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Conference brat::wedding

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Created:Mon Apr 23 1990
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:651
Total number of notes:9490
Number with bodies:106
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1.09MEMORY::OKERLUNDMon Apr 23 1990Welcome! and Guidelines
2.0+229MEMORY::OKERLUNDMon Apr 23 1990Introductions
3.037MEMORY::OKERLUNDMon Apr 23 1990Video and/or Photos?
4.0+92MEMORY::STOSURMon Apr 23 1990Names: to change or not to change
5.0+64MEMORY::STOSURMon Apr 23 1990For Sale or Wanted
7.0+55NETMAN::HUTCHINSTue Apr 24 1990Info on Tuxes
8.080NETMAN::HUTCHINSTue Apr 24 1990Experience with caterers?
9.014NETMAN::HUTCHINSTue Apr 24 1990Wedding Junk Mail
10.063RHODES::HACHETue Apr 24 1990Engagement Stories
11.011SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFWed Apr 25 1990How is your day planned
12.0+94SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFWed Apr 25 1990Honeymoon - why and where ?
13.0+139SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFWed Apr 25 1990Ceremony Music
14.066MEMORY::STOSURWed Apr 25 1990Wedding Gift Ideas
15.0+49HPSTEK::EKOKERNAKWed Apr 25 1990Video referrals
16.046HPSTEK::EKOKERNAKWed Apr 25 1990Receiving lines
17.056STOOA::PELTIERWed Apr 25 1990Thank you notes
18.09MEMORY::STOSURWed Apr 25 1990Favorite Weddings
19.024MEMORY::STOSURWed Apr 25 1990Wedding Disasters
20.015MEMORY::STOSURWed Apr 25 1990Wedding Books
22.013SMAUG::DESMONDWed Apr 25 1990How have you prepared for marriage?
23.042STOOA::PELTIERThu Apr 26 1990Wedding Night Hotel Packages
24.0+124MEIS::LEATHERBERRYThu Apr 26 1990Reception Music: Bands & DJs
26.09ISLNDS::COLELLAThu Apr 26 1990Prenuptial Agreements
27.0+202THOTH::MCNEILFri Apr 27 1990Wedding Dresses
29.0109MEMORY::OKERLUNDFri Apr 27 1990Children at Weddings
30.0125ASABET::M_KELLEYFri Apr 27 1990Bridal Showers
31.013MEMORY::STOSURFri Apr 27 1990Living Together
33.03DOOLIN::HNELSONFri Apr 27 1990Boston (etc.) rehearsal site?
34.019CAMLOT::COFFMANFri Apr 27 1990Wedding planning activity checklist
35.0+5ASABET::M_KELLEYFri Apr 27 1990Newspaper Announcements
36.056RUSTIE::NALESat Apr 28 1990Seamstresses
39.012GWYNED::JRHODESMon Apr 30 1990Bridesmaid Problem
40.021RUSTIE::NALEMon Apr 30 1990Reception Menu Ideas
41.04DELNI::S_CLARKTue May 01 1990Replies to negative responses!
42.054SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFTue May 01 1990Who Have You Upset So Far ?
43.016DELNI::S_CLARKTue May 01 1990You're from one place, He/she another?
44.011VNABRW::TRAXLER_BWed May 02 1990Differences between the countries
46.026WAGON::ST_JOHNWed May 02 1990Outdoor wedding locations
47.035SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFThu May 03 1990Having a church wedding?
48.0+176DELNI::S_CLARKThu May 03 1990Reception Sites
50.030MEMORY::STOSURThu May 03 1990Blood/Medical Tests
52.015MNMS::LINIHANMon May 07 1990Candle light ceremony
53.018THOTH::MCNEILMon May 07 1990Bouquet Throwing
54.08BARTLE::FITZSIMMONSMon May 07 1990string trio/quartet
55.0+147AKOV12::DUGGANTue May 08 1990Invitations
56.0+159KOBAL::CJOHNSONTue May 08 1990What's your "First Song"?
57.015339Tue May 08 1990Wedding Cakes
58.034RATTLE::AUSTINTue May 08 1990Readings at Weddings
59.07MEMORY::OKERLUNDTue May 08 1990In-Laws
60.020MNMS::LINIHANWed May 09 1990Dancing = fun wedding?!
