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Conference turris::ada

Title:DEC Ada
Notice:Ada is no longer a trademark of the US Government
Created:Mon Jan 27 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3874
Total number of notes:16668
Number with bodies:255
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1.03ORPHAN::BRETTTue Dec 04 1984Elaboration
2.03ORPHAN::BRETTTue Dec 04 1984Availability
3.03ANIARA::WESTBECKWed Dec 05 1984How much of APSE ?
4.015RAINBW::STRATTONThu Dec 06 1984Documentation
6.05GVAFri Dec 07 1984Advantages of ADA
7.01BARTOK::BARABASHFri Dec 07 1984Installation question
8.025SUMMIT::GRIFFINTue Dec 11 1984Dynamic allocation questions
9.02BARTOK::BARABASHWed Dec 12 1984INput parameters
10.09GRDIAN::MEIERWed Dec 12 1984private hiding
11.06SYBIL::STANSBURYFri Dec 14 1984Macros
12.07GRDIAN::MEIERThu Dec 20 1984overload assignent operator
13.016PULMAN::MACKMon Dec 31 1984Twenty questions (actually only
14.0ORPHAN::MITCHELLFri Jan 04 1985Ada Network Kit
15.07KUDZU::BOUKNIGHTFri Jan 04 1985Package For SMG
16.03GRDIAN::MEIERMon Jan 07 1985extended help file for ADA/LSED
17.01GRDIAN::MEIERMon Jan 07 1985cross reference support
18.02VNAFCC::DAVIDWed Jan 09 1985
19.06KUDZU::BOUKNIGHTThu Jan 10 1985ADA Package Library
20.08GRDIAN::MEIERFri Jan 11 19858 bit characters
21.0VNAFCC::DAVIDSun Jan 13 1985.RNO file for a FLIP book ?
22.014XENON::STANSBURYMon Jan 14 1985What is DIANA?
23.08KUDZU::BOUKNIGHTMon Jan 14 1985MSG Identifiers
24.04SPIDER::KEANEMon Jan 14 1985Some trouble getting started
25.05BEANO::WELSHTue Jan 15 1985DIANA, IL and retargetting
26.01BEANO::WELSHWed Jan 16 1985Can you add CMS or MMS to ACS?
28.03ULTRA::CHASEFri Jan 25 1985Ada Development Plan
29.05SWIFT::WELSHThu Jan 31 1985"How much of APSE" revisited
30.03ATOFri Mar 08 1985What is status of new LRM etc.
31.07SUMMIT::GRIFFINWed Mar 13 1985Ed Services Course?
32.07ORPHAN::MITCHELLWed Mar 13 1985Ada V1.
33.01ATLAST::CHURINTue Mar 19 1985T1.
34.03WR1FOR::DONALDSHAWed Mar 20 1985.exe moved??
35.0TRON::WARWICKFri Mar 22 1985Saving space on system disk
36.0STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
37.01ORPHAN::MITCHELLMon Mar 25 1985VAX Ada Doc set
38.03TAVTue Mar 26 1985ACS, RECOMPILE & Switches
39.02USHSThu Mar 28 1985ADA fails to signal EXCEPTION
40.04SWIFT::WELSHMon Apr 01 1985Tasking performance
41.029GWEN::LUGRINThu Apr 04 1985ADA and 8 bits character sets
42.011BEANO::WELSHFri Apr 05 1985Some customer inputs
43.0MLOKAI::MACKMon Apr 08 1985SDL --> ADA
44.05GYCSC1::THOMASWed Apr 10 1985pragma TASK_STORAGE
45.01WR1FOR::DONALDSHAWed Apr 10 1985real time ada
46.06GYCSC1::THOMASMon Apr 15 1985Passing by DESCRIPTOR
47.03SPIDER::KEANETue Apr 16 1985CDDSHR mismatch?
48.05SUMMIT::RDFWed Apr 17 1985ADA doc set arrives
49.01GYCSC1::THOMASThu Apr 25 1985INLINE code expansion
50.0LATOUR::AMARTINMon Apr 29 1985Monosson on Vax Ada
51.02GYCSC1::THOMASThu May 02 1985IO and EXCEPTIONS
52.01GYCSC1::THOMASThu May 02 1985Questions/Feedback
53.02GYCSC1::THOMASFri May 03 1985Ada Congress Munich
54.04GYCSC1::THOMASMon May 06 1985TYPEs, SUBTYPEs, .....
55.04ZURFCC::MANDACHWed May 08 1985Ichbiah,Barnes Seminar in CH
56.03GYCSC1::THOMASFri May 10 1985DIAGNOSTICS bug !?
57.02VICKI::JAZAYERITue May 14 1985Ada-related News (Please add)
58.04USRCV1::VUKMERDWed May 15 1985Symbol Table Stucture
59.01GYCSC1::THOMASMon May 20 1985Problem notes file ?
60.01ORPHAN::LIONELWed May 29 1985VAXELN Ada Phase
61.01SPEEDY::LIONELMon Jun 10 1985VAXELN Ada notesfile
62.0ORPHAN::MITCHELLTue Jun 11 1985V1.1 VAX Ada field test kit avai
63.0WR1FOR::DONALDSHAWed Jun 12 1985experience with ADA/CMS?
64.03WER521::BASSETTThu Jun 13 1985ADA Workstation?
65.06GVAIC3::SCHERRERSun Jun 16 1985Paris -- Ada Int. Conference
66.03MLOKAI::MACKTue Jun 18 1985How to fill IDENT field?
67.03LATOUR::RMEYERSTue Jun 18 1985Coding Standards Notesfile
69.01MLOKAI::MACKFri Jun 21 1985Trouble with FORM (<file>)
70.06BABEL::LIONELWed Jun 26 1985VAX Ada Prevalidation
71.04MLOKAI::MACKWed Jun 26 1985Access types & foreign routines
72.01BABEL::MITCHELLFri Jun 28 1985VAX Ada V2.
73.05ADVAX::A_VESPERTue Jul 02 1985Overloading Variables?
74.02BEANO::WELSHWed Jul 03 1985Bullets from Paris Conference
75.013MLOKAI::MACKMon Jul 08 1985Signal arguments?
76.02GYCSC1::THOMASWed Jul 10 1985Foreign modules in ACS
77.01GYCSC1::THOMASFri Jul 12 1985ADA V1.
78.02ORPHAN::CONTITue Jul 16 1985A DEBUG command file for Ada
79.03MLOKAI::MACKTue Jul 16 1985Pointer->Volatile Pointer->Data
80.07MLOKAI::MACKWed Jul 17 1985Generic package bombs
82.04WR1FOR::DONALDSHAFri Jul 19 1985config microvax for ada
83.01GYCSC1::THOMASTue Jul 23 1985sequential_mixed_io
84.010GYCSC1::THOMASWed Jul 24 1985FILE_TYPE <=> FAB_TYPE
85.03GYCSC1::THOMASMon Jul 29 1985GET, GET_LINE,...?
86.07KIM::SHAPIROMon Jul 29 1985buffered input (Yech!)
87.022KIM::SHAPIROTue Aug 06 1985Targeting small CPU's
88.04GYCSC1::THOMASThu Aug 08 1985exit
89.0ORPHAN::LIONELThu Aug 08 1985SIGADA Trip Report
90.0GYCSC1::THOMASFri Aug 09 1985OPCODE reserved to DEC
92.09SPEEDY::BRETTMon Aug 12 1985'85 Validation in Progress
93.02KLOVTue Aug 20 1985Novice help
95.02ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTSat Aug 24 1985how totell a bug is fixed
96.017BEANO::WELSHThu Aug 29 1985Generated code and performance
97.07MLOKAI::MACKFri Aug 30 1985ADA Performance Problems
98.03GOLD::FORBESWed Sep 04 1985"ADA context-switching"??
99.05WR1FOR::DONALDSHAThu Sep 05 1985Digital APSE
100.01LITE::HENDRENFri Sep 06 1985status of v1.1
101.04SPYDER::HUGHESTue Sep 10 1985ADA Rolling Demo
102.06MLOKAI::MACKWed Sep 11 1985Subprogram too large...
103.05OSLFri Sep 13 1985Time slicing and task activatio
104.04GVAMon Sep 16 1985An FMS package ???
105.05BARTOK::BARABASHThu Sep 26 1985Rumor: No Intermetrics Ada?
106.0OSLTue Oct 01 1985smg$set_broadcast_trap
107.02BEANO::WELSHWed Oct 02 1985Equality of arrays?
108.013SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Oct 02 1985SDT and ADA
109.05MLOKAI::MACKThu Oct 03 1985Using init routine in pkg body?
110.09SPAGS::GRIFFINFri Oct 04 1985Usage ?: Access to static dstru
111.03WER521::MARSHALLWed Oct 09 1985ACMS and Ada?
112.03OSLThu Oct 10 1985INDEXED_IO variable records
113.010BEANO::WELSHMon Oct 14 1985Ada and Vaxstation II
114.01EIFFEL::MITCHELLThu Oct 17 1985VAX Ada V1.2 Field Test Kit
115.0ELKTRA::SIEBOLDFri Oct 18 1985Ada(r) Marketing Guide
116.01ELKTRA::SIEBOLDFri Oct 18 1985code sharing generics ?
117.02ELUDOM::LIONELFri Oct 18 1985VAXELN Ada Phase 2 Review
118.012SPAGS::GRIFFINMon Oct 21 1985DECnet task-to-task
119.017SPAGS::GRIFFINWed Oct 23 1985CLI$ package?
120.06SPAGS::GRIFFINSat Oct 26 1985Overloading and param names
121.01BEANO::WELSHTue Oct 29 1985Optimization and pragmas
122.04BEANO::WELSHTue Oct 29 1985How long can you freeze version
123.03SPAGS::GRIFFINTue Oct 29 1985Linked-list package review
124.07LEROUF::WYMANSat Nov 02 1985? GRAPHER Package ??
125.02LEROUF::WYMANMon Nov 04 1985ADA Action Routines...
126.02COMET::PALOMon Nov 04 1985Ada BUGS!!!!!
127.06SPAGS::GRIFFINTue Nov 05 1985Text/VS package?
128.04SPAGS::GRIFFINTue Nov 05 1985LIB$SPAWN access violation!?!
129.03SPAGS::GRIFFINFri Nov 08 1985SUBPROCESS_IO package
130.04MLOKAI::MACKMon Nov 11 1985Problems making release lib?
131.02SPEEDY::LIONELTue Nov 12 1985VAXELN Ada FT kit available
132.05--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 13 1985shareble images in ADA
133.06BEANO::WELSHWed Nov 13 1985Validation certificates
134.01ELKTRA::SIEBOLDWed Nov 13 1985Package or Conversion ?
135.010HANOI::LIONELWed Nov 13 1985Using VIA products with Ada
136.02BIZET::VANROGGENThu Nov 14 1985Ada in Ada?
137.0VAXUUM::DYERThu Nov 14 1985DoD Dumping Ada?
138.03SPAGS::GRIFFINTue Nov 19 1985V2 Request: Compilation Counts
139.04TROPPO::ANDERSONWed Nov 27 1985PUT'ing DURATION value?
140.02SEENA1::LUGRINSun Dec 01 1985Address of Alsys ?
141.04BABEL::MITCHELLMon Dec 02 1985V1.2 Net kit available
142.014TROPPO::ANDERSONMon Dec 02 1985Ada textbooks?
143.011SCFAC::PEIRCETue Dec 03 1985Ada Pretty Printer?
144.0PISA::LIONELTue Dec 03 1985Fall 1985 SIGADA Trip Report
145.0ELUDOM::LIONELFri Dec 06 1985VAX Ada Technical Summary
146.04DV78Wed Dec 11 1985REFERENCE SITES
147.06TROPPO::ANDERSONThu Dec 12 1985Look at Ada programs?
148.01MLOKAI::MACKSat Dec 14 1985Ada Professionalism?
149.07SPEEDY::BRETTSat Dec 14 1985Ada, not ADA
150.0SPEEDY::BRETTMon Dec 16 1985VAX Notes, the Move. Eh?
151.05TROPPO::ANDERSONWed Dec 18 1985QIOW IO_ACCESS P2 filespec?
152.02NEDVAX::WILLIAMSONThu Dec 26 1985H E L P !! ADA/RDB
153.05SCFAC::PEIRCEFri Jan 03 1986Bug checks
154.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 09 1986FIXED_IO ?
155.0SPEEDY::MITCHELLThu Jan 09 1986Conversion to VAX Notes
156.03SKYLRK::HAZELMon Jan 13 1986distributed ada development
157.02NAAD::HEARNSTue Jan 14 1986GET for real numbers
158.02COMET::PALOTue Jan 14 1986SDC for V1.2?
159.03SCFAC::PEIRCEThu Jan 16 1986Ada Tasking Question
160.04TROPPO::ANDERSONFri Jan 17 1986Arrays in memory by row?
161.03OEDPUS::SIEBOLDMon Jan 20 1986Ada V1.2-15 and VMS V4.4 ??
162.04BEANO::WELSHWed Jan 22 1986Program bugchecks V1.1
163.0COMET::PALOWed Jan 22 1986ada-infor clearinghouse
164.012COMET2::PALOWed Jan 22 1986pragma IDENT?
165.03TAVThu Jan 23 1986big cust list u.s.a.
166.02TLE::LIONELMon Jan 27 1986This conference reconverted
168.03BLITZN::PALOTue Feb 04 1986Functions & Derived Types.
169.02YIPPEE::DENISWed Feb 05 1986Help to learn Ada
170.02CUJO::WEBERFri Feb 07 1986Exception question
171.03TLE::BRETTMon Feb 10 1986The Red Language...
172.03TLE::LIONELMon Feb 10 1986Validation Certificate Received (finally)!
173.04CUJO::WEBERWed Feb 12 1986I/O Performance Question
174.0TLE::LIONELThu Feb 13 1986VAXELN Ada Phase 3 Review
175.03STKSWS::KSVENSSONFri Feb 14 1986Record containing variant part
176.03BLITZN::PALOMon Feb 17 1986ACS>SHO PROG and come back tomorrow!
177.06MUNTue Feb 18 1986ADA training
178.05BLITZN::PALOTue Feb 18 1986LINK/CROSS -- needs something...
179.02MLOKAI::MACKTue Feb 18 1986Does INLINE solve this problem?
180.010GVAIC3::SCHERRERWed Feb 19 1986Whetstone benchmarks
181.09SCFAC::PEIRCEThu Feb 20 1986Looking for CLI$ package...
183.04OSLSun Feb 23 1986How to do it in Ada?
184.011MLOKAI::MACKMon Feb 24 1986Internal Error. QAR it?
186.05LITE::HENDRENTue Mar 04 1986will gks work with 1.2?
187.0GVAIC3::SCHERRERTue Mar 04 1986Generic VMS Dynamic String Package Wanted
188.0COMET2::PALOFri Mar 07 1986Show your salt, DEC! Be a sponsor.
189.02GVAIC2::JRSThu Mar 13 1986Bug with lib$set_logical ??
190.01OSLCSC::OLAVWed Mar 19 1986Type checking and compiler action
191.01SKYLRK::HAZELWed Mar 19 1986Package TASKING_SERVICES???
192.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed Mar 19 1986Fault tolerant offering at NORDEN
193.01VNAFri Mar 21 1986Can I recompile STARLET_.ADC ??
194.03OSLCSC::OLAVSat Mar 22 1986Type casting
195.01CSSE32::SIEBOLDMon Mar 24 1986MIL 1815 <=> MIL 1815A
196.01TROPPO::ANDERSONMon Mar 24 1986Variant records and efficiency?
198.05OSLCSC::OLAVWed Mar 26 1986Generic sort package
199.02SKYLRK::HAZELWed Mar 26 1986process to process data sharing?
200.01DSSDEV::STANSBURYThu Mar 27 1986Validated Ada Compilers
201.02VNAFCC::DAVIDThu Mar 27 1986Elaboration of packages in shared images?
202.03VNAFCC::DAVIDFri Mar 28 1986What has ACS V2.
203.01FNYFS::ESCOTTue Apr 01 1986CROSS COMPIL. 86
204.06SPYDER::WELSHTue Apr 01 1986Machine readable Ada Tech Summary?
205.014VNAFCC::DAVIDWed Apr 02 1986BB-Tree?
206.03VNAWed Apr 02 1986Which zone for which type??
207.09MLOKAI::MACKWed Apr 02 1986Dynamic strings, again
208.08DSSDEV::SAUTERWed Apr 02 1986Garbage Collector
209.01STKSWS::KSVENSSONMon Apr 07 1986Generic instantiation
210.07MLOKAI::MACKMon Apr 07 1986Dangerous programming practices
211.0VNAMon Apr 07 1986Request for a BTREE Package
212.01TLE::LIONELMon Apr 07 1986Obfuscated Ada Code Contest
213.010SPYDER::WELSHTue Apr 08 1986Cooperative or non-cooperative scheduling?
214.0BLITZN::PALOThu Apr 10 1986Tasking/rendevous
215.02BLITZN::PALOThu Apr 10 1986AST_ENTRY question
216.06VNAEIS::KUBELKAThu Apr 10 1986JSR versus CALLS
217.06MDVAX3::STEIBThu Apr 10 1986ADA and ACS and LSEDIT???
218.01ODIXIE::COLEFri Apr 11 1986We need help!
219.05SNOV17::DUINMon Apr 14 1986Telesoft Ada versus VAX Ada
220.03GVAIC3::SCHERRERMon Apr 14 1986Ada / SQL
221.015SCFAC::PEIRCETue Apr 15 1986Trying to hide
222.05SCFAC::ALVIDREZTue Apr 15 1986Artie's Ada Bug
223.0SKYLRK::HAZELTue Apr 15 1986Vax Performance - Ada
224.06SKYLRK::HAZELTue Apr 15 1986Apollo-Verdix Ada?
225.05GVAIC3::SCHERRERWed Apr 16 1986ACS <--> VAX Librarian
226.01KATIE::COOKThu Apr 17 1986Ada requirements (!)
227.06RHETT::LUENSER_PFri Apr 18 1986Problems with DURATION'SMALL
228.01GVAIC3::SCHERRERSun Apr 20 1986Live free or die....
229.07SKYLRK::HAZELSun Apr 20 1986UIS - Ada?
230.05SWIFT::RAYNERTue Apr 22 1986INTOVF from declaration
231.01SPYDER::WELSHWed Apr 23 1986Verdix/ULTRIX: details please!
232.0BLITZN::PALOThu Apr 24 1986From Ada-Information Account
233.04BRSCAD::STAESSun Apr 27 1986Lessons on Ada
234.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANTue Apr 29 1986Stoneman APSE and a newer Methodman?
235.03BLITZN::PALOTue Apr 29 1986Space Station conference.
236.0BLITZN::PALOWed Apr 30 1986Performance ideas
237.04BLITZN::PALOWed Apr 30 1986Ada-Information Directory
238.0NEDVAX::WILLIAMSONWed Apr 30 1986Ada ACMS/RDB server
239.02TLE::LIONELWed Apr 30 1986VAXstation II/RC plus VAX Ada!
240.05NCVAX1::SCHWARTZThu May 01 198668
241.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERMon May 05 1986fieldtest for VAX ADA V1.3 ???
242.05TLE::LIONELMon May 05 1986CURRENT_EXCEPTION package
243.04NEWVAX::DOERINGWed May 07 1986Ada Config ??'s
244.04TOPS32::MARKSWed May 07 1986ADA as a simulation language
245.01MLOKAI::MACKThu May 08 1986Must every Ada support every pragma in Annex B?
246.08CSSE32::SIEBOLDFri May 09 1986Garbage Collection plans for Ada V2.
247.08VNAFCC::DAVIDFri May 09 1986Who the hell has touched STS$V_SEVERITY ?
248.08MLOKAI::MACKMon May 12 1986More problems with generic functions
249.01SHEILA::NASHWed May 14 1986Ada elaboration time
250.01SHEILA::NASHWed May 14 1986AST Task Types
251.01INANNA::CHUNGWed May 14 1986Time costs of Task switching
252.09CSSE32::SIEBOLDThu May 15 1986DEBUG V4.4 and Ada V1.2 problems
253.0GVAIC3::SCHERRERFri May 16 1986Ada International Conference(1/3) Edinburgh 1986.
254.05OSLCSC::OLAVMon May 19 1986SYS$CMKRNL from Ada
255.05OSLCSC::OLAVThu May 22 1986Why doesn't the task run?
256.07SKYLRK::HAZELFri May 23 1986Ada or Code problem?
258.01OSLCSC::OLAVMon May 26 1986Minor doc error
259.0SKYLRK::HAZELMon May 26 1986$CRMPSEC and acs verify/repair questions?
260.03KIM::CYPRYCHMon May 26 1986DBMS - RDB from ADA
261.03NEWVAX::TANCILLTue May 27 1986Limit on choice clauses & unchecked_dealloc ??
262.05CEDSWS::LINDSAYMon Jun 02 1986Does Ada comply with Stoneman?
263.02MTBLUE::RAMSEY_CHUCKTue Jun 03 1986Who "designed" Ada?
264.04USHSTue Jun 03 1986Ada bug (or feature) on type conversion?
265.02SKYLRK::RICHARDTue Jun 03 198699% in p1 space
266.01CSSE32::SIEBOLDWed Jun 04 1986ADARTL Ident ?
267.01BLITZN::PALOThu Jun 05 1986STARLET_ bug inquiry
268.0BLITZN::PALOThu Jun 05 1986Problem with mod function (Ada v1.2)
269.05BLITZN::PALOFri Jun 06 1986INTEGER'FIRST vs literals
270.03SHIRE::JRSMon Jun 09 1986Help. Ada V1.2 bug or is it me?
271.09CSC32::M_MYERSTue Jun 10 1986I/O & Tasking query
272.07VNAPC2::DAVIDWed Jun 11 1986Ada and Layered Products
273.01QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 11 1986Where to go for pre-sales Ada support
274.03CIM::JONANThu Jun 12 1986Environment Task Deadlock
275.01SKYLRK::RICHARDThu Jun 12 1986bug in compiler
276.01LSNCSC::AUCHLINFri Jun 13 1986NUMERIC_ERROR when elab
277.05IOSG::WARWICKMon Jun 16 1986Future task implementation ?
278.02QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 18 19861986 Prevalidation submitted
279.012WHYNOT::DENISFri Jun 20 1986FMS PACKAGE AGAIN ...
280.03CSSE32::SIEBOLDMon Jun 23 1986static expression in CASE ???
281.03TSCMon Jun 23 1986Macro code inside Ada program ?
282.02TLE::MITCHELLMon Jun 23 1986V1.3 Field Test Kit Available
283.0EUROPE::SCHERRERTue Jun 24 1986Ada-Europe APSE WG Edinburgh meeting
284.05EUROPE::SCHERRERTue Jun 24 1986Ada Mathematical Package
285.05TLE::CONTIWed Jun 25 1986Bug in AST delivery
286.02MLOKAI::MACKThu Jun 26 1986Nit: Error messages for foreign pragma
290.04BLITZN::PALOMon Jun 30 1986access collections questions
291.05CSC32::M_MYERSTue Jul 01 1986variant record/constraint error
293.04NIPPER::HAGARTYWed Jul 02 1986???An optimizer bug in T1.3???
294.04MLOKAI::MACKSun Jul 06 1986Another question on strings...
295.03STKMon Jul 07 1986inconsrsl problem
296.0SKYLRK::HAZELMon Jul 07 1986ACS library Experiences?
297.01VNAPC2::DAVIDWed Jul 09 1986Multinational Characters Again
298.041WHYNOT::PMGUESTWed Jul 09 1986String discussion
299.01NCBDVX::LEEThu Jul 10 1986Sequential I/O Bug?
300.01GALLO::MCCUTCHEONThu Jul 10 1986VMS Ada Manuals
301.09CSC32::M_MYERSThu Jul 10 1986tasking with priorities
302.011KIRK::KYZIVATThu Jul 10 1986wanted: advice on suitability of ADA
303.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Jul 10 1986Derived type vs. subtype
304.04VNAPC2::DAVIDSun Jul 13 1986Implementing Packages
305.01OSLCSC::OLAVTue Jul 15 1986Why is derived types not used?
306.019TLE::MEIERWed Jul 16 1986LSEDIT Ada template suggestions wanted
307.02CSSE32::SIEBOLDWed Jul 16 1986Array boundaries at Runtime?
308.02SKYLRK::HAZELWed Jul 16 1986Enumeration_io???
309.06BLITZN::PALOThu Jul 17 1986exit handlers in Ada?
310.01ORKO::WEDDLEFri Jul 18 1986ADA and Asynchronous TDMS
311.06VNAPC2::DAVIDFri Jul 18 1986access_value := UNCHECKED_CONV( ADDRESS) ?
312.02VNAPC2::DAVIDFri Jul 18 1986procedure'ADDRESS = ADDRESS_ZERO ??
313.01QUARK::LIONELFri Jul 18 1986Ada Toolshed conference
314.01VNAFCC::DAVIDSat Jul 19 1986Problem with ADA$PREDEFINED
315.02VNAFCC::DAVIDMon Jul 21 1986INSQxI, REMQxI why not generic procedures?
317.03CSC32::M_MYERSTue Jul 22 1986ast problem/exit handlers
318.05OSLCSC::OLAVWed Jul 23 1986More ACS LINK qualifiers?
319.09OSLCSC::OLAVWed Jul 23 1986PL/I CHARACTER(LEN) VARYING type in Ada
320.01SKYLRK::HAZELFri Jul 25 1986Own Lib$spawn bug
321.015SWIFT::PARKMon Jul 28 1986Too large to optimize?
322.0OSLCSC::OLAVMon Jul 28 1986Optional out paramaters (imported)
323.06SWIFT::MEGARITYTue Jul 29 1986Generic procedure problem
324.05BLITZN::PALOTue Jul 29 1986MAX_UNITS .eq
325.06CSSE32::SIEBOLDTue Jul 29 1986Error Message Readability (V2.
326.04CSC32::M_NICHOLSONWed Jul 30 1986I-O to 2nd terminal causes ACCESS VIOLATIONS
327.015TLE::CONTIThu Jul 31 1986Should Unhandled exceptions be displayed?
328.03BLITZN::PALOSat Aug 02 1986UNDERFLOW detection
329.07CSSE32::SIEBOLDMon Aug 04 1986More on AST's ....
330.01BLITZN::PALOWed Aug 06 1986Callable ACS?
331.02SCFAC::PEIRCEWed Aug 06 1986Generating bad code?
332.0EUROPE::SCHERRERThu Aug 07 1986Ada RT environments
333.0EUROPE::SCHERRERThu Aug 07 1986ISO <--> Ada
334.08MLOKAI::MACKFri Aug 08 1986It's a ..... puzzlement!!!
335.03EUROPE::SCHERRERSat Aug 09 1986List of validated compilers
336.02EUROPE::SCHERRERSat Aug 09 1986List of PROJECTED validation
337.010EUROPE::SCHERRERSat Aug 09 1986ASR newsletter
338.02EUROPE::SCHERRERSun Aug 10 1986Ada IC Newsletter
339.0EUROPE::SCHERRERSun Aug 10 1986Government contacts for Ada Information
340.02SHIRE::JRSSun Aug 10 1986help needed. ACCVIO with ROUTINE'ADDRESS
341.0EUROPE::SCHERRERSun Aug 10 1986NATO has adopted Ada (18 months ago)
342.0EUROPE::SCHERRERSun Aug 10 1986Ada* is a TRADEMARK
343.0EUROPE::SCHERRERSun Aug 10 1986Ada Validation Policies (DRAFT)
344.06CSC32::M_MYERSMon Aug 11 1986short_integer/numeric_error
345.03CSC32::M_MYERSMon Aug 11 1986types and packages
346.02CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon Aug 11 1986DEFAULT ACL's not applied during ACS MERGE
347.03VNAFCC::DAVIDWed Aug 13 1986Problem with incomplete type dcl
348.01VNAWed Aug 13 1986ALIGN(8) ??
349.01EUROPE::SCHERRERThu Aug 14 1986ACM <-> Ada
350.03BLITZN::PALOMon Aug 18 1986Severe limitations with VAX Ada????
351.03CSC32::M_NICHOLSONTue Aug 19 19862 byte field / 4 byte field
352.0OSLWed Aug 20 1986Array of character string type definition
353.01CSC32::M_MYERSWed Aug 20 1986Across the Network
354.02BLITZN::PALOWed Aug 20 1986When in ADA$ELAB_mumble exit;
355.02TLE::MITCHELLWed Aug 20 1986V1.3 field test update available
356.02CSC32::M_MYERSWed Aug 20 19862 tasking questions
357.03MLOKAI::MACKThu Aug 21 1986More fun and frolic from net.lang.ada...
358.01TDC::COCKSThu Aug 21 1986Any $SEARCH, $PARSE examples
360.01JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
361.01SKYLRK::JRBTue Aug 26 1986Need hlp for ACS and CMS interface
362.0CIM::JONANTue Aug 26 1986Tasking Performance (yet again)
363.02TROPPO::LEWISWed Aug 27 1986Aid for ADA in Australia???
364.01BRSADV::BOSSARDMon Sep 01 1986Dynamic assignment of pointer
365.01ENGGSG::BERNARDTue Sep 02 1986Customer Opinions on Design
366.012ECCGY4::JAERVINENWed Sep 03 1986Ada training?
367.07CIM::JONANThu Sep 04 1986Export Tasks??
368.01FNYFS::VESCOFri Sep 05 1986Ada-Pascal : passing parameters
369.07CSC32::M_MYERSFri Sep 05 1986read-only ada library
370.01BRSOPI::BOSSARDTue Sep 09 1986RMS error when starlet.closing a file
372.03SCFAC::FARLEETue Sep 09 1986Vaxtime - Duration conversion??
373.02MLOKAI::MACKWed Sep 10 1986Bug or feature?
374.01TLE::MITCHELLTue Sep 16 1986V1.3 Kit Available
375.02CSC32::M_MYERSTue Sep 16 1986what is a unit
376.01SKYLRK::BUZBEEWed Sep 17 1986VAX Ada and the 85
377.0CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Sep 19 1986Functions with multiple derived types
378.01OSLCSC::OLAVFri Sep 19 1986STARLET update for VMS V4.4
379.01BLITZN::PALOFri Sep 19 1986PCA coverage of INLINED subprograms
380.01MYKENE::WELSHFri Sep 19 1986When will Ada support SCA?
381.01DV78Mon Sep 22 1986link vax/ada w/ JOVIAL?
383.01CSC32::M_MYERSTue Sep 23 1986fms user action routine
384.01DV78Fri Sep 26 1986link ADA and Jovial?
385.01CSC32::M_MYERSMon Sep 29 1986ADA WRITE ERROR
386.0ERLANG::GLASERMon Sep 29 1986'null_parameter with private types
387.06NEWVAX::CRITZWed Oct 01 1986Does Ada mirror PASCAL?
388.05EUROPE::SCHERRERFri Oct 03 1986Ada <--> Space Station
389.0BOEBNR::BOEBINGERSat Oct 04 1986ADA manuals on line using VTX
390.0EUROPE::SCHERRERMon Oct 06 1986ACM SIGADA November 1986 meeting
391.01NEWVAX::CRITZMon Oct 06 1986Making LSE prettify Ada?
392.0EUROPE::SCHERRERTue Oct 07 1986Cheap Ada Compiler for Edu
393.02COMET::ROBERTSWed Oct 08 1986Green Programmer
394.0EUROPE::SCHERRERFri Oct 10 1986Ada-in-Sweden,Environments
395.02MYKENE::WELSHMon Oct 13 1986VAX Ada Slide Shows - Latest and Best?
396.05CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon Oct 13 1986ACS problem
397.01CSC32::M_MYERSMon Oct 13 1986array aggregate assignments
398.01INFACT::DATZMANTue Oct 14 1986CBI for ADA
399.02QUARK::LIONELWed Oct 15 1986VAX Ada in Mini-Micro Systems
400.02CSC32::M_MYERSFri Oct 17 1986address clauses
401.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Oct 17 1986Performance help needed
402.0DLOTue Oct 21 1986v1.3 shipping?
403.02TDC::COCKSWed Oct 22 1986Looking for CONV$ package
404.07MLOKAI::MACKWed Oct 22 1986Signal arguments in Ada?
405.03THEBUS::KOSTASFri Oct 24 1986What tools have been developed in VAX Ada?
406.0ENGGSG::BERNARDFri Oct 24 1986Sales Training
407.05KIM::SHAPIROFri Oct 24 1986performance/configuartion q's
408.01OSLCSC::OLAVSat Oct 25 1986Linked-list generics in Ada?
409.07SWIFT::RAYNERMon Oct 27 1986Do instantiations use lots of virtual memory?
410.01SKYLRK::RICHARDMon Oct 27 1986Ada performance on Vax line
411.04KIRIN::D_FRASERTue Oct 28 1986VMS V4.4 run-time problems with v1.2 Ada
412.04CSC32::M_MYERSWed Oct 29 1986Ada,Debug error
413.04MDVAX1::SMITHMWed Oct 29 1986distributed compiles?
414.03GVASA::PRALONGMon Nov 03 1986porting of an ada image
415.01NEWVAX::CRITZMon Nov 03 1986selective entry question
416.0SWIFT::RAYNERMon Nov 03 1986Are you ready for this...?
417.03NEWVAX::CRITZMon Nov 03 1986another stupid question
418.01BLITZN::PALOTue Nov 04 1986wishlist questions...
419.010SWIFT::MEGARITYWed Nov 05 1986Definition of UNSIGNED_LONGWORD
420.01RANCHO::RAHWed Nov 05 1986Ada, Ultrix, X..?
421.01SKYLRK::HAZELThu Nov 06 1986Floating values mantissa size
422.03CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Nov 07 1986Suspected bug
423.01MLOKAI::MACKMon Nov 10 1986When will we see Ada T1.4 w/SCA support?
424.08QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 11 1986VAX Ada and VAXELN Ada revalidation
425.04SWIFT::CROSBIEWed Nov 12 1986Bug with fixed conversion?
426.01NEWVAX::CRITZWed Nov 12 1986LSE template error
427.03SKYLRK::HAZELWed Nov 12 1986System Time & Ada delay?
428.02BLITZN::PALOWed Nov 12 1986ACS DIR/LIB=foo
429.02ECCGY1::JAERVINENThu Nov 13 1986Rdb/DSRI/BLR
430.02NEWVAX::CRITZThu Nov 13 1986ACS RECOMPILE problem
431.03NEWVAX::CRITZThu Nov 13 1986compiler ACCVIO on separate task body
432.06CSC32::M_MYERSFri Nov 14 1986private types/explicit conv
433.02NEWVAX::CRITZMon Nov 17 1986password invalid on QAR account
434.09CIM::JONANTue Nov 18 1986Ada and Global Sections
435.0CSC32::M_MYERSTue Nov 18 1986tasks/storage_error
436.05KIM::CHAPMANWed Nov 19 1986HELP! Simple ADA questions
437.07BOEBNR::BOEBINGERWed Nov 19 1986Alsys compiler for PC?
438.01BLITZN::PALOThu Nov 20 1986?4.4 Ada image on 4.3?
439.07OSLCSC::OLAVFri Nov 21 1986Generated machine code discussion
440.07CASVFri Nov 21 1986Courses, Jobs, Information on Ada ?
441.01CACHE::GRIESMon Nov 24 1986exception feature?
442.02CSC32::M_NICHOLSONTue Nov 25 1986Possible bug?
443.04CUJO::WEBERTue Nov 25 1986Bypassing Delay Times for Simulations
444.06SHEILA::NASHTue Nov 25 1986Displaying hex values
445.05RANCHO::RAHMon Dec 01 1986Verdix Ada lockfiles-cannot find
446.05CSSE32::SIEBOLDMon Dec 01 1986SUPPRESS runtime messages ?
447.02CIM::JONANTue Dec 02 1986Discriminants and ACCESS types
448.0PEANO::GLASERWed Dec 03 1986/MACHINE enhancment to show $DATA
449.01PEANO::WHALENWed Dec 03 1986Unexpected result with ACS LINK/EXECUTABLE=
450.03MOJAVE::PURMALWed Dec 03 1986External value help please
451.01USWAV3::LEAVITTFri Dec 05 1986General Efficiency and Configuration Questions
452.04CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Dec 05 1986COPY UNIT BUG?
453.07CSC32::M_MYERSTue Dec 09 1986acs and the .obj
454.03RADON::FORBESTue Dec 09 1986Minimum DELAY interval?
455.01NEWVAX::DOERINGWed Dec 10 1986Dod Abandons Ada
456.02SHIRE::JRSThu Dec 18 1986How to use CLI.DCL_PARSE with own PARAM_ROUTINE?
457.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSat Dec 20 1986Announcing Ada-In-Europe
458.02SKYLRK::HAZELMon Dec 22 1986Compiler bug!!!
459.05PEANO::WHALENWed Dec 31 1986Big gap between ACS and MMS
460.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Dec 31 1986Secure ADA Target (SAT)
461.0SACKET::PARKEWed Dec 31 1986One for our side
462.07CSC32::M_MYERSTue Jan 06 1987unchecked_deallocation
463.03SNOV17::BRIFFAFri Jan 09 1987AdaGRAPH - Information Needed
464.02SKYLRK::GELLERMon Jan 12 1987using QIOs in the task body
465.01ECCGY4::KONRADWed Jan 14 1987Problems using SDL with Ada
466.0TLE::QUIGLEYThu Jan 15 1987VAX Ada Strategy Group
467.03CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Jan 16 1987DURATION'LAST -
468.08TKTV2Mon Jan 19 1987internal DEBUG error
469.05BRSMon Jan 19 1987linked lists from Simula to Ada
470.0852383::RUBENMon Jan 19 1987MIL-STD-175
471.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 20 1987ACS and the network
472.03NEWVAX::CRITZThu Jan 22 1987Will V1.4 really support SCA?
473.01SNOV17::BRIFFAThu Jan 22 1987VAX Ada Validation Status?
474.09TLE::MITCHELLSun Jan 25 1987Net kit for 1.4 field test version
475.03OSLCSC::OLAVTue Jan 27 1987SCA VIEW CALL_TREE lists more than function/procedure calls.
476.02FNYFS::OZANWed Jan 28 1987Package for ISL ????
477.02BRSWed Jan 28 1987exporting package, must supply user-written subprogram
478.0ENGGSG::BERNARDWed Jan 28 1987Rational Article
479.02STKTSC::LIDENThu Jan 29 1987Elaborating shared image & CPU time
480.03MOZART::GIBSONFri Jan 30 1987"for ... loop" question
481.01BRDWLK::STGERMAINFri Jan 30 1987ACS-CMS Interface Question
482.01MOZART::GIBSONMon Feb 02 1987init values for variant records?
483.01LEROUF::DAVIDTue Feb 03 1987ARRAY_VAR'address = ARRAY_VAR(first)'address ??
484.02EMC2::GOLDINGTue Feb 03 1987Importing EXCEPTIONS?
485.03CSC32::M_MYERSTue Feb 03 1987CL_ILLFMTDAT
486.06NEWVAX::SHAPIROTue Feb 03 1987help in Ada education
487.01QUARK::LIONELWed Feb 04 1987$GETQUI example in Ada
488.02MOZART::GIBSONWed Feb 04 1987how many 'dots' in access types?
489.04CANYON::ALCORNWed Feb 04 1987MicroVAX 2
490.01CSC32::M_MYERSThu Feb 05 1987IO restriction in 1.3
491.03JOCKEY::BLACKFri Feb 06 1987PROGRAM statement in ADA V1.3?
492.05CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Feb 06 1987Compiler question
493.04CSC32::M_MYERSMon Feb 09 1987conformance checking
494.06WHERE::ROACHTue Feb 10 1987VALUE param's to EXPORT'ed procedures
495.04NEWVAX::CRITZWed Feb 11 1987ACS = ?
496.02MOZART::GIBSONWed Feb 11 1987compiler problem?
497.017SKYLRK::HAZELWed Feb 11 1987A PC compiler?
498.06NEWVAX::SHAPIROThu Feb 12 1987appropriate Ada textbook?
499.01EMC2::GOLDINGFri Feb 13 1987TASKS not terminating cleanly??
500.02TAVMon Feb 16 1987Bug in Lse/Ada ?
501.08SCOTTY::FERWERDAMon Feb 16 1987ADA & C
502.031CIM::JONANMon Feb 16 1987Exported OBJ, OBJ libs, and sharable images
503.02BM1GSG::MARQUESTue Feb 17 1987Help me understand TASKS
504.03MDRTue Feb 17 1987iAPX 86 vs. M68
505.03NEWVAX::CRITZTue Feb 17 1987why is unchecked_conversion giving me gas?
507.06BRDWLK::STGERMAINWed Feb 18 1987ACS Sublibrary Question
508.05OCKER::STRAUSSThu Feb 19 1987ADA program links on-line, not in batch
509.0MLOKAI::MACKTue Feb 24 1987Design problem
510.01TROPPO::HORTONWed Feb 25 1987new in AST tasks
511.07EMC2::GOLDINGWed Feb 25 1987Tasks STALLING???
