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Conference turris::vaxc

Title:VAX C Notes
Created:Sat Jan 25 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:5611
Total number of notes:27963
Number with bodies:64
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.014ELUDOM::MOOREThu Jun 23 1983VAX C Conference
2.0ELUDOM::KELLERMANMon Jun 27 1983PSECT attr for variables
3.01NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 29 1984fgets / gets gotcha
4.06NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 29 1984LINT
5.01TONTO::BIGELOWThu Mar 01 1984Optimizer bug?
6.08--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1984Pre-Processor
7.03ROLL::FEATHERSTONThu Mar 01 1984STREAM_LF files
8.03NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Mar 01 1984? bug in printf ?
9.0NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Mar 05 1984stdin, stdout and ASTs
10.02XENON::STANSBURYTue Mar 06 1984/Cross doesn't work
11.016VAXUUM::DYERWed Mar 07 1984"Only in MACRO and BLISS"
12.0SMILEY::ROBINSONThu Mar 08 1984VAXC FLIP book available
13.03NACHO::CLEVELANDThu Mar 08 1984How about a net kit?
14.01NEWTON::NORTONThu Mar 22 1984Debugger philosophy
15.0NEWTON::NORTONThu Mar 22 1984Debugger philosophy
16.016REX::MINOWMon Apr 09 1984"Known functions? -- suggestion"
17.03NACHO::DSMITHMon Apr 16 1984sizeof unions
18.05VAXUUM::DYERWed May 16 1984prog <infile >outfile &>errfile
19.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 17 1984Problem with sizeof?
20.08VAXUUM::DYERMon May 21 1984#include FILE vs. #include <FILE
22.0REX::MINOWFri Jun 01 1984Announcing Decus C Notes
23.06Vaxuum::DYERWed Jun 06 1984Overhead
24.01THUNDR::SHIRRONMon Jun 18 1984volatile variables?
25.02MUNFri Jun 29 1984Bug ?
26.04NY1MM::MUSLINSun Jul 01 1984Pointer Arithmetic
27.02ZURMon Jul 02 1984Looking for LINT.C
28.01REX::MINOWTue Jul 03 1984ANSI Standard C (from USENET)
29.0REX::MINOWTue Jul 03 1984ANSI Standard C (from USENET)
30.07VAXUUM::DYERWed Jul 25 1984#include "..." error?
31.01NACHO::LINDQUISTTue Jul 31 1984Brace yourself for this...
34.011NY1MM::MUSLINSun Aug 05 1984RMS Struct. Initialization
35.06ERLANG::CAMPBELLSun Aug 05 1984A small poem
36.0ISHTAR::PAGEMon Aug 13 1984$CC hangs with this program
37.02S4VMS::ATKINSONTue Aug 28 1984CRTLIB.OLB/Vincompatibible
38.0VAXUUM::DYERThu Aug 30 1984Self-Replicating C Program
39.0REGAL::CHESTNUTTFri Aug 31 1984Compiler bugcheck
40.020NY1MM::MUSLINFri Sep 07 1984C PVAX11C Optimization
41.01VAXUUM::DYERThu Sep 13 1984Other C Compilers
42.04VAXUUM::DYERThu Sep 13 1984VAX C Generating PIC?
43.03NACHO::MCMENEMYThu Sep 13 1984pointers and arrays
44.02TRON::WARWICKFri Sep 14 1984HELP !!!
45.04NACHO::LINDQUISTFri Sep 14 1984Cing the net
46.04REGINA::AUGERITue Sep 18 1984Use of open() and fdopen()
47.03NY1MM::SPRINGERFri Oct 12 1984cbeauty on vms?
48.04ERLANG::CAMPBELLMon Oct 15 1984Address alignment
49.0ERLANG::CAMPBELLMon Oct 15 1984Address alignment
50.01REX::MINOWWed Oct 17 1984VaxC 2.
51.02CADET::TANNENBAUMWed Oct 17 1984VAX-11 C E-Net Kit?
52.04REGINA::AUGERIFri Oct 19 1984Problem with putc
53.01BEANO::PITTMon Oct 29 1984Compiler bugcheck in V1.n
54.0RDGE21::GAUTIERTue Oct 30 1984Bad typedef gives bugcheck
55.06RDGE21::GAUTIERTue Oct 30 1984fprintf/fgets interaction
56.01ELUDOM::NOLANFri Nov 02 1984New VAX C Contact
57.02VIKING::FLEISCHERMon Nov 05 1984Copying Stream files over Enet
58.010RDGE21::GAUTIERWed Nov 07 1984Variable arg lists
59.02VAXUUM::DYERWed Nov 07 1984void Where Prohibited
60.04LATOUR::AMARTINWed Nov 07 1984Some more cc bugchk's
62.01TROUT::PRIBORSKYFri Nov 09 1984Linking with VAXCRTL.EXE
63.012ZOO::FEATHERSTONWed Nov 14 1984C reading FORTRAN data files
64.0RDGE21::GAUTIERMon Nov 19 1984typedef globaldef enum
65.02OCKER::HAGARTYFri Nov 23 1984Shareable RTL && ACCESS Viol.
66.01TAU::DYERTue Nov 27 1984Curses!
67.0MILRAT::MUNROETue Nov 27 1984C interface to FMS
68.01MILRAT::MUNROETue Nov 27 1984C inteface to Datatrieve
69.011HARE::STANTue Nov 27 1984Passing Mechanisms
71.01OYSTER::CARDIMINOThu Nov 29 1984Task to Task Communications
72.04TROUT::PRIBORSKYThu Nov 29 1984C code in PROM
73.03NY1MM::BONNELLFri Nov 30 1984Creating a sharable image
74.0NACHO::LINDQUISTTue Dec 04 1984Do you care about trivial bugch
75.04MILRAT::MUNROEMon Dec 10 1984Spurious multiple defn errors
76.09ERIS::CALLASTue Dec 11 1984C compiler uses CDDSHR
77.02GVAIC3::ZGRAGGENThu Dec 13 1984fopen file_attri in V2
78.04RDGE21::GAUTIERFri Dec 14 1984line numbers in tracebacks
79.02ELUDOM::NOLANTue Dec 18 1984VAX C T2.
80.023TOPCAT::RANAUROTue Dec 18 1984WAIT function return status
81.0ELUDOM::NOLANFri Dec 28 1984Include files and VAXC V2.
82.07XENON::STANSBURYWed Jan 09 1985Compilation Errors
83.05MILRAT::MUNROETue Jan 15 1985Help with memory allocation
84.02TRUTH::HYMANWed Jan 16 1985FILE wrong in T2.
85.06VAXWRK::CASSELLSFri Jan 18 1985Why can't ] be a terminator
86.06FELIX::ZARLENGAMon Jan 21 1985sys$qiow() from VAX-11 C
87.02FELIX::ZARLENGAThu Jan 24 1985Why VAC C Notes ??
88.07TKOVFri Jan 25 1985compiler bug check ?
89.03PIXEL::PWONGThu Feb 07 1985Is the compiler looping?
90.02HARPO::TIBBERTFri Feb 08 1985Execution profile??
91.01DVINCI::MPALMERMon Feb 11 1985code gen for uvax
92.02BEANO::HJONESThu Feb 14 1985Where have the entries gone.
93.0PARROT::GOUTALThu Feb 14 1985
94.02PARROT::GOUTALThu Feb 14 1985RMSEXP.C?
95.03VIA::LASHERThu Feb 14 1985Manual errata
96.02BEANO::HJONESFri Feb 15 1985C V1.5 Compiler problem?
97.09LOGIC::VANTREECKFri Feb 15 1985#ASM in VAX-11 C?
98.01PARROT::GOUTALSun Feb 17 1985including stdio
99.01OCKER::HAGARTYMon Feb 18 1985ELN for VAX-11 "C"
100.05TRON::SEATONMon Feb 18 1985Popen(),Pclose() et al.
101.01RDGE21::GAUTIERTue Feb 19 1985Try not to activate FORRTL
102.04FIG::SCHROEDERTue Feb 19 1985#define question
103.08OCKER::HAGARTYThu Feb 21 1985Twinkle, twinkle...
104.02JACOB::MUNROEMon Feb 25 1985Loss of precision
105.01LATOUR::AMARTINWed Feb 27 1985#include/SHOW:NOINCLUDE bug
106.03LOGIC::VANTREECKWed Feb 27 1985Pascal to C converter
107.013ZEPPO::MOODYThu Feb 28 1985Subtil C bug ??
108.0NUWAVE::BELCHThu Feb 28 1985Omissions from x2.
109.01LATOUR::AMARTINSun Mar 03 1985Bug in 2.
110.01PARROT::GOUTALSun Mar 03 1985strpbrk bug?
111.09OCKER::HAGARTYTue Mar 05 1985Not bad at all...
112.02GAUSS::GLAZERThu Mar 07 1985RMS var. length rec. files ?
113.0GAUSS::GLAZERThu Mar 07 1985RMS var. length rec. files ?
114.01SCRIBE::VONSUCKFri Mar 08 1985Machine Code Request
115.0DCVAX::TANCILLMon Mar 11 1985Conversion aids/tools/suggestio
116.0NUWAVE::SUNGTue Mar 12 1985T2.
117.03GVAIC3::ZGRAGGENWed Mar 13 1985Curses
118.08GVAIC3::ZGRAGGENFri Mar 15 1985DEC/Shell RTL
119.02SPIDER::GOHNFri Mar 15 1985Source language debugging
120.06SPIDER::GOHNFri Mar 15 1985V2.
121.02RAJA::SWARTZFri Mar 15 1985Bug in argument accessing
122.02NUWAVE::SUNGWed Mar 20 1985#Including both curses & smgdef
123.04ELMER::FARICELLIThu Mar 21 1985sscanf incompatibility?
124.07JACOB::MUNROEFri Mar 22 1985Offsets of a structures fields
125.0STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
126.0STSat Mar 23 1985Sales Product Training NOTE FIL
127.06PIXEL::PWONGTue Mar 26 1985Order of Preprocessing
128.02KATIE::BURDICKFri Mar 29 1985Where is STARLET?
129.08ELUDOM::NOLANFri Mar 29 1985Variant Aggregates
130.0REX::MINOWMon Apr 01 1985National letters in Ansi C
131.03VAXWRK::PRAETORIUSMon Apr 01 1985VAXC vs. Whitesmith's
132.02FIG::MELTONMon Apr 01 1985"Backward" ref's of structures
133.0REX::MINOWWed Apr 03 1985Subjective C Revealed
134.01VOGON::JONESWed Apr 03 1985<Pass a subarray to a function
135.06SCRIBE::VONSUCKFri Apr 05 1985Command Line Processor
136.01NACHO::LINDQUISTFri Apr 05 1985Parameter Puzzle
137.02KIRK::BOYERMon Apr 08 1985c performance (with strings)
138.01PICA::HIDERMon Apr 08 1985Help: descriptors/lib$trim_..
139.02VAXWRK::DBDAVISTue Apr 09 1985Question on fseek
140.02TROUT::KELLERTue Apr 09 1985DEC Module Standard ?
141.05MILRAT::SUTTONFri Apr 12 1985Structure member ref's
142.02MOTHER::MERMELLTue Apr 16 1985?'s and comments on SSCANF & do
143.01OLORIN::ROBINSONTue Apr 16 1985use of globalref
144.01OLORIN::ROBINSONWed Apr 17 1985File protections
145.07REX::MINOWWed Apr 17 1985Release-specific code?
146.01WR1FOR::DONALDSHAFri Apr 19 1985bugcheck maxline
147.01ELUDOM::NOLANThu Apr 25 1985VAX C V2.
148.02ELMER::FARICELLIFri Apr 26 1985more curses!
149.05FELIX::ZARLENGAFri Apr 26 1985general comments, etc
150.02FELIX::ZARLENGAFri Apr 26 1985A better VAX-11 C book
151.014XENON::TANNENBAUMFri Apr 26 1985Multinational Characters
152.03SPRITE::MULDERFri Apr 26 1985another warning
153.0REX::MINOWTue Apr 30 1985National Letters and C
154.03XENON::REINIGFri May 03 1985scanf() incompatibility
155.01NY1MM::SANTIAGOMon May 06 1985TERMCAP Anyone?
156.010PYRITE::HOFFMANTue May 07 1985Condition Handlers ?
157.04OCKER::HAGARTYTue May 07 1985FT3 to V2.
158.01TIGER::ZARLENGATue May 07 1985Quick question
159.06TIGER::ZARLENGATue May 07 1985File attributes ???
160.06NY1MM::CHURCHEWed May 08 1985How to establish an exit handle
161.02DVINCI::ROSESat May 11 1985Open/fopen over the net
162.01PYRITE::HOFFMANWed May 15 1985Memory Management Conflicts
163.02TIGER::ZARLENGAFri May 24 1985VAX C v2.
164.08PAMET::JONESFri May 24 1985max string len, printf?
165.03JON::MORONEYFri May 24 1985Must \n be LF?
166.04NANOOK::PARKEFri May 24 1985HELP - port from UNIX
167.0GYPSC1::WIENERTue May 28 1985symbol missing in PQLDEF.H
168.01ATOThu May 30 1985MACRO-11 to C Conversion Filter
169.05SANFAN::GOODMANROFri May 31 1985Where is getch?
170.0NUWAVE::BELCHFri May 31 1985Portability for the Workers
171.07EDEN::ENGELFri May 31 1985ASTs and C
172.03CARLIN::RAMTue Jun 04 1985VAXC V2.
173.010ELMER::FARICELLIWed Jun 05 1985C and 2D arrays
174.05GALLO::VOBAWed Jun 05 1985Listing Page Header
175.01TIGER::ZARLENGAWed Jun 05 1985Version number on .LIS file
176.04XANADU::MORRISWed Jun 12 1985Multiple questions
177.01OLEMIS::MILLERThu Jun 13 1985DECnet connect data
178.06REX::MINOWFri Jun 14 1985Getting/setting RMS attributes?
179.05RDGE21::GAUTIERMon Jun 17 1985can't cast g_float to float
180.0LATOUR::RMEYERSTue Jun 18 1985Coding Standards Notesfile
182.0EIFFEL::NOLANWed Jun 19 1985New VAX C Project Leader
183.0LATOUR::AMARTINSun Jun 23 1985Errata for CaRM
184.012REX::MINOWWed Jun 26 1985Strange C Contest Winners
185.06VOGON::JONESThu Jun 27 1985Creating .h files
186.06TIGER::ZARLENGASat Jun 29 1985fseek(fptr,
187.04NUWAVE::SUNGMon Jul 01 1985Is C callable from other langs?
188.014PYRITE::HELBICKTue Jul 02 1985Where is Vaxc doc set?
189.0REX::MINOWTue Jul 02 1985ANSI Draft C Standard
190.016OLORIN::MITTONTue Jul 02 1985?Date & Time cnv routines?
191.04RANI::LEICHTERJThu Jul 04 1985Memory allocation
192.08GYCSC1::THOMASThu Jul 04 1985readcheck function ??
193.02TKOV51::SATOSTue Jul 09 1985Never ending ctermid()
194.05REX::MINOWWed Jul 10 1985Process timings
195.0ELUDOM::CNOLANFri Jul 12 1985VAX C V2.1-
196.01SPECTR::BATESWed Jul 17 1985This is beginning to bug me
197.04OLEMIS::MILLERThu Jul 18 1985Optimizer bug?
198.09SNOVMon Jul 22 1985fflush bug?
199.02OLEMIS::MILLERWed Jul 24 1985YAOQ (Yet Another Optimizer ?)
200.08EXIT26::SOULEFri Jul 26 1985problem with atof()
201.01VOGON::GOODENOUGHSat Jul 27 1985Hex conversion with sscanf
202.01REFUGE::CARSONMon Jul 29 1985CC$RMS_XABTRM Undefined
203.01JAKE::KAPLANTue Jul 30 1985LIB$_NOSUCHSYM undefined ?!
204.0JAKE::KAPLANTue Jul 30 1985LIB$_NOSUCHSYM undefined ?!
205.0REX::MINOWWed Jul 31 1985I/O library performance
206.012ERIS::CALLASWed Jul 31 1985problems with stdio
207.04SARAH::P_DAVISWed Jul 31 1985Pascal --> C conversion
208.01GYCSC1::THOMASThu Aug 01 1985LF output ?
209.05BRAT::WALLACEThu Aug 01 1985!!!!*** HELP ***!!!!
210.03EXIT26::SOULEFri Aug 02 1985Insidious feature
211.02PIXEL::PWONGSat Aug 03 1985Typo in V2 doc
212.06VIKING::CAMPBELLTue Aug 06 1985open(2) broken???
213.03TIGER::ZARLENGAWed Aug 07 1985T bit trap??
214.06TOOTER::MCCARTHYWed Aug 07 1985More problems with open ()
215.02LATOUR::AMARTINThu Aug 08 1985Indexing is commutative
216.08PYRITE::BENSONThu Aug 08 1985$LCKPAG and C modules ?
217.03TOPCAT::RAUHALAThu Aug 08 1985_toupper is broken
218.06VIKING::CAMPBELLFri Aug 09 1985Use of stderr causes accvio
219.0ELGAR::DARCYFri Aug 09 1985Troubles with $FILESCAN
220.02FURILO::STANLEYFri Aug 09 1985Need Floating Point Benchmarks
221.05VIKING::CAMPBELLTue Aug 13 1985DECNET access from C program
222.02SNO78A::BERGSONNESat Aug 17 1985Problem with signal()
223.02TIGER::ZARLENGASun Aug 18 1985Interrupt on key?
224.01MENTOR::BIGELOWMon Aug 19 1985How do I read binary files?
225.05LOGIC::VANTREECKWed Aug 21 1985Address of a label
226.02PYRITE::BENSONThu Aug 22 1985.PSECT alignment conflicts ?
227.05LATOUR::AMARTINThu Aug 22 1985globaldef/ref and enums
228.0LATOUR::AMARTINThu Aug 22 1985globaldef/ref and enums
229.011SARAH::P_DAVISTue Aug 27 1985C vs. PASCAL benchmarks?
230.0NANDI::TAYLORWed Aug 28 1985data type matrix
231.04GVAIC3::ZGRAGGENThu Aug 29 1985File Attributes ACCVIO
232.02TIGER::ZARLENGATue Sep 03 1985Reading from tape
233.02CYCLPS::PIYANAITue Sep 03 1985Pipe()
234.09MARRHQ::WDCThu Sep 05 1985Linking across versions - quest
235.01BEANO::PITTThu Sep 05 1985newwin(
236.02OBLIO::SHUSTERThu Sep 05 1985Run-time problems
237.0OLEMIS::MILLERFri Sep 06 1985Sharable C library
238.08SPRITE::OSMANMon Sep 09 1985How do I implment %ASCID ?
239.02TOOTER::MCCARTHYWed Sep 11 1985Problems with mkdir()
240.01MILES::CARVERWed Sep 11 1985Problem: Pointers To Procedures
241.09SPRITE::OSMANFri Sep 13 1985init struct with *variable
242.01RANI::LEICHTERJSat Sep 14 1985access() documentation error
243.03VIKING::FLEISCHERTue Sep 17 1985Bliss to C?
244.09SPRITE::OSMANWed Sep 18 1985#ifndef in a macro expansion
245.05TIGER::ZARLENGAThu Sep 19 1985Reading from magtape unit
246.013SPRITE::OSMANFri Sep 20 1985fast mem-copy in C ?
247.03LATOUR::AMARTINSat Sep 21 1985Can't send Vax-11 C QARs
248.0SANFAN::BROTHERGEMon Sep 23 1985"C" to FORTRAN
249.07SPRITE::OSMANThu Sep 26 1985compiler and xtraneous insts
250.0GYPSCFri Sep 27 1985Bug? In certain cases no traceb
251.01BOOLE::ANKERThu Oct 03 1985C vs. RMS
252.01SPRITE::OSMANMon Oct 07 1985compiler says submit SPR
253.03SPRITE::OSMANMon Oct 07 1985of what use is "int *foo;" ?
254.01SPRITE::OSMANTue Oct 08 1985STRNCPY is badly documented
255.02MENTOR::KOSTASThu Oct 10 1985compiler crash. help
256.01PRYDE::MOYFri Oct 11 1985NET kit available?
257.013SPRITE::OSMANFri Oct 11 1985%.*s of 1
258.01SPRITE::OSMANMon Oct 14 1985^D^@^@^@ after error messages
259.05SPRITE::OSMANMon Oct 14 1985/SHOW=NOPAGE_BREAKS request
260.03PBSVAX::PIYANAITue Oct 15 1985PRINTF or FOR loop ?
261.01SPRITE::OSMANTue Oct 15 1985structure A=B and A==B
262.04MILES::JONESTue Oct 15 1985VAXC vs. Ultrix str allocation
263.010SPRITE::OSMANTue Oct 15 1985"file descriptor" missing index
264.02REGINA::MESSENGERTue Oct 15 1985Bug in printf
265.05SPRITE::OSMANWed Oct 16 1985compiler ignores "7+"
266.03NUWAVE::SUNGWed Oct 16 1985More unusual printf behavior
267.02TIGER::ZARLENGAThu Oct 17 1985"list of item descriptors??"
268.010SPRITE::OSMANThu Oct 17 1985show line on which error occure
269.09DEMON::OSMANFri Oct 18 1985%I should be seen by MMS/NOIGNO
270.03ANGORA::ZARLENGAMon Oct 21 1985error messages
271.05BLIZRD::JARVISMon Oct 21 1985Structure templates??
272.06SPRITE::OSMANTue Oct 22 19854.2 broke my SMG C code
273.01DSSDEV::REINIGTue Oct 22 1985Finding the length of a file.
274.06SPRITE::OSMANThu Oct 24 1985no error on undefined struct?
275.01MANANA::BENSONFri Oct 25 1985RMS Structure refs give error
276.01GALLO::VOBAFri Oct 25 1985VAXC$REVERT() ?!
277.02VAXWRK::DBDAVISTue Oct 29 1985printf from detached process
278.010SARAH::P_DAVISTue Oct 29 1985I/O on structures?
279.04CASHEW::MYEEWed Oct 30 1985scanf bug|feature
280.011VIKING::CAMPBELLWed Oct 30 1985stat gobbles heap space
281.02CLT::SCHOTTThu Oct 31 1985Passing struct to functions??
282.0ANGORA::ZARLENGAFri Nov 01 1985Curses
283.010QANTAS::REILLYFri Nov 01 1985Compiler bug
284.02NUWAVE::SUNGFri Nov 01 1985Hardcopy curses
286.02SNOFLK::JARVISMon Nov 04 1985fclose () question
287.02DSSDEV::REINIGWed Nov 06 1985fread() & fwrite() arguments
288.07ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed Nov 06 1985Curses (yet again)
289.01WSGATE::WCARRWed Nov 06 1985Forced variable declarations
290.04TRON::SEATONFri Nov 08 1985YAOQ - Yet another open quirk
291.06SOUSA::BANNONMon Nov 11 1985j=-1 didn't work
292.08SPECTR::BATESMon Nov 11 1985VAX C Compiler question
294.013REX::MINOWTue Nov 12 1985Space Optimization
295.04JANIS::CARLETONWed Nov 13 1985query about C tools
296.016SPRITE::BROWNWed Nov 13 1985NEED: goto contents of variable
297.02ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed Nov 13 1985Address of subroutine ???
298.015MENTOR::BIGELOWThu Nov 14 1985*- Command parser needed -*
299.01HYDRA::BLATTFri Nov 15 1985Simple Question
300.012LATOUR::AMARTINFri Nov 15 1985Example of wildcarding in C?
302.02HYDRA::BLATTMon Nov 18 1985Does C work with debug??
303.02JANIS::CARLETONMon Nov 18 1985debugger query
304.05VAXINE::FITZPATRICKMon Nov 25 1985? unlink() ?
305.0PRISM::CSSEINFOTue Nov 26 1985TDMS and C
306.02GVAIC2::ZGRAGGENThu Nov 28 1985fscanf() bug?
307.09VOGON::GOODENOUGHThu Nov 28 1985Problem with character comp
308.03SWIFT::PITTTue Dec 03 1985Initialize pointer to function
309.09ELMER::FARICELLITue Dec 03 1985Null arguments?
310.01HARPO::KENNEDYWed Dec 04 1985calloc/cfree problem
311.02LYRA::BLATTThu Dec 05 1985fprintf to the terminal?
312.05SPRITE::OSMANThu Dec 05 1985two weird error messages
313.03WHAT::EWALDFri Dec 06 1985Timed Input With Vax C??
314.01REX::MINOWFri Dec 06 1985Better Error Messages
315.011REX::MINOWMon Dec 09 1985vaxc$establish help needed.
316.07BEANO::COBBOLDTue Dec 10 1985VAX C and NAM definitions
317.01NUWAVE::SUNGTue Dec 10 1985access() fails on SYS$INPUT
318.07VOGON::GOODENOUGHWed Dec 11 1985Fix for macro strings - when?
319.06SWIFT::HUDSONThu Dec 12 1985File sharing problem
320.02LOGIC::VANTREECKThu Dec 12 1985Union without tags?
321.01MEO78B::MACKAYThu Dec 12 1985Problem with sscanf
322.012WOODIE::ROTHBERGFri Dec 13 1985Installing VAX-C
323.02RANI::LEICHTERJTue Dec 17 1985fopen() problem
324.05TOOLS::DICKAUWed Dec 18 1985<VT> translation
325.05ORC::MERSHONFri Dec 20 1985More Curses
326.02REX::MINOWMon Dec 23 1985VMS I/O discussion
327.01TKOV51::SATOSMon Dec 23 1985Problem: catch up ctrl-c
328.03ORC::VAUGHANTue Dec 24 1985Using DCL commands in program.
329.04GLIVET::DIAMONDFri Dec 27 1985Question about FREAD
330.07NUWAVE::SUNGThu Jan 02 1986$CHAR_STRING_CONSTANTS psect?
331.02PLDVAX::ZARLENGAFri Jan 03 1986System prompt
332.05DELNI::HEFFERNANMon Jan 06 1986Need RTL?
333.02WHY::EWALDTue Jan 07 1986decus c
334.04GYCSC1::KRAFTTue Jan 07 1986fgets with stdin
335.02ORC::MERSHONTue Jan 07 1986Curses Again
336.02VAXWRK::DBDAVISTue Jan 07 1986routine address for $DCLEXH?
337.016PARROT::GOUTALWed Jan 08 1986type of errno?
338.03YIPPEE::DENISThu Jan 09 1986Vax/Vms drivers in Vax-11 C
339.04MILES::CHABOTThu Jan 09 1986C Manual Jollies
340.05JETSAM::MEISNERThu Jan 09 1986C Documentation
341.0JETSAM::MEISNERThu Jan 09 1986C Documentation
342.07NY1MM::LOUIEFri Jan 10 1986#DEFINE PTR &OBJ - X(&PTR)
343.01NUWAVE::SUNGFri Jan 10 1986Conversion to VAX Notes
344.07MENTOR::BIGELOWMon Jan 13 1986Problem/bug (?) with VMS time.
345.04ORC::MERSHONMon Jan 13 1986QIO and System Services
346.01DSSDEV::REINIGWed Jan 15 1986Software rot strikes again
347.02TKOV51::SATOSThu Jan 16 1986Help: fsearch usage
348.05DSSDEV::COLLINSThu Jan 16 1986"Sensing" terminal input...
349.01BISON::SHAHMon Jan 20 1986HELP: Debugger Invocation
350.02NUWAVE::SUNGTue Jan 21 1986Universal externs allowed?
351.04NUWAVE::SUNGThu Jan 23 1986VAX C in foreign countries
352.01MUNThu Jan 23 1986stat, fwrite in DECnet
353.04NUWAVE::SUNGFri Jan 24 1986Use of TABs in curses output
354.06RANI::LEICHTERJFri Jan 24 1986Buffer sizes
355.010NUWAVE::SUNGMon Feb 03 1986Cursing & Clearing the Screen
356.05BRSADV::CHAPEAUXTue Feb 04 1986Progr. C with VAX RMS
357.01PSGVAX::RBROWNTue Feb 04 1986AST - TIMER
358.05FRATue Feb 04 1986problem with sys$error in detached processes
359.03BISON::SHAHThu Feb 06 1986HELP: Function Linkage
360.05NUWAVE::SUNGThu Feb 06 1986FPUTS return value
361.01THEBAY::BROTHERFri Feb 07 1986Channel Number for stdin
362.05SUSTAR::BLATTMon Feb 10 1986printf problem????
363.08NYAIR::RECKIETue Feb 11 1986** VAX C PRETTY **
364.0GYCSC1::KRAFTWed Feb 12 1986problem with printf in a subprocess
365.02GNERIC::SMITHWed Feb 12 1986Control-C, signal(s), longjmp and EOF?
366.01SWIFT::PITTWed Feb 12 1986getenv in C from a Pascal program ?
367.01BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Feb 12 1986Curses Documentation
368.09VAXUUM::DYERThu Feb 13 1986MS-DOS Library Functions
369.03MARVIN::STRACHANThu Feb 13 1986Fast 'printf'
370.09VAXUUM::DYERSun Feb 16 1986The exit() Function is Incompatible
371.0REX::MINOWMon Feb 17 1986RMS attributes considered harmful
372.03LOGIC::VANTREECKTue Feb 18 1986Unique characters in identifier of an ANSI C
373.014TSCTue Feb 18 1986CC-E-UNDECLARED
374.013VLNVAX::FERWERDAWed Feb 19 1986The great void
375.04VAXUUM::DYERWed Feb 19 1986Linking With Sharable C RTL - Two Problems
376.010CORVUS::BLATTThu Feb 20 1986Using PF keys...
377.01ERLANG::WILKINSONThu Feb 20 1986Don't use MOVC for small structs!
378.01ENGINE::ROTHSun Feb 23 1986incor struct ref gives bugcheck
379.015BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Feb 26 1986Write Wrong
380.07FSTVAX::DICKINSONWed Feb 26 1986too many semicolons spoil the broth
381.05PARVAX::PFAUWed Mar 05 1986Truncating files
382.03BISON::WILKINSWed Mar 05 1986Disable ASTs in C
383.05CANYON::VANKLEYThu Mar 06 1986VAX C --> VAX Rdb examples
384.011PLDVAX::ZARLENGAThu Mar 06 1986CDU and C
385.02THEBAY::MTHOMASThu Mar 06 1986How about #link "string"
386.04DVINCI::ROSEFri Mar 07 1986read's bytecount is mod 65536
387.01NUWAVE::SUNGFri Mar 07 1986Comparing unions/structs
388.06LA78Mon Mar 10 1986FOPEN() conflict with MALLOC().
389.01LATOUR::AMARTINTue Mar 11 1986HELP CC Q /[UN]DEF doesn't
390.011CFIG1::BEANTue Mar 11 1986Help a Novice - Code Generation
391.01EXIT26::SOULEWed Mar 12 1986can't make localtime() work.
392.02EVER11::HETRICKWed Mar 12 1986localtime() fails in 2
393.08USHSThu Mar 13 1986using Message facility from C?
394.01CANYON::GIUNIPEROThu Mar 13 1986smb$initialize gone amuk
395.04GNERIC::SMITHFri Mar 14 1986Anybody using VMS shared global sections?
396.02PLDVAX::ZARLENGAFri Mar 14 1986^Y handler
397.01GWEN::ENGBERGFri Mar 14 1986putchar & link problem
398.08VIKING::SKIESTFri Mar 14 1986Dec-net,Rms,Stream problems using C
399.03SARAH::A_VESPERThu Mar 20 1986& and * ignored by VAX C
400.03NY1MM::SANTIAGOThu Mar 20 1986Catching a signed exception?
401.03LEWS2::MORSEFri Mar 21 1986CURSES sharable library?
402.04PRISM::CSSEINFOMon Mar 24 1986Help with sprintf
403.0PRISM::CSSEINFOMon Mar 24 1986TDMS & C Example
404.02GALLO::MCCUTCHEONTue Mar 25 1986Bliss and C
405.05LEWS2::MORSEWed Mar 26 1986"getname" function 3rd arg error?
406.01NUWAVE::SUNGWed Mar 26 1986Status of VAX C V2.2?
407.01NANDI::TAYLORThu Mar 27 1986Curses problem ??
409.07WINERY::JENSENThu Mar 27 1986non-supported data types
410.03TLE::BJORKThu Mar 27 1986VAX C V2.2 Network Kit Available
411.02BAGELS::DAVIDSONThu Mar 27 1986Can it be done?
412.02HEINKN::HEINTZEFri Mar 28 1986PARENT/CHILD/FILE Relationships
413.09AMOS::KRANTZMon Mar 31 1986Assignments as function paramaters
414.04PLDVAX::ZARLENGATue Apr 01 1986ASCII date string to # seconds
415.04MENTOR::BIGELOWTue Apr 01 1986STR$TRIM RTL problem
416.01SIERRA::OSMANTue Apr 01 1986RAYNAL::OSMAN, interpretation of COMMA
417.06PLDVAX::ZARLENGAWed Apr 02 1986Locking a file while in use
418.04THEBAY::MTHOMASSat Apr 05 1986Horrible code generation
419.02CANYON::MOELLERThu Apr 10 1986Limitation in GETCHAR ??
420.02PALM::GOLDROSENFri Apr 11 1986RMSEXP problems...
421.07NY1MM::DROSTEFri Apr 11 1986#define problem ??
422.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Apr 11 1986Preprocessor Constants?
424.01SWIFT::BYRNEThu Apr 17 1986Read&Write anywhere after LSEEK?
425.04PLDVAX::ZARLENGAThu Apr 17 1986Updating files
426.02EDISON::FLEISCHMANNThu Apr 17 1986Remote file useage
427.02ZEPPO::TIBBERTFri Apr 18 19862.2 Auto NULL string init BUG?
428.01CURIE::ANKERFri Apr 18 1986Stripping quotes
429.08VIKING::CAMPBELLFri Apr 18 1986.MSG => .H
430.02ELMER::FARICELLISat Apr 19 1986Programming in VAX-C doc?
431.019CFIG1::BEANSat Apr 19 1986Need all the help I can get...
432.0MARIAH::LARYSat Apr 19 1986Some disoptimizations, a bug and a request
433.08ZEPPO::TIBBERTSun Apr 20 1986Another BOGUS Auto init?
434.0GLIVET::ROYALMon Apr 21 1986Built-ins and JSB linkages
435.01VIRTUE::STUMPFTue Apr 22 1986Is SYS$BATCH running??
436.06DSSDEV::COLLINSWed Apr 23 1986Trouble using cfree() & calloc() in AST routines?
437.013GNERIC::SMITHWed Apr 23 1986Indirect command files, RECALL, etc and CLI with CDU
438.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Apr 23 1986VAX-11 C Examples!
439.07REX::MINOWThu Apr 24 1986Choosing a style to minimize errors
440.030PLDVAX::ZARLENGAThu Apr 24 1986Why is VAX C's .EXE file so big??
441.03CIPHER::MARIFri Apr 25 1986IBM PC C TO VAXC?
442.011ANGORA::ZARLENGAFri Apr 25 1986Yet another LINK question
443.04NUWAVE::SUNGMon Apr 28 1986VAX C & ALL-IN-1
444.07GVAIC2::ZGRAGGENTue Apr 29 1986Writing RMS records with LF and CRs in!
445.02NUWAVE::SUNGMon May 05 1986What's different under VMS V4.4?
446.04STKSWS::KSVENSSONWed May 07 1986sharable write access
447.02AUTHOR::ATKINSONThu May 08 1986Is C available for VAXstation II?
448.06VAXWRK::STANGELThu May 08 1986C U R S E S !!!
449.06IOSG::SEATONFri May 09 1986C Syntax On-line?
450.01NACHO::DIGRAZIATue May 13 1986comma semicolon
451.05PAUPER::AUGERITue May 20 1986Is there a problem with the TIMES function?
452.010ANKER::ANKERTue May 20 1986write() broken in 4.4 VAXCRTL. HELP!!!
453.04TLE::BJORKWed May 21 1986V2.3 Phase 1 Announcement
454.07PLDVAX::ZARLENGAFri May 30 1986File Copying
455.03VOGON::GOODENOUGHTue Jun 03 1986gmtime
456.03VOGON::GOODENOUGHTue Jun 03 1986Revisiting macro string problem
457.0MORGAN::MAJORSTue Jun 03 1986C Programming help for Rainbow
458.02REGAL::JACOBSONTue Jun 03 1986CHDIR broken under V4.4
459.03DOOZER::ATKINSONWed Jun 04 1986Bugs in printf("%.*s",...)
460.012CSC32::HEINTZEWed Jun 04 1986How to Forward Reference Variables
461.07FRAThu Jun 05 1986C-RTL and AST's
462.0NUWAVE::SUNGFri Jun 06 1986Complete MACHINE_CODE_LIST?
463.0SAWDST::PAQUETTEMon Jun 09 1986DATATRIEVE/Rdb Examples anyone...?
464.038TLE::COURTNEYTue Jun 10 1986VAXC support for special queue instructions
465.019TMCUK2::EARDLEYWed Jun 11 1986RTL for V2.2
466.06TMCUK2::EARDLEYFri Jun 13 1986Bug in curses library??
467.05SWIFT::BAKERMon Jun 16 1986C prog & the debugger
469.05HYDRA::BLATTMon Jun 16 1986Help with logical names...
470.03DRFIX::RAUHALAWed Jun 18 1986sizeof
471.07SIERRA::LEICHTERJWed Jun 18 1986Code-generation features for future versions
472.012TKOV52::OKUDERAFri Jun 20 1986"rop=asy", how can I use it?
474.05GALLO::MERRILLWed Jun 25 1986more get 1 char
475.01OASS::WALTERSThu Jun 26 1986definition question
476.05ENDOR::SWONGERThu Jun 26 1986Getting Strung along
478.0CADLAC::TBAKERMANWed Jul 02 1986Speedway (aka DDSL) Notes file
479.02HAYNES::SEALYMon Jul 07 1986Help with $GETUAI/$SETUAI header file
480.01DSSDEV::COLLINSTue Jul 08 1986where is VAXC on the net ??
481.04STAR::NISHIMOTOTue Jul 08 1986Malloc problem
482.01GALLO::MERRILLMon Jul 14 1986? unformatted binary
483.05LUCY::BEAUMONTTue Jul 15 1986stdout/exec/write_sharing
484.0GALLO::AMARTINTue Jul 15 1986Manual doesn't say /CROSS needs /SHOW:SYMBOLS
485.04LATOUR::MCARLETONWed Jul 16 1986/DIAGNOSTICS output and preprocessor lines
486.02RANI::LEICHTERJThu Jul 17 1986Pre-Process Only
487.01MMOThu Jul 17 1986Programming manual
488.05CAD::FARICELLIThu Jul 17 1986Mixing output to stderr and stdout
489.02PIXEL::BRIANThu Jul 17 1986Static vs. Non-Static Functions
490.05WONDER::COMMOFri Jul 18 1986<< malloc()/free() ordering >>
492.0TRCOFri Jul 18 1986Macro to VAX-C
493.012GYPSC3::ADAETue Jul 22 1986help:Macrodef. for bit-vector-initialisation
494.03NY1MM::CHURCHEWed Jul 23 1986Packed Decimals from C.
495.03STKTSC::ALINDBERGThu Jul 24 1986Anybody used SOR routines??
496.03MAGIC::HAGELMon Jul 28 1986A restriction on gets() usage ?
497.0SHIRE::ZGRAGGENTue Jul 29 1986vaxc$errno and errno, bug?
498.01VOGON::HAXBYTue Jul 29 1986VAXC/DECnet bug? Help!
499.02PMRV7Tue Jul 29 1986volatile variables
500.04KIRK::NORTONTue Jul 29 1986Declaring Message Codes: Question(s)
501.01SWIFT::BAKERThu Jul 31 1986C code forces LINKER to loop.
502.01NUWAVE::SUNGThu Jul 31 1986What's new in VMS V4.5?
503.04SWIFT::HARPERFri Aug 01 1986but that's not my file i'm reading...
504.02VAXWRK::STANGELFri Aug 01 1986/G_FLOAT gotme
505.0WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Aug 04 1986PDP-11 C
506.0NY1MM::SANTIAGOWed Aug 06 1986ONE_CHAR.c & GET_CHAR.c revisited
507.06GNERIC::QUAYLEThu Aug 07 1986Children should be seen and not heard
508.05MONET::ELIAFri Aug 08 1986Hints on Parsing?
509.06NY1MM::DROSTEMon Aug 11 1986Suppress .DMP file for fopen()
510.01HIGHFI::LAMBERTTue Aug 12 1986Are Manuals over the NET for real?
511.05MERIDN::TUSIAWed Aug 13 1986LATTICE-C to VAX-C conversion
512.01WKRP::AYLWARDMon Aug 18 1986What Version Of C on VMS 3.6?
513.014TLE::BJORKMon Aug 18 1986Attention: LSE users
514.04CLOSET::DYERTue Aug 19 1986exit() vs. sys$exit() vs. lib$stop()
515.04596Wed Aug 20 1986IPC routines ???
516.013D::JONESWed Aug 20 1986Problem in <math.h> in HUGE constant
517.02MANANA::DICKSONWed Aug 20 1986Binder for AA-L37
518.08MAHLER::HADUCHWed Aug 20 1986C compile kills process
519.036ANKER::ANKERThu Aug 21 1986Wrong file protection!