61.030MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed May 09 1990Pregnant Bride
62.0+20THOTH::MCNEILWed May 09 1990All in One/Recep & Ceremony
63.026GENRAL::KILGOREWed May 09 1990Wedding Vows
64.020RUSTIE::NALEWed May 09 1990Out of Town Guests
65.017VOGON::HAYWARDThu May 10 1990Marriage in 'faraway' places?
66.07BRABAM::PHILPOTTFri May 11 1990whose day is it?
67.07SPICE::PECKARFri May 11 1990The Interfaith Question
68.01MEMORY::OKERLUNDMon May 14 1990Need Help with Mother-in-Law
69.019RAMPNT::HALVORSONTue May 15 1990Custom-made rings
70.0+57RUSTIE::NALEWed May 16 1990Finding a JP
72.08SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFFri May 18 1990Is it just pre-wedding nerves ?
73.012CSC32::BAERFri May 18 1990Wedding Noter's Album
74.042VAXWRK::NEEDLEFri May 18 1990China and Crystal
75.047OBSESS::HIGGINSFri May 18 1990So how was the BIG DAY!?
76.033NETMAN::HUTCHINSMon May 21 1990Official Documents
77.0106CARTUN::LEWISWed May 23 1990Veils, Hats, Custom Headpieces
78.09MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed May 23 1990Taxes
79.014SHALOT::MACDONALDWed May 23 1990Wrapping & freezing wedding cake?
80.030MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed May 23 1990Engagement Ring: Important?
81.011DELNI::S_CLARKThu May 24 1990Other notefiles of interest.
82.02TROOPR::DALESSANDROThu May 24 1990Valuable Video Information
83.031MEMORY::STOSURThu May 24 1990Nosy questions
84.06MEMORY::OKERLUNDFri May 25 1990Questions about VAXnotes
85.03LAB::MODERATORFri May 25 1990Brag about SPOUSE (to be)
86.014LDYBUG::PINCKFri May 25 1990More guests... am I too stubborn?
87.0942585::STOCKWELLSTue May 29 1990HELP: wedding party's appearance
88.021MAMIE::KOLLMEYERTue May 29 1990Florist advice needed
89.01642585::STOCKWELLSThu May 31 1990SPEECHES
90.021MEMORY::STOSURThu May 31 1990Women's Titles:what do you like?
93.09LEAF::MILGROMFri Jun 01 1990How to Control Gifts
94.0+133AITG::SCALAMon Jun 04 1990Photographer Recommendations
95.023AITG::SCALAMon Jun 04 1990Groom's involvement in the wedding plans
96.019GWYNED::JRHODESThu Jun 07 1990Rude people !!
97.012ABACUS::ALLENThu Jun 07 1990What is NEW and Exciting
98.027ABACUS::ALLENFri Jun 08 1990The Mother of the Bride
99.07ABACUS::ALLENFri Jun 08 1990The father of the bride
100.010ULTRA::WITTENBERGSun Jun 10 1990Lessons from our weddings
101.051SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFMon Jun 11 1990Present ideas for Attendants.
102.022OBSESS::HIGGINSMon Jun 11 1990Saving your gown and boquet
103.011XCUSME::BEALANDTue Jun 12 1990Rice/Bird Seed Throwing
104.07SBGPX3::GALLAGHERTue Jun 12 1990Buffet vs. Sit Down Dinner
105.019NRPUR::TURICKTue Jun 12 1990Bridal Consultants
107.01LAB::MODERATORTue Jun 12 1990WEDDING get-together summaries
108.07CLARID::BENNETTWed Jun 13 1990The Best Man
109.04XCUSME::BEALANDWed Jun 13 1990Amherst Store/Petticoat
110.026RUSTIE::NALEThu Jun 14 1990The Maid/Matron of Honor
111.02DELNI::S_CLARKThu Jun 14 1990Some romantic evening (at home)
113.0126MEMORY::OKERLUNDFri Jun 15 1990Wedding & Shower Favors
114.038XCUSME::BEALANDMon Jun 18 1990Flowers
115.076SBGPX3::GALLAGHERMon Jun 18 1990Reception sites
117.025RUSTIE::NALEMon Jun 18 1990Band Recommendations
118.017SUBURB::HOLLOWAYFTue Jun 19 1990What Makes A Marriage Work ?
