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Conference turris::digital_unix

Notice:Welcome to the Digital UNIX Conference
Created:Thu Mar 16 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:10068
Total number of notes:35879
Number with bodies:5425
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1.02AOSG::TAPPANTue Mar 21 1995Welcome
2.0+181AOSG::TAPPANThu Mar 16 1995Introductions
3.06AOSG::TAPPANThu Mar 16 1995QAR/Bug reporting information
4.02SPARGL::SUFPFri Mar 17 1995Problem with HP4si Banner after every job
5.08MGOFFri Mar 17 1995panic : "simple_lock: time limit exceeded"
6.02NETRIX::"martin@dmaosf.dmo.dec.com"Fri Mar 17 1995Motif fileselector, can autoresize be disabled ??
7.03VARESE::CORGNATIFri Mar 17 1995pthread_cancel()ing blocking calls
8.02NAMIX::jptFri Mar 17 1995PCI FDDI problem (crash) with V3.2
9.01MQOU18::A_YASSIRFri Mar 17 1995Alpha AXP 4
10.03MQOU18::A_YASSIRFri Mar 17 1995V3.2 And DEC-94 Layered Product Questions
11.05VMSNET::P_HIBBERTFri Mar 17 1995Pointer to AdvantageCluster information
12.07POBOX::HAYES_JFri Mar 17 1995Cloning Systems disk-to-disk?
13.0AOSG::HOLSTEINFri Mar 17 1995Final Review of the OpenVMS and Digital UNIX Interop Guide
14.05VAXRIO::MANOELFri Mar 17 1995TERM = unknown !!!!
15.05RHETT::AMANFri Mar 17 1995disk quota grace period stuck on 'none'
16.01DWOVAX::EROSFri Mar 17 1995OSF/1 v3.2, DECNET/OSI v3.
17.02TKOV51::SHIBUYA_MSat Mar 18 1995NFS & SMP problems
18.03AUSSIE::BELLSat Mar 18 1995Command line length?
19.03ATSE::KATZSat Mar 18 1995corruption on file exported to PC
20.0ZPOVC::HINSIONGSun Mar 19 1995Prestoserve - "bounceio" state
21.08NETRIX::"womack@alf.dec.com"Sun Mar 19 1995Firmware installation requirements when installing OS
22.02DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKSun Mar 19 1995Max Physical Memory supported on Digital UNIX V3.2
23.03SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUMon Mar 20 1995panic: kernel memory fault (with ADVfs installed)
24.01ANNECY::ALLEGUEDEMon Mar 20 1995sna installation problems
25.02STKAI1::635Mon Mar 20 1995systemV-printer on OSF1
26.03GBIMon Mar 20 1995networkRAIN????
27.0LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Mar 20 1995crash 21
28.01HELIX::SONTAKKEMon Mar 20 1995Questions on rpcc() measurements
29.0HDLITE::MARSONMon Mar 20 1995incompatibility with 4.1.3/X11R4/Motif1.1.1 app displayed to DEC OSF/1 Xserver
30.02AOSG::TAPPANMon Mar 20 1995suggestion for searching archived conference
31.01MSDOA::HICKSTMon Mar 20 1995ASCII<->EBCDIC conversion
32.02BLAZER::MIKELISMon Mar 20 1995dbx: Could not open process 1436
33.01TROOA::GILBERTMon Mar 20 1995Replacing a Cyber 2
34.03HDLITE::MARSONMon Mar 20 1995question about shared memory implementation
35.07SMURF::DANIELEMon Mar 20 1995Extensible SNMP kit available
36.02SMURF::HARTERMon Mar 20 1995V3.2 problem booting (DMS or RIS) over FDDI
37.0HDLITE::MODIMon Mar 20 1995Problem reading QIC-15
38.04BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Mar 20 1995Digital UNIX(tm), or Digital Unix (Tm)?
39.06SNOCTue Mar 21 1995Platinum web page access?
40.02MLNCSC::VOCITue Mar 21 1995accessing unaligned shorts
41.024HLFSTue Mar 21 1995dxcalendar gives coredump
42.016FORTY2::PALKATue Mar 21 1995Questions on msync
43.0BPSOF::TELEKITue Mar 21 1995panic: "simple_lock: time limit exceeded"
44.02SWTHOM::LORENZOTue Mar 21 1995How many real time timers can we really use?
45.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 21 1995Wide Printing?
46.03KETJE::MONTETue Mar 21 1995OSF/1 v2.
47.0SWTHOM::LORENZOTue Mar 21 1995Is it possible to modify the size of fifos ?
48.01MUNICH::SCHERMERTue Mar 21 1995Prob. with daemons when changin run-level
49.05ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Mar 21 1995How to print >132 columns ?
50.0SAHNE::GASTTue Mar 21 1995kprofiling output ( lockprim.s )
51.03LSNCSC::MARTINTue Mar 21 1995/etc/netgroup BUG or FEATURE???
52.03ALEXWS::IGORTue Mar 21 1995Device driver and Asyncronous I/O
53.03MPGS::LAVINTue Mar 21 1995IDL???
54.02MUNICH::HABENREICHTue Mar 21 1995key stroke reading in WAN
55.03RHETT::LACORTITue Mar 21 1995token ring crashes related to MTU of 16k
56.04CSC32::HEINZTue Mar 21 1995named select no child process
57.01WRKSYS::HAINSWORTHTue Mar 21 1995NFS mount permission failure cached???
58.02SMURF::MCCANNTue Mar 21 1995tcpkeepidle & tcp_maxidle????
59.08WRKSYS::HAINSWORTHTue Mar 21 1995netgroup entry for node in foreign BIND domain?
60.0EVTAI1::BROCHARDTue Mar 21 1995Bookreader and VGA
62.0AOSG::TAPPANTue Mar 21 1995problems accessing the qar system
63.0SMURF::MCCANNTue Mar 21 1995V3.2 and BIND problems
64.07RHETT::LOHTue Mar 21 1995gentapes problem in _K_Image_Merge
65.03GUIDUK::ONOTue Mar 21 1995PL/I for Alpha?
66.02RHETT::LACORTITue Mar 21 1995Seagate and crashes
67.02APACHE::EROSSTue Mar 21 1995putenv question
68.01KOALA::ANKANTue Mar 21 1995symbol table problems?
69.03I4GET::HENNINGTue Mar 21 1995"Urgent perf problem" (last week, anyway)
70.06SMURF::PALLONETue Mar 21 1995Name change from DEC OSF/1 to Digital UNIX information and usage
71.02ADISSW::HAECKTue Mar 21 1995question on .k file used by the kits command
72.0TPOVC::ERICHUANGTue Mar 21 1995How to define AXP RS232 port for dial?
73.0BACHUS::648Wed Mar 22 1995fcntl(
74.02ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed Mar 22 1995LAT include file problems
75.04LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Mar 22 1995tty
76.04QDOVWed Mar 22 1995problem with o/p of "w" command
77.06QDOVWed Mar 22 1995core being generated
78.0MUCCS1::VINZENZWed Mar 22 1995OSF/1 V3.
79.01WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Mar 22 1995ftp fails if password > 16 characters
81.04TAEC::SABIANIWed Mar 22 1995Strange hang of the station with V3.2
82.08PDVWed Mar 22 1995C program & C2 Security
83.0+5GBIWed Mar 22 1995chinese language support?
84.01CSC32::HEINZWed Mar 22 1995tip osf3
85.0USPS::FPRUSSWed Mar 22 1995v3.
86.02SMURF::PALLONEWed Mar 22 1995X/open UNIX 93 and UNIX 95 Branding
87.02SEAWLF::COLEWed Mar 22 1995PCI-based HIPPI adapter ?
88.07RHETT::LOHWed Mar 22 1995Problem setting Russion language
89.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Mar 22 1995bookbrowser pak DEC 1994
90.08RHETT::LOHWed Mar 22 1995How to get per thread CPU usage information
91.02GIDDAY::ROMANIWed Mar 22 1995Xserver core dumps under OSF/1 v3.
92.03USPS::FPRUSSThu Mar 23 19953.2a??
93.05SAC::KERRISON_GThu Mar 23 1995de435-aa on 21
94.0UKARC1::CHAMBERLINThu Mar 23 1995Performance difference between link shared and non-shared?
95.02SNOCThu Mar 23 1995TSZ
96.02ROMTSS::DESTITOThu Mar 23 1995awk problems
97.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Mar 23 1995latcp -r causes 'LIOC_HS_SET ioctl failed'
98.06AWECIM::SEGALThu Mar 23 1995recvmsg () loosing data from buffer > ~33K
99.04HLFSThu Mar 23 1995Performance problems login with SUN as NIS server
100.03MSE1::HOWESThu Mar 23 1995OSF version vs Firmware
101.01SIOG::ODONNELLThu Mar 23 1995Disklabel for a 9 -Gig non-dec disk ??
102.0SUBURB::JAMESHThu Mar 23 1995Batch Services?
103.01DWOVAX::EROSThu Mar 23 1995Multiple RZ28 partitions point to the same span
104.0RYNGET::USLSAT::RDFThu Mar 23 1995Need senior UNIX/Internet consultant
105.06MARVIN::CCHAPMANThu Mar 23 1995Patches OSFV3
106.012HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Mar 23 1995can /sbin/loader errors/output be redirected to a file?
107.01RDGENG::HAQUEThu Mar 23 1995FDDI device driver source code?
108.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Mar 23 1995Is IRIX v6.
109.07TKOV51::EGAWAThu Mar 23 1995Restriction of text displacement
110.03SMURF::WENDYThu Mar 23 1995New Libcurses
111.01SYOMV::BYERSThu Mar 23 1995AlphaStation Token Ring ISACFG
112.0ESTASI::BONAITIFri Mar 24 1995problem with prtacct
113.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Mar 24 1995xmsubs - subset visualizer
114.04QUABBI::"pascal@decgraph.evt.dec.com"Fri Mar 24 1995fstat
115.0QUABBI::"pascal@decgraph.evt.dec.com"Fri Mar 24 1995ftp ACCT
116.0VAXRIO::EMILIOFri Mar 24 1995Urgent help with OSF and DEMI SABLE.
117.0STKHLM::SUNDSTROMFri Mar 24 1995gnu loader (gld) for V3.
118.01ESBTST::GREENAWAYFri Mar 24 1995install/backup of advfs root and ufs usr
119.06RHETT::LOHFri Mar 24 1995C++ linking with pthreads library problem
120.02EEMELI::SYVANENFri Mar 24 1995patch location for V3.2 (especially for vm_umap.o)
121.02TLAVSat Mar 25 1995Unable to install DEC OSF/1 2.1 on 21
122.0HELKA::OLLIKAINENSun Mar 26 1995ksh-hang problem seems to be fixed in V3.2, is currection for V3.
123.02TAVSun Mar 26 1995rsh hangs
124.02OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEMon Mar 27 1995/sys/conf/config coredumps with vnode limit too small errors
125.02OSLACT::BJORNAUMon Mar 27 1995Oracle v7.1.4 and Digital UNIX v3.2-problem, any news??
126.010WELCLU::CRIDDLEMon Mar 27 1995Performance question on a 3
127.02KERNEL::SMITHSMon Mar 27 1995Help with non-dec disk
128.02WOTVAX::DAVIESGMon Mar 27 1995System V implementation - TRACE/TRUST facility?
129.02BIS1::BEYENSMon Mar 27 1995Could it be 'truss' ?
130.02RDGENG::BERENTMon Mar 27 1995gem_cc not upgraded when upgrading V2.
131.04TAEC::GALLERIMon Mar 27 1995Can FIFO & RR threads coexist ?
133.01TKOVZZ::ODAHARAMon Mar 27 1995MSL(Maximum Segment Lifetime) value?
134.03RDGENG::HAQUEMon Mar 27 1995OSC string sequences from the command line?
135.01TOSSUB::DELLISANTIMon Mar 27 1995OSF/1 v 3.2 AlphaServer 1
136.02KAL::BJERKEHOLTMon Mar 27 1995c2 & root login from X console
138.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Mar 27 1995config and remote revision control with sccs?
139.04SIOG::J_LONGMon Mar 27 1995Should OSF V3.2 complies take longer
140.05RHETT::LACORTIMon Mar 27 1995keyboard repeating, again!
141.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSMon Mar 27 1995OSF 3.
142.03VMSNET::W_LATTAMon Mar 27 1995unable to force crash dump on 21
143.01KYOSS1::GREENMon Mar 27 1995mirroring secret??
144.04TROOA::GILBERTTue Mar 28 1995Numerical library availability?
145.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Mar 28 1995HP PAINTJET Driver needed
146.05STAR::FENSTERTue Mar 28 1995Looking for tools for detecting break-ins, modifications to system files.
147.05LEMAN::ZOFKATue Mar 28 1995LAT changes in Digital UNIX V3.2
148.02STAR::FENSTERTue Mar 28 1995Tool for finding owner of lock on file ?
149.0ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONETue Mar 28 1995setting date with security C2
150.0QDOVTue Mar 28 1995osf3.
151.015QDOVTue Mar 28 1995using malloc gives seg fault
152.010TAEC::HOANGTue Mar 28 1995How a TCP socket can detect a network broken
153.01LISTIM::MORAISTue Mar 28 1995ALPHA 7
154.0STRASB::HONORETue Mar 28 1995VT12
155.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Mar 28 1995diskless, future features...
156.04PEACHS::LOHTue Mar 28 1995problem with mlockall(3) before pthread_create(3)
157.02RHETT::LACORTITue Mar 28 19953.2 and tsz
158.03UKARC1::READINGSTue Mar 28 1995dxsession objects to #include in .Xdefaults file
159.0EEMELI::KIANENTue Mar 28 1995OSF/1 and ZLXp-E2
161.0SNOFS1::ZANOTTOTue Mar 28 1995Alpha 2
162.02USOPS::KADOWTue Mar 28 1995Digital UNIX, BSD or System V?
163.02VMSNET::W_LATTATue Mar 28 1995how to turn off mail from at(1)?
164.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANWed Mar 29 1995Sun to Digital rlogin session
165.0TKOV51::IWATAWed Mar 29 1995Can Scheme run on Alpha OSF/1 ?
166.0BACHUS::GOOVAERTSWed Mar 29 1995Tokenring intf stops working=>reboot ok
167.02MUNICH::BEICHTWed Mar 29 1995Problem with -Zp1 option (alignment)
168.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Mar 29 1995auditing and "popular" events
169.01UTRUST::KUIJPERWed Mar 29 1995Violation of TCP options field ref. RFC 793 ?
170.03VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Mar 29 1995OSF 3.2, tar and TZK
171.02NABETH::alanWed Mar 29 1995Does extendfs(8) really exist?
172.02RHETT::LOHWed Mar 29 1995"Dependency ordering error" when deleting subsets
173.01KOALA::PALOMAWed Mar 29 1995inetd daemon
174.02CSC32::SCHLABSWed Mar 29 1995advfs vs. lfs questions...functionality type
175.05KOALA::ANKANWed Mar 29 1995getpwuid and __dbm_close_status
176.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed Mar 29 1995Does cron OR when it Should AND?
177.05VAOUWed Mar 29 1995bridging between slip and ethernet?
178.01STAR::FENSTERWed Mar 29 1995How do I force caching/sharing of code/text segments
179.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZThu Mar 30 1995C2, XIsso, OSF v2.
180.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Mar 30 1995segmentation fault in vi : need unstripped vi ...
181.02TOSSUB::RECCHIAThu Mar 30 1995Fis 3.2 on AlphaStation 4/2xx
182.03OSLACT::BJORNAUThu Mar 30 1995Which version of Digital UNIX supports FW-disks?
184.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Mar 30 1995 secondary CPU doesn't stop
185.010OSOVThu Mar 30 1995time accuracy
186.01NETRIX::"gally@suoaxp.suo.dec.com"Thu Mar 30 1995Partial Dump on AXP7
187.04TAVThu Mar 30 1995can LPRPS solve sharing lat postscript printer with VMS ?
188.03BBIVThu Mar 30 1995Any suggestions on terninal displays...
189.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Mar 30 1995Booting UNIX from VMS?
190.01KERNEL::ANSONRThu Mar 30 1995osf & tcpip parameters
191.06ALFAM7::STREPPELThu Mar 30 1995TCP, socket problem with 3.
192.04RTOEU::EGAUTHIERThu Mar 30 1995SCSI target mode with NCR 81
193.0EVTAI1::BROCHARDThu Mar 30 1995open(2) sharing files - porting from AIX
194.04BLAZER::MIKELISThu Mar 30 1995error writing archive member contents: bad file number
195.03OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DThu Mar 30 1995vfs_mountroot: can not mount root filesystem
196.0CSC32::PITTThu Mar 30 1995lat print osf to PC
197.04NAMIX::jptThu Mar 30 1995Old VMS hacker asks about UNIX tricks (realtime)
198.05CCAD39::VERDELLENTThu Mar 30 1995TCP Keepalive problems
199.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Mar 30 1995"OSF" macro causes problems in imake files
200.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Mar 31 1995BIND secondary to ULTRIX primary
201.0CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Mar 31 1995FTPing subsets
202.01PCPLOD::DRYGIN::PiesleysFri Mar 31 1995root passwd change revisited...
203.04LNZALI::WATZKOFri Mar 31 1995bootp problem with V3.2
204.01TOOK::MCCROSSANFri Mar 31 1995panic crashing often - invalid memory ifetch access from kernel mode
205.0UTRTSC::WINDMEIJERFri Mar 31 1995Numerous problems with uucp
206.01MUNICH::ERNSTFri Mar 31 1995error with sort(1) and LANG=de_DE.ISO8859-1
207.015TAEC::GALLERIFri Mar 31 1995Problem with 'fork' under DEC/UNIX V3.
208.03BACHUS::648Fri Mar 31 1995PANIC: OSF/1 V3.
209.02WHATSA::MATTAFri Mar 31 1995OSF V2.
210.02MIG25::BROWNINGFri Mar 31 1995ld: mmap failure,... - any ideas why?
211.0PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Mar 31 1995Updated AlphaStation Performance Docs available
212.010SEAWLF::UEBERSAXFri Mar 31 1995SMP Questions
213.01MSDOA::CRAFTFri Mar 31 1995LN
214.01RHETT::LACORTIFri Mar 31 19952.1 panic and fddi
215.09MRKTNG::SLATERSat Apr 01 1995Application Performance
216.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUSun Apr 02 1995Upgrade from V3.
217.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUSun Apr 02 1995Install of V3.2 and vrestore does not honour quotas
218.04ADOVSun Apr 02 19953.2 and LSM was not easy!
219.012MSDOA::LOVEMon Apr 03 1995How to get a DUNIX distribution?
221.03HGOM11::BRENDACAOMon Apr 03 1995dec 77
222.02NAMIX::jptMon Apr 03 1995Possible TCP/IP bug...
223.05LEMAN::MARTIN_AMon Apr 03 1995dbx: is not defined or not active (fortran)
224.04BBIVMon Apr 03 1995* DAT capacity Overrun *
225.0BBIVMon Apr 03 1995* SHACCT variable *
226.0BBIVMon Apr 03 1995* Any Update ?? *
227.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Apr 03 1995medulla, axpvme crash no dump?
228.0VNABRW::WIMMER_EMon Apr 03 1995uugetty problem in Digital-Unix V. 3.
229.04BACHUS::FRATERSMon Apr 03 1995UBC write error(7
230.06CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Apr 03 1995no network access since V3.2
231.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Apr 03 1995ADSM backup s/w???
232.03WONDER::REILLYMon Apr 03 1995DEC 7
233.07ATSE::KATZMon Apr 03 1995cron MAXRUN 25
234.0VMSNET::W_LATTAMon Apr 03 1995tlzo7 hangs
235.03HANNAH::HAMILTONMon Apr 03 1995Thread-safe ONC RPC?
236.05RHETT::AMANTue Apr 04 1995TZ87 performance
237.02TALLIS::KIRKTue Apr 04 1995# of args passed (in assembly code)?
238.0ADOVTue Apr 04 1995NetWorker SingleServer not working
239.01MEOCTue Apr 04 1995Turning compression on in the TLZ
240.0ADOVTue Apr 04 1995Upgrade to 3.
241.02GIDDAY::ROMANITue Apr 04 1995Rsh with v3.
242.01BBIVTue Apr 04 1995System slows down
243.01HELKA::OLLIKAINENTue Apr 04 1995V3.2 and dxbook makes bad postscipt files !
244.01NAMIX::jptTue Apr 04 1995NetRider support?
245.07ANNECY::ALLEGUEDETue Apr 04 1995zombies, zombies
246.01LSNCSC::MARTINTue Apr 04 1995file handle & stable flag not in first mbuf
248.05EEMELI::KIANENTue Apr 04 1995kernel memory fault/trap:invalid memory read acc
249.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Apr 04 1995EV? How do I find out?
250.01TUXEDO::MCCANNTue Apr 04 1995mapped files
251.08ISIDRO::JANTONIOTue Apr 04 1995Does Digital Unix 1.3 run in AlphaServer 1
252.03RHETT::LACORTITue Apr 04 1995XIsso and XSysAdmin display problems..
253.0RULLE::BRINGHTue Apr 04 1995v3.
254.04ISTWI1::OZILTue Apr 04 1995Clarion
255.03REDHWK::DRISCOLLTue Apr 04 1995? on OSF-BASE PAK
256.01MQOOA::LECOMPTETue Apr 04 1995Doing customer backups ?
257.02ROWDY::PAINTERTue Apr 04 1995DECLADEBUG error: Reading symbolic information ...Assertion failed: FALSE
258.08VAXRIO::MANOELTue Apr 04 1995A fast update question !!!
259.03VMSNET::W_LATTATue Apr 04 1995savecore and disklabel question.
260.0HDLITE::MODITue Apr 04 1995Does unexec work in Emancs on OSF ?
261.04ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DATue Apr 04 1995DHCP support?
262.02LARVAE::MACLEOD_RWed Apr 05 1995mail setup
263.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERWed Apr 05 1995uerf -S crashes on DEC OSF/1 V3.2 (Rev. 214)
264.04NWGEDU::JANSSENWed Apr 05 1995OSF/1 priorities
265.0USDEV::JBONINWed Apr 05 1995Help! Need timesharing account on Alpha
266.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Apr 05 1995OSF 3.- lprsetup fails with getpwnam error
267.0BGSDEV::MANGIPUDIWed Apr 05 1995Thread safe tools for mem leaks
268.01UTOPIE::PUCHINGER_GWed Apr 05 1995Machine check - Hardware error
269.0BGSDEV::CROCKERWed Apr 05 1995Announcing NIST Certification of DEC GKS (Graphical Kernel System)
270.04mskrat.zko.dec.com::ANKANWed Apr 05 1995yp/NIS password cached?
271.014BAHTAT::ABEARWed Apr 05 1995MIME Support?
272.0MSE1::RAOWed Apr 05 1995uucp
273.0HDLITE::DORHAMERWed Apr 05 1995problem booting after rebuilding v3.
274.01GLDOA::FULLERWed Apr 05 1995UERF: error reading syserr file
275.09VMSNET::W_LATTAWed Apr 05 1995problem with loadable drivers
276.04PEACHS::TRENTAThu Apr 06 1995V3.
277.01EVTAI1::WUILQUEThu Apr 06 1995AXP VME16
278.03BBIVThu Apr 06 1995xwindow, Motif programming environment
279.01HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Apr 06 1995run lpc see message "privilege command"
280.01BACHUS::ROETSThu Apr 06 1995DEC OSF 2.
281.05XSTACY::MDUNPHYThu Apr 06 1995inetd daemon
282.03FORTY2::PALKAThu Apr 06 1995mmap returns EINVAL
283.05ANNECY::MAIGRET_YThu Apr 06 1995Is adaptec AHA1742 still supported ?
284.02NAMIX::jptThu Apr 06 1995Custom drivers - better examples (customer request)
285.04HLFSThu Apr 06 1995unreadable bookreader files
286.01VAXRIO::MANOELThu Apr 06 1995About color printer in OSF1 ?
287.0EWBVThu Apr 06 1995-netmask for route add
288.03SMURF::SWARDThu Apr 06 1995Cycle count for getting in/out of an exception handler
289.07TPOVC::SIMONLEEThu Apr 06 1995logical disks support in RAID
290.08ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Apr 06 1995sparse file handling
291.01PDMThu Apr 06 1995Scripts not work any more for V3.
292.01LABC::TANIGUCHIThu Apr 06 1995Where is V3.2B?
293.01TRLIAN::VAILThu Apr 06 1995Version of Digital UNIX supporting Turbolaser
294.06AWECIM::SEGALThu Apr 06 1995Ongoing problem with mbufs - requests for memory denied/delayed
295.0VAXSPO::TOMEThu Apr 06 1995TRITON - Bad performance
296.02OZROCK::COURTFri Apr 07 1995Re-occurance of ld trampoline problem on V3.2
297.02ADOVFri Apr 07 1995NetWorker SingleServer and lack of doc?
298.01FSSB::THELLMANFri Apr 07 1995T3.2-4 to V3.2 upgrade???
299.05TPOVC::ERICHUANGFri Apr 07 1995Force password change at first login account
300.05PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Apr 07 1995Memory usage of loader under 3.2
301.04TALLIS::GORTONFri Apr 07 1995Reducing "vi" temp file size
302.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWFri Apr 07 1995Un-named semaphores used by multiple processes
303.03UKARC1::CHAMBERLINFri Apr 07 1995CC -migrate and lib retired_malloc - undefines?
304.01FREEBE::MACLEANFri Apr 07 1995SWXCRS and 3.2A of OSF?
305.04RHETT::LACORTIFri Apr 07 1995help with mbuf errors
306.0CERN::CARNEYFri Apr 07 1995courier italic font strangeness
307.01RHETT::AMANFri Apr 07 1995cpio redirect symbols still supported?
308.012PDMFri Apr 07 1995#!/bin/csh doesn't work for DEC UNIX V3.
309.010MPGS::LAVINFri Apr 07 1995NIS password expirations
310.01PTOSS1::BIGLERAFri Apr 07 1995ISA driver example needed
311.03BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBFri Apr 07 1995NFS Client mount timeouts on loaded 21
312.01OFOSS1::GINGERSat Apr 08 1995Does disklabel change the year?
313.03PRIME8::VAUGHNSun Apr 09 1995Help with POSIX compliance test
314.01SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUMon Apr 10 1995Telnet Latency in Response to ^C Interrupts (Slow)
315.02KERNEL::MCCULLAGHAMon Apr 10 1995Corrupt LAT service name
316.0+1BRUMMY::HAQUEMon Apr 10 1995reverse telnet (rtelnetd) from OSF/ULTRIX
318.01NWGEDU::HEHEMANNMon Apr 10 1995advfs on a rz23
319.03FLAMES::MARTINMon Apr 10 1995Inventory Thyself Software??
320.05TAVMon Apr 10 1995DEC UNIX support for sable(21
321.02HANNAH::B_COBBMon Apr 10 1995RAID products on Digital Unix 3.2?
322.01NBOFS1::SCHALLERMon Apr 10 1995Sound & Motion J3
323.01TAVMon Apr 10 19953 mikasa machines give machine check error with memory > 128MB
324.07EICMFG::ABREMMon Apr 10 199564
325.05KERNEL::PATELAMon Apr 10 1995ARP request during comms
326.06CSC32::HEINZMon Apr 10 1995pcnfs and groups
327.01JURA::DUQUESNEMon Apr 10 1995Cost for royalties? - OSF-BASE & OSF-USR ?
328.05STAR::FENSTERMon Apr 10 1995ubc-max-percent set to 4
329.01SSDEVO::T_GONZALESMon Apr 10 1995Line Edit/Recall from kdbx ?
331.02AIAG::KIMMon Apr 10 1995Question on the sematics of "recv" socket routine
332.0WASHDC::KMOOREMon Apr 10 1995Trusted logins w/V3.2 no work?
333.06VAXRIO::MANOELMon Apr 10 1995Latsetup screen problem !!
334.02SMURF::ARSLANMon Apr 10 1995Digital UNIX V4.
335.03MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Apr 10 1995examine user signal handlers from dbx / kdbx ?
336.01LJSRV1::KELLYMon Apr 10 1995SHAR on OSF?
337.02VAXRIO::MANOELMon Apr 10 1995Mounting a ISO 966
338.013AOSG::TAPPANMon Apr 10 1995USG Product Calendar Pointer
339.03EEMELI::SYVANENMon Apr 10 1995setuid prgram for C2 and V3.
340.01CGOOA::DOUCETTEMon Apr 10 19951
341.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUTue Apr 11 1995Very Slow Echo Responses using rlogin and telnet (Tulip)
342.02DAIVC::DANIEL_HTue Apr 11 1995Bug in OSF/1 V3.
343.04ADOVTue Apr 11 1995NetWorker Single Server Deficiencies
344.02COPCLU::BROLINTue Apr 11 1995Problem using su in rc3 script after enabling C2
345.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZTue Apr 11 1995ksh: Coexistance of functions and traps?
346.02IDEFIX::COWBURNTue Apr 11 1995ICMP router discovery ?
347.01ZPOVC::CHINHENGTue Apr 11 1995Any bug with vmstat -M ?
348.0TKTU21::hasegawaTue Apr 11 1995UUCP t protocol problem (OSF/1 <--> Sun)
349.0ANGLIN::LANKFORDTue Apr 11 1995rmipc command a
350.0STAR::FENSTERTue Apr 11 1995NFS error 69 messages (exceeded quota)
351.01BAHTAT::NIELD_DTue Apr 11 1995firmware 4.2 for AlphaServer1
352.03KERNEL::BARTHURTue Apr 11 1995Urgent ASE problem lun7?
353.06BUDDIE::KENWORTHYTue Apr 11 1995dxterm ok, xterm NOT
354.04METSYS::HELLIARTue Apr 11 1995setld and 'broken pipe'
355.02RHETT::HALETKYTue Apr 11 1995PS command and standards
356.0PERFOM::CSGPERFTue Apr 11 1995Updated AlphaServer Perf Docs Available
357.02STAR::FENSTERTue Apr 11 1995Looking for Internals book
358.01BALTMD::MALLORYTue Apr 11 1995need help with osf variable
359.03CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Apr 11 1995kinfo is corrupt
360.02MSDOA::HICKSTTue Apr 11 1995Hook MD3
361.02GIDDAY::STRAHORNTue Apr 11 1995process scan tool
362.020BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Apr 12 1995Locking?
363.03DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKWed Apr 12 1995DEC OSF/1 V3.
364.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSWed Apr 12 1995cu and OSF v3.2 : hangs system
365.06AZUR::DICKOWed Apr 12 1995How to produce a core?
366.02ZPOTS1::JUSTINWed Apr 12 1995Which OSF-BASE license?
367.0TRUCKS::COGGONWed Apr 12 1995Popen with 'wb' switch work in V1.3 but not in V3
368.0+4GALVIA::STONESWed Apr 12 1995dbx: How to step into exec'd program??
369.03MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAWed Apr 12 1995only rlogin,telnet with c2 security
370.01ANNECY::BONNIERWed Apr 12 1995SHELL: time of day with milliseconds ?
371.02ANNECY::BONNIERWed Apr 12 1995CPU load tests ?
372.02BACHUS::MANISEWed Apr 12 1995panicstr kernel memory fault
373.07ALBIS::SUTTERWed Apr 12 1995Excessive ethernet collisions with Tulip tu
374.05APACHE::EROSSWed Apr 12 1995varargs
375.04RTOEU::EGAUTHIERWed Apr 12 1995ATI MACH 64 problem
376.04SWETSC::HAGLUNDWed Apr 12 1995touch gives cannot change times on <filename>
377.02NYOSS1::YANNIOSWed Apr 12 1995/dev/tty
378.0+7DUCAT2::YANCONEWed Apr 12 1995Maximum size for mfs ??
379.02HANNAH::GAGNEWed Apr 12 1995Virtual memory exhausted
381.01UHUH::CHAYAWed Apr 12 1995Performance tips for C applications on Digital UNIX
382.06ROMEOS::DEWIS_ANWed Apr 12 1995Audit and Kernel rebuild?
383.03AIAG::MOOREWed Apr 12 1995the new touch is a pain...
384.0TKTU21::hasegawaWed Apr 12 1995Need UUCP protocol documentation
385.01KYOSS1::GREENWed Apr 12 1995changing IDENT?
386.02DEKVC::JONGHUNJUNGWed Apr 12 1995Ever tried Mentor on Alpha W/S ?
387.02CSC32::PITTThu Apr 13 1995status on an old call
388.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Apr 13 1995printcap for remote printer;if or of field ?
389.0ZURThu Apr 13 1995prblms with mx'ed appl. using shared memory
390.01BBIVThu Apr 13 1995problems converting RUNOFF to NROFF
391.08VNABRW::PAYLOR_SThu Apr 13 1995lpr.log, lpd problem?
392.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Apr 13 1995POLYCENTER competition
393.02HLFSThu Apr 13 1995vi not handling large files ( >8
394.01SAC::KERRISON_GThu Apr 13 1995swxcrmon startup?
395.03MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Apr 13 1995SLIP PROBLEM : "netstat -i" command hangs
396.01GALVIA::PGROARKEThu Apr 13 1995?VTX PAKs for sable & turbo
397.05COMICS::CORNEJThu Apr 13 1995Which V3.
398.07TPSYS::HAUDELThu Apr 13 1995Where are patches?
399.010MUNICH::VASSIGHThu Apr 13 1995DXNOTEPAD hangs on second SAVE in V3.2+3.2A
400.01ANGLIN::KUTZThu Apr 13 1995port support
401.03PERFOM::ANILThu Apr 13 1995Announcing IPROBE ver 2.
402.01CSC32::PITTThu Apr 13 1995mfa
403.0TISWAT::hanThu Apr 13 1995SVE curses and 8-bit characters problem
404.08STAR::FENSTERThu Apr 13 1995Can't su or login using pty's to root in C2 ?
405.02ANGLIN::LANKFORDThu Apr 13 1995Crash Tool?
406.01ANGLIN::LANKFORDThu Apr 13 1995TLI interface questions
407.01JRFVAX::FRANDSENThu Apr 13 1995task table is full
408.02DPDMAI::GROVEThu Apr 13 1995Assign virtual addr at link time
409.01AOSF1::krasThu Apr 13 1995Sybase and Oracle at the same time?
410.05DPDMAI::GROVEThu Apr 13 1995Changing Ethernet HW Address
411.05KETJE::HAESAERTSFri Apr 14 1995SHOWSTOPPER : ftp to mainframe in batch (user, password, account...) woes
412.02TPSYS::HAUDELFri Apr 14 1995sable,v3.2,ace undefined
413.05RHETT::LOHFri Apr 14 1995dx- applications are slow
414.0HDLITE::CHALTASFri Apr 14 1995How do I modify swap behavior?
415.01PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Apr 14 1995New AIM Reports & "SPEC Newsletter" 3/95 Online
416.01ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Apr 14 1995how to check if everything is OK?
417.02MSDOA::HICKSTFri Apr 14 1995Is there UNICODE in UNIX' future?
418.04SAC::MAGUIRE_GFri Apr 14 1995Upgrade of DEC OSF/1 V2.
419.02AXPBIZ::TRUONGFri Apr 14 1995what will the output of uname be?
420.03TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri Apr 14 1995support the SYSTEM V R4.
421.01DV78Mon Apr 17 1995Ultrix displays to OSF/1 crash
422.04ALEXWS::IGORMon Apr 17 1995Device drivers and Asyncronous I/O
423.01TLAVMon Apr 17 1995Progress V6.3
424.01TAVMon Apr 17 1995Intermittent ifconfig alias problem
425.01KOALA::LATHAMMon Apr 17 1995NLOCK_RECORD on OSF/1 V3.2
426.0TRLIAN::MARZOMon Apr 17 1995Disk Errors on DIGITAL UNIX
427.0PERFOM::NARAHARIMon Apr 17 1995disk farms documentation?
428.02SEAWLF::POISSONMon Apr 17 1995What is meant by "safe execution"
429.01ZURTue Apr 18 1995C2 security deinstall (digital_unix V3.
430.01WEOVIL::BURDANTue Apr 18 1995Standards Compliance
431.02ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Apr 18 1995su returned "no shell" error.
432.02UHUH::CHAYATue Apr 18 1995Padding for bit fields?
433.01LFOIS1::ALIETue Apr 18 1995netstat & sockets identification ?
434.03UKARC1::ELANGCOTue Apr 18 1995Porting problem with pipe() between V2.
435.02VNABRW::WIMMER_ETue Apr 18 1995XTI and getsockopt()
436.01STKHLM::ALINDGRENTue Apr 18 1995sendmail V8 in Digital UNIX?
437.01METSYS::HELLIARTue Apr 18 1995sbin or bin
438.04CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Apr 18 1995ftp in a script, any examples out there?
439.01KERNEL::SMITHSTue Apr 18 19953
440.04HAMSUP::SONNENTAGTue Apr 18 1995How to get the "hostname"
441.09CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Apr 18 1995Smallest a-partition ?
442.04AXPBIZ::TRUONGTue Apr 18 1995where is mlock()/memlk()?
443.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Apr 18 1995OSF 3.
444.0+7DEVIN::LUCASTue Apr 18 1995Cloning system disks
446.03NZOVTue Apr 18 1995DECstart for OSF/1?
447.01ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Apr 19 1995where's SCO_UNIX conference ?
448.01MROA::FRITZINGERWed Apr 19 1995ISA graphics support?
449.0KETJE::BUGGENHOUTWed Apr 19 1995info on CPU id wanted
450.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDWed Apr 19 1995parallel printing on A21
451.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Apr 19 1995restrict to work its home directory without another
452.0MEOCWed Apr 19 1995DECFace demo problem
453.04POBOX::RUTSCHOWWed Apr 19 1995Guassian compile problems
454.04TUXEDO::B_BURTONWed Apr 19 1995dbx attach
455.02COPCLU::FLADER_RWed Apr 19 1995Problem with C-compiler (cc) flag '-xtaso_short'
456.01TAVWed Apr 19 1995EISA errors on boot.
457.02MLNCSC::VOCIWed Apr 19 1995error with kdbx
458.03MSDOA::HICKSTWed Apr 19 1995"stock" for Digital UNIX
459.013CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Apr 19 19955
460.014RHETT::LOHWed Apr 19 1995loader failed when loading shared libraries
461.06RHETT::LACORTIWed Apr 19 1995yet another customer complaining!
462.07DV78Wed Apr 19 1995PrintServer software?
463.08EEMELI::SYVANENWed Apr 19 1995Plans for making patches setld installable ?
464.0BUDDIE::KENWORTHYWed Apr 19 1995Patch Checksum Confusion
465.01EEMELI::SYVANENThu Apr 20 1995Stack Guard size is set to ... error installing SYBASE
466.04AUSSIE::AMOSThu Apr 20 1995Grep and whole word searches of numbers
467.01MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAThu Apr 20 1995info on pax
468.04MUCTEC::WENDLThu Apr 20 1995non-shipping Motif 1.2 (& X11) docs
469.0SWETSC::HASSELQVISTThu Apr 20 1995Intermittent telnet disconnect 'hang'
470.01AZUR::BONETTOThu Apr 20 1995RCS version on DIGITAL UNIX
471.0CHGVThu Apr 20 1995Need help vrestore ing remotely using rsh...
472.01TRLIAN::MARZOThu Apr 20 1995IOCTRL and OSF Config files...
473.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Apr 20 1995forcing interrupts error at boot time
474.0+7ANNECY::ROUIBAH_NThu Apr 20 1995fork/procdup: task_create failed. Code:
475.02TBJVOA::MASUO_AThu Apr 20 1995F/W/D SCSI connectivity
476.04BGSDEV::MORRISThu Apr 20 1995Semantics of select() when used with threads?
477.01MUNICH::HABENREICHThu Apr 20 1995POETS::DT$NOTES:CDE not accessable
478.017STAR::FENSTERThu Apr 20 1995Modifying password or any other field in /etc/passwd in a SUPPORTED manner ?
479.04FIREBL::LEEDSThu Apr 20 1995Glance, OpenSpool, OmniBack ??
480.01VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Apr 20 1995supported graphics for Alphastation 2
481.011STEVMS::PETTENGILLFri Apr 21 1995Will Digital UNIX self destruct in the year 2
482.01TKOV5Fri Apr 21 1995realtime with socket & aio_read()
483.05CSC32::PITTFri Apr 21 1995Can not add network adapter
484.02STEVMS::PETTENGILLFri Apr 21 1995What does ??? in netstat output mean?
485.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZFri Apr 21 1995C2, XIsso, v3.2
486.05JOBURG::BARNESFri Apr 21 1995V3.2 and 2 x DEFEA FDDI Controllers?
487.06KETJE::BEYENSFri Apr 21 1995Digital UNIX X3.4-2 and netstat
488.01BAHTAT::MCCORMICKFri Apr 21 1995Is patch -
489.02LISTIM::CAMELOFri Apr 21 1995PANIC (CPU
490.01ZURFri Apr 21 1995crash digital_unix V3.2 ==> trap invalid memory read access from kernel after cu command
491.03BACHUS::DIDDENFri Apr 21 1995tcpdump on tu
492.07TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri Apr 21 1995TLI, tpi_cots and ticots special file
493.05BACHUS::FRATERSFri Apr 21 1995PANIC:mfs_myproc: slot beyond end of proctab
494.03TKOV6Fri Apr 21 1995dxnotepad problem
495.02LEMAN::SIMPSONFri Apr 21 1995fstab problem dumping file system
496.01BROKE::MOOKFri Apr 21 1995stat() return times
497.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Apr 21 1995Optical Character Reading (OCR) sw?
