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Conference turris::easynet_conferences

Title:EasyNet Conference Directory
Notice:Read note 1 and its replies before writing anything
Created:Wed Dec 11 1985
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:4614
Total number of notes:12450
Number with bodies:887
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.012PSW::WINALSKITue Sep 04 1990Welcome!
3.09STAR::CANTORSat Sep 01 1990Deleted conferences lists
4.03TLE::SAVAGEThu Dec 12 1985Scandinavian conference (SCANDIA)
5.0110CAFEIN::PFAUSat Jul 28 1990Inaccessible Conferences
6.0GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiWed Sep 14 1994Conference access problem?? Read this note!
7.01STAR::CANTORThu Sep 17 1992Conferences pending deletion
8.0STAR::CANTORWed Dec 18 1991Moderators' temporary storage
9.0+16EUREKA::KRISTYWed Dec 18 1985Friends in VAX Notes...
10.0+10VAXCPU::michaudWed Jul 31 1996Web server for checking your noting activity
11.01EXIT26::STRATTONFri Dec 20 1985Deleted Periodicals conference
12.01VAXCPU::michaudMon Nov 18 1996Suggestions (for this conference)
13.0+83FUNYET::ANDERSONFri Nov 22 1996Changes to EASYNOTES.LIS
14.04SITBUL::JOLYFri Aug 25 1989VAX Data Exchanger (DATAX), XWAY, conference
16.04GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Jan 01 1986Archived RAINBOW conference, volume 1
19.01ISTARI::WILSONFri Jan 03 1986Archived VMSNOTES, Volume 1
20.03TLE::LIONELFri Jan 03 1986MicroVAX, VAXstation, VAX4
23.02SNO78C::WAITESMon Jan 06 1986Deleted Australia conference; pointer to successor conf
24.03SOFCAD::KNIGHTWed Jan 08 1986Read-Only DECdesign conference (SDT)
37.0+14MOTHER::PHILPOTTMon Jan 20 1986VAX CLUSTER conference
39.013HYDRA::MOOREWed Jan 22 1986Dave Barry - Noted humorist
40.02GALLO::VOBAThu Jan 23 1986VAXcluster Console System (VCS)
41.05BUFALO::GIOIELLIThu Jan 23 1986Expert Systems conference
42.03LSMVAX::BLINNFri Jan 24 1986TOPS topics
44.01MOTHER::PHILPOTTFri Jan 24 1986Deleted Cluster Registry conference
45.02GOLLY::SCARPFri Jan 24 1986SMG Conference
46.0FURILO::JACKSONFri Jan 24 1986Wind surfing (WINDSURF) conference
48.014FURILO::JACKSONFri Jan 24 1986Stoves conference
52.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX Ada conference
53.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAXELN Ada conference
54.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX APL conference
55.04TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986BLISS conference
56.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX Source Code Analyzer (SCA) (CREF) conference
57.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986SCA_BUGS - Source Code Analyzer bug reports
58.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX Symbolic Debugger conference
59.04TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX FORTRAN conference (archived)
60.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986LANGUAGES conference
61.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX LSE conference
62.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986MODULA conference
63.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX Pascal conference
64.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX PCA conference
65.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX PL/I conference
67.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986SCOPE conference
68.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986SCOPEBUGS conference
69.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX SDL conference
70.011TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAX C conference
71.06TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986VAXELN Toolkit conference
72.02TLE::LIONELSat Jan 25 1986XPORT conference
73.01GOLLY::HOBDAYSat Jan 25 1986VAX BASIC Conference
74.01TLE::WINALSKISat Jan 25 1986Deleted Node Names conference
78.012CHARS::SZETOSun Jan 26 1986MISCellaneous notefile archived
80.03TLE::LIONELMon Jan 27 1986Deleted MAILWATCH conference
81.0+6LENITA::SCHAFERMon Jan 27 1986OPS5 conference
82.02LOGIC::PUDERMon Jan 27 1986Logic Progamming (PROLOG)
84.03RACHEL::BARABASHTue Jan 28 1986Galileo LL(1) Parser Generator
85.0KOBAL::DICKAUTue Jan 28 1986DEC/Test Manager (DTM) conference
89.07GUIDO::SULLIVANThu Jan 30 1986ZK Interactive Fiction conference
90.02TLE::LIONELThu Jan 30 1986MICROVAX_V1 converted, archived
91.01CLT::DICKAUThu Jan 30 1986Archived Tools Integration conference
92.06PIXEL::PWONGThu Jan 30 1986VAX DECgraph conference
93.05PIXEL::PWONGThu Jan 30 1986VAX DECslide conference
95.01FIG::MELTONFri Jan 31 1986Digital Standard Relational Interface (DSRI)
96.01WME::MACOMBERFri Jan 31 1986Invisible Support Layer (ISL) conference
97.05SCRIBE::VONSUCKFri Jan 31 1986IRIS conference
98.06SCRIBE::VONSUCKFri Jan 31 1986DECpage conference
99.03PRAGMA::GRIFFINFri Jan 31 1986OBJECT_ORIENTED design/languages conference
101.02TLE::WINALSKIFri Jan 31 1986Mandelbrot Set Notes
102.01TLE::LIONELSat Feb 01 1986Deleted ELNFIXES conference
103.03TLE::LIONELSat Feb 01 1986Deleted ELNWISH conference
106.06REX::MINOWSat Feb 01 1986DECtalk, VOICE_PRODUCTS
107.03REX::MINOWSat Feb 01 1986DECUS C conference
109.01AJAX::BECKSun Feb 02 1986VMS Phase
110.01AUSSIE::BELLMon Feb 03 1986CSS products conference
111.022VAXUUM::DYERMon Feb 03 1986DCL Command Procedures conference
113.03PIXEL::COHENMon Feb 03 1986XPRESS graphics editor
117.0+19TRIVIA::TABERTue Feb 04 1986Books conference
119.01NONAME::CERNESETue Feb 04 1986Deleted SEXcetera conference
121.011ULTRA::PRIBORSKYTue Feb 04 1986Deleted TV conference
123.01ULTRA::PRIBORSKYTue Feb 04 1986Deleted MOVIES conference
124.0+3WHERE::KIRKTue Feb 04 1986Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference
125.04RAJA::HUMMERSTue Feb 04 1986Deleted LN
126.0+3RAJA::HUMMERSTue Feb 04 1986Postscript conference
127.03RAJA::HUMMERSTue Feb 04 1986Deleted LN
129.0+12RAJA::HUMMERSTue Feb 04 1986Poetry conference
130.05THEBAY::WAKEMANLATue Feb 04 1986City by the Bay (San Francisco) conference
132.01SMILEY::COMEFORDTue Feb 04 1986GKS conference
133.01SMILEY::COMEFORDTue Feb 04 1986PHIGS conference
134.017XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986AUDIO - Entertainment for the Ears
135.05XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986VIDEO - Audio/Visual Entertainment
136.08XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986Emacs - A Multi-Window Text Editing System
137.02XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986EMACSPROCS - User Written EMACS Procedures
138.02XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986Software/Hardware Testing
139.015XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986PHOTO - The Photographers Forum
140.0XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986FMS - The Forms Management System
141.01XENON::MUNYANTue Feb 04 1986TECO - Text Editing System/Language
142.09ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTTue Feb 04 1986OUTLINE conference
143.04ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTTue Feb 04 1986OUTLINEBUGS conference
145.06KAHLUA::NEWELLTue Feb 04 1986NETTOOLS conference
146.0ALPHA::reevesThu Oct 17 1991Deleted CQCONTEST conference
152.01XENON::ROBINSONWed Feb 05 1986Deleted FLIP conference
156.01HARDY::JOHNSONWed Feb 05 1986Deleted Baseway Applications conference
157.0+5TLE::WINALSKIThu Feb 06 1986Beer conference
158.01XENON::BURROWSThu Feb 06 1986Deleted Human Engineering conference
159.0+5TLE::WINALSKIThu Feb 06 1986MUNICH
161.06XENON::BURROWSThu Feb 06 1986Philosophy
163.01FIFTY1::TIMMERFri Feb 07 1986Valbonne
164.01TKOV6Fri Feb 07 1986The People and Culture of Japan
165.01TKOV6Fri Feb 07 1986Deleted Japanese Management conference
166.01TKOV6Fri Feb 07 1986Nihongo - Japanese Language
167.01TKOV6Fri Feb 07 1986Tokyo
168.01TKOV6Fri Feb 07 1986Deleted Japanese General Information
169.01TKOV6Fri Feb 07 1986Deleted Japanese Products conference
171.012ROLL::FEATHERSTONFri Feb 07 1986Deleted USENET conference
172.03RSTS32::COFFLERFri Feb 07 1986Computer War Stories (WAR_STORY) conference
173.0CACHE::LEIGHFri Feb 07 1986Simulator Kit conference (SIMKIT)
177.06ELSIE::LTSMITHFri Feb 07 1986DECSIM - Logic Simulator
179.08PICA::KEANESat Feb 08 1986Home Brewing Conference (HOMEBREW)
184.03EXIT26::STRATTONSun Feb 09 1986Digital Dictionary conference
187.02EXIT26::STRATTONSun Feb 09 1986Deleted Electronic Tech Pub (ETP) conference
196.0PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Feb 10 1986MicroPower/Pascal General Info
197.0PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Feb 10 1986MicroPower/Pascal Software Fixes
202.01IMBACQ::AHOMon Feb 10 1986Archery conference
203.05NUWAVE::SUNGMon Feb 10 1986DECalc conference
211.0EXIT26::STRATTONTue Feb 11 1986VAX SCAN conference
213.01GVAIC2::WACHSMUTHWed Feb 12 1986Deleted Artificial Intelligence for Information conf
217.01FREMEN::RYANWed Feb 12 1986DIBOL conference
220.03IMGAWN::SCHMIDTWed Feb 12 1986DR11 / DR32 Parallel I/O
221.02PCASSO::GREENFIELDWed Feb 12 1986Deleted EPCC conference
222.02MTV::FOLEYThu Feb 13 1986Science Fiction (SF) conference
223.01MTV::FOLEYThu Feb 13 1986Net parties (NETPARTY) conference
224.02PASTIS::MONAHANThu Feb 13 1986SECURPACK security enhancement package.
226.01PSWAPM::POSNIAKFri Feb 14 1986VMS Mail Utility (VMSMAIL) conference
228.02BUFALO::BNELSONFri Feb 14 1986Deleted VIDA conference
232.01RUBY::LORADITCHFri Feb 14 1986Deleted, old Satellite conference
233.02ELMER::GREENBERGFri Feb 14 1986SPICE conference
234.06SMAUG::GARRODFri Feb 14 1986SNA Gateway (SNAGWY) conference
235.04SWATT::LEEBERFri Feb 14 1986Single Simulator Pattern Capturing System(1SPCS);restricted
236.02COMET::ROBERTSFri Feb 14 1986Ferret Fanciers (FERRETS) conference
237.04ERIS::CALLASFri Feb 14 1986VWS Windowing Software (formerly VSI)
242.06NOD::AXTELLFri Feb 14 1986VMSINFO conference
243.0QUARK::LIONELSun Oct 09 1994DCL Review Board
251.02PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986ADE conference
252.01PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986Archived Automated Software Management (ASM) conference
253.07PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986BASIS conference
254.042PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986FISH conference
255.066PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986GAMES conference
256.0+26PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986GARDEN conference
257.06PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986Powerhouse conference
259.02PICA::HIDERSat Feb 15 1986TMS11 conference (TMS_DECSET)
260.04AURORA::HALLYBSat Feb 15 1986VMSTUNING conference
264.0TLE::WINALSKISat Feb 15 1986EMACS QARs
265.01TLE::WINALSKISat Feb 15 1986Veterans' Issues conference
266.02SMAUG::GARRODSun Feb 16 1986Digital's IBM systems at LKG (IBMSYSTEM)
271.05EUREKA::KRISTYMon Feb 17 1986Who Are You? (formerly WRURGSTRY) conference (WHOAREYOU)
272.06VIKING::FLEISCHERMon Feb 17 1986Educational_Computing
273.01METOO::TALCOTTMon Feb 17 1986VAX DEC/Shell conference
279.01ROYCE::ATTWOOLTue Feb 18 1986ACORN micro conference.
280.01ROYCE::ATTWOOLTue Feb 18 1986CSS VSV21 Graphics conference
281.04TLE::WINALSKITue Feb 18 1986TEX conference
283.012VAXUUM::DYERTue Feb 18 1986DOCUMENT Conference
284.04CROW::WIMBERGWed Feb 19 1986ACMS conference
285.02CAMLOT::DUGDALEWed Feb 19 1986CSSE conference
286.02HERON::WENGERWed Jul 25 1990Deleted DECville '86 conference
288.03GALLO::RMEYERSWed Feb 19 1986PDT Conference
289.0STAR::CANTORThu Nov 12 1992Celtic culture conference pointer
293.01ILOVThu Feb 20 1986MAXCIM converted
294.08VAXUUM::DYERThu Feb 20 1986Hackers' conference
295.02EUREKA::KRISTYThu Feb 20 1986Airguns conference
302.010BRAHMS::DARCYThu Feb 20 1986Celtic culture conference
304.05COMET::ROBERTSThu Feb 20 1986Toastmasters International
305.05MIGHTY::WILLIAMSThu Feb 20 1986MODEMS conference
306.0KOBAL::HALLENBECKThu Feb 20 1986CMS conference
307.01RSTS32::HERBERTThu Feb 20 1986Laser Video Disc Forum (LASERDISC)
308.07MTV::FOLEYFri Feb 21 1986Deleted Ted's Command Language (TCL_CLI)
311.02BUFALO::RAVANFri Feb 21 1986VAX DBMS conference
312.04BUFALO::RAVANFri Feb 21 1986Rdb/whatever conferences
313.03BUFALO::RAVANFri Feb 21 1986COMMUSIC conference
314.0+2LATOUR::TORREYFri Feb 21 1986VAXcluster Performance Advisor (VPA) conference
317.0+4CUJO::NACESat Feb 22 1986Employee Purchase Program (EMPPURPRO) conference
318.01MARVIN::COBBSun Feb 23 1986Deleted NCOPY conference
319.02MARVIN::COBBSun Feb 23 1986Deleted Usenet SOURCES conference
320.04MARVIN::COBBSun Feb 23 1986X25PSI conference
321.04MARVIN::COBBSun Feb 23 1986Open System Interconnect (OSI) conference
323.05ENGGSG::FLISMon Feb 24 1986Model Rocketry Conference
326.01NANDI::TAYLORMon Feb 24 1986Deleted Judo conference
327.04PYRITE::WEAVERMon Feb 24 1986Realtime conference
328.01SCRIBE::TRAVISMon Feb 24 1986Archive WPSPLUS conference
334.03APACHE::STEFANELLITue Feb 25 1986LCG
335.04MRMFG1::K_MACONITue Feb 25 1986Zap conference
336.0+8MIGHTY::WILLIAMSTue Feb 25 1986Ethernet conference
341.01STAR::CANTORWed Dec 11 1991Deleted Programming Standards conference (PROGSTNDS)
342.04LSTARK::THOMPSONThu Feb 27 1986Software Engineering (SWENG) conference
343.019LSTARK::THOMPSONThu Feb 27 1986Quality at DEC
345.03SHOGUN::BLUEJAYFri Feb 28 1986Deleted SYSwatch conference
349.022MILRAT::SEGALSat Mar 01 1986Locations of EASYNOTES.LIS
350.02DELNI::PERKINSSat Mar 01 1986Woodworking and Tools (formerly just TOOLS) conference
353.0+7ORAC::COVERTSun Mar 02 1986Deutsch, in German, for German speakers
354.0+10SPHINX::DAVISSun Mar 02 1986Atari ST computers (ATARIST) conference
356.01HITECH::DEMERSMon Mar 03 1986VAXSPM conference
358.02PARVAX::PFAUMon Mar 03 1986Murphy's Law conference
359.06AIEIO::FARRELLMon Mar 03 1986Railroad conference
360.04HAMSTR::STRYKERMon Mar 03 1986Turbo Pascal conference
364.03TLE::WINALSKIMon Mar 03 1986Atari 8-bit computers (ATARI8) conference
365.06KUDZU::WARFORDMon Mar 03 1986ALL-IN-1 support conference
366.010KUDZU::WARFORDMon Mar 03 1986Archived (old) ALL-IN-1 conferences
367.06PARVAX::PFAUTue Mar 04 1986MS_LANGUAGES Conference
368.02ORAC::CONTATue Mar 04 1986VAX-11 RSX conference
369.01ASTRO::HITTTue Mar 04 1986Deleted Cliche conference
372.04ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Mar 05 1986Firearms related topics
373.0811735::JACKSONWed Mar 05 1986The boys of summer.. New England style (RED_SOX)
375.0+4COMET2::OREILLYWed Mar 05 1986Defense Issues conference
376.08MANANA::DICKSONWed Mar 05 1986Switzerland conference (HELVETICA)
379.0+5EAYVThu Mar 06 1986DTN conference
384.04VOGON::GOODENOUGHThu Mar 06 1986Arabic conference
385.07MILRAT::SEGALThu Mar 06 1986Product Safety members only conference
390.06WINERY::JENSENFri Mar 07 1986UNIX Issues (non vendor-specific)
391.01ANCHOR::NETWORKMon Mar 10 1986EasyNet conference
392.01BAGELS::JONESMon Mar 10 1986Local Area Transport (LAT)
393.06STUBBI::TETZLOFFMon Mar 10 1986Bees conference
397.05JON::MORONEYTue Mar 11 1986MORIA
400.01STAR::CANTORSat Aug 18 1990Closed ALL-IN-1 SSM conference
401.02MANANA::COLGATETue Mar 11 1986Deleted Videotex (VTX) conference
405.01JETSAM::DENSMOREWed Mar 12 1986Deleted Tracer conference
407.014THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Mar 12 1986ULTRIX conference
408.02TLE::WINALSKIWed Mar 12 1986Replaced VAX RMS_JOURNALING conf;ptr to new conf
410.011DYO78Wed Mar 12 1986Brain Bogglers conference
411.02FREDWS::P_DAVISThu Mar 13 1986SIGHT Graphics Editor discussion
412.06FREDWS::P_DAVISThu Mar 13 1986Computer GRAPHICS discussion
414.014EN::BLANCHETTEFri Mar 14 1986FTSV Conference
416.01VOYEUR::NETWORKFri Mar 14 1986NETUPDATE conference
420.04ATLAST::BROWNFri Mar 14 1986Closed ALL-IN-1 SBO conference
421.01BAGELS::JONESFri Mar 14 1986Archived old LAT conference, volume 1
422.0STAR::MURRAYSat Mar 15 1986DOCNOTES (VMS documentation) converted
423.01CIPHER::REPORTSat Mar 15 1986DECREPORTER conference
425.0+7TBD::ZAHAREESat Mar 15 1986CT Development/Support Notes
426.04TLE::WINALSKISat Mar 15 1986VAX Architecture
428.01TLE::WINALSKISun Mar 16 1986ZKO Suggestion Box
430.02TLE::WINALSKISun Mar 16 1986TPU and EVE Bugs (TPU_BUGS)
431.02TLE::WINALSKISun Mar 16 1986TPU conference (TPU_NOTES)
432.02TLE::WINALSKISun Mar 16 1986TPU procedures (TPU_PROCS)
435.03XANADU::DM_JOHNSONMon Mar 17 1986Motorcycle conference
437.04NY1MM::YANNIOSMon Mar 17 1986New York Cuisine (NYFOOD)
438.0STAR::GOLDSTEINMon Mar 17 1986VMS Encryption conference
439.04STAR::SZETOMon Mar 17 1986Rainbow 1
440.02EVER11::EKLOFMon Mar 17 1986BASIC-PLUS-2 conference
442.0+25JOET::JOETMon Mar 17 1986HOME_WORK
444.02COVERT::COVERTTue Mar 18 1986Worldwide -- International Product Issues
445.03JON::OLSONTue Mar 18 1986Flying conference
446.03STAR::STEEVESTue Mar 18 1986Archived VWS Windowing Documentation (VWS_DOCUMENTATION)
447.022NY1MM::SWEENEYTue Mar 18 1986INVESTING personal money matters, computing, etc.
448.01TOPCAT::ROSSTue Mar 18 1986Deleted Rolovax conference
449.01TLE::WINALSKITue Mar 18 1986Deleted Ontology conference
450.011NY1MM::SWEENEYTue Mar 18 1986NEW YORK tourism and general information
451.01TORCH::BUTLERTue Mar 18 1986DECmate conference
453.06RANI::LEICHTERJTue Mar 18 1986Terminals conference
456.05ADS::KARASWed Mar 19 1986Fund Raising for nonprofit orgs.
460.01TOOLS::BUTENHOFThu Mar 20 1986Deleted Software Reusability discussion
461.01CIM::LORENThu Mar 20 1986Deleted Manufacturing Work Cell conference
463.03HUMAN::CONKLINSun Mar 23 1986SWSHARE
464.05HBO::PENNEYMon Mar 24 1986LOTUS 1-2-3
467.04TLE::WINALSKIMon Mar 24 1986VMSmenu
468.02VMSINT::SZETOMon Mar 24 1986VENIX conference
469.01REGINA::SICHELMon Mar 24 1986Deleted MODTERM conference
470.02TLE::WINALSKIMon Mar 24 1986Porting VMS Software to Ultrix
473.01COIN::MILLERTue Mar 25 1986COINOP conference
474.06XANADU::COLGATETue Mar 25 1986DSL conference
475.02COIN::KELLEHERTue Mar 25 1986Environment / Site Prep
477.04STONED::CASTALDITue Mar 25 1986VAX DECalc-PLUS
478.01WALLAC::CAMPBELLTue Mar 25 1986Deleted SW_MAXCIM_SIG conference
481.02CURIE::ANKERWed Mar 26 1986SEDT conference
483.02DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Mar 27 1986PBX conference
484.0+3REGINA::SICHELThu Mar 27 1986Keyboard Design conference
486.0+6TSCFri Mar 28 1986FRENCH conference
487.03TSCFri Mar 28 1986PHONECALL conference
488.01TSCFri Mar 28 1986Deleted MicroPower PASCAL (UPOWER) conference
489.05TSCFri Mar 28 1986Paris conference
491.02ARNOLD::ROTHMon Mar 31 1986Deleted OASIS Field Service Application
492.07VIKING::WASSERMon Mar 31 1986Apple Macintosh Forum
496.06SAGE::MESSINOMon Mar 31 1986River Runners conference
500.01PAMPAM::HAMNQVISTTue Apr 01 1986TFF, Terminal Fallback Facility.
504.0BRADOR::HOOPERWed Apr 02 1986Cmr21 conference
508.02TLE::WINALSKIWed Apr 02 1986COOKS conference
509.011TORCH::MACINTYREThu Apr 03 1986Fishing
510.01EXIT26::STRATTONThu Apr 03 1986Deleted editorial comments conference
511.08VIKING::WASSERThu Apr 03 1986SCUBA conference
513.02BISON::RICHARDSat Apr 05 1986VT18
517.04MILRAT::SUTTONMon Apr 07 1986ROGUE conference
520.06VULCAN::CRAVENMon Apr 07 1986Project Managers Workbench (PMW) conference
521.02VAXUUM::DYERMon Apr 07 1986GNU
524.07RAINBO::HARDYTue Apr 08 1986Portable Computers
526.04DRAGON::ELFTue Apr 08 1986ELF conference
530.03HBO::PENNEYThu Apr 10 1986Deleted STATPACK conference
531.04EKLVThu Apr 10 1986Fly fishing (FLYFISH) conference
532.01HBO::PENNEYThu Apr 10 1986Deleted ENDUSER Computing conference
537.03BISTRO::THOUMIREFri Apr 11 1986Migration from TOPS to VMS information
538.01BRSFri Apr 11 1986Software Conversion Conference
543.02ASYLUM::REZUCHAFri Apr 11 1986MUX2
545.02ASYLUM::REZUCHAFri Apr 11 1986NTR Emulator forum
546.020ARNOLD::ROTHFri Apr 11 1986Directions to DEC facilities
549.01CSC32::DUTKOSun Apr 13 198685
551.03RDVAX::GETTYSMon Apr 14 1986The X Window System
553.016RAINBO::WASSERTue Apr 15 1986Bicycle conference
555.02ECCGY4::COURTSTue Apr 15 1986Deleted VAX_PROFI conference
556.0HYDRA::MOOREWed Apr 16 1986VAXsim conference
557.02SERF::BURGESSWed Apr 16 1986RELIGION Conference
559.02WHYVAX::HEWITTThu Apr 17 1986COBOL81 conference
562.01THEBAY::WAKEMANLAThu Apr 17 1986Deleted OEM Issues conference
563.0+27STKSWS::LITBYFri Apr 18 1986Golf Conference
568.0TLE::WINALSKISat Apr 19 1986Software Technology
569.03TLE::WINALSKISat Apr 19 1986Deleted NOTES_ON_NOTES before X
571.06TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Holistic Health
574.04TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Archived, old Birds conference
575.04TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Deleted Toyota MR2 conference
577.0TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986IDEAS depository
578.01TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Archived Remote Management conference
579.03TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Wines
581.0+4TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986DUNGEON game
582.01TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Intro to VAX NOTES (for Enet converts)
583.06TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Deleted NO_SMOKING conference
585.0TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986archived old VAX BASIC note file
586.02TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986Parallel Processor Applications
587.01TLE::WINALSKISun Apr 20 1986DECworld '86 conference archived
590.023CASVMon Apr 21 1986Satellite conference
591.01IOSG::WARWICKTue Apr 22 1986Document Conversions in mail gateways
592.03DSSDEV::TABERTue Apr 22 1986Handheld calculators (esp. HP) conference
596.02MOSAIC::DKMGRThu Apr 24 1986User Interface Management (UIMS)
597.01EN::BLANCHETTEThu Apr 24 1986XEROX 97
599.07VMSINT::SZETOThu Apr 24 1986Message Transport Service (MTS)
600.02VAXWRK::WILSONFri Apr 25 1986Deleted TROUBLE conference; pointer to replacement
603.02HALLEY::CARLETONTue Apr 29 1986Deleted TRS8
604.02RINGO::TASSINARITue Apr 29 1986Texas Instruments Home Computer
605.01BEAUTY::SERVEYWed Apr 30 1986Deleted DSTAR Office Program conference
606.02DEREP::GOLDSTEINWed Apr 30 1986ON_THE_ROAD, for business travel discussions
609.02STONED::RYHERDThu May 01 1986Deleted VS5xx conference
611.04COIN::TABORThu May 01 1986AutoCAD at LOWENDCAD
613.0KIRK::BOYERMon May 05 1986Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP) conference
616.03CRATE::COBBTue May 06 1986RSM (formerly LASPAK)
617.0+5HOW::LEPINETue May 06 1986Natural Language Computation
619.0CESARE::BSWDEVWed May 07 1986Baseway Siemens Support
620.02VIA::LASHERWed May 07 1986Deleted RALLY_V1
621.02KIRK::TRAGESERThu May 08 1986BASEWAY
622.02ZEPPO::ZELTSERMANThu May 08 1986Deleted Carpools conference; ptr to successor
623.01INSANE::YETMANThu May 08 1986Automated Reasoning Tool (ART)
624.02BACH::VANROGGENFri May 09 1986LISP
625.01BACH::VANROGGENFri May 09 1986Inactive Parallel Symbolic Computing Digest (PARSYM)
628.04SPHINX::SWEATTSat May 10 1986Commodore conference
632.01CAD::COOKMon May 12 1986Quickdraw - The Schematics Editor
634.02DONJON::BROWNINGTue May 13 1986Archived Terminal Server Network (TSN); ptr to WATN
639.03MODULE::PHIPPSWed May 14 1986A Master NOTES$NOTEBOOK
641.01DRAGON::SYSTEMWed May 14 1986Vitalink Bridge conference
649.04DEXTER::MELLITZTue May 20 1986RAFT, IEEE-488 BASIC, & Instrumentation
651.01STAR::CANTORSat Sep 19 1992CONSULTANTS conference
654.02DSSDEV::GOODWed May 21 1986XUI - X User Interface (was UID)
658.06VERDI::KOCHFri May 23 1986FORTH conference
659.02LYMPH::DENSMOREFri May 23 1986ETHERnim conference
662.01LSTARK::THOMPSONFri May 23 1986Archived Notes SIG conference
664.05CAVEAT::WOLFETue May 27 1986Citizens' Band Radio (CB) conference
665.0HITECH::SALADINOTue May 27 1986Workload conference
667.0RAINBO::CAMPBELLThu May 29 1986Permuted conference index available
668.05CHEVThu May 29 1986NEW! Sales_Support Conference
669.0461446::DAVIDLEEFri May 30 1986ASIA (formerly FAR_EAST; HONGKONG)
670.02SUPER::SYSTEMFri May 30 1986CD Reader Conference
671.01HARPO::KENNEDYFri May 30 1986Imaging Conference (deleted)
672.04CLT::GILBERTSat May 31 1986Math Conference
673.01HUMAN::SZETOTue Dec 02 1986RT-11 conference (RT11)
678.03ECCGY1::COURTSTue Jun 03 1986European CIM conference (EURO_CIM)
679.02LASSIE::PETTENGILLTue Jun 03 1986ARPA Internet Protocols
680.04LASSIE::PETTENGILLTue Jun 03 1986Network File System standard (NFS)
681.03VOGON::GOODENOUGHWed Jun 04 1986VT2
685.02ABSZK::SZETOMon Dec 17 1990Archived RT11NOTES; pointer to successor conference
686.01LSTARK::THOMPSONThu Jun 05 1986Archived Notes DIG conference
687.06PMRV7Fri Jun 06 1986Commuting conference
689.04PYRITE::BELANGERMon Jun 09 1986DEC Realtime Test Integrator (formerly VAXLAB)
690.01SANFAN::WOODRITue Jun 10 1986Deleted Unix/Ultrix Workstations conf.; ptr to successor
692.03SCOTTY::WCARRTue Jun 10 1986Deleted BASEVIEW conference
693.05SCOTCH::KENNEDYWed Jun 11 1986Radio Control (RC) Conference
694.02STKSWS::WESTINThu Jun 12 1986VAX/VMS Beginners' Forum
697.01PAMPAM::PALOMATue Jun 17 1986Welcome to PC/ALL-IN-1 Europe.
699.01KGUVThu Jun 19 1986Asian Language Software Review
700.01LSTARK::THOMPSONThu Jun 19 1986Deleted Best in Notes conference ("OSCARS")
701.03SUPER::MATTHEWSThu Jun 19 1986Sewing, knitting, etc.
703.02RUBY::ROCHEMon Jun 23 1986Deleted Hardware Product Description (HPD) conf.