520.02JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
521.07SUSHI::SORNSONTue Aug 26 1986disappearing unlabelled structure fields
522.02USRCV1::HEIGHTWed Aug 27 1986Malloc/Realloc Problem under Vax C
523.010CLOSET::DYERFri Aug 29 1986rename()
524.02TKOV51::KIKUSHIMATue Sep 02 1986fseek(),ftell() for the record file
525.08MUNICH::BECKERWed Sep 03 1986shared files?
526.03LUCY::BEAUMONTThu Sep 04 1986RTL sources ?
527.0MUNICH::BECKERFri Sep 05 1986bug in VAXCRTL
529.0GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Sep 05 1986Binary Mode for RMS files?
530.0WATNEY::HUCKINSFri Sep 05 1986Slow DECnet file access
531.01RANCHO::RAHTue Sep 09 1986Optimized C shuts down DOPs
532.01HOTAIR::ARAGONFri Sep 12 1986Lib$tparse action routines in C?
533.013ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Sep 15 1986problem(?) with VAXCRTL when VMSINSTAL-ing
534.04NUWAVE::SUNGMon Sep 15 1986C compilation kills process
535.03WHYNOT::DENISTue Sep 16 1986Re-directions
536.010SARAH::BUSDIECKERTue Sep 16 1986Problems freeing memory
537.0REGENT::MINOWTue Sep 16 1986AI software in C
538.0GWEN::OSMANTue Sep 16 1986typo in SCANF in VAXC manual
539.08GOBLIN::KOFri Sep 19 1986another file protection question
540.04LEELA::MYEEFri Sep 19 1986fscanf string problems ?
541.09ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Sep 22 1986need help using variable len arg list functions
542.08VAXUUM::DYERTue Sep 23 1986VAX C Code - Writable Shareable?
543.05ANT::GUNDAVARAMTue Sep 23 1986How can I execute DCL commands from C?
544.04THRUST::MILLERTue Sep 30 1986Implicit subroutine calls
545.02DECEAT::AURENZTue Sep 30 1986More open() difficulties
546.02TMCUK2::EARDLEYWed Oct 01 1986a funny with execv ??
547.02GNUVAX::KARLSONThu Oct 02 1986date differences: LBRSHR and IMAGELIB
548.02ECAD::LAWThu Oct 02 1986equiv long words
549.02SWIFT::RHASKINGFri Oct 03 1986trap controlc.
550.04GYPSC3::ADAEFri Oct 03 1986Problem: Interpreting Declarations
551.0HIGHFI::LAMBERTSun Oct 05 1986C Doc in .ln3 Please!
552.027ANT::ZARLENGASun Oct 05 1986compiler questions
553.05SARAH::BUSDIECKERMon Oct 06 1986BLISS and C
554.07SSDEVO::SHAHTue Oct 07 1986Help! Need to shave some cycles...
555.0FURILO::KENTTue Oct 07 1986Compiler speed
556.0CAD::FANEUFWed Oct 08 1986CLI$DCL_PARSE as subroutine?
557.01STONED::BERUBEMon Oct 13 1986fprintf, ferror questions
559.08PDVAX::P_DAVISMon Oct 13 1986Waiting for <CR>, or someone like him
560.01OASS::WALTERSMon Oct 13 1986printf %r ?????
561.0STONED::BERUBETue Oct 14 1986Bug in ferror?
562.09SPRITE::HODGESTue Oct 14 1986Saving a C environment
563.0REGINA::LEICHTERJTue Oct 14 1986Suggested Enhancement
565.03COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Oct 20 1986UAI$_... item codes.
566.01LUCY::BEAUMONTWed Oct 22 1986Catch a kill(pid, sig); ?
567.04EIGER::AMBUEHLERThu Oct 23 1986internal compiler error with /DEBUG
568.06NY1MM::MISURACAFri Oct 24 1986Matching compiler for IBM PCs?
569.03STKTSC::LINNELLMon Oct 27 1986More discriminating compiler
570.01OSLCSC::OLAVMon Oct 27 198664-bit packed boolean array?
571.03CGOOTue Oct 28 1986VAX C vs UNIX/ULTRIX C
572.04VINO::MERRILLTue Oct 28 1986compiler abort
573.06ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Oct 29 1986Does VAXC generate MOVC3/5 instructions?
574.03TLE::COURTNEYWed Oct 29 1986Typedefs in prototypes and parameter lists
575.014COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Oct 29 1986Fear of AT&T's city of lawyers...
576.02TASMAN::EKOKERNAKFri Oct 31 1986Lost precision revisited
577.05BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Nov 03 1986Read a File, Not Records
578.011REGINA::LEICHTERJMon Nov 03 1986C parser quibles
579.03WHO::EWALDTue Nov 04 1986C and STR$GET1_DX
580.03CELLAR::KIMBALLTue Nov 04 1986VAXCRTL Overrides Local Functions
581.01TWOCAD::KASISCHKETue Nov 04 1986Curses, foiled again
582.01OSLCSC::OLAVThu Nov 06 1986Unsigned int constants
583.010SSDEVO::BATESThu Nov 06 1986sys$getdviw() problem
584.07REGINA::BATCHELDERNFri Nov 07 1986__LINE__?
585.02SWIFT::CROSBIEFri Nov 07 1986sizeof and preprocessor problem?
586.07ASPIRE::PETERSONFri Nov 07 1986User Defined C fucntions (COS,SIN),ETC...
587.02SARAH::S_COHENFri Nov 07 1986Miscellaneous questions
588.02ANT::ZARLENGAMon Nov 10 1986How to: Only 1 user at a time ??
589.01SHIRE::ZGRAGGENMon Nov 10 1986ACCVIO with system services
590.02CURIE::VANTREECKMon Nov 10 1986Yoo hoo! VAXC, are you there?
591.06DANGER::COMMOMon Nov 10 1986<< Need help with LIB$INSQHI >>
592.08SSDEVO::WILKINSMon Nov 10 1986Pointer error not found
593.01WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Nov 11 1986VMS vs UTRIX for C- HELP!
594.05OSLCSC::OLAVWed Nov 12 1986Structure initialization
595.03NOODLE::KATSIOULASWed Nov 12 1986Multidimentional array problem ???
596.02TLE::BJORKFri Nov 14 1986T2.3 Network Installation Kit
597.02RENOIR::WALLACEFri Nov 14 1986Old programs...new bugs...
598.07POP::SUNGMon Nov 17 1986Shortest/Most Accurate Fmt String
600.010DVINCI::ROSEThu Nov 20 1986lseek while reading fixed-length record files
601.03CADSYS::COOKMon Nov 24 1986SHould the FT kit have a new msg file?
602.01CADSYS::COOKTue Nov 25 1986Compiler fussy over bitfields
603.06VNAWed Nov 26 1986?Serious bug in C RTL?
604.0SWIFT::BAKERWed Nov 26 1986Curses and SMG$LABEL_BORDER
605.01CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 30 1986/ANALYSIS --> bug check on antique source file
606.05NY1MM::DAVISMon Dec 01 1986%C-F-LONGJMP
607.08ZEPPO::GRUNDSTROMTue Dec 02 1986Portability of Curses
608.0REGINA::LEICHTERJTue Dec 02 1986Code generator could do better
609.014BRSCAD::CHAPEAUXWed Dec 03 1986C performance on a mVAX II
610.04THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Dec 03 1986How do I find generated .ADDRESSes?
611.01ODIXIE::DIALThu Dec 04 1986Error CTYPE.H
612.01TPOVFri Dec 05 1986in-line INDEX file access, Please:
613.05SIERRA::LEICHTERJFri Dec 05 1986Obscure VAX C bug
614.06ZEPPO::TIBBERTMon Dec 08 1986INDENT for C code (Field Test)
615.03HOTAIR::ARAGONTue Dec 09 1986Setting bits in an integer
616.03ECADSR::DIAZTue Dec 09 1986puzzled by scanf
618.01NUWAVE::SUNGThu Dec 11 1986SMG literals mis-spelt
619.0SHIRE::ZGRAGGENFri Dec 12 1986Optimize bug in T2.3
620.03ESD3Fri Dec 12 1986VAXC Prettyprint?
621.01RANCHO::RAHMon Dec 15 1986shared file fopen()?
622.01REGAL::FRAMPTONTue Dec 16 1986ANSI C Language Standard
623.09HOTAIR::ARAGONTue Dec 16 1986strcpy access violation error?
624.01VAXINE::FITZPATRICKWed Dec 17 1986Need primer on diddling terminal from C
625.010VAXUUM::DYERFri Dec 19 1986malloc, alloc, etc., and brk and sbrk
626.03CLT::MULHERENFri Dec 19 1986Another bugcheck using /ANALYSIS
627.05VAXUUM::DYERThu Jan 01 1987VAX C RTL Wishlist
628.03NEWVAX::DEADYTue Jan 06 1987OPCDEF.H
629.01VAXUUM::DYERTue Jan 06 1987globalref struct cc$rms_xxx vs. #define cc$rms_xxx
630.03VAXUUM::DYERTue Jan 06 1987LIB$GET_FOREIGN() Used in CC$MAIN?
631.02VAXUUM::DYERTue Jan 06 1987Document What VAX C RTL Functions do to vaxc$errno
632.05PUNK::SUNGWed Jan 07 1987Alignment changed?
633.01ARMORY::WILLIAMSMFri Jan 09 1987Help needed on disabling ^Z
634.03DECEAT::GEOFFMFri Jan 09 1987Stat bug?
635.07ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Jan 15 1987Freeing memory from STR$COPY_DX with free or cfree
636.02UHCLEM::COMMOThu Jan 15 1987<< Concurrent file accessing >>
637.03MADMAC::LILLEMORFri Jan 16 1987How to read cr fix 512 byte file
638.05VIDEO::LEICHTERJSun Jan 18 1987variant aggregates
640.01VIDEO::OSMANTue Jan 20 1987is optimizer getting confused ?
641.04SHEILA::PUCKETTTue Jan 20 1987Call Sys Serv. Fails with debugger!
642.07KOALA::MACKINWed Jan 21 1987How do i get a char with noecho?
643.01LEROUF::DENISThu Jan 22 1987LISTS processing in C ???
644.03VAXUUM::DYERThu Jan 22 1987The termcap Functions and getenv("TERM")
645.012VAXUUM::PELTZThu Jan 22 1987fseek() problems
646.0MAY13::MINOWFri Jan 23 1987Decus C has moved
647.01NOVA::JOHNSTONMon Jan 26 1987nonportable structure assignment...
648.09WHERE::EWALDTue Jan 27 1987help with calloc
649.01HAZEL::RECKIETue Jan 27 1987C and SMG??? It rhymes doesn't it??
650.03ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Jan 28 1987SCA support
651.03VIDEO::OSMANWed Jan 28 1987printf fails to print in debugger
652.02REGENT::BORTMANWed Jan 28 1987What is C$CTYPE?
653.03JON::MORONEYThu Jan 29 1987C T2.3 code generator brain-damaged?
654.011CANVAS::STRIEPEThu Jan 29 1987G-Float <==> IEEE
655.0VESPER::ANDYVFri Jan 30 1987VAXC$ESTABLISH and ALARM interaction problem
656.02SNO78A::BRAHAMSat Jan 31 1987DEBUG-FNF error - what F is NF'ed?
657.03TROPPO::GRIFFITHSTue Feb 03 1987C++ Pre-processor from AT&T !?
658.017SUMA::WEBERTue Feb 03 1987One malloc can ruin your whole day
659.03CSC32::HEINTZETue Feb 03 1987INCDSTNES from C and PCA
660.012SUMA::WEBERWed Feb 04 1987CRTL, object libraries, and other languages
661.04SUMA::WEBERWed Feb 04 1987Problem with VAXC T2.3FT and DEBUG
662.04TSCThu Feb 05 1987signal C
663.05COOKIE::KRANTZThu Feb 05 1987VSII windows with CURSES support
664.06MUHTSC::RUEDIGERFri Feb 06 1987promotion float -> double causes bugs
665.07TWOCAD::KASISCHKEFri Feb 06 1987Passing C to Pascal
666.06COMICS::MEGARITYMon Feb 09 1987Longjmp, ASTs and SLEEPing
667.01UHCLEM::BENTOMon Feb 09 1987Compiler problems with T2.3
668.01TWOCAD::KASISCHKEMon Feb 09 1987C to Pascal, Pointers
669.05HPSCAD::DMCARRTue Feb 10 1987perror message string
670.013HIGHFI::LAMBERTThu Feb 12 1987Commutative & Associativity Questions.
671.09VAXUUM::DYERFri Feb 13 1987getenv() Bug on VMS V5
672.07WHAT::ENGHOLMFri Feb 13 1987Bug in va_arg()?
673.08GENRAL::MORGANMon Feb 16 1987VAXC / ULTRIX realloc incompatibility
674.01SCOTTY::FERWERDAMon Feb 16 1987C & ADA
675.0TLE::BENOITMon Feb 16 1987Phase
676.03KBOVWed Feb 18 1987ACCVIO problems
677.04ENGINE::LOUREIROWed Feb 18 1987Conditional in Struct?
678.02HELIX::MILLERWed Feb 18 1987Problem with flushing on fclose?
679.01HAZEL::RECKIEFri Feb 20 1987C and IEEE 488
680.05ESD3Fri Feb 20 1987RAD5
681.05CAM::WAYFri Feb 20 1987PL/I to C conversion...
682.06HYEND::BIGELOWMon Feb 23 1987globalvalues in VMS
683.04NOVA::ROYALMon Feb 23 1987Accessing the AP from C
685.02NY1MM::YANNIOSTue Feb 24 1987Curses and getchar() ... Revisited.
686.011COMICS::CROSBIEWed Feb 25 1987character classes and sscanf
687.03MUHTSC::RUEDIGERThu Feb 26 1987VAXCRTL & RMS & DECNET, bug
688.02NEDVAX::CJOHNSONThu Feb 26 1987VAXC on VMS and ULTRIX
689.02HSKCSC::TOIVIOFri Feb 27 1987/DEBUG works but /NODEBUG doesn't (LIB$GET_SYMBOL)
690.04THEBAY::MTHOMASFri Feb 27 1987VAX C /ULTRIX feedback
691.010MUHTSC::RUEDIGERTue Mar 03 1987VAXC signals -- interference with VMS ?
692.01COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Mar 03 1987VAXC/Ultrix and vcc(1).
693.08PAULUS::HUCKERTWed Mar 04 1987transparent command line arguments
694.03WONDER::COMMOThu Mar 05 1987<< What do fgetpos() and fsetpos() really do >>
695.045Fri Mar 06 1987bypass RMS record expansion?
696.02HIGHFI::LAMBERTFri Mar 06 1987SYS$GETJPI example???
697.09VIDEO::LEICHTERJSat Mar 07 1987Changing Max Number of Errors
698.014NACHO::KRISHNAMon Mar 09 1987lib$get_vm and lib$free_vm question????
699.03LDP::WEAVERTue Mar 10 1987Using a VAXC program as an IVP in a KITINSTAL
700.05HIGHFI::LAMBERTTue Mar 10 1987SYS$FILE_SCAN help in VAXC
701.07TLE::BENOITTue Mar 10 1987Product Requirements V3.
702.01OBIWAN::KARCZEWSKITue Mar 10 1987Greenhill 'C'
703.01KILLIE::COLLITONTue Mar 10 1987why is this happening
704.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJTue Mar 10 1987Another Optimizer Oddity
705.013COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Mar 11 1987An array of pointers to functions which return integers.
706.08COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Mar 17 1987The weak, the strong and the wimpy.
707.07SHEILA::PUCKETTTue Mar 17 1987fflush_I_really_mean_it(), unix I/O
708.05MAY2Tue Mar 17 1987The Gnu C Compiler
709.05HSKWed Mar 18 1987Indexed RMS functions?
710.02SHIRE::ZGRAGGENWed Mar 18 1987Better MISARGNUMBER message?
711.03SHIRE::ZGRAGGENWed Mar 18 1987Problem with linking and GSD for SPRINTF
712.02SYRAH::THOMASWed Mar 18 1987optimizer: (i -= 1 --> ADDL2 #-1,i) why?
713.04EVER11::LOWELLThu Mar 19 1987Problem with '`'
714.0UBEAUT::KLAVINSFri Mar 20 1987use of scandir() ?
715.014DVINCI::BAKERMANFri Mar 20 1987Help porting VMS and Ultrix (curses)
716.014OSLCSC::OLAVMon Mar 23 1987array reference outside range legal?
717.03JON::MORONEYMon Mar 23 1987LINKing with VAXCRTL as a sharable image?
718.010VAXUUM::DYERMon Mar 23 1987Logical Operators With #ifdefs?
719.08POP::SUNGTue Mar 24 1987VMS Services Files
720.06NOFALT::HWANGTue Mar 24 1987task to task
721.02CASEE::COWANTue Mar 24 1987Are bstring(3) available?
722.03BMT::RABINTue Mar 24 1987Neophyte C problem-S.O.S-ERRORS
723.03CASEE::COWANThu Mar 26 1987QAR on memcmp
724.03KBOVThu Mar 26 1987Problem with Procedural Fields...
725.0VIDEO::OSMANThu Mar 26 1987"hex" missing from index
726.04SSDEVO::BEANThu Mar 26 1987Need help writing byte streams
727.01LOTUS::TMJFri Mar 27 1987Bug in VAX C / linker interaction
728.09MDKCSW::SUMMERSFri Mar 27 1987Loaded Question
729.02LOTUS::TMJMon Mar 30 1987Structure initialisation with globalvalue
730.03BASHER::CROSBIEMon Mar 30 1987integer assignments to enum types??
731.05KBOVMon Mar 30 1987Quadword <--> string conversions????
732.08PD75Tue Mar 31 1987VMS<->Ultrix compatability?
734.01TLE::BJORKWed Apr 01 1987Performance differences between C and BASIC?
735.04VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Apr 03 1987Optimizer Needs Work
736.01VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Apr 03 1987Coercion of &(float)...
737.05KBOVFri Apr 03 1987Where is Carlos Santiago???
739.01ANTARE::ALONSOFri Apr 03 1987unix io possible bug
740.02SYRAH::THOMASFri Apr 03 1987STDIO, SCA and VAX C
741.01LAIDBK::RESKEFri Apr 03 1987Unix C vs VMS C
742.04MILRAT::CARITOSun Apr 05 1987vfork/sharing data at run time
743.03VIDEO::OSMANMon Apr 06 1987FPRINTF corrupts stack, wasted a bunch of time
744.05VAXUUM::DYERMon Apr 06 1987Portable sys$parse() Routine?
745.01COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Apr 06 1987Possible VAXC/ULTRIX bug.
746.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJMon Apr 06 1987Easy Definition of .h Files
747.09CHARON::PAGETue Apr 07 1987PARANOIA Fails on VAXC ???
748.01ILOV1Tue Apr 07 1987CTL$GQ_ symbol resolution?
749.04SDSVAX::SANTIAGOWed Apr 08 1987Can't see my .MSGs with $GETMSG
750.04REGENT::BORTMANWed Apr 08 1987VMS's recall buffer
751.03DECSIM::FARICELLIWed Apr 08 1987Problems with VAX-C/Ultrix and G-FLOAT...
752.011MARVIN::GUNNERThu Apr 09 1987queue instructions and an initialisation problem
753.09COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Apr 09 1987Optimizer bug in VAXC/ULTRIX V1.
754.03TLE::COURTNEYFri Apr 10 1987A call for RMS enhancements.
755.011BMT::SANTIAGOSat Apr 11 1987Wanted: Example of $INSQHI/$REMQHI
756.04MDRADV::FERNANDOMon Apr 13 1987SHORT performance.
757.012TLE::BJORKMon Apr 13 1987V2.3 Network Installation Kit
758.03COMICS::HJONESTue Apr 14 1987File sharing again!
759.018VAXUUM::DYERWed Apr 15 1987Useful Descriptor Macros
760.01BMT::RABINThu Apr 16 1987Neophyte C problems-Again!
761.02BASHER::MEGARITYThu Apr 16 1987Descending keys on RMS indexed files
762.04DENTON::AMARTINThu Apr 16 1987Collections of RTL function prototypes
763.01NULL::TORNHEIMThu Apr 16 1987problem with modf() documentation
764.04DOOZER::DAVIESSun Apr 19 1987optimisation blues
765.04IRT::MONASCHMon Apr 20 1987VAX C/Ultrix vs VAX C/VMS
766.04STAR::TANMon Apr 20 1987Questions on Q instructions
767.010ENGINE::ROTHTue Apr 21 1987Question about C++
768.04VAXUUM::PELTZTue Apr 21 1987Why no RMS error codes?
769.01CAM::JOHNSONTue Apr 21 1987'array of descriptors' or 'descriptor of arrays'
770.05KBOVWed Apr 22 1987Scrolling in CURSES?...
771.015VIDEO::LEICHTERJWed Apr 22 1987C Violates Calling Standard
772.011KBOVFri Apr 24 1987Why C??
773.01STAR::VANNOYFri Apr 24 1987ARGV question
774.03CEDSWS::WHARTONFri Apr 24 1987How to pass parameters to a function
775.05LOTUS::CHANTMon Apr 27 1987Problem with VOLATILE declaration ?
776.017PDVAX::P_DAVISFri May 01 1987C Coding Standards?
777.02LEROUF::EDGLEYTue May 05 1987help wanted about VAX C on Ultrix
778.04BMT::MONASCHTue May 05 1987Ultrix C to VAX C Libraries
779.016SDSVAX::SANTIAGOTue May 05 1987How to use VAR ARGS?
780.07CAMPER::LOMICKAJTue May 05 1987How do I write a callable editor in C?
781.06GENRAL::MORGANTue May 05 1987V2.3 Installation Failure
782.01DIODE::CROWELLThu May 07 1987V2.
783.01XERXES::STOLLERThu May 07 1987Listing says versus Debug says
784.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJSat May 09 1987structure oddities
785.04CSC32::JOHNSTue May 12 1987Integer Overflow
786.01COOKIE::DOUCETTEWed May 13 1987batch execution # interactive
787.08NEWVAX::CRITZThu May 14 1987volatility bug?
788.04POP::SUNGFri May 15 1987VAXCRTL under VMS V5
789.03COOKIE::ROLLOWSat May 16 1987VAX C/Ultrix and System V math library.
790.022NOVA::HIGGSMon May 18 1987VAX C strings and VMS DEBUG
792.03CASEE::CLARKTue May 19 1987I thought "&" meant "address of"
793.01CASEE::CLARKTue May 19 1987SCA doesn't report "implicit" declaration
794.05VIKING::PRAETORIUSThu May 21 1987loop top alignment?
795.02KEEPER::BURESFri May 22 1987C vs. PASCAL perf. prob.
796.01GEM::SHARMATue May 26 1987seeking guidance on small-c...
797.02BCVAX::CHEUNGWed May 27 1987Questions on vfork and execl?
798.01NULL::TORNHEIMThu May 28 1987incompatible data-types with calloc
799.0VAXUUM::PELTZThu May 28 1987WARNING: cli$dispatch CONFLICTS with free()
800.04XANADU::STOLLERFri May 29 1987Func Proto, mismatched datatypes?
801.0CSC32::NOLLMon Jun 01 1987Default values for $FAB?
802.011HPSCAD::DMCARRTue Jun 02 1987C/Pascal memory freeing
803.06MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Jun 03 1987Reference Man documentation error
805.02EIGER::HOURIETThu Jun 04 1987XAB$L_EBK returns file size + 1
806.02MAY2Thu Jun 04 1987lib$get_foreign and cli parsing
807.0147925::BIRKHOLZThu Jun 04 1987Can I STAT & OPEN over decnet?
808.02CASEE::LACROIXFri Jun 05 1987Pbs with Initialization part of a Declaration
809.04DVINCI::NEWMANFri Jun 05 1987Setjmp/longjmp w/optimization
810.03STARFri Jun 05 1987speed of lseek
811.01UFP::WICKERTSun Jun 07 1987Quick init'ng of arrays?
812.0NAAD::DEASYMon Jun 08 1987Wollagong Eunice/ competition
813.05MAY2Mon Jun 08 1987VAXC$ESTABLISH confusion
814.04UFP::WICKERTMon Jun 08 1987Real from Fortran to C function...
815.08NACHO::KRISHNAMon Jun 08 1987%link-e-outsimg error?????
816.02BARNUM::SHUCKMon Jun 08 1987HELP libraries and C.
817.01TSG::TAUBENFELDWed Jun 10 1987Is C a Real Time Dog?
818.07DSSDEV::POEGELWed Jun 10 1987function prototypes
819.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed Jun 10 1987V2.3 IVP fails with status=2 on v4.3 microvms
820.01VAXWRK::LEEThu Jun 11 1987ctime enters an infinite loop if input is negative
821.05NULL::TORNHEIMTue Jun 16 1987physical addresses
822.07VINO::HOFFMANWed Jun 17 1987prototypes and argument conversion
823.014CASEE::LACROIXThu Jun 18 1987A bug... or a feature?
824.02APTECH::PICKOWICZThu Jun 18 1987sys$filescan
825.03BRSOPI::ROBBENSFri Jun 19 1987ENTNF-error, but why ?
827.07REGAL::DIAMONDFri Jun 19 1987Multinational char's
828.07KONING::KONINGFri Jun 19 1987lseek across the net
829.01HALLEY::MUNROESun Jun 21 1987Specification Wanted
830.01KIRK::NORTONMon Jun 22 1987C Item Lists And Pointers To Buffers
831.02ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Jun 22 1987Initializing memory and home-grown memory mgt
832.01CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 23 1987Compiler returns SUCCESS status after info messages
833.09TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 23 1987FTOA & ITOA in VAXCRTL ?
834.04WHYVAX::VOGELThu Jun 25 1987fseek problems when seeking from end of file
835.012DENTON::AMARTINThu Jun 25 1987CC/CHECK????
836.01USOPEN::KAMFri Jun 26 1987
837.01NZOVSun Jun 28 1987Alarm and Signal
838.02VNX::KELLERMANTue Jun 30 1987RTL manual nit
839.08JOCKEY::SSMITHWed Jul 01 1987C 2.3 Under VMS version ????
840.08OBIWAN::KARCZEWSKIWed Jul 01 1987ANSII compliance
841.02TOOK::BARLOWWed Jul 01 1987Help with Prototyping function pointers
842.0DECSIM::FARICELLIThu Jul 02 1987VAX C/Ultrix documentation nits
843.02COMICS::CROSBIEThu Jul 02 1987V2.3 Compiler Bugcheck
844.04VINO::HOFFMANThu Jul 02 1987New Home for atof() declaration
845.03YIPPEE::GOULNIKMon Jul 06 1987C to Pascal again
846.01CSC32::JOHNSMon Jul 06 1987Example 26-7 Doesn't Delete Window
847.01SLOVAX::BREINHOLTTue Jul 07 1987Validation routines for 'C'?
848.02TLE::BENOITTue Jul 07 1987V3.
849.07NULL::TORNHEIMTue Jul 07 1987octaword aligned addressing
850.03CRONIC::LEVESQUEWed Jul 08 1987New RTL need to be installed ?
851.06CASEE::LACROIXThu Jul 09 1987fopen() creates SYS$OUTPUT: normal behaviour?
852.04TASMAN::EKOKERNAKThu Jul 09 1987getw question
853.04NULL::TORNHEIMThu Jul 09 1987confused proto-typer
854.010MAGIC::HAGELThu Jul 09 1987VAX SORT with user_compare example?
855.04LDP::BENSONFri Jul 10 1987#include directive problem with V2.3 ?
856.01PIXEL::HOVEYFri Jul 10 1987SCA doesn't work
857.03NULL::TORNHEIMFri Jul 10 1987what's an array of nothing?
858.09CURIE::FERWERDAMon Jul 13 1987termio.h & sgtty.h?
859.03NULL::TORNHEIMTue Jul 14 1987problem with pointer assignments
861.05OTOOTue Jul 14 1987Mailbox usage
862.01EAGLE1::SOLOWAYWed Jul 15 1987Strange code generated
863.03STAR::TANWed Jul 15 1987On redirecting C compiler
864.06SEMI::NGWed Jul 15 1987char s[5] = ""; not working
865.01KEEPER::BURESThu Jul 16 1987Can't find CONFLICT
866.0SQM::ODONNELLThu Jul 16 1987compiler bugcheck
867.02ELWOOD::NORCOTTFri Jul 17 1987Looking for RMSEXP.C
868.0SMACMon Jul 20 1987Application conversion from UNIFY to VMS.
869.043D::VESPERMon Jul 20 1987GETENV("DISPLAY") fails with non-C main program
870.01HPSCAD::VERMATue Jul 21 1987Help on CLI$DISPATCH()
872.02SPRITE::PIYANAIWed Jul 22 1987QUARDWORD data type
873.09ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Jul 22 1987memset() problem [R6 not saved?]
874.02ISTG::WARDENWed Jul 22 1987Death in RET?
875.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTThu Jul 23 1987Unable to link DIFFTIME - gone from OLB
876.013D::VESPERThu Jul 23 1987VAX C 2.3 Optimizer bug; computing addresses
877.01SHEILA::CHEUNGMon Jul 27 1987cc command qualifiers missing?
878.017ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Jul 27 1987Creating named psects (need help)
879.01RAMSES::LILLEMORTue Jul 28 1987Online Release Notes V2.3
880.054GL::CURLEYTue Jul 28 1987/ANALYSIS_DATA problem?
881.03KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Jul 28 1987compiling large prog - virtual mem exceeded
882.06STAR::TANTue Jul 28 1987problem with 2.3 v of stdio.h
883.05KEEPER::BURESTue Jul 28 1987Language Conversion Utility Needed
884.01NSGMon Aug 03 1987lowlevel system interfaces
885.06DPDMAI::SMITHTue Aug 04 1987Compiler error with /DEBUG switch
886.05ECADSR::SHERMANTue Aug 04 1987Program crash on calloc - HELP!
887.03KAOFS::E_SPLETTWed Aug 05 1987vaxcRTLG.opt where did it come from?
888.02MAGIC::HAGELThu Aug 06 1987extern string initialization
889.011NRPUR::CHABOTThu Aug 06 1987Calling C routines from COBOL
890.04COMICS::MENDELSOHNThu Aug 06 1987Problem linking C shareable images
891.03KAOFS::E_SPLETTThu Aug 06 1987fseek/fread on same block - efficiency
892.013NULL::TORNHEIMThu Aug 06 1987atof() bug
893.04NULL::TORNHEIMFri Aug 07 1987loops with floating pt. numbers
894.02BOEHM::GUERTINMon Aug 10 1987for loop confusion
895.03VIDEO::BLODGETTMon Aug 10 1987Help on inputing integers as characters
896.08ISTG::WISNERMon Aug 10 1987system services, how is it done?
897.01SHEILA::PUCKETTMon Aug 10 1987Bugcheck in parser with #define and function name
898.03THRUST::LONGTue Aug 11 1987ENUM types
899.07REGAL::DIAMONDThu Aug 13 1987How much disk space for SCA and VAX C?
900.03ELWOOD::NORCOTTThu Aug 13 1987need help with RDB$INTERPRET
901.05VAXWRK::RACELFri Aug 14 1987Storage Use Questions
902.04BRASS::BUFORDFri Aug 14 1987Writing integer value 1
903.01SHEILA::CHEUNGMon Aug 17 1987Open() crashes with non-zero prot mode
904.03SPICE1::WILLIAMSMMon Aug 17 1987fprintf() - no white space
905.0IRT::FLADUNGMon Aug 17 1987Picture for .H files ?
906.01KLOVMon Aug 17 1987Basic linking problems
907.06SSDEVO::WALKERTue Aug 18 1987C Structures to MACRO
908.08COMICS::CROSBIEWed Aug 19 1987user error???
909.06CIRCUS::KOLLINGWed Aug 19 1987how to init array of char in a str??
910.03ECADJR::LEEThu Aug 20 1987**HELP in DIR, opendir ... etc
911.013SKYLRK::BARTLETTThu Aug 20 1987#undef NULL in STDIO???
912.03D::VESPERFri Aug 21 1987/DEB vs /NODEB; object code differences
913.05BOEHM::GUERTINFri Aug 21 1987QIO's and AST routines
914.053D::VESPERFri Aug 21 1987Compiler (optimizer) bug; stale data in reg
915.03CASEE::COWANTue Aug 25 1987Exception handling suggestions wanted
916.03AIAG::CARIFIOTue Aug 25 1987ana and dia?
917.02KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Aug 25 1987extern double alignment change
918.05SHEILA::CHEUNGTue Aug 25 1987Sys$open & sys$create problems
919.02VIDEO::LEICHTERJWed Aug 26 1987V2.3 Status
920.033D::VESPERWed Aug 26 1987Last record not written when dup2'ing to stdout
921.05CSSE32::MERMELLWed Aug 26 1987new format specifiers not documented?
922.0DEBIT::MWRIGHTThu Aug 27 1987Job opening in engineering for VAX C programmer
923.03CHUCKL::YURYANThu Aug 27 1987Undefined symbol "SYSTEM" at link error
924.03MELODY::EMMONSSat Aug 29 1987problem with windows
925.05HAZEL::MCMAHONTue Sep 01 1987chdir problem...
926.08NZOVTue Sep 01 1987Position cursor on blank screen?
927.016VIRGIN::KRAUSWed Sep 02 1987Dynamic string arrays
928.04DOOZER::DAVIESWed Sep 02 19872.3 rtl ?
929.02PLDVAX::DOSTALWed Sep 02 1987Using LIB$TPARSE with VAXC?
930.03PRSNRD::PELIKSWed Sep 02 1987Is the stach corrupted by fort/Ultrix ?
931.06SOFFIT::FARRELLWed Sep 02 1987SYS$getsyi
932.04NAC::CIARFELLAWed Sep 02 1987linker/compiler question
933.01PDVAX::P_DAVISWed Sep 02 1987Problems with file attributes on fopen
934.01HPSCAD::KRASBORNIKThu Sep 03 1987setjmp/longjmp /optimize bug?
935.02TLE::BENOITFri Sep 04 1987Ideas for DECUS talks
936.02TLE::KNOWLESFri Sep 04 1987Redundant MCOMx instructions
937.01CASEE::CLARKSun Sep 06 1987XLIB.H compilation generates bad SCA data
938.01VAXWRK::STANGELTue Sep 08 1987is lk() linking in too much?
939.01KLOVWed Sep 09 1987Cobol calling C.
940.02BUMBO::NORCOTTWed Sep 09 1987Access control lists
941.07BMT::LIEBERMANWed Sep 09 1987"C",Datatrieve,DecGraph?
943.06DANNY::SYSTEMFri Sep 11 1987VMS-ULTRIX structs
944.06PLAYA::MERLINSat Sep 12 1987Vax-Basic 3.
945.03SDOGUS::MORINSun Sep 13 1987New User Questions - Descriptors, CDD, RO & ISAM
946.01SOFFIT::TOOLBOXTue Sep 15 1987Where is the FAT???
947.01SOFFIT::FARRELLTue Sep 15 1987Installed Common Blocks
948.0WONDER::NORTONTue Sep 15 1987Confused About Function Arguments
949.03BOEHM::SCHLENERWed Sep 16 1987Position Independence?
950.07NZOVThu Sep 17 1987function evaluation
951.01BMT::LIEBERMANThu Sep 17 1987example of C/FMS
952.02BARNUM::SHUCKThu Sep 17 1987Can unions be shared by functions?
953.018THRUST::LONGFri Sep 18 1987speed required...
954.02MPGS::EMMONSFri Sep 18 1987Shutting off attributes???
955.02OCKER::CHEUNGMon Sep 21 1987DEC special character set problem
956.014PLAYA::MERLINMon Sep 21 1987Pure Communication (How to?)
957.012PLAYA::MERLINTue Sep 22 1987How to install Vax-C ???
958.06VANGOH::ABUGOVTue Sep 22 1987Error parsing VCG$ANALYSIS_DATA_FILE
959.01DFLAT::DICKSONTue Sep 22 1987Offsets within structures
960.02MARVIN::MCMORDIETue Sep 22 1987Compiler hangs in LEF (V2.3).
961.09SOFFIT::TOOLBOXTue Sep 22 1987macro expansion
962.05ADVAX::FITZGERALDWed Sep 23 1987archaic operators vs the user
963.02ADVAX::FITZGERALDWed Sep 23 1987parser oversight
964.04MARVIN::FINNIEFri Sep 25 1987$TRMDEF symbols
965.02CURTIS::CURTISFri Sep 25 1987Global routines?
966.05AIAG::CARIFIOSun Sep 27 1987c++ available over the net?
967.01SHAMU::DIAZMon Sep 28 1987rfm=stm, ctx=stm for binary file?
968.013D::VESPERTue Sep 29 1987Function prototype problems
969.04HYEND::BIGELOWTue Sep 29 1987VAXC 2.3 on VMS 4.5?
970.04RHETT::MILLERTue Sep 29 1987Referencing fields in a structure
971.02GUNGHO::POWERSTue Sep 29 1987Help needed
972.0SHAMU::DIAZTue Sep 29 1987incomplete write(fildes,... ?
973.08RACE::SLATERWed Sep 30 1987bug in rand() ???
974.07GLIVET::HUSTONWed Sep 30 1987Big problems linking with VAXCRTL
975.06VAXUUM::PELTZThu Oct 01 1987Nesting comments? Just a suggestion...
976.06CIRCUS::JGFri Oct 02 1987Static data problems...
977.04CSC32::G_JOHNSONMon Oct 05 1987Need help on MEMCMP function
978.04KAOFS::LOCKYERMon Oct 05 1987CDD Records with variants
979.0BOEHM::ROGERSMon Oct 05 1987Passing arrays via CLASS_A descriptor...
980.04BARDIC::RAVANMon Oct 05 1987Bug with uVMS 4.6 and VAXC V2.3-
981.06MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Oct 08 1987Help with chdir
982.02HIT::GLASERThu Oct 08 1987Preliminary Program for USENIX C++ Workshop
983.02NACAD::KASISCHKEThu Oct 08 1987LIB$SPAWN in C
984.04TLE::COURTNEYThu Oct 08 1987Performance study of Malloc
985.0MAY2Fri Oct 09 1987C library function portability
986.04JV::J_VANGILDERSat Oct 10 1987ILLTIR linker error?
987.01PLAYA::MERLINSun Oct 11 1987Do you need more info, or it's enough?
988.015CANYON::SCHUERERMon Oct 12 1987Fortran v4.6 vs Vaxc v2.3
989.02THEBAY::WAKEMANLAMon Oct 12 1987Pointer and Optimize problem
990.07BRSDVP::VANDENBERGENTue Oct 13 1987"#include stdio" gives problems ...
991.01GLIVET::HUSTONTue Oct 13 1987FREAD access violations
992.04NAC::MERSHONTue Oct 13 1987VAX CDD and the C NULL char
993.04CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Oct 13 1987strspn/strcspn function problem
994.08CSC32::J_CAPERSTue Oct 13 1987atexit inits an incorrect control block
995.02COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Oct 14 1987ctype and profiling on vcc(1).
996.03COMICS::BIRKINSHAWWed Oct 14 1987Child killing Grandparent
997.07SRFSUP::JANESWed Oct 14 1987What's the best C ref.?
998.013SARAH::VISWANATHThu Oct 15 1987VaxC on Ultrix and dbx - bugs ?
999.01BRSDVP::MICHIELSFri Oct 16 1987ISI error since installation of VMS V4.6
1000.09MAY2Fri Oct 16 1987The Ten Commandments for C Programmers
1001.06CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Oct 16 1987Excel generates error after VMS4.5 to 4.6
1002.01IND::FLADUNGFri Oct 16 1987Multiple line #define ?
1003.09HSTSSC::LEHTINENMon Oct 19 1987C-ISAM anyone?
1004.01HOTAIR::PAINTERTue Oct 20 1987C and DTR
1005.04OCKER::CHEUNGWed Oct 21 1987RPG program calls VAXC module??
1006.03TKOV51::SHIBUSAWAWed Oct 21 1987question about fmod
1007.0213D::VESPERWed Oct 21 1987Suggestions for VAX C
1008.06ROCOCO::NORTONThu Oct 22 1987LIB$CALLG: CLASS_P Descrip Seems To Be Refused
1009.02SARAH::BUEHLERFri Oct 23 1987Use of V4.6 RTL on V4.5A system
1010.01FLOPSY::CHAIKOWSKIMon Oct 26 1987Why ctrl Z appends newline?
1012.02CADSYS::GALLAGHERMon Oct 26 1987V2.3-24 /ANA SCA problem
1013.09OCKER::CHEUNGTue Oct 27 1987Fseek() not working properly???
1014.05HANZI::HOMANSANGTue Oct 27 1987Why it doesn't work???
1015.07CLOSET::PELTZTue Oct 27 1987VAXC vs. VMS V5 FT2 problems
1016.031CSC32::J_CAPERSTue Oct 27 1987ungetc() and fscanf() aren't friends.
1017.02GIDDAY::CHEUNGWed Oct 28 1987udefsym - clock()
1018.010RDGCSS::KOSKUBAThu Oct 29 1987help - longjmp/debug/write
1019.04ASCUS::MIDTMOENThu Oct 29 1987LIB$GETSYI - Help!!!