512.02BISQUE::HIGGINSONFri Feb 27 1987Problem importing from Pascal
513.01LEROUF::DAVIDMon Mar 02 1987Problem with SCA
514.0TOKLAS::FELDMANTue Mar 03 1987Ada article in IEEE Computer
515.09GUIDUK::ONOTue Mar 03 1987ADARTL ident mismatch
516.02CSC32::M_NICHOLSONTue Mar 03 1987Process permanent channels & SMB$ routines
517.02NEWVAX::DOERINGWed Mar 04 1987ADA/SCA ???
518.03CLT::ZEHNGUTThu Mar 05 1987SDL/Ada/RTL undefined types
520.03SKYLRK::HAZELFri Mar 06 1987Adabase: A relational database??
521.02TAVSun Mar 08 1987format of *.ACU files
522.010KIRIN::J_SCOTTSun Mar 08 1987Analysis / Design Tools and PDLs
523.01CSC32::M_MYERSWed Mar 11 1987fixed point numbers
524.0BLITZN::LUETHThu Mar 12 1987PCA and Ada 1.3 not compatible
525.03DHARMA::BROOMHEADThu Mar 12 1987'SIZE and storage specification
526.02TSCFri Mar 13 1987task stack : item RESERVED_BYTES.Info needed
527.016USRCV1::GREENEFri Mar 13 1987WANTED: global section examples
528.03QUARK::LIONELSat Mar 14 1987Ada is now an ISO standard
529.01CSC32::M_MYERSMon Mar 16 1987package initialization code
530.04OSLCSC::OLAVWed Mar 18 1987Input to Ada seminar
531.011TAVThu Mar 19 1987We need 8-bit chars
532.04COMICS::RAYNERThu Mar 19 1987How should Return Codes be tested
534.03LEROUF::DAVIDTue Mar 24 1987Problem with Record Layout
535.04SHIRE::JRSThu Mar 26 1987More detail than USE_ERROR exception?
536.010CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Mar 26 1987File OPENs block other tasks
537.04MDVAX1::SMITHMSat Mar 28 1987code generators?
538.02MLOKAI::MACKSat Mar 28 1987Problem in Ada FT1.4 compiler...bug or feature?
539.03CSC32::CALLAHANTue Mar 31 1987ADA/SCA Packages question
540.01OSLCSC::OLAVWed Apr 01 1987CONSTRAINT check on array assignment
541.07NZOVWed Apr 01 1987lines compiled per minute performance?
543.02EMC2::GOLDINGWed Apr 01 1987ADA/BASIC problem!
544.06SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Apr 07 1987FORBES, DEC critical of Ada
545.0PULMAN::ESEMPLAREWed Apr 08 1987Record Locking Tip
546.04PULMAN::ESEMPLAREWed Apr 08 1987Help! Can ADA bypass locked records?
547.06GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Apr 10 1987Are these Bugs?
548.03MDKCSW::SUMMERSMon Apr 13 1987Show Program outputs
549.03QUARK::LIONELMon Apr 13 1987Ada DECUS talk "dry run" presentations
550.01KLOVTue Apr 14 1987VAXELN Ada Vs. VAX Ada
552.010USRCV1::GREENETue Apr 14 1987PIWG benchmark on a VAX?
553.04SKYLRK::HAZELTue Apr 14 1987Ada interface to lib$routines??
554.04CSC32::R_DECOCQThu Apr 16 1987Maximum number of tasks?
555.0TLE::MITCHELLSat Apr 18 1987V1.4 net kit available
556.09USRCV1::GREENETue Apr 21 1987Digital-APSE analysis?
557.0GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Apr 22 1987Can Generic Packages Reference Generic Packages?
558.02TALLIS::GIBSONThu Apr 23 1987variably lengthed strings?
559.01THE78Thu Apr 23 1987No NEWs not necessarily good NEWs
560.01NEWVAX::SHAPIROThu Apr 23 1987xd-ada status?
561.05THE78Fri Apr 24 1987Confusion from array assignments
562.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Apr 26 1987Ada Expo December 1987, Boston
563.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Apr 26 19871987 SIGAda Int. Conference, Boston
564.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Apr 26 1987US DoD New Policy on Ada: 34
565.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Apr 26 1987US DoD New Policy on Ada: 34
566.02THE78Tue Apr 28 1987Accessing VMS mailboxes from ADA
567.014CSC32::M_NICHOLSONWed Apr 29 1987Problems doing Ada in distributed environment
568.05TALLIS::GIBSONThu Apr 30 1987successive PUTs get buffered?
569.012SKYLRK::LLOYDSat May 02 1987Ada training -- Ed Berard from INFO-Ada (ARPAnet)
570.01CSC32::B_ARMSTRONGMon May 04 1987prb doing an ACS COPY from a Micro over Decnet
571.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon May 04 1987Storing Constants in Generic Packages
572.01THE78Tue May 05 1987ACS wishlist item
573.02KIRIN::T_HEANEYTue May 05 1987Ada Productivity
575.03VAXWRK::RACELWed May 06 1987Can't Get Ada Code to run - Bad v1.4 installation?
576.04OSLCSC::OLAVThu May 07 1987Examine global variable from task with debugger
577.01SKYLRK::HAZELFri May 08 1987Starlet corrupted, now what....??? help!
578.012COMICS::RAYNERFri May 08 1987Proc with subprogram as parameter ?
579.06TLE::CONTIFri May 08 1987Paper on "Critical Run-Time Design Decisions"
580.015MDVAX1::ENDSLEYFri May 08 1987"My Universe has changed" -- a plea for help
582.03CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon May 11 1987DIRECT_IO READS slow?
583.06NEWVAX::CRITZTue May 12 1987how to force length
584.02THE78Tue May 12 1987LIVING DEAD DON'T NEED ADA!!!
585.010WHOARU::SANFORDWed May 13 1987LINK ADA,FORTRAN produces 214
586.04TOKLAS::FELDMANWed May 13 1987Documentation: index is difficult to use
587.01THE78Thu May 14 1987EXPORTING & pass by value
588.0TAVThu May 14 1987(micro)VMS 4.5 and Ada
589.0TLE::MEIERThu May 14 1987Wanted: Syntax Errors in Ada programs
590.01MDVAX1::ENDSLEYThu May 14 1987Should END_OF_FILE issue a read?
591.07TUBORG::M_NICHOLSONThu May 14 1987Customers want to get at intermediate program representation
592.09COMICS::RAYNERFri May 15 1987Shareable Image Example, Please ?
593.0LEROUF::PALOTue May 19 1987PDT tools search
594.011NEWVAX::CRITZWed May 20 1987ignoring overflow?
596.07ODIXIE::FBELLThu May 21 1987ADARTL T
597.02BM1GSG::GROLLMANThu May 21 1987SIMTEL2
598.02TROPPO::HORTONFri May 22 1987Import value (again)
599.05NEWVAX::SHAPIROFri May 22 1987perf. questions: ada on a 2
600.03TAVThu May 28 1987FMS UAR's in Ada
601.06USHSThu May 28 1987Ada-CMS interface documentation?
602.06MDVAX1::SMITHMFri May 29 1987shared pgm libr ?
603.0NOVA::JOHNSTONSun May 31 1987Ada and DSRI
604.01MYKENE::WELSHMon Jun 01 1987User tuning of RTS?
605.05MDVAX3::ENDSLEYTue Jun 02 1987The docs gotta be somewhere, but where?
606.01LDP::BENSONTue Jun 02 1987Simple examples for beginners ?
607.018TLE::MEIERThu Jun 04 1987What do you want in the Ada Package Store?
608.010QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 05 1987STARLET bugs wanted
609.09MLOKAI::MACKMon Jun 15 1987ACS COMPILE doesn't see my parent library!
611.03CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon Jun 22 1987Function results that are 64 bit records
612.07HIT::WHALENMon Jun 22 1987TASKS not in SCA CALL_TREES?
613.0QUARK::LIONELTue Jun 23 1987Humor from info-Ada
614.06LEROUF::PALOWed Jun 24 1987Multi-lingual Specification in Ada
615.02COMICS::JUDDWed Jun 24 1987What does ADA-F-ATTENTION mean ?
616.028LEROUF::PALOThu Jun 25 1987Ada-9x
617.01THE78Thu Jun 25 1987STRING types as generic formal parameters
618.0MDVAX3::ENDSLEYSat Jun 27 1987Ada and VAX DEBUG symbol resolution
619.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon Jun 29 1987Reading out mode parameter question
620.06CSC32::M_NICHOLSONTue Jun 30 1987Need help with LIB$DELETE_FILE
621.01CADSYS::COOKWed Jul 01 1987Mixed contrained and unconstrained array bounds
622.06TLE::CONTIWed Jul 01 1987Redundant DEALLOCATIONS are erroneous
623.03LEROUF::DAVIDFri Jul 03 1987DST and ACS> MERGE
624.01LEROUF::DAVIDFri Jul 03 1987FREE( null )??
625.05COMICS::RAYNERFri Jul 03 1987Unconstrained Constant Array Declaration: allowed?
626.02NEWVAX::CRITZTue Jul 07 1987? compiler/debugger interaction ?
627.010NEWVAX::CRITZTue Jul 07 1987SIGAda
628.04TLE::CONTIWed Jul 08 1987Conference on "Marketing Ada"
629.06CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Jul 09 1987Help with SMG$PUT_PASTEBOARD
630.03BALZAC::SAGEFri Jul 10 1987help for translation from MODULA2 to Ada
631.02TLE::BRETTFri Jul 10 1987Anyone using VMS/SNA and VAX Ada?
632.0451528::OLAVSun Jul 12 1987Illegal use of private type?
633.01BM1GSG::GROLLMANMon Jul 13 1987Ada calling OPS5 calling Ada with OPS$COMPLETION!
635.0SKYLRK::HAZELTue Jul 14 1987Ada? node to node timing problem...
636.01THE78Wed Jul 15 1987Problem with SMG.PUT_LINE_WIDE
637.01LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Jul 17 1987APSE Evaluation Questions
638.0LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Jul 17 1987Evaluation Criteria: RADC 1984
639.0LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Jul 17 1987PCTE conference
640.05--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 17 1987Hardware Requirements??
641.04KAOFS::B_ZINNWed Jul 22 1987Is the code Position Independent
642.02TAVThu Jul 23 1987Tasks as buffers and agents
643.03TAVThu Jul 23 1987Is there a wish-list?
644.01BRSFri Jul 24 1987Generic Procs. and Static Expressions.
645.01MLOKAI::BRUNELLTue Jul 28 1987SMG from ADA
646.04ADVAX::RIPLEYTue Jul 28 1987VAX ADA/Ultrix ?
647.01SKYLRK::HAZELTue Jul 28 1987Ada bug - "Not Yet Implemented"
648.03GOFFY::MANSERWed Jul 29 1987Support for $GETUAI ?
649.07TLE::MEIERWed Jul 29 1987Wanted: Ada/SCA feedback
650.09PRSUD1::NEYERSThu Jul 30 1987ada/parameters
651.0TOKLAS::FELDMANFri Jul 31 1987MECHANSIM should allow named associations (a wish)
652.0ZURA1::MANDACHMon Aug 03 1987opportunity for a teacher's sabbatical ?
653.04USRCV1::GREENEMon Aug 03 1987Ada batch compile help?
654.02MAGES::BURRMon Aug 03 1987Access variable for data in DDIS/ASN.1 buffer
655.07CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon Aug 03 1987Reading variable length sequential records
656.01PRSUD1::NEYERSWed Aug 05 1987UNSIGNED_WORD....?
657.03MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Aug 05 1987Availability of a callable ACS interface?
658.02ERIC::CORNWALLThu Aug 06 1987Ada Benchmarks ?
659.03PRSUD1::NEYERSThu Aug 06 1987 Call LIB$ ....
660.04LEROUF::PALOThu Aug 06 1987Internal Ada Projects
661.01NGOV2Fri Aug 07 1987Task with priority?
663.01SKYLRK::HAZELWed Aug 12 1987Direct_io.open problem with Form
664.0SKYLRK::HAZELWed Aug 12 1987ACS LIBRARY Separate Comilation problem
665.05CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Aug 13 1987IO, IO, it's off to notes I go
666.07RIKKA::PALOMon Aug 17 1987VARIABLE Argument Lists
667.03THE78Tue Aug 18 1987importing masks
668.05BAXTA::GRAZIANO_ROBWed Aug 19 1987altering terminal characteristics
669.02DEBIT::JOHNSTONWed Aug 19 1987Pascal to Ada Converter?
670.01TSCThu Aug 20 1987compiler dynamic memory requirements
671.01TPOVMon Aug 24 1987Ada project info. help, pls
672.05SKIDAY::FAUSTMon Aug 24 1987bookstore for Ada texts?
673.01MDVAX3::ENDSLEYMon Aug 24 1987How to declare hex 8
674.04NGOV2Thu Aug 27 1987Delay & Ctrl-Y ?
675.02MDVAX3::ENDSLEYFri Aug 28 1987Manipulating AST entry point addresses
676.0CSC32::M_NICHOLSONTue Sep 01 1987SQUEEZPAK goofs up Ada libraries
677.02THE78Tue Sep 01 1987Problem with character-coding unpacked arrays?
678.01THE78Tue Sep 01 1987How to OPEN/APPEND ??
679.01SKIDAY::FAUSTThu Sep 03 1987calling ada tasks from ast level, etc
680.016MLOKAI::MACKThu Sep 03 1987Return and "out" values after exceptions.
681.010MLOKAI::MACKThu Sep 03 1987Iterators in Ada?
682.07MDVAX1::SMITHMTue Sep 08 1987allocators & unck'd_conv
683.05PRSUD1::NEYERSWed Sep 09 1987Target machine .
684.01TAVWed Sep 09 1987Tasks and I/O
685.03MTBLUE::GRAZIANO_ROBWed Sep 09 1987lse templates for system services?
686.01PRSUD1::NEYERSThu Sep 10 1987ADA scheduler and VMS scheduler
687.01MALLET::WELSHThu Sep 10 1987Variant records and uninitialized variables
688.02KIM::MUSUMECIThu Sep 10 1987Multitasking between processes
689.01MALLET::WELSHThu Sep 10 1987Minimizing compilation time
690.01MALLET::WELSHThu Sep 10 1987Incremental Linker Proposal
691.0MALLET::WELSHThu Sep 10 1987Config mgt with ACS/CMS etc?
692.01MALLET::WELSHWed Sep 16 1987UK Ada conference
693.02CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Sep 17 1987rstcntrl\dbg$rst_build problem
694.05CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Sep 17 1987Using SEQUENTIAL_IO on file created by DIRECT_IO
696.019OSLLAV::OLAVFri Sep 18 1987Problem with record passed by REFERENCE
697.01HIT::WHALENFri Sep 18 1987Ada and SCA
698.06CSC32::M_MYERSTue Sep 22 1987Tasks and internal shared resource
699.07SKYLRK::BUZBEEWed Sep 23 1987Ada binding for DECwindows, etc.
700.02CSC32::M_NICHOLSONWed Sep 23 1987When does END_ERROR get raised?
702.02USRCV1::SCHOLZThu Sep 24 1987Optimal config concerns
703.04SKIDAY::FAUSTFri Sep 25 1987forcing task to be rescheduled
704.06SKIDAY::FAUSTMon Sep 28 1987VAX Ada tasking performance
705.02DSSDEV::FAUSTMon Sep 28 1987ASTs - impact on task scheduler
706.0DIXIE1::FBELLTue Sep 29 1987ADA positions in Florida
707.07EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed Sep 30 1987what is ITEM_LIST in SYS$CREPRC ?
708.05CSC32::M_NICHOLSONWed Sep 30 1987Wants 16 bit integers
709.0LEROUF::DENISThu Oct 01 1987Layered Comm. Protocols in Ada ?
710.06ROMFri Oct 02 1987System analysis and Design ... need help
711.07DAVIDS::DAVIDMon Oct 05 1987'STORAGE_SIZE does not help
712.024SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Oct 05 1987Visibility: WITH, USE
713.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Oct 05 1987Old Ada syntax
714.01OTOUTue Oct 06 1987ADA application performance
715.05SKIDAY::FAUSTTue Oct 06 1987in-line expansion of rtn code?
716.02KLOVWed Oct 07 1987EISPACK/LINPACK Interface
717.03SKIDAY::FAUSTWed Oct 07 1987task context switch - num instr.?
718.01DAVIDS::DAVIDWed Oct 07 1987ACS, CMS and LSE ??
719.05THE78Thu Oct 08 1987Exit Handler Problem
720.06SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Oct 12 1987VAX bit field instructions and ADA
721.012LATOUR::ROSENBERGMon Oct 12 1987QIOW and Tasking
722.02MLOKAI::BRUNELL_PThu Oct 15 1987FTSV from Ada
723.01CSC32::M_MYERSFri Oct 16 1987Interrupt handling
724.01TAVMon Oct 19 1987CMS-ACS interface question
726.09MLOKAI::BRUNELL_PMon Oct 19 1987Bug in FTSV
727.0PRSUD1::NEYERSTue Oct 20 1987package ETHERNET ... plan ?
728.0352693::DAVIDTue Oct 20 1987Strange code for function returning STRING
729.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONTue Oct 20 1987STORAGE_SIZE attribute and access types
730.01THEBAY::MCMICKINWed Oct 21 1987Customer wants to use CDD
731.07SKIDAY::FAUSTWed Oct 21 1987need way to have one task block another
732.03CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Oct 22 1987Need a language lawyer
733.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Oct 22 1987Can you override default mechanism for FUNCTION RETURN?
734.03WCSM::KUBOTAThu Oct 22 1987Need help with GETMSG
735.08WCSM::KUBOTAThu Oct 22 1987Suppressing LIB$SIGNAL's traceback
736.0TOKLAS::FELDMANThu Oct 22 1987Improved error message when bodies <> specs
737.01GVASA::LUGRINFri Oct 23 1987WHAT CHANGED IN 1.3 DOC?
738.0SKIDAY::FAUSTFri Oct 23 1987max tasks w/time-slicing?
739.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONFri Oct 23 1987Program dies on VAX2
740.06SUPER::BROOKEMon Oct 26 1987
741.02RHETT::BURQUESTMon Oct 26 1987Type conversion causes %ADAC-F-BUGCHECK...
742.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERTue Oct 27 1987SELECT and ACCEPT --> infinite loop
743.02BRSOPI::MISTIAENThu Oct 29 1987Random Corruption Anybody?
744.01MDVAX3::ENDSLEYFri Oct 30 1987So where did the trademark go, eh?
745.03MTBLUE::PFISTER_ROBFri Oct 30 1987generic on generic HELP!
746.01WCSM::PURMALFri Oct 30 1987Help, put_line works, hangs, or skips text.
747.05TAVSun Nov 01 1987REAL unconstrained arrays
748.01PRSUD1::NEYERSTue Nov 03 1987cursor management.
749.01LOVADA::SCHERRERWed Nov 04 1987CAIS-A review
750.07MDKCSW::HUXTABLEWed Nov 04 1987ACS/LSE Compile Commands
751.05TAVThu Nov 05 1987Enumeration_Type'value method
752.01STARCH::WHALENThu Nov 05 1987Old QAR's missing?
754.01BRSFri Nov 06 1987Real-time distributed systems in ADA?
755.03TLE::MITCHELLMon Nov 09 1987V1.5 field test kit available
756.09MDVAX3::ENDSLEYMon Nov 09 1987ACS LINK attempts a LINK, but returns %LINK-F-NOMODS. Huh?
757.010LDP::BENSONThu Nov 12 1987ADA routines/tasks from non ADA ASTs ?
758.03MDVAX3::ENDSLEYThu Nov 12 1987/EXCLUSIVE access to sublib also locks parent?
759.04EMC2::ELLISWed Nov 18 1987Encrypting From Ada
760.02DAVIDS::DAVIDWed Nov 18 1987How smart can an optimizer be?
761.01MTBLUE::PFISTER_ROBFri Nov 20 1987problem with array bounds and procedures
763.0NEWVAX::LIGHTFOOTTue Nov 24 1987Ada at NASA
764.0CSC32::M_NICHOLSONWed Nov 25 1987Looking for SigAda presenter
765.08NCBDVX::STREITWed Nov 25 1987Config Mgnt on multiple VAXes
766.016CSC32::HANSENWed Nov 25 1987How to know which task called a routine?
767.01LOWLIF::COSSWed Nov 25 1987MAX Number of Library Units
768.01LEROUF::DENISFri Nov 27 1987Ada on VAX/Unix S5
769.0LEROUF::URSCHSat Nov 28 1987Compiler dies during instantiation
771.0QUARK::LIONELMon Nov 30 1987Ada Software Technology course in Maynard
772.05TAVTue Dec 01 1987Unconstrained Objects & STORAGE ERROR
773.011TAVTue Dec 01 1987Need LIB,SMG,FMS,RDB,mailbox interfaces
774.02CERN::JRSWed Dec 02 1987Conditional ACS linking (bis)
775.09KLOVWed Dec 02 1987GKS Package
776.0MDVAX3::ENDSLEYFri Dec 04 1987DEBUG V5/Ada RTL interaction problems
777.04CADSE::MEIERFri Dec 04 1987Pragmas in Ada for BLISS %TITLE, IDENT?
778.03THE78Fri Dec 04 1987deallocated tasks
779.03MDKCSW::HUXTABLEMon Dec 07 1987ACS and set source with CMS T3.
780.04CSC32::M_NICHOLSONMon Dec 07 1987but it compiles on the VERDIX....
781.04OSLLAV::OLAVTue Dec 08 1987Representation clause for procedure parameters?
782.04CSC32::M_NICHOLSONWed Dec 09 1987END_OF_LINE question
783.05CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Dec 10 1987CONDITION HANDLING question
784.01CSC32::M_NICHOLSONThu Dec 10 1987Trying to run task every 1
785.01DSSDEV::FAUSTMon Dec 14 1987tasks in shareable image AND calling image
786.03TLE::MEIERTue Dec 15 1987PIWG Performance Information
787.014LOWLIF::HOWKTue Dec 15 1987Pointers in Ada
788.03GOTA1::WARHOLMWed Dec 16 1987Cross-compiler for Intel processor
789.07THE78Wed Dec 16 1987procedural AST handler problem
790.01MDKCSW::HUXTABLEThu Dec 17 1987Interface to callable CMS T3.
791.02SYOMV::SCHOLZThu Dec 17 198788
792.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Dec 20 1987NATO RAC 87 Review
793.04WCSM::BUCHANANMon Dec 21 1987How to get RMS status values from Ada OPEN's?
794.01TAVMTS::HAGARWed Dec 23 1987Where is the HELP for v1.3?
795.015TLE::CONTIWed Dec 23 1987C vs. Ada
796.04PULMAN::BRUNELLWed Dec 23 1987I need Fortran and Ada to talk
797.03SPYDER::BURGESSWed Dec 23 1987TARTAN Ada:What is it?
798.010OSLLAV::OLAVTue Dec 29 1987Ada interface to callback routines
799.09PULMAN::BRUNELLWed Dec 30 1987Unchecked Deallocation question
800.02DSSDEV::FAUSTMon Jan 04 1988doc on ADD_INTERLOCKED
801.01TLE::BRETTTue Jan 05 1988User defined "=" and ":=", Robert Firth
802.014FNYFS::HOUZEWed Jan 06 1988Call a proc whose name is selected at run time.
803.01NEXUS::M_NICHOLSONWed Jan 06 1988Error in RTR example 2-5 (INDEXED_IO)
805.05STARCH::WHALENThu Jan 07 1988Linking problem
806.02SKIDAY::FAUSTThu Jan 07 1988'AST_ENTRY when not calling sys serv
807.01LOWLIF::SUMMERSFri Jan 08 1988ACS and Config Mgmt
808.06TROPPO::GRIFFITHSSun Jan 10 1988how is ADD_INTERLOCKED() done?
809.02KOALA::MACKINSun Jan 10 1988do tasks share code
810.03TLE::MITCHELLMon Jan 11 1988VAX Ada V1.5 available
811.04LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Jan 11 1988ASR # 1
812.02KOALA::MACKINTue Jan 12 1988ADA 1.4 Installation problem
813.03OSLLAV::OLAVTue Jan 12 1988SERVER design discussion
814.01WCSM::BUCHANANThu Jan 14 1988Calling from an other language
815.06KETJE::ERNSTFri Jan 15 1988Performance and Reference site request
816.03LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Jan 15 1988Ada task storage size
817.03TROPPO::GRIFFITHSMon Jan 18 1988what is the ADARTL up to?
818.03LOWLIF::HUXTABLEMon Jan 18 1988ACS library disk space used
819.0LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Jan 18 1988Grady Booch's components for DEC?!?
820.02STARCH::HAGERMANMon Jan 18 1988CAMP common packages library
822.03SKYLRK::KROMMENHOCKWed Jan 20 1988FLUSHING I/O buffers within Ada
823.06LOWLIF::VANBUSKIRKWed Jan 20 1988Redeclared components in variant record
824.03OSLThu Jan 21 1988Multinationals revisited. HELP!!!
826.0BUGSY::BECKERThu Jan 21 1988STR-F-FATINTERR exception from DEBUG
827.07SKYLRK::HAZELThu Jan 21 1988Using d-float with math run-time library....
828.04GUIDUK::BURKEFri Jan 22 1988ADA de-installation procedure
829.09STARCH::SCALAFri Jan 22 1988FSA Ada Programming Standards Document
830.06RETORT::CVIFri Jan 22 1988XD-Ada Details ?
831.02NGOV2Mon Jan 25 1988'Percent' in LIBRARY SUMMARY?
832.014MAMTS7::RHERRTue Jan 26 1988New ADA versus C
833.04CASEE::LACROIXWed Jan 27 1988Ada Interface to VAX SORT wanted
834.03MJOVAX::REYNOLDSWed Jan 27 1988Intermetrics' "BYRON" ???
835.02CSC32::SAUNDERSWed Jan 27 1988NOTYETIMP, Internal error from compiler
836.05CSC32::NOLLWed Jan 27 1988ACS MERGE does not merge unit
837.01SKIDAY::FAUSTWed Jan 27 1988bug? shr img, tasks, lib$find_image_symbol
838.02OSLLAV::OLAVFri Jan 29 1988constant bug?
839.0LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Feb 01 19881989 Ada-Europe Conference
840.0LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Feb 01 1988AdaNET
841.03NEXUS::M_NICHOLSONMon Feb 01 1988Exceptions in AST routines?
843.03STARCH::WHALENTue Feb 02 1988Can't do SEPARATE compilation?
844.04COMICS::RAYNERFri Feb 05 1988Elaboration Order - can you predict it ?
845.08KOALA::MACKINFri Feb 05 1988Bypassing Rendezvous
846.07TAVSun Feb 07 1988SLICES ??
847.05STKHLM::KSVENSSONMon Feb 08 1988Determine task to activate at runtime
848.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Feb 08 1988Address of the array of strings
849.08FNYFS::MESNIERTue Feb 09 1988Subprogram too large
850.08TAVMTS::NITSANWed Feb 10 1988Unchecked_Conversion and Unconstrained
851.07DAVIDS::DAVIDThu Feb 11 1988delay statement in AST-routine
852.04FORTY2::RANDALLThu Feb 11 1988Need 'good' ADA Documentation.
853.012LOWLIF::HUXTABLEThu Feb 11 1988Bewildered by LIB$SPAWN parameter passing
854.0RIKKA::PALOThu Feb 11 1988membership test flam
855.01LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Feb 12 1988February 1988 Validated Ada Compilers
856.06MDVAX3::NITTELMon Feb 15 1988CASE problem???
857.01KOALA::MACKINTue Feb 16 1988AST_ENTRY question
859.018MDVAX3::ENDSLEYTue Feb 16 1988Ada/DECwindows -- consequences of disabling AST's?
860.05COUNTWed Feb 17 1988When will V1.5 be released?
861.01WCSM::PURMALWed Feb 17 1988How to submit an Ada compiler SPR
862.02WCSM::BUCHANANThu Feb 18 1988Is this possible?
863.01EMC2::FIRTHThu Feb 18 1988Cobol Calling Ada ??
864.02BRDWLK::GOEKEThu Feb 18 1988Using Both 88
865.01STARCH::WHALENFri Feb 19 1988Does order matter?
866.09MDVAX3::ENDSLEYTue Feb 23 1988Distributing Ada libraries -- possible gotcha's???
867.01NEXUS::M_NICHOLSONTue Feb 23 1988ANALYZE/OBJECT uncovers 11 errors
868.01STARCH::WHALENFri Feb 26 1988No complaint about OUT mode parameter not written?
869.0LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Feb 26 1988POSIX/Ada conference
870.07PULMAN::BRUNELLFri Feb 26 1988BAS$EDIT from Ada
871.01TAVMTS::NITSANMon Feb 29 1988PSECT_OBJECT questions
872.019SOFCAD::KNIGHTMon Feb 29 1988TASKING in the "real" world of VMS
873.08MINNIE::DOUGMon Feb 29 1988specify alternate loc. for ada$predefined?
874.04PULMAN::BRUNELLTue Mar 01 1988Ada courses in MA
875.017CSC32::STAHLYThu Mar 03 1988Count of source lines ?
876.04KOALA::MACKINThu Mar 03 1988Exception calling DASL
877.012DAVIDS::DAVIDFri Mar 04 1988Ada binding for X11
878.0KOALA::MACKINFri Mar 04 1988task allocation problem
879.03KERNEL::WELCHTue Mar 08 1988Tasks and Lib$spawn
881.01KLOVThu Mar 10 1988DEC Ada Cross-Compiler
882.011NANUCK::STREITThu Mar 10 1988Ada MMS descriptor help needed
884.0LOWLIF::HUXTABLEFri Mar 11 1988Do you need callable CMS from Ada?
885.02ZUDEV2::BURKHARDMon Mar 14 1988LBR$OUTPUT_HELP with LIB$GET_INPUT anybody?
886.01DAVIDS::DAVIDMon Mar 14 1988Why NUMERIC_ERROR ?
887.011TLE::MORSHEDMon Mar 14 1988-RMS-F-CUR errors, where are you?
888.04EMC2::SCHOFIELDTue Mar 15 1988ada shareable images
889.01TAVWed Mar 16 1988Export & Tasks
890.023COUNTWed Mar 16 1988STORAGE_ERROR in block elaboration
891.04USRCV1::SCHOLLNICKGWed Mar 16 1988Help with ADA
892.02RIKKA::PALOWed Mar 16 1988a wish : to generate a WEAK reference from Ada
893.05MUTTON::RYEThu Mar 17 1988ADA interfaces to 4GL products.
894.03KOALA::MACKINThu Mar 17 1988Event flag waits within tasks
895.01NEXUS::M_NICHOLSONFri Mar 18 1988ACCVIO with large CASE statement
896.02HYDRA::PETTINISun Mar 20 1988ADA and DCL HELP
897.0TPOVMon Mar 21 1988Any Tek 175
898.0PULMAN::ESEMPLARETue Mar 22 1988EXPORT problems
899.01TAVWed Mar 23 1988ACS MERGE & SEPARATE ?
900.01DSSDEV::FAUSTWed Mar 23 1988tasking services from BLISS
901.0STEREO::JEANSWed Mar 23 1988Ada Realtime Changes?
902.07SYOMV::SCHOLZThu Mar 24 1988DFS/DNS with ADA?
903.08JANUS::PARASKEVAThu Mar 24 1988?Parsing Ada-like syntax
905.0QUARK::LIONELMon Mar 28 1988Ada family brochure
906.01KOALA::MACKINTue Mar 29 1988Problem calling RPC;s from ADA
907.02RIKKA::PALOThu Mar 31 1988Should RESET imply SET_POSITION?
908.0SKYLRK::HAZELThu Mar 31 1988Magic switch from boolean to character...
909.033972::KOCHFri Apr 01 1988Job Opportunity
910.05DSSDEV::FAUSTFri Apr 01 1988inadverent mod to ada$predefined?
911.04LOWLIF::HUXTABLEMon Apr 04 1988How to overrule pragma interface?
912.02TETLEY::BRUNELLMon Apr 04 1988Fms from Ada
913.0LOWLIF::SDAVISMon Apr 04 1988indexed_mixed_io/reading
914.03STARCH::JSLOVEWed Apr 06 1988LRM 6, hacker 1
915.08LAIDBK::CREIGHANWed Apr 06 1988Number of bytes per line???
918.09GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Apr 11 1988using tasks as semaphores?
919.05SRFSUP::STEPHENSMon Apr 11 1988Does VAX Ada Comply?
920.06COUNTTue Apr 12 1988Reading unwritten variables
921.03FLOCON::BAUDUINTue Apr 12 1988$CRELNM
922.06LAIDBK::CREIGHANTue Apr 12 1988Porting from Data General to VAX?
923.03EMC2::OZANWed Apr 13 1988Problem compiling ?
924.0TALLIS::STEELYWed Apr 13 1988Doing Logical Shifts
925.0149249::DAMIANThu Apr 14 1988Tasks and a shareable image
926.06GOFFY::MANSERThu Apr 14 1988strange debugging sessions with ADA
927.03DAVIDS::DAVIDThu Apr 14 1988volatile parameters
928.02QUARK::LIONELThu Apr 14 1988Got a time machine? Here's a job for you!
930.01STKHLM::KSVENSSONFri Apr 15 1988task eating stack
931.01FNYFS::GOLDINGTue Apr 19 1988Time-slicing/shared images
932.03SHALE::HUXTABLETue Apr 19 1988Assigning to an aggregate containing an array
933.03CSC32::K_TICETue Apr 19 1988STARLET.QIOW reads from tape
934.09FLOCON::MOURADWed Apr 20 1988ADA as a shareable image...
935.014VOLLEY::NORRISWed Apr 20 1988Descriptor to string conversion
936.04SHALE::HUXTABLEThu Apr 21 1988Mixing text_io.put and starlet.putmsg
937.0DAVIDS::DAVIDFri Apr 22 1988Please put RPC into Ada
938.01DSSDEV::FAUSTMon Apr 25 1988block w/in task=no SET BREAK
939.06DAVIDS::DAVIDTue Apr 26 1988"ABC" is not any One-dimensional character array
940.02CSC32::K_TICETue Apr 26 1988Compiler not catching entry/accept mismatch?
941.03ZUDEV2::BURKHARDTue Apr 26 1988linking against the system?
942.01WEA::PURMALThu Apr 28 1988Two output files from one executable
943.010THEPUB::JRSFri Apr 29 1988How to implement timeouts?
944.02TSCFri Apr 29 1988Idea to workaround this ADA restriction,anyone?
945.0EUROPE::SCHERRERSat Apr 30 1988IBM-PC and MAC Ada compilers
946.02HYEND::RLEESat Apr 30 19885/26/88 Debate: Dewar vs. Parnas
947.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon May 02 1988Readability Query
948.04CSC32::K_TICEMon May 02 1988Ada 1.5 1
949.07MISFIT::EPSTEINJMon May 02 1988Local paging and swapping on a LAVc
950.02TLE::MEIERMon May 02 1988What do you want for SCA VIEW CALL with tasks?
951.07HOGGAR::BOUCKAERTMon May 02 1988Enumeration type: visibility. Help...
952.0435924::EPSTEINJWed May 04 1988Integrated Ada Brochure
953.03CSC32::K_TICEWed May 04 1988Init. w/ allocator slow in DEBUG
954.04CSC32::K_TICEWed May 04 1988File OPEN over net=USE_ERROR
955.05VAXWRK::REZACWed May 04 1988Tasking_services from C.
956.01OSLLAV::OLAVFri May 06 1988ACS ENTER FOREIGN also for Ada bodys!
957.06CERN::JRSSat May 07 1988TEXT_IO and access to RAB?
958.04GENRAL::HEINTZESun May 08 1988Referenceing External Entities
959.02DEVILS::PASCALEMon May 09 1988Passing parameters with CLI$DISPATCH ??
960.011TLE::LIONELMon May 09 1988New Ada packages for VMS V5
961.01TAVTue May 10 1988Optimization Question
962.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue May 10 1988Compile-time String Length
963.04AITG::RAVIWed May 11 1988Ada goes infinite looping in CASE stmnts..
964.01EMASS::HABIBThu May 12 1988Ada under Ultrix???
965.0WEA::BUCHANANFri May 13 1988Development Environment experience
966.06MDVAX1::SMITHMMon May 16 1988image differences?
967.0COMICS::VOISEYTue May 17 1988debug-w-nosuchpack.....any clues?
968.02LUXWed May 18 1988DBMS current record in ADA
969.010NCVAX1::SHAUGHNESSYWed May 18 1988Need help on ADA config!
970.04ROCHE::HUXTABLEWed May 18 1988System service bitmasks and bit arrays
971.04FNYFS::OZANWed May 18 1988Fatal I/O system error
972.02FNYFS::OZANWed May 18 1988%DEBUG-I-BADPACK
973.05TKOV51::IIKURAThu May 19 1988XDAda help !
974.04FLOCON::MEHERSThu May 19 1988Corrupted Rendezvous Parameter
975.012GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 20 1988What about UNIX/ULTRIX?
976.07GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 20 1988How about some more Packages?
977.026GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 20 1988How about calling SPRINTF from ADA?
978.06COMICS::RAYNERMon May 23 1988Can you write to SYS$ERROR ?
979.02GENRAL::HEINTZEMon May 23 1988How to pass Function in Argument
980.03GRANPA::TQUINNTue May 24 1988RTA Tasking Model?
983.02RIKKA::PALOThu May 26 1988LINK-W-UDEFPSC???
984.04TAVThu May 26 1988Recompilation Log File
985.02TAVThu May 26 1988Duplicated Storage Question
986.0341Thu May 26 1988Expression not Static Error
987.01TAVThu May 26 1988ADA link over the network
989.01GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 27 1988Establishing My Own Condition Handler
990.03SKYLRK::BARTLETTFri May 27 1988compilation order and benchmarks
991.03CANYON::LEEDSFri May 27 1988Ada benchmark papers ?
992.06MJG::GRIERSun May 29 1988Problem using WITH/USE before package body
993.01MJG::GRIERSun May 29 1988Access type confusion
994.02GENRAL::HEINTZETue May 31 1988How does ADA allocate Aggregates?
995.02TAVTue May 31 1988ada scientific pks wanted
996.09DAVIDS::DAVIDWed Jun 01 1988Garbage Collection - Stack Shuffling
997.01NSDC::HIGGINSONWed Jun 01 1988Enumeral/package name ambiguity
998.04EMC2::DAMIANWed Jun 01 1988RPC Interface
999.01TAVThu Jun 02 1988compilation vs. execution closure
1000.010TAVThu Jun 02 1988ENDLESS_LOOP exception?
1001.03MJG::GRIERThu Jun 02 1988Access type -- dereferencing and moving data?
1002.02CSSAUS::HUNTERFri Jun 03 1988Interrupts under Ada
1003.0CSSAUS::HUNTERFri Jun 03 1988Calling Embedded Systems
1004.02COMICS::RAYNERMon Jun 06 1988INVARG or INTDATCOR elaborating an access type
1006.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Jun 06 1988Anybody got a CLI package I can have?
1007.05MJG::GRIERMon Jun 06 1988Access type - overload resolution problem
1008.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Jun 06 1988Certain package requires constant recompilation
1010.03GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Jun 06 1988When to use ASSIGN_TO_ADDRESS
1011.03CSC32::K_TICEThu Jun 09 1988VMS 5.
1012.03CLAY::HUXTABLEThu Jun 09 1988"optional" trailing arguments to system services?
1013.02CSC32::HANSENThu Jun 09 1988passing real numbers by value
1014.01ROCHE::HOWKFri Jun 10 1988Determining if a file is a directory
1015.04CSC32::K_TICEFri Jun 10 1988Ada V?? under VMS 5.
1016.03GRDIAN::HUTCHINSTue Jun 14 1988INSVIRMEM when assigning to an ARRAY
1017.02TAVWed Jun 15 1988Needs examples for PARALLEL TASKS
1018.0CSC32::K_TICEWed Jun 15 1988INLINE on a function with separate body
1019.01SDOGUS::HOOKERFri Jun 17 1988UIS/Ada What's wrong?
1020.03CSC32::K_TICEFri Jun 17 1988Disk defragmenters and Ada libraries
1022.0EMC2::DAMIANTue Jun 21 1988Activate B4 Elaborate.
1023.01TAVWed Jun 22 1988WHICH exception was raised?
1024.03MDRADV::BERNABEThu Jun 23 198868
1025.05GSPMO::SARFFThu Jun 23 1988Wanted: Ada Pretty Printer
1026.01JULIET::MORRISON_HUThu Jun 23 1988need vax 62xx benchmark information
1027.0LEMAN::LUGRINFri Jun 24 1988ADA on a PC ?