704.01WELSWS::JUPPTue Jun 24 1986Strategy, justification & definition of OA (OAP) (formerly A1OAP)
707.03GLIVET::DOYLEWed Jun 25 1986Triathlon conference
708.02TWOCAD::KIMFri Jun 27 1986Deleted Engineering Data Base Mgt (EDBM)
709.01EXIT26::STRATTONFri Jun 27 1986Deleted Scitex Color Prepress System conference
710.0TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Jun 30 1986INFO-JAPAN archive
715.03DSSDEV::FRANTZWed Jul 02 1986DECforms (VAX Forms)
720.01KAOAMon Jul 07 1986GENiSYS (GENTEC) conference
721.02TLE::HARRISMon Jul 07 1986Spelunking conference
729.02JOLLY::DAVISONWed Jul 16 1986ISDN conference
732.0DECWET::SCHREIBERThu Jul 17 1986ENOTES notes batch extractor conference
733.02QUARK::LIONELFri Jul 18 1986Ada Toolshed
734.0BALZAC::BIJAOUIMon Jul 21 1986TELEX/VMS conference
735.0SSDEVO::HSCNOTESWed Jul 23 1986HSC Phase
737.0BRAHMS::KUSIKThu Jul 24 198623rd Design Auto Conf
740.0KRISIS::reevesThu May 09 1991Deleted CIM_DEF conference
741.01DEREP::PERKINSMon Jul 28 1986Deleted Engineering Information Systems Forum (EISFOR)
743.01GRUNT::SUTERMon Jul 28 1986Power Boats conference
744.01HANTue Jul 29 1986NETstart conference
746.01BALZAC::ABVAXTue Jul 29 1986Francophony notes file
747.0STAR::CANTORMon Jul 06 1992Deleted SOFTBASE$NOTES
748.02SCFAC::ATKINSTue Jul 29 1986DECSTR shop floor tracking & routing
750.010EUREKA::KRISTYTue Jul 29 1986Timesharing (condominiums) conference (TIMESHARE)
751.020DONNER::STEWARTTue Jul 29 1986Records -- The Licorice Pizza
752.02ENGINE::MCKINLEYFri Aug 01 1986VAXcamps conference
753.012NEWVAX::BOLLINGERFri Aug 01 1986Deleted DECUS conference
754.02COGITO::REICHMon Aug 04 1986VAXcadview Conference
756.02BNCHMK::CICCARELLIMon Aug 04 1986Deleted Customer Benchmark conference
757.02SAHQ::MILBERGWed Aug 06 1986Professional Software Services (PSS) conference
758.0+12MANTIS::EGOLFWed Aug 06 1986MAYNARD conference
761.03PYRITE::WEAVERFri Aug 08 1986Meteorology conference
764.0+2SMAUG::GARRODMon Aug 11 1986DECNETRSX conference
765.03RSTS32::HERBERTTue Aug 12 1986RSTS/E Conference
766.03RSTS32::HERBERTWed Aug 13 1986DECnet/E (RSTS/E DECnet) conference
767.03RSTS32::HERBERTWed Aug 13 1986RMS-11 Conference
769.0517499::EASYNOTESWed Aug 13 1986NOTESLIST_FORMAT (for EASYNOTES.LIS) conference
771.0EUROPE::LITSIOSFri Aug 15 1986USE_WHAT_WE_SELL Conference
772.03XYLAR::RICKFri Aug 15 1986GUITAR Conference
773.02DRFIX::GISTFri Aug 15 1986PNX, The Private Network eXerciser
774.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Rainbow Connection (tm)
775.09PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986NOTES Etiquette
776.06PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986MICRONOTE conference
779.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986MODEM Conference
780.04PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Singles
781.07PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
782.08PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Security Policy conference
783.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986DECNETVAX conference
784.0+11PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Help Wanted/Offered (JOBS)
786.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted MICROBE conference
787.0PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986DECmail Conference
788.04PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Message Router
790.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986EDE/DISOSS Conference
791.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Interleaf Conference
793.07PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Fantasy Role-Playing (FRP) conference
796.08PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Software Tools Clearinghouse TOOLSHED
799.0+21PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986The STAR TREK Conference
800.03PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Archived ALL-IN-1 Wish List;ptr to new conf
801.03PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Archived ALL-IN-1 Application Programming conf
802.08PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986PROSE
803.017PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986CD Swap conference (CDSWAP)
804.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Write-locked CD Peripherals conf.; ptr to successor
805.04PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Geology Conference
806.03PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Oceanography
807.0PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Your Own Private Conference
808.04PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted Integrated Circuits conference
809.09PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Security Information
810.05PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Closed RPG Migration conf.; ptr. to successor
811.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted ADVICE Circuit Emulator conference
812.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted DAISY Schematic Entry System conference
813.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986DEC-designed/built LSI/VLSI Components
815.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986VAX 82
816.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986VAXBI
817.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted VIEW conference
818.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted LK2
819.0+71PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986The Digital Style of Working
820.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Marketing Issues
821.0+11PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Christian Issues
823.0PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986dBASE II/III
824.06PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Compact Disc conference (CD)
825.06PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Astronomy
826.0+5PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Space Shuttle/Man-In-Space
828.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted VAXpost/ALL-IN-1 Conference
829.0PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986FIDO Bulletin Board System
830.03PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986BISYNC Products
831.0+23PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Restaurant Reviews (EATS)
833.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986VAXtrek Game
834.07PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986DECspell
835.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Digital Document Interchange Format (DDIF)
836.03PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Martial Arts
837.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Retired Logic Simulators conference
838.05PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Joy of Lexical Discourse (JOYOFLEX)
839.0+8PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Golden Turkey Awards
841.07PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Climbing (Rock, Ice, Mountaineering)
842.05PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Short Wave Listening
845.01PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Deleted Laws conference
846.05PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986PLOT-11
847.0+3PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Gateways are Great Ways
848.05AHIKER::EARLYTue Apr 02 1991HIKING and Backpacking conference
849.03PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Closed DSM11 conference
850.06PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Closed VAXDSM conference
851.0PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986System Administrative Facility Environment (SAFE)
852.017PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986Bruins Hockey (BOSTON_BRUINS)
853.0+4PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986TELEWORK
854.02PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 16 1986XLISP
855.03PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986PICK Operating System
856.02PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Sailing
861.02PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Archived Live Music in the UK; pointer to successor conf.
862.0+11PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986EasyNet Network Kits directory
863.0PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986PRODUCTS_UNLIMITED conference archived
864.02PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Deleted SWAPNET conference; pointer to successor
866.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986PCVMS
867.013PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Writers' conference (WRITERNET)
868.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986TDMS
869.02PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986HP Calculators
870.04PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Software Tools Clearinghouse Catalog
871.06PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Unigraphics
872.04PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Pyrotechnics
873.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986BUSY tool
874.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986TIMELORD tool
875.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986RT-11 Emulator conference (RTEM)
876.03PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Application Centers for Technology (ACTs)
877.02PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Deleted ALL-IN-1 Archival and Retrieval System (ARCRES)
878.010PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Flight (Aircraft Simulation)
879.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Deleted Interpress conference
880.02PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986DECimal System Analysis Tool
881.01PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 17 1986Story of the E-Net (archived)
882.09TMCUK2::BANKSMon Aug 18 1986The Great Britain conference
883.01NUTS2U::RADKIEWICZTue Aug 19 1986PRO/Office Workstation
888.03WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Aug 21 1986PDP-11 C
889.0217994::ODONNELLFri Aug 22 1986Demand Printing Conference
891.04LIFEOF::RILEYTue Aug 26 1986Imaging conference
893.09CHAPLN::MAHLERTue Aug 26 1986Judaism, Israel, and Hebrew discussion (BAGELS)
895.06GNUVAX::KARLSONWed Aug 27 1986Sports Memorabilia
897.0STAR::CANTORWed Jan 02 1991Site Planning - XSITE
899.01SWSNOD::NAYLORFri Aug 29 1986Migration Programs
902.01CONEJO::SANDERSFri Aug 29 1986ANALOG_CAD conference
903.02DELNI::KLINKFri Aug 29 1986Equitation conference
904.0PSW::WINALSKIMon Sep 01 1986EMACS V4.1 QARs
905.02PSW::WINALSKIMon Sep 01 1986Ask the Easynet, vol. 1, (ASKENET_V1) archived
906.02PSW::WINALSKIMon Sep 01 1986Deleted Analog Designer's/Hobbyist's forum
907.0+2PSW::WINALSKIMon Sep 01 1986Employee Activities
908.02EERP::BOERSTue Sep 02 1986EERP, project abstracts
909.01EERP::BOERSTue Sep 02 1986EERP proposals and requests
911.06VIKING::FLEISCHERTue Sep 02 1986VAXmate notes
913.0HSKWed Sep 03 1986Tervetuloa Finnish (FNO)
919.02GRECO::HORZEMPAThu Sep 04 1986Deleted CIM_DEMOS conference
920.04GRECO::HORZEMPAThu Sep 04 1986CIM Sales Support conference (CIM_SALES_SUPPORT)
921.02CIM::BIBBINSThu Sep 04 1986Deleted FOOTBALL conference
923.09ODIXIE::JTATEFri Sep 05 1986AA Recovery conference
928.04DSSDEV::CHANWed Sep 10 1986Skiing conf.
935.01GVATue Sep 16 1986Deleted PLS/PSA conference (PSLPSA)
939.0+4BOEHM::GUENTHERTue Sep 16 1986DQS conference
940.01BOEHM::GUENTHERTue Sep 16 1986Delete DQS_OLD conference
942.05CURIUM::LEVINEThu Sep 18 1986High Performance Scientific Computing (HPSC)
944.01CQ::REHBERGThu Sep 18 1986Deleted Human Interface Clearing House (HICH)
945.02NOVA::GIOIELLIThu Sep 18 1986DATABASE_TOOLS Conference
947.01DSSDEV::BECKETTThu Sep 18 1986Deleted TPUPLUS (Sarah) conference
948.05THUNDR::WAREFri Sep 19 1986updating dec standard 16
949.01CSC32::DUTKOMon Sep 22 1986Deleted MAILUAF utility conference
950.05JAWS::STRYKERMon Sep 22 1986New Generic Project Management notes file
951.06SWSNOD::RPGDOCMon Sep 22 1986WANG Migration Program
954.07NANUCK::SSMITHWed Sep 24 1986General mail delivery manager for VMS Mail (DELIVER)
955.06MTV::NICOLAZZOWed Sep 24 1986WINDSURF has moved!
956.01SKINUT::HALLWed Sep 24 1986Deleted San Diego conference
958.0ANCHOR::NETWORKThu Sep 25 1986Archived 1982 ENET notesfile (82ENET)
959.03CAM::WAYThu Sep 25 1986Closed DNC (BASEWAY) conference;ptr to new conf
963.011UCOUNT::LYNCHFri Sep 26 1986New Hampshire
965.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Sep 29 1986DECSTD158 conference
967.01XTC4U::NUTILEMon Sep 29 1986Deleted Distributed Systems Product Info (DSTEG_INFO)
968.03ECCGY4::THOMPSONWed Oct 01 1986Mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE (MECH_DESIGN)
969.01PRUNES::GASSMANWed Oct 01 1986Deleted Tradeshows conference
970.0+6RANGER::LLEEFri Jan 31 1992Bisexuals, Gays, and Lesbians At Digital
971.09SWATT::LEEBERThu Oct 02 1986Model Registry and Depository conference (MODELS)
973.04STAR::JJOHNSONThu Oct 02 1986RMS_OPENVMS conference (formerly VAX-RMS)
974.0+4AVANTI::DCLSat Oct 04 1986DECarolers
975.0+2PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986FONTS
976.0PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Project Management System
977.032PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Canine topics
978.03PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Dr. Who
979.0PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Network Publications
980.010PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986FELINE Notes about Cats
981.09PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986KERMIT file transfer
982.012PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Sports
983.04PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Theatre conference
985.02PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Richard the Third
986.04PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986The Prisoner
987.047PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986IBM PC conference (IBMPC-93)
988.02PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986DECnet-DOS
989.06PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Consumer Topics
990.0PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Running Club
991.0PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986NMCC/DECnet Monitor
992.0PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Network Serviceability
993.02PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Tom Waits
994.06PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
995.01PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Digital Network Architecture
996.0+4PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986RBMS and LAN Bridge-1
997.01PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Deleted old Softbase conference
999.01PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986911 LAN Traffic Monitor
1000.05PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Use What We Sell
1001.09PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Grateful Dead
1002.051PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Classified Ads
1004.0PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Distributed System Management
1005.02PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 04 1986Racers and Racing
1007.01ISBG::MILLERTue Oct 07 1986Deleted MIS Marketing conference
1009.08SAUTER::SAUTERThu Oct 09 1986EDT text editor
1011.01SLDA::DUNAISKYThu Oct 09 1986Closed System Level Interaction conference
1014.01BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 10 1986DIPLOMACY conference
1016.02JON::MORONEYMon Oct 13 1986XXDP PDP-11 Diagnostic operating system
1017.01JUNIPR::DMCLUREMon Oct 13 1986Archived PaperChase Dist. Printing & Plotting
1018.02JON::CHARCHAFLIANTue Oct 14 1986Deleted Armenian Issues conference (ARARAT)
1020.01USSCSL::DOLANWed Oct 15 1986Ask the Easynet, vol. 3, (ASKENET_V3) archived
1021.03MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Oct 15 1986MAPLE Symbolic Math Language
1023.04RADON::WEAVERThu Oct 16 1986Array_Processor conference
1024.04COOKIE::ZANEThu Oct 16 1986Storage Architecture (ASK_SSAG)
1027.01SQM::RAVANThu Oct 16 1986Deleted TIME_QAR conference
1028.01SQM::RAVANThu Oct 16 1986Deleted TIMEWISH conference
1029.08BESPIN::FARRELLFri Oct 17 1986Trivia conference
1031.02NY1MM::SANTIAGOSat Oct 18 1986VMSmaint Conference
1034.02SYSENG::VANSICLENMon Oct 20 1986MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor (MDM) conference
1035.0+3KRAKEN::FAULKNERMon Oct 20 1986VAXPAC - VAX Public Access Communications
1039.02WHYVAX::HETRICKTue Oct 21 1986PDP-11 Pascal/RSX
1041.01HUMAN::CONKLINTue Oct 21 1986Deleted VAX Digital Accounting System
1044.01JOKUR::BOICEWed Oct 22 1986DIGITAL_STANDARDS - Internal Digital Documents
1045.01ESPN::HENDRICKSWed Oct 22 1986Folk Music Conference
1047.05HANDEL::DARCYThu Oct 23 1986Stamps and Coins conference (STAMPS_N_COINS)
1048.01OBIWAN::MARKOWITZThu Oct 23 1986Deleted ADABAS conference
1049.01ECCLES::TURNERThu Oct 23 1986Deleted Just_for_Fun (UK) conference
1051.0WKRP::KIERFri Oct 24 1986General Electric Account (GE_CORPORATE_ACCOUNT)
1052.01WKRP::KIERFri Oct 24 1986General Electric Multi-National Business (GE_MNBA)
1053.01WKRP::KIERFri Oct 24 1986Deleted GE Aircraft Engine conference
1055.03YODA::BARANSKIWed Oct 29 1986Archived Bible Study conference
1056.01MODULE::PHIPPSWed Oct 29 1986Deleted Semiconductor Databook Editor (DATABOOK)
1057.01KRYPTN::GENTRYThu Oct 30 1986DECnet-RT conference (DECNET_RT)
1058.02TLE::FAIMANThu Oct 30 1986Contract Bridge
1059.02PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986HACK conference
1060.011PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986VMSNOTES - VMS Support
1061.0+10PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Ham Radio
1062.04PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986BOSTON
1063.046PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Parenting
1064.03PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986DIBOL
1065.02PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986A-to-Z (ATOZ)
1066.01PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Deleted DECtype conference
1067.05PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Comics
1068.0PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Datatrieve (DTRDIG)
1069.0+5PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Fire / Rescue / EMS (FIRE_RESCUE_EMS)
1071.04PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Ask the Easynet, vol. 2, (ASKENET_V2) archived
1072.017PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Topics of interest to WOMEN (WOMANNOTES)
1073.014PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Baby Names conference (BABYNAMES)
1074.01PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Deleted A-to-Z Application Generator
1076.01PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Deleted Jokes conference
1077.01PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Deleted SUNSHINE CASEE Discussions
1078.026PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Deja Vu
1079.0PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986VAX Layout System (VLS)
1080.030PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Music
1082.0PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Distributed System Management (DSM)
1083.04PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Chocolate
1084.04PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986RSX Support
1085.0+1PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Automatic Quotation System (AQS)
1086.04PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Deleted Software Services conference
1087.06PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986PDP-11s
1090.0PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Archived 1983 ENET notesfile (83ENET)
1091.0PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Archived 1984 ENET notesfile (84ENET)
1092.0PSW::WINALSKISat Nov 01 1986Archived 1985 ENET notesfile (85ENET)
1094.03CAD::FANEUFMon Nov 03 1986Inactive PreSPICE conference
1096.03VIKING::COUTUTue Nov 04 1986VAX and PRO/PRODUCER conference
1099.02ECLAIR::GOODENOUGHWed Nov 05 1986VMS Local Language (VMSL) conference
1100.01NRVANA::HEFFERNANWed Nov 05 1986Terminal Server Manager (TSM)
1102.02BORIKN::ROBERTOThu Nov 06 1986Deleted old DECjobmatch Conference
1106.01DAMSEL::MAIELLANOThu Nov 06 1986Deleted Operator Training Program (OTP)
1109.02CAD::GREENBERGSat Nov 08 1986Deleted SAMSON Circuit Simulator conference
1110.01SHIRE::ZGRAGGENSun Nov 09 1986Deleted Virtual Access to Utilise Databases (VAUD)
1112.010UCOUNT::LYNCHMon Nov 10 1986Maine
1113.05UCOUNT::LYNCHMon Nov 10 1986Vermont
1114.0+11UCOUNT::LYNCHMon Nov 10 1986Massachusetts
1115.0+9UCOUNT::LYNCHMon Nov 10 1986Rhode Island
1116.03UCOUNT::LYNCHMon Nov 10 1986Connecticut
1117.05KACIE::SANDERMon Nov 10 1986IBM issues note file
1118.01NEXUS::BONOMOMon Nov 10 198686
1119.03KBOVTue Nov 11 1986Generic Data Access (GDAC) conference
1121.04LSTARK::THOMPSONTue Nov 11 1986Men's Issues (MENNOTES)
1124.01EVE::M_SANDERSWed Nov 12 1986IBM 81
1125.02BAXTA::RIPLEY_GORDOWed Nov 12 1986Deleted Measure of Quality (VQMS)
1128.03PFLOYD::ROTHBERGFri Nov 14 1986LARN available for MSDOS
1129.01CLARID::BREINERFri Nov 14 1986Network Planning and Design (NETPLAN)
1130.02ECCGY4::COURTSFri Nov 14 1986Deleted HIerarchical EXtenstion to EDCS (HIEX)
1131.02BIGALO::PEASE_DAVEFri Nov 14 1986Just-In-Time (JIT)
1133.08CLT::GOODRICHMon Nov 17 1986Reporting bugs in VAX NOTES (VAXNOTES_BUGS)
1134.03CLT::GOODRICHMon Nov 17 1986Requirements for future versions of VAX NOTES (wishlist)
1135.01TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Nov 19 1986Deleted Risks digest collection
1137.01STAR::SZETOWed Nov 19 1986Low End Cluster field test notes archived
1139.02RICKS::LEYENSFri Nov 21 1986Members only DAS92
1140.01SHIRE::BOARDMANFri Nov 21 1986European Software Training
1141.02TLE::SCHWARTZFri Nov 21 1986LSE_BUGS conference
1142.01CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986XLSE = eXtended LSE
1143.03NETCOM::TATETue Nov 25 1986IBM Marketing conference (IBMPMKT)
1144.028ELGAR::DARCYTue Nov 25 1986Real Estate conference
1146.02UKOSC::BRUNNOCKWed Nov 26 1986VAXtel/ALL-IN-1 (U.K.)
1147.03ECCGY1::BIRSEFri Nov 28 1986RS/1 conference (RS1)
1149.01NAC::MAYHEWMon Dec 01 1986Deleted TEAMMATE (MicroVAX 2
1152.03BANZAI::ADAMSTue Dec 02 1986VAX SQL
1153.06JAWS::DAVISTue Dec 02 1986BALLOONING conference
1154.02UCOUNT::WILKINSTue Dec 02 1986ZKO Wellness Program
1155.02COVERT::COVERTTue Dec 02 1986Foreign Exchange
1158.06NOVA::NELSONThu Dec 04 1986DATA_DICTIONARY (CDD & CDD/Plus) conference
1159.010VAXWRK::SAROFri Dec 05 1986INDIA conference
1162.05RDGFSJ::TOMTue Dec 09 1986Cycle_Racing
1166.01GYPSC1::VERVECKENWed Dec 10 1986Deleted Software Project Workbench (SPW)
1168.02QUARK::LIONELThu Dec 11 1986All about coffee
1169.01HIGHFI::MICKOLFri Dec 12 1986Old Digital Volleyball League conference
1171.02FREEBE::MCCLELLANDFri Dec 12 1986Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting
1172.01TRNING::PJOHNSONSun Dec 14 1986Deleted Employee Training conference
1173.04REGENT::HUMMERSMon Dec 15 1986PrintServers conference
1174.01NMGVTue Dec 16 1986European_Dro conference
1176.02FDCVTue Dec 16 1986Deleted VUE_SIG (Project Management Tool)
1179.04REGINA::OSMANWed Dec 17 1986TENNIS conference
1182.02MEO78B::MASONWed Dec 17 1986Deleted South Pacific Region Sales Support
1183.01CHOVAX::YOUNGThu Dec 18 1986DUPONT accounts conference
1185.03EXIT26::STRATTONFri Dec 19 1986Deleted Digital Video Network (DVN)
1186.0+5ISBG::KUBAFri Dec 19 1986HP_MIGRATION (formerly VAX_ATTRACT_HP)
1187.01LOVADA::SCHERRERSat Dec 20 1986Ada-In-Europe Conference
1188.01ALIEN::RILEYTue Dec 23 1986Software Product Introduction (SWIFT_FORUM)
1189.01SHIRE::WENGERMon Dec 29 1986Message Router to TELEX/VMS gateway (MR_TELEX)
1190.01REGAL::DIAMONDTue Dec 30 1986COLLEGE conference
1191.03TMCUK2::BANKSMon Jan 05 1987Material Requirements Planning conf (MRP)
1192.027TMCUK2::BANKSMon Jan 05 1987European discussion forum (EF92)
1194.01MDVAX3::CLAYTONMon Jan 05 1987Deleted Network Partner conference
1195.0UTROP1::LAUREYTue Jan 06 1987Shell Corporate Account Conference started
1196.0+7COMET::ROBERTSTue Jan 06 1987Colorado
1197.02AKAMAI::YOUNGWed Jan 07 1987Deleted Office Publishing conference
1198.01PORCHE::DAVIDSONThu Jan 08 1987Deleted Embedded Systems conference
1199.01CACHE::LEIGHThu Jan 29 1987Scouting
1201.021ESPN::MAILLETTue Jan 13 1987Boston Celtics conferences
1202.019ESPN::MAILLETTue Jan 13 1987New England Patriots conferences
1203.03GLORY::HULLTue Jan 13 1987TURBO_MODULA conference
1204.04LDP::WEAVERWed Jan 14 1987Biology conference
1205.03MEDUSA::AREYWed Jan 14 1987Statistical Process Control (SPC)
1206.03JOKUR::SMALLERThu Jan 15 1987Grammar conference
1207.01XANADU::DM_JOHNSONThu Jan 15 1987PCA1 (PC Allin1)
1208.04ARNOLD::ROTHThu Jan 15 1987Electric/Electronics/Phone Hobby
1210.01DVINCI::GORNEAULTMon Jan 19 1987Inactive Technical and Office Protocol (TOP) conference
1211.02DVINCI::GORNEAULTMon Jan 19 1987VAX EDCS - Engineering Data Control System
1212.06SKYLAB::FISHERWed Jan 21 1987DECwindows conference
1213.02MDVAX3::CLAYTONWed Jan 21 1987Retired EDI (Elec Data Interchange); ptr to replacement
1214.01CEODEV::HOOVERThu Jan 22 1987Deleted Reliability Predictions (PREDIC) conference
1215.03TMCUK2::BANKSThu Jan 22 1987Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)
1216.03CSWVAX::VIGNEAULTFri Jan 23 1987Gadgets & Appliances notesfile
1217.01SQM::STUMPFFri Jan 23 1987Deleted V5INFO conference
1219.016ZEPPO::MAHLERMon Jan 26 1987Medical conference
1220.01CURIE::KUBAMon Jan 26 1987Inactive IBM S/3X MAPICS conference
1221.01SQM::HALLYBTue Jan 27 1987Deleted Performance Analyst's Workbench System (PAWS)
1222.01UTESTue Jan 27 1987Deleted Translation Workstation conference
1224.0248177::ROGGEBANDWed Jan 28 1987BULL (Honeywell) / DEC Connections
1225.048177::ROGGEBANDWed Jan 28 1987VAX-ARC Network Management
1226.03VIKING::TARBETWed Jan 28 1987"Online Information" Conference
1227.08COVERT::COVERTFri Jan 30 1987Catholic-Theology
1229.0GUIDUK::BURKESun Feb 01 1987Defense Data Network Conference
1230.01KACIE::SANDERMon Feb 02 1987VAX 8974/VAX 8978 conference (VAX_897X)
1235.01CHOVAX::ERSEKThu Feb 05 1987Deleted Large Clusters support issues conference
1237.0+4CEDARS::SUNNAASat Feb 07 1987Digital Credit Union (DCU) conference
1239.03RSTS32::REYERPTue Feb 10 1987DECmail-11 topics, bugs, wishes
1240.03RDGE4Wed Feb 11 1987Digital in the UK (UK_DIGITAL)
1241.02ENGINE::CRAIGWed Feb 11 1987Deleted UGII Workstation conference
1243.02QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 12 1987Deleted VAXELN UG conference; pointer to successor
1244.02CASPRO::KFALLONFri Feb 13 1987ATHENA Conference
1246.07TOYBOX::BENNETTMon Feb 16 1987Worksystems Competitive Forum
1248.0APIARY::THERIAULTFri Feb 20 1987Foxglove expert system language conference
1250.01ECC::BAUERTue Feb 24 1987Deleted European Research (ESPRIT) conference
1251.04WELMTS::TREVENNORTue Feb 24 1987Archived AMSTRAD_UK; current AMSTRAD
1252.01MUNICH::CLINCHTue Feb 24 1987RSX Support in Central Europe.
1253.01KBOVWed Feb 25 1987Deleted SIMULATION conference
1255.01OVDVAX::WVCFri Feb 27 1987Deleted Battelle conference (BMI)
1256.024GL::DIAMONDFri Feb 27 1987Deleted WBCN conference
1257.0+4FURILO::BOWKERFri Feb 27 1987Recreational Vehicles (RV)
1258.02MTBLUE::MOORE_MIKEFri Feb 27 1987SURFACE_MOUNT conference
1259.08COOKIE::SNYDERThu Mar 05 1987Down Under conference (OZ)
1261.01HOT::FONTANAMon Mar 09 1987VPLOT, VALID to LN
1262.06RSTS32::HERBERTTue Mar 10 1987RSTS-VMS_COMPATIBILITY conference
1263.03UCOUNT::LYNCHTue Mar 10 1987DEC Nashua-Merrimack Softball League
1265.02TAHOE::DECKERTue Mar 10 1987Deleted Xtoolkit conference; pointer to alternate
1267.01ENGGSG::RAVENELLEWed Mar 11 1987GESCAN, the Sequential Search System
1269.06LA78Thu Mar 12 1987WEIGHT_CONTROL conference
1270.05LEROUF::MICKYFri Mar 13 1987European Windsurf conference (EURO_WINDSURF)
1272.01BOEHM::SEGERFri Mar 13 1987Deleted NWSS Tech. Network Tools conference
1273.0+5GENRAL::FRASHERFri Mar 13 19874-Wheel Drive conference (4WD)
1274.05NULL::BHAVSARTue Mar 17 1987Logic Design for TESTABILITY conference
1275.0+5GOJIRA::PHILPOTTTue Mar 17 1987Expatriates
1277.06JUNIPR::DMCLUREWed Mar 18 1987Unitarian Universalist (UU) conference
1280.0+2REGENT::MERRILLMon Mar 23 1987LOGO_LANGUAGE conference
1281.016BETHE::LICEA_KANETue Mar 24 1987Soapbox
1284.06VAX4::STEINBERGERWed Mar 25 1987DECdx conference
1287.01TOPDOC::STANTONSat Mar 28 1987PageMaker/VAXmate conference
1288.01SHIRE::WENGERMon Mar 30 1987Deleted EURMTS conference; pointer to replacement
1290.02SEMI::HYNESMon Mar 30 1987Organized Chip Design (ORCHID) conference
1291.02TLE::CLEAVELANDFri Apr 03 1987Program Design System conference (PDS)
1292.03DONJON::BERSONFri Apr 03 1987Finance conference
1293.02TMCUK2::ICLMon Apr 06 1987International Computers Limited (ICL)
1296.01SED75Thu Apr 09 1987Flying in Europe (EURO_FLYING)(formerly UK_FLYING)
1303.02IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Apr 15 1987Deleted ALL-IN-1 Technical Documentation
1305.05STAR::NISHIMOTOWed Apr 15 1987Dancing conference (DANCE)
1306.02ECADSR::DIAZWed Apr 15 1987Signal wavefrom display and analysis (HAMMER)
1310.010ZENSNI::DCHAVEZThu Apr 16 1987APPLE_COMPUTERS (Apple-II family) conference
1311.02PYONS::SCHILLINGFri Apr 17 1987AutoTrol Technology conference
1312.0+14MERCRY::BJAQUESFri Apr 17 1987CABLE_TV conference
1314.01GLASS::HULLMon Apr 20 1987Deleted VAX VALU conference
1316.01SHIRE::FLORCHINGERTue Apr 21 19872
1318.03DECSIM::FANEUFFri Apr 24 1987TELADD, telephone address book/CALENDAR/REMINDER
1319.03DECSIM::FANEUFFri Apr 24 1987PROCNAME, process name/Mail personal name controller
1320.03THEBUS::KEEPFri Apr 24 1987Deleted KEEP conference
1321.01TROPPO::ANDERSONSun Apr 26 1987Deleted Datapoint DATABUS to VAX COBOL Translator
1323.01AKOVMon Apr 27 1987GIA Application Ctrs for Technology (GIA_ACTS)
1325.01NMGVTue Apr 28 1987PIP--Productivity Improvement Process
1327.01THEBAY::WAKEMANLAWed Apr 29 1987Deleted Demo and Presentation Notebook
1332.04GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Statistical Baseball conference (BB_STATS)
1334.0+4NERDS::SARENTue May 05 1987HEARING_LOSS conference
1335.01PUFFIN::OGRADYTue May 05 1987ISWS_FORUM - Internal Software Services
1337.02IOALOT::SYSTEMWed May 06 1987Closed Radio Control Flea Mkt (CD_SWAP)
1338.02CEODEV::FAULKNERThu May 07 1987PARSER software conference
1339.01PANIC::COLLINSThu May 07 1987Deleted Afghanistan conference
1340.02DEBIT::LAVASHFri May 08 1987Rdb/ELN conference (RDBELN)
1342.04REGENT::MERRILLFri May 08 1987Archived ScriptPrinter conference
1349.01CSCMA::EARNESTWed May 20 1987INDUSTRIAL Conference
1350.08RAINBO::WASSERWed May 20 1987Non-Harley Motorcycles
1351.01JRDVWed May 20 1987JVMSPHASE
1354.0+1DELNI::NODDIEThu May 21 1987WORKLOAD Information
1355.02ENGGSG::FLISFri May 22 1987AEROSPACE conference
1360.01PIKES::CHAMP_CSCMon Jun 01 1987CSC_TOOLS
1361.0NMGVTue Jun 02 1987Industrial Engineering
1362.01WHOARU::YELTONTue Jun 02 1987Archived and deleted Cadcam Datalink conference
1363.03CURIE::THACKERAYTue Jun 02 1987Electronics Sales/Marketing
1364.02CASEE::WYMANThu Jun 04 1987Archived Time and Task Manager (TIME_MANAGER)
1365.08NCVAX1::DICKSThu Jun 04 1987Supercomputing conference
1366.02TLE::HALICKITue Jun 09 1987MACRO conference
1369.01BISTRO::WATSONFri Jun 12 1987RDB_VMS_COMPETITION conference
1370.0DOULOS::HOBDAYTue Jun 16 1987Parallel Processing Library (PPLRTL)
1371.01TROAFri Jun 19 1987Northern Telecom Ltd. Corp. Acct. (NORTEL)
1372.04TROAFri Jun 19 1987Metropolitan TORONTO conference
1373.0+22DEBIT::BERENSONSun Jun 21 1987VAX Rdb/VMS
1374.014COPTue Jun 23 1987Holiday Residence Exchange
1375.05PARITY::SMITHTue Jun 23 1987Facilitators' Exchange conference
1378.02SRFSUP::GOETZEMon Jun 29 1987Deleted Baja California conference
1380.01DSSDEV::BECKETTWed Jul 01 1987Deleted DDIF converters; ptr. to new confs.