1020.04SPRITE::PIYANAIThu Oct 29 1987GOLD 3 and comment
1021.01TSG::WAGNERFri Oct 30 1987Link error: undefined symbol STRTOUL
1022.04HPSCAD::WHITMANFri Oct 30 1987#define SMG$_EOF etc.
1023.0CSC32::J_CAPERSMon Nov 02 1987VAXCRTLG does not contain fmod()
1024.06NAC::CIARFELLAMon Nov 02 1987#define redefined warnings??
1025.02ASCUS::MIDTMOENWed Nov 04 1987LIB$GETJPI help?
1026.01KLOVWed Nov 04 1987fopen problem
1027.06IND::FLADUNGWed Nov 04 1987nested comments
1028.02OCKER::CHEUNGThu Nov 05 1987Cursor questions
1029.07RDGCSS::KOSKUBAThu Nov 05 1987shared_files+no_locking + debug_funnies
1030.07RANCHO::JENSENThu Nov 05 1987possible VAX C/ULTRIX bug?
1031.01CURIE::ROSEFri Nov 06 1987Default multiblock count?
1032.01VIDEO::OSMANMon Nov 09 1987manual in error, location
1033.018CLT::ZEHNGUTMon Nov 09 1987sizeof zero-length structure
1034.0TLE::BENOITMon Nov 09 1987Field test version T2.4 available
1035.05EDCS::FREEMANMon Nov 09 1987the value of a block
1036.04NZOVMon Nov 09 1987malloc & struct
1037.04EDCS::FREEMANTue Nov 10 1987access()
1039.07EDCS::FREEMANWed Nov 11 1987questions on free() and #define
1040.01AIAG::CARIFIOThu Nov 12 1987looking for vax c doc in ln3 or postscript form
1041.03REGENT::SCHMIEDERThu Nov 12 1987Token Conversion
1042.04VIDEO::OSMANThu Nov 12 1987documentation, typo, and question about DECspell
1043.0524799::OSMANThu Nov 12 1987documentation, please include VFORK in the index
1044.01RDGCSS::MORRISFri Nov 13 1987C for RSX ?
1045.06LUCY::SMITHFri Nov 13 1987VAXC and run/interval
1046.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Nov 13 1987GNU C Extensions
1048.01AIAG::CARIFIOTue Nov 17 1987where did my signal go?
1049.03PLAYA::MERLINTue Nov 17 1987$GETSYI Cluster member names. How to...?
1050.012GIDDAY::CHEUNGWed Nov 18 1987malloc() problem
1051.09GIDDAY::BRODRIBBWed Nov 18 1987XABKEY, XAB$B_DTP and descending order key sorts
1052.03CRISIS::OCONNORWed Nov 18 1987-o flag in Ultrix VAX C
1053.06LEDS::PIMThu Nov 19 1987Keyboard input without RETURN
1054.01MPGS::MILLIGANThu Nov 19 1987CURSES bugs uVMS4.6/C2.3 ?
1055.03DSSDEV::BROWNThu Nov 19 1987Shared Library w/C
1056.010MAGIC::HAGELSun Nov 22 1987Mixing shared images that use VAXCRTL,VAXCRTLG
1057.04GIDDAY::CHEUNGSun Nov 22 1987V2.3 known bug listing request
1058.04LANDO::MCROBERTMon Nov 23 1987VAXC/FORTRAN files
1059.01SOFFIT::TOOLBOXMon Nov 23 1987Vax C debug problem
1060.02THE78Mon Nov 23 1987Pointer question ??????
1061.09THE78Mon Nov 23 1987Problem (or question) with QSORT
1062.01BEES::ZINGERTue Nov 24 1987V2.3 install problem
1063.03CERN::RANCETue Nov 24 1987fopen() access violation problem
1064.07HYEND::BIGELOWTue Nov 24 1987STRTOK question
1065.04KAOFS::M_MORINThu Nov 26 1987signal with SIGFPE loops!
1066.04COMICS::BRADSHAWMon Nov 30 1987Record Terminators with fopen using binary option
1067.01HYDRA::BLATTMon Nov 30 1987Compiler not working?
1068.03POLAR::AIRHARTMon Nov 30 1987printw() corrupting sscanf() ?
1069.01THE78Mon Nov 30 1987using Curses with Debugger
1070.02ASCUS::ABUGOVMon Nov 30 1987Help with $GETUAI
1071.05515Tue Dec 01 1987fopen(input_from_terminal, "r");
1072.011DSSDEV::FORDTue Dec 01 1987VaxC/Ultrix quirks
1073.02ASCUS::ABUGOVWed Dec 02 1987Run time error logs me off
1074.0TLE::COURTNEYWed Dec 02 1987C++ talk by Michael Tiemann
1075.01TPOVWed Dec 02 1987Problem in link sharable lib.
1076.06HPSCAD::NEWMANThu Dec 03 1987Long strings, How do I do them?
1077.07QNTMSW::BERUBEThu Dec 03 1987CURSES, Asynchronous Input
1078.05PIXEL::WINFREYThu Dec 03 1987Problem with realloc
1079.07ORACLE::RAMEYThu Dec 03 1987ungetc() -> scanf() problem
1080.03HPSCAD::NEWMANFri Dec 04 1987printf output buffer overflow
1081.013DFLAT::DICKSONFri Dec 04 1987variables in registers
1082.02ROCOCO::SHETHFri Dec 04 1987execl() inheritance problem
1083.01CADSE::MEIERFri Dec 04 1987VAX C question
1084.07ASCUS::MIDTMOENMon Dec 07 1987Help with LIB$FIND_FILE?
1085.01VIDEO::OSMANMon Dec 07 1987may MALLOC be called at AST level ?
1086.02UHURU::LAMBERTMon Dec 07 1987Initializing an array of pointers to char's
1088.04BOEHM::KOZIKMon Dec 07 1987More sys$getsyiw help
1089.04COMICS::CROSBIEMon Dec 07 1987File sharing problem?
1090.03KAOFS::R_VIERICHMon Dec 07 1987need sys$cmkrnl help
1092.0VIDEO::OSMANTue Dec 08 1987HELP doesn't tell me what fclose returns
1093.02CSC32::J_CAPERSTue Dec 08 1987getppid() - master pid or parent pid?
1094.08SARAH::HARROWTue Dec 08 1987What am I doing wrong?
1095.05IND::FLADUNGWed Dec 09 1987Probs w/ dclexh
1096.01FXADM::ROSSERWed Dec 09 1987need copy of RMSIO.C quick
1097.01CSC32::J_CAPERSWed Dec 09 1987realloc() != malloc()
1098.0CSC32::G_JOHNSONThu Dec 10 1987end of file truncation fails if ctx=rec
1099.0TIS::MARTINFri Dec 11 1987Help in C class needed
1100.0SSDEVO::WILKINSMon Dec 14 1987Another /OPT vs. /NOOPT prob
1101.02TPOVMon Dec 14 1987Strange VAXC 2.3 BUGCHECK
1102.01TPOVMon Dec 14 1987Question in VAXC 2.3's doc
1103.04VULCI::GENTILITue Dec 15 1987Question from a VAXC beginner
1104.02NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Dec 15 1987naming cdd variant structures
1105.02NEWVAX::KURATATue Dec 15 1987Calling User system services from C ?
1106.0LOPTSN::FERWERDAWed Dec 16 1987International Obfuscated C Code Contest
1107.01SQM::RICOWed Dec 16 1987QW alignment of data?
1108.03KERNEL::HILLISWed Dec 16 1987vaxc fopen and debug
1109.04SMURF::REEVESWed Dec 16 1987Undetected syntax error: function as parameter
1110.02SPRITE::PIYANAIThu Dec 17 1987FREE () questions ?
1111.03KAOFS::M_MORINThu Dec 17 1987signal, setjmp, & longjmp problem.
1112.01KAOFS::M_MORINThu Dec 17 1987How can 'clock' return microseconds?
1113.0DPDMAI::RESENDEPFri Dec 18 1987SVID for VMS????
1114.01KERNEL::RHASKINGMon Dec 21 1987Compiler bugcheck -EXTERN
1115.02WINERY::THOMASTue Dec 22 1987Should VAX C/Ultrix truncate identifiers to 31 characters?
1116.09SAHQ::HENNESSYWed Dec 23 1987CASTing a pointer to INT
1117.01GRANMA::JGALLUNWed Dec 23 1987Imagelib, someday?
1118.01CSC32::G_JOHNSONThu Dec 24 1987Passing characters from C to fortran
1119.02OASS::M_HYDEMon Dec 28 1987Can't fopen more than 6 files?
1120.03SQM::OUELLETTEMon Dec 28 1987Need help on $GETUAI
1121.03KEYWST::STEMKOSKIMon Dec 28 1987Mailboxing Problem ??????????????????????
1122.07VIDEO::LEICHTERJTue Dec 29 1987malloc() VMS V4.6 Bug
1123.03AMIGO::MULLENTue Dec 29 1987"STAT" - Lost in a VOID?
1124.023CSSAUS::TONGWed Dec 30 1987lint equivalent wanted
1125.04DLO14::DONOVANWed Dec 30 1987C from Fortran, VMS and Ultrix
1126.03NORM::COMMOWed Dec 30 1987<< Error numbers, but no message >>
1127.03CASEE::CLARKSun Jan 03 1988Please identify VAXC save sets
1128.08SAHQ::HENNESSYMon Jan 04 1988SDC V2.3 V[X+i]=X+i bug
1129.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTMon Jan 04 1988no CLK_TCK for CLOCK function
1130.02ALGAE::KANNMon Jan 04 1988Help with arrow keys?
1131.04TLE::COURTNEYMon Jan 04 1988C++ USENIX workshop proceedings.
1132.01WHYVAX::KRUPINSKIMon Jan 04 1988ASSERT Macro bug?
1133.01KERNEL::CROSBIETue Jan 05 1988SPR answers and kits
1134.031SMOGGY::CARWINTue Jan 05 1988random numbers within a range
1135.02WRONGO::PARMENTERTue Jan 05 1988malloc(?)
1136.0CSC32::J_CAPERSTue Jan 05 1988*printf() uses wrong register
1137.03NEDVAX::MCKENDRYTue Jan 05 1988Do ASTs confuse curses wgetstr?
1138.0CADSYS::INSINGAWed Jan 06 1988VAX SDL for VAX C
1139.02SAHQ::HENNESSYWed Jan 06 1988Passing float functions as parameters??
1140.012VIDEO::OSMANWed Jan 06 1988problem with CC or LINK ? (globaldef/extern)
1141.03TALE::ZGRAGGENThu Jan 07 1988problem scanning "%f %f"
1143.04CSC32::J_FELDMANThu Jan 07 1988iso 7185?
1144.02VIDEO::OSMANThu Jan 07 1988sugg. and typ in "help cc run strncmp"
1145.02CHFVThu Jan 07 1988Calling BASIC with dynamic string argument
1146.01PRSPSU::PASCALFri Jan 08 1988compiler error : wasted space
1147.0CRFS8Fri Jan 08 1988Accessing BASIC Data Files
1148.05CASEE::LACROIXFri Jan 08 1988Complex C declarations <-> English sentence: toy wanted
1149.02HAMSUP::SONNENTAGMon Jan 11 1988New RTL for VMS 4.6 ?
1150.08JON::MORONEYMon Jan 11 1988C programs without a main() function
1151.0RANCHO::JENSENMon Jan 11 1988flag unaligned data?
1152.03SPMFG1::WILLIAMSMTue Jan 12 1988ex
1153.01COMICS::CROSBIETue Jan 12 1988fopen access violates with invalid parameter
1154.01NSGWed Jan 13 1988extra linefeed in fprintf
1155.05NEWVAX::KURATAWed Jan 13 1988scanf and gets problems
1156.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed Jan 13 1988Decent window borders with curses?
1157.02CSC32::J_CAPERSFri Jan 15 1988bsearch() triviality check
1158.0AKOVFri Jan 15 1988Calling DTR from C - Help!
1159.02ERLANG::SUDAMATue Jan 19 1988signal doesn't return
1160.02VENI::MARSHTue Jan 19 1988SYS$CLOSE does not close file
1161.03COMICS::CROSBIEWed Jan 20 1988strstr?
1162.03BUMBLE::BURKEWed Jan 20 1988Analog clock in 'C' ??
1163.05ZURThu Jan 21 1988char **s <-> char *s[] equivalent?
1164.03ZUDEV1::HOURIETFri Jan 22 1988New ALLOCATE in VAXCRTL.OLB (V_2.3) ?
1165.04CRISIS::OCONNORSat Jan 23 1988Problem with '#include <math.h>'
1166.06RAINBO::SAWYERSun Jan 24 1988Wanted: kbhit() function
1167.05FORTY2::RANDALLMon Jan 25 1988.POST or .LN
1168.02COMICS::CROSBIETue Jan 26 1988globaldef and implied externs
1169.05MRESS::MIDTMOENTue Jan 26 1988Help with atoi() ?
1170.05VIDEO::LEICHTERJWed Jan 27 1988Another CC (non)Optimization
1171.01BMT::SANTIAGOWed Jan 27 1988Write to printer-port
1172.03OCKER::SHCHIUThu Jan 28 1988OPTIMIZE problem with VAxC v2.2
1173.0AITG::RAVIThu Jan 28 1988
1174.03TRCAThu Jan 28 1988Messy C debugging
1175.011LEWEY::FREEMANThu Jan 28 1988naming conventions issue
1176.01IND::LIPSKERFri Jan 29 1988Turbo C to VAX C ?
1177.05BRSCLO::FOYMon Feb 01 1988VAXC examples...?
1178.01DECWIN::NISHIMOTOMon Feb 01 1988VAXC on V5 FT2 - where?
1179.05OCKER::STRAUSSTue Feb 02 1988i/o suppresses writing to sys$error?
1180.01DISSRV::LANEWed Feb 03 1988compiler warning w/ #undef NULL in stdio.h
1181.0ATSEA::ELLISONWed Feb 03 1988Module Identification?
1182.05COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 03 1988VAXC on Ultrix and dbm(3x) problem.
1183.01COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Feb 04 1988DSRI Programming Examples
1184.03--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 05 1988examples
1185.08BOLT::MINOWFri Feb 05 1988Computing using sys$gettim value?
1186.01ZPOVMon Feb 08 1988C Under UNIX and VMS
1187.04ATSEA::ELLISONMon Feb 08 1988Correct use of Function returning pointer?
1188.07LEWEY::FREEMANMon Feb 08 1988freeing memory
1189.07BEISL::LOBSANGTue Feb 09 1988Returning from an AST routine
1190.033D::CHABOTTue Feb 09 1988Fishing for an answer to an unhappy customer
1191.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 09 1988examples
1192.03RHETT::ASHMEADTue Feb 09 1988 Search path / Archive libraries
1193.0OASS::M_HYDEWed Feb 10 1988Novice alert - catching Control-C with signal
1194.01ASCUS::MIDTMOENWed Feb 10 1988fgets() and form feeds?
1195.01SNOCThu Feb 11 1988Stackdump calling MALLOC
1196.02BOLT::MINOWThu Feb 11 1988ftell/fseek problem
1197.011COMICS::CROSBIEThu Feb 11 1988CTRL-C and signal again?
1198.02HOT::BAZEMOREThu Feb 11 1988Initscr and clearing the screen
1199.02XANADU::MORRISThu Feb 11 1988fclose() network funny
1200.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Feb 12 1988fgetc "rb" loses characters from STREAM files
1201.05SALSA::MOELLERFri Feb 12 1988missing Object Libs C v2.3
1202.05COMICS::CROSBIEMon Feb 15 1988array declaration and typedef
1203.06BOLT::MINOWMon Feb 15 1988sys$qio_g() ?
1204.02TUNES::COLLIERMon Feb 15 1988Help using UIS in C ?
1205.02UTRUST::DEHARTOGTue Feb 16 1988VMS-VAXC != Ultrix-VAXC
1206.04FSLENG::CAMUSOTue Feb 16 1988?SMG$READ_KEYSTROKE from C source?
1207.08CSMSRE::WRIGHTTue Feb 16 1988Stack Dump on Getstr...
1208.01TLE::COURTNEYTue Feb 16 1988Bjarne Stroustrup talk
1209.03SUMA::WEBERWed Feb 17 1988/INCLUDE switch doesn't
1210.09RDGCSS::CHANTWed Feb 17 1988"-= or =- or both"
1212.0COOKIE::DEVINEWed Feb 17 1988Looking for ANSI C doc
1213.010COOKIE::SANDERSONWed Feb 17 1988C coding conventions
1214.01COOKIE::DOUCETTEWed Feb 17 1988Clearing trailing \n after scanf()
1215.02COOKIE::SANDERSONThu Feb 18 1988Get me out of here with exit (
1216.02DOC::ARTHURFri Feb 19 1988To DEBUG or NOT DEBUG; That is the ???
1217.0NEWVAX::HERRFri Feb 19 1988C SS and RTL examples/shells
1218.0STORMY::SELLERSFri Feb 19 1988Looking for CHAMP/SMART structure definitions...
1219.02--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 19 1988Can't LINK in V2.4-FT
1220.011ZYDECO::MILLERSun Feb 21 1988Problems with _align
1221.01AYOV11::JMCGINLEYMon Feb 22 1988VAX C Documentation only .lno files ??
1222.012MJG::GRIERMon Feb 22 1988C pre-processor, available separately?
1223.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon Feb 22 1988Sharing Slow access?
1224.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 23 1988
1225.02AITG::HANSSENTue Feb 23 1988C bugcheck under MMS
1226.02BOEHM::FORECASTWed Feb 24 1988Possible Type Casting Bug?
1227.03WPLASH::PRUYNWed Feb 24 1988Problem with vwssysdef.h
1228.01VIDEO::OSMANWed Feb 24 1988why does "#include decw$xlibmsg" fail ?
1229.03DECSIM::FARICELLIWed Feb 24 1988Problem with array of pointers
1230.03COMICS::CROSBIEThu Feb 25 1988query on static initialisations
1231.0STKHLM::TIBELLThu Feb 25 1988Ast and longjmp...
1232.02SUCRE::CONWAYThu Feb 25 1988Creating a C RTL
1233.01LEDS::COHENThu Feb 25 1988Really tough CAST problem
1234.01RANCHO::HOLTThu Feb 25 1988emulating BSD rtl function bcopy ... ?
1235.01NACAD::KASISCHKEFri Feb 26 1988lib$spawn
1237.0XANADU::COFFLERFri Feb 26 1988Any plans for better STARLET.MLB support in VAX-C?
1239.012TAVTue Mar 01 1988Problem when using the Debbuger...
1240.0PLAYA::MERLINTue Mar 01 1988curses on VMS...
1241.02SAWDST::PAQUETTETue Mar 01 1988OLD Problem REVISITED
1242.04HPSCAD::NEWMANTue Mar 01 1988union help needed
1243.0CSC32::J_CAPERSTue Mar 01 1988qsort() ACCVIO if sizeof(object) > 4
1244.02HEART::FINNIEWed Mar 02 1988V2.2 problem
1245.07CASEE::LACROIXWed Mar 02 1988pointer to array assignment problem
1246.06CAADC::TRAINVESTUTOWed Mar 02 1988C scripts translated to VAX C
1247.02FULLER::ROMWed Mar 02 1988V5 system services and VAX-C
1248.06AYOV11::JMCGINLEYThu Mar 03 1988access violation *( (*stdin)->_ptr ) then printf
1249.010LOWLIF::LOESCHThu Mar 03 1988Shared Append File Access via VAXCRTL
1250.01MAGIC::HAGELThu Mar 03 1988VAXC$ESTABLISH(LIB$SIG_TO_RET) question
1251.02OCKER::SHCHIUThu Mar 03 1988PROBLEM WITH /OPTIMIZE ON V2.2 & V2.3
1252.08ATLAST::KELLYFri Mar 04 1988My program has Alzheimer's disease
1253.01PAULUS::TRINHMon Mar 07 1988Missing SYS$QIO function codes
1254.020TLE::BENOITMon Mar 07 1988Examples needed for new C RTL manual
1255.05DENTON::AMARTINMon Mar 07 1988managing error status, Secrets of
1256.04CADSYS::CHAIMon Mar 07 1988GSMATCH on VAXCRTL
1257.03PAMOLA::RECKARDTue Mar 08 1988How to declare "i" (beginner's question)
1258.02SOLOWA::SOLOWAYTue Mar 08 1988Abuse of reserved word causes bugcheck
1259.01AYOU21::LEVYTue Mar 08 1988Pascal To C with AST
1260.02BISTRO::SIMARTWed Mar 09 1988CLK_TCK where are you ?
1261.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Mar 09 1988VAX C bug?
1262.0ICEBOX::ELLISONWed Mar 09 1988'\x1A' doesn't extent?
1263.02BPOV1Fri Mar 11 1988Pointer manipulation in C
1264.06LEROUF::GENTILIFri Mar 11 1988lib$get and string comparison
1265.05POBOX::YOUNGFri Mar 11 1988Sincerely Desparate
1266.018STKHLM::TIBELLSun Mar 13 1988Problem with fflush
1267.05TPUNIV::BUDILOVMon Mar 14 1988** question
1268.01BOEHM::CHANLIZARDOMon Mar 14 1988Tparse and VAXC question
1269.04COMICS::MENDELSOHNTue Mar 15 1988How do I use RAB$L_RFA
1270.09MUGSY::GLANTZTue Mar 15 1988Linker error: Truncation in psect $CODE
1271.06TSG::VANCLEEFTue Mar 15 1988Integer to character conversions
1272.01GLIVET::TITOWed Mar 16 1988Apparent bugs in T2.4
1274.0TLE::BENOITThu Mar 17 1988network V2.4 kit available
1276.07ICEBOX::ELLISONThu Mar 17 1988Variable length function prototypes?
1277.012CLOSET::EROSSFri Mar 18 1988vcc and lk questions
1278.0MUHTSC::ERNSTMon Mar 21 1988VAXC loops on erroneous source
1279.05MUHTSC::ERNSTMon Mar 21 1988Ghost character in constant string
1280.02XANADU::COFFLERMon Mar 21 1988Can an existing argument list be passed to a function?
1281.01SAMADI::GORDONMon Mar 21 1988BASIC/"C" parameter conflict?
1283.06MAGIC::HAGELMon Mar 21 1988Question on "i==-1;"
1284.01NOVA::HIGGSTue Mar 22 1988The second coming...
1286.01HOTAIR::ARAGONTue Mar 22 1988integer to string routine needed
1287.01LEDS::KEZARTue Mar 22 1988Need defines for sort/merge(sor) routines
1288.03CLOSET::EROSSWed Mar 23 1988vms librarian with cc .obj's
1289.0CREDIT::HANCKELWed Mar 23 1988searching for code generator that dumps structs
1290.01COOKIE::DOUCETTEWed Mar 23 1988Bad vcc (Ultrix) options not flagged
1291.01BIRGP1::SPRINGALLThu Mar 24 1988C proramming standards.
1292.01BOLT::MINOWThu Mar 24 1988No dummy declarations
1293.02TLE::BJORKFri Mar 25 1988Wanted: Dennis Ritchie's USENET comments on `noalias'
1295.07TSG::KANGFri Mar 25 1988Bit Position Calculation
1296.04DEALIN::LORADITCHFri Mar 25 1988Forcing Symbol table entries.
1297.01NEWVAX::HERRSun Mar 27 1988Problem with empty list in bsearch ??
1298.012ICEBOX::HARRIOTTTue Mar 29 1988openin,closin,and reopenin files
1299.04COOKIE::DOUCETTEWed Mar 30 1988globaldef{errno} ... - a bug?
1300.01COMICS::KEYWed Mar 30 1988Structure definition before function screws up argument list
1301.01LEMAN::BOSEWed Mar 30 1988'ungetc' bug in VMS FTv5 ???
1302.02MDVAX3::BROCKUSWed Mar 30 1988Improper CALL reference to SCA
1303.01TRCOWed Mar 30 1988Problems with Debug & NoOptimize compiles
1304.04TUNES::COLLIERWed Mar 30 1988Object Oriented Programming in C ?
1305.02SARAH::P_DAVISWed Mar 30 1988Size of static, initialized array?
1306.01ROMWed Mar 30 1988sys serv call examples?
1307.01MTA::GRAHAMFri Apr 01 1988"MAKE" Problem?
1308.02EXIT1::FLEMINGFri Apr 01 1988spawn accvio?
1309.02MANTIS::LONGFri Apr 01 1988How long will this be supported?
1310.02LAIDBK::RHVMIIIMon Apr 04 1988VAXCRTL.OLB Questions
1311.02DSSDEV::FORDMon Apr 04 1988VMS/Ultrix #define/sizeof discrepancy
1312.06MSTIME::J_CAPERSTue Apr 05 1988getenv("TERM") on VT3xx returns "undefined"
1313.04TPUNIV::BUDILOVTue Apr 05 1988VAXC comp error ?
1314.07TOOK::COOKWed Apr 06 1988Initializing a union
1315.02BOEHM::LUCEYWed Apr 06 1988cc$rms_xabpro has changed
1316.03LEDS::KEZARThu Apr 07 1988why this declaration work?
1317.03BAGELS::CHINThu Apr 07 1988"_align(quadword) struct" --SOS
1318.02VANISH::DUGGANFri Apr 08 1988fprintf & Server (DS2
1319.0TLE::COURTNEYFri Apr 08 1988C++ course
1320.03AIAG::CARIFIOFri Apr 08 1988request def of JBL, jacket routine
1321.02WELSWS::TREVENNORFri Apr 08 1988NEW C users blows it!
1322.03HEYDEN::SHENFri Apr 08 1988Imbalance between "read" and "write" rate
1323.0BOLT::MINOWMon Apr 11 1988Expand wild-card command-line filenames
1324.09HITOPS::PITZIMon Apr 11 1988Passing Params to BASIC
1325.011CAADC::TRAINVESTUTOMon Apr 11 1988Skills to write a compiler
1326.01PETERS::EDGLEYTue Apr 12 1988#module on Ultrix?
1327.03AIAG::CARIFIOTue Apr 12 1988no err msg for inaccessible a.out file?
1328.03TDCIS2::TISSERANDWed Apr 13 1988G_float problem
1330.05LEDS::ROCHEThu Apr 14 1988ASSUME in C
1331.01SWDEV4::GINZBURGThu Apr 14 1988Debugging cooperating processes
1332.03CLOSET::EROSSFri Apr 15 1988'lk' on ULTRIX with a lot of '.o's
1333.06TARKUS::CHOEFri Apr 15 1988Task to Task comm using SYS$ASSIGN
1334.06CASEE::LACROIXFri Apr 15 1988funny warning from compiler
1335.03PLAYA::MERLINSat Apr 16 1988curses features under VMS ???
1336.02PLAYA::MERLINSat Apr 16 1988more DEC power to Ultirx...
1337.01ZYDECO::MILLERMon Apr 18 1988f format problem?
1338.0GLIVET::MILLERMon Apr 18 1988RTL Function Protoypes
1339.05XANADU::COFFLERTue Apr 19 1988Header file available for $SNDOPR system service?
1340.0FOO::BHAVNANITue Apr 19 1988#include vms :-)
1341.015IPG::THOMSTue Apr 19 1988VAXC/ULTRIX health warning
1342.03IPG::THOMSTue Apr 19 1988VAXC/ULTRIX horrible bug
1343.03WOODRO::NAGARAJANTue Apr 19 1988*URGENT* help reading/writing data on terminal line
1344.02NACAD::KASISCHKEThu Apr 21 1988C++ in VAX C?
1345.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Apr 21 19882.4-FT
1346.01AKOV12::MILLIOSThu Apr 21 1988fscanf and sscanf problems
1347.04LARVAE::WILCOCKThu Apr 21 1988A customer's C shopping list
1348.06SCPRJ3::PEIRCEThu Apr 21 1988Banish those pesky LF's
1349.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Apr 21 1988Is short a computable type?
1350.06XANADU::COFFLERThu Apr 21 1988Bug with VOID * arithmetic?
1351.03MPGS::EMMONSThu Apr 21 1988character --> integer
1352.01GOSOX::RYANThu Apr 21 1988Negative offsets into structures
1353.05YOOVFri Apr 22 1988fopen() & malloc() access violation
1354.0IOSG::KINGSNORTHFri Apr 22 1988SCA Data Type Errors
1355.02SMAUG::PEARSONFri Apr 22 1988Problem installing VAXC on V5 with a dead CDD.
1356.0CSC32::R_EULENSTEINFri Apr 22 1988Bogus Behavior When Overwriting Existing Seq. File
1357.011ECAD2::LAWFri Apr 22 1988machine code incomplete V2.3
1358.03MSTIME::J_CAPERSMon Apr 25 1988VAXCRTL V
1359.09LEDS::FERRARIMon Apr 25 1988Modifying VAX-C to produce 68
1360.02VAXWRK::TCHENMon Apr 25 1988operator & define precedence problem
1361.08SARAH::P_DAVISTue Apr 26 1988Unambiguous ambiguity
1362.08DECWET::WATSONWed Apr 27 1988on the Ultrix kernel??
1363.010EDCS::FREEMANThu Apr 28 1988setting vaxc$errno on success
1364.01LEPTON::MANTEGNAFri Apr 29 1988RTL Problems
1365.01LEPTON::MANTEGNAFri Apr 29 1988VAXC Pre-processor
1366.0KYOV5Sat Apr 30 1988VAX C/VMS VS VAX C/Ultrix VS PCC/Ultrix
1367.01BRSDVP::VERCAMMENTue May 03 1988Using system function SETVBUF
1368.0VIA::ANDERSONTue May 03 1988sizeof(1L)
1369.04MDVAX3::BROCKUSTue May 03 1988Pointer rigor under V2.4
1370.07ELYSSE::TYCASTWed May 04 1988MKTIME -- Does This Convert to TIME_T ?
1371.05PBSVAX::COOPERWed May 04 1988gcvt bug.
1372.01MED::MAYERWed May 04 1988Multiple Compile generates Compiler Bug Check
1373.03IMAGEN::COFFLERThu May 05 1988Will VAX-C run on VAX/VMS V5.
1374.05MIZZOU::SHERMANFri May 06 1988if(f$mode == INTERACTIVE) initscr()?
1375.06ALIVE::HUSTONFri May 06 1988No memory, call puts ==> reserved operand fault
1376.0ALIVE::HUSTONFri May 06 1988How do I force run-time errors?
1377.05CAADC::TRAINIHELLMASat May 07 1988compiler problem?
1378.0OSTVMon May 09 1988quit
1379.08CADSYS::HEBERTMon May 09 1988ftell() & fseek() w/ VMS 5
1380.01PRSNRD::TREGERMon May 09 1988Calling PASCAL func with C
1381.01NACAD::KASISCHKEMon May 09 1988C - Dynamic linking
1382.04LDYBUG::ALLISTERMon May 09 1988? printf bug ?
1383.02NACAD::KASISCHKEMon May 09 1988C - Gobal Sections
1384.01CAMTWO::BRENNANMon May 09 1988VSM calling standard?
1385.04KAOFS::M_MORINMon May 09 1988'sbrk' returns a -1
1387.014PLAYA::MERLINMon May 09 1988Multiple arguments BASIC & C
1388.05PBSVAX::DOUCETTETue May 10 1988I/O perf. w/ read() & write()
1389.04CHOVAX::LAYTONWed May 11 1988VMS Queues
1390.01CIMAMT::WESTERVELTWed May 11 1988fetch fcn name?
1391.04NEXUS::M_TURNERWed May 11 1988Is "dlt" option "really" supported in VAXC?
1392.08KERNEL::BUNNThu May 12 1988C 'system' call
1393.02HPSRAD::ALONSOThu May 12 1988v5 - RMS - submit to batch
1394.022NYEM1::RDAVISFri May 13 1988strncpy performance
1395.02PIXEL::BRIANFri May 13 1988/UNDEFINE=(TEST)
1397.03NEXUS::M_TURNERTue May 17 1988"fop=dlt" (delete on close) revisited.
1398.02NEXUS::M_TURNERTue May 17 1988Function prototyping in 2.4 question
1399.04BANZAI::HIGGSTue May 17 1988C++ compiler for PC systems
1400.04MDVAX3::HEFFERNTue May 17 1988Linking problems with VPRINTF
1401.07BOLT::MINOWTue May 17 1988Lightspeed C
1402.02CIMNET::STEMKOSKITue May 17 1988DECNET - Nontransparent
1403.02DYO78Wed May 18 1988SMP Support?
1404.06VIDEO::OSMANFri May 20 1988How do I define a function that returns unsigned a:1 ?
1405.020BACHLR::HOVEYMon May 23 1988Suggestions/ Competative analysis.
1406.010BCSE::FLEMINGTue May 24 1988calloc struct array
1407.01TKTV2Tue May 24 1988I want to write Mail BOX like fortran write
1409.06BMT::BRIGGSWed May 25 1988protophobia prophylaxis
1410.02SARAH::S_COHENWed May 25 1988Big exe/obj files
1411.05CXCAD::TRANWed May 25 1988LIB$SYS_TRNLOG use
1412.08SARAH::S_COHENThu May 26 1988Spurious portability messages
1413.09DOOBIE::MILLERThu May 26 1988Linker Questions
1414.02CSC32::PREMOVICHFri May 27 1988TMO bit cleared after write operation
1415.02EIGER::LORENZFri May 27 1988Synchorinzing processes
1416.08TPUNIV::BUDILOVMon May 30 1988another /DEBUG question
1417.03CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Jun 01 1988Stupid question: LIB.H and STARLET.H
1418.03MSDSWS::NESTERWed Jun 01 1988Shareable library and ALL-IN-1
1419.01SARAH::S_COHENWed Jun 01 1988How does debugger Type .h lines?
1420.07TOOK::COOKThu Jun 02 1988sizeof (structure-member) ?
1421.0DOOBIE::MILLERFri Jun 03 1988free()/cfree() question
1422.0CHOVAX::LAYTONFri Jun 03 1988Private section problem
1423.08CHOVAX::LAYTONFri Jun 03 1988Using a Macro Program Section
1424.04STORMY::SELLERSFri Jun 03 1988an atof() question
1425.03BCSE::MANSURFri Jun 03 1988pointer to rmsio.c?
1426.0JENEVR::SILVAFri Jun 03 1988Macro for DECnet NCBs?
1427.02NACAD::KASISCHKEFri Jun 03 1988Vaxc - lib$find_image_symbol help!!
1428.0EIGER::LORENZMon Jun 06 1988VAXC$PATH
1429.09AMUCK::SANTOROMon Jun 06 1988fopen() returning %RMS-W-NORMAL ???
1430.06AESIR::SWONGERTue Jun 07 1988ACCVIO after the last line of a program
1431.03VIDEO::CLARKEWed Jun 08 1988Help with QIOW and AST's
1433.01POLICY::BRADLEYWed Jun 08 1988vaxc bugcheck iff /noopt
1435.01SQM::OUELLETTEThu Jun 09 1988Question on file protection
1436.01BOEHM::FRAMPTONThu Jun 09 1988VMS V
1437.07WJG::GUINEAUThu Jun 09 1988CC/STANDARD=PORTABLE strangness
1438.025RECMND::CLARKEThu Jun 09 1988Passing "Infinite" Parameters in C
1439.02TOOK::E_FIELDSFri Jun 10 1988runtime problem?
1440.07AYOV11::JMCGINLEYFri Jun 10 1988Variable len arg list to printf thru other function call.
1441.06BMT::SAPIENZASat Jun 11 1988Descriptors and strings and things...
1442.01VESPA::GENTILIMon Jun 13 1988SJCDEF.H ????
1443.05BOEHM::GUERTINMon Jun 13 1988%CC-I-QUALNOTSTRUCT problem
1444.02MUCTEC::BECKERTue Jun 14 1988precedence of unary operators
1445.01FAGEN::LORADITCHTue Jun 14 1988ACCESS VIOLATION VA=spaces?!?
1446.01CLOSET::PELTZWed Jun 15 1988How does VAX C hash?
1447.02HYEND::SSANTOROWed Jun 15 1988LIB$SIGNAL with FAO args
1448.05WJG::GUINEAUWed Jun 15 1988Good C books
1449.01LEDS::KEZARWed Jun 15 1988sys$mount hangs when assign is outstanding
1450.0102HOT::CARIGNANWed Jun 15 1988Specifying alternate code psects?
1451.03GLDOA::RBROWNWed Jun 15 1988Passing Sequence Characters
1452.04ME::TRUMPLERThu Jun 16 1988globalvalues as case labels
1453.02DSSDEV::FORDThu Jun 16 1988VAXC/Ultrix: compiling w/ vs w/o -g
1454.01CAPTIN::KIRKThu Jun 16 1988Curious behavior in array initialization
1455.01BRSDVP::VERCAMMENFri Jun 17 1988Info new format flags(#,+)/new format spec(i,p,n)?
1456.012VIDEO::OSMANFri Jun 17 1988we need a bcopy routine in VAXCRTL
1457.01LATNCY::MORGANFri Jun 17 1988Unexpected _align Behavior
1458.01ESASE::LEEMon Jun 20 1988VAXC and V5.
1459.01ALLWET::PETERSONMon Jun 20 1988?sqrt( x )
1460.03KAOFS::M_MORINMon Jun 20 1988Why is PRMMBX needed by C users ?
1461.01ABLE::PKABOTIEMon Jun 20 1988Cant pass function pointer
1463.05AKOV12::MILLIOSTue Jun 21 1988sscanf bug?
1464.08DSSDEV::BROWNWed Jun 22 1988type mismatch problem?
1465.04RTPSWS::DUNCANWed Jun 22 1988C called from BLISS
1466.02COGMK::SILVAThu Jun 23 1988RMSEXP.C again?
1467.01YOOVFri Jun 24 1988signal() TROUBLE
1468.04BOEHM::ENGLANDMon Jun 27 1988malloc zeroes memory?
1469.01BLKFOR::WILKINSTue Jun 28 1988Linker setup of C$MAIN
1470.011JEREMY::KEARNEYTue Jun 28 1988Works with debugger, but not without...
1471.04KAOFS::B_LEURYTue Jun 28 1988curses...how endwin works
1472.08BOEHM::ENGLANDTue Jun 28 1988realloc() problem with null input pointer
1473.03BAGELS::CHINTue Jun 28 1988Preprocessor and size of ?
1474.01CSDPIE::EDGERTONTue Jun 28 1988Compiler Bug Check
1476.02AIAG::CARIFIOWed Jun 29 1988lib$establish and friends
1477.07WJG::GUINEAUThu Jun 30 1988get char without waiting for CR
1478.02ASD::GUDITZThu Jun 30 1988V2.4-
1479.03GUSHER::DANIELETue Jul 05 1988pointer math on arrays
1480.02WJG::GUINEAUWed Jul 06 1988pointer to array of pointers to char - on the fly
1481.03COMICS::WOODWed Jul 06 1988CC-F-TBLOVRFLW - Compiler limit ???
1482.03IMBUSY::STEPHENSThu Jul 07 1988VAXC VMS->ULTRIX problem
1483.01CSC32::S_HALLThu Jul 07 1988LINK with options file -- Why ?
1484.01CLOSET::ACKERMANThu Jul 07 1988VAXC Runtime Library Routine ATOF
1485.01CADSE::BARRThu Jul 07 1988Looking for on-line VAX C document
1486.013ELLE::KNOWLESThu Jul 07 1988Invitation to comment on VAX C code-generation
1487.02ZOILA::MERLINFri Jul 08 1988Memory Violation from VAX-BASIC
1488.01ZOILA::MERLINFri Jul 08 1988VAX-C 2.4 PAK for VMS 5.
1489.01TALLIS::SOBRIENFri Jul 08 1988Math with 64 bit values...
1490.03HANZI::ANGIEYIMMon Jul 11 1988Where is VAXCRTL.OLB
1491.02AKOV12::MILLIOSMon Jul 11 1988Documentation error
1492.05SPCTRM::TALATINIANMon Jul 11 1988Linker help
1493.05CUSTOM::SAVKARMon Jul 11 1988Help with accessing a memory block
1494.03STKHLM::FEISTTue Jul 12 1988Using DCX$COMPRESS_DATA
1495.0LUTECE::VOUTERSTue Jul 12 1988Unix/Standard IO source needed. Anyone has ?
1496.05BOEHM::ENGLANDTue Jul 12 1988"C" support for abstract data types?
1497.04MSTIME::J_CAPERSTue Jul 12 1988ceil() loses accuracy due to order of operators
1498.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Jul 12 1988Can I link with two diff ver of VAXCRTL ?
1499.01BARNA::MAURIWed Jul 13 1988Funny fopen failures
1500.01HOZHED::HEBERTWed Jul 13 1988duplicate globalvalue symbols
1501.01MSTIME::J_CAPERSWed Jul 13 1988gcvt() uses MAX (ndigit,6)
1502.0MIZZOU::SHERMANThu Jul 14 1988CURSES mouse interfacing?
1503.03ISTG::NBENDERThu Jul 14 1988Preprocessor options under VMS
1504.04ANGORA::ZARLENGAThu Jul 14 1988Binary number formats ... any future plans?
1505.08INFACT::NORTHERNFri Jul 15 1988Indexed file access support in the future?
1506.01TALLME::DONAHUEFri Jul 15 1988How is VAXCRTL linked to sys$message?
