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Conference amcucs::ms-sqlsvr

Title:Microsoft SQL Server Support
Notice:Please Registar, Note #11
Created:Tue Aug 23 1994
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:382
Total number of notes:1233
Number with bodies:174
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1.01AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994Welcome to MS-SQLSVR!
2.02AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994Related Conferences...
3.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994MS-SQL Server Tools...
4.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994MS-SQL Server Training...
5.0+6AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994MS-SQL Server Documentation...
6.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994MS-SQL Server Kits...
7.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994MS-SQL Server Product Management...
8.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994Conference Announcements...
9.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994Reserved...
10.0AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKITue Aug 23 1994Reserved...
11.0+69tandy.pa.dec.com::dhunterThu Aug 25 1994Please Introduce Yourself
12.02tandy.pa.dec.com::dhunterTue Aug 30 1994
13.02tandy.pa.dec.com::dhunterTue Aug 30 1994SQL-95 Discussions
14.010HERON::decvtt.vbo.dec.com::lalliWed Aug 31 1994SQLServer4.21 for Alpha Clarifications
15.01OSLTue Sep 06 1994SQL Server 4.21a?
16.0AMCUCS::MEHRINGTue Sep 06 1994Pointer to summary of MS SQL Server 4.2.1 vs. Sybase SQL Server 1
17.03GMT1::TEEKEMAWed Sep 07 1994Infomodeller
18.05LURE::CERLINGMon Sep 12 1994Sizing information?
19.01OSLWed Sep 14 1994Is "Auto-commit" a problem?
20.06EPS::legoe.mko.dec.com::marshallFri Sep 16 1994Are there Evaluation Licenses?
21.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Sep 21 1994Embedded SQL
22.01SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUThu Sep 22 1994SQL Registry Entries and Inactivity Timeouts
23.02EEMELI::RASANENMon Oct 03 1994DECnet support ?
24.04ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Oct 03 1994Alpha vs. Pentium Benchmark
25.01ISIDRO::JLUISWed Oct 05 1994Alpha-SQL / IPX
26.06HURON::BATESTue Oct 11 1994Migrate RDB data to SQLserver ?
27.01AMCUCS::SINGHMon Oct 17 1994bcp on AXP 21
28.02WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Oct 25 1994Problem installing SQL server
29.03OSLTue Nov 01 1994What is most important for high volume SQL Server loads?
30.02NECSC::BOWENTue Nov 01 1994NTFS.SYS performance fix
31.06OTOUFri Nov 25 1994TPC Results for SQL Server on Alpha/NT?
32.06OSLWed Nov 30 1994Benefits moving Access database to SQL Server?
33.0OTOOA::WNOELFri Dec 09 1994TCP/IP stack support?
34.03QCAVThu Dec 15 1994IS MS-SQL SERVER ON AXP EOL..?
35.03VMSVAX::TOLNAIFri Dec 16 19944
36.04LURE::CERLINGThu Dec 22 199432-bit ODBC
37.02VAXRIO::EMILIOWed Jan 04 1995Problems With benchmark SQL Server
38.01DPDMAI::WILSONMThu Jan 05 19954.21 Install Error
39.0TKOV51::TANAKASun Jan 22 1995DEMO kit for DP Model
40.06AMCUCS::tandy::dhunterTue Jan 24 1995TPC RESULTS FOR SQL SERVER
41.0EEMELI::MALILAFri Jan 27 1995Best performance using 32-bit ODBC?
42.04TKOV51::TANAKAFri Feb 03 1995benchmark by XLS59
43.06WOTVAX::ELLISMFri Feb 03 1995How to access an MS-SQL server from OpenVMS?
44.04QCAVWed Feb 08 1995SQLSERVER to SQL95 PATH=...???
45.013SAC::GIBSON_CFri Feb 10 1995Intel vs. Alpha performance questions
46.01MQOU18::CHOLMSKYTue Feb 21 1995dbinit -> warning LNK4
47.04VAOUThu Mar 09 1995Is there an SQL Server Programmers Toolkit for the Alpha?
48.0OSLMon Mar 13 1995Bad data page count?
49.01OSLWed Mar 22 1995Boost SQL server priority problem?