1381.06EXIT26::STRATTONWed Jul 01 1987WHITE_CASTLE conference
1383.01CAD::SAKALLAHThu Jul 02 1987SIM9
1384.01MEO78B::MASONTue Jul 07 1987Training Information Packages conference (TIPS)
1385.0+13TRCATue Jul 07 1987Arthritis and Rheumatic Disorders
1386.02AIMHI::DANIELSWed Jul 08 1987OSIRIS conference
1387.06EDEN::KLAESMon Jul 13 1987Superconductivity Conference (SC)
1389.012CASADM::JONESTue Jul 14 1987Bodybuilding and Weight Training (FLEX)
1391.01PICA::CURRIERThu Jul 16 1987Archived Remote Management Tools (RMT); pointers to replacements
1392.04CRETE::DEVIThu Jul 16 1987S1
1393.02WCSM::PURMALThu Jul 16 1987The Silicon Valley (California) Conference
1394.02SHEILA::NASHThu Jul 16 1987Deleted V5 in Australia (V5-DOWNUNDER)
1395.01LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Jul 17 1987Portable Common Tool Environment (PCTE)
1398.013CLOVAX::FORNERMon Jul 20 1987Moans and Complains
1399.02VENERE::PAPIMon Jul 20 1987European Offica Assets conference (EOASSETS)
1400.01ODIHAM::DUDLEYWed Jul 22 1987UK s/w support (UKSWSUP)
1402.01RITZ::GKEThu Jul 23 1987Deleted Debate conference
1404.01TIPPLE::YATESMon Jul 27 1987Deleted Unix Mail Interconnect (UMI) conference
1405.02SIVA::JESSOPMon Jul 27 1987Deleted Dinosaurs conference; pointer to replacement
1406.09WAYWRD::TILLSONMon Jul 27 1987Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA)
1407.01CASADM::JONESMon Jul 27 1987Deleted Sports/Exercise Science (SPORTSCI) conference
1411.02SMACTue Jul 28 1987UK Workstations Forum (WS_UK)
1412.01USATThu Jul 30 1987Deleted Learning Disabilities conference
1415.02YODA::SCHMIDTThu Jul 30 1987MICRO2 MicroAssembler
1417.01PICA::COYLEFri Jul 31 1987TIO (Tools Interface for Operations)
1418.01KIM::BARKERSat Aug 01 1987Deleted TEX files conference
1420.01HSKSA2::TILLANENMon Aug 03 1987Deleted BOATRACERS/RACEBOATS conference
1423.01AIAG::KAMESHMon Aug 10 1987SOAR conference
1424.01DONJON::PEARSONMon Aug 10 1987Read-only INFOCOM_ANNOUNCE conference
1426.05CHARON::BRUCKMANTue Aug 11 1987DECSCAN conference
1430.02CASEE::CLARKFri Aug 14 1987LinkWorks - DECwindows Hyperlinking & Navigation
1431.03SUPER::HENDRICKSSun Aug 16 1987Archived ALL-IN-1 Instructors/Course Developers
1432.01SPIDER::LASKYMon Aug 17 1987DRB32 conference
1438.02CURIE::VANTREECKWed Aug 19 1987Computer-Aided Sfw Eng'g (CASE) conference
1439.02GEMVAX::DEPTOLAFri Aug 21 1987SPD Information Conference
1440.0+8YUPPIE::TURCOTTE_SSun Aug 23 1987Software Licensing Conference
1441.03ODIXIE::TURCOTTESun Aug 23 1987Write-locked PAPER_MARKETING conference
1442.01HAVEN::PORTERWed Aug 26 1987Computerized Bulletin-Board Systems (BBSs) (FIDO)
1445.03ILO::SMITHMon Aug 31 1987SGML/DDIF converters (SGML_CONVERTERS)
1449.03CHGVFri Sep 04 1987DECstart conference
1451.03TOOK::MICHAUDFri Sep 04 1987DECnet-ULTRIX
1453.03WORDS::KRISTYMon Sep 07 1987Weight Control conference (PROGRESS)
1454.0PASTIS::MONAHANTue Sep 08 1987the next version of Securpack ?
1455.039SEESAW::PILANTTue Sep 08 1987CARBUFFS
1457.01VCQUAL::THOMPSONTue Sep 08 1987Notes History
1458.01DECWIN::NISHIMOTOWed Sep 09 1987Racquetball Conference
1459.0NMGVThu Sep 10 1987EURO_OSCAR conference
1461.04ANNECY::ROBERTSMon Sep 14 1987Motoring in Europe (EURO_MOTORING)
1463.04BUSY::KLEINBERGERTue Sep 15 1987Masonry conference (MASONIC)
1464.01MALLET::WELSHWed Sep 16 1987Deleted UK_ADA conference
1465.0YIPPEE::ESKEFri Sep 18 1987IS AI projects in Valbonne (ISAI_PROJECTS)
1466.0+5STKHLM::OBERGMon Sep 21 1987Magnetic Tape Drives (MAGTAPE)
1467.04TIGLET::BROUILLETTETue Sep 22 1987FOCUS for Information Builders (IBI_FOCUS)
1468.0+5SQM::STUMPFTue Sep 22 1987VMSINSTAL-SPKITBLD notesfile
1469.02NTSC::MICKOLWed Sep 23 1987Archived 1987-88 volleyball conf.; ptr to new note
1471.0SEDSWS::HANCOCKWed Jul 25 1990UK_SPS conference
1472.03PLDVAX::P_STUCZYNSKIWed Sep 23 1987Deleted 23 Class design/release (23TOOLS,23CLASS)
1474.012SARAH::S_COHENThu Sep 24 1987DECwrite conference (formerly EPIC)
1476.02BUFFER::LEEDBERGFri Sep 25 1987SWS/E conference (SWS_E)
1477.02BUFFER::LEEDBERGFri Sep 25 1987SWS/E Formal Management Directives (SWS_E_FMDS)
1479.01KACIE::SANDERTue Sep 29 1987DECWORLD conference
1480.04ATPS::GREENHALGETue Sep 29 1987Epilepsy conference
1481.054TRACK::LAQUERRETue Sep 29 1987DECwindows Documentation
1482.0PRSTRA::DESVIGNESWed Sep 30 1987Translation Tools conference (TRANS_TOOLS)
1484.02PICA::VARDAROThu Oct 01 1987Data Definition Control Tool conference (DDCT)
1485.09FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri Oct 02 1987AEROBICS conference
1487.02AKQJ1Fri Oct 02 1987Contract Bridge over DECnet (REMOTE_BRIDGE)
1488.03FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIMon Oct 05 1987Reliability conference
1489.05RANCHO::HOLTMon Oct 05 1987Antiquity Notes
1491.03UKCSSE::MAILBUSTue Jun 06 1989Archived X.4
1492.02TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Oct 08 1987Deleted Airline Industry (AIRLINES); ptr to replacement
1494.01FNYFS::AUNGIERMon Oct 12 1987Closed Support Programming Environment (SPE)
1495.0FNYFS::AUNGIERMon Oct 12 1987Service Transfer Control conference (STC)
1496.01FNYFS::AUNGIERMon Oct 12 1987Deleted Data Extraction and Transport Tool (DEXTRA)
1497.03VINO::SPEERMon Oct 12 1987DECintact
1498.06MOMAX1::PILOTTEMon Oct 12 1987Antiques and Collectibles
1499.01MAADIS::WICKERTTue Oct 13 1987Mid-Atlantic Area DIS conference (MAADIS)
1500.01SRFSUP::GOLDSMITHTue Oct 13 1987Beatles conference
1502.01YODA::BARANSKIWed Oct 14 1987Archived Government conference
1503.05IPG::JAGOTAThu Oct 15 1987Deleted UK Graduates conference
1504.017ODIXIE::HERNANDEZFri Oct 16 1987AVN conference
1509.013MOMAX1::PILOTTETue Oct 20 1987Nintendo Entertainment System
1510.052B::THOMPSONWed Oct 21 1987Chili Fest
1512.0DSTRThu Oct 22 1987DIS System Life Cycle conference (SLC)
1514.02SUVFri Oct 23 1987Vendor Equipment Services--Europe (VES)
1515.01CLT::CATANOMon Oct 26 1987SW Engineering Manual revision (SEM)
1516.01ECADSR::FINNERTYMon Oct 26 1987Corporate Design Synthesis
1517.03ILOVTue Oct 27 1987SGML_PARSER conference
1520.01BUFFER::MOLANDERTue Oct 27 1987NCW - Networks Consultants Workbench
1521.01SAHQ::DCARNELLTue Oct 27 1987Deleted Field Service Marketing conference
1523.0PECOCK::EVAThu Oct 29 1987EVA - Electronic Vendor Access
1525.016MTBLUE::GRAZIANO_ROBSat Oct 31 1987Stephen King conference (CASTLE_ROCK)
1527.01CASAD1::JONESMon Nov 02 1987Deleted ShowBiz conference
1528.02MYVAX::DISTEFANOThu Nov 10 1988SPEEDWAY conference
1529.03COLORS::HOULETue Nov 03 1987Microsoft OS/2 conference (OS2)
1531.03Z::TENNYWed Nov 04 1987DECWEB - A Game of Galactic Conquest
1532.0+2RDCVThu Nov 05 1987Bar Coding conference (BAR_CODES)
1533.012GENRAL::EMLICHThu Nov 05 1987Standard Package for Error Analysis and Reporting (SPEAR)
1536.03TERZA::ZANEFri Nov 06 1987Topics in Psychology
1539.03RDGENG::MACKAYWed Nov 11 1987Synchronous Drivers (SYNC_DRIVERS)
1540.025MEIS::GORDONWed Nov 11 1987"Ask the Enet" (ASKENET) Vol 4
1542.0CADSE::WONGWed Nov 11 1987DEC Parts, Part Libraries, and the Library Process
1543.03RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Nov 12 1987Relocation_Issues
1544.0+6ENUF::GASSMANFri Nov 13 1987DECnet/OSI Phase V (PHASEV)
1546.01COLORS::MCNALLFri Nov 13 1987Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Conference
1547.04ECADJR::PERKINSFri Nov 13 1987ACM/IEEE Technical Society conference (ACM_IEEE)
1548.02EXIT26::SOULEMon Nov 16 1987Xerox Ventura Publisher conference
1549.01GERBIL::TAILLONMon Nov 16 1987Deleted SURVEY_TOOL conference
1554.03MTBLUE::SIVRET_JOHNTue Nov 17 1987Model Railroads conference
1555.03D::DIPIRROWed Nov 18 1987LYNX Workstation
1559.01DISSRV::NORRISFri Nov 20 1987QA Security Conference
1560.03ATLAST::RAYFri Nov 20 1987ALL-IN-1 Shared File Cabinet Prototype (A1SFCP)
1561.02ATLAST::RAYFri Nov 20 1987Closed ALL-IN-1 System for Executive Services (A1SES)
1563.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Nov 21 1987EDitor for Diagrams (EDD)
1565.08SWAMI::LAMIAWed Nov 25 1987QFD - Quality Factor Development conference
1566.02CSCMA::YETMANWed Nov 25 1987Environmental conference (ENVFORUM)
1569.01LOVADA::SCHERRERThu Nov 26 1987Deleted EERP CASEE Shopping conference
1572.09TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Nov 27 1987Lotteries and games of chance conference
1573.06ANARCY::DILIDDOFri Nov 27 1987Wrestling conference
1577.01BAVIKI::GOODTue Dec 01 1987Human Factors conference
1578.05FNYFS::AUNGIERWed Dec 02 1987Spain conference (ESPANA)
1579.01DRNKME::PICKOWICZFri Dec 04 1987Deleted xEBB Electronic Blackboard conference
1581.04MONSTR::DUTKOMon Dec 07 1987VMS System Management Futures (VMS_SM_FUTURES)
1583.02ZEKE::SLOANTue Dec 08 1987Deleted ZKO Library conf.
1586.01RITZ::RKEWed Dec 09 1987Reading (the town in England), the conference
1587.02IJSAPL::HOMBURGWed Dec 09 1987American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS_ISSUES)
1589.02MYVAX::FORSBERGWed Dec 09 1987PECOS Paperless Engineering Change Order System
1590.0+8CHEST::WRIGHTThu Dec 10 1987CARS_UK
1591.0GNERIC::NOBLEThu Dec 10 1987Diagnostic Simulation Workbench (DSW)
1592.04CREPES::GOODWINFri Dec 11 1987Fantasy Role-Playing--Europe (EURO_FRP)
1594.04CHESS::KAIKOWMon Dec 14 1987Chess and Easynet Chess Tournaments
1595.02UCOUNT::BELONTue Dec 15 1987Deleted ZKO Training
1597.02RDGCSS::DAVIESTue Dec 15 1987VOICEMESSAGING Conference
1598.0YIPPEE::SUTHERLANDWed Dec 16 1987PSYCHO Decision Tree Tool conference
1600.0+3NOVA::WOODWed Dec 16 1987VAX Data Distributor Conference
1603.05YODA::COOKThu Dec 17 1987Drums and Drummers conference
1604.01SPRITE::PARKESThu Dec 17 1987Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction (ICAI)
1606.09VINO::SCHEIFLERFri Dec 18 1987DoomsDay 2
1607.05FACVAX::MALONEYFri Dec 18 1987Records/Information Mgmt conf. (RECORDS_MGMT)
1608.01HPSTEK::BELANGERFri Dec 18 1987Catalogs conference
1611.01CHEFS::KEVILLEEVANSTue Dec 22 1987Deleted EURO_ASKENET conference
1612.02EMASA2::CUNNIFFThu Dec 24 1987DECmail to ALL-IN-1 Technical Migration (TECH_MIG)
1616.07BRUTUS::YOUNGMon Dec 28 1987Muscle-Car Mania (MUSCLECARS)
1618.01VADER::SYSTEMTue Dec 29 1987Archived Topics involving Women conference
1621.03MERIDN::JUDDMon Jan 04 1988Closed PAMS Message Bus conf.; ptr to replacement
1623.01VADER::SYSTEMMon Jan 04 1988Archived Topics involving men
1625.0YIPPEE::FITZGIBBONTue Jan 05 1988Nat. Lang. database query prototype (TELL_ME)
1626.01RDVAX::C_PHILLIPSTue Jan 05 1988ERP_PROPOSALS conference
1628.01DEC::LEONARDTue Jan 05 1988Formal Verification (formerly Formal Specification)
1630.02MAYDAY::DANIELWed Jan 06 1988Deleted Europe MTS conf. (EURMTS); ptr to replacement
1632.06SWATT::CHEWFri Jan 08 1988DISPLAY conference
1634.03ECADSR::GEORGEMon Jan 11 1988DECSIM interface to VALID'S REALMODEL
1639.01GIGI::MASLANDWed Jan 13 1988State & Local Gov't Sales & Marketing (SLG_MARKETING)
1640.01CADSYS::HYNESWed Jan 13 1988ALOE conference
1641.01MECAD::BARKERFri Jan 15 1988GDS Facilities Management CADD
1643.02LEROUF::GLIGORSat Jan 16 1988Cornell University
1644.02GALVIA::VONSUCKSun Jan 17 1988SGML General Interest
1645.01SPHINX::DAVISTue Jan 19 1988Deleted LASAR simulator conference; ptr to new conf.
1646.07HJUXB::JUDICETue Jan 19 1988New Jersey conference
1647.03CADSYS::PRENTICEWed Jan 20 1988C++ conference (C_PLUS_PLUS)
1648.03NUTMEG::LYMANWed Jan 20 1988Deleted DIGITAL_PERIODICALS conference
1649.05RDGENG::KEDMUNDSWed Jan 20 1988Deleted Backgammon conference
1650.03ACUTE::MCKINLEYWed Jan 20 1988General Robotics
1651.010KL21Wed Jan 20 1988Distributed File Service (DFS)
1653.02MANTIS::BOLANDThu Jan 21 1988Deleted DECjobmatch conference
1654.01URSA::DOTENThu Jan 21 1988Deleted Developer's Forum (APPL_DEVL_FORUM)
1656.04KNOVAX::GIOIELLIFri Jan 22 1988CAREER
1658.02BISTRO::KIRKFri Jan 22 1988RALLY_COMPETITION conference
1659.01USHSSat Jan 23 1988Exxon Account Conference
1661.01PBSVAX::HALBERTMon Jan 25 1988Trellis/Owl and Trellis
1662.02MNATUR::LISTONMon Jan 25 1988DRV11-WA conference
1665.02WORDS::KRISTYTue Jan 26 1988Darts
1666.01PICA::BLANCHETTETue Jan 26 1988Consistent User Environment (CUE)
1668.03RAINBO::WASSERTue Jan 26 1988Archived Macintosh-to-VAX-Connection forum
1670.0+3VIDEO::OSMANWed Jan 27 1988Session Support Utility (SSU) conference
1671.04SPCTRM::NUSBAUMWed Jan 27 1988Clone support under PCSA conference
1673.01GVASA::LUGRINThu Jan 28 1988Swiss Rainbow
1674.02CACHE::LEIGHThu Jan 28 1988Mormonism (The Mormons)
1675.03MOIRA::FAIMANFri Jan 29 1988Nudism and Naturism
1677.01HORUS::KIMMELFri Jan 29 1988LAN Traffic Mon./Hist. Data Reporting (LTM-REPORTS)
1678.04BEING::MCANULTYWed Feb 03 1988The New York METS
1679.02APACHE::CLARKWed Feb 03 1988LG
1680.01BELFST::MULLANWed Feb 03 1988DECSITE_EUROPE (formerly DECSITE_UK)
1684.01HERON::COLLINFri Feb 05 1988Deleted European MAC connection conference
1686.0+10TFH::MARSHALLFri Feb 05 1988The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (OBJECTIVISM)
1687.08VLNVAX::DMCLUREFri Feb 05 1988PULSE: A remote VAXcluster monitor
1688.0HJUXB::JUDICEFri Feb 05 1988VAX SYSTEM_V conference
1690.0KERNEL::KINGSTONMon Feb 08 1988UK Technical Career Development (UK_TCD)
1691.02BUDMAN::RYANMon Feb 08 1988HP497X Lan Analyzer conference
1692.02BUFFER::BAKERMon Feb 08 1988Deleted ASSETS_PROGRAM conference; ptr to new conf.
1693.013ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 08 1988MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS and Notes conference
1697.02SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Feb 10 1988ALASKA conference
1698.03SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Feb 10 1988LOG_HOMES conference
1699.01MUNICH::CLINCHWed Feb 10 1988Deleted Repartee conference
1700.01AHTOE::COHENThu Feb 11 1988Deleted Chrysler Corporation conference
1701.01BUFFER::FUSCIThu Feb 11 1988Deleted Digital Integrated Network Service program (DINS)
1702.01PANIC::SPOONERThu Feb 11 1988Financial Data Interchange conference
1703.0UNTADH::IBRODIEFri Feb 12 1988Munich ADG Call-Handling systems conference
1708.02DIXIE1::BIRCHTue Feb 16 1988Deleted PRODUCT_SCRIPTS
1710.01BIGTEX::RESENDETue Feb 16 1988Deleted Woodworking conference; pointer to successor conf
1713.06POWDAH::ANDYThu Feb 18 1988Soviet Union Conference
1714.0FACTThu Feb 18 1988Insurance Industry conference
1716.019NACAD::SCHOMPFri Feb 19 1988Happy Holiday ! - HOLIDAY_TRAVEL conference
1720.02JGO::WIJNENMon Feb 22 1988Packaging Conference
1722.01LEODLN::NEWBOLDTue Feb 23 1988SSM Robotics (ADEPT_USERS)
1724.01WARCRY::MDUBEThu Feb 25 1988Los Angeles Lakers
1726.01LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Feb 26 1988POSIX-Ada conference
1727.01PSW::WINALSKISat Feb 27 1988Archived UNDERSTANDING conference
1728.02GLASS::SHIVESMon Feb 29 1988Deleted TekCASE Tool conference
1730.0BAVIKI::GOODTue Mar 01 1988MCC Human Interface Laboratory (MCC-HI)
1731.0+8RSTS32::HERBERTTue Mar 01 1988X-1
1733.012CURIUM::PEARSONTue Mar 01 1988The DEC_HISTORY conference
1734.02HANZI::DAVIDLEETue Mar 01 1988Asian Language Products Info (ASIAN_PRODUCTS)
1736.06IPG::KITEWed Mar 02 1988Open University conference (OU)
1737.010VAXWRK::FERNANDEZWed Mar 02 1988Mexico conference
1739.01CLT::MMSThu Mar 03 1988DEC/MMS
1741.0942Fri Mar 04 1988LONDON conference
1742.02DISSRV::RAICHEFri Mar 04 1988OTP Steering Committee (Operator Training Program)
1743.02EMASA2::CUNNIFFSat Mar 05 1988JUGGLING
1744.01BADEN::FRANKMon Mar 07 1988Distributed Object-oriented CASE (DOCASE)
1747.01ONNIX::BRADCJTue Mar 08 1988Deleted Thesis conference
1749.03ENUF::GASSMANTue Mar 08 1988Network Management (NETMGT)
1752.03ATALL::ELLISMThu Mar 10 1988System managers' conference (SYSMGR)
1753.02TOOK::FORINOFri Mar 11 1988DECrouter 2
1756.02BISTRO::WLODEKMon Mar 14 1988European Eng. Review Board conference (EERB)
1757.01UTROFF::BOSCHTue Mar 15 1988Deleted Euro. Electronic Publishing Assets (EEP_ASSETS)
1759.02ECADSR::SHERMANTue Mar 15 1988DECPAT conference
1760.01BUFFER::HOGANTue Mar 15 1988Software Serive Marketing confernece (SWSMKT)
1762.011WORDS::KRISTYWed Mar 16 1988For small animal enthusiasts everywhere!
1763.03FIDDLE::DELUCOThu Mar 17 1988EASYnotes Listing Available on VTX
1764.03LILAC::MKPROJFri Mar 18 1988SURVIVAL
1766.01SCOMAN::JLORESun Mar 20 1988Deleted ULTIMA conference
1767.05CSMADM::WELLINGTONMon Mar 21 1988Archived LIGHTS_OUT Computing conference
1769.014TSE::LEFEBVRETue Mar 22 1988ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) conference
1770.08SRFSUP::GOLDSMITHTue Mar 22 1988Eating Disorders
1772.04TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Mar 23 1988STORYMAKER Notes Conference
1773.0AIAG::BILLMERSWed Mar 23 1988Emacs/Mail interface (EMAIL) conference
1775.01FLOCON::AUNGIERWed Mar 23 1988Deleted European Test Centre conference
1776.010VEEJAY::ECTORWed Mar 23 1988Cross-country skiing (X_C_SKIING)
1777.08VWSSPT::DAVMon Mar 28 1988Timeout conference
1778.03VEEJAY::ECTORMon Mar 28 1988Chicago Cubs conference
1779.07RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Mar 29 1988UK_MUSIC
1781.03MANANA::WOODWed Mar 30 1988Conference on User Profiles (USERPROFILE)
1784.01KBOMFG::POSTSun Apr 03 1988Storage Competition conference
1786.01NUTMEG::TREMBLAYTue Apr 05 1988Deleted BOIS's Second Monday Program conference
1787.01SCOMAN::JLORETue Apr 05 1988Deleted Computer Fantasy Gaming (CFRP)
1788.01NEXUS::G_GEIGERWed Apr 06 1988Deleted Atlanta_Braves conference
1792.010RAWFSH::MAHLERThu Apr 07 1988Deleted Technical Automobile Q&A conference (MECHANIX_II)
1793.02DFCON1::FRENCHThu Apr 07 1988Deleted Integrated Voice Messaging conference
1794.011XOTE::EMLICHThu Apr 07 1988The VAXsimPLUS conference
1795.01JANUS::PARASKEVAMon Apr 11 1988VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL)
1796.03BUFFER::HOGANTue Apr 12 1988Network Services conference (NW_SERVICES)
1798.01STAR::WIMBERGWed Apr 13 1988VAX RPC Conference (VAXRPC)
1800.04FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988UK Television conference (UK_TV)
1802.01158Thu Apr 14 1988EASYnet Management Tools (EASYNET_TOOLS)
1805.02MANFAC::BARANFri Apr 15 1988Closed Manufacturing Assets (MASSETS); ptr to new conf.
1808.016RSTS32::KASPERTue Apr 19 1988A conference for Moderators
1809.02MTBLUE::DEE_ERICWed Apr 20 1988Deleted New_Writer conf.; pointer to successor
1811.0NSSG::WALKFri Apr 22 1988WALK FOR HUNGER
1814.02RIPPLE::KOTTERRISat Apr 23 1988Master Notebook
1815.01GUIDUK::BURKESat Apr 23 1988GeoVision AMS and GIS Geographic Mapping and Info Systems
1817.04LESLIE::LESLIEMon Apr 25 1988CDSWAP_UK
1818.08NAVIER::STARRFri Mar 09 1990Heavy Metal Music Conference
1819.0+10FALEK::FALEKMon Apr 25 1988DECscheduler (formerly VSS) conference
1820.07GENRAL::ODONNELLMon Apr 25 1988DISK_IDEAS conference
1821.05HUSKY::TOMTue Apr 26 1988Hang Gliding and Paragliding
1822.01BCSE::DWC_PETERTue Apr 26 1988Deleted ALL-IN-1 Workstation Services conference
1826.0+1DELNI::L_MCCORMACKWed May 04 1988Spinning and wool production (SPINOFF)
1827.01PBA::GIRARDFri May 06 1988Supplier Forecasting
1828.02ULTRA::HERBISONFri May 06 1988DESNC controller/VAX KDC software conference
1829.06SPGSAM::CHOOVERSun May 08 1988Deleted Software Loan Program (SWLOP) conference
1830.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue May 10 1988CALYPSO -- Discussing the VAX 62xx family
1832.01TRCAWed May 11 1988Deleted GIA_INSTRUCTORS conference
1833.02DSTR17::JACKSONWed May 11 1988Deleted DIS VISION_QUEST conference
1834.0SCUBA::WILTSHIREThu May 12 1988Field Configurable Network Software (FCNS)
1836.013HSSWS1::GREGFri May 13 1988Smoker's Issues Conference
1837.02CSDPIE::FANEUFMon May 16 1988Earl Faneuf's runtime library (EFL$RTL)
1838.01ULYSSE::MICHELTue May 17 1988Deleted DINS_EURO conference
1839.07CHEFS::SELBYWed May 18 1988EDI SALES INFO
1840.01XANADU::FLEISCHERWed May 18 1988Content-based Information Retrieval (CONTENT-RETRIEVAL)
1842.012EASY::DRURYFri May 20 1988Closed Product Information Management System (PIMS)
1844.02JRDVMon May 23 1988Closed Opto-electronics conference (OPTO_EL)
1845.06NOD::KOZIKMon May 23 1988Open Software Foundation (OSF) conference
1846.04INDEBT::TAUBENFELDMon May 23 1988Assabet Valley Investment Club
1848.0+10STORMY::RILEYTue May 24 1988Attention DJ's and VJ's
1850.01SLOANE::BOTTINWed May 25 1988Electricity Supply Industry (ESI)
1851.01MARKER::BUCKLEYWed May 25 1988Deleted Competitive Information System conference
1853.0ASPEN2::BOIKOThu May 26 1988Water Skiing -- see BOATS
1854.03KAPTIN::BLEIThu May 26 1988Storage Library System (SLS) conference
1855.01BAGELS::ADAMSThu May 26 1988MULTI_VENDOR_SIG notes conference
1856.02HIT::P_FALCONEThu May 26 1988FSTRACE Performance Data conference
1857.04SUBURB::IMACLEANFri May 27 1988Drinks and cocktails conference (GREEN_MONSTER)
1858.06MYRRH::JOVANFri May 27 1988Deleted SELF_HELP conference
1859.08REMY::DEADERICKFri May 27 1988Caring for Elders
1860.01RDGENG::KEDMUNDSFri May 27 1988European help on VAXnotes
1861.01DELNI::CANTORMon May 30 1988Archived old NOTESLIST
1862.01DELNI::CANTORMon May 30 1988Archived NOTES-11 notes
1864.0+13OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue May 31 1988Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOS)
1865.0CLT::HOEYWed Jun 01 1988VAX SORT/MERGE Utility (SORT32)
1868.02JGO::FITZGERALDTue Jun 07 1988Product Authorisation Keys (PAKs)
1871.02PRSNRD::PELIKSFri Jun 10 1988Worksystems in French
1872.01PRSNRD::PELIKSFri Jun 10 1988French Unix Competency Circle
1874.04HAMPS::SYSTEMWed Jun 15 1988CASE_COMPETITIVE conference
1876.09MYRRH::JOVANWed Jun 15 1988AL-ANON
1877.01DODECA::FALLETWed Jun 15 1988Documentation Architecture conference
1879.01HOCUS::KOZAKIEWICZThu Jun 16 1988General Electric Plastics (GE_PLASTICS) conference
1881.05FACTThu Jun 16 1988Classical Music conference
1884.0515616::MEYER_TOMTue Jun 21 1988Jazz conference
1886.0+4DCC::JAERVINENTue Jun 21 1988GERMANY conference
1887.02LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Jun 22 1988VAX GKS-3D Conference
1890.01EMC2::COTETue Jun 28 1988Deleted Event Handler conference (EVHA)
1891.0EMC2::COTETue Jun 28 1988Information Distribution Controller (IDC)
1896.01YIPPEE::TARANTOLAWed Jun 29 1988Closed Network Diagnostic Assistant (NDA)
1898.01NEXUS::LOWENBERGWed Jun 29 1988Investment in Excellence conference (IIE)
1900.09SCRUZ::FIGUEROA_JEThu Jun 30 1988Surfing conference
1906.02JENNA::SANTIAGOWed Jul 06 1988WHAT (DECWATCH) conference
1907.01ELWOOD::NORCOTTThu Jul 07 1988VAX Jukebox Control Software (JCS)
1910.0STAR::CANTORThu Jan 24 1991RPG conference
1912.0+9QARRY::FRANCINIMon Jul 11 1988The ANIMATION conference
1913.03FRAMBO::WULLETue Jul 12 1988Sailing in Europe
1914.010TRHEEL::ROSSERWed Jul 13 1988Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (CALS)
1916.01GVAFri Jul 15 1988PBX and Voice Network Management
1917.02WATERS::LEVINEFri Jul 15 1988Network Management Integration Project (NMIP)
1918.01CVG::CAMPANELLAFri Jul 15 1988Deleted COREWARS conference
1919.06TSE::LEEBERTue May 03 1988HILO Logic Simulator conference
1920.01ATPS::BERGERMon Jul 18 1988Deleted Event Performance Monitor (EPM) conference
1921.02PNO::SANDERSBMon Jul 18 1988Deleted Phoenix, AZ conference
1922.0CMKRNL::WALLTue Jul 19 1988VMS V5.
1923.02GRINS::MCFARLANDTue Jul 19 1988VUE Project Management Package (VUE_USERS)
1924.0YUPPY::HOAREMThu Jul 21 1988European Retail Industries Conference
1925.03GYPSC::SPANIOLFri Jul 22 1988European Manufacturing ASSETS Library
1931.01DIEHRD::JAQUESTue Jul 26 1988Deleted Easynet Gateways (EASYGATE) conference
1933.0MIKADO::DELISEWed Jul 27 1988EDA_USERS conference
1934.02SCOMAN::JLOREWed Jul 27 1988Deleted Home Computer Games (HCG)
1935.0CESARE::GORRINOThu Jul 28 1988A conference about VSH1
1936.03DRILL::SYSTEMThu Jul 28 1988BASINGSTOKE -Jewel of the south
1939.01SHIRE::MSTEINERFri Jul 29 1988Data Center Monitor conference (DCM)
1940.02ACE::BREWERFri Jul 29 1988New Mexico
1942.01SRFSUP::JARAMon Aug 01 1988Deleted SCP Service Control Point conference
1944.0+9ERIC::SALLITTWed Aug 03 1988UK Audio conference
1945.01FSLENG::GOSSWed Aug 03 1988Symptom Directed Diagnosis (SDD)
1946.01ATLAST::TREXLERWed Aug 03 1988Closed System for Customer Services (SCS)
1948.0FOO::BHAVNANIWed Aug 03 1988ADVENTURE Conference
1949.03SUPER7::GUTHRIEThu Aug 04 1988Learn Bridge
1950.06KOALA::FAMULAROThu Aug 04 1988Cruise travel conference (CRUISING)
1951.01BEAGLE::MAXFri Aug 05 1988Deleted DECnet Trouble-shooting Techniques (MAXCHECK)
1952.04PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 06 1988AMIGA conference
1953.01AD::MEIERMon Aug 08 1988Galactic Trader conference (GAL_TRADER)
1955.01NTSC::MICKOLMon Aug 08 1988Archived PRO_VIDEO Conference
1956.03PSG::SYSTEMMon Aug 08 1988CHITOWN - the City of Chicago
1957.01SRFSUP::JARATue Aug 09 1988Deleted Digital projects at GTE
1958.02MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMWed Aug 10 1988Deleted Amiga Newsgroups conference (AMIGA_USENET)
1959.02MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMWed Aug 10 1988Usenet Amiga Tech Newsgroup Conference
1960.04TOWNS::VALENTINEWed Aug 10 1988Environmental issues conference
1961.0PRSTRA::DESVIGNESThu Aug 11 1988Translation Support System conference (TSS)
1962.0+4NUTLET::FRASHERFri Aug 12 1988Physically Challenged (PHYSCHALLENGED)
1963.01CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Aug 12 1988Tandem Computers conference
1964.0STAR::BUCKLEYFri Aug 12 1988QAR-SYSTEM conference
1965.07TRUCKS::EGLINMon Aug 15 1988LG31 notes file moved
1967.0DDIF::CANTORThu Feb 16 1989Deleted Mail Pgm Documents conference/nowrite
1968.0BCSE::ROTHSTEINMon Mar 06 1989Deleted Mail Program conference
1969.0BCSE::ROTHSTEINMon Mar 06 1989Deleted MAIL Program Support conference
1970.08IVECO::POLLARDThu Aug 18 1988EURO_WOMAN Conference
1974.0LAVA::LALLIFri Aug 19 1988DEC_TRAINEE
1975.0ACUTE::MCKINLEYThu Jan 05 1989Deleted Inventors conference
1976.01CTCADM::HOMon Aug 22 1988Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (DIM_TOL)
1978.0+3CIM::GEOFFREYTue Aug 23 1988BASEstar
1979.01JOVIAL::MARITue Aug 23 1988VAXlink for IMS and VSAM
1981.01RTPSWS::DUNCANThu Aug 25 1988Deleted COMPUTING_WITHOUT_SIGHT conference
1985.01ANT::JANZENFri Aug 26 1988Microwaves (uWAVES) conference
1987.0CASEE::VANDENHEUVELMon Aug 29 1988DECPlan Public Conference
1989.02CIMAMT::MEEKERTue Aug 30 1988Deleted DESIGN_FOR_MANUFACTURE conference
1990.01POOL::EIKENBERRYTue Aug 30 1988Fencing conference
1994.01ECCGY4::STROHMAIERThu Sep 01 1988Siemens communication
1996.02MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGThu Sep 01 1988MAILSTUFF/PC - PC based Mail for DECnet-DOS & PCSA
1998.02ATLAST::WARFORDFri Sep 02 1988Closed SDS_SOLUTIONS (CSSG) conference
1999.05PFLOYD::ROTHBERGFri Sep 02 1988OMEGA game
2001.01CHEFS::WHEATLEYMon Sep 05 1988UK District Demo conference (UKDEMO)
2002.01HYEND::EMATALONTue Sep 06 1988OLTP Appl. Sizing conference (TP_SIZING)
2003.01FYI::KUSEKOSKITue Sep 06 1988Company Identity Bulletin Board (read-only)
2004.0+4QUOKKA::SNYDERTue Sep 06 1988Colorado_Classifieds
2006.03BLT::TRAVISWed Sep 07 1988Read-only ACA Architecture conference
2010.0MAMTS1::ISTOLERSun Sep 11 1988Pharmaceutical Industry conference (PHARM_INDUSTRY)
2011.03QNTMSW::BERUBEMon Sep 12 1988Semi-automatic Window and Icon Placer (SWIP)
2013.09RAINBO::SARGENTTue Sep 13 1988Pathworks (formerly PCSA) conf. (PCSAV1,PCSAV2,PWDOS4)
2015.05SKYLRK::KURATATue Sep 13 1988SPRINT - Secure PRINT symbiont
2017.02BTO::JPETERSWed Sep 14 1988Hybrid microelectronics conference
2018.01ATPS::PANGWed Sep 14 1988CAPACITY_PLANNING conference
2019.013D::SANBORNThu Sep 15 1988Alternate travel routes (SHORT_CUTS)
2020.01ENUF::LEWISThu Sep 15 1988DECworld Net Mgt Display Tools (NETSTAT)
2021.01OPG::CHRISFri Sep 16 1988ROLLUP Capacity Planners Tool
2022.01CLUSTA::ELLIOTTEFri Sep 16 1988Closed DECtp Generator conference
2023.04IAGO::SCHOELLERFri Sep 16 1988Signal Editor and Analyzer conference (SEDAN)
2025.01CYBORG::KHANSun Sep 18 1988Deleted Pakistan conference
2026.0VISA::BIJAOUIMon Sep 19 1988MRAI (Message Router Applications Interface) Conference
2028.04EXIT26::PAGETue Sep 20 1988MicroMedia Publishing Group
2031.02SCRIBE::MORSEWed Sep 21 1988VAX Grammar Checker
2033.01TSE::BAUMGARTWed Sep 21 1988QVPS conference
2035.02GROYNE::HAYESThu Sep 22 1988Management Reporting Environment (MRE_INTEREST)
2039.09LASSIE::S_FRASERWed Sep 28 1988VMS/Ultrix Connection (UCX)
2040.0NAC::MAGLIOZZIWed Sep 28 1988LAB AUTOMATION Conference...
