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Conference noted::ibmpc-95

Title:IBM PCs, clones, DOS, etc.
Notice:Intro in 1-11, Windows stuff in NOTED::MSWINDOWS please
Created:Mon Jan 02 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3023
Total number of notes:28404
Number with bodies:2277
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1.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Welcome to IBMPC-95!
2.0+7EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Conference and Noting Guidelines
3.07EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Conference & Other Notices
4.06EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Related/Other Conferences and Finding Out Their Status
5.03EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Keywords (creation restricted, use encouraged)
7.04EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Old IBMPC* Conference Directories
10.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Tips On Searching Conferences
20.059EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Introductions
22.061EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Conference Discussions
100.0+732EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Official 'Items For Sale' Topic
101.018EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Jan 24 1995 "Dutch" auctions -- alternative sale note
110.0+353EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Official 'Items Wanted' Topic
200.08EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Frequently Asked (Common, Typical) Questions, FAQ
201.0+251EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Miscellaneous Questions And Possibly Also Answers
250.0+192EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Computer Shows & Other Public Events
260.063EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Vendor/product support (BBS, fax, phone, address)
299.055EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Vendor (PC SW/HW, Mailorder) Topics...
300.0+381EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Official Gateway 2
301.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Official USA FLEX Topic
304.014EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Jan 02 1995Official QUANTEX Microsystems Topic
309.0+10EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Zeos Topic
315.036EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official DELL Topic
321.010EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official SpeedWare Topic
323.03EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Zenon Topic
334.0+359EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Micron Topic
335.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Tri-Star Topic
336.0+42EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Compaq Topic
339.0+14EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Midwest Micro Topic
340.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official PC Warehouse Topic
341.0+489JUMP4::JOYTue Jan 03 1995Official CompUSA Topic
399.06EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Retail Outlet/Superstore Topic
500.088EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Digital Printers (LA*, LN*, LJ*, etc.) and PC's
501.017EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Where to find public domain/shareware software
502.030EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995File/data compression (ARC, ARJ, ZIP, ZOO, LHA, etc.)
503.0+115EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Media Vision (Sound & Video) Topic
505.038EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Stac Software (Stacker) Topic
506.025EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official MS-DOS DoubleSpace/DriveSpace Topic
508.023EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Quarterdeck QEMM/QRAM Topic
510.078EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official DOS/Windows Memory Management Topic
513.0113EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Digital Employee Purchase Program (EPP)
514.059EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official ATI Technologies Topic
515.0+504EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Monitor Topic
516.030EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Managing Your Money (MYM) Topic
518.0+653EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Motherboard Topic
519.073EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Digital PC (issues, drivers, setup disks) Topic
521.0+211EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Misc. Offers, Bargains, Discounts, Specials & Such
522.093EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Hard Disk Specification Topic
523.0+209EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Video Adapter Topic
524.0+540EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Tape Backup Topic
525.0+419EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Adaptec SCSI Controller Topic
526.0+107EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Adaptec SCSI Driver (EZ-SCSI) Topic
527.011EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Corel SCSI Driver Topic
528.06EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official WRQ (Reflection) Topic
529.021EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Gravis Ultrasound Topic
530.0+310EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Quicken Topic
531.016EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official IRQ Topic
532.08EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official PC Virus Topic
533.041EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official DOS Batch File (.BAT) Topic
534.021EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Symantec Norton Utilities Topic
537.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Personal Information Manager (PIM) Topic
538.0+37EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official PC Card (PCMCIA) Topic
540.0+80EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official US Robotics Modem Topic
541.042EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Delrina WinFax Topic
542.0+17EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Lotus AmiPro Topic
543.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official XTree and XTree Gold Topic
545.0+191EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official High-End CD-ROM Topic
546.077EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Low-End CD-ROM Topic
547.050EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Kodak Photo-CD Topic
548.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official PATHWORKS Topic
549.03EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Free PC Related Offers Topic
550.0+286EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printer Topic
552.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Microsoft Windows (& WfWg & NT) Topic
555.051EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Low-End Laser Printer Topic
556.0+180EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Canon Printer Topic
557.0+368EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Scanner/OCR Topic
558.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Symantec (Central Point) PC Tools Topic
559.0+84EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Non-Adaptec SCSI Controller Topic
560.0+371EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Creative Labs (SoundBlaster) Topic
561.0+83EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official America OnLine (AOL) Topic
562.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official CompuServe Topic
563.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Online Service Topic
564.019EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Benchmark Topic
565.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Prodigy Topic
566.0123EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Upgrade Topic
567.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official PC Diagnostics Topic
568.0+144EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Epson Printer Topic
569.0+325EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Enhanced IDE (EIDE, E-IDE, Fast ATA) Topic
570.0+140EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Digital Celebris Topic
571.0+83EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Digital Venturis Topic
572.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Digital Starion Topic
573.057EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Digital HiNote & HiNote Ultra Topic
574.08EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Official Digital Prioris Topic
600.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995Computer/Editor/Language/Etc Wars a.k.a. Ratholes
601.027EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best computer?
602.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best operating system?
603.030EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best mouse/trackball?
604.014EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best [VT-]terminal emulator?
605.025EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best editor?
606.020EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best wordprocessor?
607.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best spreadsheet?
608.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best database?
609.0+154EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best sound board?
610.07EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995What is the best C/C++ compiler?
699.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMTue Jan 03 1995--- New Topics Start After This One ---
700.06NCMAIL::LEFFLERMTue Jan 03 1995RRD43 & Quicktime for Windows
701.09KAOOA::ALJAARTue Jan 03 1995PROSTAR notebooks anyone???
703.019LETHE::KIMBALLWed Jan 04 1995SVGA monitor???
704.0ATYISA::BAYANIWed Jan 04 1995Need help on Everex Ultra Graphics
705.04ABACUS::ROY_RWed Jan 04 1995? UPDATED BBS LIST
707.019HBFDT2::KEMMANNWed Jan 04 1995Interlnk Serial
709.07BARTAB::CAMPBELLWed Jan 04 1995Multimedia Kit question
710.0NETRIX::"jensen@osfrt.mro1.dec.com"Wed Jan 04 199517
711.065KLAP::porterWed Jan 04 1995Official 'FDIV Bug' Topic
712.05LJSRV2::BROWNThu Jan 05 1995DEC 3
713.0+61UNXA::RUCHThu Jan 05 1995TLZ
714.05AEOENG::LEHYThu Jan 05 1995Which sound card with Sony CDU33A ?
715.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Jan 05 1995Looking for clipart
716.02NYFSThu Jan 05 1995KEA34
717.017CAPNET::MICHAUDThu Jan 05 1995NO MOUSE when DOS programs started under Win?
718.029BROKE::RAMThu Jan 05 1995IBM Blue Lightning Processors
719.02REPAIR::RICKETTSThu Jan 05 1995Password on Toshiba T47
720.03NPSS::BRANAMThu Jan 05 1995"CompuServe-Unisys GIF Tax"???
721.01NUBOAT::HEBERTThu Jan 05 1995MS PAINT spraycan?
722.017DCOSS1::64188::STEWARDThu Jan 05 1995Need Info on Upgrading PC's
723.03MQOOA::LEThu Jan 05 1995Loopback pin drawing wanted !
724.017GRANPA::DFAUSTThu Jan 05 1995SIMM Socket Problem
725.01DABEAN::B_ROSEFri Jan 06 1995Energy Saver w/Speedstar 64
726.051NAC::BLANCHARDFri Jan 06 1995Procomm+ for Windows, Q&A
727.01MANFri Jan 06 1995mouse driver for OS/2 and DEPCA board
728.09SWAM1::BALDWIN_LEFri Jan 06 1995Energy saver vs. Hard Disk
729.01LARVAE::TIERNEYFri Jan 06 1995Adaptec driver ASW41
730.03CSC32::R_IVERSFri Jan 06 1995Need info on Linux! (Moderator corrected title ;-)
731.026AOHM::JACOBSFri Jan 06 1995Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM Driver Location?
732.05VMSDEV::CLABORNFri Jan 06 1995Is SCSI-2 back compatible with SCSI "Classic"?
733.053GRANPA::JCONNORSFri Jan 06 1995Locked out! Forgotten CMOS/BIOS/user/supervisor password.
734.06YAKKA::STEPHENSSat Jan 07 1995Seagate drive problems.
735.0STAR::FENSTERSat Jan 07 1995Looking for tax software which handles non-resident income, and part-time residence
736.08SCAPAS::DLO77::ONAKASun Jan 08 1995How can I keep my IDE CD-ROM drive mapping?
737.014AKOCOA::DFARRELLSun Jan 08 1995Video Drivers vs. Number of Colors
738.02ADISSW::FERRARAMon Jan 09 1995VSHARE.386 missing??
739.06ZENDIA::LAURENCELLEMon Jan 09 1995MS or Logitech mouse drivers
740.0369LGP3Mon Jan 09 1995Official Modems Topic
742.05CSC32::J_WETHERNMon Jan 09 1995I Need to patch some images... how?
743.01MR3MI1::MREICHMon Jan 09 1995325c VGA drivers diskette?
744.030STAR::KINGMon Jan 09 1995CA-Simply Money (Kiplinger's Simply Money)
745.04NDLVAX::MBECKERTue Jan 10 1995SLIP-Driver for Dos ?
746.019UBOHUB::BEVIS_STue Jan 10 1995What SCSI Controller????
747.05SALEM::DEANTue Jan 10 1995GIF to Wordperfect
748.016NETCAD::FLOWERSTue Jan 10 1995CheckFree usage and billing questions
749.04RINGSS::WALESTue Jan 10 1995How does DOS assign COM ports?
750.05JGO::KRAANWed Jan 11 1995Sound Galaxy NX PRO 16
751.024NWDWed Jan 11 1995printing from a fax
752.03WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Jan 11 1995Looking for keyboard cable adapter p/n
753.03WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Jan 11 1995What Soundboard will work with a SONY CDU31A?
754.05CONSLT::OWENWed Jan 11 1995Getting CD ROMS mastered
755.04CRONIC::LEMONSWed Jan 11 1995Copying PATHWORKS .IMG files via modem
756.01RICKS::RICKS::PHIPPSWed Jan 11 1995Media Vision Emerges From Bankruptcy...
757.076GRANPA::PETERSONWed Jan 11 1995Keaterm doesn't work, TERMINAL.EXE does...
758.014HGOVC::ROGERTSEThu Jan 12 1995AWARD BIOS LBA Mode
759.09SCAPAS::DLO77::ONAKAThu Jan 12 1995Need help with CD-ROM software causing GPF
760.017MOEUR8::NAYLORThu Jan 12 1995Floppy Disk Label Removal
761.01GRANPA::JCONNORSThu Jan 12 1995KRNL386.EXE fault
762.06LARVAE::AKHTAR_WThu Jan 12 1995lotus 123 kit
763.04MKOTS1::BURNETTThu Jan 12 1995Floating Point Error...???
764.022EVMS::SCHUETZThu Jan 12 1995RRD5
765.09MU::PORTERThu Jan 12 1995Official Film-Scanner Topic
766.04SNOCFri Jan 13 1995256 Color VGA for DECpc 425SL
767.030GVPROD::FITZGERALDFri Jan 13 1995SCSI Problem
768.01ULYS::VANGLABEKEFri Jan 13 1995Venturis broke down :-)
769.01HGOM11::LAWRENCEFri Jan 13 1995ext CDROM on PAS16 to play audio?
770.08DNEAST::CROCKETT_PAUFri Jan 13 1995Error reading from CD drive
771.01SWAM2::ROMERO_CAFri Jan 13 1995Problem with Floopy drive in Celebris 59
772.04TALLIS::KOCHSat Jan 14 1995Out of the blue, consistent GPFs from WINFAX lite.
773.01TAVIS::AMISat Jan 14 19955v to 3.3v for DX4
774.017FIEVEL::FILGATESun Jan 15 1995MS new labels on their box `...confirm your eligibility...'
775.028XAPPL::GREENWOODSun Jan 15 1995Color inkjets
776.06GVAMon Jan 16 1995WfWG LAN problems
778.04NOVA::SUNKARAMon Jan 16 1995How to turn on the Power Saving Mode?
779.02TNPUBS::SYSTEMMon Jan 16 1995Sound card makes CD disappear
780.06POBOX::RUTSCHOWMon Jan 16 1995DEC45
781.02DANGER::DORMITZERMon Jan 16 1995Latest WAVELAN drivers?
782.012WEDOIT::LANDRYMon Jan 16 1995need pas cdrom driver disk
783.02SYSSRV::WEISMon Jan 16 1995MSD and SMS report monochrome on PS2 M7
784.02MROA::JKIRKMon Jan 16 1995Multimedia Problem
785.040NZOVMon Jan 16 1995Memory management - DOS, Wfwg, PW51, Notebook
786.01ROCK::BOWHILLTue Jan 17 1995Need Help to ID SIMMs in My System
788.059ANGST::BECKTue Jan 17 1995The Official Power Supply topic
789.0+34ANGST::BECKTue Jan 17 1995Official Computer Repair topic
791.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 17 1995Memory problem
792.0+25CSC32::R_IVERSTue Jan 17 1995Drvspace question!
793.01SIOG::T_NOLANTue Jan 17 1995decpc slc premium suspend and time
795.06CASE4U::BACHNERTue Jan 17 1995problem with Mozart sound card from Oak Tech.
796.0ZACHEO::COLBATHTue Jan 17 1995GEMINI printer driver needed.
797.0+220SLOAN::HOMTue Jan 17 1995SIMM Memory note
798.02SMOGGY::EMERYTue Jan 17 1995Quattro Pro and FAX
799.02MAASUP::HUNKELERTue Jan 17 1995SCSI Analyzer
800.03PTOSS1::MINSHALLJTue Jan 17 1995DOSSHELL...Pr[savestate]
801.05STAR::JACOBITue Jan 17 1995Foreign language multi-media software
802.014KAOOA::ALJAARTue Jan 17 1995Direct pc-to-pc connection over regular phone lines
803.070ESBLAB::TATOSIANWed Jan 18 1995Official Home LAN Topic
804.03REOSV1::ROEMWed Jan 18 1995Commodore 386SX
805.02PSDVAX::HABERWed Jan 18 1995files being trashed -- ideas?
806.06LJSRV1::BONNEAUWed Jan 18 1995Running BBS under windows ??
807.04BIGBRO::KORDOSKYWed Jan 18 1995256 colors on decpc 45
808.02STAR::KENNEYWed Jan 18 1995Need to get new pentium chip for DEC PC
809.08CSOA1::LENNIGWed Jan 18 1995"Dauphin DTR-1" subnotebook?
810.012NCMAIL::LEFFLERMWed Jan 18 1995rrd43 can't play video clips
811.0STARCH::jmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaThu Jan 19 1995Pocket modem recommendations wanted
812.03ELIS::ELIS1G::DOOMENThu Jan 19 1995playing .au samples on 486?
814.022SALEM::DEANThu Jan 19 1995.FLI
815.04JGODCL::KOSTERThu Jan 19 1995Looking for program to test/adjust monitors.
816.03TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Jan 19 1995Enet_card SCSI card conflict?
817.04AUSSIE::LEEThu Jan 19 1995Help: Prob with Trident VGA and Sound Blaster 16-SCSI
818.04TEKDEV::ROMANOThu Jan 19 1995Unable to write BOOT error
819.017EVMS::SCHUETZThu Jan 19 1995RAMDRIVE questions
820.07SKYLAB::FISHERThu Jan 19 1995Turning off a 486 FPP?
821.05BARTAB::CAMPBELLThu Jan 19 1995Hard disk spin up/down problem
822.06TROOA::DAL_MOLINFri Jan 20 1995NEC 2V + Celebris fp59
824.02FORTY2::HOWELLFri Jan 20 1995DECpc lpx 466d2 video spec?
825.03CPDW::CIUFFINIFri Jan 20 1995... Windows App for Hierarchy display? ...
826.010DEVMKO::BELKNAPFri Jan 20 1995Oracle Desktop Info Needed
827.01WRKSYS::BRYANFri Jan 20 1995Location of HP Deskjet drivers?
828.020KLAP::porterFri Jan 20 1995Disk stats wanted - wasted space vs alloc unit size
829.060HANNAH::VOBAFri Jan 20 1995OK, Let's Talk Color Printers!
830.0UTRUST::TIMMERMon Jan 23 1995Digital PostScript with DOS Lotus-123
831.0EVOCDG::RAHALMon Jan 23 1995Scanner/Proimage problems
832.0+17SUBURB::SONTAN::kittjMon Jan 23 1995DecPC 466d2mt s3 928 card problems loading drivers
833.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 23 1995Need Drivers for Diamond Stealth 24 Video card
834.036SLOAN::HOMMon Jan 23 1995AMI BIOS Note
835.025NETCAD::HERTZBERGMon Jan 23 1995Corel Draw 5.
836.01CSC32::MA_BAKERMon Jan 23 1995Looking for info re: ATI WinTurbo
837.0VNASWS::GEROLDMon Jan 23 1995NEC * 66
838.03EVMS::SCHUETZMon Jan 23 1995Trident Video board problems
839.014EVMS::SCHUETZMon Jan 23 1995SMARTDRV update?
840.05EVMS::SCHUETZMon Jan 23 1995AVI player update?
841.024BOOKIE::MACDONALDMon Jan 23 1995SB Brokenup Sounds
842.014GLOWS::KEYSMon Jan 23 1995DecStation 32
843.0HOTAIR::UNSWORTHMon Jan 23 1995AMI BIOS and our S3 864 VL board
844.07PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAMon Jan 23 1995Offical ECU Topic
845.0STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Jan 24 1995Combo floppy drive/PCMCIA product?
846.02MANTue Jan 24 1995newer DEPCA mouse driver
847.02FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jan 24 1995VTX QPC
848.02CRISTA::FICHERATue Jan 24 1995PC info to VCR ???
849.010ZURTue Jan 24 1995DEClaser 51
850.07YUPPY::SACKMANJTue Jan 24 1995SoundBlaster 16 static problems
851.03COMICS::WBROWNTue Jan 24 1995memories are made of this ????
852.0212FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jan 24 1995Official TurboTax note for tax year 1994
853.05MOLAR::DELBALSOTue Jan 24 1995Memory upgrade problem with DECpc 45
854.022SCCA::DaveTue Jan 24 1995How to FDISK a disk that FDISK wont see?
855.01GLDOA::RBROWNTue Jan 24 1995KEAterm 42
856.01NETCAD::ATKINSONTue Jan 24 1995IEG and Software purchasing
857.01NWDTue Jan 24 1995VR32
858.0AUSSIE::HOODTue Jan 24 1995Torus Ethernet Adapter
859.01HELIX::NAYLORWed Jan 25 1995DECpc 433dxLP manuals needed
860.016SMURF::JEASTONWed Jan 25 1995chip maker identity
861.05MOEUR8::NAYLORWed Jan 25 1995Speaker Font
862.03XSTACY::KFITZGERALDWed Jan 25 1995Revision control/configuration management software
863.035MINOTR::BANCROFTWed Jan 25 1995Celebris Security issue
864.0SEAWLF::COLEWed Jan 25 1995Adaptec AudioEdge and SCSI AudioMachine ???
865.05UKARC1::CHAMBERLINWed Jan 25 1995Need LPX+ DECsetup program
866.014ICS::BEAUDOIN_DWed Jan 25 1995486-sx vs. 486-dx
867.05HANNAH::BAYWed Jan 25 1995Official Plug and Play (P&P) topic
868.01ALCALA::ESTEBANWed Jan 25 1995PC74M-AA in XL Server?
869.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jan 25 1995need nullsock.dll
870.07LEEDS::JOHNThu Jan 26 1995Having problems installing HIMEM.SYS
871.0HGOVC::ROGERTSEThu Jan 26 1995Update the AMI BIOS
872.06HLFSThu Jan 26 1995Asiatic char's
873.0ADISSW::FERRARAThu Jan 26 1995Tools for writing GUI specs?
874.01KELVIN::KOUThu Jan 26 1995SeniorNet
875.05GRANPA::JCONNORSThu Jan 26 1995MSD hangs system !
876.08KIBBIE::MCNULTYThu Jan 26 1995Do it Yourself RAID?
880.028MUZICK::MAGERSThu Jan 26 1995Floppy Drive Problem
881.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Jan 26 1995No valid CD ROM drivers selected
882.010CSOA1::LENNIGThu Jan 26 1995"Poqet PC" info
883.021GVPROD::ESPICFri Jan 27 1995FDISK Unable to access new drive
884.022SLOAN::HOMFri Jan 27 1995DEC 1
885.02BIGQ::DCLARKFri Jan 27 1995EMM386 error message - need help
886.0CSOA1::LESLIEFri Jan 27 1995DR11 compatable interface for PC
887.0+179SPECXN::WITHERSFri Jan 27 1995The Official "What's It Worth?" Topic
888.09WRKSYS::NIEMIFri Jan 27 1995486DX 5
889.02SMOGGY::GSMITHFri Jan 27 1995LA65 messed up my fonts
890.063LIOVAX::POELKERSun Jan 29 1995best SCANNER for the money?
891.03WNPVSun Jan 29 1995DVA.386
892.017POWDML::SELIGMon Jan 30 1995DEC 52
893.05BRUMMY::TIDMARSHMon Jan 30 1995Amiga emulation?
894.0RICKS::LUDWIGMon Jan 30 1995External SCSI and DECPC XL 59
895.03LIE495::CITRONMon Jan 30 1995h: Microsoft Sound System for Windows.
896.04ZACHEO::COLBATHMon Jan 30 1995The Complete Hand Scanner?
897.01MILKWY::DBROWNMon Jan 30 1995Info on a Mountain tape drive??
898.0GLOWS::KEYSMon Jan 30 199532
899.04CSC32::VISAGEMon Jan 30 1995Log com port activity to a file?
900.08ITRC::kddMon Jan 30 1995Help need with configuring new motherboard
901.07RICKS::LUDWIGMon Jan 30 1995Two SCSI CDROM drives on different controllers?
902.021LACVMon Jan 30 1995Graphics/Card-making Software?
903.01IRNBRU::SMALLWOODTue Jan 31 1995Problem with old 286 PS2 Mouse.
904.01NEWOA::SMITHMRTue Jan 31 1995PC to Apple LaserWriter II-NT
905.07NETCAD::FLOWERSTue Jan 31 1995Different Windows configs possible?
906.023BATVXTue Jan 31 1995General Backup Questions (excluding tape backup!)
907.01MFRFMS::SFISCHERTue Jan 31 1995GTAR-Location for a TLZ
908.035SHERM::SHERMANTue Jan 31 1995Diamond Stealth BBS
909.02VOLAPM::HAIGHTue Jan 31 1995Parallel port Panasonic & spurious dots. Port problem.
910.04HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENTue Jan 31 1995Looking fro rz26 spin-up jumper location
911.08DOTWRK::LITTTue Jan 31 1995How do I change Microsoft "registered user" for Office products?
912.0NOVA::MULLENTue Jan 31 1995Is there an "Official" Award BIOS note? (DIR/TITLE didn't find one)
913.0SNOFS1::FARRELLTue Jan 31 1995Replacement Pentium Chip in OZ
914.015SNOCTue Jan 31 1995Memory Card Camera
916.03ROMWed Feb 01 1995Trying to read RMX86 floppy disk
917.024BIGQ::CURLEYWed Feb 01 1995Software & License restrictions; how to enforce?
918.03ASD::BOOTHWed Feb 01 1995Configuring files/applics across 2 disk drives
919.08LEDDEV::LAROCCOWed Feb 01 1995Are new Brother lasers ok?
920.06NEWVAX::PAVLICEKWed Feb 01 1995Problems getting faxes back from Microsoft?
921.03UNTADI::SAXBYThu Feb 02 1995DELPHI - Borland's VB killer?
922.016FX28PM::FX26PM::SMITHPThu Feb 02 1995Offical Multi-Function Printer (MFP) Topic
923.07PCBUOA::ANGELONEFri Feb 03 1995Best CDROM to add.
924.04ULYS::DENEEFFri Feb 03 1995Norton Utilities Licence
926.0TUXEDO::WRAYFri Feb 03 1995AItech WaveWatcher II?
927.03NETCAD::S_HARRISFri Feb 03 1995Diamond SpeedSTAR PRO
929.04LACVFri Feb 03 1995Business card scanner?
930.014LACVFri Feb 03 1995Latest and greatest color laptops?
931.0AKOCOA::GARGEFri Feb 03 1995Converting Multi-plan to Excel
932.048ROWLET::AINSLEYSat Feb 04 1995AMD vs. Intel Chips
933.017SUPER::MACONISSat Feb 04 1995Comit software and ZoomFax Modem
934.010GVPROD::BIKER::PETERMon Feb 06 1995Parallel port woes
935.04GVPROD::BIKER::PETERMon Feb 06 1995Print servers?
936.0NDLVAX::MBECKERMon Feb 06 1995HELP ! Need SCSI-Chip from adaptec
937.0+426LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIMon Feb 06 1995Overdrive 486DX4 upgrade ?
938.025ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Feb 06 1995Which disk should I buy?