498.04RHETT::LOHFri Apr 21 1995dtwmrc dumps core
499.04BOHIO::JRUIZFri Apr 21 1995SLIP on DEC OSF/1 V3.2
500.0VAOUFri Apr 21 1995problem with KZPSC
501.0RHETT::LACORTIFri Apr 21 1995getting the file
502.02RHETT::LACORTIFri Apr 21 1995keyboard hanging
503.05CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri Apr 21 1995Missing FROM address
504.04OZROCK::BARTLEYSat Apr 22 1995Building shared library that is multi-threaded
505.01NETRIX::"womack@alf.dec.com"Sat Apr 22 1995default size of quota.user on osf
506.02CALDEC::RAHSun Apr 23 1995odump confused?
507.0GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERMon Apr 24 1995Alphaserver 1
508.04FUTURS::CLARKMMon Apr 24 1995Printer Setup: LPS2
509.02MEOCMon Apr 24 1995How to reinstall the implicit OSF-USR licence?
510.04MANMMon Apr 24 1995UUCP mail problem
511.0ATSE::KATZMon Apr 24 1995Crash Dump Analysis
512.03TALLIS::SCHULERMon Apr 24 1995OSF 3.2 not writing crash dumps
513.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Apr 24 1995UFS maxbpg parameter tunefs
514.02ANOHAC::COMFORTMon Apr 24 1995Mail11 DNS names queswtion
515.05FIREBL::LEEDSMon Apr 24 1995ordering System Admin Guide ?
516.01ANNECY::ROUIBAH_NMon Apr 24 1995fork/procdup and maxuthreads param
517.0ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Apr 24 1995Ecotool for performance monitoring
518.01USOPS::KADOWMon Apr 24 1995Plan to make Perl available?
519.03CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Apr 24 1995Bizarre netstat output ????
520.07HPCGRP::DEGREGORYMon Apr 24 1995tcl/tk for 3.2?
521.01ROMEOS::DEWIS_ANMon Apr 24 1995vm performance questions
522.05CVG::PETTENGILLMon Apr 24 1995How the f**k do you use XIsso and XSysAdmin?
523.01NWGEDU::HEHEMANNTue Apr 25 1995scsi-controller id numbers
524.02TAEC::GALLERITue Apr 25 1995Problem with optimisation flag for cc
525.04ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Apr 25 1995UU!! Mapping LAT PC's connections to tty's
526.03QUICHE::PITTTue Apr 25 1995Help setting up LAT printers ...
527.02KERNEL::DAVIESOTue Apr 25 1995SU within RC script for v3.2
528.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Apr 25 1995panic: ipintr no HDR
529.03COPCLU::KARSTENTue Apr 25 1995_panic_string: "m_copym offset" DEC OSF/1 V3.
530.02MUNICH::VASSIGHTue Apr 25 1995YPPASSWD rpc problem OSF V3.2 SSB
531.04PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJATue Apr 25 1995IPC message rates slow on MP machines
532.04RHETT::LACORTITue Apr 25 1995problem with 3.2 patch to presto and kernel
533.02CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Apr 25 1995can't open '@'/var/adm/sendmail/aliases
534.03RHETT::LOHTue Apr 25 1995where does shell get filesize limit?
535.02DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Apr 25 1995FIPS - Federal Security Specification?
536.04FORTSC::ORNELASTue Apr 25 1995getclock(3) -- how to
537.02DECC::SEIGELTue Apr 25 1995What is libdnet_stub ?
538.04VAXRIO::MIRIAMTue Apr 25 1995System crashing - why????
539.01CSC32::HEINZTue Apr 25 1995atmconfig error
540.01ADOVTue Apr 25 1995Digital UNIX and DEC RAID Array 11
541.012OFOSS1::HEBERTJWed Apr 26 1995Digital Unix and infoservers
542.02ANGLIN::LANKFORDWed Apr 26 1995ATOM documentation?
543.01TAEC::GALLERIWed Apr 26 1995Strange warning with malloc
544.0JOBURG::SIMHONWed Apr 26 1995Two FDDI DEFEA not working together
545.0TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Apr 26 1995Force the idle user logout the system
546.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Apr 26 1995autologout available on csh?
547.02CSSE::FAHERTYWed Apr 26 1995Firmware update with OSF/1 3.2 full install ?
548.01KERNEL::DAVIESOWed Apr 26 1995ADVFS How to turn off Quotas
549.05HDLITE::DORHAMERWed Apr 26 1995questions on aio and aio_raw libraries
550.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Apr 26 1995Mathworks Matlab support UNIX v3.x?
551.0SMURF::COURTNEYWed Apr 26 1995tar not placing a '/' at the end of directory names
552.01TALLIS::KIRKWed Apr 26 1995reloc problem - cross image data access
553.05ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Apr 26 1995Different versions of tar?
554.01KOALA::ARMSTEADWed Apr 26 1995msfs_vnops.o not in V3.
555.06MARIN::JONESWed Apr 26 1995NFS problems...
556.05GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Apr 26 1995hang after panic and "syncing disks"
557.01VMSNET::W_LATTAWed Apr 26 1995can't get login prompt on com2
558.02TLAVThu Apr 27 1995unaligned kernel access
559.06KERNEL::HILLKThu Apr 27 1995Trouble with vnodes
560.03MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAThu Apr 27 1995changing loginname length
561.05TKOV51::EGAWAThu Apr 27 1995Dual network NFS
562.03LNZALI::WATZKOThu Apr 27 1995cmu style bootp reply
563.0MUCTEC::WENDLThu Apr 27 1995modal dialog boxes vanishing...
564.03ANNECY::ROUIBAH_NThu Apr 27 1995"kernel memory fault"
565.03SWTHOM::LORENZOThu Apr 27 1995Problem installing presto/EISA Patch
566.0AOSG::TAPPANThu Apr 27 1995Proposed retirement of PXG option support
567.0HAMSUP::SONNENTAGThu Apr 27 1995announce message & tcp/ip
568.01ANGLIN::SCHIMPFThu Apr 27 1995moving /var back under /usr
569.01ANGLIN::SCHIMPFThu Apr 27 1995page files vrs swap files
570.02CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Apr 27 1995latsetup core dumps adding more devices, OSF V3.
571.0MARIN::JONESThu Apr 27 1995NFS Probs !!
572.0WASHDC::KMOOREThu Apr 27 1995question on nrdist
573.010SALEM::MOITRAThu Apr 27 1995Where Can I find OSF/1 documentation ?
574.01REGENT::HUMMERSThu Apr 27 1995LAD/LAST (Infoserver) Client
575.04DWOVAX::MANUSZAKThu Apr 27 1995Bogus hostname with DNS/NIS under C2
576.01TEACH::ANGIEThu Apr 27 1995showfile in advfs
577.05NYOSS1::YANNIOSThu Apr 27 1995Choice of TCP/IP APIs ?
578.03NYOSS1::CHENThu Apr 27 1995Terminal Emultion API?
579.05TLE::EKLUNDThu Apr 27 1995limit on .bss? Fortran "large" arrays
580.05KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Apr 27 1995push the button...
581.02TALLIS::KIRKThu Apr 27 1995weakext not resolved at activation
582.03STEVMS::PETTENGILLThu Apr 27 1995Qualifying Digital UNIX applications with large numbers of user accounts
583.02GIDDAY::HAGANFri Apr 28 1995syslog() not working after chroot()
584.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOFri Apr 28 1995PCI->VME adapter?
585.01RDGENG::HAQUEFri Apr 28 1995All quiet??
586.0ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Apr 28 1995lint -Q problem
587.0TAEC::PUJOLFri Apr 28 1995What is the granularity of files last modification date?
588.01SWTHOM::DORNANOFri Apr 28 1995Can't change user from guest login with ftp
589.02NETRIX::"hitchens@epaFri Apr 28 1995SCSI/CAM Error with TLZ6L
590.0AZUR::DICKOFri Apr 28 1995osf 3.
591.0OSLLAV::SVEINN_PFri Apr 28 1995diff mystery
592.0ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Apr 28 1995questions about upgrade
593.011COPCLU::WIELANDFri Apr 28 1995telnet -25 security bug or ?
594.07DREUL1::robFri Apr 28 1995R6
595.02KAMPUS::NEIDECKERFri Apr 28 1995Changing TCP window sizes
596.02BBIVFri Apr 28 1995severe mf-cobol problem
597.0KAMPUS::NEIDECKERFri Apr 28 1995Minor waste of space with update(8)
598.01SEAWLF::COLEFri Apr 28 1995how to best use GB of local memory ?
599.0FORTY2::PALKAFri Apr 28 1995Where do I page fault ?
600.01STKHLM::ALTEMARKFri Apr 28 1995OSPF routing support
601.0YOSSAM::SIMONFri Apr 28 1995ftell() problem on V3.
602.01DV78Fri Apr 28 1995dxmail question?
603.0SMURF::SEAGRAVESFri Apr 28 1995request for input on Freeware/Shareware usage on Digital UNIX
604.01SEAWLF::POISSONFri Apr 28 19954.3BSD enhancements for job control
605.01VAXRIO::MANOELFri Apr 28 1995rrestore problem !!
606.03BUDDIE::KENWORTHYFri Apr 28 1995fddi/dli packet loss
607.02POLAR::STEWARTNSat Apr 29 1995installupdate fails
608.02CSC32::D_MAHDERSun Apr 30 1995add titles to session manager widget
609.0TLAVMon May 01 1995Product Name in LMF
610.01NZOVMon May 01 1995System Healthcheck for Digital UNIX?
611.03TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon May 01 1995w, uptime & ruptime
612.01KERNEL::MCCULLAGHAMon May 01 1995AXP VME16
613.03HLFSMon May 01 1995Question about telnetd timeout.
614.0ZURMon May 01 1995font path setting over tftp OSF/1 V3.2
615.01TRLIAN::MARZOMon May 01 1995No disk errors found in logs...
616.01TALLIS::KIRKMon May 01 1995Error: unresolvable WEAK symbol in ./libspfxr.so: _errno_spf64
617.02ANIMLZ::DUBEMon May 01 1995ZONE_SIZE revisited
618.02CSC32::HEINZMon May 01 1995uppercase login
619.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon May 01 1995Denormals, and compiler crash
620.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon May 01 1995wolfram matematica on DEC OSF1 after 3.
621.02HTSC19::ANDYNGTue May 02 1995loss date after restore usin "SM"
622.01QCAVTue May 02 1995OSF/1 2.
623.08LEMAN::AGASSISTue May 02 1995"B" versions on any system ?
624.03ITBGTue May 02 1995SLIP on LAT device doesn't work.. why?
625.05LEMAN::ZOFKATue May 02 1995Unable to install V3.2 over RIS
626.04ALEXWS::IGORTue May 02 1995Dev. driver and DMA completion signal
627.0NETRIX::"martin@dmaosf.dmo.dec.com"Tue May 02 1995Polycenter Watchdog, is there an GUI in the works
628.0PINAR3::KURTHCHTue May 02 1995UDP fills mbuf's in certain test-situation
629.0QCAVTue May 02 1995kernel build problem?
631.02KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue May 02 1995setsockopt failure on UNIX
633.0ISTWI1::ACARTue May 02 1995C gives memory fault on OSF v3.2 @ MIKASA
634.01HDLITE::MODITue May 02 1995#include behave different with cc -migrate
635.02DKAS::SPIELMANTue May 02 1995Linking Problem w/ OSF 3.2
636.04TALLIS::SCHULERTue May 02 1995Another 'kernel memory fault' crash (OSF V3.2)
637.02WASHDC::SARASINTue May 02 1995Documentation for SCSI CAM Layered Components for DEC OSF/1
638.03NWGEDU::HEHEMANNWed May 03 1995the sticky bit what does sticky mean?
639.03SNOCWed May 03 1995VM patch for 2.
640.05LKPDEE::BRAGEWed May 03 1995Different nslookup in 3.
641.02MSAMWed May 03 1995ptys access fail on OSF/1 Ver3.
642.03NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Wed May 03 1995Direct writing to screen
643.03OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed May 03 1995sh -c vi and ctrl/C
644.04BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMWed May 03 1995Interactive modem commands
645.02LSNCSC::MARTINWed May 03 1995pmap_release_page: page not found OSF/1 v3.2
646.0EEMELI::KARPPINENWed May 03 1995POP3
647.01KERNEL::DAVIESOWed May 03 1995AUTOMOUNT process hangs
648.03BACHUS::MANISEWed May 03 1995lat printing on osf v3.
649.03VNASWS::FLORWed May 03 1995getting the RSS of a process
650.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed May 03 1995record/playback UDP FDDI, TCP sequence numbers
651.01MUNICH::HABENREICHWed May 03 1995license problem on OSF 2.1
652.0JOBURG::SIMHONWed May 03 1995Error installing Oracle 7.1.4
653.03CSC32::J_WIELANDWed May 03 1995bootptab entry with the same mac but two ip's
654.02RHETT::LOHWed May 03 1995pthreads scheduling problem on osf/1 v3.2
655.01TROOA::JADAMSWed May 03 1995Backup UNIX from VMS?
656.05MUGGER::WHITHAMWed May 03 1995problem building streams module into kernel
657.04AXPBIZ::PSDASWed May 03 1995need some enlightining....
658.0RHETT::LACORTIWed May 03 1995libsecurity for 3.2?
659.04NETCAD::DESMONDWed May 03 1995Using C++ comments in a C program?
660.04ANNECY::BONNIERThu May 04 1995exclusive write lock (portable ??)
661.02UTRTSC::VELDMANThu May 04 1995Codepage 85
662.011SUBURB::PEGGVThu May 04 1995Byte count and break sessions
663.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu May 04 1995ENHANCED security, at problem
664.04CERN::CARNEYThu May 04 1995Packetfilter questions
665.010CSC32::J_WIELANDThu May 04 1995packet size negeotiation using nfs on fddi
666.0DRAC::DSMAILThu May 04 1995hp-2392A terminal character set
667.0DEEIS1::DENAYERThu May 04 1995sed and the C-shell mistery...
668.04KETJE::BUGGENHOUTThu May 04 1995routed and SLIP
669.01HAMSUP::SONNENTAGThu May 04 1995variable substitution
670.02CSC32::J_WIELANDThu May 04 1995changing ipmtu size on slip lines (sl
671.05THELAB::MOCKLINThu May 04 1995how to debug this crash?
672.08CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu May 04 1995UNIX 3.2, FDDI network hangs under heavy load
673.02HDLITE::SCHNEIDERThu May 04 1995help me debug my { mmap, cma_thread_create, ?? } problem?
675.08SEAWLF::POISSONThu May 04 1995UNIX to DOS, UNIX to MAC?????
676.02SEAWLF::POISSONThu May 04 1995ICCCM Window Manager???
677.01GRANPA::PETERSONThu May 04 1995rewind (stdio.h) doesn't work as expected now
678.05LGP3Thu May 04 1995translated TPU not picking up terminal page size via telnet
679.03SEAWLF::POISSONThu May 04 1995LaTeX for Digital UNIX???
680.0WASHDC::SARASINThu May 04 1995Looking for a good guide on server sizing
681.06HELKA::SYVANENThu May 04 1995Protection of /dev/null changing "automatically"
682.02AXPBIZ::TRUONGThu May 04 1995ftp, telnet really slow (2-4 min for login prompt)
683.02CSC32::KLIMASThu May 04 1995xdr_mbuf and clntkudp_callit_addr messages
684.01RHETT::LOHThu May 04 1995DEC C Language Reference Manual for OSF/1
685.06EEMELI::SYVANENThu May 04 1995sw house says : "phreads + curses not ok in V3.
686.05IMPROV::REUTERFri May 05 1995too many definitions in lex
687.01ANNECY::KLING_CFri May 05 1995Structure and alignment PB from VMS to OSF
688.01ANNECY::LEMMAFri May 05 1995UNIX vs. OpenVMS
689.04QUICHE::PITTFri May 05 1995Getting vi to recognise a VT1
690.06BULMER::FRASERFri May 05 1995Extracting System Info in C ?
691.0UKARC1::HUDSONFri May 05 1995Unix equiv of VMS $DELTVA/$EXPREG/$CRETVA for virtual memory management?
692.04ATHINA::TSAKALOSFri May 05 1995DEC 2
693.08TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri May 05 19958 ports async controller and vnodes
694.01STUFri May 05 1995NFS V2.
695.06MUNICH::BEICHTFri May 05 1995Question regarding the socket func recv()
696.01LEMAN::BEZENCONFri May 05 1995malloc core (OSF 2.1)
697.0ASABET::SILVERBERGFri May 05 1995Layered Product Rollout Schedule
698.02HELIX::SONTAKKEFri May 05 1995Where are the commands related to mail aliases ?
699.0PRIME8::VAUGHNFri May 05 1995Distributed license management?
700.05MUNICH::BEICHTFri May 05 1995Trouble with stty -echo
701.03CUESTA::EIGURENFri May 05 1995Graphics Console /DEC 2
702.01KERNEL::BARTHURFri May 05 1995warning:ubc_object_allocate
703.06QUABBI::"dawson%steosf.nio.dec.com@decvax.dec.com"Fri May 05 1995The top system watcher
704.02SIOG::JORDANFri May 05 1995Telnet problem - Need assistance
705.01SEAWLF::POISSONFri May 05 1995mosaic, mxrn, tin???
706.03TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri May 05 1995Oracle pro*cobol error with ld, -lFutil?
708.0ALFAM7::URBANFri May 05 1995some scripts for disks
709.01MUZICK::SPELLMANFri May 05 1995getpwnam leaks with sharable C library
710.01BBPBV1::CARTERFri May 05 1995DEC VET Development Kit ?
711.0SEAWLF::POISSONFri May 05 1995troff support
712.02EEMELI::SYVANENFri May 05 1995How do you say SET TERM/PERMA in Digital Unix?
713.07NABETH::alanFri May 05 1995A Graphic UNIX File System Mapper
714.02RHETT::AMANFri May 05 1995SYS_DFLT acct in OSF V3.2 C2
715.01WOTVAX::HATTOSSat May 06 1995How to start Xserver on non-graphics box?
716.02HGOVC::JOELBERMANSun May 07 1995moving a SCI drive from HP to DEC?
717.04MEOCSun May 07 1995Administering C2 without X ???
718.0NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Mon May 08 1995Make help?
719.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon May 08 1995MIPS to Alpha upgrade disappointment
720.02BIGUN::wulff.cao.dec.com::wulffMon May 08 1995Pager Notification Software
721.03ADCAMon May 08 1995Upgrade to 3.
722.02HELKA::OLLIKAINENMon May 08 1995How to login from VXT-terminal If Enhanced security enabled ?
723.03KETJE::BUGGENHOUTMon May 08 1995nslookup in V3.
724.07RHETT::LOHMon May 08 1995Multiply defined _seterr_reply
725.03NBOFS1::LEIKAMMon May 08 1995datalink in kern.log
726.02CAMONE::LINDSEYMon May 08 1995problem with ping /telnet
728.01KOALA::PALOMAMon May 08 1995Maximum TCP/IP active connections
729.04MARSON::bjmMon May 08 1995problem sending mail somtimes
730.02PDMMon May 08 1995Question on 'setreuid'
731.02ROWDY::PAINTERMon May 08 1995Is there PPP support in our UNIX
732.03ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon May 08 1995Update on Streams-based tty and telnet
733.04NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Tue May 09 1995No. of processes allocated per user?
734.05SWETSC::WESTERBACKTue May 09 1995DISPLAY problem
735.03--UnknownUser--Tue May 09 1995multiuser perf on osf/1
736.03BBIVTue May 09 1995using curses on dec osf/1
737.04MANMTue May 09 1995Only genvmunix allows X11/Windows/Motif to run...
738.05MARX::FLEMINGTue May 09 1995setld hang
739.04DKAS::MALIN::GOODWINTue May 09 1995Problem with forced residency: OSF/1 V3.2
740.0COPCLU::copnt1.dmo.dec.com::RIISTue May 09 1995How to configure POP3 server
741.01NYOSS1::YANNIOSTue May 09 1995Oracle+LSM+ADVFS?
742.02IOSG::KALUSTue May 09 1995'ld -hidden' behaviour?
744.0DCEIDL::SHARRISTue May 09 1995pipes and /etc/csh.login
745.0MUZICK::CHENTue May 09 1995Need help with asynchronous output to tty
746.05HDLITE::MODITue May 09 1995cpio - different behaviour from other platforms
747.0COWBOY::MIRGHANETue May 09 1995system overhead problem in SMP for TCP
748.0FREEBE::REAUMETue May 09 1995TSZ
749.03CSC32::PITTTue May 09 1995securettys/systemV devices
750.01VAXRIO::MANOELTue May 09 1995UUCP "retry time" question.
751.01VAXRIO::MANOELTue May 09 1995ADVFS question !!
752.0SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed May 10 1995License Behaviour and lmf with OSF V3.
753.01GIDDAY::HAGANWed May 10 1995sysV sysadm keyboard mapping
754.05EICMFG::DRECHSELWed May 10 1995CD writer for DIGITAL UNIX ??
755.02MUNICH::BEICHTWed May 10 1995Need info on some POSIX standards
756.06NETRIX::"poulain@aeoen1.aeo.dec.com"Wed May 10 1995UNIX Clusters
757.02HGOM11::BRENDACAOWed May 10 1995NCS?
758.02UKARC1::WOOD_JWed May 10 1995DEC OSF/1 Technical Overview documentation in Ascii -text ?
759.011QCAVWed May 10 1995is V3.2b available?
760.0NETRIX::"bjm@marson.mro.dec.com"Wed May 10 1995Problem with DCE/RPC exception code linked to ACC compiler
761.01OFOSS1::GINGERWed May 10 1995v2.1 downgrade
762.02PRMSWed May 10 1995Need Help With Programming Questions
763.02BLKPUD::STOCKMANSWed May 10 1995Warning when invoking `RAIDCF' utility
764.01THELAB::MOCKLINWed May 10 1995bug in 'w' ?
765.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKWed May 10 1995signal handling
766.01CERN::THIBONNIERThu May 11 1995How to force a process to release the memory when suspended?
767.01SWTHOM::LORENZOThu May 11 1995Not enough units to load OSF-USR DEC ?
768.03IJSAPL::JANSSENThu May 11 1995default system printer
769.02ZPOVC::SINSPSThu May 11 1995How do tin/tout affect performance ?
770.02BIS1::SAELSThu May 11 1995OS or Layered Products in Dutch?
771.05BIS1::SAELSThu May 11 1995Meeting Room Reservation tool on DUNIX?
772.01NBOFS1::HABERLERThu May 11 1995WHO or WHAT kills kloadsrv???
773.0ALFAM7::STREPPELThu May 11 1995Why does disklabel include block
774.03MLNCSC::VOCIThu May 11 1995core dump
775.02PEACHS::MURPHYThu May 11 1995Maximum Virtual Memory Supported
776.03ROMEOS::DEWIS_ANThu May 11 1995$SHOW FILE/DEV?
777.02ANNECY::KLING_CThu May 11 1995Increment Pointer
778.0CSC32::SCHLABSThu May 11 1995ftp and PASV...any way to disable this
779.04TLE::WHITMANThu May 11 1995question on timezone source files
780.02NBOIS::SCHIFFERMFri May 12 1995INIT: Command is respawning too rapidly.
781.01MARX::FLEMINGFri May 12 1995question on popen
782.03HAGGLE::dorianFri May 12 1995Blitz Mail for Mandatory Patches
783.04CRONIC::LEMONSFri May 12 1995X Toolkit Warning: locale not supported by C library, locale unchanged
784.03ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri May 12 1995read to wr file system..?!
785.01AOSF1::krasFri May 12 1995slow performance with heavy user load
786.01TAVFri May 12 1995implication of word 6 file corruption on nfs server
787.01KRYSTL::POPHAMFri May 12 1995SKIPP
788.02MSDOA::HICKSTFri May 12 1995sysconfig -q vm vm-min-kernel-address (?)
789.01VAXRIO::MANOELFri May 12 1995A SLIP speed question!!
790.03SMURF::SEAGRAVESFri May 12 19953.2 upgrade: FP_UNREF - kernel rebuild problem/question
791.03TLE::ELLENBERGERSat May 13 1995Sable Serial Ports Busted?
792.0GIDDAY::STRAHORNSun May 14 1995hplj4 resets to default
793.04JRDVMon May 15 1995How to detect a socket which causes SIGPIPE?
794.0KAMPUS::NEIDECKERMon May 15 1995nettop: Finding Ethernet hogs
795.011RDGENG::HAQUEMon May 15 1995Example Streams-based driver?
796.0UKARC1::ELANGCOMon May 15 1995sar output from an SMP system.
797.02HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGMon May 15 1995How to pass data from memory to memory?
798.03ALFAM7::STREPPELMon May 15 1995shm-max not > 2G ?!
799.01LEMAN::KEITAMon May 15 1995Force Job to swap out
800.02BBIVMon May 15 1995redirecting std input and output
801.01LNZALI::WATZKOMon May 15 1995V3.2A patches
802.03GBIMon May 15 1995VB driver DMA transfer: Possible in Digital UNIX?
805.03HGOM11::BRENDACAOMon May 15 1995 PCI card for parallel and serial ports
806.01XKOVMon May 15 1995LAt setup give ioctl failed Why?
807.0AOSG::TAPPANMon May 15 1995Platinum WWW page access
808.04BLKPUD::STOCKMANSMon May 15 1995Dec VET
809.03VARESE::CARBONIMon May 15 1995vm-mapentries = 4
810.05ANOHAC::COMFORTMon May 15 1995sendmail versions
811.01KOALA::PALOMAMon May 15 1995swapon
812.09OFOSS1::GINGERMon May 15 1995Fast file copy
813.04SWAM2::PALASE_FRMon May 15 1995Realtime info needed...
814.02ROMEOS::DEWIS_ANMon May 15 1995Integrating Man pages
815.01CSC32::HEINZMon May 15 1995lame delegation
816.01CSC32::J_WIELANDMon May 15 1995how to crash a 471
817.0TKOV6Tue May 16 1995mount problem between Solaris and OSF/1
819.07OZROCK::FERRIERTue May 16 1995Syntax error in siginfo.h in OSF/1 V3.2 (rev 214)
820.01CELICA::katsumiTue May 16 1995mail address completion?
821.01MLNORO::SCAGLIONITue May 16 1995installaupdate fails from 2.1B to 3.
822.0SIOG::J_LONGTue May 16 1995Alphaserver1
823.02ALFAM7::STREPPELTue May 16 1995osf_boot does not boot
824.04MUNICH::BEICHTTue May 16 1995ld uses up a lot more mem on OSF/1 3.2
825.012GOYA::JULIANRTue May 16 1995PIC on DEC UNIX ?
826.0ALEXWS::IGORTue May 16 1995EISA DMA setting
827.01HOUBA::BOUCHETTue May 16 1995Questions about FIFOs and NFS
828.06GOYA::JULIANRTue May 16 1995Stack and Optimizer <-> Ingres
829.01RHETT::SHEPPARDTue May 16 1995out of ptys -- again ?
830.01SOLVIT::EGHLIMATue May 16 1995Do I have to be root to use msgrcv()
831.0DPDMAI::GROVETue May 16 1995RAID
832.02TLE::WHITMANTue May 16 1995question on setitimer()/getitimer() routines
833.0DIVING::DAVISTue May 16 1995Screen flicker with Qvision & 21" monitor
834.02TFOSS1::ROCHA_EDTue May 16 1995DMAs on PCI - how?
835.015DAGWST::PIAZZATue May 16 1995Invalid Memory read access from DEC 7
836.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSTue May 16 1995xdm dumps core in free()/XFree()
837.0BBIVWed May 17 1995FMLI,ETI and C-ISAM interface. Urgent....
838.01GBIWed May 17 1995POSIX guide??
839.01BBIVWed May 17 1995Soft Link problem
840.01ASABET::SILVERBERGWed May 17 1995SUN Translator Program Rolls Out
841.01COMICS::EDWARDSNWed May 17 1995ld creates incorrect shareable virtual address
842.0BBIVWed May 17 1995Printer Accounting on OSF
843.05ZPOVC::SINSPSWed May 17 1995"ls -l /" on ufs took long time
844.03ISIDRO::ISMAN1Wed May 17 1995Motif/window tool for common users ???
846.02SWTHOM::LORENZOWed May 17 1995Bad behaviour of fopen (A process is able to erase its own text file)?
847.03DRAC::DSMAILWed May 17 1995exception: invalid memory address
848.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURWed May 17 1995at command
849.01LYOISA::GAUDIEZWed May 17 1995how many POSIX timers are possible ?
850.01RDGENG::BERENTWed May 17 1995External company asking for improved 32 bit support
851.0SYOMV::BYERSWed May 17 1995Swap priority and performance?
852.02HELIX::SONTAKKEWed May 17 1995dxconsole, console log & kernel printf calls
853.0MQOU18::mqop67.mqo.dec.com::caronWed May 17 1995How to manage all printers queues under Unix
854.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 17 1995a64l(3) manpage
855.01MQOU18::mqop67.mqo.dec.com::caronWed May 17 1995Mapping tty to a Terminal server port using TCP/IP
856.02RHETT::LOHWed May 17 1995dbx problem interrupting attached process
857.07CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed May 17 1995XISSO very long delays
858.03CSC32::J_WIELANDWed May 17 1995all lat connections drop at once, then login ok
859.01MQOU18::A_YASSIRWed May 17 1995uid & passwd generator needed
860.03POLAR::STEWARTNWed May 17 1995Error loading base subsets
861.01TLAVThu May 18 1995printing problem with GENICOM 444
862.02MUNICH::HABENREICHThu May 18 1995Display Postscript & Kubota
863.03ALFAM7::STREPPELThu May 18 1995Plans to enhance processor set (pset) management?
864.03KXOSRV::ALLEYThu May 18 1995Problem Printing to Networked Printers
865.02CSOA1::SWARDENThu May 18 1995CERN/Expect Availability?
866.04KERNEL::BAYSAThu May 18 1995man page for 'tu' / tulip driver
867.01CSOA1::SWARDENThu May 18 1995AFS/DFS Support?
868.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 18 1995OSF 2.1 kernel memory fault in spec_read
869.03WARNUT::BANKSTThu May 18 1995BIND setup question
870.09ALFAM7::STREPPELThu May 18 1995tar and very large files and TZ87
871.05PTHRED::PORTANTEThu May 18 1995How bad is "Memory error corrected by system"
872.03CSC32::I_WALDOThu May 18 1995tar output redirection?
873.02BLAZER::MIKELISThu May 18 1995ccr available on UNIX?
874.05SEAWLF::POISSONThu May 18 1995Need Anti-virus software
875.05ROMEOS::GAVINThu May 18 1995Maximum # of inodes in Digital Unix ??
876.05HANNAH::HAMILTONThu May 18 1995Where to get crypt(1)?
877.0POLAR::STEWARTNThu May 18 1995layered product location?
878.01SX4GTO::OLSONThu May 18 1995shmat(2) ENOMEM failure
879.06WASTED::mapThu May 18 1995UNIX Hardware Support Web Page
880.07MSBCS::REEDThu May 18 1995Secret to use bootp over subnets
881.05PEACHS::MURPHYThu May 18 1995Question on Floating Point exception
882.01HDLITE::MODIThu May 18 1995What is kernel option 'sys_v_mode' is used for ?
883.02MSAMThu May 18 1995nas25
884.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZFri May 19 1995can't find ksh and shutting down
885.01AZUR::BRANDTFri May 19 1995DIGITAL UNIX NFS Client --> IBM/MVS SMS (Space Mgm Syst.) V1 Release 1
886.02LEMAN::AGASSISFri May 19 1995Electronic locker..."not found"...
887.09JOBURG::SIMHONFri May 19 1995Tulip problem not enough mbuf
888.01TAEC::BACCARFri May 19 1995support of static library on Digital Unix ....
889.07SWTHOM::LORENZOFri May 19 1995Is strmsgsz configurable?
890.0HGOM11::ROBINZHANGFri May 19 1995problem with SLIP Ping via modem
891.02ZURFri May 19 1995printing problems with lg
892.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMFri May 19 1995Problems printing big files
893.02MLNORO::PAGLIAFri May 19 1995How many FDDI i/f on a 21
894.012MUNICH::BEICHTFri May 19 1995cc has trouble with sequence of evaluating the following expression
895.05SWETSC::HAGLUNDFri May 19 1995Bind server + alias address
896.0GUIDUK::DUDAFri May 19 1995How to minimize UNIX and the Xserver
897.01HANNAH::HAMILTONFri May 19 1995How to change time zones?
898.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri May 19 1995problem with charclass filename patterns in ksh
899.05SALEM::FORGUESSat May 20 1995How many swap areas in fstab?
900.04HTSC19::ANDYNGMon May 22 1995after upgrade, missing parameter in config file
901.05GIDDAY::HAGANMon May 22 1995Leading numeric in username..C2
902.01IJSAPL::ESSERMon May 22 1995FMLI in sysV enhancements
903.04IJSAPL::ESSERMon May 22 1995/bin/ps vs svr4/ps
904.0COPCLU::JENSMon May 22 1995swap an existing decserver 9
905.02EEMELI::WIKMon May 22 1995conv. streams file --> fixed length file ?
906.0CECAMO::JAGERMANMon May 22 1995X-server slowing down
907.01UTRTSC::VELDMANMon May 22 1995single bit corrected memory errors
908.02STOWOA::READMon May 22 1995Digital Unix on AXP15
909.02BACHUS::MANISEMon May 22 1995login message of telnetd
910.02CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon May 22 1995"AT -m command"
911.01EVTISA::ES_DEGELASMon May 22 1995[kernel idle] RSS and UBC
912.06HAGGLE::dorianMon May 22 1995tip is a cpu hog...
913.0SAC::GIBSON_CMon May 22 1995Menu Driven Inteface to MH Mail Available
914.03HDLITE::GRIESMon May 22 1995doing wrong with pthread_cond_broadcast
915.02LIOSMon May 22 1995Assistance in tracing a core file
916.02RHETT::LOHMon May 22 1995shared memory information
917.02MR4DEC::MGREENFIELDMon May 22 1995email conversion questions
918.02SLOSS1::THOMSON_MAMon May 22 1995lpd and filters
919.03GUIDUK::SOMERMon May 22 1995Network applications running on specific NIC's
920.01WPOCS1::LARVINMon May 22 1995scripts for detached processes
921.01PEACHS::MURPHYMon May 22 1995Restore Table of Contents
922.01TROU1Mon May 22 1995tool to monitor /etc/passwd for terminations etc?
923.011GIDDAY::ROMANITue May 23 1995tput cup 1
924.04LISTIM::CAMELOTue May 23 1995Fast SCSI on DEC7
925.02GIDDAY::SMALLTue May 23 1995PIOCSEXIT error from dbx
926.0QCAVTue May 23 1995rebuilding the kernel...
927.03MUNICH::HABENREICHTue May 23 1995telnet daemon keepalive interval
928.03NETRIX::"kobig@neora.iso.dec.com"Tue May 23 1995segmentation fault core dump but process still eating CPU (unix 3.2)
929.011EEMELI::WIKTue May 23 1995Patches on the Internet ?
930.06ROMOIS::FARRAUTOTue May 23 1995Deja' Vu HSJ4
931.08OTOOA::BOGARTTue May 23 1995RFC1
932.01HDLITE::CHALTASTue May 23 1995how to avoid <defunct> processes without waiting for them?
933.01DRAC::ARDEVOLTue May 23 1995PANIC : kernel memory fault - uaerror()
935.01ROMTue May 23 1995OSF/1 V2.1 on mikasa?
936.01RHETT::LOHTue May 23 1995question on gettimer routine
937.012ALFAM7::STREPPELTue May 23 1995Is Digital Unix really 64 bit???
938.01RHETT::LOHTue May 23 1995Assertion failed when verifying ATMBASE32
939.02FFTVAX::TOUSERKANITue May 23 1995IP addressing in multiple network adapter situatiopn
940.03LATINA::ALFONSOTue May 23 1995Class C subnetworks routing
941.01TRNOIS::PASTOREANTTue May 23 1995Does io_handle_to_phys() kernel routine work?...
942.0OFOSS1::GINGERTue May 23 1995perl thru sockets?
943.01POLAR::STEWARTNTue May 23 1995/dev/rmt
944.07QUARK::LIONELTue May 23 1995Training and books on Digital UNIX?
945.05DECWET::KOWALSKITue May 23 1995signal / kill when user id's match?
946.017RDGENG::HAQUETue May 23 1995Kernel threads and STREAMS
947.04TPOVC::ERICHUANGTue May 23 1995File system check error:Name Too Long
948.01MIASYS::REEDWed May 24 1995multi-byte character support for curses?
949.01BBIVWed May 24 1995shell script on OSF/1 3.2 (Digital unix)
950.01BRIEIS::DAVIESWed May 24 1995FIS version???
951.05TJOVWed May 24 1995dxprint bug ??
952.0MUNICH::HABENREICHWed May 24 1995create own banner page on OSF
953.06TAENG4::DOUBLEWed May 24 1995Print problem
954.01ALBIS::WEISSWed May 24 1995fsck return code osf/1
955.02GIDDAY::SCHWARZWed May 24 1995scsi errors on reboot after shutdown
956.0TOSSUC::MIONWed May 24 1995problem upgrading a AlphaServer21
957.04KAOFS::G_STOFKOWed May 24 1995UpperCase usernames with Enhanced Security
958.04RHETT::LOHWed May 24 1995thread scheduling question
959.01TUXEDO::CHUBBWed May 24 19953.
960.02BACHUS::MANISEWed May 24 1995man + lat on v3.2 and v3.
961.0SUBURB::JAMESHWed May 24 1995More Standards Conformance?
962.0SMURF::SWARDWed May 24 1995Available memory on Digital UNIX?
963.0VAOUWed May 24 1995native Datapoint terminal support?
964.09HDLITE::CHALTASWed May 24 1995what's "Lite"?
965.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed May 24 1995get file modification date in known/absolute format?
966.02CSC32::D_MAHDERWed May 24 1995Framemaker for Digital Unix
967.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu May 25 1995segmentation fault in calloc (cartesian_merge & cartesian_alloc)
968.0MEOCThu May 25 1995date (year) stuck on the 2
969.0SIOG::ODONNELLThu May 25 199564K colour on Alpha 2
970.0MSDOA::LOVEThu May 25 1995LAT printer went away after boot.
971.0FUJISI::SAVASTANOThu May 25 1995Has nmake been ported to dec unix?
972.02METSYS::HELLIARThu May 25 1995Where is nroff described?
973.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu May 25 1995netstat o/p, too many communication devices?
974.05QUARK::LIONELThu May 25 1995Stacksize limit questions
975.07MPGS::RUSSOThu May 25 1995Software development tool to isolate memory leaks ?
976.03VAXRIO::MANOELThu May 25 1995Slip questions !!
977.03CSC32::COLTERThu May 25 1995Will Digital_UNIX ever support booting from tape?
978.01BBIVFri May 26 1995Sable to Jensen OS disk transfer
979.0KERNEL::MANGERJFri May 26 1995Strange idle times in 3.2
980.02SIBILO::BARBERISFri May 26 1995Help about hpterm on DEC Unix
981.01MARVIN::MORRELLFri May 26 1995How do you get field test copies of UNIX?
982.0STUFri May 26 1995C2 security and Ingres
983.0--UnknownUser--Fri May 26 1995Sort can't handle NULL characters
984.06TPSYS::CORNELLFri May 26 1995DLOPEN another customer
985.05CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri May 26 1995.mailrc limitation
986.06SWTHOM::LORENZOFri May 26 1995Problem with sysconfigdb and tmp on a separate file system.
987.01JOBURG::SIMHONFri May 26 1995TL82
988.02CSC32::SCHLABSFri May 26 1995m_copym length panic on v2.1
989.0MSBCS::REEDFri May 26 1995DMS upgrade, future release?
990.01RHETT::LOHFri May 26 1995-taso problem
991.03LABC::HAFri May 26 1995tell UNIX to see less memory?
992.01USPS::FPRUSSFri May 26 1995MODEM Cookbook?
993.01OZROCK::TAYLORSun May 28 1995cancel linker (ld) option "-no_archive"?
994.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGSun May 28 1995Redirect to another mail spool directory
995.02HTSC19::WILLIAMMANMon May 29 1995Worry about support on old versions
996.04BBIVMon May 29 1995Problem with curses
997.02GIDDAY::GARDNERMon May 29 1995who am i (remote hostname not shown)
998.0SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERMon May 29 1995LATprint device supported?
999.01ISIDRO::ISMAN1Mon May 29 1995Which DEC OSF version with SWXCR controller ?
1000.01NAMIX::jptMon May 29 1995Doom for Digital UNIX - could we...
1001.0LATINA::ALFONSOMon May 29 1995LAT problem
1002.04VAXRIO::MIRIAMMon May 29 1995Machine check - why?
1003.01MSAMTue May 30 1995Problem reading Digital Unix tape on SCO Box
1004.01STKHLM::BACKSTROMTue May 30 1995LAT: I/O error, not always!