2042.01GRAMPS::BENOITWed Sep 28 1988Deleted RV2
2044.02VENOM::LIFE_CENTERWed Sep 28 1988MKO Life Center Conference
2046.02VIA::CASTALDIThu Sep 29 1988DECdecision (formerly EPIC/Information) conference
2049.08STKSMA::AHLGRENFri Sep 30 1988American Football (NFL)
2050.02PSG::ALVIDREZFri Sep 30 1988VAX Semiconductor Automation Platform (VSAP)
2051.01REGENT::MERRILLFri Sep 30 1988Deleted WESTFORD_OFFICE conference
2052.01MUNCSS::JAUCHMon Oct 03 1988Deleted CSS Munich Product conference
2053.03CSOA1::BREZLERMon Oct 03 1988Carnegie Mellon University conference (CMU)
2054.01ECAD2::BARFORDMon Oct 03 1988Low End Systems Tools conference (LES_TOOLS)
2057.0UNTADH::HAAGWed Oct 05 1988ADG Documentation Tool conference (ADGDOC)
2059.01GRAMPS::BENOITWed Oct 05 1988Deleted RV64 (Ptolemy) Library; pointer to replacement
2060.09STKSMA::AHLGRENWed Oct 05 1988Hockey conference
2061.0+5STRATA::DESHARNAISThu Oct 06 1988TURBO_C conference
2062.01AITG::INSINGAThu Oct 06 1988VAX Decision Expert conf. (DECISION-EXPERT)
2063.0ULYSSE::SOYEZThu Oct 06 1988DOPTER (Rabbit-7) conference
2064.08STKSMA::AHLGRENThu Oct 06 1988History conference
2065.03REGENT::GALLANTThu Oct 06 1988Left-Handed Persons' conference (LEFT_HANDERS)
2066.01CRUSHA::BELLFri Oct 07 1988Deleted T_NET_PLUS conference
2068.06ANARCY::DILIDDOFri Oct 07 1988ROOMMATES Conference
2069.01ASD::DAUGHERTYFri Oct 07 1988SNOWMOBILES Notesfile
2070.0LAIDBK::PFLUEGERFri Oct 07 1988The McDonnell Douglas Corp. (MDC) note.
2071.01CSTEAM::SOUZAMon Oct 10 1988Hewlett-Packard conference
2074.08PNO::SANDERSBMon Oct 10 1988Audio Engineering conference
2076.01TAVTue Oct 11 1988KOSHER_RESTAURANTS conference
2077.0+7DECEAT::LANDINGHAMThu Oct 13 1988Mid Range Systems Performance (MSB_PERF)
2078.04UPNRTH::BRIERLEYThu Oct 13 1988WILD_BIRDS Conference
2079.0+6UPNRTH::BRIERLEYThu Oct 13 1988PET_BIRDS Conference
2080.02FREE::GOGUENThu Oct 13 1988WPS-PLUS/VMS V3.
2082.01235873::SOHNThu Oct 13 1988BOSTON_EATS conference
2083.02CTCADM::REHMThu Oct 13 1988StereoLithography conference (SLA)
2085.0BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Oct 14 1988Australian Decus conferences.
2086.04RITZ::EURO_SINGLESFri Oct 14 1988Deleted Euro_Singles conference
2088.03TRITON::SYSTEMMon Oct 17 1988EUCLID Solids Modeler conference
2090.0BONNET::HEYERMon Oct 17 1988DEC'ADVENTURE conference
2092.03IAMOK::BARTOLOMEOMon Oct 17 1988Internal Equipment Group (IEG) conference
2093.01NOTIME::SACKSMon Oct 17 1988Learning Disabilities
2094.01DENVER::WILSONPWed Oct 19 1988Deleted Office Services conference
2095.0+3LEDDEV::METZGERWed Oct 19 1988Digital Soccer Conference
2096.09CIMNET::KISHANWed Oct 19 1988Vegetarian Interest Group (VEGETARIANISM)
2097.01CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988MINIX conference
2099.02FNYFS::SMITHThu Oct 20 1988European Skiing conference
2101.0CADSYS::GALLAGHERSat Oct 22 1988QSCOPE Wave Form Editor conference
2103.01CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988Homeopathy
2104.02OASS::AYALLAHMon Oct 24 1988Africa conference (formerly Ghana only)
2105.04BOEHM::SMARTINMon Oct 24 1988Distributed Name Service conference (DNS)
2106.0UHAINA::STADTELMEYERTue Oct 25 1988LINGUISTICS conference
2107.02BPOVTue Oct 25 1988Hispanic Conference
2109.03RANCHO::HOLTTue Oct 25 1988FIREFOX (VAXstation352
2110.01DLOACT::BYRDATue Oct 25 1988Deleted Gospel Music Conference; pointer to replacement
2111.0BISTRO::ANDRADEWed Oct 26 1988ACB (Auto Call Back utility)
2112.02ATLAST::LAMPSONThu Oct 27 1988NeXT, Inc.
2114.02KNUTS::GOSWELLFri Oct 28 1988SEGA games system conference
2115.03SSDEVO::RICHARDFri Oct 28 1988Christian Music conference (CCM) (formerly CH_MUSIC)
2116.0REORG::ROGOFFSat Oct 29 1988SQL/SERVICES Conference
2117.03BLITZN::LITASISat Oct 29 1988Colorado Singles conference
2118.01CASEE::WYMANSun Oct 30 1988DECwindows Calendar (DECW$CALENDAR)
2119.03RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Oct 31 1988Deleted Dramatics/Theatre in Reading, UK
2120.0LYLE::PETERSMon Oct 31 1988Conceptual/Logical Database Design Tool (CLDDT)
2121.07HPSTEK::BELANGERMon Oct 31 1988Malaysia and Singapore conference
2122.01TOLKIN::ASHLEYMon Oct 31 1988Deleted Long Term Storage conference
2123.012PIWACT::KLEINBERGERTue Nov 01 1988SKATING - Inline, Roller, & Ice
2124.01CADSE::CRAUNAKISWed Nov 02 1988Deleted MIDAS_Notes conference
2126.04MJG::GRIERWed Nov 02 1988New Wave music conference
2129.04SSPENG::JOLYThu Nov 03 1988FMS-11 conference (FMS11)
2130.06DNEAST::STARIE_DICKThu Nov 03 1988Ski_Racing
2131.03HAZEL::KEATINGThu Nov 03 1988WARGAMES
2134.06RAMOTH::OLOUGHLINMon Nov 07 1988Deleted Manufacturing Analysis conference (MFG_ANALYSIS)
2136.01YODA::COOKTue Nov 08 1988Deleted Underground Music conference
2138.01SUPER::MATTHEWSTue Nov 08 1988ESDP electronic publishing (ESDP_EPUBS)
2139.0COVERT::COVERTTue Nov 08 1988DECUServe conference
2141.012BOMBE::JUITTWed Nov 09 1988Alternative Music conference (RADIO_RADIO)
2142.07KBOMFG::SCHAEDLEThu Nov 10 1988SEGA "Genesis" & PC-ENGINE (MEGA)
2143.06IOALOT::SYSTEMThu Nov 10 1988Deleted SOAPS conference
2144.03BYENGThu Nov 10 1988Write-locked Object Oriented Design conference
2146.0+4GENRAL::KILGOREThu Nov 10 1988Native Americans
2148.011IOALOT::SYSTEMFri Nov 11 1988Plastic Scale Modeling
2149.0CLARID::HYGONNETMon Nov 14 1988European Network/System ASSETS Library
2150.0CUDA::AGORMANMon Nov 14 1988VLSI_PACKAGES conference
2151.01BLT::TRAVISTue Nov 15 1988Deleted Core Applications Research (CAG-RESEARCH)
2152.01DEC::LEONARDTue Nov 15 1988Deleted Architecture conference
2155.02LAIDBK::MIKKELSONWed Nov 16 1988Deleted Shakespeare conference
2156.0NWACES::DUBROFFWed Nov 16 1988NETPLAN & NETWORKING Conference by Corp SWS/E
2159.02HBO::MCWILLIAMSThu Nov 17 1988Internal Data Center Managers' Forum (IDCMF)
2160.0RDGENG::KINGSTONFri Nov 18 1988CSSE-E Operations Conference (EURO_CSSE)
2161.01ILO::SHEALYFri Nov 18 1988Vax Infomanager conference (INFOMGR)
2162.0OOOPS::SOMANATHANMon Nov 21 1988Timing Verifier for VLSI MOS (TV)
2164.01DLOACT::RESENDEWed Nov 23 1988The Philosophy of Humanism
2167.03CREDIT::LAWLERMon Nov 28 1988Spanish Language and discussions (ESPANOL)
2168.01UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Nov 28 1988Availability calculations (GUT) (formerly UPTIME)
2171.0DOCASE::VARSEKTue Nov 29 1988Campus Engineering Center (CEC) Karlsruhe
2173.0GRYHWK::WITHERSTue Nov 29 1988Automated Verification System conference (AVS)
2174.02ISURIA::JANSENWed Nov 30 1988DNS_PROGRAM conference
2175.09CLUSTA::ELLIOTTEWed Nov 30 1988Closed TP_WORKBENCH conference
2176.02STKSMA::AHLGRENThu Dec 01 1988Trends in Computing conference (COMPUTER_TRENDS)
2177.03STKSMA::AHLGRENThu Dec 01 1988Curling conference
2178.01USACSB::GONIAThu Dec 01 1988Disaster Recovery Services conference
2181.01NUTMEG::RYANMon Dec 05 1988Online Presentation Access Library conference (OPAL)
2183.03LDYBUG::WHITMOREMon Dec 05 1988Deleted Internal EDI conference
2185.07MARVIN::GIDDINGSTue Dec 06 1988DECrouter 2
2186.0TRUCKS::BOOTHWed Dec 07 1988CSS Custom Solutions
2187.03GEEVES::D_PHILLIPSWed Dec 07 1988Deleted Remote Procedure Call (DEC_RPC)
2188.02BOLT::MINOWWed Dec 07 1988Orienteering
2190.010QBUS::MITCHAMThu Dec 08 1988Atlanta
2191.01JABIII::BARRYFri Dec 09 1988Operation Support Systems conference (OSS)
2193.01PSW::WINALSKISat Mar 04 1989Deleted Course Authoring System (CAS) conference
2194.05CREDIT::KELLEYWed Dec 14 1988INGRES Tools for Rdb
2195.02HSSWS1::GREGWed Dec 14 1988Homo_Sapiens conference
2196.0+5BTO::JPETERSWed Dec 14 1988General telephony conference (TELEPHONES)
2198.01TRCAThu Dec 15 1988T2K (Tandy 2
2201.0SEDSWS::KNIGHTFri Dec 16 1988UK_DECResident conference
2202.01LEZAH::SMASELLAFri Dec 16 1988DECintact Documentation conference (DECINTACT_DOC)
2203.0FOO::BHAVNANIMon Dec 19 1988REMINDER tool conference
2206.05TRUCKS::CLEMENTSWed Dec 21 1988Model engineering (ENG_IN_MINIATURE)
2208.0+2COVERT::COVERTWed Dec 21 1988CELLULAR Telephones
2209.02TRUCKS::DAVIESFri Dec 23 1988Industrial Archaeology conference (IND_ARCH)
2212.01MERIDN::KEHOEFri Dec 30 1988QuickPIC for Interleaf TPS users
2213.0LIBRT1::REEDTue Jan 03 1989POSIX Topics
2214.07KYOA::JUDICETue Jan 03 1989Telecom Industry conference
2215.01SUBITO::BERGTue Jan 03 1989VAX Real-Time Accelerator Conference (VAX-RTA)
2217.0+3HANNAH::MESSENGERFri Jan 06 1989DECterm conference
2220.03MAPROP::FONTAINEMon Jan 09 1989Computer access for the disabled (CURB-CUTS)
2221.0CSCMA::EARNESTMon Jan 09 1989Power Products Conference
2222.0CSCMA::EARNESTMon Jan 09 1989Remote Environmental Monitoring Software (REMS)
2223.02JOKUR::BOICEWed Jan 11 1989DEC_STD_
2224.01CSCMA::COSTIGANWed Jan 11 1989Network Northeastern conference
2227.01LOGRUS::KELSEYFri Jan 13 1989Deleted Revision Management conference
2228.0CIVIC::PRESSFri Jan 13 1989Strategic Marketing Conference
2229.01GOSOX::RYANFri Jan 13 1989DECwindows Mail conference
2230.04RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989DECstation PC Notes Conference
2233.0+2MIPSBX::thomasWed Jan 18 1989VAX Notes for Ultrix (XNOTES)
2237.0RDGENG::CULLEYMon Jan 23 1989Computer Integrated Telephony conference (CIT)
2242.06UTOOL::ROYALTue Jan 24 1989Event Performance Collector (EPC) (DECTRACE)
2243.01TAPE::WHERRYWed Jan 25 1989Deleted Alt.Cyberpunk archive
2244.07FREE::GOGUENFri Jan 27 1989WPS-PLUS V3 and V4 conferences
2246.01MEMORY::BERKSONFri Jan 27 1989Deleted Nanotechnology conference
2247.02CSSE32::DUTKOSat Jan 28 1989Desktop-VMS(tm) conference
2248.016YARD::BADMANTue Jan 31 1989ALGORITHMS
2250.03FINALY::HAYNESREWed Feb 01 1989Field Service Tools conference (FS-TOOLS)
2251.07FINALY::HAYNESREWed Feb 01 1989An Artist Forum
2252.01BONNET::SCHMIDTThu Feb 02 1989Cost of Ownership Conference (COO)
2253.01ISLNDS::SCANTLENThu Feb 02 1989STRESS_SCREENING conference
2255.0AYOU49::CHARLESMon Feb 06 1989Ayr, Scotland (AYR_FYI)
2257.0R2ME2::RONANTue Feb 07 1989DWICS_USER Conference
2258.05CHEST::LEETue Feb 07 1989Musicians in the UK
2259.01WECARE::GRAVELLETue Feb 07 1989Deleted ZKO Benefits Information conference
2260.0CASEE::CLARKWed Feb 08 1989SNOBOL4 and ICON programming languages
2261.08WACHU2::HERTZBERGThu Feb 09 1989TA9
2262.0THRILL::CHENGFri Feb 10 1989Expert's Toolkit conference (ET)
2264.02BRUTAL::WELLSTue Feb 14 1989VAXpc for VMS
2265.01FINALY::HAYNESRETue Feb 14 1989Art Collecting
2266.01ANALYZ::DUNAISKYThu Feb 16 1989Co. based DECStations conference (MIPSCO)
2267.01BOSHOG::HARWOODThu Feb 16 1989Deleted Data Center Documents and Diagrams conference
2268.0CAM::BRENNANMon Feb 20 1989BASEWAY Migration Program
2269.0YIPPEE::MCGREGORWed Feb 22 1989Expert Advisor Systems conference (AISE)
2270.02GVAWed Feb 22 1989Revenue Accounting Module conference (RAM)
2271.01GVAWed Feb 22 1989Revenue Accounting Module - Management Reporting Database (RAM_MRD)
2272.01GVAWed Feb 22 1989Deleted Standard Invoicing Module (SIM) conference
2273.020INDMKT::GOLDBERGThu Feb 23 1989Disney Topics
2275.02DANNY::PEDERSONMon Feb 27 1989DNS_PROGRAMMER conference
2277.0SEEK::HUGHESTue Feb 28 1989PicSure Plus Users
2281.012KUDZU::BOUKNIGHTThu Mar 02 1989Carolinas conference
2283.0VAXWRK::EPSTEINFri Mar 03 1989DECport conference
2284.01POLIO::CRAIGFri Mar 03 1989DSM Application Software Library (DASL)
2286.01STEREO::BEAUDETMon Mar 06 1989Deleted Removable Disks conference; ptr to replacement
2288.02MNATUR::LISTONThu Mar 09 1989IEx11 (IEEE-488) Conference (IEX)
2290.0NWACES::HEINSELMANFri Mar 10 1989Network Consultants Workbench (NCW) V1.
2292.0+1216611::GOETZEMon Mar 13 1989Los Angeles Notes file (LA_STUFF)
2293.0DSTRWed Mar 15 1989DIS Technical Architecture Conference
2294.02SMURF::MATHEWWed Mar 15 1989OSF-INFO Conference
2295.01AKOV12::BIBEAULTFri Mar 17 1989Conf re Finance Impl of Std SLC (SLC_FINANCE)
2296.01FSTTOO::FOSTERFri Mar 17 1989Deleted American Midwest...may be restored later
2297.0SEDSWS::HANCOCKWed Mar 22 1989F/S Installations conference (FS_INSTALLS)
2298.0GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Mar 22 1989SITES_AT_RISK conference
2299.01UKCSSE::CULLEYThu Mar 23 1989Finance-Europe conference
2300.04MOVIES::JJOHNSONThu Mar 23 1989DECDTM-VMS conference (formerly DDTM-VMS)
2301.03TYFYS::DAVIDSONThu Mar 23 1989Colorado_Bicycling conference
2302.0+4SRFSUP::GOETZEFri Mar 24 1989Digital Art-library conference
2303.01DSSDEV::FLATTENSat Mar 25 1989Graphics Programmer's Workbench Conference (GPW)
2305.02GLDOA::ROMANIKThu Mar 30 1989Michigan conference
2306.0YIPPEE::SUTHERLANDThu Mar 30 1989European Manufacturing & A.I. (EUR_MFG_AI)
2307.08PSYCHE::DMCLUREThu Mar 30 1989IVIS conference
2308.01MTWAIN::KLAESFri Mar 31 1989The PHYSICS Conference
2309.02TOOLS::GOODFri Mar 31 1989Presence - Virtual Reality
2311.05CARTUN::GORDONTue Apr 04 1989US SWS BP Conference (SWSBP)
2313.02PILOU::ZEETue Apr 04 1989Remote Diagnostic Center (RDC) conference
2314.03AIRBAG::SWATKOTue Apr 04 1989UTOX DECwindows screen capture/image manip. tool
2315.0DYFED::jchThu Apr 06 1989ULTRIX-MAIL conference
2318.01SOFBAS::SCARSDALEFri Apr 07 1989Deleted Software Infobase (SOFTBASE)
2320.0DECWIN::KLEINTue Apr 11 1989FILEVIEW conference
2321.02MGOBLU::KENNEDYTue Apr 11 1989Digital Lacrosse Club conference (LAX)
2322.01REPAIR::QUALITYThu Apr 13 1989Deleted Analytic Troubeshooting (ATS) conference
2323.0IOSG::LAWMThu Apr 13 1989Air-cooled Motoring
2324.0UBEAUT::BRYANTFri Apr 14 1989ANALYSIS AND DESIGN conference
2325.04KOALA::VANDENBONFri Apr 14 1989X.4
2326.03ESRAD::FINDLEYTue Apr 18 1989Collaborative Networked Learning (CNL) Conference
2328.02TLE::MEIERTue Apr 18 1989Deleted GLASS_INSULATORS conference
2332.033D::GEROVACFri Apr 21 1989MIT Media Lab
2333.053D::GEROVACFri Apr 21 1989High Definition Television (HDTV)
2334.0DISCVR::FISTERFri Apr 21 1989Calibration conference (CALLAB)
2335.02SHINDO::MCALLISTERMon Apr 24 1989Ballroom dancing conference
2336.04ONEDGE::KENNEDYMon Apr 24 1989EDGE and workflow processing conference
2337.02UFHIS1::MMCCREADYTue Apr 25 1989Closed DNC_SPR (problem reporting);ptr to new conf.
2338.02IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Apr 25 1989ALL-IN-1 documentation
2339.015THAVE::SERVTue Apr 25 1989Deleted Cross Sell Manager conference
2340.04NORGE::CHADTue Apr 25 1989Northern Middlesex County, MA (formerly PEPPERELL)
2343.05MARVIN::COBBWed Apr 26 1989U.K. Sailing conference
2344.02SHIRE::BOERSWed Apr 26 1989Public domain PCB layout software (PUBLIC_CAD)
2348.03ATPS::PANGTue May 02 1989DEC Capacity Planner (DECCP) conference
2349.07MEMORY::MILLERWed May 03 1989ESE2
2350.0AZUR::OPERTOWed May 03 1989CHOPS - Call Handling For Operations
2351.01AISG::ALIZIOWed May 03 1989Production Planning Analysis Model Set (PPAMS)
2354.01GALVIA::JKELLYFri May 05 1989AFS (Clear Text) <==> DDIF Converter
2356.09AKOV11::SHIHFri May 05 1989Digital Chinese Association (DECCA)
2360.04MILPND::CANSLERTue May 09 1989Magic (prestidigitation) conference
2361.03STAR::CANTORTue Apr 07 1992Hunting conference
2362.01JOKUR::BOICEThu May 11 1989Phase Review Process (PHASE_REVIEW_NOTES)
2363.012R2ME2::BENNISONThu May 11 1989Genealogy conference
2366.07KEITH::EDMUNDSMon May 15 1989Ask the EasyNet (Europe) (EURO_ASKENET)
2367.01CADSYS::PAPAMon May 15 1989Conference for New England Newcomers
2371.01CIMNET::LUNGERWed May 17 1989Deleted RIDEBOARD conference
2372.02CRLVMS::TREESEMon May 22 1989Closed ATHENA_SOFTWARE conf; ptr to successor
2373.0STAR::CANTORWed Dec 04 1991Deleted RISC_SOFTWARE conference
2374.01CPDW::WOLFFTue May 23 1989Deleted VAX TEXT conference
2376.01GENRAL::BEATYThu May 25 1989Deleted usenet Handicap Digest archive
2378.011FOGGYR::MURPHYFri May 26 1989Broadcasting - Radio and Television
2379.01CSCMA::PLAISTEDTue May 30 1989IBM_S3X_MIGRATION conference
2380.02OFFPLS::MERTZThu Jun 01 1989Deleted ACTnet conference
2381.0STAR::BUDAFri Jun 02 1989Sports Officials conference
2382.01SA1794::TUCKERWFri Jun 02 1989Deleted Warehousing conference; ptr to Distribution
2383.02NWACES::ROHNERTFri Jun 02 1989Deleted Corporate Network ASSETS; ptr to new conf
2385.01POBOX::KALLEVIGBMon Jun 05 1989Deleted Chicago Singles conference
2386.02SCENE2::ANDERSONMon Jun 05 1989Deleted Customer Applications conference
2387.0YUPPY::CECELSKYMon Jun 05 1989Retail Banking conference
2388.02STAR::CANTORMon Apr 15 1991Automatic Call Back field test (ACB-FT)
2389.012CHEST::LEEWed Jun 07 1989VT Terminal art conference
2390.0UFP::MURPHYWed Jun 07 1989X Windows News Reader (XRN)
2391.0HANNAH::VESSALThu Jun 08 1989Iran (Persia) conference
2393.04UKCSSE::HUNTFri Jun 09 1989Do-It-Yourself (DIY) conference
2394.03HANZI::SIMONSZETOSat Jun 10 1989China current events (CHINA_NEWS)
2395.06REPAIR::WILSONMon Jun 12 1989Boxing
2396.010REPAIR::SHALLOMMon Jun 12 1989World Cricket
2405.02EXPRES::KGOULDThu Jun 15 1989Archived TAB Bump Plating conference (TAB_PLATE)
2406.02FRAIS2::ZIMMERMANNFri Jun 16 1989Newsgroup comp.binaries.amiga (AMIGA_BINARIES)
2407.02FRAIS2::ZIMMERMANNFri Jun 16 1989Newsgroup comp.sources.amiga (AMIGA_SOURCES)
2408.02FRAIS2::ZIMMERMANNFri Jun 16 1989Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga (AMIGA_SYS)
2409.01MILPND::BIONDIFri Jun 16 1989Deleted Engineering Financial Systems conference
2410.01ACESMK::SILVAFri Jun 16 1989Deleted IIS Gateway conference
2412.02EPIK::PWONGSun Jun 18 1989OS2_FORUM conference
2413.02STKSMA::AHLGRENMon Jun 19 1989Frank Zappa - The Man and his Music!
2416.05MAINI::SAUNDERSWed Jun 21 1989Archived PAMS_INTERNAL conf; ptr to new conf.
2418.0MUNICH::REINFri Jun 23 1989German VMS V5 migration conference
2419.0SUTRA::WHITESun Jun 25 1989European DECstation PC (EUROPC)
2422.04CADSYS::GIL_PASSOLASWed Jun 28 1989Stained Glass
2423.0VOGON::KITEThu Jun 29 1989PEOPLE_FIRST conference
2424.03LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 29 1989Newbury (UK)
2425.08ROMThu Jun 29 1989Italy conference
2426.02WORDS::BEIKMANThu Jun 29 1989ULTRIX_TOOLS Conference
2428.01SNOCWed Jul 05 1989PCSA, South Pacific Region (PCSA_SOPAC)
2430.04CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989VTX technical discussions
2431.04CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989VTX bug reports
2432.04CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989VTX Marketing, Sales and Competitive discussions
2434.02GENRAL::RIDGESun Jul 09 1989RA9
2438.02EAGLE1::BRUNNERTue Jul 11 1989VAX_VECTORS conference
2439.0+3PBSVAX::MOORETue Jul 11 1989Object-Oriented Databases conference (OODB)
2441.0BIS::BRADYWed Jul 12 1989Digital in EEC Programs (ESPRIT_PROPOSALS)
2443.01ELWOOD::WAXMANMon Jul 17 1989Closed Teamwork conference
2444.02AIAG::SCHWARTZMon Jul 17 1989Network Diagnosis Expertise
2446.0AIAG::BRENNANTue Jul 18 1989DECtree - A Language for Building Decision Trees
2448.01IMBACQ::SCHMIDTWed Jul 19 1989RIGEL (VAX 6
2449.01IMBACQ::SCHMIDTWed Jul 19 1989HYPERION (VAX 6
2450.0GALVIA::ROCKALLFri Jul 21 1989Distributed Library System (DLS)
2451.01MSCSSE::SILVERFri Jul 21 1989PTT - Problem Tracking Tool
2452.02IMBACQ::SCHMIDTTue Jul 25 1989DECSYSTEMS -- DECsystems 54
2454.01IMBACQ::SCHMIDTTue Jul 25 1989ISIS (DECsystem 58xx) discussed in DECSYSTEMS conference
2455.01IMBACQ::SCHMIDTTue Jul 25 1989MIPSFAIR (DECsystem 54
2457.03PRAGMA::GRIFFINMon Jul 31 1989Volleyball
2458.0CESARE::PIOVANOMon Jul 31 1989Music near Italy (ITALIA_MUSICA)
2459.0SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Jul 31 1989WORLD game conference
2461.02YOGI::BLAIRTue Aug 01 1989IAS conference
2462.01SQM::BRETONFri Aug 04 1989Deleted DMNBL (basketball) conference
2464.05CURIE::SANDERSONSat Aug 05 1989DECview3D conference
2465.01FRNSHP::BARYIAMESMon Aug 07 1989Distributed Time Synchronization Service (DTSS)
2466.04MSDSWS::SECRISTMon Aug 07 1989FOCAL_LANGUAGE Conference
2469.01SHALOT::VICKERSWed Aug 09 1989Mica public conference - ALL-IN-1 in DECwindows
2470.04VOGON::KAPPLERWed Aug 09 1989Railways_UK
2471.02LDP::WEAVERWed Aug 09 1989Scientific Visualization (SCI-VI) conference
2472.010PEACHS::DRYEWed Aug 09 1989DESKTOP conference
2474.01AGENT::LYKENSThu Aug 10 1989Closed Digital Dynamic Distributed (3D_BUS)
2475.01ACESPS::MADERTue Aug 15 1989FLIGHTstick conference
2476.0JER::HARROWWed Aug 16 1989Core Services Utility Run-time Library
2478.03FUEL::grahamWed Aug 23 1989OSF Motif Programming
2480.03ORT::ORTHOBERThu Aug 24 1989Closed CDATOOLCHEST (formerly CDASAMPLES)
2482.02CSCMA::LACHANCEFri Aug 25 1989DEC STD.