50.03OSLThu Mar 23 1995Performance Monitor counters problem?
52.05SAC::GIBSON_CMon Apr 03 1995Failover from Alpha to Intel
53.02HANNAH::B_COBBTue Apr 04 1995NT Permissions for SQL tree
54.04SAC::GIBSON_CFri Apr 07 1995Are 4
55.01AXEL::FOLEYThu Apr 13 1995How to order SQL Server??
56.05POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAWed Apr 19 1995AlphaServer/SQLserver Technical Support?
57.02QCAVFri Apr 21 1995ESQL Libraries for sqlserver on Alpha.
58.010BUDDIE::SHWIFFThu Apr 27 1995VB interface to SQL Server?
59.01EEMELI::RASANENFri May 12 1995SQL server 6
60.01ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGEFri May 19 1995Help: SQL Performance & crashes
61.02EEMELI::RASANENTue May 23 1995RAMdisk on WNT
62.0FUJISI::SSAFFERTue May 23 1995Export to .XLS?
63.0+5DECWET::STIVERSMon Jun 05 1995SQL Server pricing and part numbers available!
64.0ALFSS1::BAAHPC::lambThu Jun 08 1995How to restore a database
65.0AMCUCS::BETTSThu Jun 15 1995BackOffice OEM Agreement Announcement
66.03BROKE::MILLIEWed Jun 21 1995Need internal P/N
67.0POLAR::MOKHTARFri Jun 23 199532 bit DB-Lib and Win 95
68.03MCITS1::TEJATue Jun 27 1995Why is this conference so quiet?
69.01FUJISI::SSAFFERFri Jun 30 1995Need Programmers Guide
70.0FUJISI::SSAFFERFri Jun 30 1995How to interface to Transact-SQL?
71.0FSCORE::J_WUTue Jul 04 1995certification exams
72.0OTOOA::PDONOGHUEFri Jul 07 1995Novell support
73.03TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon Jul 10 1995alpha 4/275 run foxplo on ms-dos
74.05PLAYER::POLLOCKTue Jul 11 1995SQL Server SETUP hangs on AlphaServer 21
75.02KAOFS::kaoxThu Jul 20 1995udcreate error when doing DISK INIT
76.01LVOVAX::WHITEThu Jul 20 1995Disturbing TPC-B Numbers
77.0YUPPY::GAYFri Jul 21 1995SQL Server Book Available Soon.
78.0LURE::CERLINGFri Jul 21 1995Intermittent hangs of SQL Server
79.01GLADYS::HUISHTue Jul 25 1995SQL Server access to Rdb data
80.07MSE1::BAKERMANTue Jul 25 1995Error Handling - How To?
81.0ARNIES::RYDERPThu Jul 27 1995tech proposal
82.0DEVMKO::RAMSEYThu Jul 27 1995Timeout option on Server?
83.01MCITS1::TEJAFri Jul 28 19953gl interface?
84.01FUJISI::SSAFFERFri Aug 04 1995Accessing remote tables
85.04FSCORE::J_WUThu Aug 10 1995Accessing SQL-Server from VMS
86.01FUJISI::SSAFFERMon Aug 14 1995Cursors in 4.21a? - NOT!
87.0FUJISI::SSAFFERThu Aug 17 1995accessing 4.21a from 6.
88.08DPDMAI::WILSONMTue Aug 22 1995Performance White Paper????
89.0POBOXA::COMMOWed Aug 23 1995<< Can you "move" a Server and a database? >>
90.01POLAR::MOKHTARSat Aug 26 1995need help defining licensing requirements
91.0TAVMon Aug 28 1995SQL Server V6.
92.01ISTWI1::GULERThu Aug 31 1995BACKUP from Intel not restored on Alpha
93.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Sep 04 1995How to change device locations ?
94.04AMCCXN::KARIMWed Sep 06 1995Poor query performance on Alpha?
95.01MANIOK::GREBEWed Sep 13 1995Service-Pack 1 ??
96.0AMCUCS::BETTSWed Sep 13 1995Cast Your Vote for ms-sqlserver Newsgroup
97.0JRDVWed Sep 20 1995DECnet Sockets and SQL 6.
98.01MANIOK::GREBEMon Sep 25 1995error 7
99.03DPDMAI::WILSONMTue Sep 26 1995BBenchmark to run?????