1507.0TPUNIV::BUDILOVSat Jul 16 1988ACMS and C strncpy caution
1508.05HPSTEK::XIASun Jul 17 1988A bug in the optimized compiler?
1509.02GLDOA::RBROWNMon Jul 18 1988Determine Day Of Week
1510.017BENTLY::SOMERVILLEMon Jul 18 1988Using VAX Instr from C
1511.013LEDS::JUANTue Jul 19 1988Keeping files open, help!
1512.06CHOPIN::SAYDEWed Jul 20 1988%*s conversion specification in printf?
1513.08HPSCAD::HENDERSONWed Jul 20 1988C$LIBRARY search list for >1 library
1514.04PBSVAX::KILIANWed Jul 20 1988An lk bug?
1515.03GIDDAY::KOTWALThu Jul 21 1988fopen with "r+" not updating file
1516.07STU::GILMOREThu Jul 21 1988help: If(( file = fopen(fname, "r")) != NULL)
1517.02TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 21 1988VAX C for V5.
1518.03HAMSUP::SONNENTAGFri Jul 22 1988printf asin() & atof ()
1519.0IPG::MAXWELLFri Jul 22 1988Documentation on lk vs LINK
1520.05MEMORY::KATEBIMon Jul 25 1988On-line help for C functions ?
1521.04GO4IT::TSAIMon Jul 25 1988VMS message utility globals from C - how?
1522.04MEMORY::KATEBIMon Jul 25 1988EXIT time, CTRL C function ?
1523.02HILLST::KOPECTue Jul 26 1988MS-DOS C and Assembler to VMS conversion
1525.03VIDEO::CLARKEFri Jul 29 1988FLUSH-ing Keyboard Input
1526.010AESIR::SWONGERFri Jul 29 1988Improving performance with lots of file access?
1527.06STORMY::SELLERSSun Jul 31 1988SYS$GETUAI help needed...
1528.01CRACKR::RITZTue Aug 02 1988It won't wait ?
1529.01DWOVAX::YOUNGTue Aug 02 1988Optional subroutine parameters?
1530.08WON::WOODWARDTue Aug 02 1988LIB$_NEGTIM is missing from libdef.h
1531.04FRSTSC::LAUERTue Aug 02 1988missing module "system"?!?
1532.03CPRS::WOLFFTue Aug 02 1988bit/boolean array manipulations
1533.02MORGON::ROUILHACWed Aug 03 1988reading a character with getchar()
1534.04CSC32::S_HALLWed Aug 03 1988Behavior of RTL funcs with null string pointers
1535.06MASIS::ABNOUSWed Aug 03 1988System Service problem??
1536.03AYOU13::SHIELDSThu Aug 04 1988Part numbers, please?
1537.01KAOFS::M_MORINThu Aug 04 1988Installing VAXCMSG.EXE Useful?
1538.015BINKLY::LEVITINFri Aug 05 1988Q: Equiv. of f$search to work w/ [dir...]
1539.020VIA::GLANTZFri Aug 05 1988"foo = (test) ? bar ;" not legal syntax
1540.0MORGON::ROUILHACMon Aug 08 1988What's the problem with 'ferror()' macro ???
1541.0MORGON::ROUILHACMon Aug 08 1988Step by step with setvbuf()
1542.03AMBER::VESPERMon Aug 08 1988LSEDIT template for C wanted
1543.07CSSE32::MERMELLMon Aug 08 1988precision format specifier doesn't work
1544.0KYOA::WALKERMon Aug 08 1988V5.
1545.01VIDEO::LEICHTERJWed Aug 10 1988SDL-to-C Reverse-Engineered
1546.04CHENG1::GUNTERWed Aug 10 1988VAXC and DCL - HELP!!!
1548.07AK1A::NEWELLWed Aug 10 1988NOTPOINTER error
1549.01KAOFS::M_MORINWed Aug 10 1988sizeof (struct ...) doesn't increment correctly
1550.01VIDEO::LEICHTERJThu Aug 11 1988VAX C Error Reporting Oddity
1551.02OKYAH::HARDINGThu Aug 11 1988Parse Stack Overflow problem
1552.02WAV14::PEABODYThu Aug 11 1988C+++ NEED HELP
1553.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXThu Aug 11 1988cfree(confusion);
1554.01CRACKR::RITZFri Aug 12 1988Getting the bound
1555.0VIA::GLANTZFri Aug 12 1988%CC-I-NOOPTIMIZATION, Program needs tomato sauce
1556.01CSC32::S_CONNORMon Aug 15 1988ldiv and div functions incorrect
1557.0TLE::COURTNEYTue Aug 16 1988Phase
1558.02FORT::CAINTue Aug 16 1988Missing Modules in 4.7 RTL?
1559.04TAVWed Aug 17 1988Curses and standard code problems
1560.07CHIRPA::SWONGERWed Aug 17 1988How do I include curses?
1561.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSWed Aug 17 1988Array with pointers to functions??
1562.022HIT::GLASERWed Aug 17 1988Obfuscated C Contest Winners for 1988
1563.02VIDEO::LEICHTERJThu Aug 18 1988Code Generation Improvement
1564.01CURIE::BURDICKThu Aug 18 1988problem report
1565.0CSC32::S_CONNORThu Aug 18 1988/ANALYSIS_DATA invalid
1566.0226649::WITTMANFri Aug 19 1988File I/O performance
1567.06NEXUS::M_TURNERFri Aug 19 1988Function prototype bug in 2.4??
1568.012MQOSMon Aug 22 1988Optimize file IO
1569.07CSC32::S_HALLTue Aug 23 1988VAXC$MALLOC_OPT ? And SYS-F-RADRMOD w/ free()...
1570.07KYOA::MIANOTue Aug 23 1988/OP vs /NOOP
1571.0NEXUS::M_TURNERTue Aug 23 1988Bugcheck with 2.4 compiler. Why?
1572.01ICEBOX::HARRIOTTWed Aug 24 1988need sys$library file 'resource.h'
1573.01PAULUS::HUCKERTThu Aug 25 1988CC$RMS_FAB problem under ALL-IN-1
1574.08TLE::CUSTERThu Aug 25 1988Version 3.
1575.01VIDEO::OSMANThu Aug 25 1988how can a character be 17 bits wide ??
1576.05CSC32::G_JOHNSONThu Aug 25 1988Where lives VAXC$EXECMBX logical?
1577.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJSat Aug 27 1988Code Generation Problem
1578.02STAR::BRANDENBERGMon Aug 29 1988Question on code generation and alloca()
1579.04TLE::RMEYERSMon Aug 29 1988Modified QAR Procedure
1580.011UTOPIE::LOEFFLERTue Aug 30 1988MISWIDETYPE new error message
1582.05SWSCIM::KAIRYSTue Aug 30 1988What previous declaration???
1583.02NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Aug 30 1988const and volatile standard?
1584.02CXCAD::TRANWed Aug 31 1988Retaining screen in CURSES
1585.07GLORY::KAIRYSThu Sep 01 1988Use of case in include files
1586.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Sep 02 1988Bug With Multidimensional Arrays
1587.01UTROP1::VRIES_JANFri Sep 02 1988ANSI C draft online ?
1588.04UTROP1::VRIES_JANFri Sep 02 1988C++ - within Digital
1589.02CADSE::MALONEYFri Sep 02 1988C development tools
1590.010VIDEO::FARRELLFri Sep 02 1988Creating a Permanent Logical ??
1592.01CAPTIN::KIRKFri Sep 02 1988Is Malloc() reentrant ?
1593.02LOOKIN::CROSBIETue Sep 06 1988Prototype argument checking problem?
1594.01RIPPLE::ERICKSODATue Sep 06 1988Undocumented subroutines supported?
1595.04CLOSET::EROSSTue Sep 06 1988Pointer adjustment following SSCANF call
1596.012TLE::BENOITTue Sep 06 1988Field test of T3.
1597.03CSC32::G_JOHNSONTue Sep 06 1988AB = ab, if defined as globals
1598.02CIMAMT::WESTERVELTWed Sep 07 1988calling out to fcns in another image
1599.03KERNEL::BRADSHAWThu Sep 08 1988Using Shareable images from C
1600.010BANZAI::HIGGSThu Sep 08 1988Programs to help with complex declarations
1601.02CAMONE::JOHNSONFri Sep 09 1988formatted input conversion question
1602.08SWSCIM::KAIRYSFri Sep 09 1988There's a definite VOID here!
1603.06OLDBAY::HERRSat Sep 10 1988Problem with printf and LIB$TRAVERSE_TREE
1604.06RAINBO::HARRISMon Sep 12 1988QUIDEF.H & SJCDEF.H - anyone?
1605.02RESORT::WVCTue Sep 13 1988non?-local args to condition handler
1606.0KL21Tue Sep 13 1988Long symbols now accepted, not truncated?
1607.015KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue Sep 13 1988Seen a decent getopt() for VMS lately?
1608.0DIXIE1::GRACEWed Sep 14 1988MVWGETSTR on V5.
1609.06NEXUS::B_WACKERWed Sep 14 1988qsort can't copy elements in 5.
1610.02POOL::RICOWed Sep 14 1988"mount device busy" on fwrite to seq file
1611.01BTO::LACROIX_J_LThu Sep 15 1988Help LINK curses
1612.02DELNI::P_COLEThu Sep 15 1988Problem with vaxcrtl.olb
1613.04CIMAMT::WESTERVELTThu Sep 15 1988varargs misbehaving??
1614.09HPSTEK::JORGENSENThu Sep 15 1988Can I read while I write?
1615.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Sep 15 1988using v5.
1616.0NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Sep 16 1988fyi
1617.011DOOBIE::MILLERMon Sep 19 1988Performance Question About Reading Seq. Files...
1618.04BMT::COLVARDMon Sep 19 1988ORACLE C?
1619.01CLO::HOLLERANMon Sep 19 1988Problem with #define
1620.01CLO::HOLLERANMon Sep 19 1988doc inconsistencies
1621.03STKHLM::FEISTTue Sep 20 1988YACC and LEX
1622.08GEOFF::G_SCHULTZTue Sep 20 1988Linking a VAX C Routine to a Pascal Program
1623.08ANT::ZARLENGATue Sep 20 1988LIB$SHOW_TIMER woes ... any advice/help?
1624.02COMICS::CROSBIEWed Sep 21 1988stat and errno
1625.02NUPE::HAMPTONWed Sep 21 1988Order Number?
1626.02BELFST::D_MOOREThu Sep 22 1988Multiple Mailbox Channel Confusion ??
1627.01PIXEL::BRIANThu Sep 22 1988RMS Extension not found
1628.03LDYBUG::ZINGERThu Sep 22 1988Customer problem
1629.02CONSLT::BACONThu Sep 22 1988PPL$ rtl on VMS V5
1630.04CIM::GARTNERThu Sep 22 1988ASCII Include file
1631.09BAGELS::FINNERTYThu Sep 22 1988VAX-C vs MS-DOS C ????
1632.02STARCH::JSLOVEThu Sep 22 1988Termites in "floor" (G_FLOAT)
1633.02GVAADG::CARTIERFri Sep 23 1988CTREE File Manager
1634.05CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Sep 23 1988Questions about startup
1635.09DYO78Mon Sep 26 1988Where is "rint" on VMS???
1636.07KAOFS::M_MORINMon Sep 26 1988'case' limit in 'switch' expression
1637.0MJG::GRIERTue Sep 27 1988Reproducible reserved operand with optimized code
1638.02KERNEL::BRADSHAWTue Sep 27 1988Conversion problem with DIFFTIME
1639.03PEOVAX::URBANOWICZWed Sep 28 1988C2.4,VMS5,&$RMS_ACT Problem
1640.015PSW::WINALSKIWed Sep 28 1988get rid of the separate D/G float RTLs
1641.03ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Sep 29 1988Getting the fractional part of a double
1642.01BANZAI::HIGGSThu Sep 29 1988Help needed...
1643.02CSOA1::SHULMANThu Sep 29 1988VAXCRTLG vs. VAXCRTL in sharable image
1644.02--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 30 1988Mr Moderator(s) please delete this WHOLE note
1645.03VIA::GLANTZMon Oct 03 1988Partial initialization of static global arrays?
1646.0TLE::BJORKMon Oct 03 1988ANSI C Standard voted out
1647.01KAOFS::M_MORINMon Oct 03 1988VAX C V2.3 and V2.4 on same system
1648.06KAOFS::B_LEURYMon Oct 03 1988need help with strings
1649.05CSOA1::SHULMANMon Oct 03 1988Extern variable needs /include for resolution
1650.06KYOA::LEETue Oct 04 1988$SNDOPR system call
1651.08IMPULS::VLSTue Oct 04 1988Looking for source code
1652.04TSG::WALLRAFFWed Oct 05 1988Concatenation of adjacent string literals
1653.05ANT::SMCAFEEWed Oct 05 1988printf args w/post increment
1654.08KOALA::GASTONFri Oct 07 1988malloc,ppl and lib$
1655.02HAMPS::JONES_SFri Oct 07 1988Counted Strings in Debugger
1656.028TSG::WALLRAFFFri Oct 07 1988Why is there no %descr in C?
1657.01DECSIM::FARICELLIMon Oct 10 1988Will foo(&1.
1658.07MSAVTue Oct 11 1988B-tree sort
1659.01PSG::BUCHANANTue Oct 11 1988%CC-W-REGNEEDED warning
1660.0KYOA::LEEWed Oct 12 1988accessing accounting record
1661.01LEDS::COHENWed Oct 12 1988LIB$CVT_FROM_INTERNAL_TIME constants
1662.010PIXEL::BRIANWed Oct 12 1988What's faster than sprintf?
1663.02BENTLY::SOMERVILLEWed Oct 12 1988CMEXEC - Change to Executive Mode
1664.01JEREMY::ORONThu Oct 13 1988vaxc + uis
1665.03NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Oct 13 1988open/close tape norewind
1666.0CASEE::CLARKThu Oct 13 1988VAXC T3.
1667.02PSG::BUCHANANThu Oct 13 1988C doc set order numbers
1668.09CSC32::S_HALLThu Oct 13 1988Trigraph sequences support ? Now ? Future?
1669.01SKITZD::SOMERVILLEThu Oct 13 1988VMS Lcks in Exec Mode
1670.01SKITZD::SOMERVILLEThu Oct 13 1988Exit Hndlr in Exec Mode
1671.01CASEE::COWANMon Oct 17 1988inlining requires def before ref?
1672.04KYOA::LEEMon Oct 17 1988subtracting system times
1673.07SMMVAX::MEISNERTue Oct 18 1988Forcing a symbolic stack dump
1674.047AWAKE::WESTERVELTTue Oct 18 1988C vs. Pascal: decisions, decisions
1675.02KAOFS::M_MORINTue Oct 18 1988fseek, ftell, feof problem VAX C V2.4
1676.06OLDBAY::HERRWed Oct 19 1988bsearch with zero size array
1678.07TLE::BENOITWed Oct 19 1988T3.
1679.01BMT::BRIGGSThu Oct 20 1988Pretty printing pragma please
1680.01STKHLM::FEISTThu Oct 20 1988CDD and virtual fields.
1681.02NUB::HANCKELFri Oct 21 1988rtl and struct allocation
1683.04CADSE::SHANNONFri Oct 21 1988Portability
1684.04BRSDVP::VANDENBERGENMon Oct 24 1988LBR$_definitions in VAXC
1685.04CIMNET::GADREMon Oct 24 1988Floating point execptions
1686.01HAZEL::DOWDMon Oct 24 1988Sending a 'break' over a serial line
1687.0TLE::COURTNEYMon Oct 24 1988New C book
1688.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGTue Oct 25 1988What is this trying to do?
1689.04PIXEL::BRIANTue Oct 25 1988SSCANF slower than FSCANF?
1690.02BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Oct 25 1988Implementation Constants
1691.02KYOA::MAUROWed Oct 26 1988fread() ...HELP
1692.06AD::MURARIWed Oct 26 1988Help !!!
1693.02POTARU::COUPALWed Oct 26 1988External, but not really global (?!)
1694.02POTARU::COUPALWed Oct 26 1988More ugly or fun programs please ?
1695.02TUFTS::ZINGERThu Oct 27 1988Sharing global variables (Pascal/C)
1697.011LANDO::BILAFERThu Oct 27 1988POW bug
1698.031MORGON::ROUILHACFri Oct 28 1988URGENT: why programming in C UNDER VMS ??
1699.043D::VESPERFri Oct 28 1988It must be fast -- it is implemented as a macro!
1700.01GVAADG::CARTIERMon Oct 31 1988Problem of precision between Float and Double
1701.03MCNALY::MILLERMon Oct 31 1988Help with VAXC$FREE_OPT?
1702.04SUBFIZ::WOLTZMon Oct 31 1988Problem with 'system()' Command
1703.04TSG::JOYMon Oct 31 1988Problem with /opt/nodeb
1704.01COOKIE::GIONFRIDDOMon Oct 31 1988Header Files
1705.02AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Oct 31 1988new descriptor types for ASCIZ strings ?
1706.05LANDO::BILAFERTue Nov 01 1988Need help with SYS$ASCTIM
1707.08HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGWed Nov 02 1988Char input from kb without buffering
1708.01VAXUUM::PELTZWed Nov 02 1988Output quality of VAX C curses...
1709.01CTCADM::DECESAREWed Nov 02 1988symbol conflicts...
1710.03BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Nov 02 1988VAX C Subscripting Bug
1711.04DECWET::AURICHWed Nov 02 1988I need both v3.
1712.0FLASH::WAINRIGHTWed Nov 02 1988CURSES, wgetch difference 2.3 versus 2.4
1713.06EIGER::DEMETRIOUThu Nov 03 1988ftime problems.......
1714.08VIA::GLANTZThu Nov 03 1988Equivalent to BLISS NAME?
1715.01HPSRAD::SMITHFri Nov 04 1988Question/problem with printf and %ns?
1716.03HIBEAM::FEASEFri Nov 04 1988Help with fopen() please?
1717.04VIA::GLANTZFri Nov 04 1988How to CALL a routine which accepts var # of args
1718.07SPEEDI::SANCHEZFri Nov 04 1988binary file processing
1719.05NEXUS::E_VAETHFri Nov 04 1988fseek worked on vms 4.3 but not on vms 4.7
1720.02REBOK::COLEMon Nov 07 1988GMT for VAX C ??
1721.03COOKIE::KODAVALLAMon Nov 07 1988function prototypes don't work
1722.02SKYLRK::WATANABEMon Nov 07 1988QIO in C for DRQ3B
1723.0RWAST::CARRTue Nov 08 1988need a v4.7 "unget" fix
1724.04RESORT::WVCTue Nov 08 1988SNDJBC queueing example?
1725.08DOOZER::DDAVIESWed Nov 09 1988printf OPTIMISE ?
1726.033STAR::L_LEAHYWed Nov 09 1988Bug in expression evaluation ( _toupper and auto increment variables )
1727.04HANNAH::MESSENGERWed Nov 09 1988Bug involving register allocation
1728.028DWOVAX::YOUNGThu Nov 10 1988VAX C RTL: Customer concerns.
1729.012HPSRAD::SPINKThu Nov 10 1988help needed: calloc & structures
1730.05PIXEL::PWONGThu Nov 10 1988Extraneous ENUM warnings
1731.03MTHOOD::LISLEEDThu Nov 10 1988Help needed..sorting link lists
1732.09EYELET::SHELLEYThu Nov 10 1988Help with unwanted (R2)+
1733.01CSC32::D_BORNERFri Nov 11 1988prob's with open() file desc's in child process
1734.04GLDOA::HACKMon Nov 14 1988VAXCTL.OLB: old changes??
1735.03CSSE::POTTERMon Nov 14 1988/noopt vs. /opt again
1736.0BOLT::MINOWMon Nov 14 1988gets() -- a security hole
1737.06BROKE::YENIGALLAMon Nov 14 1988SMG$ Routines from VAX-C
1738.08FOO::BHAVNANIMon Nov 14 1988sprintf() + % doesn't compute
1739.06AWAKE::WESTERVELTMon Nov 14 1988c$$translate?
1740.01BOEHM::CBRADLEYMon Nov 14 1988macros, includes, and quotes
1741.02KAOFS::M_MORINTue Nov 15 1988C calling BASIC subroutine passing string descr.
1742.015AWAKE::WESTERVELTTue Nov 15 1988shareable image problem
1743.08MYVAX::LUBYTue Nov 15 1988Need help with C linked lists!
1744.05NEXUS::B_WACKERTue Nov 15 1988exec'd output to batch log not there
1745.04CSSE::FRANGIADAKISTue Nov 15 1988reverse polish notation
1746.020TLE::DANIELSTue Nov 15 1988What do we need to do to VAX C I/O?
1747.05AESIR::SWONGERWed Nov 16 1988Variable size for Global Array?
1748.01BOLT::MINOWWed Nov 16 1988void * ?
1749.02KAOFS::M_ROYWed Nov 16 1988C and Fortran writting to same file
1750.01CTCADM::ROTHThu Nov 17 1988bug in optimization of subscripted pointers
1751.06MYVAX::LUBYThu Nov 17 1988Variable passing to subroutines >1 level deep
1752.03COOKIE::KODAVALLAFri Nov 18 1988What is "void *" in VAX C?
1753.044PIMIN::NEWHOUSEFri Nov 18 1988Questions on Optimization choices by the compiler?
1754.01LAIDBK::MAKSat Nov 19 1988This may not be a 'C' question..but....
1755.08IPA::WATSONMon Nov 21 1988Example of SYS$CRMPSC ?
1756.02PAULUS::TRINHMon Nov 21 1988Message Utility with VAXC?
1757.07BOLT::MINOWMon Nov 21 1988Extending the Vax C linkage mechanism
1758.01WAV12::PRABHUTue Nov 22 1988Need Info. on V 2.5
1759.02NACAD::N_FISHMANTue Nov 22 1988Help with sscanf
1760.03CIMNET::SWAMINATHANTue Nov 22 1988Sleep does'nt sleep
1761.03KAOFS::B_LEURYWed Nov 23 1988problem with fseek on vms 4.7
1762.01KAOFS::M_ROYWed Nov 23 1988VAX C & ORACLE problems
1763.05CASEE::LALLIFri Nov 25 1988/standard=portable shouldn't signal it ?
1764.02FOO::BHAVNANIMon Nov 28 1988fflush() help
1765.01LEVEL::OSMANMon Nov 28 1988fclose performs illegal writes
1766.01SARLAK::DURVASULATue Nov 29 1988'C' IN a VMS environment, Help please !!!
1767.010SPEEDI::SANCHEZTue Nov 29 1988Assembly Language Instructions
1768.04IOSG::KIRKHAMWed Nov 30 1988Poor optimisation.
1769.019AESIR::SWONGERWed Nov 30 1988ACCVIO with fgets has me baffled
1770.01MALLET::HODGEWed Nov 30 1988Anyone got the ICON source code.
1771.0TLE::BENOITWed Nov 30 1988T3.
1772.0TLE::BENOITWed Nov 30 1988Phase
1773.04KAOA12::DESBIENSThu Dec 01 1988Mouse Driver???
1774.04CSSE::FRANGIADAKISThu Dec 01 1988pointer arithm error
1775.02ERLANG::SOUZAThu Dec 01 1988% and / cause convoluted code??
1777.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Dec 02 1988?s on char [] vs *
1778.02DISCVR::CASEYFri Dec 02 1988Custom RTL -- HELP!
1779.04AMUSED::MORRISFri Dec 02 1988handling #include's in MMS
1780.02POOL::RICOFri Dec 02 1988external function ref funniness
1781.0MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Dec 06 1988How about lint-PLUS
1782.023D::VESPERWed Dec 07 1988version number wanted
1783.04LEDS::ROCHEWed Dec 07 1988strtol(), strtoul() questions
1784.07MEDDLE::RICOThu Dec 08 1988an efficient varargs mechanism?
1785.02CADSE::SANCLEMENTEThu Dec 08 1988Initializing Struct Ptrs
1786.05HYDRA::MISKAThu Dec 08 1988system() again!
1787.015CNTROL::PAPADEASThu Dec 08 1988Command Parser and Expression Evaluator Needed
1788.04THEBAY::GOODMANThu Dec 08 1988How to write to stderr without a new file created?
1789.01CVG::CAMPANELLAMon Dec 12 1988Scanw woes...
1790.06KAOFS::M_ROYMon Dec 12 1988C error message files installation
1791.0PIGMAN::RICOMon Dec 12 1988builtins wishlist
1793.03ADOMV1::SHARPEMon Dec 12 1988Multiple access to stream lf files in C
1794.0GIDDAY::HADDADTue Dec 13 1988Another Naming CDD Variant structures
1795.01GVAADG::CARTIERWed Dec 14 1988Byte-range-locking ????
1796.05AMUSED::COHENWed Dec 14 1988comp.lang.c usenet notesfile?
1797.010DISCVR::CASEYWed Dec 14 1988Memory management problem-I think
1798.01KAOA12::BARKLEYWed Dec 14 1988Bug when N>16383
1799.012SSDEVO::MARKSWed Dec 14 1988bit fields on multi-processor system
1800.03LEVEL::OSMANThu Dec 15 1988is modf documented correctly ?
1801.03PIGMAN::JAMISONThu Dec 15 1988%CC-F-BUGCHECK, ...
1802.02KAOFS::B_LEURYThu Dec 15 1988need help with MTH$CABS...complex numbers
1803.01KERNEL::WIMBLEDONThu Dec 15 1988open with delete but close with keep ?
1804.06MYVAX::ROBERUCThu Dec 15 1988Looping problems...
1805.09KAOFS::M_ROYThu Dec 15 1988MEMCMP() with unsigned char
1806.02KAOA12::BARKLEYThu Dec 15 1988CASE statement compiler bug.
1807.04KERNEL::HILLISMon Dec 19 1988hang on memcmp
1808.03COGMK::SILVAMon Dec 19 1988VAX C and CDD?
1809.01FESTER::SPIVAKTue Dec 20 1988PRVDEF.H changed, but why?
1810.0BPOVTue Dec 20 1988More problem with CURSES
1811.02CASEE::LACROIXWed Dec 21 1988Inlining bug?
1812.02PONY::BONANNOWed Dec 21 1988VAX C V2.4 under VMS V5.1 looks for RPC$SHARE ??
1813.08GVAADG::CARTIERThu Dec 22 1988I/O functions ????
1814.0CTCADM::ROTHTue Dec 27 1988hypot with small or large arguments
1815.06NEXUS::M_TURNERTue Dec 27 1988Anyone ever use the SIGSTACK function??
1816.01ECADWed Dec 28 1988SIGNALS
1817.06COOKIE::KODAVALLAThu Dec 29 1988sizeof char-constant
1818.01VOX::SIMMThu Dec 29 1988In-lining Bug in VAX C FT2 V3.
1819.0BENTLY::SCHMIDTMANNThu Dec 29 1988VAX C or lk bug??
1820.04MORGON::ROUILHACFri Dec 30 1988ANSI C Standard approved ???
1822.06VOX::SIMMFri Dec 30 1988_CALLG builtin?
1823.0MUNEDI::KERSTENFri Dec 30 1988Unbuffered I/O on ULTRIX
1824.01COOKIE::KODAVALLASat Dec 31 1988i++ is legal for const int i ??!!
1825.013VAXUUM::PELTZTue Jan 03 1989STV errors and the VAXCRTL?
1826.02TEKVAX::KOPECThu Jan 05 1989*(ptr+i+j) breaks in a loop?
1827.0CSC32::S_HALLThu Jan 05 1989Symbols in listing are order-dependent.
1828.07CADSE::HOPKINSThu Jan 05 1989problem compiling with v3.
1829.0NESS::JONESFri Jan 06 1989CDD pointer types for VAXC
1830.04BODACH::JLENIHANFri Jan 06 1989String from C to PASCAL function
1831.09RAINBO::PRAETORIUSSat Jan 07 1989needless duplication of DST stuff
1832.08BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Jan 09 1989Why NONPORTCVT for this array init?
1833.06BOLT::MINOWMon Jan 09 1989Prototype for function arguments?
1834.016COOKIE::KODAVALLATue Jan 10 1989Inclusion of modules/files
1835.01COOKIE::KODAVALLATue Jan 10 1989allocation for vars in blocks
1836.03CLOSET::PELTZTue Jan 10 1989LMF .h files?
1837.07JANUS::HARTTue Jan 10 1989Comments on suitability of VAXC for standalone applications
1838.05SPIDER::HERRLICHTue Jan 10 1989VAX/ULTRIX C error (NOMSG,
1839.0HGOVC::CCLIWed Jan 11 1989Real Time Clock
1840.01CIMNET::CUSICKWed Jan 11 1989compile problem - VCG$ANALYSIS_DATA_ENTNF
1841.01KOBAL::BBWed Jan 11 1989SETJMP/LONGJMP
1842.01PLUS::MORRISWed Jan 11 1989Integer OVerflow detection, how to?
1843.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Jan 13 1989which numbers should the compiler complain about?
1844.03NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Jan 13 1989? on how system() should function
1845.01COSBY::TIBBERTFri Jan 13 1989#pragma noinline doc misleading or Bug?
1846.0TLE::KRUGERMon Jan 16 1989Feedback desired for LSE templates for C
1847.04COOKIE::KODAVALLAWed Jan 18 1989auto-aggregate initialization
1848.0GVAADG::CARTIERThu Jan 19 1989Reply to JANSEN ...
1849.07HAMSC3::KARL_HEINZThu Jan 19 1989undefined symbol labs
1851.05CHANGE::KELLERMANThu Jan 19 1989What does CC-W-REGNEEDED mean?
1852.0WAV12::SOHNThu Jan 19 1989Need someone to teach C
1853.01TLE::BENOITFri Jan 20 1989T3.
1854.0143D::VESPERFri Jan 20 1989/STAND=PORT should flag ( (int *) ptr)++;
1855.01HGOVC::JAMANHASSANSun Jan 22 1989Problem with 'C'
1856.01ESDDEV::CATSBURGSun Jan 22 1989Beginners helps on curses wanted.
1857.0STKHLM::FEISTMon Jan 23 1989Signed char
1858.09ECADMon Jan 23 1989Extracting Logicals
1859.02KAOFS::M_ROYMon Jan 23 1989Writting to a tape (TK5
1860.02SAVVY::LUCIATue Jan 24 1989Static array of string descriptors
1861.09CHUNK::PARISEAUTue Jan 24 1989PRINTF too FAST!
1862.015COOKIE::KODAVALLATue Jan 24 1989Hiding error processing
1863.011AWAKE::WESTERVELTTue Jan 24 1989fetch node name?
1864.04KAOFS::M_MORINTue Jan 24 1989%LINK-F-ILLRECTYP error on C pgms
1865.020WHELIN::CINQMARSWed Jan 25 1989BCD or HEX math routines
1866.04STAR::BRANDENBERGWed Jan 25 1989V3.
1867.02VMSSG::TCARRWed Jan 25 1989I need to 'C'
1868.08MDCRAB::HERRWed Jan 25 1989Docs in Bookreader form ?
1869.01CSSE::FRANGIADAKISFri Jan 27 1989Fortran files --> C
1870.01ADVLSI::SHUMAKERFri Jan 27 1989Element not member of union???
1871.06AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Jan 27 1989carriage returns, and stdout vs. stderr
1872.021PSW::WINALSKISun Jan 29 1989Proposed changes to VAX C global symbol processing
1874.01STORMY::SELLERSSun Jan 29 1989SCHDWK and HYBER Question...
1875.01PLOP::COYLEMon Jan 30 1989"C" course?
1876.01CNTROL::KAPPMon Jan 30 1989File Read Problem
1877.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Jan 30 1989"help fopen" is missing essential return value info
1878.07KNABTue Jan 31 1989Transportable, variable argument lists
1879.04HAMSC3::KARL_HEINZTue Jan 31 1989FPRINTF under VAX-C 2.4/3.
1880.02SMAC1Tue Jan 31 1989Help on SETVBUF problem
1881.04STKHLM::FEISTTue Jan 31 1989Data type char
1882.05KATO::NOFSINGERTue Jan 31 1989Quadword Arithmetic
1883.023CLEVER::RHARRISTue Jan 31 1989PASCAL SETs in C
1884.01YODA::SALEMTue Jan 31 1989How to BLISS to C?
1885.07KERNEL::HOLLOWAYWed Feb 01 1989ftell() changes with v5 rtl.
1886.01HGOVC::CCLIThu Feb 02 1989Call to system services
1887.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Feb 02 1989SCA-F-BADEVENT with 2.4 .ANA file.
1888.02YODA::SALEMThu Feb 02 1989How to create xxx.H ??
1889.04HYDRA::CADMGRThu Feb 02 1989Create Logical Name table???
1890.02CSSE::POTTERThu Feb 02 1989Statics and their scope
1891.01BUMBLE::HERRLICHThu Feb 02 1989curses cursor positioning
1892.02COMICS::RADBURNMon Feb 06 1989Cursor keys in scanf
1893.0NSGMon Feb 06 1989SDC V3.
1894.01CANYON::LEEDSMon Feb 06 1989decomposition ???
1895.04KCDEMO::MULLINMon Feb 06 1989times-VMS vs Ultrix C
1896.06DEMOAX::MCKENDRYTue Feb 07 1989_align(QUADWORD) a structure element?
1897.0VAXUUM::PELTZTue Feb 07 1989new notes file?
1898.01GVAADG::CARTIERWed Feb 08 1989Pack Structures ?
1899.06GVAADG::CARTIERWed Feb 08 1989Indexed RMS Files ?
1900.0TRHLEG::MOGENSWed Feb 08 1989NCS from VAXC
1901.03MLNAD1::VALLEWed Feb 08 1989SYS$PUTMSG usage
1902.010MEIS::CROCKETTWed Feb 08 1989Sharable Image Problem
1903.02FUNNY::ESWed Feb 08 1989function declaration in v3.
1904.02HGOVC::CCLIWed Feb 08 1989system service: LIB$FIND_FILE
1905.02I93::ORNSTEINThu Feb 09 1989questions on TYPEDEFs
1906.03BPOVThu Feb 09 1989Not Sure if .EXE running properly!!!!!HELP!!!!
1907.01AESIR::SWONGERFri Feb 10 1989Can I add data to the beginning of a file?
1908.03LDYBUG::FARLEYFri Feb 10 1989Inconsistency in fopen function?
1909.05AICAD::MIYATAFri Feb 10 1989CC/ANA problem w/ T3.
1910.09MUHTSC::ARNOMon Feb 13 1989Link/library Problem
1911.03KAOFS::B_LEURYMon Feb 13 1989signal() and control c
1912.011HANNAH::OSMANMon Feb 13 1989any way to get real sum of address and sizeof(address)?
1914.0TLE::DANIELSTue Feb 14 1989Moving the C RTL into IMAGELIB
1915.01CIMAMT::LIMTue Feb 14 1989problem in shareable image
1916.04HYDRA::SALEMTue Feb 14 1989How to create ASCIC?
1917.03KAOFS::B_LEURYTue Feb 14 1989open from fortran, read from c subroutine
1918.05ERFARE::FUNGWed Feb 15 1989Windows for C
1919.03VIA::BOWERWed Feb 15 1989Increased memory usage in VAX C T3.
1920.03PIXEL::BRIANFri Feb 17 1989set[v]buf?
1921.05COOKIE::KODAVALLAFri Feb 17 1989struct comparison
1922.01AESIR::SWONGERFri Feb 17 1989Executables on VMS V4.7 and 5.
1923.01MDCRAB::HERRFri Feb 17 1989Problem with __LINE__
1924.01ATLS17::HENNESSY_JFri Feb 17 1989V3.
1925.02JFRSON::CALVETTIMon Feb 20 1989Help for a new user
1926.0TLE::BENOITTue Feb 21 1989VAX C phase
1927.05CSC32::E_VAETHTue Feb 21 1989Problem with errno
1928.01LISBOA::RPTDB5Wed Feb 22 1989SMG$READ_STRING with mask in quadword?
1929.05MDCRAB::HERRWed Feb 22 1989Examples for delivering ASTs
1930.010YODA::SALEMWed Feb 22 1989Defaults for parameters?
1931.01KAOFS::M_ROYWed Feb 22 1989/debug/noopt produces large .obj files
1932.01AYOV16::JMCGINLEYWed Feb 22 1989Passing args to a function
1933.07HLFSThu Feb 23 1989Help needed on System Services:$ENQW,$GETLKIW/JPIW
1934.04AWAKE::WESTERVELTThu Feb 23 1989typecheck function arguments?
1935.07AESIR::SWONGERThu Feb 23 1989Speedy compare of different formats?
1936.04NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Feb 23 1989help debugging pointer to array of struct
1938.06SPIDER::EGOLFThu Feb 23 1989Generic RMS utility functions?
1939.07LUTECE::LELEGARDFri Feb 24 1989Creation date with open()
1940.0BESS::NAGARAJANFri Feb 24 1989Seminars at BU Tyngsboro
1941.06NZOVSun Feb 26 1989close() writing extra junk?
1942.07MDVAX3::CHANDLERTue Feb 28 1989referencing counted ascii fields
1943.01SANCHO::SCHUERERTue Feb 28 1989instruction microcode compatibility
1944.08AESIR::SWONGERWed Mar 01 1989Question about sequence points in conditionals
1945.015POBOX::WALTERWed Mar 01 1989BUILDIT - RDML
1946.07STORMY::SELLERSThu Mar 02 1989Help with SMG$READ_STRING()
1947.03CURIUS::MORRISThu Mar 02 1989void in ?:
1948.06POWDAH::PEREZFri Mar 03 1989gets, Can I do it better?
1949.02IND::NAEGELYFri Mar 03 1989C Programming Course
1950.011TLE::BENOITFri Mar 03 1989Sanity kit for V3.
1951.01KBOMFG::PIMMon Mar 06 1989Label border - centering
1953.03STKHLM::FEISTMon Mar 06 1989ANSI c and string
1954.03STKHLM::FEISTMon Mar 06 1989Fopen vs open
1955.010MAVENS::EPSTEINMon Mar 06 1989VAX C V3.
1956.03TRIVIA::JANZMon Mar 06 1989Unlisted Error Messages?
1957.0NWACES::KIMMELMon Mar 06 1989Virtual memory and latest release
1958.019NWACES::KIMMELMon Mar 06 1989Once more... virtual memory
1959.02NEXUS::B_WACKERMon Mar 06 1989Many compiles hang in lef
1960.01DIAMON::ZGRAGGENTue Mar 07 1989Probs with _MOVC5 in V3.
1961.07KOBAL::WILLISWed Mar 08 1989The Use of Registers - Is It Necessary
1962.03KAOFS::H_PILONWed Mar 08 1989Where and how is vaxc$errno created
1963.014COMICS::BUNNThu Mar 09 1989Function prototypes and scope with static ?
1964.0GIAMEM::MINThu Mar 09 1989Passing info to a function?Help!
1965.02CSSE32::MERMELLThu Mar 09 1989pipe() and the mbx file descriptors
1966.013SWDEV1::MULLURFri Mar 10 1989Floating problem!!
1967.01TLE::DANIELSSun Mar 12 1989Help with AST test program
1968.02STATLR::MALL_IANOMon Mar 13 1989where is LIB$K_DELTA_DAYS?
1969.01CLUSTA::MCGUIREMon Mar 13 1989system(NULL) bug?
1970.07SIEVAX::SMITHWed Mar 15 1989problem with fgets???
1971.0GLASS::PATELWed Mar 15 1989Real to Packed decimal format, how does it work with "C" language ?
1972.03PAR5::RLEEWed Mar 15 1989ENTNF Error / VAXC 2.4 / VMS 5.
1973.017CSOA1::HRIADILWed Mar 15 1989AST question
1974.01NWACES::MAGNIThu Mar 16 19893-Mar VS. 12-Mar
1975.02NECSC::LEVYThu Mar 16 1989Problem with "void main ()"
1976.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Mar 16 1989ACCVIO on V5.1 Not on V4.7
1977.03COMET::TIMPSONFri Mar 17 1989Curses! Foiled again.
1978.01NEXUS::B_WACKERFri Mar 17 1989questions on mixing d/g floats
1979.02CIMNET::SWAMINATHANSun Mar 19 1989Read Terminator for QIO in C
1980.01HPSTEK::HOMon Mar 20 1989FLOAT.H: for show only?
1981.04HPSTEK::HOTue Mar 21 1989complex # in (MTH$),(OTS$) routines
1982.03HPSCAD::NEWMANTue Mar 21 1989Check for Ambiguous Symbols
1983.05BOLT::MINOWTue Mar 21 1989&& dislikes function returning enum
1984.03HANZI::FREDLIWed Mar 22 1989SYS$ERROR
1985.07LARVAE::JEFFERYWed Mar 22 1989code not binary compatible!!!
1986.05NEXUS::M_TURNERWed Mar 22 1989Calling main() recursively --> ACCVIO!!
1987.0HANNAH::LEICHTERJWed Mar 22 1989Enhancement for use with /PREPROCESS
1988.03SWDEV1::MULLURThu Mar 23 1989SHELL$MATCH_WIL error message
1989.05CHIRPA::SWONGERFri Mar 24 1989Inconsistent behaviour by sscanf
1990.02COSBY::TIBBERTFri Mar 24 1989Multinational characters: unsigned char or char?
1991.09HANNAH::LEICHTERJFri Mar 24 1989A Faster, Kinder strlen?
