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Conference bgsdev::graphics_examples

Title:Graphics Examples
Created:Wed Jan 17 1990
Last Modified:Tue Aug 09 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:74
Total number of notes:207
Number with bodies:0
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1.04DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990Introduction
2.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990Index - No replies
3.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
4.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
5.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
6.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
7.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
8.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
9.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
10.0DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jan 17 1990reserved
11.05DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Jan 17 1990PHIGS Primitives
12.012DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Jan 17 1990PHIGS Attributes
15.01BEAR1::LEVINEThu Jan 25 1990Interactive NURBS curves in PHIGS
16.05BEAR1::LEVINEMon Jan 29 19903D Viewing in PHIGS
17.01KETJE::PUTMANSWed Feb 21 1990Yet another Robot
18.0DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Mar 08 1990GKS-3D demo (submitted for Chuck Hanks)
19.0DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Mar 08 1990Twotori (submitted for Ron Levine and Bernard Laforgue
20.01DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Mar 08 1990Spray paint simulation (submitted for John Ellenberger)
21.02RICARD::LAFORGUEWed Mar 21 1990phigs_motion, the cartoon maker
22.012HOTSHT::AUSTINMon Apr 16 1990Resize PHIGS DECwindows Drawables
23.07MILKWY::JANZENWed May 16 1990Old direct-ReGIS stereoscope software
24.04CURIE::CHALTASTue May 22 1990SGI viewing emulation (polarview, perspective, ortho)
25.04PDVWed Aug 01 1990ReGIS expert WANTED !!!
26.03ODIXIE::BEARDMOREWed Aug 01 1990Demo Kits for Sales
27.02JOVIAN::JANZENWed Aug 01 1990demo; moire, plaid ReGIS
28.05EPIK::P_DAVISTue Aug 07 1990XSight - a 2D graphics editor
29.04RATH::BROOKEThu Sep 13 1990DB_3D
30.07DSSDEV::WERNSINGThu Oct 18 1990dials and buttons
31.03DSSDEV::WERNSINGMon Oct 22 1990PHIGS Escape to set window title
32.04DSSDEV::WERNSINGTue Oct 23 1990PHIGS pick input
33.0DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMThu Oct 25 1990Demo of PHIGS Pseudo-Color Ramps
34.0SMAC1Mon Nov 26 1990Phigs with Fortran bindings on ds31
35.01DSSDEV::WERNSINGThu Dec 06 1990HLHSR - simple example
36.0WYVERN::COMEFORDTue Dec 18 1990A simple example of PHIGS using a wstype 2x3 and input together
37.0DSSDEV::WERNSINGThu Jan 03 1991PHIGS & GKS demo
38.02NEWOA::BOSLEYWed Jan 16 1991Workstation Background Pics.
39.01DSSDEV::WERNSINGTue Feb 12 1991GKS (GKS-3D) modified starry_night program
40.01DSSDEV::WERNSINGFri Feb 22 1991PHIGS triangle strip
41.01DSSDEV::WERNSINGMon Feb 25 1991Double Buffering Escape
42.0BERNTue Apr 23 1991character string animation needed (demo trailer)
43.0SWAM2::CIANFLONE_FRWed Apr 24 1991scriptchart widget needed
44.0DSSDEV::MORThu Apr 25 1991PHIGSwave demo
45.02JIT761::K_SEKIGUCHIMon May 20 1991FACE (DEC GKS needed)
46.01MR4DEC::FALSAFIFri Jun 07 1991Need curve fitting/interpolation program
47.0MR4DEC::AWILLIAMSWed Jun 12 1991Custom polymarker using PHIGS escape??
48.02DSSDEV::WERNSINGThu Jun 27 1991PHIGS & DECwindows (wstype = 213)
49.02DSSDEV::WERNSINGThu Jun 27 1991GKS & DECwindows (wstype=213)
50.01MADRE::LEVINETue Jul 23 1991PHIGS Tutorial examples
51.02VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOThu Jul 25 1991PHIGS standard examples, not DECPHIGS
52.01ROMTSS::PASIMon Sep 23 1991example fortran-gks3d-ultrix
53.011DSSDEV::WERNSINGFri Sep 27 1991PHIGS FORTRAN binding examples
54.0DSSDEV::WERNSINGMon Dec 02 1991GKS and Motif (wstype=233)
55.0DSSDEV::WERNSINGMon Dec 02 1991PHIGS and Motif (wstype=233)
56.03STKHUV::HULTMANFri Jan 17 1992HPGL -> PS ?
57.02MARX::SHARPTue Jan 21 1992Displaying .GIF files?
58.0ASIMOV::CHALTASThu Feb 27 1992Battle game demo
59.0BREAKR::HAThu Feb 27 1992flight simulator
60.0DSSDEV::WERNSINGMon Mar 02 1992PHIGS - PIXMAP code fragment in C binding
61.01XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Mar 04 1992Where can I get the .DDIF format information.
62.0DSSDEV::WERNSINGMon Mar 16 1992DEC PHIGS Developer's Guide - code examples
63.0TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Apr 06 1992PEXlib examples ?
64.0SAAVAK::CHANDLERWed May 06 1992Anyone written a sixel file scaler utility?
65.01ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Jun 03 1992Example of GKS Set Background Pixmap escape?
66.0AUSSIE::CHIFAIWed Jun 10 1992SIXEL -> DDIF ?
67.01SMOKN::MEAGHERFri Sep 18 1992Need FORTRAN Binding/GKS3D/ULTRIX Examples
68.0WYVERN::COMEFORDTue Dec 01 1992Looking for a Display Postscript example
69.02BERNWed Feb 10 1993mandelbrot and 3d example needed
70.0KETJE::ROBBENSMon Aug 09 1993Request for image
71.02TAVSun Dec 26 1993Drag a PHIGS primitive on the drawing widget.
72.01AKOCOA::MUMFORDMon Feb 14 1994GIDIS graphics translator help needed...
73.0CALDEC::RAHTue Jun 14 1994Viewer for DXF files available
74.0TNPUBS::BELLUSCITue Jun 21 1994Sixel to GIF converter