100.02AMCUCS::BETTSWed Oct 04 1995Compaq Competitive Information
101.01LJSRV2::ESPERTIThu Oct 05 1995SQL Server ODBC driver error
102.0QCAVMon Oct 09 1995Executing large queries ?
103.0SIOG::KEYESWed Oct 11 1995Training?
104.0ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Oct 16 19954.2 perf on Intel/Alpha comparison?
105.03OTOOA::otonWed Oct 18 1995Locking Granularity with v6.
106.01DELNI::LARSENWed Oct 18 1995SQL Server/VB4 FindFirst problem
107.03PULMAN::KRAVISMon Oct 23 1995sql 6.
108.01STOWOA::SATISHWed Oct 25 1995Documentation on SQLSERVER 6.
109.01USDEV::DBAThu Oct 26 1995Unexpected EOF detected in data file
110.06SIOG::KEYESFri Oct 27 1995DECadmire ..VB for MS-sqlserver
111.0USCD::DOTENFri Oct 27 1995Internal part # for SQL SRV 6.
112.0RANGER::FONTAINEThu Nov 02 1995SQLMail problems.
113.01QCAVThu Nov 02 1995ODBC driver failure for SQL server 4.2
114.01FUJISI::SSAFFERFri Nov 03 1995access to MSAccess db
115.01PRIM18::LEARYTue Nov 07 1995SQL Server and replication
116.02KRYSTL::POPHAMTue Nov 07 1995SQL Precompiler for Alpha NT?
117.01MARX::ROSSFri Nov 10 1995CGI toolkit for SQL Server on NT?
118.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Nov 15 1995SQLserver V6 large installation? Bugfixes ?
119.01NETRIX::"declan.lennon@ilo.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 15 1995Version 6.
120.01CURRNT::CARSONWed Nov 15 1995Losing SQL performance stats
121.02FSCORE::B_LEURYMon Nov 20 1995How can I tell if a cursor exists?
122.0DEKVC::SERNIMLEEThu Nov 23 1995ODS on Alphaserver? for Oracle on HP?
123.01HYDRA::KLIGERMon Nov 27 1995Simple SQL Select Statement ???
124.01USCTR1::lexyfi.lex.dec.com::islerMon Nov 27 1995ODBC connection problem to SQL Server 6.
125.02FSCORE::B_LEURYTue Nov 28 1995direct output to a file
127.04CHEFS:: Dec 01 1995Microsoft Performance - Press Release
128.05OTOOA::ANDERSONSun Dec 03 1995MS Access & MS SQL Server
131.02AUBER::BERNEUILTue Dec 05 1995How to setup the decnet object SQL1 on windows NT?
132.02OTOOA::ANDERSONTue Dec 05 1995Re-installing v6
133.0OTOOA::ANDERSONWed Dec 06 1995Access/ODBC - Connection Failed
134.01USCD::DOTENWed Dec 06 1995Suppress output of n> when invoking an ISQL file
135.012AIAG::KIMThu Dec 07 1995SQL Server V6.5 ?
136.03NHASAD::RAMSEYTue Dec 12 1995SQL Server User Group (Waltham, MA)
137.03HYDRA::KLIGERTue Dec 12 1995slooooow query
139.03OSITEL::BADETue Dec 19 1995Port (INFORMIOX SE->SQL Serever) exoeriences ?!
140.04LURE::CERLINGThu Dec 21 1995BUFWAIT error
141.07MARX::FLEMINGFri Jan 05 1996Install problem with ODBC
142.06JRFVAX::HODGESTue Jan 09 1996how to SHRINKDB?
143.01JURA::DUQUESNEWed Jan 10 19962PC SQLServer on NT <-> OpenVMS Rdb - possible?
144.01JURA::DUQUESNEWed Jan 10 1996Related Conf. on LARVAE - node unknown??
145.03METMV3::DRGWed Jan 10 1996V4.2 Transfer Utility Replacement in V6.
146.03GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Jan 11 1996SMP utilization
147.03JALOPY::CUTLERFri Jan 12 1996Resource Priority for SQL/SERVER Configuration
148.03ALKAID::DOTENFri Jan 12 1996Can SQL handle dashes&underscores in domain&usernames?