1005.09HELKA::OLLIKAINENTue May 30 1995Alphaserver 1
1006.04DRAC::POTINTue May 30 1995Sys V 4.2 support
1007.03IOSG::KALUSTue May 30 1995kernel rebuild fails after installing Japanese
1008.01COMICS::EDWARDSNTue May 30 1995Leak in crypt?
1009.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue May 30 1995how to send mail ?
1010.03OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DTue May 30 1995control P to halt
1011.04HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue May 30 1995Latest DEC OSF/1 ATM Software?
1012.01MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLATue May 30 1995.exrc info
1013.01VAXRIO::MANOELTue May 30 1995About rpc !!!
1014.03BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBTue May 30 1995Customer wants to monitor for promiscuous mode
1015.02SHIPS::BLATCH_GTue May 30 1995C2 security & root login problem
1016.03METSYS::HELLIARTue May 30 1995Disk Fragmentation - detecting and curing
1017.01WELCLU::CRIDDLETue May 30 1995Inconsistent tps rate with AS21
1018.02RDGENG::HAQUETue May 30 1995ctrl vs. data for M_DATA from fta driver?
1019.0IJSAPL::ESSERTue May 30 1995forms and sve printing
1020.06GRANPA::JCONNORSTue May 30 1995Clock interval ?
1021.023TUXEDO::FARRELLTue May 30 1995asm() and test-and-set
1022.02NYOSS1::YANNIOSTue May 30 1995Threads Question?
1023.0OZROCK::FERRIERWed May 31 1995Problem using pwd in ksh scripts
1024.01HTSC19::WILLIAMMANWed May 31 1995Any DECfonts or equivalent for Digital UNIX?
1025.04MEDINA::BEELENWed May 31 1995How to add a DE2
1026.04ALEXWS::IGORWed May 31 1995Device driver and memory allocation
1027.04TKOV5Wed May 31 1995kernel threads preempt my app's CPU ?
1028.02TLAVWed May 31 1995LIOC_H_SET ioctl failed
1029.06CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed May 31 1995max file, partition, disk size?
1030.05STKHLM::BEETSWed May 31 1995Problem with RAID after upgrade to 3.2
1031.01ZPOVC::WUUJIANNWed May 31 1995Calcomp Scanner & Printer supported?
1032.01TPOVC::RICHARDKUOWed May 31 1995What is it mean in RSS if I run FORTRAN program.
1033.01RDGENG::HAQUEWed May 31 1995Format of dl_ppa in STREAMS DL_ATTACH_REQ?
1034.0ODIXIE::MURDOCKWed May 31 1995Are there any demos ANYWHERE...??????
1035.014ADISSW::FERRINWed May 31 1995Digital UNIX Install problem
1036.0NETRIX::"kobig@neora.iso.dec.com"Wed May 31 1995osf 3.2 mount nfs timeouts when mounting HP/UX disks
1037.01JOBURG::SIMHONWed May 31 1995Panic N1=
1038.01SMAUG::MCLAUGHLINWed May 31 1995Problem upgrading from V1.3 to V2.
1039.01STKEIS::DUGGINWed May 31 1995fatal io error 32
1040.01MARIN::JONESWed May 31 1995lpd daemon going daemonic !~
1041.03CSC32::SCHLABSWed May 31 1995printing postscript to declaser 225
1042.0POLAR::STEWARTNWed May 31 1995edt for Unix
1043.0DV78Wed May 31 1995Change default SNMP port?
1044.05HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed May 31 1995finding files whose names begin with plus-sign (+)
1045.03HDLITE::LAXMANWed May 31 1995PCI device drivers
1046.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed May 31 1995ksh pattern matching (and/or order of evaluation)
1047.05RHETT::LOHWed May 31 1995Can't attach more than 189 shared memory segments
1048.02NYOSS1::YANNIOSWed May 31 1995When a TCP Socket Write is -actually- sent?
1049.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed May 31 1995rows/columns s=
1050.01NLAWed May 31 1995Processor affinity?
1051.01DIEHRD::KENNEDYWed May 31 1995does slip connection require the same subnet at both ends?
1052.01ROMEOS::POCZO_GAWed May 31 1995simple lock timeout exceeded painic on Tlaser!
1053.01HTSC19::WILLIAMMANThu Jun 01 1995Device name of RS232 port on DEC3
1054.05HTSC19::WILLIAMMANThu Jun 01 1995Strange error of yppasswd
1055.0TPOVC::ERICHUANGThu Jun 01 1995automount setup error
1056.02QCAVThu Jun 01 1995can we run a C executable of osf3.
1057.01SHIPS::BLATCH_GThu Jun 01 1995C2 and Passwords
1058.04MUCTEC::WENDLThu Jun 01 1995mx'ed dxnotepad for D_UNIX V3.2 ?
1059.0JALOPY::CUTLERThu Jun 01 1995VMS/OSF Comparision Paper?
1060.02SML1DR::MANUSZAKThu Jun 01 1995kdbx hang with file/socket?
1061.0NAC::LICAUSEThu Jun 01 1995Tar and disk space?
1062.0LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Jun 01 1995Memory errors in alpha 4
1063.03HPCGRP::CRABBThu Jun 01 1995Login failure from single-user
1064.01ANGLIN::KUTZThu Jun 01 199521
1065.0PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Jun 01 1995console hang if control-d from telnet after user deleted?
1066.03MSDOA::HICKSTThu Jun 01 1995Trumpet/SLIP->D_UNIX/SLIP, losing hair fast
1067.010BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Jun 01 1995Issues re. named semaphores / semget,semctl,semop
1068.04PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAThu Jun 01 1995AIX can't modify files on OSF V3.2 served nfs disk
1069.01SMURF::DANIELEThu Jun 01 1995Strategy for SNMP on Digital UNIX
1070.0NCMAIL::NADROWSKIThu Jun 01 1995DMU client failed with panic vfs_mount root error
1071.0QCAVFri Jun 02 1995thanks for your info
1072.02BACHUS::MANISEFri Jun 02 1995netbeui stack after crash
1073.09RDGENG::HAQUEFri Jun 02 1995How to "make" a dynamically loadable (STREAMS) driver?
1074.06JHBWS1::RYANFri Jun 02 1995Large DB - raw vs file-system (ufs,AdvFS)
1075.05QUICHE::PITTFri Jun 02 1995lpd won't run - printing to LPS2
1076.01AOSG::TAPPANFri Jun 02 1995Platinum Layered Product/Application info
1077.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 02 1995ksh -x changes shell script behavior
1078.04ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jun 02 1995UNIX V3.2B/TurboLaser/Layered Products
1079.02TRUCKS::COGGONFri Jun 02 1995Dumb question on portable system disks
1080.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Jun 02 1995c++ signal handling problem
1081.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jun 02 1995More info on C2 - Object Reuse
1082.04RTL::HILLIARDFri Jun 02 1995errno question
1083.01AXPBIZ::TMOOREFri Jun 02 1995writing NFS client via RPC calls to NFS server
1084.0MUNICH::HABENREICHFri Jun 02 1995DECserver bootp through DEChub via FDDI ?
1085.01PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Jun 02 1995UNIX 3.2 - How to start turnkey appl on boot (ie bypass DECwindows login)
1086.0VMSNET::W_LATTAFri Jun 02 1995V3.2, ksh runaways
1087.0VAXRIO::MANOELFri Jun 02 1995OSF1 v3.
1088.0AXPBIZ::TMOOREFri Jun 02 1995custom nfs client
1089.01QCAVSat Jun 03 1995* VMS:SORT & CONVERT on Digital UNIX *
1090.01GIDDAY::GARDNERSun Jun 04 1995sort ignoring fields
1091.01SNOCSun Jun 04 1995Changing LMF Units w/ MOD_UNITS...
1092.01HOBBLE::TERPENINGMon Jun 05 1995Change in behavior of SV_INTERRUPT flag in signal.h
1093.02QCAVMon Jun 05 1995* Capturing connecting hostname in telnet *
1094.06SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUMon Jun 05 1995Possible Security Hole in Login Program?
1095.02ZPOVC::DEODASMon Jun 05 1995How To Expire Password (No C2)
1096.04KERNEL::MCCULLAGHAMon Jun 05 1995Sendmail problems
1097.01LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DMon Jun 05 1995LPD or LP.NET - What and Where?
1098.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TMon Jun 05 1995How to config s/a bootable cd ?
1099.07TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Jun 05 1995can't set discipline with Asia TTYs?
1100.02QCAVMon Jun 05 1995* Digital UNIX mailing *
1101.02METSYS::HELLIARMon Jun 05 1995DOconfig doesn't
1102.013MOLAR::SIEGELMon Jun 05 1995V3.2 firmware upgrade can be FATAL for DEC 3
1103.01HDLITE::MODIMon Jun 05 1995Error printing from online doc cdrom
1104.02DECC::SULLIVANMon Jun 05 1995DEC C++ kit doesn't install via "setld -D non_std_root_dir"
1105.03HELIX::SONTAKKEMon Jun 05 1995Remote system monitor ??
1106.01AXPBIZ::TRUONGMon Jun 05 1995/usr/ucb/nm : many " out of range " warning messages
1107.01HDLITE::MARSONMon Jun 05 1995touch failure with group write access
1108.0VNZVMon Jun 05 1995Sizing NFS server
1109.05ZPOVC::HINSIONGTue Jun 06 1995vnode table full
1110.05BBIVTue Jun 06 1995How to identify term type?
1111.03MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLATue Jun 06 1995Uppercase username
1112.01BPSAXP::TUBATue Jun 06 1995SMP with one CPU failing
1113.04HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Jun 06 1995How to find interfaces and addresses
1114.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jun 06 1995How to use CBR with ATMworks 75
1115.02GYRO::SKINNERTue Jun 06 1995ftp count as a user?
1116.0UEOIS1::CYVOCTTue Jun 06 1995NFS perform for a 1
1117.07SWTHOM::LORENZOTue Jun 06 1995rpc man pages missing ?
1118.02SWTHOM::LORENZOTue Jun 06 1995Is there a way to get a modem state if connected to a DEC Server?
1119.07FORTY2::PALKATue Jun 06 1995dbx corrupts registers
1120.03MANMTue Jun 06 199524-plane graphics card no PEX/accelerator in UNIX?
1121.0VAXRIO::MEYERTue Jun 06 1995diskless: mkdir gives extend error 65
1122.02ISIDRO::JLUISTue Jun 06 1995Conversion/Format tool
1123.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Jun 06 1995Rsh (restricted shell) fails with C2/FTP
1124.013NZOVTue Jun 06 1995OSF PRESS RELEASE
1125.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGWed Jun 07 1995quota question
1126.01BBIVWed Jun 07 1995printing through bookreader
1127.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 07 1995Help required with dbx..
1128.01SNOCWed Jun 07 1995Moving LSM vols to a new system
1129.01GBIWed Jun 07 1995Very low level profiling tools under Digital Unix??
1130.01QCAVWed Jun 07 1995Stty error during Oracle upgrade
1131.02TAVHLT::RAFIWed Jun 07 1995Crash on core remove
1132.0MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Jun 07 1995declaser 18
1133.01TAVHLT::RAFIWed Jun 07 1995AIX -> OSF/1 problem
1134.02COLWed Jun 07 1995/usr/bin/cflow: 9753 Memory fault - core dumped
1135.01PRSSOS::ANCELINWed Jun 07 1995ADVFS patches->vol count mismatch
1136.05CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Jun 07 1995portable maths library?
1137.01STUWed Jun 07 1995No buffer space available
1138.01LSNCSC::MARTINWed Jun 07 1995v3.2 : utmp not updated correctly from LAT
1139.03MUCTEC::WENDLWed Jun 07 1995dxnotepad & worldwide lang.supp. -errors with V3.2
1140.01TALLIS::SCHULERWed Jun 07 1995mailsetup produces bogus sendmail.cf (OSF V3.2)
1141.04QCAVWed Jun 07 1995* VMS:'PRINT' features on D.UNIX *
1142.04MARX::FLEMINGWed Jun 07 1995perl 5.
1143.03TRNOI2::POLETTIWed Jun 07 1995Searching a PHOTO-CD application.
1144.06SUBPAC::FARICELLIWed Jun 07 1995IBM and SGI have magic "-32" pointer option?
1145.03MPGS::ROSENSTEINWed Jun 07 1995Can you do bootp through a SLIP line?
1146.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 07 1995Looking for doc on ATM log message
1147.05SXKITN::DAWWed Jun 07 1995question on sysconfig, sysconfigtab and kernel configuration parameters
1148.03IOSG::KALUSWed Jun 07 1995sntpreap() failure?
1149.01COLWed Jun 07 1995Login Timeout?
1150.021CHGVWed Jun 07 1995NFS Backup Options
1151.02AOSF1::krasWed Jun 07 1995ZLXp resolution set from SW?
1152.0HAGGLE::dorianWed Jun 07 1995Forcing Halt from a remote console
1153.0SUPER::MCDOWELLWed Jun 07 1995Digital UNIX Courses Available via WWW
1154.01CSCMA::J_BUSHWed Jun 07 1995enabling serial port on Alpha
1155.02RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Jun 07 1995popd startup fails at reboot'
1156.04TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Jun 07 1995mail server sizing - configuration suggestions
1157.03SEAWLF::UEBERSAXWed Jun 07 1995Postscript to Dot Matrix
1158.03SX4GTO::TMOOREWed Jun 07 1995table(2) TBL_DKINFO
1159.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Jun 07 1995BIND : secondary server in Digital UNIX V3.2
1160.01BIGUN::HAVERFIELDThu Jun 08 1995Can UNIX 3.2 boot via HSZ4
1161.02AUSSIE::ALBERTThu Jun 08 1995redirecting stdout of tar xvf from tape
1162.04EEMELI::WIKThu Jun 08 1995Where is getprpwnam() ?
1163.01LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Jun 08 1995Informix is eating memory
1164.02OZROCK::PERKINSThu Jun 08 1995Segmentation fault in mq_send when used with threads
1165.04DAIVC::SYAIFULThu Jun 08 1995Oracle Parallel Server with LSM Mirroring ?
1166.01HGOVC::DONWONGThu Jun 08 1995OSF/1 V2.1B where?
1167.01MLNCSC::PASSALACQUAThu Jun 08 1995login box to a PC
1168.04NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Jun 08 1995Batch options, please!
1169.03MUDIS3::DSCHMIERThu Jun 08 1995panic (cpu
1170.02TROOA::JADAMSThu Jun 08 1995latstartup.conf not executed on startup
1171.0MUCTEC::WENDLThu Jun 08 1995rsh machine 'yppasswd name < file' just core dumps
1172.04HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Jun 08 1995mmap then brk!
1173.02SML1DR::MANUSZAKThu Jun 08 1995C2 port locking ability?
1174.0TRUCKS::COGGONThu Jun 08 1995Executing images on 'worms' give memory fault !
1175.07DELNI::WALSHThu Jun 08 1995Any Ideas on why the doconfig fails with 3rd party install
1176.05DELNI::WALSHThu Jun 08 1995How do I increase vnode limits from a device install procedure
1177.01BXOSThu Jun 08 1995Is sar utility available?
1178.0CSC32::COLTERThu Jun 08 1995PCM Scan Profiles for Digital_UNIX ??
1179.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Jun 08 1995UNIX 3.2, 21
1180.06USPS::FPRUSSThu Jun 08 1995Digital UNIX limits for storage devices...
1181.04COMICS::EDWARDSNFri Jun 09 1995How big can an executable get?
1182.02ROMFri Jun 09 1995Performance problems
1183.03MANFri Jun 09 1995lk411-bt russian keyboard support ?
1184.03NBOFS1::HAECKLFri Jun 09 1995OSF 3.
1185.02FSAEUR::RYEFri Jun 09 1995XServer Hangs on Drawn Circles
1186.01NETRIX::"pallone@zk3.dec.com"Fri Jun 09 1995UNIX Product Marketing Manager
1187.03OAW::MATUSZAKFri Jun 09 1995Priority Scheduling by User/Group question
1188.0PRSSOS::ANCELINFri Jun 09 1995fcntl on stdout and shells
1189.01WMOIS::SKOWYRAFri Jun 09 1995vms files to osf
1190.05SUBPAC::SAUBERFri Jun 09 1995word processor for Alpha/OSF ?
1191.06CHGVFri Jun 09 1995Replacement disk, disklabel -rw, open partitions error message
1192.03RDGENG::HAQUEFri Jun 09 1995Compiler options for loadable drivers?
1193.01VAOUFri Jun 09 1995problem with Segate ST3255
1194.011SCCAT::SHERRILLFri Jun 09 1995How to set up command line edit on OSF/1
1195.01AXPBIZ::PSDASFri Jun 09 1995there is always a way around...
1196.0PEACHS::TRENTASat Jun 10 1995SVE lpadmin and lpstat
1197.04ZPOVC::TECKLEESun Jun 11 1995Jensen firmware
1198.04CHGVSun Jun 11 1995HSZ4
1199.01ZPOVC::DEODASMon Jun 12 1995A Strange FS full problem
1200.0LEMAN::AGASSISMon Jun 12 1995Auto-repeat keyboards...a solution !
1201.07TKOV6Mon Jun 12 1995TCP trace tool ?
1202.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Jun 12 1995group quota for advfs
1203.02FORTY2::PALKAMon Jun 12 1995Questions on mmap
1204.01MANMMon Jun 12 1995ASE: Execute (AM) Initialize Failed - kernel problem?
1205.01MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAMon Jun 12 1995Getting TCP/IP server port #
1206.04XKOVMon Jun 12 1995HP56
1207.06EVTAI1::POUSSARDMon Jun 12 1995 infos on 3.2B
1208.05HLRGMon Jun 12 1995Screen resolution
1209.02CSC32::PITTMon Jun 12 1995invalid memory read access from kernel mode
1210.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Jun 12 1995Enhanced Parallel Port
1211.06ZURMon Jun 12 1995"netstat -a" takes ages on V3.2A!
1212.05ANNECY::ADAMMon Jun 12 1995At boot, SIOP load takes 4 seconds
1213.01BACHUS::FOLENSMon Jun 12 1995awk error: .......has too many fields
1214.011CSC32::A_SHERLOCKMon Jun 12 1995network programming question
1215.02pdosva.pdo.dec.com::Bill AndersonMon Jun 12 1995System Management Utility Demo
1216.01BUDDIE::KENWORTHYMon Jun 12 1995Xterms not terminating properly??
1218.08DIEHRD::KENNEDYMon Jun 12 1995how many aliases does ifconfig support?
1219.02HOBBLE::TERPENINGTue Jun 13 1995Local socket connections using FDDI
1220.02BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGTue Jun 13 1995Is UNIX able to save memory contents upon power failure and panic?
1221.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZTue Jun 13 1995scsi error 'resid not null'
1222.01OSLTue Jun 13 1995Need patch
1223.01KETJE::BEYENSTue Jun 13 1995Pointer to OSM print mgmt info
1224.0QCAVTue Jun 13 1995comp comparision of real time features
1225.0ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Jun 13 1995max-vnodes=VNODE of "vmstat -M"
1226.0BACHUS::FRATERSTue Jun 13 1995Behaviour of gawk on v3.2
1227.09CERN::THIBONNIERTue Jun 13 1995How to increase the number of environment variable?
1228.01VNASWS::HAUSBTue Jun 13 1995POP3 Server on Digital UNIX
1229.04OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DTue Jun 13 1995BBR and LSM
1230.02LATINA::CARVAJALTue Jun 13 1995osf/1 panic: kernel memory fault
1231.01AWECIM::LUPISELLATue Jun 13 1995Port Definitions using LATCP on OSF V3.
1232.01LABC::RUTue Jun 13 1995Clock in milli-seconds?
1234.03CADSYS::LANETue Jun 13 1995maximum virtual address space?
1235.01TALER::GAISFORDTue Jun 13 1995Are core files portable?
1236.01CSC32::COLTERTue Jun 13 1995Does Digital_UNIX support MOP?
1237.07GUIDUK::MCCANTATue Jun 13 1995RZ29B and V3.2
1238.02OTOUWed Jun 14 1995re-entrant libraries under Digital UNIX
1239.03LSNCSC::MARTINWed Jun 14 1995ypserv memory leak ? v3.
1240.04SWTHOM::LORENZOWed Jun 14 1995kls_server_ipc_receive_request:msgrcv()failed: invalid argument
1241.02SWTHOM::LORENZOWed Jun 14 1995setpgid() info needed.
1242.04WELCLU::CRIDDLEWed Jun 14 1995sendmail hub question
1243.01KETJE::HAESAERTSWed Jun 14 1995Where to find Freeport Express (SUN binary translator ???)
1244.01ITBGWed Jun 14 1995SLIP problem between OSF/1 2.
1245.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 14 1995How does SVC work?
1247.02LEMAN::KEITAWed Jun 14 1995MKTEMP
1248.04MEDINA::BEELENWed Jun 14 1995Support of Slovenian Character set
1249.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 14 1995Host Resource Agent MIB for Digital UNIX
1250.05EEMELI::SYVANENWed Jun 14 1995*Urgent* ioctl w/ TCSETA fails with LAT tty
1251.03DECWET::SUNWed Jun 14 1995where to get C2 scurity patches for Digital Unix V3.
1252.02TEACH::ANGIEWed Jun 14 1995getty: cannot open error
1253.07TROOA::JADAMSWed Jun 14 1995per cpu load statistics avail?
1254.03DECLNE::LICKWed Jun 14 1995documentation pointer
1255.01VAXRIO::MANOELWed Jun 14 1995quotacheck X NIS problem ?
1256.03RDGENG::HAQUEWed Jun 14 1995SNMP and STREAMS multiplexing drivers
1257.02MARIN::JONESWed Jun 14 1995Remote Printer Problems
1258.04SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUThu Jun 15 1995Kernel Memory Fault - rouv_choose_phasev_adj
1259.0SNOCThu Jun 15 1995Lack of control on CPU resources (QAR 26924).
1260.04DREUL1::robThu Jun 15 1995Secure password and YP/NIS/Pathworks
1261.01BBIVThu Jun 15 1995Error while linking lincml.o
1262.01ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu Jun 15 1995OSF v2.1 STRPTIME does not handle the 29-FEB-1996 date
1263.0USPS::FPRUSSThu Jun 15 1995NT VS UNIX White Paper/Articles?
1264.0TLE::WHITMANThu Jun 15 1995another timezone related question
1265.01WMGEN1::tba.wro.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeThu Jun 15 1995Question on Physical memory usage
1266.01DEVIN::LUCASThu Jun 15 1995DMS documentation?
1267.014BPSOF::TELEKIThu Jun 15 1995Performnace of HSZ4
1268.02WRKSYS::CHALTASThu Jun 15 1995ship date for V3.2C?
1269.01LEMAN::AGASSISThu Jun 15 1995local HSM Error:get_cntrs: intf fta
1270.02SUBPAC::SAUBERThu Jun 15 1995Anything like "-class PseudoColor" in OSF?
1271.01FREEBE::COXThu Jun 15 1995swap space full of files?
1272.04DTENG1::CARTYThu Jun 15 1995Is pthread_mutexattr_default same as zero
1273.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Jun 15 1995What instead DECforms ?
1274.06HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Jun 15 1995can 'find -exec' execute a shell list or function?
1275.01ROMEOS::DEWIS_ANThu Jun 15 1995RSS field in PS
1276.05BUDDIE::KENWORTHYThu Jun 15 1995Xterm log file problem
1277.013AXPBIZ::TRUONGThu Jun 15 1995how to determine if a given address is unmapped?
1278.0GIDDAY::ROMANIFri Jun 16 1995eprom burner comm problem with 3
1279.01HLRGFri Jun 16 1995looking for diagnostic tools
1280.01ANNECY::LEMMAFri Jun 16 1995supported RFCs?
1281.09SHAND::shandFri Jun 16 1995Questions about TCP/IP performance
1282.0LISTIM::SILVA_AFri Jun 16 1995Problems with NFS from SCO to OSF/1
1283.0ZPOVC::YICKPENGFri Jun 16 1995intermittently cannot print
1284.02SALEM::ARNOLDFri Jun 16 1995DECEVENT location
1285.0+10MSDOA::HICKSTFri Jun 16 1995Looking for Alpha applications directory
1286.01IJSAPL::SINKEFri Jun 16 1995set host/lat equivalent ?
1287.01MSDOA::HICKSTFri Jun 16 1995version of Comp. Products CD for 3.2B?
1288.02AOSG::TAPPANFri Jun 16 1995Platinum IFT incentive program
1289.010RDGENG::HAQUEFri Jun 16 1995Problem using ldbl_stanza_resolver()
1290.0KERNEL::HILLKFri Jun 16 1995ATI mach 64 and xgc problem
1291.01BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBFri Jun 16 1995NIS/YP records > 1
1292.01HANNAH::HAMILTONFri Jun 16 1995Can one use sccs for binary files?
1293.018DECWET::FARLEEFri Jun 16 1995How to find model name?
1294.02NCMAIL::YANUSCFri Jun 16 1995Is it OSF or the Network?
1295.0DECWET::FARLEEFri Jun 16 1995DEFTA problems?
1296.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Fri Jun 16 1995at/batch and mail
1297.012ZPOVC::HINSIONGSun Jun 18 1995Max number of user accounts ?
1298.02ZPOVC::SINSPSSun Jun 18 1995"vnode table is full" when free_vnodes are high ?
1299.03NOVA::R_ANDERSONSun Jun 18 1995SMG on OSF availability?
1300.06--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 19 1995The nightmare of building a patch kit
1301.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUMon Jun 19 1995OSF V2.
1302.05TRNMon Jun 19 1995Which Ingres on v.3.
1303.012TAEC::GALLERIMon Jun 19 1995Trouble with signal handling under DEC/UNIX V3.2
1304.02MSAMMon Jun 19 1995Where is SNA Peer to Peer S/W ?
1305.0MANDSP::STRUTHMon Jun 19 1995Token ring driver error recovery problem
1306.01NETRIX::"walsh@avalon.Eng.PKO.DEC.Com"Mon Jun 19 1995Where can I get net copy of 3.2C
1307.06MANMMon Jun 19 1995Problem installing SAS under DEC OSF/1
1308.0GOYA::BEGONAMon Jun 19 1995sar doesn't match iostat
1309.01VAXRIO::MANOELMon Jun 19 1995Lasy console??
1310.03PARVAX::JANOCKMon Jun 19 1995CD Music/RRD43?
1311.01DEVIN::LUCASMon Jun 19 1995Problem configuring DMS area
1312.07HYLNDR::ROMANOMon Jun 19 1995RLD_Version??
1313.01COLMon Jun 19 1995C2 and deleting and reactiviting a user
1314.08SMURF::DANIELEMon Jun 19 1995eSNMP kits
1315.0+83SMURF::DANIELEMon Jun 19 1995eSNMP programming questions/bug reports
1316.0+5SMURF::DANIELEMon Jun 19 1995Host Resources MIB discussion
1317.01NETRIX::"lehl@lehlMon Jun 19 1995How can I use the VT-Function Keys with OSF/1
1318.010RHETT::LOHMon Jun 19 1995why /var/spool/mail is world writeable
1319.02CSC32::HULLMon Jun 19 1995resolution of 64
1320.0GIDDAY::SCHWARZMon Jun 19 1995ofile -v and kdbx
1321.01MANMTue Jun 20 1995PZA
1322.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Jun 20 1995parallel port driver source
1323.04LATINA::CARVAJALTue Jun 20 1995panic: machine check
1324.02OSLACT::BJORNAUTue Jun 20 1995AlphaServer / AlphaStation support for Exabyte tape-drives??
1325.01OTOUTue Jun 20 1995V3.2b and use of FW-V1.8...?
1326.02WRKSYS::ARTHURTue Jun 20 1995-taso, unexmips and moving TEXT and DATA segments
1327.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMTue Jun 20 1995Can we trust OSF/RAID and Advfs?
1328.03COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Jun 20 1995Looking for a simple windows text editor for big files
1329.04HAMSUP::SONNENTAGTue Jun 20 1995How to switch the paper trays of a LN14
1330.02CSC32::I_WALDOTue Jun 20 1995problem with OSFV
1331.02WOTVAX::WARNUT::GOODMANDTue Jun 20 1995Adding more memory
1332.03TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 20 1995What manual describes how to lock app or db in-memory?
1333.03PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Jun 20 1995huge read performance drop after locking and unlocking a file...
1334.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROTue Jun 20 1995DEC OSMS vs DEC OSDS for UNIX
1335.03PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Jun 20 1995How To determine number of disks using table() function.
1336.09PEACHS::TRENTATue Jun 20 1995KZPSC and write back cache
1337.01GIDDAY::ROMANIWed Jun 21 1995sprintf bug in v3.2a
1338.02DEEIS1::DENAYERWed Jun 21 1995C2 changes logging of su failures ??
1339.01IJSAPL::JANSSENWed Jun 21 1995base priority
1341.05SWTHOM::LORENZOWed Jun 21 1995csh -b option utility
1342.01KETJE::BEYENSWed Jun 21 1995GUI to RCS?
1343.09MUCTEC::WENDLWed Jun 21 1995listing of fulfilled standards? POSIX, ANSI, ...
1344.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Jun 21 1995physical memory and OSF/1 V3.2
1346.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Jun 21 1995 3.2 ADVFS patches valid for 3.2B ???
1347.0RDGENG::HAQUEWed Jun 21 1995dma_map_alloc() vs. svatophys()
1348.02HDLITE::GRIESWed Jun 21 1995-fast and ld error
1349.03HDLITE::GRIESWed Jun 21 1995acc problem
1350.06MUNICH::SCHWEMMERWed Jun 21 1995defea, osf/1 v3.2, DMA Error
1351.0MARIN::JONESWed Jun 21 1995Printer can't clear lock !1
1352.01HDLITE::MARSONWed Jun 21 1995disk capacity limitations / questions
1353.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Jun 21 1995auditing and root logouts
1354.01SMURF::SEAGRAVESWed Jun 21 1995V3.2: Multi-session PhotoCD question
1355.01ASABET::absThu Jun 22 1995simple_lock panic - Anyone seen this?
1356.0TKOV6Thu Jun 22 1995Can we change syslog format ?
1357.03OZROCK::MAFFEYThu Jun 22 1995Support for loadable ISA drivers on Platinum?
1358.0TKTVFS::NAGAI_KThu Jun 22 1995changing default input tray on lps32
1359.0TPOVC::ERICHUANGThu Jun 22 1995telnet disconnect problem!
1360.01LATINA::CARVAJALThu Jun 22 1995Alpha 25
1361.01CSC32::PITTThu Jun 22 1995uerf.bin
1362.01BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGThu Jun 22 1995need patch for CLD#USG-
1363.03SWTHOM::DORNANOThu Jun 22 1995is /etc/gateways working ?
1364.01ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONThu Jun 22 1995Netperf?
1365.03ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONThu Jun 22 1995looking for HZ variable
1366.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Jun 22 1995delay_wbuffers revisited!
1367.09HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Jun 22 1995impact and monitoring of thread stack size
1368.01AOSF1::krasThu Jun 22 1995Parallelized TCP/IP?
1369.010SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIThu Jun 22 1995Support of NIS+
1370.04QUABBI::"werme@zk3.dec.com"Thu Jun 22 1995Marketing against SGI: NFS is influencing this sale
1371.03ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Jun 22 1995Bad Block Revectoring with Digital UNIX
1372.03LGP3Thu Jun 22 1995sh5
1373.01TOOK::MORENZThu Jun 22 1995Writing a device driver for Digital Unix
1374.0MARIN::JONESThu Jun 22 1995Printer Problems
1375.01TUXEDO::CHUBBThu Jun 22 19953.2 crash ID?
1376.02FIREBL::LEEDSFri Jun 23 1995reading IBM 348
1377.01AIAG::KIMFri Jun 23 1995How does lseek work for shared access ?
1378.0LATINA::CARVAJALFri Jun 23 1995Xcms: how to use alias?
1379.02GSGLXT::CHMURAFri Jun 23 1995Streams-2 support?
1380.04TLAVFri Jun 23 1995how to modify minimum length of password
1381.09CECAMO::JAGERMANFri Jun 23 1995PPP connections on pseudo terminal lines
1382.02BBIVFri Jun 23 1995color support in curses lib on osf
1383.06ZURFri Jun 23 1995slip does not work osf/1 v3.2a and decserver 7
1384.01MANMFri Jun 23 1995Upgrading memory in an Alphaserver 21
1385.05QUABBI::"werme@zk3.dec.com"Fri Jun 23 1995SGI's NFS V3 in Irix 5.3: a total disaster
1386.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jun 23 1995shell initialization scripts for multiple shells?
1387.02KETJE::VDEYNDEFri Jun 23 1995OpenVMS VAX to DEC OSF/1 AXP Migration Guide ?
1388.03BUDDIE::KENWORTHYFri Jun 23 1995HX+ video causes apps to core dump
1389.03ANNECY::FURODET_DFri Jun 23 1995trouble using rcs in a C program
1390.04RHETT::LACORTIFri Jun 23 1995defunct lat processes 3.2
1391.01OFOSS1::GINGERFri Jun 23 1995cu and VT1
1392.03CSC32::PITTFri Jun 23 1995osf and lat VC problem?
1393.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSat Jun 24 1995Using BIND/NIS to serve /etc/passwd
1394.04QDOVSat Jun 24 1995RAID5 questions
1395.01--UnknownUser--Sat Jun 24 1995Is this a system crash ? -SOS
1396.03ALEXWS::IGORSun Jun 25 1995loading/unloading of the dev.drivers help needed
1397.07I4GET::HENNINGSun Jun 25 1995Magazine has multiple questions
1398.07GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jun 26 1995What is lazy swapping ? and problems with it
1399.02FRUST::FUKSMon Jun 26 1995CD recorder on UNIX
1400.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon Jun 26 1995Problem with quotas - warning, grace period ?
1401.05SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUMon Jun 26 1995Uninterruptable/Unkillable Processes on OSF/1 V3.2
1402.0SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUMon Jun 26 1995Uninterruptable/Unkillable Processes and Progress database
1403.04AUSSIE::elstree_ether.sna.dec.com::kimptonMon Jun 26 1995Problems with dxpause, C2 security and long passwords
1404.01SHIPS::ATTWELL_SMon Jun 26 1995mq message limits?
1405.03GOYA::JOSEFMon Jun 26 1995Two FDDI controllers for backup.
1406.03COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Jun 26 1995Is there any scanner supported under DIGITAL_UNIX?
1407.08COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Jun 26 1995 a simple utility that can read PC floppy disks (ASCII files)
1409.03HERON::LAFORGUEMon Jun 26 1995UU: need patched lockprim.o for V3.2B
1410.01MPGS::LAVINMon Jun 26 1995What causes this?
1411.03CSC32::PITTMon Jun 26 1995fddi on 7
1412.01RHETT::MOOREMon Jun 26 1995weird doconfig problem, weirder solution
1413.02UHUH::FEINGOLDMon Jun 26 1995When can read() return with -1, errno=54 (ECONNRESET)?
1414.06LAXRE::KIMMon Jun 26 1995Any way to recover/restore pre-installation files?
1415.08WRKSYS::CHALTASMon Jun 26 1995V3.2B (rev 214.61) won't build kernel on an Alcor
1416.02GBIMon Jun 26 1995LC++ OSF Oracle link problems.... Help!
1417.0HDLITE::MARSONMon Jun 26 1995problems mounting rock ridge CD on V3.2 and possibly other versions
1418.02WMGEN1::absMon Jun 26 1995Where is the standard for pthreads defined?
1419.02USPS::FPRUSSTue Jun 27 1995HAYES ACCURA: Connects at "random" speed?
1420.0GSGLXT::CHMURATue Jun 27 1995"Starvation Watch-Dog Timers"
1421.0TAEC::SAVYTue Jun 27 1995pb with AdvFS and sync
1423.01MANMTue Jun 27 1995Xlib: number of clients exceeded?
1424.03MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLATue Jun 27 1995No login prompt, only password
1425.0TAEC::GALLERITue Jun 27 1995About TCP/IP sockets ...
1426.01ANNECY::KLING_CTue Jun 27 1995Assign PB after for loop on OSF3.
1427.02WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Jun 27 1995vms (unix untar)
1428.03ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROTue Jun 27 1995428MB Solid-state drive w/AdvFS w/Informix appl
1429.01LABC::RUTue Jun 27 1995Shared memory unmapping slow.
1430.03AMCUCS::LOUIETue Jun 27 1995memmove moves byte or chunk?
1431.03CGOOA::KUHNENTue Jun 27 1995Dial out
1432.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Jun 28 1995OSFV3
1433.0BBIVWed Jun 28 1995system for simluation software
1434.02QUICHE::PITTWed Jun 28 1995How to recreate a config file?
1435.08LEMAN::AGASSISWed Jun 28 1995NFS / AdvFS / UNIX V3.2A performances vs. UFS...
1436.03MANMWed Jun 28 1995Xlib: maximum number of clients exceeded
1437.02BPSOF::TELEKIWed Jun 28 1995Patch checksum correct???
1438.01RHETT::LOHWed Jun 28 1995How to make French accents work in mail
1439.0ATSE::LABONTEWed Jun 28 1995stuff for print filters, numberup, lpr, banner utility, mosiac pointer
1440.02ALEXWS::IGORWed Jun 28 1995loadable driver probing
1441.05EVTAI1::BROCHARDWed Jun 28 1995seagate disk ST3255
1442.07FLYWAY::DUCRETWed Jun 28 1995365 days uptime ?!
1443.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 28 1995DEC OSF/1 ATM tuning?
1444.04ANIMLZ::DUBEWed Jun 28 1995shell script help needed!
1445.05LSNCSC::MARTINWed Jun 28 1995Problem upgrading to 21
1446.0EEMELI::PVILJANENWed Jun 28 1995fta
1447.01TEACH::ANGIEWed Jun 28 1995Fullsail (?) product
1448.02TLE::TARSAWed Jun 28 1995pathconf(): how is is supposed to work?
1449.0+11RDGENG::HAQUEWed Jun 28 1995An example STREAMS, loadable, physical device driver
1450.03VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Jun 28 1995Problems updating FW on a DEC3
1451.03ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKWed Jun 28 1995idle time/runnable threads in vmstat
1452.01NJOSS1::CHENWed Jun 28 1995Bug found in the SCREEND daemon
1453.03CSC32::PITTThu Jun 29 1995no such device - lat problem- synoptics server
1454.03MSAMThu Jun 29 1995bootpd get access violation
1455.04DRAC::ARDEVOLThu Jun 29 1995Xdec 3.2 core dumps on malloc.c
1456.01KERNEL::COFFEYJThu Jun 29 1995OSFV3
1457.01TAVThu Jun 29 1995bookreader crashes (seg fault)
1458.01HGOVC::KITTYCHIMThu Jun 29 1995Question on Digital UNIX license for C/S appl
1459.0ZURThu Jun 29 1995wrong char during sprintf will be printed osf/1 v3.2
1460.01BBIVThu Jun 29 1995Hard error on OS Disk .
1461.0SHIPS::SMITH_JJThu Jun 29 1995tip to DECserver port via IP?
1462.02TRUCKS::ATTWELL_SThu Jun 29 1995mq_send segmentation fault OSF V3.
1463.01TEACH::ANGIEThu Jun 29 1995nfs export
1464.04VAXRIO::MEYERThu Jun 29 1995rcp=>rcmd:socket:permission denied
1465.02MLNORO::DONZELLIThu Jun 29 1995tiff format converter 'cdoc'
1466.01TALLIS::GORTONThu Jun 29 1995xfloat info sought
1467.01IRNBRU::JWESTERMANThu Jun 29 1995Getting error when using kits command
1468.01EEMELI::WIKThu Jun 29 1995updateinstall - bus error (V2.
1469.01TALLIS::KIRKThu Jun 29 1995netname2host/netname2user problems
1470.01AXPBIZ::TRUONGThu Jun 29 1995how to undo a bad 'setld -l' ?
1471.02HANNAH::ALFREDThu Jun 29 1995New ar format in Platinum Lite (V3.2C)?
1472.01CSC32::SCHLABSThu Jun 29 1995 unplugging pcxal-fa keyboard renders it useless on 21
1473.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTThu Jun 29 1995NonDigital High Speed Disk Drives ???
1474.05TEACH::ANGIEThu Jun 29 1995addvol on root domain
1475.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Jun 29 1995nfs3 rfs3_write failed: RPC: Timed out
1476.01HOTAIR::UNSWORTHThu Jun 29 1995Streams-based LAT and ttyname()
1477.0SALEM::HARRIS_MFri Jun 30 1995problem modifying kzpsa on a 84
1478.01ZPOVC::WUUJIANNFri Jun 30 1995Where is Programmer's Guide: STREAMS
1479.01VNABRW::STEINER_PFri Jun 30 1995How to save keymap after setting with xmodmap..
1480.03HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGFri Jun 30 1995DEC OSF/1 C doc???
1481.02AUSSIE::DAYANFri Jun 30 1995Strange problem with write to socket.
1482.01MLNCSC::VOCIFri Jun 30 1995Problems during installation of 3.2 on jensen
1483.04NETCAD::DESMONDFri Jun 30 1995FAILURE in print filters
1484.08LISTIM::ULTRIXFri Jun 30 1995waiting for lp to become ready (offline ?)
1485.01VAXRIO::MIRIAMFri Jun 30 1995System panic on OSF 2.