1992.01CHIRPA::SWONGERMon Mar 27 1989Inconsistent FOPEN when non-optimized
1993.04COOKIE::KODAVALLATue Mar 28 1989signal handler setup
1994.03THNWR4::PENGTue Mar 28 1989Selecting A Language Made Easy
1995.06COMET::TIMPSONTue Mar 28 1989Read without a return
1996.02ESCUDO::RPTDB5Tue Mar 28 1989Directory list
1997.09DLOACT::SCOTTKWed Mar 29 1989Generic Pointers on DS31
1998.02NEXUS::M_TURNERWed Mar 29 1989Possible optimizer problem with C 3.
1999.02ROMThu Mar 30 1989C++ on VAX?
2000.02KAOFS::M_ROYThu Mar 30 1989SHELL$TO_VMS examples..
2001.01CSEVEN::DANIELEThu Mar 30 1989Optimizer problem?
2002.03COMICS::BUNNFri Mar 31 1989Ansi C not orthogonal ?
2003.01QUASER::TIMPSONFri Mar 31 1989Fortran to C
2004.04TAVSun Apr 02 1989fwrite for buff of length 1
2005.05SIEVAX::SMITHMon Apr 03 1989fgetc with a timeout???
2006.01NACAD::KONGMon Apr 03 1989library update through EXE file?
2007.04INFACT::DATZMANMon Apr 03 1989Need help with LIB$SPAWN
2008.06R2ME2::GRAYTue Apr 04 1989ULTRIX: vcc -V g_float
2009.01THRUST::RUZICHTue Apr 04 1989Bugcheck parsing nonterminated string
2010.08SWDEV1::MULLURTue Apr 04 1989Command line arguments
2011.05NWDTue Apr 04 1989Help on LIB$LOCC call
2012.03TOWNS::BAGWILLTue Apr 04 1989Stream_LF slow?
2013.01NACAD::KONGWed Apr 05 1989help with partial linking...
2014.01ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Apr 05 1989EXTZV and INSV emulation in C (for VAX & RISC)
2015.02BOLT::MINOWWed Apr 05 1989Writing compatible C source code for several compilers
2016.02CLOSET::PELTZWed Apr 05 1989random questions...
2017.01SLOVAX::HINOJOSAWed Apr 05 1989IEEE std. 716-1985
2018.0657752::MUTHThu Apr 06 1989Installation problems w/V3.
2019.04AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Apr 07 1989QUALNOTSTRUCT and static initialization problem
2020.04COMICS::RADBURNFri Apr 07 1989CNTRL-C/CNTRL-Y Trapping
2021.02R2ME2::GRAYFri Apr 07 1989Numerical C extensions
2022.010CASEE::LACROIXMon Apr 10 1989Is strncpy implemented the way it should be?
2024.03AJBVAX::BEAVERSONMon Apr 10 1989Strange REALLOC behavior
2025.05KNGARO::VESPERMon Apr 10 1989I want whitespace before #pragma, please
2026.019CLO::COBURNTue Apr 11 1989Question about using shareable Images in VAX C
2027.011HPSCAD::NEWMANTue Apr 11 1989PC vs VAX using C
2028.09CSSE32::MERMELLTue Apr 11 1989stupid question re: source listings on U*ix
2029.01LARVAE::RIDGWAYWed Apr 12 1989Parse Stack Overflow
2030.01UTRTSC::VISWed Apr 12 1989STSFLG def's for SYS$CREPRC()
2031.05SWSCHZ::GOETSCHWed Apr 12 1989Passing character strings from a BASIC program into a C subroutine.
2032.03HXOUWed Apr 12 1989Full-featured C Environment ?
2033.02TOOK::BMARTINThu Apr 13 1989in-line function optimization bug
2034.04HOTAIR::BOYLESThu Apr 13 1989USER mode to ?? and back.
2035.04TSG::JOYThu Apr 13 1989Should I upgrade to VAXC V3.
2036.024HANNAH::BATCHELDERNThu Apr 13 1989Strangeness in io RTL?
2037.0121676::MACKINThu Apr 13 1989parse error seen in FT3
2038.0CSC32::D_BORNERFri Apr 14 1989valid syntax for initialization of unsigned char array???
2039.05TRIVIA::JANZMon Apr 17 1989Event Flag help DESPERATELY needed
2040.06LISBOA::RPTDB5Wed Apr 19 1989void and identical names of fields in the structres
2041.08AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Apr 19 1989seeking "official" definition of "itmlst" struct
2042.09MFGENG::CALVETTIWed Apr 19 1989Calling Other Exe's
2043.021CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Apr 19 1989Why READERR or RTB?
2044.01KAOFS::M_ROYWed Apr 19 1989List of known problems with V2.4
2045.010GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Apr 20 1989"system()" routine and AST's
2046.02NEATO::ROYThu Apr 20 1989Stack dump related to FOPEN?
2047.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHThu Apr 20 1989function names case sensitivity?
2049.01TLE::BENOITFri Apr 21 1989Query about standard IEEE 716-1985
2050.03NECSC::LEVYMon Apr 24 1989VAXC vs Ultrix C give different results...problem with pow function?
2051.07DECSIM::RAZDANTue Apr 25 1989internal table overflow error
2052.01LARVAE::WHITTINGHAMTue Apr 25 1989Parse Stack Overflow contd.
2053.08NORGE::CHADTue Apr 25 1989neophyte IO question
2054.06KERNEL::TURPIEWed Apr 26 1989sys$getqui example
2055.01MOVIES::PAXTONWed Apr 26 1989Illegal object records produced by FT3 ?
2056.05TRIVIA::JANZWed Apr 26 19892 processes sharing 1 serial port?
2057.03CLUSTA::MCGUIREThu Apr 27 1989Modifying formal parms bug?
2058.03CSSE::FRANGIADAKISThu Apr 27 1989lib$spawn
2059.01CSC32::S_HALLThu Apr 27 1989chdir() consumes I/O channels - doesn't release
2060.010TOOK::SALEMThu Apr 27 1989problem using FREAD() on a system image.
2061.08BISTRO::KIRKThu Apr 27 1989Passing a descriptor to a C routine.
2062.03AKO455::SHEPROFri Apr 28 1989atof Question
2063.03HESIRI::CLARKFri Apr 28 1989175
2064.018KYOA::MIANOMon May 01 1989To typedef or not to typedef
2065.05ALIVE::HUSTONMon May 01 1989Is the raise() function still around?.
2066.02COOKIE::SORENSENTue May 02 1989symbolic address constants
2067.06HANNAH::OSMANWed May 03 1989vms and ultrix c disagree about "\". Who's right?
2068.01PHDVAX::LARSONWed May 03 1989CDD/Plus pieces tracking?
2069.01JOESAL::SALVATOREThu May 04 1989SYS$SNDJBC examples?
2070.02MPGS::RAMANThu May 04 1989What's wrong.......???
2071.05HANNAH::BATCHELDERNFri May 05 1989Macros for stdio functions?
2072.0COOKIE::KODAVALLASun May 07 1989Need a fast setjmp
2073.02DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon May 08 1989Compile-Time Variables or equivalent?
2074.02VOGON::DRUMGOOLEMon May 08 1989Diff ANSI <=> VAX C ?
2075.01UTOPIE::VERONIKATue May 09 1989vms 5.1/vaxc 2.4 needs CDD??
2076.02PIPA::REUTERTue May 09 1989Problem prototyping variable parameter lists
2077.01CSOA1::HRIADILTue May 09 1989RMS relative file ?
2078.02YUPPY::MELVILLEMWed May 10 1989logical for linking
2079.013MU::PORTERWed May 10 1989sscanf, leading whitespace in literal fields
2080.06USACSB::DAVIDSONWed May 10 1989System Service Examples for c?
2081.0AIRONE::SICHERAThu May 11 1989A cookbook of useful macros
2082.04CSC32::S_HALLThu May 11 1989offsetof(x, y) in a case statement ?
2083.03AESIR::SWONGERThu May 11 1989Fscanf reading past end of file
2084.02GALACH::M_TURNERFri May 12 1989? on initializing structures in C
2085.03COOKIE::KODAVALLAFri May 12 1989Accessing shared variables
2086.09TLE::DANIELSFri May 12 1989Using RMS keywords
2087.01KAOFS::M_ROYFri May 12 1989Stream file and rat questions..
2088.01TOOK::GUERTINFri May 12 1989Problems with /optimize compilation switch
2089.0TJOVMon May 15 1989Problem with OPTIMIZE at VAXC V2.4-
2090.02AYOV27::RPARKERMon May 15 1989QIO with IO$SETMODE | IO$M_OUTBAND
2091.06CLOSET::FITZELLMon May 15 1989problem with fopen using the dna= keyword
2092.02GALACH::E_VAETHMon May 15 1989Problem with example from manual
2093.05PLNI::KLEEMon May 15 1989? Bug in version T3.
2094.06ACESMK::FRANCUSMon May 15 1989Setjmp/longjmp problem
2095.04AUSTIN::FLATLEYTue May 16 1989strcpy,strncpy str_1 not terminated by a null?
2096.06KERNEL::MENDELSOHNTue May 16 1989Limit on number of files FOPEN'ed ?
2097.07ZYDECO::MCABEETue May 16 1989function parameter question
2098.05WINERY::MICKTue May 16 1989Shared Text & library help sought
2099.03ROMWed May 17 1989Problems with variable argument list
2100.03KAOFS::M_ROYWed May 17 1989Variable length Parameter list probl V2.4 and V3.
2101.02COMICS::ANGERSWed May 17 1989C and LIB$ symbols
2102.01TOOK::SNOVERWed May 17 1989chroot()
2103.01KYOA::MIANOWed May 17 1989vfprintf Transportability Question
2104.01DECWET::GOYALWed May 17 1989cpp -R flag question
2105.02CSC32::S_HALLWed May 17 1989VA_DCL, varargs, stdarg problem - V3.
2106.05TRIVIA::JANZThu May 18 1989Exit Handlers and the Debugger
2107.012CSC32::S_HALLThu May 18 1989VAXC V3.
2108.03KERNEL::MENDELSOHNFri May 19 1989roblem with C string function called from Basic
2109.01MYRTLE::ORMESun May 21 1989RMS file open error
2110.06KYOA::MIANOMon May 22 1989File specification parsing
2111.08SMAUG::MURALITue May 23 1989How can I optimize use of malloc/free ?
2112.01BROKE::SMITHTue May 23 1989Invalid RAB on re-open
2113.0KYOA::MIANOTue May 23 1989Problem with Files Created in a Cluster
2114.0116BITS::VOGELTue May 23 1989Disabling the effect of CTRL/O (^O)
2115.01KYOA::MIANOTue May 23 1989Time Conversion/Portability Question
2116.01MYRTLE::ORMEWed May 24 1989documentation - printf example
2117.03DEBIT::HANCKELWed May 24 1989Writing Kernal-mode VMS System Services in C?
2118.03TALLIS::FITZGERALDWed May 24 1989directory creation assistance
2119.02KERNEL::TURPIEWed May 24 1989static and vfork query
2120.011SHALOT::FRAZERWed May 24 1989NONSequitur message on self-referencing struct.
2121.0Z::TENNYWed May 24 1989Optimization settings and discarding values?
2122.04KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu May 25 1989Code samples with funny layout?
2123.07EPIK::BUEHLERThu May 25 1989Useless file after hardware failure
2124.02RHODES::WOODSFri May 26 1989Variable upper-bounds - array struc
2125.01EAGLE1::LEEFri May 26 1989LSEEK question
2126.02NZOVSun May 28 1989fudging arrays?
2127.03BRSDVP::WAUTERSMon May 29 1989tef ( truncate at end-of-file ) not OK ?
2128.01TROPPO::RICKARDTue May 30 1989Compile errors with SYS$EXAMPLES:DB_SERVER.C
2129.07CERN::RANCETue May 30 1989single character read
2130.04KAOFS::B_LEURYTue May 30 1989problem with exit(
2131.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHTue May 30 1989bugcheck VAXC3.
2132.01MAY18::bobTue May 30 1989LK buffer overflow
2133.01PRSSOS::BERNARDWed May 31 1989Performances : VAXC vs cc
2134.01CHIRPA::SWONGERWed May 31 1989Bug when linked to shareable library
2135.012KAOFS::M_ROYWed May 31 1989READONLY and CONST differences, /SHARE problems
2136.01SPIWed May 31 1989QIO Interface
2137.02CAPO::CARWIN_GEWed May 31 1989Getting characters dynamically
2138.05ACESMK::FRANCUSWed May 31 1989Pipes between 'C' and Fortran ??
2139.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Jun 01 1989Platform-independent shared memory?
2140.04TOOK::A_CHENFri Jun 02 1989V5.1 image does not run on V5.2 correctly
2141.0CAM::EGERTONMon Jun 05 1989iodef.h
2142.03CSC32::S_HALLMon Jun 05 1989BADBLOADR on call to malloc()
2143.01ECADSW::MULLURMon Jun 05 1989Float problem
2144.010AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Jun 06 1989mixing VMS-style and C-style signals and handlers
2145.0OSAVTue Jun 06 1989Can't compile _FFS() ?
2146.07CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jun 06 1989Wanted: formatter
2147.02NEXUS::D_BORNERTue Jun 06 1989question on part of signal prototype
2148.07AESIR::SWONGERTue Jun 06 19891
2149.03GIDDAY::CULLENTue Jun 06 1989Float parameters and Function Prototypes
2150.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTWed Jun 07 1989volatile pointers??
2151.013DECEAT::HASSWed Jun 07 1989 length of variable length record?
2152.0BROKE::SOOWed Jun 07 1989Equivalent of sys$truncate in C RTL?
2153.03IJSAPL::DOGTEROMThu Jun 08 1989project with VAXC and Rdb
2154.0DECEAT::HASSThu Jun 08 1989fread bug?
2155.04POOL::KRIEGERThu Jun 08 1989VARARGS problems ...
2156.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHThu Jun 08 1989compress/expansion routines dcx$ problem
2157.01SMAUG::SPODARYKFri Jun 09 1989Dynamic Matrices in C
2158.0CLUSTA::HAGANSun Jun 11 1989C Application Developers needed
2159.02KAOFS::M_ROYMon Jun 12 1989%C-F-LONGJMP info
2160.011HOTAIR::SIMONMon Jun 12 1989UNDEFSTRUCT Error
2161.01SMURF::EVANSTue Jun 13 1989lk strangeness question
2162.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHTue Jun 13 1989funtion prototype and FILE * error
2163.05KAOFS::B_LEURYTue Jun 13 1989sanity check...vaxc and object libraries
2164.01SUBFIZ::SHARMAWed Jun 14 1989Problem with the compiler option, /OPTIMIZE
2165.07NEXUS::B_WACKERThu Jun 15 1989Problem with inline optimization of return param
2166.03TOSSUC::LEONEFri Jun 16 1989VAXC and DEBUG:do not start from MAIN
2167.01KITSAI::BANSALFri Jun 16 1989reassigning stdout reassign stdout
2168.03THRILL::CHENGFri Jun 16 1989Compilation error when using void pointer.
2169.02SUBURB::BODDINGTONAMon Jun 19 1989Curses in VAXC.
2170.012MU::PORTERMon Jun 19 1989Can I get some sources?
2171.05LASHAM::HEERJEE_KTue Jun 20 1989Any alternative for movmem()?
2172.03GALLOP::BOTTOMLEYDTue Jun 20 1989Performance data on Arithmetic operations
2173.011KAOA12::DUFFTue Jun 20 1989printf and shareable image problem
2174.05ROMWed Jun 21 1989Setjmp, longjmp and printf
2175.03INFACT::DATZMANThu Jun 22 1989Need online version of SPI
2176.02BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Jun 22 1989Differing results with and without debugger?
2177.053D::VESPERThu Jun 22 1989%CC-F-TEXT, Compiler abort - virtual memory limits exceeded.
2178.02MU::PORTERThu Jun 22 1989SDL to C with correct case.?
2179.011AQUA::SCHULLMANThu Jun 22 1989zero-length strings in non-existent memory
2180.06BAGELS::FINNERTYFri Jun 23 1989Reading from disk . HOW?
2181.01CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jun 23 1989vaxc3.
2182.01CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jun 23 1989vaxc3.
2183.01CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jun 23 1989vaxc3.
2184.02KERNEL::TURPIESat Jun 24 1989array indexing differences
2185.0JRDVMon Jun 26 1989ANSI compliant VAX C first version
2186.02COMICS::BUNNMon Jun 26 1989VAXC Underflow trapping with Ultrix
2187.03CHIRPA::SWONGERMon Jun 26 1989Make Utility?
2188.03AD::MURARIMon Jun 26 1989CRTL Bug ???
2189.01SDOGUS::MCPHERSONMon Jun 26 1989Opportunity in San Diego
2190.09BRSSWS::ROETSTue Jun 27 1989write versus record
2191.02COMICS::TREVENNORTue Jun 27 1989strcat doesn;t!
2192.02NEXUS::M_TURNERTue Jun 27 1989void pointer to pointer to void?
2193.02CSC32::P_SCHMIDTTue Jun 27 1989uninitialized variables - how to catch 'em???
2194.015AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Jun 28 1989PRINTF's leading zeroes for negative numbers
2195.07AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Jun 28 1989xPRINTF compatibility?
2196.03ILO::VMURPHYWed Jun 28 1989Dynamic strings BASIC -> C
2198.01CSC32::S_HALLWed Jun 28 1989fab$l_xab is/isn't pointer to struct ?
2199.017THEPIC::AINSLEYWed Jun 28 1989VAX C version of DIGITAL Copyright statement
2200.02COPCLU::STAEGERThu Jun 29 1989ioctl substitute - stdin buffering
2201.01MU::PORTERThu Jun 29 1989Passing variable arg lists around
2202.04MEDDLE::ANUSZCZYKThu Jun 29 1989Psects... are they barriers?
2205.06NYSBU::CHURCHEFri Jun 30 1989block i/o without upi?
2206.03CAPO::CARWIN_GETue Jul 04 1989Rainbow 'c' values > 65535
2207.0TKTV2Wed Jul 05 1989?? fopen optin "shr=mse" ??
2208.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Jul 05 1989Why So Many i's?
2209.03CADSE::ENGELHARDTWed Jul 05 1989portable string initialization
2210.01KAOU84::BARKLEYFri Jul 07 1989XAB$C_KEYLEN Discrepancy
2211.05MVCAD3::NICHOLSFri Jul 07 1989fab$l_xab and xab$w_pro problem...
2212.04JANUS::HARTFri Jul 07 1989Problems (bug ?) with Volatile attribute
2213.01COMICS::CARLETONFri Jul 07 1989fopen and consts
2214.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Jul 07 1989exit() in exit handler?
2215.0SOLOWA::SOLOWAYFri Jul 07 1989Errors in VAXC 3.
2216.05CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jul 07 1989crmode() and getstr()-curses, vaxc3.
2217.08HANNAH::LEICHTERJSat Jul 08 1989Quality Decline: Guide to VAX C
2218.01VANTAJ::BRENNANMon Jul 10 1989How do you use TTDEF in SYS$SYSLIB:TTDEF.h on V3.
2219.01SPIMon Jul 10 1989Advanced interfaces between C and X
2220.02CIM::KAIRYSMon Jul 10 1989What is like lint?
2221.02LASSIE::DIRCEMon Jul 10 1989signal -- only handles one alarm?
2222.019STKHLM::FEISTTue Jul 11 1989db_server fail
2223.01COMICS::AKINGTue Jul 11 1989Nested loops in vaxc
2224.02ATLV5::HENNESSY_JTue Jul 11 1989FOR$PAR_INIT
2225.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Jul 12 1989vaxc 3.
2226.01SIMUL8::MILLERWed Jul 12 1989realloc isn't freeing *my* memory!
2227.011SPIThu Jul 13 1989Quad Math anyone ?
2228.03MAPI::THOUMIREThu Jul 13 1989VAXCRTL V
2229.02MU::PORTERThu Jul 13 1989'signed' not supported?
2230.0HANNAH::LEICHTERJFri Jul 14 1989ANSI and
2231.06MINDER::DENBYFri Jul 14 1989Some C and SQL queries
2232.04MU::PORTERFri Jul 14 1989String initialization, string size exactly equal to array size
2233.013AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Jul 14 1989calloc ( 1, size ) or calloc ( size, 1 ) ?
2234.09CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jul 14 1989vfork() -- reserved operand fault
2235.01CSC32::S_HALLFri Jul 14 1989VAXC$IVP fails if UCX software installed
2236.07LISBOA::RPTDB5Fri Jul 14 1989Wrefresh() and cleaning screen
2237.02CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jul 14 1989mkdir() setting errno incorrectly?
2238.06KYOA::MIANOSat Jul 15 1989Program works with /NOOP but not with /OP
2239.06WFOV11::DRUMMONDSat Jul 15 1989malloc(problem)
2240.03ATPS::DOUGLASMon Jul 17 1989Malloc() Behavior Question
2241.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Jul 17 1989Sockets from VAXC?
2242.02NEXUS::B_BRADACHTue Jul 18 1989curses: accvio creating second window.
2243.01LDYBUG::LONGTue Jul 18 1989Need error msg for recursive includes
2244.02HANDVC::KENYUNGThu Jul 20 1989C compiler bug
2245.01WEDOIT::REEDThu Jul 20 1989LIB$SET_SYMBOL and VAXC
2246.0BUCKY::FERWERDAFri Jul 21 1989Identical interactive and batch
2247.02BLASFri Jul 21 1989Notes on C Style - where is it?
2248.02TOOK::L_GENFANFri Jul 21 1989regex(), hsearch() and lsearch() routines
2249.05BALBOA::AKHAVANFri Jul 21 1989system time and date converting
2250.01ATLV5::HENNESSY_JFri Jul 21 1989LOCALTIME lost 68 years with VMS 5.2
2251.04CADSE::SONGFri Jul 21 1989dream? array in bit field
2252.02MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Jul 24 1989strange addressing mode with _INSQUE
2253.02OTOOMon Jul 24 1989Help in Setiing up Table..
2254.01CSC32::E_VAETHMon Jul 24 1989Where is statbuf.h file?
2255.0OTOOTue Jul 25 1989Variable Length File Example?
2256.09PAULUS::TRINHTue Jul 25 1989Message text needed
2257.01SDOGUS::HOOKERTue Jul 25 1989DECUS c to VAXC or RISC C
2258.01BRSSWS::ROETSWed Jul 26 1989setbuf setbuf
2259.0BRSDVP::ROETSWed Jul 26 1989setbuf
2260.03SELECT::THOMASWed Jul 26 1989error running c section table is full
2261.03CSC32::B_KEMPThu Jul 27 1989printf in subprocess,SYSTEM-F-RESULTOVF
2263.04CSC32::M_TURNERThu Jul 27 1989Strange .MAP file linking against VAXCRTL.EXE!
2264.02EPSYS::WILLIAMSThu Jul 27 1989sys/stat.h problems on Ultrix V3.
2265.03TOOK::D_ROBERTSThu Jul 27 1989need to know the offsets of structure members
2266.03YODA::MEIERFri Jul 28 1989ASCIC in 'C' behaves funny
2267.04CSSE::FRANGIADAKISFri Jul 28 1989access of system logicals
2268.03BOMBE::MADDENMon Jul 31 1989How to make XABITM?
2269.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Jul 31 1989why does this compile on vms and not on ultrix ?
2270.02VAXUUM::PELTZTue Aug 01 1989debugger/VAX C wish
2271.02KAOFS::M_ROYTue Aug 01 1989V3.
2272.02COOKIE::RAABTue Aug 01 1989problem with run-time library
2273.012ILO::VMURPHYWed Aug 02 1989Problem with GETENV
2274.04CSC32::SCHONBRUNWed Aug 02 1989Is malloc broken again?
2275.01THANKS::BELLEROSEThu Aug 03 1989Problems with Condition Handler
2276.0POBOX::GUIDIThu Aug 03 1989VAX C vs. third party compilers (Whitesmith)
2277.02DKH::DKHThu Aug 03 1989SMG & C
2278.0CIMNET::WOLFEThu Aug 03 1989_PROBEW causes compiler bugcheck
2279.0KAOFS::M_ROYFri Aug 04 1989V3.
2280.01EIGER::SCHILLINGFri Aug 04 1989open i-o or open o with var rec length
2281.0SPIFri Aug 04 1989printf, fprintf ???
2282.014TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Aug 04 1989Any BLISS-to-C cross-compilers out there?
2283.03BDWISR::HEAFEYFri Aug 04 1989Newcomer to CLI
2284.02CSC32::E_VAETHFri Aug 04 1989atexit documentation question
2285.06CSC32::J_WETHERNSun Aug 06 1989HELP! Best way(s) to learn VAXC?
2286.09HANDVA::RICHARDCHANTue Aug 08 1989SMG$ scrolling problem?
2287.05MLNCSC::PORROTue Aug 08 1989unix-io problem, lseek
2288.01COMICS::AKINGTue Aug 08 1989memset
2289.04LITE::B_BRADACHTue Aug 08 1989global initialization warning on compile
2290.01COMICS::AKINGWed Aug 09 1989iodef dupdefinition
2291.010DEALIN::MELVILLEWed Aug 09 1989shared read on files
2292.02DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVEWed Aug 09 1989?how to pass array by descriptor
2293.03KYOA::MIANOWed Aug 09 1989"malloc" Transporability Question
2294.03CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 10 1989VAXC support for PDS (actually LSE T3.
2295.0103D::VESPERThu Aug 10 1989How can I use /DEFINE to get a null translation?
2296.04KEEPER::HANDSAKERFri Aug 11 1989system() loses output sometimes
2297.01CSC32::E_VAETHFri Aug 11 1989Comment from customer on fseek behavior
2298.02CSC32::S_HALLFri Aug 11 1989Changes to curses in VMs V5.2 ?
2299.05LISBOA::RPTDB5Mon Aug 14 1989Curses and Refresh all
2300.02PEORIA::NELSONMon Aug 14 1989SMG$CREATE_MENU argument
2301.012HLFSTue Aug 15 1989Emulating the VMS-command REPLY.
2302.014CADSE::MCCARTHYTue Aug 15 1989MIT-Style format documented as portable?
2303.03THEPIC::AINSLEYTue Aug 15 1989Variable name standards
2304.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Aug 16 1989f$write argument order
2306.09KETJE::VERVAENENWed Aug 16 1989VAXC & ANSI ?
2307.04GILMOR::TESTAWed Aug 16 1989SBRK
2308.04POBOX::LACEYThu Aug 17 1989Is there a language called "S"?
2309.03MU::PORTERThu Aug 17 1989Questions about builtins
2310.04MEDDLE::ANUSZCZYKFri Aug 18 1989Is this an optimizer (VCG) bug?
2311.03WONDER::STRANGEFri Aug 18 1989using printf with g_float
2312.05WFOFAC::BILLMon Aug 21 1989Program or linker?
2313.03TPOMTue Aug 22 1989VAX C mathematics module COS why wrong ?
2314.0MLNADTue Aug 22 1989error with some RMS param in fopen
2315.03TOOK::COOKTue Aug 22 1989OPTIMIZER needs a lobotomy...
2316.0MARVIN::STHOMASTue Aug 22 1989How can I get forms on VMS, Ultrix, MS-DOS?
2317.010TLE::EIKENBERRYTue Aug 22 1989VAX C T3.1-FT1 now available
2319.02CADSYS::KUMARWed Aug 23 1989CC/PARALLEL in VAXC 3.
2320.03MU::PORTERWed Aug 23 1989Advice on 'sscanf' sought
2321.04CSOA1::HRIADILWed Aug 23 1989detached and printf problem vms v4.7
2322.01ESASE::CONDONThu Aug 24 1989Help on C/Ultrix process control ?
2323.01GPSDCC::ZGRAGGENThu Aug 24 1989Builtins and optimisations...
2324.01BALBOA::AKHAVANThu Aug 24 1989DTR reporting from VAX C
2325.06NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Aug 25 1989Non-sequitur
2326.08CAADC::PMWVESTUTOFri Aug 25 1989WRITE translates to....
2327.09ZPOVMon Aug 28 1989Input without carriage return
2328.01TAVMon Aug 28 1989read from files "rfm=udf" thru decnet problem
2329.03TOOK::COOKMon Aug 28 1989SS$_INSFMEM using $CRELNT/$CRELNM
2331.06YUPPY::MELVILLEMTue Aug 29 1989sizeof - what goes on here
2332.02YIPPEE::GOULNIKTue Aug 29 1989EDT + GREP -> ZED
2333.02XANADU::CAMPBELLTue Aug 29 1989What happens after the year 1999?
2334.010MU::PORTERWed Aug 30 1989return(mumble) ?
2335.012CASEE::LACROIXWed Aug 30 1989C and the Optimizer
2337.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 30 1989Code for quick sort or merge sort needed
2338.04MUDIS3::SCHUETZWed Aug 30 1989_MOVC5 bug
2339.06BALBOA::AKHAVANWed Aug 30 1989VMS commands from VAX C
2340.01RICARD::LAFORGUEThu Aug 31 1989lk sets strange protection when superuser
2341.01TAVThu Aug 31 1989privileges missing in PRVDEF.H
2342.03CSC32::S_HALLThu Aug 31 1989Line-length limit for VAXC ?
2343.05MEO78B::LOCHThu Aug 31 1989help - curses data input (unbuffered) ??
2344.04VROSRV::HEAFEYFri Sep 01 1989$CMKRNL routine crashes machine
2345.02SKELTN::HUFFFri Sep 01 1989The C 'access' function.
2346.01CADSE::SONGTue Sep 05 1989macro to index dynamic 2D array
2347.06SMURF::EVANSWed Sep 06 1989Why doesn't my non-portable code not port?
2348.03DSSDEV::TENENBAUMThu Sep 07 1989Documentation Bug
2349.04HPSTEK::HOThu Sep 07 1989Help with passing float down to functions
2350.02COOKIE::RESCHThu Sep 07 1989Structure assignment with incompatible types
2351.02CSC32::E_VAETHFri Sep 08 1989Can one include files across the net??
2352.04CSSE::POTTERFri Sep 08 1989lib$getjpi question
2353.01PIZZAZ::BENCHMARKFri Sep 08 1989(char *)
2354.010BEATLE::NORTONFri Sep 08 1989JSB Linkages: Future?
2355.02CSC32::D_BORNERFri Sep 08 1989prob's with fortran carriage control
2356.03CAM::EGERTONMon Sep 11 1989_READ_GPR(15) => movl pc,ap ?
2357.04USMRM4::BGROCHOWSKIMon Sep 11 1989system() problem
2358.0FRAMBO::HSCHAEFERMon Sep 11 1989#dictionary - preprocessor - problem
2359.06GOSOX::RYANMon Sep 11 1989Image installed /PRIV=SYSPRV still can't find file
2360.013HANNAH::OSMANMon Sep 11 1989what's a portable replacement for STR$MATCH_WILD
2361.03BACHUS::MICHIELSTue Sep 12 1989IVP of VAXC V3.
2362.07COMICS::AKINGTue Sep 12 1989strstr with chars above 128
2363.09ALLVAX::LUBYTue Sep 12 1989Case Statements, Constants, lib$movc5
2364.02HKOVC::TERENCETue Sep 12 1989Need your help ...
2365.01CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Sep 13 1989atof() setting errno incorrectly vaxc3.
2366.01WHELIN::MSANDERSWed Sep 13 1989Probs with #dictionary OCCURS..DEPENDING
2367.02KOBAL::REILLYWed Sep 13 1989CC-F-WRITEERR problem
2368.01RC3Thu Sep 14 1989Invalid ANA file when using VAXC T3.1 and SCA T2.
2369.032EASY::JRThu Sep 14 1989C / global section bug?
2370.01STORMY::SELLERSThu Sep 14 1989A DESCRIPTOR Question...
2371.01DREAM::CHIRPWOODThu Sep 14 1989SYMBOLS and pointers?
2372.04SATIRE::SITTERLYThu Sep 14 1989MKtime
2373.02FORTY2::RANDALLFri Sep 15 1989C and VAX MESSAGE problem
2374.01CSC32::D_BORNERFri Sep 15 1989Are fgetpos and variable record files compatable??
2375.04LEVERS::SBEHMFri Sep 15 1989Double-point blow up
2376.03MU::PORTERFri Sep 15 1989Sun Sep 16
2377.012ELWOOD::KAPLANSat Sep 16 1989Macro parameter expansion question
2379.03LEDDEV::RICEMon Sep 18 1989Problems with _FFS and _FFC???
2380.014USMRM4::BGROCHOWSKIMon Sep 18 1989Large variables from files
2381.01FRAMBO::KREBSTue Sep 19 1989Debugger Error ???
2382.01HPSCAD::KUSHNERTue Sep 19 1989fscanf edit mask bug?
2383.012BUCKY::FERWERDATue Sep 19 1989%LIB-F-BADBLOADR, bad block address malloc/realloc
2384.03ESRAD::BERGERSENTue Sep 19 1989Malloc/free different between VAXCRTL for VMS 5.1 and VMS 5.2?
2385.03MQOSTue Sep 19 1989PAK NEEDED
2386.0FRAMBO::KREBSWed Sep 20 1989Debugger error ???
2387.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Sep 20 1989IVP Failed -> New PPLRTL?
2388.018CADSE::SONGWed Sep 20 1989Survay: (?:) vs. if-else
2389.01FIRBRD::POMERANTZWed Sep 20 1989Microsoft Library Routines
2390.04OZROCK::NASHWed Sep 20 1989include on </sys/file.h> fails
2392.01CSC32::B_KEMPThu Sep 21 1989fclose() on file opened "rfm=fix"/"mrs=512"
2393.06POBOX::SELLERSThu Sep 21 1989An RMS Question...
2394.03NABETH::alanThu Sep 21 1989Trust me, it's a RESTRICTION...
2396.06WFOFAC::BILLThu Sep 21 1989How do ya do it??
2397.01ULF::LUNDQVISTFri Sep 22 1989SETJMP/LONGJMP in recursive fcn
2398.0BRILOR::BRIANFri Sep 22 1989More stringent parameter checking needed
2399.012BRILOR::BRIANFri Sep 22 1989How to ensure all functions are declared?
2400.01LASSIE::DIRCEFri Sep 22 1989need vaxcrtl
2401.02KAOFS::M_ROYFri Sep 22 1989SCA generating errors on I/O functions
2402.01CSC32::S_HALLFri Sep 22 1989Need exec*() function info...
2403.01TAVMon Sep 25 1989inline optimization problem
2404.01STKHLM::FEISTMon Sep 25 1989Errno=2 with detached process
2405.01BACHUS::VERCAMMENMon Sep 25 1989V5.2 VAXC run time module C$$DOPRINT gone with the wind???
2406.01POBOX::LIPMANMon Sep 25 1989Vector Boards-64
2407.0GIDDAY::HAMILTONTue Sep 26 1989C++, can someone purchase for me???
2408.02ASD::ROSSITue Sep 26 1989how do I round off a floating point #
2409.04DREAM::CHIRPWOODTue Sep 26 1989CMEXEC arglist help!
2410.03SARAH::BRIANWed Sep 27 1989Bad .ANA file
2411.07IOSG::KINGSNORTHWed Sep 27 1989Is malloc re-entrant?
2412.02CASEE::RAYNERWed Sep 27 1989Does RTL routine mktime exist?
2413.06MUDIS3::STEINMETZWed Sep 27 1989Macro parameter expansion question
2414.06ROCK::PERSELSWed Sep 27 1989Interrupting Formatted Output makes big bit bucket...
2415.03KLO::RUANEThu Sep 28 1989C's in Space.
2416.06SPIThu Sep 28 1989Vax Linker
2417.01CSC32::M_TURNERThu Sep 28 1989? on _SIMPLE_READ and _SIMPLE_WRITE
2418.01POOL::GMURRAYThu Sep 28 1989What's the deal with these socket routines ?
2419.02RTL::TREGGIARIThu Sep 28 1989Source listing limitation?
2420.01EAGLE1::BESTThu Sep 28 1989Seeking fine structure info on I/O applications
2421.02YF23::MOSERThu Sep 28 1989sizeof problem regarding string variables
2422.04HPSCAD::JUNGCLASFri Sep 29 1989Keyboard input
2423.021XANADU::CAMPBELLFri Sep 29 1989Strange behavior with gets()...
2424.06MUDIS3::STEINMETZTue Oct 03 1989Standard I/O AST re-entrant?
2425.07KOALA::MENARDTue Oct 03 1989A linking problem
2426.01MU::PORTERTue Oct 03 1989Code generated by 'switch'
2427.06LEXIS::COHENTue Oct 03 1989typedef void HANDLE not allowed?
2428.02CXCAD::TRANWed Oct 04 1989How to find out the image name ?
2429.02JANUS::HARTThu Oct 05 1989ANSI-C to K&R source code converter anyone ?
2430.01WFOFAC::ANGELAThu Oct 05 1989Doc Avail?
2431.03SMURF::EVANSThu Oct 05 1989
2432.04GATORS::kellyFri Oct 06 1989VMS vs Ultrix C inconsistencies #include weirdness
2433.03GIDDAY::OMELEYSun Oct 08 1989STREAM_LF Source records vs Variable Length
2434.01WFOFAC::ANGELAMon Oct 09 1989C-Shell anyone???
2435.019HOGAN::COOLEYMon Oct 09 1989ENOSPC error on close(fd) call
2436.08TAVTue Oct 10 1989Problem with floating point numbers ????
2437.04CTCTue Oct 10 1989Scope/Syntax question
2438.019AIAG::WISNERTue Oct 10 1989checking pipe() for input on the fly?
2439.04GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Oct 10 1989#pragma safe_call and /PREPROCESS_ONLY, bug?
2440.013COMICS::AKINGWed Oct 11 1989signal( SIGINT... ) When called from non C prog
2441.04VAOAThu Oct 12 1989Privileged shared images...?
2442.05CUJO::THURYThu Oct 12 1989VMS 5.2 RTL support single char input?
2443.02COMICS::TURPIEThu Oct 12 1989extern initialisation
2444.023D::LEMAIREThu Oct 12 1989printf (data list order?)
2445.019NCPROG::AWDEThu Oct 12 1989FORTRAN vs. C Benchmark Results
2446.01EVTIS2::MAILLARDFri Oct 13 1989221
2447.02RAMBLR::MORONEYFri Oct 13 1989Is "volatile" supposed to be part of a structure definition?
2448.013TLE::ELLENBERGERSun Oct 15 1989FILE initialization
2449.01BOLT::MINOWMon Oct 16 1989Noalias -- and the history of C
2450.03MUDIS3::STEINMETZMon Oct 16 1989Passing a complete variable length argument list?
2451.012POLAR::AIRHARTMon Oct 16 1989open()'s rms attributes
2452.042EASY::JRMon Oct 16 1989gets(str) occasionally returns NULL
2453.01MJOSWS::FAGLEYTue Oct 17 1989Duplicating Bull CP6 f(x)
2454.01SORGEN::GEORGTue Oct 17 1989output to SYS$ERROR (in a detached process)
2455.03CSC32::S_HALLTue Oct 17 1989Compiler bugcheck C V3.
2457.06GLOSS::KAIRYSTue Oct 17 1989Is &array really == array?
2458.04TLE::BORDWed Oct 18 1989Info on current kits and documents
2459.01CIM::KAIRYSWed Oct 18 1989Reply to 2458
2460.02SVBEV::VECRUMBAWed Oct 18 1989C Truncating SMG$ symbol name!?!?
2461.02CSGWed Oct 18 1989Search for C source generator
2462.01DECSIM::RICKABAUGHThu Oct 19 1989Would like inlining done sooner in the optimization...
2463.01ALFTP::HENNESSYThu Oct 19 1989STREAM_LF : need to share and seek
2464.04KAOFS::B_LEURYThu Oct 19 1989opcdef.h from 2.4 vs from 3.
2465.0MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMFri Oct 20 1989Help linking: CLIB.OLB?
2466.031KAOFS::J_VALIQUETFri Oct 20 1989extern v. globalvalue
2467.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 23 1989Is the LAT callable?
2468.0COMICS::TURPIEMon Oct 23 1989unsol input example ?
2469.02PAXVAX::ROURKETue Oct 24 1989_PROBER generates bad code?
2471.01XANADU::CAMPBELLThu Oct 26 1989printf() and 132 columns...
2472.02NACAD::C_TRAINING13Thu Oct 26 1989ANSI C Spec
2473.04RTPSWS::DUNCANThu Oct 26 1989Problems with $TRNLNM
2474.07PENDER::LASZLO_REThu Oct 26 1989system() problem w/string pointer
2475.02GLORY::APPLEGATEFri Oct 27 1989RMS buffering problem with stream files
2476.05RIPPLE::ABBASI_NASun Oct 29 1989casting/no casting makes different code
2477.014RIPPLE::ABBASI_NASun Oct 29 1989flushing buffers to disk files delay
2478.02COMICS::BURKEPSun Oct 29 1989OTS-F-INTDATACORE message from fortran routines.
2479.03CSC32::B_BRADACHSun Oct 29 1989$getjpi with $process_scan behavior
2480.03CSC32::D_BORNERSun Oct 29 1989rand_max typo in stdlib.h????
2481.06VINO::SWARDMon Oct 30 1989HELP, where did all the symbols go?