2483.01CURRNT::BADMANTue Aug 29 1989Cambridge Z88 Computer
2484.01GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKTue Aug 29 1989DDIF <==> *ROFF Converter (ROFF_CONVERTERS)
2485.01HANZI::SIMONSZETOWed Aug 30 1989Deleted HK_WHOAREYOU (Who's who Hong Kong)
2487.01VWBUG::SCHNEIDERThu Aug 31 1989HINET program conference
2488.02MEO78B::OTTERYThu Aug 31 1989PROGRAM_MANAGEMENT conference
2490.02IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Sep 06 1989Frisbee conference
2491.01CTDFri Sep 08 1989HSC_DOCUMENTATION
2492.0VISA::GENTILIFri Sep 08 1989SECURPACK V3.3 FT conference (SECPACK
2493.01YUPPIE::GILPATRICKMon Sep 11 1989Deleted CONTEL conference
2494.01EN::DICKMon Sep 11 1989VAX Connection Utility conference (VAXCU)
2495.06TRCOWed Sep 13 1989MAC_PROGRAMMING conference
2499.01WFOFAC::BILLTue Sep 19 1989CHAMPS conference on Predictive Maintenance
2500.01SMURF::FRIEDMANThu Sep 21 1989ULTRIX/SQL conference
2503.01USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODWed Sep 27 1989Deleted Financial Reporter's Toolcrib
2504.0CAM::WAYMon Oct 02 1989Hartford Whalers Hockey Conference
2508.03PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Oct 03 1989PCB Design conference (PCB_DESIGN)
2509.05PMROAD::DINESTue Oct 03 1989Part-Time Work Issues Conference
2510.01VINO::FLEMMINGWed Oct 04 1989Disk Striping Driver
2513.0SHIPS::GKESun Oct 08 1989Environmental issues conference (GREEN)
2516.02SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Oct 11 1989European Technical Career Development (EURO_TCD)
2517.01WECARE::LYNCHWed Oct 11 1989Closed Relocation conference
2519.01AV8OR::EDECKWed Oct 11 1989LABS for lab information sharing
2521.02SPWACY::TUCKERWMon Oct 16 1989Deleted OTP/Order Management conference
2522.0SHALOT::YOMMERMon Oct 16 1989Distribution, Marketing, Sales & Svc (DMSS_SOLUTIONS)
2527.02GOSOX::RYANWed Oct 18 1989Read-only archive of usenet comp.object newsgroup (COMP_OBJECT)
2528.01SCRUZ::GETTYS_KEThu Oct 19 1989Deleted S.F. Earthquake Info conference
2529.01SQM::CHANDLERFri Oct 20 1989SQM ULTRIXINFO conference
2532.0AYOU32::IWFTue Oct 24 1989Digital Outdoor Group, Ayr Plant, Scotland
2533.02SOJU::FOSTERTue Oct 24 1989CDA_SWS conference
2534.0DELNI::DSILVATue Oct 24 1989NAC_PERFORMANCE conference
2537.01IMPULS::WATSONWed Oct 25 1989Design-to-Build Workstation conference (D2B)
2538.09REVEAL::LEEWed Oct 25 1989J.R.R. Tolkien Conference
2542.01BOMBE::GERSTLEFri Oct 27 1989Smart-Cards conference
2543.05SPWACY::TUCKERWSun Oct 29 1989DISTRIBUTION conference (old Warehousing conf)
2544.03PGG::SAMPSONMon Oct 30 1989Removal Storage Elements (RSE) conference (REMOVABLES)
2545.01SETH::CHERSONTue Oct 31 1989Deleted User Interface Issues conf (UI_ISSUES)
2546.02WHOCRZ::GUMBELTue Oct 31 1989Compound Document Architecture conference (CDA)
2548.01WHOCRZ::GUMBELThu Nov 02 1989Compound Document Architecture Bugs conference (CDA_BUGS)
2549.02WHOCRZ::GUMBELThu Nov 02 1989Digital Data Interchange Syntax conference (DDIS)
2550.01WHOCRZ::GUMBELThu Nov 02 1989Digital Data Interchange Syntax Bugs conference (DDIS_BUGS)
2551.07SCOT::GORDONThu Nov 02 1989Kites conference
2553.01CLOSET::EROSSThu Nov 02 1989Color graphics editor, RAGS, et al (DOC_GRAPHICS)
2554.04CLOSET::EROSSThu Nov 02 1989Color graphics editor with DECwin UI (PROTORAGS)
2557.01JACOB::HOUSEFri Nov 03 1989Communications Equipment Design conference (COMM_DESIGN)
2558.01HEAD::VTXMGRFri Nov 03 1989Deleted IEG in Europe conference (IEGEUR)
2559.0HEAD::VTXMGRFri Nov 03 1989Jetskiing
2562.03LESLIE::LESLIEMon Nov 20 1989PAN (Peb'n'Andys Notes)
2563.01MUNSBE::BRITTAINMon Nov 06 1989"God Calling" as read-only conference
2567.01BTOVT::MELLOR_DTue Nov 07 1989VAX_9
2568.02GVAWed Nov 08 1989Public Sector
2569.0CEILI::DARCYWed Nov 08 1989Virtual Disk Facility conference (VDF)
2570.0RENOIR::BOYLANFri Nov 10 1989WS_PC_SOLUTIONS conference
2571.03GVAADG::BURNIERMon Nov 13 1989VAX Information Warehouse conference (VAX_IW)
2572.0+1STAR::CANTORFri Aug 02 1991PRINTING_MODEL conference
2573.052EASY::BRITOMon Nov 13 1989Florida Conference
2574.01DNEAST::DEE_ERICTue Nov 14 1989DownEast Investment Club (DEIC)
2575.014EXIT26::LEBLANCTue Nov 14 1989Deleted FCO_DOCS conference
2576.03PEKING::NASHDWed Nov 15 1989Reserve forces.
2577.06SARAH::COTEWed Nov 15 1989DECpresent Notes Conference
2578.01SIVA::JESSOPThu Nov 16 1989Deleted Mammals conference; pointer to replacement
2580.01PH4VAX::SCHNAUFFERMon Nov 20 1989Deleted SMART Version 4.5 conference
2581.02SMEGIT::COHENWed Nov 22 1989MEDIA_INDUSTRY conference
2582.03VIA::HAGELWed Nov 22 1989Content Based Retrieval conference (CBR)
2583.0GALVIA::MCNELISThu Nov 23 1989Office Document Architecture/Interchange Format (ODA_ODIF)
2584.01XDELTA::HOFFMANTue Nov 28 1989Deleted Telecom Digest conference
2585.05FDCVTue Nov 28 1989Online ACCESS to Sales Information Conference
2586.01SAC::PHILPOTT_IThu Nov 30 1989Virtual Software Factory (VSF)
2587.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Nov 30 1989Financial Industry
2588.01ELWOOD::TRANFri Dec 01 1989RV Products Conference
2591.01MOSAIC::IANNUZZOMon Dec 04 1989OS/2 DECwindows (PMX)
2592.01RIPPLE::PETTIGREW_MIMon Dec 04 1989WORKSTREAM conference
2593.01CASEE::CLARKMon Dec 04 1989LinkWorks Design & Developers' Forum
2594.02CASEE::CLARKMon Dec 04 1989LinkWorks (formerly MEMEX) Bug Reports
2596.02EPIK::PWONGWed Dec 06 1989DECwrite_for_OS2 conference
2597.0+8FOOZLE::VALLIERESFri Dec 08 1989Firearms Management conference (FIREARMS_MGT)
2598.03SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIMon Dec 11 1989On-line Testing and Training (DECMENTOR)
2601.04MARVIN::COCKBURNWed Dec 13 1989Scotland and Scottish things
2604.0PAULUS::OFENSCHFri Dec 15 1989Cardinal - Local Versions
2606.0AZUR::OPERTOMon Dec 18 1989IS Error Logger
2607.08SICKO::MAILGATEMon Dec 18 1989VAX Mailgate/VMSmail Link For MCI Mail
2609.0+4BAGELS::WILLIAMSTue Dec 19 1989FDDI conference
2611.03BOOKIE::MURRAYWed Dec 20 1989Read-only RdbExpert_FT conference
2612.0JGO::BARBONISWed Dec 20 1989Cooperating Integrated Intelligent Repair Environment System (CIIRES)
2614.020RAYBOK::WHITLOCKThu Dec 21 1989Humor conference
2615.01EUCWS4::FAGETTIFri Dec 22 1989VT3PAINT conference
2619.01SUBWAY::YATESWed Dec 27 1989Pricewatch - a traders workstation
2621.01HEAD::VTXMGRWed Dec 27 1989VAX/QUERY Electronic Survey Tool
2622.01HEAD::VTXMGRWed Dec 27 1989ISCOS/ISARS Alarm Routing and Display Tool
2624.0+5FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 28 1989Antique Tractors & Machinery
2625.09COMICS::TREVENNORTue Jan 02 1990Home Automation conference.
2627.04ACE::CROHANWed Jan 03 1990Snoboarding conference
2628.02FREE::GOGUENThu Jan 04 1990PECO
2629.03HPSTEK::BELANGERFri Jan 05 1990Navies conference
2630.02GLORY::SPATOULASMon Jan 08 1990MCAD consultants conference
2631.01SLSTRN::GKELLERMon Jan 08 1990Customer Satisfaction Survey (SALES_SURVEY)
2634.016ASABET::CORBETTThu Jan 11 1990Baseball
2635.06CSSE32::MERMELLThu Jan 11 1990DECwindows examples (DW_EXAMPLES)
2643.02SCAACT::COXWed Jan 17 1990BLENDED_FAMILIES conference
2644.02COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Jan 18 1990Information Mapping (R) conference (INFO_MAPPING)
2646.04DUGGAN::CANELLAThu Jan 18 1990WORLD_FORUM, not just another pretty conference
2648.02FOOZLE::SANDLERFri Jan 19 1990DIAL system conference
2649.0ALLVAX::STAATSFri Jan 19 1990ANSYS MCAE Software Conference
2651.05CURIE::BECKSat Jan 20 1990DCM_PROCESS_ENGINEERING conference
2653.03SHAPES::KERRELLDMon Jan 22 1990Deleted Working Parents Group UK (WPG_UK)
2654.02ALIVE::HUSTONMon Jan 22 1990Deleted Workflow Manager conference
2655.02ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Jan 23 1990Deleted ALF CIDNI conference; ptr to successor conference
2659.01WIENER::BOSTERSWed Jan 24 1990AUSTRIA conference
2661.03DUGGAN::LISCOUSKIWed Jan 24 1990High Energy Physics (HEP) Marketing conference
2665.06RCOSGG::GEMMELMon Jan 29 1990HOROLOGY conference
2666.0NAC::ALBRIGHTMon Jan 29 1990CXM
2669.01WMOIS::D_DUVERGERThu Feb 01 1990Deleted DEC STD 178 Shipping Goods (STANDARD178)
2670.03VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Feb 01 1990Fortran for RISC (RISC-F77)
2675.01FOOZLE::SANDLERMon Feb 05 1990Deleted CORP_PRODUCTIZATION program conference
2676.02BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Feb 06 1990Deleted Soapbox (II) conference
2678.01CASEE::NORRISWed Feb 07 1990Closed Message Router Facsimile Gateway (MR-FAX)
2679.02ADVLSI::FONTANAWed Feb 07 1990XILINX Progammable Gate Arrays
2681.01TRCOThu Feb 08 1990Canadian AI conference (CDN_AI)
2683.03WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Feb 08 1990Amnesty International Conference
2684.01DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Feb 08 1990GRAPHICS_EXAMPLES conference
2687.0+4SQM::PRESTIDGEFri Feb 09 1990setld, ULTRIX layered product installation/integration conference
2690.0YIELD::FANGMon Feb 12 1990Design & Analysis of Experiments conference (DOE)
2692.01HERON::PERLATue Feb 13 1990U.S. Expatriates conference (US_EXPATS)
2693.01CSMADM::TSAUNDERSTue Feb 13 1990Pipeline Manager Conference
2694.01CSTEAM::BAILEYWed Feb 14 1990IBM_RS6
2695.0CESARE::O_LEARYWed Feb 14 1990ALL-IN-1 Customization Management Clearinghouse (CMHOUSE)
2696.0CAFEIN::PFAUWed Jul 25 1990Deleted Advertisement conference
2697.0HDLITE::HUANGWed Feb 14 1990ULTRIX_TUNING conference
2699.01DECALP::SHRAGERFri Feb 16 1990Reliable Transaction Router (fault-tolerant) (RNRNOTES)
2700.0+3MARVIN::WARWICKSat Feb 17 1990VT1
2705.0+3HANNAH::DCLMon Feb 19 1990PostScript printers and software (POSTSCRIPT_PRINTING)
2706.01SHALOT::DROWNMon Feb 19 1990Closed Sales,Mktg,&CS (SDS_SOLUTIONS)
2707.05ONEDGE::KENNEDYTue Feb 20 1990Digital Volleyball League (DVL)
2708.01QUASER::PONSTue Feb 20 1990Deleted Organization Design conference
2710.07CLO::SCHWARTZWed Feb 21 1990Massage Therapy
2711.02HAMPS::SELBY_MWed Feb 21 1990UNILEVER conference
2712.0JRDVFri Feb 23 1990Japanese VMS conference (JVMS)
2713.03AURA::SMITHFri Feb 23 1990Circuit Diagrams and Item Designations (DEC_STD_
2715.08CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Feb 26 1990Non-Custodial Parents Issues
2716.0DICKNS::FRIEDMANTue Feb 27 1990Database for Documentation conference (DBDOC)
2718.0ZENDIA::DESMONDThu Mar 01 1990Dockmaster (RAMP_VSA) conference
2720.01SMURF::COUTUThu Mar 01 1990Xigor - DECwindows record/playback tool
2723.02BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Mar 01 1990Digital Management Control Center, DECmcc (MCC)
2724.05CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Mar 02 1990Quaker notes conference
2725.0ASHBY::LAINEFri Mar 02 1990SEMATECH conference
2726.0+2ULTRA::HERBISONMon Mar 05 1990Go -- the game
2727.01CADSE::REHMMon Mar 05 1990Deleted COMPASS User Interface Services conf.
2729.01LESLIE::KERRELLWed Mar 07 1990Deleted CRESCENT_REFUGEES conference
2731.02MAIL::KUTZWed Mar 07 1990Closed USAF Business conf; pointer to successor
2733.02CHEESE::KAISERThu Mar 08 1990Closed and archived X-terminals conference
2734.0MANMTue Mar 13 1990Phillipines conference (PINOY)
2735.01KLEINE::KEOGHWed Mar 14 1990Deleted DECworld South Pacific 199
2737.01CADSE::REHMWed Mar 14 1990Deleted COMPASS conference
2738.01CVG::THOMPSONThu Mar 15 1990Six Sigma Quality Program
2739.0ISTWI1::DUMANFri Mar 16 1990ISTANBUL conference
2740.02REGENT::LEVINEFri Mar 16 1990ALL-IN-1 and Digital PostScript Printing!
2743.04MEMORY::SUDNIKWed Mar 21 1990Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) conference
2744.0+22BLKPUD::WARNESGFri Mar 23 1990RUGBY Union/League conference
2745.0ONLINE::RANDALLFri Mar 23 1990Ask DIM&T conference (ASK-DIMT)
2746.034GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990RALLY
2747.0HDLITE::BURNSMon Mar 26 1990System Performance Evaluation Cooperative (SPEC)
2748.0CESARE::JOHNSONWed Mar 28 1990Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Standards
2749.04AVNGRS::BOELKEWed Mar 28 1990SCO Unix file
2750.03FSLENG::GOSSWed Mar 28 1990Information Based Repair (IBR) conference
2752.01WITTY::PULIAFICOWed Mar 28 1990Deleted SYSTEM_MANAGEMENT conference
2753.0ESSB::JBRADYThu Mar 29 1990European Software Quality Forum (ESQF)
2756.05OINOH::KOSTASFri Mar 30 1990GREEK_CULTURE conference
2759.0HDLITE::BHINDARWALAMon Apr 02 1990Xtrap Client Tool Conference (XTRAPCLIENT)
2760.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Apr 03 1990RAY_TRACING conference
2769.01CLOVE::DRESNERThu Apr 05 1990End-user Information Access
2771.01KITSAI::BANSALMon Apr 09 1990Deleted Computer Based Training (ALERT)
2772.02BLUMON::WYMANMon Apr 09 1990Digital Distributed Software Licensing Architecture (DDSLA_V2)
2774.01NSDC::GHAVAMIWed Apr 11 1990Distr. systems and client/server apps. CLEARING_HOUSE
2775.0IJSAPL::KLERKThu Apr 12 1990QWIKNET Planning Tool conference
2776.0STAR::BUDAFri Apr 13 1990FACTOR notes file...
2778.0ROMSLS::MASELLITue Apr 17 1990Motorcycles conference--Italy (MOTOCICLISMO)
2779.011BLKPUD::KINGAWed Apr 18 1990Curries - Indian Food and Restaurants
2780.0RCOJLE::EPSTEINThu Apr 19 1990Support for Worldwide Kodak Manufacturing
2781.01PROXY::CANTORThu Apr 19 1990VWSLAT
2783.0HWSSSSat Apr 21 1990WRITERNET - see note 867.1
2784.0AIAG::KAMESHMon Apr 23 1990Teleswat conference
2785.011MEMORY::OKERLUNDMon Apr 23 1990Weddings conference
2786.02QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 24 1990VMS Field Test discussions
2789.03SCAACT::RESENDEWed Apr 25 1990Excalibur Text/Image Retrieval Conference
2790.01CIMNET::BARATZThu Apr 26 1990DEComni and MMS
2792.01BLKPUD::KINGAMon Apr 30 1990Lock monitor utility and related topics (LM)
2794.04MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Apr 30 1990CARD_GAMES conference
2796.01SELECT::WIKOFFTue May 01 1990Nexpert/Object - Expert System Development Tool
2798.0+4NAVIER::STARRWed May 02 1990AFTER_HOURS - Blues and R&B music
2799.02VINO::OCONNORWed May 02 1990Basic Linear Algebra (BLAS) conference (DXML)
2800.03WARIOR::ALI_AThu May 03 1990Deleted DEC business in Africa (AFRICA_BUSINESS)
2802.0+2REGENT::LASKOSun May 06 1990ANSI-compliant Printers (Now on ONTIME::ANSI_PRINTING)
2803.0SQM::PRESTIDGEMon May 07 1990ULTRIX registration notes conference for those ULTRIX attributes that must be unique on a per product basis
2804.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSTue May 08 1990MAILbus Updates
2805.02HPSRAD::ARTHURWed May 09 1990New LASAR Notes Conference
2806.01ABACUS::ALLENThu May 10 1990Deleted SW_LIC_RECONCILIATION conference
2808.0SSDEVO::HOFFMANThu May 10 1990KDM7
2809.01BROKE::BERRYSat May 12 1990Organizer
2813.02HANNAH::CARRWed May 16 1990Fonts for Digital Font Services (FONTS_FOR_FAF)
2817.04HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Chess Discussion
2818.02XCUSME::KOSKISun May 20 1990Digital Women's Basketball League (DWBL)
2820.01GVATue May 22 1990GENEVA_SAILING conference
2822.01ECAD2::FINNERTYThu May 24 1990ALADIN Logic Synthesis
2827.01GVAWed May 30 1990VTXprep a VTX IP Tool for ALL-IN-1 users
2828.0CRLVMS::SCHAFFERTWed May 30 1990OO Program Office
2830.06MEMIT::SHATARAFri Jun 01 1990BENCHMARKING conference
2831.0MILPND::CROWLEYFri Jun 01 1990Part number info
2835.01ANOVAX::JWHITEThu Jun 07 1990Pennsylvania notes conference
2838.05MCTOSH::Joe BatesSun Jun 10 1990MAConline conference
2839.0DECALP::REESTue Jun 12 1990Public Domain University Software (PIP_IPPDS)
2842.06SCARGO::WEISMAN_ETue Jun 12 1990DELTA Employees Sharing Ideas
2843.03ACESMK::GOEBELWed Jun 13 1990DECtp Implementation Tookit (IMP_TOOLKIT)(formerly TPTOOLS)
2844.08WRKSYS::BOYLANWed Jun 13 1990SoftPC and Logicraft conference (WS_PC_SOLUTIONS)
2845.0SAGE::LUCIANOWed Jun 13 1990Selling FABS conference
2847.016ASABET::CUNNIFFMon Jun 18 1990Skydiving (SKYDIVE) conference
2849.01STKSMA::AHLGRENTue Jun 19 1990QUOTES - A conference about quotes and anecdotes.
2856.03ICBB::LIVELYTue Jun 26 1990Closed Serviceability Engineering conference
2857.0TYFYS::CATOTue Jun 26 1990DECalert conference
2858.0EEMELI::LEHTOVIRTAWed Jun 27 1990Distributed Transaction System conference (DTS)
2859.02BRONS::BURROWSThu Jun 28 1990DEC PATHWORKS for Macintosh
2860.0ROXIE::FURMANThu Jun 28 1990Language and Behavior Profile Apps conf (LAB_PROFILE)
2861.03UKCSSE::LMCDONALDFri Jun 29 1990DEC/EDI product notes
2862.03SANFAN::GRANT_JOMon Jul 02 1990ADMIN conference
2863.0TRUCKS::GKEMon Jul 02 1990Change_Management conference
2865.01TOOK::BLOUNTFri Jul 06 1990OSF DCE conference (DCE-PROGRAM)
2866.01RUTILE::AUNGIERMon Jul 09 1990FERNEY_VOLTAIRE conference
2867.01TESTS::HAMSONMon Jul 09 1990Software PORTABILITY conference
2869.02HDLITE::SCOTTTue Jul 10 1990Deleted PARTICIPATIVE_MANAGEMENT conference
2872.02MODEL::LOVEJOYThu Jul 12 1990Project Mgmt Facility conference (PMF_USERS)
2873.01BTOVT::BATES_R_TFri Jul 13 1990VAX 9
2874.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Jul 13 1990H*U*G*E conference (HUGE)
2875.01ATPS::BLOTCKYFri Jul 13 1990SEVMS
2876.08STAR::CANTORSun Jul 15 1990FAX Network Gateway conference, FGATE
2877.01AUSSIE::HAINSTue Jul 17 1990FAX Solutions
2878.01UKCSSE::PLATTWed Jul 18 1990ALL-IN-1 Tools conference (A1TOOLS)
2879.01XANADU::CHRISTOPHERFri Jul 20 1990TeamRoute (formerly Electronic Business Doc.) (EBD)
2881.04MUNLEG::GOETZMon Jul 23 1990Changebar V3 - new notes conference
2883.01KAOSWS::DUONGMon Jul 23 1990Canada ASSETS Conference (CDN_ASSETS)
2884.02SCADMN::MERRELLMon Jul 23 1990Apple's Appletalk protocols
2885.02SHALOT::THOMASTue Jul 24 1990DB_VOICE conference
2887.01ACE::CROHANTue Jul 24 1990Inspection conference (VQMSINSP)
2891.01BOSACT::CHERSONWed Jul 25 1990Deleted Cambridge_College conference
2892.0AKOV11::DIODATIThu Jul 26 1990GIA Lotus 1-2-3 for VAX/VMS (GIA123_VMS)
2893.02TOOK::BLACKSTOCKThu Jul 26 1990Saber C conference
2896.02DDIF::MEAGHERFri Jul 27 1990Client-Server Conference
2899.01DSSDEV::FLATTENSun Jul 29 1990DEC AVS Notes Conference Available
2901.02CHEST::CROSSLEYMon Jul 30 1990GCW (Gay Conference for the World)
2903.010ALLVAX::APPELThu Aug 02 1990Product Data Exchange using STEP (PDES)
2904.01MSESU::MASTRANGELOFri Aug 03 1990RTVAX3
2905.02TOOLS::ADTFri Aug 03 1990DECdesign
2906.01STAR::CANTORSat Aug 04 1990Archived WPS-PLUS DOS T3.1 field test
2908.07COOKIE::HELLIWELLSun Aug 05 1990DIDDLY conference
2910.03GBMMKT::MCMAHONMon Aug 06 1990ACRONYM conference
2912.02RUTILE::ROONEYTue Aug 07 1990Quality Software in Europe (QA_APPL_EIS)
2913.0MARVIN::SCOTTTue Aug 07 1990EMACS V5.
2915.01MKNME::DANIELEThu Aug 09 1990Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
2916.05ICS::BUCKLEYThu Aug 09 1990Roller Coaster conference (COASTERS)
2917.04KERBER::VANPAMELFri Aug 10 1990The DIctionary System COntroller (DISCO)
2918.02BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 10 1990Oracle_on_Unix
2919.02PAXVAX::MIANOFri Aug 10 1990VAXELN Window Server (EWS)
2920.013STAR::CANTORSat Aug 11 1990Restricted SYSTEM PERFORMANCE conference
2922.01FRAOST::HOEHLWed Aug 15 1990AQUARIUS V2.
2924.025CLO::COBURNThu Aug 16 1990VMS Netnews reader conference (VNEWS)
2925.0ULYSSE::MUGNIERThu Aug 16 1990Datatrieve Bugs conference (DTR_BUGS)
2926.02LHOTSE::DAHLThu Aug 16 1990Conference for the game AGENT
2927.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNFri Aug 17 1990Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.hardware (AMIGA_HARDWARE)
2930.02SKYE::KOZAKTue Aug 21 1990Discontinued CDROM conference; ptr to successor
2931.02SKYE::KOZAKTue Aug 21 1990Discontinued CDROM On-Line Doc (OLD); ptr to successor
2932.03LHOTSE::DAHLThu Aug 23 1990Compound Document Management Services (CDMS)
2933.01MACNAS::JMURPHYFri Aug 24 1990SNOOKER conference
2934.03SIVA::BOYDFri Aug 24 1990GOAL/QPC and DEC involvement
2935.03EVTAI1::VANDENBERGTue Aug 28 1990Living and working as a foreigner in/around Paris
2936.0MOLAR::DANKULICHTue Aug 28 1990DECmcc WANdesigner conference
2937.01ACOSTA::MIANOWed Aug 29 1990Deleted Messaging/Queueing Systems conf.
2938.0LEZAH::SCANLONThu Aug 30 1990Documentation Usability conf. (USABLE_DOCUMENTATION)
2941.0VISA::CHURCHTue Sep 04 1990New MTS Monitor notes conference
2942.0HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Sep 04 1990An Rdb Table Maintenance Generator (SQLGEN)
2944.05ENUF::GASSMANTue Sep 04 1990DECmcc Mngnt Station for ULTRIX (MSU)
2946.06SIVA::BOYDTue Sep 04 1990Deleted Formal Inspections at DEC
2947.01SCAACT::RESENDETue Sep 04 1990VERITY/TOPIC text retrieval
2948.0+1LANDO::PINKThu Sep 06 1990VAXBI EXTERNAL HARDWARE Products
2951.0UNTADH::HOFFMANNMon Sep 10 1990Customer Services Revenue version 3 (CSR_3)
2952.02IMPULS::MCDONOUGHTue Sep 11 1990Crafts
2956.04BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Sep 14 1990Deleted UK Open Job Postings (OJPS)
2958.01XANADU::CHIASSONMon Sep 17 1990Bed and Breakfast conference
2959.02IKE22::EIKENBERRYMon Sep 17 1990Franklin DayPlanner (TIME_MANAGEMENT)
2961.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 19 1990Christian-Perspective conference
2962.01KAOUThu Sep 20 1990Conference Workstation System conference (COWS)
2963.03DENVER::MADDOXJFri Sep 21 1990EARS - Electronic Authorization and Routing System
2964.01YUPPY::AMERRMon Sep 24 1990VAX 4
2969.04BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Sep 26 1990LIES, damn lies and statistics...
2972.02YUPPY::AMERRFri Sep 28 1990Enterprise Management Architecture (EMA) pointers
2974.04ECADSR::MARTINOMon Oct 01 1990DECSIM models in use at DEC (SIMLIB)
2975.03SMAUG::OAKLEYMon Oct 01 1990Oakland Athletics Conference
2978.03MAGOS::BELDINWed Oct 03 1990Caribbean Changes
2979.03WORDS::PIERCEThu Oct 04 1990New England Role-Playing Organization (NERO)
2982.02BYENGFri Oct 05 1990Closed ATARI PORTFOLIO conference
2983.02VCSESU::THOMASFri Oct 05 1990VAXcluster Revision Matrix (CLUSTER_RM) conference
2984.05RANGER::WASSERFri Oct 05 1990PC DECwindows (for MS-DOS and MS-Windows)
2985.08RUBY::BOYAJIANMon Oct 08 1990Deleted TWIN_PEAKS conference
2986.03SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Oct 08 1990Deleted AIDS / HIV Diagnosed Support conference
2988.01ICS::PRESSTue Oct 09 1990Deleted Market Analysis conf (MKT_ANALYSIS)
2991.0GIDDAY::AMESThu Oct 11 1990WAN Drivers for Ultrix (SYNC_DRIVERS_ULTRIX)
2993.016MAGOS::RAMONFri Oct 12 1990Puerto Rico
2994.025SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990IBMPC_SHAREWARE conference
2995.01CSSE32::M_DAVISTue Oct 16 1990Closed HIV/AIDS Support conference
2997.02BOSACT::CHERSONWed Oct 17 1990Deleted Digital Customer Center (DCC)
2998.02VIA::HEFFERNANThu Oct 18 1990RdbAccess for VAX RMS
3000.0RICKS::WEO::SHERWOODFri Oct 19 1990Volunteering (Mass.) List of Opportunities
3001.01PAXVAX::TABORFri Oct 19 1990KIDS_AND_COMPUTERS (worldwide)
3004.06MSAMFri Oct 26 1990Deleted IBM_SILVERLAKE conference; pointer to successor
3005.01GATORS::VICKERSSat Oct 27 1990Deleted Cross-Industry Platforms & Applications (CIS_PRODUCTS)
3006.07SNAX::THILBERTSun Oct 28 1990Elvis Presley conference
3008.04CUPMK::DICKWed Oct 31 1990Software product and tool information (PRODUCT_INFO)
3010.0CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Nov 01 1990Computerized Employee Expense Vouchers (VOUCHER)
3011.01CRONIC::ORTHFri Nov 02 1990Home Schooling
3013.05CINDYP::PICCICUTOMon Nov 05 1990Multi_Media conference
3014.0PARITY::DENISEMon Nov 05 1990Property Removal Passes (PRP)
3017.01ESD77::FARRELLThu Nov 08 1990Old_Bottles Conference
3018.0+4ANILAM::MCGOWANThu Nov 08 1990DECphoto conference
3019.01VAXWRK::SWARDFri Nov 09 1990New England Pool (the game) conference (POOL)
3021.02LEXIS::JJOHNSONMon Nov 12 1990Remote Notes Utility (RNU) conference
3022.013YIPPEE::EZLIFE::YURCHAKWed Nov 14 1990Losing SEEN info
3024.03SMURF::WALLACEThu Nov 15 1990Deleted general discussions conference
3027.03JURAN::HUTZLEYTue Nov 20 1990Deleted Energy Conservation conference
3030.08JARETH::EDPThu Nov 22 1990Dynamics of Difference conference
3031.05JARETH::EDPThu Nov 22 1990Deleted "Notes" conference
3034.01GVAADG::PERINOTue Nov 27 1990AMIS Management Reporting
3038.01POLAR::FERGUSONRFri Nov 30 1990Closed KAO Pull-Process negotiations
3040.02SAGE::SLATERSun Dec 02 1990ASE (formerly ISA) Performance Group (ASEPG)
3042.03BIGJOE::DMCLURETue Dec 04 1990ATTAJOB
3047.02TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Dec 10 1990AMAILTPU - Privacy enhanced mail utility
3049.0+235223::TROXELLWed Dec 12 1990Internet Virus List (VIRUS-L)
3050.01RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990VUIT V1.
3052.01BYENGThu Dec 13 1990Public European Research
3056.0SIEVAX::CORNEMon Dec 17 1990DECbank
3058.0GUESS::BEAUDETMon Dec 17 1990IMKA
3059.02FRAGLE::GUILLERMOTue Dec 18 1990APNRF Process Driver-Internal Use Only
3060.0YUPPIE::GILPATRICKTue Dec 18 1990Systems Integration Open Conference
3064.0TRLIAN::CARLTONWed Dec 19 1990StrataCom - The FastPacket Company
3065.04TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Dec 21 1990CONTRA Conference
3068.01STAR::CANTORTue Jan 01 1991Fault-Tolerant VAX (FTVAX) conference
3070.013TOLKIN::LANGELIERWed Jan 02 1991Bowling conference
3072.09RAVEN1::PACKARDFri Jan 04 1991NASCAR racing conference
3073.01CANAJN::DINGELHOFFFri Jan 04 1991Singles Walking Club (members-only conference)
3074.05SVBEV::VECRUMBASat Jan 05 1991Deleted SURVIVAL_GUIDE conference
3075.0XSTACY::JENNINGSMon Jan 07 1991DCF Builder Note Conference - Internal Use Only
3078.05FASDER::SGRIFFINTue Jan 08 1991Unisys Migration and Conversion
3080.02SUBWAY::LABOMBARDThu Jan 10 1991FLASH/IMS Programming Interface (FPI)
3081.03VIKRAM::MURTHIFri Jan 11 1991DECtrade Notes Conference
3083.02STAR::LAMBERTFri Jan 11 1991InfoServer (formerly ESS) conference
3084.01AUSSIE::HAINSSun Jan 13 1991VICfax conference
3085.02DECWET::GILLMANTue Jan 15 1991SYBASE
3087.03DATABS::SMITHWed Jan 16 1991Read-Only RdbExpert V1.
3088.01SVBEV::VECRUMBAWed Jan 16 1991Deleted BALTIC Interests conference
3091.02CSSE32::G_JOHNSONThu Jan 17 1991NAS Corporate Services & Training (NAS_SUPPORT)
3092.0DECWET::WANGThu Jan 17 1991Ultrix disk shadowing
3093.0BONNET::MALAISEFri Jan 18 1991European Network Mgt .