1486.0MGOFFri Jun 30 1995cpio -p sets wrong owner and group
1487.02UKARC1::CHAMBERLINFri Jun 30 1995Virtual memory useage reporting
1488.01CSC32::PITTFri Jun 30 1995tcp_keepidle?
1489.05VIRGIN::SUTTERFri Jun 30 1995How to leave 'tip' without the modem haning up the phone?
1490.03RHETT::AMANFri Jun 30 1995why are forced dump messages different?
1491.02CHGVFri Jun 30 1995Need Directory Tree Grand Total Count and Size...
1492.0IMPERO::OSTOREROFri Jun 30 1995PCNFS security problem
1493.03RHETT::LOHFri Jun 30 1995What's the schedule for Digital UNIX v4.
1494.0DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jun 30 1995LMF Generator?
1495.01HOTAIR::UNSWORTHFri Jun 30 1995Problems with signal() compatibility
1496.03UNITED::MCDONNELLFri Jun 30 1995Cluster aliasing?
1497.04BEJVC::HELENZHOUMon Jul 03 1995Digital UNIX Kernal Size?
1498.04BBIVMon Jul 03 1995SABLE M/C check....
1499.02NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Mon Jul 03 1995RealTime Video
1500.01IJSAPL::JANSSENMon Jul 03 1995backup script
1501.0MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jul 03 1995dump and restore problem
1502.01GBIMon Jul 03 1995Very urgent: VME space seen by smget???
1503.01LATINA::CARVAJALMon Jul 03 1995panics: memory fault/relaiming active pipe
1504.0KERNEL::BAYSAMon Jul 03 1995Restoring /usr from a multi-archive dump tape
1505.0ARRODS::SWIGGTMon Jul 03 1995TLZ
1506.01MLNORO::BELLENCHIAMon Jul 03 1995Parallel port very poor performance
1507.0TRNOIS::POLETTIMon Jul 03 1995How to imports documents from Scanner ?
1508.05SAC::MAGUIRE_GMon Jul 03 1995Can we have two KZPSA's in the same 21
1509.04SXKITN::DAWMon Jul 03 1995NFS Portmap: RPC: Program not registered question
1510.0+5CSC32::PITTMon Jul 03 1995anonymous ftp then user name
1511.01VNASWS::HAUSBMon Jul 03 1995Physical Memory Boot Parameter ?
1512.02PRSSOS::POTARDMon Jul 03 1995AlphaPC64 and Digital UNIX support ?
1513.07MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jul 03 1995customer code & binary compat V2.
1514.02ZURMon Jul 03 1995swxcr Raid-Controller
1515.01TLAVTue Jul 04 1995LAT tty ports lockup
1516.01GIDDAY::MUNNTue Jul 04 1995Errors when streaming on TZ87
1517.02MARVIN::ROBINSONTue Jul 04 1995xftp utility
1518.01SWTHOM::WUILQUETue Jul 04 1995Welcome on telnet connections
1519.05OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Jul 04 1995V3.4 SSB ?
1520.05METZTue Jul 04 1995dbx, decladebug, fuse : wrong line with -migrate
1521.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Jul 04 1995Cannot get semaphores on second backup operation?
1522.02NETRIX::"jem@unxaxp.iso.dec.com"Tue Jul 04 1995gdb for d-unix 3.2a
1523.01NETRIX::"jem@unxaxp.iso.dec.com"Tue Jul 04 1995Matlab 4.2c under 3.2 causing panic
1524.02TRNTue Jul 04 1995Still simple_lock panic!
1525.0VAXRIO::63Tue Jul 04 1995Print job stays in the print queue
1526.06RDGENG::WALTONTue Jul 04 1995Where is `pipemod'?
1527.05VAXSPO::TOMETue Jul 04 1995df -i and large partitions - output WRONG !!!
1528.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMTue Jul 04 1995No final form feed wanted
1529.01AUSSIE::HOODTue Jul 04 1995Sharing text segment of non-shared images ?
1530.08BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGWed Jul 05 1995vms emulation environment???
1531.01UBOHUB::MARSHALL_NWed Jul 05 1995v3.2 dli examples problem
1532.03COPCLU::BRIANWed Jul 05 1995read tar tape on VMS, copy to UNIX?
1533.02MLNCSC::VOCIWed Jul 05 1995problem rebuilding the kernel
1534.02XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Jul 05 1995Major swap space problems need input
1535.06RHETT::LOHWed Jul 05 1995Any routine similer to disclaim() on IBM AIX?
1536.02STAR::FENSTERWed Jul 05 1995Is there a macro #defined which will give me the version of the operating system ?
1537.0MUNICH::BEICHTWed Jul 05 1995trouble setting max-vnodes with sysconfigtab
1538.0NETRIX::"oyvind.christoffersen@nwo.mts.dec.com"Wed Jul 05 1995Cisco TACACS on Digital Unix
1539.03UKARC1::BURTONWed Jul 05 1995Signal handling & fixing the result
1540.0AXPBIZ::TRUONGWed Jul 05 1995timestruct_t vs timestruc_t
1541.02DPDMAI::GROVEWed Jul 05 1995support for multi-currency
1542.01HDLITE::MARSONWed Jul 05 1995difficulty using table(2)
1543.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Jul 05 1995OSF 2.
1544.0HANNAH::HAMILTONWed Jul 05 1995XFN? yp APIs?
1545.0PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Jul 05 1995OSF 3.2 man popen "AES Support Level - trial use" ?
1546.05CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Jul 06 1995FTP default file protection, umask or what?
1547.02VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Jul 06 1995SCSI/CAM errors with KZTSA & RZ29B-VA's on V3.2A
1548.03RHETT::FINKELSThu Jul 06 1995msgsnd(2)/msgrcv(2) strangeness on V3.2
1549.03BBIVThu Jul 06 1995unix equivalent of print/form=
1550.05RHETT::LOHThu Jul 06 1995Performance hit when linking a program
1551.01MINNY::DOLDERThu Jul 06 1995works on V2.1, crashes on V3.2
1552.01AXPBIZ::PSDASThu Jul 06 1995dbx problem....??
1553.01STAR::FENSTERThu Jul 06 1995Ideas about disabling the output of pushd ?
1554.01VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Jul 06 1995TkZ6
1555.0TROU45::D_CHENGThu Jul 06 1995FTP connection reset by Alpha
1556.08GUIDUK::DUDAThu Jul 06 1995Maximum rcp's an Alpha can do?
1557.03VNABRW::WIMMER_EFri Jul 07 1995How to start X11 on Compaq Qvision
1558.02BPSOF::TELEKIFri Jul 07 1995filehandle & stable flag not in first mbuf
1559.0VNABRW::DOBROVNIK_TFri Jul 07 1995problem with cron and at
1560.01ANNECY::NEYROUD_NFri Jul 07 1995Configure slow SCSI operation
1561.02ARRODS::SWIGGTFri Jul 07 1995dxlsm under CDE on V3.2 Digital UNIX
1562.02VELENO::MICHIELIFri Jul 07 1995Digital UNIX, AxpVME device drivers, BERR
1563.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Jul 07 1995Sable, UNIX 3.2, token ring card hangs bootup
1564.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIFri Jul 07 1995is osf/1 V3.2b compatible with console firware revision 3.9 ?
1565.07TRNOIS::POLETTIFri Jul 07 1995Does Digital UNIX "lite" supports any Alphastation ?
1566.01SWTHOM::MEYERFri Jul 07 1995Problem with RPC ONC on DEC OSF/1
1567.01SMURF::WENDYFri Jul 07 1995Lithuanian codeset help needed
1568.01CADSYS::LANEFri Jul 07 1995increasing MAXDSIZ
1569.0+3RHETT::MOOREFri Jul 07 1995How to read volume lable of an ISo-966
1570.03RDGENG::HAQUESun Jul 09 1995STREAMS DLB implementation query
1571.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Jul 10 1995plock(2), wired pages, & program size
1572.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Jul 10 1995Multiple swap partitions on LSM?
1573.0GIDDAY::ROMANIMon Jul 10 1995pcnfs question
1574.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Jul 10 1995disk doesn't respond to ioctl DEVGETGEOM - seagate ST3255
1575.01BPSOF::TUBAMon Jul 10 19953.2 & 3.2B full binary compatibility?
1576.02MANMMon Jul 10 1995waiting for lp to become ready (offline?) ???
1577.02RDGENG::GREIDMon Jul 10 1995panic (cpu
1578.03BBIVMon Jul 10 1995migrating from SunOS to Digital Unix
1579.01ALFAM7::URBANMon Jul 10 1995MX'ed program barfs..
1580.0MLNORO::VIGANOMon Jul 10 1995ranlib error in fortran libraries creation
1581.0ISTWI1::OZILMon Jul 10 1995Memory /process
1582.0LISTIM::SILVA_AMon Jul 10 1995Lat sessions to OSF dropped
1583.0MLNCSC::VOCIMon Jul 10 1995error from ar
1584.02CSC32::HODGEMon Jul 10 1995NFS Version 3 and SGI
1585.03ITBGMon Jul 10 1995Cirrus support on DIGITAL UNIX 3.2 /MOTIF 1.2 ?
1586.08BPSOF::TELEKIMon Jul 10 1995NFS & RAID5 performance problem
1587.08LEMAN::ZOFKAMon Jul 10 1995What is the maximum number of semaphores?
1588.02ROMMon Jul 10 1995DIGITAL_UNIX on EB64+
1589.07LABC::RUMon Jul 10 1995print 2 side, how?
1590.03DELNI::WALSHMon Jul 10 1995Pseudo devices not being created on AlphaStation
1591.05MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jul 10 1995bootable firmware floppy from Ultrix ?
1592.01STAR::FENSTERMon Jul 10 1995How do you get a list of the shared libraries that an executable is linked against .?
1593.0CSC32::SCHLABSMon Jul 10 1995grep/egrep return nothing on 3.2
1594.012LJSRV2::MAYERMon Jul 10 1995select() blocking if writeable sockets but no readable sockets?
1595.05DKAS::MALIN::GOODWINMon Jul 10 1995Log termination time from signal handler - how find time in a "safe" way?
1596.01DPDMAI::GROVEMon Jul 10 1995sysconfigtab: max-proc-per-user
1597.03AUSSIE::SULLIVANMon Jul 10 1995Two-button mouse supported?
1598.05HOBBLE::REESEMon Jul 10 1995how to force dump hung 21
1599.0+4GIDDAY::STRAUSSTue Jul 11 1995tar: [offset
1600.01LNZALI::WATZKOTue Jul 11 1995Printjobs out of order
1601.03STKHLM::KARLSSON_STue Jul 11 1995Booting a client over the network.
1602.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Jul 11 1995grabserver causes dxpause crash ?
1603.06TUXEDO::MAZZAFERROTue Jul 11 1995Customer problem on Alpha boot
1604.04DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Jul 11 1995Multivolume tar on floppies from OSF to SCO ??
1605.0ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Jul 11 1995how to disable telnet rlogin access for user
1606.0OFOSS1::GINGERTue Jul 11 1995Repeating memory errors
1607.03TALER::HARIHARANTue Jul 11 1995Maximum process size
1608.01netrix.lkg.dec.com::thomasTue Jul 11 1995Why is Digital UNIX V3.2 set to swap instead of page trim?
1609.02DELNI::WALSHTue Jul 11 1995Looking for Digital UNIX source
1611.01SNOTTY::BARRYTue Jul 11 1995vrestore fails with [28] no space left on device.
1612.05TAVTue Jul 11 1995SCSI Cam error
1613.08NAMIX::jptTue Jul 11 1995Kernel memory fault (V3.2A)
1614.0EVTAI1::BROCHARDTue Jul 11 1995at command - when does the job will run ?
1615.01SHIPS::ATTWELL_STue Jul 11 1995mq_open and unaligned access
1616.03MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Jul 11 1995bootp and Vendor extension T178
1617.06FIREBL::LEEDSTue Jul 11 1995customer concerns.....
1618.05KCBBQ::HELTONTue Jul 11 1995annoying problems from DRA
1619.09MPGS::LAVINTue Jul 11 1995Un Anonymous ftp accounts?
1620.07ANGLIN::NITTELTue Jul 11 1995Segmentation Fault--HELP!
1621.03DPDMAI::GROVETue Jul 11 1995o/s support for controlling VME devices
1622.03VNZVTue Jul 11 1995UNIX internals trainning?
1623.04BBIVWed Jul 12 1995Suggestions on DEC UNIX
1624.01ADOVWed Jul 12 1995QMS 41
1625.08COPCLU::BRIANWed Jul 12 1995No mt in /sbin ! ... why ?
1626.01ESTASI::BONAITIWed Jul 12 1995osds installation problem
1627.03ISTWI1::OZILWed Jul 12 1995progress 7.
1628.01DECBAH::BABJIWed Jul 12 1995NIS+ on SUN doesnot validate login for OSF witn NIS
1629.06FUTURS::CLARKMWed Jul 12 1995vdump to remote device?
1630.010OTOUWed Jul 12 1995POSIX...missing lib for testing?
1631.03RULLE::BRINGHWed Jul 12 1995patches for v3.
1632.01PRMSWed Jul 12 1995Multicast UDP/IP
1633.02TRLIAN::MARZOWed Jul 12 1995serial device problems...
1634.08UHUH::SHAMIMWed Jul 12 1995hung and unkillable multi-threaded process
1635.02SUBPAC::FARICELLIWed Jul 12 1995Occasional crash at executable startup in V3.2 ?
1636.01MUNICH::WDORNWed Jul 12 1995problem with routed and 1
1637.02DABEAN::SIMONSWed Jul 12 1995help with kzpsa needed
1638.01INDYX::ramWed Jul 12 1995Sharing home directories for captive accounts
1639.02AWECIM::SEGALWed Jul 12 1995problems with LAT port disconnect/reconnects
1640.0EVTISA::ES_DEGELASWed Jul 12 1995Turbolaser crasdump problems
1641.05TAVWed Jul 12 1995FTP user access denied login failed
1642.04TAVWed Jul 12 1995lower case passwords under V3.2
1643.02RULLE::BRINGHThu Jul 13 1995Urgent: which patches to use for v3.
1644.0ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXThu Jul 13 1995Where are none3
1645.0NETRIX::"kobig@neora.iso.dec.com"Thu Jul 13 1995lat receive errors, printing queues stop (offline)
1646.01TKOV6Thu Jul 13 1995Is realtime process interrupted by the update?
1647.01RULLE::BRINGHThu Jul 13 1995Where is CLD USG-
1648.02TEACH::ANGIEThu Jul 13 1995reading inodes
1649.02TEACH::ANGIEThu Jul 13 1995C2 interface
1650.02GYRO::HOLOHANThu Jul 13 1995Out of ptys on platinum low fat
1651.01AOSF1::krasThu Jul 13 1995PCXDF in 21
1652.03SX4GTO::TMOOREThu Jul 13 1995linker error - bad index in get_extmap()
1653.06MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Jul 13 1995ps %age figure calculated how ?
1654.01ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONThu Jul 13 1995osf version of netperf?
1655.02ROMEOS::GAVINThu Jul 13 1995Forked process - Copy on reference
1656.012MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Jul 13 1995support for up to 2
1657.03TEACH::ANGIEThu Jul 13 1995TCP/IP with print server
1658.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Jul 13 1995OSF client,pc server, rpc timeout w/ size>2816
1659.01NETRIX::"williamman@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Fri Jul 14 1995How to configure for a parallel printer on Alpha 4
1660.03MLNCSC::VOCIFri Jul 14 1995osf 3.2b part number
1661.0ZURFri Jul 14 1995ksh as login shell - problem
1662.02TEACH::ANGIEFri Jul 14 1995Groups with C2 security
1663.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jul 14 1995socket send, recv atomic?
1664.0CSC32::K_MARTINFri Jul 14 1995reg_comp, reg_exec & re_comp_r, re_exec_r
1665.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri Jul 14 1995nis & c2 logins
1666.0STTNG::reisertFri Jul 14 1995Keypad characters don't work through LAT under V3.2
1667.03MPGS::LAVINFri Jul 14 1995Will there evr be or is there?
1668.05BREAKR::HAFri Jul 14 1995cache type and size(s) query
1669.01RHETT::FINKELSFri Jul 14 1995How to get vmstat -M on crash files?
1671.01RTL::COWANFri Jul 14 1995ISO POSIX-2 (IEEE 1
1672.0CGOOA::FEDDEMAFri Jul 14 1995Smaller Chinese Fonts
1673.06ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jul 14 1995Support for EISA-based card providing 16 RS232C
1674.02NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Sun Jul 16 199564 bit PCI
1675.05SALEM::ARNOLDSun Jul 16 1995System clock not keeping correct time.
1676.05QCAVMon Jul 17 1995* cpio - incorrect behaviour *
1677.0ROMMon Jul 17 1995327
1678.03ANNECY::ADAMMon Jul 17 1995quick-startable and odump -D
1679.01RHETT::LACORTIMon Jul 17 1995if_tu patch for osf 3.2b?
1680.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Jul 17 1995rename wildcards files?
1681.01DV78Mon Jul 17 1995Design of the OSF/1 operating system book?
1682.01RULLE::BRINGHMon Jul 17 1995NFS3 write error 7
1683.04SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Jul 17 1995netstat -i output
1684.01BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBMon Jul 17 1995mh_profile problems with repl -fcc +sent
1685.03NYOSS1::YANNIOSMon Jul 17 1995OSF/1 V3.2B Support of AlphaServer 2
1686.01KETJE::BEYENSTue Jul 18 1995latdlogin does not work properly
1687.06IJSAPL::JANSSENTue Jul 18 1995security checklist
1689.01QCAVTue Jul 18 1995ZLX -E2 problem
1690.01CSC32::PITTTue Jul 18 1995lp27/29-decserver25
1691.02RDGENG::HAQUETue Jul 18 1995Machine Code in source listings?
1692.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Jul 18 1995tcp/ip host-initiated connections
1693.06LSNCSC::MARTINTue Jul 18 1995v3.2 : utmp not updated correctly from LAT !
1694.01NBOFS1::SCHALLERTue Jul 18 1995Boot RAID 5 with V 3.2 fails during installation
1695.03SML1DR::EROSTue Jul 18 1995Display current date/time in C/C++?
1696.09NAMIX::jptTue Jul 18 1995How to get Alpha type from HWRPB (or other place)?
1697.0FIREBL::LEEDSTue Jul 18 19952GB Sable and KZPAA ??
1698.04CHGVTue Jul 18 19952 default statis routes possible for failover
1699.01OZROCK::TAYLORTue Jul 18 1995
1700.05ADOVWed Jul 19 1995Bookreader and printing?
1701.01SNOFS1::hatari.sno.dec.com::tozerrichardWed Jul 19 1995Digital Unix support for Adaptec AHA274
1702.07BBIVWed Jul 19 1995'digi board' cannot be setup...any clue?
1703.0NAMIX::jptWed Jul 19 1995NFS: HP clients and corrupted files (Digital UNIX NFS Server)
1704.05FRSBOG::AWERNERWed Jul 19 1995/usr/bin/X11/dxcalc Bug in OSF 3.
1705.08IE::MCCABEWed Jul 19 1995Digital UNIX & DEC OSF/1 product names
1706.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Jul 19 1995power on diagnostics, keyboard, mouse present?
1707.01COPCLU::BRIANWed Jul 19 1995Reading from LAT device?
1708.02HAN::KUNTZEWed Jul 19 1995Firmware-Update Problem On PMAF-FA (DEFZA-AA)
1709.08TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Jul 19 1995Digital Unix's /etc/issue??
1710.06RDGENG::HAQUEWed Jul 19 1995Docs. for streams_open_comm,streams_close_comm,strmod_del
1711.0+4POLAR::STEWARTNWed Jul 19 1995re-partition root disk
1712.01CSC32::PITTWed Jul 19 1995dbx hints please for tty allocation
1713.0SMURF::WOLKLINWed Jul 19 1995V3.2C CLD List
1714.0NABETH::alanWed Jul 19 1995Wanted: Corrupt UFS.
1715.02RHETT::LOHWed Jul 19 1995asserion failed in building kernel
1716.0SLOSS1::THOMSON_MAWed Jul 19 1995sysconfigtab proc: give-boost
1717.01MPGS::LAVINThu Jul 20 1995Need another serial port!
1718.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Jul 20 1995Which network transport example?
1719.07TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YThu Jul 20 1995SCSI abort and timeout on disconnect
1720.01ARRODS::STUBBSPThu Jul 20 1995xterm exit problem under Digital UNIX
1721.01MGOFThu Jul 20 1995password AlphaStation 4
1722.01UKARC1::ELANGCOThu Jul 20 1995DECnet OSI causes Kernel memory Fault?
1723.01MGOFThu Jul 20 1995C2 Security, can't set password
1724.015TKOV6Thu Jul 20 1995Sync disk i/o programming
1725.08TKOV6Thu Jul 20 1995Sample program to access raw device
1726.03CSC32::PITTThu Jul 20 1995socket number in /etc/hosts?
1727.03OSLThu Jul 20 1995ftp question!!!
1728.01MUCCS1::VINZENZThu Jul 20 1995bin/getname Fails In RIS/NIS/C2 Environment
1729.0BRADAN::BROWNThu Jul 20 199521
1730.0SMURF::DANIELEThu Jul 20 1995User forgot NIS passwd: What To Do
1731.0SMURF::SWARDThu Jul 20 1995Looking for AMCC 5933 users
1732.01LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Jul 20 1995rcinet restart 3.
1733.04RDGENG::HAQUEThu Jul 20 1995/dev/streams/xxx instead of /dev/streams/xxx
1734.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Jul 20 1995stty: tcgetattr: Permission denied on rsh
1735.01GALVIA::SORIORDAINThu Jul 20 1995Remote Kernel Debugging on 21
1736.04AIAG::WISNERThu Jul 20 1995ld is core dumping with a floating point exception
1737.05DECLNE::WEILERThu Jul 20 19953.2a, 3.2b release notes??
1738.01INDYX::ramThu Jul 20 1995side-effects of vm_page_free_optimal
1739.01ORO5Thu Jul 20 1995Limit Number of Logins by Group ?
1740.0USOPS::KADOWThu Jul 20 1995Ksh, using Track Aliases, any help?
1741.06CSC32::A_SHERLOCKThu Jul 20 1995network packets, destination ab-
1742.01DECWET::RWALKERThu Jul 20 1995Does anybody know what a mv (jv) device is?
1743.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGThu Jul 20 1995Relation between parent and chils process
1744.05HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Jul 21 1995V4.
1745.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSFri Jul 21 1995mount: fork failed / swap space below 1
1746.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Jul 21 1995Changing NIS passwords, and C2
1748.0TROOA::HENDRIKSEFri Jul 21 1995IPC error messages?
1749.0CSC32::HODGEFri Jul 21 1995ftp OSF->MVS 5
1750.0MSDOA::HICKSTFri Jul 21 1995DISPLAY 9999;&TERM 9999
1751.01VAXRIO::MANOELFri Jul 21 1995Urgent help needed about BIND !!
1752.02BALTMD::absFri Jul 21 1995Customer wants kernel modification to ensure user member of only 16 groups for
1753.04RDGENG::HAQUESun Jul 23 1995DECevent?
1754.01RULLE::BRINGHSun Jul 23 1995DECfortran and dbx: no source available ?
1755.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSSun Jul 23 1995su fails with "No shell"
1756.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Jul 24 1995shmat(2) : non-zero shmaddr fails "Not enough core"
1757.0NAMIX::jptMon Jul 24 1995ONC+ status?
1758.01MSAMMon Jul 24 1995How to backup and retrieve sockets?
1759.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSMon Jul 24 1995config problems DECnet V3.
1760.01BACHUS::648Mon Jul 24 1995/usr/examples/lat/latdlogin aborts in LIOC_BIND with :FIle exists
1761.02STUMon Jul 24 1995init
1762.01ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKMon Jul 24 1995O'Reilly's "Managing NFS and NIS"
1763.01ZURMon Jul 24 1995missing OSF32
1764.06LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Jul 24 1995panic:"kernel memory fault"
1765.03DOD2::PARKERMon Jul 24 1995Is this software supported?
1766.03ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Jul 24 1995Porting application to Alpha/OSF.
1767.03WOTVAX::64Mon Jul 24 1995attributable SMTP mail? Must Have!
1768.01MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jul 24 1995zone_size crash on lightly loaded machine - trackable ?
1769.01CSC32::C_JACOBSONMon Jul 24 1995Multicast group membership not deleted
1770.01NETRIX::"powers@declne.enet.dec.com"Mon Jul 24 1995OSF PAK generate
1771.0FOOT::MALTBYTue Jul 25 1995SLIP error: Operation would block
1772.0MGOFTue Jul 25 1995make and SCCS with .f~ rules doesn't work
1773.02SHAND::shandTue Jul 25 1995implementation details of ICMP redirect?
1774.02MGOFTue Jul 25 1995poor performance after update to OSF/1 3.2
1775.01OFOSS1::GINGERTue Jul 25 1995lpd and printcap limits?
1776.0HELKA::OLLIKAINENTue Jul 25 1995vmstat -D -> vmstat: caller addr not in any procedure ?
1778.02BIGRED::PARKERTue Jul 25 1995NFS over TCP?
1779.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Jul 25 1995sendmail aliasing
1780.0KAOFS::V_LEDOUXTue Jul 25 1995AVA
1781.02ANGLIN::SCHIMPFTue Jul 25 1995Must Lat Group
1782.01TRHTue Jul 25 1995preformatted printout and printcap
1783.0VMSNET::W_LATTATue Jul 25 1995Security questions
1784.08VMSNET::W_LATTATue Jul 25 1995more security and auditing
1785.06CCAD39::LAWRENCETue Jul 25 1995TCPIP sockets - system parameters ?
1786.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Jul 25 1995doconfig and error
1787.03TKOV6Wed Jul 26 1995How can we estimate the physical memory usage of application processes?
1788.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANWed Jul 26 1995RIS tftp access error
1789.02MGOFWed Jul 26 1995once again C2 and NIS
1790.04MIMS::WOMACK_JWed Jul 26 1995Need some info on pfm(7)
1791.01ZENDIA::HANSONWed Jul 26 1995Building shared library from archive
1792.011DECLNE::WATKINSWed Jul 26 1995Data Encryption????
1793.04TPOVC::SIMONLEEWed Jul 26 1995Is AdvFs portable
1794.01EIGER::SCHMIDTWed Jul 26 1995NIS entry in /etc/passwd
1795.03HELIX::SONTAKKEWed Jul 26 1995FullVideo Supreme Video I/O board AV3
1796.01RHETT::LACORTIWed Jul 26 1995sa -im giving strange results
1797.0MPGS::LAVINWed Jul 26 1995cdrom boot problem
1798.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Jul 26 1995redirect temporary disk area used by 'ar'?
1799.01PERFOM::NARAHARIWed Jul 26 1995available memory: how do you increase it?
1800.0HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Jul 26 1995problem with ViaCrypt's PGP and LAT terminals ?
1801.01CAD::EARLIEWed Jul 26 1995ld error building kernel
1802.03GUIDUK::SOMERWed Jul 26 1995NFS ID Mapping feature
1803.02ADOVThu Jul 27 1995C2 and ACLs?
1804.06HTSC19::WILLIAMMANThu Jul 27 1995Problem on DNS/nslookup
1805.03MGOFThu Jul 27 1995NFS server hangs / OSF 3.2
1806.02HELKA::OLLIKAINENThu Jul 27 1995tr-command does not convert \-character !
1807.0NAMIX::jptThu Jul 27 1995X4.
1808.010LUXThu Jul 27 1995P2C on DIGITAL UNIX . Where !!!!
1809.01VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Jul 27 1995lost+found question
1810.02MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Jul 27 1995Using XIsso to add X-terminal devices
1811.03SEAWLF::LEVENTERThu Jul 27 1995Support for DLT4
1812.02HDLITE::MARSONThu Jul 27 1995kloadsrv, cnfmgr, and message queues in V3.2
1813.07CSC32::SCHLABSThu Jul 27 1995Strange behaviour when lat exits abnormally...connectino still there...
1814.01GLDOA::BLOESERThu Jul 27 1995kernel param doc ?
1815.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Edex Announcement, UNIX Trouble Eliminator
1816.01HGOVC::RESEARCHThu Jul 27 1995Epson LQ16
1817.01GIDDAY::SANKARFri Jul 28 1995lp fails and lpr works for the same file in an advfs domain!!
1819.03STKAI1::WALLGRENFri Jul 28 1995adduser and uid > 6
1820.03TKOV5Fri Jul 28 1995kill -CONT doesn't work (signal)
1821.05SIOG::KINGFri Jul 28 1995mach64 video card error under osf
1822.04ITBGFri Jul 28 1995Error installing SYBASE 1
1823.02NETRIX::"haunschild@mfr.dec.com"Fri Jul 28 1995Problem accessing ISO 966
1824.0NETRIX::"haunschild@mfr.dec.com"Fri Jul 28 1995Problem accessing ISO 966
1825.01SIOG::M_CRONINFri Jul 28 1995Customer readable patch info
1826.07ITBGFri Jul 28 1995Help please on "error 9: bad file number"
1827.04ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Jul 28 1995Questions on DEC UNIX...!!
1828.0CSC32::C_SNIDERFri Jul 28 1995OSF V3.2 boot fails on 3
1829.010TLAVMon Jul 31 1995How to proof our Unix is 64-bit ?
1830.04BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Jul 31 1995Memory tuning
1831.01TPOVC::SIMONLEEMon Jul 31 1995Advfs can't write log
1832.02TKOV5Mon Jul 31 1995[Q]:pid_block(),pid_unblock()
1833.06COPCLU::BRIANMon Jul 31 1995File owned by wrong group?
1834.01TALLIS::KIRKMon Jul 31 1995Freeport Express -- SunOS to Digital UNIX binary translator
1835.012VAXRIO::MANOELMon Jul 31 1995Help needed about tty
1836.04CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Jul 31 1995ntalkd deamon seems to hang around
1837.03HDLITE::MODIMon Jul 31 1995write() buffer to LAT printer device gets lost.
1838.02TLSEMon Jul 31 1995DECforms/FMS equivalents ?
1839.0TAVIS::ORNAMon Jul 31 1995FAME&WYBASE on Digital UNIX?
1840.03RDGENG::HAQUETue Aug 01 1995kdbx support for STREAMS?
1841.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBTue Aug 01 1995which firmware for 2.
1842.0NETRIX::"root@deksw5.dek.dec.com"Tue Aug 01 1995System volume for WWW
1843.0NETRIX::"root@deksw5.dek.dec.com"Tue Aug 01 1995System volume for WWW
1844.0NETRIX::"root@deksw5.dek.dec.com"Tue Aug 01 1995System volume for WWW
1845.04TKOVOA::KONDO_TTue Aug 01 1995About AdvFs
1846.02DOD2::PARKERTue Aug 01 1995WHAT the heck is HPSS?
1847.04TKOV6Tue Aug 01 1995Question about raw device
1848.08HELIX::SONTAKKETue Aug 01 1995Ghostscript 3.33 and .pdf files
1849.02GALVIA::MDOYLETue Aug 01 1995Problem configuring SLIP on 21
1850.04DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Aug 01 1995Dynamic disk defect remapping?
1851.07TPOVC::SIMONLEETue Aug 01 1995what RSS size?
1852.01HKOSTue Aug 01 1995How I can install Digital UNIX on Ppwer Upgrade 233 AXP ?
1853.01TLE::WHITMANTue Aug 01 1995cmsg_data[] commented out in sys/socket.h
1854.04STAR::ASWINTue Aug 01 1995UNIX system ==>data ==>PC media ==>VMS ???how??
1855.04MXOCTue Aug 01 1995Any program to kill/monitor idle processes?
1856.0IJSAPL::JANSSENWed Aug 02 1995Prototype disk quota?
1857.03AUBER::DORNANOWed Aug 02 1995return code of poll(2) when dealing with a modem via LAT
1858.01LISTIM::MORAISWed Aug 02 1995DEC 7
1859.02EEMELI::MANNISTOWed Aug 02 1995Memory usage on OSF (with RT option)
1860.09TKOV6Wed Aug 02 1995copy an empty file to an opened file
1861.011TPOVC::SIMONLEEWed Aug 02 1995ip routing on v3.2?
1862.02DEBUG::CHRISTOPHERWed Aug 02 1995C2 Security - Password History
1863.09MPGS::WHITNEYWed Aug 02 1995Problem with sigwait and interval timers
1864.02ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUWed Aug 02 1995select.h defines 'select'
1865.02VAXRIO::MANOELWed Aug 02 1995Subsystem ipc parameters !!
1866.03DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Aug 02 1995DOD disk erasing under Digital UNIX?
1867.0JIT117::nakaiWed Aug 02 1995licence check & kitting
1868.02RHETT::AMANWed Aug 02 1995panic on bootup starting PW V5.
1869.09VMSNET::W_LATTAWed Aug 02 1995Unaligned kernel access problem
1870.03ANGLIN::SCHIMPFWed Aug 02 1995Terminal Server printing and LAT group
1871.02HELIX::TABORWed Aug 02 1995What is range of boot times on Digital UNIX?
1872.02MXOCWed Aug 02 199521
1873.013SWAM1::DANAHY_DAWed Aug 02 1995TCP, Alpha, Data transfer problem
1874.0LNZALI::WATZKOThu Aug 03 1995sort order for lpd jobs
1875.0MLNCSC::VOCIThu Aug 03 1995cd programming interface
1876.05MLNCSC::VOCIThu Aug 03 1995mt status and block/file position
1877.01VAXRIO::MANOELThu Aug 03 1995About DSRLOGOUT !!!
1878.02MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Aug 03 1995Spurious error when deleting file ?
1879.02EPS::BARRYThu Aug 03 1995dbx - fork failed - too many processes
1880.0CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Aug 03 1995open/close on lat ports, works on some servers
1881.02ANGLIN::SCHIMPFThu Aug 03 1995t permission
1882.06WMGEN1::rtpdc6.rtp.dec.com::hickstThu Aug 03 1995Running getty at >96
1883.01PRIME3::THOMASThu Aug 03 1995DLI/FDDI read loss>65Mbits/sec normal?
1884.01NYOSS1::SIMONThu Aug 03 1995Memory allocation on Digital UNIX (+ vs AIX)
1885.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Aug 03 1995OSF 3.2 - problems with ICMP and process priority
1886.06VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Aug 03 1995Remote Backup woes
1887.04ORO5Thu Aug 03 19953.2 Perforamce Issues ??
1888.04VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Aug 03 1995Arizona (Mountain Time) Time/date problem
1889.02VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Aug 03 1995Classified Printing Program needed
1890.02GIDDAY::HAGANFri Aug 04 1995C2 xdm libXdmGreet.so not compatible
1891.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGFri Aug 04 1995Tune TCP timer to kill idle telnet session
1894.01LISTIM::MORAISFri Aug 04 1995Plaese help!
1895.03LTIMA2::P_HOLTFri Aug 04 1995ls with 2 files does not error
1896.07SETIMC::TORLIND_LFri Aug 04 1995UDP and alias address problems!
1897.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMFri Aug 04 1995Can I use dump for nfs?
1899.04TKOV6Fri Aug 04 1995The minimum unit of gettimeofday function
1900.01BALTMD::GLOCKFri Aug 04 1995Have these been ported?? Thanks.
1901.01STPFri Aug 04 1995UNIX 3.2 lmf question
1902.02POLAR::STEWARTNFri Aug 04 1995Change welcome message
1903.02TKOV6Fri Aug 04 1995Accessing shared memory
1904.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AFri Aug 04 1995NFS Over ISDN - Any experiences?
1905.02KERNEL::PETERSGFri Aug 04 1995Missing hsz4
1906.02TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 04 1995How to get multiple displays running on AlphaStations?
1907.0COMICS::EDWARDSNFri Aug 04 1995C2 NIS and putprpwnam
1908.03RHETT::LOHFri Aug 04 1995any file size limit for sed command?
1909.06ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSFri Aug 04 1995multi headed workstation?
1910.02CSC32::HEINZFri Aug 04 1995routed and route flush
1911.02EBCOT::ALPERINFri Aug 04 1995Recovering term characteristics on a killed curses application
1912.01NETRIX::"warren@pa.dec.com"Fri Aug 04 1995Problem newfsing disks
1913.01NETRIX::"warren@pa.dec.com"Fri Aug 04 1995Problem newfsing disks
1914.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Aug 05 1995UNIX 3.2, 3COM ethernet card...
1915.01DPDMAI::GALVINSat Aug 05 1995Installing OSI on V3.2
1916.01ALEXWS::ILANSun Aug 06 1995how does a driver returns the number of bytes read ?
1917.0UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BMon Aug 07 1995zlx-m1: x-server hang with hyperhelp
1918.01MSAMMon Aug 07 1995Defunct processes UNIX V3.2B
1919.0ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Aug 07 1995Prestoserve / Uninterruptable process
1920.0NETRIX::"moore@matfin.ozy.dec.com"Mon Aug 07 1995SW Eng.
1921.03HITIT::GOKCENMon Aug 07 1995Scroolling is very slow on Mikasa
1922.02COLMon Aug 07 1995test_and set optimization and cache coherence
1923.01AEOENG::PINASAMon Aug 07 1995Disconnecting from an IP port
1924.02MSAMMon Aug 07 1995OSF2.
1925.05COLMon Aug 07 1995faster memset routines or similar available
1926.01ALEXWS::ILANMon Aug 07 1995DMA slave
1927.01NETRIX::"jem@mars.iso.dec.com"Mon Aug 07 1995Large executable crashes dbx
1928.0ZPOVC::COLINTONGMon Aug 07 1995How to reserve resources for a process ?
1929.04NETRIX::"jem@mars.iso.dec.com"Mon Aug 07 1995Ftp pasv option no worky
1930.01RECV::SETTYMon Aug 07 1995CAM_ERROR packet while loading SIOP
1931.01BIRMVX::RHODESMon Aug 07 1995Shared HSZ4
1932.01KYOSS1::HUSBYMon Aug 07 1995NNTP, Trace Route, TCP Dump on Digital UNIX?
1933.06DEVIN::LUCASMon Aug 07 1995cam_logger: CAM_ERROR packet
1934.03ASABET::hsohwc.hso.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeMon Aug 07 1995Does Digital UNIX have support for 327
1935.011ZYDECO::REDDYMon Aug 07 1995Realtime application and delays
1936.02RHETT::LOHMon Aug 07 1995Is MACRO-64 available for Digital UNIX?
1937.08CXXC::REINIGMon Aug 07 1995Raid/striping questions
1938.0SPECXN::HARRAHMon Aug 07 1995Obtaining system configuration information
1939.01FBEDEV::ASCHERMon Aug 07 1995missing module lockprim.o for mandatory smp patches
1940.06TAENG4::DOUBLEMon Aug 07 1995tcsh for osf/1?
1941.01ISTWI1::OZILTue Aug 08 1995DECladebug info
1942.01LEMAN::KEITATue Aug 08 1995setld message PRE_L
1943.03KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Aug 08 1995mh repl including the mail you're replying to! How???? 99641
1944.02RHETT::LOHTue Aug 08 1995Can customer write applications that uses lmf?
1945.05BACHUS::KNEUTSTue Aug 08 1995bootpd v3.2 and vendor information in bootptab file. No room for "Generic" option
1946.03CSC32::PITTTue Aug 08 1995temip?
1947.0KERNEL::PETERSGTue Aug 08 1995console root login refusals....
1948.0SMURF::RICKABAUGHTue Aug 08 1995Changing cursor color for exmh?
1949.0BAHTAT::WALLS_TTue Aug 08 1995NAG Libraries Licensing
1950.02CSC32::SCHLABSTue Aug 08 1995rdist gives unaligned access, v3.
1951.05HDLITE::LNARAYANTue Aug 08 1995signal question?
1952.01GIDDAY::DANIELTue Aug 08 1995Service advisory for V3.2 Digital Unix
1953.09NWDTue Aug 08 19951
1954.02SWAM1::EDWARDS_RITue Aug 08 1995What is a sst instruction?
1955.03DECWET::CARRUTHERSTue Aug 08 1995SVR4 DDI/DKI Specification
1956.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Aug 09 1995uucpsetup : available device names
1957.0LEMAN::ZOFKAWed Aug 09 1995lprsetup bug or feature?
1958.0MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAWed Aug 09 1995quotas with automount
1959.01BACHUS::CUYTWed Aug 09 1995Firmware rev for V3.2C
1960.01TKOVOA::KONDO_TWed Aug 09 1995About ypbind "-s" option
1961.03RDGE21::stupot.reo.dec.com::DAVIDSONSWed Aug 09 1995ld, link non_shared memory use?
1962.01WRKSYS::CHIMP::KASWed Aug 09 1995Full dump/partial dump problem
1963.01VAXRIO::MANOELWed Aug 09 1995more generating core !!
1965.01ANOHAC::COMFORTWed Aug 09 1995Transarc AFS and high availability
1966.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Aug 09 1995RTM_LOSING:kernel suspects partitioning...
1967.0TSC::hodgedWed Aug 09 1995DNS, root server delegation???
1968.01MAJERE::RAISTLINWed Aug 09 1995XSysAdmin Template
1969.0R2ME2::BSIMONSWed Aug 09 1995V3.2C, Update Installation Fix for Worldwide Language Support
1970.02CSC32::SCHLABSWed Aug 09 1995/bin/ls: Exec format error under anonymous ftp on ls -al
1971.06DPDMAI::GALVINWed Aug 09 1995build UNIX V3.2 from InfoServer 1
1972.05OZROCK::BARTLEYThu Aug 10 1995Strange initialisation problems with shared library
1973.0UNITED::MCDONNELLThu Aug 10 1995SPSS & Minitab?