149.0LURE::CERLINGFri Jan 12 1996Virtual memory and transaction log
150.0ROCCER::SWEENEYTue Jan 16 1996restore to second server ?
151.01DEMAND::GALLAGHERWed Jan 17 1996SQlexecutive doe not start after changing Domain Name
152.0PENUTS::CLYNCHThu Jan 18 1996Raiserror problem
153.03USCTR1::lexyfi.lex.dec.com::islerThu Jan 18 1996A Table with 71 columns?
154.02STOWOA::TALLURIThu Jan 18 1996Problem in updating through ODBC and VC++ 4.
156.0LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingFri Jan 19 1996Benchmark with existing transaction log
157.02HYDRA::KLIGERMon Jan 22 1996Data load from MSAccess to SQL
158.02RUMOR::CONSIDINEWed Jan 24 1996SQLMail and EXCHANGE?
159.0OTOOA::ANDERSONFri Jan 26 1996Licences and sp_configure (connections)
160.01JHAXP::RODGERSMon Jan 29 1996help with BCP,SQL6.
161.02LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingWed Jan 31 1996Replaying transactions
162.0STOWOA::TALLURIFri Feb 02 1996IDENTITY field updation using VC++ 4.
163.02MRKTNG::SLATERSat Feb 03 1996Application Performance & Configuration Guide
165.0AIAG::KIMMon Feb 05 1996input arguments to scripts ?
166.0MMOAXP::MHENSONTue Feb 06 1996AlphaServer Sizing -- any guidelines?
167.0FJIVSun Feb 11 1996BROWSE-MODE Blues using VB-Library for VB
168.04KERNEL::SMITHTue Feb 13 1996cannot drop rogue system index
169.01TKOV5Tue Feb 13 1996performance tuning for TPC-D type work load?
170.01PARVAX::YANAGIFri Feb 16 1996SQL restore problem
171.04ORAN::TOCALLAGHANTue Feb 20 1996Loading VMS Data to SQL Server V6.
172.04IAGO::wort1.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSTue Feb 20 1996Multiple active statements for one connection?
173.03NWDTue Feb 20 1996Trouble with BCP importing SDF
174.02LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONMon Feb 26 1996Determining current character set
175.01ECFAMon Feb 26 1996SQL Backup problems
177.02LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingTue Feb 27 1996NT 3.5 to 3.51 upgrade hurts V4.21 performance
178.0TEKDEV::OUELLETTEThu Mar 07 1996Problem accessinge TEXT field from Visual Basic
179.0ASABET::dmhpc1.ivo.dec.com::DaveHaackThu Mar 07 1996kits where?
180.01KAOFS::M_LAMThu Mar 07 1996SQL Alert to paging question
181.05LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONFri Mar 08 1996Diacritical characters getting garbled
182.03TPOVC::JERRYYEHSun Mar 10 1996msg 632,memove() error
183.02MSE1::BAKERMANTue Mar 12 1996Deadlock detection/handling in T-SQL
184.0RUMOR::CONSIDINEWed Mar 13 1996Free Seminar-MS Waltham-Tuning for Data Warehousing
185.01MKTCRV::KMANNERINGSThu Mar 14 1996MS-SQL and DECnet
186.02ZIMBOO::HILDEBRANDTThu Mar 14 1996Connection broken
187.02ZIMBOO::HILDEBRANDTThu Mar 14 1996Illegal length of... (error 614)
188.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHThu Mar 14 1996error
189.04EISYFI::ISLERFri Mar 15 1996Intel to Alpha SQL Transfer is very SLOW!
190.0126Fri Mar 15 1996Droping coloumn from a table
191.02EPS::ESTESTue Mar 19 1996DB and Fragment SQL Utility
192.02FUTURS::CLARKMTue Mar 19 1996EV5 Alpha with SQLServer?
193.0NEWVAX::EBARONTue Mar 19 1996Mac ODBC to SQL Server?