119.010XCUSME::BEALANDTue Jun 19 1990Shower Games
120.065ABACUS::ALLENTue Jun 19 1990Bridal Shops
121.06MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed Jun 20 1990Friends and Divorce
122.013MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed Jun 20 1990The Garter Event
123.0DELNI::S_CLARKWed Jun 20 1990Annoying sayings (for fun)
124.05WAGON::ST_JOHNThu Jun 21 1990wedding themes
125.043ISLNDS::FITZGERALDFri Jun 22 1990Bridal Registry
126.07NRPUR::TURICKFri Jun 22 1990Post Wedding Party
127.04THOTH::MCNEILTue Jun 26 1990Fire Laws/Centerpieces ?
128.08LAB::MODERATORTue Jun 26 1990Maintaining Sexual Interest
129.09WJOUSM::CSMITHTue Jun 26 1990Antique Car Rentals??
130.0113LAB::MODERATORWed Jun 27 1990ETIQUETTE: invites, RSVPs...
132.045LAB::MODERATORWed Jun 27 1990ETIQUETTE: seating
133.053LAB::MODERATORWed Jun 27 1990ETIQUETTE: wording of invitations
134.019LAB::MODERATORWed Jun 27 1990ETIQUETTE: guests, what to wear
135.019LAB::MODERATORWed Jun 27 1990Second wedding questions
137.0BARTLE::FITZSIMMONSFri Jun 29 1990linen service
138.022NECSC::YOUNGMon Jul 02 1990Wedding Toasts
139.015SBGPX3::GALLAGHERTue Jul 03 1990what season is your wedding????
140.05NECSC::BROWNThu Jul 05 1990Gift basket ideas?
141.02XCUSME::BEALANDThu Jul 05 1990Childhood Memories/Video
142.040ISLNDS::LINIHANThu Jul 05 1990Walking down the aisle
143.027GWYNED::JRHODESTue Jul 10 1990PET PEEVES & Hotpoints...
144.021LDYBUG::GREENTue Jul 10 1990Shower present help
145.011DELNI::S_CLARKWed Jul 11 1990Bridal Party Apparel, do they have a say?
146.07DELNI::S_CLARKThu Jul 12 1990Stories from a generation ago?
147.016BEING::MIRABITOThu Jul 12 1990Hair styles and Make-up
148.015DELNI::S_CLARKFri Jul 13 1990Chapel Wanted
149.0+66CARTUN::LEWISSun Jul 15 1990Bachelor Party
152.020MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed Jul 18 1990Guests who don't give gifts
153.023MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed Jul 18 1990Cash Bar vs Open Bar
154.027NRPUR::TURICKWed Jul 18 1990Shhh...Strapless bras?
155.028XANADU::CAMPBELLWed Jul 18 1990Money Dances at reception?
156.03VNABRW::TRAXLER_BThu Jul 19 1990ETIQUETTE: Where to welcome the guests
157.011COGITO::HILLFri Jul 20 1990Accessories note
158.012LABC::ALLENMon Jul 23 1990death in family before wedding
160.0542585::SMITHS1Tue Jul 24 1990Anonymous gifts
161.018LAB::MODERATORTue Jul 24 1990Quickie Info Topic (answer by mail)
162.024CLT::KOBAL::CJOHNSONWed Jul 25 1990Dresses not in on time!
163.011CYCLPS::RAINEYWed Jul 25 1990package deals vs doit yourself?
165.03ENOVAX::DREYERThu Jul 26 1990Dear Abbey's Etiquette Booklet
167.024NETMAN::HUTCHINSMon Jul 30 1990Gifts for the parents?
168.013--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 30 1990Special Photo's?
169.016NETMAN::HUTCHINSThu Aug 02 1990Helpful hints
170.013FSHQA1::SNOSEKThu Aug 02 1990Engagement Party
171.07REORG::HALVORSONFri Aug 03 1990Passport changes
172.08ABACUS::ALLENMon Aug 06 1990Is the economy changing your plans?