3094.05HPSCAD::MAYERFri Jan 18 1991Middle East Issues and Politics
3095.01SMURF::BINDERMon Jan 21 1991The VOGONballs Archive
3099.01ACESMK::CHELSEATue Jan 22 1991Performance Benchmarking
3100.0BROKE::SCHNIERTue Jan 22 1991Portable, Distributed Database (RDBSTAR_DEC)
3101.09TYFYS::CLAREMONTWed Jan 23 1991VAX RPG Notes Conference
3103.05TYFYS::CLAREMONTFri Jan 25 1991System/36 VAXination Program Notes Conference
3107.0TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Jan 30 1991Micro Focus Cobol/2 conference (COBOL2)
3109.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jan 31 1991Squash racquets
3112.01VIA::BARONMon Feb 04 1991DECquery product conference
3113.0STAR::CANTORMon Feb 04 1991U.S. DECUS Symposia conferences
3114.01IW::WARINGTue Feb 05 1991UK Software Business Conference
3115.01LESCOM::CORBOWed Feb 06 1991Cancelled RISC/ULTRIX Sales Tools conference
3117.01HITPS::DESKTOP_ACMSThu Feb 07 1991Desktop for ACMS (DESKTOP_ACMS)
3119.05GUCCI::SORTONFri Feb 08 1991US AIR FORCE
3123.0CESARE::FERREROThu Feb 14 1991DECosap (DEC"O"mni for Siemens "S"INEC-"AP")
3125.01QUARK::LIONELThu Feb 14 1991High-Level Language Bindings and Examples for Motif
3126.01NETCUR::LAVITTThu Feb 14 1991Deleted CASE_STUDY conference
3127.02SIEVAX::JAMIEFri Feb 15 1991EN-GARDE - Play by Email
3129.0+3ULTRA::EYRINGFri Feb 15 1991AUTHENTICATION conference
3131.02MR4DEC::JAINMon Feb 18 1991CADENCE Sales conference
3132.02FOOSW6::ZIPPMon Feb 18 1991INT_REALTIME archive of comp.realtime newsgroup
3134.0KOALA::RYANThu Feb 21 1991X.5
3135.01KOALA::RYANThu Feb 21 1991DXELF
3137.03FILMS::PAXTONFri Feb 22 1991General discussion of Livingston & area, Scotland
3139.0BEAUTY::REPPUCCIMon Feb 25 1991BACKUP in the 9
3143.06SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Feb 26 1991Deleted DOWVISION_TEST
3145.03RT95::BATESFri Mar 01 1991PATHWORKS Competitive Forum
3148.06TROPIC::BELDINWed Mar 06 1991Digital_Myths_Debunked
3150.03UKCSSE::PLATTThu Mar 07 1991Reading (UK) car share notes file...
3152.04WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Mar 07 1991DECnet-VAX Extensions conference
3153.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Mar 08 1991GUI_TOOLS Graphical User Interface Tools
3154.0IGNATZ::JUDDSun Mar 10 1991Distributed queued messaging (DECMESSAGEQ)
3155.02VOGON::LANDLESMon Mar 11 1991International Core Services (ICS) conference
3156.0VISA::ANDREASSONMon Mar 11 1991FTSV on ULTRIX (FTSX_NEWS) conference
3159.0CRLVMS::HALBERTTue Mar 12 1991Worksheet program
3160.0+2SNOCTue Mar 12 1991AUSSIE_NOTES
3162.01KETJE::PUTMANSThu Mar 14 1991BELGIUM conference
3164.0SNOCSun Mar 17 1991DEFENCE_AERO_SPR
3166.02MR4DEC::IACOBONIMon Mar 18 1991Wingz
3167.01SHIRE::WILLIMANNMon Mar 18 1991ISMETRICS - tool for IS
3169.02TSGDEV::HINDSMon Mar 18 1991Blue Print Express conference
3170.0XANADU::POSTTue Mar 19 1991OFFICE_FILTER conference
3173.02CVG::THOMPSONWed Mar 20 1991Rivier College - Nashua and Salem NH
3177.01XSTACY::PATTISONMon Mar 25 1991Software Product License & Installation Tool (DECsplit)
3178.03CAPNET::TEAMSCENTRALMon Mar 25 1991DELTA_TEAMS conference
3179.02MLNCS1::ANTONANGELITue Mar 26 1991Performances Improving Conference
3180.01RUTILE::BISHOPTue Mar 26 1991Atari LYNX conference
3181.02TLE::PETERSONTue Mar 26 1991DEC Fortran for RISC ULTRIX (archived)
3182.08ARTLIB::GOETZEFri Mar 29 1991Adobe-Illustrator conference
3183.04JARETH::EDPWed Apr 03 1991Reason
3184.03JARETH::EDPWed Apr 03 1991Closed High Intelligence conf. (HIGH_IQ)
3185.01JARETH::EDPWed Apr 03 1991Closed Soapbox conference
3186.02DYPSS1::TROXELLThu Apr 04 1991POLYCENTER Security Integrity Checker (aka DECDETECT, VDU)
3187.0I18N::GREENWOODThu Apr 04 1991International Systems Architecture (ISA)
3189.01MEMORY::MCGARRAHFri Apr 05 1991Deleted Brady Bunch conference
3191.01WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUTue Apr 09 1991Networks Competition Conference
3192.03PANIC::ELLERYTue Apr 09 1991Super NES (formerly Super Famicom)
3193.01RANGER::PFEFFERTue Apr 09 1991Microsoft Windows V3 Examples
3196.02PICKET::LANGMOREWed Apr 10 1991Ship modeling conference (SHIP_MODELS)
3197.01WDFRT1::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUFri Apr 12 1991Remote 327
3199.02THAVTue Apr 16 1991Notes for Paradise
3200.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDTue Apr 16 1991Deleted Transportation and Travel Industries
3201.02CERN::JRSWed Apr 17 1991VMS/RISCserver conference
3202.01EICMFG::NORDHMon Apr 22 1991rtVAX3
3203.02BUFFER::LISOWSKITue Apr 23 1991CDS Methods-Tools-training conference (MTT)
3204.0TLE::WILDTue Apr 23 1991DECspec conference
3206.011BRABAM::PHILPOTTThu Apr 25 1991Thailand
3207.04WYNDE::KOZAKTue Apr 30 1991CDROM conference
3209.010XANADU::BOEBINGERTue May 07 1991TeamLinks for Windows (WINDOWS_OFFICE)
3210.02ONEDGE::MARTINWed May 08 1991Structured Documentation conference
3211.02UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed May 08 1991BASEstar UNIX
3212.02MR4DEC::PMCEACHERNWed May 08 1991HEALTHCARE Conference
3214.03NAC::D_NELSONTue May 14 1991DECserver conference (TERMINAL_SERVERS)
3216.01VOGON::HARKERWed May 15 1991OSF/1 ADK (Europe)
3217.01EICMFG::GILOJWed May 15 1991IEZ11 (SCSI --> IEEE)
3219.0HURON::FRIEDRICHSThu May 16 1991DCSC_TC44 STK storage system
3220.01VANGA::KERRELLFri May 17 1991Deleted UK Local Gov't Market (LOCGOV)
3221.01VANGA::KERRELLFri May 17 1991Deleted UK Law and Order Market (LAWORD)
3223.04USEM::CHERNACKFri May 17 1991U.S. Sales and Service
3224.04SQM::BOYDFri May 17 1991Center for Quality Management (CQM)
3229.03AIRONE::VINCENZITue May 21 1991VMS POSIX product
3230.05CIMNET::CROSBYFri May 24 1991Investment_Evaluation
3231.01ZENDIA::BONINFri May 24 1991Ultrix Security Standard & Tool (USS)
3233.0CIRCUS::MBROWNTue May 28 1991Systems Research Center (SRCNOTES) -- read only
3234.01SCRUZ::CORDES_JAWed May 29 1991ABC daytime soap operas (ABC_SOAPS)
3235.0+3EICMFG::HARTMANNWed May 29 1991POWERFAIL, watches the state of an UPS
3236.0+3TGALE::GALEWed May 29 1991BASEstar CIMfast
3237.07GALVIA::MCNELISWed May 29 1991DECchart
3240.02CGHUB::CANNONWed May 29 1991Deleted ICA_ANNOUNCEMENT conference
3241.01SWSCHZ::THOMPSONWed May 29 1991C_ISAM RMS emulation under VMS
3243.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri May 31 1991Security Enhanced Rdb
3246.02RANGER::LESKOWITZMon Jun 03 1991eXcursion for Windows (formerly WINDX)
3247.02OAXCEL::KAUFMANNWed Jun 05 1991OFFICE Training Forum for Instructors
3248.0+9AIADM::LEVINThu Jun 06 1991Another World "Soap" conference
3249.04TITUS::PERKINSThu Jun 06 1991INTEROPERABILITY conference
3251.0CSCMA::ORRFri Jun 07 1991SCHLUMBERGER CAD/CAM Service conference
3252.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Jun 07 1991Rdb Translators conference
3253.01TRNPRC::HUTCHINGSMon Jun 10 1991Welcome to the Requirements & Design Competency Center Notes Conference
3254.02DECWET::PENNEYTue Jun 11 1991Third Party Databases for Un*x platforms
3255.0DSSDEV::KRISTYWed Jun 12 1991Digital Littleton Volleyball League conference
3260.04DEVIL::BAZEMOREWed Jun 19 1991Interchange PostScript (IPS)
3262.08--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 19 1991UN*X TP conference (RAINIER,TPFRAME)
3264.0BROKE::ASHELL::WATSONThu Jun 20 1991RdbAccess for ORACLE databases (RDBACCESS_ORACLE)
3265.0BROKE::ASHELL::WATSONThu Jun 20 1991VIDA for DB2 databases (VIDA_DB2)
3266.0ABACUS::NAROThu Jun 20 1991Plant Emergencies Notesfile
3267.08AIDEV::POLIKOFFFri Jun 21 1991How do I find moderator of unlisted notes files
3268.0PAVONE::GOULDMon Jun 24 1991Software Problem Reports and Tracking (PCR)
3269.01YUPPY::FOXMon Jun 24 1991WordPerfect for VAX/VMS
3272.07CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Jun 25 1991KORN_SHELL_PROGRAMMING (UNIX KSH command shell)
3273.03ASICS::EDMUNDSFri Jun 28 1991Deleted THEATRE-UK conference
3275.0EICMFG::BABBRAMon Jul 01 1991BASEstar DNC conference
3276.03SMURF::SCHOTTMon Jul 01 1991DEC Network Save and Restore for ULTRIX (DECnsr)
3277.06NOVA::R_ANDERSONWed Jul 03 1991Sim_Trek Conference
3280.05SOLVIT::TOMMYB::BERKNERTue Jul 09 1991Miniatures and Dollhouses
3281.02CHARON::BRUCKMANTue Jul 09 1991VME Notes Conference
3283.0+11SNOWY::HEDRICKWed Jul 10 1991TEXAS and Texans' conference
3284.04VINO::WELLINGTONThu Jul 11 1991DECps Conference Now Unrestricted
3285.02VLAB::PARRISThu Jul 18 1991VAXcluster Phase
3286.05PCA112::BOEBINGERThu Jul 18 1991Microsoft Visual Basic conference
3287.0UTRTSC::PILMEYERFri Jul 19 1991Real Time ULTRIX ASSET
3288.0+4IAMOK::BANCROFTFri Jul 19 1991Personal Computer Virus conference (PC_SECURITY)
3289.01PRSUD1::GHEORGHINFri Jul 19 1991Cap.Plan.&Perfs - French CC (CCCP)
3291.01ATPS::BUDNIKTue Jul 23 1991DEC SecurityGate
3294.03R2ME2::BUTENHOFThu Jul 25 1991DECthreads multithread programming library (CMA)
3295.01CRLVMS::WOLMANThu Jul 25 1991OSF1-PORT
3296.011CSC32::S_LEDOUXThu Jul 25 1991Off-Road Motorcyclist conference (DECTRAIL)
3298.06BENONI::FORBESMon Jul 29 1991FUSE -- Unix Programming Tools
3299.03MARVIN::WARWICKMon Jul 29 1991WANrouter conference
3300.01SMURF::BINDERMon Jul 29 1991CIVIL_WAR, the American Civil War
3301.01HLDGThu Aug 01 1991Sidecars conference
3305.0CRLVMS::TREESEMon Aug 05 1991DECathena
3306.0MLNADMon Aug 05 1991DECidea Documentation Technique
3307.01CRLVMS::TREESEWed Aug 07 1991IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force
3308.02CRLVMS::TREESEWed Aug 07 1991ACE - Advanced Computing Environment
3309.0CRLVMS::TREESEWed Aug 07 1991OSF-DME - Distributed Management Environment
3310.01CRLVMS::TREESEWed Aug 07 1991ULTRIX_REQS - Requirements for ULTRIX
3311.05SUBWAY::NICHOLSThu Aug 08 1991Restricted Alpha VMS conferences
3312.03KTOV12::TATSUNOMon Aug 12 1991Qman - A batch facility for ULTRIX
3315.01BOMBE::CORDESMon Aug 12 1991CFM/pro Cross-Functional Management (CFMPRO)
3316.0GAUSS::NISHIMOTOMon Aug 12 1991PHIGS Extension to X conference (PEX)
3317.0TENAYA::RJONESTue Aug 13 1991TPV - The Personal Visualizer
3323.04DIMSUM::PWONGThu Aug 22 1991DECwrite_for_windows conference
3324.01RANGER::DHUMEThu Aug 22 1991PATHWORKS for ULTRIX conference
3325.05TUNER::BEAUDETThu Aug 22 1991DragonDictate - speech recognition product
3329.01HSSWS1::GREGFri Aug 23 1991African Heritage notes
3332.05DSSDEV::KEANEWed Aug 28 1991New York Yankees
3333.01NEWOA::WILKINSONWed Aug 28 1991Network Subscriber Registration Facility (NREG)
3334.02MARVIN::BAILEYPWed Aug 28 1991CBN Configurators conference
3335.01TYFYS::DAVIDSONThu Aug 29 1991IBM AS/4
3336.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Aug 30 1991STARS data retrieval tool
3337.02AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Aug 30 1991DSNlink for VMS conference (formerly INCA)
3338.01BUFFER::OCONNELLThu Sep 05 1991Meetings-that-work conference (MTW)
3340.0EPS::WILLIAMSThu Sep 05 1991CDA Developer's Kit
3342.01TBEARS::JOHNSONFri Sep 06 1991EMPOWER/RTE Conference
3346.0CSCMA::SMITHTue Sep 10 1991PrintServer_Hardware
3348.01TINCUP::XAIPE::KOLBEWed Sep 11 1991TIMA conference for US users
3349.0PIPE::GOODThu Sep 12 1991Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) conference
3357.02DSM::CRAIGMon Sep 16 1991Closed DSM_FOR_ULTRIX conference
3360.0MPO::MAGNITue Sep 17 1991MOS_MAXCIM Interface (MMI)
3362.020GRINS::MCFARLANDTue Sep 17 1991Days of Our Lives conference (DOOL)
3363.0QUINCE::MADDENTue Sep 17 1991DECinspect, DECsrf, Corporate Security Std. 11.1
3365.0SIEVAX::SPEIGHTWed Sep 18 1991Finance Industry Security
3367.03SIVA::BOYDFri Sep 20 1991Hoshin Planning
3368.03D::DAVISFri Sep 20 1991XSight graphics editor
3369.04SIMON::SZETOSun Sep 22 1991Deleted (and archived) OneKey Noting conference
3370.0TOOLS::LIEBMon Sep 23 1991COBOL Arithmetic Performance Analyzer
3371.01SEATTL::BERRYDOMon Sep 23 1991Drag Racing Conference
3373.0BROKE::MCGUIREWed Sep 25 1991SQL Access
3374.01STEPS1::MALLORYWed Sep 25 1991Deleted USER_SECURITY conference
3375.01SIEVAX::SPEIGHTThu Sep 26 1991DECartian Field technical conference.
3376.02BYENGFri Sep 27 1991CDSWAP_MUNICH Conference
3379.02NAC::HARRINGTONMon Sep 30 1991DECnet/OSI for {ULTRIX,OSF/1}
3380.06IMTDEV::ROBERTSTue Oct 01 1991Robert's Rules of Order - Parliamentary Procedure
3381.0I18N::SZETOWed Oct 02 1991Problem: "New version of conference created"
3384.03WHIRL::DJOHNSONWed Oct 02 1991USEIS_SBS conference
3385.02XCUSME::KRUYWed Oct 02 1991Backup Scheduling & Reporting System (BSRS)
3387.02CGHUB::CANNONWed Oct 02 1991Deleted INTEROP_91 conference
3388.01BALZAC::DESVIGNESThu Oct 03 1991Mountain Biking in France (VTT)
3391.01SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 08 1991Closed OFFICE_INTEGRATION Tools and Methods
3392.01STAR::CANTORThu Oct 10 1991Wide Area Terminal Network (WATN) conference
3393.05CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 11 1991Education Issues
3395.02AMUZED::PULIAFICOTue Oct 15 1991POLYCENTER Notesfile
3396.01SSDEVO::ROLLOWWed Oct 16 1991ULTRIX Striping
3397.0TENAYA::HJPWed Oct 16 19913d Party Risc/Ultrix Hardware Add-Ons (TRIADD)
3398.01SHALOT::WARFORDThu Oct 17 1991VOICEmail conference
3399.04CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Oct 17 1991NOTES-NEWS Gateway conference
3402.0DECALP::REESMon Oct 21 1991RTR Marketing and Business Issues
3407.0+2CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Oct 23 1991Usenet netnews distribution at DEC (NEWS-BACKBONE)
3410.05SEERUS::FRIEDMANNFri Nov 01 1991COHESION ASD/SEE Solution conference
3411.010RANGER::WESTERVELTFri Nov 01 1991USENET_PATHWORKS (formerly UPW)
3412.03RANGER::WESTERVELTFri Nov 01 1991Usenet/PATHWORKS Information (UPW_INFO)
3413.0DECWET::SCHREIBERSun Nov 03 1991Windows NT
3414.02NAPIER::BECKERMon Nov 04 1991PowerFrame
3415.02CRLVMS::HALBERTTue Nov 05 1991Pen-based computing
3417.0OZROCK::MCGINTYWed Nov 06 1991X.25 products for ULTRIX
3418.06TYFYS::SLATERWed Nov 06 1991PARADOX conference
3419.04KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Nov 06 1991Sun Users Conference
3420.0FSOA::BERICSONFri Nov 08 1991Business Services System conference (BSS_USER_FORUM)
3421.03BUFFER::VICKERSFri Nov 08 1991ALL-IN-1/TRS support and information conference
3423.04TYFYS::DAVIDSONMon Nov 11 1991ACUCOBOL conference
3424.04RT128::BATESMon Nov 11 1991The DECmug Conference
3425.0VAXWRK::LEETue Nov 12 1991US CASE Program and SEI's Capability Maturity Model
3426.02EMC2::LISSAJOUXWed Nov 13 1991DEC Application Development System (DEC_ADS)
3427.03NEBR::HARRISONWed Nov 13 1991@aGlance conference (AT-A-GLANCE)
3431.01VIA::VLATASWed Nov 20 1991DECreport V1.
3432.02ALPSIT::VANHORNThu Nov 21 1991Security in applications and LPs (ALPS_INFO)
3434.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri Nov 22 1991InstantSQL for Rdb/VMS (GDB)
3435.03MTVIEW::SIMONMon Nov 25 1991DEC Queue Management System (QMS)
3437.02SAHQ::WOOLSEYTue Nov 26 1991FOREST_PRODUCTS Conference
3438.0ZUSE::ROLLERThu Nov 28 1991EXPRESS Information Modelling Standard, STEP, CALS
3439.03ASICS::EDMUNDSSat Nov 30 1991Deleted FORSALE in the UK conference
3440.0+2LEVERS::K_JONESTue Dec 03 1991Fitchburg (Mass.) conference
3441.03DATABS::KUMARTue Dec 03 1991Read-Only RdbExpert V2.
3443.0HANNAY::BRIDGEFORDFri Dec 06 1991Factory Installed Software conf. (FIS_GENERAL)
3447.01SNOOPY::SCHIMPFThu Dec 12 1991Closed OSF DCE software kits (DCE-USERS)
3448.0CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Dec 13 1991DEC Network Integration Server (DECNIS)
3452.02STAR::BEYHTue Dec 17 1991The UETP conference
3456.01FORFUN::SAMPSONFri Dec 20 1991McCabe Tools conference (MCCABE_SW_TOOLS)
3457.0XCUSME::KRUYTue Dec 24 1991Site Support
3458.011VAXWRK::ALPHANOTESFri Jan 10 1992ALPHAnotes, a conference for Alpha discussion
3460.0MOVER::CORAKTue Dec 31 1991Open Interface Toolkit conference (OIT)
3462.08PCAE::RYAN_BFri Jan 03 1992Mobilizer for ALL-IN-1 Conference
3464.02PVCSSE::PICCICUTOMon Jan 06 1992Entry Systems Business (formerly MicroVAX) conf. (ESB_CSSE)
3466.03SIRDOS::LOHNERWed Jan 08 1992LEVEL4 conference
3467.0YIELD::FANGWed Jan 08 1992SAS statistical software conference
3472.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSun Jan 12 1992Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.DATACOMM
3473.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSun Jan 12 1992Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.APPLICATIONS
3474.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSun Jan 12 1992Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.INTRO
3475.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSun Jan 12 1992Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.MISC
3476.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSun Jan 12 1992Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.PROGRAMMER
3477.01FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNSun Jan 12 1992Newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.REVIEWS
3478.06CAFEIN::PFAUTue Jan 14 1992Home Recording Studio
3479.01STAR::CANTORTue Jan 14 1992Employee Activities Committee of Spit Brook (EACSB)
3482.06MIDI::DANThu Jan 16 1992BOOKREADER
3483.03MIDI::DANThu Jan 16 1992ON_HELP notes conference
3484.01ESRAD::LUNDFri Jan 17 1992Computer-Based Training Tools (AUTHORING)
3485.01MR4DEC::RONTue Jan 21 1992INTEL/SCO/DEC third party options notefile
3487.0+5R2ME2::LEACHWed Jan 22 1992Traditional_woodworking
3489.07BASLIN::RYANThu Jan 23 1992MUSIC_MAKING - songwriting etc.
3492.0+6MAY28::YURYANThu Jan 23 1992DIABETES Notes file
3493.02MRMIPS::LichtenbergThu Jan 23 1992Novell NetWare conference
3498.0ESSB::MBRODIEFri Jan 24 1992Quality Planning conference
3499.02IJSAPL::KLERKWed Jan 29 1992MIRA_GENERATOR - ACMS Code Generator
3500.0+4FORFUN::SAMPSONThu Jan 30 1992MD41
3501.04MACNAS::NOCONNORMon Feb 03 1992Multi Datacenter Facility (MDF) conference
3502.02SOFBAS::SCARSDALETue Feb 04 1992Electronic Applications Network (eAn) Engineering
3503.03ATSE::VMILLERTue Feb 04 1992PIPE_ORGANS conference
3504.0SX4GTO::TZAYThu Feb 06 1992XC++ conference (XC_PLUS_PLUS)
3505.01DECWET::ROARKFri Feb 07 1992DEC C++ conference (DECCXX)
3508.01PROPOS::GAZZARATue Feb 11 1992Proposals conference
3509.03WIDGET::KLEINTue Feb 11 1992VToolkit notes file
3510.01HUMOR::EPPESTue Feb 11 1992Mystery Science Theater 3
3511.0STKAI1::STRANGMARKWed Feb 12 1992Retail Banking Systems Competition (FBS_COMPETITION)
3512.0STKAI1::STRANGMARKWed Feb 12 1992TFM Financial Systems Application Software Builder
3513.0STKAI1::STRANGMARKWed Feb 12 1992Financial Systems Application Framework
3514.0STKAI1::STRANGMARKWed Feb 12 1992Financial Systems Transaction Printers
3515.0STKAI1::STRANGMARKWed Feb 12 1992Financial Systems Platform
3517.01MRKTNG::WHITEMon Feb 17 1992Old conference for ALL-IN-1 Manager for LANs/WANs
3518.0R2ME2::DARDAILLERTue Feb 18 1992FLEXlm License Manager notesfile
3519.02AKOCOA::HIRDWed Feb 19 1992Closed GIA-ISSUES conference
3520.0+2ROYALT::GONDAFri Feb 28 1992Virtual-memory X Terminal (VXT) product
3521.01STKEIS::BYSTAMFri Feb 28 1992PQM = Printer Queue Manager
3524.01RDVAX::TEMPLINTue Mar 03 1992Project Sequoia 2
3525.02CTHQ1::DEVIVOTue Mar 03 1992Special Early Retirement Program (SERP)
3527.03ARCANA::SUSALKAMon Mar 09 1992Disk Management Tool (DMT)
3529.01VAXSOC::LAVOIEThu Mar 12 1992Systems and Options Catalog conference (VAXSOC)
3530.05TUNER::COCHRANEThu Mar 12 1992ULTRIX_MLS_PLUS Conference
3531.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992The Archers
3537.03CSSE32::OWENSWed Mar 18 1992Updating EASYNOTES.LIS?
3538.010PROMPT::MILLINGFri Mar 20 1992DECimage Appl. Svcs. (DAS) (IMAGE_SERVICES)
3540.04PROMPT::MILLINGFri Mar 20 1992DECimage Express V2.
3541.02DELNI::SKILLENFri Mar 20 1992Digital Services University Alumni conf. (DSU_ALUMNI)
3543.0MINDER::GILBERTMon Mar 23 1992DECmcc UNIX Distributed Management (UDM, Columbus)
3544.02TYFYS::MUNNSThu Mar 26 1992TRIMTOOLS conference
3545.0STAR::KROCZAKThu Mar 26 1992Small Group Improvement Activity (SGIA)
3546.02MRKTNG::SLATERThu Mar 26 1992Finance and Administration Business Systems (FABS)
3548.03MRKTNG::BELONFri Mar 27 1992Fashion modeling conference
3550.01PLOUGH::KINZELMANTue Mar 31 1992Cadence VERILOG-XL and VHDL-XL simulators
3551.02PLOUGH::KINZELMANTue Mar 31 1992Cadence VERITIME simulator
3553.01VINO::BHATThu Apr 02 1992Deleted Resource/Configuration Mgmt Pgm (RCMP)
3554.04GUIDUK::SMITHThu Apr 02 1992A Digital EXPENSE forms application
3555.0+2SMURF::SULLIVANThu Apr 02 1992TERMCAP / Terminfo conference
3556.03BUFFER::STEWARTThu Apr 02 1992Methods, Tools & Training Catalog (MTT_CATALOG)
3557.0+2MSBCS::ASHUFri Apr 03 1992ACCESSWORKS (PCs to Mainframes)
3558.0+2SMURF::BINDERTue Apr 07 1992SPQR - Latin Conference
3559.07MRKTNG::FLOWTue Apr 07 1992Deleted Horror conference (HORROR_BUFFS)
3560.020RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Apr 08 1992DECpc_Portables conference
3562.03PLUGH::NEEDLEWed Apr 08 1992ALPHA_EXAMPLES conference
3563.0TLE::CHAPMANThu Apr 09 1992Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE-STANDARDS)
3565.07VNABRW::OBWPC1::Dirnberger_jMon Apr 13 1992Linkworks - Office Integration System
3567.0LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREWed Apr 15 1992DECset (aka VAXset) conference
3573.0+2MIPSBX::thomasFri Apr 17 1992The Tekelec Chamelan-1
3574.0+2MIPSBX::thomasFri Apr 17 1992The Network General Sniffer
3575.0NEST::DEC_MAILTue Jun 16 1992Mailroom (DEC_MAIL)
3576.02TENVAX::CHERSONThu Apr 23 1992Consulting_Practices
3579.01QUARK::LIONELMon Apr 27 1992KAP Preprocessor Users (KAP-USERS)
3583.02STAR::CANTORTue Oct 20 1992Deleted POETRY_INFO conference
3585.01DSM::CRAIGSun May 03 1992Digital Standard MUMPS conference (DSM)
3587.0+6VIA::SUNGThu May 07 1992ObjectBroker - development questions and issues
3588.03AKO484::FREDAFri May 08 1992Home Based Business's Notes Conference
3593.0IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed May 13 1992Digital New Hampshire Volleyball (NHVL)
3595.0ISLNDS::SCHMIDTFri May 15 1992ProphIT Cost/Benefit Tool Conference
3596.0VMSNET::RRICKTue May 19 1992Banyan Network Operating System
3597.01MRKTNG::HUSBANDWed May 20 1992KEYpak Notes Conference (Document Conversion)
3598.0TLE::HUSSONWed May 27 1992DEC Ladebug (DECLADEBUG)
3599.04MTVIEW::TPQWed May 27 1992DEC TPmessageQ (QMA, formerly TPQ)
3600.0STAR::CANTORThu May 28 1992ELPH -- adjunct to ELF and ELF_FIND
3601.07DANGER::FORTMILLERFri May 29 1992Repetitive Stress Injury Conference (RSI)
3602.02NEPHI::COARMon Jun 01 1992DSG-STANDARD - Using DEC SecurityGate on Easynet
3606.03WELLIN::NISBETWed Jun 03 1992Service Management Software Packages (STEP)
3607.0KOALA::WOESTENWed Jun 03 1992UNIX-based CCITT X.4
3608.02NEWVAX::SGRIFFINThu Jun 04 1992DELMARVA (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.)
3609.04HLDEThu Jun 04 1992VIVACE - Desktop Manager for Windows
3610.05CGHUB::BULKAThu Jun 04 1992Archived PATHWORKS Links Browser conference
3611.010CGHUB::BULKAThu Jun 04 1992PATHWORKS Conferencing conference
3612.0NAC::CHEUNGThu Jun 04 1992DECnet for SCO UNIX
3614.0DECWET::LEESThu Jun 04 1992DEC Full Sail (FULL_SAIL)
3615.01UPROAR::DARRALLDFri Jun 05 1992Trading Room Demonstrations (TRADING_DEMOS)
3617.05CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Jun 05 1992Porting applications to ALPHA OSF (ALPHA_OSF_IFT)
3618.0CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jun 08 1992Canadian TelCos conference (TELCOS_CANADA)
3620.0VMSDEV::KRIEGERTue Jun 09 1992DECamds V1.
3621.06KAOOA::SOWREYWed Jun 10 1992Deleted Limited Literacy conf (SHORT_STORIES)
3622.0BROUGH::DAVIESThu Jun 11 1992STAFFWARE Workflow Conference
3623.0+2FORTY2::YUILLEThu Jun 11 1992MAILBUS 4
3625.01PAJERO::RHOTONFri Jun 12 1992ALL-IN-1 Code Level Integration (ALL-IN-1_CLI)
3626.01RDGENG::BENDLEFri Jun 12 1992HOSTBRIDGE IBM to VAX Client/Server
3627.02KAOOA::SOWREYTue Jun 16 1992Canadian Mobile Office
3629.01SISDA::CHERNACKThu Jun 18 1992US Japanese Business Initiative Conference
3630.0MISERY::WALKER_SCFri Jun 19 1992Vampire Lore, Fact & Fiction (VAMPIRES)
3632.01CRLVMS::HALBERTTue Jun 23 1992StorageServer hierarchical/migrating stg (NINJA)
3633.0+5CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Jun 24 1992ObjectBroker - Digital's CORBA
3636.0+2DAVE::MITTONWed Jun 24 1992Token Ring Issues & Products
3637.02CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Jun 24 1992Archived ULTRIX and OSF/1 kits (ULTRIX_KITS)
3638.0SEIC::LAWRENCEFri Jun 26 1992DECcashier PointOfSale Terminal
3639.0GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKFri Jun 26 1992DECsound (audio editor)
3641.02AKOCOA::GUSTAFSONFri Jun 26 1992DECpc Product and Purchase Spec Info (DECPC_ENG)
3642.01TOOK::LEVINEMon Jun 29 1992WANrouter 15
3643.02TUXEDO::SCHIMPFTue Jun 30 1992Deleted OSF Distr. Cmputng Env. (DCE) Tech. Consulting
3644.01TIMAWed Jul 01 1992Honda CN25
3645.01TUXEDO::SCHIMPFThu Jul 02 1992DCE-PRODUCTS conference
3646.0DECEAT::JANSONMon Jul 06 1992NEON_PERFORMANCE conference
3647.0+1AWARD::MAGNIMon Jul 06 1992Transfer Pricing Administrative System (TPAS)
3648.01DIVING::DAVISMon Jul 06 1992OpenVMS WHO Utility
3649.01SNAX::VIRGONATue Jul 07 1992DEC Users of Target->Hotline
3651.0RUTILE::TOUGHThu Jul 09 1992CVPD Software Metrics Tool
3653.0COOKIE::WALLACEThu Aug 06 1992Formal Methods for Software Development
3654.02SIEVAX::CROWTHERFri Jul 10 1992UK cycling (UK_BIKING)
3656.04HLDETue Jul 14 1992MEGADOC Image and Document Management
3657.0+2TPSYS::BECKWed Jul 15 1992DECADMIRE Application Code Generator
3658.01NWACES::MERCERWed Jul 15 1992APS REUSE Digital Solutions Library
3659.01NEPHI::COARWed Jul 15 1992Discussions of UIS-HELPLINE help-desk POLYCENTER product
3660.0CLARID::WALSHFri Jul 17 1992Cable Management conference (CABLEMANAGER)
3661.01STKSMA::AHLGRENMon Jul 20 1992The Limerick conference.
