07 1994Left aligned fields in read window
74.08LJSRV1::nwoot.nwo.dec.com::OLAVSun Aug 07 1994Read windows should also have an edit menu
75.02ISVNET::CLOUTIERMon Aug 08 1994Write Reply bug..
76.05HYDRA::wolf.ljo.dec.com::BECKMon Aug 08 1994Pointer flashes back&forth between arrow and hourglass
77.05AZTECH::SOTHIS::MENEFEEMon Aug 08 1994Scroller problems in Directory window
78.01LJSRV1::nwoot.nwo.dec.com::OLAVTue Aug 09 1994Use standard colors
79.04LJSRV1::nwoot.nwo.dec.com::OLAVTue Aug 09 1994Selection of individual characters
80.06LJSRV1::nwoot.nwo.dec.com::OLAVTue Aug 09 1994Directory should be a tree list
81.020AYOCQA::caly7Wed Aug 10 1994Suggestion - Search Menu
82.01OSLWed Aug 10 1994Setup/configuration improvements?
83.01HYDRA::wolf.ljo.dec.com::BECKWed Aug 10 1994Use MB2 in Notebook window to run Notebook menu?
84.01ISVNET::VICKERSMon Aug 15 1994Suggestion for Note 'status' button text
85.06OSLMon Aug 15 1994Problem with FTP get from ntnone?
86.04TALE::ZGRAGGENTue Aug 23 1994Multi-user machines
87.029324::porterTue Aug 23 1994Cursor goes crazy on Daytona
88.05AYOCQA::caly7Thu Sep 01 1994Security problem with Edit Window
89.01BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONMon Sep 05 1994Another request
90.08SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHWed Sep 07 1994IP Routing problems
91.03GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiThu Sep 08 1994vertical scrolling out of control
92.02ISVHUB::CLOUTIERFri Sep 09 1994New Security Features in next release
93.0ISVSRV::GLESLIEFri Sep 09 1994Caveat for Any TGV Multinet Users
94.015BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONMon Sep 12 1994NETnotes crash
95.01HYDRA::provms.ljo.dec.com::BECKTue Sep 13 1994Printing note containing FFs didn't paginate
96.01AYOCQA::caly7Fri Sep 16 1994Lost view of open conference?
97.03XIRTLU::schottWed Sep 28 1994
98.01RDGENG::impi.reo.dec.com::haqueMon Oct 03 1994What do we do after field test expiry?
99.01TAEC::miles.vbo.dec.com::MilesMon Oct 03 1994NOTEBOOK.NOT & PWCONF.INI: some requests
100.01STARCH::MONIA::moniaMon Oct 03 1994License Expiration Warning
101.02STARCH::MONIA::moniaMon Oct 03 1994Can I display the history list LIFO?
102.01ISVHUB::CLOUTIERWed Oct 12 1994New NetNotes Kits Available
103.01GEMGRP::GLOSSOPThu Oct 13 1994Should selecting some conf. and doing upd work?
104.03KLAP::porterMon Oct 17 1994Installation nits
105.05RUMOR::stanpc.ogo.dec.com::fosterThu Oct 20 1994Where did the mail feature go ?.
106.02398::wolf.zko.dec.com::BECKMon Oct 31 1994Suggestion: selective de-beeping
107.01RUMOR::stanpc.ogo.dec.com::fosterMon Oct 31 1994Suggestion for optimising Notebook operations
108.05GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiWed Nov 09 1994NetNotes Op in Progress box grabs focus - not good
109.02AYOCQA::OS2::SOHAILFri Nov 11 1994Bye Bye NetNotes
110.029ISVHUB::CLOUTIERMon Dec 05 1994Next Release - Feature Requests Sought
111.02GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiWed Dec 07 1994NetNotes displays too much for hidden notes
112.0ISVHUB::CLOUTIERWed Dec 14 1994Comments on the help file (and new kit?)
113.01TAEC::miles.vbo.dec.com::MilesThu Dec 15 1994NetNotes@hiltop.ostech.com Accessible from Enet?
114.04GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiThu Dec 15 1994INSTALL.BAT for Alpha server kit doesn't work
115.05METSYS::GOODWINFri Dec 16 1994Problems accessing remote notebook
116.02KLAP::porterFri Jan 06 1995Deleting a class -- too painful by far!
117.02ISVNET::CLOUTIERThu Jan 19 1995Button Ideas - Check them out and comment...