940.06PCBUOA::YOUNGMon Feb 06 1995Need CD-ROM driver for SONY CDU31A-DC
941.012KERNEL::BROWNMMon Feb 06 1995Star Trek Interactive Tech Manual
942.011CHAMP::WHITE_RMon Feb 06 199572
943.02SPOOK::SHUMTue Feb 07 1995DOS v6.22 Diskette from STEPUP
944.07ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Feb 07 1995Gravis Ultrasound MAX
945.01UFHIS::MHEIDENTue Feb 07 1995DECPC 59
946.05WREATH::SCOPATue Feb 07 1995Systems for College Students...revisited
947.05POWDML::ISRAELITETue Feb 07 1995Calendar/Schedule Management Base Note
949.02DECCXL::ZEEBTue Feb 07 1995Importing bitmap (.BMP) graphics into Print Shop Deluxe
950.04VMSNET::W_LATTATue Feb 07 1995program too big to fit in memory?
951.01EVMS::SCHUETZTue Feb 07 1995What indicates poor video performance?
952.06BROKE::RAMTue Feb 07 1995Are refurbished HP printers a good buy?
953.02POBOX::SELLISTue Feb 07 1995DOS supplimental disk
954.05SPOOK::SHUMTue Feb 07 1995Floppy Performance between DECpc 425SL Notebook & Home Clone
956.02TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Feb 08 1995Word 6.
957.01NYOSS1::YANNIOSWed Feb 08 1995Maximum Number of Files Open Problems?
959.04MSGAXP::ELSNAUWed Feb 08 1995Fast cheap printers
960.05WMOIS::POSCOWed Feb 08 1995Notes Conference Listings ?????
961.012BASEX::KAIRYSWed Feb 08 1995Naive question about CD's and sound
962.03ROUTES::TEDESCOWed Feb 08 1995SB16 and CH Flightstick problem
963.013CGOOA::PITULEYWed Feb 08 1995PKZIP and PKUNZIP problems and information
964.0AETHER::BRENCHWed Feb 08 1995Honeywell Bull 386 needs HELP!
965.06CALAIS::SIVRET_JOHNWed Feb 08 1995Adding an IDE CD-ROM
966.013DABEAN::B_ROSEThu Feb 09 1995WD with ONTRACK
967.04SBPEXE::SMITHThu Feb 09 1995The size of MSDOS...
968.05TOOK::BARRETTThu Feb 09 1995adaptec question
969.011PCBUOA::SWANEYThu Feb 09 1995do I have a BIOS problem?
970.03HAMSUP::BANNACHThu Feb 09 1995philips cd-driver wanted
971.08SWAM2::WONG_HEThu Feb 09 1995Good Proces on HP (DeskJet 54
972.04SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Feb 09 1995486dx2/8
973.04MSE1::PCOTEThu Feb 09 1995Sound card drivers for Alpha/Windows NT ?
975.01CSC32::D_SANBORNThu Feb 09 1995WordPerfect, printing watermarks
976.03ODIXIE::WOLFEThu Feb 09 1995RZ25L Problem
977.03GLADYS::LEUNGThu Feb 09 1995MTE dx66 upgrade to DX4 how?
978.02NETCAD::THAYERFri Feb 10 1995Portable multimedia - Zenith PCMCIA CDrom
979.019REBEL1::FADDENFri Feb 10 1995can't create directory in MS-DOS
980.09ANGLIN::PEREZFri Feb 10 1995System has 2
982.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun Feb 12 1995VLB card in ISA only slot?
983.02HTSCMon Feb 13 1995S3 Web/FTP Server?
984.03EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Feb 13 1995fdisk hidden switches ??
985.03ASSAYR::IRONSMon Feb 13 1995RRD44 -- Are there special drivers needed to make it work?
988.0+95PLAYER::HIGGINSMon Feb 13 1995Merits of SCSI vs EIDE ?
989.013NWDMon Feb 13 1995CDROMS & driver info needed
990.015NPSS::BRANAMMon Feb 13 1995Inexpensive sources for CDROM caddies?
991.08SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Feb 13 1995autoexec.bat help please ?!?
992.07HANNAH::B_COBBMon Feb 13 1995PC - MAC file sharing
993.016VMSDEV::CLABORNTue Feb 14 1995Hercules Dynamite Pro woes
995.013STOWOA::REICHERTTue Feb 14 1995Pentium-S CPU ???
996.018LJSRV1::GULDENSCHUHTue Feb 14 1995AMI BIOS Question
997.052EVMS::SCHUETZTue Feb 14 1995External Cache, how much?
998.010SALEM::PAZOLTTue Feb 14 1995Help: dual ide drive problem
999.02LEEDS::JOHNTue Feb 14 1995looking for DECBLASTIT/DECBLASTER
1001.013CLUSTA::NATUSCHWed Feb 15 1995RRD4
1002.06SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Feb 15 1995Turbo dissabled ?
1003.02CRONIC::LEMONSWed Feb 15 1995MS-DOS CHOICE command problem
1004.01CONSLT::GILLESWed Feb 15 1995IDE and SCSI any differences!
1005.019MKOTS3::DECARTERETWed Feb 15 1995Location of Cirrus GD542x drivers
1006.0+16OTTAWA::MELANSON_DWed Feb 15 1995Packard Bell machine ?
1007.06SWAM1::MEUSE_DAWed Feb 15 1995autoexec.bat/windows problem?
1009.02MOLAR::BRIENENThu Feb 16 1995Location of Orchid P9
1010.011VIDEO::PULSIFERThu Feb 16 1995Fancy BBS messages
1011.0POLAR::MOKHTARThu Feb 16 1995what is SMC Superdisk ?
1012.01BROKE::RAMThu Feb 16 1995The Official Edutainment Software Topic
1013.04ANGLIN::PEREZThu Feb 16 1995Patch for Phoenix BIOS joystick?
1014.02MPGS::BLOOMThu Feb 16 1995X11 Config file for Linux/X on DEC 4
1015.0MPGS::BLOOMThu Feb 16 1995looking for jumper info and mouse driver for DEPCA controller
1017.09MU::PORTERFri Feb 17 1995Serif PagePlus etc; details sought
1018.0GIDDAY::BASSETTFri Feb 17 1995help needed to config 525
1019.021CESARE::CATERINIFri Feb 17 1995HDD destroyed, need low-level format
1020.02OTTAWA::MELANSON_DFri Feb 17 1995Computer Shopper catalog for March ?
1022.03ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAFri Feb 17 1995Adding an IDE drive to an existing SCSI-only WNT box?
1023.07RANGER::BRADLEYFri Feb 17 1995.fts filename extension
1024.03NOVA::SUNKARAFri Feb 17 1995Check no DOS TSR Program. What does this mean?
1025.02SWAM2::PANGALLO_DAFri Feb 17 1995multimedia "Encarta" problem
1026.03HANNAH::LANDAUSat Feb 18 1995What is a ".DBS" database file?
1027.03FSCORE::KAYESun Feb 19 1995looking for CD name from COmputer Chronicles
1028.01DCEIDL::PORTANTESun Feb 19 1995Help with installing Word 6.
1029.05GIDDAY::DOMSun Feb 19 1995Info req on Hayes Optima 288 V34
1030.02HTSCSun Feb 19 1995CD-ROM Only cache?
1031.05CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Feb 20 19958
1032.0ABACUS::JANEBMon Feb 20 1995File "open" after Kermit Transfer
1033.02ICS::POMEROYMon Feb 20 1995Laptop Config files needed
1034.0+23TPSYS::BUTCHARTMon Feb 20 1995The Official COMTRADE note
1035.01STAR::BALLISONMon Feb 20 1995Royal Electronics?????
1036.03MASALA::GAITKENHEADMon Feb 20 1995MSDOS 6.2 DELTREE problem
1038.06SNOFS1::FARRELLMon Feb 20 1995Word Documents & CMS
1039.04GVPROD::6372Tue Feb 21 1995ISA and what else?
1040.03BSS::G_LEETue Feb 21 1995Cannot load Lantastic High
1042.01NETCAD::FLOWERSTue Feb 21 1995newer WordPerfect for DEC employees?
1043.04PHDVAX::COMFORTTue Feb 21 1995Info on VLB video cards wanted
1044.0MUNSBE::HAEGAR::JPolsterTue Feb 21 1995Aaudio-Pro + OAK Technology VGA
1045.0SIOG::ODONNELLWed Feb 22 1995HP Jetstore and SONY DAT compatability ?
1046.03PLAYER::HIGGINSWed Feb 22 1995PowerBuilder experience
1047.08BOSEPM::CAMPKINWed Feb 22 1995Cross linked files
1048.04STAR::HUSSAINWed Feb 22 1995Noisy CDROM drive.
1049.04FSAEUR::ROEWed Feb 22 1995ADAPTEC 294
1052.08--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 22 199532-bit dsk drvr error msg
1054.01ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAWed Feb 22 1995SONY CDU55E Device driver? where to get?
1055.04AKOCOA::DANEKWed Feb 22 1995Fixing a non-bootable WD disk
1057.042ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Feb 23 1995SB16 upgrade from SB pro and games with no sound
1058.09DEMON::NOWARE::WITTMANThu Feb 23 1995SCSI-1, SCSI-2, and CD-ROM drives
1059.024KDX2Thu Feb 23 1995Help me Design the ULTIMATE PC - $$ No object!
1060.02ANGLIN::SEITZThu Feb 23 1995RLL and IDE in same system?
1061.0+60STAR::PARKEThu Feb 23 1995Official Keyboard topic
1062.01WRKSYS::GENOVAThu Feb 23 1995Windows for Workgroups Question?
1063.03CIM2NI::SMLFRY::MESSIERThu Feb 23 1995!DEC422
1064.0GLADYS::LEUNGThu Feb 23 1995encarta/sound/wfwg 311?
1065.04PH4VAX::CHSKARPThu Feb 23 1995MSD Network CD
1066.07SNOFS1::ZANOTTOFri Feb 24 1995EDitor required
1067.014HELIX::WELLCOMEFri Feb 24 1995DECpc XL vs. Celebris/Prioris XL?
1068.0132965::TEDWARDSFri Feb 24 1995DECpc 56
1070.015SUBPAC::MAGGARDFri Feb 24 1995The Official Overclocking Note
1071.04LANDO::OBRIENFri Feb 24 1995Triton Chipset
1072.024IOSG::BILSBOROUGHFri Feb 24 1995Infra-red remote control from PC?
1073.02UTRTSC::VDBURGSat Feb 25 1995Looking for STAR Radix 15I printer switch settings
1074.01TINGAU::HEFELESat Feb 25 1995COM port sharing in WfWg network?
1075.04BRUMMY::WALLACE_JSun Feb 26 1995Multitech MewFax software - anyone got it working?
1076.03BRUMMY::TIDMARSHSun Feb 26 1995Corrupt Hard Disk?
1077.04RUSURE::MCCARTHYMon Feb 27 1995Mixing SCSI and IDE drives in one system
1078.0ANNECY::HOTCHKISSMon Feb 27 1995COREL4 question
1079.06BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 27 1995Pentium = slow FPU/FPU error?
1080.04LEEDS::JOHNMon Feb 27 1995Where can I get PLUG and PLAY, ISA CONFIG UTIL
1082.013XEDON::DOBESMon Feb 27 1995WinQVT Documention - or advice on logging in??
1083.0NPSS::BRANAMMon Feb 27 1995Laser printing problems
1084.01TAVIS::JUANMon Feb 27 1995Looking for TWNSCK12.zip
1085.01VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKTue Feb 28 1995DigiBoard Topic
1086.015LEDDEV::LAROCCOTue Feb 28 1995Does bios shift com ports? Zoom fax/modem.
1087.04UHUH::MARISONTue Feb 28 1995Help with Z8
1088.016SSSAXP::LEMONSWed Mar 01 1995Official Digital PCatalog notes
1089.02CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 01 1995Mutiple operating systems on a single PC
1090.03MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Mar 01 1995Basic Questions from Beginner
1091.066PCBUOA:: Mar 01 1995Upgrading Hard Drive.. ?? Any thing to watch out for
1092.016SUPER7::HUGHESAWed Mar 01 1995How much video memory ?
1093.01ROMEOS::HSU_HEWed Mar 01 19954plexe drivers for Mac and PC
1094.05PASTA::LUDWIGWed Mar 01 1995Windows graphic drivers for DECpc XL 59
1095.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHWed Mar 01 1995XL56
1096.03PHDVAX::COMFORTWed Mar 01 1995LED printers?
1097.03CROWN::BOLLIGERThu Mar 02 1995Head translation ?
1098.02RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIThu Mar 02 1995NOKIA multigraph 445M monitor
1099.03SMURF::CMEYERThu Mar 02 1995Dashboard
1100.02CASE4U::BACHNERThu Mar 02 1995troubles, and a big mess when upgrading BIOS on an DECpc XL
1101.024UNTADI::KINGFri Mar 03 1995PC locks on reading from CD-ROM
1102.010WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Mar 03 1995Floppy being accessed and I don't know why!
1103.02WRKSYS::GLICKLERFri Mar 03 1995Problem with HP4L and Sharkware
1104.022BRAT::BUKOWSKIFri Mar 03 1995EDO memory and new PCI version
1105.02ODIXIE::HARTFri Mar 03 1995HP Deskjet 122
1106.0OSLSat Mar 04 1995Display problems with IBM Thinkpad & WfWg
1107.09MCITS1::TEJASat Mar 04 1995RZ23 'not ready'
1108.03GVPROD::WENGERSat Mar 04 1995PC speaker doesn't play back AVI sound
1109.01FACIL::DEHAANSat Mar 04 1995Need HELP finding 286 Motherboard Specs!
1110.0GIDDAY::MUNNSun Mar 05 1995Adaptec 1552A User Guide
1111.011GIDDAY::DOMSun Mar 05 1995Hayes or USR? V.34
1112.01COOKIE::FROEHLINSun Mar 05 1995GO LUNCHBOX (Portable PC)
1113.01EICMFG::DRECHSELMon Mar 06 1995Hercules Monitor on VGA board ?
1114.01HGOM11::LAWRENCEMon Mar 06 1995conference for internets
1115.03SIOG::DIVILLYMon Mar 06 1995XONXOFF
1116.04HLFSMon Mar 06 1995DECPC 425SE/c: problem with Wordperfect 6.
1118.01GIDDAY::MUNNMon Mar 06 1995What's a MAKERFILE document ?
1119.09SHANE::PACIELLOMon Mar 06 1995Creating .GIF's with PhotoStyler SE
1120.0LACVMon Mar 06 1995Get Epson FX-286 to print??
1121.04ALFAXP::MITCHAMTue Mar 07 1995Alpha Five Topic?
1122.05MARX::FLEMINGTue Mar 07 1995morphing utility?
1123.014ALFAXP::MITCHAMTue Mar 07 1995Voice/FAX/FAXback software?
1124.0LYOISA::LABIAUWed Mar 08 1995CM25
1126.08SPANNA::BALLETTAWed Mar 08 1995RAMdrive and DOS=HIGH incompatibility?
1127.05SMURF::YELGINWed Mar 08 1995Rainbow to IBM PC
1128.04AOHM::JACOBSWed Mar 08 1995Cant mount a DRVSPACE compressed drive?
1129.013VOLAPM::HAIGHWed Mar 08 1995QAplus and Perfromance measuring.
1130.01ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 08 1995Missing 256K in LPx+?
1131.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 08 1995MTBF for Celebris?
1132.0SIOG::T_NOLANThu Mar 09 1995lotus organiser pc speaker
1133.02MAIL1::CALLAGHANThu Mar 09 1995FAR Memory?
1134.09WRKSYS::GLICKLERThu Mar 09 1995Setting up a system
1135.07TALLIS::KOCHThu Mar 09 1995Where did all the Control Panel applets go?
1136.013TNPUBS::MACDONALDThu Mar 09 1995Windows 95 Field Test
1137.02ODIXIE::GARABOThu Mar 09 1995XIRCOM PCMCIA, DECPC425SL, twisted pair problems
1138.01GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Mar 09 1995 Application Error - "Call to undefined dynalink"
1139.06ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Mar 10 1995.ps launching app...!?!
1140.0+12TAVENG::AVIFri Mar 10 1995RE24-L refuses to reset
1141.09ROCCER::LIFLANDFri Mar 10 1995Need VMS ZIP program
1142.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri Mar 10 1995EDLIN
1143.03SWAM1::MEUSE_DAFri Mar 10 1995REM ?
1144.0+20ALFAXP::MITCHAMFri Mar 10 1995Quick Link II (QL2FAXW) Topic
1145.0+27LURE::CERLINGFri Mar 10 1995Conner disk drive
1146.029SSSAXP::LEMONSFri Mar 10 1995The Official Microsoft Network Client note
1147.04WNPVFri Mar 10 1995Backup/Restore CD-ROM to hard drive
1148.02DWOMV2::OBIERSat Mar 11 1995Starion 2
1149.02HGOVC::KELVINWONGMon Mar 13 1995Seagate ST355
1150.010STAR::BALLISONMon Mar 13 1995Sharing a Printer without a Net
1151.037MAHLER::KINMONTHMon Mar 13 1995Official WordPerfect Topic
1152.011AYOV2Mon Mar 13 1995WWW From my PC at home (Modem)
1153.015OSLMon Mar 13 1995DIMM memory?
1154.0WRKSYS::GLICKLERTue Mar 14 1995Tilde
1155.02MUNSBE::HAEGAR::JPolsterTue Mar 14 1995*.DSK
1156.014RICKS::MANIONTue Mar 14 1995problem over 1 page?
1157.013--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 14 1995E-Mail VAX->INTERNET
1158.025SWAM1::MEUSE_DATue Mar 14 1995Futuresaver install problem
1159.03SPEZKO::OWENSTue Mar 14 1995Advise on Multimedia?
1160.03LEDDEV::LAROCCOWed Mar 15 1995Video driver screws up printer??
1161.0HAMSUP::BANNACHWed Mar 15 1995g sc6
1163.0LEMAN::BLANCHUTWed Mar 15 1995DEC51
1164.07GROOVE::DADDIECOWed Mar 15 1995Help on Repartitioning
1165.06TOOK::FAULDSWed Mar 15 1995Software rentals?
1166.031CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Mar 15 1995Vertisoft's Netroom
1167.06BRAT::BUKOWSKIWed Mar 15 1995SCSI disks pc<->workstation
1169.03ULYSSE::MOULAERTThu Mar 16 1995Looking for PWRK, NetWare, LM, W/NT Server Sizing Tables
1170.010ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 16 1995Continuous Windows run-time exerciser?
1171.011KAOFS::W_GILROYThu Mar 16 1995RZ28 Compatible with Western Digital
1172.01TOPTEN::COLATRELLAThu Mar 16 1995VRT's on DECpc's
1173.016TOPTEN::AVERBACHThu Mar 16 1995SB SCSI-II external connection
1174.07PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Mar 16 1995can't run any WINDOWS apps!
1176.011HDLITE::MORINFri Mar 17 1995Help on 286 upgrade/performance issues ....
1177.03DWOVAX::EROSFri Mar 17 1995DECpc XL59
1178.02SMURF::YELGINFri Mar 17 1995Kermit for a Rainbow
1179.07SWAM2::WONG_HESat Mar 18 1995486dx2 gets hot!! Is this normal??
1180.03VCOUMon Mar 20 1995Enhanced IDE question
1181.08FBEDEV::KYZIVATMon Mar 20 1995Need a better IO board
1182.011CASE4U::BACHNERTue Mar 21 1995S3 928 vs. 864 video card
1183.022SALEM::IMENDOZATue Mar 21 1995SZ.EXE
1184.034ITRC::kddTue Mar 21 1995Sliping in from home.
1185.015AZTECH::SANBORNTue Mar 21 1995Intel EtherExpress Network Card?
1186.0+22SALEM::DEANWed Mar 22 1995Netscape ?
1187.06BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 22 19953COM Etherlink II Card
1188.03NLAWed Mar 22 1995IP/Netscape and Windows 95?
1189.0STAR::KENNEYWed Mar 22 1995Need XMODEM protocol specification
1190.011SHERM::SHERMANWed Mar 22 1995WIN32S DRIVERS
1191.01CSSE::FAHERTYWed Mar 22 1995Voice activated audio recorder/player for Windows ?
1192.03TOOK::COOPERWed Mar 22 1995Anyone heard of Ares?
1193.06COPCLU::SVENDSENThu Mar 23 1995Win32 + Celebris S3 864 = No go?
1195.0+9SKYLRK::ENDTERThu Mar 23 1995BASE64 file encoding?
1196.0ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAThu Mar 23 1995Cirrus Logic phone numbers. Updated.
1197.06CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Mar 23 1995Question re: slots for modems
1198.025POBOXA::KEEFERThu Mar 23 1995Optimum cluster size on large disks?
1199.06SWAM1::FLATMAN_DAThu Mar 23 1995Switching SCSI drives C: and D:
1200.03TDCIS5::LE_NYFri Mar 24 1995RRD2
1201.03SHIPS::BUCZMA_GFri Mar 24 1995Where can I buy ram?
1202.07LJSRV1::BONNEAUFri Mar 24 1995How to build a boot diskette when hard drive is double-spaced?
1203.01TKOVOA::YAMADASat Mar 25 1995RZ25 Spin-Up
1204.01STAR::DEVARAJANSat Mar 25 1995Loading Free Unix versions on a PC
1205.040TPSYS::BUTCHARTSat Mar 25 1995Diamond Viper VLB Card?
1206.03KAOFS::S_BAINSSat Mar 25 1995SB16 and Data CD problem
1207.015TAVSun Mar 26 1995Erratic Problems in Windows
1208.015OSLACT::OLAVSun Mar 26 1995Celebris XL CPU upgrade path?
1209.09SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNSun Mar 26 1995garbaged video, Diamond Viper
1210.015ROCK::EDMONDSONSun Mar 26 1995three floppys, how?
1211.06MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Mar 27 1995Help with 'Dongles'
1212.013DONVAN::REICHERTMon Mar 27 1995Dual Pentium CPUs-questions
1213.01WHOSMon Mar 27 1995Scanner Woes
1215.03SOLVIT::RIVIERETue Mar 28 1995Need Canon BJC-82
1216.06YUPPY::SACKMANJTue Mar 28 1995TZK12 Cartridge Unit drivers?
1217.08METALX::SWANSONTue Mar 28 1995The official Turtle Beach topic
1218.04SHANE::PACIELLOTue Mar 28 1995The Official Usability Issues Topic
1220.09TLE::PHILLIPSWed Mar 29 1995Memory parity error...
1221.07MRKTNG::MILESKIWed Mar 29 1995Decstation 32
1223.01MFRFMS::SFISCHERThu Mar 30 1995CD-ROM NetwrokWide in WFW 3.11 ?
1224.06SOLVIT::MEREDITHFri Mar 31 1995POST error, beep codes
1225.05FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Mar 31 1995Official EZ Drive topic
1226.06SWAM2::WONG_HESat Apr 01 1995 Pentium Motherboard Chipsets
1227.010EVMS::HALLYBSat Apr 01 1995Occasionally VERY NOISY hard disk drive (MAXTOR)
1228.0FRUST::EDDF21::STARKMon Apr 03 1995Printer Problem
1229.09SWAM2::WONG_HEMon Apr 03 1995IDE drivers > 54
1230.04TOOK::COOPERMon Apr 03 1995US contact phone # for TEAC ?
1231.05SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Apr 03 1995Win.ini Help !?! Please ..
1232.0+2LJSRV2::BROWNTue Apr 04 1995Carmen SanDiego Hangs
1233.02TOOK::COOPERTue Apr 04 1995Digital 11
1234.01SWAM2::WONG_HETue Apr 04 1995Award BIOS vendor number
1235.0BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Apr 04 1995Sound drivers location ??
1236.02ITRC::kddTue Apr 04 1995Problem printing large jobs DEC 1152
1237.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 04 1995ALPHA LOAN
1238.0HOTLNE::DOYLETue Apr 04 1995Help with AST computer needed
1239.03NWDTue Apr 04 1995DECpc 45
1240.05VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOWed Apr 05 1995Macintosh CDROM on Intel based PC
1241.03SALEM::DEANWed Apr 05 1995.CMM ???
1242.08WRKSYS::ARTHURWed Apr 05 1995cheap pentium ... comments
1243.04STKAI1::6419Thu Apr 06 1995Question about Bouncer@nic.near.net
1244.04HDLITE::MORINThu Apr 06 1995Strange floppy problems on 386. Helpppp...
1245.01STAR::VAN_ERONThu Apr 06 1995Allocation unit modification??
1246.016CSCMA::MACVICARThu Apr 06 1995Pentium with lots of ISA SLOTS
1247.06STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Apr 07 1995DE2
1248.03OSLFri Apr 07 1995What can kill a com port???
1249.01SIOG::T_NOLANFri Apr 07 1995screen saver not working
1250.0PGREEN::LANGTONMFri Apr 07 1995Drivers for GoldStar CD-Rom Drive
1251.0+127CSC32::J_RYERFri Apr 07 1995Iomega Zip Disk
1252.07CVG::EDRYFri Apr 07 1995How to increase ENVIRONMENT space?
1253.02GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WAFri Apr 07 1995EMM386 DMA Note Enable Errors
1254.010CSCMA::MACVICARFri Apr 07 19953.5 drive reboots when accessed
1255.09SPEZKO::OWENSFri Apr 07 1995Help with windows application developmeent...