2482.05FSDBMon Oct 30 1989Compiler fails to detect duplicate declaration
2483.07HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGTue Oct 31 1989Incompatibility FREE() V2.4->3.
2484.01KAOFS::J_WEIRThu Nov 02 1989!= on if statements won't work?
2485.01TAVThu Nov 02 1989A BUG in fscanf ???
2486.01PCASSO::VANDERPOOLThu Nov 02 1989VAXC and Ultrix constants
2488.01GYPSC::ADAEFri Nov 03 1989/OPT-Qualifier causes BUGCHECK
2489.05ALLVAX::LUBYFri Nov 03 1989trying to call pascal from c
2490.02CNTROL::KAPPFri Nov 03 1989Determining Memory Used
2491.0CSOA1::MCKENNAFri Nov 03 1989Example programs for VMS/SNA 327
2492.013SHALOT::KELLYFri Nov 03 1989Asynch I/O on VMS?
2493.018FSDB1Fri Nov 03 1989Nested Comments revisited
2494.0XLIB::WIELEFri Nov 03 1989reallocating the environment array on VMS
2495.03PIPA::SANTIAGOSat Nov 04 1989help with X-window include file
2496.01AUSSIE::TONGMon Nov 06 1989Call tree generator and source line counter?
2497.04ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Nov 06 1989sscanf \n EOF ?
2498.010TOWNS::PAULINMon Nov 06 1989BUG in linking C programs??
2499.05ESPN::EMMONSThu Nov 09 1989help needed with passing an array to a function
2500.010MUDIS3::STEINMETZThu Nov 09 1989Question on global sections (data alignment)
2501.02HKOVC::TERENCEFri Nov 10 1989File I/O help!
2502.04AKOVFri Nov 10 1989Programming guide for VAX C
2503.03RICARD::REZUCHAFri Nov 10 1989F$Extract functionality?
2504.02TMCUK1::STEVENSSun Nov 12 1989Outputting control-characters ?
2505.014UTRTSC::BEYERMon Nov 13 1989printf & debug
2506.07CESARE::SITZIAMon Nov 13 1989Check on input parameters!!
2508.014CSC32::B_KEMPMon Nov 13 1989Should the compiler check prototype arguments?
2509.07COMICS::TURPIEWed Nov 15 1989fab address via _fstat
2510.01VAXWRK::DEMPSEYWed Nov 15 1989BADIMGHDR on db_server.exe
2511.01HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 15 1989why does C compiler ignore abbreviations?
2512.016PEAKS::WOESTEHOFFWed Nov 15 1989Relative address table question
2513.03COMICS::KENNEDYThu Nov 16 1989File operation gives Access Violation
2514.02ODIXIE::BONEThu Nov 16 1989Help Solve this Compile problem
2515.0RICARD::REZUCHAThu Nov 16 1989F$EDIT (...COMPRESS+TRIM...) function?
2516.0RICARD::REZUCHAThu Nov 16 1989DCL F$EDIT (...COMPRESS+TRIM...) functionality?
2517.01--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 17 1989VAXC and the Stack, and Cleaning!
2518.02DECSIM::RICKABAUGHFri Nov 17 1989-E-BADEVENT with VAXC .ANA files
2519.07DUNURE::LAWRENCETue Nov 21 1989Problem with new V3.1 installation kit
2520.04TAVTue Nov 21 1989HELP WITH GSIGNAL
2521.08YIPPEE::GUIMBALTue Nov 21 1989optimizer bug in V3.1 FT1 ??
2522.04AWAKE::WESTERVELTTue Nov 21 1989INVASSIGNTARG, arithmetic and pointer
2523.05UKEDU::DDAVIESTue Nov 21 1989scanf %d into a byte ?
2524.04STRIPE::WANGTue Nov 21 1989A simple question about scanf and getchar
2525.04JUPITR::RAMANWed Nov 22 1989Index file operation....
2526.02MUNICH::BENDERThu Nov 23 1989system crash with MALLOC and MEMSET VAXC 3.
2527.02MILKWY::JANZENThu Nov 23 1989ANSI/K&R either/or?
2528.01VAXRIO::ABREUMon Nov 27 1989VAXC and SQL - scale factor problem
2529.03ELMAGO::MSTRAWNMon Nov 27 1989Help sort it out.
2530.05JEREMY::NIMRODTue Nov 28 1989Stand alone system crashes using MEMCPY
2531.09SIEVAX::MUMFORDTue Nov 28 1989Is it portable
2532.03NZOVTue Nov 28 1989curses + esc sequences
2533.01SYOMV::DAVIDSONTue Nov 28 1989Modif date mixup?
2534.02STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MWed Nov 29 1989Problem with POW
2535.04SAILBT::HEARNSWed Nov 29 1989Pass array of varying to PASCAL from C.
2536.03TOOK::SWISTWed Nov 29 1989Ultrix "calloc" clobbers registers?
2538.03VIA::POLLOCKThu Nov 30 1989Portable sort
2539.0KAOTThu Nov 30 1989Array Descriptors?
2540.02CADSE::ECHENThu Nov 30 1989Storing FLOAT in LONG
2541.07ELMAGO::MSTRAWNThu Nov 30 1989How many times must I...
2542.01USWAV1::LOEWThu Nov 30 1989FRS for VAX-C 3.1?
2543.010TLE::BORDThu Nov 30 1989VAX C RTL User Interface to RMS
2544.08CSC32::E_VAETHFri Dec 01 1989Help with struct defined in MACRO
2545.01THRILL::RASKUMon Dec 04 1989Exhaust dynamic memory problem
2546.0USWAV1::LOEWMon Dec 04 1989Sharable images!
2547.02CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Dec 05 1989concatenated string literals et. al.
2548.012XANADU::BERRYThu Dec 07 1989getting one character from the keyboard
2549.01UTRTSC::VISThu Dec 07 1989XABKEY structure size question.
2550.04TOMCAT::PRESTONThu Dec 07 1989GETKEY function?
2551.01NWACES::KIMMELFri Dec 08 1989Calloc overwrites memory??
2553.03GALVIA::BREATHNACHMon Dec 11 1989No more ACCVIOS please.
2554.01KBOMFG::PIMTue Dec 12 1989SMG$READ_STRING
2555.03CASPRO::PRESTONTue Dec 12 1989Command line arguments?
2556.01OSLLAV::SVEINNWed Dec 13 1989Calling Fortran subroutine from VAXC (Ultrix)
2557.03CSC32::E_VAETHWed Dec 13 1989perror and ENOSPC
2558.04AWAKE::WESTERVELTThu Dec 14 1989sys$dellnm - cannot delete logical name
2559.02HOTAIR::VIGILFri Dec 15 1989VAX-C Truncation Link Errors
2560.0XANADU::BERRYFri Dec 15 1989another (different) problem with sgm$read_string
2561.03CHRIS::BORDFri Dec 15 1989Solicitation of comments on possible changes
2562.04ELWOOD::STANLEYFri Dec 15 1989VMS V5.1 C RTL?
2563.0THAVSun Dec 17 1989(i-j)>
2564.09KAOFS::B_LEURYMon Dec 18 1989vaxc$malloc_opt versus malloc()...
2565.05CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Dec 19 1989convert symbols missing
2566.02DPDMAI::VIGILTue Dec 19 1989GPSS features in C?
2567.03CSSE::POTTERTue Dec 19 1989help with extern
2568.03KAOFS::B_LEURYWed Dec 20 1989maximum number of "#define" statements...
2569.01CNTROL::KAPPWed Dec 20 1989Problem Linking without share
2570.03ROMThu Dec 21 1989ansi C standard (article)
2571.03YODA::MEIERThu Dec 21 1989Interrupt handlers in C
2572.09GALVIA::DEASYThu Dec 21 1989Problem with malloc
2573.01CDROM::CHOThu Dec 21 1989C examples using LIB$INITIALIZE
2574.03FSDBThu Dec 21 1989Compiler doesn't flag undeclared structs
2575.01CHOLLA::MARTYThu Dec 21 1989Problem with sub-structures as parameters?
2576.06ASIMOV::KENYONThu Dec 21 1989Memory allocation problems
2577.02EVTIS2::AUGERFri Dec 22 1989Problem with Fgets
2578.01BRSSWS::LEFEBVREFri Dec 22 1989Compiler C in 5.2
2579.0POGO::REINBOLDSat Dec 23 1989What's the trick to /notraceback?
2580.04BALTMD::KEMPThu Dec 28 1989interlocked q routines problem
2582.02VWBUG::SCHNEIDERThu Dec 28 1989Need 64 bits or more for bit shifitng - HELP
2583.01SNOCTue Jan 02 1990C code generator
2584.01GMTOE::RABAHYTue Jan 02 1990RMS update instead of put
2585.018GMTOE::RABAHYTue Jan 02 199031 character symbols instead of 255
2586.05OZROCK::HARTWIGTue Jan 02 1990sizeof portability problem
2587.01DSM::HUANG2Wed Jan 03 1990Where is TYPES.H ?
2588.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Jan 03 1990fdopen invalid argument
2589.04EPIK::BRIANWed Jan 03 1990/OPT causes accvio
2590.07TLE::BENOITWed Jan 03 1990DEC C Phase 1 Announcement
2591.01EPIK::BRIANThu Jan 04 1990VAXC 3.1 creates old ANAs?
2592.01CSC32::MANNIXThu Jan 04 1990Why VAXCRTL sticks PSECTS in Prog Sect Synopsis
2593.0GALVIA::HOGANFri Jan 05 1990problem with vfork/execv
2594.03EST::ARGENTATIFri Jan 05 1990Interesting Problem
2595.03NHISWS::MORSEMon Jan 08 1990VAX Basic --> C Conversions?
2596.01CSC32::M_TURNERTue Jan 09 1990Input of unsigned integers?
2597.07ALLVAX::KIRKWOODWed Jan 10 1990Sequential writes asynchronous? Nah...
2598.01BIGNUM::GOKHMANWed Jan 10 1990Problem with vfork/freopen/execl
2599.02BOLT::MINOWWed Jan 10 1990fopen() to a remote node's object?
2600.01LEZAH::SCANLONThu Jan 11 1990Questionnaire for Programmers and Others!
2601.06TLE::EIKENBERRYThu Jan 11 1990Known V3.1 bugs in SCA support
2602.0TLE::EIKENBERRYThu Jan 11 1990Known V3.1 bugs in PDF support
2603.01MISFIT::SACCOFri Jan 12 1990Priority Bumper Pgm
2604.01RIPPLE::ABBASI_NAFri Jan 12 199031 chars limit on names, why?
2605.05SOTT::NAULTFri Jan 12 1990Size of file in Bytes
2606.07UKEDU::DDAVIESSat Jan 13 1990ast re-entrancy again !
2607.01XANADU::RMORRISSun Jan 14 1990typedef problem
2608.05COMICS::STILESMon Jan 15 1990puts of null string outputs previous char
2609.03AWAKE::WESTERVELTMon Jan 15 1990$cc foo -->error parsing 'VCG$DESIGN'
2610.01ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Jan 15 1990Preprocessor wish list
2611.02NACAD::N_FISHMANMon Jan 15 1990Strange Observation on EXTERN
2612.05CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Jan 16 1990curses overwrite problem
2613.03CSC32::E_VAETHWed Jan 17 1990function prototype problems
2614.02KERNEL::MOBEYThu Jan 18 1990ex
2615.0POOL::GMURRAYThu Jan 18 1990Loading STARLET macros ?
2616.01GIDDAY::HAMILTONFri Jan 19 1990execlp corrupts filename
2617.02BOLT::MINOWFri Jan 19 1990Trapping ctrl/c with signal(SIGINT,,,)?
2618.07RICKS::MILLSMon Jan 22 1990Does it make sense to use CRTL_INIT in C?
2620.06TOOK::A_CHENTue Jan 23 1990premature EOF object file
2621.03POOL::CARDIMINOTue Jan 23 1990Continuation character invalid?
2622.01STARCH::GLASERWed Jan 24 1990compiler bugcheck on V3.
2623.02ALFTP::HENNESSYWed Jan 24 1990IS it me, or v3.1-
2624.0HXOUWed Jan 24 1990calling $sndopr with OPC$_RQ_REPLY
2625.02STRATA::GAUTHIERThu Jan 25 1990problem using floating format %nnn.[ddd]f
2626.02CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Jan 25 1990kermit relinked vms5.2-binary file transfer
2627.01TKTV2Fri Jan 26 1990INVCONDEXPR error in V3.
2628.01CSC32::E_VAETHFri Jan 26 1990problem with typedef
2629.06ALLVAX::LUBYMon Jan 29 1990Problems calling VAXC from COBOL
2630.04HPSCAD::MAYERWed Jan 31 1990Prototypes conflict with declaration
2631.01WHAMMY::SPODARYKWed Jan 31 1990Optimizer efficiency
2632.04ECAD2::FINNERTYThu Feb 01 1990Efficient memory copy/memory clear
2633.01CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Feb 01 1990Product Manager
2634.05CSC32::SCHONBRUNThu Feb 01 1990globalvalue with pointer?
2635.01KLEE::SOSINKAFri Feb 02 1990my struct.text wrong in svn
2636.03CSC32::S_HALLFri Feb 02 1990C V3.
2637.01KERNEL::MOBEYFri Feb 02 1990VaxcrtlG's bad maths in VMS 5.2
2638.02TOOK::COOKFri Feb 02 1990Does STRNCPY scan the source for NUL?
2639.04COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Feb 02 1990vfork(), execv(), & /DEBUG
2640.05ECAD2::FINNERTYSat Feb 03 1990type casting: function vs macro
2641.03HACMAN::HACKSun Feb 04 1990C file protection, access, & stream_lf
2642.02UNWIND::LEAVERMon Feb 05 1990Sscanf doesn't work with %u
2644.06TOOK::SWISTMon Feb 05 1990Isn't **foo[] a POINTER?
2645.0LIEBE::COLVARDMon Feb 05 1990Multiple IBM Tape Files/One Volume
2646.02MUDIS3::STEINMETZTue Feb 06 1990Missing definitions in lkidef.h
2647.07STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MTue Feb 06 1990CURSES - arrow keys not recognized
2648.02CACIQE::FARDONKTue Feb 06 1990MIPSC vs VAX/C
2649.03PHDVAX::MURRAYTue Feb 06 1990Map a record onto a structure like VAX BASIC?
2650.02SATIRE::MUTHUTue Feb 06 1990run time parallel application?
2651.03DOOLIN::HNELSONWed Feb 07 1990Source for curses editor?
2652.09BRIX::KINMONTHWed Feb 07 1990problems with REALLOC
2653.02MARX::FLEMINGWed Feb 07 1990Problem with qsort
2654.014GALVIA::BREATHNACHThu Feb 08 1990String Pattern Matching
2655.02STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MThu Feb 08 1990VAXC Reference Manual ?
2656.02KAOTThu Feb 08 1990shareable image with global char *pointer problem
2657.010NZOVThu Feb 08 1990g_float and printf blues
2658.02NAC::KAYFri Feb 09 1990command line params & debugger
2659.03CYCLST::DEBRIAEFri Feb 09 1990Non-portable C programs? Sharable images?
2660.02LEDDEV::RICEFri Feb 09 1990Bug check in V3.1
2661.02BUFALO::LACROIXFri Feb 09 1990Differant results with /OPT option enabled
2662.02WFOV11::DRUMMONDFri Feb 09 1990sscanf problem
2663.010BOLT::MINOWFri Feb 09 1990/DEFINE=... buglet
2664.05ANARCY::SYSTEMSat Feb 10 1990lib$getqui help
2665.019CUJO::LENTZSun Feb 11 1990Separate files for C functions?
2666.02TENERE::RAVIXMon Feb 12 1990BUGCHECK during optimizer phase
2667.01KAOFS::B_LEURYMon Feb 12 1990problem with fopen append mode...
2668.0COMICS::TRAYLERMon Feb 12 1990Corrupt VBN on sequential files
2669.06DPDMAI::SMITHTue Feb 13 1990VMS Device Driver in C 3.
2670.07KAOFS::B_LEURYTue Feb 13 1990problem reading tape
2671.08CSC32::S_HALLWed Feb 14 1990Execvp() ignores VAXC$PATH
2672.03FRSTSC::LABERThu Feb 15 1990VAX C Single Precission Arithmetic
2673.03COMICS::TURPIEThu Feb 15 1990c$sockethandles undefined
2674.03SUPER::KALTENBACHThu Feb 15 1990enum Example
2675.0IJSAPL::BOUWMANSFri Feb 16 1990Problems calling C from COBOL
2676.03DSM::WHITEFri Feb 16 1990HELP!?! Global routine names?
2677.03HXOUFri Feb 16 1990VAXCRTL overwriting user routines
2678.01CSC32::S_HALLFri Feb 16 1990stat() returns mrs
2679.02CSC32::B_KEMPMon Feb 19 1990FAB$V_UPI not set by "shr=upi" when "ctx=rec"?
2680.01KLO::RUANEMon Feb 19 1990VAXC and SCA.
2681.08VERVE::BUCHANANMon Feb 19 1990blowing up in free
2682.01TOOK::FAIRBANKSMon Feb 19 1990Case sensitivity causing UNDEFSYM?
2683.02FRATue Feb 20 1990give lib$routinge a chance
2684.03--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 20 1990How can VAXC based sockets talk to ULTRIX(PMAX) based sockets?
2685.03CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Feb 20 1990Compiler error?
2686.02STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MWed Feb 21 1990Linking problems !
2687.02COMICS::PULLEYWed Feb 21 1990Accvio from Microvaxii not on 34
2688.015GOLLY::MILLERWed Feb 21 1990/PREPROCESS question
2689.05AWAKE::WESTERVELTWed Feb 21 1990DECterm width accessible from C program?
2690.06SNOPLW::GHOLIZADEHWed Feb 21 1990Does VAXC 3.
2691.03COOKIE::WILKINSWed Feb 21 1990Compiler parser bugcheck on big macros?
2692.01COMICS::KCOOPERThu Feb 22 1990realloc fails and returns null please help
2693.02WHYVAX::RAITTOThu Feb 22 1990PDP-11 C T1.
2694.07OTOUThu Feb 22 1990Two versions on same machine?
2695.09CSC32::E_VAETHFri Feb 23 1990unix open cannot seem to open a device
2696.06JANUS::HARTFri Feb 23 1990Linking C modules /SYSTEM=%X2
2697.0HANDVC::CDECWIN_RCMon Feb 26 1990confuse in cast value?
2698.07SAMSON::BAHLMon Feb 26 1990Is this a VAXC bug or am I missig something? extract/compile/link and Run .....
2699.04SAC::WOOD_JMon Feb 26 1990bad compiler? fopen and malloc problems
2700.01COOKIE::KODAVALLAMon Feb 26 1990CC$parallel in stdlib.h
2701.03HANNAH::OSMANMon Feb 26 1990when I cc this, it says "submit an SPR"
2702.05NZOVMon Feb 26 1990g_float w d_float
2703.02STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MTue Feb 27 1990$DESCRIPTOR <==> arrays
2704.02CSC32::E_VAETHTue Feb 27 1990compiles cannot find header files
2705.01MINDER::GOODMANTue Feb 27 1990can V3 and VMS 4.7 co-exist?
2706.01HANNAH::OSMANTue Feb 27 1990why do I suddenly get "alignment" problems ?
2708.02CSC32::S_HALLTue Feb 27 19903.1 rel. notes problems w/ built-ins
2709.01COMICS::AKINGWed Feb 28 1990V3.
2710.07TROPPO::RICKARDThu Mar 01 1990Any equivalent of BASIC EDIT$() function ??
2711.05XANADU::CAMPBELLThu Mar 01 1990Incrementing TIME by a value.
2713.02FZOVAX::FRANDSENThu Mar 01 1990Pascal environment?
2714.03XLIB::WIELEThu Mar 01 1990"]" in character class of sscanf ("%[...]",...)
2715.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Mar 01 1990can someone please fix HELP text for VAXC ?
2716.02DYOSW2::TAVANOThu Mar 01 1990Need UnixC->VaxC Pgm converted
2717.05COOKIE::GOVIFri Mar 02 1990Bugcheck during code generation
2718.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNFri Mar 02 1990No compiler error--struct not defined
2719.09CSC32::B_KEMPFri Mar 02 1990fprintf will only allow 512 byte records?
2720.02CADSYS::LEVITINSun Mar 04 1990Pls explain calloc/malloc: memory corruption
2721.05VISUAL::WEAVERSun Mar 04 1990Binary copy from Ultrix to VMS
2722.06SORGEN::MATHILDEMon Mar 05 1990rfm=fix,record shorter than mrs?
2723.05STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MMon Mar 05 1990Mixing D_FLOAT and G_FLOAT
2724.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNMon Mar 05 1990known bugs with some built_ins in 3.1?
2725.0KYOA::MIANOMon Mar 05 1990Tool for finding malloc problems
2726.02COOKIE::SORENSENMon Mar 05 1990Help coding a very tight loop
2727.0KYOA::MIANOMon Mar 05 1990Does anyone have a KILL function?
2728.01LAUSAN::BOSETue Mar 06 1990No Figures for LN
2729.01CSC32::S_HALLTue Mar 06 1990fwrite() loops internally if diskquota exceeded
2730.03KEMER::OZILWed Mar 07 1990VAX C and White Smith C
2731.04OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 07 1990License problem
2732.01CSC32::B_KEMPWed Mar 07 19903.1 .h files have version 3.
2733.03ESCROW::MERRILLWed Mar 07 1990varargs & argument count
2734.02CSC32::S_HALLWed Mar 07 1990fprintf to stderr eliminates err output
2735.01BOOZER::MARC_BOLANThu Mar 08 1990Decwindows--UWS - debugger???
2736.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Mar 08 1990VAXCRTL writes to unallocated memory
2737.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Mar 08 1990Is SYS$LP_LINES in C Documentation?
2738.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNThu Mar 08 1990install of 3.
2739.02BLASFri Mar 09 1990Round-off troubles
2740.04STKHLM::PERSSONFri Mar 09 1990Optimize problems in ver 3.
2741.01STRATA::RROSEFri Mar 09 1990Transposing a Matrix
2743.01SSDEVO::SHAHMon Mar 12 1990Any major changes in the Code Optimizer for V3.1?
2744.01KITSAI::BANSALMon Mar 12 1990SIGEMT and using signal for error handling
2745.01CGOFS::DREWMon Mar 12 1990fputs VAXCRTL Bug with 5.3 VMS
2746.01POLAR::AIRHARTMon Mar 12 1990strcmp() question
2747.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNMon Mar 12 1990How accurate are the transcendentals
2748.02MSAMTue Mar 13 1990Sample pgm to monitor ports ?
2749.04MUNLEG::WALTERTue Mar 13 1990filescan() - example of using SYS$FILESCAN
2750.05CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Mar 13 1990fwrite takes 2x longer than write
2751.03DIZZY::VESPERTue Mar 13 1990Another record mode file problem
2752.03GENRAL::HEINTZETue Mar 13 1990"FILE *yyin = stdin;" causes error
2753.03NUBB::HANCKELTue Mar 13 1990printf bug with doubles?
2754.02RAMBLR::MORONEYWed Mar 14 1990Reference to nonexistant second parameter
2755.03EACTSI::MALCOLMWed Mar 14 1990C++ and APL
2756.01HPSCAD::NEWMANWed Mar 14 1990Illegal Binary Files
2757.01SHPLAP::FARRELLWed Mar 14 1990ftell/fseek with record files
2758.0CSC32::SCHONBRUNWed Mar 14 1990ctime accvio's when arg is negative
2759.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 14 1990What does Eunuchs define std to be?
2760.01TKTV2Thu Mar 15 1990utime function
2761.011WARNUT::GALLACHERMFri Mar 16 1990DEC products in 'C' ???
2762.0--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 16 1990Problem: Real-number division gives integer result
2763.01MILKWY::SENNAFri Mar 16 1990Lex/yacc in shareable images?
2764.09TROPPO::RICKARDSun Mar 18 1990Socket library for DECnet-VMS ???
2765.0NRMACU::BAILEYMon Mar 19 1990Possible bug in ANSI-style function parameter definitions?
2766.02BROKE::WILNERMon Mar 19 1990#error
2768.02NRMACU::BAILEYMon Mar 19 1990Explanation of "enum" please.
2769.01MARX::FLEMINGMon Mar 19 1990
2770.011CSC32::DUBOISMon Mar 19 1990MTHRTL/UVMTHRTL Suggestion
2771.04RAGMOP::KLUMTue Mar 20 1990fopen with node name and dna= problem
2772.02KAOFS::M_ROYTue Mar 20 1990ACCVIO but not sure why
2773.04COMET::LUDLAMTue Mar 20 1990Stack dump ACK!!
2774.04COLWed Mar 21 1990Help, Help, Help on fstat -function
2775.02CSC32::B_KEMPWed Mar 21 1990fopen() on SYS$OUTPUT vs. physical terminal
2776.05BALLET::HMITCHELLThu Mar 22 1990sin/cos and DEBUG problems
2777.0WARNUT::GALLACHERMThu Mar 22 1990ANSI standard out yet ?
2778.08OLDTMR::DMCLUREThu Mar 22 1990Portable exponentiation in C?
2779.07KYOA::MIANOThu Mar 22 1990Portability problem caused by member alignments
2780.0CSC32::B_KEMPThu Mar 22 1990TASK-TO-TASK with fopen/fprintf/fflush/fgets
2781.011SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PFri Mar 23 1990VAX C & ANSI compliance !@#$%^&*???
2782.04GYPSC::ADAEFri Mar 23 1990C-RTL and exit handler activation
2783.0CIMNET::NIKOPOULOSFri Mar 23 1990Parse stack overflow
2784.02EQUITY::BRADYFri Mar 23 1990SCA problem with VAX C3.
2785.010SYOMV::DAVIDSONFri Mar 23 1990VAXC Case Sensitive?
2786.05RBW::WICKERTSat Mar 24 1990Help reading unformatted binary records
2787.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PMon Mar 26 1990VAXC3.
2788.01CSC32::S_HALLMon Mar 26 1990C 3.
2789.015MUDBUG::TIMPSONTue Mar 27 1990Float Problem
2790.04KAOFS::M_ROYWed Mar 28 1990Open() with O_TRUNC gives "not owner"
2791.09MASTIC::FARRELLWed Mar 28 1990Storage Location of Quoted Strings
2792.04NITTY::DIERCKSWed Mar 28 1990Array problem?
2793.03GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Mar 29 1990How to write a Debug macro?
2794.02ENOVAX::JANDROWThu Mar 29 1990Left Justify Integers
2795.01KERNEL::WETHERALLFri Mar 30 1990Ultrix $char_string_constant problem
2796.01COMICS::WATTERSONFri Mar 30 1990Reentrant routines
2797.01CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Mar 30 1990how to use _SCANC or lib$scanc
2798.03TAVSun Apr 01 1990A BUG ??
2799.010TOOLS::PERIQUETMon Apr 02 1990How to find eof
2800.01HGSWTue Apr 03 1990fopen locks a file. how?
2801.012PSG::HEGLIETue Apr 03 1990VAXCRTL Linking Problems
2802.02BRAGE::ESKEWed Apr 04 1990 PAK for this month ?
2803.01GALVIA::STONESWed Apr 04 1990Pointer initialisation in shareable images.
2804.0MUNKAD::RINGWed Apr 04 1990smg$create_pasteboard and BROADCAST_TRAPPING
2805.015FREZEN::PROJECTSWed Apr 04 1990Nice Vax C Compiler Bug (Stack Transmission)
2806.01ABSZK::LEEWed Apr 04 1990how to replace quoted string by #define literal
2807.09FREZEN::PROJECTSThu Apr 05 1990Returning automatic var's that are on the STACK
2808.07STP::MEDEIROSFri Apr 06 1990Using #DICTIONARY to extract CDD structures containing a VMS binary date field (quadword)
2809.02PASMMon Apr 09 1990wgetstr() problem
2810.03NOVA::ADAMSMon Apr 09 1990structures defined in prototype
2811.01BALLET::HMITCHELLTue Apr 10 1990Infinite Compiler Loop
2812.04VAXWRK::PIANTEDOSITue Apr 10 1990HELP!!! with %CC-W-INVALINIT
2813.02CSC32::B_KEMPTue Apr 10 1990Pointer assignment and Shift operations design
2814.010KAOFS::M_ROYWed Apr 11 1990NULL problems with VAXC V3.1
2816.02GIDDAY::HAMILTONThu Apr 12 1990VAX C 3.1 IVP fail ICP error
2817.01FREZEN::PROJECTSThu Apr 12 1990How compiler interprets array/ptr allocation
2818.02ASDS::WARDFri Apr 13 1990C pointer calc mis-behave and doesn't port (xpost)
2819.01MLNCSC::VOCIFri Apr 13 1990link problem
2821.02SSDEVO::YESSEFri Apr 13 1990atof/printf anomaly
2822.05GENEPY::VALLESat Apr 14 1990problem with mktemp()
2823.01PHONE::BRENNANTue Apr 17 1990Curses and cursor positions
2824.09FREZEN::PROJECTSTue Apr 17 1990How does IOM$_TIMED work for $QIO to a device?
2825.06HORSEY::GENTILETue Apr 17 1990Help in writing a parsing function...
2826.04FREZEN::PROJECTSTue Apr 17 1990How to verify freeing of memory
2827.06AICADTue Apr 17 1990How could malloc() be *writing* to my memory?
2828.04CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Apr 17 1990alarm() wakes up sleep()!
2829.09GLDOA::HACKTue Apr 17 1990Where is function strdup??
2830.06UHAINA::JUNGHENNThu Apr 19 1990curses and line drawing chars
2831.07JEREMY::NIMRODThu Apr 19 1990VAX C ver 3.1 bug report
2832.01GOLLY::JAMISONThu Apr 19 1990C interpreters?
2833.09FREZEN::PROJECTSThu Apr 19 1990Ques. concerning REALLOC();
2834.07FREZEN::PROJECTSThu Apr 19 1990Pass by reference question
2835.05OTOOFri Apr 20 1990Using STR$CONCAT
2836.06MUNKAD::DENISFri Apr 20 1990extracting ethern addr
2837.02DPDMAI::PORTERFri Apr 20 1990PC-like libraries on VAX?
2838.01VCSADG::PHILIPPEMon Apr 23 1990modifying version limit with ACP QIO
2839.01EVOIS6::TALPEMon Apr 23 1990built-in functions
2840.0TECRUS::SSTTEMPMon Apr 23 1990C Tutor Needed
2841.020FREZEN::PROJECTSMon Apr 23 1990Why no Number of parmeters check in functions for C
2842.02FREZEN::PROJECTSMon Apr 23 1990How does void work?
2843.016TAVTue Apr 24 1990malloc corrupts variables??
2844.05FREZEN::PROJECTSTue Apr 24 1990Block Declaration Ques.
2845.02TADSKI::STOCKDALEWed Apr 25 1990Comp-3 field created in Cobol read by C pgm.
2846.06FREZEN::PROJECTSWed Apr 25 1990Memory allocation Ques.
2847.05FREZEN::PROJECTSWed Apr 25 1990Address Ques.
2848.01FREZEN::PROJECTSWed Apr 25 1990Free allocation question
2849.012TRADE::VMILLERWed Apr 25 1990malloc/free vs. LIB$GET_VM/LIB$FREE_VM
2850.07CSC32::A_FROSTWed Apr 25 1990Contents of the V3.
2851.02GEM::KENNEDYThu Apr 26 1990Keyboard I/P - Carriage Return only.
2852.04ELWOOD::CHINNASWAMYThu Apr 26 1990time differences
2853.019TOOK::FAIRBANKSThu Apr 26 1990"Bad file number"? (fclose)
2854.02PIPA::SANTIAGOThu Apr 26 1990VAXC3.1 side effect prob???
2855.02GIDDAY::HAMILTONFri Apr 27 1990VAX C V3.1 and VMS 5.2 hang compiler on unmatch (
2856.06CSC32::P_SCHMIDTFri Apr 27 1990restriction on _align and noshare
2857.02CURIE::LAWSun Apr 29 1990va_count,<stdio.h>
2858.04STKMKT::SWEENEYMon Apr 30 1990Invalid initialization warning
2860.01RGNET1::BOUTHIETTETue May 01 1990ARRAY HELP!!!
2861.01TOOK::R_LANETue May 01 1990pipe()'s "real" mailbox size
2862.0TALLIS::MCAFEETue May 01 1990isprint() function?
2863.02CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue May 01 1990compiling bad code?
2864.01SYOMV::DAVIDSONWed May 02 1990CC/OPT fixes program?
2865.09FAB2NI::SENTHILWed May 02 1990A little C mystery!
2866.012LEDDEV::LEIKINWed May 02 1990Want to print a file on a specific queue
2868.04CESARE::QUAGLIAFri May 04 1990Shared WRITE and RUN DETACH
2869.01CARTUN::ALANFri May 04 1990Link List Example Please!
2870.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 04 1990Why does fseek return -1?
2871.0BUCKY::VANDERPOOLFri May 04 1990C SERVER listening on on a TCP/IP port
2872.03TKTV2Mon May 07 1990QUESTION ABOUT LSEEK()
2873.03YZR5Mon May 07 1990CC /ANALYSIS Bugchecks with ENUMerated data in struct
2874.016AZTECH::WAGNERMon May 07 1990Getting an ACCVIO with strtoul
2875.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon May 07 1990Precedence ?'s
2876.03AWAKE::WESTERVELTMon May 07 1990VAXC getenv()
2877.04VMSDEV::HALLYBMon May 07 1990C generates CALLS with way too many arguments
2878.03MARVIN::RAWLINGSTue May 08 1990Token concatenation
2879.0WIKI::RUSSTue May 08 1990FORTRAN to C Conversion
2880.04EVTIS2::COLASWed May 09 1990ACCVIO / ARRAY ?
2881.04MILKWY::JANZENWed May 09 1990converting array pointers error?
2882.05FREZEN::PROJECTSWed May 09 1990Set Watch feature of Vax debugger
2883.06TOWNS::DORNANWed May 09 1990ANSI C Update
2884.02KAOHWed May 09 1990Help please DCL in C
2885.03TKTV2Thu May 10 1990about stderr and stdout in fprintf function
2886.02LACKEY::HIGGSThu May 10 1990Documentation bug on VAXC$ESTABLISH
2887.04MILKWY::JANZENThu May 10 1990using div_t div(num,den)
2888.03EAGLE1::BESTThu May 10 1990bugcheck points at MATH.H - anybody recognise this ?
2889.01BROKE::MAVRISThu May 10 1990Condition handler in elevated mode
2890.0FOOZLE::SANDOREThu May 10 1990'C' Instructor Request
2891.02COOKIE::DEVINEThu May 10 1990speed comparison for copying buffers
2892.02MILKWY::JANZENFri May 11 1990modf() vms 5.1-1 vaxc 3.
2893.05OTOAFri May 11 1990Return Value
2894.04KERNEL::BROWNEMon May 14 1990query about sys$output and batch jobs
2895.0MUNICH::BENDERMon May 14 1990ACCVIO when using LBR$GET_HELP, VAXC 3.
2896.04CSC32::S_HALLMon May 14 1990CC-W-NODEFLIBFILE error . What is it ?
2897.04COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon May 14 1990fdopen returns status -1 in VAXC v3.1
2899.07EARRTH::BROOKSMon May 14 1990Needed : A special random number generator ...
2900.01FREZEN::PROJECTSMon May 14 1990What does VMS do upon LOGOUT/LOGIN in RAM ?????
2901.07COOKIE::SANDERSONMon May 14 1990Init'ing global variables
2902.0KITSAI::BANSALMon May 14 1990fsearch and fparse?
2903.0MAIL::RICHARDSONMon May 14 1990C --> Fortran
2904.02TOWNS::WILEYMon May 14 1990Need with globaldef/globalref...
2905.02TKTV2Tue May 15 1990$SETIMER called in VAXC
2906.02TEACH::DANWed May 16 1990Optimize problem
2907.03MU::PORTERWed May 16 1990AST reentrancy - malloc/free
2908.02CARWSH::MURRAYWed May 16 1990Can't fread what I fwrite.
2909.03SCOMIS::SYSTEMWed May 16 1990How? Return array values from BASIC
2910.0MLTVAX::KRUPINSKIWed May 16 1990Is VAXC affected by microcode bug in RIGEL?
2911.01BEATLE::NORTONWed May 16 1990Is This Pointer Arithmetic Method Okay?
2912.03GYPSC::FORSTThu May 17 1990FORTRAN-to-C Crosscompiler?
2913.06FREZEN::PROJECTSThu May 17 1990Alloc/Free with spawn question
2914.02EARRTH::BROOKSThu May 17 1990A problem with the C-linker and a DCL command ...
2915.01KIPPIS::RUUSKANENFri May 18 1990Align problem in VAXC V3.1-
2916.01CESARE::QUAGLIAFri May 18 1990Write shared in detach mode
2917.02TAVMon May 21 1990A BUG IN I=(J>
2918.04AISG::COLLIERTue May 22 1990is member offset from structures consistent?
2919.02RAGMOP::KLUMTue May 22 1990fopen with dna=long string returns null
2920.06CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIWed May 23 1990Line splicing problem
2921.02TAVThu May 24 1990C3.1 INLINE PROBLEM ???
2922.04OTOAFri May 25 1990fgets / limit on line length?
2923.07OTOAFri May 25 1990lib$date_time
2924.09CSC32::SCHONBRUNFri May 25 1990maximum C source line length?
2925.01FORTY2::BETTSTue May 29 1990Problem with fgets.
2926.04HOTAIR::WENDERLICHTue May 29 1990LIB$SPAWN DCL proc. messy??
2927.07GRNDAD::STONEWed May 30 1990Another problem with sprintf.
2928.06CRBOSS::KALKUNTEWed May 30 1990Linker problem revisited
2929.02BUSHIE::HAMILTONWed May 30 1990ftell using UNIX I/O
2930.06CERN::HOBBSThu May 31 1990SABRE C -- what is it?
2931.01CADSE::ENGELHARDTThu May 31 1990Global data-only module in OLB
2932.09ROCK::UHLERFri Jun 01 1990Conversion failure in strtoul
2933.01MU::PORTERFri Jun 01 1990Unreferenced macro parameters
2934.02STAR::VILETTFri Jun 01 1990LIB$SIGNAL problem
2935.01CNTROL::WRDBFri Jun 01 1990passing g_floats
2936.03BERNSat Jun 02 1990Beginners troubles...
2937.0BOLT::MINOWSun Jun 03 1990Terminal I/O considerations
2938.02TRCAMon Jun 04 1990NULL (void *)
2939.01BUCKY::VANDERPOOLTue Jun 05 1990gethostbyname fails set correct Internet address fields
2940.012CADSE::GOUVEIAWed Jun 06 1990Code dosen't work within debug
2941.03GYRO::VASWANIWed Jun 06 1990Using RMS values within the OPEN()
2942.01AIAG::WISNERWed Jun 06 1990Turning cursor OFF, SMG structures from CURSES? (pasteboard),
2943.010SOFFIT::PROJECTSWed Jun 06 1990Sprintf floating point var into ascii problem
2944.07HSKPRF::JTIAINENThu Jun 07 1990Reading RMS files in VFC format ???
2945.011OTOAThu Jun 07 1990fgets/fputs positioning
2946.01POOL::CARDIMINOThu Jun 07 1990Control-Y behaves strangely
2947.01BUSY::BONVINThu Jun 07 1990Compare and exclude
2948.02BUCKY::VANDERPOOLFri Jun 08 1990Looking for VAXC socket documentation
2949.04COMICS::STILESFri Jun 08 1990Any means of wrapping in curses
2950.05SX4GTO::KIMBALLFri Jun 08 1990Floating-Point Underflow and Integer Overflow Trapping?
2951.05MEMORY::CHUASun Jun 10 1990SET DEFAULT ???
2952.03KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jun 11 1990Bugcheck--cc/preprocess, large nested macros?
2953.01GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jun 12 1990ULTRIX VAXC Kits
2954.06RTL::RICOTue Jun 12 1990Is VAX C callable?
2955.05JENNA::SANTIAGOThu Jun 14 1990Lint for VAX C?
2956.03LUNER::BROOKSThu Jun 14 1990My Stupid Question - How Do I Enter Data From The Keyboard ?
2957.011MANMFri Jun 15 1990undefined symbol mktime?
2958.01BEEZER::EVERESTAFri Jun 15 1990DUPPARAMETER, warning or error ??
2959.02XSTACY::PATTISONFri Jun 15 1990Competition :-)
2960.02HGSWMon Jun 18 1990Case of argument is changed
2961.05AIRONE::HARKERMon Jun 18 1990Can system() see the child's exit(n)?
2962.02CSC32::S_HALLMon Jun 18 1990Enum types as parameters ?
2963.0TLE::BENOITMon Jun 18 1990Can't tell the players without a program
2964.07BEATLE::NORTONMon Jun 18 1990Quest On Arithmetic Operations On Unsigned Ints
2965.02CANYON::ROYALMon Jun 18 1990SYS$BINTIM By Reference
2966.04HGOSPS::JOHNKWANTue Jun 19 1990VAX C "double precision" & SQL precompiler prob
2967.06CSC32::S_HALLTue Jun 19 1990VAXC DST - Word or Longword Line count ?
2968.05NOEDGE::FARRELLTue Jun 19 1990Accessing values at uneven byte address. Performance qn.
