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Conference axpbiz::drums

Title:Drums and Drummers!
Notice:New Directory of DRUMS in note 1.17
Created:Wed Dec 16 1987
Last Modified:Tue May 27 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:397
Total number of notes:2552
Number with bodies:20
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1.020YODA::COOKWed Dec 16 1987Introduction
2.0+102--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 16 1987FOR SALE - WANTED
3.0+100YODA::COOKWed Dec 16 1987Who Are You?
4.061YODA::COOKThu Dec 17 1987Bass Drum Pedals
5.014DOODAH::WIEGLERThu Dec 17 1987Drum Hardware
6.011ALPINE::REVCON1Fri Dec 18 1987Tama
7.030HPSTEK::RHODESFri Dec 18 1987Designing/modifying your own kit
8.020DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Dec 18 1987Is Shell Resonance a Shell Game?
10.022DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Dec 22 1987Metronomes
11.020YODA::COOKWed Dec 23 1987Music stores and Distributing Companies
13.08BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Dec 29 1987Local Musicians on the radio
14.0+12MERIDN::ROSCETTIWed Dec 30 1987Lessons
16.06ERLANG::SUDAMAThu Dec 31 1987The importance of TOUCH.
17.040USAVAX::MANTONMon Jan 04 1988Influences!!
19.09JUNIOR::MONTVILLETue Jan 05 1988Advice on buying drums needed
21.032DOODAH::WIEGLERThu Jan 07 1988Drum Heads
22.012YODA::COOKThu Jan 07 1988Seating - high or low?
23.0+22YODA::COOKMon Jan 11 1988Cymbals
24.09GRAMPS::GERDETue Jan 12 1988Tuning drums
25.01DOODAH::WIEGLERTue Jan 12 1988Weatherproofing Fiber Cases
28.016DOODAH::WIEGLERMon Jan 18 1988Microphones for Drums
29.011HPSTEK::RHODESTue Jan 19 1988Cleaning drums and cymbals
30.035JAWS::COTEWed Jan 20 1988Transcription Trading???
31.011SRFSUP::MORRISWed Jan 20 1988Rest in Peace
33.017SRFSUP::MORRISFri Jan 22 1988Bass Drum Muffling
35.042HPSTEK::RHODESWed Jan 27 1988sticks!
37.011HPSMEG::LEITZWed Feb 10 1988All About Stools/Seats
39.013ROLL::KEYEThu Feb 18 1988The Official *Starting Out* Note
40.03CASVFri Feb 19 1988Drum Mechanics: Where are they?
41.06AQUA::ROSTMon Feb 22 1988Gigging With A Drum Machine in Real Time
44.017YODA::COOKThu Feb 25 1988Playing Jazz
45.034YODA::COOKThu Feb 25 1988Playing Heavy Metal/ Speed Metal
46.01SRFSUP::MORRISThu Feb 25 19884 mallets
47.06ALPINE::REVCON1Mon Feb 29 1988Hi Hat Stands
50.022ULTRA::COOKWed Mar 02 1988Gig and Concert Announcements
51.036WALLAC::KEATINGWed Mar 09 1988Paradiddles
52.09DOODAH::WIEGLERWed Mar 09 1988Remo SPOKES
57.024DOODAH::WIEGLERFri Mar 18 1988Cases for Drum Hardware
60.032YODA::COOKTue Mar 22 1988Drummers Wanted Note
63.073DOODAH::WIEGLERTue Mar 29 1988Electronic Drums
66.013HPSMEG::LEITZWed Mar 30 1988Roland's Octapad
67.03HPSMEG::LEITZThu Mar 31 1988Opinions on drum gizmos
69.02DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Apr 18 1988Liberation for drummers
70.08BONNET::MCALLISTERWed Apr 20 1988Rick Allen
71.023USMRW7::DADDIECOWed Apr 20 1988Drum Videos
72.08ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Apr 22 1988Terry Bozio
73.05CSC32::G_HOUSESat Apr 23 1988Drumming for Non-drummers?
77.068YODA::COOKMon May 16 1988Neil Peart
78.013CENSRD::MANDEVILLEThu May 19 1988Carl Palmer
80.027YODA::COOKWed Jun 01 1988Drummers aren't musicians????
82.05WILVAX::BOURQUESun Jun 05 1988Bells
83.011YODA::COOKTue Jun 07 1988Drummers vs. Drum machines
88.07FGVAXZ::LAINGThu Jun 16 1988Mixers?
90.024BAGELS::GLENNTue Jul 05 1988Setting up your drums
91.0252DIEGO::SWSREPWed Jul 06 1988Drum and Bugle Corps anyone?