1974.01TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHThu Aug 10 1995Can't mount Novell NFS Server in V3.
1975.0XSTACY::MDUNPHYThu Aug 10 1995performing operations on a system from a remote host
1976.04CUESTA::MARCOSThu Aug 10 1995IOCTL and RTS signal
1977.01ZPOVC::RICHARDTANThu Aug 10 1995NFS and high CPU utilization
1978.01MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Aug 10 1995SWXCRMGR GUI Core Dump !!
1979.02RHETT::MOOREThu Aug 10 1995Need Ultrix->OSF migration tools
1980.02MGOFThu Aug 10 1995OSF-BASE -> OSF-USR
1981.03MSDOA::MALLEYThu Aug 10 1995DECwindows on Console
1982.01EEMELI::KARPPINENThu Aug 10 1995MFCobol backround problem
1983.01RHETT::LOHThu Aug 10 1995problem with sprintf() on osf/1
1984.03ZENDIA::HANSONThu Aug 10 1995Unresovable symbol error when running an exe linked to a shared lib
1985.0SALEM::MOITRAThu Aug 10 1995cron job eating up system disk space
1986.01OFOSS1::GINGERThu Aug 10 19953.2b ComplementaryProducts CD?
1987.01CSC32::SCHLABSThu Aug 10 1995NFS2 getattr failed for server on nfs mount of ucx filesystem
1988.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMThu Aug 10 1995AUTOMOUNT and NIS - How to configure?
1989.04UHUH::FINLAYSONThu Aug 10 1995How do you find out virtual memory size for a single process?
1990.01GOYA::ACTECThu Aug 10 1995cpio portability problem
1991.01GIDDAY::GARDNERFri Aug 11 1995ps and LAT
1992.04QCAVFri Aug 11 1995/sbin/loader: Fatal Error
1993.03NBOFS1::SCHALLERFri Aug 11 1995Firmware Upgrade Problems DEC3
1994.05EWBUFri Aug 11 1995mbone3.6 and osf/1
1995.01RUPERT::BROWNFri Aug 11 1995No directory ! then logged out
1996.0VAXRIO::MANOELFri Aug 11 1995"cannot create" error message!!
1997.0CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri Aug 11 1995rfs_dispatch: send_reply failed
1998.01TSC::hodgedFri Aug 11 1995NFS, Update Visibility Options
1999.0RHETT::LACORTIFri Aug 11 1995C2, how to never have an account lock..
2000.03KERNEL::PETERSGFri Aug 11 1995DEC verifier & exerciser...unexpected signal :11..
2001.02RHETT::LOHFri Aug 11 1995dxsession can't display using DECnet transport
2002.03CSC32::PITTFri Aug 11 1995more lat problems on 2 controllers
2003.02CSC32::SCHLABSFri Aug 11 1995anonymous ftp (v3.2)...ls shows / not the default dir
2004.02SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIFri Aug 11 1995Alpha Assembler Question
2005.01AZUR::NAVARROSat Aug 12 1995PMON for OSF
2006.09HANNAH::SCHULLMANSat Aug 12 1995problem getting 'ksh' to read from/write to modem
2007.04WELCLU::CARTERPSat Aug 12 1995Why Always Need Shutdown -h Now?
2008.0GENIE::DURANDSun Aug 13 1995telnet wait 75s
2009.01FIREBL::LEEDSSun Aug 13 1995RW536, 21
2010.09NEPHI::COARSun Aug 13 1995openpty(2), forkpty(2) and full-duplex filtering
2011.01MSAMMon Aug 14 1995help in setting a SLIP line....
2012.04GIDDAY::HAGANMon Aug 14 1995mt seod and dump/vdump?
2013.02ALEXWS::ILANMon Aug 14 1995Driver attach !!
2014.02HOWICK::HOWARDMon Aug 14 1995SVR4 style printing (lp rlp) ?
2015.04CECAMO::JAGERMANMon Aug 14 1995(When) will file based swapping be supported?
2016.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGMon Aug 14 1995SMP Questions
2017.01OSLLAV::JENSHMon Aug 14 1995Do patches for V3.2B need patches for V3.2?
2018.06TAEC::GALLERIMon Aug 14 1995Trouble using TCP/IP sockets ...
2019.02SML1DR::EROSMon Aug 14 1995Rewrite NT-damaged OSF boot block without restore?
2020.05OFOSS1::GINGERMon Aug 14 1995vdump | vrestore very slow
2021.01HDLITE::MARSONMon Aug 14 1995question about sigchld behavior and zombie processes
2022.04WMGEN1::rtpdc6.rtp.dec.com::hickstMon Aug 14 1995Utility to find process holding-up umount?
2023.02TUXEDO::SANEMon Aug 14 1995CDROM on V4.
2024.01CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Aug 14 1995vacation program
2025.02HDLITE::MARSONMon Aug 14 1995question about shared library difficulties
2026.02RDGENG::HAQUETue Aug 15 1995How badly did dma_map_load() fail?
2027.05BPSOF::POLGARTue Aug 15 1995UFS - file system full
2028.06RDGENG::HAQUETue Aug 15 1995Running out of memory while calling dma_map_alloc().
2029.03RDGENG::RANDALLTue Aug 15 1995Error in /bin/kits, OSF/1 V3.2 (invcutter)
2030.02MAJERE::RAISTLINTue Aug 15 1995Oracle/Digital UNIX 3.2 'list io'
2031.04ODIXIE::GORDONDTue Aug 15 1995Excessive Soft Page Faults - Shmxx routines
2032.02ZURTue Aug 15 1995psrinfo on a 84
2033.03VAXRIO::MANOELTue Aug 15 1995About SU!!
2034.01CSC32::ROZBORILTue Aug 15 1995NFS mounted file system question
2035.03COLTue Aug 15 1995consecutive output of processors possible
2036.04HELIX::SONTAKKETue Aug 15 1995Upward compatibility between V3.
2037.01RHETT::MOORETue Aug 15 1995login name length questions
2038.02NZOVTue Aug 15 1995Interrupt key and the Bourne shell wih Informix...
2039.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Aug 15 1995T3.2C-3 to 3.2C (SSB) - installupdate?
2040.01AUSSIE::PENNYWed Aug 16 1995LMF registration
2041.0HGOM11::SUSANCHENWed Aug 16 1995question-order/install
2042.04GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeWed Aug 16 1995Tuning kernel for AS/1
2043.03WARNED::PAVERDWed Aug 16 1995UNIRAS
2044.01SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Aug 16 1995Upgrade from FT V3.2c to released V3.2-c
2045.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed Aug 16 1995aio_read problem after upgrading..
2046.011BAHTAT::DODDWed Aug 16 1995New Unix pact?
2048.04NETCAD::THAYERWed Aug 16 1995User Executive?
2049.01STKAI1::635Wed Aug 16 1995new characters??
2050.0KERNEL::PETERSGWed Aug 16 1995cpio core dumping....
2051.03NETRIX::"@wpantelic@makWed Aug 16 1995file /vmunix
2052.01TROOA::TROTTIWed Aug 16 1995Dump kills cron -- help!
2053.03RULLE::BRINGHWed Aug 16 1995csh, set filec, set editmode=emacs and ESC on OSF/1 v3.2?
2054.02RHETT::LOHWed Aug 16 1995csh doesn't execute .login if not the owner
2055.03NETRIX::"young@decatl.alf.dec.com"Wed Aug 16 1995compatablity with cpio from ultrix to osf
2056.0USPS::FPRUSSWed Aug 16 1995X has stopped working...
2057.01TELEM::VIJAYWed Aug 16 1995Client/Server socket examples
2058.03SNOCThu Aug 17 1995vdump/vrestore across net fails...
2059.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Aug 17 1995login problem using Rsh shell
2060.01IJSAPL::JANSSENThu Aug 17 1995ftp loggings
2061.03TAVENG::SHAPIRThu Aug 17 1995System V IPC versus R/T Digital UNIX IPC
2062.02XSTACY::RKIELTYThu Aug 17 1995Kernel variable for amount of RAM
2063.0ATYISA::Thu Aug 17 1995Simple inexpensive user-oriented sort on UNIX?
2064.05VNABRW::WIMMER_EThu Aug 17 1995pipes and zombies
2065.03HAN::HAEUSSERThu Aug 17 1995Setting Token Ring Address ?
2066.04COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Aug 17 1995table (2) return structure for TBL_ARGUMENTS
2067.0VAXRIO::MANOELThu Aug 17 1995Little bit about Unisys !!!
2068.01TROOA::HENDRIKSEThu Aug 17 1995RAID tools
2069.02MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Aug 17 1995ATM reports bad IP address
2070.01SALEM::ELWARNERThu Aug 17 1995gated on unix/psf
2071.0TUXEDO::SANEThu Aug 17 1995CD-ROM on V4.
2072.04NETRIX::"Joel.Dickerson@mmo.mts.dec.com"Thu Aug 17 1995decsafe and rz28 question
2073.06HEN::PLESSASThu Aug 17 1995Is this normal behavior for automount?
2074.0ODIXIE::GORDONDThu Aug 17 1995Serious Perf Prblm with VADS make facility
2075.01ODIXIE::GORDONDThu Aug 17 1995Need PCA type product on Unix
2076.0CLUSTA::VALESThu Aug 17 1995 What should happen to child shells when the parent shell is killed?
2077.03CLUSTA::VALESThu Aug 17 1995grep -s writes to standard output
2078.01ODIXIE::DMAIRThu Aug 17 1995Where is mlockall() library?
2079.02LABC::HAThu Aug 17 1995bindsetup / nslookup - can't find server name
2080.02SKYLRK::ENDTERThu Aug 17 1995Lengthy pre-login message possible?
2081.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSFri Aug 18 1995multiple shells control one tty (signal handling?)
2082.02MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Aug 18 1995AlphaServer 21
2084.0FOUNDR::GUESTFri Aug 18 1995how to force a crash on a tlaser
2085.01EEMELI::WIKFri Aug 18 1995at-command & no mail ?
2086.02ADCAFri Aug 18 1995Questions on Memory locking in D-Unix
2087.01ORO5Fri Aug 18 1995ps command question
2088.01MSAMFri Aug 18 1995ftp not accepting a user account
2089.02MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAFri Aug 18 1995kernel memory fault
2090.02SNOFS1::GARRETTMARKFri Aug 18 1995ALL SWAP USED, mold process grows with ncl activity
2091.03NETRIX::"migi@zuo.dec.com"Fri Aug 18 1995where is filename of vnode
2092.08OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DFri Aug 18 1995lsm async read/write probelems
2093.01XKOVFri Aug 18 1995TURBOstor GTS132 & OSF/1 3.2
2094.03STKHLM::BEETSFri Aug 18 1995Performance slow on 21
2095.03RAGS::DILSWORTHFri Aug 18 1995Mount device busy.
2096.03HDLITE::DORHAMERFri Aug 18 1995how to get datasize of 4 GB?
2098.07NWDFri Aug 18 1995DECnsr, TL82
2099.09SMURF::SEAGRAVESFri Aug 18 1995V3.2C: PXG support deleted ?
2100.01NCMAIL::LEFFLERMFri Aug 18 1995unique system id
2101.01TRLIAN::VAILFri Aug 18 1995What is V3.4-2???
2102.0SYSTEM::GOODWINSat Aug 19 1995Unknown protocol name 'RAID', OSF/1 V3.2B
2103.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEESun Aug 20 1995Differnets OSFV3
2104.0SNOCMon Aug 21 1995HP ScanJet3C, Mentalix, & Digital UNIX...
2105.03EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Aug 21 1995ATOM bomb?
2106.0CECAMO::JAGERMANMon Aug 21 1995X4.
2108.09HEN::PLESSASMon Aug 21 1995What are the differences between V3.2B and V3.2C
2109.0ECFAMon Aug 21 1995Crash 9
2110.03RHETT::LOHMon Aug 21 1995where should I put my so_locations file?
2111.01ECFAMon Aug 21 1995ptys and QVTNET into OSF/1 V3.2
2112.03TAVENG::SHAPIRMon Aug 21 1995Threads vesus Processes
2113.01HTSC19::IVANCHENGMon Aug 21 1995Does pac support remote print queue ?
2114.01DPDMAI::GROVEMon Aug 21 1995System Admin in Cluster Environment
2115.0NETRIX::"ahrens@zso.dec.com"Mon Aug 21 1995Do you use pathconf() or fpathconf()?
2116.02OTOOA::ROUFMon Aug 21 1995codeset conversion routine
2117.06JPS1::VIDYASHANKERMon Aug 21 1995Image Identification String
2118.07TUXEDO::ZIMMERMANMon Aug 21 1995'Unaligned kernel access' on Platinum BL7
2119.01GUIDUK::DUDAMon Aug 21 1995What limit does user license have with network activity? i.e. RCP, telnet, NFS etc.
2120.08TUXEDO::ZIMMERMANTue Aug 22 1995dd hangs on Platinum BL7 (sometimes)
2121.03GIDDAY::KINGTue Aug 22 1995rarpd and fddi -> ethernet ??
2122.02RULLE::BRINGHTue Aug 22 1995? on mt and dd on tapedevice
2123.01WASHDC::KMOORETue Aug 22 1995Sysconfigtab update problem
2124.02MUDIS3::DSCHMIERTue Aug 22 1995Only 2 users on a AS 21
2125.01HLFSTue Aug 22 1995system V environment
2126.017DREUL1::robTue Aug 22 1995Very bad performance 21
2127.06TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 22 1995Unique User ID's & IP Aliases
2128.03RUMOR::FALEKTue Aug 22 1995ftp - I don't get a chance to specify a password
2129.02VAXRIO::MEYERTue Aug 22 1995Error on write to talk daemon
2131.01ANNECY::ROUIBAH_NTue Aug 22 1995How improve xterm IO perf ?
2132.06HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Aug 22 19953.2c and rz55's?!
2133.01FOUNDR::GUESTTue Aug 22 1995kmemdebug question
2134.04VLNVAX::STAPLETONTue Aug 22 1995sendmail problem: Why is my mail from ``daemon'' since my upgrade?
2135.01CSC32::RUTSCHOWTue Aug 22 1995uerf 11
2136.04HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Aug 22 1995OSF/1 "write" with carriage return under vi
2137.01MSAMWed Aug 23 1995Putting D Unix on DAT tape
2138.02MANMWed Aug 23 1995'sysadm' - was there ever one in DUnix?
2139.02RTOIC::GSTALPWed Aug 23 1995looking for COFF 3.11-8
2140.01SIOG::ODONNELLWed Aug 23 1995LESS RAM NEEDED FOR V3.2-C ????
2141.01UTURBO::HOORNWEGWed Aug 23 1995slave pty problem
2142.04MSAMWed Aug 23 1995screen savers available ?
2143.0KERNEL::PETERSGWed Aug 23 1995patches for panic crash N1=
2144.04VAXSPO::TOMEWed Aug 23 1995Can I remove quota.user file ???
2145.01NETRIX::"Gerard Bleeker @ILO.MTS.DEC.COM"Wed Aug 23 1995COFF is not my cup of tea
2146.0MUDDY::WATERSWed Aug 23 1995Where to get 'more' that works for OSF/1 V2.
2147.02OTOUThu Aug 24 1995Any input to questions?
2148.014ZPOVC::SUGUNAThu Aug 24 1995xterm runs as root
2149.01HLFSThu Aug 24 1995SVE environment and missing model
2150.03LNZALI::HABICHLERThu Aug 24 1995long time to see mail in mailq
2151.03RULLE::BRINGHThu Aug 24 1995When will at now be executed? OSF/1 v3.
2152.0MSAMThu Aug 24 1995dump: SIGTERM received
2153.0BBIVThu Aug 24 1995Digital unix peculier behavior
2154.03TKOV6Thu Aug 24 1995psx4queue_entry_t: multiple defined
2155.06COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Aug 24 1995DBX problem with routine arguments
2156.01AIAG::MANSEAUThu Aug 24 1995Expert Advice needed
2157.04TROOA::SONMEZThu Aug 24 1995Looking for the presentation...
2158.04COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Aug 24 1995Linker option for local symbol removal?
2159.04BBPBV1::CARTERThu Aug 24 1995What breaks at high posix priorities ?
2160.012ROMTSS::PASCUCCIThu Aug 24 1995LAT and tty problems
2161.02PERFOM::NARAHARIThu Aug 24 1995How to edit a 24 GB file?
2162.04CSC32::I_WALDOThu Aug 24 1995prevent rlogin to account
2163.01CSC32::SCHLABSThu Aug 24 1995Warning: ./sysv_hab.h:2: Macro SYSV_HAB redefined. on kernel builld/3.2b
2164.01VAXRIO::MANOELThu Aug 24 1995About new firmware for 9
2165.04VAXRIO::MANOELThu Aug 24 1995About C2 security !!
2166.09VAXRIO::MANOELThu Aug 24 1995About wired pages ...
2167.03PEACHS::FORDThu Aug 24 1995how to determine which cpu a process is running on?
2169.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGFri Aug 25 1995Where can I find "mtools"
2170.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUFri Aug 25 1995Filesize Limit for rcp(1) copies (Copy with rcp)
2171.01HLFSFri Aug 25 1995SVE postscript filters nok
2172.0HLFSFri Aug 25 1995SVE and attaching forms to a pinter
2173.02MAJERE::RAISTLINFri Aug 25 1995"vi" Incorrect behaviour with 8-bit data/characters
2174.03XSTACY::RKIELTYFri Aug 25 1995Are all Digital UNIX boxes prestoserve-capable?
2175.0ARRODS::SWIGGTFri Aug 25 1995Doconfig: To -c or not to -c, that is the qn
2176.05TEXAS1::KUHNFri Aug 25 1995ALPHA 2
2177.03HDLITE::MODIFri Aug 25 1995setjmp-longjmp - different behaviour with decc and a and acc
2179.04FIRSC1::CASINIFri Aug 25 1995PC-->Alpha modem connection problem
2180.03RHETT::PARKERFri Aug 25 1995kloadsrv:unknown relocation type (17)
2181.02MPGS::WARDFri Aug 25 1995Trying to start processes on boot
2182.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZFri Aug 25 1995Synchrinizing access to files in a directory
2183.02WMGEN1:: Aug 25 1995Determining disk characteristics.
2184.0HDLITE::LAXMANFri Aug 25 1995vsscanf - not available on Digital UNIX
2185.02CALDEC::LINFri Aug 25 1995boot command?
2186.01PEACHS::FORDSat Aug 26 1995documentation on link maps?
2187.03TKOV51::EGAWASun Aug 27 1995Temperature, Humidity, FAN rotation error detection
2188.01HAN::AHLBORNSun Aug 27 1995Wired Memory and slow system ?
2189.02NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Sun Aug 27 1995sound card for mikasas
2190.0QCAVMon Aug 28 1995problem reading cdrom...
2191.05GIDDAY::jbear.pc.sno.dec.com::rosicMon Aug 28 1995ifnet interface
2192.0NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Mon Aug 28 1995Stray Interrupt
2193.01HELKA::OLLIKAINENMon Aug 28 1995dbx tells: can't attach to loader: I/O Error !
2194.01EEMELI::FINNIMon Aug 28 1995min_quantum ?
2195.0MUNICH::SBECKERMon Aug 28 1995from which terminal runs an application
2196.016HELKA::OLLIKAINENMon Aug 28 1995How to prevent batch to send mail ?
2197.013OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Aug 28 1995vdump and proc on 3.2c
2198.0CSC32::PITTMon Aug 28 1995read:connection refused
2199.02RHETT::LACORTIMon Aug 28 1995advfs and the lp command-strange..
2200.02SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Aug 28 1995V3.2c versus V3.2b with SMP in mind?
2201.07ECFAMon Aug 28 1995Bind configuration
2202.01RHETT::CHOYMon Aug 28 1995'RPTY' in osf1 v3.2C
2203.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Aug 28 1995make :reports date = jan 1 197
2204.0CHEFS::JAMESHTue Aug 29 1995Channel Security Manual?
2205.02ATHINA::TSAKALOSTue Aug 29 1995RCMD
2206.01KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Aug 29 1995advfs errors with defragment 11
2207.0OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Aug 29 1995C2 security, patches ?
2208.02LUCCIO::VERGANIATue Aug 29 1995nslookup core dumps
2209.09TKTU42::asaraTue Aug 29 1995threads exits from cma__thread_base
2210.04CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Aug 29 1995real time, multi user mode?
2211.016--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 29 1995syslog(3), does it perform bound checking?
2212.02TELEM::VIJAYTue Aug 29 1995How do you find out about the clients in the server code
2213.04AKOCOA::kenspc.ako.dec.com::kaminskyTue Aug 29 1995VMS to UNIX cross reference
2214.01BSS::ROUNDYTue Aug 29 1995No root password - Help!
2215.0APACHE::MCCOMBIETue Aug 29 1995Need DOS -> Digital UNIX tools, tips, etc.
2216.0HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGWed Aug 30 1995Stray interrupt???
2217.05KERNEL::PETERSGWed Aug 30 1995swxcr software questions...
2218.02SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Aug 30 1995KFTIA fwd scsi and dual SCSI tape drives.
2219.02SUOSWS::SUOPC7::WagenblastWed Aug 30 1995SUN Cache FS, equivalent on Digital UNIX?
2220.04MUNICH::VASSIGHWed Aug 30 1995tr error with Language Variants
2221.01ZPOVC::EDWINWONGWed Aug 30 1995core dump when logout window
2222.01KERNEL::PETERSGWed Aug 30 1995BLT engine hung problem...
2223.06VAXRIO::MANOELWed Aug 30 1995PS & who, different started time displayed !!!
2224.04MKOTS3::HAHNWed Aug 30 1995Upgrade Path V2.
2225.04CSC32::DECKERWed Aug 30 1995Behavior of CTRL C with detached process
2226.0OSOVWed Aug 30 1995Can they restore incremental backup?
2227.02LEADIN::ELLISONWed Aug 30 1995EISA loadable driver problem
2228.01ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKWed Aug 30 1995create device file /dev/tty
2229.03VAXRIO::MEYERWed Aug 30 1995Panic: thread_block: interrupt level call
2231.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Aug 30 199521
2232.0+8VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Aug 31 1995bogus wio times from sar
2233.08EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Aug 31 1995tcsetattr & modem control problem
2234.01LEMAN::KEITAThu Aug 31 1995hash table
2235.04COLThu Aug 31 1995How to Convert GMT time to MET time !
2236.07LEMAN::ZOFKAThu Aug 31 1995Cannot start Sybase at boot time.
2237.03RATH::TATHAMThu Aug 31 1995this is not a note
2238.06BRESUP::THOMASThu Aug 31 1995FAX Software for OSF/1 DEC UNIX ?
2239.03ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Aug 31 1995smp and shutdown
2240.06TAEC::PUJOLThu Aug 31 1995amazing ps output in 3.2c
2241.03OZROCK::TAYLORThu Aug 31 1995signals and threads problem
2242.05LEMAN::ZOFKAThu Aug 31 1995How does /dev/console work?
2243.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 31 1995swap below 1
2244.05MUDIS3::DSCHMIERThu Aug 31 1995how to get localtime for a different timezone
2245.08NETRIX::"pantelic@makThu Aug 31 1995vmunix size
2246.02KERNEL::COFFEYJThu Aug 31 1995panic_
2248.0JUMPER::hbcThu Aug 31 1995RTAP Performance Problem/Tuning ?
2249.03EVTAI1::BROCHARDThu Aug 31 1995/sbin/sh shell and aliases
2250.02RULLE::BRINGHThu Aug 31 1995Xserver problem w. dUNIX v3.2A
2251.01IOSG::KALUSThu Aug 31 19953.2C kernel configuration
2252.0COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Aug 31 1995SCSI optical disk RWZ52 as a boot or load device?
2253.0FAME::MONIERThu Aug 31 1995TCP process to process socket problem ?
2254.02TEXAS1::KUHNThu Aug 31 1995V3.2b,c RIS menu problem
2255.03NRSTAR::OBRIENThu Aug 31 1995DOMAIN.COM
2256.02WHTAIL::HUTCHINSThu Aug 31 1995help getting patches usin ftp??
2257.01SMURF::SEAGRAVESThu Aug 31 1995V3.2C: dxterm problems ?
2258.0GIDDAY::DANIELThu Aug 31 1995OSF V3.2 17 Kernel rebuild problem
2259.02ANGLIN::FIFEThu Aug 31 1995LVM, swxcr, vgchange problem mounting volume
2260.03GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Aug 31 1995shmat(2) ENOMEM with non-zero address (again)
2261.0TALER::GAISFORDThu Aug 31 1995ld: REFQUAD vaddr() isnt aligned . . .
2262.0--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 31 1995
2263.06DPDMAI::GALVINFri Sep 01 1995S/W + d-UNIX = MUSIC?
2264.07DPDMAI::GALVINFri Sep 01 1995FIS, is it UFS or ADVFS???
2265.01TLAVFri Sep 01 1995w does not display what users are doing
2266.03ZPOVC::BIJUCHERIANFri Sep 01 1995Problem booting a DMS Client
2267.0EEMELI::MANNISTOFri Sep 01 1995Ok, let's keep atom
2268.01KERNEL::PETERSGFri Sep 01 1995osf/1 v3.
2269.03KERNEL::COFFEYJFri Sep 01 1995ICL VME-X rcp or ftp to or from OSF hangs or gets errors 2
2270.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGFri Sep 01 1995Fail to setup quota on YP server
2271.02EEMELI::FINNIFri Sep 01 1995semop()
2273.01MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAFri Sep 01 1995wrong values with timer_gettime
2274.02VNASWS::HAUSBFri Sep 01 1995Digital Unix to VMS X-Display Problem
2275.04BBPBV1::CARTERFri Sep 01 1995How to mimic vmstat, iostat and netstat ?
2276.03GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeFri Sep 01 1995Xserver refusing connection
2277.014TKOV51::EGAWAFri Sep 01 1995TCP Maximum Segment Size
2278.0ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Sep 01 1995When would I use RT shm_open instead of SysV shm?
2279.01BACHUS::FRATERSFri Sep 01 1995nslookup => connection refused
2280.01RDGENG::BERENTFri Sep 01 1995What does ".." mean in ksh?
2281.01HGOSPS::IVANCHENGFri Sep 01 1995How to specify dump partition ?
2282.02VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Sep 01 1995Third-Prty PCI options?
2283.01CSC32::SCHLABSFri Sep 01 1995pcnfsd and auditing, failures show, not success
2284.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Sep 01 1995Networked HP Printer support?
2285.01DPDMAI::GALVINFri Sep 01 1995where's OSI???
2286.01ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSFri Sep 01 1995ris problem
2287.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Sep 05 1995nfs stale file handle - how to isolate process
2288.06TAEC::GALLERITue Sep 05 1995How to use `setsockopt'
2289.03DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Sep 05 1995different network problems on Demi-Sable
2290.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBTue Sep 05 1995Oracle Spin Lock behavior ?
2291.03TAEC::DUNONTue Sep 05 1995ar cannot append already compressed object files ?
2292.0HELKA::OLLIKAINENTue Sep 05 1995cpio in cron > 7
2293.01KARCS1::WEBERTue Sep 05 1995IP network address alias
2294.01HDLITE::GRIESTue Sep 05 1995longjmp() function and nested signal handler
2295.06TAVTue Sep 05 1995Timed deamon and NFS
2296.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Sep 05 1995Problem with recognizing lta
2297.01KERNEL::MCNULTYTue Sep 05 1995Error in BL7 patch kit, Revision 1.14
2298.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Sep 05 1995password generation in C2
2299.01CSC32::SHEAFFERTue Sep 05 19953.2 telnetd reports ttloop - what's ttloop?
2300.02VAXRIO::MANOELTue Sep 05 1995About swap areas !
2301.06MUNSBE::MWEIGLTue Sep 05 1995rm -i * works like rm -f *
2302.05MXOCTue Sep 05 1995Space free in disk after deleting files are showed different using df and du commands
2303.08NETRIX::"lipchak@avalon.Eng.PKO.DEC.Com"Tue Sep 05 1995_panic_string:
2304.02TROCTue Sep 05 19952 User License questions
2305.01KAOFS::B_CORBINTue Sep 05 1995X11 application broke when osf upgraded 2.9>3.
2306.0QUABBI::"root@linux.hhl.dec.com"Tue Sep 05 1995test pls ignore
2307.03ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SATue Sep 05 1995Lazy clock on Alphastation
2308.02ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SATue Sep 05 1995How to enable a disabled account
2309.03DPDMAI::GALVINTue Sep 05 19952 CD drives ???
2310.0GIDDAY::BARNIERTue Sep 05 1995Reference site
2311.03VMSNET::W_LATTATue Sep 05 1995Poor TZ87 throughput
2312.02DPDMAI::GALVINTue Sep 05 1995raise MAXUSERS ???
2313.09TKTVFS::NOGUCHITue Sep 05 1995about HUGE_VAL in math.h
2314.02NETRIX::"gempton@nzo.dec.com"Tue Sep 05 1995Threads question for customer.
2315.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTue Sep 05 1995C2 tty line locking problem ?
2317.01TLAVWed Sep 06 1995No Login Shell
2318.03MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Sep 06 1995
2319.04MINNY::DOLDERWed Sep 06 1995Distributed interrupt handling ?
2320.03GIDDAY::DANIELWed Sep 06 1995Can tar command output to a file?
2321.02KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Sep 06 1995OSF V3.2 on 4
2322.03QCAVWed Sep 06 1995DEC1
2323.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERWed Sep 06 1995How to get the current firmware revision - getsysinfo (GSI_CPU_INFO ...)
2324.0NETRIX::"werme@zk3.dec.com"Wed Sep 06 1995Suggestions needed on behaviour of mount(8)'s nfsv3 and tcp options
2325.01DPDMAI::GROVEWed Sep 06 1995telnet: connection refused
2326.09VNASWS::FLORWed Sep 06 1995Benchmark problem: syscalls/sec on 6
2327.06VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Sep 06 1995Redirecting dxsession not possible?
2328.04NETRIX::"werme@zk3.dec.com"Wed Sep 06 1995How to configure the Berkeley Packet Filter and capture tcpdump network traces
2329.04MSE1::RAOWed Sep 06 1995dumpfs
2330.02UKARC1::ELANGCOWed Sep 06 1995Mail on CDE
2331.02GENIE::KAPPERTWed Sep 06 1995Reading a QIC-11 tape on TZK11 with DIGITAL UNIX?
2332.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Sep 06 1995UNIX 3.2, bootp and the T132 field
2333.07CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Sep 06 1995UNIX 3.2, rsh, bourne shell and UMASK problem
2334.04LISTIM::MORAISWed Sep 06 1995Another "kernel memory fault " crash
2335.02TALLIS::JOHNGWed Sep 06 1995socket problem?
2336.01SEAWLF::POISSONWed Sep 06 1995SCSI questions -SCSI questions
2337.02DPDMAI::GALVINThu Sep 07 1995how do I delete a dumpfile?
2338.05DPDMAI::GALVINThu Sep 07 1995how do I get new disks added to kernel?
2339.08GIDDAY::SCHWARZThu Sep 07 1995Pathworks related panic
2340.02NETRIX::"jqw@somewhere.net"Thu Sep 07 19953.2C AND PATCH
2341.01BBIVThu Sep 07 1995AlphaServers' MFLOP rating etc..
2342.01TRNThu Sep 07 1995KZPSA frequent adapter error
2343.01STOWKS::PBROUWERThu Sep 07 1995Digital Unix 3.2c with PMAG-FA card panics
2344.09TKOV51::EGAWAThu Sep 07 1995Get core of running process
2345.01MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Sep 07 1995C++ Invalid PAK for version of Product
2346.07ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Sep 07 1995multiple network cards connected to same ring/ethernet
2347.03COLThu Sep 07 1995xdm access violation when login on the console
2348.02UHUH::MICHAELSThu Sep 07 1995question on using popen
2349.02AEOENG::LEHYThu Sep 07 1995(very) fast way to allocate disk space to a file wanted.
2350.03KOZY::SARKOZYThu Sep 07 1995firmware upg req'd???
2351.09UHUH::FEINGOLDThu Sep 07 1995Terminal Driver: switching from cannonical mode to raw mode.
2352.02--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 07 1995simple problem?
2353.01NETRIX::"pantelic@makThu Sep 07 1995is top(8) ported to dec_unix
2354.03STOSS1::KUTZThu Sep 07 1995porting assistant
2355.01HERON::ROWLANDSThu Sep 07 1995Help with ORACLE link...
2356.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGThu Sep 07 1995Crash dumps question
2357.0ZPOVC::HINSIONGThu Sep 07 1995"limit" for memory consumption by processes
2358.02DECWET::KOWALSKIThu Sep 07 1995customer needs performance help
2359.03DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Sep 07 1995Ultrix, Digital UNIX NIS compatible?
2361.0NAMIX::jptThu Sep 07 1995Oracle7: Query Server dies painful death (urgent)
2362.07KAOFS::J_VORSTANDThu Sep 07 1995vdump + ADVFS Problems
2363.03GIDDAY::GARDNERFri Sep 08 1995dbx crashing system
2364.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Sep 08 1995How to access NVRAM from a program
2365.01TAEC::GALLERIFri Sep 08 1995Troubles with listen (dn) ...
2366.03ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Sep 08 1995named pipes on NFS do not work over system boundaries! Correct?
2367.04ZPOVC::HINSIONGFri Sep 08 1995Out of swap problem
2368.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGFri Sep 08 1995syslog messages
2369.02ROMTSS::PASCUCCIFri Sep 08 1995ACL's bug between AIX -> OSF
2370.09TRUCKS::ENERGISFri Sep 08 1995System Monitoring - what's available ?
2372.03RHETT::HALETKYFri Sep 08 1995align directive in assembly
2373.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Sep 08 1995Processor affinity via pseg_*(1) commands
2374.0DECWET::WALPFri Sep 08 1995TeraByte Backup Project Being Started - Request for Requirements
2375.03COMICS::EDWARDSNSat Sep 09 1995etext: what is it. Where is it used?
2376.03BIGUN::YATESSun Sep 10 1995LSM Licencing from NAS
2377.04DAGWST::PIAZZAMon Sep 11 1995License Pak Question
2378.010NZOVMon Sep 11 1995Modem for Dial-In on 21
2379.09TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHMon Sep 11 1995How to change the MAC ant timer of routed?
2380.03HTSC19::IVANCHENGMon Sep 11 1995the copy/paste of dxnotepad doesn't work ...
2381.0+3ANNECY::CHATEL_MMon Sep 11 1995Need pointers for syslogd/binlogd source
2382.01LISTIM::SILVAMon Sep 11 1995error in message queue open
2383.03HLDEMon Sep 11 1995Copy of src/usr/ccs/lib/libiconv/iconv.c ?
2384.02TAVMon Sep 11 1995ps aux|more on DMS client -> partial output
2385.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Sep 11 1995Not recognizing optical drive
2386.0ITBGMon Sep 11 1995Network problem on DE435 Digital UNIX 3.2A ???
2387.01OSLLAV::PER_PMon Sep 11 1995Looking for pcnfsd source
2388.0ANNECY::BLANDIN_FMon Sep 11 1995Keyboard multiplexer under Digital Unix
2389.02RHETT::HALETKYMon Sep 11 1995ld Exception Information sections?
2390.09XKOVMon Sep 11 1995OSF/1 too many users logged in ????
2391.01TAVMon Sep 11 1995Irq an eisa card
2392.03BBPBV1::WALLACEMon Sep 11 1995X.Desktop for new customers
2393.01DECBAH::PATROMon Sep 11 1995Branding and validation !!!
2394.01ROMTSS::PASCUCCIMon Sep 11 1995DECcampus for unix
2395.01RHETT::HALETKYMon Sep 11 1995Eval in whil loops in Bourne shell
2396.02LABC::HAMon Sep 11 1995disable secure mode on AS 4
2397.03LEXSS1::GINGERMon Sep 11 1995ls -t broken in 3.2c?
2398.04DPDMAI::GALVINMon Sep 11 1995how do I remotely root???
2400.0RHETT::HALETKYMon Sep 11 1995FMLI and Ctrl-J
2401.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKMon Sep 11 1995error building lsof
2402.02PTPMMon Sep 11 1995statfs()/df disagreement
2403.03ASABET:: Sep 11 1995TOD clock availability
2404.05TRLIAN::HORMOZ::SOMERVILLEMon Sep 11 1995hints for troubleshooting a t_open error
2405.02GIDDAY::GARDNERTue Sep 12 1995
2406.01NETRIX::"cskim@deksw5.dek.dec.com"Tue Sep 12 1995Problem on FullSail Installation
2407.02ATHINA::KANATASTue Sep 12 1995Support Library...
2408.011ZPOVC::HINSIONGTue Sep 12 1995CRED field in vmstat -M
2409.02WARNED::FODDYTue Sep 12 1995DEC OSF/1 2.1
2410.04ANNECY::CHATEL_MTue Sep 12 1995need a method to crash 3.2C
2411.03WOTVAX::UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Sep 12 1995Huron development package on Digital Unix?
2412.01ASD::POWERSTue Sep 12 1995Problem with stuck processes
2413.02CRONIC::LEMONSTue Sep 12 1995Oracle for use within Digital
2415.03IJSAPL::HEHEMANNTue Sep 12 1995remote print to SCO-unix
2416.01ZENDIA::LEWTue Sep 12 1995How can I clean up a mfs filesystem?
2417.01CFSCTC::BERTINOTue Sep 12 1995hostname vs uname
2418.01CADSYS::BOGDANOVTue Sep 12 1995automount using /tmp_mnt
2419.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Sep 12 19956 - No such device or address?!
2420.05RDGENG::HAQUETue Sep 12 1995Which V3.2C subset has pty_data.c
2421.01COWPOK::WASHBURNTue Sep 12 1995Korn_shell_programming on NOVA:: ?
2422.01CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsTue Sep 12 1995POLYCENTER Common Agent documentation
2423.01NZOVTue Sep 12 1995Bourne shell query
2424.04TKOV5Wed Sep 13 1995[Q]:image broken after reset
2425.04ZPOVC::SUGUNAWed Sep 13 1995sync clocks of VMS & OSF systems ?
2426.01OSLLAV::BJORNWed Sep 13 1995Max # of TCP/IP connections
2427.02SIBILO::BARBERISWed Sep 13 1995HELP : about to configure HSC devices on a DECunix AXP system
2428.01BACHUS::FRATERSWed Sep 13 1995Xdesktop color problem.
2429.02ROMTSS::DESTITOWed Sep 13 1995Colors set in X resource files are not displayed with the right RGB components
2430.02UFHIS::MDRECHSELWed Sep 13 1995How long to learn 'dbx'?
2431.0IJSAPL::HEHEMANNWed Sep 13 1995adressing a cd-rom writer?
2432.01NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Wed Sep 13 1995Crash after ls on cd-rom
2433.02BBIVWed Sep 13 1995SYSTEM TUNE FOR SMP
2434.04STUWed Sep 13 1995problems mounting swxcr floppy
2435.02MSE1::ANDELLAWed Sep 13 1995Unix Documentation?
2436.06GANTRY::ALLBERYWed Sep 13 1995Can't boot old OSF/1 disk on Jensen
2437.01SXKITN::DAWWed Sep 13 1995panic (cpu
2438.03DRAC::ARDEVOLWed Sep 13 1995vdump on NFS - Advfs file systems
2439.03RDGENG::HAQUEWed Sep 13 1995Do devices interrupt at SPLDEVHIGH or SPLDEVLOW?
2440.01NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Wed Sep 13 1995How to modifier the mail spool protections
2441.03RHETT::LOHWed Sep 13 1995/usr/examples/devdriver/fdi1
2442.0STUWed Sep 13 1995runon,vmstat,multi-cpus and monitor
2443.0EVTAI1::BROCHARDWed Sep 13 1995OSF C2 security NIS and ultrix clients
2444.04GTDANE::GOYETTEWed Sep 13 1995gethostid() question
2445.03DOD2::PARKERWed Sep 13 1995scheduling in Digital UNIX
2446.03RHETT::HALETKYWed Sep 13 1995KSH and exporting arrays
2448.02DEKVC::JEONGGONSONThu Sep 14 1995finger error message
2449.02LNZALI::WATZKOThu Sep 14 1995alpha compressed COFF executable or object
2450.01NETRIX::"@ilo"Thu Sep 14 1995System subroutine
2451.02MSAMThu Sep 14 1995plotter
2452.03TAVThu Sep 14 1995Address already in use on 'bind'
2453.0HELKA::OLLIKAINENThu Sep 14 1995Xserver fails is V3.2C !
2454.03STUThu Sep 14 1995panic: (cpu 1): thread_continue,panic (cpu
2455.0TSC::hodgedThu Sep 14 1995DNS, corrupted cache?
2456.02MUNICH::DANNERThu Sep 14 1995should swapon support non LSM rootdg volumes?
2457.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Sep 14 1995Bouncing to login screen
2458.02MSAMThu Sep 14 1995swap + application (Pro-engineer)
2459.01LUTECE::LELEGARDThu Sep 14 1995Using socket in non-blocking mode: strange "buffering"
2460.01CHEFS::JEPSON_AThu Sep 14 1995Questions on eSNMP
2461.0HDLITE::MARSONThu Sep 14 1995Questions regarding NFS problems
2462.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Sep 14 1995dial-in through rs232?!