2969.07SX4GTO::TZAYTue Jun 19 1990How to access the same file with multiple processes
2970.05PREBLE::WILLISTue Jun 19 1990Shouldn't the statement a == b; be reported as a compiler warning ????
2971.011RIPPLE::KRUCKMAKAWed Jun 20 1990Arithmetic Subtraction Problem
2972.05FRSTSC::LABERWed Jun 20 1990vaxc-error messages
2973.09MCGRUE::MILLSONMWed Jun 20 1990Compare two dates together --- HELP
2974.0MAMTS5::BJOHNSONWed Jun 20 1990CDD usage for tracking changes.
2975.0ELWOOD::KAPLANWed Jun 20 1990Algorithm/Source for SYS$ASCTIM logic ?
2976.02VAILSE::RMCLEANThu Jun 21 1990I think I broke the optimizer
2977.03SUBWAY::AMMUThu Jun 21 1990Curses - How to control input data
2978.01CANYON::ROYALThu Jun 21 1990Logical Names w/Escape?
2979.04GIDDAY::LIMFri Jun 22 1990pass parameter from c to pascal
2980.04TALLIS::DRAPERFri Jun 22 1990library include files and the ansi spec
2981.02TALLIS::DRAPERFri Jun 22 1990type problem with va_arg from stdarg and varargs
2982.02JER::HARROWFri Jun 22 1990Internal error with /DESIGN=COMMENT
2983.01HANDVA::RICHARDCHANSat Jun 23 1990Format of ANA file
2984.01TRHLEG::MOGENSSat Jun 23 1990Any PSM$ examples in 'C'?
2985.014DDIF::GOUNSat Jun 23 1990Best way to allocate and initialize a struct to zero?
2986.01WESTVW::LEEMon Jun 25 1990Using malloc and lib$get_vm in same image
2987.01STAR::VILETTMon Jun 25 1990MACRO RMS vs. C RMS
2988.0CSC32::S_HALLTue Jun 26 1990Casting array pointers - broken ?
2989.05CSC32::E_VAETHTue Jun 26 1990compiler creates unwanted DST's
2990.0FRAMBO::KREBSWed Jun 27 1990License problems, installation failed
2991.02HYDRA::CADMGRWed Jun 27 1990ASCII squeeze???
2992.02CIVAGE::STASSEWed Jun 27 1990When(IF) ANSI Standard support?
2993.01TKTV2Wed Jun 27 1990getname() returns -1 when error ??
2994.02NRMACU::BAILEYThu Jun 28 1990Yet another macro question.
2995.05CSC32::E_VAETHThu Jun 28 1990_BBCCI and goto statement vs the optimizer
2996.01COMICS::TURPIEMon Jul 02 1990longjmp enables ast's ?
2997.01STAR::VILETTMon Jul 02 1990problem with sys$bintim
2998.07XDELTA::HOFFMANMon Jul 02 1990scope of "\n" is limited?
2999.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Jul 02 1990C lib$decode_fault ?
3000.09MANMMon Jul 02 1990Buffered I/O?
3001.02CHOVAX::HORNUNGTue Jul 03 1990Problem with protection using CREAT!
3002.07TALLIS::DRAPERTue Jul 03 1990vms c signal() vs. ansi c signal()
3003.03BLKPUD::LAWRENCEWed Jul 04 1990getservbyname
3004.01BACHUS::ROELANTSWed Jul 04 1990get RMS attributes from a file pointer
3005.02PDVThu Jul 05 1990JUMPING question
3006.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNThu Jul 05 1990lib$get_vm having trouble with large no. of bytes?
3007.02MSAMMon Jul 09 1990Using %i under printf
3008.03DECEAT::MAHAJANTue Jul 10 1990vfork and pipe together???
3009.04PIPA::SANTIAGOWed Jul 11 1990help SYS$MGBLSC/malloc features
3010.03DEMING::FISTERWed Jul 11 1990Obsolete?
3011.09PDVThu Jul 12 1990CTRL-C detection
3012.01FRSCS::SATTLERThu Jul 12 1990leading c$ ??
3013.03SKYLRK::KURATAThu Jul 12 1990example of sys$creprc
3014.03VIA::GLANTZThu Jul 12 1990localtime gives different results on MIPS and VMS
3015.03HOTSHT::SCHNEIDERThu Jul 12 1990C for the DECstation 5
3016.01TLE::ELLENBERGERFri Jul 13 1990Obfuscated C--199
3017.04YUPPY::ZAMANISFri Jul 13 1990weird printf!!!!!!
3018.01JARETH::GILLIAMFri Jul 13 1990VAXC Documentation QARs
3019.06REGENT::AUGERIFri Jul 13 1990Problem with system prompt and CURSES
3020.03NRMACU::BAILEYFri Jul 13 1990Funny behaviour with /STANDARD=PORTABLE
3021.03MEMORY::CHUASat Jul 14 1990Help needed for SYS$PARSE !
3022.0MUNLEG::JUNGHENNMon Jul 16 1990a VAX C/ Linker driver program
3023.02AISG::COLLIERMon Jul 16 1990Pointer math - Addresses and Casting Integers help
3024.01JSOCSS::HAYASHITue Jul 17 1990Need help, usage of file pointer
3025.0KETJE::VERVAENENTue Jul 17 1990SDL support for variant_struct
3026.05TLE::FELDMANTue Jul 17 1990Bitfields as enum types with /STANDARD=PORTABLE
3027.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 18 1990Fork to a child Help
3028.02ESCROW::LIMWed Jul 18 1990error passing arg to SYS$BINTIM
3029.0SIEVAX::KIRKHAMThu Jul 19 1990/OPT=NOINLINE bug?
3030.0CIMNET::LEACHEThu Jul 19 1990Curses window borders
3031.03VAXWRK::HYGONNETThu Jul 19 1990GMT/UTC Lib$add_times lib$cvt_to_internal_time
3032.03RDGENG::HAYWARDFri Jul 20 1990Problem with copying 128 byte fixed length files
3033.06SWSCHZ::KIRKMANFri Jul 20 1990qsort bug - alternating structures sizes
3034.04MEMORY::CHUASat Jul 21 1990Problem with passing pointers
3035.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Jul 23 1990SMBDEF.H ??
3036.04HAMSC3::CHRISTIANMon Jul 23 1990define CURSOR - key possible ?
3037.02BORON5::MACKAY_RANDYTue Jul 24 1990strcpy feature ?
3038.02CYCLST::DEBRIAETue Jul 24 1990Problem passing pointers_to_struct - changed value not returned
3039.05PEAKS::SARDESONTue Jul 24 1990DEC C field test ?
3040.0SKYLRK::WHEELERSUTue Jul 24 1990problems with v2.4 under VMS 5.3?
3041.0CATWMN::THATTEWed Jul 25 1990delwin errors
3042.0CSC32::P_SCHMIDTWed Jul 25 1990debug-i-mismodend
3043.0OSTV14::TAKESHIMAThu Jul 26 1990QSORT trouble
3044.0COMICS::TURPIEThu Jul 26 1990extra linefeed with smg ?
3045.07VANILA::MOOREThu Jul 26 1990help
3046.04ASD::GUDITZThu Jul 26 1990DVSDEF.H or SS$_NOMOREDEV in SSDEF.H?
3047.01CSC32::S_CONNORFri Jul 27 1990V3.1 RTL index and TOC page#'s all wrong
3048.04CAM::EGERTONMon Jul 30 1990what is a t-bit pending trap?
3050.03TARKIN::BOUTOTTEMon Jul 30 1990Linking with VAXCRTL
3051.01YIELD::COZIERMon Jul 30 1990Calling Forpro/w arg in C
3052.01HKOVC::TERENCETue Jul 31 1990T3.
3053.02CREVAS::PROJECTSThu Aug 02 1990Pointer Cast Ques.
3054.01KOBAL::FERWERDAFri Aug 03 1990time() different than $SHOW TIME?
3055.02TARKIN::BOUTOTTEMon Aug 06 1990STRCMP("X2", "X1
3056.01SMAUG::L_HOMon Aug 06 1990ULTRIX cc -> vcc Problem
3057.0SAC::WOOD_JMon Aug 06 1990cursesX (X/Open Curses) for VMS ?
3058.05CSC32::D_COHNMon Aug 06 1990Need a C routine to change a process's UIC
3059.02STAR::VILETTMon Aug 06 1990using sprintf to prefix
3060.03ASDS::WARDMon Aug 06 1990Note 16
3061.012GLORY::APPLEGATETue Aug 07 1990Differential Equations via VAX C
3062.04MAPVAX::WAFERDEVTue Aug 07 1990ftell/fseek/fputc sequence problem
3063.01AISG::LANDINGHAMTue Aug 07 1990What is the status of realloc()?
3065.02TOYBX::NELSONTue Aug 07 1990Application Restart Possibilities
3066.06BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISTue Aug 07 1990Help on calling run-time library routines
3067.01KANGAR::HAMILTONWed Aug 08 1990fopen(lta5
3069.07FRSCS::LABERWed Aug 08 1990COMPILER-ERROR IN V 3.1
3070.03CSC32::E_VAETHWed Aug 08 1990pipe creation question
3071.010CIMNET::HUIWed Aug 08 1990Compiler bug check during code generation
3072.01GALVIA::STONESThu Aug 09 1990Link with g-float shareable and non-g-float shareable???
3073.01SAC::EXTON_MThu Aug 09 1990CDD/Plus dependancy tracking
3074.02UKEDU::SWIGGThu Aug 09 1990Linker options file help!
3075.02TOWNS::DORNANThu Aug 09 1990ANSI MIPS C compiler?
3076.03COMICS::STUBBINGTONFri Aug 10 1990How is one restricted if getting - nonportcvt...
3077.01MU::PORTERFri Aug 10 1990Idle question about function prologue...
3079.05GIDDAY::FERGUSONMon Aug 13 1990EOF problem with setvbuf?
3080.02ESSB::VMURPHYMon Aug 13 1990Calling PASCAL from C
3081.04GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKMon Aug 13 1990int to roman conversion
3082.03WKRP::LEETCHMon Aug 13 1990Run-time formats?
3083.09BLKPUD::TAYLORJTue Aug 14 1990UAI$M_RESTRICTED missing from UAIDEF.H ?
3084.03COMICS::FLANDERSDTue Aug 14 1990Speed comparison C vs. COBOL images
3085.05UTRTSC::HOFMANTue Aug 14 1990VAXC on desktop ?
3086.07GALVIA::HOGANTue Aug 14 1990Problems compiling on ULTRIX
3087.0RICKS::AKHIANITue Aug 14 1990Rounding mode for floating point
3089.0MEALA::C_TWOMEYWed Aug 15 1990VAXC FILE writing and subprocess printing ?
3090.01ZENBOX::ARGENTATIWed Aug 15 1990C Pretty Printers?
3091.03COIT::KURATA_GEThu Aug 16 1990problem with LIB$INSQTI
3092.03DELREY::LEE_KAThu Aug 16 1990SYSUAF.DAT
3093.0PDVFri Aug 17 1990COBOL to C translator WANTED
3094.0CSC32::M_SMITFri Aug 17 1990SCA V2.
3095.01BAGELS::MCMAHONSat Aug 18 1990Flowcharting tool?
3096.05CSC32::E_VAETHMon Aug 20 1990promotions and significant digits of doubles
3097.06PRAGUE::NEWTONMon Aug 20 1990how should I declare LIB$ tree routines?
3098.01STKHLM::HOLMTue Aug 21 1990malloc problem once again
3099.03SKYLRK::KURATATue Aug 21 1990Where are the flags for $PROCESS_SCAN
3100.0TLE::PETERSONTue Aug 21 1990Announcing LK for ULTRIX V4.
3101.08MUNMCC::BUERKERTWed Aug 22 1990malloc/free benchmark on VMS and ULTRIX
3102.06HAGEL::HAGELWed Aug 22 1990I18N and time functions
3103.06CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Aug 23 1990rop=tmo timeout option in open function?
3104.02PASMFri Aug 24 1990WAIT function example request\
3105.04BACHUS::ROELANTSFri Aug 24 1990guide to VAX C doc confusing
3106.02FRSTSC::LABERFri Aug 24 1990how to round floating variables?
3107.06TAVMon Aug 27 1990Vfork - exec help needed
3109.010MARX::LEVINMon Aug 27 1990reserved operand error
3110.01COMICS::TURPIETue Aug 28 1990default stream_lf text files
3111.06SX4GTO::MORRILLTue Aug 28 1990help - prob w/shared read & write of stream files !
3112.05TRCOWed Aug 29 1990What causes malloc() to fail
3113.01MEALA::C_TWOMEYWed Aug 29 1990 IEEE-488 AND C
3114.01FRSCS::SATTLERThu Aug 30 1990Is VAX C ANSI complience?
3115.04CSC32::S_HALLThu Aug 30 1990Installed program ACCVIOs on V4
3116.03TOOK::SUDAMAThu Aug 30 1990Names out of scope when using prototypes
3117.08TALLIS::WESTGATEThu Aug 30 1990What does VAXC$CRTL_INIT do ?
3118.02RTPSWS::PRESSLEYThu Aug 30 1990signed overpunch with C
3119.05GALVIA::JBROWNEFri Aug 31 1990fopen() and DTIF suport
3120.01KERNEL::BAYLISDFri Aug 31 1990linker (ld) problem
3121.06SELECT::HERSHONFri Aug 31 1990decimal from Basic
3122.016COGITO::ZIKAFri Aug 31 1990VAXC Optimization, Will it improve?
3123.03FRSCS::SATTLERFri Aug 31 1990printf %f %lf %e %le problem?
3124.03FISWFri Aug 31 1990Problems with getenv documentation
3126.07OSLACT::OLAVMon Sep 03 1990How to pass any value as parameter to a function?
3127.02SWAM1::OLIVEIRA_ALMon Sep 03 1990downline loading terminals soft characters question
3128.04CSC32::E_VAETHTue Sep 04 1990wish for the stars
3129.012ESCROW::DEPLEDGETue Sep 04 1990linking against callable services written in C
3130.02UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Sep 05 1990SYSTEM() and ^Y ?
3131.02NBOSWS::FRIESWed Sep 05 1990Contents of a library
3132.05TOYBX::NELSONWed Sep 05 1990Global Section Protection
3133.01CARTUN::CLIFFORDWed Sep 05 1990Embedded SQL in C Question
3134.08PASMThu Sep 06 1990get logical problem
3135.05SORGEN::JUERGENKFri Sep 07 1990CC/DEFINE doesn't work as expected
3136.05RTL::RICOMon Sep 10 1990behavior of '\' continuation character
3137.09SPKALI::BOILARDMon Sep 10 1990Problem with open?
3138.09DELREY::LEE_KAMon Sep 10 1990help for $GETUAI
3139.04EVETPU::REINIGTue Sep 11 1990Does ALARM work on VMS?
3140.04SNOCTue Sep 11 1990Help needed: Whitesmith C on PDP to VAX C
3141.06CADSYS::COOKWed Sep 12 1990"i" sprintf specifier problem
3142.03KAL::PERWed Sep 12 1990_LOCC function does not work
3143.06CHOVAX::HORNUNGWed Sep 12 1990Yet another performace question/uVAX II
3145.04CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Sep 13 1990SMG$SET_BROADCAST_TRAPPING and system() call
3146.02BEREAL::BARTONThu Sep 13 1990Bug check during code generation
3147.01TLE::MORSHEDThu Sep 13 1990bugs in malloc??
3148.02CSOA1::SCHULMANThu Sep 13 1990Passing a string from C to FORTRAN
3149.03BC::LEEThu Sep 13 1990Read from the terminal port
3150.05GALVIA::BREATHNACHFri Sep 14 1990What's this LIB$VM_* stuff
3151.03CLT::KOBAL::FERWERDAFri Sep 14 1990Different results for int expression
3152.01BIGRED::DOMINEYFri Sep 14 1990Another bug check question
3153.07LISTON::KURATAFri Sep 14 1990Assignment of one structure to another
3154.04OGOMTS::HETTICHSat Sep 15 1990Problem with XAB definition for OA$DAF_E.DAT
3155.01TKTV2Mon Sep 17 1990about ceil function
3156.011PDVMon Sep 17 1990VAXC guru WANTED !!!
3157.02VAXWRK::BARRETTMon Sep 17 1990install problems c3.1 vms5.4
3158.01VAXRIO::ANTONIOMon Sep 17 1990Problems calling System Services under VMS 5.3
3159.010TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Sep 17 1990code examples for how to handle privileges?
3160.05DEALIN::LAMBERTMon Sep 17 1990Warning: NULL constant assigned to char or short int causes %CC-W-INVPTRCVT
3161.02COOKIE::MHUAMon Sep 17 1990floating point overflow???
3162.07DSM::SCHWARTZMon Sep 17 1990Return Status Codes
3163.02HSOMAI::LINMon Sep 17 1990Reading a stream file
3164.07REGENT::AUGERITue Sep 18 1990Problem opening file for shared access
3165.03VINO::STEVENSTue Sep 18 1990vcc problems since 4.
3166.02BIGRED::DOMINEYTue Sep 18 1990Include file variable intialization peculiarity
3167.02CSC32::G_FROEHLINTue Sep 18 1990stream access and wrong record size
3168.02AZUR::CROZETWed Sep 19 1990Pass parameter to a .COM file called by system().
3169.08SX4GTO::MORRILLWed Sep 19 1990How does lseek() work ... ??
3170.08DICKNS::FRIEDMANThu Sep 20 1990calling LIB$DO_COMMAND
3171.013NMESER::PROCTORThu Sep 20 1990Close Error (VAXC V3.
3172.0TLE::AMARTINThu Sep 20 1990Nat. Conf. for C Users, Wang Inst., 17-Oct:19-Oct
3173.04SIEVAX::MARSHFri Sep 21 1990Image header symbols include file?
3174.03CHRLIE::HUSTONFri Sep 21 1990returning status to a com file
3175.06NCDEL::AWDEFri Sep 21 1990SIZEOF Variables In Variable Arg. Lists
3176.0532FAR::BGROCHOWSKIMon Sep 24 1990Turning output off.
3177.02CSC32::SCHONBRUNMon Sep 24 1990Shouldnt C flag prototype errors?
3178.01DENVER::THURYMon Sep 24 1990How do I access VMS system data?
3179.06CSC32::E_VAETHTue Sep 25 1990%g output format specifier question
3180.01BREAKR::WEBERTue Sep 25 1990size_t v2.4 vs. v3.x?
3181.01ATOI::ANDERSONTue Sep 25 1990Supressed optimization - informational message
3182.013TSGDEV::JUNGCLASWed Sep 26 1990STRTOK() function
3184.03KAOFS::M_ROYWed Sep 26 1990Looking for LIB$TPARSE examples
3185.03ESCROW::LANGWed Sep 26 1990Problem w/ Lib$put_output and printf
3186.04MU::PORTERThu Sep 27 1990Limit on external variables?
3187.01SORGEN::JUERGENKThu Sep 27 1990optimizer and linkproblems
3188.01NBOSWS::FRIESThu Sep 27 1990ISAM Question
3189.08GLDOA::HOLBELThu Sep 27 1990Standard time format across operating systems
3190.0PROXY::DEVOEThu Sep 27 1990VAXLIB - clearinghouse for vaxc procs???
3191.06FRSTSC::LABERFri Sep 28 1990Compiler-bugcheck
3192.05TROAFri Sep 28 1990Help upgrade 2.3 to 3.1
3193.04CAFEIN::KANOUSEMon Oct 01 1990sqlpre and cdd structs
3194.01SORGEN::JANNISTue Oct 02 1990Problem ith the /DESIGN qualifier
3195.04COMICS::TURPIETue Oct 02 1990MULPSC and SHRPSCLNG link problem
3196.011ALLVAX::LUBYTue Oct 02 1990VAXC memory allocation/freeing problem
3197.03COMICS::TURPIETue Oct 02 1990scanf and %c problem
3198.07DATABS::SMITHTue Oct 02 1990VAXC$REALLOC_OPT returns -1
3199.0CSC32::S_CLOUGHESYTue Oct 02 1990more DEBUG data using VAXC 3.1
3200.07GEM::KENNEDYWed Oct 03 1990String creation.
3201.0LUGGER::MILLSWed Oct 03 1990setbut(stdout,NULL) and Newline on all putch's
3202.01SQGUK::PAWThu Oct 04 1990Please Help - !!URGENT!!
3203.01ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Oct 04 1990wishful thinking: using XABs with open and creat
3204.04AZUR::CAPOZZIThu Oct 04 1990From "C" to "DCL" to "C". Help !!!!
3205.03JURA::ARBUAHFri Oct 05 1990upgrade problems !!!
3206.05DCSVAX::MOORADIANSun Oct 07 1990looping problem
3207.03LUDWIG::GAUTHIERMon Oct 08 1990rfm=var default rec size too small
3208.04DCSVAX::MOORADIANMon Oct 08 1990factorial program
3209.03GALVIA::BREATHNACHTue Oct 09 1990Why does this compile?
3210.02TAVWed Oct 10 1990Function prototype and float...Help needed
3211.05DATABS::NORCOTTWed Oct 10 1990BUG: File corruption by VAX C V3.
3212.08CESARE::AGNOLIWed Oct 10 1990Conversion from VAXC time to VMS internal time
3213.02DECWET::RICHARDWed Oct 10 1990Non-blocking stdin?
3214.02HPSCAD::NEWMANThu Oct 11 1990Installation problem
3215.016773::EBROWNThu Oct 11 1990drystone source
3216.07ULTRA::ELLISThu Oct 11 1990Empty object file, no errors?
3217.03D::VESPERFri Oct 12 1990A COPY_BYTES macro for statically sized objects
3218.04ALOSWS::LEVINEFri Oct 12 1990Struct w/ array[x]???
3219.03LACKEY::HIGGSFri Oct 12 1990Can someone tell me whether this is correct behaviour?
3220.03WHAMMY::SPODARYKFri Oct 12 1990problem with shareable version of strtoul()
3221.03POOL::CARDIMINOFri Oct 12 1990Global sections and data sharing between processes
3222.011TALLIS::LESAGESun Oct 14 1990runs /debug, but not /nodebug
3223.01STAR::GILLIAMMon Oct 15 1990null, NULL, and NUL
3224.04KAOFS::M_ROYTue Oct 16 1990"rt" access mode in FOPEN, should this work
3225.06KAOFS::M_ROYWed Oct 17 1990Application seems to be running out of channels
3226.012GALVIA::BREATHNACHWed Oct 17 1990extern and functions
3227.01STKHLM::HOLMBERG_MWed Oct 17 1990Old ANA format with VAXC 3.1-
3228.03OTOOThu Oct 18 1990the way feof detects end of file
3229.05AWOSThu Oct 18 1990undocument change to stddef.h?
3231.06VERN::CARPENTERFri Oct 19 1990pointer in to a structure with and array.
3232.02USWRSL::MAK_SIFri Oct 19 1990question: file i/o programming
3233.04OSLACT::OLAVSat Oct 20 1990ANSI C and 8-bit characters
3234.03CARWSH::MURRAYSat Oct 20 1990Use of getenv() with Search Lists?
3235.03DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Oct 22 1990Problem writing to variable length record file
3236.02OTOUMon Oct 22 1990compiler abort
3237.02FRAMBO::MUELLERTue Oct 23 1990question about CLASS_A descriptor
3238.05REGENT::AUGERITue Oct 23 1990Is there a way to see individual keystrokes?
3239.03TOOK::SWISTTue Oct 23 1990Where is "gethostname" object?
3240.07VINO::ROMTue Oct 23 1990%hd in sprintf causes accvio?
3241.01OSLACT::OLAVWed Oct 24 1990ANSI C, ugly cast needed?
3242.02HURON::BATESWed Oct 24 1990Broadcast AST's & Curses!!
3243.03XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Oct 25 1990What does getenv() do if LNM$FILE_DEV re-defined
3244.06SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTThu Oct 25 1990How to write IEEE floating point
3245.01MANMFri Oct 26 1990Record Locking
3246.04DSSDEV::GIANATASSIOFri Oct 26 1990Using C to develop a subroutine library
3247.015CSC32::J_MARSHFri Oct 26 1990for loop with unsigned int
3248.01REGENT::KACHRANIFri Oct 26 1990When function FOO calls X, Y gets called instead of X!
3249.03TLE::HOVEYFri Oct 26 1990Field Test version T3.2 of VAX C now available
3250.04HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANMon Oct 29 1990# define NULL (void *)
3251.02SQM::TRUMPLERMon Oct 29 1990Segment violation (SIGSEGV)?
3252.02NZOVMon Oct 29 1990FMS -> C (Screen Handling on Multi-Platform)
3253.07MERRY::CROWTHERTue Oct 30 1990C and CDU incompatible?
3254.09TKTV2Tue Oct 30 1990printf() causes ACCVIO in VAXC 2.3
3255.01ONOIS1::AUGERWed Oct 31 1990Function STAT works only after CLOSE
3256.01SMAUG::ABBASIWed Oct 31 1990RTL reference manual wrong index
3257.02CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Oct 31 1990VUE$COMPILE.COM and VAX C 3.1 installation
3258.09CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Oct 31 1990VAXC$MALLOC_OPT and VMS 5.3 problem
3259.04LACVThu Nov 01 1990performance problems
3260.03SHIPS::CAIN_RFri Nov 02 1990PCSA - Task to Task comms
3261.04COPCLU::KARSTENFri Nov 02 1990initscr() put terminal in application keypad mode!
3262.04FSTTOO::SCHUSTERFri Nov 02 1990Guide to Developing Portable Software
3263.04CLION::smithFri Nov 02 1990More Gfloat problems
3264.08KYOA::GOLDFri Nov 02 1990Time check.
3265.01TROPPO::RICKARDSun Nov 04 1990Using VMS CDD from MS/DOS & DECnet-DOS.
3266.05BRABAM::PHILPOTTMon Nov 05 1990C and SCA problem
3267.01COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Nov 05 1990C prog accvio's on VMS 5.3 - possible rtl bug?...
3269.01BLKPUD::ENTWISTLESMon Nov 05 1990REALLOC access violates with foreign command
3270.01DSSDEV::LANGONEMon Nov 05 1990use of array of character strings
3271.02CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Nov 05 1990BASIC function returning string to C program
3272.03TARRA::PHALENMon Nov 05 1990problems with lib$sfree1_dd
3273.01DSM::GOLDENMon Nov 05 1990A novice needs your help
3274.01WKRP::LEETCHTue Nov 06 1990VAX C RTL STR$TRANSLATE equivalent?
3275.02AKOFIN::VANKONYNENBUTue Nov 06 1990Little problems(help?)
3276.02VMSDEV::LANDMANTue Nov 06 1990Example of macro shell for JSB function avail?
3277.03CADSE::HCWUTue Nov 06 1990Memory Corruption
3278.03CSC32::A_GEORGETue Nov 06 1990IVP fails with vfork/exec error
3279.04KBOMFG::MATSUDATue Nov 06 1990Floating arithmetic without float or double ?
3280.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Nov 06 1990Curses - cbreak,nocbreak (single character i/o)
3281.04VAXWRK::HANSONWed Nov 07 1990RMS indexed and relative files
3282.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONWed Nov 07 1990INFORMIX C-isam indexed file access emulation
3283.010BROKE::DNELSONWed Nov 07 1990Another DEBUG query
3284.02NVSD6::BRAVERWed Nov 07 1990Passing file pointer parameters
3285.03RICKS::SHERMANThu Nov 08 1990Semi-Custom Graphics?
3286.03MSDSWS::LORENCEThu Nov 08 1990No spawn callable
3287.03LEMAN::VOVANFri Nov 09 1990Suppress member alignment in pcc?
3288.018CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Nov 09 1990Invoking MAIN from LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL
3289.03REGENT::AUGERIFri Nov 09 1990Reopening stderr
3290.0MILKWY::TRANDOLPHFri Nov 09 1990ACCVIO in VMS 5.1
3291.01GOLLY::ZAREMBAFri Nov 09 1990Two installed versions on 1 system?
3292.03ALFTP::HENNESSYSun Nov 11 1990GETENV and case (in)sensitivity
3293.06COMICS::TURPIEMon Nov 12 1990prvdef's revisited
3294.02SLOVAX::HINOJOSAMon Nov 12 1990Event flags and C
3295.06BROKE::DNELSONMon Nov 12 1990Problem with offsetof
3296.0SMAUG::MELANSONTue Nov 13 1990vcc problem with routine switch table
3297.013DATABS::NORCOTTTue Nov 13 1990Can I force write() not to write records?
3299.01ROMSLS::DIIORIOWed Nov 14 1990an example of C program on DB2 with VIDA
3300.02DSM::GOLDENWed Nov 14 1990Help needed with for loop
3301.0YOMUNY::MILNER::E_VAETHWed Nov 14 1990delete function failure
3302.011PHDVAX::FEENYFri Nov 16 1990Standard practice for organizing global data?
3303.01TLSEMon Nov 19 1990C-Sql problem
3304.012ROMTSS::PASIMon Nov 19 1990malloc() and access violation
3305.0ESTASI::CAPERDONIMon Nov 19 1990EY-D549 source codes
3306.08AISG::POLIKOFFMon Nov 19 1990Why does loop counter reset to zero
3307.03DSM::HUANGMon Nov 19 1990Structure initialization problem
3308.08NOMUNY::WSC157::E_VAETHTue Nov 20 1990help with sigstack...please
3309.02ECADTue Nov 20 1990Is VAXC ANSI conforming??
3310.01VXTST6::SCHULTETue Nov 20 1990Preprocessor problems
3311.04ELWOOD::ROCKWELLTue Nov 20 1990record length and variable files?
3312.03AIAG::WISNERTue Nov 20 1990How was the VAXC Parser developed?
3313.02BCVAX::CHEUNGTue Nov 20 1990access() consumes DECnet links - bug?
3314.024BOLT::MINOWTue Nov 20 1990Using C for new products
3315.03RICKS::SHERMANWed Nov 21 1990pipe() question ...
3316.01KERNEL::YOUNGMWed Nov 21 1990V2.4-26 Optimisation prob. fixed?
3318.06ACOSTA::MIANOWed Nov 21 1990Signal and select not working together
3319.03DDIF::TANCILLWed Nov 21 1990ellipses in a function prototype
3320.08SUTRA::RICHSat Nov 24 1990how to redirect output from system() command?
3321.04KANGAR::HAMILTONMon Nov 26 1990OPEN with O_CREAT|O_EXECL|O_WRONLY sometimes creates multiple versions
3322.03ZGOM13::TGNGMon Nov 26 1990Suspended file
3323.04CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Nov 26 1990execvp problem ?
3324.011CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Nov 26 1990compiler passes illegal code ?
3325.07FMCSSE::HEINTZEMon Nov 26 1990struct cannot contain a union in VAXC?
3326.03CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Nov 27 1990locale.h...does it correct ctype macros
3327.012LOWELL::KLEINTue Nov 27 1990automatic endian-ism detection
3328.02AIAG::KIMTue Nov 27 1990VAXC$ESTABLISH and how to delete it?
3330.02TLSEWed Nov 28 1990FORTRAN/C argument passing
3331.02CSS::FERRINWed Nov 28 1990V3.X expressions
3332.02SUBWAY::OBERLEWed Nov 28 1990Is this generally valid C?
3333.09STKHLM::ARENDIWed Nov 28 1990#pragma member_alignment aligns quad's on long's??!!
3334.02AWAKE::WESTERVELTWed Nov 28 1990missing member name in struct
3335.01CIMNET::LEACHEWed Nov 28 1990Pointer confusion
3336.028FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Nov 29 1990getchar returns -1 immediatly without waiting
3337.03ONOIS1::AUGERThu Nov 29 1990External storage class and shareable code
3338.01SASE::HILLMANThu Nov 29 1990Defining Strings in CDD+ to be used in VAX C
3339.016ALLVAX::LUBYThu Nov 29 1990how does one print a quadword
3340.01ONOIS1::AUGERFri Nov 30 1990# == #line !
3341.03WHOCRZ::GUMBELFri Nov 30 1990VAXC Bookreader files on latest OnLine Documentation CD
3342.04ELWOOD::ROCKWELLSat Dec 01 1990Structure variable question
3343.03DENVER::THURYSun Dec 02 1990Clarification on mailbox reads/writes?
3344.08COMICS::STUBBINGTONMon Dec 03 1990Linking /DEBUG /NOTRACEBACK causes RMS$_IFI...
3345.014MEIS::THOMPSONMon Dec 03 1990Pascal PACKED ARRAY question?
3346.05CSGMon Dec 03 1990Is VAXC an ANSI C Superset?
3347.03ALLVAX::LUBYTue Dec 04 1990ITOA with SPRINTF is violating memory set up elsewhere
3348.01ROMTue Dec 04 1990Passing an array of strings to FORTRAN from C
3349.0CSS::FERRINTue Dec 04 1990int and char comparison
3351.05FRSTSC::LABERWed Dec 05 1990Problems with sigfpe under vaxc3.1
3352.04CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Dec 05 1990duplicate extern variable and function name
3353.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONWed Dec 05 1990CURSES & Function keys????
3354.012CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Dec 05 1990Another sizeof operator question.
3355.05HEYYOU::ZARLENGAWed Dec 05 1990calling a function by typing its name - how?
3356.04ELIS::KEWThu Dec 06 1990'C'sonal poetry
3357.07TAVThu Dec 06 1990#define nesting limit??
3359.01ZTOIS1::HONOREFri Dec 07 1990TDMS and C examples?????
3360.05CAM::EGERTONFri Dec 07 1990using a+ with fopen
3361.04AIAG::KIMFri Dec 07 1990Macro that accept/pass variable # arguments
3362.03COSBY::TIBBERTFri Dec 07 1990/standard=portable & stdio.h clash
3363.0MIANO::MIANOFri Dec 07 1990GCC and G++ with Debugger Support!!!!!
3364.05AISG::POLIKOFFSat Dec 08 1990Integer to char conversion???
3365.07WCSM::TURNERSun Dec 09 1990passing arrays of descriptors by descriptor to BASIC
3366.07AIAG::KIMMon Dec 10 1990Text substitution by macro preprocessor
3367.01AWAKE::WESTERVELTMon Dec 10 1990extern/static functions
3368.01CSC32::A_GEORGETue Dec 11 1990VAX C 3.1 optimizer inline bug ?
3369.08CUPMK::FELDMANTue Dec 11 1990VAXCRTLG, TPU & VMS 5.4
3370.06CSC32::A_GEORGETue Dec 11 1990gets/printf problem ?
3371.08CSC32::A_GEORGETue Dec 11 1990reading break key from application ?
3372.013AWAKE::WESTERVELTTue Dec 11 1990system() return value
3373.04COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Dec 12 1990problems displaying fortran cc file using C & SMG
3375.05TRCAWed Dec 12 1990COBOL, C and RMS Segmented Keys
3376.01FMCSSE::HEINTZEWed Dec 12 1990Are free and malloc really incompatible with LIB$GET_VM?
3377.03RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEThu Dec 13 1990Bug in printf() with maximum field size
3378.01NMESER::PROCTORThu Dec 13 1990open w/dna="xxx" problem
3379.02PETE::BURGESSThu Dec 13 1990Incompatible data types!????
3380.07COMICS::TURPIEFri Dec 14 1990C-F-LONGJMP again
3381.04SYMAN1::SFITTONSun Dec 16 1990NSARECDEF.H out of date?
3382.04YZR5Mon Dec 17 1990How to get seperate modules when source has several functions
3383.04ONOIS1::SABIAUXTue Dec 18 1990LINK with trace or notrace
3384.04ISTG::PATNAIKTue Dec 18 1990Accessing Image header from C.
3385.08TALLIS::JBELLTue Dec 18 1990Constant Optimization
3386.01SUBWAY::MAGUIREWed Dec 19 1990Conference for DEC C?
3387.02SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOWed Dec 19 1990C code that interacts with windows.
3389.05ACESMK::RLEEWed Dec 19 1990Compiler BUGCHECK on /ANALYSIS_DATA
3390.02CARWSH::MURRAYWed Dec 19 1990DEBUG: Exam/type of a struct?
3391.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 21 1990VAXC V3.1-
3392.03CRONIC::WHITTENFri Dec 28 1990=-1.
3393.07KYOA::MIANOSat Dec 29 1990Problem with multiple TCP socket connects
3395.01SUBWAY::WOOLERYWed Jan 02 1991CDD supports storage class specifiers?
3396.03DEALIN::PROULXWed Jan 02 1991VAX Float/IEEE Conversion
3397.01TLE::AMARTINWed Jan 02 1991Yet another list of portability gotchas
3398.02CSC32::M_TURNERWed Jan 02 1991Optimizer messes up result of ATOF call in inlined function, in V3.2-44
3399.04BRADOR::HOOPERWed Jan 02 1991Offset into a Structure
3400.02GIDDAY::HADDADWed Jan 02 1991CDDSHR and the C compiler.
3401.06CHEST::RUTTERThu Jan 03 1991IS printf AST-reentrant ?
3402.04SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOFri Jan 04 1991A C Program that defines DCL symbols?
3403.05CSC32::HADDOCKFri Jan 04 1991fopen will not accdpt wb or wb+
3404.02SORGEN::AVNMon Jan 07 1991Index files ,open and lseek problem.
3405.03ZPOVC::YEECHINMon Jan 07 1991%LINK-E-OUTSIMG problem with Transfer Vector
3406.06COMICS::YOUNGMon Jan 07 1991Defining compiled module name problem.
3407.04TAVMon Jan 07 1991REALLOC -- some questions
3408.0ECAD2::LINAMon Jan 07 1991fread parameters...
3409.012CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Jan 07 1991bug in difftime ?
3410.01ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Jan 08 1991%CC-E-UNDECLARED ERROR - ???
3411.03MLNCSC::VOCITue Jan 08 1991problem with sys$format_acl
3412.02BACHUS::ROELANTSTue Jan 08 1991Another fopen() failure in VMS V5.4
3413.02CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Jan 09 1991static initialization using macro compile error
3414.04LYOIS2::NEJJARWed Jan 09 1991passing parameters by address
3415.07CSC32::M_TURNERWed Jan 09 1991Shareable nowrite character constants??
3416.03TLSEThu Jan 10 1991searching DECUS C...
3417.0VNAACT::LOBSANGThu Jan 10 1991Variant_struct def from CDD
3418.07CHENG6::IMERThu Jan 10 1991Look Up for a key in a string (Filter)
3419.04KIPPIS::RUUSKANENThu Jan 10 1991Problems to round double-type to int-type ???
3420.01THKSNW::MCCOWANThu Jan 10 1991Kanji support
3421.02SUBWAY::TWANGFri Jan 11 1991smp processing
3422.03AISG::POLIKOFFFri Jan 11 1991How do I left pad with a space
3423.05MEMORY::CHUASun Jan 13 1991Size of a file in C ?
3424.019PIHILL::HOVEYMon Jan 14 1991VAX C/VMS V3.2 is now available
3425.01DOWNBE::LOWETue Jan 15 1991"Old ANA Format" in SCA
3426.032HOT::SWONGERTue Jan 15 1991Does vaxc$errno always get set when errno gets set?
3427.01CSC32::A_GEORGETue Jan 15 1991XABJNLDEF.H missing globalref
3428.02HIPOWR::B_KEMPTue Jan 15 1991Changing the PSL returned from a SIGXXX handler
3429.01COMICS::TURPIETue Jan 15 1991#include module-name format ?
3430.08ALFAI::HENNESSYTue Jan 15 1991VAX C V3.2-
3431.01HAMPS::PACK_JWed Jan 16 1991#include cdd$default.dir.name breaks!
3432.01COMICS::TURPIEWed Jan 16 1991conditional gives cc-e-notfunction
3433.03MSESU::HILLMANWed Jan 16 1991reading to end of line in a file
3434.01MAST::DAYThu Jan 17 1991Running seperate processes on different CPUs?
3435.01SUBWAY::TWANGThu Jan 17 1991smp programming
3436.02XANADU::BISWASThu Jan 17 1991Compiler Professor Wanted
3437.04CSC32::P_SCHMIDTThu Jan 17 1991lib$vm_cfree_p unresolved
3438.03CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Jan 17 1991problem with access()
3439.023SOLVE::POLIKOFFThu Jan 17 1991Can I call $TRNLNM from C?
3440.08KERNEL::HUDSONFri Jan 18 1991NOGSDREF error from linker from C modules
3441.06CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Jan 18 1991problem with stat()
3442.03AICAD::CUDMOREMon Jan 21 1991"old-style" vs. "new-style" problems ...
3443.06MARVIN::WARWICKMon Jan 21 1991%CC-F-BUGCHECK, code generation, V3.1
3444.09MEMORY::CHUAMon Jan 21 1991Simple READ editor ...
3445.06DSSDEV::LANGONEMon Jan 21 1991Fortran to C converters
3446.06TALLIS::FITZGERALDMon Jan 21 1991help locating header file for LBR$ routines...
3447.04CGOATue Jan 22 1991Corrupted descriptor problems....
3448.01CIM::KAIRYSTue Jan 22 1991VAXC$PATH???