1256.08PCBUO2::SLOMSKIFri Apr 07 1995Fixes for Starion MaxFax/Prometheus problems
1257.03SWAM2::WONG_HEFri Apr 07 1995SIS Mb, Award 4.5
1258.036EMIRFI::BRITTANSat Apr 08 1995EMM386 error #
1259.01ISTWI1::SENYUZMon Apr 10 1995XL466 and NCR BIOS
1260.09WRKSYS::GLICKLERMon Apr 10 1995Noters outside of DEC
1261.024GLADYS::HUISHMon Apr 10 1995Printer switch hassles
1262.02HDLITE::MODIMon Apr 10 1995 What are these quicktime clips with .map extension ?
1263.07BASEX::KAIRYSTue Apr 11 1995Can a VRT19 be used witn a PC?
1264.03VAIL::OXENBERGTue Apr 11 1995system.ini and f-prot
1265.02IJSAPL::SINKEWed Apr 12 1995pointer for intel plato firmware ?\
1266.07STKAI1::6419Wed Apr 12 1995POWER PC/POWER MAC
1267.01AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTWed Apr 12 1995NEC powermate floppy flaky
1268.02FSCORE::KAYEWed Apr 12 1995lost Program Manager!
1269.0+15CANDOO::GRIEBWed Apr 12 1995PCANYWHERE ??
1270.05ISTWI1::SENYUZThu Apr 13 1995CELEBRIS 59
1271.012CSCMA::MACVICARThu Apr 13 1995Utility to UNCOMPRESS C Drive
1272.03SPEZKO::OWENSThu Apr 13 1995Recommendation for purchase...
1273.0DRONET::ALEKANIANThu Apr 13 1995power supply terminator for celebris56
1274.04NETCAD::SIMONThu Apr 13 1995No Password and no keyboard
1275.010HANNAH::MCKINLEYThu Apr 13 1995Bus comparisons
1276.022GLDOA::RBROWNThu Apr 13 1995Adding a CD-ROM To My PC ....
1277.0JGO::DEKENFri Apr 14 1995adaptec 274
1278.010CRONIC::LEMONSFri Apr 14 1995Library of EISA .CFG files?
1279.03MLNCSC::CAREMISEFri Apr 14 1995Future Domain CI-2
1280.01REGENT::PHAMFri Apr 14 1995Order numbers for keyboard and doc
1281.01STAR::FENSTERFri Apr 14 1995Dr. Dobbs journal
1282.09MRKTNG::MILESKISat Apr 15 1995Cipher 15
1283.03ANGST::CONNMon Apr 17 1995Experience with both Alps and Cirque Glidepoints
1284.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 17 19955
1285.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Apr 17 1995DOS error 5?
1286.01BOUVS::OAKEYMon Apr 17 1995Invoicing software?
1287.02SHERM::SHERMANTue Apr 18 1995Need driver
1290.03HGOVC::LAWRENCETue Apr 18 1995What is OLE and Twain Compliance?
1291.02ZPOVC::TONGPENGTue Apr 18 1995copy from VMS->PC dialup
1292.03SOADC1::STREMICKWed Apr 19 1995How to use an external storage box with PC
1293.07DELNI::STACKWed Apr 19 1995IDE CD-ROM and WNT V3.5?
1294.09CASE4U::BACHNERThu Apr 20 1995can't load MSDOS into high memory
1296.06MCITS1::TEJAThu Apr 20 1995PCDISK for OpenVMS ALPHA 6.1
1297.012MRKTNG::BROCKThu Apr 20 1995RZ24 Quantum drive
1298.028NWDThu Apr 20 1995camcorder input/capture/output to printer
1299.04AYOV24::GIBSONJFri Apr 21 1995WIN/TV Prisma
1300.03SNAX::NOONANFri Apr 21 1995DECpc 32
1301.029CSCMA::MACVICARFri Apr 21 1995UART Information
1302.0USCTR1::absFri Apr 21 1995Homeowners/Cond Association SW???
1303.02STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Apr 21 1995Critical Path Note location?
1304.01IAGO::SULLIVANMon Apr 24 1995Recorder that works with system modal windows?
1305.026SMURF::YELGINMon Apr 24 1995LA75 driver
1306.014BROKE::RAMMon Apr 24 1995Reliability of hard drives ?
1307.05MAHLER::KINMONTHMon Apr 24 1995WINDOWS hangs, file corrupted
1308.01KYOSS1::ELZAMSMon Apr 24 1995MPEG player/Sound through PC Speaker?
1309.05COPCLU:: Apr 24 1995Can't connect IDE CD-Rom
1310.06GVPROD::CHAPACOUTue Apr 25 1995help: setting up a 2842A VL
1311.04MALMTue Apr 25 1995S3-8
1312.023USCTR1::CROSBY_GTue Apr 25 1995Official Acer Topic
1313.02CHEFS::NAYLORGTue Apr 25 1995Connor CP2
1314.0LANDO::PREISIGTue Apr 25 1995western Digital video driver questions
1315.016HGOM11::LAWRENCETue Apr 25 1995Software for designing Greeting cards
1316.02HERON::guinea.vbo.dec.com::BALLETTAWed Apr 26 1995Software Management software?
1318.010NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYWed Apr 26 1995What are LA75's on PCs used for?
1319.02TROOA::RITCHEWed Apr 26 1995Need DEPCA mouse drivers
1320.09SWAM2::BARNETTE_NEWed Apr 26 1995Dual-floppy device?
1321.07DECIDE::MOFFITTWed Apr 26 1995"Hiding" a hard disk
1322.0TAENG4::DOUBLEThu Apr 27 199525
1323.012VNABRW::SEDLBAUER_WThu Apr 27 1995Humor
1324.02HELIX::WELLCOMEThu Apr 27 1995pcbuhd::dka2
1325.012WMOIS::TAYLOR_RThu Apr 27 1995help with simm
1326.04TDCIS5::LE_NYThu Apr 27 1995AHA 294
1327.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Apr 27 1995EMM 386 memory problem
1328.03MQOU18::M_HUELThu Apr 27 199559
1329.07NIOEMC::HOANGThu Apr 27 1995Low level format utility
1330.04UTROP1::LUITJES_RFri Apr 28 1995TMC-85
1331.05KETJE::WARICHETFri Apr 28 1995Trident TGUI 942
1332.0HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENFri Apr 28 1995Looking for someone with Turbo Assembler
1333.01ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAFri Apr 28 1995Video-Logic's CAPTIVATOR any good?
1334.0FACIL1::DEHAANFri Apr 28 1995Need Cable/Software Specs for RS Organizer
1335.03FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Apr 28 1995MicroMax in trouble?
1336.031NWDSat Apr 29 1995Pending Pentium purchace questions??
1337.09BEJVC::LAWRENCEMon May 01 1995quad speed CDrom on PAS and Adaptec question
1338.09HELFUN::LAAMANENMon May 01 1995Flow Control Problem
1339.05UNITED::MCDONNELLMon May 01 1995DSP 316
1341.014HDLITE::MORINMon May 01 1995AMD386DX 4
1342.01DYOSW5::WILDERMon May 01 1995Vesa - what and why??
1343.0SLOAN::HOMMon May 01 1995Panasonic Inkjet
1344.08WMOIS::TAYLOR_RMon May 01 1995modem problem
1345.08LUNER::STANTONMon May 01 1995IBM Memory Setup Problem
1346.01ROMEOS::LESLIE_DAMon May 01 1995LK45
1347.06DJMVAX::MCCULLERSTue May 02 1995CDR1
1349.06AZTECH::SANBORNTue May 02 1995Power-on Printer after Windows starts?
1350.022YAKKA::STEPHENSTue May 02 1995Best type of Joystick to buy.
1351.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed May 03 1995DECstation 3
1352.03CSCMA::MACVICARWed May 03 1995Another Seek Error on Drive A
1354.05ANGLIN::PEREZWed May 03 1995SCANDISK Hangs on surface scan
1355.018NOVA::BOIKOWed May 03 1995PC Performance tools - disk/cpu/etc..?
1356.08NETCAD::SHERMANWed May 03 1995Soft RAM from Seamless Software
1357.04WMOIS::REEVE_CWed May 03 1995DOS->Windows causes reboot
1358.02VAXRIO::HELDERWed May 03 1995MS-Office (MSOFF1.CAB file)
1359.01NZOVThu May 04 1995RAM Chip discription, meaning of?
1360.05ATHDMO::RALLISThu May 04 1995need a driver for the TLZ
1361.01HGOM11::LAWRENCEThu May 04 1995keaterm key remap help
1362.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AThu May 04 1995Incorrect DOS Version for some things.....not all.
1363.0GVPROD::CHAPACOUThu May 04 1995Right time to buy ? Advices sought
1364.051CURRNT::POWELLThu May 04 1995Questions after upgrading a 486 clone
1365.01GVPROD::CHAPACOUThu May 04 1995284X = 154X Plus ?
1366.09FSAEUR::ROEThu May 04 199564 MB Memory Limit
1367.08BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 04 1995No available I/O Bases Address' left
1368.02OTOOA::BROUILLARDThu May 04 1995SB16 install problem
1369.01TINCUP::OSWALDFri May 05 1995Delphi Conference?
1370.02SWAM1::MEUSE_DAFri May 05 1995Program mgr. problem-tool bar
1371.08SKYLAB::FISHERFri May 05 1995BIOSes supporting LBN-based disk addressing
1372.09ADISSW::FERRARAFri May 05 1995Editor to edit .exe's
1373.011GAAS::GATULISSat May 06 1995Info on CAD drawing ("Drafix Pro"?)
1374.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGMon May 08 19952/4GB Tape drive Novell certificate?
1375.010COLMon May 08 1995Memory usage and AWARD BIOS
1376.01R2ME2::GREENWOODMon May 08 1995Professional Technologies
1377.01HANNAH::ERICWMon May 08 1995Unable to run Win16 programs under NT 3.5
1378.05NETCAD::THAYERMon May 08 1995Frame Grabber Recommendations?
1379.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue May 09 1995"T-Shirt" Output?
1380.04NOKNOK::LANDRYTue May 09 1995S3-8
1381.015WHOSTue May 09 1995CD-ROMs and Video
1382.02EICMFG::DRECHSELWed May 10 1995How to remove 'TREMOR' virus ??
1383.02VAXRIO::IVANWed May 10 1995ADAPTEC v3.* drivers
1384.06LJSRV1::BONNEAUWed May 10 1995Need scanner - rent or services?
1385.03PEARS::649Thu May 11 1995Triton chipset, EDO or Fast Page DRAM
1386.03KERNEL::BROWNMThu May 11 1995PCMCIA settings for Canon Portable
1387.01ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAThu May 11 1995HP Scanner IIc, $499. This is FYO only. A deal.
1388.05TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri May 12 1995.KBD File Needed for ProComm Plus
1389.02ULYSSE::SPEPC1::MOULAERTFri May 12 1995Looking for CDU31A SONY CD-ROM Driver
1390.01VMSNET::F_HARRISFri May 12 1995NT and third IDE drive
1391.016BOUVS::OAKEYSun May 14 1995Ethernet card experiences
1393.05SNOFS1::FAKESMon May 15 1995Another DEC 425sxLP->More-grunt-CPU question
1394.02WELSWS::BOURNEJMon May 15 1995Jumper info for DSP31
1395.016BALZAC::48644::VASTMon May 15 1995Adaptec AHA152
1396.06WELCLU::SHARKEYAMon May 15 1995NEC scsi s/w anywhere ?
1397.011BAGUA::BRENCHMon May 15 1995Using the LVP16 (HP7545) on a PC
1398.06MRKTNG::MILESKIMon May 15 1995Daisy Chaining off a SCSI
1399.018TUXEDO::WRAYMon May 15 1995Help freeing IRQs
1400.06WRLDYD::OSBORNEMon May 15 1995Build-your-own topic?
1401.04ODIXIE::PARKTue May 16 1995Desparately need help with .dbf files!!!!
1402.031LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue May 16 1995CPU Upgrade for 386 DX-4
1403.06TRFSV3::WAYNETue May 16 1995Max LPT cable length??
1404.05TEACH::WICKERTTue May 16 1995VGA monitor at 256 colors?
1405.012WILBRY::MCNULTYTue May 16 1995looking for encryption util
1406.012WCVAX2::HADESWed May 17 1995single-sided or double-sided SIMM
1407.03NETCAD::S_HARRISWed May 17 1995looking for cheap SCSI CD-ROM DRIVES (2X)...
1408.09BRUMMY::WARNERDWed May 17 1995ET4
1409.09LEMAN::LEMAN::WengerWed May 17 1995TLZ
1410.04WARNUT::BANKSTWed May 17 1995disable F2 key during boot?
1411.08NETCAD::SIMONWed May 17 1995Computer acting up - need help
1412.06MRKTNG::BROCKThu May 18 1995RRD42 access problem
1413.07USCTR1::CROSBY_GThu May 18 1995Technologically Challenged in MRO
1414.03UTROP1::HEIJ_MFri May 19 1995Character Generator Function Question
1415.07HDLITE::GRIESFri May 19 1995printer port pin mapping?
1416.01ISIDRO::65151::dediegoFri May 19 1995Old tape drive
1417.013BAHTAT::HILTONFri May 19 1995Network and CD-ROM clash
1418.01PROXY::DEFELIPPIFri May 19 1995Microtek Phone Number?
1419.07KALKI::LANGSun May 21 1995Norton Desktop and Windows for Workgroup
1420.012BATVXMon May 22 1995Earthing a PC.
1421.011BAHTAT::HILTONMon May 22 1995S3 display corruption
1422.012NETCAD::SIMONMon May 22 1995DECpc 45
1423.03PASTA::LUDWIGMon May 22 1995Sharp Electronic Organizer. Software for PC?
1424.0+56AXEL::FOLEYMon May 22 1995Writeable CD-R Publishing
1425.011ANGLIN::PEREZMon May 22 1995Need pointer to BIOS upgrade internally...
1426.012TAPE::FEASETue May 23 1995Help with BIOS problem?
1427.09LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue May 23 1995Looking for access to high dpi printer
1428.02WHYNOW::NEWMANTue May 23 1995Need to add more Program Groups to the Program Manager
1429.05HITEKS::DOTYTue May 23 1995system gaining time
1430.07MKOTS1::BURNETTTue May 23 1995Upgrade from 2X to 4X CD-Rom
1431.0STPWed May 24 1995VOTD (Very Old Tape Drive).
1432.09MKOTS1::BURNETTWed May 24 1995Packard Bell....Unsuccessful upgrade attemp!!!
1433.01HTSCWed May 24 1995Zoom modem hardware manual wanted.
1434.06OPCO::TSG_BHLThu May 25 1995XL server 56
1435.03MRKTNG::BROCKThu May 25 1995DECLaser 21
1436.06NIOSS1::THOMPSONThu May 25 1995Need help printing PS files to attached PS printer
1437.01ILBBAK::CASSThu May 25 1995WP still available on the net???
1439.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu May 25 1995RZ23 to SCSI ID
1440.01ANGLIN::DPROSEFri May 26 1995is there a flag or switch for aspi2dos or aswcddecec
1441.04ALPHAZ::HARNEYFri May 26 1995Password problem in BIOS V2.
1442.019UNTADE::TOWERSFri May 26 1995Maths coprocessor upgrade woes
1443.02QUABBI::"kdd@athena.tay.dec.com"Sat May 27 1995Help needed with 3Com Etherlink III and Digital Starion P9
1444.01SNOCMon May 29 1995Cx486DLC cache enable software needed.
1445.06HTSC19::SIMONLAUMon May 29 1995Hotel package run on PC needed.
1446.02VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOTue May 30 1995HiNote with Memory Error
1447.011LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue May 30 1995Moving large files to printer service ... need super-zip?
1448.05BREAKR::HATue May 30 1995active v. passive scan
1449.01COOKIE::FROEHLINTue May 30 1995Deep Green / EnergyStar Discussions
1450.02ELIS::63563::SUIJDAMWed May 31 1995Need "REAL" partnumbers for option Order Partnumbers
1451.05GANTRY::HULLWed May 31 1995Can't get Etherworks card to work correctly
1452.05USCTR1::CROSBY_GWed May 31 1995DX2/66 or DX4/1
1453.02AZTECH::SANBORNWed May 31 1995CD hangs PC playing Incredible Machine 2
1454.01KALKI::LANGWed May 31 1995Phone # for Stacker BBS
1455.05SMURF::SEAGRAVESThu Jun 01 1995What's the best (least expensive) way to order a PC and fill it with 24-64 Mb ?
1456.02NLAThu Jun 01 1995RRD43 and DECpc XL 466
1458.0HLFSFri Jun 02 1995Alt-keys LK45
1459.03LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AFri Jun 02 1995DOS Games running under windows?
1461.011MKOTS1::BURNETTFri Jun 02 1995MICRO CENTER
1462.06GRINCH::KALINFri Jun 02 1995ECHOing Environment Variables in Batch
1463.01OPCO::TSG_BHLSun Jun 04 19956
1464.02ATHDMO::RALLISMon Jun 05 1995Using File Tranfer
1465.012IMPERO::CATERINIMon Jun 05 1995P1
1466.040KERNEL::BROWNMMon Jun 05 1995Pentium Upgrade Questions
1468.06DEBUG::GALLOMon Jun 05 1995QuickLink II FAX - Scheduled Jobs ALWAYS!
1469.02GRANPA::JCONNORSMon Jun 05 1995Micro Sound .dll prob !
1470.018BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Jun 05 1995Video resoution/color change on-the-fly
1471.01NETRIX::"mark.ashley@sno.mts.dec.com"Tue Jun 06 1995TEKRAM address
1473.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 06 1995Venturis 854 & 851 DECPC
1474.023STAR::DZIEDZICTue Jun 06 1995Home LAN/Enet twisted pair
1475.05DONVAN::REICHERTTue Jun 06 1995Right Arrow, Wrong Results!
1476.09PCBUOA::YOUNGTue Jun 06 1995FORMAT - Don't ask me if I want to do another?
1477.05STOWOA::WEBBERTue Jun 06 1995Sound Blaster Sound
1478.022SNOCTue Jun 06 1995DX4-1
1479.038LIOSWed Jun 07 1995Help - 32-bit access problem.
1480.01MASS1Wed Jun 07 1995Upgrading can be very hard to do?? Especially on a Tosh
1481.0ZEKE::MAURERWed Jun 07 1995ISDN in Nashua ?
1482.02SUBURB::JAMESHThu Jun 08 1995TurboCAD to EPS?
1483.04MTWASH::GAGNON_KThu Jun 08 1995ESDI controller settings?
1484.03ZENDIA::BEYHThu Jun 08 1995Software Product info needed
1485.016WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMThu Jun 08 1995Large file onto multiple floppies
1488.06REGENT::PHAMThu Jun 08 1995SCSI 2x CD-ROM (RRD43) Installation Problems
1489.04POBOX::SEIBERTSThu Jun 08 1995Looking for Sound Card Drivers
1490.02DWOMV2::TYLERFri Jun 09 1995In need of assistance with CD-ROM config.
1491.020WELCLU::FAITHFULLFri Jun 09 1995Novice needs ZMODEM help
1493.027COOKIE::FROEHLINFri Jun 09 1995Receive time by radio signal
1494.013STUDIO::CHITNISFri Jun 09 1995Sound - Help sought..
1495.05REGENT::PHAMFri Jun 09 1995IDE CDROM Installation problem
1496.08SISDA::BWHITEFri Jun 09 1995LPx 466dx2 with S3 864 problem
1497.0CSOA1::WILLIAMSSun Jun 11 1995KTRAW.DRV request
1498.031ICS::BEANMon Jun 12 1995TOSHIBA 215
1499.03STAR::BARRYMon Jun 12 1995Looking for old IBM PC XT/AT CMOS SETUP utility
1500.09ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAMon Jun 12 1995How to identify the TRITON chipset?
1501.0SIOG::ODONNELLMon Jun 12 1995Advanced Chip set options on Shadow ????
1503.01RSNC::SCHMIDTTue Jun 13 1995OS/2 printer driver
1504.01SUBURB::JAMESHTue Jun 13 1995PC NFS Daemon?
1507.08TLE::TARSATue Jun 13 199532-bit access on a laptop: what are the issues?
1508.0MRKTNG::LEONARDTue Jun 13 1995Software CDs
1509.03COOEDU::KRINGWed Jun 14 1995what's DMF format?
1510.01CHEFS::NAYLORGWed Jun 14 1995Paradox DLL missing
1511.02TINGAU::HEFELEWed Jun 14 1995HD <> Floppy bootsector question
1513.013EMIRFI::MUDGEThu Jun 15 1995Need setup Disk for Olivetti
1515.031DAKOTA::TARKULICHThu Jun 15 1995UPS vs Line Conditioner vs Surge Suppressor for a Home Office - need recommendation
1517.04KAOFS::W_GILROYFri Jun 16 1995PC445/DEC42
1518.02MSDOA::ZIMMERMANFri Jun 16 1995System hangs when dialing AOL
1519.01MOLAR::DELBALSOFri Jun 16 1995Trying to locate EXEDMP(.EXE)
1520.01OPCO::TSG_BHLSun Jun 18 1995XL server BIOS update
1521.03NSICMon Jun 19 1995Trident card did not accept Windows VGA driver
1522.02ADOVMon Jun 19 1995Slow Venturis DX266 vs LPV+ DX33?
1523.01POWDML::ISRAELITEMon Jun 19 1995Key Presses in AUTOEXEC.BAT
1524.04MILKWY::CRUZMon Jun 19 1995Scholar Modem Question
1525.03ALFAXP::HICKSMon Jun 19 1995Finger Mouse
1526.02BBRDGE::LOVELLMon Jun 19 1995BBS Software packages on VAX/VMS?
1527.0TOODRY::HUFFAKERMon Jun 19 1995Wait State
1528.05NOVA::SMITHIMon Jun 19 1995send video to screen and LCD panel
1529.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGMon Jun 19 1995Venturis/WNT 3.5 shutdown and restart hangs
1530.020NSICMon Jun 19 1995DEClaser 51
1531.07GVAADG::AMAZONTue Jun 20 1995New DEC Service
1532.025FORTY2::HOWELLTue Jun 20 1995In-car PC
1533.01FREEBE::B_ROSETue Jun 20 1995PCI SCSI on XL Server
1534.01LEAF::CHIASSONTue Jun 20 1995Invalid configuration error
1535.09NZOVWed Jun 21 1995Compaq CDS and EWRK3
1536.020SMURF::CMEYERWed Jun 21 1995Disk boot failure
1537.03CONSLT::GILLESWed Jun 21 1995Dec scanner MD3
1538.02HANNAH::BAYWed Jun 21 1995Change behavior of CAPS-LOCK?
1539.02CRONIC::LEMONSWed Jun 21 1995The Official PC Card (PCMCIA) Adapter note
1540.03FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Jun 21 1995DEC LPx won't let me remove the IDE drive
1541.0ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAWed Jun 21 1995Need addresses for motherboard makers? Here it is!
1542.03TINGAU::HEFELEThu Jun 22 1995DECPC 425 (PC68
1543.015MLNCSC::ZAPPANIThu Jun 22 1995format problem and dos 6.22
1544.0PCBUOA::ANGELONEThu Jun 22 1995DEC's Full Motion Video (MPEG)
1545.020WMOIS::POSCOFri Jun 23 1995Help to cancel America Online
1547.06GUIDUK::ONOFri Jun 23 1995DOS install from B:?
1549.03RUSURE::GENTRYFri Jun 23 1995Looking for dec pc 32
1550.07RUSURE::GENTRYFri Jun 23 1995CMOS problem on 32
1551.03TELEM::HOLMESFri Jun 23 1995Media Player driver ?
1552.08STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Jun 23 1995MS-DOS "conversational" boot is inconsistent
1553.0ADOVMon Jun 26 1995VenturisFP 41
1554.043STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONMon Jun 26 1995The Official RAMDoubler Topic
1555.04MINOTR::BANCROFTMon Jun 26 1995PC File security advice request
1556.014SUPER::HARRISMon Jun 26 1995Choosing an Inkjet Printer
1557.012SHANE::PACIELLOMon Jun 26 1995Choosing a Laptop
1558.015MNATUR::LISTONMon Jun 26 1995Excess equipment sale on June 27th @MKO2?
1560.05--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 26 1995TZ3
1561.015WELCLU::FAITHFULLTue Jun 27 1995Now, what about ZMODEM Receive??
1562.02BSS::A_SALETue Jun 27 1995Sys with Pentium hangin at Installing DDO
1566.04HDLITE::MORINThu Jun 29 1995Does Chameleon support WFW ?
1567.02COPCLU::SVENDSENThu Jun 29 1995MYLEX info needed
1570.048ESBFri Jun 30 1995**** The Official Intel P6 Processor Note ****
1571.03FRAIS::PWOLFFri Jun 30 1995specc for RX26
1572.01RDVAX::IMT_JIMFri Jun 30 1995Looking for PC Encryption
1573.01FOUNDR::CALIXTOFri Jun 30 1995Need a DECpc 45
1574.04STAR::FENSTERFri Jun 30 1995Looking for a cartridge for an Olivetti Bubble Jet JP-5
1575.02OSLSat Jul 01 1995Software to display .mov files????