2463.07CSC32::SCHLABSThu Sep 14 1995ioctl: (SIOSCREEN) option not supported by protocol on screend start
2464.012RHETT::HALETKYThu Sep 14 1995Memeory Savings with Shared Libs?
2465.02DPDMAI::GALVINThu Sep 14 1995what's the Core file in root???
2466.03GIDDAY::GARDNERThu Sep 14 1995Memory not being released
2467.04TLAVFri Sep 15 1995Does Digital Unix support Alpha Clone
2468.02QCAVFri Sep 15 1995SYSTEM V run error
2469.04MAJERE::RAISTLINFri Sep 15 1995Tuning Memory locking (mlock)
2470.01MEOCFri Sep 15 1995tcplist directive in DNS named.boot?
2471.04TRNFri Sep 15 1995another different simple lock panic
2472.0TKOVOA::KONDO_TFri Sep 15 1995About secure NIS
2473.0ANNECY::LEMMAFri Sep 15 1995UNIX on CD-ROM
2474.0BBPBV1::CARTERFri Sep 15 1995subid_errcode in binlog.h ?
2475.01DEEIS1::DENAYERFri Sep 15 1995System swaps with second compilation/link
2476.02SALEM::ARNOLDFri Sep 15 1995OSF patch 325-
2477.07ADISSW::FERRARAFri Sep 15 1995Preventing Preemption in Driver code?
2478.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri Sep 15 1995NFS write errors, and a curious customer
2479.01STOSS1::SCHIMPFFri Sep 15 1995CD gives device busy on dismount
2480.01MLNORO::PORROFri Sep 15 1995trying to build alpha_init.o
2481.06MANMFri Sep 15 1995V3.2C on Tlaser: pciaerror panic, dump, crash ...
2482.04DECC::SEIGELFri Sep 15 1995uname on platinum-lite
2483.01DOD2::PARKERFri Sep 15 1995Are functions callable??? HELP?
2484.0VAXSPO::WANDERLEYFri Sep 15 1995notepad patch ???
2485.02NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Sep 15 1995Printing to JetDirect Printer
2486.04ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Sep 15 1995Why delete layered products before update
2487.01CALDEC::VELLAFri Sep 15 1995DCE earlies release?
2488.02RDGENG::HAQUEFri Sep 15 1995Do n dma_map_load()s imply n dma_map_unload()s?
2489.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSSun Sep 17 1995Mtools to read from optical drive?
2490.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGSun Sep 17 1995How to link 2 zones to setup one domain env?
2491.02LEXSS1::PUCHRIKSun Sep 17 1995nslookup MX records
2492.01GIDDAY::MUNNSun Sep 17 1995dup alloc Panic
2493.04DRAC::ARDEVOLMon Sep 18 1995TZK11 and "tar u" command
2494.0+9DECBAH::BABJIMon Sep 18 1995OSPF gated public domain location required.
2495.0ZPORDS::SONGHUATMon Sep 18 1995Kernel Parameters Equivalence
2496.0DPDMAI::GROVEMon Sep 18 1995PPP Client and Server Sources
2497.01UFHIS::MDRECHSELMon Sep 18 1995ACCELR8/SECTOR7 VMS libs for UNIX anyone?
2498.01QDOVMon Sep 18 1995Uerf reporting errors on 84
2499.01HDLITE::MARSONMon Sep 18 1995X Message processing question/problem
2500.0HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Sep 18 1995Minimum password
2501.0VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Sep 18 1995Need Ghostview and Ghostscript
2502.02LABC::HAMon Sep 18 1995contig_malloc: failed to allocate memory
2503.05FOUNDR::GUESTMon Sep 18 1995kdebug help needed
2504.08VMSNET::W_LATTAMon Sep 18 1995defunct processes
2505.04RHETT::LOHMon Sep 18 1995problem with psect
2506.02PTOVAX::METZMon Sep 18 1995Is there a 348
2507.01VAXRIO::MANOELMon Sep 18 1995About hangs with 9
2508.0EEMELI::SYVANENMon Sep 18 1995Source for *real* info on tuning network performance
2509.01DEKVC::WANSUKIMMon Sep 18 1995how can i change SCSI to RAID?
2510.01XKOVMon Sep 18 1995VET setup on 3.2b ???
2511.02NJOSS1::CHENTue Sep 19 1995New Screend Daemon?
2512.05HGOM2Tue Sep 19 1995Why I can not boot the DEC33
2513.06BBIVTue Sep 19 1995can't open ptys
2514.03NETRIX::"bartley@ozy.dec.com"Tue Sep 19 1995Stepping through a longjmp in signal handler using dbx
2515.0TAVTue Sep 19 1995Missing interface in netstat
2516.01QDOVTue Sep 19 1995ARCHIVE VIPER rmt
2517.0IJSAPL::VANGEESTTue Sep 19 1995Feasible local echo suggestions? Block mode?
2518.0XKOVTue Sep 19 1995Advfs File domain problem..refer note 2322 also.
2519.0KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Sep 19 1995v3.2 shows cron log filling with unexpected PIDs.... 41
2520.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Sep 19 1995Panic with uucpsetup!
2521.02KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Sep 19 1995OSF overnight crashes - automount is suspected... 4
2522.02NETRIX::"jaung@nyosTue Sep 19 1995sh5 in Digital UNIX?
2523.02LNZALI::HABICHLERTue Sep 19 1995cpio -p sets wrong owner
2524.01TAVTue Sep 19 1995Using a filter with a printer node
2525.01MPGS::LAVINTue Sep 19 1995DecColorwriter 1
2526.01WMGEN1:: Sep 19 199532 vs. 64 bit NFS client and server connections
2527.011CADSYS::BOGDANOVTue Sep 19 1995VMS mail --> to osf dxmail
2528.06AIMTEC::PERREAULT_KTue Sep 19 1995setting baud rate on tty port
2529.09CSC64::BLAYLOCKTue Sep 19 1995SVR4 DDI/DDK compliance for Digital UNIX Drivers?
2530.04VAXRIO::MEYERTue Sep 19 1995latcp and actual
2531.03HDLITE::KENYONTue Sep 19 1995ubc-wait-for-io info?
2532.09CADSYS::BOGDANOVTue Sep 19 1995Performance differences: looking for explanation.
2533.01CSC32::A_SHERLOCKTue Sep 19 1995What's 'controlled access mode'?
2534.0MSAMWed Sep 20 1995Recursive mktrashcan ?
2535.02ADOVWed Sep 20 1995lprsetup under 3.2 has a problem?
2536.02QDOVWed Sep 20 1995SCSI CAM ERROR ON 84
2537.02TAVIS::KLEMERWed Sep 20 1995telnet session dont die
2538.01NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Wed Sep 20 1995Client/Server configuration
2539.02SNOFS1::CROOKJWed Sep 20 1995Direct Writes (no I/O buffer caching)...
2540.02UFHIS::MDRECHSELWed Sep 20 1995Porting efforts?
2541.01COPCLU::KARSTENWed Sep 20 1995V3.2C crash : Patch available ???
2542.01BALZAC::QUENIVETWed Sep 20 1995Networker v3.1 restore problem
2543.07CADSYS::BOGDANOVWed Sep 20 1995Using physical memory.
2544.01LABC::RUWed Sep 20 1995Firware backward compatible?
2545.04MLNORO::PORROWed Sep 20 1995boot from tape
2546.01CSC32::SCHLABSWed Sep 20 1995 unidentified IRQ=8 during boot of 3.2b/alphaswerver 4/2
2547.02MUGGER::WHITHAMWed Sep 20 1995PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail)
2548.0ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Sep 20 1995XSoft InConcert application
2549.02LABC::RUWed Sep 20 1995Can't find 'mnttab' file?
2550.01CSC32::SHEAFFERWed Sep 20 1995ftp between 2 sables causes problems on LAN
2551.0CALDEC::MINWed Sep 20 1995nenscript anywhere?
2552.0HTSC19::KENNETHThu Sep 21 1995Permission denied on rm syslog.dated.
2553.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Sep 21 1995 loose clock on ALPHAstation 25
2554.0STKHLM::BEETSThu Sep 21 1995Modification time for a file?
2555.0RDGENG::BAKERSThu Sep 21 1995strfmon core dumps with small values
2556.01CLINTO::SALVADORIThu Sep 21 1995C2 security password "site triviality check" help
2557.02GYRO::SKINNERThu Sep 21 1995Platinum and PPP access?
2558.02XKOVThu Sep 21 1995Is the Memory dying???
2559.03ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Sep 21 1995not have LAT running after startup
2561.01ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Sep 21 1995some info/doc on /usr/field utilities
2562.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Sep 21 1995DW1
2563.0KERNEL::BATCHELORMThu Sep 21 1995pkacct resets at 172
2564.03MUCTEC::WENDLThu Sep 21 1995file completion and command list in UNIX ??
2565.0CHGVThu Sep 21 1995BaaN TRITON-Digital UNIX MAXUMEM parameter
2566.01DECALP::KLAVINSThu Sep 21 1995vmstat fault rate and malloc
2567.02CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Sep 21 1995ip aliasing
2568.04HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Sep 21 1995GSI_CPU and system name table!
2569.02RHETT::AMANThu Sep 21 1995"sar" reports on re disks and smp systems
2570.02DECLNE::WEILERThu Sep 21 1995ISO-9
2571.02PADC::PDONAHUEThu Sep 21 1995Keyclick on AlphaStation 4
2572.01LGP3Thu Sep 21 1995How to copy a disk? How to clone a system?
2573.03KOALA::ANKANThu Sep 21 1995Are the sia_* routines thread safe?
2574.05RAGS::DILSWORTHThu Sep 21 1995How to force a umount of a file system
2575.0CSC32::PRICEThu Sep 21 1995mtools and Jensen
2576.04CUESTA::CHAVARRIAThu Sep 21 1995process dies with no core
2577.01VAXRIO::MANOELThu Sep 21 1995About a printer filter !
2578.05QCAVFri Sep 22 19952
2579.0LEMAN::AGASSISFri Sep 22 1995CERN are very happy with our UNIX procedures...
2580.03SWTHOM::DORNANOFri Sep 22 1995"message too large" (EMSGSIZE)
2581.01BBIVFri Sep 22 1995Unix licensing for DECsafe env
2582.03KAOFS::N_PIROLLOFri Sep 22 1995tar to SunOS fails
2583.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Sep 22 1995select(2) returns bad status?
2584.0CSC32::SHEAFFERFri Sep 22 1995rmt from multinet/vms to osf fails
2585.02GLDOA::GRAVESFri Sep 22 1995single served username/passwords
2586.04UFP::LARUEFri Sep 22 1995Interface routes capability?
2587.02STOSS1::KUTZFri Sep 22 1995C compiler license
2588.02FOUNDR::GUESTFri Sep 22 1995Error reading syserr file
2589.04LGP3Fri Sep 22 1995PCXAL keypad under DECterm UNIX does nothing (also in DECWINDOWS)
2590.06ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Sep 22 1995Scheduling priorities (algorithm)
2592.02SXKITN::DAWSun Sep 24 1995Network setup for IP routing - FDDI/Ethernet
2593.05QCAVMon Sep 25 1995SunOS ttold.h
2594.03HLFSMon Sep 25 1995Installing NAS on an Alpha 2
2595.03NETRIX::"dallavo@wcuba.mln.dec.com"Mon Sep 25 1995Help to migrate from OVMS/VAX from DIGITAL Unix
2596.01TOPCHZ::MAXFIELDMon Sep 25 1995xdm and enhanced security login problems
2597.02EPS::VANDENHEUVELMon Sep 25 1995Some hints on lockinfo please ? (doc, usage, explanations)
2598.06WRKSYS::ARTHURMon Sep 25 1995Parallel Make/DCE?
2599.02ROMTSS::MORRONEMon Sep 25 1995RZ29B: Min. Digital UNIX version required
2601.0ROMTSS::MORRONEMon Sep 25 1995RZ29B: Min. Digital UNIX version required
2602.01LEMAN::ZOFKAMon Sep 25 1995no XDM after 3.2c update install (updadmin)
2603.06NETCAD::THAYERMon Sep 25 1995Script background execution interuprted...
2604.01CSCMA::HATCHMon Sep 25 1995troubleshooting suggestions please.
2605.0TONEAL::ONEALMon Sep 25 1995Rational Rose, Rogue Wave, Centerline Apps???
2606.01MQOOA::JDGIGUEREMon Sep 25 1995Remote job and Job distribution
2607.01HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Sep 25 1995Laserjet on the LAN
2608.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Sep 25 1995Urgent! setld fails on 3.2c!
2609.03TUXEDO::RAHMANMon Sep 25 19953.x: Mixing .a with .so
2610.0MPGS::WARDMon Sep 25 1995when syslog capacity is exceeded
2611.02VAXRIO::MANOELMon Sep 25 1995Simple question about a bound service !!
2612.04AXPBIZ::TRUONGMon Sep 25 1995crash dump information ...
2613.06LGP3Mon Sep 25 1995Adding a tlz
2614.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTue Sep 26 1995login process (V3.2C) hang
2615.05COMEUP::SIMMONDSTue Sep 26 1995Ways other than PacketFilter to get LAT MultiCast packets?
2616.01GIDDAY::GARDNERTue Sep 26 1995redirecting output to a file
2617.06QCAVTue Sep 26 1995trace and truss
2618.02XFMVTue Sep 26 1995Can not send mail to upper case login ids
2619.03ZPOVC::MADANAGARWALTue Sep 26 1995Lat Port problem on Digital UNIX
2620.06BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Sep 26 1995Existence of dbm(1)
2621.03OZROCK::COURTTue Sep 26 1995Is anyone aware of issues between libsys5.so on V3.2B and V3.2C ???
2622.04LEMAN::AGASSISTue Sep 26 1995syslog: Insufficient instance count from module...
2623.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Sep 26 1995 max-vnodes modification
2624.02BBIVTue Sep 26 1995perf data on Alphaserver
2625.0OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Sep 26 1995who -T, hang
2626.03KERNEL::MCNULTYTue Sep 26 1995(V3.2A) panic: kernel memory fault
2627.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Sep 26 1995Is there any Software Distribution system avail?
2628.0COPCLU::BROLINTue Sep 26 1995w command displaying Terminalserver name and port in "from" field Digital UNIX V3.
2629.08ZENDIA::LEWTue Sep 26 1995How to get the size of system process table?
2630.02CSOA1::STUTSONTue Sep 26 1995MAGMA/TGAs/AXP
2631.05LEXSTue Sep 26 1995SCSI driver can't write after LEOT
2632.01ALFAM7::URBANTue Sep 26 1995AlphaServer 1
2633.03VAXRIO::MANOELTue Sep 26 1995About netstat !!
2634.01RANGER::COBBTue Sep 26 1995link error dead end
2635.0KOALA::ANKANTue Sep 26 1995sia_chg_password and using argc/*argv[]
2636.04CUESTA::CHAVARRIATue Sep 26 1995decserver dsr/dtr flow control
2637.02GIDDAY::SANKARTue Sep 26 1995RCS what time does it use for timestamp on the files?
2638.02TPOVC::RICHARDKUOWed Sep 27 1995How to increase the display mode under dxterm
2640.0QDOVWed Sep 27 1995SCSI CAM ERROR IN 84
2641.0USPS::FPRUSSWed Sep 27 1995reference: UNIX MANAGEMENT
2642.01SXKITN::DAWWed Sep 27 1995AlphaServer 1
2643.04QCAVWed Sep 27 1995undefined timelocal
2644.01TAOVWed Sep 27 1995rcp problem
2645.02MCSILO::TKILGARRIFFWed Sep 27 1995Where does Digital UNIX record 'REPEATED LOGIN FAILURES'
2646.01HELIX::SONTAKKEWed Sep 27 1995Ghostview & Ghostscript
2647.0PERFOM::CSGPERFWed Sep 27 1995Updated AlphaServer Family Performance Docs
2648.02SEND::CHOIWed Sep 27 1995gentapes works for V3.
2649.01ANNECY::MAIGRET_YWed Sep 27 1995open ttys problem on LAT protocol
2650.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed Sep 27 1995NFS CrossMounted FileSystem and Truncated File Corruption
2651.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Sep 27 1995 panic syscall: simple lock owned in 3.
2652.03TRLIAN::MTRULLWed Sep 27 1995URGENT - Customer deleted root acct
2653.03RHETT::LOHWed Sep 27 1995question on setting my PATH
2654.0FORTY2::PULLENWed Sep 27 1995How do you enable RLIMIT_SWAP
2655.01DEEIS1::DENAYERWed Sep 27 1995Are there known problem with pc-nfs and C2 ?
2656.04MIASYS::SCHULMANNWed Sep 27 1995Problems with YACC???
2657.01NETRIX::"pantelic@makWed Sep 27 1995shared text seg.
2658.011DPDMAI::GROVEWed Sep 27 1995disable memory & cpu during test
2659.05BBPBV1::WALLACEWed Sep 27 1995Making a shared executable into a statically linked one
2660.02DPDMAI::GROVEWed Sep 27 1995memory: physical/available/using
2662.04POLAR::RICHARDSONWed Sep 27 1995xterm display manipulation in Korn Shell
2663.02CSC32::SCHLABSWed Sep 27 1995tip,cu,kermit hang when accessing modems on xyplex server from osf, vms ok
2664.01SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed Sep 27 1995ftao: Output Packet Size Too Big 171
2665.0+3TLAVWed Sep 27 1995POP3 Kits on Digital Unix
2666.05ZPOTS1::JUSTINThu Sep 28 1995V3.2C-CIXCD-HSC95?
2667.02LFOIS1::ALIEThu Sep 28 1995Tape Backup Label
2668.02MSAMThu Sep 28 1995System parameter for no. of sockets ?
2669.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Sep 28 1995VMS/RMS equivalent on dUNIX ?
2670.03EEMELI::PVILJANENThu Sep 28 1995v3.2c with hsz4
2671.0QCAVThu Sep 28 19952
2672.02STOSS1::KUTZThu Sep 28 1995new manuals with V3.2C
2673.04HAN::KUNTZEThu Sep 28 1995routed - problem with V3.2
2674.01TAEC::GALLERIThu Sep 28 1995About `fcntl' options ...
2675.02DEVIN::LUCASThu Sep 28 1995Kernel changes for a DMS client with no Build support?
2676.02LISTIM::MORAISThu Sep 28 1995Alpha 21
2677.02HDLITE::MARSONThu Sep 28 1995using table() to get disk statistic information
2678.03CGOOA::BARNABEThu Sep 28 1995OSF/VMS white paper??
2679.03LSNCSC::MARTINThu Sep 28 1995LAT problem with 3.2C ! Any patches ???
2680.08WRKSYS::CHALTASThu Sep 28 1995can shared libraries be skipped?
2682.03CGOOA::SMALLThu Sep 28 1995defpa "MAC CRC Error"
2683.01NZOVFri Sep 29 1995C2 Security and SVE
2684.05SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri Sep 29 1995TWO default gateways?
2685.02DRAC::ARDEVOLFri Sep 29 1995looking for patch MOTDUECO
2686.05MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Sep 29 1995wtmp growths til the filesystem is full
2687.05COMICS::WEIRFri Sep 29 1995tcpdump or packetfilter for SLIP lines ??
2688.02FORTY2::PALKAFri Sep 29 1995extend file and allocate disk blocks
2689.0SWETSC::HAGLUNDFri Sep 29 1995terminal characteristics
2690.01GALVIA::YOUNGFri Sep 29 1995Mapping virtual address to different physical address between threads -- can this be done?
2691.02ASABET::absFri Sep 29 1995Streams CONNLD mode?
2692.0BBIVFri Sep 29 1995using __mips_
2693.07TAEC::GALLERIFri Sep 29 1995System call to get OSF version ???
2694.03AIMTEC::PERREAULT_KFri Sep 29 1995Problem with 'at' command on V3.2c
2695.01NCMAIL::SCHOLZFri Sep 29 1995XDestroy_Image and FREE problem
2696.01CGOOA::SMALLFri Sep 29 1995tz877 to 82
2697.04PARZVL::KENNEDYFri Sep 29 1995Sendmail problem: Cannot exec /bin/mail: Permission denied
2698.03DECALP::KLAVINSFri Sep 29 1995UBC metadata hits and writing data file
2699.0FIRSC1::CECCHIFri Sep 29 1995lg
2700.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVIFri Sep 29 1995sysconfig problem when rebuilding kernel
2701.01DV78Fri Sep 29 1995Sys V from Comp Prod??
2702.01RHETT::HALETKYFri Sep 29 1995Ascii to Barcode COnverters
2703.07RDGENG::HAQUESat Sep 30 1995Profiling parts of the kernel?
2704.04RDGENG::HAQUESat Sep 30 1995SNMP management of STREAMS
2705.05WPOPTH::WADMMon Oct 02 1995Patch info for OSFV3
2706.01LKPDEE::BRAGEMon Oct 02 1995cc dumps core.
2707.05WARNUT::FODDYMon Oct 02 1995Is DEC OSF/1 V2.1 supported ?
2708.0MSAMMon Oct 02 1995Disk space threshold before error is displayed
2709.0TAEC::GALLERIMon Oct 02 1995Troubles with CTF under DEC/OSF V3.
2710.01CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Oct 02 1995Upper case to lower (IUCLC) on telnet?
2711.01UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BMon Oct 02 1995ld problem via nfs
2712.01WONDER::BENTOMon Oct 02 1995RZ28's with different partition sizes...
2713.02ISTWI1::OZILMon Oct 02 1995printing
2714.02LNZALI::HABICHLERMon Oct 02 1995root filesystem full
2715.04BRADEC::PODOLINSKYMon Oct 02 1995crash - kernel memory fault
2716.03TRLIAN::VAILMon Oct 02 1995Can't run UNIX 3.2c with graphics board
2717.08WMGEN1:: Oct 02 1995Bootable Tapes or customized CDROMS?
2718.05NEMAIL::MCDONALDJMon Oct 02 1995HPJ21
2719.03DPDMAI::GALVINMon Oct 02 1995add a tape drive on the fly?
2720.07HGOVC::NANDANTue Oct 03 1995Disk partitioning on fresh install
2721.03HGOVC::NELSONTSANGTue Oct 03 1995ping telnet ftp...
2722.02BPEPSI::NICHOLASHOTue Oct 03 1995Line command of XSysAdmin & XIsso
2723.04YEENOT::LAWRENCEPTue Oct 03 1995sendmail: mail hub non-local domain
2724.03HGOVC::JAMBUTue Oct 03 19953.2C, crashing systems with PXG adaptor, help??
2725.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Oct 03 1995Setup modem ports on DigiBoard
2726.01HGOVC::JAMBUTue Oct 03 1995Networker whitepaper & presentation ??
2727.04CSOA1::STUTSONTue Oct 03 1995minimizing memory util.
2728.01TSC::hodgedTue Oct 03 1995FTP, could not build data connection
2729.04ADISSW::FERRARATue Oct 03 1995Reading the System Cycle Counter?
2730.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PTue Oct 03 1995POSIX 1
2731.01HEN::PLESSASTue Oct 03 1995Changing volumes on pipe input? dump/restore
2733.0KRYSTL::POPHAMTue Oct 03 1995SlickEdit Beta Test on UNIX Available
2734.01TROOA::HENDRIKSETue Oct 03 1995printcap for IBM4
2735.03TROOA::HENDRIKSETue Oct 03 1995capital letter problems
2736.07ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Oct 03 1995set tulip to twisted-pair online
2737.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Oct 03 1995PCM console and graphics console at same time
2738.01LABC::RUTue Oct 03 1995shmmax maximum value?
2739.013CSC32::SCHLABSTue Oct 03 1995bad interface in control list from gated startup
2740.03SWETSC::HASSELQVISTWed Oct 04 1995tip craves cpu time
2741.02DRAC::MARTOSWed Oct 04 1995kn22a. ???
2742.03MUCTEC::WENDLWed Oct 04 1995copyarea (HW?) problem with zlxp-e1 AND function?
2743.02ZURWed Oct 04 1995Memory compression
2744.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed Oct 04 1995newfs and rx26 ??
2745.04TSC::hodgedWed Oct 04 1995NFS, more stale file handles
2746.06RHETT::LOHWed Oct 04 1995question regarding sizeof()
2747.01TSC::hodgedWed Oct 04 1995NFS, nfsd goes into disk wait
2748.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Oct 04 1995ATM Forum LANE Support When?
2749.0ADISSW::FERRARAWed Oct 04 1995Selecting NO interrupt with ECU?
2750.03HEN::PLESSASWed Oct 04 1995installupdate probs 3.
2751.0GOLLY::HORNERWed Oct 04 1995Digital Porting Assistant
2752.04GOLLY::HORNERWed Oct 04 1995How to get the Porting Assistant Kit
2753.01SSDEVO::T_GONZALESWed Oct 04 1995SCSI disk device error message from file utility?
2754.05MSBCS::REEDWed Oct 04 1995How to break into an SGI system
2755.02BRIEIS::DOLANWed Oct 04 1995can't open osf_boot after disklabel
2757.08CGOOA::SACHSWed Oct 04 1995Configuration/Startup Questions
2758.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Oct 04 1995How to setup dial-in/out using tip command?
2759.0TPOVC::RICHARDKUOThu Oct 05 1995Console hangs after exit of local system
2760.01TAVENG::BENZIThu Oct 05 1995Problem with C++ definitions of termcap functions in curses.h
2761.0EEMELI::SYVANENThu Oct 05 1995ild problems with Oracle libraries
2762.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Oct 05 1995LPD queue drain request
2763.013VAXRIO::MEYERThu Oct 05 1995Frame type: 8
2764.01MKOTS1::JREGANThu Oct 05 1995panic (cpu
2765.0XKOVThu Oct 05 1995osf/1 3.2 & oracle 7.1.16 linking slow......
2767.07VAXRIO::PAULAThu Oct 05 1995Comparing Ultrix and OSF/1 memory consumption
2768.01BACHUS::DIDDENThu Oct 05 1995netstat -i and sl
2769.01AZUR::DICKOThu Oct 05 1995sysconfig entries - values
2770.03WMGEN1::16.72.16Thu Oct 05 1995Where to send "suggestions"
2771.05CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Oct 05 1995UNIX 3.2, internal PCI modem configuration?
2772.04VNZVThu Oct 05 1995DES for Digital UNIX needed !!!!
2773.0RHETT::AMANThu Oct 05 1995getty string for login name in acctg wtmperror
2774.01ANNECY::LAROCHE_PThu Oct 05 1995How to determine VSIZE and RSSIZE for one process?
2775.0RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Oct 05 1995fontserver cores on malloc
2776.02DECWET::OGAWAThu Oct 05 1995awk problem in X4.
2777.05ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONThu Oct 05 1995support for NQS?
2778.02RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Oct 05 1995patch for message queues
2779.0CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Oct 05 1995ftp/c2 security, only works for root
2780.01VIVIAN::J_VERSIThu Oct 05 1995Is OSF/1 3.
2781.0CSC32::COLTERThu Oct 05 1995EBCDIC file transfer fails FTP PUT, GET works fine.
2782.010COPCLU::KARSTENFri Oct 06 1995Patch ID: OSF32
2783.01NAMIX::jptFri Oct 06 1995TurboLaser crash - from comp.unix.osf.osf1
2784.02ZENA::ASTRUAFri Oct 06 1995XTI documentation ?
2786.02SIOG::KIELYFri Oct 06 1995[kernel idle] process %cpu v3.2
2787.03CHEFS::JEPSON_AFri Oct 06 1995CPU Spike problems
2788.08DYPSS1::DYSERTFri Oct 06 1995cpu & disk utilization - accounting?
2789.02CSOA1::STUTSONFri Oct 06 1995Digital UNIX internals?
2790.0MUFFIT::gerryFri Oct 06 1995Crash on V3.2c but no crash dump - thoughts ?
2791.01RHETT::LOHFri Oct 06 1995printing unsigned long
2792.01HOWICK::HOWARDFri Oct 06 1995ON command - like HP-UX ?
2793.01MAASUP::DMFORDFri Oct 06 1995rpc.pcnfsd problem with groups
2794.02WONDER::BENTOSat Oct 07 1995upgrade from 3.
2795.01CHEFS::BLATCH_GMon Oct 09 1995OSF 3.2a, SU and C2 Security??
2796.013MLNCSC::VOCIMon Oct 09 1995problem with informix and memory usage
2797.05MUCTEC::WENDLMon Oct 09 1995how to get more pty's on V3.2*C* ?
2798.03TAEC::PUJOLMon Oct 09 1995Dymamic configuration of IPC sub-system doesn't work
2799.01FORTY2::PALKAMon Oct 09 1995Disable MOP protocol
2800.02MLNORO::REBECCHIMon Oct 09 1995CXI
2801.01ADISSW::FERRARAMon Oct 09 1995Compiling Device Drivers...
2802.04ADISSW::FERRARAMon Oct 09 1995Showing Checked Out files with RCS?
2804.02CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Oct 09 1995C2/NIS in a Master/Slave environment
2805.09STKHLM::BEETSMon Oct 09 1995X-patches in OPEN3D or Digital UNIX?
2806.07MUCTEC::WENDLMon Oct 09 1995only 8 xdm sessions with V3.2C's xdm ???
2807.02KETJE::MONTEMon Oct 09 1995TCP/IP : MIL-STD-1777 & 1778 ?
2808.03ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONMon Oct 09 1995# of files in filesystem
2809.0ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONMon Oct 09 1995account by GID
2810.0ISTWI1::MUTAFMon Oct 09 1995Questions about message queues on OSF/1.
2811.01STKHLM::BACKSTROMMon Oct 09 1995Broken tty?
2812.05HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Oct 09 1995SCSI optical jukebox
2813.01RHETT::LOHMon Oct 09 1995Any plan for Java??
2814.05TIME::HAZARIKAMon Oct 09 1995Resolving addresses?
2815.02VMSNET::W_LATTATue Oct 10 1995closef: f_count not 1 panics
2816.04IAMOSI::LEUNGTue Oct 10 1995lpd : Waiting for a lock
2817.02ZURTue Oct 10 1995BLT engine hung in atiDrawColorImage GLOBALWAIT; resetting...
2818.02MSOTIS::LETue Oct 10 1995How UNIX mail handle space char in ALL-IN-1 mail addres
2819.04IJSAPL::JANSSENTue Oct 10 1995vi <---> Reflex
2820.03ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Oct 10 1995can ldtty.o use on 3.2c system ?
2821.05ADISSW::FERRARATue Oct 10 1995Determining CPU Clock frequency?
2822.08ISTWI1::MUTAFTue Oct 10 1995Turbolaser HANGS with OSF/1 v3.2c and ORACLE
2823.03GOLLY::BRODEURTue Oct 10 1995XEmacs 19.13 or 19.12 on Platinum BL8/Pass 1?
2824.07GBITue Oct 10 1995trouble with an ISA (EISA bus) driver upgrading OSF from 2.
2825.02DECIDE::NELSONTue Oct 10 1995Security Questions
2826.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDTue Oct 10 1995makeoptions in configuration file.. -DPROFILING
2827.010HDLITE::NEWMANTue Oct 10 1995Threads, RPCC, and (PAL RSCC on VMS; ??? on OSF)
2828.0ROMTSS::DESTITOTue Oct 10 1995yacc doesn't works with Digital_Unix V3.2
2829.04MUCTEC::WENDLTue Oct 10 1995Will V4.
2830.06KETJE::DELAMPERTue Oct 10 1995EV5 performance counters ?
2831.013SEND::CHOITue Oct 10 1995How to set title and icon name on xterm for OSF/1 V3.2C?
2833.01NETRIX::"heinz@suo.dec.com"Tue Oct 10 1995Update install V3.2A --> V3.2C question
2834.0RHETT::SHEPPARDTue Oct 10 1995product managers for fontserver
2835.01VAXRIO::MEYERTue Oct 10 1995advfs - size of control area
2836.0RHETT::LOHTue Oct 10 1995strang csh problem
2837.0LGP3Tue Oct 10 1995Microtek MRS-6
2839.0TRNTue Oct 10 1995NFS problems vs Intergraph
2840.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Oct 10 1995UNIX 3.2, DEFTA-UA can't load LPS2
2841.04ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Oct 10 1995132 column in character mode
2842.02PADC::PDONAHUETue Oct 10 1995Beep on on AlphaStation 4
2843.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Oct 11 1995How tput works ?
2844.07BRSTR1::SCHOOFSWed Oct 11 1995root from an X-terminal
2845.05WARNUT::BANKSTWed Oct 11 1995BIND failures - any advice?
2846.03CSC32::PITTWed Oct 11 1995tftp and alias = connection refused
2847.01BBIVWed Oct 11 1995additional console for AS 82
2848.01TRLIAN::MARZOWed Oct 11 1995SUN "TEST and SET" function...
2849.01AYOUWed Oct 11 1995another simple lock time limit
2850.02XSTACY::RKIELTYWed Oct 11 1995Device drivers: name of kernel interface library
2851.02GOLLY::HORNERWed Oct 11 1995Looking for FUSE V3.
2852.01GENIE::KAPPERTWed Oct 11 1995ps status x, tty -s, controlling terminal csh,sh
2853.02DYOSW5::WILDERWed Oct 11 1995Mirror nfs mounted data??
2854.03CSC32::SCHLABSWed Oct 11 1995lat print jobs printing on wrong port (intermittently)
2855.02GRINCH::KALINWed Oct 11 1995Unix util to display disk lba?
2856.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Oct 11 1995 NFSv3 and FDDI problem
2857.06ISTWI1::ASLANTEKINWed Oct 11 1995Urgent! Telnet login problem
2858.02CSC32::T_SANDEFURWed Oct 11 1995keypad definitions
2859.02SWETSC::HAGLUNDWed Oct 11 1995Installing problems X4.
2860.0IE::MCCABEWed Oct 11 1995Problem using malloc
2861.01ROMEOS:: Oct 11 1995Urgent !! - 82
2862.01FOUNDR::PATRUNOWed Oct 11 1995How to use floppy
2863.07DECWET::PANGWed Oct 11 1995Performance slow on 21
2864.03CSC32::D_BROWNWed Oct 11 1995Digital UNIX I&DS book?
2865.03NZOVThu Oct 12 1995How to set 7 bit mode on serial port?
2866.02TPSPS5::SYSTEMThu Oct 12 1995How to increase CPU idle for other process when I run C pro.
2867.03MSAMThu Oct 12 1995Kerberos anyone?
2868.03TAOVThu Oct 12 1995Execute a shell script from a VMS node
2869.01WPOPTH::WADMThu Oct 12 1995NFS and Backup problem
2870.05ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Oct 12 1995kmknod: getsysinfo() or mknod(): File exists?
2871.0ARAFAT::SUNDSTROMThu Oct 12 1995SCSI Printers ??
2872.01DEKVC::YOUNGGYUNCHOThu Oct 12 1995SCSI Buffer in Memory on Digital UNIX
2873.03HLFSThu Oct 12 1995XDM error messages.
2874.02ROMTSS::PASCUCCIThu Oct 12 1995tokenexpress 16/4
2875.011TUXEDO::SANEThu Oct 12 1995is vi broken in X4.
2876.01GRANPA::JCONNORSThu Oct 12 19954/266 & UNIX
2877.0HDLITE::DONSBACHThu Oct 12 1995table(TBL_DKINFO) again...
2878.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVIThu Oct 12 1995AdvFS technical overview?
2879.04SMURF::SAGGERERThu Oct 12 1995C preprocessor difference in X4.
2880.03RHETT::LOHThu Oct 12 1995cannot find source file XSetHints.c
2881.01COLA1::COLUP8::RSCHEFFLERThu Oct 12 1995automatically disabling unused logins
2882.01TALLIS::GORTONThu Oct 12 1995mmap() and -taso
2883.02WRKSYS::ARTHURThu Oct 12 1995Reading a physical address
2884.03GOLLY::JRICHARDSThu Oct 12 1995what does this odump -Dl output mean
2885.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Oct 12 1995New device names in 4.
2886.0ACISFri Oct 13 1995Slow I/O performance
2887.02OZROCK::FERRIERFri Oct 13 1995Should panic disable interrupts?
2888.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGFri Oct 13 1995pl and printcap
2889.01QUABBI::"murray@src.dec.com"Fri Oct 13 1995Measuring CPU usage
2890.04MUCCS1::VINZENZFri Oct 13 1995Xisso & secondary groups
2891.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Oct 13 1995sendmail V8 ...
2892.013ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNFri Oct 13 1995urgent - where to raise/increase mbufs?
2893.01NETRIX::"root@jhbws3.jhb.DEC.COM"Fri Oct 13 1995telnetd/tcp timers
2894.01QUICHE::PITTFri Oct 13 1995Quick tutorial on hardware RAID on 21
2895.02IOSG::LOCKWOODFri Oct 13 1995Sockets on Digital Unix
2896.03ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNFri Oct 13 1995Help !! Any good Performance tool for system monitoring ...
2897.04RHETT::LOHFri Oct 13 1995Can't build gcc v2.7 on Digital UNIX v3.2c
2898.04CHEFS::DECARLO_KFri Oct 13 1995MAX number open files
2899.04SWAMPD::JLYNCHFri Oct 13 1995luns targets and device names
2900.07NESBIT::BGIRVANFri Oct 13 199584
2901.05GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeFri Oct 13 1995running new firmware with old OSF
2902.0HDLITE::LNARAYANFri Oct 13 1995sendmail feautres...
2903.01OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Oct 13 1995Nat.Inst. / GPIB(IEEE 488) / Alphastations / ISA , driver issues
2904.02ASABET:: Oct 13 1995PC Magazine article on RISC
2905.02DEVIN::LUCASFri Oct 13 1995NFS Portmap: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed out
2906.0335Fri Oct 13 1995ZMODEM on DEC UNIX ?
2907.06WDFFS2::SENAKFri Oct 13 1995OSF 3.2C KZESC/KZPSA Restriction True???
2908.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Oct 13 1995secure zone available with UNIX BIND?
2909.01USPS::FPRUSSFri Oct 13 1995LAM - Local Area Messaging
2910.01MANMSat Oct 14 1995panic (cpu
2911.01MANMSat Oct 14 1995panic (cpu
2912.02REGENT::HUMMERSSun Oct 15 1995ping > alive | no answer
2913.0REGENT::HUMMERSSun Oct 15 1995exec < /dev/tty
2914.02MANMSun Oct 15 1995panic (cpu2): simple_lock: time limit exceeded?
2915.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANSun Oct 15 1995<BUS>_option_data.c
2916.01ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNSun Oct 15 1995How to install the patches
2917.02ZPOVC::SINSPSMon Oct 16 1995What value for Excessive page outs ?
2918.02MEOCMon Oct 16 1995Disabling root access from eXursion
2919.02ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNMon Oct 16 1995Help on syslog.dated error log
2920.07UFHIS::SHUEBNERMon Oct 16 1995bootpd: bad addr len from from Ethernet address
2921.01NETRIX::"stefan@furka.zuo.dec.com"Mon Oct 16 1995Cannot login in CDE after Patch
2922.0EEMELI::PVILJANENMon Oct 16 1995fta
2923.03MUFFIT::gerryMon Oct 16 1995SEGV from malloc
2924.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMMon Oct 16 1995How cam I identify who deleted a file?
2925.01STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Oct 16 1995Where to get ISV help thesedays?
2926.0TUXEDO::SANEMon Oct 16 1995OSFOLDX114
2927.06ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Oct 16 1995Does swap have to be on system disk?
2929.06AOSF1::krasMon Oct 16 1995kernel thread access to network
2930.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 16 1995System Management/Diagnostics/HouseKeeping?
2931.01HERIAM::DIAMONDMon Oct 16 1995Unaligned access issue
2932.01FIREBL::LEEDSMon Oct 16 1995TL81
2933.03CELICA::katsumiTue Oct 17 1995lint does not pass # that is not placed the first column
2934.03ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNTue Oct 17 1995Crash dump ?? Please help to analyse..
2935.04OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Oct 17 1995ld: unresolved: when trying to link
2936.02TRUCKS::BARRONTue Oct 17 1995Alpha 21
2937.04XSTACY::RKIELTYTue Oct 17 1995Help needed reading kernel data
2938.02COPCLU::WIELANDTue Oct 17 1995A4
2939.05UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue Oct 17 1995Thread initialisation problem on V3.2?
2940.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Oct 17 1995doconfig fails after ATM sw installed
2941.0TAVTue Oct 17 1995Font server (fs) crashes with ANSYS/NCD
2942.01MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLATue Oct 17 1995Getting UID/GID of ISO966
2943.0EEMELI::EINAMOTue Oct 17 1995skey
2944.04BACHUS::CUYTTue Oct 17 1995telnet problem
2945.01OSLMR::MARTINR_PTue Oct 17 1995'at' and enhanced security questions.
2946.08AEOENG::JACQUEMIN_NTue Oct 17 1995Write Operation with more than 64Kbytes ???
2947.07NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Tue Oct 17 1995VME DRIVER FOR PCI ADAPTER ,OSF 3.2C ??
2948.01IJSAPL::ESSERTue Oct 17 1995Less memory -> better performance ??