92.08COGVAX::LABAKMon Jul 11 1988Triggers
93.09WALLAC::KEATINGThu Jul 14 1988Drum books
96.025YODA::COOKMon Aug 08 1988Tony Williams
97.03CHEST::LEETue Aug 09 1988PHIL GOULD - Leading with your left
99.010BOOKLT::WIEGLERWed Aug 10 1988Purecussion drums
100.014BOOKLT::WIEGLERWed Aug 10 1988Drum quality
104.03DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Aug 29 1988"Gonzo" Gonzales
106.013YODA::COOKFri Sep 02 1988 Unknown Drumming Heroes!
107.011BOOKLT::WIEGLERTue Sep 06 1988Monitors for Drummers
110.010CASVWed Sep 14 1988Drum Jokes
111.09CHOTI::GABRIELIFri Sep 16 1988Vibe players: Bar none.
121.03CHEST::LEEWed Oct 19 1988Phil Collins
124.030WILVAX::BOURQUEWed Nov 02 1988Drum racks
128.038YODA::COOKFri Nov 18 1988Over-rated drummers
129.08FSTVAX::FANCYSat Nov 26 1988Buddy Rich
130.03PORT::MOEHLENPAHMon Dec 05 1988Sonor drums
131.016BONNET::MCALLISTERTue Dec 06 1988Christmas pressies for drummers....
132.05DASXPS::BOURQUETue Dec 20 1988Mounting Bass Drums on stands
133.018CHEST::LEEWed Dec 21 1988Singing Drummers
134.07DASXPS::BOURQUEWed Dec 28 1988Best Set you've Played??
136.08HPSTEK::RENEThu Dec 29 1988Favorite Beats
139.016CHEFS::EDINBOROUGHSFri Jan 06 1989Sound hole
143.06FOOT::LLOYDAThu Jan 12 1989Wooden vs. felt beaters
144.010SBLANC::MOEHLENPAHMon Jan 23 1989Stand mounting a floor tom
151.023DASXPS::BOURQUEFri Jan 27 1989Don't you hate when...
152.01DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Jan 27 1989The Hal Blaine Story
157.025DASXPS::BOURQUEFri Feb 10 1989Recoating Old Shells
163.013COWPOX::GOULDThu Mar 09 1989Drum Rugs/Mats
164.07BAGELS::GLENNMon Mar 20 1989Drum/Drummer Trivia
165.014NEEPS::IRVINEMon Mar 20 1989Your Biggest Disaster while playing live!
166.011CHEST::LEEFri Mar 31 1989Click Tracks in the Studio
173.014CHEST::LEETue May 02 1989Drum Dampening Techniques
178.011VCSESU::COOKFri Jun 02 1989Keith Moon
184.03EXPRES::CARMANTue Aug 08 1989Richie Hayward
188.012SANCHO::SALINWed Aug 23 1989Practicing
191.018VCSESU::COOKMon Aug 28 1989Auditions
192.02ROXIE::TASSINARIFri Sep 08 1989Drum Notation
201.03BLKWDO::KEATINGThu Nov 09 1989Drum Rudiments
206.03NATASH::DAVIDFri Dec 08 1989Louie Bellson
207.012UTRUST::DEHARTOGMon Dec 18 1989Yamaha PTX8? TX81Z?
209.04UTRUST::DEHARTOGTue Dec 19 1989Invention?
211.05UTRUST::DEHARTOGWed Dec 27 1989Amplifiers for drum-machines?
212.05NADIR::WIEGLERWed Dec 27 1989Drums: A view from the 8
213.04CASPRO::CAMPBELLThu Dec 28 1989The Monster is Coming ???
214.01WARABI::OFFICEThu Dec 28 1989piccolo-which way do I go?
215.06SUBURB::GOODWINPWed Jan 03 1990A Brit in need of some Help!!
216.01EARWIG::BRIGGSFri Jan 05 1990YAMAHA DD1
219.0MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIWed Jan 17 1990music/rithm parts editor ?
222.013FILTON::LAURICELLAFri Feb 02 1990Snare buzz
223.04BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KWed Feb 14 1990Is smaller better?
225.06CASPRO::CAMPBELLTue Feb 20 1990Drum Notes Poll
227.0USHSFri Mar 09 1990recording tip
228.0DCSVAX::COTESun Mar 11 1990Dave Weckl Clinic at QCC
229.08CASPRO::CAMPBELLTue Mar 13 1990Rogers and Ludwig thought
230.08BOOKS::GERDEThu Mar 15 1990Elec. set-up probs./T-Shooting
231.02BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KTue Mar 20 1990Drum Gimmicks.