1576.012LJSRV2::BROWNSat Jul 01 1995Microsoft/Borland Discounts
1577.02ROMEOS::HARRIS_MASun Jul 02 1995Mouse Port pinout for ASUS motherboard?
1578.06LARVAE::LOWESun Jul 02 1995Soundblaster AWE-32 IDE problem
1579.012RICKS::ZAMORAWed Jul 05 1995Failing to find C drive when booting from drive A
1580.03GVAADG::AMAZONThu Jul 06 1995reclaim 'bad' sectors that aren't?
1581.017LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDThu Jul 06 1995Dec pc 32
1582.01DPDMAI::WISEEThu Jul 06 1995IBM 525
1583.0151STAR::HUSSAINThu Jul 06 1995Should I wait for 95?
1584.018RICKS::ZAMORAThu Jul 06 1995Who understands memory???
1585.02ARNIES::RYDERPThu Jul 06 1995BMP to ICO
1586.01NUBABA::FRACCHIAThu Jul 06 1995WFW TCP/IP and dual Ethernet
1587.06ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallFri Jul 07 1995DE2
1588.07FOR2Fri Jul 07 1995PCI SCSI Driver in Celebris 59
1589.07SALEM::IMENDOZAFri Jul 07 19951655
1590.02GRANPA::MTOWNSENDFri Jul 07 1995Need help with NCR Driver doscam.386
1591.02OHFSS1::RBROWNFri Jul 07 1995CGA Support
1592.08GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WASat Jul 08 1995TZK1
1593.01RSNC::SCHMIDTMon Jul 10 1995CDI and CD-video on an pc?
1594.07ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallMon Jul 10 1995Immovable Files, How do you find them?
1595.01ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallMon Jul 10 1995Quantum ELS17
1596.04PROXY::SHAMon Jul 10 1995Dial-up to work from a home PC
1597.0POWDML::ISRAELITEMon Jul 10 1995Clarisworks Anyone?
1598.06WRKSYS::ARTHURMon Jul 10 1995PC'S FOR EVERYONE! ???
1599.04ASDG::JOHNSONTue Jul 11 1995General Protection Faults?
1600.0ARRODS::HEWITTCTue Jul 11 1995DECstation32
1601.05GLDOA::COOKTue Jul 11 1995Pro Audio bbs?
1602.04SIOG::MARTYNWed Jul 12 1995Vr32
1603.0OSLWed Jul 12 1995Priter driver for IBM 4424
1604.05GLDOA::COOKWed Jul 12 1995dblspace delima
1605.01GRANPA::JNOSTINWed Jul 12 1995Shareware location needed
1606.03CSOA1::FULTONWed Jul 12 1995Which computer platform for school lab?
1607.0DRAC::DSMAILThu Jul 13 1995Loading ZNYX PCI Ethernet adapter (ZX312)
1609.06STAR::DZIEDZICThu Jul 13 1995Passing a phony response to the Time command
1610.014WRKSYS::PLUTNICKIFri Jul 14 1995Can't get 486DX-4 1
1611.02WORDY::CHIASSONFri Jul 14 1995Deleted Partion to get back space?
1612.02FRAIS::EDDF24::HEIDBUECHELMon Jul 17 1995STARION and games
1613.01SALEM::RIETER_SMon Jul 17 1995Inkjet followed by laser a problem?
1615.05KYOSS1::RAMESHMon Jul 17 1995System freeze
1616.05ADOVTue Jul 18 1995Re-using old Digital monitors (VRT19H4 etc)
1617.03SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Jul 18 1995TOSHIBA T44
1619.09MARVIN::MILLSTue Jul 18 1995Super P55CWA Motherboard
1620.03CSC32::D_SANFORDTue Jul 18 1995Octek HIPPO 12 motherboard problems
1621.02SERVPC::KOPWed Jul 19 1995I am looking for an Atari ST Emulator...
1622.011OMANMT::TERPENINGWed Jul 19 1995ASUS SP3G / Floppy Drive Problem
1623.010KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTWed Jul 19 1995who makes #9gxe64
1624.0KAOFS::C_ECKERTWed Jul 19 1995PCXBV-PC Power Save Problem
1625.03MOSCOW::KHALYAKOThu Jul 20 1995RTVGA card in SVGA mode ...
1626.0ALLENB::BISSELLThu Jul 20 1995Driver problem suspected
1627.03HURON::BATESFri Jul 21 1995ROM Based MS-DOS Vendors ?
1628.07CGOOA::PITULEYFri Jul 21 1995HELP! Wierd file names and sizes....
1629.01KAOFS::C_ECKERTFri Jul 21 1995Disabling VGA on Venturis
1630.01WELCLU::SLATTERSun Jul 23 1995OCE Digitiser question
1631.01FIREBL::LEEDSSun Jul 23 1995IBM PCjr Error code ?????
1633.02LEDDEV::LAROCCOMon Jul 24 1995LPT1 prevents power-up?
1634.03STAR::FLOLOMon Jul 24 1995Need TCP/IP market data
1635.09GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WAWed Jul 26 1995VAXMATE upgraded to a 486
1636.0CHEFS::MUNRORWed Jul 26 1995PC based SNA host Emulator
1637.021SUBSYS::DTSULLIVANWed Jul 26 1995ASUS v. ACER P5 motherboards
1638.02CSSE::param.ogo.dec.com::RAMANATHANWed Jul 26 1995Celebris 466 BIOS Upgrade Utility location..?
1640.02CHEFS::NAYLORGThu Jul 27 1995Mitsubushi CMOS Disk
1641.04VYGER::MCKAYREThu Jul 27 1995Stacker, the forgotten password.
1642.07BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jul 27 1995What does codepage actually do?
1643.05ENGPTR::SULLIVANFri Jul 28 19951gb ide hard drive - can't recognize full capacity
1644.04HDLITE::MORINFri Jul 28 1995Mouse questions ...
1645.02KAOFS::J_DALYSun Jul 30 1995Miniscribe 7
1646.02TAVIS::HIRSCHSun Jul 30 1995Computer Select?
1647.06ARNIES::RYDERPMon Jul 31 1995CR/LF problem VMS to PC
1649.06TLAVTue Aug 01 1995X.25 for PC?
1650.01ANNECY::HOTCHKISSTue Aug 01 1995PS/1 question
1651.08WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMTue Aug 01 1995WINZIP, do we need a license?
1652.017MAR1::ZAMORATue Aug 01 1995Tape backup vs Zip disk.
1653.013RELYON::VARGASTue Aug 01 1995Mixing more than 1 IDE with SCSI devices ?
1654.0JOBURG::HARRISWed Aug 02 1995RE24m Partition size in W4W
1655.08FRUST::LUKASThu Aug 03 1995NEC Multispin 4xe and AHA-1542 CF
1656.019FORTY2::SHARPEThu Aug 03 1995Visual C++ or Visual BASIC?
1657.01TNPUBS::CHIASSONFri Aug 04 1995Printer only prints 2 pages at a time
1658.05JGODCL::MEULMAN_AFri Aug 04 1995Drivers for scanman plus
1659.09HANNAH::SPECHTFri Aug 04 1995Poor Performance - 386/25
1660.04STAR::PITCHERFri Aug 04 1995DECpc LPx 466d2 PC speaker too loud.
1661.05MCITS1::TEJAFri Aug 04 1995Celebris vs Venturis
1662.06WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaSun Aug 06 1995Where in UMB does Adaptec 294
1663.05ZPOVC::MONTYWONGSun Aug 06 1995PC card for Voice/Call Forward?
1664.01RICKS::BURNSMon Aug 07 1995Problem reloading MSOFFICE 42 from CD
1665.01CSC32::J_MANNINGMon Aug 07 1995Cheap SCSI for tape/CD-ROM
1666.016WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaMon Aug 07 1995EZ-SCSI backup doesn't like my drives !
1667.03KERNEL::BROWNMMon Aug 07 1995Dummy's Guide to PCI??
1668.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon Aug 07 1995Video card needed?
1669.02RELYON::VARGASMon Aug 07 1995RICOH Laser printer LP4
1670.0QCAVTue Aug 08 1995COM3 ON 333SXLP
1671.06RELYON::VARGASTue Aug 08 1995DECstation 425c - How to run SETUP CMOS program?
1672.08LJSRV1::BONNEAUWed Aug 09 1995Two keyboards on one system?
1673.04POWDML::ROSENBERGWed Aug 09 1995v3.11 Upgrade Problem
1674.01FAILTE::BRUCEAWed Aug 09 1995apricot help ??
1675.028VIVIAN::M_PATTENThu Aug 10 1995New purchase advice
1676.0VAXRIO::AMORESEThu Aug 10 1995NEC MultiSpin 4Xi x AHA-2742T -> Hungs!
1677.0APACHE::LAWRENCEThu Aug 10 1995QBasic at 38.4k baud?
1678.03BAHTAT::MILLINGTONPFri Aug 11 1995CD Roms on S/Blaster IDE
1679.08KERNEL::BROWNMFri Aug 11 1995How do I contact Award
1680.0MSBCS::BRADYFri Aug 11 1995NetWare Host Adapter Driver problem
1681.05TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri Aug 11 1995WIN32S.EXE
1682.08AIAG::KIMFri Aug 11 1995recommendation for NT machine ?
1683.0RMDSRV::BESTSat Aug 12 1995Who made this motherboard?
1684.04ANGST::mk1d24p2.mko.dec.com::marshallSat Aug 12 1995PCI Chip Set Problem
1685.0TAVSun Aug 13 1995NEC Laser Printer
1686.0DECBAH::BUSSERSun Aug 13 1995Celebris, video refresh rate
1687.01FRUST::LUKASMon Aug 14 1995AMI Flash BIOS upgrade files, where ?
1688.012PHXSS1::ROCHA_EDMon Aug 14 1995Floppy-less!
1689.03STRATA::SCIPIONEMon Aug 14 1995Keyboard Clock-line fault
1690.02FIEVEL::FILGATETue Aug 15 1995genoa 85
1691.02RLTIME::COOKTue Aug 15 1995Small business System
1692.01MCITS1::TEJATue Aug 15 1995TimeGetDevCaps Fails with Storybook Weaver Deluxe
1693.0POWDML::ROSENBERGTue Aug 15 1995DECpc45
1694.07SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 16 1995XL466 to XL59
1695.04STIXS::OBARAWed Aug 16 1995DECpc 466d2MTE to Pentium 59
1696.0+13MKOTS1::WAITTWed Aug 16 1995Hard drive making noise is this normal?
1697.0UTRTSC::ADEJONGThu Aug 17 1995"TRUST" Sound Card with OAK "MOZART" Chip
1698.010GVPROD::FITZGERALDThu Aug 17 1995Win95 and 1 Meg. Paradise Board
1699.07ASDG::JOHNSONFri Aug 18 1995325p battery needed
1700.02RDVAX::COHENFri Aug 18 1995Video driver for 42
1701.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Aug 21 1995ISA Graphics card recommendation needed
1702.02KETJE::63559::J-L_HOFMANMon Aug 21 1995Seagate drive specs
1703.0BESMon Aug 21 1995Looking for Scanner and tablet driver -->W95
1704.02RAGS::DILSWORTHMon Aug 21 1995DECstation 425c won't run WFWG 3.11
1705.01JHAXP::DECARTERETMon Aug 21 1995Video drivers for DECpc 45
1706.04KERNEL::WITHALLGMon Aug 21 1995DECPc LPx425Sx
1707.01SEAWLF::ANTETOMASOMon Aug 21 1995Identify Modem board?
1708.019QUARK::LIONELMon Aug 21 1995New Digital Celebris GL
1709.02BOBSBX::QUINLANMon Aug 21 1995Bus Mastering
1710.09ROMTue Aug 22 1995Phantom files on CD
1711.0+23WELSWS::BOURNEJTue Aug 22 1995SIMM identity needed, please
1712.018--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 22 1995ALPHA vs. PENTIUM
1713.01BOBSBX::QUINLANTue Aug 22 1995New Starion 91
1714.02GEMVAX::RANGANATHTue Aug 22 1995PF1 equivalence to the ENTER key
1715.03LURE::CERLINGTue Aug 22 1995Determining actual processor speed
1716.08DIVRDN::GELOTTIWed Aug 23 1995Backup Software - Sytos?
1717.06VOLAPM::HAIGHWed Aug 23 1995Archive tape drive
1718.0WHOSWed Aug 23 1995Help with Art-Scan
1719.06DECEAT::BROUILLETWed Aug 23 1995Microsoft Sound System driver?
1720.05MPGS::RAVINDRAWed Aug 23 1995Should I go for triton chip set ?
1721.0GLOWS::FEBUSWed Aug 23 1995manual for PS/ValuePoint 433 DX
1722.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Aug 24 1995Celebris 51
1723.02DYOSW5::WILDERThu Aug 24 1995Switching A and B floppy drives
1724.06ALFA1::PEASLEEThu Aug 24 1995Printing at home
1725.03SMURF::SEAGRAVESThu Aug 24 1995DEC PC ST series question
1726.01SMURF::SEAGRAVESThu Aug 24 1995part number for ATI graphics board memory upgrade?
1727.01STKAI1::STARK_JFri Aug 25 1995Reading data on LPT1:
1728.01VYGER::GIBSONJFri Aug 25 1995Midi Clock?
1729.04SALEM::DIMACALEFri Aug 25 1995Any Info on US LOGIC or LEADING-EDGE systems?
1730.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Aug 25 1995Simpson recreation *.html ???
1731.010MROA::SRINIVASANFri Aug 25 1995Converting .pdf file to .doc file
1732.03ROCK::PRESTONSat Aug 26 1995Sharing a CD ROM with a Notebook
1733.02QUABBI::"jenkinsj@ozy.dec.com"Sun Aug 27 1995Old (very) Digital Research Inst BASIC tools anyone ?
1734.0OZROCK::JENKINSJSun Aug 27 1995AMI BIOS upgrades ???
1735.02IAMOK::LIZOTTESun Aug 27 1995Help on finding upgrade Memory/SIMMs
1736.0TAVMon Aug 28 1995Applications Performance on PC?
1737.04SIOG::DIVILLYMon Aug 28 1995Reading Atari floppies
1738.011GVPROD::BOERSMon Aug 28 1995Converting a PS/2 mouse to serial
1739.04SOLVIT::BURKEMon Aug 28 1995Pathworks dial in using Decpc
1740.04ICS::CHEUNGMon Aug 28 1995Which MPEG board to go for?
1741.014GRANPA::GHALSTEADMon Aug 28 1995The best fax software ???
1742.016GRANPA::GHALSTEADMon Aug 28 1995REVEAL Quality ??
1744.03PASTA::LUDWIGTue Aug 29 1995PC Eudora, Read email from Ultrix server on PC.
1745.010CLUSTA::VALESTue Aug 29 1995IDE cables
1746.05WMGEN1::jimwpc.dyo.dec.com::wilderTue Aug 29 1995Automatically add old program groups?
1747.03KELVIN::KOUTue Aug 29 1995What is Motion Picture Editing..... and Premier ?
1748.05VAXRIO::ESPINHAWed Aug 30 1995U.S. Robotics Sportster Si x KEATerm
1749.01ABACUS::BUKOWSKIWed Aug 30 1995Cache types?
1750.01FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Aug 30 1995486sl family replaced?
1751.02ICS::CHEUNGWed Aug 30 1995Xircom Enet PCcard install disk+manual needed
1752.07MFOIS1::TURCHIThu Aug 31 1995Bulkeras.exe exits with Divide_by_zero error
1753.020CHEFS::NAYLORGThu Aug 31 1995Western Digital disks appears as 11Mb
1754.04MTCLAY::DIAL_ADMThu Aug 31 1995Problem with WORM drive installation
1755.02SWAM2::GEERS_LASat Sep 02 1995Dell's BBS?? New number anyone??
1756.01TAVIS::zehuze.iso.dec.com::baldermanSun Sep 03 1995New bios for Celebris 4xxx
1757.05HAN::FAHRTMANNMon Sep 04 1995Problem after HW-upgrade
1758.02THEMV1::GAGANAKISMon Sep 04 1995S3 864 drivers???
1759.0ANNECY::DEBACKERMon Sep 04 1995CD-rom with IMB/PS/IDE/MAXTOR
1760.01IRPCTue Sep 05 1995How to eject a CD via software?
1761.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Sep 05 1995Supporting my motherboard
1762.03ICS::CHEUNGTue Sep 05 1995Very old 3com I board, still useable?
1763.01GRANPA::GHALSTEADTue Sep 05 1995Outbound Voice Mail ???
1764.0+39TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Sep 05 1995Snappy
1765.01COMICS::WBROWNWed Sep 06 1995Win95 Notes where ??
1766.01STKAI1::GUSTAFSSON_PWed Sep 06 1995Maxtor
1767.04STKAI1::GUSTAFSSON_PWed Sep 06 1995Conner
1768.016HLFSWed Sep 06 1995PRO35
1769.06NETCAD::ATKINSONWed Sep 06 1995CD's on Home Medical Info
1770.03WMGEN1::16.72.16Wed Sep 06 1995seeking GWBASIC
1771.018ICS::CHRISBELLWed Sep 06 1995Label Software Needed
1772.0+53FORTY2::SHARPEThu Sep 07 1995What sort of PC to buy??
1773.04MTADMS::DIAL_ADMThu Sep 07 1995DRIVER FOR RWZ52
1774.03MTCLAY::KOLADISHFri Sep 08 1995Need help with CD installation
1775.01WKRP::HENRYFri Sep 08 1995Software for a LIM card for a DS316
1777.01FORFUN::SAMPSONFri Sep 08 1995EMM386 error#6
1778.01ALFSS1::jrbpse.alf.dec.com::bentonFri Sep 08 1995Bitfax Professional Dials Voice Number
1779.0NRSTAR::OBRIENFri Sep 08 1995DecPc Sale.....
1780.013VNASWS::GEROLDFri Sep 08 1995Info in higher capacity floppies ?
1781.02JHAXP::DECARTERETSat Sep 09 1995Squeeling sound card
1782.010STAR::FENSTERSun Sep 10 1995Looking for PC junk yard (Used PC's)
1783.015BHAJEE::JAERVINENSun Sep 10 1995NCR SCSI woes
1784.05ARNIES::RYDERPMon Sep 11 1995self-extracting EXE file
1785.020SMURF::TOMGMon Sep 11 1995StorageWorks Scsi drives on PC?
1786.05STAR::JFRAZIERMon Sep 11 1995IBM PS/1 info needed...
1787.014I4GET::HENNINGMon Sep 11 1995Boot Celebris from SWXCR - NOT, please
1788.06SALEM::DEANMon Sep 11 1995BMF to BMP
1789.011FORTY2::SHARPETue Sep 12 1995Has anyone used Borland Delphi?
1790.0ANGST::EGOLFTue Sep 12 1995DDE link question
1791.012CHISUM::HERNANDEZTue Sep 12 1995Parallel-to-SCSI adapter question
1792.024FORTY2::SHARPETue Sep 12 1995Where can I buy the cheapest 3.5" disks?
1793.01CONSLT::ARDUINOTue Sep 12 1995HELP with SCSI error message
1794.046ROMEOS::HARRIS_MATue Sep 12 1995Arcada BACKUP EXEC contacts?
1796.02CHEFS::MACLEODWed Sep 13 1995cached VLB disk controllers, anyone?
1797.011FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Sep 13 1995Official Panasonic Printer Topic
1798.08KERNEL::CARPENTERSThu Sep 14 1995PCI woes with NCR card
1800.011BLAZER::MIKELISThu Sep 14 1995pkzip -& switch?
1801.08BULEAN::BANKSThu Sep 14 1995Need help reading a 5MB WP 5.1 Document
1802.01POWDML::ISRAELITEThu Sep 14 1995FAX/Phone Modem Help
1803.0+41HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Sep 15 1995Encyclopedia Britannica on CDROM
1804.016KELVIN::KOUSun Sep 17 1995Recommandation for education CD-ROM (3 yr)
1805.011FORTY2::SHARPEMon Sep 18 1995Heard anything of ESCOM?
1807.013CIM2NI::THORPEMon Sep 18 1995Problem with high serial port baud rates
1808.02TDCIS5::LE_NYMon Sep 18 1995drivers for PCXCR-AM ?
1809.03FILTON::SMITH_TMon Sep 18 1995Mouse Madness Re-visited
1810.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHMon Sep 18 1995JBL speaker part number?
1811.02DABEAN::NEWTONMon Sep 18 1995Low-level formating a SCSI disk on a DECpc XL
1812.02CHEFS::PEACHEYRJTue Sep 19 1995Screen Saver
1813.01ORAREP::BOIKOTue Sep 19 1995Best package: Remote PC access files/directories?
1814.023SHANE::PACIELLOTue Sep 19 1995Buiding a Home Office PC Network
1815.01HACMAN::HACKTue Sep 19 1995AMD contact?
1816.04POBOX::SELLISWed Sep 20 1995devswap.com what is it?
1817.01KERNEL::WITHALLGWed Sep 20 1995HP Vectra Bios GA.
1818.06ICS::CHRISBELLWed Sep 20 1995LJ25
1819.02CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AThu Sep 21 1995How to get PC mounting hardware (brackets etc)?
1820.01CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AThu Sep 21 1995DEC PC 333 documentation anyone?
1821.01MARVIN::MCCLUREThu Sep 21 1995Yamaha soundcard SW2
1822.07RICKS::BURNSThu Sep 21 1995Having problem using COM2
1824.05HANULZ::WAIWONGFri Sep 22 1995PC tools generating bookreader files
1825.01BRADEC::GRUHNWALDFri Sep 22 1995Accessing Drive A: crashes WfW
1826.04331Fri Sep 22 1995How to remove B1 virus from memeory
1827.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHFri Sep 22 1995LABTEC M6
1828.010GUIDUK::SOMERFri Sep 22 1995DECpc 433W, Screen resolution, WFWG & Win95
1829.02TOOK::GUTFREUNDFri Sep 22 1995Can't get Linux off and DOS on hard drive
1830.07ABACUS::BUKOWSKISat Sep 23 1995Celebris GL?
1831.02BRSADV::bphMon Sep 25 1995256 colors driver for C&T 82c451 ???
1832.053MQOOA::LEMon Sep 25 1995Intel 83-MHz for 66MHz/33Mhz based systems ?
1833.010CRONIC::BURKEMon Sep 25 1995rgdi and powerpnt v4 problem
1834.03HYDRA::goivit::ALDENMon Sep 25 1995MS-Money giveaway
1835.01FIEVEL::FILGATETue Sep 26 1995WYSIWYG editor from Universal Word
1836.0BRSADV::bphTue Sep 26 1995DecPcMT video drivers for NT 3.51
1837.021FORTY2::SHARPETue Sep 26 1995Windows 95 may overwrite certain BIOS chips???
1838.04NPSS::GLASERTue Sep 26 1995S3 968 (PCI) problems - aka Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM
1839.012BAHTAT::HILTONTue Sep 26 1995Batch file questions?
1842.0LOSPED::MCGHIEWed Sep 27 1995Problem with entry-level MPEG decoder
1843.0OPCO::TSG_BHLWed Sep 27 1995powergrade 1
1844.0NUTS2U::LITTLEWed Sep 27 1995Help identify IDE controller board
1845.03RELYON::VARGASWed Sep 27 1995Do PCs recognizes drive B as bootable drive?
1846.02SNOFS1:: Sep 28 1995VESA DRIVER FOR HiNote Ultra
1847.02ERMTRD::CLIFFEThu Sep 28 1995Help identify olivetti RA
1848.03AYOV19::BBROWNThu Sep 28 1995Seagate /Quantum jumper settings
1849.03SALEM::BROWNTThu Sep 28 1995Dblspace disk not bootable
1850.02BGSDEV::KUGLERThu Sep 28 1995LPT port help..
1851.0+23SALEM::DEANFri Sep 29 1995Memory ?
1852.05TLE::ELLENBERGERFri Sep 29 1995COREL 6 Employee Discount(?)
1853.04KOALA::CIOTFri Sep 29 1995IDE drive disappears after reboot
1854.02PULMAN::CROSBYFri Sep 29 1995Panda
1855.01GANTRY::HULLFri Sep 29 1995info on Sequent drives?
1856.0BGSDEV::KUGLERFri Sep 29 1995DXF file Converter
1857.02FOUNDR::FOXFri Sep 29 1995Looking for Appian Drivers...
1858.08ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAFri Sep 29 1995Wintune 95 now available on-line...
1860.03SUPER::HARRISSat Sep 30 1995VTstar Kits?
1861.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 02 1995Video Card Overclocking/tweaking?
1862.03DEMON::NOWARE::WITTMANMon Oct 02 1995file comparison utility???
1863.04STAR::FENSTERTue Oct 03 1995Lubricant for printer ?
1864.0+9JGO::MCGOVERNTue Oct 03 1995Dual booting with Windows 95
1865.02VLNVAX::VEN_SANVILLETue Oct 03 1995Software speedup for CD-ROM???
1866.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGTue Oct 03 1995Amazing NT HDD partition problem
1867.05ESSB::PCUNNANEWed Oct 04 1995Bigger disk for 425c
1868.0VIVIAN::GOODWINWed Oct 04 1995Star LC24-2
1869.09KISMIF::MARAWed Oct 04 1995PC Depot in S. Nashua?
1870.017HELIX::WELLCOMEWed Oct 04 1995Cheap E-Mail Account for Home PC?
