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Conference fievel::traditional_woodworking

Title:traditional_woodworking (shadow copy)
Created:Sun Mar 21 1993
Last Modified:Thu Apr 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:78
Total number of notes:722
Number with bodies:0
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1.05WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992Howdy!
2.04WAYBAC::LEACHThu Apr 23 1992The black hole note.
3.0WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992Classical Architecture.
4.03WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992The Tuscan Order.
5.05WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992The Doric Order.
6.04WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992The Ionic Order.
7.05WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992The Corinthian Order.
8.03WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 03 1992The Composite Order.
9.012WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 07 1992Moldings.
10.09WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 07 1992Whatsit Antique Tool Note.
11.06WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 07 1992Sources for quality hand tools.
12.013WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 07 1992Antique Tool Auction Note.
13.017WAYBAC::LEACHMon Jan 20 1992Antique Tool and Trade Organizations Note.
14.021WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 07 1992Woodworking Events.
15.018WAYBAC::LEACHWed Jan 08 1992Hand plane stuff.
16.026CSLALL::BORZUMATOFri Jan 17 1992Sign in here....
17.020WAYBAC::LEACHMon Jan 20 1992It's a little known fact...
18.013EVMS::GODDARDWed Jan 22 1992Books
19.06R2ME2::LEACHThu Jan 23 1992Finishing Products, etc...
20.03DOMINY::TAYLORThu Jan 23 1992How good a surface?
21.016WAYBAC::LEACHFri Jan 24 1992Historical records.
22.07WAYBAC::LEACHMon Jan 27 1992The preparation of Wood.
23.06EVMS::GODDARDMon Jan 27 1992For sale or trade
24.03WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 28 1992Principles of Planes.
25.012WAYBAC::LEACHTue Jan 28 1992Bench appliances.
26.032GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZTue Jan 28 1992Restoring an Old Plane
27.04SUBWAY::YATESWed Jan 29 1992Differences in Chippendale Styles
28.013CSLALL::BORZUMATOFri Jan 31 1992need repair note...
29.02MEMORY::STANLEYFri Jan 31 1992How were moldings attached to case work?
30.06WAYBAC::LEACHWed Feb 05 1992Columns.
31.05DOMINY::TAYLORMon Feb 10 1992Joinery - the lap joint
32.010WAYBAC::LEACHTue Feb 11 1992Proportional divisions, reductions, and enlargements
33.04DOMINY::TAYLORTue Feb 11 1992The Woodwright's Shop
34.08WAYBAC::LEACHWed Feb 19 1992Raked, curved, and other oddball moldings
35.02WAYBAC::LEACHTue Feb 25 1992Ogees are everywhere.
36.010SMURF::YELGINTue Feb 25 1992The Norris Plane Note
37.05WAYBAC::LEACHFri Feb 28 1992Harmony, proportion, and the well rounded man.
38.09INTRN6::DIALFri Feb 28 1992Sanding...
39.0QUABBI::wojcikThu Mar 05 1992Andy Rooney on Wood
40.08WAYBAC::LEACHFri Mar 06 1992What's in a name?
41.09DICKNS::WELLCOMEFri Mar 06 1992The meditation of hand work
42.046WAYBAC::LEACHTue Mar 17 1992Geometric Layout.
43.013WAYBAC::LEACHMon Mar 23 1992Timber note (seasoning, preparation, felling, etc.)
44.02QUABBI::wojcikMon Mar 23 1992Has anyone extracted the pictures?
45.04KAHALA::KINGSLEYWed Mar 25 1992Pre 183
46.02CHOWDA::BRAMHALLFri Mar 27 1992Rhode Island Custom Furniture Builder?
47.07DOMINY::TAYLORMon Mar 30 1992Sliding dovetails
48.018WAYBAC::LEACHTue Mar 31 1992The official I wouldn't do that note.
49.09SENIOR::HAMBURGERWed Apr 01 1992Official Japanese handtools note
50.06AKOCOA::DOUGANFri Apr 03 1992Simple questions
51.06WAYBAC::LEACHTue Apr 14 1992Fox wedging, or, the surest path to insanity.
52.02SMURF::YELGINWed Apr 15 1992Storing Seasoned Lumber
53.02WAYBAC::LEACHMon Apr 20 1992Grinding molding plane irons.
54.04WAYBAC::LEACHThu Apr 23 1992Wanna get rid of those stubborn rust stains?
55.03WAYBAC::LEACHFri Apr 24 1992Bending Wood.
56.011CFSCTC::LADEROUTEMon Apr 27 1992Carving tools
57.014DOMINY::TAYLORFri May 01 1992The Hardware Note
58.02WAYBAC::LEACHMon May 11 1992Some thoughts on mantels.
59.016DOMINY::TAYLORTue May 19 1992Dating planes
60.01WAYBAC::LEACHWed May 27 1992Mitreing and coping joints.
61.017R2ME2::LEACHTue Jun 09 1992Mind your drawers.
62.03R2ME2::LEACHWed Jul 01 1992The story behind the lowly hammer.
63.01QUABBI::wojcikWed Jul 08 1992new book offer
64.02R2ME2::LEACHTue Jul 14 1992The origins of High School Shop.
65.09SUBSYS::SALLESThu Jul 16 1992Carcase Construction
66.01SUBSYS::SALLESFri Sep 04 1992So Long
67.04CFSCTC::LADEROUTEMon Sep 14 1992technique question
68.020XAPPL::LEACHThu Sep 24 1992Saws and sawing.
69.06XAPPL::LEACHFri Sep 25 1992Portsmouth furniture stuff.
70.04R2ME2::LEACHThu Oct 01 1992Timber terms.
71.05TALLIS::PARADISWed Oct 21 1992Gimme that old-time woodworking?
72.01KAHALA::RIPLEYFri Oct 23 1992Woodworking show-Sharon Arts Ctr
73.02BSS::GROVERMon Oct 26 1992Traditional wooden toys
74.05R2ME2::LEACHTue Oct 27 1992Wood Polishing.
75.09EVMS::MODEL::CROSSFri Jan 15 1993Moldings, Doors, Flooring - 17
76.024EVMS::EVMS::GODDARDMon Feb 01 1993Plane pics