173.02--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 07 1990Bridal Shows
174.04STOOA::PELTIERFri Aug 10 1990Moving away from 'home'.....
175.04ACESMK::POIRIERWed Aug 15 1990Long Distance Best Man
176.03SRFCLB::RADAMSThu Aug 16 1990Travel Agents
177.08ALLVAX::PETERSONFri Aug 17 1990What to do with the Dress ?
179.017FSOA::SNOSEKTue Aug 28 1990Song for line dance
181.06USMFG::KHOOVERTue Aug 28 1990My 1st, his 2nd
183.010PENPAL::JACKSONTue Sep 04 1990Cheap candles????
184.044BRABAM::PHILPOTTWed Sep 05 1990Photos During Ceremony
185.030THOTH::MCNEILWed Sep 05 1990Nerves, Stress and Pressure
186.020FULMER::WATSONLWed Sep 05 1990Help!! I need to diet!!
187.017SBGPX3::GALLAGHERWed Sep 05 1990Reception: Afternoon vs Evening
189.016ABACUS::BELLIVEAUTue Sep 11 1990Sales, Deals, and Closeouts
190.03ISLNDS::LINIHANTue Sep 11 1990Guests singing vs. clinking glasses?
191.01233657::ZINAThu Sep 13 1990Should Bridesmaid be reimbursed?
192.059MASADA::RZESZUTKOThu Sep 13 1990Need color recommenations
194.017ALOSWS::LEVINEMon Sep 17 1990Make or Buy Bridesmaids Dresses?
195.0121Tue Sep 18 1990Any crazy wedding ideas?
196.012SPIDER::BASSETTWed Sep 19 1990Eloping
197.01245286::GIBBONSJThu Sep 20 1990wearing THE dress after the event
198.019SUBWAY::HARVEYThu Sep 20 1990Divorced parents
199.010FSHQA2::SNOSEKThu Sep 20 1990Wedding glitches
201.05QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 24 1990Weddings at home
202.02MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed Sep 26 1990Using Computers for Wedding Plans?
203.02WJOUSM::CASHWed Sep 26 1990Wedding Cup
204.09MEMORY::OKERLUNDWed Sep 26 1990Wedding Scams
206.03SWSEIS::GAZZARAWed Oct 03 1990Help! Bridal Lingerie info needed asap!
209.017ALLVAX::LUBYThu Oct 04 1990Why china?
211.0121Thu Oct 11 1990Mansion Weddings
212.013USRCV1::CONNORTONAThu Oct 11 1990Long Engagements
213.013MEMORY::OKERLUNDFri Oct 12 1990Handling Finances?
215.01442585::SMITHS1Mon Oct 15 1990Short Engagements!
216.020HYEND::SVAILLANTMon Oct 15 1990Invitation Responses
217.09WREATH::GRAYTue Oct 16 1990Flute Player - where to find one?
218.01842585::SMITHS1Fri Oct 19 1990Married Life!
219.04SUBURB::YATESFMon Oct 22 1990Married woman in society
221.06--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 23 1990Taking Formals Photos before ceremony
222.04RAMPNT::HALVORSONThu Oct 25 1990Rehearsal questions
223.028VISUAL::JACKSONMon Nov 05 1990Uneven Number Ushers & Bridesmaids
224.017ZENDIA::BROOKSMon Nov 05 1990Photo Location Needed
225.035XANADU::PROUTYTue Nov 06 1990Limos, cars, carriages
226.05ICS::HAMMILLTue Nov 06 1990192
227.013248Tue Nov 06 1990Dried floral arrangements
228.05TIGEMS::NORRISTue Nov 06 1990Wedding games for fun
229.015TIGEMS::NORRISWed Nov 07 1990Horse & Buggy?
230.03OOES::BROOKSWed Nov 07 1990Brass Quartet v. Organist/Vocalist
232.09AIMHI::CIONI_LTue Nov 13 1990Engagement gift for the guy?
233.031PEKING::SMITHS2Wed Nov 14 1990Wedding ring for the man?
234.06XANADU::CAMPBELLThu Nov 15 1990Semi-formal/Formal dress shops?