194.04FUTURS::HANSONThu Mar 21 1996Strange results from stored procedure
196.0NETRIX::"nakano@gw3.tbj.dec.com"Mon Mar 25 1996manager of spe-japan
197.05TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed Mar 27 1996MS-SQL couldn't restore data from tape
198.04COPCLU::RAHBEKWed Mar 27 1996Rollback (and bcp)
199.0HYDRA::WARRINERThu Mar 28 1996Task Scheduler Problems
200.01CUSTOM::STAFFORDTue Apr 02 1996SQL 6.5 and NT Clusters
201.01MRKTNG::RAJUTue Apr 02 1996How to obtain NT Login name from a stored procedureu
202.04CURRNT::CARSONThu Apr 04 1996Access to a 'SUSPECT' SQL6.
203.01JRFVAX::HODGESTue Apr 09 1996How to handle long text?
204.0MRKTNG::RAJUThu Apr 11 1996How to see the directory contents in a stored procedure ?
205.05DAERON::CLARKEThu Apr 11 1996Release notes?
206.01LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingFri Apr 12 1996SQL 4.21a and GPF
207.02ODIXIE::UNGERFri Apr 12 1996BCP er# 6
208.02MOSCOW::KHALINTue Apr 16 1996Q:Temporary path for attachnents.
209.0MRKTNG::RAJUWed Apr 17 1996Error trapping/handling & EXEC in stored procs...?s
210.0AMCUCS::BETTSThu Apr 18 1996Digital/Microsoft/SQL Server, Press Release
211.01BRSVMS::MOERENHOUTFri Apr 19 1996SQL Service Pack 2 - SP2 ?
212.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon Apr 22 1996Alpha vs Intel performance?
213.057388::WARRINERWed Apr 24 1996Odd problem restoring SQL V6.
214.0TAVIS::SHALOMMon Apr 29 1996Embedded SQL revisited
215.03MKOTS3::HAHNThu May 02 1996Intel/Alpha - Migration & Coexistence
216.03TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon May 06 1996NT/SQL crash and burn....
217.0MKOTS3::DUDEVOIRMon May 06 1996Field Truncation Problem
218.07388::KLIGERWed May 15 1996ODBC Connection error
219.04GUIDUK::MILLER_MAThu May 16 1996Transfer Manager using ODBC?
220.02TPOVC::JERRYYEHFri May 17 1996schedule backup produce error message
221.05FUTURS::CLARKMThu May 23 1996Use of DLT Tape Drives with SQLServer
222.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon May 27 1996winat tool for alpha NT platform
223.01MOSTMP::AKHLK::KhalyakoThu May 30 1996Problem with SQL after hardware upgrade
224.03NQOSMon Jun 03 1996Compaq's new TPM/C numbers
225.04JOBURG::RYANWed Jun 05 1996Lazywrite problem
226.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Jun 13 1996Database corrupt (suspect) on the external disk???
227.0ZPAC12::MURALIMon Jun 17 1996SQLserver stops !!!!
228.0UNTADB::WALKERMon Jun 17 1996Intel/Alpha ODBC Drivers
229.02TYCOCH::absip7.reo.dec.com::williamsgTue Jun 18 1996Performance Info Required
230.0SEGUR::KUOCHTue Jun 18 1996Indexes and Lock
231.01CHEFS::ast164.lzo.dec.com::GrahamScattergoodTue Jun 18 1996Batch posting and logging
232.0DEVLPR::SHEKERTue Jun 18 1996CreateQueryDef Question !
233.01SCASS1::WILSONMMon Jun 24 1996ALPHA/NT/SQL Tuning info
234.01BELFST::BVOFIT::belfst::fitzpatrickMon Jun 24 1996Help - Access/VB to SQL Server 6.5 ...
235.01SCHERZ::SAMPLTue Jun 25 1996Disable transaction log
236.01EEMELI::HAKALAWed Jun 26 1996Error 511 in updates
237.0ASABET::DIASThu Jun 27 1996Trouble passing parameters from VB
238.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Jun 27 1996Data Warehouse or Large DB
239.0KERNEL::GARDNERNFri Jun 28 1996SQL, SMS and Lotus!
240.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHFri Jul 05 1996ms-sql 6.
241.02JULIET::MUKAI_ROThu Jul 11 1996Row/Record Permissions
242.01EPS::DEANETue Jul 16 1996Anyone know anything about SP3?