1028.011AITG::RAVIFri Jun 24 1988Constraint error in string accessing
1029.02EMC2::OZANFri Jun 24 1988CHANGE_ACL
1030.0LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Jun 24 1988Latest SIGAda Numerics Proposal
1031.012OSLLAV::OLAVMon Jun 27 1988DECwindows disables VAX Ada tasking?
1032.02CERN::JRSMon Jun 27 1988Something weird with GETLKI
1033.05CSC32::K_TICEMon Jun 27 1988"ACS ENTER UNIT/REPLACE *" not replacing
1034.04EMC2::OZANTue Jun 28 1988CHANGE_ACL,what's wrong
1035.010MISFIT::EPSTEINJTue Jun 28 1988Program size comparisons
1036.04STARCH::JSLOVETue Jun 28 1988Well Known Compiler Optimization Technology
1037.03DSSDEV::BROWNTue Jun 28 1988C unions -> Ada variant records ?
1038.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 28 1988Conversion of string to arithmetic types
1039.02CSC32::K_TICEWed Jun 29 1988Why is STARLET.PRV_TYPE 4
1040.011STKHLM::FEISTThu Jun 30 1988Optimize or not Optimize
1041.04CERN::JRSThu Jun 30 1988using tasks within shareable images?
1042.01349817::VANAVERMAETWed Jul 06 1988try to hide information
1043.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Jul 06 1988Intertask Communication
1044.04OSLLAV::OLAVFri Jul 08 1988Why restricition on Record Representation Clause?
1045.01CEMENT::CLARKEFri Jul 08 1988understanding indexed_mixed_io
1047.010MDVAX3::ENDSLEYFri Jul 08 1988The clobbering of records w/ representation clauses
1048.06TAVMon Jul 11 1988separated and inline at the same time?
1049.02KERNEL::MUNSLOWWed Jul 13 1988ada using LAT qio's
1050.03CSC32::K_TICEWed Jul 13 1988CONSTRAINT needed for NUMERIC exception handler
1051.04CSC32::K_TICEMon Jul 18 1988Mixing libs from different versions
1052.05HIT::GLASERMon Jul 18 1988complicated variant record question
1053.0EUROPE::SCHERRERTue Jul 19 1988ALS/Navy status (its still going on!!!)
1054.03CSC32::K_TICETue Jul 19 1988AST task with priority
1055.04EMASS::HOODTue Jul 19 1988Exceptions as generic parameters???
1056.01PSG::BUCHANANTue Jul 19 1988Asynchronous process termination notice
1057.05TAVWed Jul 20 1988[IN] OUT LIMITED PRIVATE
1058.03TAVWed Jul 20 1988recompile/debug=SAME_AS_PREVIOUS
1059.01STONE::SUMMERSWed Jul 20 1988Ada Mystery Messages
1060.02CSC32::K_TICEWed Jul 20 1988Does END_OF_FILE lock current element?
1061.04COUNTThu Jul 21 1988Some customer problems/suggestions
1062.04TAVThu Jul 21 1988Using APPC LU6.2 with ADA
1063.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jul 21 1988Demo DECwindows widget implemented in ADA
1064.01BALZAC::SAGEFri Jul 22 1988How to write functions with out parameters ?
1065.011PSG::ALVIDREZMon Jul 25 1988Command recall within Ada
1066.0SRFSUP::JOHNSONMon Jul 25 1988Next release of ADA
1067.01KETJE::ERNSTTue Jul 26 1988ACS in a distributed environment
1068.05CSC32::M_MYERSWed Jul 27 1988tasking_services getdviw
1069.04NANUCK::STREITThu Jul 28 1988Application Analysis Wishlist
1070.0JANUS::PARASKEVAThu Jul 28 1988LR Parser in Ada ???
1071.01NAAD::SENGUPTAThu Jul 28 1988CPU capacities for Ada compiles
1072.04OSLLAV::OLAVFri Jul 29 1988'ADDRESS on subprogram in nested package
1073.07OSLLAV::OLAVFri Jul 29 19888-bit input-output wanted
1074.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jul 29 1988Coding Style
1075.01MDVAX3::ENDSLEYSat Jul 30 1988Turning your Ada library into a shareable image
1076.020QUARK::LIONELMon Aug 01 1988DECwindows IFT2 packages
1077.05BALZAC::PERUCHOTTue Aug 02 1988Linking PLI with Ada
1079.03WIDGIT::FULLERTue Aug 02 1988UIS and Ada, help...
1080.01TAVWed Aug 03 1988Reference Sites
1081.01CSC32::K_TICEWed Aug 03 1988Generic around INDEXED_IO => mult def sym?
1082.04CSC32::K_TICEWed Aug 03 1988RECOMPILEs not in right order for generics?
1083.02ULTRA::WRAYWed Aug 03 1988Valued pocedures
1084.01NEXUS::K_TICEFri Aug 05 1988Incomplete Type Declarations
1085.02CSC32::B_KEMPMon Aug 08 1988%DEBUG-E-INTERR
1086.01COMICS::RAYNERTue Aug 09 1988Passing Discrimanted Ada Record to Pascal
1087.01STARCH::JSLOVETue Aug 09 1988incomplete elaboration with exported procedures
1088.03FRAMBO::PFEIFERWed Aug 10 1988Procedure types in Ada?
1089.08ATRISK::TANCILLWed Aug 10 1988Inifinite loop compiling Anna??
1090.01ATRISK::TANCILLFri Aug 12 1988Generic lib unit recompile, hidden from clients?
1091.06ODIUM::DOUGSun Aug 14 1988accvio in x.next_event
1092.03CSC32::K_TICEMon Aug 15 1988What does "ACS" stand for?
1093.05MDVAX3::ENDSLEYTue Aug 16 1988When did VMS start distribution of ADARTL?
1094.03CSC32::P_SCHMIDTWed Aug 17 1988lib-f-badtagval
1095.03KERNEL::WELCHThu Aug 18 1988date-time mismatch
1096.04MDVAX1::SMITHMThu Aug 18 1988ACS interface problem
1097.06TLE::MEIERFri Aug 19 1988Wanted: Large Ada program library statistics
1098.01TAVSat Aug 20 1988limited private record with discriminant?
1099.02TAVSat Aug 20 1988leftover files in ACS library?
1100.03COUNTMon Aug 22 1988Run time performance on 62xx?
1101.04GUIDUK::ONOWed Aug 24 1988Newer PIWG benchmark numbers?
1102.01GUIDUK::ONOWed Aug 24 1988Validation summary report available?
1103.03GUIDUK::ONOWed Aug 24 1988debugger deadlock detection
1104.04TLE::BRETTThu Aug 25 1988VERDIX Ada discussion on USENET
1105.01CSC32::M_MYERSTue Aug 30 1988WHY on the generated code
1106.03STARCH::JSLOVEWed Aug 31 1988Arithmetic Optimization: Is there any?
1107.0SKYLRK::KROMMENHOCKWed Aug 31 19882 /= 2?
1108.01DELNI::P_COLEWed Aug 31 1988New install of ADA
1109.01CUJO::MCFARLANDWed Aug 31 1988FMS package Experience
1110.02JANUS::PARASKEVAThu Sep 01 1988Attribute ADDRESS of overloaded subprogram ??
1111.06MISFIT::EPSTEINJTue Sep 06 1988Performance Sanity Check
1112.03CSC32::M_MYERSWed Sep 07 1988long procedure names
1113.012COUNTThu Sep 08 1988Program runs slower than expected on 882
1114.06CLAY::HUXTABLEThu Sep 08 1988About TEXT_IO and end-of-file...
1115.02OSLLAV::OLAVFri Sep 09 1988VAX Debug variable scope problem
1116.05DLOACT::TASSANFri Sep 09 1988VAX Ada - Chapter 13?
1117.04NANUCK::STREITFri Sep 09 1988Tasking IO and Shared Resource
1118.02ATRISK::TANCILLMon Sep 12 1988Bad instantiation?
1119.04KETJE::GHYOOTTue Sep 13 1988BASEstar in Ada
1120.01BREAKR::UDICKWed Sep 14 1988ADA calling FTAM.
1121.0HYEND::RLEEFri Sep 16 1988FAPSE '88/3
1122.03LAIDBK::CREIGHANFri Sep 16 1988Need help with Ada questions
1123.03BROKE::UTZFri Sep 16 1988SQL, package compilation, and RMS-E-ACT
1124.04GENRAL::HEINTZESat Sep 17 1988How to set up library for a Project?
1125.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Sep 18 1988Validated Compilers as of 1 Sep 1988
1126.03CSC32::K_TICEMon Sep 19 1988%ADAC-F-SUBMITSPR on instantiation
1127.0CURIE::EPPERSONTue Sep 20 1988Rational's Manuals
1128.02GENRAL::HEINTZETue Sep 20 1988User Created Front End for ADA Compiler?
1129.03ULTRA::WRAYTue Sep 20 1988GKS and tasking
1130.02LAIDBK::CREIGHANTue Sep 20 1988VMS Debugger and Ada question
1131.03BRSDVP::RIJMENANTSWed Sep 21 1988An easy one: "NUMERIC_ERROR"
1132.04HXOUWed Sep 21 1988is ADA used extensively
1133.01KERNEL::WELCHThu Sep 22 1988LSE and ACS COMPILE
1134.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTFri Sep 23 1988ADRREPNOSYS - new error with upgrade
1135.0S::MURPHYMon Sep 26 1988Field Test Site Nominations
1136.04ODIUM::DOUGTue Sep 27 1988convert integer to array of boolean
1137.02CSC32::K_TICETue Sep 27 1988Floating point optimize problem
1138.0LOVADA::SCHERRERTue Sep 27 1988Ada-GKS ISO Bindings are there...
1139.02GENRAL::HEINTZETue Sep 27 1988How to use Dynamic Descriptors?
1140.0HIT::GLASERTue Sep 27 1988.DIA file contains incomplete error messages
1141.04CSC32::K_TICEWed Sep 28 1988SKIP_LINE/IO question
1142.03CSC32::K_TICEWed Sep 28 1988"with" and image size
1143.01EMC2::OZANThu Sep 29 1988ASCII char >127
1144.01DAVIDS::DAVIDThu Sep 29 1988The UCI Arcadia Software Distribution Package 1.
1145.0DAVIDS::DAVIDThu Sep 29 1988ALS/N CAB Delivery Request Instructions (inexpensive VAX/VMS Ada)
1146.03EIGER::AMBUEHLERFri Sep 30 1988$COPY ADALIB.ALB over DECnet
1147.0OSLLAV::OLAVFri Sep 30 1988VAX Ada V2.
1148.01SKIPP::HOYTFri Sep 30 1988Tasking and DECwindows
1149.05GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Sep 30 1988How to put 16#FFFF
1150.01GENRAL::HEINTZESun Oct 02 1988Merits of ADA Tasking
1151.03VMSINT::THIELMon Oct 03 1988Run-time constraint checking question
1152.06GUIDUK::ONOTue Oct 04 1988Capacities of compiler and ACS
1153.02DLO14::DONOVANTue Oct 04 1988VAX ADA vs Telesoft preformance
1154.02NEXUS::M_TURNERWed Oct 05 1988Extending a library??
1155.02HIT::GLASERThu Oct 06 1988questions about 'AST_ENTRY
1156.013MINNY::MANSERFri Oct 07 1988force a dump from a task?
1157.01BRSDVFri Oct 07 1988Ada TEXT_IO to remote device (not file-oriented)
1158.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTFri Oct 07 1988debugger can't see "renames" variable
1159.04STARCH::JSLOVESat Oct 08 1988Looking for an obscure note in this conference
1160.04TAVTue Oct 11 1988Problems with an ADA development LAVc?
1161.02TAVThu Oct 13 1988Uninitialized object as 'in' parameter
1162.01TAVThu Oct 13 1988task body not elaborated before activation?
1163.08MJG::GRIERThu Oct 13 1988Ada garbage collection -- how?
1164.01OSLLAV::OLAVThu Oct 13 1988Exporting identifiers > 31 characters?
1165.03HIT::GLASERFri Oct 14 1988ada tasking and full mailbox question
1166.06SKYBRD::MIRASSOUFri Oct 14 1988Problems copying/VMSINSTALLING ADA library (see 866)
1167.03JANUS::PARASKEVATue Oct 18 1988system.import_value in a GENERIC procedure ??
1168.01SKYLRK::SHERMANTue Oct 18 1988Renaming efficiency issues?
1169.04GENRAL::HEINTZETue Oct 18 1988Machine Readable ADA BNF?
1170.02STARCH::WHALENWed Oct 19 1988Ada Tasking and SQL (RDB)
1171.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTWed Oct 19 1988pragma suppress_all with identifiers???
1172.04CSC32::K_TICEFri Oct 21 198864-bit fixed point numbers?
1173.0PRSUD1::NEYERSMon Oct 24 1988ACVC number ???
1174.01TLE::DAKARMon Oct 24 1988Bug in V1.5 overloading resolution
1175.07JANUS::HAQUETue Oct 25 1988indexed_io, OPEN with FORM specified
1176.0CSC32::M_MYERSTue Oct 25 1988Elevated mode/stack issue
1177.03GIDDAY::KINGTue Oct 25 1988instantiate DIRECT_IO for many record sizes ???
1178.02KERNEL::WELCHWed Oct 26 1988Lib$spawn accvio
1179.02ULTRA::WRAYWed Oct 26 1988Expression not static?
1180.01NEURON::NICHOLSONWed Oct 26 1988storage question
1181.03STARCH::SCALAFri Oct 28 1988RENAMES of Procedures
1182.02HIT::GLASERFri Oct 28 1988tasking_services.task_qiow, how to use DESCRIPTORS
1183.03NEXUS::M_TURNERFri Oct 28 1988floating point underflow question
1184.05CSC32::K_TICEMon Oct 31 1988ACCVIO with UIS and AST's
1185.04CSC32::K_TICEMon Oct 31 1988Wrong array bounds seen in debug
1186.03BENTLY::MIRASSOUTue Nov 01 1988Calling $SNDOPR
1187.04CSC32::P_SCHMIDTWed Nov 02 1988problem/question with calendar
1188.01CERN::JRSWed Nov 02 1988STARLET.LKI_TYPE out-of-date
1189.0TETLEY::BRUNELLWed Nov 02 1988problems with CDA and Ada
1190.04CSC32::K_TICEWed Nov 02 1988aborting a task (?)
1191.07PULMAN::MACKThu Nov 03 1988Course: Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis
1192.01NEXUS::M_TURNERFri Nov 04 1988MIRA package, anyone??
1193.04NEURON::NICHOLSONFri Nov 04 1988address of a constant
1194.01KERNEL::WELCHMon Nov 07 1988variable length restriction?
1195.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTMon Nov 07 1988constraint error with 'large???
1196.01CSC32::K_TICETue Nov 08 19881.5 Installation problem
1197.0GRAVEL::COSSTue Nov 08 1988Empty source pointer in library
1198.01TROLOP::HORTONWed Nov 09 1988ADC files going missing
1199.02EMC2::FIRTHWed Nov 09 1988Tasking problems in sharables
1200.02STARCH::JSLOVEMon Nov 14 1988Visibility Query
1201.02JANUS::PARASKEVATue Nov 15 1988Type conversion for Access types??
1202.02STARCH::JSLOVETue Nov 15 1988ACS COMPILE/WAIT: needs a bigger or more accurate hammer
1203.03JANUS::PARASKEVATue Nov 15 1988Deallocated pointers??
1204.01GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Nov 16 1988How to Ref Enum Values inside Generic Packages?
1205.02MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Nov 16 1988ACS problems with disk volume sets
1206.02STARCH::WHALENThu Nov 17 1988standard_output = SYS$INPUT ?
1207.04MDVAX3::ENDSLEYFri Nov 18 1988PCA reports huge amounts of time in Ada elaboration
1208.03CSC32::K_TICEFri Nov 18 1988Can SYSTEM be changed?
1209.01SKITZD::MIRASSOUFri Nov 18 1988Other LINK qualifiers in ACS?
1210.02EMC2::THIELMon Nov 21 1988Interfacing ADA and C
1211.04GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Nov 21 1988Merits of writing your own I/O Packages
1212.06MDVAX3::ENDSLEYMon Nov 21 1988Excess baggage, due to abused "with" -- bad mojo, gang
1213.04CANYON::LEEDSMon Nov 21 1988ACCVIO and ASTs ???
1214.0CANYON::LEEDSTue Nov 22 1988questions related to 1213.
1215.01GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Nov 23 1988How to call LIB$FILE_SCAN?
1216.02MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Nov 23 1988Excessive overloading breaks operator resolution?
1217.01KERNEL::WELCHThu Nov 24 1988Representation ACCVIO problem
1218.0TPOVFri Nov 25 1988Need your help about APSE, XD Ada, performance ...
1219.03JANUS::HAQUEFri Nov 25 1988Reading records from indexed_io
1220.02TROLOP::GRIFFITHSMon Nov 28 1988%ADAC-E-WRITEERR with Ada v1.5
1221.02CSC32::K_TICEMon Nov 28 1988Based literal assignment
1222.01CERN::JRSMon Nov 28 1988Change to DWT.DISPLAY_VMS_MESSAGE requested
1223.02BREAKR::BENEDICTMon Nov 28 1988Ada Development - 88
1224.08ROBOT::ENDSLEYTue Nov 29 1988Organizing the layout of an Ada application's executable
1225.03WIDGIT::FULLERFri Dec 02 1988%ADA-F-PROGRAM_ERROR problem
1226.04ALIZEE::URSCHThu Dec 08 1988Pbs with records of records of array ...
1227.03PULMAN::MACKThu Dec 08 1988VAX Ada for Ultrix?
1228.018STARCH::SCALAThu Dec 08 1988?Ada Case Conventions?
1229.03ULTRA::WRAYMon Dec 12 1988user-mode SYS$OUTPUT redirection
1230.01STARCH::JSLOVEMon Dec 12 1988Redundant PRAGMA warning: an excess of zeal?
1231.03POOL::MACARTNEYWed Dec 14 1988Any rules-based systems?
1232.01LIONEL::BRETSCHNEIDEWed Dec 14 1988Need a sample Ada format
1233.01ROBOT::ENDSLEYWed Dec 14 1988CHF & Ada exceptions -- Hunting for the mechanism array for $PUTMSG
1234.011CVMS::DOTENFri Dec 16 1988Why are VMS routines defined like this?
1235.04CSC32::P_SCHMIDTMon Dec 19 1988constraint on float generic????
1236.06NCBDVX::STREITTue Dec 20 1988Need a VAX Scan parser for Ada
1237.011TLE::MITCHELLTue Dec 20 1988V2.
1238.04LIONEL::BRETSCHNEIDETue Dec 20 1988INTEGER_TEXT_IO question
1239.011LIONEL::BRETSCHNEIDEWed Dec 21 1988help on reading from a string
1240.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Dec 21 1988Unable to get another AST for Time Slice ?
1241.0GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Dec 21 1988Availability of ADA
1242.0COUNTThu Dec 22 1988How does SQL compare with RDB$INTERPRET?
1243.04LEROUF::PALOSat Dec 24 1988Ada V2.
1244.0LEROUF::PALOSun Dec 25 1988V2.
1245.08LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Dec 26 1988Congratulations for V2.
1246.08OSLADA::OLAVThu Dec 29 1988DECwindows user interface?
1247.011EIGER::AMBUEHLERThu Jan 05 1989sharing tasks in shareable images
1248.01TEA::ESEMPLAREMon Jan 09 1989Problem writing to indexed file under VMS 5.x
1249.04SAC::WELSH_TTue Jan 10 1989Help - pointer parameter from Fortran
1250.01CSC32::J_KASEDATue Jan 10 1989ACS Export and volume sets problem?
1251.013NZOVTue Jan 10 1989ADA CROSS COMPILER
1252.06GALLOP::BYNGNThu Jan 12 1989documentation anywhere?
1253.01CERN::JRSThu Jan 12 1989Interface to DWT$MENU_POSITION needs fixing
1254.04JANUS::PARASKEVATue Jan 17 1989Visibility Rules ???
1255.03FNYFS::GOLDINGWed Jan 18 1989Help with $GETQUI.
1256.03NEXUS::J_KASEDAWed Jan 18 1989Delay changes CPU time??
1257.02FNYFS::GOLDINGThu Jan 19 1989More prob with GETQUIW
1258.02CSC32::M_MYERSThu Jan 19 1989mat$ routines/g_float
1259.05ROBOT::ENDSLEYThu Jan 19 1989Can ACS give you compilation order?
1260.01ULTRA::WRAYThu Jan 19 1989ACS OPTIMIZE
1261.05LUTECE::LELEGARDMon Jan 23 1989Ada Repository on EasyNet ?
1262.01LUTECE::LELEGARDMon Jan 23 1989Viewing tasks with SDA, after a crash
1263.03EMC2::FIRTHTue Jan 24 1989ADA V2.
1264.05STAR::GREANEYTue Jan 24 1989Sample ADA programs w/ UIS.
1265.08STARCH::FALCONETue Jan 24 1989Ada for DECstation 31
1266.0FNYFS::GOLDINGThu Jan 26 1989ADA Compiler losing info??
1267.01JANUS::HAQUEFri Jan 27 1989Comments on LSE templates
1268.0CSC32::M_MYERSFri Jan 27 1989pragma export_procedure
1270.02STARCH::WHALENMon Jan 30 1989Indexed Mixed IO problem
1271.03ULTRA::WRAYMon Jan 30 1989Access-control strings in source-file
1272.05ULTRA::WRAYMon Jan 30 1989DECwindows interface
1273.0CSC32::J_CHANDLERTue Jan 31 1989FMS problem with ATERM call
1274.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Jan 31 1989shareable images and tasks - again
1275.02SRFSUP::ANDERSONThu Feb 02 1989VS31
1276.02CSC32::M_MYERSFri Feb 03 1989Sequential_io Create
1277.05NEXUS::M_TURNERFri Feb 03 1989No line numbers on SHOW CALLS
1278.05CSC32::M_MYERSMon Feb 06 1989linking shareable images
1279.01PULMAN::MACKMon Feb 06 1989Process goes HIBER with Indexed File?
1280.04HIT::GLASERMon Feb 06 1989ada/debugger/untyped pointer type problem
1281.02JANUS::PARASKEVATue Feb 07 1989Access R
1282.01ANTPOL::PRUSSTue Feb 07 1989MAPSE
1283.08ROBOT::ENDSLEYWed Feb 08 1989Religious issue concerning elaboration order
1284.02CSC32::K_TICEThu Feb 09 1989MERGE suspends compilations (?)
1285.07ISLAV::OLAVFri Feb 10 1989DECwindows portability
1286.01VESUVE::WHEELWRIGHTFri Feb 10 1989TASKING_SERVICES and mutexes
1287.02FNYFS::GOLDINGFri Feb 10 1989crashing queue managers
1288.09JANUS::HAQUEFri Feb 10 1989How fast is indexed_op.open
1289.03ULTRA::WRAYSun Feb 12 1989subprogram'ADDRESS
1290.01ULTRA::WRAYSun Feb 12 1989Name of ACS compilation job
1291.03LUTECE::LELEGARDMon Feb 13 1989Calling $HIBER from Ada
1292.09BOOTIS::CARPENTERTue Feb 14 1989V2.
1293.03CSC32::K_TICETue Feb 14 1989Suppressing run-time checks ??
1294.03AUSTIN::BROWNWed Feb 15 198962XX-63XX Vaildation schedule
1295.03MINDER::WIGLEYThu Feb 16 1989Two Ada compilers on same VAX?
1296.02VAXWRK::REZACFri Feb 17 1989suppress of storage_error
1297.02ULTRA::WRAYFri Feb 17 1989DECwindows and Ada tasking
1299.04TAVTue Feb 21 1989Request for NONTRANSPARENT TASK TO TASK examples
1300.05COUNTFri Feb 24 1989Some customer suggestions
1301.01TAVSun Feb 26 1989need a tool for FORMATTING ADA sources
1302.04ULTRA::WRAYMon Feb 27 1989ADDRESS of subprograms (again)
1303.03BRILLO::BIRCHTue Feb 28 1989Help needed with Ada compile speed b/m
1304.02OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 28 1989Obsolete unit after ACS COMPILE
1306.03TLE::MEIERThu Mar 02 1989ACS BROWSE command
1307.06JANUS::PARASKEVAFri Mar 03 1989PROGRAM_ERROR with V2 generic instantiation?
1308.04OSLACT::OLAVTue Mar 07 1989No source lines in the debugger
1309.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Mar 07 1989/acs=(R,1,unit_name,S) ???
1310.06SKYLRK::KROMMENHOCKTue Mar 07 1989Portable X-Windows?
1311.03ULTRA::WRAYTue Mar 07 1989Diagnostic file problem
1312.012EMASS::ISLERWed Mar 08 1989ADA AND MMS
1313.02DOOZER::HOWLETTWed Mar 08 1989how to recover from ^z typed
1314.0DGOSWWed Mar 08 1989More about xdADA cross-compilation system
1315.0JANUS::HAQUEThu Mar 09 1989problem: %LIB-F-BADTAGVAL, bad boundary tag value
1316.01COMICS::DEMORGANThu Mar 09 1989does analyse/crash work with Ada programs?
1317.010OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 10 1989EDIT from VAX Debug => .ADC file
1318.01JANUS::HAQUEFri Mar 10 1989Glitch in ACS for VAX Ada T2.
1319.0OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 10 1989Name of exception should be fully qualified
1320.04CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Mar 10 1989Constraint_error from within Adartl
1321.05OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 10 1989Does UNCHECKED_DEALLOCATION deallocate everything?
1322.01SJGSG::JEANSFri Mar 10 1989Ada 9X Requirements Workshop
1323.01OSLACT::OLAVSat Mar 11 1989ACS tells me to to reenter foreign package body
1324.0OSLACT::OLAVSat Mar 11 1989Shareable Images made easier
1325.0TPOVMon Mar 13 1989Small test, need your help
1326.0OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 13 1989SYSTEM.AST_HANDLER limited private => only private
1327.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 13 1989Task scheduling (Due to readying a higher priority task)
1328.04KERNEL::WELCHTue Mar 14 1989Module names in Debug
1329.01PEEWEE::HEINTZETue Mar 14 1989How to accept type UNIVERSAL_INTEGER
1330.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 17 1989Problem with .OBJ from ACS EXPORT and object library
1331.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 17 1989CONDITION_HANDLING misses procedures for WORD_COND_VALUE_TYPE
1332.02COMICS::BUNNTue Mar 21 1989Single char i/o to a terminal ?
1333.05OSLACT::OLAVTue Mar 21 1989Wish: Have the compiler determine a smaller STORAGE_SIZE for simple tasks
1334.0CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Mar 23 1989?? on Import_Valued_Procedure
1335.08BREAKR::MUHLSTEINFri Mar 24 1989ADA to X binding ?
1336.04JANUS::HAQUETue Mar 28 1989LIB.FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL usage
1337.09CSC32::J_KASEDATue Mar 28 1989initialization of file_type variable
1340.03KLO::J_HICKEYFri Mar 31 1989EDITOR from Ada Prog.
1341.05OSLPBK::OLAVSat Apr 01 1989Save some trees!
1342.0BRSSWS::DECLERCKMon Apr 03 1989ADA definitions for callable DATATRIEVE?
1343.02BOOTIS::CARPENTERTue Apr 04 1989pointer problems in DEBUG
1344.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Apr 04 1989access violation problem
1345.0ULTRA::WRAYTue Apr 04 1989Lifetime of returned array values
1346.06CLAY::VANBUSKIRKTue Apr 04 1989Problems compiling with ACS Version 2.
1347.02ALIZEE::URSCHTue Apr 04 1989Help with the PSI Qio interface
1349.0TLE::NELSONWed Apr 05 1989Introductory Ada course
1350.04CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Apr 05 1989Type representation size?
1351.01CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Apr 05 1989link map long names, psects
1352.04CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Apr 10 1989Ada compilations and VMS mailboxes
1353.01KERNEL::TURPIETue Apr 11 1989Long Word conversion implementation
1354.05KERNEL::TURPIETue Apr 11 1989ACS Delete Unit problem
1355.02LAIDBK::CREIGHANTue Apr 11 1989Looking for sample programs
1356.03LAIDBK::CREIGHANThu Apr 13 1989Cross-reference listing?
1357.06OSLACT::OLAVFri Apr 14 1989%DEBUG-E-INVARRDSC, invalid array descriptor
1358.07CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Apr 14 1989assign to generic private type?
1359.02MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Apr 17 1989XD Ada Notes Conference ?
1360.01CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Apr 17 1989Instantiate generic with private type?
1361.04CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Apr 17 1989Install Ada on non-system disk?
1362.012MUDIS3::SCHUETZWed Apr 19 1989fighting RATIONAL
1363.04CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Apr 19 1989Actual order of elaboration?
1364.04CSC32::K_TICEThu Apr 20 1989Nested generics question
1365.04CSC32::K_TICEThu Apr 20 1989"Validation" necessary for V2.
1366.03TROPPO::GRIFFITHSFri Apr 21 1989%TASK 1 priority changed!
1367.04GSRC::FULLERWed Apr 26 1989SDC (or SSB) release guestimate??
1368.08COOKIE::HEINTZEWed Apr 26 1989How to pass variable length arrays?
1369.06CARP::BHENDERSONThu Apr 27 1989ADA on VS 31
1370.012TEASE::WEAVERFri Apr 28 1989DEC ADA?
1371.01ULTRA::WRAYMon May 01 1989"Portable" /NOOPTIMIZE?
1372.01MUSKIE::BHENDERSONWed May 03 1989DW; VERDIX bindings anyone?
1373.05VAXWRK::REZACWed May 03 1989Will splitting up units slow compiles?
1374.02GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 05 1989Will SYS$WFLOR block execution of AST TASK?
1375.01NSDC::RATCLIFFMon May 08 1989Package Machine_Code (LRM 13.8)
1376.0NSDC::RATCLIFFMon May 08 1989Re-usable components (Booch, EVB, others?)
1377.04CSC32::J_KASEDAMon May 08 1989SMG/Ada interface question
1378.05CERN::JRSTue May 09 1989Using symbolic constants
1379.01GENRAL::HEINTZETue May 09 1989We Need a new Starlet for VMS v5.2
1380.05LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKThu May 11 1989problem with delay and tasks
1381.05CSC32::J_KASEDAThu May 11 1989Ada exceptions and VAX "exceptions"
1382.01EMC2::THIELFri May 12 1989DECFORM
1383.06GSPMO::DIXSun May 14 1989Ada and DECwindows problem
1384.02PRSUD2::NEYERSTue May 16 1989VAXADA GKS Binding
1385.013JANUS::HAQUETue May 16 1989Debug RSTCNTRL\DBG$RST_BUILD internal error
1387.03GENRAL::HEINTZEWed May 17 1989ACCVIO from LIB$INITIALIZE - not my code!
1388.01KERNEL::WELCHThu May 18 1989Callable Help from Ada
1389.02NAAD::LONGNECKERFri May 19 1989Global Sections and DECwindows problem
1390.04TAVSun May 21 1989When will we find it?
1392.01CSC32::K_TICETue May 23 1989%ADAC-I-NOTREFCOPYBACK ???
1393.04KLO::J_HICKEYWed May 24 1989Passing Exceptions to a Generic Package
1394.02KERNEL::TURPIEWed May 24 1989Record component not static ?
1395.02SBI::M_TURNERWed May 24 1989Changes to ADARTL between 4.7 and 5.1, many or few?
1396.01DAVIDS::DAVIDThu May 25 1989Problem with asynch RAB operatioons
1397.04GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 26 1989How to ship a product written in ADA?
1398.04CSC32::J_KASEDAFri May 26 1989Strange problem with delay in select alternative
1399.02MILLER::BAROUILLETMon May 29 1989State Transition Diagram. Ideas needed.
1400.06CSC32::J_KASEDATue May 30 1989%DEBUG-I-BADPACK fixed in T5.2 of debugger?
1401.04KERNEL::TURPIEThu Jun 01 1989vax extensions
1402.02CERN::JRSThu Jun 01 1989DECwindows & Ada problem
1403.04CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Jun 01 1989? Dbg SHO SYM/TYP and non-unique type names
1404.06JANUS::HAQUEMon Jun 05 1989Redaing image idents
1405.019LEROUF::PALOMon Jun 05 1989Alertness test
1406.03GSPMO::GREENEMon Jun 05 1989Ada and Rdb?
1407.013PHDVAX::LARSONTue Jun 06 1989ADA tasks or VMS processes
1408.02JANUS::HAQUEWed Jun 07 1989QAR candidate?
1409.06KETJE::MISTIAENThu Jun 08 1989problem with remote file
1410.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Jun 08 1989? on Interp of generic formal subprogram default
1411.01GSRC::WESTFri Jun 09 1989COMMAND widget prob in Ada package
1412.01GSRC::WESTFri Jun 09 1989XT_OPEN_DISPLAY prob in Ada package
1413.04NEXUS::M_TURNERFri Jun 09 1989Constraint_error not being raised.
1414.04LAIDBK::CREIGHANTue Jun 13 1989Jovial and VAX Ada
1415.02CSC32::J_KASEDATue Jun 13 1989ACS compile and wildcards
1416.03TAVThu Jun 15 1989Array being overwritten after calling to Next_Even
1417.03CSC32::K_TICEThu Jun 15 1989SEQUENTIAL_IO.END_OF_FILE over net?
1418.015CSC32::K_TICEThu Jun 15 1989Reducing image size ?
1419.01NEXUS::M_TURNERThu Jun 15 1989BADSPEC messages, install fails using OPTIONS R
1421.01COOKIE::HEINTZEFri Jun 16 1989Help with calling lib$cvtf_*_internal_time
1422.01GSRC::WESTFri Jun 16 1989XGetWindowProperty problem with Ada
1423.02STKHLM::FEISTMon Jun 19 1989LIB$SIGNAL
1424.011PHDVAX::LARSONMon Jun 19 1989Recovering an ADA application?
1425.04OSLACT::OLAVMon Jun 19 1989Memory growth problem
1426.02CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Jun 19 1989Ques on selective-waits
1427.01CSC32::J_KASEDATue Jun 20 1989ACS error message question
1428.02PULMAN::MACKWed Jun 21 1989Changing parent library? V2.
1429.02TAVWed Jun 21 1989Access Violation using Event Handler
1430.04CSC32::S_PROCTORFri Jun 23 1989ACS Merge Wildcard doesn't work
1431.03NEXUS::J_KASEDAMon Jun 26 1989ACS link question, just curious
1432.03KERNEL::WELCHTue Jun 27 1989Optimize produces different result
1433.04TETLEY::BRUNELLWed Jun 28 1989unsigned_longword_zero
1435.012PRSUD1::MIRGHANEThu Jun 29 1989URGENT : concern about ADA performances
1436.01CSC32::K_TICEThu Jun 29 1989V2.
1437.05CSC32::K_TICEThu Jun 29 1989DIRECT_IO on variant records?
1438.03KERNEL::TURPIEFri Jun 30 1989lib-f-badbloadr ?
1439.04DEMON::TEELUCKSINGHFri Jun 30 1989Indent Mismatch on VMS V5.1.
1440.03CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Jun 30 1989?? Task stack underflow ??
1441.011VOLLEY::NORRISSun Jul 02 1989Callbacks in Ada & C Environment
1442.0EMC2::GOLDINGMon Jul 03 1989Problem with PASCAL calling ADA!
1443.04FRSTSC::AURANDMon Jul 03 1989task activation / calling ada from fortran
1444.03COUNTThu Jul 06 1989Compiler(s) targetting Motorola 68
1445.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Jul 06 1989global sections, again
1446.08LUTECE::LELEGARDFri Jul 07 1989Pb with PSECT_OBJECT and global sections
1447.01ULTRA::WRAYSun Jul 09 1989When does GET_LINE call SKIP_LINE?
1448.01ULTRA::WRAYSun Jul 09 1989IO after END_ERROR
1449.04ODIUM::DOUGMon Jul 10 1989map with domain=>string?
1450.03CSC32::K_TICEMon Jul 10 1989V2 documentation? Error messages?
1451.01VNAACT::GEROLDTue Jul 11 1989wrong spec for OTS$CVT_L_TU ?
1452.02DCC::ALDENTue Jul 11 1989Multi-processing with ADA
1453.05ULTRA::WRAYTue Jul 11 1989How do I look at the heap?
1454.0EVOAI2::DAN_MWed Jul 12 1989DEcwindows developpment in ADA (writing widgets)?
1455.0MOVIES::WHITAKERWed Jul 12 1989DDTM definitions available
1456.02CSC32::K_TICEThu Jul 13 1989ACS DEL - ACS COMP question
1457.03LUXFri Jul 14 1989ADA/DECwindows references needed
1458.01COMICS::PTURPIEFri Jul 14 1989MODE_ERROR on V5
1459.04CSC32::K_TICEFri Jul 14 1989V2 internal Ada compiler error!
1460.02PEEWEE::HEINTZETue Jul 18 1989LINK-F-UNDEF Undefined Environment
1461.04ULTRA::WRAYTue Jul 18 1989PROGRAM_ERROR signalled in allocator, Ada V2
1462.03CSC32::J_KASEDATue Jul 18 1989insvirmem converting to 2.
1463.04SUPWed Jul 19 1989configure_window acces violation
1464.03CSC32::M_TURNERFri Jul 21 1989FETCH_FROM_ADDRESS broken in ADA 2.
1465.07TAVMon Jul 24 1989ADAC-E-WRITERR, RMS-E-CUR error on RECOMPILE
1466.03FNYTC6::THIELTue Jul 25 1989bug or mis-understanding?
1467.03CSC32::M_MYERSTue Jul 25 1989asc create returns device full
1468.02ULTRA::WRAYWed Jul 26 1989TIME_SLICE in non-tasking program
1469.01COMICS::OWENThu Jul 27 1989Ada and Cdd records problems
1470.0CSC32::M_TURNERFri Jul 28 1989Why do I get ADAC-E-NOT_EXHAUSTIVE?
1471.010CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Jul 28 1989shareable images, tasks in elaboration?
1472.03COMICS::CROSBIEMon Jul 31 1989ADDRESS of discriminant record problem ?
1474.02KLO::J_HICKEYTue Aug 01 1989Fixed-Point Package
1475.07ULTRA::WRAYTue Aug 01 1989Integer math package sought
1476.01OTOUTue Aug 01 1989pragma/pragama pack?
1477.02LUTECE::COSTEUXWed Aug 02 1989Separate libraries problem ?
1478.012TAVThu Aug 03 1989PCA/ADA help needed
1479.04ULTRA::WRAYThu Aug 03 1989ADAC-E-REPFORCED?
1480.02SKYLRK::SHERMANThu Aug 03 1989Better DECwindows bindings
1481.02TALLIS::REILLYThu Aug 03 1989Compiler bug? Has this been reported?
1482.01CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 03 1989delay, accvio, crumff
1483.0CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 03 1989package.exception ?
1484.0SCOTMN::WELCHFri Aug 04 1989Array aggregate evaluation
1485.02DRIVEN::BRUNELLFri Aug 04 1989Xabkey problem with Ada 2.
1486.014CANYON::GURALNIKFri Aug 04 1989FORTRAN -> ADA Converter?
1487.0TROPPO::HORTONMon Aug 07 1989SHARE_GENERIC examples?
1489.09AZUR::BONETTOMon Aug 07 1989SCA FIND/FILE on ADA source code
1490.02UTRTSC::BOORMon Aug 07 1989Debugger problem with VMS V5.1-1?
1491.08DAVIDS::KUBELKAMon Aug 07 1989A small whish!
1492.01DAVIDS::KUBELKAMon Aug 07 1989OTS.CVT_L_TZ
1493.0PHDVAX::LARSONTue Aug 08 1989Mapping variables into global section
1494.0KOBY::DORONWed Aug 09 1989ADA in VWS enviorenment problem.
1495.03STARCH::JSLOVEWed Aug 09 1989Doing what MMS does
1496.01TAVThu Aug 10 1989More on unchecked deallocation
1497.0BRSSWS::VANDENBERGENFri Aug 11 1989SYS$FAO - example
1498.08NAAD::DEANFri Aug 11 1989$$ Need Vectorized VAX/ADA $$
1499.04CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 17 1989debugger and import_object info
1500.0DAVIDS::KUBELKAFri Aug 18 1989PROCEDURE'address
1501.01ULTRA::WRAYWed Aug 23 1989Long names in traceback info
1502.02TAVWed Aug 23 1989ACCVIO when ACS CONVERT after upgrade 1.5 -> 2.
1503.05CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 24 1989Debugger/Ada and parameter value?
1504.07CASEE::PALOFri Aug 25 1989BOOCH Components
1505.01ZPOVMon Aug 28 1989Other Ada Cross Compiler ?
1506.01MARKAY::CATALANOMon Aug 28 1989Ada 2.
1507.05DRIVEN::MACKMon Aug 28 1989Exporting subprograms from instantiation of a generic package?