235.09WREATH::GRAYFri Nov 16 1990Pictures to Slides
238.081FSOA::CBOUCHARDThu Dec 06 1990Centerpieces
239.08SKETCH::UCCOOPFri Dec 07 1990Custom Tux-Something Different!
240.019GUESS::SCALAMon Dec 10 1990Guest lists
241.08PSYCHE::HACHETue Dec 11 1990Money and Your Wedding
243.027AKOCOA::DHAMELWed Dec 12 1990What does a wedding COST?
244.036VISUAL::JACKSONThu Dec 13 1990Makeup
245.0+10LAB::MODERATORFri Dec 14 1990Anon: Anxious to Marry
246.01ICS::LABOSSIEREMon Dec 17 1990Civil Ceremonies
247.04PEKING::SMITHS2Thu Dec 20 1990First Christmas!
249.0+10BRAT::ALLENFri Jan 04 1991Calling it off
250.011GUESS::SCALATue Jan 08 1991Dress Delivery Monkey Business
251.06ENOVAX::DREYERFri Jan 11 1991Midnight Vows
253.02ALLVAX::LUBYTue Jan 15 1991Need help making headpiece
254.058VAXWRK::OXENBERGFri Jan 18 1991Where to buy engagement ring?
255.0+5ASABET::RAINEYMon Jan 21 1991'When are you having kids? GRRR'
256.018SOFBA1::GALLAGHERWed Jan 23 1991Unique reception site wanted
257.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 24 1991Long Distance Telephone Wedding - From USENET
258.065WRKSYS::TBROWNThu Jan 24 1991Any Florist Recommendations?
259.08AKOCOA::CARMISCIANOFri Jan 25 1991Cultural Differences??
262.07BOSOX::JRYANFri Feb 01 1991Who's Church is it???
263.014AKOCOA::CARMISCIANOFri Feb 01 1991Large Size Wedding Dresses
264.05MARCH::WHITEHAIRTue Feb 05 1991Boston Harbor Cruises - Weddings/Receptions
265.03AIMHI::CIONI_LWed Feb 06 1991Inspirational thoughts on love and marriage....
267.013MEMORY::STOSURThu Feb 14 1991Valentine's Day
268.014BRAT::MORINFri Feb 15 1991To Cater or Not to Cater
269.012AKOCOA::DHAMELWed Feb 20 1991How many to invite??
270.0+29PIPE::BERGERONWed Feb 20 1991Dance with Dad
271.06JAWS::DAIGLEThu Feb 21 1991Jack 'n' Jill Dilemma
272.09GUESS::SCALAFri Feb 22 1991Calligraphy - Did you use a service?
273.06GUESS::SCALAFri Feb 22 1991Wedding Party Problem - ??
274.022AIMHI::CIONI_LMon Feb 25 1991Cake tops...
275.07STRATA::CAPPELMon Feb 25 1991Rehearsal Dinner Menus Question
276.08JAWS::DAIGLEMon Feb 25 1991Directions?
277.013USCTR2::MCOREYTue Feb 26 1991Wearing Mom's Gown
278.015WREATH::GRAYThu Feb 28 1991Photographer out of business
281.03HYEND::JBEVISTue Mar 12 1991Mother's Dresses: large sizes
282.06KALI::GREGORICHThu Mar 14 1991Receiving line + Divorce
283.0197221::CBOUCHARDMon Mar 18 1991Song for 'Cutting of the Cake'
284.07JAWS::GREENETue Mar 19 1991Bed & Breakfast Help
287.017GUESS::SCALAThu Mar 28 1991Reply Cards - Extra People
288.06LEDDEV::MAYLOTTMon Apr 01 1991Showing Video @ Reception
289.08NODEX::CHIASSONMon Apr 01 1991photographer's prices increased alot!!!
290.01CSCMA::PEREIRAThu Apr 04 1991Family Medallion
295.025--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 16 1991Having a testimonial!?
296.016GUESS::SCALAMon Apr 22 1991Ringbearers: how old?
297.016AKOCOA::DHAMELWed Apr 24 1991Creative idea needed...
298.03QUARK::LIONELThu Apr 25 1991Wedding Humor
299.010BRAT::MORINTue Apr 30 1991Wedding Cake Ideas
300.040BNCHMK::GILLISThu May 02 1991Choosing the wedding party?