118.07ISVNET::CLOUTIERMon Jan 23 1995Formal Announcment of WebNotes
119.03STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaTue Jan 24 1995Aborting conference access corrupts notebook entry
120.09AXEL::FOLEYFri Jan 27 1995Client won't install on Windows 95 Beta 2
121.06OGBON::GORDONMon Jan 30 1995Connection timed out?
122.07BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONTue Jan 31 1995software expiring?
123.0912478::COOKFri Feb 03 1995How to convert a conference?
124.07OFOSS1::LOMBARDIFri Feb 03 1995can't connect to remote notebook...
125.08RCADIA::LJSRV1::went.lkg.dec.com::dougFri Feb 10 1995Insufficient memory when creating first note
126.04RCADIA::LJSRV2::went.lkg.dec.com::dougMon Feb 27 1995Having trouble with route through feature
127.06OGBON::COCAM::GORDONMon Feb 27 1995error accessing particular conference fine on VT
128.05KLAP::porterThu Mar 02 1995Extra read window when reply to minimized note
129.03431Fri Mar 03 1995Unseen map trashed
130.03GEMGRP::smop2.zko.dec.com::glossopFri Mar 03 1995Quite a few comments on the UI...
131.03OGBON::COCAM::GORDONSun Mar 12 1995Corruption in directory window
132.018VAOUTue Mar 21 1995Support for DECnet under Windows 95?
133.0+1ISVNET::CLOUTIERFri Mar 24 1995Windows 95 Installation Problem Corrected
134.019MU::porterThu Apr 06 1995mail, how?
135.0PCBUOA::PDICKERSONFri Apr 07 1995Alternative User interface discussion
136.0+11CADSYS::COOKTue Apr 11 1995Accessing remote notebook on OpenVMS via TCP/IP
137.03FIEVEL::FILGATESat Apr 15 1995Where is the product description available?
138.02GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiTue Apr 18 1995where is latest Alpha NT version?
139.01TAEC::quango.vbo.dec.com::MilesThu Apr 20 1995Suggestion: Remote Conferences behaviour
140.05STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaThu Apr 20 1995Loss of pending edit
141.01TAEC::quango.vbo.dec.com::MilesFri Apr 21 1995Extract/Mail of note with no text
142.08NOVATue Apr 25 1995License key ?
143.011SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHWed Apr 26 1995Can't start server, error 1
144.01MU::porterFri May 05 1995Suggestion - auto-copy of selected text to reply
145.01SNOCWed Jun 07 1995netnotes for Macintosh?
146.011RCADIA::LJSRV1::went.lkg.dec.com::dougThu Jun 08 1995DECnet object is unknown
147.01STRATA::TSIMMONSMon Jun 12 1995DOS version?
148.02JAMMER::JackMon Jun 12 1995Few suggestions/minor bugs
149.02MU::porterWed Jun 14 1995How to force title refresh?
150.01MU::porterTue Jun 27 1995Dragging scrollbar by its thumbs
151.05BLAZER::MIKELISTue Jun 27 1995No valid license key
152.03CRTCHT::BrendanWed Jun 28 1995connection refused from remote node even though I'm on local node
153.014MU::porterWed Jul 05 1995Expiration again?
154.01MU::porterThu Jul 20 1995^X ^ C ^V please
155.09AIMHI::USIMT::SPENCERFri Jul 28 1995Windows-NT, TCP/IP, and Netnotes
156.012OGBON::COCAM::GORDONThu Aug 03 1995Expiring license again!
157.09GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiFri Aug 04 1995Neet 1.
158.09FOUNDR::WOHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Aug 07 1995Problem accessing DECnet under the new client kit
159.0FOUNDR::WOHOSS::HossfeldFri Aug 18 1995
160.0812478::COOKSat Sep 09 1995Are Internet-wide conferences possible?
161.0ISVNET::CLOUTIERTue Sep 26 1995WebNotes Does Inline Graphics!
164.04ISVSRV::GLESLIETue Oct 03 1995Shareware Version of NetNotes ?