1508.01MUDIS3::SCHUETZTue Aug 29 1989where's the NetKit V2 ?
1509.02CASEE::PALOTue Aug 29 1989When can a generic be used in its defining parents declaration section
1510.01MOVIES::WHITAKERTue Aug 29 1989What's happening on 3
1511.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 31 1989? on buffer for seq-mixed-io
1512.02COMICS::TURPIEFri Sep 01 1989hash function to shift bits
1513.016GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Sep 01 1989%ADAC-E-FILNOTDEL and I don't know why
1514.01MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Sep 04 1989ADA 2.
1515.03TAVTue Sep 05 1989Another DEBUG problem
1516.01GSRC::WESTTue Sep 05 1989XListFont problem from Ada
1517.03UILA::MATTINIWed Sep 06 1989URGENT: DEcwindow Performances in ADA Real-Time Environement
1518.0MUDIS3::SCHUETZThu Sep 07 1989TLE, one of Your disks is bad !!!
1519.04BRSThu Sep 07 1989Looking at packages from the bottom up ?
1520.05CSC32::K_TICEThu Sep 07 1989%DEBUG-W-DESCNOTSET ???
1521.01STKHLM::FEISTThu Sep 07 1989NOTYETIMP ?
1522.01DPDMAI::AUTRYThu Sep 07 1989HELP! INFO ON ADA
1524.05ULTRA::WRAYFri Sep 08 1989Problem completing CMS units
1525.03CASEE::PALOFri Sep 08 1989question concerning task priorities in V1.5
1526.06DRIVEN::MACKMon Sep 11 1989Ada for LSE 3.
1527.06GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Sep 11 1989Reporting SS Errors in ADA: I want your Opinion
1528.02TAVTue Sep 12 1989Ada to X interface and multi-tasking
1529.06LUTECE::LELEGARDWed Sep 13 1989ACCVIO with compiler V2.
1530.08PHDVAX::LARSONWed Sep 13 1989Task synch in a multi-tasking environment
1531.01BDWISR::HEAFEYWed Sep 13 1989FYI...
1533.010CAPO::CONROY_MIWed Sep 13 1989Performance - Compilation Speed?
1534.04COOKIE::WAHLThu Sep 14 1989Linked lists of tasks are awkward - why?
1535.0EMC2::PELLATTThu Sep 14 1989ACS library activity logging ?
1536.03EIGER::MISCHLERThu Sep 14 1989no return from QIOW,tasking_services,deadlock
1537.0PHDVAX::LARSONThu Sep 14 1989Tasks vs. Processes
1538.01SKYWAY::BERENSTue Sep 19 1989Ada and SQL packages
1539.010UTOPIE::HORINEKTue Sep 19 1989compiler error in 2.
1540.05GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Sep 20 1989ACS RECOMPILE generates misleading message!
1541.0LDP::YOOThu Sep 21 1989Request for Ada sales support info
1542.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Sep 21 1989what are unitnam$nnn...n.acu and .obj files?
1543.02PHDVAX::LARSONFri Sep 22 1989Decnet task-to-task (non-transparent)
1544.01GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Sep 22 1989We need a special tool for calling LIB$SIGNAL!
1545.01GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Sep 22 1989Problems passing strings from BLISS to ADA
1546.07CSC32::J_KASEDATue Sep 26 1989ACCVIO from V2.
1547.02YF23::MOSERWed Sep 27 1989XD-ADA and IEEE-695 Object modules?
1548.03CSC32::K_TICEWed Sep 27 1989'SIZE on discriminated records; 1.5 vs 2.
1549.04COMICS::TURPIEThu Sep 28 1989parameter checking
1550.04COMICS::TURPIEThu Sep 28 1989acs link query
1551.04EAGLE1::BESTThu Sep 28 1989Seeking fine structure info on I/O applications
1552.03BRILLO::STEEL_SFri Sep 29 1989Help on Ada
1553.03COORS::M_MYERSMon Oct 02 1989page len on list file
1554.03TAVWed Oct 04 1989INSFARG when calling UIS routine in ADA 2.
1555.02COMICS::THOMASThu Oct 05 1989two vdu's & ada$output ?
1556.01CSC32::P_SCHMIDTFri Oct 06 1989program_error in 2.
1557.02TSCMon Oct 09 1989Debugger loops on memory allocation
1558.01CSC32::M_TURNERMon Oct 09 1989ADA/opt=inline:max causes warnings on compile.
1559.02GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Oct 09 1989Location of ADA T2.1 Kit
1560.03KMOOSE::MCCUTCHEONMon Oct 09 1989Announcing VAX Ada V2.1 Field Test
1561.01LUTECE::LELEGARDTue Oct 10 1989Pb examining access variable under debug
1562.01SCDGAT::COCOTue Oct 10 1989Help...FRS for VAX Ada V2.1 ?
1563.07OSLACT::OLAVWed Oct 11 1989Ada and C strings?
1564.0OSLACT::OLAVWed Oct 11 1989LIB$SHOW_VM and new ADARTL problem
1565.04FNYTC6::NOKESWed Oct 11 1989GETLKI(W) Wildcard ??
1567.04VESTA::PARASKEVAWed Oct 11 1989Need a variant of UNCHECKED_DEALLOCATION ??
1569.01GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Oct 12 1989RECOMPILE/CLOS should search dependency tree!
1570.03UTRACK::BOORFri Oct 13 1989Shareable image problem, please help.
1571.06CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Oct 16 1989where ACS gets info on units in library
1572.07VMSSG::TCARRTue Oct 17 1989'X' units will not compile on v5.3
1573.04CSC32::M_MYERSTue Oct 17 1989The size of enum types in records
1574.04STARCH::JSLOVEThu Oct 19 1989Too many list files, misleading error messages
1575.06LUTECE::LELEGARDThu Oct 19 1989Scalar in out parameters under debugger
1576.02LUTECE::LELEGARDThu Oct 19 1989Funny Ada documentation !
1577.05ULTRA::WRAYFri Oct 20 1989Re-signalling exceptions
1578.03GENRAL::HEINTZETue Oct 24 1989How put 21-OCT-1989 in STARLET.DATE_TIME_TYPE?
1579.01COMICS::TURPIETue Oct 24 1989asynchronous task input/output
1580.05CSC32::J_KASEDATue Oct 24 1989Why RMS-F-RAT error writing to logfile?
1581.01GENRAL::HEINTZETue Oct 24 1989How to rename SYSTEM.UNSIGNED_LONGORD()
1582.02STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Oct 25 1989ADA benchmarks etc
1583.04TAVThu Oct 26 1989CONSTRAINT_ERROR raised insted of NUMERIC_ERROR
1584.03STARCH::JSLOVESun Oct 29 1989UNCHECKED_DEALLOCATION doesn't return memory to system
1585.01KLOVTue Oct 31 1989Passing Arrays between Fortran and Ada
1586.01KERNEL::EVERESTAThu Nov 02 1989indexed_io search query
1587.05JUNO::HAQUEThu Nov 02 1989a SYS_ package spec is needed
1588.01LEMAN::MEISTERFri Nov 03 1989storage_error with /nooptimize/debug
1592.01LEMAN::MEISTERFri Nov 03 1989storage_error with /nooptimize/debug
1593.06DAVIDS::KUBELKASun Nov 05 1989Volatile not working?
1594.02GENRAL::HEINTZESun Nov 05 1989Wish list: ACS COMPILE should do foreign units
1595.01CSC32::K_TICEMon Nov 06 1989'digits on a generic type?
1596.05CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Nov 06 1989descriptors used for access types?
1597.01ULTRA::WRAYMon Nov 06 1989Stand-alone Ada programs
1598.01LEMAN::MEISTERTue Nov 07 1989stack size limits?
1599.03KERNEL::EVERESTATue Nov 07 1989Alternate key problem
1600.03GENRAL::HEINTZETue Nov 07 1989Status of ADA 2.2?
1601.01GSRC::WESTWed Nov 08 1989TEXT_IO.PUT_LINE makes it work ?!?!?!
1602.05DGOSWWed Nov 08 1989fast answers Wanted to (nissen,witchman Guidelines)
1603.01GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Nov 08 1989Confusion on ACS date checking - possible bug
1604.04BACHUS::DEBEYSThu Nov 09 1989print queue exists : no such queue
1605.01MOVIES::WHITAKERThu Nov 09 1989Problem with STARTLET_.ADC in V2.1
1606.03A12::GOEKEThu Nov 09 1989Yet Another "Not Static" question
1607.01CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Nov 09 1989? more info on fortran commons and Ada?
1608.02SCDGAT::COCOFri Nov 10 1989Reviewers for Ada Course???
1609.02GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Nov 10 1989Possible bug in V2.
1610.05CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Nov 13 1989Incorrect result to debug examine of record
1611.04FNYTC6::NOKESTue Nov 14 1989UNCHECKED_DEALLOCATION without original ACCESS type
1612.010LAIDBK::CREIGHANTue Nov 14 1989Suggestions for configuration?
1613.03LUTECE::LELEGARDWed Nov 15 1989UNCHECKED_CONVERSION to floating point types
1614.02CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Nov 15 1989ques on task stack underflow
1615.08VERVE::BUCHANANThu Nov 16 1989unexpected parameter passing mechinism
1616.01CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Nov 16 1989prv_type and T2.1
1617.0PRSUD1::AGUADOFri Nov 17 1989Rendez-vous times
1618.01PHDVAX::LARSONFri Nov 17 1989CVTF_TO_INTERNAL_TIME probelm
1619.04SKYLRK::KROMMENHOCKFri Nov 17 1989How to debug on machine with no Ada?
1620.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Nov 19 1989An ISO standard mathematical package proposal
1621.05TAVSun Nov 19 1989IOSB and $SNDJBC problem ???
1622.01BACHUS::RENTYMon Nov 20 1989EXAMPLE needed for read/write VARIANT INDEXED records
1623.07CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Nov 20 1989elab order and V2.
1624.0PAOIS::DIGNEMon Nov 20 1989VAXELN/ADA Courses ????
1625.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Nov 20 1989ACS-E-ERRFETCMS and CMS reserve problem
1626.03CSC32::K_TICETue Nov 21 1989%ACS-E-READERR on a MERGE ?
1627.03TAVWed Nov 22 1989Debugger and Generic package question
1628.02TAVWed Nov 22 1989ACS looking for Tasking_Services?
1629.05COMICS::TURPIEMon Nov 27 1989ast's and task termination
1630.0ULTRA::WRAYThu Nov 30 1989ADAC-E-INSSEMI in wrong place
1631.04DRIVEN::ENGLISHThu Nov 30 1989C/Ada Question
1632.03CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Nov 30 1989constraint checks and record types
1633.02SPYDER::BURGESSFri Dec 01 1989Ada on RISC/Ultrix ?
1634.03TAVTue Dec 05 1989ACCVIO when ACS LOAD and CHECK using SEPARETE
1635.01CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Dec 06 1989constraint_error info msg ques
1636.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Dec 06 1989Number of developpers on 642
1637.05SHAPES::DANIALIWed Dec 06 1989Ada documentation search!
1638.04CASEE::MORRISThu Dec 07 1989How is STARLET_.ADA produced?
1639.01PHDVAX::LARSONThu Dec 07 1989PCA and ADA$ELAB_foo
1640.01PHDVAX::LARSONFri Dec 08 1989Examining volatile vars via Debugger
1642.01PHDVAX::LARSONFri Dec 08 1989Type DURATION
1643.04LUTECE::LELEGARDMon Dec 11 1989Ada shareable images and LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL
1644.01TLE::BRETTTue Dec 12 1989Looking for a reference site, 6
1645.02TKOV52::NAKANOThu Dec 14 1989Question about XD Ada.
1646.0LUTECE::LELEGARDFri Dec 15 1989So big "case" instruction....
1647.0DAVIDS::KUBELKAFri Dec 15 1989/BATCH_LOG doesn''t work anymore
1648.01PHDVAX::LARSONFri Dec 15 1989PRiority of task with PRAGMA AST_ENTRY
1649.01LUTECE::COSTEUXFri Dec 22 1989Multiple version on a same system. Problem
1650.0CSC32::K_TICEFri Dec 22 1989Customer comment on VAX Ada
1651.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Dec 29 1989How to terminate Ada program when doing a PCA collect?
1652.01OSITEL::KRAFTTue Jan 02 1990Ada(v 2.
1653.02TAVWed Jan 03 1990AST's disabled in Ada application
1654.0TAVThu Jan 04 1990HELP - Ada/tasking/FMS/SMG
1655.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Jan 04 1990Ada compiler changes document?
1656.03JOSHER::HERRFri Jan 05 1990Questions on Tasking Directions
1657.03A12::GOEKESun Jan 07 1990Use Sublibraries for hierarchy?
1658.0TAVMon Jan 08 1990ACCVIO when trying to debug process dump
1659.0SNIGLT::DITOMMASOMon Jan 08 1990Ada Benchmark info needed (ACEC, Hartstone, CAMP, and others?)
1660.011CSC32::S_PROCTORTue Jan 09 1990Roprand while debugging
1661.04LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Jan 10 1990Product manager ?
1662.01PAOIS::DIGNEFri Jan 12 1990ADA Slide Show avalaible ???
1663.09DRIVEN::ENGLISHTue Jan 16 1990SIGNED Comparison of UNSIGNED_LONGWORDs?
1664.05ULTRA::WRAYTue Jan 16 1990Elaboration of package instantiations
1665.03SCDGAT::COCOWed Jan 17 1990Question on Ada Trends
1666.04PRSUD1::MIRGHANEThu Jan 18 1990customer questions on VAXADA
1667.08INDPNT::WINNThu Jan 18 1990How to call $LCKPAG from Ada
1668.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Jan 18 1990put/reset/put used to work with seq files?
1669.03CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Jan 18 1990ACS CRE LIB gets device full errors
1670.01STRIKE::C_MASTERSThu Jan 18 1990Problem with upwardly compatable ADARTL.
1671.04CSC32::K_TICEThu Jan 18 1990ACS ENTER FOREIGN/LIBRARY different?
1673.0STARCH::GLASERMon Jan 22 1990MIPS standalone Ada - FYI
1674.01HALLES::COSTEUXTue Jan 23 1990Using the PSM routines ?
1675.02COMICS::STILESTue Jan 23 1990/NODISP gives buffer $INITIALIZE error
1676.01ULTRA::WRAYTue Jan 23 1990Where is CONSTRAINT_ERROR noticed?
1677.08CHOVAX::LIOUTue Jan 23 1990Decwindow and Ada interface known problem
1678.017ULTRA::WRAYTue Jan 23 1990Storage allocation question
1679.01LARVAE::SKEEN_CWed Jan 24 1990Version compatibility of VMS and Ada
1680.03LARVAE::SKEEN_CWed Jan 24 1990Library differences between versions 1.5 and 2.
1682.02CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Jan 26 1990Ada(rtl) support for Vector processor??
1683.02MDVAX3::DESTERMon Jan 29 1990IMPORT_VALUE for RMS codes fails
1684.07JOSHER::HERRTue Jan 30 1990Questions on Exception Basics
1685.0TAVWed Jan 31 1990Problem writing Print Symbiont in ada
1686.04GSRC::KENTMon Feb 05 1990Reserved Operand Faults, Constraint Errors, etc.
1687.0PHDVAX::LARSONTue Feb 06 1990LIB$SIGNAL and Ada Exception Handling
1688.03GENRAL::HEINTZETue Feb 06 1990Wish list: Add /SYNCH qualifer for ACS
1689.01GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Feb 07 1990How to signal ADA exceptions in BLISS?
1690.0KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWWed Feb 07 1990Package body and SQL$PRE?
1691.01VNABRW::PIEBERWed Feb 07 1990ELABORATE - revisited.
1692.02DLOACT::BUTTNERWed Feb 07 1990V2.1 - certification?
1693.01AZUR::BONETTOThu Feb 08 1990DEC ADA on ULTRIX ?
1694.0149Fri Feb 09 1990Assignations of "legal" negative values raise an exception
1695.05OSLACT::OLAVSun Feb 11 1990Distributed systems and DEC Ada?
1696.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLESun Feb 11 1990Discussion on Tasking pulled of internet
1697.01MILLER::SAGEMon Feb 12 1990How to terminate terminated tasks ?
1698.02BACHUS::DEBEYSMon Feb 12 1990constraint error at run time
1699.05RIKKA::PALOTue Feb 13 1990NOPIC sections from Ada?
1701.02STKHLM::FEISTWed Feb 14 1990Problem with private type declaration ADA 2.
1702.01VICTOR::CLARKWed Feb 14 1990Ada VMS host with MIPS target.
1703.03366Wed Feb 14 1990ADA and Simultaneous Multi-processing
1704.05CSC32::K_TICEWed Feb 14 1990%ADAC-E-USEPRIVCOMP private type question
1705.01JUNO::COLLISThu Feb 15 1990Is there a VAX ADA V2.
1706.01RIKKA::PALOFri Feb 16 1990chapter 8 and hiding
1707.03JUNO::HAQUEFri Feb 16 1990BUG in batch mode RECOMPILEation?
1708.01CSC32::K_TICEFri Feb 16 1990Ada training needed in Colorado!
1709.02GSRC::WESTMon Feb 19 1990Incorrect parameter types in DECW$X_.ADA
1710.0GSRC::WESTMon Feb 19 1990Names used in the $ binding of DECW$X_.ADA
1711.03GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Feb 19 1990How to detect ADA exceptions in BLISS CH?
1712.02CSC32::J_KASEDATue Feb 20 1990Catenation of null and component?
1713.07SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Feb 20 1990SET_LOGICAL is badly declared in package LIB
1714.01GENRAL::HEINTZETue Feb 20 1990Returning SS$_CONTINUE in response to RAISE stmnt
1715.04RIKKA::PALOWed Feb 21 1990renames problem with 'VAL
1716.05COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Feb 21 1990Constant array aggregate compile exceeds virt mem
1717.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Feb 21 1990Precision of D_floating and G_floating in Ada
1718.01CSC32::M_MYERSWed Feb 21 1990can't EXAMINE ptr types, could in 1.5
1719.03TMCUK2::STEVENSThu Feb 22 1990License problems with ADA V2.1
1720.05MSDOA::PETERSONThu Feb 22 1990Ada vs VAX C and FORTRAN
1721.02GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Feb 22 1990ADA 1.3 -RMS-E-ACT, file activity precludes operation
1722.0TLE::SEIGELThu Feb 22 1990WANTED: Ada bindings for Ultrix
1723.05SKYLRK::WHEELERSUMon Feb 26 1990Ada Direct I/O Performance Anomaly
1724.02FRSTSC::AURANDTue Feb 27 1990Importing routines in XDADA ?
1725.03JOSHER::HERRTue Feb 27 1990Constructor Functionality
1726.02STKHLM::FEISTThu Mar 01 1990[
1727.02MSAMFri Mar 02 1990ADA-F-NOMSG ????
1728.03OSPREY::MCERLANEVFri Mar 02 1990ADA compilation on MVAX 31
1729.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Mar 02 1990STAT_TIMER is incompletly declared in package LIB
1730.01RIKKA::PALOFri Mar 02 1990Ada libraries and DFS
1731.03CSC32::M_TURNERTue Mar 06 1990COMPILE command submits batch job that can't succeed!
1732.02CSC32::K_TICETue Mar 06 1990Order of concatenation ...
1733.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Mar 12 1990Array of strings with non-static bounds
1734.05JUNO::HAQUEMon Mar 12 1990Using foreign code
1735.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Mar 13 1990What about an XD-ADA conference ?
1736.01PHDVAX::LARSONTue Mar 13 1990Descriptor not setup yet
1737.08VAXWRK::REZACTue Mar 13 1990They want a psect_package pragma.
1738.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Mar 14 1990DELETE results in RMS-F_IFI upon exit of an Ada program
1739.01CSC32::M_TURNERWed Mar 14 1990Compiling body makes spec obsolete.
1740.02JUNO::HAQUEThu Mar 15 1990Accessing Pascal fiel variables from Ada
1741.04OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 16 1990How to shut down process despite dependent tasks?
1742.03TAVSun Mar 18 1990Information needed for IPC
1743.04COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Mar 19 1990Reserved Operand fault with System.InsQTI...
1744.03JUNO::PARASKEVAMon Mar 19 1990Linking an Ada application for VMS 5.1 ?
1745.01CSC32::J_KASEDATue Mar 20 1990? on task stack guard pages
1746.01OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 21 1990More detailed run-time messages?
1747.03CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Mar 21 1990XDAda support number?
1748.05GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Mar 22 1990how to read a stream of binary data?
1750.02CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Mar 23 1990Creating sublib needs write access to parent?
1751.02OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 26 1990How to keep reference count of an object?
1752.01CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Mar 26 1990RESERVED_BYTES, size modifiable?
1753.03JANUS::COTTAMThu Mar 29 1990Don't understand %ADAC-I-CONS_OR_NUM_ERR...
1754.0JUNO::PARASKEVAThu Mar 29 1990Redundant calls to ADA$CREATE_TASK_MONITOR? Advice please...
1755.0RIKKA::PALOThu Mar 29 1990merging wildcard deletes units?
1756.01SAILN::HAFri Mar 30 1990DECWINDOWS 5.3 toolkit event handling
1757.07TAVHLT::AGMONSun Apr 01 1990How to get into AST level ?
1758.03CSC32::K_TICETue Apr 03 1990'COUNT on ambiguous entries
1759.01SFCPMO::GREENEWed Apr 04 1990Request for information
1760.01TOWNS::RUFFNERWed Apr 04 1990i86
1761.06TLE::CONTIThu Apr 05 1990Some questions for users of Tasking
1762.03AITG::LACHIUSAFri Apr 06 1990Question from 3rd Party Partner - Procedures as parameters
1763.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEMon Apr 09 1990turris::ada_market membership
1764.04BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Apr 09 1990how to read sequential stream_lf files ?
1766.02IOOHUB::STREITMon Apr 09 1990Dynamically modify task priority from program?
1767.05VALLE::GMERINOTue Apr 10 1990PACK, exceptions & constants
1768.03COMICS::TURPIETue Apr 10 1990Unkown reference with recompile
1770.04CSC32::M_TURNERWed Apr 11 1990SCA-F-BADMEM loading ADA DECWindows ANA files to the library
1771.013EIGER::MISCHLERWed Apr 11 1990sys$library:decw$x_.ada, x$create_image interface
1772.025848::HERRWed Apr 11 1990Soliciting comments on Classic-Ada
1773.01LASCPM::MERMELThu Apr 12 1990V5.4 and ADA?
1774.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Apr 12 1990Cross compiler for Intel 8
1775.04GSRC::WESTFri Apr 13 1990WHAT ?!? Incomplete DDIF spec ?!?
1776.081SYNAP::MILLERSat Apr 14 1990Question on variant records
1777.0181SYNAP::MILLERMon Apr 16 1990Parameter passing to "called-back" routines
1778.03RIKKA::PALOWed Apr 18 1990LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL doesn't re-enable ASTs in certain programs and deadlocks
1779.06TKOVOA::MIYANOThu Apr 19 1990Ada performance
1780.03UTRTSC::BOORThu Apr 19 1990Breakpoint in generic package body?
1781.06JUNO::HAQUEThu Apr 19 1990Exception handling query
1782.01CSC32::M_TURNERThu Apr 19 19902.1 - ACS COMPILE * results in ACCVIO
1783.02PHDVAX::LARSONThu Apr 19 1990%DEBUG-I-BADSUB, incorrect parent name in subunit
1784.03CSC32::K_TICEThu Apr 19 1990%ACS-I-CL_REENTER required on weird units
1785.0STARCH::GLASERThu Apr 19 1990Mach/Ada interfaces available
1787.02GLDOA::BEASLEYTue Apr 24 1990Stack corruption with nested tasks
1788.06TPOVC::JACKOUYANGWed Apr 25 1990Ada image run on no-ada-compiler machine
1789.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Apr 25 1990Exceptions and Task Completion
1790.01CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Apr 26 1990limited private type question
1791.011GLASS::BEASLEYThu Apr 26 1990Stack Corruption at task allocation
1792.07TAVMon Apr 30 1990Reserved operand using TASKING_SERVICES in cluster
1793.08EMASS1::HEBERTTue May 01 1990X_.ADA Compile Problem and other ...
1794.04CSC32::K_TICEFri May 04 1990Compiler crashes w/ INTOVF & CONSTRAINT_ERROR
1795.05CSC32::J_KASEDAFri May 04 1990SIZE and types and subtypes
1796.06JUNO::HAQUEWed May 09 1990Procedure return value
1797.09TAVWed May 09 1990PCB$V_WAKEPEN being set after INDEXED_IO.OPEN
1798.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed May 09 1990Debugger and Generic Package Problem
1800.03PHDVAX::LARSONThu May 10 1990Ada on SMP machines
1801.01CSC32::ORTIZFri May 11 1990ADA CALLING UCX W/O VAXC...
1802.04TAVMon May 14 1990VAX-Ada realtime questions
1803.05MOMO::ANTETOMASOTue May 15 1990Fixed-point data: help for Novice
1804.09CASEE::MORRISWed May 16 1990Ada V2.1-28 generates old ANA files?
1806.01FLYVAX::GOEKEWed May 16 1990VAX 9
1807.02TLE::CONNELLYWed May 16 1990Chapter 13 support under current ACVC
1809.03GLORY::BEASLEYWed May 23 1990TBIT error - what is it ?
1810.02GENRAL::HEINTZEThu May 24 1990Wishlist: Compile/reenter Dependancy tree as necessary
1811.01OSLACT::OLAVMon May 28 1990Ada bindings to Motif?
1812.0SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon May 28 1990Access violation in compiler, routine VCG$EMIT_ADDR_BASE
1813.02JUNO::HAQUETue May 29 1990Minor bug in LIB$SET_LOGICAL
1815.01GENRAL::HEINTZETue May 29 1990Trouble linking & installing ADA on VMS 5.4-4ET
1816.03PHDVAX::LARSONTue May 29 1990ACCVIO using /noload - V2.
1817.06PHDVAX::LARSONTue May 29 1990pragma VOLATILE vs. pragma SHARED
1818.01COMICS::TURPIETue May 29 1990Redundant code affects
1819.04COMICS::TURPIETue May 29 1990ada/acs ?
1820.03COMICS::TURPIETue May 29 1990Reserved Operand in debug
1821.01COMICS::TURPIETue May 29 1990convert lib accvio's
1822.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu May 31 1990Problem with LIB.CVTx_xx_INTERNAL_TIME declaration
1823.08SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Jun 01 1990Declaration of X.FILL_POLYGON is "strange"
1824.03GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPMon Jun 04 1990READ blocked by WRITES?
1825.02TAVWed Jun 06 1990Verdix X Bindings
1826.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Jun 06 1990Couple of quickies...
1827.07CLYPPR::DIAMONDThu Jun 07 1990Visibility of package within a package
1828.03CSC32::M_TURNERFri Jun 08 1990Cutting out unused code
1829.07FRSCS::AURANDMon Jun 11 1990Prob. w/ UNCHECKED_CONVERSION in a generic package
1830.02ORIWS::ORITue Jun 12 1990MIPS R3
1831.02DGOSWTue Jun 12 1990Where is FETCH COLOR LITERAL in ADA ?
1832.02CSC32::M_TURNERTue Jun 12 1990Ideas for configuration management
1833.06MDVAX3::COOLEYTue Jun 12 1990Need traceback info
1834.02ZUDEV1::MUELLERURWed Jun 13 1990ADA tasking / VMS - performance
1835.0GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Jun 13 1990It broke again and I fixed it again
1836.04CASEE::LALLIThu Jun 14 1990Strange problems with TEXT_IO.ENUMERATION_IO
1837.03PHDVAX::LARSONFri Jun 15 1990ACS scope
1838.02GLORY::BEASLEYFri Jun 15 1990SCA with ADA Packages
1839.02CASEE::MORRISTue Jun 19 1990Interactions between VAX Ada Tasking & non-Ada threads packages
1840.02FRSTSC::AURANDTue Jun 19 1990Problems with derived types
1841.04TAVTue Jun 19 1990How do you pass part of an array as a parameter?
1842.07VAOATue Jun 19 1990ADA Development Environment
1843.02NSDC::POLLAKFri Jun 22 1990IO and $hiber
1844.01TAVWed Jun 27 1990Info for 'image not shared?
1845.0TAVWed Jun 27 1990Disk space increase from V1.5 to V2 ?
1846.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Jun 28 1990ADA_ELN documentation?
1847.03JUNO::HAQUEThu Jun 28 1990EXPORTing multiple units from ACS
1848.02NGOV2Fri Jun 29 1990Ada object code table for source
1849.01CSC32::M_TURNERTue Jul 03 1990Initialization of table during elaboration is not correct.
1850.03COMICS::TURPIEWed Jul 04 1990acs compile accvio
1851.02MSAMThu Jul 05 1990ADA runtime problem
1852.03TAVThu Jul 05 1990ADA-F-SUBNOTELA when using EXIT_HANDLERS
1853.0CSC32::M_TURNERThu Jul 05 1990Parent lib on DFS disk, and Sublibrary on local disk?
1854.07CASEE::CARLILLFri Jul 06 1990Layered products written in Ada?
1855.0SCAACT::FINDLEYLMon Jul 09 1990Position in Clearlake, Texas
1856.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Jul 09 1990acs compile and load bugs in v2.1
1857.04CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Jul 09 1990Debug UNASETTAS unable to set visible task
1858.03JUNO::HAQUEWed Jul 11 1990%ADAC-E-MAXCALLPARAMS, Subprogram formal parameter implementation limit of 246
1859.0SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Jul 11 1990pragma PACK after "forcing occurence"
1860.02CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Jul 11 1990invalid ACU file format??
1861.02TAVTue Jul 17 1990NOSRCLIN when stepping into EXPORTED module
1862.02STKHLM::FEISTWed Jul 18 1990Pragma long_float or set pragma/long_float ?
1863.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Jul 18 1990unkrefuni et al.
1864.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Jul 18 1990Elaboration question...
1865.04GSRC::TRAINERFri Jul 20 1990RESET does a RMS FLUSH!?
1866.02GSRC::WESTFri Jul 20 1990Request for help...report on tasking and non-rentrant products
1868.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Jul 27 1990Vax Ada 2.2 Field Test soon available ?
1869.03PHDVAX::LARSONFri Jul 27 1990$IPC in Ada 2.1 STARLET
1870.0ODIXIE::BONEFri Jul 27 1990ABET/ATLAS anyone?
1871.01CSOA1::STUTSONMon Jul 30 1990Let's decompose!
1872.02CSOA1::STUTSONThu Aug 02 1990High Perf RT Sim
1873.0CSOA1::STUTSONFri Aug 03 1990Alliant Ada??
1875.03WR2FOR::FRANK_KEFri Aug 03 1990VMS 5.3 and VAX/ADA...
1876.0RULA::LAMAREMon Aug 06 1990CDD and ADA
1877.02CSC32::M_TURNERMon Aug 06 1990ADA is causing the debugger to get intmemerr errors
1878.01CSC32::M_TURNERMon Aug 06 1990ACCVIO doing an ACS recompile
1879.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Aug 06 1990How to use relative addresses in ADA?
1880.02CSC32::M_TURNERMon Aug 06 1990Forced Error Bit caught by compiler??
1881.09KMOOSE::MCCUTCHEONWed Aug 08 1990VAX Ada V2.2 field test
1882.07CSOA1::STUTSONWed Aug 08 1990Ada in hardware
1883.03CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 09 1990ACCVIO calling TEXT_IO.GET_LINE
1884.09GRANE::HEINTZEFri Aug 10 1990Where is DEC ADA?
1885.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Aug 13 1990Converting strings to integer - no constraint err..?
1886.04FRSCS::LABERTue Aug 14 1990Problems with sys$hiber running detached
1887.05TKOVOA::MIYANOFri Aug 17 1990looking for cross ada for Intel386
1888.02PHDVAX::LARSONFri Aug 17 1990ACS and DFS revisited
1889.01RAMBOX::HOGANFri Aug 17 1990
1890.01ODIXIE::ENGENTue Aug 21 1990ADA examples
1891.01CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Aug 22 1990VCG-F-TBLOVRFLW error from Ada compiler
1892.0TAVThu Aug 23 1990NTDS/QBUS interface package ?
1894.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 23 1990generics and performance
1895.04CSC32::P_SCHMIDTThu Aug 23 1990adac-w-praginitimpobj
1896.05GSRC::WESTThu Aug 23 1990DECwindows, tasks and exceptions ... Help
1897.08FRSTSC::AURANDTue Aug 28 1990Examine the value of variables during runtime !
1898.09DENVER::FRASERTue Aug 28 1990How often to /reorganize
1899.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSTue Aug 28 1990Cross compiler on VAX for IBM 386 pc?
1900.03FRSCS::AURANDWed Aug 29 1990Stop a task running in an infinite loop
1901.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 30 1990Array aggregate bug?
1903.0HANDVA::NELSONNGSun Sep 02 1990Asain SMG/Ada interface question
1904.02RIKKA::PALOTue Sep 04 1990Ada-POSIX Extensions (reposted in POSIX-Ada)
1905.05CSC32::J_KASEDATue Sep 04 1990EXENQLM error on ACS CONVERT LIBRARY
1907.03BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHWed Sep 05 1990tasks not releasing virtual memory ??
1908.01DPDMAI::WOODWARDWed Sep 05 1990Cursor control
1909.05CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Sep 07 1990pragma SUPPRESS and discriminant_check
1910.02TRNAF1::FORMIAFri Sep 07 1990Multitasking ADA environment
1911.01MUNEDI::VJUELICHERMon Sep 10 1990Shared Memory without collecting Variables into records
1912.02RAMBOX::CREIGHANMon Sep 10 1990SQL and DECwindows Bindings?
1913.06TAVWed Sep 12 1990How to know if the main task is SUSP Dependents?
1914.01TAVIS::BASELWed Sep 12 1990Get(i) and exception
1915.011RAMBOX::CREIGHANWed Sep 12 1990DECwindows: Ada bindings or C bindings?
1916.04IOOHUB::STREITWed Sep 12 1990ADA/DESIGN and SCA symbol domain problem
1917.02ULTRA::WRAYFri Sep 14 1990LIB$SHOW/INIT_TIMER declarations
1918.03CSC32::K_TICEMon Sep 17 1990HELLOMOTIF.ADA example ... Yes, Ada
1919.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Sep 18 1990Record alignment clauses are not always respected
1920.05CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Sep 19 1990Dates on .ACU, .ADC and .OBJ files in Ada library
1922.03PRSUD1::AGUADOTue Sep 25 1990VAX-ADA optimization problems
1924.0TAVHLT::AGMONWed Sep 26 1990%SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND, why?
1925.02VAOUTue Oct 02 1990Needs for development?
1926.02VAOUMon Oct 08 1990Need PIWG Test Suite sources
1927.01STKHLM::HEDLUNDTue Oct 09 1990PIWG benchmark
1928.07EMASS::MURPHYThu Oct 11 1990Linking with pseudocode
1929.03USRCV1::HALLEThu Oct 11 1990ADA HELP PLEASE!
1930.04CSC32::K_TICEMon Oct 15 1990Undefined symbol in ADARTL during link ???
1931.0CAATS::TAMWed Oct 17 1990ADA/VAXset Presentation
1932.02USRCV1::HALLEThu Oct 18 1990ARTE Question
1933.01CHR27::MERMELThu Oct 18 1990code built with 2.1 runs slower than 1.5
1934.07CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Oct 19 1990ARTEWG CIFO information??
1935.02LEMAN::ROSSIERMon Oct 22 1990Unused "with" clause element induces a crash
1936.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONThu Oct 25 1990String passing between ADA and VAX C...
1937.014THEWAV::FLATMANThu Oct 25 1990ADAE_LAB/task priorities/performance
1938.01CSC32::J_KILLAFri Oct 26 1990Can a user's ASTLIM cause ASTPKTQUO error?
1939.02DRIVEN::ENGLISHFri Oct 26 1990Undocument change to RFM in STARLET.FAB_TYPE_INIT or RMS?
1940.01THEWAV::FLATMANMon Oct 29 1990switching between tasks/performance
1942.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Oct 31 1990Can I examine a generic actual param in debug?
1945.05TAVThu Nov 01 1990Why use Vax Ada ?
1946.08TAVMon Nov 05 1990STAOVF when using OTHER chice in array aggregates
1947.0PRSSOS::MIROUXMon Nov 05 1990ada cdd
1948.0BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Nov 06 1990CASE-Ada (Australia) trip report
1949.03ORIWS::ORITue Nov 06 1990Telesoft contact, benchmarks ?
1950.01UTRTSC::CAHILLTue Nov 06 1990Regis/DECterm..Lessons on ADA.
1951.07REDBRD::COOLEYTue Nov 06 1990Optimization Nitpicking
1952.01SOS6::MIROUXWed Nov 07 1990future of ada
1953.04TAVWed Nov 07 1990DST not being update when doing ACS MERGE
1954.02CSC32::M_MYERSThu Nov 08 1990RMS$_FUL on a CRE LIB
1955.01NSDC::RATCLIFFMon Nov 12 1990Anyone knows about RAPID?
1956.01ADTSHR::DIAZTue Nov 13 1990Problem using Ada T2.2-3
1957.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Nov 15 1990ACS REORGANIZE does not preserve file protections
1958.012CSC32::K_TICEThu Nov 15 1990problems doing SYS$FORCEX on an Ada program
1959.03CSC32::K_TICEMon Nov 19 1990Weird PROGRAM_ERROR
1960.01TAVWed Nov 21 1990Limit on size of ACS library?
1961.05COMICS::TURPIEThu Nov 22 1990UNASETTAS update ?
1962.01VAOUMon Nov 26 1990Source Lines -> Object Size??
1963.01EMASS1::MURPHYWed Nov 28 1990Asynchronous Mount
1964.02URSIC::LITTLEFri Nov 30 1990DECwindows interface to ACS?
1965.02STAR::BOUCHARDFri Nov 30 1990Ada question from a non-ada person
1966.019BREAKR::FLATMANMon Dec 03 1990Verdix \ XD Ada \ Cross Compiler Info Needed
1967.02VAOUMon Dec 03 1990Disabling interactive compiles?
1968.07CSC32::J_KASEDATue Dec 04 1990reset and initial mode of file
1970.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Dec 05 1990problem initialising variant recs in generic packk.
1971.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Dec 05 1990Some Ada Runtime performance questions
1972.03SKYLRK::KROMMENHOCKWed Dec 05 1990Misc questions
1973.02HOBBLE::SIMMONSFri Dec 07 1990Entry points as callbacks?
1974.04BREAKR::PALASEFri Dec 07 1990Another question about Vertix
1975.06TEMPE::SCHUERERMon Dec 10 1990Did I size the system right?
1976.02KAOFS::M_ROYTue Dec 11 1990ADAMSG.EXE where is it ?
1977.01UNTADH::BRAEUTue Dec 11 1990How can I avoid type casts?
1978.03CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Dec 11 1990ada form string???
1979.05HSOMAI::PALOWed Dec 12 1990problems with XD-Ada on VMS V5.4
1980.02TENERE::BOUCKAERTThu Dec 13 1990VAX-Ada Passing Mechanisms
1981.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Dec 13 1990Renamed operators generate huge code and memory usage
1982.02CHR27::MERMELThu Dec 13 1990pragmas suppress_all and inline questions...
1983.0TAVWed Dec 19 1990DTR definitions for ADA function - how to ?
1984.0HSOMAI::PALOWed Dec 19 1990X Conference Info -- Ada tutorials presented
1985.03SDOGUS::SPENDLOVEFri Dec 21 1990Large link times
1986.02OSLACT::OLAVThu Dec 27 1990Tasks, exceptions and traceback?
1987.01MLTVAX::COOPERMon Dec 31 1990Segmented Keys in ISAM files...
1988.01PAPITU::VAXNOTESTue Jan 08 1991Vax ADA v2.2 for customers?
1989.01WIDGIT::WESTTue Jan 08 1991WANTED: Ethernet code example
1990.01CSC32::K_TICETue Jan 08 1991problem with FORM string in V5.4
1991.04CSC32::K_TICETue Jan 08 1991Superfluous "others => " in an aggregate initialization ?
1992.0HSOMAI::PALOWed Jan 09 1991Non-Governmental Ada Applications - December 199
1993.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Jan 10 1991VMS 5.4 and PUT ?s
1994.0BACHUS::DECLERCKMon Jan 14 1991AdaZ from Meridian Software systems?
1995.08ZUGZUG::JESSOPTue Jan 15 1991Problem With Tree_Routines...
1996.011MOVIES::COMPTONWed Jan 16 1991VAX Systems Programming with Ada
1997.01CSC32::M_TURNERWed Jan 16 1991Problem correlating PC back to source
1998.01CHR27::MERMELThu Jan 17 1991AST appears to work when it should not
1999.03CSC32::K_TICEMon Jan 21 1991Conformance problem, private type, access, incomplete, discriminant
2000.02FRSTSC::AURANDTue Jan 22 1991Problem w/ async qio operation !