3662.02PLOUGH::KINZELMANTue Jul 21 1992Quad Design Tools notes conference
3667.01TOOK::HADFIELDThu Aug 06 1992Common Agent conference
3668.0GOOEY::WWALKERFri Aug 07 1992X.desktop conference (XDESKTOP)
3672.04MRKTNG::WHITETue Aug 11 1992NEW-MAILbus Postmaster for LANs/WANs V 2.
3673.01EICMFG::KARPO::GILOJWed Aug 12 1992IET11 TURBOchannel IEEE488 Converter
3674.02HLDEWed Aug 19 1992Electronic Case Handling Office (ECHO)
3675.02SANTEE::GREENEFri Aug 14 1992State & local governments (STATE_LOCAL_GOVT)
3678.04KOLFAX::WHITMANMon Aug 17 1992Messaging Solutions conference (MSG_SOLUTIONS)
3682.0+4AXEL::FOLEYThu Aug 20 1992DECram
3683.0+12STAR::MALONEYTue Aug 25 1992DECnet/OSI for VMS
3684.03HLDEMon Aug 31 1992DECadvantage Technical Support
3685.02HLDEMon Aug 31 1992SCO Support Europe
3687.0BOOKIE::GENTMon Aug 31 1992NAS general-interest conference
3689.01BELMNT::LANKATue Sep 01 1992New York ACT
3690.01ULYSSE::WADEWed Sep 02 1992Questions to Dennis Roberson (formerly David Stone)
3692.01LMOADM::MAILLETWed Sep 02 1992Computing Infrastructure Utility (COMPUTING_UTILITY)
3696.03HLDEFri Sep 11 1992DECadvantage General Information
3697.02SDSPC7::KNIGHTFri Sep 11 1992MINING notes conference
3698.0PLOUGH::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Viewlogic notes file
3699.07SPOCK::IRONSMon Sep 14 1992Sherlock Holmes
3701.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Sep 15 1992DOWVISION Dow Jones News Feed
3704.05CAPNET::CROWTHERFri Sep 18 1992Announcing the DELTA SWAPSHOP
3706.0ULYSSE::MCGREGORFri Sep 25 1992DECss7-Product
3707.02ESSAT::THOMPSONFri Sep 25 1992Computer Network Management Center (CNMC)
3708.03PCAE::BULKASun Sep 27 1992Browser for Windows
3712.0RUMOR::APFELBAUMWed Sep 30 1992IM&T Information Architecture II program
3715.02SMURF::BEIKMANFri Oct 02 1992Open Systems Kits conference (OSKITS)
3716.01VISUAL::CORMANWed Oct 07 1992Deleted MediaPower and DECtouch conference
3717.02HERCUL::MOSERSat Oct 10 1992Product Configuration Management System (PCMS)
3718.0TRUCKS::KERVILL_GMon Oct 12 1992Euro Directives,Stds,Regs for Sales&Eng'g (HELPLINE)
3719.01ESSB::MCKNIGHTMon Oct 12 1992Electronic LIcense Management (ELIM)
3720.0RACER::daveMon Oct 12 1992DECmcc Tools and Hints (MCC-TOOLS)
3721.01MR4DEC::SCHNEIDERTue Oct 13 1992Biomedical and Molecular-Sciences conference
3724.0ANNECY::BLANCTue Oct 20 1992VSAT networks
3725.01HLDETue Oct 20 1992MEGADOC Support
3727.01VINO::BHATTue Oct 20 1992POLYCENTER System Census (SYSTEM_CENSUS)
3728.01ELWOOD::PETERSFri Oct 23 1992Pathworks Desktop Backup
3734.0VSSCAD::YAMARTINOTue Nov 03 1992MDA - Manufacturing Data Access
3735.01LANDO::ROSENSTEINWed Nov 04 1992LASER (VAX 7
3736.01GSFSYS::MATHEWSThu Nov 05 1992Technical Requirements Guide conference (TRG)
3739.03MANIOK::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992SAP Conference
3740.03TOLKIN::NOONANMon Nov 09 1992Grief and Loss Recovery
3741.05SMURF::RSPMon Nov 09 1992Sound Picture Information Network (DECSPIN)
3744.04DR::BLINNTue Nov 10 1992New Hampshire politics (NH_POLITICS)
3745.05DR::BLINNTue Nov 10 1992Granite State (NH) Soapbox (NH_SOAPBOX)
3746.04DR::BLINNTue Nov 10 1992New Hampshire Want Ads (NH_WANTADS)
3747.03BGOTue Nov 17 1992Workstation Farms (clusters).
3750.01UNIFIX::SILVERWed Nov 18 1992Problem Tracking in Engineering
3753.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMThu Nov 19 1992Services Documentation Specifications (SERVICES_DOC_SPECS)
3754.01AUSSIE::HAINSFri Nov 20 1992DECfax Mail for Open VMS (DECFAX_VMS)
3755.0AD::CRUZMon Nov 23 1992Performance Monitoring Tools for NVAX,NVAX+,EV4 chips (PERFMON)
3756.02GEOFF::G_SCHULTZWed Nov 25 1992US_PHOTO_SWAP - Forum for photo exchange & critique
3757.01VISUAL::BMACDONALDWed Nov 25 1992Workgroup Computing conference
3759.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Dec 01 1992GSE_V1
3760.05FIGS::PRAETORIUSTue Dec 01 1992Cutler praise & criticism
3761.0CTHQ::SCHULTHEISTue Dec 01 1992X.5
3762.0BUMP::JWILHELMThu Dec 03 1992Microsoft ACCESS
3763.0BROKE::MELINDAFri Dec 04 1992SQL Server Gateway for Rdb
3765.01CONTRA::PMCVAYMon Dec 07 1992GRAFFITI Notes Conference
3770.0USCTR1::DHOOPERThu Dec 10 1992USDS DRS Reporting
3771.01ANDRIS::putninsThu Dec 10 1992BALTICS conference
3772.02TECRUS::COMINSFri Dec 11 1992PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect
3773.01BLKPUD::QURESHIAMon Dec 14 1992Congestion Theory conference
3775.0WMOIS::RAINVILLEMon Dec 14 1992Westminster-Ashburnham
3776.0SBPEXE::OTTENTue Dec 15 1992APTuser - a VT-Based reporting tool
3778.02MILPND::J_TOMAOTue Dec 15 1992TV Discussions and chit-chat
3780.04IDNTCR::RHOTONWed Dec 16 1992TeamLinks Toolkit (aka IWB)
3781.02MR4DEC::NGONZIWed Dec 16 1992AEROSPACE conference
3783.0KERNEL::CARLETONLMon Dec 21 1992Unix Printing Conference
3784.0GVPROD::MSTEINERMon Dec 21 1992SHIRE is now part of the VAXcluster GVPROD
3785.01POWDML::BEAUDOIN_DMon Dec 21 1992P.C. software for home use?
3786.07COOKIE::LBROWNTue Dec 22 1992Where is DECSTATION conference?
3788.01FSOA::HAMILTONWed Dec 23 1992Antiques?
3789.02EMC2::MORANDWed Dec 23 1992What happened to MACONLINE conf on VMSMKT ?
3790.03MVDSThu Dec 24 1992Automobile Technical Q&A (MECHANIX_3)
3791.04FLOWER::BARBOSAWed Dec 30 1992Where is the GREEK_CULTURE notes?
3792.01BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Jan 04 1993BASEstar Graphics
3793.02KACIE::SANDERTue Jan 05 1993Computer_Downsizing
3795.02LEDS::BEANWed Jan 06 1993JOKES conference access
3796.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jan 07 1993LIFE, Attribute Based Service Tool
3797.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jan 07 1993DASC, Digital Automatic Site Configurator
3798.05CIVIC::FERRIGNOThu Jan 07 1993No updates from DIGITAL
3799.04WRKSYS::SPEEDMon Jan 11 1993Open3D conference
3803.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 14 1993Intrusion Detector for UNIX FT
3804.01DC1Thu Jan 14 1993MEDIAIMPACT Conference (MMTRAIN)
3805.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Jan 14 1993Looking for swap/sell notes conference
3806.0OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993DEC X.25 for OpenVMS AXP conference
3807.01ADSERV::PW::WINALSKITue Jan 19 1993PAGODA notes conferences unavailable
3809.04CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINTue Jan 19 1993Industry specific application list
3811.0POCUS::KCARPENTERSun Jan 24 1993Status of PUBLIC_SECTOR notefile??
3812.0POMPEO::PAPIMon Jan 25 1993FMS to Motif converter
3814.0+10MANSW1::MOENCHMon Jan 25 1993SAP-Conference
3815.0MOLAR::MCPARTLANMon Jan 25 1993Network Management Polycenter Partners
3817.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jan 26 1993CLT, Network partner exited?
3818.04MRKTNG::BEALANDTue Jan 26 1993Updated list of Notes
3820.01LYOISA::GAUDIEZThu Jan 28 1993JPS1::DECOMNI ?
3821.0ADSERV::PW::WINALSKIThu Jan 28 1993TURRIS off-line on 29 Jan 1993
3822.030DSSDEV::RUSTThu Jan 28 1993MOVIES II
3824.05HLDGMon Feb 01 1993I heard TYFYS is gone
3825.013TRUCKS::RICHARDSMon Feb 01 1993PIXEL, VIXVAX, PCAE, VOGON unreachable
3826.05PHAROS::TBD1::PARCELSMon Feb 01 1993Job Aids Forum
3828.02CALS::DESELMSWed Feb 03 1993Indiana and Ohio notes conferences?
3829.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Feb 04 1993DEC/Forte application development tool
3830.01JGODCL::WIJGERSFri Feb 05 1993What happened to QUEEN::DECWRITE ?
3831.01TIMBER::ILSLEYSun Feb 07 1993IDC Usability Design Conference
3832.01KAOOA::SOWREYTue Feb 09 1993PCAPP1:: Alive or Dead?
3833.03UBOHUB::PAYNE_RWed Feb 10 1993ATSE:: not reachable ??
3834.04VNABRW::SCHMALSTIEGWed Feb 10 1993SARAH:: not reachable
3835.04VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Feb 10 1993TURRIS::???
3836.03MEMORY::DIMASCIOWed Feb 10 1993The ESE5
3837.01CUJO::BROWNWed Feb 10 1993Classic Toy Trains
3838.03OSTVFri Feb 12 1993TYFYS:: is gone?
3840.09COMET::VERMETTECSat Feb 13 1993Help !!!!!
3841.02AUSSIE::PENNYSun Feb 14 1993PROBLEM ??
3842.03TUXEDO::MOREYMon Feb 15 1993info on topics
3843.03STAR::NOZELLMon Feb 15 1993Linux (freely available Unix clone for x86 PCs) users
3846.02KAOOA::SOWREYTue Feb 16 1993ABBOTT:: unreachable??
3847.09--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 16 1993LIST NEEDED
3848.03SAHQ::LUBERTue Feb 16 1993Problems accessing DECEAT::CLIENT_SERVER conference
3849.0HSSWS1::GREGTue Feb 16 1993The Processing Conference
3850.02SMEGOL::COHENWed Feb 17 19932HOT off-line
3851.05LJOHUB::GIBIANWed Feb 17 1993Where's GOOEY? (X.desktop conference/help needed)
3852.03XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Feb 18 1993PC multi-media developers - includes Macs, Amigas, Ataris etc.
3853.01PBANK::POLLAKFri Feb 19 1993ACA Notes
3855.01MRKTNG::ITS4U::KUSEKOSKIMon Feb 22 1993Team Document Library (TDL) Conference
3856.02ROCKS::BATTARBEETue Feb 23 1993heres
3857.0LARVAE::IVES_JWed Feb 24 1993Uniplex conference has moved
3858.01GAVEL::PCLX4::WellsWed Feb 24 1993PCAE::BROWSER Unreachable
3859.01EICMFG::GAUTHIERThu Feb 25 1993COMP_OS_VXWORKS newsgroup archive
3860.06TRCOA::AHMEDThu Feb 25 1993Need info from PCAPP1::Pathworks_conference
3861.02RDGENG::GUNDRYThu Feb 25 1993TOPway conference
3863.01OTOOA::CORBINThu Feb 25 1993COGITO::MICROMEDIA conference available??
3864.01AUSSIE::TONGThu Feb 25 1993ENUF::MSU unreachable?
3865.0RDGENG::GUNDRYMon Mar 01 1993Value Selling conference
3866.03DEMON::DEMON::INGALLSMon Mar 01 1993Help - Can't access DELTA::SWAPSHOP
3867.06CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Creating Microsoft Windows help files
3868.02TLE::ZEEBTue Mar 02 1993TURRIS::DECC
3869.0TLE::ZEEBTue Mar 02 1993TURRIS::DECC_BUGS
3870.01BBIVThu Mar 04 1993Info about EtherWorks Conference
3871.01TOHOPE::WSAFri Mar 05 1993What happened to the employee interests list?
3874.01MRKTNG::L_MOORETue Mar 09 1993Classified ads?
3875.06HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARWed Mar 10 1993Conference on drugs??
3876.021Wed Mar 10 1993Announcing Word for Windows Notes Conference
3877.02MKOTS3::FERRIGNOThu Mar 11 1993DIGITAL
3878.02MPGS::SCHWARTZThu Mar 11 1993PC User's Notes Conf
3879.01MJBOOT::ZEMCIKFri Mar 12 1993Education Notes Conf in Pa.
3880.02DRAC::EPUJOLFri Mar 12 1993Network partner exited on RANGER::MSWINDOWS_EXAMPLES
3881.06BROKE::MESENZEFFMon Mar 15 1993DEC ODBC Driver
3884.0GALINA::SSMITHMon Mar 15 1993MOBILIZER - *** Unsupported ***
3885.0TRCOA::TRCP9Tue Mar 16 1993POLYAM unreachable
3886.05LJOHUB::LOWETue Mar 16 1993Microsoft Visual C/C++
3887.0+2SSDEVO::THIELWed Mar 17 1993DECRAID5_IFT - RAID-5 internal field test
3888.01JEDI::CAUDILLWed Mar 17 1993Bricks - an fddi/network performance demo
3890.02WSPBU::SAMARASThu Mar 18 1993TURBOchannel notes conference
3891.03OPG::PHILIPFri Mar 19 1993POLYCENTER Console Manager
3893.02UFRCS1::VINZENZWed Mar 24 1993E-Mail Path To CyberMedic?
3894.01CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINWed Mar 24 1993DEC File Optimizer (DFO) conference?
3899.05LANDO::MAZURThu Mar 25 1993WOBEGON - Garrison Keillor/PHC/ARC/...
3900.01CESARE::GORRINOThu Mar 25 1993CESARE::basestar_open
3901.04MRKTNG::L_MOOREThu Mar 25 1993APACHE::RC- anyone home?
3902.04DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Mar 30 1993Dark Shadows
3903.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 30 1993LANbridge 2
3904.0COOKIE::SAMPLEWed Mar 31 1993HSM conference announcement
3905.02AOSG::VERHULSTWed Mar 31 1993where is homebrew
3906.02NBOFS1::EISENMANNThu Apr 01 1993Digital Glossary anywhere ?
3907.01DELNI::ROSSMEISLFri Apr 02 1993EXCURSION is now located on NOTED::EXCURSION
3908.03SKIGOD::PFROMERFri Apr 02 1993WinVT
3909.0ISOISA::HAKKARAINENTue Apr 06 1993TNPUBS::WORLDVIEW conference
3910.01SQGUK::HENSTRIDGETue Apr 06 1993CAMERA_CLUB - Reading (UK) Photography Club
3911.01JUPITR::GINGRASWed Apr 07 1993Feline Notesfile?
3912.014PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Apr 08 1993Compuserve users at Digital
3913.0ANNECY::FICHTERTue Apr 13 1993WAN PC Connectivity Conference
3914.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGTue Apr 13 1993Information Management Services API (DMQ+DNS+ASN.1)
3915.0MPO::LONGOWed Apr 14 1993Application Wrapper/Encapsulation
3916.0CONTRA::PMCVAYThu Apr 15 1993MUD conferences moved
3917.0UNXA::LOEFFLERThu Apr 15 1993DECsafe Failover for ULTRIX
3918.03DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKIFri Apr 16 1993DECUS Counterpart's Notefile
3920.0+1UCXAXP::MYTHSat Apr 17 1993LPmud : Multi-User Dimension
3921.0TINCUP::RANCEMon Apr 19 1993DSNlink for ULTRIX
3922.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 19 1993Is there still a timeshare notes file?
3923.0AKRON::RATASKIWed Apr 21 1993GOODYEAR-GBMS2 Announcement
3924.07DVOPAS::GRAYS::PROCTORWed Apr 21 1993MicroSoft EXCEL conference
3925.09DVOPAS::GRAYS::PROCTORWed Apr 21 1993LAPTOP User Conference
3926.01DVOPAS::GRAYS::PROCTORWed Apr 21 1993Pathworks User Network conference
3927.07DVOPAS::GRAYS::PROCTORWed Apr 21 1993Microsoft PowerPoint User conference
3928.04--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 21 1993Microsoft Word for Windows Conference
3929.0IRNBRU::DANTONFri Apr 23 1993Client/Server Consultancy
3930.02RGB::LAWRENCEFri Apr 23 1993Announcement of VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Notes Conference
3931.0RDGENG::GUNDRYTue Apr 27 1993Value_selling_Profiles
3933.01DOD2::PARKERTue Apr 27 1993New Pregnancy Conference
3934.0SIEBK::LUECKWed Apr 28 1993CN_PRODUCTS (Communications & Networking)
3935.01UBOHUB::BOULTON_PWed Apr 28 1993Missing Conferences
3936.010KAHALA::LAROCHELLEWed Apr 28 1993classified_ads?
3938.03BROKE::HOLDENThu Apr 29 1993DB Integrator Conference
3939.02NDLVAX::TGERTLERFri Apr 30 1993Where is GAMES ?
3940.012SOFBAS::SHERMANTue May 04 1993VMSZOO?
3941.02ICS::KETTWed May 05 1993Garden conference weeded?
3942.0OZROCK::RODRIGUESThu May 06 1993X.25 for DEC OSF/1 Conference
3944.01ESGNAC::OPPELTThu May 06 1993where is osf_curric/ultrix_curric ?
3946.0WUZZLE::BOWERThu May 06 1993Notes no longer available
3947.0RANGER::WASSERThu May 06 1993NOTED::VIDEOCONFERENCING: Telepresence for Meetings
3948.02SSGVMon May 10 1993Access to Medical Notes File?
3949.02SOFBAS::SHERMANMon May 10 1993Internet access down
3950.0KISMIF::THOMPSONMon May 10 1993TINA Technical Forum on KISMIF::
3951.02SAHQ::LUBERTue May 11 1993Info on fiberoptics wanted
3952.0TOOK::MCPHERSONTue May 11 1993COMMUSIC host address change
3953.06FSATRA::LUNDBECKThu May 13 1993What has happend to the Ethernet conference???
3955.0DECWET::NEWKERKTue May 18 1993New conference for discussion of Microsoft's OLE V2.
3956.01TUXEDO::BARYIAMESThu May 20 1993TUXEDO::X5
3957.0HYDRA::MOOREMon May 24 1993Amiga Games
3958.0HYDRA::MOOREMon May 24 1993Catalog of 'free' Amiga software
3959.02HYLNDR::SYSTEMMon May 24 1993notes file ULTRIXINFO status
3960.02LJOHUB::MATHEWSMon May 24 1993From All Walks of Life conference closed.
3961.0DATABS::WILSONWed May 26 1993InstantSQL Conference
3962.01VARESE::NOLANGThu May 27 1993Dead or alive and, sorry, no prizes.
3963.02SWTHOM::JACOBThu May 27 1993REPOSITORY conference ( CDD/Repository )
3964.01GRANPA::TTAYLORFri May 28 1993IS there a Windows NT Conference Somewhere?
3965.05HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARMon May 31 1993< Digital conference?? >
3967.05--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 01 1993BASEstar conference ??
3968.08SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 01 1993SIMCITY (simulation of city)
3969.02RT128::BATESWed Jun 02 1993PowerPC Conference
3970.08BECCA::WATSONWed Jun 02 1993USA Youth Soccer Interest Conference
3971.01SU2PLY::GALLAGHERWed Jun 02 1993DecmessageQ ???
3973.0DKAS::CORAKThu Jun 03 1993XVT (eXtensible Virtual Toolkit)
3974.01HGRDFri Jun 04 1993Motif 1.2 related notes?
3976.02RT128::BATESSun Jun 06 1993Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Conference
3977.0FSOA::HOMBERGThu Jun 10 1993Travel & Transportation
3978.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 15 1993Directions to DEC Facilities
3979.01HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARFri Jun 18 1993< Alpha migration tools conf >
3980.02HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARFri Jun 18 1993Malaysia..where r u?
3981.02HALEVY::COUILLAULTFri Jun 18 1993Conference on Hypertext
3982.04CURARO::CARBONIFri Jun 18 1993Please, help me!
3983.03HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARMon Jun 21 1993CONVERSION conference?
3984.02PULMAN::PLX95::YOUNIEMon Jun 21 1993trouble finding/adding BOWLING
3985.06GUIDUK::GOODHINDMon Jun 21 1993Bisexuals At Digital
3986.01NYFSTue Jun 22 1993Is there a Microsoft Project conference?
3987.01DGMTTue Jun 22 1993UK Demonstration Facility Issues
3988.013RTOIC::KERNWed Jun 23 1993Where are IBMPC-93 and PC_PROGRAM?
3989.01OPS5::OSTROMThu Jun 24 1993QFD Expert conference: QFD-EXPERT.NOTE.
3991.01JUPITR::GINGRASThu Jun 24 1993Real_Estate Notesfile???
3992.05CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 24 1993Uses for and memories of the Mill
3994.0DYPSS1::COGHILLFri Jun 25 1993Query on CACI's COMNET product
3995.0COMICS::WOODWARDFri Jun 25 1993CISCO BRouters conference now open
3996.0+11SOFBAS::MAYERFri Jun 25 1993Internet Tools Notes Conference
3997.03HLDEMon Jun 28 1993UNITAS conference
3998.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Jun 28 1993DECbank FBS Software
4002.0ECADSR::LINAWed Jun 30 1993SEDAN and SEDAN_BUGS notes relocation...
4003.02MR4DEC::MMIKITARIANWed Jun 30 1993GIS (Geographic Information Systems) conference
4005.0JUPITR::FLOODThu Jul 01 1993GEnie on NOTES?
4007.04NQOPS::THIBODEAUFri Jul 02 1993Dns question
4008.03TRNOI2::IW1AXR::IRATOMon Jul 05 1993RANGER, PATHWORKS, not on air.
4009.03BONNET::VISCIGLIOThu Jul 08 1993Looking for Partners
4010.02NEMAIL::MINERThu Jul 08 1993New England Inn's and B&B's
4011.0METSYS::HELLIARMon Jul 12 1993EDI Standards Information
4012.01SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINTue Jul 13 1993SSDEVO::HSJ4
4013.01RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Jul 19 1993PATHWORKS & PC Internationalization (RANGER::PWI18N)
4014.0AIDEV::MARSHALLWed Jul 21 1993Modeling_Tools
4015.03KAOU93::HOOPERThu Jul 22 1993HUMANE::DIGITAL - status?
4017.05STKSPA::AHLGRENWed Jul 28 1993Fantasy Football
4020.011SAHQ::LUBERThu Jul 29 1993Trouble accessing CLOSET::SKATING
4021.02SOLVIT::STRAIGHTFri Jul 30 1993COHESIONworX
4022.01PATE::KULPMon Aug 02 1993Scuba notes??
4023.01BPSOF::TELEGDYTue Aug 03 1993DIGITAL organizations chart?
4024.01RANGER::RTRME::LichtenbergTue Aug 03 1993IRIS (Software LAN Analyzer), RANGER::IRIS
4025.0+1VOLAPM::HAIGHWed Aug 04 1993TOEM Restricted Notes FIle.
4026.01NICCTR::GARDNERFri Aug 06 1993what happened to Disney
4027.02DOMINY::TAYLORFri Aug 06 1993Announcing Public Notes conference on TP Workcenter
4028.03MAST::ARUMUGHAMMon Aug 09 1993Weird error message
4029.03JRDVTue Aug 10 1993ISO 9
4031.01DSSDEV::FLATTENTue Aug 10 1993Announcing Public Conference for Multimedia Services
4032.02USFHSL::KATZWed Aug 11 1993Security_consulting
4033.01MUNSBE::CHEQUERThu Aug 12 1993MUNSBE::AIS (Automated Installation Software)
4034.01HGOVThu Aug 12 1993Demo locations wanted???
4036.0SMURF::SHIDERLYMon Aug 16 1993DECsafe Available Server
4037.0AYOV22::TADAIRMon Aug 23 1993What happened to Holiday_Residence?
4038.03FLUKES::SUTTONMon Aug 23 1993Ocean/Sea Kayaking Conference
4039.0EPS::KUSEKOSKIMon Aug 23 1993Announcing Public Conference for Electronic Library Sales and Service
4040.0+22CECEHV::JAGERMANTue Aug 24 1993Where to signup for HARBOR::DWT??
4041.01NETRIX::michaudMon Aug 30 1993DEC Pathworks for Windows NT
4043.01BPSOF::TELEGDYTue Aug 31 1993What happened with <Boston Celtics>?
4044.01--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 02 1993
4046.01BPSOF::TELEGDYFri Sep 03 1993DNT ????
4048.016BITS::DELBALSOFri Sep 03 1993Conferences impacted by the removal of Node MLTVAX::
4049.01NMGDV9::MONDTue Sep 07 1993Availability of node VIA:: ? (DECquery, DECreport, etc. conferences)
4050.01TAVTue Sep 07 1993What happened to CLT:: notes$library ?
4051.01MRKTNG::BEALANDTue Sep 07 1993Classified_ads
4053.0TINCUP::KRALThu Sep 09 1993Announcing DART Notes Conference
4054.0TKOV5Sat Sep 11 1993TKOV51::MCAE_JAPAN
4056.01DATABS::SMITHMon Sep 13 1993Basketball - Nashua area
4058.05HOO78C::RIETKERKWed Sep 15 1993MOUSE(BIGSOW)::FDDI ????
4059.01POMPEO::PAPIFri Sep 17 1993Image InfoCentre (IIC)
4060.06AKOCOA::MAILROOMMon Sep 20 1993POBOX::DJ ??
4062.0STAR::BUDAMon Sep 20 1993PDC_STORE
4063.01NOTIME::SACKSTue Sep 21 1993Possible cause of deregistered nodes?
4064.08TNPUBS::BELLUSCITue Sep 21 1993DIGITAL_INVESTING not found
4068.01WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Sep 22 1993Announcing the Digital UPGRADES Notes Conference
4070.0+1HANNAH::HAMILTONWed Sep 22 1993ONTIME::DECPRINT_KODAK conference
4071.01TEKOA::RAITTOWed Sep 22 1993MACRO-64's ASM has moved to 11SRUS::ASM$NOTES:ASM
4073.01CADSYS::LEMONSThu Sep 23 1993DiskMizer : Real-Time Disk Doubling Software for VMS
4074.01BPSOF::TELEGDYFri Sep 24 1993AES conference?
4075.01ARRODS::PENDERGRASTFri Sep 24 1993Mailing issues
4076.01TFH::KTISTAKISFri Sep 24 1993askenet???
4077.01RANGER::AURIGEMMAFri Sep 24 1993Boston Briuns Conference
4078.05TLE::C_STOCKSFri Sep 24 1993DEC Fortran on Alpha (archived)
4079.06MRKTNG::BOEBINGERFri Sep 24 1993Lotus Notes conference
4080.0SEFITue Sep 28 1993Home for the HOLIDAY_RESIDENCEs
4081.03GEMGRP::PW::WinalskiWed Sep 29 1993TURRIS having trouble
4083.0CHGVWed Sep 29 1993DECSTART conference removed
4084.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PMon Oct 04 1993RDVAX status ???
4085.01KALI::EWANCOTue Oct 05 1993DECbrouter 9
4086.010BROWNY::DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Oct 05 1993Casino Gambling Conference
4087.0R2ME2::GREENWOODThu Oct 07 1993Unicode
4088.01SOFBAS::SHERMANFri Oct 08 1993dial-out/OMODEM
4089.02RT128::BATESSun Oct 10 1993PDAonline Conference
4090.0SNOCSun Oct 10 1993Business Process Reengineering conference
4091.01TKOV51::MANABEWed Oct 13 1993where AKOCOA::STANDARDS ?
4092.05COLWed Oct 13 1993MORTAL::IBMPC_SHAREWARE gone/dead ???
4093.02CALS::GELINEAUWed Oct 13 1993
4097.03BIGUN::WILLS::PINKERTONTue Oct 19 1993Etherworks Cards location?
4098.06ARRODS::PENDERGRASTWed Oct 20 1993LSM ??
4099.06--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 20 1993Automobile Information Notesfile???
4102.01WMOIS::STYVES_ATue Oct 26 1993What's Happening??
4103.01MXOVTue Oct 26 1993EDWIN::IMAGE_SERVICES ??
4105.06KALVIN::SCARAMUZZOThu Oct 28 1993Utilities to get new notes E-mailed automatically
4107.0TPSYS::SUNDERLANDThu Oct 28 1993DECADMIRE - Commerical Fortran Generator
4109.03ISLNDS::MCWILLIAMSMon Nov 01 1993Competitive Analysis (CA) Technology
4110.02HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARTue Nov 02 1993VMSMAIL conference
4111.02SOLVIT::STRAIGHTTue Nov 02 1993Team/SEE Conference
4112.03DEMON::DEMON::INGALLSWed Nov 03 1993Hawaii?
4113.01TNKSYS::DBROWNThu Nov 04 1993DECalert
4114.01NASZKO::GUERETTEThu Nov 04 1993ObjectFlow - Reliable Flow Manager (RFM)
4115.0KALVIN::SCARAMUZZOMon Nov 08 1993EtherWORKS Notes Conf on NOTED::ETHERWORKS now available
4117.01UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IFri Nov 12 1993Where are the notesfiles?
4118.02QCAVTue Nov 16 1993S. Africa on the net?
4120.02MEOCTue Nov 16 1993isvspr::3stooges
4122.0DCEIDL::CLARKWed Nov 17 1993Tracker - Keeping track of Notes
4123.02NYOSWed Nov 17 1993Objectworks conference location?
4124.02ACESMK::RLEEWed Nov 17 1993SOJU::CTG_CONSULTING Conference
4125.02HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARThu Nov 18 1993Airport Management Conference?
4126.02RT93::STELINThu Nov 18 1993Y&R and Melrose Place Soap
4127.01LEMAN::PASTORE_AFri Nov 19 1993Where is the conf talking about JaberWaking (don't know the spell either...)
4128.0DELNI::GIUNTAFri Nov 19 1993HUB_MGNT conference
4129.05ACESMK::RLEEFri Nov 19 1993No EPIK::GRAPHICS found ... node unknown
4130.0GNPIKE::KYZIVATTue Nov 23 1993FBE (Framework Based Environment) - IRNBRU::DECFBE
4131.04UNXA::HEGLITue Nov 23 1993cose/Common Desktop Environment ( CDE )
4132.0MOVIES::WIDDOWSONWed Nov 24 1993
4133.02AIAYR::SLATERWed Nov 24 1993Xcursion
4134.02AUSSIE::PENNYWed Nov 24 1993EF93 gone AWOL ???
4135.01STKAI1::SWE1Thu Nov 25 1993NII and CSPP IT infrastructure projects
4136.03UNXA::HEGLISat Nov 27 1993New Builder Xcessory (BX) conference
4138.04KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerWed Dec 01 1993what's up with DECWET::?
4139.024CSC32::S_BROOKThu Dec 02 1993EASYNOTES.LIS maintenance
4140.0+3SSDEVO::PARRISFri Dec 03 1993StorageWorks RAID Software for OpenVMS
4141.03TAVTue Dec 07 1993Where is the conf talking about PCI bus?
4142.01KIRKTN::SFARMERTue Dec 07 1993Industrial Archiology Where Are You !!!
4143.011SAHQ::LUBERWed Dec 08 1993PRoblems with Digital notes conference
4144.0SOJU::SLATERThu Dec 09 1993Client/Server Notes - Address Info
4145.020BPSNIC::TELEGDYThu Dec 09 1993UBOHUB::EUROTCD ??
4146.0MKOTS1::HOULEFri Dec 10 1993Storage Mgmt in Digital
4148.03CHOVAX::POALETTITue Dec 14 1993SMURF::ASE?
4149.02--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 14 1993Where's digital note?
4150.03TNPUBS::BELLUSCIWed Dec 15 1993World Wide Web (WWW), Mosaic conference?
4151.01COOKIE::REICHWed Dec 15 1993New Notes Conference: COOKIE::mlm_mrm_v1
4153.01AYOV25::ABOLTONFri Dec 17 1993HYDRA::AMIGA ?? WHERE
4156.01VANGA::KERRELLMon Dec 20 1993VANGA::UK_Quality
4157.01PLAYER::BARDEZMon Dec 20 1993Where is DTRACY::DECTRACE_V2
4158.0KETJE::VANGRIEKENMon Dec 20 1993S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)
4160.0+4CSOA1::ECKTue Dec 21 1993RAID or Storage Conference?