1871.06CSC32::R_IVERSWed Oct 04 1995Scholar Plus cable to PC!
1872.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Oct 04 1995Pentium MB ISA slots slow?
1873.06HOTLNE::BENTLEYWed Oct 04 1995Celebris 512
1874.08STAR::TCARRThu Oct 05 1995pc dummy needs help!
1875.06BROUGH::DAVIESThu Oct 05 1995IOMEGA zip Disk availability ?
1876.05CSC32::R_IVERSThu Oct 05 1995Another Scholar Plus question!
1877.06USPMLO::TCASHThu Oct 05 1995Help w/Low Level Drive Error
1878.06ACS1Thu Oct 05 1995Slow CD-ROM access
1879.01IAGO::hambo5.ljo.dec.com::cohenThu Oct 05 1995RZ25L-??
1880.01DEKVC::JAEHOLEEFri Oct 06 1995How to install EIDE controller on DECPC 466LPX
1881.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONFri Oct 06 1995Keyboard locked on 433T
1882.08RELYON::VARGASFri Oct 06 1995MS-DOS V6.22 & DBLSPACE/drvspace uncompress???
1883.01WKOL1Sun Oct 08 1995Need a virus fix for an old timer.
1884.01CHEFS::LIPSCOMBE_GMon Oct 09 1995Joystick pinouts
1885.09BASLG1::BADMANJMon Oct 09 1995IRQ Change on PAS-16 Soundboard ???
1886.02BGSDEV::KUGLERMon Oct 09 1995trouble with win95
1887.01STTNG::reisertMon Oct 09 1995Can a PCXAS-AA be turned into a Serial mouse?
1888.01HANULZ::WAIWONGTue Oct 10 1995Way to get signal from Sound card
1889.06VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOTue Oct 10 1995Excessive disk access on 486/66
1890.04VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOTue Oct 10 1995E-IDE / FAST ATA concepts
1891.01LORRIN::LEETue Oct 10 1995Iomega Zip drive -> Windows NT?
1892.010JHAXP::DECARTERETWed Oct 11 1995Where to buy CMOS/Clock battery
1894.012NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealWed Oct 11 1995Upgrading a 433ST ???
1895.01KISMIF::MARAWed Oct 11 1995Official Comtrade Topic
1896.0+8USCTR1::PARKER_JThu Oct 12 1995NO DISPLAY - - - HELP!
1897.04SUPER::HARRISThu Oct 12 1995Change Drive Letter?
1898.08DABEAN::B_ROSEThu Oct 12 1995BIOS BEEPS
1900.08BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Oct 13 1995Anti Virus for W95
1901.0+19CSOA1::FULTONSat Oct 14 1995Memory chip identification
1902.06RSNC::SCHMIDTMon Oct 16 1995SCSI scanner
1903.0+7BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Oct 16 1995CMOS problems & questions
1904.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Oct 16 1995Instant Recall
1905.02REQUE::JYOTHIMon Oct 16 1995Adding new devices to SCSI bus.
1906.03SOLVIT::BRAMSONMon Oct 16 1995P5-6
1907.01MR1MI1::PATELMon Oct 16 1995Starion 93
1908.02XTINE::HARDINGTue Oct 17 1995MESH Computer Systems / Configuration Questions?
1909.07POWDML::CRIMERTue Oct 17 1995WPSPlus for DOS
1910.01NEMAIL::KENTTue Oct 17 1995NPC?
1911.03VLNVAX::VEN_SANVILLETue Oct 17 1995A graphing program of a sort...
1912.03CSC32::LYONWed Oct 18 1995read VMS CD on PC
1913.07EDWIN::PINETTEWed Oct 18 1995Statistical Software
1914.01THUNDA::STRUCKThu Oct 19 1995Utilities diskette for 45
1915.03CSC32::R_IVERSThu Oct 19 1995Printer drivers!
1916.02GVAFri Oct 20 1995New motherboard required?
1917.02BPSOF::SZELTNERFri Oct 20 1995SBACKUP on XL server 566
1918.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONFri Oct 20 1995EMM386 error #
1919.04HERON::guinea.vbo.dec.com::ballettaFri Oct 20 1995another problem with Pentium motherboard?
1920.04MCITS1::TEJAFri Oct 20 1995HP's new line of comsumer computers
1921.051RANGER::BRADLEYFri Oct 20 1995telephone books on CD-ROM
1922.01MRKTNG::RAJUFri Oct 20 1995Questions on Upper Memory Details.
1923.05CURRNT::POWELLFri Oct 20 1995SB16/Mitsumi CD-rom "not working"?
1924.010FORTY2::SUTTONMon Oct 23 1995Upgrading
1925.04TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon Oct 23 1995Memory Parity error
1926.0GENRAL::T_LEBARIOMon Oct 23 1995Storage Plus SCSI?
1927.0CGOOA::BARNABEMon Oct 23 1995Typical modem pool solution??
1928.0VIVIAN::D_VISTUERMon Oct 23 19954/586 chipsets
1929.014VIVIAN::D_VISTUERMon Oct 23 1995Cyrix 5x86: P75 beater ?
1930.08CHEFS::BEVIS_STue Oct 24 1995Cd Audio cable anywhere??
1931.012QUARK::LIONELTue Oct 24 1995SIMM stackers
1932.02AYOV25::SLITTLEJOHNWed Oct 25 1995Invalid Partition Table?
1933.05SIOG::ODONNELLWed Oct 25 1995LK series Keybd on Clone 486 ?.
1934.015BIS1::MENZIESThu Oct 26 1995The Ultimate Upgrade
1935.06NWTIMA::STAMPGRThu Oct 26 1995Re-installed DOS/Win. Now won't work. Help!
1936.06STTNG::reisertThu Oct 26 1995PC-TOOLS formatted floppies can't be reformatted?
1937.06FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Oct 27 1995Do CD drives work on the mother board IDE port?
1939.010HLFSFri Oct 27 1995VIDEO and MODEM conflicts
1940.06ROMEOS::HSU_HESun Oct 29 1995Adaptec 294
1941.05ODIXIE::MOREAUSun Oct 29 1995DECpc 433dxLP reboots when running PKUNZIP and DOS Prompt
1942.04MPOSMon Oct 30 1995PAS 16 not making sounds / Supra 28.8 wrong interrupt!
1943.07RICKS::PHIPPSMon Oct 30 1995Fast Move by Touchstone
1944.09HDLITE::MORINMon Oct 30 1995Disabling the IDE on board controller on DECpc 42
1945.09ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Oct 30 1995WfW 3.11 Emergency boot floppy
1946.04PASTA::LUDWIGMon Oct 30 1995Celebris 5133 sound drivers for WFW 3.11?
1947.06WMODEV::DELANEY_RTue Oct 31 1995Video Card Upgrade
1949.01SMURF::CANSLERTue Oct 31 1995lookup for setup program
1950.04BGSDEV::KUGLERTue Oct 31 1995Need Help Finding DOS Environment
1951.010ODIXIE::GARABOTue Oct 31 1995large (>44
1952.05COOKIE::BOONETue Oct 31 19954 PORT Comm board needed
1953.04STAR::BISHOVWed Nov 01 1995Visual C++ compile hanging; need to adjust 32 bit access?
1954.05MINOTR::BANCROFTWed Nov 01 1995f-protect anti-virus tool
1955.03MRKTNG::RAJUWed Nov 01 1995Length of PATH variable; stackfault in KRNL386.EXE.
1956.015HSOSS1::NEELYWed Nov 01 1995DEClaser 1152 stopping before end of file
1957.012CSC32::R_IVERSWed Nov 01 1995Serve a CDROM to another PC
1958.03NETCAD::SIMONThu Nov 02 1995AUTOEXEC.BAT it is not!
1959.07TNPUBS::MACDONALDThu Nov 02 1995Intel Chip Performance
1960.017SOLVIT::BRAMSONThu Nov 02 1995Canon BJC-4
1961.01KYPROS::ERAKLEDESFri Nov 03 1995Problem Venturis 51
1962.0MOVIES::BRANKINFri Nov 03 1995VIDEO and SOUND conflict
1963.03KEEF::PETERSMon Nov 06 1995Phantom SCSI drive when adding E-IDE drive
1965.05MROA::PULSIFERMon Nov 06 1995PS2 286 ?
1966.014DELNI::CHALMERSMon Nov 06 1995Is a DECpc 433 Workstation upgradable?
1967.016BALSAM::CHAFINMon Nov 06 1995Shareware decompiler?
1968.02CHEFS::NORTH_RTue Nov 07 1995problem with WORKS
1970.02POWDML::MAGUIRETue Nov 07 1995Memory Board Metal Contacts Question
1971.02WOTVAX::BOURNEJTue Nov 07 1995Info please on Reveal Answerphone For PC
1972.03DEBUG::GALLOTue Nov 07 1995Boot from SCSI disk & access (2) IDE drives
1973.01DEBUG::GALLOTue Nov 07 199523
1974.021SALEM::BARLOWTue Nov 07 1995RZ26 Heads,Cylinders,Tracks
1975.05IRNBRU::GRANTWed Nov 08 1995Connectix Quickcam
1976.02GANTRY::HULLWed Nov 08 1995Source needed for a Digital video cable
1977.02SMURF::SEAGRAVESWed Nov 08 1995Pentium Replacement Chip Policy for FDIV problem...
1978.08PCMVWed Nov 08 1995#9GXE IRQ number
1979.03USDEV::BWHITEWed Nov 08 1995Looking for font info
1980.03FRAIS::WBUETTNERThu Nov 09 1995Question about DOSbatches
1981.04HITEKS::AMORINOThu Nov 09 1995PRINT_FLE
1982.02MROA::HEIER_LThu Nov 09 1995DBLSPACE.INI file?
1983.04HSOSS1::NEELYFri Nov 10 1995.CGM format? and where is ArtLibrary
1984.01GROOVE::DADDIECOFri Nov 10 1995Voice Response Units?
1985.02OHFSFri Nov 10 1995Date Conversion in EXCEL
1986.02LEXSS1::KELLEHERFri Nov 10 1995Partition help needed!
1987.02VMSDEV::CLABORNFri Nov 10 1995Client dist. software for POP mailbox?
1990.02ZURSat Nov 11 1995CAN(i82527)/ISA-card design sample pls!
1991.011--UnknownUser--Sat Nov 11 1995Microsoft soundcard questions
1992.07ECADSR::MBLAKESun Nov 12 1995No boot device Available
1993.07PCBUOA::MCQUADEMon Nov 13 1995SCSI cable addon to flip connector polarity?
1994.04ODIXIE::HARTTue Nov 14 1995LA65 print driver
1995.03MQOU18::M_HUELTue Nov 14 1995VTxxx printer driver (or equivalent)
1996.02MARX::FLEMINGTue Nov 14 1995Sony SLCD Driver fails
1997.03DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Nov 14 1995Promise 23
1998.0OHFSWed Nov 15 199523
1999.03VIRGIN::BOLLIGERWed Nov 15 19959
2001.03ULYS::MOENSThu Nov 16 1995emm386 error6
2003.05OSLThu Nov 16 1995Program for writing/playing simple songs
2004.03--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 16 1995Word and Pagemaker memory problems
2005.01MQOU18::M_HUELThu Nov 16 1995IDE Disk configuration/specification
2006.02PKHUB2::BROOKSThu Nov 16 1995What are the buss freqs formodern Pentuims?
2007.06RSNC::BRUILFri Nov 17 1995IBM Aptiva
2008.010THEWAV::LYNCHFri Nov 17 1995Upgrade time. Intel, AMD or NexGen?
2009.04CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AFri Nov 17 1995Books on PC display technology and programming?
2010.02SIOG::DIVILLYMon Nov 20 1995VENTURIS 575FP
2011.0TUXEDO::SAMPSONMon Nov 20 1995Upgrade 425c with Turbo chip
2012.09FLDSVC::WHITEMon Nov 20 1995XL59
2014.04FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Nov 20 1995When is MS supposed to start shipping the rest of the Prof Office upgrade?
2015.04YIELD::JBAKERMon Nov 20 1995Where is this Notes Conference?
2016.01MFOIS1::TURCHITue Nov 21 1995"Turbo" switch, Memmaker & crazy outputs
2017.0EPS::DEANETue Nov 21 1995Perfmon.exe for WFW V3.11????
2018.06TNPUBS::CHIASSONTue Nov 21 1995WORD and Pagemaker Memory Problems
2019.019VAIL::OXENBERGTue Nov 21 1995GAme software suggestions?
2020.09VNASWS::GEROLDTue Nov 21 1995Cache memory equqality ??
2021.0WOTVAX::MACKIEAWed Nov 22 1995SUPREME BBS No.?
2022.02ULYS::MOENSWed Nov 22 1995decpc DT drivers
2023.014AKOCOA::DFARRELLWed Nov 22 1995Lost Disk Space -- Hidden Files ???
2024.04OBSESS::COHENWed Nov 22 1995Extra ram for a 55
2025.02NCMAIL::DOIRONSat Nov 25 1995Help with AT&T 386
2026.01NCMAIL::DOIRONSat Nov 25 1995Video drivers for Hinote Ultra?
2027.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Sun Nov 26 1995any TWAIN s/w around I can use ?
2028.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Sun Nov 26 1995Info and s/w needed for Ricoh IS5
2029.05GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERSun Nov 26 1995Starion 94
2030.06WHOSSun Nov 26 1995Turbo C++ v4.5?
2031.018CHEFS::WILKINSON_MMon Nov 27 1995PKZIP 1.17GB File ?
2032.07MRKTNG::RAJUMon Nov 27 1995Xcluding more than one areas using EMM386. ?s.
2033.01SLOAN::HOMMon Nov 27 1995Kermit Questions
2034.04STAR::FDOLLMon Nov 27 1995Memory Upgrade Recognization Problem
2035.010DKAS::BEAUDETMon Nov 27 1995Multi-Player Game Environment
2036.062FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Nov 27 1995Official TurboTax note for tax year 1995
2037.01LESREG::BRITTANMon Nov 27 1995SCSI controller on Celebris GL ST
2038.05MFOIS1::TURCHITue Nov 28 1995Directory problem on diskette drive
2039.03IOSG::MITCHELLETue Nov 28 1995Lost Mice - then system freezes
2040.010PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Nov 28 1995needs lots of CD-ROM's
2041.06WRKSYS::DLEBLANCTue Nov 28 1995Reloading DOS
2042.04SOLVIT::PADULATue Nov 28 1995Conversion Kit?
2043.011POWDML::MAGUIRETue Nov 28 1995 Can this Laptop be Upgraded ?
2045.013NETCAD::S_HARRISWed Nov 29 1995digital cameras for rent?
2046.01MUNSBE::CHEQUERThu Nov 30 1995EDOK ? File monitor
2047.04WOTVAX::BANSALThu Nov 30 1995bios upgrade info required...
2048.08BGSDEV::RJONESThu Nov 30 1995Is this a hardware problem???
2049.04HANNAH::COBBThu Nov 30 1995Celebris and Phillips CD rom
2050.04USCTR1::DERAMOThu Nov 30 1995WD Drive Incompatible w/Triton Chipset?
2051.01DECWIN::LEMBREEThu Nov 30 1995anyone got a zero Mb memory board for an ST
2052.08LJSRV1::BONNEAUThu Nov 30 19951 Gig Drives?
2054.04MPGS::LAVINFri Dec 01 1995Help for an IBM PS/2 Model 6
2055.01TUXEDO::GOLDFARBSat Dec 02 1995Confused about performance and BIOS settings
2056.01SCAMP::NESTORMon Dec 04 1995Netscape crashing problem
2057.0GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Dec 04 1995Qualitas MAX8 memory manager
2058.012OBSESS::COHENMon Dec 04 1995Hardware Upgrade Advice Please
2059.01DRAGNS::WHEATERMon Dec 04 1995PS2 model 8
2060.010ACISS2::FULTONTue Dec 05 1995Wildcat BBS software
2061.04BATVS1::SCOTTTue Dec 05 1995Digital extended character set?
2062.08MFOIS1::TURCHITue Dec 05 1995Award Bios & adress of parallel ports
2063.05CHEFS::TREVENNOR_ATue Dec 05 1995Sharing A colour monitor between W/S and Laptop?
2064.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Dec 05 1995Dial-out service
2065.010STOWOA::LAITue Dec 05 1995Log file for batch job?
2067.03CHEFS::PEACHEYRJWed Dec 06 1995CMOS Password
2068.018ASDG::JOHNSONWed Dec 06 1995Adding 2nd Hard Drive help needed.
2069.07MRLAT::RASPUZZIWed Dec 06 1995Adaptec 154
2070.0TALLIS::JMARTINWed Dec 06 1995Need programs to tickle PS/1 CMOS
2071.010CCDCAT::KOEPPLWed Dec 06 1995Adding memory slows system
2072.07GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJThu Dec 07 1995WIn95 driver needed for MITSUMI FX4
2073.021CHGR69::ROBICHAUDThu Dec 07 1995Help with Joystick
2074.02PMRV7Thu Dec 07 1995video driver for cirrus/paradise boards
2075.021TUXEDO::WRAYThu Dec 07 1995Large removable media
2077.03NETCAD::S_HARRISFri Dec 08 1995video boards
2078.03ASDG::RJONESFri Dec 08 1995Hard to find an external cd-rom
2079.01RELYON::PATHAKFri Dec 08 1995CD - ROM HellpCDD
2080.05HSOSS1::NEELYSun Dec 10 1995Stealth Virus - CD-ROM and SB lost?
2081.0REGENT::HOPEMon Dec 11 1995Any help for a dusty old IBM ps1?
2082.02GAAS::GATULISMon Dec 11 1995Wanted: info on DECMAte-3 COMM port ??
2083.08STOWOA::PJOHNSONMon Dec 11 1995Pls help ID SIMMs
2084.01BASEX::KAIRYSMon Dec 11 1995Help: Sportster 28.8 -> DS7
2085.09EVER::LALIBERTEMon Dec 11 1995looking for (?) fishing software
2086.01ZURMon Dec 11 1995installation of a scanner on SCSI fails
2087.03OBSESS::COHENTue Dec 12 1995ColorFast -- Anybody heard?
2088.026EVER::LALIBERTETue Dec 12 1995flight simulator buffs !! need your opinions
2089.08SCHOOL::P_ROMANTue Dec 12 1995Maybe these Pentiums have credit cards...
2090.04AYOV2Tue Dec 12 1995Wot CD Rom ???
2091.03OSLWed Dec 13 1995TOKEN RING PROBLEM
2092.01GVPROD::DAWKESWed Dec 13 1995Disable onboard disk controller ?
2093.01BYZSEC::DEROSAWed Dec 13 1995The case of the 'vanishing' modem....
2095.08BLAZER::MIKELISWed Dec 13 1995Upgrade to 66MHZ -display reads 33MHZ
2096.01SIOG::CORCORANWed Dec 13 1995IBM PS/2 Model 7
2097.04USCD:: Dec 13 1995First Aid 95
2098.047CSC32::R_IVERSWed Dec 13 1995PC networking novice questions!
2099.02KELVIN::KOUThu Dec 14 1995Long file name program
2100.05USDEV::DLORADITCHThu Dec 14 1995PC->CD
2101.029STOWOA::BERSONThu Dec 14 1995Partitioning a 1.6 gig drive
2102.04QUABBI::"Reeve%mkots3.dnet.dec.com@nntpd2.cxo.dec.com"Fri Dec 15 1995TurboTax Deluxe -- Matrox Millenium
2104.017STOWOA::ROSCHSun Dec 17 1995PC1996
2105.03LILCPX::POLCHSun Dec 17 1995memory chips question (ca.1989)
2106.03NETCAD::S_HARRISMon Dec 18 1995touche
2109.02IAMOK::LIZOTTETue Dec 19 1995Help Printing from Notepad
2110.01CHEFS::KORMANWed Dec 20 1995Turbo = L2 Cache enabled
2111.03FREEBE::B_ROSEWed Dec 20 1995Celebris hard rebooting
2112.014SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEWed Dec 20 1995Entry-level PC for an entry-level user
2113.011HOBBLE::MAUROThu Dec 21 1995RZ56 and ALPHA 15
2114.03NUTS2U::LITTLEThu Dec 21 1995Memory speed and BIOS settings?
2115.01ZPOVC::MONTYWONGThu Dec 21 1995HXMP+SCO+MPX=CPU panic?
2116.014LURE::CERLINGThu Dec 21 1995England setup
2117.02OSLFri Dec 22 1995STARBURSTto PENTIUM???
2118.07CFSCTC::TODDFri Dec 22 1995Problem: Starion 94
2119.06ECADSR::MBLAKEFri Dec 22 1995Build DOS on 486 and use on 386?
2120.011ANNECY::HOTCHKISSSat Dec 23 1995Old versions of DOS
2121.05VAIL::OXENBERGSat Dec 23 1995Can't boot system after disabling diskette controller!
2122.0+4HSOSS1::NEELYSun Dec 24 1995Modem Problems - Compuserve
2123.02KAOFS::R_DAVEYWed Dec 27 1995Graphics on HP DeskJet 6
2124.011ARRODS::SWIGGTWed Dec 27 1995emm386 overhead emulating EMXS with XMS?
2125.02OHFSWed Dec 27 1995Jumper Map for 154
2126.039ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Dec 28 1995Pentium summary information
2127.08LEDZEP::DEVNOThu Dec 28 1995HELP
2128.018GRIMLY::4GL_CASHThu Dec 28 1995adding memory
2129.09FRSBEE::BROOKSThu Dec 28 1995General PC lockup ---> and horror story
2130.02VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOFri Dec 29 1995Intel Xtended Xpress Architecture
2132.01TAVIS::HIRSCHSun Dec 31 1995Part NO for HP products?
2133.021HANNAH::BAYSun Dec 31 1995What exactly does "best offer" mean?
2134.0ODIXIE::PFLANZMon Jan 01 1996928Movie & Win 95
2135.05DYOSW5::WILDERTue Jan 02 199636 pin SIMMS???
2136.05SYSMGT::CLABORNTue Jan 02 1996Windows 95: The Ultimate Virus
2137.02HERON::KAISERWed Jan 03 1996POST errors 3
2138.0NANTES::MANACHWed Jan 03 1996IBM Multiprotocol Board on VENTURIS 466
2139.05AYOV2Wed Jan 03 1996Setup disks for IBM AT286?
2140.02OBED::STSAUVEURWed Jan 03 1996Name that Motherboard.
2141.08SIOG::CORCORANWed Jan 03 1996IBM PS/2 7
2143.0MROA::PULSIFERThu Jan 04 1996Complete Systems-N-More ..formally Compusave
2144.01ULYS::MOENSThu Jan 04 1996venturis575
2145.02KANATA::ZUTRAUENThu Jan 04 1996Game-card info?
2146.028PCBUOA::FEHSKENSThu Jan 04 1996Replacing an IDE Disk Drive
2147.03HERON::KAISERFri Jan 05 1996What is this US Robotics internal modem?
2148.010SUBPAC::BACZKOFri Jan 05 1996Moving large Files on Diskettes
2149.01SWAM1::ROSS_JEFri Jan 05 1996removeing DBLSPACE
2150.07NETCAD::S_HARRISFri Jan 05 1996NexGen 586-9
2151.01SMURF::SEAGRAVESFri Jan 05 1996Celebris 586/1
2152.04CHEFS::swrhd1.new.dec.com::mitchell_aMon Jan 08 1996PC FAQ
2153.04CURRNT::BAILEYMon Jan 08 1996HELP! Recover accidentally deleted partition?
2154.06GRANPA::JRUBBAMon Jan 08 1996TRITON "2" CHIP SET ???????
2155.0QCAVMon Jan 08 1996VENTURIS & CLIPPER
2157.06LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue Jan 09 1996Memory Parity Errors!
2158.07MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Jan 10 1996Extracting 1 file with PKUNZIP, how?
2159.023CURRNT::BAILEYWed Jan 10 1996Can't partition 1Gb disk as 3rd IDE drive!
2160.01TIMAMD::ANTONIOTINWed Jan 10 1996GALLANT Sound Card drivers
2161.08HDLITE::MIKELISWed Jan 10 1996Dx-->DX2 question
2162.08KELVIN::KOUWed Jan 10 1996File format info for Word and Excel
2163.08CRONIC::LEMONSWed Jan 10 1996Tool to create drawing/picture
2164.01CHEFS::NAYLORGThu Jan 11 1996DECpc 56
2165.08CHEFS::PEACHEYRJThu Jan 11 1996SBPro Install Discs
2166.0PEACHS::MACEACHERNThu Jan 11 1996CDRom connected to Secondary IDE not found
2167.02CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jan 11 1996Mapping software
2168.01COMICS::LUCKMANThu Jan 11 1996Microsoft Encarta96 World Atlas
2169.09ASABET::nqsrv328.nqo.dec.com::Tony_TuckerThu Jan 11 1996DECpc XL with memory problems
2170.01DYOSW5::WILDERThu Jan 11 1996What is WRAM??
2171.01LESREG::BRITTANThu Jan 11 1996Celebris GL network trouble???
2172.014NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonThu Jan 11 1996PC upgrading -- disk problem
2173.06SCASS1::ALVARADOFri Jan 12 1996SCSI CDROM error on DECPC XL
2174.02JURA::DUQUESNEFri Jan 12 1996Creation of AVI/MOV files - which tools?