301.012USCTR1::BNORRISThu May 02 1991Inn for the Wedding Night?
302.01657784::SIMARDFri May 03 1991rehearsel dinners places
303.021BRAT::MORINMon May 06 1991Rehersal Dinner Ideas
304.029CECVFri May 10 1991Photography package descriptions
305.01057784::SIMARDFri May 10 1991consignment and rental shops
306.07HYEND::PALMMon May 13 1991Flower Suggestions for a Nantucket Wedding
307.06RAVEN1::B_WRIGHTMon May 13 1991Escorting Bride: which side?
308.016MEMORY::STOSURTue May 14 1991Wedding TV shows/Movies
309.032USCTR1::BNORRISWed May 15 1991Honoring Mom at Reception
310.02357784::SIMARDThu May 16 1991Registry Questions
311.06BNCHMK::GILLISTue May 21 1991Transportation Coordination
312.05USCTR1::BNORRISWed May 22 1991Harpers Mag June 1991
313.057461::LUBYWed May 22 1991Traditional Dances at the recpetion
315.012GIACO::CLARKThu May 23 1991Small Wedding experiences, 5
316.0257461::LUBYThu May 23 1991How do you change your name?
317.065BRAT::MORINWed May 29 1991Attendents Gifts
318.047461::LUBYWed May 29 1991Shower Cancelation
319.05JVAX::SIPILATue Jun 04 1991Hurt feelings - Any advice?
320.04USCTR1::BNORRISTue Jun 04 1991Jack & Jill replaces Bachelor Party?
321.034ZEKE::REEDTue Jun 04 1991What color flowers??
324.011POWDML::SIMARDThu Jun 06 1991Who thows the Shower?
327.02PIPPER::JRYANMon Jun 10 1991Special moment idea's
328.06ZEKE::REEDMon Jun 10 1991Seeing Another Bride
329.06POWDML::TAYLORMon Jun 10 1991A great idea for pictures!
331.05SONATA::MUNNFri Jun 14 1991Getting Married in Kauii
334.0212EASY::BUTTIGLIERIThu Jun 20 1991Song for wedding party, suggestions needed
335.093BNCHMK::GILLISThu Jun 20 1991Catholic Church Issues
336.05--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 21 1991Wedding Day Surprise
338.06XLIB::CHIASSONMon Jun 24 1991"Boudoir" Photography
339.014COGITO::RYANFri Jun 28 1991J.C. Penney Outlet
341.039HAMPS::BRISTOW_MMon Jul 01 1991Anniversaries
343.04BRAT::MORINMon Jul 01 1991Off-white Lacy Nylons
345.04BRAT::MORINMon Jul 08 1991Hawaiian Wedding Shower
347.022HYEND::GAWRONSKIThu Jul 11 1991Seating
348.016CAMONE::PRIESTLEYSun Jul 14 1991Flower Girl's Dresses
349.07BRAT::MORINMon Jul 15 1991Young Flowergirl ideas - HELP
350.010PCOJCT::MILLETTue Jul 16 1991pregnant bridesmaid to be
354.027POWDML::SIMARDWed Jul 24 1991Shower Questions
355.021CSSE32::GRAEMEWed Jul 24 1991Smokers vs Non-Smokers
357.030DELNI::D_LANEMon Jul 29 1991Pre-wedding Jitters
358.05PIPPER::LEBLANCRMon Jul 29 1991Windmill for a Wedding?
359.012SMURF::BECKERTue Jul 30 1991Invitations - when to mail?
360.05CSSE32::GRAEMEWed Jul 31 1991Wedding Dessert instead of Wedding Cake
361.08SNAX::YEATMANSat Aug 03 1991Who Pays for the wedding?
365.07DELNI::MEHYDEWed Aug 07 1991Guitar Player/Singer for Ceremony
366.05SMURF::BECKERFri Aug 09 1991Irish Wedding Song?
367.04POWDML::SIMARDFri Aug 09 1991traditional traditions
368.023SALEM::BUTLERFri Aug 09 1991Money Saving Ideas
371.028CSSE32::GRAEMEMon Aug 12 1991UNIQUE ideas for both wedding and reception
374.08KERNEL::WILLIAMSJFri Aug 16 1991Timings ??