2001.04TLE::CONNELLYWed Jan 23 1991Performance data needed for ACEC tests
2003.05ZUGZUG::JESSOPWed Jan 23 1991Confused
2004.01COMICS::TURPIEThu Jan 24 1991large memory comsumed at startup
2005.01TAVSun Jan 27 1991DBMS from Ada?
2006.01PRSUD1::LHERAULTTue Jan 29 1991Some questions about performances and capabilities
2007.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Jan 30 1991Accessing file question
2008.02VAOUThu Jan 31 1991Ada, S/W tools - got any??
2009.02TKTVFS::SUGAWARAThu Jan 31 1991V1.5 environment on V2.
2010.01FRSCS::AURANDFri Feb 01 1991ADA-F-ZONECORR, need some tips
2011.01TAVFri Feb 01 1991Upgrading from V1.5 to V2.1
2012.01TAVFri Feb 01 1991SNA bindings?
2013.0HGOVC::KEVINNGMon Feb 04 1991Support on Ada Training
2014.08COMICS::TURPIEMon Feb 04 19915.4 rtl changes for ^Y interrupts
2015.02TAVTue Feb 05 1991Modify inlined procedure?
2016.01CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Feb 07 1991tasking_services.task_ipcw ??
2017.01MOMO::ANTETOMASOFri Feb 08 1991Visibility in Prog when Rec defined in Package?
2018.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue Feb 12 1991How to define key param to pass to sor$ routine?
2019.02WR2FOR::FRANK_KETue Feb 12 1991Async. track entry point?
2020.02COUNTWed Feb 13 1991JOVIAL to Ada (again)?
2021.0QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 14 1991MOTIF_BINDINGS conference
2022.021MLTVAX::COOPERSat Feb 16 1991Importing pascal functions
2023.01TAVSun Feb 17 1991V1 to V2 migration impact on SQLADA?
2024.05KMOOSE::MCCUTCHEONWed Feb 20 1991VAX Ada V2.2-38 network kit available
2025.012IOOHUB::STREITThu Feb 21 1991Announcing an Ada Pretty Printer
2026.01WR2FOR::FRANK_KEThu Feb 21 1991AST's and Tasks... RE: 2
2027.04CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Feb 21 1991inlining, implicit and explicit
2029.0CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Feb 25 1991Ada text_io and RDB, ROPRAND
2030.0BRSSWS::RIJMENANTSWed Feb 27 1991RMS - SYS$START_TRANS example wanted
2031.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Feb 28 1991Installation Guide documentation problem - installing ada as a shared image
2032.02CIMNET::BELCULFINEFri Mar 01 1991Help installing adahlp
2033.04THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Mar 01 1991developing in a multivendor environment question
2034.01COOKIE::SANDERSONMon Mar 04 1991Ada inquiry from Germany
2035.05MANA::MCLANEMon Mar 04 1991ACS Link pulls in DECW$DWTLIBSHR.EXE and DECW$XLIBSHR.EXE automatically
2036.03BREAKR::COVERTTue Mar 05 1991VAX Ada Certified for 652
2037.03ODIXIE::LACORTIWed Mar 06 19914GL and ADA
2038.01CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Mar 06 1991ADA vs. ACS LOAD
2039.03TAVThu Mar 07 1991Can V1.5 EXE files run on VMS 5.4?
2040.0F18::COOLEYThu Mar 07 1991Help Needed?
2041.04TEGAN::GUYTONThu Mar 07 1991Tasks in parallel?
2042.01THEWAV::BRADLEYThu Mar 07 1991XD ADA Documentation?
2043.02HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXThu Mar 07 1991Need Examples: LIB$INSQTI LIB$REMQHI
2044.03CUJO::MEIERFri Mar 08 1991ACCVIO - user quota?
2045.04JURA::HUDELOTFri Mar 08 1991ADA version - Question about dates
2046.0NSDC::PERNETFri Mar 08 1991SYS$GETMSG and SYS$PUTMSG examples
2047.012SEWS1::ROPERMon Mar 11 1991Ada Configuration
2048.02REDBRD::WRIGHTWed Mar 13 1991Implementing Secure Software Using Ada
2049.06UTRTSC::HELDENThu Mar 14 1991decw example with 2 pack.
2050.01CHEST::WATSONThu Mar 14 1991Q: Selective waits
2051.04FAVAX::JESSOPThu Mar 14 1991GETUAI wildcard?
2052.04SHAWB1::COOKECFri Mar 15 1991Help required using the Extended string package for 8 bit char set.
2053.02SEGUR::TIRIACFri Mar 15 1991HEXADECIMAL print wanted in ADA ???
2054.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONFri Mar 15 1991Passing char array between Ada and Fortran.accvios
2055.04TAVTue Mar 19 1991sharable image and generic procedures
2056.04CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Mar 20 1991Dependency question
2057.03UTRTSC::BOORThu Mar 21 1991Old ANA format and SCA BADLOGIC error (again)?
2058.02NOVA::MATSUMOTOFri Mar 22 1991A very simple question
2059.02NOVA::MATSUMOTOFri Mar 22 1991Okay, I give up.
2060.02TROASun Mar 24 1991OO and ADA?
2061.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Mar 25 1991ROPRAND caused by wrong passing mode in GKS Ada interface
2062.02CSC32::M_TURNERMon Mar 25 1991DEBUG-I-ENUMRANGE error examining variable in debug
2063.0DOD2::ROBERTSTue Mar 26 1991FIPS Compliance ???
2064.01ROMTSS::CERIOLIWed Mar 27 1991Help! IMPORT_OBJECT and MACRO, how to use ...
2065.07CSC32::M_MYERSWed Mar 27 1991FORM function problems
2066.0151384::BOORTue Apr 02 1991Correct constraint_error generated by compiler?
2067.029ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGFri Apr 05 1991DEC ADA/ULTRIX/RISC status?
2068.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Apr 05 1991DIRECT_IO and file sharing don't get along.
2069.04EVTIS2::DEGAGEMon Apr 08 1991Overload and breakpoint
2070.03DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSMon Apr 08 1991Any ADA compiler generators?
2071.0WIDGIT::WESTTue Apr 09 1991KUDOS and Great Job for DEC Ada
2072.03BREAKR::FLATMANWed Apr 10 1991Ada / Real-Time Programmers Needed
2073.03ROMTSS::PASIThu Apr 11 1991'ENUM' type between C and ADA
2074.02HANNAH::JBAYThu Apr 11 1991Old version available?
2075.013PHDVAX::DLEWISFri Apr 12 1991Mixed VMS-Ultrix Ada Env-Help!
2076.01MEALA::J_HICKEYSat Apr 13 1991Jump to User Defined Procedure at Run-Time
2077.02BULLI::KISSMon Apr 15 1991Illiterate ADA Support person needs help
2078.06TROAMon Apr 15 1991VAXset Certification from DOD and FAA?
2079.04GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPWed Apr 17 1991ACCVIO during generic instantiation?
2080.02WIDGIT::WESTWed Apr 17 1991Completion of DEC Ada Documentation ?
2081.01CAM::ARENDTThu Apr 18 1991Need V1.4-33
2082.07CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Apr 19 1991ADA does not correctly update $STATUS?
2083.05COMICS::TURPIEMon Apr 22 1991pragma suppress in generic package
2084.05ZURFCC::SEITZTue Apr 23 1991Ada vs POSIX vs C vs C++
2085.09PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Apr 23 1991Ada program calling something else that calls Ada sub-programs
2086.06STARCH::JSLOVEThu Apr 25 1991DEC Ada: need to know that limited record passed in out will not copy
2087.09STKHLM::REVEMANThu Apr 25 1991V2.1 (2.2) v.s. 1.5 problem...Bug or feature?
2088.011CAPITN::CHAN_EDThu Apr 25 1991Availability of DEC Ada bindings
2089.04LJOHUB::JESSOPThu Apr 25 1991Can't convert unsigned_Bytes to Characters
2090.02COMICS::TURPIETue Apr 30 1991date change for asctim in v2.2
2091.01CSC32::K_TICETue Apr 30 1991How to explain why an Ada program is in HIB
2092.07COMICS::TURPIEWed May 01 1991unchecked conversion of 8 bit to 16 bit
2093.01TLE::MEIERWed May 01 1991VAX Ada compiles programs while orbiting the earth!!
2094.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu May 02 1991ACCVIO in V2.1-28 compiler
2095.01CSC32::K_TICEThu May 02 1991New (V2.2) behavior of SYSTEM.UNSIGNED_4 inside record
2096.04KETJE::DOMSMon May 06 1991Reflections on initial values.
2097.011VMSSPT::PAANANENMon May 06 1991ADA can't find source files?
2098.010ZUDEV1::MUETSCHTue May 07 1991What is the best for ADA compilation
2099.04SHAWB1::BURKEPTue May 07 1991Which ADARTL, ADA V2.2 or VMS V5.4-2 ?
2100.03CSC32::K_TICETue May 07 1991large TIME_SLICE and task activation
2101.02BEEZER::YOUNGMThu May 09 1991/NOOPT constraint error.
2102.02WIDGIT::WESTThu May 09 1991Need help debugging DEC Ada program...
2103.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONFri May 10 1991optimize bug with system.set_interlocked...
2104.03HOBBLE::WURZBERGERFri May 10 1991Ada v1.5 and VMS 5.4-2?
2105.0TLE::BRETTFri May 10 1991Nice remarks about VAX Ada on comp.lang.ada
2106.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri May 10 1991Generic instantiation with SHARE:MAXIMAL causes ADASUBMITSPR
2107.04STARCH::JSLOVESat May 11 1991USE_ERROR setting TTY line length
2109.03VNABRW::PIEBERTue May 14 1991old ANALYZER format modules from ADA 2.2 ?!
2110.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue May 14 1991Procedure close(file) giving use_error on 2.1
2111.02THEWAV::CREIGHANTue May 14 1991Ada source files on a RISC Ultrix box?
2112.07ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZTue May 21 1991Reusable packages?
2113.02CSC32::K_TICETue May 21 1991UNCHECKED_DEALLOCATION weirdness
2114.03STKHLM::BENEDICTSSONWed May 22 1991storage_error in Ada vms$password_policy rouitne
2115.01DC1Wed May 22 1991C/ADA comparison needed
2116.02CSC32::M_MYERSThu May 23 1991constraint error info from compile
2117.02HAMPS::SKEEN_CTue May 28 1991V2.2 and V2.1 differences
2118.013WIDGIT::BACKESTue May 28 1991Problems with DEC Ada Field Test
2120.01CHANEL::TISSERAND_PWed May 29 1991Private type and discriminant, FULLTYPEUNCREC compilation error
2121.01XNOGOV::JOEThu May 30 1991DEC-Ada: Curiosity Question...
2122.02TAVSun Jun 02 1991SMG.READ_FROM_DISPLAY -- RENDITION disappeared ?
2123.07TAVMon Jun 03 1991Debugger can't find source for Generic & /NOCOPY
2124.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Jun 03 1991obsolete units at 2.2
2125.04KERNEL::YOUNGMTue Jun 04 1991SET BREAK give NAMSTRMIS on ADA source.
2126.018LJOHUB::JESSOPTue Jun 04 1991Text_IO.PUT ... Any way around optimization?
2128.04GRANPA::LPHIPPSWed Jun 05 1991ada bindings with motif?
2129.045ESIS::GOKHMANThu Jun 06 1991Ada job market.
2130.03RIVAGE::DALMASTue Jun 11 1991URGENT: I need help to use debugger
2131.03TENERE::BOUCKAERTTue Jun 11 1991Help to use debugger
2132.011LJOHUB::JESSOPWed Jun 12 1991How do you Import a .CLD --> .OBJ Module?
2133.01RHETT::WILLIAMSWed Jun 19 1991ADA and AST for UIS$set_button_ast
2134.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Jun 19 1991ADAC-F-CANTRUN from a subprocess
2135.03YOSMTE::CHAN_EDWed Jun 19 1991ADA bindings for TCP/IP?
2136.05CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Jun 19 1991Tasks and too little space
2137.06EMASS::SKALTSISMon Jun 24 1991? why user isn't warned of constraint error at comple time
2138.04BREAKR::FLATMANTue Jun 25 1991VAX Ada for VMS 4.6
2139.04CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Jun 27 1991End_of_file followed by Delete_element deletes element??
2140.01ADTSHR::PHILLIPSFri Jun 28 1991Segmentation Fault
2141.03PRIMES::SAUNDERSFri Jun 28 1991Need current SYSTEM.ADC and $STANDARD.ADC
2142.01UTRTSC::BOORMon Jul 01 1991Programming the DSV11 in ADA.
2143.04KERNEL::HUDSONTue Jul 02 1991debug error with multi-tasking Ada application
2144.011VNABRW::PIEBERWed Jul 03 1991'instantiation not complete' error ADA 2.2-38
2145.010MAIL::DABLERJWed Jul 03 1991Link Error w/ DECada FT2
2146.03HARDY::ROCHETue Jul 09 1991pointer to FCTM demo
2147.02TAVWed Jul 10 1991Customer wants to hear of products
2148.05CFSCTC::KUTNEYWed Jul 10 1991automatic package generation??
2149.04TARDIS::EISENBERGWed Jul 10 1991OUT parameter that has not been assigned a value?
2150.04CSC32::K_TICEWed Jul 10 1991Predefined IO to a tape ?
2151.01CSC32::M_TURNERThu Jul 11 1991Package for Callable SCA??
2152.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Jul 12 1991XD-ADA, VAXset and 68
2153.02THEWAV::GASSNERFri Jul 12 1991Raising exceptions from debugger
2154.05CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Jul 12 1991Generic instantiations create files in parent lib
2155.01VNABRW::PIEBERMon Jul 15 1991optimization suppressed !?
2156.02COMICS::HISCOCKTue Jul 16 1991Rally/ada runtime intermittant problem
2157.04CX3PST::WSCTue Jul 16 1991internal Ada compiler error under LSe
2158.0THEWAV::GASSNER_STTue Jul 16 1991Dynamic buffer management ideas?
2159.05KERNEL::YOUNGMWed Jul 17 1991CONSTRAINT when TYPE var is NEW pred_type.
2160.02NODEX::WINSTONWed Jul 17 1991Mailbox and QIO weirdness
2161.03XNOGOV::JOEThu Jul 18 1991Ada Xlib implementation
2162.01TAVThu Jul 18 1991NOCHECK improvements?
2163.05PAPERS::WINNMon Jul 22 1991How to determine correct order of elaboration
2164.02DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSMon Jul 22 1991ACS HELP MODIFY does not exist in 2.2, yet.
2165.04THEWAV::GASSNERMon Jul 22 1991Image Activation Response Time
2166.02CHANEL::TISSERAND_PTue Jul 23 1991Derived type declaration and discriminant
2167.05ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Jul 24 1991cross complier for T.I. C3
2168.0TAVSat Jul 27 1991runtime performace Ada vs. Pascal?
2169.02TAVSat Jul 27 1991Information Hiding?
2170.0TAVMon Jul 29 1991Files missing after ACS RECOMPILE for large LIB
2171.01ROCKT::MACRILLMon Jul 29 1991Help calling DXML from Ada
2172.02PRSUD1::PERUCHOTTue Jul 30 1991DECADA / Field Test Kit
2173.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Jul 30 1991Need more validation information
2174.01CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Jul 31 1991Contraint_error going into routine, why?
2175.05TAVWed Jul 31 1991Ada for a PC?
2176.06CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Jul 31 1991Concurrent recompiles and acu/obj file problems
2177.01SWAM2::BENEDICT_JITue Aug 06 1991Ada - Reverse Eng?
2178.01PAOIS::NARBONNEWed Aug 07 1991CROSS ADA 68
2179.0NOVA::WASSERMANWed Aug 07 1991Secure Rdb conference available
2180.04COMICS::TURPIEWed Aug 14 1991ERRFETCMS fixed but why ?
2181.04SDOGUS::RINGLERWed Aug 14 1991D-line options
2182.01CSC32::K_TICEWed Aug 14 1991TEXT_IO over DECnet
2183.011NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHThu Aug 15 1991DECThreads and Ada
2184.02SUNNIE::GOWThu Aug 15 1991Ada Performance Information
2186.0155Tue Aug 20 1991Is ADA Case Sensitive ever?
2187.01HSOMAI::PALOThu Aug 22 1991Ada bests C++
2188.0NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHMon Aug 26 1991SAIC Xlib Binding?
2189.03CSC32::J_KASEDATue Aug 27 1991discriminated record with discriminated record
2190.02CHANEL::TISSERAND_PTue Aug 27 1991Library Search Paths, COMPILE problem
2191.04PRSUD1::AGUADOWed Aug 28 1991DEC Ada and the ULTRIX/POSIX system calls
2192.04ACTRIX::dehartogWed Aug 28 1991DEC ADA & PHIGS?
2193.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Aug 28 1991circular dependency
2194.02CSC32::K_TICEWed Aug 28 1991Transparent DECnet Tast-to-Task using SYS$NET ?
2195.05KYOA::GRADYWed Aug 28 1991DEC ADA for ULTRIX/RISC availability?
2196.02CSC32::J_KASEDAThu Aug 29 1991Returning unconstrained records from C
2197.03CSC32::K_TICEThu Aug 29 1991V2.2 internal compiler error!
2198.01PHONE::FISHERTue Sep 04 1990puzzling parameter examinations
2199.01FRAKAD::AURANDWed Sep 05 1990One more constraint error message
2200.01TLE::BERNARDThu Sep 05 1991DEC Ada Information Available
2201.01REDBRD::ETHOMASFri Sep 06 1991Mapping Ada to 2167a
2202.02BREAKR::HAFri Sep 06 1991yacc/lex
2203.03KERNEL::YOUNGMTue Sep 10 1991Discrepancy in task statistics in debugger.
2204.02STKHLM::REVEMANFri Sep 13 1991XD Ada...Info...pointers...HELP!!!
2205.03THEWAV::GASSNERMon Sep 16 1991Symbolic stack acquisition
2206.01SWAM2::SCHNEPP_ERMon Sep 16 1991Help porting pc ada to VMS
2207.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Sep 17 1991Why do I get the CONS_OR_NUM_ERR message on this?
2208.03AMER::POLVERINIThu Sep 19 1991looking for an ADA application generator
2209.01ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZMon Sep 23 1991DECADA?
2210.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Sep 23 1991submitspr explanation on v2.1 ?
2211.05TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Sep 24 1991Automatic empty body and format generation
2212.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Sep 25 1991Maximum nested INLINE levels of "genericity"
2213.03ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZWed Sep 25 1991X program.with DECada?
2214.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONThu Sep 26 1991Problems reading a file produced by Fortran
2215.011SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Sep 27 1991Shared Images to conserve disk space
2216.0ODIXIE::MDOUGLASFri Sep 27 1991Temporary Assignment in Florida
2217.01COMICS::TURPIETue Oct 01 1991SHORT_INTEGER necessary with packages ?
2218.06CSC32::J_KASEDATue Oct 01 1991Problems with INDEXED_IO.END_OF_FILE??
2219.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Oct 04 1991Ada & MMS: how I tackle it
2220.08OSI::HARPERTue Oct 08 1991Register variables...?
2221.06WIDGIT::WESTThu Oct 10 1991Would like your opinions
2223.06VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Oct 15 1991ADA and FORTRAN Commons
2224.03COMICS::TURPIEFri Oct 18 1991Intermittent v2.2 ADASUBMITSPR at PC=
2225.02STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Oct 22 1991VAX ADA v2.2 with PCA v3.
2226.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Oct 22 1991package name conflicts with enumerated type value
2227.01MINNY::OLLODARTWed Oct 23 1991Ultrix/SQL doesn't support DECada !!
2228.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Oct 23 1991Question on positioning of /NOREPLACE qualifier
2229.01LEMAN::ROSSIERThu Oct 24 1991ada, sql and record definition
2230.0KERNEL::HUDSONThu Oct 24 1991Where does memory come from for allocation in task?
2231.04SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Oct 25 1991Eliminating ABE checks?
2232.03THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Oct 25 1991Cross Compiler for obscure Intel Chip
2233.01PHDVAX::RICCIOMon Oct 28 1991Persentation Docs?
2234.0BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Oct 28 1991Int. Conf on S/w Eng : Ada roadshow afterwards
2235.02NSDC::PERNETTue Oct 29 1991Is TEST a reserved word for the package CALENDAR ???
2236.02NSDC::PERNETTue Oct 29 1991Vax Ada V2.2-38 Compilation Stack dump
2237.08COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue Oct 29 1991Quadword division from Ada?
2238.0TOOHOT::POWERSThu Oct 31 1991VERDIX 2.1 on SPARCS only??
2239.02WOTVAX::DAVIESZFri Nov 01 1991Bug in Ada for RISC V1.
2240.03THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Nov 01 1991PIWGs for DEC Ada?
2241.05SONRIZ::T_BURLEYFri Nov 01 1991Initialization time for declaration of packet bit array??
2242.011CSC32::J_KASEDAMon Nov 04 1991File CLOSE and USE_ERROR
2243.02EMASS::HEGGETue Nov 05 1991DEC Ada multi-tasking application
2244.02GEENA::RUFFIEUXWed Nov 06 1991Looking for V2.2 Documentation
2245.02PIBALD::CLIFFORDFri Nov 08 1991emulated instructions
2246.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Nov 08 1991cl_erropelib1 error in library after system crashed
2247.05CSOA1::STUTSONSun Nov 10 1991PROBLEM: Peruser Lic!
2248.02SHAWB1::THOMASATue Nov 12 1991DECada & dbx debugging !?
2249.05BIGUN::PHILLIPSWed Nov 13 1991Need predefined SCA v4 library
2250.07BTOVT::JPETERSWed Nov 13 1991No help after installation?
2251.06HGRDFri Nov 15 1991Problem in recognizing the help library
2252.01CSC32::K_TICEFri Nov 15 1991SMG GET_KEYBOARD_ATTRIBUTES binding and documentation wrong
2253.03BTOVT::JPETERSMon Nov 18 1991Libraries, and what;'s in 'em
2254.06SHAWB1::WHITTLEITue Nov 19 1991Reserved operand in Debug
2255.03DIOR::TISSERAND_PWed Nov 20 1991question about assignment and limited private
2256.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Nov 20 1991DEC Ada problem with 'null_argument (& work-around)
2258.04RHETT::WEILBACHERThu Nov 21 1991/usr/bin/ld internal error
2259.06KURTAN::DIRINGFri Nov 22 1991ADA AST's and 327
2260.02--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 22 1991Ada 9X
2261.03VAOUFri Nov 22 1991How ?s
2262.03GSRC::MISKOWITCHSun Nov 24 1991Fatal error in run-time library
2263.07SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Nov 26 1991DEC Ada Ultrix System Interface
2264.0CSC32::K_TICETue Nov 26 1991%ACS-E-CL_ERRINVSUB, -CLI-W-INVFILSPE when linking via DECnet task
2265.02BIS6::HERICKXWed Nov 27 1991LIB$CALLG and exception handling
2266.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Nov 27 1991Paradise UNIX system library
2267.0WIDGIT::WESTWed Nov 27 1991Veridx to aquire Meridian
2268.02COMICS::TURPIEWed Nov 27 1991incorrect machine code generated /develop
2269.01PRSUD1::NEYERSThu Nov 28 1991xd_ada location
2270.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXFri Nov 29 1991OLD .ANA SCA format from this file?
2271.01ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZFri Nov 29 1991ADA for vector p.?
2272.02MFOIS1::DIGNEFri Nov 29 1991DEC Ada and TIME SLICING ???
2273.01TAVSun Dec 01 1991How to trap ASTPKTQUO error ?
2274.02JITThu Dec 05 1991NetKit for VMS V5.3
2275.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Dec 05 1991V2.2 ADASUBMITSPR with nested generic units
2276.04BIGUN::PHILLIPSThu Dec 05 1991Non-blocking IPC or RPC from Ada
2277.03BTOVT::MORONGThu Dec 05 1991'put' in a generic package???
2278.03COMICS::TURPIEThu Dec 05 1991optimize switches ?
2279.0TLE::PRADHANThu Dec 05 1991Ada consulting resources needed
2280.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Dec 05 1991/DESIGN causes compiler to get SUBMITSPR error
2281.03COMICS::TURPIEThu Dec 05 1991How to supply spec but not body
2282.01TKOV51::NAKANOFri Dec 06 1991Ada Cross Compiler for The UYK Computer
2283.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Dec 06 1991Using private types in imported subprograms declarations
2284.09MANFri Dec 06 1991problems using ADA with LU 6.2
2286.07BREAKR::PALASEFri Dec 06 1991Current Task Info
2287.01TLE::BRETTSun Dec 08 1991One User's Verdix Experience
2288.02WARNUT::THOMASAMon Dec 09 1991Strange license problem on Ultrix
2289.0WIDGIT::WESTMon Dec 09 1991TRI Ada '92
2290.01YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Dec 09 1991ACS EXPORT vs. concat of object files
2291.03ZURTue Dec 10 1991Field Test Objects in ADALIB
2292.01MANWed Dec 11 1991share$adartl+914
2293.03CSC32::K_TICEWed Dec 11 1991Help explaining "dead code" in /MACHINE_CODE listing
2295.04BIS1::BHD161::HARRISONThu Dec 12 1991Size of .OBJ sensitive to copile order?
2296.01SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRThu Dec 12 1991Is this a bug which has now been fixed?
2297.06RUTILE::BOYESFri Dec 13 1991How to reduce executable size ????
2298.01CSC32::K_TICEMon Dec 16 1991INTEGER(FLOAT)... truncation versus rounding
2299.010YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Dec 16 1991'ADDRESS on procedure in generic
2300.08AZUR::HUREZTue Dec 17 1991DECwindows Motif / ADA bindings ?
2301.03WARNUT::THOMASAWed Dec 18 1991DECada & dbx revisited
2302.03CSC32::K_TICEThu Dec 19 1991Does ADARTL call $FLUSH ?
2303.04YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Dec 23 1991Performance and moving subprogram bodies
2305.06YOYODN::J_KASEDATue Dec 24 1991ADASUBMITSPR from Ada 2.1
2306.02TOOLS::GREENWOODThu Dec 26 1991 interplay of VMS and UNIX handlers on VMS
2307.03GRANPA::DSTONESIFERThu Dec 26 1991RMS Tasking Services Asynch
2308.06JUNO::HAQUEFri Dec 27 1991How to avoid Ada initialisation?
2310.02CSOA1::STUTSONMon Dec 30 1991No Competition (whoops!)
2311.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Dec 31 1991Ada I/O and Ultrix file descriptors: mind the close!
2312.06SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Dec 31 1991Multi-tasking and Ultrix I/O
2313.0QUABBI::"stocks@i.enet.dec.com"Tue Dec 31 1991This notes-file is also available as a news-group
2314.05SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Jan 02 1992Ultrix PAK for DEC Ada
2315.07PHDVAX::DLEWISFri Jan 03 1992ADA/Ultrix Development Environment?
2316.01TPOVC::AARONYANGMon Jan 06 1992Pricing and ordering information of XD-ADA for 175
2317.0MINNY::SEITZMon Jan 06 1992Synchronizing Ultrix IO with the Ada runtime system
2318.03VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Jan 06 199268
2319.02KMOOSE::MCCUTCHEONThu Jan 09 1992VAX Ada V2.3 field test
2320.01ODIXIE::MNICHOLSONFri Jan 10 1992DECada/ULTRIX certified?
2321.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Jan 13 1992ULTRIX "named pipe" (FIFO) and Ada I/O packages
2322.03SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRTue Jan 14 1992Is this a bug?
2323.04RUTILE::BOYESTue Jan 14 1992Debugger Problem.
2324.01GSRC::BARRASWed Jan 15 1992Ada X2.
2325.07ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZThu Jan 16 1992link performance with packages?
2326.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Jan 16 1992Ignoring CONSTRAINT_ERROR with dbx on ULTRIX
2327.03CSC32::K_TICEThu Jan 16 1992ACS LOAD * with library search list = RMS-F-CHN
2328.01THEWAV::GASSNERFri Jan 17 1992Unflagged constraint error
2329.03TAVSat Jan 18 1992Help beating the bad guys
2330.0VAOUMon Jan 20 1992total size still 3X source size?
2331.05YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Jan 20 1992Optimization of div/mult by 2
2332.03TAVThu Jan 23 1992ACCVIO if compile /NOOPT
2333.04TAVThu Jan 23 1992ADA 2.1 on VMS 5.5 .
2334.02DAGWST::CHAN_EDThu Jan 23 1992VAX Ada bindings for RdB?
2335.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Jan 27 1992WAIT_FOR_SIGNAL fails if SIGXCPU or SIGXFSZ specified
2336.02CSC32::J_WETHERNMon Jan 27 1992Need good beginner's text on ADA
2337.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jan 28 1992Files moved, how to fix program library?
2338.02TAVTue Jan 28 1992Acs recompile on generic packages ...
2339.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Jan 28 1992SIGNAL_WAITING conflicts with delay in mono-task programs
2340.02MINNY::SEITZWed Jan 29 1992Ultrix Compiler Loops (Hangs) using two or more 'NULL_PARAMETERS
2341.03YOYODN::J_KASEDAWed Jan 29 1992Ada, Elab code and object libraries
2342.01YOYODN::J_KASEDAWed Jan 29 1992Ada and Debug, Task stack info
2343.0CSOA1::SCHULMANThu Jan 30 1992looking for ADA writeup
2344.0WIDGIT::WESTThu Jan 30 1992Oracle Info ??
2345.03STKHLM::HEDLUND_JTue Feb 04 1992ADA AST's and LU6.2
2346.05CGOOA::CHASEWed Feb 05 1992help on tasks under ULTRIX and OSF
2347.0ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZThu Feb 06 1992Slides for training course?
2348.04BIS1::BHD161::HARRISONFri Feb 07 1992Library inconsistency.
2349.02IOOSRV::STREITFri Feb 07 1992V2.2 placeholder processing bug?
2350.01TLSETue Feb 11 1992DECada on OSF/1 ??
2351.03BIS1::BHD161::HARRISONWed Feb 12 1992Erroneous Program
2352.07COMICS::TURPIEWed Feb 12 1992DecAda problem with argc in dbx
2353.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Feb 14 1992Implementation of Ada I/O on ULTRIX
2354.05DWOVAX::STARKMon Feb 17 1992ADA$OUTPUT is locked. Any way to unlock during run ?
2355.03UNYEM::SCHOLZMon Feb 17 1992Compile engine req's
2356.03TAEC::KELLTue Feb 18 1992Excption number to name ?
2358.04COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Feb 19 1992/OPT creating huge constant block, /NOOPT is not
2359.04SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRFri Feb 21 1992accvio since upgrading Ada and VMS
2360.0TLE::BRETTTue Feb 25 1992fctm release
2361.04COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue Feb 25 1992Program runs 8 times faster compiled /noopt...
2362.01VOGON::FRYTue Feb 25 1992Ada and OSF/RPC/Threads?
2363.02RUTILE::BOYESTue Feb 25 1992Coding/Design Standards
2364.01CSOA1::STUTSONThu Feb 27 1992remote compiling
2365.05COMICS::STUBBINGTONFri Feb 28 19922 accvio's on Ada 2.2 - one reproducable...
2366.02RHETT::WEILBACHERFri Feb 28 1992dbx problems with DEC Ada
2367.05BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Mar 02 1992quadword arithmetic converting from cobol ?
2368.0SFCPMO::GREENEWed Mar 04 1992SEI Software Process Assessment information.
2369.05BREAKR::HERGOTThu Mar 05 1992VERDIX VS. DECAda
2370.01TAEC::KELLMon Mar 09 1992LOCAL VARIABLE Addresses in Process dump
2371.04YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Mar 09 1992Task termination cleanup?
2372.03FOOSER::FINDLEYMon Mar 09 1992Interfacing to VAX C - double-precision reals
2373.03SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRTue Mar 10 1992DEC Ada linking problem
2375.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Mar 11 1992ACS Show Program creation date ?
2376.02ZURThu Mar 12 1992UCX sockets programming in Ada ?
2377.01STAR::ABBASIThu Mar 12 1992JSB linkage in ADA ?
2380.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Mar 17 1992mechanism parameter on export function
2381.0YOYODN::J_KASEDAFri Mar 20 1992Tasking_services timing issue?
2382.012ZYDECO::PEACOCKFri Mar 20 1992Profile Problems
2383.06COMICS::TURPIETue Mar 24 1992INLINEd when and RECOMPILE order ?
2384.0GSRC::MARKEYTue Mar 24 1992any DECtrace calls in Ada task examples out there?
2385.02BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHWed Mar 25 1992incomplete 'task type' declarations ?
2387.02VARESE::BIOTTIThu Mar 26 1992Union C -> ADA variant : new issue
2388.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Mar 30 1992Ada Whips Assembly! (Ada Success Story (long))
2389.0MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYMon Mar 30 1992Will Ada pass away with the USSR?
2390.03NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHTue Mar 31 1992TID information?
2391.01THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Apr 01 1992More bindings questions
2392.0HSOMAI::PALOThu Apr 02 1992Upcoming CD ROM with Ada from Grebyn
2393.02SWTHOM::DEGAGEFri Apr 03 1992Access violation with 2.2
2394.03ZYDECO::PEACOCKFri Apr 03 1992VMS Ada to DEC Ada
2395.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Apr 06 1992Variant record for indexed file with compound key?
2396.02EDUOZ::KOTue Apr 07 1992Ada and VMS
2398.018TLE::SASAKITue Apr 07 1992DEC Ada MIPS/Ultrix kit location
2399.0DWOVAX::STARKWed Apr 08 1992QIO hanging on PCA TASKING collection ?
2400.0YOYODN::J_KASEDAWed Apr 08 1992Record Rep clause with V2.2?
2401.05RUTILE::BOYESThu Apr 09 1992Code Quality Improving Tools ???
2402.02GEENA::PBAERThu Apr 09 1992Ada and Mach?
2403.0TLE::BRETTFri Apr 10 1992Ada's use in schools, from comp.lang.ada
2404.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONFri Apr 10 1992Can someone identify these files created in lib?
2405.02TAVSun Apr 12 1992ACS SET LIB/PATH ???
2406.07RUTILE::BOYESWed Apr 15 1992Debugger variable initialization ?
2407.06ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Apr 15 1992DEC Ada compiler-optimizer problem
2408.02MANWRK::EWINGThu Apr 16 1992PASCAL to ADA conversion
2409.01TLE::BRETTThu Apr 16 1992Discrepancies in SCA definition of Lib.CRC routines
2410.0TAVSat Apr 18 1992MOTIF, ADA and text widget example wanted
2411.04HOBBLE::SUPPLEEMon Apr 20 1992XUI ADA -> MOTIF ADA (anyone else done this?)
2412.08DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSMon Apr 20 1992Problems with CMS$CREATE_ELEMENT...corruption
2413.05SWAM2::JANES_DETue Apr 21 1992ASIS Support for DEC Ada?
2414.02CSC32::K_TICEWed Apr 22 1992EXPNOTSTATIC error on a constant declaration?
2415.06VARESE::BIOTTIWed Apr 22 1992void C => ADA
2416.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Apr 22 1992Ada for Alpha VMS?
2417.01KETJE::GHYOOTThu Apr 23 1992Ada and SQL : SAME ?
2418.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Apr 27 1992Rec too big after successful reads
2419.01COMICS::TURPIETue Apr 28 1992date checking for compilation ?
2420.01ODIXIE::KILMANWed Apr 29 1992DEC-ada "unchecked conversions" "in-line calls"
2421.06OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 30 1992CONSTRAINT_ERROR not raised in case statement?
2422.0KERNEL::JACKSONThu Apr 30 1992B32-W-NOMSG from SQL IVP
2423.02MINNIE::SINGLETONFri May 01 1992'Slowing down' delay statements
2424.04SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRFri May 01 1992Strange PCA results with accept statements
2425.01CSC32::K_TICEFri May 01 1992CHECK and VERIFY don't agree on V2.2 ?
2426.01CME4AC::FINDLEYTue May 05 1992Ada MOTIF binding problems
2427.01YOYODN::J_KASEDATue May 05 1992ACCVIO, AdaSubmitSPR, when 2.2 obj mixed with 2.1 obj?
2428.01QCAVFri May 08 1992AJPO Report on VAX ADA
2429.01CSC32::K_TICEMon May 11 1992DIRECT_IO.SET_POSITION wipes out buffer?
2430.011FORTSC::FLEIGTue May 12 1992pragma VOLATILE and access types
2431.09PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNWed May 13 1992factors affecting compile time (h/w)
2432.0KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONWed May 13 1992VAX Ada V2.3 SSB kit
2433.05CSC32::K_TICEWed May 13 1992CONSTRAINT_ERROR delaring rec. obj. with default discriminant
2434.02TAVThu May 14 1992Ada, POSIX, Oracle, VAXCRTL and other things...
2435.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu May 14 1992How to have compiler insert routine names?
2436.01HSOMAI::PALOSat May 16 1992Some Non-Governmental Ada Applications
2437.0HSOMAI::PALOSat May 16 1992Free Ada course at USAF Academy in Colorado Springs
2438.06SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon May 18 1992SEQUENTIAL_MIXED_IO on ULTRIX: cannot make it work at all
2439.0SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon May 18 1992Code generation bug with block statement on ULTRIX
2440.010TAVTue May 19 1992CONSTRAINT_ERROR and Variant record
2441.04ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue May 19 1992link problems-DEC Ada
2442.04SLBLUZ::MOESTue May 19 1992MRIF Bindings?
2443.01SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu May 21 1992ACS and CL_NOENTERED
2444.0HAM::NASKEThu May 21 1992DECada and ACAS/CORBA relationship ?
2445.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri May 22 1992task'storage_size reports
2446.013TLE::SEIGELFri May 22 1992GET_CURRENT_TASK_INFO package
2447.03TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue May 26 1992Need ADA/ALPHA/OSF opportunities
2448.0TAVWed May 27 1992Lessons from ADA with POSIX benchmark
2449.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed May 27 1992? on use how Ada treats UNSIGNED_WORD variables
2450.01KTOV11::KUMEFri May 29 1992How to terminate with process dump from AST
2451.01CERN::JRSMon Jun 01 1992Anyone used VUIT and Ada?
2452.09ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Jun 01 1992DEC Ada calling C function passing FLOAT
2453.01PRIMES::FINKELSTEINMon Jun 01 1992DECAda, Oracle, XLIB
2454.05VOGON::HAIGHATue Jun 02 1992Object Oriented Ada - a question of style
2455.03RUTILE::BOYESTue Jun 02 1992Executable size ??
2456.01PRIMES::FINKELSTEINTue Jun 02 1992PC Ada?
2457.0GUIDUK::BECKERWed Jun 03 1992Question on ACS EXPORT
2458.03DWOVAX::STARKWed Jun 03 1992Deferred Write permitted on shared sequentials ?
2459.04DWOVAX::STARKThu Jun 04 1992Tight DELAY and periodic CPU spikes ?
2460.06TAVThu Jun 11 1992Another ACCVIO,ADASUBMITSPR with V2.2-38
2461.0HSOMAI::PALOFri Jun 12 1992UIL/Ada
2462.0TAVSun Jun 14 1992Shareable images (for the n-th time)
2463.012YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Jun 15 1992Ada/Delay/Debugger and event flags
2464.08AMAMA::MORENOTue Jun 16 1992DECforms/ADA Problem
2465.0TLE::BBISHOPTue Jun 16 1992Need DEC Ada Documentation Reviewers
2466.01YOYODN::J_KASEDATue Jun 16 1992Task suspended on shared resource
2467.02VAOUWed Jun 17 1992Ada integrated with non_Ada..problems?
2468.02SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRFri Jun 19 1992Explanation of UNCHECKED _DEALLOCATION needed
2469.01HELIX::HASBROUCKFri Jun 19 1992Using Ada With GDB Debugger
2470.01SWAM2::JANES_DEFri Jun 19 1992Status of FUSE and DECAda?
2471.0UTRTSC::TIELEMANMon Jun 22 1992udfsym, for compiler generated symbolname
2472.02BREAKR::HERGOTTue Jun 23 1992DEC/ADA and MLS+
2473.014BEGIN::BRETTFri Jun 26 1992NYU to develop GNU Ada - aka GNAT
2474.01SWAM2::JANES_DEWed Jul 01 1992DEC Ada library and sccs utility?
2475.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed Jul 01 1992Task Scheduling on an SMP system
2476.03VAOUThu Jul 02 1992asynch qio and delay statements
2477.05MARVIN::HAQUETue Jul 07 1992Data definition languages - what do you use?
2478.01FRSCS::AURANDTue Jul 07 1992Problem with type conversion a procedure call
2479.0TAVTue Jul 07 1992XTI Bindings ?