2175.06POWDML::CASHFri Jan 12 1996Mid-Winter Notebook Sale
2176.04AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTFri Jan 12 1996Any Qbasic compilers around?
2177.018SMURF::TARSAFri Jan 12 1996What is a reasonable range for the temperature inside a PC?
2178.03NEMAIL::TUCKERSat Jan 13 1996DECpc XL 566 manual
2179.04RELYON::VARGASMon Jan 15 1996Are 433 WS PCs upgradeable ???
2180.0ZACHEO::COLBATHMon Jan 15 1996Copy protected disk copy??
2181.0GAAS::HYERMon Jan 15 1996Video Driver Problem
2183.04TROOA::MCNEILLMon Jan 15 1996how to make flyer?
2184.01MLNORO::SCHIESAROTue Jan 16 1996TRANTOR SCSI Adapter:adding a SCSI disk.
2185.01IOSG::TALLETTTue Jan 16 1996Matrox Millenium Sample CD anyone?
2186.01HERIAM::POSCOTue Jan 16 1996ACFG Error on Venturis 41
2187.020VAXRIO::DJOHUB::DECATRONTue Jan 16 1996Pentium upgrades for DECpc??
2188.03TINGAU::HEFELETue Jan 16 1996Looking for a "Problem tracking tool"
2189.09ASDG::MACCONNELLTue Jan 16 1996Info on external tape drives ?
2190.01DASPHB::PBAXTERTue Jan 16 1996Advanced Fax Communication Question
2191.024DASPHB::PBAXTERTue Jan 16 1996Quickbooks : Comments & Critiques Welcom
2192.02DABEAN::B_ROSETue Jan 16 1996PCI and IRQ on Prioris HX
2193.010WOTVAX::HILTONWed Jan 17 1996SCSI CD-ROM vs IDE?
2194.03ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Jan 17 1996DEC 316SX setup disk?
2195.01BUDWSR::CUNNINGHAMWed Jan 17 1996Dos --> Windows hangs system!
2196.01ULYS::MOENSThu Jan 18 1996acad12
2197.01PLAYER::BLUNDELLThu Jan 18 1996Gigabyte EIDE card pb
2198.04MAIL1::EVANKOThu Jan 18 1996GLINT Video Cards
2199.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jan 18 1996Remote control software recommendations
2200.0NWDFri Jan 19 1996multimode &autosync monitors?
2201.05AYOV19::BBROWNFri Jan 19 1996Digital LJ 25
2202.01TINCUP::alpha.cxo.dec.com::GRAYFri Jan 19 1996Information on the Nanao T2-17 Monitor
2203.02KANATA::KHOSat Jan 20 1996Need info on MEdia Magic ISP16 sound card
2204.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSun Jan 21 1996Looking for CD-ROM price list
2205.0SIOG::CORCORANSun Jan 21 1996clone laptop repair-anyone know anybody?
2206.022CHEFS::NAYLORGMon Jan 22 1996Cannot boot from floppy
2207.02PLAYER::BROWNLMon Jan 22 1996Strange errors on floppy; NT3.51 Server?
2209.010NETCAD::ATKINSONMon Jan 22 1996What happened to IBMPC-96?
2210.03BASEX::KAIRYSMon Jan 22 1996325 notebook won't respond to mouse
2211.0QDOVTue Jan 23 1996Cannot install Turtle Beach MonteCarlo card
2212.06HOLST::LITTLETue Jan 23 1996Old hard drive - any ideas what it is?
2213.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 23 1996Adaptec Card Info
2214.04MCITS1::BROSCHATTue Jan 23 1996HP Pavilion sound driver help needed
2215.08SALEM::CBRO::BROWNTue Jan 23 1996GDM-2
2216.02DASPHB::PBAXTERWed Jan 24 1996Peachtree: Comments & Critiques Welcome
2217.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jan 24 1996Need Micronics Phone #
2218.04ASDG::ADAVISWed Jan 24 1996WinVT Emulator???
2219.01MTWASH::GAGNON_KWed Jan 24 1996COM ports disappear.
2220.01IMT1Thu Jan 25 1996No CD access when upgrading from 3.5 - 3.51 NT
2222.01KDX2Thu Jan 25 1996BIOS Upgrade=two beeps...Plus a powergrade question
2224.04DRIFT::alfant.ljo.dec.com::WoodFri Jan 26 1996SCSI disk recommendations
2225.013BULEAN::BANKSFri Jan 26 1996Why no large IDE drives?
2226.04HGOVC::LAWRENCEFri Jan 26 1996HP4c and Photoshop 3.
2227.03STRWRS::KOCH_PSun Jan 28 1996Bill Gates e-mail address?
2228.06HGOVC::LAWRENCESun Jan 28 19964x or 6x CDROM, 1st choice & 2nd choice pls.
2229.08MTHOOD::SIPE_MIMon Jan 29 1996Xcopy Windows 95 to another drive
2230.0VERSA::GASSERTMon Jan 29 1996Drives for sale in 2146 now in
2231.0QUARK::LIONELMon Jan 29 1996Destructive New Word Macro Virus Reported Inside Digital
2232.016TUXEDO::KLEINTue Jan 30 1996problem accessing ide drive
2234.07SUNETA::harterTue Jan 30 1996DEC getting out of Home market??
2235.01WHOSTue Jan 30 1996Jumping and IBM hard drive?
2236.05PLAYER::BLUNDELLWed Jan 31 1996CD-ROMs for language tuition
2237.01SIOG::THORNTONThu Feb 01 1996PCI & Prioris
2238.0COLBIS::HOEHNEThu Feb 01 1996Looking for info about Sekonic plotters
2239.010VMSSG::PAGLIARULOThu Feb 01 1996No left channel on sound card or CD-ROM
2240.07KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTThu Feb 01 1996PC Bus Bridging
2241.01NIOPS2::ARCHAMBAULTThu Feb 01 1996CR-ROM drivers for multispin 2V
2242.022NETCAD::PAGLIAROThu Feb 01 1996Suggestions for buying a low cost PC?
2243.017TURRIS::peso.zko.dec.com::HOWERThu Feb 01 1996Onboard vs Add-In components
2244.0STAR::OKELLEYThu Feb 01 1996Need jumper settings for NEC 2Vi (CDR25
2245.01JULIET::LESLIE_DAThu Feb 01 1996On my way out the door . . .
2246.01JULIET::HARRIS_MAFri Feb 02 1996contact for S3 video chip makers?
2247.07WMOIS::DEREZINSKIFri Feb 02 1996Can you tell mem type by looking at the SIMMS?
2248.012GVAFri Feb 02 1996Are infrared ports useful?
2249.0+1HOTAIR::MARIASun Feb 04 1996Packard Bells w/NT
2250.06MSBCS::BROCKMon Feb 05 1996Ethernet Adapter
2251.02FRTOS::abs_65.rto.dec.com::CBrunkhorstMon Feb 05 1996Norton Backup V1.
2252.03ULYSSE::GACHOTTue Feb 06 1996read/write GCR formatted disk
2254.03HOTLNE::WILLISTue Feb 06 1996Books?
2255.07FRUST::PAULTue Feb 06 1996KEAterm mouse cut & paste
2256.04CONSLT::ARDUINOThu Feb 08 1996HELP: "WinTune 2.
2257.02USCTR1::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyThu Feb 08 1996Grid 386 !
2258.01YIELD::MMURRAYFri Feb 09 1996PC to TV converter cards...
2259.0ACISS2::FULTONSun Feb 11 1996What is this software?
2260.03JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Feb 12 1996Windows 95 drivers for stealth 64 card required.
2261.0+40RTOEU::AMAYERMon Feb 12 1996Mothers little helper for partitioning?
2262.02ICS::POMEROYMon Feb 12 1996S3 video drivers needed
2263.04BBRDGE::LOVELLMon Feb 12 1996Convert any format to fixed 512 byte format?
2264.09WHOSMon Feb 12 1996Need API on VAX to rotate TIF files
2265.0SMURF::SEAGRAVESMon Feb 12 1996Does Digital sell processor upgrades for its Intel based PC lines ?
2266.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Feb 12 1996What is this card?
2267.06DANGER::HARTWELLMon Feb 12 1996Mouse/pointer hangs
2268.09SWAM1::WONG_HETue Feb 13 1996Comments on Mustek Paragon 8
2269.038NQOSTue Feb 13 1996WNT or W95 at home???
2270.02HOLST::LITTLEWed Feb 14 1996CDROM not High Sierra or ISO 966
2271.03ANNECY::HOTCHKISSWed Feb 14 1996IFSMGR and SHARE?
2272.03FREEBE::B_ROSEWed Feb 14 1996DOS disk limits
2273.06SIOG::THORNTONWed Feb 14 1996drivers for a DecJet 2
2274.03JULIET::HARRIS_MAWed Feb 14 1996Free Internet Service Provider time...
2275.02MEOCThu Feb 15 1996WIN95 or Linux bootable on a dual Pentium?
2276.0+17JULIET::HARRIS_MAThu Feb 15 1996Intel TRIONES Bus Master TRITON drivers online
2277.04TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Feb 15 1996UTP port does not work on DE1
2278.04DPPSYS::RAEBURNThu Feb 15 1996NEC CDR-222 Problem
2279.06ANOHAC::COMFORTThu Feb 15 1996Simm type question
2280.0LABC::HAFri Feb 16 1996825
2281.05MEOCFri Feb 16 1996Diagram of a cable to connect PCs over parallel port?
2283.0+29BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Feb 16 1996Software tourism question
2284.09WOTVAX::BOURNEJSat Feb 17 1996Database/Diary/Planner Product Needed!
2285.02MROA::PULSIFERSun Feb 18 1996AST Bravo...upgrade ?
2286.013CPEEDY::COOKMon Feb 19 199612MB and 256-K cache is invalid?
2287.03HERON::KAISERMon Feb 19 1996EMM386 error #12?
2288.02SIOG::THORNTONMon Feb 19 1996Prioris: Problems installing additional memory.
2289.09SSDEVO::SISTERHENMon Feb 19 1996where are win95 lno3 drivers
2290.01TUXEDO::WRAYTue Feb 20 1996LANtastic and printing
2291.04HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Feb 21 1996'file not found' and other XCOPY problems
2292.02FSAEUR::ROEWed Feb 21 1996Convert DECPCXL566 to 1
2293.01HERON::KAISERWed Feb 21 1996MS-Kermit 3.14 can't initialize modem
2294.01SIOG::CORCORANWed Feb 21 1996DECPC325/CYRIX upgrade possible?Math co-proc?
2295.02SOLVIT::BRAMSONWed Feb 21 1996Anyone heard of WinG?
2296.015SHRCTR::PJOHNSONWed Feb 21 1996Help ID SIMMs/Digital chips
2297.05SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEThu Feb 22 1996PIO Mode 4? Does my EIDE card care?
2298.0HLRGThu Feb 22 1996program to read serial/parallel port
2299.04ULYS::VANGLABEKEThu Feb 22 1996How to show *.pcd files ?
2300.02BGSDEV::KUGLERThu Feb 22 1996PC printer port
2301.05QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 22 1996Official Insight Topic
2302.012NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonThu Feb 22 1996Motherboard/Adaptek problem
2303.05CUPMK::TALBOTFri Feb 23 1996How to deal with encoded mail in VMS...
2304.019NOTAPC::SEGERMon Feb 26 1996Cheap Chips!
2305.027NOTAPC::SEGERMon Feb 26 1996mixed memory speed impact?
2306.098VIVIAN::M_PATTENTue Feb 27 1996Matrox Millenium topic
2307.02--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 27 19963
2308.03WOTVAX::TIDMARSHTue Feb 27 1996IBM Disk Performance?
2309.03HGCSWed Feb 28 1996Mitsumi CDROM from Slave to Master?
2310.03WOTVAX::TIDMARSHWed Feb 28 1996BIOS Settings?
2311.010WOTVAX::TIDMARSHWed Feb 28 1996WIndows95 and HD size constraints?
2312.011WOTVAX::TIDMARSHWed Feb 28 1996Parity on Memory SIMMS?
2314.029ESBThu Feb 29 1996Pentium OverDrives Imminent?
2315.03DKAS::SPIELMANThu Feb 29 1996Vektron
2316.01TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Feb 29 1996Network drive nullifies hard disk drive
2317.07YIELD::JBAKERThu Feb 29 1996386 Parts
2318.0STOSS1::SEITZThu Feb 29 1996Need hints on a hanging PC
2319.010STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Feb 29 1996Visio at a coporate discount, who's interested?
2320.028JARETH::LARUFri Mar 01 1996Motherboard Problem?
2321.01OBSESS::COHENMon Mar 04 1996Transaction limit?
2322.01MLNORO::FAZZARIMon Mar 04 1996Strange Mouse on Venturis 466.
2323.08NETCAD::BATTERSBYMon Mar 04 1996Clock correction software for PC's....
2324.03DANGER::HARTWELLMon Mar 04 1996Cirrus + Win95 driver selection?
2325.05BROKE::RAMMon Mar 04 1996Promise EIDE 23
2326.04SCAMP::BUKOWSKIMon Mar 04 1996Pentium vrs Pro speed
2327.01BROKE::RAMTue Mar 05 1996Questions on BIOS/system parameters
2328.02MEOCWed Mar 06 1996Settings for SC4
2329.05MSBCS::BROUILLETThu Mar 07 1996What is 386SPART.PAR? Taking up lots of space
2330.06MR1MI1::SHERWINThu Mar 07 1996WFW3.1->W95->WFW3.1->W95 ...
2331.02SMURF::TOMGThu Mar 07 1996Video/Monitor Questions
2332.0SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEThu Mar 07 1996Old video cards never die, they just develop Alzheimer's
2333.010BYZSEC::DEROSAFri Mar 08 19965v to 3v adapter
2334.09NETCAD::SHERMANFri Mar 08 1996CD-ROM recorders
2335.05CONSLT::MALLOYFri Mar 08 1996help printing via terminal emulator
2336.02BROKE::RAMFri Mar 08 1996Adding a second hard drive
2337.04WRKSYS::INGRAHAMSat Mar 09 1996Pentium Pro chipset flaw reported
2338.04CARECL::GROOTEMAATMon Mar 11 1996dos recognises cd-rom but os/2 doesn't
2340.018FOR2Mon Mar 11 1996RZ26L Disks dying!
2341.02CHEFS::HARVEYTue Mar 12 1996Lookup table available ?
2342.02RTOMS::MACKNEYJTue Mar 12 1996Batch file to create environment variables
2343.06KISMIF::MARATue Mar 12 1996Corel 4 User Question...
2345.0ROBRVW::MITCHELLTue Mar 12 1996PC Books
2346.01RSNC::RLAANENWed Mar 13 1996Driver DEClaser 11
2347.0OSLLAV::ARNEP_PWed Mar 13 1996Video driver/Personal Designer
2348.04SMURF::TOMGWed Mar 13 1996Trident 89
2349.08NETCAD::SHERMANWed Mar 13 1996How do *you* upgrade?
2350.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANWed Mar 13 1996speaker interference
2351.06WKRP::HENRYThu Mar 14 1996using IP for this notes conference
2352.0RSNC::BRUILThu Mar 14 1996Tulip diagnostic floppy ?
2353.08CANDOO::GRIEBFri Mar 15 1996TEXT Spell checker ???
2354.04DELNI::CHALMERSFri Mar 15 1996MS-DOS Error Message
2355.01NWDSat Mar 16 1996keaterm print gives extra blank page
2356.0KELVIN::KOUSun Mar 17 1996Is R-format needed if changing SCSI controller vendor?
2357.02HGOEDU::SYSTEMMon Mar 18 1996re-partition program
2358.01STKAI1::huskut.ots.dec.com::jonasson_tMon Mar 18 1996BIOS v3.5 TMC168
2359.01SALEM::BARLOWMon Mar 18 1996433WS SCSI format (adaptec contrl) program needed
2360.01RICKS::BURNSTue Mar 19 1996Help needed on Doublespaced drive
2361.0+174NETCAD::S_HARRISTue Mar 19 1996Memory prices dropping
2362.02SUTRA::KINNARITue Mar 19 1996Fujitsu M16
2363.018HERON::KAISERWed Mar 20 1996Lockups under DOS and Windows; frozen mouse
2364.04CHEFS::JAMESHWed Mar 20 1996Turbo/Normal Speed?
2365.022GAAS::BRAUCHERWed Mar 20 1996is this a good deal ?
2366.0+22JARETH::LARUWed Mar 20 1996Parity (is/is-not-just for farmers)
2367.03AOSG::MEYERWed Mar 20 1996Highnnote Ultra Multi Media Module
2368.03ABBOTT::petpc.zko.dec.com::poonWed Mar 20 1996Sound Blaster-16 versus Wave-Blaster II
2369.0NEMAIL::TUCKERWed Mar 20 1996Creative Writer
2370.02HELIX::KEITHWed Mar 20 1996Pentium "Instruction Count" Register ?
2371.03RICKS::BURNSThu Mar 21 1996COM I/O address setting question
2372.021BGSDEV::LANGONEThu Mar 21 1996Upgrades for a DEC PC to a 586?
2373.09SMURF::TOMGFri Mar 22 1996Memory Problem Help Needed
2374.010TUXEDO::WRAYFri Mar 22 1996Help with video/monitor problem
2375.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURFri Mar 22 1996ImageWrite and Windows '95?
2376.010MPOSSun Mar 24 1996Barcode inventory for home shopping list?
2377.03OHFSS1::RBROWNMon Mar 25 1996TANDY Printer Interface - DMP 1
2378.01SHRCTR::JSTODDARDMon Mar 25 1996American Knowhow Distribution?
2379.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Mar 25 1996Starion 933 internal modem blues?!
2380.06BROKE::LAWLERMon Mar 25 1996HELP: PC45
2381.016ZEKE::DOWNINGMon Mar 25 1996So NH PC Shops
2382.05CHEFS::HARVEYTue Mar 26 1996Adobe .PDF files problem
2384.04VOLAPM::HAIGHWed Mar 27 1996Decpc XL59
2385.03TELGAR::WAKEMANLAWed Mar 27 1996Part Number for Celebris External SCSI??
2386.0STAR::JNEDOROSCIKWed Mar 27 19961X JVC CD writer
2387.02ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 28 1996Bios option; Keyboard installed?
2388.04GLADYS::HUISHFri Mar 29 1996Overdrive in DECPC XL56
2389.04SUBSYS::FORDEFri Mar 29 1996Driver needed for Sony CDU55E CD-ROM (2x, IDE)
2390.04--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 29 1996CD-ROM for HiNote Ultra (486)
2391.04CHEFS::SMITH_TFri Mar 29 1996Help on a Triton Motherboard required.
2392.09SAVEME::WIRZBICKIFri Mar 29 1996SCSI card or BIOS settings, Your Guess!
2393.06SALEM::GEORGE_NSun Mar 31 1996Editing ".hlp" files?
2394.03BROKE::RAMSun Mar 31 1996Problem with fonts in MacMillan Children's Dictionary
2396.03WMOIS::TAYLOR_RMon Apr 01 1996how fast can I run
2397.0CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 01 1996CDROM sharing in a heterogeneous environment
2398.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Apr 01 1996Question on Cardinal 28.8 voice/fax modem
2399.07WOTVAX::BANSALTue Apr 02 1996Help wanted on xl59
2400.05PLAYER::BLUNDELLTue Apr 02 1996Wireless LAN at home?
2401.017WMOIS::TAYLOR_RTue Apr 02 1996t-shirt transfer paper
2402.0NWTIMA::STAMPGRTue Apr 02 1996Upgraded PC. Now modem problems.
2403.04MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Apr 03 1996Generic question 'bout DLL's & programming rules
2404.01BROKE::ROWLANDSWed Apr 03 1996DEC 425c question
2405.08ICS::CHRISBELLWed Apr 03 1996RZ57 Disk Help
2406.04NAC::CELENTANOWed Apr 03 1996RZ disk guide, EK-RZXXD-PS
2407.06FRAIS::IMPORTThu Apr 04 1996CELEBRIS GLst processor upgrade?
2408.03HELIX::WELLCOMEThu Apr 04 1996Mouse right-click problem
2409.01LJSRV1::BONNEAUThu Apr 04 1996Anyone know where I can rent a ZIP drive?
2410.0VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOThu Apr 04 1996Some PC architectural descriptions
2411.0HELIX::WELLCOMEThu Apr 04 1996Need SOURCE FILES for ER-87
2412.02IRNBRU::GRANTFri Apr 05 1996Ricoh SI41
2413.03MTWASH::KOLADISHFri Apr 05 1996Memory boards
2414.0GUIDUK::SHOEMAKERMon Apr 08 1996Communication between Digital PC's and Keyboards...
2415.04VOLAPM::HAIGHMon Apr 08 1996Looking for ReelMagic sound card documentation?
2416.04SAVEME::WIRZBICKIMon Apr 08 1996Sound Card problems...
2417.01WMOIS::DIPASQUALE_MMon Apr 08 1996Director for Windows
2418.02FARAN::kurik.reo.dec.com::noddleTue Apr 09 1996Atari printer
2419.06STOWOA::REICHERTTue Apr 09 1996DOS 6.22 Edit hangs P166
2420.0GRANPA::PETERSONTue Apr 09 1996Restore fails with corrupted file header
2421.08VYGER::MCKAYRETue Apr 09 1996Clean screen ?
2422.03ABBOTT::petpc.zko.dec.com::poonTue Apr 09 1996Looking for CPU Benchmark programs.
2424.01PLESIO::SOJDATue Apr 09 1996PCXBV-DE monitor skews Windows display
2425.02DKAS::SPIELMANWed Apr 10 1996Baybank Home Link
2426.0STOWOA::WEBBERWed Apr 10 1996Network'd Printer Problem of 466 running Win 95
2427.03FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Apr 10 1996sequential data rate limits for PC/SCSI disks
2428.01NYOSS1::ZAMORAThu Apr 11 1996Intel 8242 keyboard/mouse chip
2429.04LOCH::SOJDASat Apr 13 1996CDROM connected to Sound Blaster 16 Not Recognized
2430.08SHRCTR::PJOHNSONSat Apr 13 1996PC Magazine magazine versus PC Magazine CD?
2431.01HELIX::SONTAKKESun Apr 14 1996NO sound when playing MIDI files on Soundblaster 16
2432.01SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Apr 15 1996Lotus Agenda replacement?
2433.0STAR::DZIEDZICTue Apr 16 1996Microsoft ceases CompuServe forum sponsorship
2434.09ILBBAK::CASSTue Apr 16 1996Diamond Trade-in for Viper cards...
2436.04TNPUBS::CHIASSONWed Apr 17 19961.
2437.011EDWIN::HOOKERWed Apr 17 1996help get back to 32 bit mode
2438.03TEKDEV::YUILLWed Apr 17 1996Pentium 83MhzOD Chip on Venturis
2439.02JGODCL::GROENEWEGENWed Apr 17 1996Twain drivers wanted for RICOH IS5
2440.02RUNT::tac.tay1.dec.com::cooperThu Apr 18 1996Advice on a SCSI adapter for a Starion 94
2442.015KAOFS::C_MENENDEZThu Apr 18 199668 pin male to centronics SCSI cable?
2443.02MAIL2::KOSTARASMon Apr 22 1996Did I waste my money?????
2445.01TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon Apr 22 1996Need disk manager for IDE drive.
2447.041KELVIN::KOUTue Apr 23 1996Is HiNote going to be discontinued
2448.09SHANE::PACIELLOWed Apr 24 1996Networks: How do they work?
2449.08JURA::DUQUESNEThu Apr 25 1996466d2 completly hang???
2450.01POLAR::BOSWICKFri Apr 26 1996CDAudio missing from Media Player!
2451.06STOWOA::BERSONFri Apr 26 1996Question on Identifying Processor
2452.04USCTR1::SCHUHMon Apr 29 1996Help with new monitor
2453.02SIOG::CORCORANMon Apr 29 1996IBM PS2/7
2454.04OTOOA::ANDERSONMon Apr 29 1996Unable to control A1
2455.02DANGER::ARRIGHIMon Apr 29 1996reinstalling Win95
2456.01TUXEDO::WRAYTue Apr 30 1996Upgrading ST to Win95
2457.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONTue Apr 30 1996Boot drive disappears with new IDE drive
2458.01BOGUSS::BOSKLOPPERTue Apr 30 1996Who has WPS for DOS??
2459.06VYGER::GIBSONJTue Apr 30 1996Win95?
2460.013WOTVAX::BANSALWed May 01 1996adding second cpu on decpcxl 59
2461.03AYOV2Thu May 02 1996HPIT Manual required (Anyone Help ?)
2462.04WOTVAX::SHARKEYAFri May 03 1996Is VMS Unzip anywhere ?
2463.07PLAYER::BLUNDELLFri May 03 1996Netscape Bookmark file merge?
2464.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri May 03 1996Help - SCSI disk with invalid partition table.
