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Conference cookie::mruold

Title:Media Robot Utility
Created:Wed Oct 18 1995
Last Modified:Wed Dec 11 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:29
Total number of notes:117
Number with bodies:0
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1.0COOKIE::MRUWed Oct 18 1995Welcome.
2.021COOKIE::MRUWed Oct 18 1995Introductions.
3.06COOKIE::MRUWed Oct 18 1995Kits
4.02COOKIE::MRUThu Jan 18 1996Part numbers and SPDs.
5.0COOKIE::MRUWed Oct 18 1995Reserved
6.01NABETH::alanMon Oct 23 1995Digital UNIX Test Matrix.
7.0COOKIE::COXFri Oct 27 1995MRU Overview
8.01SOS6::BERNARDMon Oct 30 1995Basic questions
9.02SWETSC::WESTERBACKTue Nov 07 1995Versions?
10.02SWETSC::WESTERBACKTue Nov 07 1995Direct SCSI in 41
11.01CX3PST::WSC1Mon Nov 13 1995Syntax question and access question.
12.02KERNEL::JAMESMon Nov 20 1995Check for wrong tape labels.
13.01STOWKS::SLUISWed Dec 06 1995Still having problems with TL81
14.02JBPRIV::INKINENThu Jan 11 1996What OVMS version?
15.06CUJO::SAMPSONFri Jan 26 1996callable interface anyone?
16.06STOWKS::SLUISTue Jan 30 1996DCL Menu driven utility for MRU V1.
17.0NABETH::alanMon Feb 19 1996Bar-code verification.
18.01COPCLU::BENTWed Feb 21 1996Which SCSI i/f is supported?
19.06CSC32::T_KNAPPFri Feb 23 1996Density Select Options?
20.03MUNICH::REINWed Mar 06 1996robot is no robot?
21.01CSC32::G_COLLINSTue Apr 16 1996"MRD Status Invalid - non-prived users"
22.01LYOISA::MASSETFri Apr 19 1996Crash with bad DDT for GK device
23.03CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 22 1996DU xrobot interface very slow
24.04NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996libmci.a...where????
25.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu May 02 1996Feedback on T1.1-3
26.05SWETSC::WESTERBACKThu May 09 1996HSJ connection?
27.04CSC32::J_SANDOVALThu May 09 1996JUDriver installation Problems
28.0COOKIE::BOONEThu May 16 1996OP:LOW Invalid ops allowed to start
29.04SOS6::BERNARDMon Dec 09 1996Strange SCSI reset