243.03CHEFS::BUXTONJWed Jul 17 1996Alpha Benchmark Advice
244.0CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jul 18 199616-bit drivers?
245.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu Jul 18 1996Sources of Training?
246.03TLAVThu Jul 18 1996U: SQL server performance over 64K satellite link
247.06ROMSLS::BIANCHINIFri Jul 19 1996ODBC connection
249.0SNOFS1::NAGYENDREMon Jul 22 19966.5 Documentation
250.0TKOV6Thu Aug 01 1996About error code 17833
251.02NEOVFri Aug 02 1996Heavy CPU Utilization application
252.01JULIET::MUKAI_ROMon Aug 05 1996Re-insert Identity Column
253.04BIGQ::WATSONMon Aug 05 1996Need help - Insert Trigger to increment id
254.04CURRNT::CARSONWed Aug 07 1996Registering remote SQL servers
255.01OSLWed Aug 07 1996Limits in SQL Server V6.5 - needs help (and doc...)
256.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHSat Aug 10 1996login failure when use SA login ID
257.03ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Aug 19 1996import existing db into SQL Server?
258.01OSLTue Aug 20 1996Invalid object name 'pressrelease' during Restore
259.02ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUTue Aug 20 1996Backup/Restore in SQL Server?
260.06NETRIX::"paul.cordwell@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon Aug 26 1996HELP - AS41
261.0SHRMSG::LUUTue Aug 27 1996string comparison
262.0TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Aug 28 1996query result direct to file
263.0TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Aug 28 1996strip off header/footer from query
264.03TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Aug 28 1996trans log corrupt.
265.0COPCLU::RAHBEKWed Aug 28 1996bcp and images
266.03TKOVOA::NGOV2Mon Sep 02 1996Windows95 causes a speed delay?
267.03ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUTue Sep 03 1996Path of Master db?
268.0MLNORO::CAMPICEFri Sep 06 1996SQL Server WEB assistant not provided for Alpha
269.02OSOEIC::SHIMIZUTue Sep 10 1996SQL-DMO/1722:Service Control Error
270.02OSOEIC::SHIMIZUTue Sep 10 1996Zonbi Process Clean Up
271.03IJSAPL::ONDERWATERThu Sep 12 1996Embedded SQL (ESQL) available on Alpha?
272.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Sep 17 1996Help, SQL gurus
273.06SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu Sep 19 1996Do we need another conference?
274.01STKHLM::KNORNFri Sep 27 1996Allways index on tables
275.0+6CHOWDA::ORRMon Sep 30 1996Sort order 43 vs 49?
276.0GIDDAY::SANKARThu Oct 03 1996
277.0GIDDAY::SANKARThu Oct 03 1996
278.03GIDDAY::SANKARThu Oct 03 1996BCP from INtel to Alpha ....in native format...is it possible?
279.04MANMThu Oct 03 1996Replication bet. Alpha and Intel
280.01JRFVAX::FRANDSENSat Oct 05 1996Need access via TCP/IP
281.02UNTADE::WALKERMon Oct 07 1996reported logspace usage is wrong
282.05NETRIX::"erezb@hel.dec.com"Tue Oct 08 1996
283.0DUKBIL::VaughnTue Oct 08 19966.
284.02ICEQUB::MSARAJIANWed Oct 09 1996Insert a system stored procedure
285.01UNTADE::WALKERFri Oct 18 1996Evaluation at commit time?
286.04EPS::cseMon Oct 21 1996U: Embedded SQL C developer's kit on Alpha NT
287.03SIOG::KEYESWed Oct 23 1996Eval copy of Digital Application Generator
288.04VAXSPO::ANDREWed Oct 23 1996tempdb memory size doesn't change
289.02LEMAN::BOTHNERFri Oct 25 1996Does load of DB dump also create metadata?
290.04SNOV14::RASMUSSENMon Oct 28 1996OpenVMS COBOL precompiler and MS SQL Server
291.01COPCLU::RAHBEKMon Oct 28 1996How much data can be lost ?
292.01EPS::HIGGINSThu Oct 31 1996What am I missing?
293.04OTOOA::PDONOGHUESat Nov 02 1996Help with StatsCan
294.01COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Nov 05 1996DBCC and 7x24x365
295.07COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Nov 05 1996Error 6
296.011TBCTue Nov 05 1996Help with Benchmark!!