2465.03KANATA::ZUTRAUENFri May 03 1996Starion 96
2466.06BRAT::toppcb.mko.dec.com::spencerMon May 06 19961.2 Gig IDE drive in MTE
2467.04MARX::FLEMINGMon May 06 1996DECpc 466DX2 and 1.2 gig drive
2468.0PTOSS1::MATSCHERZMon May 06 1996Storage Dimensions SCSI interface card
2469.05GUIDUK::SOMERTue May 07 1996DECpc 433W, Windows 95 and the NIC Card
2470.09UTRTSC::KILJANTue May 07 1996CD write/Adaptec/filenames lowercase
2471.01FSAEUR::ROEWed May 08 1996VRC21-PA VRC21-HA differences
2474.01MPGS::LAVINWed May 08 1996Ever seen this
2475.0+37FIREBL::LEEDSThu May 09 1996 CDROM bus recommendations ??
2476.013CHEFS::PEACHEYRJThu May 09 1996Netscape Bookmark Problem
2477.010WOTVAX::BOURNEJThu May 09 1996Geneology/Family Tree s/w
2478.012TUXEDO::GOLDFARBThu May 09 1996Help needed - System keeps momentarily freezing
2479.07BINKLY::NINGThu May 09 1996displaying on a normal TV instead of color monitor...
2480.01OPCO::TSG_BHLFri May 10 1996edo vs 6
2481.05SALEM::HARRIS_MFri May 10 1996Can one change the language on the Phoenix BIOS.
2482.06DANGER::ARRIGHIFri May 10 199612
2483.03AKOCOA::akodhcp224-173.ako.dec.com::poscoFri May 10 1996Plug and Play Config Utility ??
2484.01WOTVAX::16.194.2Sat May 11 19962 CD's on panasonic ?
2485.01TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon May 13 1996Quantum drive needs disk manager
2486.0SALEM::ARNOLD_JMon May 13 1996SEGA and SEGA CD_ROM
2487.05NEWVAX::RAKTue May 14 1996Causes of disk/FAT/file problems?
2489.01RIKER1::STEWARDTue May 14 1996CPU Faster Than P1
2490.02NWTIMA::STAMPGRTue May 14 1996Network Printer Printing Too Many Copies
2491.01NQOSWed May 15 1996Document Management???
2492.08MASS1Wed May 15 1996Prioris and Graphics
2493.01SCAMP::BUKOWSKIWed May 15 1996Old laptop parts?????????
2494.0SLOAN::HOMThu May 16 1996Interrupt 26
2495.06NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonFri May 17 1996Goodbye to Digital
2496.04SALEM::HARRIS_MFri May 17 1996Diskcopying/backup to multiple PCs.
2497.09MPOSFri May 17 1996New 486/DX4-1
2498.02NEMAIL::TUCKERSun May 19 1996No Boot Device error
2499.05TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon May 20 1996Upgrade BIOS?
2500.0TEACH::WICKERTMon May 20 1996Mouse replacement that uses feet?
2501.06SIOG::THORNTONMon May 20 1996DECpc 466d2LP Windows Video Driver Request
2502.0+6PCBUOA::RIPLEYTue May 21 1996Okidata printers?
2503.02CHEFS::NAYLORGWed May 22 1996IBM Disk Jumper Settings Required
2504.0+48SMURF::HASKELLWed May 22 1996Case Cookery?
2505.02ABACUS::YURCAKWed May 22 1996ACER Expert needed??
2506.015RCHSS1::GOLDSTEINWed May 22 1996Disk crash recovery?
2507.07GEMGRP::BRENDERThu May 23 1996To print, enter rintp!
2508.010TUXEDO::GOLDFARBThu May 23 1996386 upgrade to 486 keeps resetting/rebooting
2509.021ZEKE::tun-14.imc.das.dec.com::DilsworthThu May 23 1996Trouble adding SCSI Tape Drive
2510.09SHERM::SHERMANFri May 24 1996Backup question
2511.010SHANE::PACIELLOFri May 24 1996Can't install 2nd IDE Drive
2512.02SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue May 28 1996We want to masquerade as a 486
2513.06ADISSW::FERRARAWed May 29 1996Graphics on a PC63
2514.05WMOIS::DEREZINSKIThu May 30 1996Non-Leading Edge Systems?
2515.03GANTRY::HULLFri May 31 1996Random crashing of PC - suggestions?
2516.0HOTLNE::DISun Jun 02 1996Dos "Net Logon" = Invalid key message
2517.04PROXY::DEFELIPPIMon Jun 03 1996Problem/ W95 and Epson Sytlus II color
2518.01STAR::FENSTERMon Jun 03 1996Converting a mini-desktop to a more standard one
2519.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Jun 04 1996Microsoft Certification in Digital?
2520.01MPOSWed Jun 05 1996IOCHK error from PC while in WNT
2521.08MQOU18::M_HUELWed Jun 05 1996Problem installing a IDE disk
2522.017SCASS1::EWISEThu Jun 06 1996DecPC LPx 433 DX (PC763) troubles
2523.01WOTVAX::BANSALFri Jun 07 1996upgrading phoenix bios
2524.017PLAYER::BLUNDELLFri Jun 07 199672-pin to 3
2525.03ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Jun 10 1996132 column capable remote control
2526.021TUXEDO::GOLDFARBMon Jun 10 1996Adding memory causes system to go belly up!!
2527.017NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOMon Jun 10 1996New Diamond Stealth 2
2528.08FORTY2::SUTTONTue Jun 11 1996Radio on the internet
2529.0JGODCL::BLOEMENDALTue Jun 11 1996FYI: 72 pins SIMMs identification made simple...!!
2530.0NEOVTue Jun 11 1996Upgrade venturis 466 to a better AMD chip..
2531.07MARVIN::MCCLUREWed Jun 12 1996EDO RAM in 486 based motherboard ??
2532.05SMURF::TOMGWed Jun 12 1996System Rebooting
2533.03MSBCS::BROCKWed Jun 12 1996Motherboard Parity error?
2534.02NYFSWed Jun 12 1996Looking for Leading Edge Model D setup disk
2535.05ASDG::DUMONTWed Jun 12 1996Next idea is a sledge hammer!!!
2536.03NETCAD::BARENYSFri Jun 14 1996386sx2
2537.03STOWOA::WEBBERFri Jun 14 1996Header Pages Between Outputs
2538.05POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTSun Jun 16 1996Undelete
2540.010PHHSS1::DFAUSTMon Jun 17 1996Password Protection
2541.04BPSOF::TAMAS_ZTue Jun 18 1996486XLServer memory socket problem
2542.02CHEFS::ABBOTT_KWed Jun 19 1996Clock/Battery Problem.
2543.02MANWed Jun 19 1996KZPSA DOS and WINDOWS drivers
2544.0+149RICKS::ZAMORAWed Jun 19 1996Internet access providers
2545.012PCBUOA::WHITTALLThu Jun 20 1996Make a network connection to an OSF machine?
2546.029UTROP1::GEERDES_BFri Jun 21 1996W95 bps vs baud
2547.0+2SWAM1::WONG_HEFri Jun 21 1996Jaz Drive or PD CD technology?
2548.011SCASS1::BROGDONSat Jun 22 1996wide drive on narrow 294
2549.0JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAMon Jun 24 19966X and 8X drives are low-quality.
2550.07SMURF::TOMGMon Jun 24 1996Mitsumi CD-ROM drive on soundblaster pro?
2551.05ICS::MORRISEYMon Jun 24 1996Boot NT from 1 disk, Windows 3.1 from other?
2552.05SUBSYS::BURQUEMon Jun 24 1996Great local deal!
2553.02NHASAD::DUCHEMIN_RTue Jun 25 1996Need help with disk drive jumpers
2554.05INDYX::ramTue Jun 25 1996Printing: parallel vs. serial?
2555.01SMURF::HASKELLWed Jun 26 1996Need Disk Recovery Utility
2556.05NOTAPC::SEGERWed Jun 26 1996So just how important is seek time?
2557.010CADSYS::GROSSWed Jun 26 1996Zenith PC?
2558.026MARX::SEGERThu Jun 27 1996Are all hard drives basically the same?
2559.04LESREG::JOHNSONThu Jun 27 1996FDISK unable to change partitions
2560.011CXXC::REINIGThu Jun 27 1996How do I know that a file is temporary?
2561.03TALER::LEHTOFri Jun 28 1996VRT19 on Celebris/WNT
2562.02JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAFri Jun 28 1996CD writeable will be dropping...
2563.08WRKSYS::SHENFri Jun 28 1996No "plug-and-play" between Micron PC and Sony monitor???
2564.01PCBUOA::MCQUADEFri Jun 28 1996Diamond Viper switch settings?
2565.04SNOFS1::RODDYPHILSun Jun 30 1996ZIP + HP82
2566.02TEACH::WICKERTMon Jul 01 1996Digital's current PCI display adapters?
2567.0+26WOTVAX::HILTONMon Jul 01 1996Offical Tyan Topic
2568.02STOWOA::WEBBERTue Jul 02 1996Add Printer Problem
2569.01ROTINY::ANDERSONTue Jul 02 1996repair or replace CD drive?
2570.06TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Jul 02 1996PS/2 Connector on MB
2571.0ESSB::PCUNNANEWed Jul 03 1996Sound Maker 16 + CDROM
2572.016AIAG::SEGERWed Jul 03 1996Software support for large IDE disks
2573.015ACISS2::BEJCEKThu Jul 04 1996Upgrade to VESA 1.2
2574.03HERON::thelem.vbe.dec.com::beauThu Jul 04 1996Softw. to record demos ?
2575.04VIVIAN::M_PATTENMon Jul 08 1996DECstation 325 problem
2576.0HLFSMon Jul 08 1996Wanted tech.info CD Toshiba......
2577.022SMURF::TOMGMon Jul 08 1996Overclocking a 486/5
2578.07OTOUTue Jul 09 1996Need big disk / sound card p/n's
2579.016ULYSSE::JOERG::JOERGTue Jul 09 1996HINote ultra hangs
2580.04ULYSSE::JOERG::JOERGTue Jul 09 1996Problems with the Hinote Ultra battery
2581.0ULYSSE::JOERG::JOERGTue Jul 09 1996win95 video scramble
2582.0SIOG::CORCORANThu Jul 11 1996"exploded"drawing for IBM 4
2583.010WHOSThu Jul 11 1996Connect to Storage Expansion box via SCSI
2584.014JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAFri Jul 12 1996"AMD 5x86-133 P75" Motherboard. How does it compare?
2585.04UTROP1::FUHREN_PMon Jul 15 19962.5 inch SCSI pin layout or converter needed
2586.02TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 15 1996Quadtel Video Adapter information request?
2587.01RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon Jul 15 1996Ultrastore 34f Schematic?
2588.03IOSG::CARTERSTue Jul 16 1996AMD DX4-12
2589.01WMOIS::TAYLOR_RWed Jul 17 1996Please help with chip upgrade.
2591.07WMOIS::TAYLOR_RWed Jul 17 1996PCI/VLB Motherboards
2592.06SMURF::TOMGThu Jul 18 1996Adding a second disk controller
2593.02PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerFri Jul 19 1996ANTIEXE virus
2594.02LJSRV2::TOMAMon Jul 22 1996new hal.dll for dual p9
2595.01ICS::POMEROYWed Jul 24 1996Access Inventory program
2596.03BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jul 24 1996Automating user input in batch files
2597.04VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKThu Jul 25 1996Sound/Fax/modem combos, PCI and PnP config
2598.0HGCSFri Jul 26 1996What is ".MPS" file?
2599.06DJMVAX::MCCULLERSMon Jul 29 1996Sherman, power up the WayBack Machine! :-)
2600.0SIOG::CORCORANMon Jul 29 1996Venturis FP41
2601.08MKOTS3::JABLONSKYMon Jul 29 1996Looking for Color Printer
2602.0442333::LESLIETue Jul 30 1996Upgrade: comments sought
2603.02ASABET::bflat4.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyTue Jul 30 1996Help with IDE CDROM and Jazz sound board.
2604.01IROCZ::NATUSCHWed Jul 31 1996MotherBoards: Help understanding THOR - TIGER EYES
2605.01VYGER::CAIRNSMWed Jul 31 1996486DLC,s Is there hope?
2606.03ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallThu Aug 01 1996ATX power supply spec?
2607.01VIVIAN::GOODWINThu Aug 01 1996PS2 mouse port
2608.02PIETThu Aug 01 1996Help on pc makers
2609.05SALEM::JENNAS::NEARYFri Aug 02 1996Conner CFP1
2610.012EPS::CONNORSFri Aug 02 1996256 color - how to get it ?
2611.014CHEFS::taff.reo.dec.com::WOBFri Aug 02 1996Triton 43
2612.06TUXEDO::FRIDAYMon Aug 05 1996Invalid System Configuration Data???
2613.04LEXSS1::JOHNHCMon Aug 05 1996Instant Powerdown?
2614.0MPGS::TUCKERMon Aug 05 1996Hinote VP external Monitor Problem
2615.04SWAM1::WONG_HEMon Aug 05 1996Problem with JAZ drive
2616.021JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAMon Aug 05 1996OK, $88.88 for 16Meg SIMM is getting crazy! 8-)
2617.0SYSMFG::LYNCHTue Aug 06 1996Manufacturing/Marketing Benchmark Information
2618.08IROCZ::NATUSCHWed Aug 07 1996looking for inkjet printer to use with WIN95 & LINUX
2619.07SPSEG::BRAMSONWed Aug 07 1996Trouble with Quicktime
2620.02NETCAD::CAHALANFri Aug 09 1996Any problems with CompUSA'a service plans?
2621.03WOTVAX::BOURNEJMon Aug 12 1996File type of .JPE (Not .JPG)??
2623.01VYGER::GIBSONJTue Aug 13 1996Corel problem?
2624.05DABEAN::NEARYTue Aug 13 1996SYQUEST backup vs MSBACKUP
2625.012IROCZ::NATUSCHTue Aug 13 1996Pros/cons Pentium vs Pentium Pro
2626.017WWF::LONGTue Aug 13 1996thoughts on the "best" low-end inkjet printer for me?
2627.04BOOKS::RAPHAELSONWed Aug 14 19963rd party MBs for Starion?
2628.01AIAG::KIMWed Aug 14 1996Hard drive size limit ?
2629.05COOKIE::FROEHLINWed Aug 14 1996PC Card/PCMCIA SCSI controllers
2630.02OTOUThu Aug 15 1996PRIORIS's and Secondary cache limit ?
2631.023ROCK::MEHTAFri Aug 16 1996what memory should I buy?
2632.05DYOSW5::WILDERFri Aug 16 1996What exactly is a PCXBV-UD??
2633.011CONSLT::OWENFri Aug 16 1996Info needed on "complete" systems (Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion)
2634.01LUDWIG::MAOTTFri Aug 16 1996Help with AMI
2635.013SMAUG::CAMBRIAMon Aug 19 1996RAM vs Cache Re-Visited
2636.0CPEEDY::BRADLEYMon Aug 19 1996visualization/ocr sw needed
2637.03USCTR1::BUSHNELLTue Aug 20 1996DECStation 333 Configuration Problem
2638.01VELENO::MICHIELIWed Aug 21 1996Where to find a F.D. TMC-8xx in US or Europe?
2639.01LJSRV2::GOLDFARBWed Aug 21 1996Two questions - WPS files, DECstation 32
2640.06BIS1::MENZIESWed Aug 21 1996Does the CPU need a Heat-Sink
2641.03WRKSYS::PANNIThu Aug 22 1996Looking for Driver for Wangdat 32
2642.02RUSURE::EDPThu Aug 22 1996Exabyte's Eagle TR-3
2643.028WMOIS::TAYLOR_RFri Aug 23 1996low price digital camera?
2644.05BOOKS::RAPHAELSONFri Aug 23 1996Merging new & old drives?
2645.02TUXEDO::LEMMONSat Aug 24 1996rz57 termination jumper?
2646.09CPEEDY::BRADLEYMon Aug 26 1996convert .wmf files how
2647.012BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Aug 26 19962 IDE Connectors.....how many drives?
2648.014BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Aug 26 1996ISA vs PCI slots
2649.03THEMAX::HUDSON_MIMon Aug 26 1996Problem Formatting SCSI HDD's with DOS!
2650.03SMURF::TOMGTue Aug 27 1996General Questions
2651.04STAR::BRASSARDTue Aug 27 1996AMIBIOS 41-P4
2652.0JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MATue Aug 27 1996LK46W-AA/A2?
2653.02I4GET::HENNINGWed Aug 28 1996BEWARE prioris. Digital shafted us.
2654.03JGODCL::BLOEMENDALWed Aug 28 1996looking for technical info on burst cache
2655.014BSS::G_MCINTOSHThu Aug 29 1996Western Digital incompatible w/Acer?
2656.04SPSEG::BRAMSONThu Aug 29 1996ATI or STB video boards with "old" P5-6
2657.01POLAR::BOSWICKFri Aug 30 1996How to tell the performance of a CD
2658.0JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAFri Aug 30 1996ZIP1
2659.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Sep 01 1996Help, Hard drive problem!!
2660.04KISMIF::MARATue Sep 03 1996Printing Bit Map Files
2661.02HGOVC::DAVIDLEEWed Sep 04 1996DECpc 45
2662.01SIOG::CORCORANWed Sep 04 1996Pentium overdrive and Venturis...
2663.08PTOVAX::PEARLMANWed Sep 04 1996battery bad or not?
2665.06ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallWed Sep 04 1996Disk Problems with a new System
2666.06MQOU18::mqsp14.mqs.dec.com::S_CHARBONNEAThu Sep 05 1996Hinote CT475 HD greater than 5
2667.07HERON::KAISERThu Sep 05 1996Canon BJC-41
2668.0PCBUOA::WHITTALLFri Sep 06 1996System failure on CD addition
2669.01TUXEDO::FRIDAYFri Sep 06 1996Iomega SCSI adaptor card compatibility?
2670.030JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAFri Sep 06 1996The difference between P166 and P166overdrive
2671.05DECWIN::MOORESun Sep 08 1996Custom system in Nashua, Sitek Okay?
2672.06VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOMon Sep 09 1996Diferences between EDO and BEDO
2673.01ROMSLS::SAVARESEMon Sep 09 1996Problem printer Epson Stylus Color
2674.02COPSMon Sep 09 1996Portable printer - recommendations needed
2675.02POLAR::MAHANEYMon Sep 09 1996IBM PS/2 55sx
2676.0SMURF::CMEYERMon Sep 09 1996Power management problem
2677.039JHAXP::DECARTERETMon Sep 09 1996Electrical Interference/Monitor Flicker
2678.04BUMP::KGRIFFINTue Sep 10 1996Starion / Problem runnin NT
2679.03DELNI::SUAREZ_RTue Sep 10 1996Modem problem using Com1 port
2680.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONWed Sep 11 19961.6 GB IDE drive does not see whole disk.
2681.0+11JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAWed Sep 11 1996ZIP V5 tools now available.
2682.0NCMAIL::GRINCAVITCHWed Sep 11 1996AT&T 386 sx setup disk?
2683.08ORAREP::BOIKOWed Sep 11 1996EIDE HD/CD-ROM together - Perf problem?
2684.01AKOCOA::BERNIERWed Sep 11 1996can't get add printer icon to open
2685.03MFOIS1::TURCHIThu Sep 12 1996Canister question
2687.04IAGO::PROVENCALThu Sep 12 1996Does Digital donate equipment to non-profit groups (Schools)
2688.0NUBABA::FRACCHIAFri Sep 13 1996Game board for a Celebris GL ?
2689.09TUXEDO::FRIDAYFri Sep 13 1996SCSI termination problem???
2690.02TAVMon Sep 16 1996Problem with Sony CDU76 CD-ROM
2691.04LJSRV2::GOLDFARBMon Sep 16 1996Help needed with Promise EIDE and 4
2692.05RASVAX::ESTEKIMon Sep 16 1996Invalid TrueType in WFW
2693.0+9ZURTue Sep 17 1996Cyrix speed ?
2694.0OSOSPS::MINAMITue Sep 17 1996quicktopix on windows95
2695.02BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Sep 17 1996LPX 566 IRQ problems with WIN95.. HELP
2696.019HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Sep 18 1996opinions of CorelDraw 6?
2697.03SNOFS1::SHUMPETERWed Sep 18 1996Compton Encyclopedia Installation Problem
2698.0+21AIAG::SEGERWed Sep 18 1996My VRC16 died
2700.012MPGS::TUCKERWed Sep 18 19962.1 Gig Drives $195
2701.02PCBUOA::BAYJWed Sep 18 1996Web page graphics tools?
2702.01DABEAN::B_ROSEThu Sep 19 19963rd scsi is killing me
2703.06331Thu Sep 19 1996Need help on dual-boot, Win95
2704.07LUDWIG::RPAQUETTEThu Sep 19 1996Composite Video In/Out to PC
2705.0JULIET::capitn::HARRIS_MAThu Sep 19 1996EXABYE and PERTEC will offer DTA software upgrade...
2706.02UTROP1::GEERDES_BFri Sep 20 19965V vs 3.3V questions
2707.0MKODEV::PETROPHFri Sep 20 1996Looking for Starion promo
2708.0KERNEL::WITHALLGMon Sep 23 1996Which case for the INTEL Mercury Motherboard
2709.03UTROP1::GEERDES_BMon Sep 23 1996PS/2 mouse adapter with Supermicro MB
2710.04AIAG::SEGERMon Sep 23 1996another person looking for a color printer...
2711.023MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Sep 23 1996Basic comparison
2712.07STSDEV::GRAYTue Sep 24 1996IDE/SCSI Dual Boot - Possible?
2713.06PRMSTue Sep 24 1996DECpc XL + Matrox MYSTIQUE = problem
2714.02MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Sep 25 1996Setting up a new system
2715.01TEAMLK::poops.zko.dec.com::campkinThu Sep 26 1996Price list?
2716.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Sep 26 19962nd QUANTUM drive cannot be seen after rebuild
2717.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Sep 28 1996ZIP program available??
2718.02JGO::GERRITSENTue Oct 01 1996S3 928 PCI videocard problem
2719.03WARFUT::LEDGERDWed Oct 02 1996P12
2720.0HARMNY::PREISIGWed Oct 02 1996Problem (maybe) with matrox mystique card
2721.01HGOVC::YIUHUNGPANThu Oct 03 1996Pentium OverDrive Proccessor for LPX+ 466d2
2722.03BOOKS::RAPHAELSONFri Oct 04 1996Convert .ps or .pdf to .doc?
2723.04TNPUBS::CHIASSONFri Oct 04 1996SCSI card is at
2724.01MROA::MILESKIFri Oct 04 1996"Progman"
2725.0PHHSS1::KCALIDASSun Oct 06 1996? Experience with DirectWave ?
2726.02VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOMon Oct 07 1996Memory organization
2727.03BOOKS::RAPHAELSONMon Oct 07 1996Multiple sound cards for midi use?
2728.010DANGER::ARRIGHIMon Oct 07 1996Shows and OEM warranties.
2729.04--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 09 1996Looking for drivers for ScanMan
2730.05STAR::FURNANZWed Oct 09 1996"No SCSI logical drives to support" ??
2731.011BAGELS::OBRIENWed Oct 09 1996Need DM.exe from Western Digital
2732.03WMOIS::TAYLOR_RFri Oct 11 1996will EDO work on m/b
2733.04CASDOC::HEBERTFri Oct 11 1996Epson ZIP drive = IOMEGA ZIP drive
2734.0+8RUSURE::EDPMon Oct 14 1996Monitor and Keyboard Switches
2735.01ADISSW::FERRARAMon Oct 14 1996Incorrect DOS Version?
2736.01SMURF::BENTLEYTue Oct 15 1996Infinity PC
2737.02WRKSYS::THOMASWed Oct 16 1996CPU voltage?
2738.014VIVIAN::M_PATTENWed Oct 16 1996Speaker topic
2740.03VYGER::GIBSONJThu Oct 17 1996Corel looking for drive that's not there?
2741.0AIAG::SEGERThu Oct 17 1996help needed for AMBRA disk drive upgrade
2742.01GENRAL::TURCHECKThu Oct 17 1996HP 4
2743.04SPSEG::BRAMSONFri Oct 18 1996Cyrix Chip Incompatible with Matrox Millenium
2744.05MSBCS::MORINMon Oct 21 1996Cyrix P166+ and motherboard qestions ...
2745.04DANGER::ARRIGHIMon Oct 21 1996primary & extended partitions
2746.02CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Oct 21 1996Latest location of RZSPINUP?
2747.08BARNA::DSMAILTue Oct 22 199664 Mb memory SIMMS show only 16 Mb
2748.06MFOIS1::TURCHITue Oct 22 1996MARLE Intel Motherboard
2749.01AIAG::SEGERTue Oct 22 1996How do you tell if your video board is ok?
2750.03RSNC::BRUILTue Oct 22 1996IBM-ps2
2752.06XANADU::tubgun.zko.dec.com::TAMARA::poonWed Oct 23 1996Differences between Epson Stylus IIs and Stylus 2
2753.01STOWOA::ogodhcp-124-96-143.ogo.dec.com::nbuftonThu Oct 24 1996Diamond Stealth64 Video 22
2754.03STOWOA::ogodhcp-124-96-143.ogo.dec.com::nbuftonThu Oct 24 1996Intel Overdrive for Starion P6
2755.01STEVMS::CHENGThu Oct 24 1996help, window3.1 won't startup
2757.015POLAR::BOSWICKFri Oct 25 1996Cost of 5
2758.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOFri Oct 25 1996#9 GXE64pro video card $6
2759.05CSC32::D_PELTONENSun Oct 27 1996Any good service out there?