165.01IOSG::BILSBOROUGHWed Oct 04 1995MAPI and Netnotes
166.0+4DRIFT::alfant.ljo.dec.com::WoodThu Oct 05 1995Miscellaneous questions (set seen and open)
167.0+8DRIFT::alfant.ljo.dec.com::WoodThu Oct 05 1995Unseen counter not set to
168.07392Fri Oct 06 1995Error accessing remote notebook
169.01STAR::kile.zko.dec.com::stetsonTue Oct 10 1995Error mailing note
170.01LJSRV2::mrcote.mse.tay.dec.com::PaulCoteWed Oct 11 1995Frequent connection errors
171.01STOPC2::chord.zko.dec.com::youngMon Oct 16 1995Adding membership with route through
172.08WOTVAX::PUGWSH::GilbertTue Oct 17 1995TeamLinks Remote comms?
173.016NETCAD::SIMONSat Nov 25 1995Any success with Windows-95?
174.01NOVAWed Jan 03 1996Can the notebook shrink ?
175.06XIRTLU::schottTue Jan 23 1996DHCP and security?
176.02STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaThu Feb 01 1996Use of Web browser on non-webserver conferences
177.02TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottMon Feb 12 1996enabling moderator when using route-thru?
178.01TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottTue Feb 13 1996Deleting a conference?
179.0+3HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HossfeldThu Mar 07 1996New kit NOT
180.05STAR::vmsusr6.zko.dec.com::critzTue Mar 12 1996how long for a license?
181.0+2TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottWed Mar 13 1996All clients now need UNIQUE keys
182.01TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottWed Mar 13 1996non-route-thru users must have a password...
183.05TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottWed Mar 13 1996BUG: Can't see all members in restricted conference
184.02STAR::iont2.zko.dec.com::critzTue Mar 26 1996Can't select less than a line...
185.02STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaWed Mar 27 1996Problems extracting postscript file
186.01STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaThu Mar 28 1996Will there be another release of the netnotes client?
187.03TUXEDO::flipit.lkg.dec.com::philpottMon Apr 08 1996Help with Netscape access to restricted conference?
188.03ISVNET::CLOUTIERTue Apr 30 1996Spyglass Acquires OS TECHnologies
189.08WOTVAX::HILTONFri May 03 1996Netnotes vs Conferencing
190.02NOVAMon May 06 1996Netnotes client update ?
191.02MSE1::CHENISTue May 07 1996Anyone modify notemail.c to work with MS Exchange (mapi) Yet ?
192.01USCD::tisras3.mko.dec.com::HeussWed Jun 12 1996License arrangement
193.0+3SYSTEM::GOODWINFri Sep 27 1996NetNotes on NT 4.
194.01EBLAThu Oct 10 1996Is there a server license available for digital?
195.0 *+245862::HILTONThu Mar 20 1997What access for a moderator?
196.0 *+3EVMS::chiles.zko.dec.com::dkoskoTue Mar 25 1997Setting Editor Defaults and Preferences
197.0 *+6TIMAMP::SULLIVANTue Apr 01 1997Step-by-step instructions NO work
198.0 *+6WMOIS::NILSENFri Apr 04 1997I'm Confused
199.0 *+526Thu Apr 10 1997Can't access *some* notesfiles!
200.0 *+6VMSNET::DEFIANT::s_voreFri Apr 11 1997Multiple Windows?
201.0 *+2VMSNET::DEFIANT::s_voreFri Apr 11 1997FROM w/Route-Through Customizable?
202.0 *+6PYRO::RONSat Apr 12 1997Where is NetNotes... today?
203.0 *+845862::HILTONThu Apr 24 1997How does it know what I've read?
204.0 *+29BLAZER::MIKELISMon Apr 28 1997Error accessing remote notebook
205.0 *+2DECWET::LENOXWed Apr 30 1997how to make it so replies are not allowed?
206.0 *+3ALFSS1::oro_dial2_port2.oro.dec.com::GARABOSun May 04 1997Severe slowdown opening large notes conferences
207.0 *+1CLINTO::PANADAMon May 05 1997This conference via tcp/ip ?
208.0 *+3SMURF::PBECKFri May 09 1997Pointer to CCS distribution of NetNotes
209.0 *+24ALFSS2::MITCHAM_AThu May 22 1997Remote Node is unknown
210.0 *+5MASS1Wed May 28 1997Why can i enter only one line?
211.0 *+8MD::prnsy5.lkg.dec.com::osmanThu May 29 1997update all ? see "4 of 6" on reply heading
212.0 *+3PCBUOA::BAYJThu Jun 05 1997NetNotes Server Software?