234.010WALLAC::SALINMon Mar 26 1990Countryfied
235.07PROXY::PINETTEFri Apr 20 1990Who uses brushes?
236.02PROXY::PINETTEMon Apr 23 1990Finger Control
238.08PROXY::PINETTETue May 08 1990Drum Publications
240.09PNEUMA::ASBURYWed May 09 1990'DRUM HUT' Portable Practice-Room
241.019TEMPE1::KEATINGTue May 22 1990Recorded Solos
243.05PROXY::PINETTEFri Jun 08 1990Formal vs self-taught
246.04PROXY::PINETTEThu Jun 21 1990Piccolo Snares
249.04BUFFER::SWARTZFri Jun 29 1990Multi-rods
253.0MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu Jul 26 1990drumming software for Amiga ?
254.08BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KWed Aug 08 1990Deadringers/sound rings?
256.05VFOVAX::BELLTue Aug 21 1990YYZ triple solos.
259.07BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KWed Sep 19 1990Two drummers - one band.
260.03CIMNET::CAFEThu Sep 20 1990Wood varieties, drum shells
262.013319::CLELANDWed Oct 17 1990Art Blakey: musician
266.01NITMOI::MARASun Dec 02 1990A Nanigo
274.08CLOSUS::DCHAVEZWed Feb 27 1991Dave Weckl, Master Plan CD
279.013NEMAIL::MERCIERWed Apr 17 1991Studio Mic's
281.02KERNEL::LLOYDAMon Apr 22 1991Bongo Books wanted...
283.010VARESE::FRANZONITue Apr 30 1991how to translate music to drumming
296.011BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KThu Nov 14 1991Snare drums
297.07COLTue Nov 26 1991How fast is a roll?
298.01COLThu Nov 28 1991Rock and Funk rhythms
299.01COLThu Nov 28 1991Rhythm sheets
304.07JAYMES::BELLWed Dec 11 1991Official Alesis D4 Note
306.06LMOADM::CAFEMon Dec 16 1991Remo Drums
308.01KOBAL::BASLIN::RYANThu Jan 23 1992Announcing the MUSIC_MAKING conference
313.03AOSG::GILLETTTue Feb 11 1992On the subject of drum pitches...
315.02MCDOUG::MCPHERSONWed Feb 19 1992Butch is a DVN stah!
316.011ICS::JOHNSONLMon Apr 06 1992African drumming
317.03NEMAIL::MERCIERWed Apr 08 1992La Villa Strangiato
318.05AOSG::GILLETTMon Apr 20 1992Drums Pads and Drum Machines...
319.014ROYALT::MAYThu Apr 30 1992Deadening Acoustic/trigger drums sounds
320.03DNEAST::WESTLAKE_SUEMon May 04 1992Snare Drum for a 4th grader
321.015WELCLU::THORNTONMon Jul 20 1992Electronics
322.010MISERY::CORTOPASS_DAThu Aug 06 1992Gone to that big band in the sky...
323.0BONNET::BAILLETTue Aug 25 1992TOTO European Tour ?!
324.03KAOFS::R_HOULEThu Sep 03 1992B as in BRUFORD
325.02BRAT::WREATH::LYNNTue Sep 08 1992Doumbeks/frame drums
326.02CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Sep 21 1992Weckl: Heads Up
327.02KAOFS::R_HOULETue Sep 22 1992Max Roach
328.06HEART::MACHINMon Sep 28 1992Fusion kit -- what's in it?
329.07KAOFS::R_HOULEMon Oct 26 1992Ludwig Black Beauty snare
330.0REJOIN::D_SMITHTue Oct 27 1992Precussionist wanted
331.06LEVERS::R_PEPETue Oct 27 1992Recovering drums.
333.0HITEKS::DIPAOLOThu Dec 03 1992Yamaha DD1
334.02MINNY::JOERGENSENSun Dec 13 1992Gretsch Prices / Shops on Manhatten
335.0PDVMon Dec 14 1992TOM - The Drum Machine
336.02WEORG::WIEGLERThu Jan 14 1993Practic Pads
337.04HELIX::PINETTEMon Jan 18 1993Looking for the Elusive "Swiss Triplet"
338.01KISMIF::MARAThu Jan 21 1993Notation Software?
339.01WEORG::WIEGLERMon Feb 08 1993Walberg & Auge drums
340.02WEORG::WIEGLERTue Feb 16 1993Drum Literature
341.04AKOCOA::MINEZZIThu Feb 18 1993What to sell it for....