2480.02ODIXIE::EARLSWed Jul 08 1992POSIX 1
2481.03NOVA::BFELDMANThu Jul 09 1992Passing any datatype by REFERENCE
2483.01RHETT::WEILBACHERFri Jul 10 1992context troubles
2484.07TAVMon Jul 13 1992ADASUBMITSPR when using /DESIGN under 2.2 & 2.3
2485.01NOVA::BFELDMANMon Jul 13 1992Support for MCS ?
2486.01IOOSRV::STREITTue Jul 14 1992ACS COMPILE * not seeing parent lib
2487.01COMICS::TURPIETue Jul 14 1992ACS (Re)Compiling design-checked units
2488.0WIDGIT::WESTFri Jul 17 1992Latest scoop on bindings
2489.03RUTILE::BOYESWed Jul 22 1992Booch's components
2490.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Jul 23 1992How to do macros
2491.01EWBV37::FUJIITue Jul 28 1992Need Motif sample!
2492.04TAEC::BUCCIThu Jul 30 1992Visibility obtained via a renames ???
2493.05ZYDECO::PEACOCKFri Jul 31 1992unaligned access error
2494.0THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Jul 31 1992Looking for old Jovial Documentation
2495.07ZYDECO::PEACOCKSat Aug 01 1992compiler problem??
2496.02ACESMK::CONLONMon Aug 03 1992Ada bindings to SQL?
2497.01IOOSRV::STREITTue Aug 04 1992Concat array constraint error
2498.06ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Aug 04 1992ada tasks and c
2500.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Aug 06 1992Motif, Ultrix, VMS & Posix...
2501.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Aug 07 1992DECnet Ultrix bindings?
2502.01PEACHS::MACEACHERNFri Aug 07 1992Accvio when entering Motif callback routine
2503.03SUEWIT::RUBINMon Aug 10 1992Need kit for ada v1.4-33
2504.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Aug 11 1992Posix calls block Ada tasks?
2505.03BACHUS::DECLERCKTue Aug 11 1992ADA, DECwindows and TASKing?
2506.01IOOSRV::STREITTue Aug 11 1992SCA tag association with package body
2507.02CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Aug 11 1992Does machine code vary when compiling from different ACS libraries or machines?
2508.02CSC32::V_HAVERMon Aug 17 1992Clarification on ADASUBMITSPR with /DESIGN
2509.01SOS6::BERNARDFri Aug 21 1992ADA on Alpha VMS ?
2510.01THEWAV::GASSNERFri Aug 21 1992Compilation/Optimization bug
2511.01YOYODN::J_KASEDASat Aug 22 1992New allocation with Initialization using twice the space?
2512.01DSM::GOULDMon Aug 24 1992Is 1.
2513.01SHAWB1::FARRINGTONRTue Aug 25 1992Shareable images and time slicing question
2514.05VAOUTue Aug 25 1992Profile in VAX Ada?
2516.02BERNMon Aug 31 1992HP and ADA
2517.01DSSDEV::WIELEMon Aug 31 1992DEC Ada compiler crash
2518.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Aug 31 1992Ada bindings for PPL routines - some missing currently
2519.09CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Sep 01 1992Porting code from VAX to a DECstation 5
2520.06RHETT::WEILBACHERTue Sep 01 1992DEC Ada SQL pre-compiler
2521.04VAOUWed Sep 02 1992PIWG on VAX 7
2522.05ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Sep 02 1992FUSE vs DECset for DEC Ada
2523.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Sep 03 1992Task Parallelism?
2524.05KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONThu Sep 03 1992Announcing DEC Ada V3.
2525.0HELIX::KAUFFMANFri Sep 04 1992FT sites wanted for DEC Ada on DECelx realtime kernel
2526.03YOYODN::J_KASEDATue Sep 08 1992ACCVIO from V2.3 compiler
2527.04POOLWed Sep 09 1992creation date mismatch with ADA ACS and CMS
2528.09ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Sep 09 1992ada_init_component and execl
2529.021TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Sep 09 1992Ada vs. C++
2530.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Sep 09 1992"Roll your own" attributes
2531.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Sep 09 1992Making an ASCIZ string type
2532.06VERGA::WELLCOMEFri Sep 11 1992Conditional compilation or equivalent of data declarationrns?
2533.01ADTSHR::FOUNTASFri Sep 11 1992DECada on Alpha VMS vs DECada on VAX VMS
2534.08TAVWed Sep 16 1992XD-ADA V1.2 with VMS 5.5?
2535.06FUTURS::WATSONWed Sep 16 1992Default task storage_size (VAX Ada on VMS)
2536.05ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Sep 16 1992weird file names
2537.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Sep 17 1992INOUT_FILE for DECnet task to task
2538.01TAVSun Sep 20 1992Acs check with wildcard
2539.04SUBURB::HARWOODJThu Sep 24 1992ACVC for 2.3
2540.01ADTSHR::FOUNTASFri Sep 25 1992SYSTEM.IMPORT_VALUE different on DECada Alpha vs DECada Ultrix and VAX Ada
2541.0MARVIN::HAQUEFri Sep 25 1992How to get generic tasks?
2542.03SYOMV::NEWTONMon Sep 28 1992Digital SEE Marketing Info?
2543.0MINNIE::SINGLETONTue Sep 29 1992Converting CORAL-66 to Ada
2544.01R2ME2::RICOTue Sep 29 1992project leader name
2545.06TAVWed Sep 30 1992Problems with DEC Ada & SCA
2546.02TAVWed Sep 30 1992PCALINK for DEC Ada?
2547.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Sep 30 1992Conversion between array types
2548.04TOPPER::NAIRNWed Sep 30 1992PROGRAM_ERROR, order dependencies and the VAX Ada LRM
2549.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Sep 30 1992ADA$PREDEFINED file protection
2550.03YOYODN::J_KASEDAThu Oct 01 1992PPL package on alpha vms DEC Ada 3.
2551.04CAMONE::JOHNSONMon Oct 05 1992ada exception raised on VMS 5.3-2?
2552.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Oct 05 1992Wrong size when using parameter as discriminant in record
2553.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Oct 06 1992Need clarification on variant record question
2554.04ZYDECO::PEACOCKThu Oct 08 1992dtype definition?
2555.07XLIB::BAILEYThu Oct 08 1992Alpha DECW predefined lib problem
2556.07CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Oct 09 1992%ADAC-F-ANASUBMITSPR error from the 2.3 compiler
2557.04LANDO::MARCOUXMon Oct 12 1992scheduling options?
2558.06RLTIME::COOKMon Oct 12 1992Technical Summary
2559.02PEACHS::FINKELSTEINTue Oct 13 1992Call Ada from C. Calling C from Ada.
2560.04WIDGIT::BACKESWed Oct 14 1992Motif bindings packaged with compiler
2561.021KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONWed Oct 14 1992DEC Ada V3.
2562.02DIGITS::BRETTWed Oct 14 1992Smart Recompilation
2563.02WOTVAX::MEAKINSThu Oct 15 1992Navigation
2564.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Oct 15 1992Need help to understand PRIORSTUBSAMENA and PRIORSTUBSUPPL errors.
2565.0KIEV::BBISHOPThu Oct 15 1992DEC Ada portability list
2566.08LJOHUB::JESSOPThu Oct 15 1992RAB$V_RRL... get regardless...
2567.02CSC32::J_WETHERNFri Oct 16 1992Novice needs help with rounding errors
2568.03THEWAV::CREIGHANMon Oct 19 1992C to Ada conversion
2569.0NSDC::RUTTITue Oct 20 1992Looking for ADA bindings for C-ISAM
2570.0CASDOC::MEAGHERTue Oct 20 1992GEM Documentation
2571.01SX4GTO::CHENTue Oct 20 1992DEC ADA for customers
2572.03SMPVAX::SIMPSONTue Oct 20 1992Alpha and Ada
2573.04CSC32::V_HAVERThu Oct 22 1992Free page file pages not returned
2574.08CX3PT3::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Oct 23 1992Questions on Large Ada Development Environments
2575.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Oct 27 1992Date checks done by ACS COMPILE
2576.07TAVWed Oct 28 1992Non-blocking call threads?
2577.05WARNUT::BALMFORTHKThu Oct 29 1992ADA and CDD definitions
2578.02RHETT::WEILBACHERFri Oct 30 1992Compiler Internal Error
2579.01THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Oct 30 1992Status of XD Ada?
2580.0PEACHS::FINKELSTEINMon Nov 02 1992Examples of signal usage
2581.01PHDVAX::LARSONTue Nov 03 1992ada/noload from acs recompile?
2582.02COUNTThu Nov 05 1992Tri-Ada information requested
2583.02THEWAV::CREIGHANThu Nov 05 1992Questions on porting to alpha
2584.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKThu Nov 05 1992Sun Ada
2585.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Nov 06 1992cl_erropelib1 error message after moving a library
2586.01MLWS::LICHTMon Nov 09 1992will translation be supported ?
2587.01SWTHOM::DEGAGETue Nov 10 1992Generic and constraint_error
2588.02TAVTue Nov 10 1992Mixed language programming with multi-tasking?
2589.04ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Nov 10 1992append to a file in DEC Ada
2590.01THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Nov 11 199268
2591.0UJALA::PRADHANThu Nov 12 1992ACS and CMS V3.5-
2592.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Nov 16 1992subtype's enumerations made known?
2593.02THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Nov 18 1992Cross compilers on Ultrix?
2594.01TAVThu Nov 19 1992Configuration Management ?
2595.02ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZThu Nov 19 1992Ada validation certificate?
2596.04MARVIN::HAQUEFri Nov 20 1992One for the language buffs, I think!
2597.01ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Nov 24 1992benchmark question
2598.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Nov 24 1992RMS Deadlock in local LOG file
2599.01XLIB::BAILEYTue Nov 24 1992ADA RTL support on Alpha
2600.02THEWAV::GASSNERTue Nov 24 1992ACS: performance following decomposition of libraries
2601.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Nov 25 1992Ideas on performance difference
2602.02CSC32::V_HAVERWed Nov 25 1992Initialized constants of unconstrained array type
2603.05INBLUE::MILOSEVICMon Nov 30 1992Implementation of Cyrillic (ISO 8859/5) charset
2604.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Nov 30 1992Optimized code requires more storage than non-optimized code??
2605.01XLIB::BAILEYMon Nov 30 1992Alpha/VMS V1.
2606.06BENONI::WARDMon Nov 30 1992Ada syntax/semantic checkers?
2607.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Dec 02 1992DEC Ada T3.
2608.03TAVThu Dec 03 1992Generic "Objects"?
2609.01THEWAV::CREIGHANThu Dec 03 1992Ada and VEST question
2610.02SWAM2::JANES_DEThu Dec 03 1992Technique to measure elaboration time??
2611.01MINNY::SEITZFri Dec 04 1992Again: DEC Ada on Ultrix PAK for internal use only?
2612.0ETHRA::KUBELKAFri Dec 04 1992Two ACS Wishlist Items - Please...
2613.0LARVAE::HOWLETT_TMon Dec 07 1992Alpha Ada wow really really good
2614.04CSC32::M_BLESSINGWed Dec 09 1992Alpha Ada programs hanging in HIB
2615.03CX3PT3::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Dec 09 1992ADASUBMITSPR with ADA 2.3-3 - related to length clause?
2616.0KIEV::BBISHOPThu Dec 10 1992DEC Ada V3.
2617.0BREAKR::HERGOTFri Dec 11 1992SAMeDL- who's tracking?
2618.02CGOOA::OWONGMon Dec 14 1992Ada and Alpha AXP Questions...
2619.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Dec 16 1992How to log "others" exceptions?
2620.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Dec 21 1992shared/volatile (overlaid_variables)
2621.0EISJAT::TEDESCOTue Dec 22 1992C++ port to ADA - How easy?
2622.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Dec 22 1992page alignment of record under 2.3-3 not working.
2623.02ZURTue Dec 22 1992Presistent INSINCMPLPARUN error
2624.02THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Dec 22 1992Cross compiler for C4
2625.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Dec 22 1992Setting a default task stack size for ALL tasks
2626.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Dec 23 1992Why does SEARCH/ALL show multiple copies of routine?
2627.02TAVFri Dec 25 1992Returning unconstrained parameters
2628.010TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Dec 31 1992String fn gives %SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND & %ADA-E-FORTRABAC
2629.0CAATS::MURRAYThu Dec 31 1992Network Broker by Ideas?
2630.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Jan 02 1993Network msgs accumulate
2632.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jan 04 1993SDL without prefix only for Ada
2633.01HERCUL::MOSERTue Jan 05 1993Wishlist: Support SCA INSPECT for x-language checks
2634.03BREAKR::DANAHYTue Jan 05 1993variable info
2635.02BREAKR::DANAHYTue Jan 05 1993ADA open interface?
2636.02BREAKR::DANAHYTue Jan 05 1993image size
2637.02PRSSOS::LELEGARDWed Jan 06 1993Be ready for Ada 9X: use AdaCase !
2638.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Jan 06 1993pragma shared(float_variable)
2639.01CAATS::MURRAYWed Jan 06 1993Anyone heard of Granite/Sentry?
2640.05LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconFri Jan 08 1993VAX->AXP migration MOTIF & DECVUIT problems
2641.02CSCOA1::FINKELSTEINMon Jan 11 1993Virtual Timer Expired
2642.01SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon Jan 11 1993DEC Ada on DEC 7
2644.08ZYDECO::PEACOCKTue Jan 12 1993TAE software
2645.03LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Jan 14 1993Chapter 14 compliancy, what is the implication
2646.01VAOUThu Jan 14 1993Bindings revisited.
2647.01TYSON::KURATAThu Jan 14 1993When is Ada production on Alpha VMS
2648.01LARVAE::MUIR_JOHNFri Jan 15 1993Version 2.2?
2649.01KAZAN::HOPEFri Jan 15 1993Ada+MIRA=LOCKS?
2650.05K9::PIPERFri Jan 15 1993AXP: Error activating image CMA$TIS_SHR
2651.01TAVMon Jan 18 1993Debugger bugs: are they fixed in V1.1 ?
2652.02WIZZER::TURPIEMon Jan 18 1993default alignment ?
2653.02CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jan 20 1993Getting Task IDs from with Ada program?
2654.01BREAKR::DANAHYWed Jan 20 1993DECnet task-to-task in ADA
2655.07KERNEL::DENNISThu Jan 21 1993ACS LINKing objects that call each other
2656.0BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHThu Jan 21 1993false enumeration types from sequential_io
2657.01KERNEL::DENNISFri Jan 22 1993Constraint checking of subtypes
2658.0DIGITS::BRETTFri Jan 22 1993POSIX Ada trip reports
2659.0UNITED::NEWELLGMon Jan 25 1993Ada 9x & POSIX package info ?
2660.01HAM::NASKETue Jan 26 1993DEC Ada for OSF/1 AXP ?
2661.04OOLONG::ENGLISHTue Jan 26 1993Access violation in TEXT_IO.PUT_LINE
2662.01ISIDRO::OLMOWed Jan 27 1993Problem with DATA_ERROR exception
2663.02SITBUL::MQUINLANWed Jan 27 1993acs link error on alpha
2664.04MUTTON::LAMBThu Jan 28 1993V2.2 on VMS 5.2 will it work??
2665.01TKOV5Thu Jan 28 1993simple $CREPRC program wanted.
2666.02TAVThu Jan 28 1993Upgrading sub-libraries to library path?
2667.01ISIDRO::OLMOFri Jan 29 1993 Problem with DATA_ERROR exception
2668.04CSC32::M_BLESSINGFri Jan 29 1993set/clear_interlocked on Alpha VMS
2669.010CSC32::M_BLESSINGFri Jan 29 1993How to align array on physical page boundary for use with $CRMPSC on Alpha
2670.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jan 29 1993Help getting pasthru app to work
2671.06VAOUFri Jan 29 1993RATIONAL on Alpha?
2672.05LARVAE::HOWLETT_TMon Feb 01 1993Posix packaage info please
2673.01TOOHOT::LEEDSMon Feb 01 1993Ada Lang Ref Summary manual ???
2674.04PASSES::PASSES::C_HEISLERWed Feb 03 1993Possible DST problem with Ada and C
2675.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Feb 03 1993tasking_services.Task_PTD_ReadW blocks other tasks at the same priority??
2676.0EICMFG::CUSHNIEFri Feb 05 1993Creating Sharable Images containing VAXADA procedures
2677.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Feb 05 1993Weird CALLS instruction causes ACCVIO
2678.02PRSSOS::LELEGARDMon Feb 08 1993Installation problem with 3.
2679.05PRSSOS::LELEGARDMon Feb 08 1993V3.
2680.0RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Feb 08 1993OTMBAS & ADA 1.1 not together any more?
2681.02DIGITS::BRETTTue Feb 09 1993Smart Recompilation Demo
2682.0WIDTH::MDAVISTue Feb 09 1993Verdix <-> DEC Ada Porting Experiences Solicited
2683.01VAOUTue Feb 09 1993ISO math services supported?
2684.01TAVWed Feb 10 1993Reference Sites on Alpha AXP?
2686.03MARVIN::HAQUEWed Feb 10 1993Using C_TYPES package, DEC Ada T3.
2687.0TAVThu Feb 11 1993Integrating ACS & CMS ?
2688.03KERNEL::DENNISThu Feb 11 1993V2.3 Validation information required.
2689.02ODIXIE::EARLSThu Feb 11 1993Problem overloading generic function definitions
2690.01RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Feb 11 1993where the $%&*$% is OTMBAS1
2691.04CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Feb 15 1993Problems with ACCVIO in AST handling task - DEC Ada 3.
2692.010SDOGUS::SPENDLOVEMon Feb 15 1993Some ALPHA ADA questions
2693.01FRSCS::AURANDTue Feb 16 1993Question about line number in traceback output
2694.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Feb 17 1993Assignment of records between aligned and nonaligned types.
2695.013I::MITCHELLWed Feb 17 1993Network Kits
2696.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Feb 18 1993Another ACCVIO with the 2.3-3 compiler
2697.05CSC32::M_BLESSINGThu Feb 18 1993%DEBUG-E-INCDSTNES on Alpha AXP
2698.01MARVIN::HAQUEFri Feb 19 1993C_TYPES should define constants
2699.04DIGITS::BRETTSun Feb 21 1993Partial List of non-DoD Ada usage
2700.03HANSBC::BACHNERTue Feb 23 1993Can't install ADA V2.3 with SCA V4.
2701.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Feb 24 1993Inline question/suggestion when bodies are obsolete
2702.01CSC32::M_BLESSINGWed Feb 24 1993Printing out exception name on OpenVMS AXP
2703.0BREAKR::HAWed Feb 24 1993DEC Ada 1.1 and MLS+
2704.01COUNTThu Feb 25 1993DEC Ada for OpenVMS AXP - SPD please
2705.09LIKWOW::PACEThu Feb 25 1993Debugging Generics on VMS-AXP
2706.03TYSON::KURATAThu Feb 25 1993How do you do Decwindows under Ada ?
2707.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Feb 26 1993Overload Assign in 9X?
2708.04COMICS::TURPIEMon Mar 01 1993determine task stack size
2709.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Mar 01 1993ACCVIO in 2.2 compiler - Another VCG$EMIT_ADDR_BASE -
2710.02FSAEUR::RYEMon Mar 01 1993Compiler Informational Messages on Port to AXP
2711.01BREAKR::DANAHYMon Mar 01 1993XTVA ERRORS?
2712.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Mar 02 1993Current AXP Ada Compiler?
2714.02NSDC::BURIWed Mar 03 1993ADA FT6 and motif - How to create DEC cursor
2715.0WASHDC::RICHARDSWed Mar 03 1993Certification test for POSIX conformance?
2716.0CAATS::WILDERWed Mar 03 1993Looking for Ada and Rdb experience
2717.03NSDC::BURIThu Mar 04 1993FT6 and motif: Cannot free pixmap / coloramp
2718.03DIGITS::BRETTTue Mar 09 1993ISO MATH, GPF, GEF, Elementary, Primitive, Functions
2719.04FSAEUR::RYEWed Mar 10 1993Getting Internal Debugger error and Hang.
2721.02MUDIS3::JONESWed Mar 10 1993Global sections corrupted under heavy strain?
2722.01DRONET::ROBERTThu Mar 11 1993Help a beginner
2723.03RHETT::KATZThu Mar 11 1993XT.OPEN_DISPLAY problem
2724.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Mar 12 1993EXPORT pragma, 'ADDRESS of procedure, generics, etc
2725.012TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Mar 15 1993VMS in "C"? Ada would be better
2726.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Mar 15 1993Wanted: PPP and TP4
2727.05FSAEUR::RYETue Mar 16 1993AXP ADA IMAGE will not run detached
2728.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Mar 17 1993DCL-W-RSLOVF error when doing ACS RECOMPILE on AXP system
2729.03CSC32::V_HAVERWed Mar 17 1993More on /OPTIMIZE and CONSTRAINT_ERROR
2730.03WOTVAX::CLOWESCFri Mar 19 1993Motif/Ada bindings permission
2731.02TYSON::KURATAFri Mar 19 1993ADA-E-BADALIGNMENT error
2732.03KERNEL::DENNISMon Mar 22 1993Optimization does less on same code on new version
2733.01STAR::GPAULTue Mar 23 1993Overrunning stack space with only four tasks running
2734.06CX3PT3::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Mar 24 1993DEC Ada (AXP) and /TIE Question
2735.0K9::PIPERWed Mar 24 1993Question on STARLET PSECTs (AXP)
2737.06CSC32::S_CONNORThu Mar 25 1993ADA-F-INVACUFMT, .acu file has invalid format
2738.01CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Mar 26 1993ACS, DECNET, Library Paths Question
2739.0THEWAV::GASSNERFri Mar 26 1993Multitudinous logical links
2740.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Mar 28 1993? on automatic deallocation
2741.05PRSSOS::LELEGARDMon Mar 29 1993Cannot find bindings for MAIL$ routines (V3.
2742.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Mar 29 1993file access conflict errors doing ACS compiles
2743.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Mar 29 1993Quick debug-related question
2744.06SFCMon Mar 29 1993Starlet for OpenVMS T6.
2745.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Mar 29 1993Help getting started w/Ada on ULTRIX
2746.07KERNEL::DENNISTue Mar 30 1993Security patch on 653
2747.03MINNY::PFISTERWTue Mar 30 1993New features ADA 3.1
2748.02STAR::GPAULTue Mar 30 1993CONSTRAINT_ERROR on 126
2749.02CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Mar 30 1993ACCVIO After Upgrade to 2.3-3 from 2.1-28, Using Sublibrary Parented off ADA$Predefined
2750.02COMICS::TURPIEWed Mar 31 1993ROPRAND clarification
2751.0DIGITS::BRETTWed Mar 31 1993Army's RCAS system in Computerworld
2752.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Mar 31 1993Another ACCVIO/SUBMITSPR under 2.1 of Ada question
2753.0NSDC::RUTTIThu Apr 01 1993Looking for CDA bindings
2754.02TAVThu Apr 01 1993[Verdix] Ada Optimization Problem
2755.0CSC32::V_HAVERFri Apr 02 1993Upward compatibility of ADARTLs?
2756.07CUJO::BROWNFri Apr 02 1993Problems with FDL file creation in VMS V5.5-2
2757.06SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Apr 05 1993Problem with PRAGMA SHARE_GENERIC ?
2758.02BEDEMO::ENKERLIMon Apr 05 1993Problem with COMMON_OBJECT on AXP
2759.025Mon Apr 05 1993De-installing Ada' - what can I delete?
2760.02COMICS::TURPIEWed Apr 07 1993sca/ada nested procedures
2761.07LARVAE::BURGESSThu Apr 08 1993Proffesional Development Option?
2763.02SRFCLB::RADAMSFri Apr 09 1993message sections included in acs library
2764.03HDLITE::ZARLENGAFri Apr 09 1993unit not found in library
2765.0PEROIT::HARRISONFri Apr 09 1993Most Common Errors w/ Debugger?
2766.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Apr 10 1993Procedure types?
2768.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Apr 16 1993Will Optimizers Honor Overlays?
2769.0DIGITS::BRETTFri Apr 16 1993C++ standardization
2770.06CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Apr 16 1993%ADAC-E-CL_INCREFACU form MULTINET mounted unix disk
2771.05CSC32::V_HAVERFri Apr 16 1993Compiler ACCVIO on module SSMAKE, SS_COPY_CC
2772.01CSC32::V_HAVERFri Apr 16 1993INCONRSL with universal_real and univeral_integer operands
2773.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Apr 20 1993Ada 3.
2774.03LASCPM::GONZALEZWed Apr 21 1993SHORT[_SHORT]_INTEGER vs. INTEGER in Performance?
2775.02F18::GOEKEWed Apr 21 1993AXP Optimization
2776.03HDLITE::ZARLENGAWed Apr 21 1993pragma link_option?
2777.09ROMThu Apr 22 1993VMSTAILOR and ADA: no debugging anymore?
2778.04STAR::ABBASIThu Apr 22 1993 double precession in ADA
2779.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Apr 23 1993? on use of VOLATILE on formal arg
2780.02I::STOCKSSun Apr 25 1993Spurious CONSTRAINT_ERROR (Cross-posted from NOTED::ULTRIX)
2781.04WHTAIL::HUTCHINSTue Apr 27 1993ada 1.1 steps on stack
2782.02PHDVAX::JOHNSTONWed Apr 28 1993DEC Ada on OSF Questions
2783.01MUCTEC::THOMASThu Apr 29 1993DECW and ADA...
2784.012I::MITCHELLSat May 01 1993DEC Ada V3.1 kit announcements
2785.07UTRTSC::BOORMon May 03 1993DEC ADA V1.1 open/close problem with ULTRIX
2786.0KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon May 03 1993DEC Ada for OpenVMS VAX Version 3.
2787.011KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon May 03 1993DEC Ada for OpenVMS VAX Version 3.
2788.01THEWAV::CREIGHANMon May 03 1993Ada and ACS Version mismatch
2789.02TAVTue May 04 1993Optimizer bug (ULTRIX) with constants?
2790.0THEWAV::GASSNERThu May 06 1993Customer comments on 2.3
2791.01MUCTEC::THOMASThu May 06 1993Ada and Decwindows application
2792.04PADIS::ENGSTROMThu May 06 1993hang during task elaboration
2793.01IJSAPL::OOSTENThu May 06 1993Jackson CASE as COHESION solotion?
2794.06CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu May 06 1993Modifying a library path and obsolete units problem.
2795.03FRSCS::AURANDFri May 07 1993Parameter passing between DECwindows and ADA
2796.0DIGITS::BRETTFri May 07 1993ADA-SW Digest
2797.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon May 10 1993Generation of VAX images on an AXP system?
2798.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon May 10 1993V2.3 compiler dies with integer overflow (INTOVF) error, and SUBMITSPR
2799.02MIMS::FINKELSTEINMon May 10 1993Problems with X and Motif Bindings
2800.06EMASS::MURPHYMon May 10 1993%ADA-F-EXCEPTION, Exception queueempty
2801.05TAVTue May 11 1993Debugging generics?
2802.03EISJAT::TEDESCOTue May 11 1993DEC ADA and realtime pointers
2803.01CSOA1::STUTSONTue May 11 1993OSF/1 FT
2804.07TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue May 11 1993ACS LINK doesn't find Global Symbols
2805.08MARVIN::HAQUETue May 11 1993%SYSTEM-F-NOTINSTALL, writable shareable images must be installed
2806.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed May 12 19939X Dynstr package spec?
2807.01PAOIS::DIGNEFri May 14 1993DEC ADA OSF/1 and shared library
2808.05CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri May 14 1993Questions on /LARGE PDO feature
2809.0DIGITS::BRETTFri May 14 1993Ada Monthly Report
2810.01DIGITS::BRETTFri May 14 1993US Programmers - 199
2811.01ZURMon May 17 1993Problem with Delay in Select Statement
2812.09TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon May 17 19939X Questions - if not too early
2813.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue May 18 1993Ideas on ROPRAND problem
2814.0DIGITS::BRETTThu May 20 1993Comments on Draft 2.
2815.03CSC32::A_GEORGEFri May 21 1993Fatal internal error in the DEC Ada run-time library
2816.06DIGITS::BRETTMon May 24 1993Fragmentation, Collection Mgmt, Heap, VM, Access
2817.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon May 24 1993How to get GNAT?
2818.0DIGITS::BRETTTue May 25 1993Available Ada Bindings, from ajpo.sei.cmu.edu
2819.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed May 26 1993Help with ACS & MMS/CMS tie-in
2820.06KERNEL::DENNISThu May 27 1993How big is 3.
2821.02LARVAE::BURGESSThu May 27 1993POSIX 1
2822.01PRSSUD::DIGNEFri May 28 1993XUI bindings on ALPHA AXP OpenVMS ????
2823.07CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri May 28 1993Invalid Diagnostic Files Produced with V3.
2824.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri May 28 1993A customer suggestion for linking 'separate's
2825.01CSC32::V_HAVERFri May 28 1993V2.3-3 ACCVIO on compile with /OPT:SHARE:MAXIMAL
2826.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat May 29 1993INCONEXP - Confused with ambiguous expression
2827.01SWAM2::JANES_DEMon May 31 1993Max number of statements? with'd packages? types?
2828.01TKTV2Tue Jun 01 1993debugger's examine problem
2830.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Jun 02 1993Task hangs in "Shared resource" during I/O on tape
2831.01XLIB::PAANANENWed Jun 02 19939X available on VAX? Alpha?
2832.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jun 02 1993ADA-F-FATINTERR on OpenVMS AXP - nested select
2833.04NSDC::BURIWed Jun 02 1993Instantiation in specification finish by "program error"
2834.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jun 02 1993Problem with DELAY in task - never come back from delay - OpenVMS AXP, DEC Ada 3.
2835.03DYOSW8::WILDERWed Jun 02 1993Ada binding specs...where??
2836.05TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Jun 03 1993OpenVMS ada and Posix bindings
2837.02LARVAE::GRAYThu Jun 03 1993Product Manager is ?
2838.05MINNY::SEITZFri Jun 04 1993Delay expression is evaluated in a CLOSED delay alternative on OpenVMS AXP
2839.01SWAM2::JANES_DESat Jun 05 1993Pragma INLINE and assembler?
2840.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jun 07 1993Building Global Literals
2841.05FERRET::CIOTMon Jun 07 1993ADA to write portable server.
2842.01NLAMon Jun 07 1993DEC Ada customer questions
2843.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Jun 08 1993enumeration types and unchecked conversion problem
2844.01LSTTue Jun 08 1993Question on pathname used by Debug or PCA...
2845.01GUIDUK::DUDAWed Jun 09 1993Error while installing DEC ADA on OSF/1 -- checksum
2846.0KTOV12::G12_KUGAThu Jun 10 1993How to handle Ada file ID in fortran?
2847.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Jun 10 1993Program_error and circular 'with'
2848.02KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Jun 10 1993No translation via VEST?
2849.02BOUNCR::GLEAVEThu Jun 10 1993OSF/1 task scheduling implementation ?
2850.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Jun 10 1993Text_Io.Put_Line & User Mode ASTs
2851.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Jun 11 1993Is 3.
2852.01CGOOA::OWONGFri Jun 11 1993Monitor ADA Task Performance?
2853.09NLAMon Jun 14 199364 bit Xlib fields for DEC ADA for Alpha OSF
2854.04ZURTue Jun 15 1993still SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND in ada 2.3 vms 5.5-2 in debugger
2855.04NLAWed Jun 16 1993error - "called ots$move3"
2856.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Jun 16 1993problem with ADA$IVP for 3.
2857.03ZURMon Jun 21 1993blocked task during delay
2858.02TAVTue Jun 22 1993How to optimize multi-dim. array access?
2859.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Jun 22 1993AI-xxxxx numbers, model numbers, and attributes, etc.
2860.01ZURWed Jun 23 1993memory leak, workaround ?
2861.09SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Jun 24 1993ADA-PDO and library subdirectories creation
2862.02KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Jun 24 1993Accvio on explicit definition of variant record.
2863.02WIDTH::MDAVISThu Jun 24 1993VUIT and DEC Ada not compatible? <cross posting>
2864.02CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Jun 25 1993UAI_FLAGS_TYPE - when is it going to be fixed
2865.01LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconMon Jun 28 1993ADA & NT-AXP ???
2866.04ESBSMon Jun 28 1993STARLET $CREPRC interface problem
2867.03NLAMon Jun 28 199332 bit type and value = CONSTRAINT_ERROR (osf/1 axp)
2868.05ZURFri Jul 02 1993$ipc and inplst, tmplst and outlst
2869.02SWTHOM::DEGAGEFri Jul 02 1993Accvio on compilation
2870.03COMICS::TURPIEMon Jul 05 1993SPD and order numbers for PDO
2871.07IOOSRV::STREITTue Jul 06 1993Adding LONG_INTEGER to package STANDARD
2872.0COMICS::TURPIEWed Jul 07 1993Loss of mail context
2873.0COMICS::TURPIEWed Jul 07 1993Task in SUSP I/O or AST
2874.05TAVThu Jul 08 1993Debugger problem examinning nested pointed arrays
2875.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PThu Jul 08 1993DEC Ada V3.
2877.06WIZZER::YOUNGFri Jul 09 1993Only getting constraint error warning when not using /opt=dev
2878.0GUIDUK::ONOSat Jul 10 1993OSF/1 Ada debugging
2879.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Jul 10 1993Say unit before compiling; /SMART
2880.03NLAMon Jul 12 1993CASE vs. IF selection algorithm?
2881.03LAMOTA::HORTONMon Jul 12 1993FCTM availabliity
2882.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jul 12 1993How to get task exception in users' scope
2883.04TAVThu Jul 15 1993Unexplained CONSTRAINT_ERROR ?
2884.04TAVThu Jul 15 1993DEC Ada on OSF/1 commonly asked questions!
2885.04CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Jul 15 1993AXP Alpha VMS Debugger woes examining arrays in ADA
2886.02GUCCI::JCONNORSThu Jul 15 1993Ada & mx
2887.01PHDVAX::LARSONFri Jul 16 1993Alpha AXP as compile/link engine?
2888.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Jul 16 1993OAXP Ada: licensing, models, price
2889.02GUCCI::JCONNORSSat Jul 17 1993POSIX bindings/osf
2890.05CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Jul 19 1993Reading Discriminated Record with Large Variant results in RMS-USZ error with Ada 3.
2891.02CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Jul 19 1993Problem with Debug Symbol information and DEC Ada v3.
2892.04SWTHOM::DEGAGETue Jul 20 1993OPEN/CLOSE memory leak
2893.03RT95::MCDONALDJTue Jul 20 1993Source for packages/conditional compile?
2894.02KURTAN::TIBELLWed Jul 21 1993Question regarding Ada V3.
2895.01I::MITCHELLWed Jul 21 1993Reporting Customer Problems
2896.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jul 21 1993ACCVIO with Smart Recompilation - Goes away with /Nosmart
2897.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Jul 22 1993Yet another ACCVIO using 2.3-3 of VAX Ada
2898.01NLAThu Jul 22 1993Ada FT2 for OSF/1 task storage problem
2899.010THEWAV::GASSNERWed Jul 28 1993Spec cannot instantiate generic w/o body
2900.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Jul 28 1993User-defined exception not being caught correctly after upgrade to 3.
2901.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 29 1993Unsigned arithmetic?
2902.02UTRTSC::BOORThu Jul 29 1993%ADAC-F-ADASUBMITSPR, Internal Ada compiler error (AXP ADA V3.
2903.03ZURFri Jul 30 1993more memory leaks, export function (ada 3.
2904.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Jul 30 1993True parallel tasks on AXP yet?
2905.01THEWAV::GASSNERTue Aug 03 1993Preventing baseline modification occlusion
2906.03RHETT::WEILBACHERThu Aug 05 1993problem with export_object()
2907.0TAVThu Aug 05 1993Ideas for improving I/O performance of DIRECT_IO
2908.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Aug 06 1993Ada Issues raised by VMS 6.
2909.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Aug 08 1993Ada Primer Class?
2910.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Aug 10 1993Use of Signals from Ada
2911.0CFSCTC::PALMERTue Aug 10 1993PCMS*ada problem - Need Ada verification test suite
2912.08CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Aug 11 1993Problems Debugging Strings in called procedure on AXP
2913.04CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Aug 11 1993DXm bindings absent for bindings supplied with Ada 3.
2914.02CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Aug 11 1993ACCVIOs Debugging Large Ada Program on AXP 1.5
2915.05CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Aug 11 1993Intermittent ROPRAND errors with optimized Ada code
2916.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Aug 15 1993Shift done with DIVL3?
2917.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Aug 15 1993Two moves for the price of one?
2918.06TAVMon Aug 16 1993Process hangs in SEQUENTIAL_IO .
2919.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Aug 16 1993TASKING_ERROR, insufficient virtual memory?
2920.02MINNY::SEITZTue Aug 17 1993%DEBUG-W-BADSTACK, stack corrupted - no further data available (Alpha/VMS)
2921.02WONDER::STEELYTue Aug 17 1993Access Violation compiling on OpenVMS AXP
2922.03CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Aug 17 1993%ADAC-F-CL_INVACUFMT for text_io in Ada 2.3
2923.03COMICS::TURPIEWed Aug 18 1993PCA coverage of nested code in separate task
2924.03MINNY::SEITZThu Aug 19 1993VAX to ALPHA migration (porting) report
2925.02COMICS::TURPIEThu Aug 19 1993Clarification on H Float
2926.02LASCPM::SCHUBERTFri Aug 20 1993Need help - ADA Cross-compilers
2927.04KERNEL::TURPIEMon Aug 23 1993ADAC-F-INVACUFMT errors with T3.
2928.01UKARC1::WOOD_JMon Aug 23 1993Array indicies bug with v3.
2929.05COMICS::TURPIETue Aug 24 1993Explanation required for TBLOVRFLW
2930.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Aug 24 1993Some feedback re motif bindings
2931.02BACHUS::RIJMENANTSWed Aug 25 1993I need some advise on 'type casting'...
2932.07TYSON::HORTONWed Aug 25 1993Is there an Ada porting summary for AXP
2933.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Aug 25 1993GET_LINE Dangling I/O?
2934.03DOD2::PARKERThu Aug 26 1993When is announcement on OSF/1??
2935.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Aug 27 1993ACCVIO from 3.
2936.01TAVSun Aug 29 1993VAX --> AXP : Performance Issues?
2937.01TAVSun Aug 29 1993FATAL INTERNAL ERROR upon QIO with AST
2938.06TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Aug 30 1993How to handle Hangup Event AST's?
2940.02CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Aug 31 1993Problem using qualified expression in renaming declaration for enumeration literal
2941.05THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Aug 31 1993QIOW question from customer
2942.03MINNY::SEITZWed Sep 01 1993STARLET $FORMAT_AUDIT problem
2943.01TOPPER::TURPIEWed Sep 01 1993PCA routine coverage gives SYMNOTUNQ
2944.02NOVA::MCGINNFri Sep 03 1993How do I compare a substring?
2945.02IJSAPL::OOSTENTue Sep 07 1993ADA specialist for Holland?
2946.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Sep 07 1993NOACCESSR error examining array in debugger
2947.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Sep 11 1993Unchecked_Conversion differs on AXP & VAX
2948.02TAVSun Sep 12 1993Rendezvous overhead on AXP
2949.04TAVSun Sep 12 1993Tasks split among CPU's
2951.03FORTY2::PALKAThu Sep 16 1993problem with overloading and string literals
2952.010TAEC::URSCHThu Sep 16 1993About DOPE Vectors ...
2953.08LATINA::BEGONAFri Sep 17 1993vaxada-> axpada with x lib
2954.03CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Sep 17 1993Another /DESIGN problem
2955.0LUXMon Sep 20 1993ADA / MOTIF / UNIX Consultant needed
2956.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Sep 20 1993Optimizer question; invariant CASE/IF
2957.05THEWAV::GASSNERTue Sep 21 1993VMS Realtime Performance
2958.01ZURTue Sep 21 1993connect with host variable in embedded sql ?
2959.05MINNY::SEITZWed Sep 22 1993VMS 6.
2960.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Sep 24 1993AXP DEBUG problems - break on label, variant records, etc
2963.01NOVA::EASTLANDMon Sep 27 1993Calling ADA from C on AXP returns bad result
2964.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Sep 28 1993ACCVIO on 2.2-38, Known problem?
2965.0FREEBE::COXTue Sep 28 1993Spawned code dies 'with X'
2966.03ZSAZSA::WOOD_JThu Sep 30 1993Can a CSO distribute ADARTL.exe with their appln?
2967.02ZURThu Sep 30 1993Motif migration from VMS/VAX to VMS/AXP is a pain!
2968.01ZURThu Sep 30 1993DEBUG-E-INCDSTNES, on AXP ADA 3.
2969.04ZURThu Sep 30 1993Package SYSTEM on AXP, missing something?