2949.01DKAS::SPIELMANTue Oct 17 1995dbx prob using 'cont' w/in routine w/break set
2950.01NEMAIL::LYONSJTue Oct 17 1995Question about kits
2951.0FORTSC::ORNELASTue Oct 17 1995non-privileged operator for backups
2952.0PERFOM::CSGPERFTue Oct 17 1995Application-based AlphaServer Performance Docs
2953.01PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Oct 17 1995Threads in an appl link with 3rd party sharable that uses libc
2954.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Oct 17 1995DE5
2955.04CSC32::I_WALDOTue Oct 17 1995WaitForSomething(): select: errno=5
2956.01DEVIN::LUCASTue Oct 17 1995find: bad status-- .proc/
2957.01ZPOVC::TAPASWed Oct 18 1995configuring serial line to work with modem
2958.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Oct 18 1995subnets and netmasks
2959.02HANULZ::WAIWONGWed Oct 18 1995Flow control problem in t4.
2960.0TRUCKS::PRINCE_TWed Oct 18 1995source for the console/terminal driver?
2961.01OSLWed Oct 18 1995PC-NFS source?
2963.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOWed Oct 18 1995benchmarks
2964.01TPOVC::SIMONLEEWed Oct 18 1995CPU load leveling in SMP
2965.01YEENOT::LAWRENCEPWed Oct 18 1995Modem control on 3
2966.04SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Oct 18 1995RARP works over IP router?
2967.0TAVWed Oct 18 1995message queue input with XtAppAddInput
2968.01NETRIX::"andella@mse1.enet.dec.com"Wed Oct 18 1995Crash Dump Analysis
2969.02TLAVWed Oct 18 1995kernel idle process consume about 9
2970.01DYOSW5::WILDERWed Oct 18 1995FIS problems with root??
2971.01SEAWLF::POISSONWed Oct 18 1995Platinum Net Kit?
2972.01VAOUWed Oct 18 1995problems with X11R6 with PBXGA-AA
2973.03CSC32::A_SHERLOCKWed Oct 18 1995packetfilter examples?
2974.09UNXA::PARKERWed Oct 18 1995NFS mounted file system with "sticky" bit?
2975.0LEXSS1::GINGERWed Oct 18 1995erratic run time
2976.03ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Oct 18 1995Digital UNIX Patch access
2977.03NLAWed Oct 18 1995Group name maximum length?
2978.01AOSF1::krasWed Oct 18 1995loading/unloading pseudo-driver
2979.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Oct 19 1995DLB dl_sap question
2980.02NETRIX::"Alan Taylor @sno"Thu Oct 19 1995LARGE DB REFERENCES NEEDED
2981.01ISTWI1::MUTAFThu Oct 19 1995UUCP connection to HP-UX over TCP/IP
2982.03ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Oct 19 1995MIME in Platinum ?
2983.01HGOVC::JAMBUThu Oct 19 1995rlogin slow on 82
2984.03ADOVThu Oct 19 19951
2985.06AYOUThu Oct 19 1995another lat printer problem
2986.01TAVENG::BORISThu Oct 19 1995how to conditionalize the code for both OSF1 and Ultrix?
2987.07TUXEDO::ZIMMERMANThu Oct 19 1995rsh doesn't exit
2988.01PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERThu Oct 19 1995file /dev/tty
2989.03PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERThu Oct 19 1995Configuring printer with 7bits Even Parity??? on DigiBoard?
2990.01MANMThu Oct 19 1995Why would mv/cp of >3GB files induce ADVFS panic?
2991.05SCCAT::HARVEYThu Oct 19 1995UNIX 3.2c and bootp problem
2992.01ROMTSS::PASCUCCIThu Oct 19 1995permission question
2993.03MCITS1::TEJAThu Oct 19 1995sendmail message format?
2994.04CSC32::SCHLABSThu Oct 19 1995blank source address from last on osf 3.2
2995.03ADOVThu Oct 19 1995Removing J3
2996.011BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Oct 20 1995tar updates inode modification time
2997.03TAENG4::VCMGTFri Oct 20 1995Can't mount CD
2998.01BPEPSI::NICHOLASHOFri Oct 20 1995How to get latest audit events?
2999.04BPEPSI::NICHOLASHOFri Oct 20 1995sar command in C2 security
3000.03TRNFri Oct 20 1995syslog lose messages
3001.03NETRIX::"fernandob@joburg.jhb.DEC.COM"Fri Oct 20 1995Limited root privs.
3002.04COLFri Oct 20 1995Window manager does not start on a 21
3003.04BIALY::OBRIENFri Oct 20 1995Help System Crashing
3004.01ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Oct 20 1995Wanted: very specific memory mapping primitive
3005.030ADISSW::FERRINFri Oct 20 1995lmf calls for static drivers at probe time?
3006.02OTOOA::LANGEFri Oct 20 1995using dbx to monitor subsystems
3007.03EBCOT::ALPERINFri Oct 20 1995backround color issue
3008.09TAVIS::SHAPIRSun Oct 22 19953.2x meaning
3009.03ZPOVC::COLINTONGMon Oct 23 1995Authentication Server and Platinum
3010.02FORTY2::PALKAMon Oct 23 1995Bad timezone info for GB-Eire
3011.0IBMon Oct 23 1995PUSI protocol ?
3012.0HGOVC::JAMBUMon Oct 23 1995telnet, echo slow on 82
3013.02COPCLU::BRIANMon Oct 23 1995Presto and RAID controller in same machine?
3014.07IJSAPL::JANSSENMon Oct 23 1995ftp-loggings records
3015.0LNZALI::WATZKOMon Oct 23 1995crashdc bug
3016.02BALZAC::QUENIVETMon Oct 23 1995Dial-up the operator at home?
3017.02TRLIAN::VAILMon Oct 23 1995Problem with opticals and UNIX 3.2c
3018.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Oct 23 1995Where is ATMworks 35
3019.02WONDER::BENTOMon Oct 23 1995How to rebuild MASTER NIS Server?
3020.02KAOFS::A_FOURNIERMon Oct 23 1995tz87n on Dig Unix bus hang
3021.03NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Mon Oct 23 1995CXI
3022.02STUMon Oct 23 1995DMU, not in pci_option data, autopush: SAD open failed
3023.03BACHUS::BIS1Mon Oct 23 1995automount & "bg" option
3024.0SSDEVO::T_GONZALESMon Oct 23 1995Device Busy after power fail?
3025.05OTOOA::LANGEMon Oct 23 1995PKUNZIP for dunix
3026.02CSC32::SCHLABSMon Oct 23 1995ftp from multinet to osf gives FTP session closed
3027.01ORO5Mon Oct 23 1995"t" shell or tsh available ?
3028.07NAMIX::jptMon Oct 23 1995Finding what processes are waiting ? Best way?
3029.03BIGUN::YATESTue Oct 24 1995Urgent help needed with 82
3030.02STUTue Oct 24 1995DMU's .vmunix and vmunix boot clarification
3031.01LATINA::CARVAJALTue Oct 24 1995Tar V3.2C doesn't look like a tar archive
3032.04DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Oct 24 1995dxnotepad strikes again again
3033.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOTue Oct 24 1995application software
3034.03BROUGH::DAVIESTue Oct 24 1995Config file naming problems
3035.0NETRIX::"wendy@seeaxp.tay.dec.com"Tue Oct 24 1995HELP: NIS Failure
3036.04ROMTue Oct 24 1995SLIP & Routing
3037.04NETRIX::"pantelic@makTue Oct 24 1995need info about the sysconfigtab and kdbx patch
3038.04VAXRIO::PAULATue Oct 24 1995panic: "kernel memory fault"
3039.02BPEPSI::NICHOLASHOTue Oct 24 1995unknow sysconfigtab message
3040.04FIREBL::LEEDSTue Oct 24 1995Async I/O patch for 3.2c ??
3041.0NETRIX::"jem@mars.iso.dec.com"Tue Oct 24 1995dxbook 3.2c broken?
3042.03ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBTue Oct 24 1995How are pset commands supposed to work ?
3043.04ALFAM7::URBANTue Oct 24 1995Tulip throughput problems on AS 2xxx
3044.02EVTAI1::BROCHARDTue Oct 24 1995PSDC3
3045.0VNABRW::FREUNBERGERTue Oct 24 1995terminfo: is %= supported ?
3046.04DAGWST::PIAZZATue Oct 24 1995Windows Forget Position
3047.05GTDANE::GOYETTETue Oct 24 1995Mail Setup - Did I Miss Something ?
3049.02HDLITE::GRIESTue Oct 24 1995Is this worth noting?
3050.0NABETH::alanTue Oct 24 1995Lock files for previous versions after upgrade.
3051.01IJSAPL::ESSERTue Oct 24 1995cpio and specials ??
3052.01CSC64::BLAYLOCKTue Oct 24 1995Why the -non_shared requirement for realtime programs
3053.01ORO5Tue Oct 24 1995cdmenu segment fault ?
3054.01MSAMWed Oct 25 1995Digital UNIX V3 rev347 = V3.2a?b?c?....??
3055.04LYOISA::BOIRINWed Oct 25 1995RIS / Delay_wbuffers questions
3056.05BACHUS::ROELANDTSWed Oct 25 1995many collisions on the LAN
3057.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Oct 25 1995Can't print with DigiBoard
3058.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANWed Oct 25 1995device permission
3059.0TAVWed Oct 25 1995Accessed a Sony 931 optical drive ?
3060.01VAXRIO::MANOELWed Oct 25 1995Short question about cpio !!
3061.03UKARCX::HUDSONWed Oct 25 1995no prototype for _bsd_mumble() curses functions causes problems for C++
3062.01TRUCKS::PARMARWed Oct 25 1995After an upgrade to 3.2C, uname says OSF1
3063.01TRHWed Oct 25 1995Telnetprint and UNIX
3064.02HDLITE::SHENWed Oct 25 1995dbx Warning: ubc_object_allocate : object net NULL:
3065.03HDLITE::GRIESWed Oct 25 1995acc -O2 optimization bug
3066.0USCTR1::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBWed Oct 25 1995NIS lookup caching and netid.byname maps
3067.0ZENDIA::LEWWed Oct 25 1995How to put percent sign ('%') inside multiple-word arguments in crontab file
3068.04CSC32::A_SHERLOCKWed Oct 25 1995nfs write behavior?
3069.0VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Oct 25 1995How can I get a transparent terminal drive?
3070.01HAMSUP::SONNENTAGWed Oct 25 1995How to exec programs which use privs from nonpriv user ?
3071.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Oct 26 19953.2B patch
3072.08HELKA::OLLIKAINENThu Oct 26 1995Can OSF/1 with one interface to act as router ?
3073.01MKTCRV::KMANNERINGSThu Oct 26 1995POSIX real time bug fixed in 4.
3074.0NETRIX::"sveinn@nwoosf.nwo.dec.com"Thu Oct 26 1995chmod -R bug ?
3075.05LISTIM::SILVAThu Oct 26 1995Cancel ^Z, is it possible?
3076.04XKOVThu Oct 26 1995suspicious CAM error ???
3077.01MQOU18::M_MORINThu Oct 26 1995Redirect Telnet Output???
3078.03UTRTSC::BUITENHUISThu Oct 26 1995Floating point exception in union if flag -g is used.
3079.03UTRUST::KUIJPERThu Oct 26 1995X11 server flag to run without open TCP 6
3080.03BLAZER::MIKELISThu Oct 26 1995Simultaneous CPU access to same partition w/RAID?
3081.04ODIXIE::GORDONDThu Oct 26 1995"WHO" command misreports # of users
3082.01SCASThu Oct 26 1995DXMAIL Inbox file size large?
3083.0AOSF1::krasFri Oct 27 1995physio() raw device driver questions
3084.0HGOVC::JAMBUFri Oct 27 1995xdm goes to hang state, 3.2c+PXG+ problem
3085.02SWETSC::HAGLUNDFri Oct 27 1995vnode table is full - again!
3086.03AIMTEC::PERREAULT_KFri Oct 27 1995 What subsets are in FIS on a rz28m?
3087.03TAEC::GALLERIFri Oct 27 1995Problem with decladebug on DEC/Unix V3.2C
3088.01UTURBO::HOORNWEGFri Oct 27 1995strange scsi bus errors on system disk , ASE configuration
3089.03NETRIX::"pantelic@makFri Oct 27 1995cpu on/off without reboot
3090.01AOSF1::krasFri Oct 27 1995UIO_AIORW flag meaning and uiomove
3091.01MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIFri Oct 27 1995isinf equivalent system call
3092.0NQOSFri Oct 27 1995FDDI support for 3.2c
3093.03ACISFri Oct 27 1995Need Internals book!
3094.0PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Oct 27 1995World's Fastest Single-Node TPC-C from Digital
3096.0+6COOKIE::MRUFri Oct 27 1995Announceing Media Robot Utility
3097.04VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Oct 27 1995Problems w/ SUN NFS?
3098.01VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Oct 27 1995How to logout after su
3099.018NAMIX::jptFri Oct 27 1995possible problem with listen queue size being too small?
3100.06DELNI::WALSHSat Oct 28 1995How can you add routes from program control
3101.01XFMVSun Oct 29 1995Lingering processes...
3102.0NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Sun Oct 29 19951
3103.02QUABBI::"werme@zk3.dec.com"Sun Oct 29 1995SGI Challenge vs. DEC Alpha performance (Cern, Desy benchmarks)
3104.06GIDDAY::CHONGSun Oct 29 1995How to turn off the master capability of LAT
3105.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSSun Oct 29 1995User@Host.Domain becomes Relay!User@ServiceProvider (sendmail)
3106.0BPEPSI::NICHOLASHOMon Oct 30 1995adduser or XSysAdmin in C2
3107.01DEEIS1::DENAYERMon Oct 30 1995XSysAdmin and secondary groups
3108.0LEMAN::ZOFKAMon Oct 30 1995syslog.dated one week old, unable do delete by root
3109.02LEMAN::ZOFKAMon Oct 30 1995uptime 9 days, idle 8
3110.0LEMAN::ZOFKAMon Oct 30 1995Question about shutdown & init levels
3111.01MAJERE::RAISTLINMon Oct 30 1995LK471-AE key mapping
3112.04WOTVAX::64Mon Oct 30 1995one IP address/two domain names?
3113.01CUESTA::CHAVARRIAMon Oct 30 1995terminal server modem and lat
3114.01CHEFS::absip46.reo.dec.com::geddesiMon Oct 30 1995UNIX security/availability
3115.03MAJERE::RAISTLINMon Oct 30 1995lprsetup not seeing filters
3116.01STOWOA::ZAAFMon Oct 30 1995UNIX V3.2 -> Windows/NT RAS over PPP help
3117.04BSS::BORENMon Oct 30 1995potential telnetd security vulnerability
3118.03HDLITE::COTEMon Oct 30 1995Problem installing t4.
3119.04ADISSW::FERRARAMon Oct 30 1995Understanding realtime issues...
3120.04FIREBL::LEEDSMon Oct 30 1995super large ASE config ??
3121.04BRADEC::PODOLINSKYMon Oct 30 1995crash - kernel memory fault
3122.01VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Oct 30 1995Anything like SPOOL8
3123.03HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardMon Oct 30 1995Multi-processor monitoring?
3124.09WPOPTH::wpowz.wpo.dec.com::ZAMBOTTITue Oct 31 1995help with Oct23 OSF 3.2c patches ... cant build anymore?
3125.03TDCIS4::VANNIERTue Oct 31 1995user without password
3126.0+3RDGENG::HAQUETue Oct 31 1995An example STREAMS, loadable, module
3127.01ZGOVTue Oct 31 1995how to read "data" file
3128.0ALFAM7::STREPPELTue Oct 31 1995write, ulimit, SIGXFSZ and XPG4??
3129.04NOVA16::rootTue Oct 31 1995T4.
3130.07BACHUS::CUYTTue Oct 31 1995LAT problem ?
3131.0HELKA::OLLIKAINENTue Oct 31 1995at-jobs executes in wrong order if scheduled time is reached !
3132.04NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Tue Oct 31 1995Password Unchanged
3133.03STEVMS::MONTIVIRDITue Oct 31 1995can't mop boot avanti
3134.01NETRIX::"froehli@furka.enet.dec.com"Tue Oct 31 1995Panic with sna dw3
3135.02PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Oct 31 1995Problems with c++ and gprof (xposted in turris::c_plus_plus)
3136.05GTDANE::GOYETTETue Oct 31 1995Wierd CRON problem
3137.01SCASTue Oct 31 1995Rules for Startup/Shutdown of Scripts
3138.0RTOEU::SUPPORT_ESTue Oct 31 1995Printing to remote LPD
3139.03NOTAPC::RIOPELLETue Oct 31 1995UERF Manuals
3140.01IRNBRU::MENNIETue Oct 31 1995trying to understand dynamic changes of uid
3141.0BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Oct 31 1995unix-nvr
3142.0TROOA::BROWNTue Oct 31 1995?Looking for VMS tools PEEK/SPY/SCOPE on UNIX?
3143.02UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BTue Oct 31 1995ECO motdueco
3144.02PEACHS::FORDTue Oct 31 1995increase listen() backlog to 32 or 64?
3145.01HEN::PLESSASTue Oct 31 1995initial setting of umask?
3146.01VAXRIO::MANOELTue Oct 31 1995Problem with date command !!
3147.04HOTAIR::UNSWORTHTue Oct 31 1995fork() or exec() - best solution for menu system
3148.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSTue Oct 31 1995/sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map SHAREDLIBRARY.so
3149.03MSE1::HOWESTue Oct 31 1995ps wchan decode help?
3150.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Nov 01 1995Interrupt handler and OSF/1
3151.01QDOVWed Nov 01 1995"ac" command o/p problem
3152.012MEOCWed Nov 01 1995csh(1) - suspected security hole
3154.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Nov 01 1995Latex error !!
3155.01SWETSC::HAGLUNDWed Nov 01 1995dxmail adds a space in subject field
3156.01GRANPA::MSTENNETTWed Nov 01 1995SENDMAIL Help
3157.02BOOTM1::GRAHAMDWed Nov 01 1995Need more info on ntp etc
3158.0NETRIX::"fgessner@mandxp.frs.dec.com"Wed Nov 01 1995why is the fw-rev not logged on 82
3159.03NETRIX::"pantelic@makWed Nov 01 1995is it possible to "swapoff" swap disk/partition without reboot
3160.03ALFSS2::FOLDEVIWed Nov 01 1995help with message queue & share memory?
3161.0HDLITE::VANORDENWed Nov 01 1995Is there a parameter for # file opens
3162.02RHETT::LOHWed Nov 01 1995Why dbm_open() returns
3163.07XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Nov 01 1995Ultrix CD-ROM on OSF/1 mount fails
3164.01ALFSS1::WEISWed Nov 01 1995savecore dump size
3165.0BGSDEV::KUGLERWed Nov 01 1995Need help on Accessing Avanti Bank 8
3166.04AMCCXN::VOSSWed Nov 01 1995shmat - max file size?
3167.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Nov 01 1995general questions on fddi and full duplex
3168.0WPOPTH::wpodms::ZAMBOTTIWed Nov 01 1995Custom Kernel causes IPC message queue failure?
3169.02OZROCK::BARTLEYThu Nov 02 1995Questions re producing an ISO966
3170.01UKARC1::READINGSThu Nov 02 1995Yellow light on CD drive remains on
3171.0IJSAPL::JANSSENThu Nov 02 1995Security Manager (XIsso & XSysAdmin)
3172.01HGOM19::CHARLESCHENThu Nov 02 1995UNIX parameters
3173.05MALMThu Nov 02 19953.2c and Pw 5.
3174.02QUICHE::PITTThu Nov 02 1995Can I have two distinct POP areas on the same DU box?
3175.01UFHIS::SHUEBNERThu Nov 02 1995dxconsole Resource questions
3176.01ROMEOS::GAVINThu Nov 02 1995ECU utility on CD ROM ??
3177.02HPCGRP::BURTONThu Nov 02 1995Price Decrease and Repackaging of Fortran on UNIX
3178.02AEOENG::LEHYThu Nov 02 1995testing if code running at interrupt level
3179.08SUBPAC::FARICELLIThu Nov 02 1995Limited patches available on WWW to external sites?
3180.01VNZVThu Nov 02 1995UNIX Hot-line?
3181.02DECC::SULLIVANThu Nov 02 1995An easy way to test if the X display can be opened?
3182.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZThu Nov 02 1995getdirentries and /dev/fd
3183.0QUABBI::"rahman@tuxedo.lkg.dec.com"Thu Nov 02 1995X/CDE and DCE/Security on Digital UNIX 4.
3184.03ASABET::nqsrv416.nqo.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeThu Nov 02 1995Openview support
3185.01--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 02 1995slip on v3.2c...unable to ping self, set DISPLAY sY self
3186.01CSC32::HEINZThu Nov 02 1995Insufficient dynamic memory
3187.011GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Nov 02 1995seg fault in _call_remove_pc_range_table during image rundown
3188.06ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Nov 02 1995Network Data Mover and X/Open Perf. Committee?
3189.04AOSF1::krasThu Nov 02 1995mlockall vm questions
3190.0RDGENG::HAQUEThu Nov 02 1995New filesystems, and STREAMS access to files?
3191.01GIDDAY::STRAHORNFri Nov 03 1995CXI
3192.05LATINA::GARRIDOFri Nov 03 1995Firmware Software Upgrade
3193.02HGOM11::HELENZHOUFri Nov 03 1995HOW TO DEAL WITH?
3194.0COLFri Nov 03 1995Vm references, do you have a copy of this
3195.02MSAMFri Nov 03 1995HP JetDirect EX (external adapter) setup
3196.01EEMELI::SYVANENFri Nov 03 1995V3.2c C2 + CDE -> No Go !
3197.05MSAMFri Nov 03 1995XsysAdmin - NIS & extended security hangs
3198.01MSAMFri Nov 03 1995CDA viewer unable to view PS files
3199.0TLAVFri Nov 03 1995OSF/1 login proccess loss carriage return
3200.02HANNAH::COBBFri Nov 03 1995Dump strageness with multiple saves
3201.02OSLFri Nov 03 1995PC-NFS and Locking on Digital Unix
3202.01GOLLY::BRODEURFri Nov 03 1995Elimintate /tmp_mnt?
3203.01RHETT::LOHFri Nov 03 1995uopt dump core when using -O2 on unix v3.2c
3204.01WASHDC::LAMBFri Nov 03 1995Is RFC 139
3205.01COMICS::EDWARDSNFri Nov 03 1995When does a process not get signalled?
3206.03SWAM1::FLATMAN_DAFri Nov 03 1995Limits on Shared Memory?
3207.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Nov 03 1995Platinum field test conference ???
3208.02TSC::hodgedFri Nov 03 1995lat connections drop of on busy network
3209.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURFri Nov 03 1995Stripped shlibs and uname on 3.2C?!
3210.03TUXEDO::ZIMMERMANFri Nov 03 1995dbx anomalies on Platinum ?
3211.01DEVIN::LUCASFri Nov 03 1995Username greater than 8 characters?
3212.0HGOVC::NANDANFri Nov 03 1995SCO UNIX vs Digital UNIX
3213.04BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Nov 06 1995ECU (EISA Configuration Utility) files location?
3214.01NETRIX::"trent@doggy2.sno.dec.com"Mon Nov 06 1995UNIFY and sizing
3215.01WPOPTH::wpowz.wpo.dec.com::ZAMBOTTIMon Nov 06 1995How to change DCE password with C2 secuirty (ENCINA)
3216.08NETRIX::"kobig@neora.iso.dec.com"Mon Nov 06 1995zalloc/zget problems in device driver
3217.01COPCLU::WIELANDMon Nov 06 1995yppasswd, Segmentation fault (core dumped)
3219.01JOBURG::JURIEVRMon Nov 06 1995Funny script
3220.01ACISMon Nov 06 1995C2 vulnerabilities
3221.04AOSF1::krasMon Nov 06 1995max cap on vm vs. fs in ubc?
3222.06ICELAN::ORCUTTMon Nov 06 1995Automatic CD Detection
3223.04NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Mon Nov 06 1995lpq and network printers
3224.0COLMon Nov 06 1995IP load balancing on DEC UNIX with two interfaces
3225.02RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Nov 06 1995pre-profiled libc.a
3226.01CSC64::BLAYLOCKMon Nov 06 1995connot configure binary error on T4.
3227.0GIDDAY::SCHWARZMon Nov 06 1995ps: ftw() failed, no such file or directory
3228.08JULIET::SHOMO_ROMon Nov 06 1995Inof on large-block seq. I/O and ESCON?
3229.03AUSSIE::CHATTERJEETue Nov 07 1995Alarm signal not generated
3230.01BACHUS::BIS1Tue Nov 07 1995CERT Advisory CA95:13 concerning syslogd
3231.0BBIVTue Nov 07 1995wtmp and accounting
3232.03NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Tue Nov 07 1995Still trying to install T4.
3233.03OSTVTue Nov 07 1995Make EXPECT on Digital UNIX
3234.01KRIEK::BRUSCHETue Nov 07 1995HP-UX NIS client not reading aliases from Digital UNIX NIS server.
3235.0NETRIX::"sveinn@nwoosf.nwo.dec.com"Tue Nov 07 1995NFS problems, V3.2C
3236.01OSANPO::OGAWATue Nov 07 1995time server sample doesn't work
3237.01DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Nov 07 1995How to check if floppy is read/only ???
3238.04ROMTSS::PASCUCCITue Nov 07 1995set term/inquire on UNIX ???
3239.011SNOTTY::BARRYTue Nov 07 1995Creating a setld save-set
3240.08ANGLIN::MADDENTue Nov 07 1995DECset tools?
3241.01VAXSPO::WANDERLEYTue Nov 07 1995ar command on V3.2C changed???
3242.02APACHE::MCCOMBIETue Nov 07 1995does Digital UNIX have an application profiler?
3243.02DV78Tue Nov 07 1995Tektronix emulation?
3244.0TPSPS5::TSCMGRTue Nov 07 1995Tip problem for OSF1 V3.
3245.01MSAMTue Nov 07 1995nis and c2 security is it possible ??
3246.02NEMAIL::MCDONALDJTue Nov 07 1995Display Patch # ??
3247.0EVTAI1::BROCHARDWed Nov 08 1995crash dump locations in multiple swap space...
3248.0BBIVWed Nov 08 1995NFS port map error
3249.01ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Nov 08 1995LOTUS NOTES on Digital UNIX
3250.01DIEHRD::ODONNELLWed Nov 08 1995doesn' bot run level 3
3251.02KELVIN::KOUWed Nov 08 1995Reverse LAT timeout after 5 minutes idle
3252.04TRHWed Nov 08 1995How to escape \ (backslash) ?
3253.02BABAGI::TRANWed Nov 08 1995tar blocking factor question.
3254.02TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Nov 08 1995console message to a file
3255.0KAOFS::G_STOFKOWed Nov 08 1995LAT print jobs disappear after queue restart
3256.04GTDANE::GOYETTEWed Nov 08 1995FTP log reporting tool(s) ?
3257.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed Nov 08 1995ttloop: read: connection reset by peer from Reflections telnet
3258.01HOBBLE::DMFORDWed Nov 08 1995PB2GA-FA on AS21
3259.04SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Nov 08 1995swap space w/512Mb of memory and an RZ28.
3260.05STOSS1::SCHIMPFWed Nov 08 1995Memory Fault after moving /var
3261.03SNOFS1::CROOKJWed Nov 08 1995Informix 5.
3262.07ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNWed Nov 08 1995Help on physical Memory in use for OSF 3.
3263.0NETRIX::"fernandob@joburg.enet.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 09 1995su - root ksh|sh
3264.04WOTVAX::64Thu Nov 09 1995BIND, subnets and reverse lookups - problem?
3265.03COLThu Nov 09 1995SMP on Intel
3266.02MANMThu Nov 09 1995invalid Pixmap or Window parameter
3267.02VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Nov 09 1995What process on what processor (SMP)?
3268.02NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 09 1995PCI...mmap...writing device driver ???
3269.01MPGS::LAVINThu Nov 09 1995XSysAdmin core dumps with NIS on T4.
3270.09APACHE::EROSSThu Nov 09 1995ndbm
3271.08PCBUOA::WHITTALLThu Nov 09 1995How do you Deinstall
3272.03CHEFS::JAMESHThu Nov 09 1995Qualified Products?
3273.01TLAVThu Nov 09 1995DE5
3274.01STOSS1::KUTZThu Nov 09 1995HOPS (Heurisstic Optimized Processing System)
3275.0IE::MCCABEThu Nov 09 1995App startup from rc3.d
3276.04UKARC1::HUDSONThu Nov 09 1995How to determine number of mapentries used by a shared object?
3277.01NETRIX::"meyer@aramix.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 09 1995DEC UNIX and SVE parallel printer problem
3278.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Nov 09 1995cpio copying twice?!
3280.03AOSF1::krasThu Nov 09 1995Finding current process proc structure
3281.06GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Nov 09 1995Number of socket connections on 82
3282.01LEXSS1::GINGERThu Nov 09 1995mount -u / "not enough space"
3283.03BOSMCH::HALPERNThu Nov 09 1995Threads in SMP environment
3284.06MEOCFri Nov 10 1995IP aliases - restrictions, bugs?
3285.01SWTHOM::DORNANOFri Nov 10 1995CSTA Protocol
3286.02TAVFri Nov 10 1995nfs gettattr requests and slow 'make'
3287.0MLNCSC::PASSALACQUAFri Nov 10 1995motif security option problem
3288.01QUABBI::"carney@gvc.dec.com"Fri Nov 10 1995DEC3
3289.01BACHUS::DOBBENIFri Nov 10 1995slip over x29
3290.01SWTHOM::DORNANOFri Nov 10 1995ntp server needs to warm up...
3291.04EBCOT::ALPERINFri Nov 10 1995bootup without a keyboard question
3292.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDFri Nov 10 1995 panic: kernel memory fault on 3.2A
3293.01ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PFri Nov 10 1995shared libs V3.
3294.0CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri Nov 10 1995ntpd and rdate
3295.02RHETT::LOHFri Nov 10 1995question on ownership .logout etc.
3296.09TRLIAN::HORMOZ::SOMERVILLEFri Nov 10 1995information on update sync
3297.02VAXRIO::MANOELFri Nov 10 1995About 9
3298.02RHETT::LOHFri Nov 10 1995prob w/ compress -c on hard link file on v3.2c
3299.01FIREBL::LEEDSFri Nov 10 1995sharing HSZ disks between systems ??
3300.03SCASS1::BERNALSat Nov 11 1995Configuring PPP on an ALPHA how To
3301.01SNOFS1::THOMPSONBSun Nov 12 1995nu/TPU Help
3302.02MEOCSun Nov 12 1995Is 8
3303.04IAMOSI::LEUNGMon Nov 13 1995"find" command skips all files on advfs filesystems
3304.02HANNAH::ALFREDMon Nov 13 1995Can you unmount a file system mounted on /tmp?
3305.04BBIVMon Nov 13 1995RCS format between HP & DEC
3306.02SWETSC::HAGLUNDMon Nov 13 1995Mailserver and versions
3307.0IJSAPL::JANSSENMon Nov 13 1995disabled root account in Enh. Security
3308.06XSTACY::RKIELTYMon Nov 13 1995Re : Digital UNIX I&DS book
3309.01UTRUST::KUIJPERMon Nov 13 1995Socket behaviour: connect on listen vs accept ?
3310.03KERNEL::SMITHMon Nov 13 1995stty profile reqd
3311.02IJSAPL::JANSSENMon Nov 13 1995XIsso and XSysAdmin access rights
3312.06METSYS::GOODWINMon Nov 13 1995/usr/shlib/librt.so
3313.05HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Nov 13 1995libXi.so mismatch in V4.
3314.04ANNECY::CHATEL_MMon Nov 13 1995read-only access to IP routing table
3315.04AEOENG::JACQUEMIN_NMon Nov 13 1995I/O on files greater then 32 Gbytes
3316.03CHEFS::gjcpc.hhl.dec.com::criddleMon Nov 13 1995.nfs files in ASE/NFS environment
3317.01ICELAN::ORCUTTMon Nov 13 1995RAID subsystem monitoring
3318.014TAEC::GALLERIMon Nov 13 1995About signal handling in multi-threaded process under DEC/Unix V3.2C and later
3319.04LYOISA::LEFEBVREMon Nov 13 1995Unix 4.
3320.0YEENOT::LAWRENCEPMon Nov 13 1995Maximum number of subdirs
3321.02BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Nov 13 1995rm *lots_of_files* without pain?
3322.01JUMPER::hbcMon Nov 13 1995U: tbl_sysinfo.wait not documented
3323.0MUNICH::VASSIGHMon Nov 13 1995NFS-locks not seen by server(dUNIX)/client(PC-NFS)
3324.01KAOFS::B_CORBINMon Nov 13 1995su problem in osf v2.
3325.01LABC::TANIGUCHIMon Nov 13 199584
3326.0MARIN::JONESMon Nov 13 1995Reset tty pgrp problem - help please...
3327.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Nov 14 1995Keyboard mapping?
3328.0AMCUCS::TMOORETue Nov 14 1995table(TBL_LOADAVG...)
3330.02KETJE::MONTETue Nov 14 1995ISO 9798 ISO 1
3331.01SNOFS1::wpowz.wpo.dec.com::ZAMBOTTITue Nov 14 1995eXcursion securettys and root logins security bypassed
3332.03OSAOS3::INOGUCHITue Nov 14 1995NFS & in-loop-program
3333.04TRUCKS::WIMBLEDON_PTue Nov 14 1995Why is NFS client "put" slow ?
3334.01DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Nov 14 1995XTI examples core
3335.06CSC32::BAKERTue Nov 14 1995Items to be put on CDROM and /sbin
3336.05MUCTEC::EIBLTue Nov 14 1995lk471-xx, no keymaps for Digital UNIX ?
3337.01EVOATue Nov 14 1995ZLX-E1 and V4.
3338.03IJSAPL::JANSSENTue Nov 14 1995reboot, shutdown audit events
3339.01KERNEL::TURPIENTue Nov 14 1995mktime returns altered tm_isdst tm_zone
3340.02ICELAN::ORCUTTTue Nov 14 1995Multi-pathed Disk I/O
3341.0SEAWLF::POISSONTue Nov 14 1995Boot delay - SCSI timeout?
3342.01HANNAH::MODICATue Nov 14 1995X sessions being lost, error msg?
3343.07CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Nov 14 1995Arp permenant entries not so permenant
3344.01SEAWLF::POISSONTue Nov 14 1995SCSI problem under T4.
3345.015SEAWLF::SCHMIDTTue Nov 14 19953.2C/Alloca/mapentries
3346.02--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 14 1995Cannot rebuild kernel
3347.0GIDDAY::STRAUSSTue Nov 14 1995processes hang in ccfg_edtscan (v3.2 rev 214)
3349.01MSAMWed Nov 15 1995Serial Pin Config for SLIP
3350.02AUSSIE::WAITESWed Nov 15 1995DE435 - Product Hold.
3351.0GIDDAY::SCHWARZWed Nov 15 1995help with crash - possible x25
3352.02METZWed Nov 15 1995Digital UNIX Internals sessions ?
3353.02CHEFS::gjcpc.hhl.dec.com::criddleWed Nov 15 1995APIs into Sendmail??
3354.01RULLE::BRINGHWed Nov 15 1995? on tar, cpio on multiple floppies
3355.05JULIET::GAVINWed Nov 15 1995Dump and file systems greater than 2.GB
3356.03FAME::MONIERWed Nov 15 1995EFT Platinum ? ADVFS & SMP in Platinum ?
3357.02CSC32::SCHLABSWed Nov 15 1995failed first login (intermittent) from lat/terminal servers
3358.02PLUNDR::BODDYWed Nov 15 1995gcc where ?
3359.07LABC::HAWed Nov 15 1995files also consume memory
3360.01TSC::hodgedWed Nov 15 1995snmtpd: Cannot get interface count
3361.0+8GUIDUK::ONOWed Nov 15 1995Telnet CPU/memory requirements?
3362.02NQOSWed Nov 15 1995Equivalent commands from SunOS/Solaris
3363.03DELNI::WALSHWed Nov 15 1995Device driver crashes 21
3364.05ACISS2::STUTSONWed Nov 15 1995Need ISAbus card
3365.02CSC32::SCHLABSWed Nov 15 1995Unable to stty -ixon from lat terminal on 3.2
3367.02SX4GTO::OLSONWed Nov 15 1995optimizing unaligned integer memory ops
3368.0TPOVC::EIS_PJUThu Nov 16 1995TCP/IP reliable connection ?
3369.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Nov 16 1995yppasswd "couldn't change passwd"
3370.01TAVThu Nov 16 1995Minxware on Alpha/Unix?
3371.0TBJVOA::MAEDA_MThu Nov 16 1995DMA_CONTIG/dma_map_load()
3372.03TAEC::GALLERIThu Nov 16 1995About `atexit' and core dump ...
3373.02SWTHOM::LORENZOThu Nov 16 1995dbx error about process state.
3374.0TPOVC::THOMASYANGThu Nov 16 1995ethernet -> fddi net slowdown intermitent
3375.0BBIVThu Nov 16 1995SCO Printing
3376.0NETRIX::"fernandob@joburg.jhb.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 16 1995swapchunck size
3377.0COPCLU::DITLEVSENThu Nov 16 1995Swap space below 1
3378.03NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 16 1995Keyboard hung at END SESSION on ALPHASTATION 4
3379.0NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 16 1995Keyboard hung at END SESSION on ALPHASTATION 4
3380.0NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Nov 16 1995Keyboard hung at END SESSION on ALPHASTATION 4
3381.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMThu Nov 16 1995Adding a new processor...
3382.01DEEIS1::DENAYERThu Nov 16 1995svr4 file command doesn't understand /etc/magic
3383.01DEEIS1::DENAYERThu Nov 16 1995Print more than 66 lines
3384.03HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Nov 16 1995Defunct processes hang around!
3385.0QUABBI::"victor@cadsys.enet.dec.com"Thu Nov 16 1995is 'top' correct ?
3386.0THELAB::MOCKLINThu Nov 16 1995firmware for *all* Alpha platforms avail on FTP/WWW
3387.0CFSCTC::DENMARKThu Nov 16 1995Firmware/OS compatiblity?
3388.02RHETT::LOHThu Nov 16 1995looking for LK45
3389.02MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Nov 16 1995Unable to Modify account details from XIsso (blank)
3390.0GOLLY::HORNERThu Nov 16 1995DECFUSE T3.
3391.0+6TUXEDO::MANNIXThu Nov 16 1995dbx issues "cannot single step thread" message
3392.07ARRODS::PENDERGRASTThu Nov 16 1995One slow 84
3393.03HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardFri Nov 17 1995Using "write" in cron on ttys ?
3394.01FROM::FERJULIANFri Nov 17 1995How many telnet sessions...?
3395.01XKOVFri Nov 17 1995Parallel port & osf/1 3.2?
3396.02OSITEL::FAEHNDRICHFri Nov 17 1995ATM on Turbo Laser
3397.04KETJE::BEYENSFri Nov 17 1995psrinfo gives bad info
3398.05HGOVC::NANDANFri Nov 17 1995dxbook problems
3399.01FORTY2::HASSANFri Nov 17 1995Looking for a contact name for xti engineering
3400.07MUDIS3::ABENDERFri Nov 17 1995limitation for # of hard-links ?
3401.0VNABRW::WIMMER_EFri Nov 17 1995multisession CD supported?
3402.01TALLIS::SCHULERFri Nov 17 1995lpr command: -N & -O switches don't work
3403.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDFri Nov 17 1995Alphaserver 21
3404.04KERNEL::TURPIENFri Nov 17 1995seg fault in __start
3405.02DECC::SULLIVANFri Nov 17 1995Setld question - Install different versions of the same file, depending on OS?
3406.0TLAVSun Nov 19 1995tty never get release
3407.02QCAVSun Nov 19 1995SVE printing ( lp -n* -P<page-list> )
3408.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIMon Nov 20 1995METRONOME ERROR.......
3409.02LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Nov 20 1995POSIX implementation ?
3410.02LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Nov 20 1995telnet hangs
3411.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Nov 20 1995SLIP over satellite link?
3412.01TKOV51::EGAWAMon Nov 20 1995core and gcore
3413.06NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Mon Nov 20 1995Reset of /dev/tty
3414.06NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Mon Nov 20 1995How to force the system to stop paging?
3415.01JULIET::SHOMO_ROMon Nov 20 1995AdvFS mcell? What is it?
3416.04ADISSW::FERRARAMon Nov 20 1995Binding Driver code to a CPU?
3417.04FIREBL::LEEDSMon Nov 20 1995PBXGA-AA with 3.2c ??
3418.0CHEFS::HARVEYMon Nov 20 1995Idle Process Killer
3419.02VAXRIO::PAULAMon Nov 20 1995can't start lat - strsetup error
3420.07WRKSYS::ARTHURMon Nov 20 1995UNDUMP for Digital Unix?
3421.0TALER::GAISFORDMon Nov 20 1995installupdate fails with tar: no input
3422.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon Nov 20 1995root account create DEcterm error
3423.08GUIDUK::SOMERMon Nov 20 1995SCSI pass-thru, CD-ROM drive door lock feature
3424.0BBIVTue Nov 21 1995Unix licensing for Oracle Client-Server ...
3425.011TPOVC::ALLENCHENTue Nov 21 1995Features of MACH microkernel in Digital UNIX, where ?
3426.02JRDVTue Nov 21 1995BYTE bench for Digital UNIX
3427.04BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Nov 21 1995determine hardware address during boot?