342.04VARESE::FRANZONIFri Mar 05 1993rack vs floor-stand mount
343.0VARESE::FRANZONIThu Mar 11 1993MD subscription ;-(
344.01SANFAN::QUACKENBU_KITue Mar 16 1993Advice on Thrones
345.02TLE::DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Mar 17 1993The Roland TD-7
346.01ALBANY::BEATONMon Mar 29 1993Adhesive used to re-cover old drums
347.0HANNAH::EMMELThu Apr 08 1993Audition - Symphony
348.08HEART::MACHINThu May 27 1993bass drum technique
349.04EMMFG::LAYTONTue Jun 08 1993Beginner-Mid-Pro differences.
350.01ELMAGO::BLAMBERTFri Jun 11 1993Looking for Randy Costillo
351.0ELWOOD::CAPOZZOTue Jul 20 1993Its time for DECJAM 93!!!
352.0OBSESS::BREENTue Jul 27 1993Rehearsal Space Survey
353.01PEKING::LAYR1Thu Jul 29 1993Play that funky music white boy...
354.04WEORG::WIEGLERMon Aug 23 1993*Lightweight* hardware
355.0NBOFS1::HKLEINFri Sep 03 1993Kongas
356.02WITNES::BUCKLEYTue Oct 05 1993Mike Portnoy / Dream Theater
357.02ROBRT::VEZINAFri Nov 12 1993Dave Weckle in Brockton
358.0CXDOCS::DCHAVEZThu Nov 18 1993Rog Morgenstein Clinic Review
359.06UTRTSC::RVISSERWed Nov 24 1993Zildjan Cymbals prices
360.05LEMAN::DJENEFSKYTue Jan 18 1994Led Zep Drums : How where they recorded ?
361.0SUBSYS::ELSNAUTue Jan 18 1994Boston/Framingham Rehearsal Spaces?
362.05MCDOUG::dougSun Feb 27 1994Concussion Ensemble
363.02ROYALT::MAYWed Mar 16 1994Need hEAR protection now
364.06SUNBRN::CONLEY_PHWed May 25 1994Triggering Drums/Midi
365.01MROA::JMAYMon Jul 25 1994RIMS or Pearl IFS info
366.01BRAT::TULIPANIFri Aug 05 1994band seeks drummer
369.03BABAGI::COOKThu Sep 08 1994Prominent double bass in the studio!
370.01CSC32::A_PARRACOSat Sep 17 1994Dennis Chambers
371.05BABAGI::COOKMon Sep 19 1994Cleaning drum shells
372.0CUPMK::WIEGLERMon Sep 26 1994Art Related to Drums and Drumming
373.0PARVAX::BENNETTTue Sep 27 1994Ex-DECcie selling complete Ludwig/A. Zildjian kit
374.01CXDOCS::DCHAVEZSun Oct 30 1994Vinnie Colaiuta's new CD!
375.0EDABOT::MOEHLENPAHWed Nov 16 1994refinishing wood veneer
376.01SMAUG::SCHUSTERMon Nov 21 1994Snare Drum For 5th Grader
377.0CUPMK::WIEGLERWed Dec 28 1994Goodbye and Thanks!
378.01WOTVAX::COLLINSMon Jan 23 1995Music for visitor from afar
379.02STRATA::LUCHTSat Jun 10 1995Chad Wackerman
381.03EDWIN::HOOKERThu Sep 21 1995Alex VanHalen
382.0+8BSS::MEROLAThu Sep 28 1995Carter Beauford of DMB
383.02BSS::MEROLAMon Oct 02 1995Jam Clubs
384.03OTOOA::MONAHANFri Oct 20 19951/8 note bass question
387.0METSYS::LIVESEYFri Dec 08 1995WANTED:Practice kit (5 pad kit) BS175???
388.0+3ICS::CLELANDWed Dec 13 1995Blue Man Group
389.0MROA::jmay2.mro.dec.com::jmayMon Feb 26 1996Where are the best prices for ddrum triggers?
390.01NETRIX::"medoni@luccio.enet.dec.com"Wed Apr 10 1996Song for Guy drums
391.0CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Sep 19 1996drummer wanted
392.0+7PKOPW1::SADLERWed Oct 23 1996Need advice on budget kits
393.01NETRIX::"hardikarj@ako.dec.com"Mon Jan 06 1997Looking for a drummer
394.01GECMon Jan 20 1997Origin of snares
395.0 *+6GECTue Feb 04 1997ATTENTION MODERATOR....
396.0 *GECMon Mar 24 1997The New Peavey Drums
397.0 *+1MROA::dhcp-client-184.mro.dec.com::johnThu May 01 1997MUSIC EQUIPMENT