297.0COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Nov 05 1996Reconfigure physical layout
298.01ADCAThu Nov 07 1996SQLServer is unavailable or does not exist ERROR.
299.03UNTADE::WHELANFri Nov 08 1996SELECT permission denied problem
300.01DECWET::LENOXFri Nov 08 1996NetWorker field test solicitations (on NT Alpha)
301.03MPOSMon Nov 11 1996Indeterminate state
302.02EPS::CONNORSMon Nov 11 1996Increase timeout
303.02JRFVAX::MOESTue Nov 12 1996Transaction Log filling up
304.02TAVSun Nov 17 1996looking for knowledge-courses-training-seminars...
305.02QCAVSun Nov 17 1996Invalid Cursor State Error.
306.02TKTV2Mon Nov 25 1996Replication of LogReader and Sync
307.05BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneMon Nov 25 1996Can't install SQL 6.5 on Windows NT 4.
308.0DEKVC::SUNGJAEPAEKMon Dec 02 1996Access95 ODBC for Alpha NT
309.07TPOVC::ALLENCHENSun Dec 08 1996SQL D.B. is negative size in PCI Raid 5, Alpha 1
310.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue Dec 10 1996Logreader behaviour on deferred updates
311.03HYDRA::KLIGERThu Dec 12 1996Problems upgrading to SQL V6.5 from SQL V6.
312.04PDMOPS::YAMARTINOFri Dec 13 1996SQL Server 6.5 on Alpha XL266, but first...
313.01STUMon Dec 16 1996sql-server 6.5
314.07EPS::VANDENHEUVELMon Dec 16 1996How to use Enterprise Manager to local DB if no Network active.
315.01PDMOPS::YAMARTINOTue Dec 17 1996SQL Server Books Online crashes
316.0+1CSC32::HOEPNERThu Jan 02 1997Sql Server 6.5 Service pack 2 is available
317.0+6STOWOA::NAHABEDIANFri Jan 03 1997Server won't start up on install of 6.5
318.0RUMOR::CONSIDINETue Jan 07 1997Stored Procedures from IDC w/ HTML List
319.02PCBUOA::akodhcp56-99.ako.dec.com::KILROYTue Jan 07 1997Cursor no longer returns correct # of rows
320.01HLFSFri Jan 10 1997SQLOLE OLE object could not be registered - Enterprise mgr
321.03HLFSFri Jan 10 1997Database device with negative number size
322.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Jan 14 1997
323.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Jan 14 1997SQLServer 6.5 on Kauai NT 4.
324.01USDEV::PKNEELANDTue Jan 14 1997SQL-DMO Bulkcopy and ImprtData?
325.0STKHLM::KNORNThu Jan 16 1997Utilities to load data from files into database
326.01TREES::THOMASThu Jan 16 1997SQLConnect fails running under SQL Server Task Manager
327.02ROCCER::JHAFri Jan 17 1997Unable to install the 12
328.01QCAVSun Jan 19 1997Unable to Restore due to Sort ID.
329.0+2MPOSWed Jan 22 1997Restore performance is slow
330.0MBALDY::BRUCEThu Jan 23 1997SQL Server 6.5 on Compaq4.
331.0 *+1NETRIX::"notov@mail.dec.com"Mon Jan 27 1997
332.0 *ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Jan 29 1997SQL Server database alias ???
333.0 *+4OTOOA::JPONDThu Jan 30 1997"SQLanywhere" and SQL-Server on same system?
334.0 *+9MKOTS3::DUDEVOIRMon Feb 03 19974
335.0 *+2MAIL2::DERISEWed Feb 05 1997Alpha, SQL Svr, and 4mmdat?
336.0 *+1JOBURG::NICOPTue Feb 11 1997SQL 6.5 going slower and eventually dies on 41
337.0 *+2PTPMTue Feb 11 1997setup /t behavior
338.0 *+4VSSCAD::FITZGERALDThu Feb 13 1997help wanted:porting VAX/VMS RDB database to MS SQL Server
339.0 *+2STKHLM::KNORNTue Feb 18 1997BCP format file assistance needed
340.0 *SEAWLF::POISSONWed Feb 19 1997Access ODBC and SQL Server on Alpha
341.0 *+2BRADEC::PAULECHThu Feb 20 1997SQL6
342.0 *+17SIOG::KEYESSat Feb 22 19971
343.0 *CHEFS::EDWARDSDTue Feb 25 1997Access V2.