2970.0BEGIN::BRETTFri Oct 01 1993Teaching and choosing Ada 9X
2971.02TASTY::JEFFERYFri Oct 01 1993Where is ADA V3.
2972.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Oct 01 1993Issue with shareable images created using 3.
2973.02CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Oct 01 1993ADASUBMITSPR with DEC Ada 3.
2974.01CRLVMS::STEWARTMon Oct 04 1993GNAT available
2975.0LEMAN::SUBRITue Oct 05 1993control_c_interception and run/detach
2976.0QUARK::LIONELTue Oct 05 1993SMG example in Ada
2977.02THEWAV::CREIGHANTue Oct 05 1993Motif bindings available for OSF?
2978.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Oct 06 1993ADASUBMITSPR with 3.
2979.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Oct 06 1993Automatic sublibrary creation?
2980.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Oct 07 1993What is message number
2981.07ELBERT::RP_LEWISThu Oct 07 1993Does TASKING.TASK_SYNCH work the same under 3.
2982.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Oct 08 1993'Address causes Volatile?
2983.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Oct 11 1993pass VMS Dynamic string as Ada String?
2984.07BACHUS::DEKEYSERTue Oct 12 1993Accvio using unchecked_deallocation
2985.02DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSTue Oct 12 1993Porting from Alsys to DEC ADA questions.
2986.03NLATue Oct 12 1993128-bit floats in DEC Ada for AXP systems?
2987.03TAEC::URSCHWed Oct 13 1993ACCVIO of DecAda V3.
2988.0TAVWed Oct 13 1993Teamwork and STP (Software Through Pictures)
2989.05TAVWed Oct 13 1993Debugger Issues (OSF/1)
2990.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Oct 13 1993signal of SS_DEBUG from task causes image dump
2991.03CSC32::D_SANBORNThu Oct 14 1993Ada 3.
2992.01VAOUThu Oct 14 1993problem with makefile in ADA/FUSE
2993.07OSLFri Oct 15 1993Internal Ada compiler error on OpenVMS V1.5 AXP?
2994.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Oct 15 1993Should the compiler be able to report constraint_error for this code?
2995.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Oct 15 1993Get 'Address of actual, not formal?
2996.03TYSON::HORTONMon Oct 18 1993DWT_DECTERM_PORT available
2997.0MINNY::SEITZTue Oct 19 1993SMG.READ_STRING and multiple tasks ?
2998.01OSLWed Oct 20 1993ADA$_FACILITY undefined in OpenVMS V1.5 AXP?
2999.0SNOGUM::BLAIRWed Oct 20 1993DEC Ada support for DCE/RPC
3000.01THEWAV::GASSNERThu Oct 21 1993Can PCA note an over-instantiated generic?
3001.0PEON::BRETTThu Oct 21 1993Ada usage as a intro lang at universities
3002.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Oct 22 1993DEC Ada V3.
3003.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Oct 22 1993Another ACCVIO from 3.
3004.01SNOGUM::BLAIRMon Oct 25 1993Anyone have a reference for SGI Ada work???
3005.03CSC32::D_SANBORNMon Oct 25 1993ADA V3.
3006.02NSDC::RATCLIFFTue Oct 26 1993LSE compile bug with mismatched Export_Procedure
3007.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Xlib bindings: parameters shouldn't be unsigned_longword_array
3008.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Ada DECwindows program fails with an accvio
3009.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Ada binding for XIconifyWindow
3010.03OSLWed Oct 27 1993Program does not terminate? get the following task states:: SUSP Dependents SUSP Delay SUSP Accept or Terminate SUSP Accept or Terminate ... Is it the task in the state "Delay" that is causing this? This task has a loop like this:
3011.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Xlib bindings problem with RM_Q_PUT_STRING_RESOURCE
3012.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993accvio using x.union_rect_with_region
3013.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Ada Xlib subtype declaration incorrect
3014.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Ada binding for X$DRAW_LINES is incorrect
3015.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Ada binding for XParseGeometry is incorrect
3016.0KARPOV::MESSENGERWed Oct 27 1993Ada binding for X$FILL_POLYGON is incorrect
3017.03SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Oct 29 1993Task sched for Ada on OSF/1
3019.0TYSON::HORTONFri Oct 29 1993Cross Compilers on OSF/1 ?
3020.03THEWAV::GASSNERSat Oct 30 1993Elaboration determination
3021.06OSLSat Oct 30 1993Windows NT?
3022.03TAVMon Nov 01 1993Problems while trying to 'FUSE' DECada
3023.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Nov 02 1993Safety in word sharing?
3024.0TAVWed Nov 03 1993Ada Telesoft
3025.0GLDOA::RESOURCEWed Nov 03 1993Ada & Real Time sppt needed ASAP at Hughes in LA
3026.03CSC32::D_SANBORNWed Nov 03 1993DEBUG-E-INCDSTNES Ada V2.3, VMS 5.5-2
3027.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Nov 04 1993ACCVIO deallocating a NULL access variable pointing to PACKED array.
3028.02BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHFri Nov 05 1993access types, double indirection to unnamed object
3029.01PEON::BRETTFri Nov 05 1993Ada 9X status, looking good!
3030.03CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Nov 05 1993Ada 3.
3031.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Nov 06 1993Can compiler compute task stack size
3032.04NSDC::RECHSTEINERTue Nov 09 1993ALPHA vs VAX / tasking / DMQ problem.... HELP needed
3033.02BACHUS::DEKEYSERTue Nov 09 1993Delay statement doesn't put process in HIB when $hiber called
3034.03QUABBI::"jlf@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Nov 09 1993Bad ada code generated on MIPS, not ALPHA?
3035.01SNOGUM::BLAIRTue Nov 09 1993Does DEC Ada support/work with R4
3036.02GOYA::ANAWed Nov 10 1993URGENT questions: Quick compile in ADA OSF/1 AXP.
3037.0BACHUS::DEKEYSERWed Nov 10 1993thanks.
3038.01QUARK::LIONELWed Nov 10 1993Customer reported problem with X_LIB.ALLOC_COLOR for DEC Ada AXP
3039.01SRFCLB::RADAMSWed Nov 10 1993calling Ada from C... what else
3040.01NSDC::MONZA::RATCLIFFWed Nov 10 1993IntegrAda for Windows on PC
3041.03CAATS::WILDERWed Nov 10 1993DEC Ada Debugger Comparison?
3042.01SYOMV::CLARKWed Nov 10 1993Release history?
3043.02SX4GTO::OLSONThu Nov 11 1993DEC Ada V3.
3044.02HAMSC3::HMALTZANMon Nov 15 1993Customer reported a disk full problem with /smart
3045.01TAEC::URSCHTue Nov 16 1993Problem with ACAT, Dec Ada V3.1-5 under OSF/1 V1.3
3046.03ZURTue Nov 16 1993delay causing memory leak on AXP, 3.
3047.01BGSDEV::LANGONETue Nov 16 1993Basic ADA linking question
3048.011THEWAV::GASSNERWed Nov 17 1993Null routine ACCVIOs in MOVC3
3049.06DYPSS1::ROPERWed Nov 17 1993Ada/OSF Questions
3050.01JULIET::HATTRUP_JAWed Nov 17 1993DXML, KAP, other optimizers?
3051.02MARVIN::HAQUEWed Nov 17 1993List of Unix predefined packages please?
3052.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Nov 17 1993Ada in DEC S/W Engr Manual?
3053.03ZURThu Nov 18 1993AXP post SSB Kit 3.
3054.01DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSThu Nov 18 1993Looking for SYSTEM.ADC for ADA 2.3
3055.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Nov 18 1993Incorrect XDisplayWidthMM Binding Supplied with V3.
3056.0PEON::CMCCUTCHEONThu Nov 18 1993DEC Ada V3.1 for DEC OSF/1 validation information
3057.0PEON::SEIGELFri Nov 19 1993umount /proc improves debugging on Sterling
3058.03GOYA::ANATue Nov 23 1993Help ADA compilation benchmarck in OSF/1.
3059.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Nov 23 1993Incorrect XtAppAddInput Binding Supplied with DEC Ada v3.
3060.0NLATue Nov 23 1993Ada/OSF/AXP PIWG?
3061.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Nov 24 1993Direct_IO Record Locking on OSF/1?
3062.03ZURThu Nov 25 1993delay duration'last causes system-f-accvio after 9 hours, ada 3.
3063.03BACHUS::RENTYFri Nov 26 1993Not able to change icon pixmap in Ada v3.
3064.04OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Nov 29 1993ADA 3.1 OSF/1 SPDs ???
3065.03ZURTue Nov 30 1993Alignment of Longwords on AXP
3066.02ZURTue Nov 30 1993INSTALL/PRIV ACS
3067.06CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Nov 30 1993Question on %ADAC-E-BAD_ALIGNMENT on AXP
3068.06VAOUTue Nov 30 1993ADA/Xlib docs ???
3069.02OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Dec 01 1993Creating Ada Makefiles in FUSE Builder ?
3070.04AZUR::HUREZWed Dec 01 1993Migrate from VAX ADA/DECW.1.1 to DEC ADA/DECW.1.2 ??
3071.01DGOSWThu Dec 02 1993ADA9X implementation ?
3072.0WIDTH::MDAVISThu Dec 02 1993Question about Shared Memory (probably on VMS?)
3073.03VAOUThu Dec 02 1993Ada package specifications???
3074.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Dec 02 1993Initialization Routine?
3075.03TAVFri Dec 03 1993Problems with OSF X/MOTIF bindings for OSF
3077.011CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Dec 06 1993Problems debugging fixed point and unsigned_word on AXP
3078.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Dec 06 1993Another AXP alignment question
3079.0PEON::BRETTMon Dec 06 1993MaryAnne is now on SDTPMM::CACCIOLA
3080.0ZURTue Dec 07 1993sql$get_error_text returns 1 for length used from ADA, AXP
3081.02TAVTue Dec 07 1993"USEUNDEF" using CALENDER and link /DEBUG on AXP
3082.01ZURTue Dec 07 1993Shareable, writable Psects are produced
3083.01OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Dec 07 1993Ada problems in FUSE debugger
3084.0RT93::LAROCCOThu Dec 09 1993New Motif Bindings?
3085.03TAVSun Dec 12 1993Old to New Motif Bindings Conversion Guidelines?
3086.05WARNUT::PAVERDMon Dec 13 1993ADA questions on Alpha OSF/1
3087.09PCASTN::CARRELLMon Dec 13 1993OSF/1 POSIX 1
3088.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Dec 14 1993Destructor in 9X?
3089.07EBYGUM::FARRINGTONRWed Dec 15 1993Definitions missing from STARLET_.ADC?
3090.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Dec 15 1993Component_Alignment on OpenVMS AXP
3091.02CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Dec 15 1993VMS AXP Code Generation Problem - minus operation clobbers adjacent location
3092.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Dec 15 1993How to free an allocated task?
3093.0CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Dec 15 1993Problem with timed entry call - VMS AXP
3094.01TAVThu Dec 16 1993Debugger gets confused on array of record of array
3095.01CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Dec 16 1993Invalid Debug info for record on VMS VAX
3096.0UTRTSC::PEETERSFri Dec 17 1993Compile performance degradation by library?
3097.05GOOEY::ROLLMANFri Dec 17 1993old ADA Motif bindings from SPR_VMS_V5
3098.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Dec 19 1993Guard uses formal param?
3099.06THEWAV::KRUEGERTue Dec 21 1993VERDIX Porting Questions...
3100.01AZUR::HUREZFri Dec 24 1993How does acs reenter * work??
3101.0TAVTue Dec 28 1993PHIGS bindings
3102.02TAVWed Dec 29 1993OSF/1, ADA, tasks and XLib synch errors
3103.0BALTMD::GLOCKWed Dec 29 1993Ada 68xxx Cross Compiler for OSF ??
3104.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Dec 30 1993STEP/INTO rendevous?
3105.06SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Jan 03 1994Control_C_Interception and Debug on Alpha AXP
3106.03CSC32::D_SANBORNMon Jan 03 1994Fixed point math gives different results on AXP
3107.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Jan 04 1994What are 'assumptions' mentioned in tasking_services?
3108.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Jan 05 1994Unexpected DEBUG-W-UNALLOCATED on Alpha AXP
3109.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Jan 05 1994Suggestion: Provide Stream_Io package
3110.08CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Jan 05 1994Weird problem with the $ZERO psect in a large ada applications.
3111.03KTOV12::SUZUKIThu Jan 06 1994QUI_DISPLAY_MANAGER on VMS V6.
3112.02SWAM1::FLATMAN_DAMon Jan 10 1994link under OSF1; ald; relocation out-of-range
3113.03CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Jan 10 1994How to deposit address type into variable (in debug mode)
3114.04TAEC::URSCHTue Jan 11 1994Using SYSTEM.IMPORT_VALUE on OSF/1 .... (help)
3115.02TAVTue Jan 11 1994Examine string arguments in dbx (OSF/1)
3116.03MLNTSC::VOCITue Jan 11 1994porting guide to alpha
3117.02TAVTue Jan 11 1994Unused variables optimized away ?
3118.01TAVWed Jan 12 1994Ada on AXP with Oracle?
3119.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Jan 12 1994ADASUBMITSPR under 2.3
3120.02CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jan 12 1994Problem with ACCVIO during Elaboration on OpenVMS AXP only with debugger
3121.01CX3PT2::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHThu Jan 13 1994Moving existing version of ada during install
3122.04CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Jan 13 1994Multiple LIS files created with /SMART and ACS COMPILE with V3.
3123.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Jan 13 1994Export Object on O*IX?
3124.01DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSFri Jan 14 1994How to prevent FORTRAN STOP from doing image rundown in tasks
3125.02TYSON::HORTONFri Jan 14 1994Customer ADA problems
3126.02THEWAV::KRUEGERTue Jan 18 1994Trace/BPT during debug?
3127.02COMICS::TURPIEWed Jan 19 1994ADASUBMITSPR from excess brackets
3128.01UTRTSC::BOORWed Jan 19 1994Porting VAX ADA application to AXP, binary file layout
3129.05BREAKR::HERGOTWed Jan 19 1994DECada "HEAP"???????
3130.02SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PFri Jan 21 1994Motif 1.2 and Ada bindings
3131.05CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Jan 21 1994Questions on Inlining - strange behavior when commenting out non-related code
3132.0DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSFri Jan 21 1994*SUG* Could we supress Informational ACS message?
3133.0CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Jan 21 1994Incorrect XLib binding for XCreateSimpleWindow Supplied in MOTIFBINDING_X_LIB_.ADA
3134.05CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Jan 21 1994ADASUBMITSPR, Ada V3.
3135.02TAVMon Jan 24 1994VADS*Pro
3136.02ISIDRO::ACERAMon Jan 24 1994XD ADA License Problem
3137.04SWTHOM::DEGAGEMon Jan 24 1994/DEBUG and /OPT=development
3138.04CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Jan 24 1994Sequential IO and array variable problem when debugging code
3139.01TAVTue Jan 25 1994Text_IO max string length?
3141.0G::MORRISWed Jan 26 1994DEC Ada for OpenVMS VAX Version 3.
3142.05COMICS::TURPIEWed Jan 26 1994OUT parameter unchanged or set wrong
3143.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jan 28 1994More recent NOTES package spec?
3144.01TYSON::HORTONFri Jan 28 1994Customer questions on Ada for AXP
3145.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Jan 29 1994Unused external in object code?
3147.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Feb 01 1994ACS$DWCI for Motif and Alpha
3148.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Feb 01 1994Verdix on OSF/1?
3149.06TAEC::URSCHWed Feb 02 1994DEC Ada V3.1 (OSF/1) and Fuse Debugger ..... Help
3150.04KMOOSE::WALDBAUMWed Feb 02 1994New X/Motif Bindings Available
3151.013COMICS::YOUNGThu Feb 03 1994Record component alignment on AXP/VMS
3152.02TLSEThu Feb 03 1994Problem compiling a customer application
3153.01LABC::RUThu Feb 03 1994MATH_LIB or FLOAT_MATH_LIB?
3154.03TLSEFri Feb 04 1994OSF ADA documentation
3155.03TAVSun Feb 06 1994Tuxedo - anyone?
3156.01TLSESun Feb 06 1994FLOAT_MATH_LIBRARY description DECOSF/1
3157.03MARVIN::HAQUEMon Feb 07 1994Problems installing V3.
3158.02VNABRW::PIEBERWed Feb 09 1994ADA$FROM_CDD gone in AXP Version (ADA 3.
3159.0TAVWed Feb 09 1994Compiler fails on INTERFACE_NAME in generics
3160.02CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Feb 09 1994%ADAC-F-CL_INVACUFMT Related to /OPTIMIZE?
3161.03CX3PT1::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Feb 09 1994AXP Code Gets ACCVIO dependent upon /opt qualifier
3162.08PASTIS::MONAHANThu Feb 10 1994Backtracking hibernate through Ada RTL
3163.07CUESTA::MARCOSThu Feb 10 1994Reading STREAM_LF files from TEXT_IO
3164.08AZUR::HUREZFri Feb 11 1994I18N with pure ADA packages anyone?
3165.06TAEC::URSCHFri Feb 11 1994Do I need to install Dec Ada on OSF/1 in order to run an application written in Ada
3166.02ROMTSS::FIORLETTAFri Feb 11 1994Can't spawned
3167.04HESED::RYANFri Feb 11 1994DEC Ada Compatibility Guide for DEC OSF/1 Systems
3168.02TAVSun Feb 13 1994Undefined symbols on OSF/1 (_DYNAMIC)
3169.03TAVMon Feb 14 1994Can a main program have no "main" entry? (Tuxedo revisited)
3170.03DV78Mon Feb 14 1994Need Internals and Data Structures for Ada Programm
3171.06DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Feb 16 1994IVP fails (UDFSYM Link errors) from ACS LINK/COMMAND
3172.04CSC32::T_BURLEYWed Feb 16 1994ERRSUBMITSPR and ADSSUBMITSPR tracebacks from V3.
3173.0G::MORRISFri Feb 18 1994DEC Ada for OpenVMS AXP Version 3.
3174.04CSC32::T_BURLEYThu Feb 24 1994Relaxed Compilations Rules with /DESIGN ?
3175.03MUNICH::RADLERFri Feb 25 1994/OPTIMIZE=(TIME, INLINE:NONE) and memory consumption
3176.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Feb 25 1994Ada Debug-To-External (DBGEXT) interface on Alpha
3177.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Feb 25 1994DEC Ada V3.
3178.03CX3PT2::64Fri Feb 25 1994Question on PRAGMA IMPORT_FUNCTION and Area Control Block
3179.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Feb 25 1994Self-contained ULTRIX object files?
3180.06LEMAN::DYSLITue Mar 01 1994Common source files in mixed-architecture VMScluster ?
3181.08XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Mar 01 1994USE_ERROR from DIRECT_IO.OPEN with FORM on OpenVMS AXP
3182.02TAVTue Mar 01 1994ADA binding error for XmStringInitContext ?
3183.04MUNICH::RADLERWed Mar 02 1994Migration of DECwindows Application without DECW$DWT_.ADA and DECW$X_.ADA?
3184.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Mar 02 1994Return Status of Valued Procedure on ULTRIX
3185.09COMICS::TURPIEFri Mar 04 1994AXP /COPY does not with debug
3186.01XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Mar 04 1994Question on pragma priority on main subprogram with OpenVMS AXP
3187.04SYOMV::NEWTONFri Mar 04 1994Processor Affinity for ADA?
3188.03TIKVAH::ARTHURTue Mar 08 1994Ada tasking hang?
3189.03TAEC::URSCHTue Mar 08 1994Problem with "ald" (or "ld") under Dec OSF/1 T2.
3190.02COMICS::YOUNGTue Mar 08 1994Structure alignment match with Ada and Fortran
3191.03STARCH::WHALENTue Mar 08 1994Program links on VAX but not on AXP
3192.05POCUS::CUFFTue Mar 08 1994Concurrent licensing available?
3193.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Mar 09 1994STORAGE_ERROR when compiled with default optimization, OpenVMS AXP, Ada 3.
3194.03CAATS::SCHROEDERWed Mar 09 1994Ada Binding Supported definition
3195.05DV78Thu Mar 10 1994review of task preemption/scheduling
3196.01SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Mar 11 1994Debugger for DECAda?
3197.0RANGER::MEIERSun Mar 13 1994AXP V3.
3198.07SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Mar 14 1994New_Control_C_Interception (Alpha only)
3199.07G::MORRISMon Mar 14 1994DEC Ada V3.2 for Alpha AXP/OpenVMS field test kit announcements
3200.0MLNTue Mar 15 1994OSF1: ADA cross compiler for Motorola 68k
3201.05SPSEG::PLAISTEDWed Mar 16 1994VAX: Obsolete module (workaround available), AXP: RTL ACCVIO (no workaround)
3202.07AZUR::HUREZThu Mar 17 1994LIB$ESTABLISH, LIB$REVERT emulation on OpenVMS AXP ?
3203.03ZURThu Mar 17 1994What's ADA$_EXCCOPX ?
3204.03SFCPMO::JOHNSTONThu Mar 17 1994ABE error didn't kill program
3205.01TAVThu Mar 17 1994XDADA constant problem
3206.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Mar 17 1994Problem Reading Variant Record with ACCESS_VARIABLE.ALL: disk$user:[t_burley.ada]varrrec.txt
3207.01VAOUThu Mar 17 1994problem building posix binding for v3.1 on osf
3208.05THEWAV::GASSNERFri Mar 18 1994Need to dispel a myth
3209.07STARCH::WHALENFri Mar 18 1994INSPECT problem with DEC Ada V3.2 for Alpha AXP/OpenVMS (FT)
3210.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PFri Mar 18 1994Exporting a procedure from a generic package
3211.06UTRTSC::BOORFri Mar 18 1994Tasking with SMG routines with AXP ADA V3.
3212.015CAMONE::PROCTORFri Mar 18 1994Undefined SYS routines since upgrade
3213.04CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Mar 21 1994%ADAC-E-AMBIGRSL problem with an overloaded procedure
3214.05TLSETue Mar 22 1994ADA compiling performances
3215.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Mar 23 1994Shareable image install NOTINSTALL
3216.02THEWAV::CREIGHANWed Mar 23 1994X bindings Verdix vs. DEC Ada
3217.03TAVThu Mar 24 1994ADA/MOTIF: Cannot create multiline XmString
3218.013COMICS::FISCHERThu Mar 24 1994Future of Motif bindings on VMS (VAX)
3219.02STARCH::WHALENThu Mar 24 1994confused about error messages.....
3220.07SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Mar 24 1994Access violation of T3.2-1 compiler on Alpha VMS
3221.04TAVThu Mar 24 1994DEC Ada 3.1 and Oracle 7 (proada) problem !!!
3222.07BOUGY::BRAUNFri Mar 25 1994Debug bug: facility 49 not yet registerd with CMA
3223.04LEMAN::DYSLIFri Mar 25 1994OpenVMS AXP debugger restrictions ! CSO concern !
3224.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Mar 25 1994pragma Interface (Builtin, ...);
3225.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Mar 25 1994linking on OSF/1
3226.01XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Mar 25 1994%DEBUG-E-LASTCHANCE with secondary exception vector
3227.02CSC32::M_TURNERWed Mar 30 1994Memory leak issues for Ada 2.3?
3228.02CAMONE::PROCTORWed Mar 30 1994Help. Exception in ADARTL during init
3229.04ZPOVC::SUDERSHANThu Mar 31 1994Programming Help needed
3230.03ULYSSE::CHARRIERThu Mar 31 1994Acces violation when using a specific shareable image procedure..
3231.0CSC32::M_TURNERFri Apr 01 1994Discriminant is being corrupted (Ada V2.3-3)
3232.02SFCPMO::JOHNSTONFri Apr 01 1994ladbx and generics
3233.03HURON::BATESFri Apr 01 1994"C" bindings info request...
3234.02CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Apr 01 1994Possible Motif Binding Bug in Ada 3.
3235.08G::MORRISMon Apr 04 1994DDEC Ada Version 3.2 for OSF/1 AXP kits
3236.02PEON::BRETTWed Apr 06 1994ADAINFO distribution
3237.0ADA9X::MITCHELLThu Apr 07 1994Run-time performance benchmark programs desired
3238.02CSC32::S_CONNORFri Apr 08 1994Debugger problems V6.
3239.04TAVMon Apr 11 1994Compiler error on Unchecked_Conversion
3240.02TAEC::URSCHMon Apr 11 1994Compiler error with Dec Ada T3.2-1 (Open VMS AXP)
3241.0TAVMon Apr 11 1994Lessons from converting Ada code between platforms
3242.03BACHUS::DECLERCKMon Apr 11 1994ADA 3.
3243.04HURON::BATESMon Apr 11 1994OVMS V6.1 & ADA V3.2 (FT)?
3244.07ZURWed Apr 13 1994Motif V1.1 bindings missing in ADA 3.
3245.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Apr 13 1994ACCVIO with V3.
3246.01TAEC::URSCHThu Apr 14 1994Need explanations on the Psect attributes generated by Dec Ada V3.
3247.0DMEICE::BRUCKMANThu Apr 14 1994Temporary ADA help needed
3249.03UTRTSC::BOORMon Apr 18 1994Incorrect round-robin schedule behaviour on AXP ?
3250.03MUNICH::PFLUGERTue Apr 19 1994f$directory functions
3251.03UKARC1::WOOD_JTue Apr 19 1994A/VMS: compiler optimizations require huge amounts of virtual memory
3252.05ZURTue Apr 19 1994Delay on AXP
3253.01PRSSUD::THOMASSONWed Apr 20 1994looking for proADA beta test version/AOSF
3254.05TAVWed Apr 20 1994Optimzer in compiler verion 3.
3256.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Apr 20 1994HIB state while performing RMS functions
3257.014VAOUWed Apr 20 1994problem with amake
3258.01ODIXIE::GORDONDThu Apr 21 1994Ada Task & OSF/1 Kernal priorities
3259.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Apr 22 1994Segmentation Fault w/ada_complete_component
3260.02BLKPUD::RYMERAMon Apr 25 1994V2.3 validation expiry date?
3261.09CAMONE::PROCTORMon Apr 25 1994Null string represented differently on axp?
3262.01COMICS::TURPIETue Apr 26 1994float.put diff on AXP ?
3263.0UTRTSC::BOORTue Apr 26 1994ADA V1.1 (Ultrix) memory leak?
3264.01ZURThu Apr 28 1994No Traceback on Exception in a Task
3265.03AZUR::HUREZMon May 02 1994question about acs load * ; acs compile *
3266.04AZUR::HUREZMon May 02 1994We have no professionals here, only amateurs
3267.03SYOMV::SPRAGUEMon May 02 1994IEEE Floating Point
3268.07XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon May 02 1994OpenVMS AXP macine code questions - LDQ vs LDQ_U
3269.08AZUR::HUREZTue May 03 1994Little problem X5M12.sav for VAX VMS (MOTIF bindings)
3270.01ZURTue May 03 1994compile packages with /nocheck, to get_line 8-bit chars?
3271.08AZUR::HUREZTue May 03 1994why DEBUGGER ADA sources paths vary from VAX to AXP ?
3272.03CAMONE::PROCTORTue May 03 1994realignment of long field on word boundary
3273.06AZUR::CHALONYWed May 04 1994Unexpected exception raised when calling SMG routines
3274.01QUARK::LIONELWed May 04 1994User question about DEC Ada examples
3275.05LEMAN::DYSLIWed May 04 1994Debugger limitations ?
3276.03I4GET::HENNINGWed May 04 1994Eager to profile a thread - how?
3277.05XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu May 05 1994Another OpenVMS AXP Alignment Problems COMPONENT_ALIGNMENT not working
3278.03NLAThu May 05 1994Symbol table problems w/ VAX Ada 3.
3279.05GIDDAY::CHAPMANFri May 06 1994Debugger for DEC OSF/1 ADA
3280.03TAEC::URSCHFri May 06 1994Help with Dec Ada T3.2-1 under OpenVMS AXP
3281.02SOLVIT::YAHUDI::SYSTEMMon May 09 1994Problem Linking with the STARLET package from DEC ADA AXP version T3.2-1
3282.01SFCPMO::JOHNSTONMon May 09 1994Passing data > 64b by VALUE?
3283.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon May 09 1994Exported obj in library no initialize
3284.02ZURTue May 10 1994accvio on AXP with UNCHECKED_DEALLOCATION, on VAX it runs, ADA 3.
3285.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue May 10 1994GNAT for DOS already built?
3286.01PRSSUD::DIGNETue May 10 1994Alignment problems again....
3287.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed May 11 1994ACCVIO with /SMART on VMS 5.5-2 and Ada 3.
3288.06UNYEM::RECUPARORWed May 11 1994Bad ADA
3289.0I::MORRISFri May 13 1994Conference outage due to database corruption
3290.01TAEC::GALLERITue May 17 1994Exit Problem on DEC ADA for OSF/1
3291.06BERNTue May 17 1994Unexpected low performance using ADA and PHIGS on AXP
3292.01XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue May 17 1994Incorrect Bindings for XmFontListCreate and XmFontlistAdd with V3.
3295.01NYOSWed May 18 1994More VAX instruction support
3296.01SEAWLF::POISSONFri May 20 1994Error in Documentation Example?
3297.02UTRTSC::BOORTue May 24 1994Debugger EXAMINE will give a INSVIRMEM ?
3298.0+9THEWAV::GASSNERTue May 24 1994Smart Recompilation changes RECOMP/Command output
3299.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed May 25 1994ACS RECOMPILE/COMMAND=com_file with /SMART on VMS
3300.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu May 26 1994Get cma references out of object code
3301.07AZUR::HUREZWed Jun 01 1994Control over Psect attributes?
3302.01GRANPA::BLARSONWed Jun 01 1994Help on SQLMOD and ADa?
3303.07COMICS::TURPIEThu Jun 02 1994reading reals on axp v. vax
3304.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Jun 02 1994Direct_Io with unconstrained types on OSF/1 and ULTRIX
3305.02THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Jun 03 1994documentation on Ada Bindings
3306.01EMNTAL::CHAUME::HIRSCHLEMon Jun 06 1994subprogram has not yet been elaborated?
3307.06SFCMon Jun 06 1994Ada 3.
3308.02BLKPUD::RYMERATue Jun 07 1994Problem reading IOSB.STATUS
3309.03NLAWed Jun 08 1994Motif 1.1 bindings, Ada 2.4/3.
3310.04COMICS::WOODThu Jun 09 1994ACS ignores version number
3311.03KTOV12::SUZUKIFri Jun 10 1994ADA and ADARTL for VMS/AXP V6.1 ?
3312.05GRANPA::BLARSONFri Jun 10 1994Motif 1.
3313.03XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Jun 10 1994ACCVIO with V3.
3314.012XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Jun 14 1994OSF/1 ld problem: mgot_get_got_idx_for_pmext:
3315.05SPDBMP::M_SMITThu Jun 16 1994'Error processing diagnostics file' compiling ADA program in LSE
3316.01GRANPA::BLARSONThu Jun 16 1994ADA-F-TBLOVRFLW, Internal table overflow
3317.01PEON::BRETTThu Jun 16 1994777 is 1
3318.02DUNDEE::CLEARYMon Jun 20 1994TRAPB and performance questions
3319.01ORO5Wed Jun 22 1994MOTIF bindings Documentation ?
3320.03CGOOA::LIOUWOLKWed Jun 22 1994Compiling on OSF/1 with -g3 option
3321.02TAVSun Jun 26 1994Professional Development Option
3322.03XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Jun 27 1994V3.
3323.01UFHIS::VJUELICHERTue Jun 28 1994Performance and dynamic arrays
3324.02UFHIS::VJUELICHERTue Jun 28 1994XD Ada yet supported?
3325.04PRSSUD::AGUADOWed Jun 29 1994Elaboration BIG PROBLEM
3326.01BACHUS::ROELANTSWed Jun 29 1994ADA / STARLET / VMS V6.1
3327.01COMICS::TURPIEFri Jul 01 1994delay implementation on OSF ?
3328.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jul 01 1994OSF/1 link; symbols from Ada?
3329.0CSC32::V_HAVERFri Jul 01 1994ACCVIO in GEM_DF, routine HASH_FORMAL on V3.
3330.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDMon Jul 04 1994Can a non-scalar type be static?
3331.0G::MORRISWed Jul 06 1994ECO Kit #1 for DEC Ada Version 3.
3332.01HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Jul 07 1994PORTING VMS's ADA Debugger to OSF
3333.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Jul 11 1994Reduced error messages on AXP
3334.016CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Jul 12 1994Missing linker messages after upgrade to OpenVMS 6.1 on AXP
3335.01SFCThu Jul 14 1994Confusion on Ada run-time library
3336.01ADA9X::BRETTThu Jul 14 1994Fortran v Ada performance
3337.05COMICS::TURPIEThu Jul 14 1994VMS AXP Code Generation Problem 3.
3338.01UTRTSC::BOORFri Jul 15 1994Why this message during compile ? (CONS_OR_NUM_ERR)
3339.02COMICS::TURPIEWed Jul 20 1994Derivation from derived type ?
3340.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jul 22 1994Digital's Public Ada Repository
3341.04FORTSC::BLALOCKTue Jul 26 1994AXP shared memory question
3342.07COMICS::DENNISWed Jul 27 1994RMS-F-USZ
3343.02ZURTue Aug 02 1994ADA 3.
3344.01TAEC::MILES::MilesTue Aug 02 1994Mixing Tasks and threads
3345.07DUNDEE::CLEARYThu Aug 04 1994USS in DEC ADA for OpenVMS AXP ?
3346.06XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Aug 05 1994Very Poor ACS LINK performance with OpenVMS AXP
3347.07XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri Aug 05 1994Error installing V3.
3348.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Aug 08 1994ACCVIO, PC=
3349.04COMICS::TURPIETue Aug 09 1994constraint error, nomsg
3350.01SWAM2::PALASE_FRWed Aug 17 1994%ACS-I-CL_SUBNOTFOU1, Need explaination
3351.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Aug 18 1994Ada on OSF/1 Questions
3352.04TAEC::ROUGEThu Aug 18 1994$ ACS COMP lost the SCA target directory specified in the option /ANALYSIS_DAT
3353.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Aug 18 1994Passive task: like ordinary call?
3354.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Aug 20 1994Execute code in terminate alternative
3355.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Aug 20 1994Task pointer manip: Danger or OK?
3356.01TRUCKS::HAYCOX_IMon Aug 22 1994Porting to OSF, finding VMS system services
3357.01TAEC::GALLERITue Aug 23 1994Create map files with DEC Ada on OSF/1
3358.01XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Aug 23 1994Any future support for ADA$TASK_SYNC?
3359.06XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Aug 24 1994ADARTL accvio after upgrade to VMS 6.1 and Ada 3.
3360.04CSC32::D_SANBORNThu Aug 25 1994DEC Ada 3.
3361.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Aug 25 1994Elaboration of body before spec?
3362.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Aug 25 1994Can macro32 (macro/migrat) be imported on VMS AXP?
3363.012TAEC::BEATINIFri Aug 26 1994ACCVIO in BACKNAME with DEC Ada T3.2-3 on OpenVMS AXP
3365.03PMESD::ABBOTTFri Aug 26 1994lib$stat_vm_zone ?
3366.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Aug 28 1994Nit: PASSIVEUNCOND message wording
3367.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Aug 28 1994Wishlist: Passive task support expanded
3368.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Aug 30 1994Compiler crash, pragma Interface_Name in generic unit
3369.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Aug 30 1994Ada V3.2 FT2 installation problem on OSF/1 V3.
3370.05TAVWed Aug 31 1994Porting EXEs
3371.02RHETT::LOHWed Aug 31 1994When will v3.2 be released to customers?
3372.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Aug 31 1994ald problem with relative library path
3373.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Aug 31 1994Nonprinting characters in comments not ignored
3374.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Aug 31 1994Sugg Ada
3375.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Sep 02 1994Packages / Objects
3376.01ZURWed Sep 07 1994internal ADA compiler error, any hints?
3377.05SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Sep 08 1994Ada 3.2 FT2 on OSF/1 3.
3378.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Sep 09 1994C_Types.Long_Int incorrectly defined on Alpha VMS
3379.04TAEC::URSCHMon Sep 12 1994Need a clarification about assignement of object designated by access
3380.03TAEC::BEATINITue Sep 13 1994Linker warning with PPL symbol with DEC Ada T3.2-3 on OpenVMS AXP
3381.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Sep 13 1994Problem setting breakpoint with decladebugui
3382.05XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Sep 13 1994DIRECT_IO performance problem on AVMS and V3.
3383.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Sep 13 1994Renaming declaration incorrectly accepted by the compiler
3384.01KERNEL::TURPIETue Sep 13 1994rendezvous on OSF/1 real-time
3385.03CSC32::T_BURLEYWed Sep 14 1994AVMS - large amount of machine code for record compare
3386.01TRUCKS::SHONE_KThu Sep 15 1994Ada & Motif - string passing problem
3387.04DPDMAI::GROVEThu Sep 15 1994Embedded Compiler
3388.02DPDMAI::GROVEThu Sep 15 1994Calling Standard
3389.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Sep 16 1994GNAT experience and troubleshooting
3390.0TRUCKS::SHONE_KWed Sep 21 1994Motif button event - fields problem?
3391.02XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Sep 21 1994Question on D_FLOAT and digits
3392.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Sep 21 1994URL for Ada on WWW ( Mosaix Lynx etc...)
3393.01THEWAV::GASSNERWed Sep 21 1994ACS LOAD in infinte loop?
3394.02TAEC::GALLERIThu Sep 22 1994Unaligned access under DEC/Ada 3.2 for OSF/1
3395.012ESBSThu Sep 22 1994Rational/Digital Alliance press release
3396.01CSC32::T_BURLEYThu Sep 22 1994No ACS LINK /SYSEXE qualifier provided on AVMS AXP?
3397.01TAEC::GALLERIFri Sep 23 1994Problem with DEC/Ada 3.2 on OSF/1 v3.
3398.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Sep 23 1994%TASK
3399.03LEMAN::DYSLIFri Sep 23 1994ADA V3.
3400.01CAZ::THOMASFri Sep 23 1994Passive task restrictions for generics
3401.01ZURMon Sep 26 1994concurrent user lic on VAX , ADA 3.
3402.0G::MORRISWed Sep 28 1994Problem with exceptions and signal masks in OSF/1 V3.
3403.03TAEC::URSCHWed Sep 28 1994Pb with generated code and kernel mode ...
3404.02TAEC::GALLERIWed Sep 28 1994Problems with external symbols ...
3405.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Oct 03 1994Convert lib V3.
3406.03ZURTue Oct 04 1994eport_procedure, cannot be passed by S or UBS descr. AXP
3407.01ZURTue Oct 04 1994Code writing to $CONSTANT psect
3408.01MUNICH::PFLUGERWed Oct 05 1994ADAC-E-INCONRSL with ADA V3.
3409.03XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Oct 06 1994TEXT_IO.PUT_LINE gives RMS-E-EXT and RMS-E-RSA errors
3410.04XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Oct 10 1994Question on V2.3 and ADARTL V5.6-
3411.03NLAMon Oct 10 1994shm,sem bindings?
3412.07TAEC::URSCHTue Oct 11 1994Problem with Ast delivery and Ada tasking about task storage
3413.02TAVWed Oct 12 1994ADA on 175
3414.01MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERThu Oct 13 1994Conformance Letter needed ...
3415.08CSC32::T_BURLEYThu Oct 13 1994Can ADA-PDO license be disabled?
3416.04SWTHOM::DEGAGEFri Oct 14 1994ACCVIO...
3417.03COMICS::TURPIEWed Oct 19 1994ada$compiled_nodebug ?
3418.01MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERThu Oct 20 1994Comliance Certificate ??
3419.02MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERThu Oct 20 1994POSIX 1
3420.01RHETT::WEILBACHERThu Oct 20 1994pragma problems
3421.03XWINGS::T_BURLEYMon Oct 24 1994%ADAC-F-TBLOVRFLW and optimization questions
3422.03CSC32::T_BURLEYWed Oct 26 1994CL_OPENACU Errors with /SMART?
3423.02TAVWed Oct 26 1994Program hangs Before elaborate phase
3424.02FORTSC::BLALOCKWed Oct 26 1994GETSYI page size needed
3425.011NETRIX::"lieb@suntan.pa.dec.com"Thu Oct 27 1994Calling Ada from C
3426.010CAZ::THOMASMon Oct 31 1994RETURN string; -- Causes memory leak?
3427.0+10KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon Oct 31 1994DEC Ada network kits - master list
3428.02ZURThu Nov 03 1994ADA and VAX-scan port to AXP! /TIE missing
3429.04TAEC::URSCHThu Nov 03 1994Help about SS$_DEBUG and SS$_IMGDMP
3430.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Nov 03 1994Bindings? Xti required, any other osf/1
3431.05CSC32::V_HAVERThu Nov 03 1994Building a standalone Ada image
3432.01NYOSS1::BUONOMOFri Nov 04 1994ADA taking and ASTs
3433.02CSC32::T_BURLEYFri Nov 04 1994'MACHINE_SIZE and SEQUENTIAL_IO.READ Question
3434.06AZUR::HUREZMon Nov 07 1994Any pb. in downgrad. ADA exe from VMS AXP 6.1 to 1.5?