375.07--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 16 1991Ushers - are they needed?
377.064TRADE::LEBLANCThu Aug 22 1991Bridesmaids dresses
378.046DOD2::ROBERTSSun Aug 25 1991Uninvited guests?
379.024ALIEN::MIRABITOMon Aug 26 1991Decorations for the Wedding
380.04BALTMD::ROBERTSMon Aug 26 1991Looking for a Bible Passage?
382.028CALS::HEALEYTue Aug 27 1991Bridesmaids trouble
383.014SMEGIT::EBERTWed Sep 04 1991Stand-up reception
384.013SMURF::BECKERFri Sep 06 1991Placecard, placeholder Questions
385.016SMURF::BECKERFri Sep 06 1991tipping?
386.03BOOKS::MORRISONMon Sep 09 1991Lanz dresses/store locations??
387.012PSYLO::ELLIOTTMon Sep 09 1991Alcohol-free wedding?
391.016CALS::HEALEYMon Sep 16 1991does a peticoat lose its fullness after 25 years?
392.013XCUSME::KOSKIMon Sep 16 1991Paid In Full?
394.0104GL::WALLERTWed Sep 18 1991DJ Questions?
396.011RDGE31::GRAYPFri Sep 20 1991Unconventional Weddings - HELP!
398.03AIMHI::FOSSNESWed Sep 25 1991Bouquet Toss
400.012--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 25 1991Future Mother in Law Problems
401.05MINDER::MACDONALDIWed Oct 02 1991Getting Married in Florida??
402.05CSSE32::GRAEMEWed Oct 02 1991Complications and Problems that arise
403.07CADVAX::MCDONOUGHThu Oct 03 1991Long distance showers
404.0144GL::WALLERTFri Oct 04 1991Something borrowed?
405.018CSSE32::GRAEMESat Oct 05 1991Wedding presents for your future spouse
407.022CSSE32::GRAEMEMon Oct 14 1991Dreams & Nightmares about the approaching wedding
410.018GEMVAX::CRAIGMon Oct 21 1991Difficult Husband-to-be
415.010FSOA::CBOUCHARDFri Nov 01 1991Pregnant Attendant
417.02FSOA::NGRILLOThu Nov 07 1991Suggestions for 5
420.019AIMHI::SMITHTue Nov 19 1991feeding the band
422.05BERNFri Nov 22 1991Church wedding in the eyes of the State.
425.03CSSE32::RAWDENThu Dec 12 1991Fitz and Floyd china
429.06WEORG::DARROWTue Jan 07 1992Two ceremonies?
430.08CSSE32::BELLETETEWed Jan 08 1992Wanted: Bridal Magazines
434.026VINO::KUSHNERMon Jan 27 1992Dyeable shoes
436.06XCUSME::BEALANDMon Jan 27 1992Capes / fur muffs
437.010SOLVIT::ALLEN_RThu Jan 30 1992Gown Rentals
438.0+6SELL3::FAHELWed Feb 05 1992When did you "know"?
439.020SX4GTO::WELLINGThu Feb 13 1992Interfaith Marriage Problem
441.024--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 18 1992Cash Gifts
442.05WHEEL::FULLERTue Feb 18 1992KARAOKE
443.03JUPITR::BROWNLThu Feb 27 1992Berkshires Wedding
444.01MATENG::DELVALLETue Mar 03 1992Wedding Org. Software available
445.04SX4GTO::WELLINGTue Mar 03 1992Photo Collage
446.015HANNAH::BOUCHERJThu Mar 05 1992In search of a slip
447.019WHEEL::FULLERWed Mar 11 1992MOH NOT in wedding!
448.07NEMAIL::COVEYThu Mar 12 1992Special Guest Musician
449.04CSOMKT::MACLEANTue Mar 17 1992Tossing rose petals...
450.04HANNAH::BOUCHERJTue Mar 17 1992Help - Calla Lilly Cake Knife
451.06LESNET::FRANCOEURWed Mar 18 1992A Romantic Location for an Elopment
452.04AIAG::HORNERFri Mar 20 1992Wedding Planning Workshops
453.02XCUSME::HATCHMon Mar 23 1992Wedding's in the News
456.011ISLNDS::COSTA_PWed Apr 01 1992Country Music
457.012MRCSSE::HOWARDWed Apr 01 1992Need songs for wedding video!