4161.0JUDI::REDDYWed Dec 22 1993US_DEMO_CENTERS note file moved
4162.0CURRNT::HILLWed Dec 22 1993SLC Conference
4163.01--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 28 1993HOLIDAY_TRAVEL????
4164.05BOSDCC::CRONKWed Dec 29 1993Where is PRO_ENGINEER?
4165.0+4BLGWed Dec 29 1993RAID Array
4167.03--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 30 1993postscript
4169.01WINEO::GELDARDTue Jan 04 1994Where is node MUGGER:: (ICL notes file)
4170.01HLDEThu Jan 06 1994InfoAccess
4173.01CALS::COUPERMon Jan 10 1994Contextual Management
4174.09CVG::PETTENGILLFri Jan 07 1994Anyone have information on TCL and TK within DEC?
4175.0SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994DECevent conference - INTERNAL USE ONLY
4176.0HQENG::KURTASat Jan 08 1994SOLVIT::ISO9
4177.06NSICTue Jan 11 1994MANM
4178.01LARVAE::AITKINS_TTue Jan 11 1994Active Badge
4179.02TRUCKS::EVANS_WWed Jan 12 1994TRUCKS::MS_PROJECT - Microsoft Project tool
4180.06BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Jan 12 1994Where is LINKWorks ??
4181.03MUDDY::WATERSThu Jan 13 1994GIGAswitch conference
4182.0MUDDY::WATERSThu Jan 13 1994General ATM conference
4183.0CALDEC::AMITABHFri Jan 14 1994CALDEC:: WRL_ATOM (ATOM Performance Tools)
4184.07BACHUS::FOLENSMon Jan 17 1994ISDN conference still alive?
4185.02NQOPS::APRILTue Jan 18 1994MS-WORD Conference
4186.01TPOVC::STEVEHSUWed Jan 19 1994Looking for EMS/SCADA discussion conference
4187.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 20 1994WANTED: SKI PKG
4188.0NSTG::MCCARTHYFri Jan 21 1994NAC QAR conference
4189.03ERLANG::PALMERMon Jan 24 1994Sound Picture Information Networks Conference
4190.01CRIME::GENTILITue Jan 25 1994POLYCENTER Network Application Monitor
4191.01DABEAN::WOODTue Jan 25 1994Pathworks 5?
4193.01OOTOOL::BALARAMANWed Jan 26 1994DBA Workcenter conference
4194.0SMURF::SHIDERLYWed Jan 26 1994OSF/1 Logical Storage manager
4195.03ODIXIE::SSMITHThu Jan 27 1994Help
4196.02TLE::KIMBALLFri Jan 28 1994F9
4197.02DAGWST::PIAZZAFri Jan 28 1994LSF Conference?
4198.04WECROW::GUERRIERISun Jan 30 1994Software Reusability Notesfile
4199.04CSC32::K_JOHNSONMon Jan 31 1994No entry in EASYNOTES.LIS for DISCOS::OPENCP
4200.04BLGWed Feb 02 1994DECpc Conference
4201.01HERON::LEFEVREThu Feb 03 1994IBM system in Valbonne's NOTE CONFRENCE
4202.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994DEC N.H. Soccer League
4203.04KAOOA::RANGERFri Feb 04 1994Can't access Humane::Digital
4204.01CSC32::MASIASSat Feb 05 1994New Batch_Printing_services notes conference
4206.01EISKFC::CAREYMon Feb 07 1994Help in Finding tools for DEC 2
4207.05BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Feb 07 1994Help finding missing conferences
4208.0HELIX::MIANOMon Feb 07 1994VxWorks
4209.05TOOK::MINTZTue Feb 08 1994POLYCENTER Manager on NetView
4210.01NYOSTue Feb 08 1994DECmode conference or kit
4211.03EVMS::PCLWed Feb 09 1994Pathworks for AXP
4212.0ULYSSE::ROEMERThu Feb 10 1994Advanced Electronic Support - CLARID::ISDS
4213.012HOT::SHANAHANFri Feb 11 1994ABBOTT address as been changed
4214.0IOSG::MEREWOODFri Feb 11 1994CICS - IBM's Customer Information Control System
4216.03--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 14 1994Where's the Disney conf.???
4217.01STOWOA::TOYEMon Feb 14 1994Workgroup Solutions
4218.02KERNEL::ADAMSTue Feb 15 1994Where has OLDTMR gone ??
4219.07HYDRA::NICHOLSTue Feb 15 1994Digital Applied Technology Reports notes file
4220.02AYRDAM::DAGLEISHPWed Feb 16 1994COMP_OBJECT Notes Conference not now available
4222.02RUMOR::FALEKWed Feb 16 1994QPC or "QuickStart for PCs" conference ?
4223.05QUIVER::SLAWRENCEThu Feb 17 1994HUB_MGNT Conference Move
4225.01DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Feb 17 1994Wanted: Central/South American conference
4226.03--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 21 1994Where did Games conf. go
4227.02SUOSWS::63915::WagenblastTue Feb 22 1994VWS conference dead?
4228.0EVTAI1::SAMIE_FWed Feb 23 1994Informix Conference
4231.01TOOK::MORRISONTue Mar 01 1994VTX NOTES_INDEX: Problem extracting directory
4232.04CSC32::M_JILSONFri Mar 04 1994CRASHR::RIDESHARE_CXO - Deleted
4233.0AUSSIE::JAINMon Mar 07 1994DEC FaxServer For RISC Ultrix
4234.0+3LJSRV2::MATHEWSMon Mar 07 1994AIDS_WALK notes conference
4235.01LISTIM::RIBEIROOMon Mar 07 1994What happened to VMS SUPPORT conference
4236.01MR4DEC::TLEVITANMon Mar 07 1994DEC_SEC Still Here?
4237.01BROKE::PROTEAUTue Mar 08 1994DEC Data Distributor
4238.01ODIXIE::GELINEAUTue Mar 08 1994What happened to Digital_Investing
4240.02BOSDCC::CRONKThu Mar 10 1994DIGITAL
4241.01GVPROD::CASTILLOFri Mar 11 1994URGENT help - Italy conf. problem
4242.05MOEUR2::GRAYFri Mar 11 1994Decnet Address ?
4243.01ULYS::LIEOUWed Mar 16 1994wordperfect conference?
4244.01PLAYER::BROWNLWed Mar 16 1994European-based contractors' conference.
4245.09LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 16 1994Linux Users Conference
4246.02RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Mar 16 1994New Philippines Notes Conference
4247.01RANGER::HUTZLEYThu Mar 17 1994New SCANNING (radio) Conference
4248.08WHOSSat Mar 19 1994The Whereabouts of CDROM conference?
4249.0RTOIC::FSEVERINSun Mar 20 1994Alpha Innovators Conf RTOIC::AIP_EUROPE
4250.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Mar 23 1994Cant delete conference marker
4252.0TAEC::FLAUWFri Mar 25 1994TeMIP - TAEC::TEMIP
4253.04TNKSYS::DBROWNSun Mar 27 1994Where's the DECalert Notes Conference ?
4254.04CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Mar 28 1994VMSNOTES?
4255.0+32DEVLPR::OWLMED::gentileMon Mar 28 1994Listing of TCP/IP Conferences??
4256.02HASTUR::LOWEThu Mar 31 1994POLYCenter Licensing System
4257.0144GL::LASHERFri Apr 01 1994File that lists all other files?
4258.0--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 01 1994Does Parenting have a problem??
4259.02DGOSWMon Apr 04 1994ALPHA migration tools notes
4260.0HAGELN::MyTHMon Apr 04 1994DEC TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
4261.0BLUFSH::VIDYASHANKERTue Apr 05 1994Software Licensing System Conference
4264.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 06 1994
4265.0MROA::BERICSONFri Apr 08 1994DCOMS and DCMES notes file
4266.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Apr 11 1994SSDEVO::HSD3
4267.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Apr 11 1994SSDEVO::HSZ4
4268.04--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 12 1994ORACLE on ALPHA v SUN TPC
4269.0CSSE16::SILVERTue Apr 12 1994UNIFACE
4270.03GNPIKE::KYZIVATWed Apr 13 1994FBE - Framework Based Environment
4271.02BEBBI1::637Thu Apr 14 1994searching DCE conferences
4272.01TUXEDO::RAIZENFri Apr 15 1994InfoBroker
4273.0METSYS::REIDTue Apr 19 1994DEC/EDI FileBridge conference (EDI Flat File Mapper)
4274.03SIOG::E_CUSACKFri Apr 22 1994MSMAIL
4275.0TPTEST::SEVIGNYMon Apr 25 1994ACMSxp notes conference
4276.01SDTPMM::GOUVEIATue Apr 26 1994Where is Toolshed conference now?
4277.06--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 27 1994where's Disney?
4278.08KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONMon May 02 1994Where is SOFTWARE_LICENSING (LMF) conference?
4279.01NYOSMon May 02 1994Looking for VMS Utility
4281.09--UnknownUser--Tue May 03 1994AOSG::ALPHA_OSF conference - node unavailable
4282.01CGOOA::MHEADThu May 05 1994Voice Recognition Status Query???
4283.0BGSDEV::HOLTGREFEFri May 06 1994relocation of VWS and UISX notesfiles
4284.06HANNAH::HAMILTONMon May 09 1994How are topics catagorized?
4285.04EPS::GRIFFINMon May 09 1994Solution Architect conference
4286.02CSC32::R_LEETue May 10 1994Where is {ECADSR,ECADJR}::ACM_IEEE notesfile?
4287.015STKHLM::LINDGREN_PTue May 10 1994Easynotes listings not complete.
4288.0CSLALL::COMPANIONTue May 10 1994Contact name??
4289.07NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserWed May 11 1994Where's ObjectBroker ???
4290.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 11 1994Classified..what's up?
4291.03MIMS::WHITTINGTONThu May 12 1994VR32
4292.03RMDSRV::HINMONSun May 15 1994Commodore Notes File?
4293.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed May 18 1994OFFPLS::US_DEMO_CENTERS seems to be very unreachable for quite some time now
4294.03VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOWed May 18 1994DEC Wan Router 9
4295.0RANGER::DEEThu May 19 1994PATHWORKS for SCO server
4296.0RANGER::DEEThu May 19 1994PATHWORKS V5 for DEC OSF/1
4297.03CNTRLZ::WALTERSFri May 20 1994Chicago or Windows V4.
4298.06ARRODS::PENDERGRASTMon May 23 1994Perl hints,tips & tricks ?
4299.01MRKTNG::BEALANDMon May 23 1994Clipart
4300.0MRLAT::RASPUZZISat May 28 1994LAT/Master conference (been around for a bit)
4301.01HGOVC::CSCHANWed Jun 01 1994FINALY::FIELD_SERVICE status.
4302.025286::SENDLOSKYThu Jun 02 1994TALLIS::TOPS - New DECnet node number
4303.01UNYEM::RECUPARORThu Jun 02 1994Business Plans
4305.01SEPPLT::ZORBASTue Jun 07 1994Workgroup Computing in SPT
4306.02WELCLU::WOODWARDATue Jun 07 1994OpenDATA Manager Location?
4307.02GNPIKE::GUAYWed Jun 08 1994DATABS::TUNER
4308.01COMET::CAMERON_SThu Jun 09 1994Prehistoric Animals?????
4309.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Jun 09 1994Announcing Labview for Windows conference!
4310.02A1VAX::LUCYG::GilchrestThu Jun 09 1994Classifieds Problem?
4311.04ZURFri Jun 10 1994easynote.confs.networking.dtss unknown ?
4312.0MIMS::SANDERS_JFri Jun 10 1994UNISYS Migrations & Conversions
4313.01SHARE::STARVASKIWed Jun 15 1994MetPay?
4317.01XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Jun 17 1994How do I go about deleting a notesfile on another node upon switch over?
4318.05DABEAN::WOODThu Jun 23 1994Windows for Workgroups location
4319.01GEMGRP::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::WinalskiThu Jun 23 1994TURRIS conferences back on line
4320.0USCTR1::DEMARSMon Jun 27 1994Announcing the DUNSDATA Conference!
4321.0RDGENG::PECKHAMWed Jun 29 1994Following notes files moving node WANLAD is going
4322.01KERNEL::CLARKWed Jun 29 1994SSDEVO::IO_PERFORMANCE...admission please?
4323.0QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 29 1994POLYCENTER Software Installation (PCSI, aka SPIA)
4324.06WMOIS::STYVES_AThu Jul 07 1994Register Radio_Scanner?
4325.02MSBCS::WIBECANThu Jul 07 1994MSBCS::INTERNAL_PERF_TOOLS -- Internal-use Performance Analysis Tools
4327.02ODIXIE::GELINEAUFri Jul 08 1994Where is ISLNDS::PROPHIT
4329.01JOBURG::HARRISMon Jul 11 1994Mounting Bracket Confusion with SA9
4330.0ROWLET::ALBURYTue Jul 12 1994DECgenisys
4334.0SMURF::LSWFri Jul 15 1994Profiling Forum
4335.02VMSNET::RRICKWed Jul 20 1994WANLAD moved to MARVIN::
4337.0PATE::COTEMon Jul 25 1994The Electric_Vehicles Conference
4340.02CSOA1::HOLLERANThu Jul 28 1994DEC 2
4345.02QCAVWed Aug 03 1994Third Party Software ?
4351.0GAUCHE::jnelsonTue Aug 09 1994FY95-AD
4352.0GVAWed Aug 10 1994Internationalization Standards
4355.03BONNET::CORFASFri Aug 12 1994Electronic Commerce
4356.0NSICThu Aug 18 1994QSM - Quantative Software Measurements
4361.01DECBAH::SANJEEVMon Aug 29 1994MS-Mail Blues. Urgent help reqd.
4363.0THELAB::ASBRIDGETue Aug 30 1994MVBLAB::SABLE Public discussion of SABLE system aka 21
4365.06MRKTNG::L_MOOREThu Sep 01 1994ne_jobs?
4367.03OTOOA::MOWBRAYMon Sep 05 1994DEC Channelworks ?
4368.0AZUR::HUREZTue Sep 06 1994POLYCENTER System Watchdog: NOTED::SNS
4370.0TELNET::DUGALTue Sep 06 1994RoamAbout Wireless LANs Notes Conference.
4378.05EPS::VIJAYFri Sep 09 1994Video On Demand Conference ?
4382.0DAIVTue Sep 13 1994Indonesian Conference
4383.0+1AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGTue Sep 20 1994AXPpci 33 OEM motherboard
4385.01MKOTS3::THOMSONFri Sep 23 1994Secure Workstations: MKOTS3::DEC_MLS_PLUS
4387.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Sep 27 1994Training needs analysis
4388.0NRSTA2::CARIFIOTue Sep 27 1994MAPI?
4389.01CSC32::R_LEESat Oct 08 1994GSFSYS::DCLREVIEW ?
4391.0DAGWST::PIAZZATue Oct 11 1994POLYCENTER SID for DEC OSF/1 Location Please
4392.02TKOVZZ::KANNAMITue Oct 11 1994SequeLink Conference ?
4394.0VARESE::BIOTTIWed Oct 19 1994Basestar Open Device Connection
4395.0BRAT::GORDIE::CORZINEWed Oct 26 1994Linden (21
4396.0DPPRIP::BARRIEMon Oct 31 1994** Product Performance **
4399.0SOLANA::MAY_BRFri Nov 04 1994Sales Horizon Conference?
4400.0WRKSYS::HOUSEWed Nov 09 1994WRKSYS::ALPHASTATION (Mustang, Avanti)
4401.010EEMELI::BACKSTROMSun Nov 13 1994Microsoft Windows 95 ("Chicago")
4402.02METZMon Nov 14 1994Psion related conference
4403.01NETCAD::ZINKTue Nov 15 1994OPEN DECconnect Conference
4404.0NETCAD::DESMONDTue Nov 15 1994ClearCase Users' Conference
4405.02MSBCS::HALLFri Nov 18 1994Digital Portable PC's Notes Conference?
4406.0APSMME::ROZMOVITSMon Nov 21 1994DECtalk in Software
4407.0SSAG::TERZATue Nov 22 1994POLYCENTER Save Set Manager for OpenVMS
4408.09ANNECY::TCHIJAKOFF_SWed Nov 23 1994FTSO conference
4409.09MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 19943DO video game conference
4411.04JURA::QUINNThu Dec 08 1994Is Their a Brasil Conference
4413.09KAOOA::ALJAARWed Dec 14 1994PowerBuilder by PowerSoft?
4415.01FIREBL::LEEDSWed Dec 14 1994CASIO_BOSS conference ??
4416.01VANGA::KERRELLFri Dec 16 1994F1 - VANGA::F1
4417.0+1MPGS::TUCKERWed Dec 21 1994Announcement of LMS Notes File
4418.01ZPOVC::DAIVTue Dec 27 1994LP29 Conferrences ?
4420.04HGOVC::BVISHWASFri Dec 30 1994Information on Optical JUKEBOX?
4421.01ZENDIA::MCARLETONTue Jan 03 1995Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF)
4422.0WRKSYS::BCLARKThu Jan 05 1995announcing wrksys::dec3
4423.01UBOHUB::BEVIS_SThu Jan 05 1995Av3
4424.0MICROW::FLEMINGWed Jan 11 1995TUXEDO
4425.0+1SUTRA::TIGA::PRELYWed Jan 18 1995PATHWORKS Remote access over WAN links
4426.03LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DThu Jan 19 1995ORACLE ON VMS or PRO-IV conference?
4427.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jan 26 1995Troubleshooting instructions need revision
4428.01TOOK::D_NELSONTue Jan 31 1995NetRider -- Remote Network Access Conference
4429.04ENGPTR::WARDWed Feb 01 1995PTR - Problem Tracking and Reporting
4430.01GERUND::WOLFEThu Feb 02 1995OSF/1 System Administration Tools
4431.01MLNCSC::PARACCHIFri Feb 03 1995czecho & slovak
4432.02LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DMon Feb 06 1995DEChub 9
4433.0+4BRONS::BURROWSTue Feb 07 1995VTstar conferences.
4434.0+3CECAMO::JAGERMANThu Feb 09 1995Conference about the Multia?
4435.01HLDEFri Feb 10 1995LNXimage Conference
4436.0GLDOA::BROMLEYFri Feb 10 1995C/S Infrastructure Conference
4437.0+6MROA::SOFTBALLMon Feb 13 1995Digital Marlboro Softball League (DMSL)
4438.01UFP::MITCHELLWed Feb 15 1995Prioris HX Conferences
4439.04LARVAE::64443::JORDAN_CMon Feb 20 1995Microsoft BackOffice
4440.04SUBSYS::DTSULLIVANTue Feb 21 1995Personal Oracle
4441.0COSME3::MUNRO_RThu Feb 23 1995Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) Service
4443.0+5ZENDIA::FERGUSONFri Feb 24 1995POLYCENTER AssetWORKS and Microsoft SMS
4444.0+2HANNAH::ALFREDFri Mar 03 1995VT LAN4
4445.0NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Mar 07 1995Sector 7 VMS-to-Unix Migration Toolkit
4446.0SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Mar 08 1995NOWIT::DECPOS
4448.03FREEBE::AMINTue Mar 14 1995Intergrating Mail Applications
4449.01NQOPS::APRILWed Mar 15 1995HiNote Ultra 's
4450.02ZPOVC::DAIVC::GUNALANThu Mar 16 1995Passbook Printer Service Guide !
4451.0IOSG::SMITHFFri Mar 17 1995CICS for DEC OSF/1 AXP V1.2 Technical Questions
4452.0AOSG::SYSTEMFri Mar 17 1995turris::digital_unix is replacing aosg::alpha_osf
4453.02ANGLIN::KLEINMon Mar 27 1995CONSUMPTION REDUCTION notesfile
4455.0GIDDAY::THOMPSONSSat Apr 01 1995Samba for Unix
4456.0TOOK::JAMESTue Apr 04 1995POLYCENTER NetView for Windows NT
4457.0TPSYS::ZAHAVIWed Apr 05 1995POLYCENTER MJx for PC Windows and Windows NT
4458.0NEWOA::SOUTARMon Apr 10 1995BPS_UK - Disaster Recovery Services UK & Ireland
4459.04ICAVAX::IRISHMon Apr 10 1995Oracle for Digital notes conference - platform independent
4460.012CGOOA::MOLTue Apr 18 1995CHANGE_FORUM?
4461.02BVILLE::FOLEYWed Apr 26 1995DRV1W-xx product info/docs?
4464.01TLE::HAMSONFri May 05 1995Field Service Conference
4465.01TROOA::SONMEZFri May 12 1995Memory Channel Clusters
4466.04STRATA::HONGSun May 14 1995Vietnamese conference
4467.02VYGER::BONEMSun May 14 1995Police Conference
4468.0KOALA::BANTISTue May 16 1995MAPI Connection
4469.02TLE::HAMSONTue May 16 1995Borland Developers Conference ?
4470.0CPDEV::DOUGLASWed May 17 1995POLYCENTER Capacity Planner
4471.0UNIFIX::SILVERThu May 18 1995QARTS
4472.0+5ICS::BEAUDOIN_DThu May 18 1995Australia/Sydney Conf.??
4473.02SPECXN::GROSSMANTue May 23 1995EDEX notes conference
4474.0+5RIOTFri May 26 1995HORSE_RACING
4477.0METALX::SWANSONTue Jun 13 1995Atari Jaguar
4478.0QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 14 1995DEC Fortran and DEC Fortran 9
4479.0PCBUOA::BRACKENFri Jun 16 1995Server_Works & Remote Server Mgt. Conf
4480.0VAXCPU::michaudFri Aug 23 1996Heretic (game)
4481.0HUMOR::EPPESTue Jun 20 1995TeamLinks for Macintosh (MACINTOSH_OFFICE)
4483.02SUOSWS::NIESSERThu Jun 22 1995VAX FTAM notes conf?
4484.0FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Jun 22 1995Ink jet printers
4486.03OOTOOL::CRAIGWed Jun 28 1995Oracle Products Notesfiles Moving to Digital Gateway machine
4487.0724313::VOGELWed Jun 28 1995Location of New Mobilizer conference?
4491.07SNOFS2::FUNGSIONGMAWed Jul 05 1995Insufficient Resources at NOTED:: conf.
4492.01SML1DR::xploit.del.dec.com::EROSWed Jul 05 1995ManageWorks conference?
4494.01LUXWed Jul 19 1995OpenVMS and NT integration (?)
4495.01TOOK::MCDONELLWed Jul 19 1995COMMON_BROUTERS (new multiprotocol brouters)
4496.01RTFM1::AHLGRENFri Jul 21 1995Eurosport95
4497.01OZROCK::HUNTJTue Jul 25 1995EDMS Conference?
4499.07MTCLAY::CLEMENTTue Aug 01 1995new topic???
4502.03HAMSC3::GBENDMANNWed Aug 09 1995OSMS Conference ?
4503.0+2NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Alpha Configuration Utility
4504.01OTIGER::R_WHEELERFri Aug 11 1995Blockbuster Notesfile missing/need assistance
4505.01TROOA::SONMEZMon Aug 14 1995Alpha Road Map
4506.0APACHE::LINNELLTue Aug 15 1995FVS3
4507.0CSSE::MEYERSWed Aug 16 1995Application Development and Integration CSSE::ADI
4508.0BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSFri Aug 25 1995Declare - Speech Recognition Software for Alpha Workstations
4509.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Aug 28 1995Executive Information Systems and Data Warehousing
4510.0+23CHEFS::JORDANTue Aug 29 1995Microsoft Exchange
4511.01REQUE::MCGOWANMon Sep 11 1995Mountain Bikes (MTB)
4512.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMWed Sep 13 1995PATHWORKS for Windows 95
4513.02CSOA1::DLOWEWed Sep 13 1995servicenters
4514.02METALX::SWANSONThu Sep 14 1995Announcing the Sony Playstation notesfile
4516.02USCTR1::SANTRY_KMon Sep 25 1995Anything on Essbase anywhere?
4518.02HIPS::WATSONThu Sep 28 1995Babylon5
4519.01DUNKLE::MCDERMOTTThu Sep 28 1995Yard Sale?
4520.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Oct 04 1995POWDML::ETHICS, Discussing Digital's Ethics
4521.0NAMIX::jptMon Oct 09 1995MSBCS::HPC - High Performance Computing is here
4522.01DPDMAI::GALVINTue Oct 10 1995Where's EASYNOTES.LIS???
4523.0SHRCTR::ROBILLARDMon Oct 16 1995PC Utility notes file created
4525.043GMC::KEITHTue Oct 31 1995Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Conference
4526.043GMC::KEITHTue Oct 31 1995Fibre Connected UNIX Storageserver (FUS)
4527.0NETCAD::NPARETue Nov 07 1995FrameMaker documentation tool
4528.0IJSAPL::RIETKERKWed Nov 08 1995OFFBASE notes conference wanted!
4529.0WARXL1::WARNESGThu Nov 09 1995SUPERLAT conference started
4530.05ATLANT::SCHMIDTFri Nov 10 1995Regional conference for the Pacific Northwest?
4531.03ORO5Mon Nov 13 1995Current All-In-1 Notes conference
4532.0KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995JAVA notesfiles created
4533.01KOALA::BANTISTue Dec 12 1995Digital Driver for MAPI
4534.0KOALA::CIOTTue Dec 12 1995Digital Driver for cc:Mail
4535.0BEJVC::JOHNSTONHWed Dec 13 1995Any conference on remote sensing??
4536.01PCBUOA::WHITECFri Dec 15 1995ServerWORKS (tm)
4537.04PCBUOA::akhrMon Dec 18 1995Notes Conference on How to Use Notes?
4538.0ULYSSE::DAVEYTue Dec 19 1995European SBU Pre-sales Technical Support
4539.0+1CHEFS::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995UK_MCSE - Microsoft Certification
4540.03TROOA::SONMEZWed Dec 20 1995Data Warehouse
4541.0TPSYS::BHATThu Dec 21 1995POLYCENTER Performance Advisor for Digital UNIX
4542.02TPSYS::BHATThu Dec 21 1995POLYCENTER Performance Expert for Windows NT
4543.0+1NODEX::CROSSMANFri Dec 22 1995Pocket Validator
4545.06SAWA::535Thu Jan 25 1996FX!32
4546.0PERPLE::TSGARP::Colleen MartinFri Jan 26 1996Defense Messaging System (DMS)
4547.0+7ACISS2::STUTSONSat Jan 27 1996NT clustering?
4548.03HYDRA::TABORThu Feb 22 1996Visio drawing software
4549.0SNAX::NOONANMon Feb 26 1996Alcoholics, addicts and family who are also gay
4550.01COMICS::BEDDALLMon Feb 26 1996Sun is dead, long live Sun
4551.04BGSDEV::MORRISWed Feb 28 1996MEMIT gone
4552.0+13CBHVAX::CBHTue Mar 05 1996Announce: HTML conference.
4554.0BROUGH::DAVIESWed Mar 13 1996DELPHI Notes conference
4556.0WKSHOP::bommah.tay.dec.com::donoghueFri Mar 15 1996Digital SI Program Status Reporting Tool
4557.03RTOIC::RTOWTE::reussTue Mar 26 1996Windows NT 4.
4559.0MOVMON::DAVISMon Apr 22 1996AlphaServer 41
4560.02--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 10 1996Professional Sports Betting Note ?
4561.02NEWVAX::LAURENTFri Apr 12 1996Notes callable interface
4562.0QDOVMon Apr 15 1996conference on ABB products ?
4563.0FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Apr 22 1996Windows NT Tools
4564.0GYRO::HOLOHANTue Apr 23 1996Announcing Internet AlphaServer Conference
4565.0+3SOAEDS::TRAYSERWed Apr 24 1996Global Knowledge Network, Inc. (SOAEDS::GKNET)
4566.01PASTA::CAMPOSMon May 20 1996PCMCIA - Is there a PCMCIA or CardBus Note?
4567.0ANNECY::NECTOUX_PYWed May 22 1996Announcement of ANNECY::LEAFBRIDGE
4568.01ANNECY::NECTOUX_PYWed May 22 1996Announcement of ANNECY::COMM_SERVER
4569.010TAVTue Jun 11 1996Alta Vista?
4571.01SEGUR::CHESNOTMon Jun 17 1996Oracle <--> DB2
4572.0STOWOA::LARSENFri Jun 21 1996Mobile/Wireless Technologies in MCS Program
4573.01MLNOIS::ASTRUAThu Jun 27 1996Network Tuning info. and doc. ?
4575.0QUAKKS::EGOLFSat Jun 29 1996Proces Data Acquisition System (PDAS)
4576.01MXOVTue Jul 02 1996Oil & Gas Conference anywhere?
4577.02GLAYVA::RENFREWFri Jul 05 1996Availability Services Notes File
4578.0+3THEBAY::WIEGLEBWed Jul 17 1996Innosoft PMDF (e-mail) conference
4580.02ZPOVC::FABIANLEESun Jul 21 1996Notes Conf. for IIS???
4581.09JGO::POMMERENThu Jul 25 1996Interesting Conferences
4582.09doosje.bro.dec.com::HERTAMon Jul 29 1996TCP/IP hostname+domain
4583.0LHOTSE::DAHLMon Jul 29 1996General MAPI Programming
4584.0+1AYJEN1::caly7Thu Aug 08 1996Digital Modular Computing Components (DMCC)
4585.03QUARK::LIONELMon Aug 26 1996Digital Systems Business Unit (SBU)
4586.01SUBSYS::NEUMYERWed Sep 11 1996SCSI
4586.03UTRTSC::BOORFri Oct 11 1996Conferences on node NAC::
4587.02SUPER::YWOSKUSWed Oct 16 1996Can't access NAPALM::GUITAR
4587.0MOVIES::MJOHNSONWed Oct 30 1996Spiralog Filesystem for OpenVMS
4587.0DAIVC::FELDIANSYAHSun Sep 15 1996how to get network information ?
4588.0+15VAXCPU::michaudMon Nov 04 1996PATHWORKS 32 (bit) for NT, Win95, ...
4588.01MKOTS3::MALONEYWed Sep 18 1996Looking for Carpenter
4589.0FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Nov 21 1996PATHWORKS Troubleshooting Hints and Tips
4590.0DECWET::ONOFri Nov 22 1996NetWorker Save and Restore
4591.01HERON::ROWLANDSFri Nov 29 1996Data Warehouse Tools Technical Support
4592.0NETRIX::"lowell@bubble.zk3.dec.com"Tue Dec 17 1996Digital UNIX Object File/Symbol Table Notes Conference
4593.0NSICFri Dec 20 1996YEAR 2
4594.0XDELTA::HOFFMANMon Dec 23 1996OpenVMS Year 2
4595.0COOKIE::AMENDMon Dec 30 1996Disk File Optimizer (DFO) notes files
4596.01METALX::SWANSONWed Jan 08 1997Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 notesfiles
4597.08TRNOI2::TESTAThu Jan 16 1997DEC Security Gate - Help me!
4598.0 *+1VAXCPU::michaudFri Jan 24 1997ObjectBroker Desktop Connection
4599.0 *+7JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Jan 27 1997WWW-to-Notefile gateway details?
4600.0 *+1VAXCPU::michaudWed Jan 29 1997Other conferences moved to HUMANE:: from ONTIME::
4601.0 *+1NETRIX::"luc.maurel@aeo.MTS.dec.com"Tue Feb 04 1997DECforms French version
4602.0 *NETCAD::ATKINSONThu Feb 06 1997Veribest CAE/CAD tool.
4603.0 *SPOOKS::PLEETue Feb 18 1997remote node is unknown
4603.0 *+1PTHRED::SHARRISWed Feb 26 1997Digital Resource Broker
4603.0 *PTHRED::SHARRISTue Mar 04 1997Digital Resource Broker
4604.0 *+4HGOVC::NANDANTue Mar 18 1997AlphaServer 3
4605.0 *+3deitWed Mar 19 1997SMURF via TCP/IP
4606.0 *QUARK::LIONELWed Apr 09 1997ZKO site shutdown this weekend
4606.0 *NETRIX::"gullbergj@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997subnet's disapears
4607.0 *+1SHRCTR::shr16Mon Apr 14 1997Play it again, Sam
4608.0 *+1FUNYET::ANDERSONFri Apr 25 1997NetNotes
4609.0 *SIOG::KEYESMon Apr 28 1997 MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) note conference
4610.0 *+2HLLOB1::YOUNGTue Apr 29 1997Where are all the entries?
4611.0 *+1HOTLNE::YOUNGThu May 01 1997Where oh where is WOMANNOTES?
4612.0 *AEOENG::BENDRISWed May 21 1997DCSO Product
4613.0 *+1OTOOA::otop63.oto.dec.com::otoaTue May 27 1997AlphaServer 8
4614.0 *MPGS::DEVITue Jun 03 1997VTX_ALPHA notes conference