3428.02IOSG::KALUSTue Nov 21 1995dbx -pid <invalid_pid>
3429.02VAXRIO::63222::ManoelTue Nov 21 1995About mail !
3430.01ANNECY::BLANDIN_FTue Nov 21 1995DIGITAL UNIX V3.2B kit
3431.03APACHE::ALLENTue Nov 21 1995What is ACC compiler
3432.01CSC32::SCHLABSTue Nov 21 1995rcp -p gives "not a directory" on 3.2b
3433.0CUESTA::ARRUZATue Nov 21 1995unresolved symbols: _efblank , _fgstr_len
3434.02MARIN::PETTINIWed Nov 22 1995>15
3435.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Nov 22 1995Oracle and Panic
3436.02DEEIS1::DENAYERWed Nov 22 1995strange behaviour of vdump after upgrade 3.2c
3437.0HELKA::OLLIKAINENWed Nov 22 1995Is there way to make cron to put more information to log-file !
3438.0IBWed Nov 22 1995HP DESIGNJET 6
3439.01PERFOM::TNNWed Nov 22 1995Login as root from an X-term
3440.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Nov 22 1995How to change telnet line char
3441.02SCASWed Nov 22 1995Unable to umount /cdrom
3442.02SWTHOM::DORNANOWed Nov 22 1995421 Service not available with ftp anonymous
3443.012MFRNW1::SCHUSTERWed Nov 22 1995Ethernet Interface Performance bad
3444.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Nov 22 1995Realtime vs Ultrix ELX?
3445.04HITIT::GOKCENWed Nov 22 1995Sort and Turkish
3446.08ICELAN::ORCUTTWed Nov 22 1995tar command and Advfs
3447.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGWed Nov 22 1995how group is searched in C2?
3448.02ECFAWed Nov 22 1995ACUCOBOL for DIGITAL UNIX ?????
3449.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed Nov 22 1995OSF32
3450.0GIDDAY::SMALLThu Nov 23 1995Cannot install V3.2B on Alphastation 4
3451.01BACHUS::MANISEThu Nov 23 1995system hangs with patch OSF35
3452.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDThu Nov 23 1995compressed COFF format and what command. V3.2C
3453.02BACHUS::BIS1Thu Nov 23 1995AlphaServer 21
3454.0TAEC::URAGOThu Nov 23 1995flock question
3455.02DEEIS1::DENAYERThu Nov 23 1995wildcards in systemV shell
3456.02HLDEThu Nov 23 1995Process gone without reason ?
3457.01ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Nov 23 1995SMP, AdvFS & Preemption questions
3458.01OTOP89::tsueThu Nov 23 1995Maximum for MAXUPC
3459.01AUSSIE::LIMDThu Nov 23 1995Polycenter Netview - need product help
3460.03HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMFri Nov 24 1995init tried to respawn an existing process
3461.0UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BFri Nov 24 1995syslogd: /dev/console: I/O error
3462.04IBFri Nov 24 1995WAITPID() ROUTINE BEHAVOUR??
3463.02GBIFri Nov 24 1995Swap partition in rz1a???
3464.01BBIVFri Nov 24 1995Upgrade Problem to 3.2c
3465.01QDOVFri Nov 24 1995PLAY S/W on DEC Unx.
3466.02SIOG::J_LONGFri Nov 24 1995df problem with NFS and Ultrix
3467.02TROOA::HENDRIKSEFri Nov 24 1995/etc/groups limitations?
3468.03MAJERE::RAISTLINFri Nov 24 1995ddifps unable to select A4 papersize
3469.02FIREBL::LEEDSSun Nov 26 1995competing in supercomputing arena ?
3471.0BBIVMon Nov 27 1995Wtmp and accounting....further to #32231
3472.02DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Nov 27 1995Hunghose and DEC7
3473.06UFHIS::JPARETIMon Nov 27 1995linpack
3474.0JRDVMon Nov 27 1995pcl5 filter
3475.05ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Nov 27 1995AlphaStation 2
3476.01WOTVAX::ast187.olo.dec.com::SALESPERSONMon Nov 27 1995Digital UNIX rev 3
3477.0HITIT::GOKCENMon Nov 27 1995Problem was Path to /usr/i18n/bin
3478.05UTRTSC::KNOPPERSMon Nov 27 1995ntp question
3479.02ALEXWS::IGORMon Nov 27 1995DMA read to multiple buffers?
3480.03ALEXWS::IGORMon Nov 27 1995dma_map_load() problem
3481.05NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Mon Nov 27 1995Unix Software Support Eng.
3482.03VAXRIO::MIRIAMMon Nov 27 1995Which is the correct shutdown procedure?
3483.01SEAWLF::LEVENTERMon Nov 27 1995Platinum Baselevel Availability
3485.03ICELAN::ORCUTTMon Nov 27 1995tar command and Advfs
3486.03HDLITE::MODIMon Nov 27 1995YACC-ERROR: yacc stack overflow
3487.04CSC32::SCHLABSMon Nov 27 1995netstat gives /vmunix: no namelist;has rebuilt kernel/booted ok
3488.01GIDDAY::ROMANITue Nov 28 1995mounting a cdrom gives overlapping partitions: cannot determine swap device file name
3489.0NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Tue Nov 28 1995PPP Async and PATHWORKS V6.
3490.04ALFAM7::URBANTue Nov 28 1995graphical disklabel program
3491.02SWTHOM::DORNANOTue Nov 28 1995problem with non-default NIS maps not pushed
3492.02METSYS::HELLIARTue Nov 28 1995Dbx and 'switch'
3493.07OTOP89::tsueTue Nov 28 1995System V Printing Problem
3494.03LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Nov 28 1995alpha21
3495.03MKTCRV::KMANNERINGSTue Nov 28 1995features of next version?
3496.09FROM::FERJULIANTue Nov 28 1995VMUBC kit please!
3497.01TAEC::SABIANITue Nov 28 1995Anybody using Insure++ from Parasoft ??
3498.09ADISSW::FERRARATue Nov 28 1995Device Minor Number vs. Logical Unit Number
3499.01LISTIM::SILVA_ATue Nov 28 1995Force change password at first login
3500.01QUABBI::"norm@gsg.dec.com"Tue Nov 28 1995group routing
3501.0CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Nov 28 1995rdump, ultrix -> OSF ok, OSF -> ultrix nogo..
3503.03RHETT::AMANTue Nov 28 1995C2 systems don't show username for su's
3504.02GRANPA::PETERSONTue Nov 28 1995Can't print large jobs lpr & lpr -s
3505.03MQOU18::A_YASSIRTue Nov 28 1995Kernel Rebuilding Problem
3506.03MQOU18::A_YASSIRTue Nov 28 1995TPC-A,TPC-B & TPC-C for AlphaServer 21
3507.01XKOVWed Nov 29 1995UFS & reserved space some basic questions??
3508.0CHR27::YEUNGWed Nov 29 1995Attached printer question
3509.02SEAWLF::UEBERSAXWed Nov 29 19959GB SCSI Disk Support
3510.01MEOCWed Nov 29 1995IS secure_zone supported in DU BIND?
3511.0RDGENG::HAQUEWed Nov 29 1995s
3512.0MSAMWed Nov 29 1995Twisted-Pair or Twisted-Pair Full Duplex ???
3513.01HGOVC::STEPHENYUWed Nov 29 1995BIG-5 Support ???
3514.01KAMPUS::NEIDECKERWed Nov 29 1995MITSHM typedefs changed in T4.
3515.03IJSAPL::HEHEMANNWed Nov 29 1995enhanced or base level security????
3516.01FRIXEU::OLOBARDIWed Nov 29 1995FAX/Modem board (ISA or PCI) from Dec or Third Party?
3517.01RDGENG::MORRELLWed Nov 29 1995Is there an easy way to automate Digital Unix RIS installations?
3518.03CHEFS::CRIDDLEWed Nov 29 1995klm_lockmgr question
3519.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed Nov 29 1995tcp_keepalive permanently ?
3520.03TROCWed Nov 29 1995Announce System with more than 255 characters?
3521.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURWed Nov 29 1995token ring
3522.01VAXSPO::FRASSONWed Nov 29 1995How to backup/restore on different HW configurations ?
3523.02MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIWed Nov 29 1995Where is OM kit located
3524.03LABC::RUWed Nov 29 1995Maximum file size?
3525.0GOLLY::JRICHARDSWed Nov 29 1995installs and upgrades
3526.011HDLITE::LNARAYANWed Nov 29 1995traping SIGILL
3527.01NWDWed Nov 29 1995SW Ram Disk solution?
3528.01KAOFS::rasWed Nov 29 1995Does gated.conf know netmasks?
3529.012BACHUS::DIDDENThu Nov 30 1995use "sed" ???....
3530.01TRNThu Nov 30 1995Panic on ALphaStation 2
3531.05ALFAM7::STREPPELThu Nov 30 1995Changing firmware variables from the OS???
3532.02IJSAPL::JANSSENThu Nov 30 1995process "comsat"?
3533.01IJSAPL::JANSSENThu Nov 30 1995/etc/securettys --> local:
3534.06LEMAN::KEITAThu Nov 30 1995csize hash table
3535.02TAOVThu Nov 30 1995rcp or ftp problem
3536.02TKTVFS::FUJITA_TThu Nov 30 1995Storage device support
3537.0TAVIS::JEREMYThu Nov 30 1995Cron runs job twice after editing
3538.04SEVERN::BREWTONThu Nov 30 1995Hash TCP connection blocks?
3539.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Nov 30 1995DNS and forcing a zone transfer to a secondary server ...
3540.03QCAVThu Nov 30 1995hplaserjet5mp on osfv3.2
3541.01AEOENG::JACQUEMIN_NThu Nov 30 1995Support on Performance required ?
3542.01NETRIX::"lindivat@pao.mts.dec.com"Thu Nov 30 1995TCP/IP problem with MAC TCP
3543.02SCASThu Nov 30 1995Using GZIP questions on PPP-2-2-.TGZ
3544.0UTOPIE::OETTLThu Nov 30 1995cpio problem ???
3545.03DPDMAI::GALVINThu Nov 30 1995/: write failed, file system is full
3546.01CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Nov 30 1995DEFEA-UA, supported or not, that is the question?
3547.0TSC::hodgedThu Nov 30 1995tar loops on NFS files
3548.01NETRIX::"salazar@alpha.zk3.dec.com"Thu Nov 30 1995Questions on run levels and numbers in /sbin/rc*.d
3549.03CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Nov 30 1995DMS client hangs during shutdown
3550.0NETRIX::"root@doggy2.sno.dec.com"Fri Dec 01 1995Swapping screen
3551.01HAN::HALLEFri Dec 01 1995CANASTA OSF1 rules now available in STARS
3553.0NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Fri Dec 01 1995HOW to collect NPRI_CPU and PRI_CPU , tacct.h help needed ...
3554.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANFri Dec 01 1995CD drive automount
3555.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Dec 01 1995Limiting ATMworks 35
3556.01ALFAM7::URBANFri Dec 01 1995digital ntp config
3557.02AUBER::DORNANOFri Dec 01 1995passing broadcasts through Unix
3558.04RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Dec 01 19953.2c/dxmail core dump
3559.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURFri Dec 01 1995malloc failing with 16*8192 chunks!
3560.0SNOSHU::CSGPERFFri Dec 01 1995Updated AlphaServer UNIX Perf Flashes Available
3561.06NETRIX::"pantelic@makFri Dec 01 1995is it possible to change the dxterm(or xterm) title from the command line
3562.01SCASS1::HORVATHFri Dec 01 1995Third Party driver/.list questions
3564.01RHETT::HALETKYFri Dec 01 1995C2 and ug_flock option
3565.01ZPOVC::ROBERTSat Dec 02 1995ioctl(), RTS signal, LAT
3566.02HGOVC::NANDANSun Dec 03 1995C compilation flags
3567.01BRADEC::PODOLINSKYSun Dec 03 1995crash - callback on freed CCB -> help needed
3568.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSSun Dec 03 1995rcp: protocol screwup
3569.02DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Dec 04 1995NFS and performance
3570.01HITIT::GOKCENMon Dec 04 1995locale source files needed.
3571.01NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Mon Dec 04 1995Call back with PPP ?
3572.0--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 04 1995
3573.01VAXRIO::63222::ManoelMon Dec 04 1995About Xdm !!
3574.05TRNMon Dec 04 1995NTP over WAN?
3575.02NQOSMon Dec 04 1995Clustering info needed
3576.01VAXRIO::MEYERMon Dec 04 1995printing decw_books without graph monitor
3577.03GUIDUK::SOMERMon Dec 04 1995Problems w/ ONC rpcgen versus Solaris
3578.01ACISS2::SWARDENMon Dec 04 1995Digitizer on Alpha?
3579.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKMon Dec 04 1995mirrorset versus RAIDset performance comparison
3581.0NCMAIL::SMITHBMon Dec 04 1995C2 Security and WU-FTP
3582.01AKOCOA::INGRAHAMMon Dec 04 1995crash dump - kernel memory fault
3583.03HPCGRP::BENSONMon Dec 04 1995~13MB array ? STACK SEGV
3584.02QCAVTue Dec 05 1995problem on system_v printing
3585.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Dec 05 1995Convert Root filesystem from UFS to ADVFS
3586.01TDCIS4::VANNIERTue Dec 05 1995meaning of real in the time command
3587.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSTue Dec 05 1995thread hung in system call ? TH_WAIT and SRUN ?
3588.0HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMTue Dec 05 1995init tried to respawn an existing process
3589.0MCSILO::MSPILLANETue Dec 05 1995System tables parameters : How to determine file table entries allocated.
3590.03ADISSW::FERRARATue Dec 05 1995Stray Interrupt message in Console Log?
3591.0NETRIX::"bachmann@epaTue Dec 05 1995tcpview
3592.08TROOA::STUARTTue Dec 05 1995SCSI, NFS, and Caching questions
3593.05QCAVTue Dec 05 1995osf distribution on QIC
3594.02CSC32::HEINZTue Dec 05 1995advfs or dce/dfs crash?
3595.05CADSYS::BOGDANOVTue Dec 05 1995malloc and execution
3596.01HDLITE::NEWMANTue Dec 05 1995Software developer wants system call to get ps information
3597.01EPS::REEDTue Dec 05 1995DUNIX PAK for 84
3598.08DYOSW5::WILDERTue Dec 05 1995NFS and byte swapping (...again)
3599.0+12NABETH::alanTue Dec 05 1995Media Robot Utility, External Field Test
3600.0+3LABC::HATue Dec 05 1995changing time slice (quantum)
3601.01DAIVC::DAIVC::RAMADONITue Dec 05 1995subset
3603.01IJSAPL::HEHEMANNWed Dec 06 1995Daylight savingstime adjustment
3604.02FORTY2::HASSANWed Dec 06 1995Problems with rebooting after FW upgrade
3605.06TRNWed Dec 06 1995dialed line slip?
3606.02CHEFS:: Dec 06 1995max value of maxusers?
3607.0ESSC::DLENNONWed Dec 06 1995Multiscreen support for other systems?
3608.04BBIVWed Dec 06 1995Sys Admin in Digital Unix 4.
3609.01BBIVWed Dec 06 1995Exabyte Tape 'tar' problem
3610.03LKPDEE::BRAGEWed Dec 06 1995AdvFS and HSZ4
3611.01LNZALI::HABICHLERWed Dec 06 1995Panic with "kernel memory fault"
3612.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaWed Dec 06 1995growing RSS and wired
3613.05XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Dec 06 1995Some general information on /proc please?
3614.02NETRIX::"tshort@ilo.dec.com"Wed Dec 06 1995Post-platinum functionality and schedule
3615.02TAVIS::ELIZURWed Dec 06 1995modem loose setup at AXP osf V3.2a
3616.01TAEC::ANDREASSONWed Dec 06 1995note deleted!?
3617.01KERNEL::MCCULLAGHAWed Dec 06 19953.2c cron declares UDI
3618.01ROMWed Dec 06 1995error on moss_avl_free
3619.0VAXRIO::63222::ManoelWed Dec 06 1995About command "window"
3620.02SMOGGY::BALDWINWed Dec 06 1995netstat -s full sockets??
3621.0STKHLM::BEETSWed Dec 06 1995Crash on 39
3622.06VAXRIO::63222::ManoelWed Dec 06 1995Bind behaviour !!
3623.02MQOU18::mqop66.mqo.dec.com::m_morinWed Dec 06 1995lmf/setld/ can partners used those tools
3624.01CSC32::SCHLABSWed Dec 06 1995de45
3625.0+2GSAUS1::jbear.pc.sno.dec.com::rosicWed Dec 06 1995Tadpole support
3626.04CSC32::HEINZWed Dec 06 1995de45
3627.04BIGUN::MAYNEWed Dec 06 1995Thousands of users + C2
3628.02TPSPS5::TSCMGRWed Dec 06 1995ci command, date problem
3629.02TPOVC::SIMONLEEThu Dec 07 1995shared access to tty port?
3630.04TPOVC::SIMONLEEThu Dec 07 1995OpenGL X ext. doesn't work?
3631.03ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Dec 07 1995Shared SCSI and drives whithout ASE
3632.02MAJERE::RAISTLINThu Dec 07 1995Questions on ATOM ..
3633.0QCAVThu Dec 07 1995integr8 product on digital unix
3634.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Dec 07 1995vrestore of mirrored / runs out of space
3635.02BASEX::KAIRYSThu Dec 07 1995User can't start appmanager on T4.
3636.0ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu Dec 07 1995HSZ4
3637.02LYOISA::BOIRINThu Dec 07 1995OS distribution . RIS ?
3638.0AOSG::SNOWDONThu Dec 07 1995Request for Product Requirements
3639.05TUXEDO::ZIMMERMANThu Dec 07 1995cp over NFS segfaults on Platinum BL9 ?
3640.01CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Dec 07 1995syslogd patch breaks utmp logging patch
3641.02MSAMThu Dec 07 1995lpd core dump with long file name
3642.03WOTVAX::NEILSONGThu Dec 07 1995token ring/tcp hangup
3643.05GUIDUK::SOMERThu Dec 07 1995dbx segmentation fault w/ version 3.11.8
3644.01CSC32::RUTSCHOWThu Dec 07 1995Tar process hanging
3645.08ZURThu Dec 07 1995Is Digital UNIX V3.2D a HW or a minor release?
3646.0TUXEDO::ZIMMERMANThu Dec 07 1995dbx thread identifiers -- help at last?
3647.03BIGUN::MAYNEThu Dec 07 1995Security interface questions
3648.01PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Dec 08 1995multiple ftruncate calls without closing file?
3649.0NETRIX::"bachmann@epaFri Dec 08 1995strange memory behaviour
3650.0AEOENG::GINDREFri Dec 08 1995Addressing 2kx2k with the mouse cursor
3651.01QCAVFri Dec 08 1995'Year' flag not displayed for new files - DUNIX3.2
3652.01SPACE2::HABERLANDFri Dec 08 1995UNIX ? for proposal
3653.0TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri Dec 08 1995printing quota control?
3654.01NETRIX::"gervais@taec.enet.dec.com"Fri Dec 08 1995Is strncasecmp thread-safe ?
3655.02METSYS::JOHNSONFri Dec 08 1995casting in shared memory
3656.02KXOSRV::ALLEYFri Dec 08 199564 bit vs. 32 bit NFS File System Size Limitations?
3657.02ASABET:: Dec 08 1995UNIX and VMS using NFS
3658.01HAGGLE::dorianFri Dec 08 1995Why is /var linked this way?
3659.01OTOP89::tsueFri Dec 08 1995PKUNZIP for Digital UNIX?
3660.014OTOOA::LANGEFri Dec 08 1995graphical unix interface
3661.01PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Dec 08 1995AlphaServer 84
3662.0KAOFS::N_PIROLLOFri Dec 08 1995V3.2C RDUMP Failure
3664.02RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Dec 08 1995static/dynamic: who knows?
3665.0HDLITE::SHENFri Dec 08 1995ISV application crashes kernel process
3666.0DECWET::CARRUTHERSFri Dec 08 1995Tape File System: Request for Product Requirements
3667.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Dec 08 1995DUNIX 3.2c open error: phase: lobe media test
3668.06HELIX::CHANGFri Dec 08 1995questions on alpha assembler
3669.04DELNI::WALSHSat Dec 09 1995System Crash on Multi Processors
3670.07KERNEL::TURPIENSat Dec 09 1995sleep and signal clarification
3671.01KERNEL::TURPIENSat Dec 09 1995Specify SYNC in reboot.h
3672.02TKOVOA::SHINGUUBARASun Dec 10 1995How can I get a network driver's informatiti
3673.08NETRIX::"yingyong@zpovc.enet.dec.com"Sun Dec 10 1995xon/xoff for printing
3674.0+3MARIN::PETTINIMon Dec 11 1995parameters?
3675.04TAVMon Dec 11 1995PROGRESS error (Memory Violation)
3676.0XSTACY::RKIELTYMon Dec 11 1995Virtual memory systems programming type question.
3677.02ROMTSS::DESTITOMon Dec 11 1995at: no prototype file
3678.02MUCTEC::EIBLMon Dec 11 1995Japanisation of Motif on Digital UNIX
3679.08WASHDC::copdial2_port8.cop.dec.com::kmooreMon Dec 11 1995LP64 data type
3680.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Dec 11 1995stty -echo on LAT application port has no effect
3681.09NEWVAX::DSMITHMon Dec 11 1995more /proc help? Please....
3682.04NWDMon Dec 11 1995LMF PAK Expiration Monitoring
3683.0ZGOVMon Dec 11 1995/dev/fd run out of free inode?
3684.01IJSAPL::JANSSENTue Dec 12 1995login prompt for telnet or rlogin
3685.02MSAMTue Dec 12 1995print problem
3686.0WPOPTH::wpopc3.wpo.dec.com::EMMANUELTue Dec 12 1995RRD45 and 21
3687.03CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Dec 12 1995Is our tulip driver doing this right?
3688.04SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Dec 12 19953.2c BREAKS layered products!
3689.03HLFSTue Dec 12 1995Unix for vms users
3690.03SOLVIT::EGHLIMATue Dec 12 1995How to Monitor number of Open Files ?
3691.04MPGS::LAVINTue Dec 12 1995POP3 mailer compatiblity in DIGITAL UNIX?
3692.01ATLBOO::ADAMSTue Dec 12 1995swapping while in single user mode
3693.02NEPHI::COARTue Dec 12 1995telnet(1) drops connexion if stdin isn't a tty
3694.02COLTue Dec 12 1995writable CDROM solutions
3695.01MSBCS::ECKTue Dec 12 1995Overflow of counts in pixstats??
3696.0TSC::hodgedTue Dec 12 1995OSF 3.2 cannot remote print to Novel 3.11
3697.02DECWET::WHITETue Dec 12 1995Spin-up utility?
3698.03TPOVC::SIMONLEETue Dec 12 1995doc. for virtual mem sys.
3699.04CSC32::SCHLABSTue Dec 12 1995too many processor corrected errors, cpu exception on 21
3700.01DELNI::WALSHTue Dec 12 1995Device driver examples
3701.05MEOCWed Dec 13 1995shutdown -r now from cron(8) does not complete?
3702.01QCAVWed Dec 13 1995doc on shared libraries...
3703.04PLTFRM::STEVIEWed Dec 13 1995Configuring Ethernet & FDDI
3704.01SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Dec 13 1995BA36R in split bus across hsz4
3705.03EVTAI1::BROCHARDWed Dec 13 1995sed is slow... OSF v3.2a
3706.05MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIWed Dec 13 1995two tape devices on same scsi for 3.2c
3707.01RHETT::LOHWed Dec 13 1995How to completely clean up buffer cache
3708.03COMICS::BUTTWed Dec 13 1995rc.conf parsing for aliais addresses.
3709.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Dec 13 1995Databases & NFS
3710.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Dec 13 1995behaviour of accept() when socket is deleted?
3711.01QCAVThu Dec 14 1995'Kernel memory fault'- System Crash : DUNIX V3.2
3712.0WASHDC::SARASINThu Dec 14 1995what is the max value for maxdsize in 3.2C
3713.02NETRIX::"bachmann@epaThu Dec 14 1995system reference manual
3714.01VNABRW::ZAJETZ_TThu Dec 14 1995What is "secure NFS" ??
3715.01RDGENG::HAQUEThu Dec 14 1995Static/Dynamic drivers get reported inconsistently
3716.02GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeThu Dec 14 1995vi-ftp and dtterm temcap in D_U 4.
3717.01JOBURG::HARRISThu Dec 14 1995ADVFS versus UFS on DEC UNIX
3718.019AZUR::HUREZThu Dec 14 1995DECterm slower on D.UNIX than on Ultrix!?
3719.05ROMTSS::PASCUCCIThu Dec 14 1995advfs vs ufs
3720.01EDDF1Thu Dec 14 1995Enhanced Security (C2) and multiple root accounts
3721.02SWTHOM::DORNANOThu Dec 14 1995lockd : can't clear lock after crash of client client_name : invalid argument
3722.04COLThu Dec 14 1995How to control tape under UNIX ?
3723.04DECWET::CARRUTHERSThu Dec 14 1995Flex License Manager
3724.02CSC32::D_MATTHIESThu Dec 14 1995SuperLAT Documentation
3725.02CSC32::SCHLABSThu Dec 14 1995ftp to ibm mvs/xa and changing password:works ultrix, fails osf
3726.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGThu Dec 14 1995Buffer allocation failure
3727.01HGOM19::CHARLESCHENFri Dec 15 1995Hanzi support
3728.0CUESTA::VEIGAFri Dec 15 1995.SEQ FILE
3729.02XSTACY::OSHAUGHNESSYFri Dec 15 1995Maximum process limits and SIGTERMs
3730.02NQOSFri Dec 15 1995SMP programming problem
3731.0SIOG::J_LONGFri Dec 15 1995Motif 1.2.3
3732.04JULIET::SHOMO_ROFri Dec 15 1995Memory Channel 35MB/sec or 1
3733.03CSC32::SCHLABSFri Dec 15 19953.2c latsetup gives segmentation fault (never gets menu)
3734.0+9OINOH::KOSTASFri Dec 15 1995what's thread safe on Digital UNIX V3.2C+
3735.02CSC32::SCHLABSFri Dec 15 1995aggregate routes on osf?
3736.02ANGST::a-6.tunnel.crl.dec.com::BOEBINGERSun Dec 17 1995Complete novice needs help setting up outbound PPP on T4.
3737.03LISVAX::CORREIA_CMon Dec 18 1995How to forward not locally specified resolved mails to another host
3738.01ANNECY::HAVARD_PMon Dec 18 1995Time synchro between SUN and DEC machines ...
3739.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PMon Dec 18 1995Signal blocking prevents Ada exceptions to be raised
3740.01BIGUN::MAYNEMon Dec 18 1995Can't rsh to self on same node
3741.01UKARC1::WOOD_JMon Dec 18 1995how to set dtterm window names in Digital UNIX v4.
3742.0CHEFS::EVANS_MMon Dec 18 1995NFS problems over a 64K link
3743.011GBIMon Dec 18 1995X / Motif on serial lines?
3744.01VAXRIO::63222::ManoelMon Dec 18 1995Fast answer needed about addvol command !
3745.06MGOFMon Dec 18 1995curses library doesn't work with 8bit
3746.0TAVMon Dec 18 1995shouldn't active list be bigger?
3747.03RDGENG::HAQUEMon Dec 18 1995Static loading a STREAMS physical device driver.
3748.02NETRIX::"richard.carter@gmt.mts.dec.com"Mon Dec 18 1995FDDI network monitoring/sniffer
3749.01DECC::SULLIVANMon Dec 18 1995Will DCE work with Digital UNIX T4.
3750.0RHETT::LOHMon Dec 18 1995How to override default line length in manpage
3751.03VAXRIO::63222::ManoelMon Dec 18 1995About Xlib ?
3752.01CSC32::PITTMon Dec 18 1995How to change MAC ADDRESS
3753.07CSC32::PITTMon Dec 18 1995anonymous ftp causes core?
3754.01TPOVC::THOMASYANGMon Dec 18 19952GB Mem SWAP/DUMP file size?
3755.01BBIVTue Dec 19 1995any conference for sector7 tools ?
3756.0MLNCSC::VOCITue Dec 19 1995problem with xdm and ip network
3757.018QCAVTue Dec 19 1995Urgent help needed..
3758.0LISVAX::VILANOVATue Dec 19 1995Moving LSM mirrors between LSM groups
3759.0LEXSTue Dec 19 1995/etc/hosts in messages file?
3760.0NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Tue Dec 19 1995A question from the RIS, bootp world
3761.0RHETT::LOHTue Dec 19 1995Is there a -b switch in sh as in csh
3762.01CMOTEC::JASPERTue Dec 19 199584
3763.01CMOTEC::JASPERTue Dec 19 199584
3764.04BPSOF::POLGARTue Dec 19 1995turbolaser: panic (cpu
3765.03NEWVAX::CGARMANTue Dec 19 1995VT51
3766.02LFOIS1::ALIETue Dec 19 1995Replacing AS21
3767.02LISVAX::MSEPULVEDATue Dec 19 1995routes for Digital Unix ???
3768.03HDLITE::DORHAMERTue Dec 19 1995device driver question
3769.01CSC32::SCHLABSTue Dec 19 1995ccr in csh script runs slow
3770.02BBIVWed Dec 20 1995SVE on ADVFS ?
3771.05TRNWed Dec 20 1995tail -f piped 2 times does not work
3772.01VNASWS::FLORWed Dec 20 1995NIS & C2 in mixed UNIX environment
3773.04LISTIM::SILVA_AWed Dec 20 1995How to increase the file descriptors on Ulimit?
3774.05TPLAB::DEMOORWed Dec 20 1995How to format man pages ?
3775.0VAXRIO::MEYERWed Dec 20 1995aixterm for Digital Unix
3776.02ALFAM7::STREPPELWed Dec 20 1995sigcontext guarded by _OSF_SOURCE and _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
3777.03SCASS1::GROVEWed Dec 20 1995UNIX Implementations on VAX & Alpha
3778.0STKAI1::ALDESTAM_SWed Dec 20 1995ICMP redirect from router problem
3779.0LEXSWed Dec 20 1995Help with DataBlaster ???
3780.0ANNECY::ADAMWed Dec 20 1995TCP RST/SYN wait
3781.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSWed Dec 20 1995Floating numbers with 2 divided by 4 !!
3782.06RTP4ME::FLACKWed Dec 20 1995su command problems w/sh shell
3783.01PRMSWed Dec 20 1995ISA driver documentation/examples
3784.02BLAZER::MIKELISWed Dec 20 1995Release date of Platinum
3785.01QBOUWed Dec 20 1995Trying to set a TOKEN ring MAC address...
3787.01NETRIX::"g_stofko@kau1Wed Dec 20 1995RFC1183 support
3788.02GIDDAY::SCHWARZWed Dec 20 1995SIGCHLD, v3.2c possible bug
3789.01DAIVC::DAIVC::RAMADONIWed Dec 20 1995problem add RZ28M using RZ28 system disk
3790.02JULIET::SHOMO_ROWed Dec 20 1995 FWD bus performance on KFTIA
3791.01XKOVThu Dec 21 1995osf/1 3.
3792.01NETRIX::"cesarato@pdveus.enet.dec.com"Thu Dec 21 1995Unmapped memory parameter with PSPA
3793.0TLAVThu Dec 21 1995telnetd was killed when switch of PC
3794.02QCAVThu Dec 21 1995'Kernel memory fault' - event log - DUNIX V3.2
3795.02TRUCKS::COGGONThu Dec 21 1995Simple awk question, & Fverify question
3796.02DRAC::DSMAILThu Dec 21 1995Modem board
3797.05CSC64::BLAYLOCKThu Dec 21 1995Is there an equivalent to ICMP_PTY (Sun construct)
3798.03FOUNDR::CRAIGThu Dec 21 1995Question on inodes and processes
3799.05ODIXIE::DMAIRThu Dec 21 1995V3.2C Patch for Interleaf 6.
3800.03TRLIAN::CLANCYThu Dec 21 1995Loadable PCI driver problems
3801.01SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIThu Dec 21 1995ntp setup problem:
3802.01JULIET::SHOMO_ROThu Dec 21 1995Export ratings of Alpha Systems
3803.01MANMFri Dec 22 1995Offline a mirror, back it up, doable?
3804.01NANTES::PAYNEFri Dec 22 1995Cisam/system calls (locks) pb
3805.03KERNEL::WARDJOFri Dec 22 1995Telnet to Decserver Flow control problems
3806.01MUNFri Dec 22 1995?? RIS Installation to RAID device possible?
3807.03BBIVFri Dec 22 1995Digiboard modem problem.....
3808.02KERNEL::TURPIENFri Dec 22 1995cc assertion failed in expr_cg, IOT/Abort trap
3809.01CSC32::PITTFri Dec 22 1995writing a trap
3810.0NETRIX::"monnier@archimede.evt.DEC.COM"Fri Dec 22 1995gentapes and tar
3811.01ANGST::a-4.tunnel.crl.dec.com::BOEBINGERSat Dec 23 1995Online problem with directly connected printer
3812.01TAVMon Dec 25 1995Setld kit preparation questions
3813.03TAVMon Dec 25 1995Open semaphores and ENOSPC error
3814.0ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNMon Dec 25 1995Problem with LAT even after LAT patches for OSF 3.
3815.02HGOM11::BRENDACAOTue Dec 26 1995OSI/GOSIP support?
3816.01KILRB1::MCDONALDTue Dec 26 1995OSF doconfig build problem, file not created/fofound
3817.03JULIET::SHOMO_ROTue Dec 26 1995OpenVMS/UNIX Failover configuration
3818.03HDLITE::COTETue Dec 26 1995Problem with Platinum BL-9
3819.04ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Dec 27 1995URGENT! Can't login from user with C2 Security Enabled.
3820.01HOMERO::FIELDWed Dec 27 1995No data format file for PCI bus ---> error with doconfig
3821.01HGCSWed Dec 27 1995DE45
3822.02VAXRIO::63222::ManoelWed Dec 27 1995Urgent help needed on vrestore and panic
3823.03MPGS::LAVINWed Dec 27 1995what is a ALPHA 21
3824.010NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Wed Dec 27 1995Help!! Alcor 6
3825.06SPANIX::ANAWed Dec 27 1995Delete FIN_WAIT_2 state socket????
3826.01PERF2::CSGPERFWed Dec 27 1995AlphaServer 84
3827.05NETRIX::"pantelic@makWed Dec 27 1995how to enable/disable cpu; don't have cpu_enabled; is psradm ok for benchmarking
3828.06NQOSWed Dec 27 1995SMP programming problem
3829.06TOOK::FSHEAWed Dec 27 1995Problem rebooting 4.
3830.03PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Dec 27 1995loader fails to find .so after unresolve symbol encountered
3831.02SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Dec 27 1995rz29b firmware upgrade fails
3832.01SALEM::ARNOLDWed Dec 27 1995hsz4
3833.03TLAVThu Dec 28 1995Telnet Problem
3834.01HGOVC::HTSCThu Dec 28 1995Recover after mkfdmn, no backup
3835.08NEPHI::COARThu Dec 28 1995Sources for crypt(3) & crypt16(3), passwd algorithm
3836.04STKHLM::BEETSThu Dec 28 19953rd gives : gp relocation out-of-range error
3837.02MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Dec 28 1995dlogin problem
3838.05LSNCSC::MARTINThu Dec 28 1995Printserver SW v5.1 and lpd question ???
3839.02VAXRIO::63197::MeyerThu Dec 28 1995ltf and i/o error
3840.03SCASS1::GALVINThu Dec 28 1995swapon question?
3841.02SOLVIT::GORDIE::CORZINEThu Dec 28 1995HP 1
3843.01UTRUST::16.183.8Thu Dec 28 1995Problem with PPP connection from Windows 95 client
3844.01CSC32::HEINZThu Dec 28 1995proteon 1392+ supported?
3845.01HGCSFri Dec 29 1995DE45
3846.0ITACSC::IT_191933Fri Dec 29 1995UNMAPPED MEMORY
3847.0MSAPG1::ENGFri Dec 29 1995KZPAA PCI-to-SCSI Host Bus Adapter
3848.0MLNCSC::ZAGHIFri Dec 29 1995printing on PHASER 24
3849.01CALDEC::LINFri Dec 29 1995-D question
3850.01MSBCS::REEDFri Dec 29 1995Automatic updated with automount
3851.02SX4GTO::OLSONFri Dec 29 1995MAKE_RAID_LUNS "bad disk unit" message
3852.09QCAVMon Jan 01 1996year on DU struck at 95
3853.022XKOVMon Jan 01 1996Urgent!! Desperate!! No New Year
3854.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Jan 01 1996lsm : New disk would overlap other partitions / Unmount/relabeling required
3855.04GIDDAY::ROMANITue Jan 02 1996ar cannot grow sym table error
3856.02ZPOVC::YINGYONGTue Jan 02 1996Xhost Acess list
3857.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZTue Jan 02 1996ksh: selecting one way to do arithmetic calculations
3859.01NETRIX::"pantelic@makTue Jan 02 1996is there any way to change the speed of ether (or fddi)
3860.03KERNEL::NAIRNSTue Jan 02 1996telnet logout slow on turbolaser
3861.0NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Tue Jan 02 1996RWZ
3862.03CXOSI::dteja.cxo.dec.com::DtejaTue Jan 02 1996Initialization file for vi editing sessions
3863.01NEWVAX::CGARMANTue Jan 02 1996How combine HSZ disks?
3864.02GREGOR::OPPTue Jan 02 1996UNIX documents now restricted??
3865.01TSC::hodgedTue Jan 02 1996telnet from serial ports gives garbage
3866.04CSC32::SCHLABSTue Jan 02 1996telnet from xyplex server to osf hangs...tried iptos and tcp_dont_winscale
3867.01CSC32::SCHLABSTue Jan 02 1996slip doesn't come up if bind/named running
3868.03WBC::DOERINGTue Jan 02 1996Crash Analysis on TL (V3.2c/V4.
3869.0JULIET::SHOMO_ROTue Jan 02 1996What happens when CIXCDs not configured?
3870.01HGOVC::JAMBUWed Jan 03 1996integrated login for NT & D. Unix
3871.01MSAMWed Jan 03 1996Printting 66 lines on LA75
3872.01QCAVWed Jan 03 1996DSR/DTR support on Terminals ?
3873.0RDGENG::MORRELLWed Jan 03 1996How do you edit the /etc/hosts file from a remote system?
3874.05CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Jan 03 1996FTP IBM->OSF nogo, FTP OSF->IBM works fine??
3875.04GREGOR::OPPWed Jan 03 1996?How to break in when password is lost?
3876.013UKARC1::ELANGCOWed Jan 03 1996getting utask structure using /proc
3877.04COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Jan 03 1996Will DIGITAL_UNIX V4.
3878.02GUIDUK::SOMERWed Jan 03 1996Is "fcntl" atomic ?
3879.03DECWET::WHITEWed Jan 03 1996POLYCENTER Console Manager notes file?
3880.01CSC32::SHEAFFERWed Jan 03 19963.2c netstat memory fault core dump
3881.02HGOVC::NANDANWed Jan 03 1996Machine check error-Mikasa
3882.01KAMPUS::NEIDECKERThu Jan 04 1996Help interpreting errors in /var/adm/messages
3883.01SCASS1::GROVEThu Jan 04 1996Oracle VLM Setting for MACHINE_PHYSICAL_MEMORY_SIZZE
3884.01TOOK::FSHEAThu Jan 04 19964.
3885.01APACHE::FITZGERALDThu Jan 04 1996Help building 3.2c on 21
3886.02GEOFFN::BARKERAThu Jan 04 1996Print queue job re-ordering - is it possible?
3887.02MXOCThu Jan 04 1996Tuning issues in a Switched FDDI env.
3888.02HDLITE::DONSBACHThu Jan 04 1996performance of ld -hidden
3889.0FAME::MONIERThu Jan 04 1996Prestoserve reads kernal ??
3890.02VOLKL::COOLIDGEThu Jan 04 1996Help with ADVFS GUI
3891.06MQOU18::A_YASSIRThu Jan 04 1996Telnet print on a GANDALF terminal Server
3892.03ICELAN::ORCUTTThu Jan 04 1996Device Swap
3893.03HGOM2Thu Jan 04 1996fatal error: cannot map libX11.so
3894.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGFri Jan 05 1996Soft page faults and UBC
3895.01AZUR::CHALONYFri Jan 05 1996Pb with version of ADA RTL on Unix 4.
3896.06OSLLAV::SVEINN_PFri Jan 05 1996ctrl/c no hangup !
3897.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANFri Jan 05 1996How to set up Chinese UNIX?
3898.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKFri Jan 05 1996free openvms and dec osf/1 interoperability tools
3901.01MQOU18::A_YASSIRFri Jan 05 1996RAID5, Disklabel Questions.
3902.04MUCTEC::WENDLFri Jan 05 1996start (boot) without spawning console login ?
3903.02IBFri Jan 05 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION (N1=-1
3904.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Jan 05 1996no ping to own XW
3905.02DELBOY::2HFri Jan 05 1996Lame delegation in BIND/DNS???
3906.0NQOSFri Jan 05 1996Customer having trouble - Static Routing in T4.
3907.01VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Jan 05 1996Problems w/ HP LJ4+