3435.03OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Nov 07 1994OSF/1 V2.
3436.04KTOV12::G12_SHIBATAWed Nov 09 1994DXmCvtFCtoCS routine (Motif V1.2)
3437.02CSC32::T_BURLEYFri Nov 11 1994Constraint_error on unconstrained discriminated reocrd assignment
3439.04NAMIX::jptMon Nov 14 1994rumour or fact (Ada status)
3440.04ATYISA::MORIN_DWed Nov 16 1994DECNET/GKS/Motif on ADA OSF/1
3442.03CAZ::THOMASFri Nov 18 1994C interface: C error handling
3443.03LSTFri Nov 18 1994Debug initialization 5 times slower on AXP for same program
3444.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Nov 22 1994What happens to errno?
3445.06EICMFG::CUSHNIETue Nov 22 1994Using Large Integers in DEC ADA.
3446.05SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Nov 23 1994Implicit usage of collections
3447.02SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PWed Nov 23 1994Motif binding problem with EVENT_TYPE from X_LIB package
3448.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TWed Nov 23 1994Thanks for the info
3449.03TAVThu Nov 24 1994CDD support?
3450.05AZUR::HUREZFri Nov 25 1994Compil. errors not systematically displayed!
3451.03CUJO::SAMPSONTue Nov 29 1994socket routines from ADA?
3452.02DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Nov 29 1994Only user mode ASTs for scheduling in ADA?
3453.06BOBSBX::QUINLANTue Nov 29 1994ADA link error on OSF/1
3454.08CAZ::THOMASWed Nov 30 1994amake cannot find source in parent lib?
3455.0KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONThu Dec 01 1994Changes for DEC Ada Run-Time Reference Manual
3456.01ADA9X::BRETTThu Dec 01 1994First Smart Recompilation Patent granted
3457.05ZURFri Dec 02 1994when FALSE => , program goes into FALSE condition,VAX 3_
3458.0COMICS::CHAPMANRMon Dec 05 1994ADA Xlib & Motif Bindings
3459.05RHETT::WEILBACHERWed Dec 07 1994ada and fortran don't mix.
3460.04XWINGS::T_BURLEYThu Dec 08 1994TEXT_IO.OPEN from string with "sharing; prohibit yes:' gives RMS-E-PRV
3461.01ADA9X::BRETTMon Dec 12 1994'first shouldn't conform 'last
3462.02KTOV12::G12_SHIBATATue Dec 13 1994XtSetLanguageProc() support ?
3463.05CAZ::THOMASWed Dec 14 1994Can terminating task do cleanup?
3464.014PEACHS::WEILBACHERThu Dec 15 1994amklib doesn't do anything.
3465.04MUCTEC::AMMERFri Dec 16 1994Different task scheduling on VAX and AXP
3466.03TAVSat Dec 17 1994amake talks but doesn't work
3467.07TAEC::GALLERIMon Dec 19 1994Interaction between RV & Signal mechanisms ...
3468.08CSC32::T_BURLEYTue Dec 20 1994Problem with float_io.put - incorrect value on OVMS AXP
3469.03QUARK::LIONELWed Dec 21 1994DEC Ada OSF/1 problem (from Internet)
3470.04SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Dec 23 1994Persistent compiler crash
3471.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Dec 27 1994POSIX bindings: bug in Wait_For_Child_Process
3472.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Dec 28 1994POSIX bindings: bug in ADA$SET_BLOCKED_SIGNALS
3473.08RHETT::WEILBACHERWed Dec 28 1994Exit 255
3474.0AZUR::HUREZMon Jan 02 1995How to get PAGE_SIZE easily?
3475.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Jan 04 1995POSIX bindings: bug in POSIX_Calendar.Time_Of
3476.06SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Jan 04 1995Extended POSIX Interface on DEC OSF/1
3477.03CSC32::T_BURLEYMon Jan 09 1995Problem with nested generic - INSTINCOMPLPARS
3478.011TAEC::GALLERITue Jan 10 1995Ada Performance Issue on OSF/1 V3.
3479.08BIGRED::THOMPSONTue Jan 10 1995performance difference VAX VS AXP?
3480.02CSC32::T_BURLEYWed Jan 11 1995Question on shared access, memory bariers, lib$adawi
3481.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Jan 12 1995Ada in POSIX standards
3482.09TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Jan 12 1995Ada OO programming; need a clue
3483.03SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu Jan 19 1995LRM compliance ?
3484.02DOGONE::WOODBURYThu Jan 19 1995Performance comparison between Ada and C++ ???
3485.05RHETT::WEILBACHERThu Jan 19 1995GreenHill compiler for OSF/1
3486.01CSC32::T_BURLEYFri Jan 20 1995"**" with negative base gives -MTH-F-UNDEXP
3487.07TAEC::GALLERIMon Jan 23 1995DEC/Ada 3.2-5 Compiler Crash on OSF/1 V3
3488.02CSC32::T_BURLEYMon Jan 23 1995unchecked_dallocation gives program error with sanity V3.2-8
3489.02TAEC::ROUGETue Jan 24 1995DEC Ada V3.
3490.01TAEC::ROUGETue Jan 24 1995DEC Ada V3.
3491.02ZURWed Jan 25 1995Vesting an ADA Program
3492.0KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONWed Jan 25 1995DEC Ada Version 3.2 for OpenVMS Alpha kit
3493.02CSC32::T_BURLEYThu Jan 26 1995ACS Goes Compute Bound when invoked via rsh on Sun box
3494.07SWAM2::PALASE_FRMon Jan 30 1995Accvio, caused using default params in a Func call
3495.02CSC32::T_BURLEYTue Jan 31 1995%ADAC-E-NOT_EXHAUSTIVE with case statment expression?
3496.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Feb 02 1995how to track a memory leak ?
3497.07TAVTue Feb 07 1995Customers against upgrading to V3 ?
3498.02ZURThu Feb 09 1995DEBUG-E-NOUNIQUE with examine
3499.05ZURFri Feb 10 1995"undefined symbol ADA$..." while linking
3500.04TAEC::BUCCITue Feb 14 1995Package for LINE EDITING functions
3501.01SWAM2::PALASE_FRThu Feb 16 1995Improving Compilation Performance
3502.04SWETSC::EKLUNDFri Feb 17 1995Initial array values not correctly assigned on ALPHA
3503.04ZURTue Feb 21 1995program runs wrong when compile with /NOOPT
3504.02SDTPMM::AXELTue Feb 21 1995DEC Ada V3.2 for OpenVMS VAX - Annc phase
3505.09SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Feb 22 1995Getting the address of subprograms from generic units
3506.02CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Feb 24 1995tasks, ast_entry and priority boost
3507.02UKARC1::WOOD_JFri Feb 24 1995Support for ATOMIC operations on OpenVMS Alpha AXP?
3508.04LARVAE::HOWLETT_TFri Feb 24 1995Re Posix bindings OSF/1 to VMS
3509.06TOOK::BUSCEMISat Feb 25 1995Package/Spec/Main Program, how to link?
3510.03TIKVAH::AGMONWed Mar 01 1995Change in order of selective wait in V3.
3511.02EVTAI1::GRAMONDWed Mar 01 1995ADA9x status and documentation
3512.021CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Mar 01 1995problem with ieee float library
3513.02TAEC::GALLERIFri Mar 03 1995Troubles with private shared libs using DEC/Ada 3.2 on OSF/1 V3.
3514.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWFri Mar 03 1995Unaligned access ADA 3.2 OSF 3.
3516.02ALBIS::PFISTERRWed Mar 08 1995questions about SYS$CANCEL_SELECTIVE
3518.02COMICS::WOODWed Mar 08 1995XUniqueContext undefined when building xlib_hello example
3519.09CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Mar 08 1995hang during elaboration
3520.03COMICS::CHAPMANRThu Mar 09 1995Ada fatal internal error
3521.03ATYISA::BENOITFri Mar 10 1995Profiling Tools ?
3522.04SWTHOM::DEGAGEFri Mar 10 1995DEC ADA for OpenVMS/VAX loops
3523.03ALBIS::PFISTERRMon Mar 13 1995internal debugger error in CREATE_FILE_HANDLE
3524.011KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon Mar 13 1995DEC Ada V3.2 for OpenVMS VAX field test note
3525.05CSC32::A_GEORGETue Mar 14 1995update of out formal parameter
3526.07ALBIS::PFISTERRWed Mar 15 1995ADARTL problem with DELAY in SELECT
3527.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Mar 15 1995What is ACEC?
3528.04TAEC::FREMONTThu Mar 16 1995SETEXV / DUMP /ADA
3529.01TIMMY::FORSONThu Mar 16 1995serial .vs. parallel i/o
3530.03TAVTue Mar 21 1995ACCVIO on calling procedure
3531.04COMICS::WOODWed Mar 22 1995Error running IVP after installing DEC ADA V3.2 on OSF/1 V3.
3532.05SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Mar 23 1995Internal DECthreads problem, Reason: set_kernel: deadlock
3533.03KERNEL::PULLEYWed Mar 29 1995Adasubmitspr, Derived type, const, >1 package?
3534.01ALBIS::PFISTERRThu Mar 30 1995program stops after 9h
3535.02COMICS::WOODThu Mar 30 1995ADA specific problem with Xlib and color allocation/deallocation
3536.01CSOA1::STUTSONThu Mar 30 1995Ada debugging
3537.02ALFAXP::FORDFri Mar 31 1995dump core on divide by zero?
3538.01CSOA1::STUTSONFri Mar 31 1995Ladebug vs VADS debugger
3539.01CSOA1::STUTSONFri Mar 31 1995Ada perf tools?
3540.01PEACHS::LAMPERTMon Apr 03 1995Will ald have a -threads switch in a future release?
3541.01CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Apr 05 1995compiler accvio's with "large" library
3542.03KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Apr 06 1995Supress checking of generic actual paramaeters?
3543.013H2SO4::GERSBACHMon Apr 10 1995Errors in the Motif Bindings
3545.02CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Apr 12 1995task switch time on AXP
3547.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Apr 19 1995Ada 95 (aka 9X) online documents
3548.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDWed Apr 19 1995POSIX 1
3549.06PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Apr 19 1995Problem with new string on UNIX 3.2 when linked with sharables
3550.02KERNEL::THOMPSONTThu Apr 20 1995need a example of c++ calling ada and passing a c type string
3551.03EICMFG::CUSHNIEThu Apr 20 1995Using Virtual Disks - from VAX ADA, using DIRECT_IO package.
3552.05CHUECA::ARANCHAFri Apr 21 1995type BOOLEAN && ada 3.
3553.03BACHUS::LEENMon Apr 24 1995$PUTMSG callback routine's string problem.
3554.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Apr 25 1995INEXACT_SHARED, a suggestion
3555.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Apr 25 1995How to display a traceback in Ada (VMS)
3556.05PEACHS::FORDTue Apr 25 1995DEC Ada for OSF/1; large application questions
3557.05BACHUS::RENTYWed Apr 26 1995ADA examples on Internet ?
3558.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Apr 28 1995Public Ada Library (PAL) Information
3559.01UTRTSC::BOORFri Apr 28 1995ADA 95 availability ?
3560.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Apr 28 1995DEC ADA v3.2 Known Problems
3561.04CSC32::A_GEORGETue May 02 1995fixed point type conversion problem ?
3562.010MUNICH::BEICHTThu May 04 1995Problem with static linking on OSF/1 (ald -S
3563.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri May 05 1995Current Ada documentation (v3.2)
3564.01ARAFAT::SANDGRENMon May 08 1995SIGSEGV on compilation
3565.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue May 09 1995Compilation speed problem on Alpha (either UNIX and VMS)
3566.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWWed May 10 1995Turn off unaligned access warnings at run-time
3567.01TAEC::BUCCIThu May 11 1995Strange Compiler Behaviour ...
3568.06CFSCTC::MOSLEYThu May 11 1995Problem installing ada 3.2 on OSF V3.2
3569.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu May 11 1995Debugging restrictions on OpenVMS Alpha
3570.01COMICS::EDWARDSNTue May 16 1995Future release of Ada (OSF) to fix problem shown in 3454?
3571.02GRANPA::RPOISSONTue May 16 1995APSE Conformance???
3572.02TALE::golon.geo.dec.com::bezenconTue May 16 1995ADA Compilation Benchmark on OSF... Need help
3573.01COMICS::EDWARDSNFri May 19 1995OSF Ada -g2 generates a SIGSEV
3574.01COMICS::MILLSSThu May 25 1995Ada Validation Evidence
3575.03GRANPA::JCONNORSThu May 25 1995Ada & SMP BnchMrk Help ?
3577.08TAVMon May 29 1995STORAGE ERROR with /OPT
3578.012ZURFri Jun 02 1995shared images installed with /nowritable
3579.03CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Jun 07 1995problem checking record element in debugger
3580.04TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Jun 07 1995Bindings to CORBA / ObjectBroker ?
3581.04TAEC::BEATINITue Jun 13 1995RunTime pb with libada.so on OSF V3.2
3582.05AXPMCS::BRUTTINWed Jun 14 1995Help needed ucx$gethostbyname from ADA
3583.01TAVThu Jun 15 1995Ada 95 Generic Children Question
3584.02AXCLTue Jun 20 1995TEXT_IO.PUT_LINE eating memory
3585.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jun 23 1995May we give out our X bindings for free?
3586.03FROCKY::WIESSNERTue Jun 27 1995Access Violation on OpenVMS/AXP with Package MLMF
3587.03COMICS::EDWARDSNFri Jun 30 1995Ada task control block deallocation
3588.05LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Jul 06 1995Tangent calulations in degrees giving spurious data
3589.06CSC32::D_DERAMOFri Jul 07 1995Area Control Block (ACB) woes with V3.2-8
3590.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jul 10 1995Where are VMS X-libraries specified during link?
3591.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Jul 11 1995how to convert Ada lib 3.
3592.05COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Jul 11 1995Some Ada Posix questions.
3593.017CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Jul 14 1995ACS-E-CL_OPENFOR compiler error
3594.02RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Jul 14 1995parameter passing by descriptor
3595.0VMSSPT::COOPERMon Jul 17 1995Ada program question
3596.05CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Jul 17 1995%GEM-F-ASSERTION, Element on history list should have been removed
3597.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jul 17 1995VMS AXP: Body & Spec Module Names Same
3598.06CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Jul 17 1995ADA$STARTUP problem with Ada 3.2-12
3599.01UTRTSC::BOORTue Jul 18 1995DEBUG-I-BADBODPACK message ?
3600.05CSC32::A_GEORGETue Jul 18 1995Optimizer problem, Ada 3.2-8, Alpha
3601.0ZURFri Jul 21 1995check remote x-terminal ?
3602.0+5CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Jul 21 1995problem passing descriptor from fortran to Ada
3603.05MUNICH::BEICHTMon Jul 24 1995several problems in a big ada project ...
3604.02CSC32::D_DERAMOMon Jul 24 1995(OpenVMS Alpha) adjusting the TIME_SLICE rate
3605.06MUNFri Jul 28 1995looking for starlet on OSF/1
3606.02HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Jul 31 1995Ada/X-windows/UNIX
3607.05CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Aug 02 1995pragma component_alignment problem
3608.01TAVMon Aug 07 1995CONSTRAINT_ERROR instead of NOT_EXHAUSTIVE_ when initalizing vector
3609.04ZGOVThu Aug 10 1995program question
3610.05CUJO::SAMPSONSat Aug 12 1995should constraint msgs have info severity?
3611.03TIKVAH::AGMONSun Aug 13 199564 bit and other VAX to Alpha migration issues
3612.02COMICS::EDWARDSNWed Aug 16 1995Strange bracket behavior
3613.03CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Aug 17 1995tpu$handler and Ada
3614.02CSC32::V_HAVERThu Aug 17 1995Smart recompilation handling of initial values
3615.02CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Aug 17 1995link udfsym and exported object in olb
3616.03PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Aug 18 1995Multiply defined routines when using -S
3617.01CUJO::SAMPSONTue Aug 22 1995undefined symbol: ADA$CREATE_COLLECTION_2
3618.01ZURWed Aug 23 1995ADA tasks and DECwindows motif
3619.01COMICS::EDWARDSNWed Aug 23 1995SIGPROCMASK multiply defined
3620.03OSBONN::PERThu Aug 24 1995Uninitialized variables warning?
3621.04BBPBV1::CARTERFri Aug 25 1995Problems with single user license (ADAO-USER)
3622.01MUNICH::BEICHTTue Aug 29 1995Another problem after linking ada progr non_shared
3623.01CSC32::D_SANFORDThu Aug 31 1995Ada V3.2 ADARTL.EXE required for VMS V6.2 and earlier?
3624.0SDTPMM::AXELThu Aug 31 1995DEC Ada V3.3 for OpenVMS Alpha - Seeking FT Sites
3625.01RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Sep 06 1995ada -g2 generates SIGSEV
3626.03BBPBV1::CARTERSun Sep 10 1995Simple ADA program problem
3627.04NYOSS1::BUONOMOTue Sep 12 1995Process not returning from HIB
3628.03TAVWed Sep 13 1995Ada on Windows NT
3629.010RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Sep 13 1995ADA task/scheduling questions
3630.01ADOVThu Sep 14 1995ADA bindings for DXML routines??
3631.03UHUH::LUCIAFri Sep 15 1995From the AlphaOsfManagers mailing list
3632.02QUARK::LIONELFri Sep 15 1995From comp.os.vms
3633.05SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PFri Sep 15 1995Memory allocation/deallocation question
3634.03GSGLXT::CHMURAMon Sep 18 1995VAX=>Alpha migration: VMS Ada, & Technical Summary Doc's?
3635.02SWTHOM::DEGAGEMon Sep 18 1995ADA/AXP 3.2-8 and STARLET package
3636.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Sep 20 1995comments on ActivAda?
3637.02SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PThu Sep 21 1995POSIX bindings: bug in POSIX_Process_Primitives.Set_File_Action_To_Duplicate
3638.01CSC32::G_BURTTThu Sep 21 1995ADA-USER License - What version of ADA
3639.05CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Sep 25 1995%ADAC-F-ADASUBMITSPR, Internal Ada compiler error
3640.01RHETT::HALETKYThu Sep 28 1995AMAKE PErformance issue
3641.08KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon Oct 02 1995DEC Ada V3.2 for DEC UNIX ECO kit
3642.05COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Oct 05 1995Variable isn't set in the debugger at the right time.
3643.01COMICS::EDWARDSNMon Oct 09 1995Conflict between multi-processor VAX and Ada?
3644.0+13KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon Oct 09 1995DEC Ada V3.3 for OpenVMS Alpha kit
3645.02PRIME3::THOMASTue Oct 17 1995end of file detection late?
3646.08CSC32::D_SANFORDMon Oct 23 1995SET BR <<LABEL>> on Alpha fails w %DEBUG-E-NOACCESSR
3647.03CSC32::D_SANFORDMon Oct 23 1995%GEM-F-ASSERTION error w DEC Ada V3.2-8 /OPTIMIZE
3648.03AXPMCS::BRUTTINTue Oct 24 1995FLOAT_TEXT_IO package using IEEE Float problem
3649.08TAVWed Oct 25 1995PDO Multiple subdirectories doesn' t work ada 3.2
3650.01LUTECE::LELEGARDMon Oct 30 1995Debuging unconstrained data types on Alpha VMS (V7 update)
3651.01COMICS::EDWARDSNFri Nov 03 1995Storage error like 3577, only on OSF/1 after 3641 patch applied.
3652.03MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLATue Nov 07 1995unhandled exception
3653.03SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PWed Nov 08 1995NEWS: Digital's Ada95 strategy for OpenVMS and Digital UNIX
3654.01TAVThu Nov 09 1995ADA V3.
3655.02SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PFri Nov 10 1995dxdecladebug error message with ADAECO32
3656.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PWed Nov 15 1995ADAECO32
3659.01XKOVFri Nov 17 1995DEC$XTSHR.EXE NOT FOUND.
3660.01WBC::DOERINGMon Nov 20 1995Anybody done PWIG lately ??
3661.04MGOFThu Nov 23 1995 ADA - Assertion failure
3663.07TIMABS::CUENIFri Nov 24 1995SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO in routine WALK on AXP OpenVMS system
3664.09FORAT::JLSMon Nov 27 1995ada program going to rwast....
3665.02STKHLM::ALMERLOVTue Nov 28 1995LINK-F-OPTSYNERR, LINK-E-OPTLIN, rms_related_context
3666.010RHETT::LOHThu Nov 30 1995-g2 causes the Ada v3.2 ECO to hang
3667.06AUBER::TISSERAND_PMon Dec 04 1995Ada exceptions and UNIX signals blocking
3668.010MGOFMon Dec 04 1995Unaligned access on DEC Unix
3669.02CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Dec 06 1995Ada V3.2 ACCVIO using tasks and SMP processing
3670.0+11OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Dec 12 1995Ladebug can't display String variable
3671.04COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Dec 14 1995Fixed point rounding problems?
3672.06COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Dec 14 1995Optimise for EV5 Alpha with Ada 3.2?
3673.03COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Dec 14 1995Another Storage Error question.
3674.02TAEC::GALLERITue Dec 19 1995Problems with signal handling on Digital UNIX V3.2C
3675.01TAEC::GALLERITue Dec 19 1995When and where does unit elaboration take place ?
3676.0+3KERNEL::TURPIENTue Jan 02 1996ADASUBMITSPR Internal Ada compiler error for DEC Ada V3.2-8
3677.02OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jan 02 1996Calling C++ class libraries from Ada ?
3678.06DECWIN::GMCCOYWed Jan 03 1996Bindings for DECwindows
3679.04ZURFri Jan 05 1996Problem to copy files over DECnet/RMS-W-RTB
3680.01TAVTue Jan 09 1996DURATION type
3681.01PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Jan 10 1996ADA 3.2 bindings for Xcms calls?
3682.02MLNCSC::VOCIThu Jan 11 1996mix v2.1 with v2.2
3683.03ZURMon Jan 15 1996optimizer produces code which is incorrect
3684.0KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONWed Jan 17 1996DEC Ada contacts
3685.01ZURThu Jan 18 1996Compile-Problems CLU_ASSIGN_GLOB/GEM_LO_CREATED_R
3686.02COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Jan 18 1996SEQUENTIAL_IO END_OF_FILE, still broken with network SQO.
3687.04COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Jan 23 1996Constraint error shouldn't happen here.
3688.04MUNWed Jan 24 1996will ADAC-F-TBLOVRFLW be fixed ?
3689.04DV78Wed Jan 24 199632-bit pointers?
3690.02CSC32::D_DERAMOFri Jan 26 1996CALLG to (R
3691.02CSC32::D_DERAMOTue Jan 30 1996terminating a SEQUENTIAL_IO READ over DECnet
3693.01QCAVThu Feb 01 1996Graphics Option Of ADA
3694.02TAEC::GALLERIMon Feb 05 1996Troubles with DEC/Ada 3.2 on Digital UNIX V3.2-C
3695.01VIRGIN::PFISTERRTue Feb 06 1996DEBUG-E-INCDSTNES messages
3696.03MGOFWed Feb 07 1996dunix - 3 ADA questions
3697.02TAEC::GALLERITue Feb 20 1996Troubles with optimisation with DEC/Ada V3.2 on Digital UNIX V3.2-C
3698.01VIRGIN::PFISTERRWed Feb 21 1996memory leak
3699.09CSC32::D_DERAMOWed Feb 21 1996flushing files to disk on Digital UNIX
3700.04LASCPM::FISHERFri Feb 23 1996How do you seize a device?
3701.0+5LASCPM::FISHERMon Feb 26 1996Possible severe problem in package low_level_io
3702.02COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Feb 27 1996Is this a memory leak in LOW_LEVEL_IO
3703.08TAVSun Mar 03 1996ADAC-W-DYNAMIC_ALIGN in record alignment.
3704.01TEAMLK::AXELTue Mar 05 1996DEC Ada V3.3 - OpenVMS VAX
3705.09EVMS::GLOSKOWSKIThu Mar 07 1996%LINK-W-USEUNDEF, undefined symbol ADA$TEXT_IO_$
3706.03VIRGIN::PFISTERRMon Mar 11 1996bigger images with ADA 3.3
3707.03COMICS::EDWARDSNMon Mar 11 1996There are still problems with debugging booleans.
3708.07KTOV12::KUMETue Mar 12 1996STKOVF, stack overflow
3709.06KTOV12::KUMETue Mar 12 1996ADA 2.2 for OpenVMS VAX 5.5
3710.04TAVTue Mar 12 1996The same error in the Example program
3711.0+4CSC32::D_DERAMOWed Mar 13 1996interaction between AST_ENTRY and TASK_STORAGE
3712.011AZUR::HUREZWed Mar 13 1996Motif bindings problems with V3.2 for VAX
3713.03CSC32::D_SANFORDThu Mar 14 1996OBSLIBUNI, unit copied to top-directory using PATH
3714.02CSC32::HENNINGFri Mar 15 1996ACS/MMS dependencies?
3715.0+5KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONFri Mar 15 1996DEC Ada V3.3 for OpenVMS VAX field test
3716.06CUJO::SAMPSONSat Mar 16 1996string-var := string-function() ?
3717.04KERNEL::TURPIENWed Mar 20 1996path lost to units on unix 3.2c, ada 3.2
3718.04TAVThu Mar 21 1996ACCVIO with smart, ADA v 3.2-12
3719.013COMICS::EDWARDSNMon Mar 25 1996Trouble with very large generic instantiation.
3720.02PRSSOS::DEGAGEMon Mar 25 1996LINK-W-NUDFSYMS with ACS link on Alpha
3722.01LEXSS1::HEGGETue Mar 26 1996Ada/VxWorks question
3723.0FLOYD::YODERTue Mar 26 1996ISO 1
3724.010SWTHOM::ANCELINWed Mar 27 1996libada.a(gem_pl_vm.o): version stamp: 11.
3725.01G::DEANGELISWed Mar 27 1996Porting information
3726.06G::DEANGELISWed Mar 27 1996Posix Information
3727.01BACHUS::LEENFri Mar 29 1996Quadwork or/and H_Float support??
3728.02SUOSWS::TULIS_UMon Apr 01 1996XtMapWidget
3729.07COMICS::EDWARDSNMon Apr 01 1996VMS Ada 3.3 Alpha corrupts my record.
3730.04COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Apr 02 1996Does the ADALIB.ALB format change much.
3731.04TAVTue Apr 02 1996new CONSTRAINT_ERROR in ada 3.2
3732.02QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 02 1996Calling Ada from Fortran on Alpha
3733.01TAEC::GALLERIThu Apr 04 1996About DEC/Ada exception implementation on Digital UNIX
3734.05TAVMon Apr 08 1996Dec ADA 3.2 for VAX smg_.adc is of Ada 2.2 ?
3735.01PRSSOS::DEGAGEThu Apr 11 1996Debugger and rename...
3736.010AZUR::HUREZFri Apr 12 1996DEC Ada V3.3-7 program on OpenVMS V6.1
3737.02ADOVSun Apr 14 1996Bevin Brett contact??
3738.010CHEFS::absip3Mon Apr 15 1996ADA support for 21164A
3739.05LASCPM::FISHERThu Apr 18 1996Serious problem relating to TEXT_IO on multiple threads
3740.012COMICS::EDWARDSNMon Apr 22 1996LRM dispute with CLOCK on Unix
3741.01CECAMO::SALEM_HWed Apr 24 1996DEC Ada95 for Digital Unix ?
3742.05TAVMon Apr 29 1996Problems debugging Ada with ladebug
3743.03TAVMon Apr 29 1996Strange behavior with various 'ada' command options
3744.01SUOSWS::SCHMITTMon Apr 29 1996Motif-Package on AXP
3745.0NETRIX::"dani@furka.zuo.dec.com"Tue May 07 1996shared library with Ada Code on Digital Unix
3746.07LEMAN::BEZENCONMon May 13 1996Same Motif 1.2 bindings on Unix and VMS ?
3747.05COMICS::EDWARDSNThu May 16 1996Ada 3.3-7 VMS 6.2 AXP ACCVIO and traceback.
3748.03WBC::DOERINGFri May 17 1996Customer Qs regarding port/conversion from OpenVMS
3749.02CUJO::SAMPSONTue May 21 1996DEBUG INTERR expected?
3750.04ZURWed May 22 1996ppl different on AXP and VAX?
3751.06VNABRW::PIEBERThu May 23 1996** wrong on OpenVMS Alpha
3752.03NQOSTue May 28 1996Help with QIO calls
3753.07CSC32::D_SANFORDFri May 31 1996Ada performance degradation of 3
3754.01SIERA::"dani@furka.zuo.dec.com"Wed Jun 05 1996Creating shared Lib from Standard Ada Libs
3755.01SIERA::"dani@furka.zuo.dec.com"Wed Jun 05 1996Creating shared Lib from Standard Ada Libs
3756.02CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Jun 05 1996%LICENSE-E-NOAUTH error with only ADA-PDO license
3757.02ZURWed Jun 12 1996ADA/DES=PLACEHOLDER/ANAL gives incorrect results with SCA
3758.02MUNICH::STUMFOLLTue Jun 18 1996A violation of the ADA code visibility rules
3759.05RHETT::HALETKYWed Jun 19 1996ADA Syntax?
3760.03SWTHOM::ANCELINThu Jun 20 1996concurrent ADAO-USER ...waiting
3761.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Jun 21 1996docs on builtins ?
3762.0+7TEAMLK::AXELFri Jun 21 1996FT - DEC Ada T3.3 - UNIX
3763.0+6TAVMon Jun 24 1996ACCVIO on compilation of ADA generic package
3764.06SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Jun 25 1996Gnat on VMS (Ada '95 on Alpha VMS)
3765.03CSC32::D_SANFORDThu Jun 27 1996Alpha Ada V3.3-7 compile/OPTIMIZE performance problem
3766.05ARNE::EKLUNDFri Jun 28 1996Is the kit in 3715.3 the SSB version ?
3767.07PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Jun 28 1996ADA for Digital UNIX 4.
3768.04CSC32::V_HAVERFri Jun 28 1996Compile ACCVIO on V3.3-7
3769.01PEACHS::FORDTue Jul 02 1996Ada v3.2: unsigned longword definition has negative range
3770.01PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Jul 10 1996Null terminated string - contraint error
3771.07COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Jul 11 1996Ladebug problem with variants.
3772.02ROMTSS::DESIDERIFri Jul 12 1996QIO to Mailbox W/AST behaviour
3773.012STAR::JESSOPFri Jul 12 1996TASKs which wait for Event Flags...?
3774.01TAVMon Jul 15 1996package variables unseen in ladebug
3775.0+9TAEC::ROUGEThu Jul 25 1996Compiler crash on Alpha OpenVMS with DEC Ada V3.2-8 with the Professional Development Option
3776.03CSC32::D_DERAMOFri Jul 26 1996DEC Ada differences, OpenVMS vs. Digital UNIX
3777.03CSC32::D_SANFORDFri Jul 26 1996Debugging constraint error without VMS Debugger
3778.08RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Jul 26 1996-S
3779.03PRSSOS::DEGAGEMon Jul 29 1996Smart compiilation problem
3780.02NQOSTue Jul 30 1996Problems with DEC Ada V3.3 interfacing VAXlab
3781.04ROMTSS::DESIDERIThu Aug 01 1996ADA 3.2 QIO to MBX W/AST different from ADA 2.2 ?
3782.02TAVWed Aug 07 1996Ada calling C++
3783.02CSC32::D_SANFORDThu Aug 08 1996INGRESS CONNECT fails in task, but not in main
3784.0+11VIRGIN::PFISTERRThu Aug 22 1996ADA 3.3: IMPORT- EXPORT-Problems?
3785.08SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PFri Aug 23 1996Yet Another Compiler Crash : DEC Ada V3.3-7 on OpenVMS AXP V6.2
3786.0BEGIN::WILLETTTue Aug 27 1996Other Examples?
3787.02CSC32::J_HENSONWed Aug 28 1996shridmismat on adartl
3788.01COMICS::EDWARDSNWed Sep 04 1996amake doesn't make anything
3789.07RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Sep 05 1996pragma ignored -- compiler msg
3790.02VIRGIN::PFISTERRMon Sep 09 1996memory for tasks
3792.01TAVTue Sep 10 1996ACS MERGE and /LARGE library
3793.04PRIME3::THOMASTue Sep 10 1996Can you call a procedure by its address?
3794.04CSC32::D_DERAMOWed Sep 11 1996task switch after AST?
3795.02TAVThu Sep 12 1996Accessing Compiler's symbol table ?
3796.012VIRGIN::PFISTERRMon Sep 16 1996CONSTRAINT_ERROR when reading a sequential file
3797.04TEAMLK::AXELMon Sep 16 1996Ada 3.3 on AVMS with PDO - compiler crashes
3798.02PADSOU::TISSERAND_PThu Sep 19 1996GNAT and Ada bindings question
3799.010MGOFFri Sep 20 1996open/append problem
3800.01TEAMLK::AXELWed Sep 25 1996Q: On old Ada release on optimization
3801.07TAVWed Sep 25 1996ACCVIO when calling a subprogram with no paramete
3802.05DAVIDS::KUBELKAFri Sep 27 1996Bug in VOLATILE???
3803.0+3CSC32::V_HAVERMon Sep 30 1996ADA-F-INTDATCOR
3804.04CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Oct 02 1996 %ADAC-E-CL_UNINOTFOU, (1) Unit MOTIF not found in library
3805.05TAVWed Oct 02 1996VERDIX <-> DECAda memory management problem
3806.02RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Oct 04 1996overloaded * problems
3807.01JULIET::RIFKIN_DAWed Oct 09 1996Minimum version
3808.02SKYLRK::CHINGThu Oct 10 1996Determining if an object has been complied with the /opt qualifier
3809.03CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Oct 16 1996CONSTRAINT_ERROR w TYPE t128 IS RANGE -128..127; t128 := -128;
3810.01TLE::LUCIAFri Oct 25 1996Internet inquiry... respond to poster directly.
3811.04BLAZER::MIKELISWed Oct 30 1996argc/argv support in ADA?
3812.02PRSSOS::DEGAGEFri Nov 08 1996TEXT_IO.INTEGER_IO and colon ":" character
3813.02EVTIS6::ES_ANCELINFri Nov 08 1996gem_pl_vm.o - code looping
3814.0+2SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu Nov 14 1996EXCEPTION not raised on OpenVMS/VAX
3815.06GYPOS3::EIBLFri Nov 15 1996problem with motif bindings
3816.09CSC32::D_SANFORDFri Nov 15 1996%ADAC-E-BAD_ALIGNMENT w DEC Ada V3.3-7 on Alpha
3817.03CSC32::D_SANFORDSat Nov 16 1996Performance with recursion on SUN/VAX Ada compiler
3818.01CSC32::D_SANFORDTue Nov 19 1996%GEM-F-ASSERTION error with DEC Ada V3.3-7 on Alpha
3819.0+38VIRGIN::PFISTERRWed Nov 20 1996CONSTRAINT_ERROR with variant record
3820.02COMICS::EDWARDSNWed Nov 20 1996ACCVIO and traceback with 3.3-21 AXP
3821.01AZUR::CHALONYFri Nov 22 1996Lock pb with an ACS sublib mounted through DFS
3822.02LORDS::COLEThu Nov 28 1996Question from one of our partners
3823.01AZUR::GUERINFri Nov 29 1996Looking for DEC Ada (V3.
3824.04CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Dec 04 1996Alpha DEC Ada V3.3-7 ACCVIO during compilation
3825.04COMICS::SHELLEYWed Dec 11 1996Compilation slower on Alpha than VAX
3826.02NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Dec 12 1996"DECthreads bugcheck " when executing Ada executable on ADVFS fileset...''
3827.07GYPOS3::EIBLFri Dec 13 1996X11 calls allowed in ADA tasks ?
3828.010ULYSSE::HUREZMon Dec 16 1996Compiler crash...
3829.04COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Dec 17 1996Need a dual processor Alpha
3830.0+10TAVWed Dec 18 1996ADA PDO PROBLEM
3831.01CSC32::V_HAVERMon Dec 30 1996ACCVIO on compile with V3.3-7 Alpha ADA BACKEND BCK_MAIN 496
3832.01TAVSun Jan 05 1997OBB methods implemented in Ada?
3833.02KTOV11::KUMEMon Jan 06 1997CMA-F-BADPARAMS on OpenVMS Alpha V7.
3834.01LYOVMon Jan 20 1997SMP on ADA
3835.01CHUECA::ARANCHATue Jan 21 1997UNIX SMP (multiprocessor) issues
3836.0 *+10ZYDECO::REDDYMon Jan 27 1997checksum errors while extracting
3837.0 *+14COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Jan 28 1997Selective PDO by user?
3838.0 *+2--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 30 1997So it's not possible.
3838.0 *+10TAVTue Feb 04 1997ACCVIO during ADA$ELAB_* !!
3839.0 *+5IBWed Feb 05 1997ADA questions
3840.0 *+13AUBER::LORENZOFri Feb 07 1997Problem whith Text_Io.Put (no flush) - Dec Ada V3.3. Unix V4.
3841.0 *+3ADA9X::BRETTWed Feb 12 1997Smart recomp apparently failing...
3843.0 *KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon Feb 17 1997Testing
3844.0 *+7TAEC::URSCHMon Feb 17 1997help with Ast delivery and stack range checking
3845.0 *+2AUBER::LORENZOWed Feb 19 1997How can I know the stack in use in a task at run time.
3846.0 *+2PRSSOS::DEGAGEFri Feb 21 1997Alpha and CL_OPENACU
3847.0 *+4PRSSOS::VOUTERSFri Feb 21 1997Troubleshooting ADALIB and so on.
3848.0 *+5COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Feb 25 1997Some of my bindings are missing with Ada 3.3, Traversal, Convenience Routines etc.
3849.0 *+1TAVWed Mar 05 1997DEBUGGER, EXAMINE does not show whole record
3850.0 *+3TEAMLK::AXELThu Mar 06 1997DEC Ada V3.4 - OpenVMS VAX Availability
3851.0 *+2CSC32::J_HEISLERWed Mar 19 1997Problem with mathematical expression on Alpha?
3852.0 *+1LUTECE::SZAFRANSKIThu Mar 20 1997Traceback on Alpha
3853.0 *+5CSC32::D_SANFORDTue Mar 25 1997%ADAC-E-BAD_ALIGNMENT with code which compiled on VAX
3854.0 *+1ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Mar 27 1997ACCVIO for ADA 2.3-3 with PC=
3855.0 *+3UTRTSC::BOORThu Mar 27 1997ADA compiler crash with V3.3 (Alpha)
3856.0 *+4MLNCSC::BORGINIFri Mar 28 1997Suggestions for upgrade to Motif 1.2-x, ADA 3.2
3858.0 *+8CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Apr 09 1997Ada support for V7.1 OpenVMS STARLET, IO$M_ALLOWFAST
3859.0 *+1ADOVWed Apr 09 1997Rational/Apex build time?.
3860.0 *+6BRSSWS::SABLONThu Apr 10 1997$setcluevt usage on AXP
3861.0 *+1ADOVFri Apr 11 1997Performance Analysis Tools?
3862.0 *+4H2SO4::GERSBACHFri Apr 11 1997Problem with program ported from VAX to Alpha
3863.0 *TEAMLK::AXELWed Apr 16 1997Oracle suport for DECAda on UNIX-Internal Use Only
3864.0 *+2AXPMCS::BRUTTINThu Apr 17 1997DEC ADA V3.3-23 Problem Passing Descriptor From FORTRAN
3865.0 *+7AXCLWed Apr 23 1997ADARTL+
3866.0 *+1NNTPD::"norm@gsg.dec.com"Thu Apr 24 1997Bindings for X11R6 on DUNIX?
3867.0 *+8COMEUP::SIMMONDSFri Apr 25 1997Ada on OpenVMS futures..?
3868.0 *+4NNTPD::"kubelka@davids.enet.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997Turning off time slicing in shared libraries
3869.0 *+9RHETT::HALETKYFri May 02 1997Option -s2 not available in v3.3
3870.0 *+8UTRTSC::BOORWed May 07 1997ACCVIO during acs recompile (V3.3-7 DEC ADA OpenVMS Alpha)
3872.0 *+6CSC32::V_HAVERThu May 15 1997%ADA-F-PROGRAM_ERROR with a label
3873.0 *+1RHETT::HALETKYWed May 21 1997-s2 problems on v3.2g
3874.0 *+1PEACHS::LAMPERTFri May 30 1997ADA Calendar granularity