2760.02JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Oct 28 1996425i manuals wanted.
2761.09VYGER::GIBSONJMon Oct 28 1996Pulsing monitor problem?
2762.02ODIXIE::WALDENMon Oct 28 1996qms 21
2763.014WRKSYS::MORINMon Oct 28 1996Market for "Old" Pentium chips?
2764.04DRAGNS::ALTMANTue Oct 29 1996How to remove ProAudio 16?
2765.0NETCAD::BARENYSTue Oct 29 1996multiple PCMCIA networks card under WFW 3.11 (multiple boots)
2766.025XANADU::tubgun.zko.dec.com::TAMARA::poonTue Oct 29 1996Shopping for a 17" monitor.
2767.03GENRAL::TURCHECKTue Oct 29 1996DEC PC, Celebris GL 12
2768.03WHOSWed Oct 30 19964D (software pkg)
2769.03TIEFLY::kckid.zko.dec.com::coyleWed Oct 30 1996FAILURE FIXED DISK
2770.025SKYLAB::FISHERWed Oct 30 1996CPU Fan starts up noisy
2771.01SMURF::PBECKWed Oct 30 1996Context is everything
2772.05VYGER::GIBSONJThu Oct 31 1996The difference?
2773.011BAGELS::OBRIENThu Oct 31 1996IDE and SCSI
2774.0ODIXIE::WALDENThu Oct 31 1996qms 21
2775.0+3ROCK::STROPPAROThu Oct 31 1996Multi headed PC?
2776.08DANGER::YEEThu Oct 31 1996Need Pointer to Sony CD SETUP SW
2777.03DJMVAX::MCCULLERSThu Oct 31 1996AST Six-Pack Info
2778.04PROXY::DEFELIPPIFri Nov 01 1996Help: To see 2GB on Adaptec 1742
2779.03CHEFS::LOWESat Nov 02 1996IDE/Motherboard problem
2780.04PAMSRC::ARENDTMon Nov 04 1996pagefile.sys, can it be moved?
2781.01GUOVMon Nov 04 1996Can't see all my IDE disk space
2782.01CPEEDY::BRADLEYWed Nov 06 1996format of dos date in memory
2783.07WRKSYS::FRANTZThu Nov 07 1996Adding memory to a 433MP (Calyx)
2784.0WOTVAX::BOURNEJFri Nov 08 1996Landmark Speed program needed
2785.09LESREG::BRITTANFri Nov 08 1996Celebris 59
2786.0+6FIEVEL::FILGATESun Nov 10 1996FAT32 format
2787.0NPSS::WATERSMon Nov 11 1996tool to diagnose CD-ROM format? WinNT can't read SunOS software kit
2788.0NETRIX::"ftw@zk3.dec.com"Mon Nov 11 1996Not so novice networking question
2789.01STOSS1::DPROSETue Nov 12 1996need reveal CD drivers
2790.03WMOIS::TAYLOR_RTue Nov 12 1996input wanted on m/b ect.
2791.08PROXY::MOORETue Nov 12 1996Power supply fails to turn on.
2793.03SALEM::LEMIEUX_RWed Nov 13 1996.chk file
2794.05FREE::CAMBRIAWed Nov 13 1996Matching SCSI disks to controller capabilities?
2795.06KISMIF::MARAWed Nov 13 1996MS Office Set Up Problem ?
2796.0+15IJSAPL::ONDERWATERSat Nov 16 1996Large harddisks and BIOS support question
2797.05TDCISA::63935::DEGUILLAUMEMon Nov 18 1996DECpc 466D2LP and 54
2798.01WOTVAX::BANSALMon Nov 18 1996driver for hp66
2799.021WMOIS::TAYLOR_RTue Nov 19 1996Scsi scanner to Ide?
2800.07ASDG::DFIELDTue Nov 19 1996Need help with LARGE files
2801.020ROUTES::TEDESCOTue Nov 19 199625 pin SCSI?
2802.06VYGER::GIBSONJWed Nov 20 1996Is this a bios problem?
2803.04NETCAD::S_HARRISThu Nov 21 1996AMD's K5-PR133 $115
2804.01VIVIAN::P_MILNERThu Nov 21 1996Conner cp-3
2805.08VYGER::GIBSONJFri Nov 22 1996Another bios question?
2806.04NYOSS1::MOERLERSun Nov 24 1996Smoother Video from CD?
2807.03NETRIX::"Tucker@sbuhq.enet.dec.com"Sun Nov 24 1996Win95 MSdos Screen Garble
2808.0+22MEOCMon Nov 25 19963D Cards:Matrox or Diamond 3d?
2809.06PIETMon Nov 25 1996Problem recovering Windows
2810.03CADSYS::GROSSTue Nov 26 1996It seemed like a good idea at the time
2811.0+11BULEAN::BANKSWed Nov 27 1996Can't make anything faster than a P-9
2812.01STOWOA::WEBBERWed Nov 27 1996Laptop Sounds
2813.02KAOFS::S_BAINSWed Nov 27 1996Decpc more speed maybe!
2814.03NETCAD::S_HARRISThu Nov 28 1996NHL 97
2815.01SMURF::usr717.zko.dec.com::pbeckSun Dec 01 1996LaTeX to Postscript compiler?
2816.0--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 02 1996Looking for someone with a US telephone CD
2817.02WRKSYS::DEROSAMon Dec 02 1996Problem with DECcolorwriter
2818.05SPSEG::BRAMSONMon Dec 02 1996Flight Simulator 6.
2819.05BRAT::WAITTTue Dec 03 1996Logitech Marble? Any Opinions?
2820.02FREE::CAMBRIATue Dec 03 1996Anyone know specs on Seagate Hawk 2LP disk?
2821.01CARLSN::GASSERTWed Dec 04 1996service center sale
2822.08VYGER::GIBSONJWed Dec 04 1996Diamond Stealth v's Mach 64
2823.07POMPY::LESLIEFri Dec 06 1996Cable for PC to printer-switch box?
2824.03JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Dec 09 1996AMD K5-133 chips shipping at $1
2825.032EISVAX::RWICKERTTue Dec 10 1996Delorme's Tripmate GPS package
2826.016CONSLT::HITZTue Dec 10 1996UNdeletable, corrupted directory and filenames
2827.02CPEEDY::COOKWed Dec 11 1996Diagnostic to test L2 cache?
2828.01VYGER::GIBSONJWed Dec 11 1996Boot from hard disk????????????
2829.05PCBUOA::BAYJWed Dec 11 1996Software Etc. bites the big one
2830.01ECADSR::MBLAKEWed Dec 11 1996PC4XV-B2 - horiz freq adjust
2831.01SALEM::NEAULTThu Dec 12 1996Video confrencing HELP
2832.09SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Dec 12 1996Oilchange Software
2833.03TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Dec 12 1996No ICON appears when installing CBT on MTE
2834.017ADISSW::FERRARAThu Dec 12 1996Rockwell FaxModem?
2835.03BLULIT::WILLIAMSThu Dec 12 1996networking software needed
2836.027HERON::dhcp135.isc.vbe.dec.com::BEAUFri Dec 13 1996Intel, AMD or Cyrix? What to choose ?
2837.06CSC32::P_YOUNGMEYERFri Dec 13 1996Strange modem behavior!
2838.05TAVMon Dec 16 1996Problem with free disk space reporting
2839.0+25TAVMon Dec 16 1996System takes a vacation: 1
2840.03SCAMP::YURCAKMon Dec 16 1996upgrading and old PS2
2841.01POMPY::LESLIEMon Dec 16 1996AWE64
2842.02RICKS::PHIPPSTue Dec 17 1996Zydeco file organizer/manager?
2843.05NPSS::NEWFIELDTue Dec 17 1996donating old equipment - help...
2844.05EVER::GOODWINWed Dec 18 19965x86-12
2846.08IAMNRA::SULLIVANThu Dec 19 1996Cache chip and jumper information needed for a LPv+ 41
2847.05TNPUBS::MILGROMThu Dec 19 1996Advice re: PCs (DEC and Packard Bell)
2848.0FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 20 1996midi volume control?
2849.09ANNECY::HOTCHKISSFri Dec 20 1996screensavers
2850.0JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Dec 24 1996New SB16/32/64 Win-95 driver available...
2851.02DZIGN::HABERThu Dec 26 1996RZ28 visible in NT but not in DOS
2852.07TALLIS::SALTZFri Dec 27 1996Help getting PC325 booting from floppy
2853.09FIEVEL::FILGATESun Dec 29 1996video card uses an interrupt?!
2854.02AIAG::SEGERSun Dec 29 1996Bad battery in motherboard?
2855.02USDEV::CLEMENTMon Dec 30 1996Vision Technologies Computers
2856.010NETCAD::BARENYSMon Dec 30 1996RZ28 and 68-pin connector
2857.04CADSYS::GROSSThu Jan 02 1997Mouse hardware problem?
2858.06VYGER::GIBSONJMon Jan 06 1997Is CD ROM DEAD?
2859.08GEMGRP::BRENDERTue Jan 07 1997Can't format floppy, drive otherwise OK?
2860.0+10GEMGRP::BRENDERWed Jan 08 1997Where to find replacement power supply fan?
2861.0FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Jan 08 1997Tyan Tomcat I / ActionTech DataBook card drive are incompatable
2862.04PROXY::DEFELIPPIWed Jan 08 1997PCXHF-AA modem contents question
2863.0+9HELIX::WELLCOMEThu Jan 09 1997Celebris XL 59
2864.0+11TNPUBS::MARKThu Jan 09 1997Can't connect LN
2865.09JULIET::HARRIS_MAThu Jan 09 1997Fry's is coming to a town near you...
2866.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Jan 10 1997KingByte proprietary interface for external CDs
2867.010ogodhcp-125-128-86.ogo.dec.com::LYONSFri Jan 10 1997Defect in Active-matrix Screen?
2868.05OHFSS1::STREKFri Jan 10 1997Bad CPU?
2869.05VYGER::GIBSONJMon Jan 13 1997128
2870.05SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Jan 13 1997Netscape 4.
2871.06VARDAF::CHURCHTue Jan 14 1997Getting into the bios to verify/set...
2872.02SMURF::TOMGTue Jan 14 1997Disk Problems Following Restart
2873.0LJSRV2::16.2Tue Jan 14 1997Misc Stuff for sale
2874.03STOWOA::WEBBERTue Jan 14 1997Shadows on My Icons
2875.01PROXY::DEFELIPPIWed Jan 15 1997Jumper on Palomino MB (Starion/Venturis)
2876.0+51BRITE::FYFEWed Jan 15 1997Pentium motherboard comparisons
2877.0+8ACISS2::BEJCEKFri Jan 17 1997Should EIDE card be ISA or VESA?
2878.0TUXEDO::FRIDAYMon Jan 20 1997Problem with MAXTOR 3.5G disk on Starion 942
2879.0+13SSDEVO::ASTORMon Jan 20 1997Plug and Play problem
2880.0+3IROCZ::NATUSCHTue Jan 21 1997PointCast Problems
2881.0+14ARAFAT::ASUNDQVISTTue Jan 21 1997Venturis (Palomino+ Motherboard) and Matrox Mystique
2882.0+10ADISSW::FERRARATue Jan 21 1997Going from Monochrome to Color Monitor?
2883.03STOWOA::WEBBERTue Jan 21 1997Code 24 Printer Port Problem
2884.04NETRIX::"tom@altavista.digital.com"Tue Jan 21 1997Venturis FX 5166, DE45
2885.0+32QUARK::LIONELTue Jan 21 1997Official TurboTax note for tax year 1996
2886.0WOTVAX::HILTONWed Jan 22 1997Which system is faster?
2887.0+8STAR::VAN_ERONWed Jan 22 1997memory simm true vs. logic
2888.0+7ASDG::SETTLEMYERWed Jan 22 1997adding new drive w/o DDO in system with drive with DDO
2889.0+14SLOAN::HOMWed Jan 22 1997MMX chips worth it?
2890.0+2HYDRA::PASHAPOURThu Jan 23 1997WIN95 drivers for DEC PCI Fast Ethernet DECchip 21142?
2891.0 *+9BRITE::FYFEFri Jan 24 1997What are ATA-33 Extensions ???
2892.0 *+5WRKSYS::INGRAHAMSun Jan 26 1997Windows crashes when reading B:
2893.0 * Jan 28 1997Help, copy of 3-D furniture diskette is bad....
2894.0 *+3NPSS::PARETue Jan 28 1997Help on REVEAL CD Compatibility
2895.0 *+1VYGER::KIRKPATRICKITue Jan 28 1997DECpc 433 and replacement Cirrus video card
2896.0 *+2DAVIDF::FOXTue Jan 28 1997Upgraded DECstation 325c and Win '95
2897.0 *+3OSLWed Jan 29 1997turn off click on LK25
2898.0 *+8AYOV2Wed Jan 29 1997Joystick on a laptop .??
2899.0 *+1ULYS::DENEEFWed Jan 29 1997Celebris/Venturis GL with adaptec 294
2900.0 *+8BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Jan 31 1997Creating bootable DOS with network??
2901.0 *+23TAEC::SMITHFri Jan 31 1997The Route to the Bios
2902.0 *+1fievel.shr.dec.com::FILGATEFri Jan 31 1997Does DEC sell an IR add on for the desktop machine?
2903.0 *+5JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Feb 03 1997Freeware DMI browser?
2904.0 *+10CPCOD::CODYThu Feb 06 1997Problems Printing on Dell Computer
2905.0 *+2KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 06 1997USB connector faceplate wanted
2906.0 *DEVMKO::WATERMANThu Feb 06 1997system reboots on it's own after new drive install
2907.0 *+5IOSG::HARDIEFri Feb 07 1997Strange floppy problems under Windows95.
2908.0 *+1SHRCTR::WADAMSFri Feb 07 1997WNT4.
2909.0 *+2SMURF::FENSTERFri Feb 07 1997What are the correct cables for the sony/panasonic/mitsumi cdroms ?
2910.0 *+4ZPOVC::MONTYWONGFri Feb 07 1997MMX qualify for Digital Desktops?
2911.0 *+1PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun Feb 09 1997looking for CD-R 4W and 6R
2912.0 *+7BRITE::FYFEMon Feb 10 1997PCI replacements for traditional ISA applications ....
2913.0 *SPSEG::BRAMSONMon Feb 10 1997Monster 3D & Orchid Righteous 3D
2914.0 *+2AYOV2Mon Feb 10 1997Modem Mayhem
2915.0 *SCASS1::GRESSMon Feb 10 1997shares being disconnected - TCPKEEPALIVE?
2916.0 *+17STAR::PITCHERThu Feb 13 1997Shocks from my PC!
2917.0 *+3STOWOA::WEBBERThu Feb 13 1997Driver File 174
2918.0 *+3FABSIX::M_OTTThu Feb 13 1997Help with TCP/IP
2919.0 *+335772::TOKARThu Feb 13 1997nt 4.
2920.0 *+3WRKSYS::THOMASFri Feb 14 1997Problem with system freezing up
2921.0 *+11SOLVIT::ALLEN_RFri Feb 14 1997Biostar motherboard MB-8433UUD problem
2922.0 *+18BBQ::WOODWARDCMon Feb 17 1997BIOS loses settings
2923.0 *AYOV2Mon Feb 17 1997Flightsim Bloooz !!
2924.0 *+2MINOTR::BANCROFTMon Feb 17 1997DEC 42
2925.0 *+13ICS::CHRISBELLTue Feb 18 1997Info on NCR81
2926.0 *+4ARAFAT::ASUNDQVISTWed Feb 19 1997Color Temperature of PCXCV-AC
2927.0 *+4TSTDES::MICHAUDThu Feb 20 1997Adaptec/Toshiba CDROM drivers available??
2928.0 *PGREEN::HAYESIMon Feb 24 1997Info. and queries about LPv cache upgrade
2929.0 *+3HLFSMon Feb 24 1997PCI graphics controller(PBXGA-AA/AN)
2930.0 *+4DPPSYS::RAEBURNMon Feb 24 1997BIOS upgrade on Venturis 575e
2931.0 *+1TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Feb 24 1997DECpc 42
2932.0 *+5TALLIS::KOCHTue Feb 25 1997Pentium underdrive
2933.0 *+8WONDER::CASABONATue Feb 25 1997autostart of .avi files?
2934.0 *+6ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Feb 26 1997BIOS Upgrade for 'old' DEC LP?
2935.0 *+12NETRIX::"raphaelson@books.enet.dec.com"Thu Feb 27 1997SB 32 DMAs - why 2?
2936.0 *+5RASVAX::ESTEKISat Mar 01 1997Keyboard Lock Error
2937.0 *+12PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon Mar 03 1997connecting sound card - cable required?
2938.0 *+4SMURF::TOMGMon Mar 03 1997Upgrade Processor/Caching Question
2939.0 *+5DABEAN::B_ROSEMon Mar 03 1997Celebris XL CPU Upgrades
2940.0 *XAPPL::DEVRIESTue Mar 04 1997backpack parallel port tape backup + 2 tapes
2941.0 *+9CSC32::R_IVERSTue Mar 04 1997Need help with Scholar PLUS modem
2942.0 *+9ICS::CHRISBELLWed Mar 05 1997Dial in with FX number
2943.0 *+2FREE::CAMBRIAThu Mar 06 1997Computer Desks?
2944.0 *+3SMURF::FENSTERSat Mar 08 1997Accessing a MS Access database on NT from a program on Digital Unix
2945.0 *fievel.shr.dec.com::FILGATESun Mar 09 1997MS Schedule Plus usage
2946.0 *+2TANDA::AldrichMon Mar 10 1997Big hard drives for the Ultra Question...
2947.0 *+17CPEEDY::BRADLEYMon Mar 10 1997new memory, some programs fail
2948.0 *JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Mar 11 1997How to install OSR2 on top of existing WIN95
2949.0 *+2ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 12 1997Upgrade FX CPU from 166 to 2
2950.0 *+5NPSS::PAREThu Mar 13 1997GPF when exiting MSWORD, EXCEL?
2951.0 *+7KEEF::PETERSFri Mar 14 1997DOS 6.2 MEMMAKER fails
2952.0 *AVANT::CHOUMon Mar 17 1997partition table
2953.0 *FREEBE::NEARYTue Mar 18 19975
2953.0 *+11NPSS::PAREWed Mar 19 1997Command to re-boot PC?
2954.0 *+12BULEAN::BANKSWed Mar 19 1997Problems with an NEC CD-Changer and NT v4.
2955.0 *+6NETRIX::"Tom@"Wed Mar 19 1997How to convert a PDF file to Windows word file.
2956.0 *+4CSC32::R_IVERSThu Mar 20 1997Need info on ES-1868 sound card
2957.0 *+3NETRIX::"wold@pa.dec.com"Thu Mar 20 1997networking problem: Windows95 on Celebris GL62
2958.0 *+3CSC32::R_IVERSFri Mar 21 1997Modem xfer speed question
2959.0 *+7ACISS2::LEECHMon Mar 24 1997Diamond Stealth 3
2961.0 *+10HELIX::WELLCOMETue Mar 25 1997Source compare program available?
2962.0 *SPSEG::BRAMSONWed Mar 26 1997<AWE64 not for Cyrix- at least for now>
2963.0 *+18TLE::BOOTHWed Mar 26 1997CDROM drive repeatedly accesses PhotoCDs
2964.0 *+1DABEAN::NEARYWed Mar 26 1997cross-posted in MODEMS NOTESFILE
2965.0 *+12HGOM11::LAWRENCEWed Mar 26 1997Inkjet ink differences?
2966.0 *+6LEEDS::JOHNThu Mar 27 1997how to clone your W95 system disk
2967.0 *+7OGBON::GORDONFri Mar 28 1997keeping serial mouse active?
2968.0 *+11ALFSS2::MITCHAM_AFri Mar 28 1997Memory cause motherboard problems?
2969.0 *+8FREE::CAMBRIAFri Mar 28 1997Can't use entire 2.1gig?
2970.0 *+2LEXSS1::JOHNHCSun Mar 30 1997Monorail
2971.0 *+7AXEL::FOLEYMon Mar 31 1997S3 928 PCI video bitmap corruption?
2972.0 *+10JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Mar 31 1997Watch this space. AMD Pentium replacement w/MMX. Announced!
2973.0 *+2CGOOA::OWONGWed Apr 02 1997How does Iomega ZIP drive protection work?
2974.0 *+4FORTY2::DALLASWed Apr 02 1997Can I run 2 virus checkers together?
2975.0 *SIOG::CORCORANThu Apr 03 1997user disk for DecPC 466d2 DT please....
2976.0 *+7SLOAN::HOMThu Apr 03 1997Synchronizing Netscape
2977.0 *+20SIOG::CORCORANFri Apr 04 1997need user disk for DecPC466d2 DT PLEASE!
2978.0 *WOTVAX::HILTONFri Apr 04 1997Multi-syncs with Briefcase
2979.0 *+5RSNC::BRUILMon Apr 07 1997Secondary IDE boot ?
2980.0 *+8FABSIX::J_SADINMon Apr 07 1997WIN95 clock won't change from AM to PM!
2981.0 *+10THUNDA::STRUCKTue Apr 08 1997Recycling place for Monitors?
2982.0 *+7BOOKS::RAPHAELSONWed Apr 09 1997New Blue Lightening Q's
2983.0 *+12SAPPHO::DUBOISWed Apr 09 1997Photos and Color Printers
2984.0 *+4FREE::CAMBRIAThu Apr 10 1997Q] Extend existing SCSI2 chain or buy new cable?
2985.0 *+1TNPUBS::MARKFri Apr 11 1997PCI slot not recognized.
2986.0 *+3TUXEDO::FRIDAYFri Apr 11 1997UMAX S-6E and Iomega SCSI card?
2987.0 *+4TUXEDO::FRIDAYMon Apr 14 1997Help unwedge my system
2988.0 *+11IRNBRU::LITTLETue Apr 15 1997Trashed my SCSI drive?
2989.0 *+8RICKS::WINDNAGLETue Apr 15 1997HD not recognized by OS
2990.0 *+6BLAZER::MIKELISTue Apr 15 1997How to record audio from the pc's CDROM
2991.0 *+12TOSSUB::CONDOWed Apr 16 1997rx26 compatibility
2992.0 *+3LANDO::CHEWThu Apr 17 1997Diskette drive no longer seen
2993.0 *+3ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::angst.zko.dec.com::marshallMon Apr 21 1997SIMM id requested
2994.0 *+1CXOSI::TEJAMon Apr 21 1997PC won't boot
2995.0 *+3JGODCL::BLOEMENDALMon Apr 21 1997win 3.11 driver for star lc 1
2996.0 *+21VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOTue Apr 22 1997Help needed with WORD 97
2997.0 *+3SNOFS2::JEYACHANDRANThu Apr 24 1997"operating system not found" Missing partition.
2998.0 *WONDER::CASABONAThu Apr 24 1997EISA address map needed...
2999.0 *PCBUOA::KRATZTue Apr 29 19973D benchmarks
3000.0 *+4BOOKS::RAPHAELSONTue Apr 29 199735MM Express and PXII?
3001.0 *+3APACHE::ROYWed Apr 30 1997Microphone Question
3002.0 *+6CSCMA::MACVICARWed Apr 30 1997Trying to Fdisk and format c:
3003.0 *CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AFri May 02 1997H/W Ring detect support on serial ports on DEC PCs of all ages?
3004.0 *+1WOOK::tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::readSat May 03 1997Extract Text from PageMaker PM6 file ??
3005.0 *+5MIASYS::BONNEAUMon May 05 1997Sending escape sequences to HP Laser Jet (4P)
3007.0 *+1CSC32::DEBRITOMon May 05 1997Recommendations for ComputerGate
3008.0 *GRUFFY::ZAHORAThu May 08 1997Award BIOS PNP (ESCD?) problem with modem
3009.0 *+4SANITY::LEMONSMon May 12 1997Evergreen Technologies CPU upgrades
3010.0 *+3PROXY::DEFELIPPITue May 13 1997LN
3011.0 *+2CPEEDY::BRADLEYThu May 15 1997netware virus, ODS, recovery
3012.0 *+4ANNECY::HOTCHKISSTue May 20 1997random sound cut off
3013.0 *+7STRATA::LPIPERThu May 22 1997display changes width, a little!
3014.0 *+2OGOPW1:: May 23 1997Front Panel connector pinout for DECpc 433dx LPx
3015.0 *+4MILKWY::DBROWNSat May 24 1997PC Medic: non-compatible drive
3016.0 *+2CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun May 25 1997Invalid VxD dynamic link??
3017.0 *+12PCBUOA::DESHARNAISTue May 27 1997speach-to-text software
3018.0 *+3SPSEG::BRAMSONThu May 29 1997Drive Letters and Windows 95
3019.0 *+2HYLNDR::BADGERFri May 30 1997mouse pad transfers
3020.0 *+6NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOFri May 30 1997Employee discount for AMD processors?
3021.0 *+3CSC32::R_IVERSSun Jun 01 1997Celebris 486 BIOS upgrade!
3022.0 *+1VYGER::GIBSONJMon Jun 02 1997Write to CD in STEREO?
3023.0 *+1GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Jun 02 1997AutoCAD release 13/14 conversion needed