344.0 *+4SIOG::KEYESMon Mar 03 1997SQlserver V oracle
345.0 *+2HLFSThu Mar 06 1997CMDexec in MSsql scheduler useable for daily msaccess reporting ?
346.0 *+9STAR::DMORINWed Mar 12 1997How do I change the sa password?
347.0 *+2TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Mar 12 1997Startup SQL using command mode?
348.0 *+1DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGFri Mar 14 1997sql and dbcheck
349.0 *+5NEWVAX::RAKSun Mar 16 1997#ODBC# stored procedures filling tempdb
350.0 *+1GUIDUK::HEALYWed Mar 19 1997 SQL Server telephone Support from Digital?
351.0 *MSE1::MASTRANGELOThu Mar 20 1997Variables in CREATE DATABASE?
352.0 *+1TKOVOA::NGOV2Fri Mar 21 1997How to handle large text data?
353.0 *+2GUIDUK::HEALYFri Mar 21 1997Alpha and Intel-Different Optimizer Behavior?
354.0 *+1STKHLM::KNORNMon Mar 24 1997Inconsistency with foreign key
355.0 *+1STKHLM::KNORNMon Mar 24 1997Strange behaviour with ISQL and -i option
356.0 *+2DECIDE::LANGFELDTThu Mar 27 1997SQL db "uniqueness"????
357.0 *NETRIX::"skeenc@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 03 1997FrontPage, IIS and SQL Server
358.0 *OSLThu Apr 10 1997Adding colums to a table being replicated
359.0 *+5NCMAIL::LEFFLERMThu Apr 10 1997sql alpha vs pentium
360.0 *NEWVAX::RAKThu Apr 10 1997Replicating with different col names
361.0 *+2EXCENT::MCCRAWFri Apr 11 1997Segment or Not?
362.0 *+6XSTACY:: Apr 22 1997SQLServer V6.5 bcp problem with "unimplemented data conversion"
363.0 *NNTPD::"botham@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 22 1997SQL Replication of SMS
364.0 *+1TAVTue Apr 22 1997List server for SQL-Server ?
365.0 *+1HLFSThu Apr 24 1997Restoring a MSSQL database - how does it work
366.0 *SIOG::KEYESMon Apr 28 1997New MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) Notes conference
367.0 *+1GLRMAI::BRAITHWAITEMon Apr 28 1997Pointers to SQL SVR Info
368.0 *+5ALFSS1::WALTERSMon Apr 28 1997database size
369.0 *STOSS1::SEITZSat May 03 1997DCOM same for Alpha and intel?
370.0 *+3GIAMEM::LAIThu May 08 1997MS ODBC SQL Server Drive Timeout Expired?
371.0 *+2HLFSMon May 12 1997Login failed - user guest. How to solve this ?
372.0 *SLOVAX::NEWMANMon May 12 1997Moving large datasets quickly
373.0 *VAXSPO::INFO_RIBERTOTue May 13 1997General SQL error, max DBPROCESS already allocated
374.0 *+2VAXSPO::INFO_RIBERTOTue May 13 1997General SQL, max DBPROCESS already allocated
375.0 *+1NNTPD::"lynchc@mail.dec.com"Mon May 19 1997sp_addtask,sp_helptask
376.0 *HLFSTue May 20 1997Regular transfer db does not copy meta data ?
377.0 *+1JOBURG::NICOPWed May 21 1997SQL server 6.5 crash with NT3.51 on 41
378.0 *LACSWed May 21 1997HELP - Restore Problems
379.0 *STKHLM::KNORNWed May 28 1997Executing SQL via RAS takes longer time
380.0 *+3CSC32::P_BRADYWed May 28 1997Fallback Procedures
381.0 *ORION::ORION::TRAPASSOMon Jun 02 1997Volunteer for a DAGn usability evaluation!
382.0 *HGOVThu Jun 05 1997how to extract modified records?