458.018JUMP4::JOYThu Apr 02 1992Anything different for the ceremony?
460.015NURSE::BURACKTue Apr 07 1992Wedding Ceremony Programs
462.04POCUS::HAMELWed Apr 08 1992Wedding on the Coast
463.05SHARE::ARRUDAThu Apr 09 1992Words to the Wedding Song
464.0+7WHEEL::FULLERTue Apr 14 1992No flower girl dress.
465.0XCUSME::HATCHTue Apr 21 1992Ask for References.
468.015STUDIO::PELUSOWed May 06 1992Need suggestions for Italian Cookies
469.04ELESYS::ELLIOTTThu May 07 1992Ringbearer pillow
470.018LANDO::BERGERONTue May 12 1992Trouble with Step-father
472.06XCUSME::BEALANDWed May 20 1992Reception before or after
476.06XCUSME::HATCHThu May 21 1992Helpful Sister (NOT)
477.03ADNERB::MAHONThu May 21 1992Getting married in a church after being married
479.03AKOCOA::MYOUNGWed May 27 1992House Warming Party
482.010GEMVAX::BOOTHROYDFri Jun 05 1992Victorian B&B for wedding
483.03--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 09 1992SONG LISTS WANTED
484.010JUMP4::JOYTue Jun 09 1992When your father doesn't "give you away"
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503.012JUMP4::JOYFri Aug 14 1992Wedding gift table ideas?
504.08PIPE::TSEMon Aug 24 1992How much to clean a dress?
505.05MRKTNG::BEALANDWed Sep 02 1992Rehearsal Dinner - Cruise
506.07DECWIN::UPHAMThu Sep 03 1992Announcing wedding party at reception
507.017USCTR1::PMCDERMOTTTue Sep 08 1992Wedding cakes but not really!!
509.010XCUSME::HATCHMon Sep 21 1992Etiquette for short lived marriage
510.05ISLNDS::COSTA_PMon Sep 21 1992Children's meals
512.013MAGEE::SKOWRONEKFri Sep 25 1992Another Etiquette question
513.010TIMBER::L_MCCARTHYWed Sep 30 1992Seeking "Jessica McClintock"
515.03USCTR1::PMCDERMOTTTue Oct 13 19923 ring bearers?
517.06MRKTNG::BEALANDWed Oct 14 1992Distinguishing Matron of Honor
519.019ASDS::VERRIERMon Oct 19 1992Who "oversees" the reception ?
522.05USNCG::RUBINSTEINThu Nov 12 1992Used Tuxedos
524.026CREATV::64691::THEMAC::MattWed Nov 18 1992Holiday frustrations, WHO'S HOUSE?
525.05TARKIN::TINGMon Dec 07 1992Any good fabric stores in New England?
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533.010POWDML::ROSADOMon Feb 08 1993Ceremony & reception timing
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593.08VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Jun 07 1994Sealling-wax
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599.09ASABET::HAROUTIANFri Sep 09 1994problem w/jeweler
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621.02--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 04 1995Bridal Shop in Chelmsford
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628.02JGO::MCGOVERNMon Mar 18 1996rent-a-priest in the UK ?
629.01PDMOPS::DBROWNWed Apr 03 1996Does a JP supply music?
630.0ASABET::M_MONAHANThu May 02 1996A place in Kennebunkport?
631.0ASABET::M_MONAHANFri May 03 1996Thanks
632.0ICS::MANDEVILLETue Jul 02 1996Mother-Of-The-Bride Gown for Sale
633.01BRAT::ROBBINSThu Aug 01 19965pm Catholic ceremonies????
634.03EDSCLU::ACQUINOThu Aug 22 1996Small wedding at an Inn?
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635.0SALEM::DILLON_DThu Oct 03 1996"Wedding Gown/Headpiece"
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641.02POWDML::GLANDRYMon Dec 02 1996Bed & Breakfast name
642.0POWDML::GLANDRYTue Dec 03 1996Thanks
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