3449.05CSOA1::SCHULMANTue Jan 22 1991Portability Documentation
3450.03KAOFS::M_ROYWed Jan 23 1991SCA & SCANF, PRINTF
3451.01UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFThu Jan 24 1991Optimizer and switch bug
3452.012AGNT99::KAPPThu Jan 24 1991Cfree of variable length string question
3453.05ALFAI::HENNESSYThu Jan 24 1991Read error with odd length records
3454.05SUBWAY::TWANGThu Jan 24 1991smp programming
3455.04STRIKE::KANNANFri Jan 25 1991Trouble with SSCANF....
3456.06BREAKR::MADDENFri Jan 25 1991ADT date type?
3457.04WINERY::NORDLINGERSun Jan 27 1991seeking <sys/wait.h> for VMS
3458.01CSCMA::MAYNARDMon Jan 28 1991SEARCH in 'C' or spawn DCL SEARCH command?
3459.07ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Jan 28 1991'constant' and 'volatile' definitions
3460.04STRATA::GAUTHIERMon Jan 28 1991RMS file corruption prblm. loosing last block.
3461.09VICE::JANZENMon Jan 28 1991Unterminated comments etc.
3462.07KAOATue Jan 29 1991Problem with Structure Initialization
3463.02AKQJ1Tue Jan 29 1991ACCVIO with SYS$TRNLNM
3464.02ESIS::GOKHMANTue Jan 29 1991Old VAXC kit for VMS 5.
3465.05TKOV6Wed Jan 30 1991_align(QUADWORD) doesn't work with globaldef
3466.06MARX::WALSHWed Jan 30 1991vcc problem on Ultrix
3467.02HIPOWR::B_KEMPWed Jan 30 1991How to set the rab$w_usz in an fopen statement to something greater than 512
3468.01SORGEN::JANNISWed Jan 30 1991QIOW with false return value
3469.02SSBN1::DEROSIERWed Jan 30 1991ULTRIX directories in #include statement
3470.01SMAUG::ABBASIWed Jan 30 1991question on _PROBEW parameter checking
3471.01CASEE::CIOTThu Jan 31 1991fseek,fwrite ,fread,feof problem
3472.02MSESU::HILLMANThu Jan 31 1991Inconsistency with strings when using SQL and CDD+
3473.03NITMOI::WITHERSThu Jan 31 1991Need to assign value to **char
3474.01UTOPIE::RABLFri Feb 01 1991INVALINIT initializing offsets cc/vc
3475.05MUDIS3::STEINMETZFri Feb 01 1991Waiting for a child process inside an AST?
3476.03COLISA::ENGELSFri Feb 01 1991 VAXC V3.1 infinite loop in the compiler
3478.01FOOSW6::ZIPPMon Feb 04 1991Coding examples needed C,RDB,ACMS,DECForms
3479.018CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Feb 04 1991bug in delete() ?
3480.08HANTue Feb 05 1991Problems with malloc and free
3481.02LENO::GRIERTue Feb 05 1991Any ideas to improve modulus operator generated code?
3482.04CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Feb 05 1991Is C written in BLISS?
3483.02CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Feb 06 1991static functions
3484.04APPEAL::PEKWed Feb 06 1991Weird Output ??
3485.018KOOZEE::CZAPLAWed Feb 06 1991How to use LIB$ functions in C??
3486.06NWACES::KIMMELWed Feb 06 1991Transfer vectors and printf question
3487.02VAXWRK::HANSONWed Feb 06 1991Concatinating lots of strings
3488.07CACIQE::FONSECAThu Feb 07 1991/trace is ok & /notrace ACCVIO
3489.01VIDEO::CIANCIOLOThu Feb 07 1991Looking for coorect version of C for VMS 5.3-1 and Ultrix-32 v3.1
3490.09OSLACT::OLAVFri Feb 08 1991DEC C V4.
3491.02WAYLAY::GORDONFri Feb 08 1991globalref volatile struct in V3.1-
3492.08CX3PST::GORE::G_FROEHLINFri Feb 08 1991PSECTions and SHR attribute in shareable library
3493.02WINERY::VILAINMITue Feb 12 1991NOMSG errors w/i the DEBUGGER (V3.1+VMS V5.4)
3494.05SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Feb 12 1991Where is data stored?
3495.012SALEBT::HEARNSWed Feb 13 1991RTL changed with VMS 5.4?
3496.09LEMAN::BRUTTINWed Feb 13 1991Problem with realloc()
3497.01HAMSTR::VOSSWed Feb 13 1991Compile problem with 'VCG$PARALLEL'
3498.08WIDGIT::WESTWed Feb 13 1991Looking for data structure routines
3499.04EIDOS::D_RAIZENWed Feb 13 1991Bug - Same name used in function prototype & elsewhere
3500.013MEIS::JOHNSONWed Feb 13 1991what causes printf errors?
3501.02UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFThu Feb 14 1991localtime bug ?
3502.08VARESE::FRANZONIThu Feb 14 1991sizeof() hangs compiler
3503.07TPAU::DUNCANThu Feb 14 1991FPRINTF
3504.01ACESMK::RLEEThu Feb 14 1991sleep(1) == sleep-forever?? VAX C RTL bug??
3505.01SOS6::STEFFThu Feb 14 1991UNIX stdio.h FILE is not defined as VMS ones.
3506.04ALLVAX::DECESAREThu Feb 14 1991fopen and mailboxes on VMS V5.4
3507.08KYOA::MIANOFri Feb 15 1991Problem with fstat()
3508.065VICE::JANZENFri Feb 15 1991C Coding standards, being explicit, maintenance, quality control
3509.01KAOFS::M_ROYTue Feb 19 1991String concatenation, again
3510.08SHAWB1::BURKEPTue Feb 19 1991DEFAULT_PROTECTION ACE not applied by fopen()
3511.04VICE::JANZENTue Feb 19 1991Purging files
3512.04HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Feb 19 1991getenv ("PATH") problem
3514.03KUNG::HAMSONTue Feb 19 1991Arrays of structures question
3515.019PETE::BURGESSWed Feb 20 1991VAXCRTL frees dynamic memory and then writes to freed memory
3516.04RTOEU::HSTOECKLINThu Feb 21 1991ANSI-C sources
3517.018CSC32::HADDOCKThu Feb 21 1991strftime supported??
3518.010SMAUG::ABBASIThu Feb 21 1991remark on enumeration list names
3519.02LOWELL::KLEINThu Feb 21 1991lexical concatenation
3520.04GPSDCC::BROWNFri Feb 22 1991BIG & little Endian support in DEC C?
3521.01CSCMA::MAYNARDFri Feb 22 1991CTRL_Z control or disable?
3522.02PDVFri Feb 22 1991rmdir() with VAXC
3523.07RGB::MANIONFri Feb 22 1991Recursion
3524.06CX3PST::WSC157::E_VAETHFri Feb 22 1991problem with accessing sys_errlist
3525.03CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Feb 22 1991lseek() to end of file question
3526.01LACKEY::HIGGSFri Feb 22 1991perror.h lacks function prototype for perror
3527.01KERNEL::MOBEYFri Feb 22 1991Precompiler causing buffer overflow
3528.02--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 22 1991vaxcrtl
3529.012KAOFS::H_PILONFri Feb 22 1991C$SOCKHANDLES error,link/nosysshr
3530.06OSTV1Sat Feb 23 1991meaning of /STANDERD
3531.02TLE::ELLENBERGERSat Feb 23 1991Interval Time in VAXC RTL
3532.01ECADJR::JRUSSOMon Feb 25 1991PASCAL to C translator ?
3533.06GEM::KENNEDYTue Feb 26 1991Function addresses with prototyping.
3534.04JUNG::POLAKOWSKITue Feb 26 1991Correctly Referencing LIB$ Symbols?
3535.05IOSG::WILCOCKATue Feb 26 1991Anything to do with Curses
3536.03ONOIS1::SABIAUXTue Feb 26 1991GETMSG in C with message facility
3537.0CLARID::HYGONNETWed Feb 27 1991STAT() ST_CTIME convertion
3538.04CX3PST::MILNER::E_VAETHWed Feb 27 1991need a better understanding of freopen
3539.04HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUThu Feb 28 1991Funny ...? Bug ...?
3540.01HGOSPS::JOYCETONGThu Feb 28 1991lib function
3541.03MLNCSC::VOCIThu Feb 28 1991problem vaxcrtl sharable image in sharable library
3542.03SMAUG::ABBASIThu Feb 28 1991your views on how to return from a function
3543.02SORGEN::JUERGENKFri Mar 01 1991document. error ? (init arrays)
3544.04VINO::LIUFri Mar 01 1991BUG in Pointer Ref Code Generation
3545.05DEMOAX::LOEWFri Mar 01 1991RMS and C question?
3546.04TWNTWR::CANZONERIMon Mar 04 1991Can't find STATEDEF.H
3547.07CHIEFF::PAPADEASMon Mar 04 1991File version # and curr. directory ???
3548.04CX3PST::WSC157::E_VAETHMon Mar 04 1991strange behavior with fgetc and writing files
3549.03CUJO::MANNINGMon Mar 04 1991Wrap on output window
3550.015WIDGIT::WESTMon Mar 04 1991Help with return code of system()
3551.05AIAG::WISNERTue Mar 05 1991Program won't execute as foreign command
3552.05SHAWB1::HEYMERJWed Mar 06 1991Problem with SELECT function.
3553.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONWed Mar 06 1991stdio, stdarg, vararg and undefined va_count ?
3554.08SHIPS::LEECH_SWed Mar 06 1991sys$wake / sys$hiber problems
3555.07CRAIGA::SCHOMPThu Mar 07 1991Getting info on a batch job...
3556.02CRAIGA::SCHOMPThu Mar 07 1991Trapping errors...
3558.03CGHUB::HENNESSEYFri Mar 08 1991Amateur - Needs help with ACCVIO error
3559.02SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDFri Mar 08 1991Odd behaviour with printf and negative hex
3560.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Mar 08 1991realloc != VAXC$REALLOC_OPT
3561.01MAST::DAYSun Mar 10 1991Semaphore example needed....
3562.02SSDEVO::RMCLEANMon Mar 11 1991Is it Me or is it Optimizer???
3563.010DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon Mar 11 1991How to create records with embedded \
3564.08DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Mar 11 1991??%CLI-F-SYNTAX, error parsing 'VCG$UPPERCASE'
3565.04CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Mar 11 1991Optimizer bug with va_count()
3567.04CX3PST::WSC157::E_VAETHTue Mar 12 1991sca-f-badload, sca-f-badana, sca-badevent
3568.06AKOCOA::DROMANOTue Mar 12 1991Formatting output with commas
3569.02SALEBT::HEARNSTue Mar 12 1991operator request/reply
3570.0RTL::BRINKLEYWed Mar 13 1991SHELL$TO_VMS question
3571.02VIA::WRIGHTWed Mar 13 1991Problem With Shareable Image and PCA
3572.07SOLVIT::SCHMIDTWed Mar 13 1991Need Help With Pointer to an Array of Structures
3573.04CSC32::SCHONBRUNThu Mar 14 1991Please clarify: 3.2 depends on 5.2+
3574.02PDVFri Mar 15 1991sys$qiow with timeout ?
3575.01FROSTY::HENNESSEYMon Mar 18 1991Help with bsearch
3576.01RANGER::WESTERVELTMon Mar 18 1991fgets doc bugs
3577.08CX3PST::MILNER::E_VAETHMon Mar 18 1991stdio.h produces different output in 3.2
3578.05COLTue Mar 19 1991assgn stderr to gloVar directly
3579.010CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Mar 19 1991fputs vaxcrtl bug still not fixed?
3580.05AISG::PEKWed Mar 20 1991Confused with LIB$GETJPI ??
3582.05WONDER::COMMOThu Mar 21 1991<< /NOOPT problem?? >>
3583.02TOYBX::MILLERThu Mar 21 1991C Definition Modules
3584.06HGOVC::DEANGELISFri Mar 22 1991CDD, constants and types
3585.0COMICS::PEAKEFri Mar 22 1991*IX Paths in /INCLUDE_DIRECTORY????
3586.08CSC32::S_JOHNSONSat Mar 23 1991sscanf & %n ?s
3587.010BROKE::THATTESun Mar 24 1991problem in creating a structure...
3588.05NBOFS1::HERMANNMon Mar 25 1991Upper and lowercase Functions
3589.04ZURMon Mar 25 1991What about SIGIO in VAXC???
3590.01COMICS::PEAKEMon Mar 25 1991&& and || with enum types
3591.03BALBOA::AKHAVANThu Jun 29 1989Problem getting started on VAXC
3592.03CWORLD::RICHARDSTue Mar 26 1991F$SEARCH in C
3593.04DOD2::ROBERTSTue Mar 26 1991ANSI Compliance
3595.04KBEAR::STENOISHWed Mar 27 1991strtol and LONG_MAX/LONG_MIN
3596.05KOALA::RYANWed Mar 27 1991OO API design: who allocates the memory?
3597.03FRSTSC::LABERThu Mar 28 1991Problems with linking c-progs
3598.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Mar 28 1991cc$vaxcshr does what?
3599.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Mar 28 1991Changes between 5.3 and 5.4 VAXCRTL that would change memory usage
3600.04CWORLD::RICHARDSFri Mar 29 1991Help with STAT() -> st_fab_rfm
3601.03CWORLD::RICHARDSFri Mar 29 1991How do I get a LOGICAL
3602.01SSBN1::FURNANZFri Mar 29 1991same code: 2 linefeeds on ULTRIX, 1 linefeed on VMS
3604.06TYFYS::LUETHTue Apr 02 1991VAXCRTL included in 3.1?
3605.02HIPOWR::B_KEMPTue Apr 02 1991IVP installing 3.2 on 5.4-2 system hangs process in LEF
3606.07MU::PORTERTue Apr 02 1991Curses - clearok() ?
3607.06CSC32::MORGANWed Apr 03 1991More getchar() questions...
3608.02QCAVWed Apr 03 1991SMG$READ_STRING Terminator_set problem
3609.01SORGEN::JUERGENKWed Apr 03 1991pointer and storage map problem
3610.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONThu Apr 04 1991Combination of read and Lseek doesn't return eof..
3611.04COMICS::TURPIEThu Apr 04 1991debug/compiler enhancement ?
3612.04VFOVAX::RAGWARThu Apr 04 1991To read and parse the file
3613.05MSCSSE::SILVERThu Apr 04 1991Accessing BASIC common areas?
3614.02PIPPER::SANDOREThu Apr 04 1991Request for internal Ansi C Programming Instructor
3615.0MRKTNG::SETTYThu Apr 04 1991VAX C Doc set location ?
3616.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONFri Apr 05 1991Debug incorrectly addresses some structure members
3617.01MORO::WALDO_IRFri Apr 05 1991vcc error NOMSG ?
3618.02XSTACY::GORMANFri Apr 05 1991_align problem
3620.011BROKE::THATTEMon Apr 08 1991problem with function prototypes
3621.06LSTMon Apr 08 1991SCA Internals Report shows no data type on args
3622.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Apr 08 1991Optimizer problem with 3.2
3623.07TRCATue Apr 09 1991Variable sharing between programs
3624.01NBOSWS::REITHTue Apr 09 1991Product Manager ?
3625.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Apr 09 1991Is this a problem with C and CDD+
3626.03AISG::YANGWed Apr 10 1991Problem with USAGE IS COMP-2 to D_floating
3627.03MU::PORTERWed Apr 10 1991On exit statuses
3628.03HANNAH::BOONEWed Apr 10 1991Union/Struct layout question
3629.08ALLVAX::LUBYThu Apr 11 1991Conflicting attributes - STARLET?
3630.02HANNAH::BOONEThu Apr 11 1991Another Enum Bug? (in switch)
3631.02KYOA::GRADYFri Apr 12 1991VAX C vs Ultrix vs System V
3632.07LENO::GRIERFri Apr 12 1991Pooling string constants across modules
3633.0332FAR::BGROCHOWSKIFri Apr 12 1991SYS$CRELNM problem with LNM$FILE_DEV
3634.01OGWV5Sun Apr 14 1991g_float and oracle
3636.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Apr 15 1991Question on NONPORTCVT error message
3637.01CXCAD::VENNERMon Apr 15 1991V3.
3638.03KETJE::MOSNERONTue Apr 16 1991fclose() bug
3639.04OTOOTue Apr 16 1991Calculate EVEN parity in C?
3640.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Apr 16 1991Portable long arithmetic?
3641.05MKODEV::NAGARAJANTue Apr 16 1991How can I find the File ID?
3642.011HOTBX::MILLERTue Apr 16 1991GLOBALVALUE Problem?
3643.023SKYLRK::TINGTue Apr 16 1991Lots of problems with extern declarations
3644.05MARVIN::STRACHANWed Apr 17 1991Problem "inlining" with condition handlers.
3645.01EVTIS2::MENICACCIWed Apr 17 1991setvbuf and EOF
3646.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Apr 17 1991Evaluation order?
3647.03JRDLSI::T_KOCHIFri Apr 19 1991SYS$SETDDIR ignores device name?
3648.05TKOV6Mon Apr 22 1991faster getc
3649.010GLORY::JOHNSONMon Apr 22 1991Help needed with builtins REMQUE/INSQUE
3650.02CLARID::HOFSTEETue Apr 23 1991non transparent task-to-task in C?
3651.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Apr 23 1991C language workbook?
3652.02CWORLD::RICHARDSTue Apr 23 1991How do I get NODENAME
3653.05EVTIS2::ROCHETue Apr 23 1991LINK-E-MULSHRPSC when call to TPU$EDIT
3654.01CGOOTue Apr 23 1991C bugchecks on enum ??!
3655.02CASDEV::FRICKTue Apr 23 1991Experiencing %CC-F-BUGCHECK with /analysis_data
3656.05HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANWed Apr 24 1991&
3657.02MLNCSC::VOCIWed Apr 24 1991access to stream file with carriage return
3658.0SQM::ELKINDWed Apr 24 1991problem with mvwgetstr
3659.030VINO::ROMWed Apr 24 1991general rules for making code faster?
3660.04RTL::DMULLENWed Apr 24 1991time() function in CRTL docs versus K&R
3661.01NEWOA::PULLENThu Apr 25 1991Problem with returning array to calling routines
3662.01CWORLD::RICHARDSThu Apr 25 1991How do I disable <ctrl Y>
3663.01CWORLD::RICHARDSThu Apr 25 1991CHDIR() outside of program
3664.04XDELTA::HOFFMANThu Apr 25 1991Bug/Feature, or Correct Preprocessor Behavior?
3665.02BRULA::LAMAREFri Apr 26 1991CDD and pointer
3666.04--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 26 1991what are the format specifiers for D floating?
3667.08CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Apr 29 1991exit() return message to a file?
3668.05CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Apr 29 1991QIO versus QIOW and IO$M_NOW
3669.0COMICS::TURPIEMon Apr 29 1991problem reading cccr file
3670.07DENVER::FRASERMon Apr 29 1991NUMERIC C Extensions to VAX-C?
3671.05ESRAD::PANGAKISWed May 01 1991Creation date/time
3672.018USWRSL::SHORTT_LAWed May 01 1991different vars in separate modules are really the same?!
3673.05CLARID::HOFSTEEThu May 02 1991relation between buufer length and lib$insqti?
3674.010KETJE::DIERICKThu May 02 1991Problem with external variables and VAXC 3.2
3675.06TADSKI::HUMPHREYThu May 02 1991Works with PRINTF, but not without.
3676.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri May 03 1991VSPRINTF implementation; variable-arg "middlemen"
3677.07DANGER::WESTGATEFri May 03 1991Why does sprintf allocate memory and not free it
3678.02CSC32::SCHONBRUNFri May 03 1991Any way to check if vsprintf will overflow
3679.08KAOFS::M_ROYFri May 03 1991Global & Local declaration doesn't work the same
3680.01ESGWST::KISHIMURAFri May 03 1991Compiler Bug --> /ANALYSIS
3681.01HWSJW1::JOSEPHWUSat May 04 1991Weak Global References in VAX C?
3682.02MKODEV::IDBDEVMon May 06 1991HELP! NAM for CONCEALED devices!
3683.02FORTSC::MAXMon May 06 1991VAXCRTL upgrade 5.4-2 messages?
3684.0DSSDEV::CLIFFORDTue May 07 1991Why am I still seeing double?
3685.02COMICS::YOUNGTue May 07 1991Using Function Pointers.
3686.09WLDWST::TURNER_JTue May 07 1991error message improvement suggestion
3687.01MOVIES::HOWELL_MAWed May 08 1991fseek followed by fgetc fails in last block of file
3688.04RDGENG::HAYWARDWed May 08 1991How to word-wrap a long array of characters ?
3689.010CSC32::T_PARMELEEWed May 08 1991problems with select after v3.2/5.4-1 upgrade
3690.04SX4GTO::OLSONWed May 08 1991select "unresolved external" linker problem
3691.0SUBWAY::JAUNGWed May 08 1991Help needed on Account Payable/Receivable
3692.09BROKE::HIGGSThu May 09 1991Is this a known problem?
3693.010FOGGYR::MURPHYThu May 09 1991Observations on inlining which broke "working" pgm
3694.010OPG::CMITCHELLFri May 10 1991Terminal Character Input
3695.07HOTSPR::KENNEDYMon May 13 1991Curses and asynchronous updates
3696.04MUNICH::BENDERMon May 13 1991mixing floating numbers problem V3.1 and V3.2
3697.02SHAWB1::ACHESONMon May 13 1991HELP Compile/Link C
3698.010HKOVC::TERENCETue May 14 1991Best way to clean up an Ultrix path name
3699.03TAGART::GMENNIEWed May 15 1991access violation problem
3700.0BRSSWS::DECLERCKWed May 15 1991Updating a stream_CR file?
3701.015BIGRED::DOMINEYWed May 15 1991Sockets - AF_UNIX support???
3702.05CSC32::SCHONBRUNWed May 15 1991spr for a single line program?
3703.0MUHIS::HSTOECKLINThu May 16 1991compiling with SYS$ERROR redefined
3704.05BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu May 16 1991Problem getting type casting to work in 3.1
3705.0CADSYS::KVINGEThu May 16 1991Problems with EOF when appending to shared sequential file
3706.03KAOSWS::FERENZFri May 17 1991Problem using $GETJPI
3707.07WXYZ::DEMBASun May 19 1991need current time - 2
3708.05MU::PORTERSun May 19 1991Multiple defn when compiling under vcc
3709.01MERIDN::BTHOMPSONMon May 20 1991getchar function
3710.06BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISMon May 20 1991Help with LIB$GETJPI
3711.05TENERE::JORDANTue May 21 1991VAX C and Gobe
3712.01ALLVAX::HOTue May 21 1991Question of signal.h in VAXC V3.2
3713.03HGSWS1::WILLIAMCHANWed May 22 1991Location of Documentaion
3714.03FSDB45::WORCESTERWed May 22 1991Can't read largest unsigned int value with fscanf
3715.02POBOX::GAJOWNIKWed May 22 1991a global queue
3716.01BUSY::BONVINWed May 22 1991"C" calling DCL routine?
3717.05DC1Wed May 22 1991c/ada comparison needed
3718.06MU::PORTERWed May 22 1991Are "blocked" signals queued or discarded?
3719.02NZOMIS::PARISHThu May 23 1991PL/I --> VAX C conversion
3720.03UKEDU::SWIGGThu May 23 1991char x[][]=... illegal?
3721.02BROKE::THATTEThu May 23 1991object library and windows
3722.03KAOHThu May 23 1991Error in 3.2 Help command
3723.026STARVU::YERACARISThu May 23 1991UNIX-style #include's w/ include paths
3724.01STARVU::YERACARISThu May 23 1991Switch to make extern=globalref
3725.05R2ME2::VANGILDERThu May 23 1991compiler bug? with extern plus definition with initialization in same module
3726.0VINO::KOMARFri May 24 1991Need: doubly-linked queue package.
3727.02SORGEN::JUERGENKFri May 24 1991optimizer addressing mode vs. alloca
3728.02HIPOWR::B_KEMPFri May 24 1991Did ## make it into the ANSI Standard?
3729.03BRSSWS::DEKEYSERFri May 24 1991BADLOAD problem in SCA
3730.01CHIEFF::DGAUTHIERFri May 24 1991is fflush needed?
3731.01CRLVMS::HALBERTFri May 24 1991Must write lines with \n to DECnet FILEs?
3732.01MARVA2::SNEADFri May 24 1991exe from old compiler on newer version of VMS
3733.017HXOUMon May 27 1991VAX C calling COBOL?
3734.06DATABS::NORCOTTTue May 28 1991BUG: fseek() documentation
3735.02KURTAN::HOLMBERGTue May 28 1991Repeated calloc gives ACCVIO
3736.08SHAWB1::BURKEPTue May 28 1991CURSES and terminal width settings
3738.03LOLLY::JUNGCLASWed May 29 1991Cross Development Tools for VMS
3739.03NEOVWed May 29 1991C Programming Materials needed.
3740.02GIDDAY::ARTHURThu May 30 1991itoa in vaxc example wanted
3741.04MLNThu May 30 1991execl() ==> %C-F-EBADF error
3742.02ONOIS1::SABIAUXThu May 30 1991bad file number on WRITE
3743.09CWORLD::RICHARDSThu May 30 1991Help with trying to EXIT
3744.011HOTBX::MILLERThu May 30 1991Return error?
3745.05AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu May 30 1991Still problem with translating logical name
3746.07TOOLEY::B_WACKERThu May 30 1991Volatile variable put in a register?
3747.03KERNEL::YOUNGMFri May 31 1991DST record for STRUCTs use from DEBUG
3748.03TLE::AMARTINFri May 31 1991BUGCHECK during code generation
3749.01BUFFER::LIFri May 31 1991ULTRIX/VMS process read/write same file
3750.03CSC32::SCHONBRUNFri May 31 1991struct within struct reference error?
3751.03PIDA::SANTIAGOMon Jun 03 1991string constant concatenation ??
3752.01SMAUG::ABBASIMon Jun 03 1991why Warning only with /standard?
3753.08XDELTA::HOFFMANMon Jun 03 1991wanted: tsearch(3) routines
3754.03JSOCSS::HAYASHIMon Jun 03 1991QIO system service,prefix and postfix char problem
3756.03MLNCSC::RESNATITue Jun 04 1991DEC C
3757.05MLNTue Jun 04 1991open() vs SYS$OPEN/SYS$CONNECT
3758.05CSC32::MORGANTue Jun 04 1991Strange News Indeed...
3759.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jun 05 1991function(type param1,type param2), does it work???
3760.035R2ME2::VANGILDERWed Jun 05 1991printf("%s",NULL)
3761.02CWORLD::RICHARDSThu Jun 06 1991help with chmod
3762.06BLKPUD::ENTWISTLESThu Jun 06 1991floating point array variables not initialized!
3763.01BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISThu Jun 06 1991Check for file locked condition
3764.03CFII::OWENThu Jun 06 1991Need help with DEC C and XtOffset/offsetof
3765.01ROCKT::KUMARThu Jun 06 1991fortran fft from dxml for c application
3766.03GYPSC1::ADAEFri Jun 07 1991#define problem ?
3767.03MLNCSC::VOCIFri Jun 07 1991creation date with open ()
3769.02VENTUS::NEWMANFri Jun 07 1991Data Size on 64 bit platforms
3770.08TPAU::DUNCANFri Jun 07 1991Please Help!
3771.05PEACHS::BELDINFri Jun 07 1991Curses porting problems - Ultrix -> VMS
3772.05DECWET::RICHARDFri Jun 07 1991Non-blocking terminal reads
3773.01ZPOVC::SINSPSMon Jun 10 1991different lnk$library produce different result
3774.026HANNAH::OSMANMon Jun 10 1991Is VAXC documentation scanty regarding "getenv" ?
3775.012UTRTSC::HOFMANTue Jun 11 1991problem in STRCPY ?
3776.02BROKE::HIGGSTue Jun 11 1991Problems with stat
3777.02XLIB::JACKSONTue Jun 11 1991fopen "rt" option ANSI compliant?
3778.02CREME::BELDINWed Jun 12 1991ioctl() function call - VMS equivalent?
3779.06NBOFS1::HERMANNFri Jun 14 1991Official statement about VAX/C and ANSI/C needful.
3780.05ELWOOD::KAPLANFri Jun 14 1991Any way to get SDL to emit void * ?
3781.03DLOPAS::FSDB71::DAVIDSONFri Jun 14 1991INLINE OPT bug in V3.2
3782.03HGOVC::DEANGELISSat Jun 15 1991List of Values implementation
3783.03PRSPSU::PASCALMon Jun 17 1991bad initialisation
3784.05TPAU::DUNCANMon Jun 17 1991SYS$REWIND gets and error!
3785.09PAMSRC::SKELDINGMon Jun 17 1991How to fsync() in VAXC?
3786.01CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Jun 18 1991Can curses scroll down?
3787.03ZIA::TMULDOONTue Jun 18 1991Long to Ascii (ltoa) routine?
3788.02CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Jun 19 1991abbreviating long references?
3789.08ORACLE::WATERSWed Jun 19 1991dynamic scoping for condition handler fns
3790.04CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Jun 19 1991sending a signal when using kill() ?
3791.02LYOIS2::ROCHEThu Jun 20 1991unixio on VMS problem
3792.05AIDEV::PEKThu Jun 20 1991SYS$ASCTIME gives Access Violation
3793.09FRAGLE::HASSELLFri Jun 21 1991"<conio.h> header file?"
3794.04FRAGLE::HASSELLFri Jun 21 1991"fopen() ASCII text files"
3795.03WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Jun 21 1991How to define a text library for includes
3796.02GALVIA::MCHALEMon Jun 24 1991statics and shareable images...allowed?
3797.02NOTIBM::MCGHIETue Jun 25 1991CDD/RDB Field Definitions
3798.06ANNECY::ARSLANIANTue Jun 25 1991VAX&RISC compilers (struct changes)
3799.03CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Jun 25 1991Does the access function accept UNIX format?
3800.05BEWC::GODFREYTue Jun 25 1991Variable Length Argument List?
3801.017CSC32::A_GEORGETue Jun 25 1991Mixed double D and G float using CC$mixed_float
3802.01CSC32::L_LUCASWed Jun 26 1991VAX C interpreting CDD/PLUS pointer datatypes
3803.02HIPOWR::B_KEMPWed Jun 26 1991#include with comma separating text modules
3804.01JRDLSI::T_KOCHIThu Jun 27 1991How to open & seek carriage controlled file
3805.05HAMSC4::PBAGINSKIThu Jun 27 1991Function Prototypes
3806.04PRSPSU::PASCALThu Jun 27 1991pragma with DEC C
3808.04GOONS::BAKERFri Jun 28 1991Multi- array initialization
3809.06CSC32::SCHONBRUNFri Jun 28 1991why does system() set sys$output to NL:
3810.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONFri Jun 28 1991va_arg and ACCVIO on 3.2
3811.0FRAGLE::HASSELLSun Jun 30 1991Need help with pointer arithmetic
3812.02BONNET::FINTRAININGMon Jul 01 1991getting arrow and function keys
3813.07IOSG::BILSBOROUGHMon Jul 01 1991Trouble with switch command
3814.05COMICS::YOUNGTue Jul 02 1991Using %[^]] format in SSCANF.
3815.02CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jul 02 1991how to specify version info?
3816.02POLE::MURRAYTue Jul 02 1991VAXCRTL.EXE
3817.01COSBY::TIBBERTWed Jul 03 1991Please update HOW_TO_QAR keyword for 3.2
3818.0COSBY::TIBBERTWed Jul 03 1991Function prototype for VAXC$ESTABLISH is bogus in 3.2
3819.01ISIDRO::ALSOP2Wed Jul 03 1991Urgent need VAXC-RT 4.3.
3820.08STKHLM::ULUNDQVISTWed Jul 03 1991strings and pointers to strings
3821.011UPROAR::EVANSGWed Jul 03 1991U*ix 'select()' under VMS?
3822.011NVSD6::BRAVERWed Jul 03 1991String Function Return Possible/work-around
3823.04VNABRW::PIEBERThu Jul 04 1991/STAND=PORT and pointer to functions?
3824.03COMICS::TURPIEThu Jul 04 1991getname gives error %C-F-EBADF
3825.08COMICS::TURPIEFri Jul 05 1991combine <lf> and <cr> in a record
3826.018QUIVER::WASHABAUGHFri Jul 05 1991Macro which defines a constants (contains #define's)
3827.04GIDDAY::MUNNMon Jul 08 1991Stack Problem ???
3828.01COKE::LUGO_JMon Jul 08 1991Problem reading data files.. Help !
3829.03CRAIGA::SCHOMPMon Jul 08 1991Using the SYSTEM function...
3830.01COSBY::TIBBERTTue Jul 09 1991VMS Linker Conference?
3831.07MLNCSC::VOCITue Jul 09 1991fopen and binary access
3832.01ROMTSS::PASIWed Jul 10 1991LNK$LIBRARY and new logical name table LNK$LIBRARY and new logical name table
3833.01XSTACY::JENNINGSWed Jul 10 1991chown, documentation question
3834.01KERNEL::YOUNGMWed Jul 10 1991Initialising structs and variant unions?
3835.03AKOVWed Jul 10 1991error - out of memory?
3836.04ALFTP::HENNESSYThu Jul 11 1991static const char and system services
3837.03BUSY::BONVINThu Jul 11 1991adding arrays ???
3838.02KAOFS::M_ROYThu Jul 11 1991Known problems with SMG & MALLOC ?
3839.02CSC32::D_BORNERFri Jul 12 1991fscanf() format for reading blank lines???
3840.03TOOK::BMARTINFri Jul 12 1991question on current status of lseek and write
3841.02NAVIA::MARTINFri Jul 12 1991sys$create indexed RMS files doesn't work
3842.0TOOK::BMARTINFri Jul 12 1991flushing stream files opened via file descriptor
3843.013STAR::BOUCHARDFri Jul 12 1991JSB - again
3844.04CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Jul 12 1991vfork/exec and passing open file descritpors
3845.04STAR::BOUCHARDFri Jul 12 1991User-Written System Services in 'C'
3846.04CHENG6::ROTHMon Jul 15 1991Undeclared functiones signaled during MMS run and LSE review
3847.04GBIMon Jul 15 1991strtoul() BUG
3848.01DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMTue Jul 16 1991Invalid use of tag ""?
3849.03KAOHTue Jul 16 1991Help..Exporting Integer to Fortran
3850.02ONOIS1::AUGERWed Jul 17 1991Array float / NOOPT / define
3851.02DECSIM::BOGDANOVWed Jul 17 1991compiler bug ?
3852.04CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Jul 17 1991problems with lib$find_file
3853.0GLORY::PARSIANThu Jul 18 1991Problem with "write" in stream mode!!!
3854.0WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Jul 18 1991VAXC LSE template problem
3855.03CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jul 19 1991rotating a nibble.round and truncate
3856.02JGO::CATSBURGFri Jul 19 1991Pointer problem in Kernel mode. (cmkrnl)
3857.02KYOA::HANSONFri Jul 19 1991How to... check existence of a file.
3858.01CHOVAX::LAYTONFri Jul 19 1991EOF in pipe after child terminates
3859.03HOTSPR::NORTHAMFri Jul 19 1991DEC C For VMS Wanted
3860.02ASIC::BARTOOFri Jul 19 1991Running C.EXE from VMS.COM file
3861.02ONOIS1::SABIAUXFri Jul 19 1991STR$TRANSLATE problem
3862.011CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Jul 19 1991Using _PROBER to check access on S
3863.01ASIC::TRAC_ANDRETue Jul 23 1991copy file to file
3864.06DEKSW3::JAEHOLEETue Jul 23 1991how to solve system global symbols when $link
3865.0CHENG6::ROTHTue Jul 23 1991Line counts greater than 65535 ?
3866.01CHENG6::ROTHTue Jul 23 1991Uninitialized variables marked
3867.01JITWed Jul 24 1991Minor note on release notes
3868.05GOONS::BAKERWed Jul 24 1991Function pointer declaration query
3869.05VOGON::JOHNSTONWed Jul 24 1991library data module problem
3870.03MSDSWS::LBROWNWed Jul 24 1991SNA FIELD MODE Examples?
3871.0CLADA::KOBRIENWed Jul 24 1991Can pads be created in VAXC curses?
3872.02KBOMFG::PIMThu Jul 25 1991difftime_s?
3873.02AZUR::JANIKThu Jul 25 1991How?
3874.0JITFri Jul 26 1991VAXC diagnosing itself
3875.05RANGER::WESTERVELTFri Jul 26 1991value-bearing macros with auto variables?
3876.07PDVMon Jul 29 1991Size of allocated blocks ???
3877.04WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Jul 29 1991Error linking with shareable image written in C
3878.05CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Jul 29 1991order of expression evaluation
3879.06FRAMBO::MUELLERTue Jul 30 1991RMS-E-FEX when invoking compiler
3880.07TECRUS::TUCKEYWed Jul 31 1991referencing arrays externally ?
3881.02NUTELA::CHADThu Aug 01 1991Short Survey Please
3882.04LYOIS2::ROCHEThu Aug 01 1991function pointer problem
3883.05CHIEFF::DGAUTHIERThu Aug 01 1991Need to speed writes to a file
3884.014COOKIE::DMILLERThu Aug 01 1991#if sizeof fails with a syntax error
3885.05TECRUS::CMAYERThu Aug 01 1991CC bug with negative shifted of unsigned
3886.012CRAIGA::SCHOMPThu Aug 01 1991Variable arguments - how would you do this on RISK/ULTRIX?
3887.020JITFri Aug 02 1991Return to the curses of the bugs
3888.03WKRP::LEETCHFri Aug 02 1991load an array of structures in a function?
3889.012NODEX::PRABHUMon Aug 05 1991rand function returns even and odd numbers with successive calls
3890.010MAY4Mon Aug 05 1991how to read binary data from stream file?
3891.04HSOMAI::PALOMon Aug 05 1991how to declare array with non-static bounds
3892.09POEPOE::MARTINEZTue Aug 06 1991comparing DATEs
3893.03ALFAI::HENNESSYTue Aug 06 1991vfork and sys$hiber
3894.027TLE::AMARTINTue Aug 06 1991Humor topic
3895.03GLADYS::WATTSWed Aug 07 1991C calling FORTRAN FUNCTIONS
3896.07JITWed Aug 07 1991Bugs in <xx.h> files, and other requests
3897.02MARVIN::BAILEYWed Aug 07 1991VAX C and VMS GETxxx system services - what am I doing wrong
3898.02IAMA::MEANYWed Aug 07 1991fopen() and terminal input string parsing
3899.03OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 07 1991VAX C, Rdb (G_FLOAT), Motif (D_FLOAT)
3900.017CSC32::M_MYERSWed Aug 07 1991array[] inside struct legal?
3901.07NYTPWed Aug 07 1991What is fcntl() ?
3902.07ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu Aug 08 1991Problem with pointers??????
3903.06VNABRW::PAYLOR_SThu Aug 08 1991equivalent of X/Open keypad() ?
3904.0ACOSTA::MIANOFri Aug 09 1991Field input using curses exmaple
3905.05MARVIN::HEALEYSun Aug 11 1991header file porting blues...
3906.03AZUR::JANIKMon Aug 12 1991Synchronous image calls?
3908.05CSC32::SCHONBRUNMon Aug 12 1991Debugger doesnt recognize construct
3909.06VFOVAX::BASCHALMon Aug 12 1991Including selected files with /lis option
3910.02CSC32::SCHONBRUNTue Aug 13 1991Is ppl$read_semaphore documentation wrong?
3911.01SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Aug 14 1991What overhead is there in memory management
3913.03COMICS::TURPIEWed Aug 14 1991/noopt stops accvio
3914.01CRAIGA::SCHOMPWed Aug 14 1991SYSTEM call bug?
3915.07AIMT::SENTHILWed Aug 14 1991Accessing LAT terminals using curses
3916.04KXOVAX::ISAACThu Aug 15 1991need sys$fao example
3917.08NOVA::R_ANDERSONThu Aug 15 1991How to detect a dead process?
3918.03RANGER::WELLSFri Aug 16 1991#if defined(sym) problem
3919.03CSC32::SCHONBRUNFri Aug 16 1991Is realloc(NULL... still broken?
3920.02TSGDEV::JOYFri Aug 16 1991SIGNAL and FP exceptions
3921.03ACOSTA::MIANOFri Aug 16 1991VMS Curses and Arrow Keys
3922.01LAVETA::J_LAWSONSun Aug 18 1991How do I include a symbolic offset in a compiletime string constant?
3923.01LAVETA::J_LAWSONSun Aug 18 1991Can I create LIB$TPARSE tables in C?
3924.010ROMMon Aug 19 1991I/O operations and ASTs
3925.02WMOIS::COLLINS_DTue Aug 20 1991Vaxc$errno gets filled only sometimes
3926.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Aug 20 1991?'s Initializing auto arrays
3927.06HEYYOU::ZARLENGAWed Aug 21 1991using RMS, XAB/XABPRO to set file protection
3928.01MCIS1::MANOHARANWed Aug 21 1991 Help in Signal
3929.01BUSY::BONVINWed Aug 21 1991Append with variable extention
3930.01SIOG::ORRThu Aug 22 1991embedded sql in seperate files
3931.02CX3PT3::WSC157::E_VAETHThu Aug 22 1991execl and passing arguments
3932.02MSDSWS::HENDERSONThu Aug 22 1991%CC-I-NONSEQUITUR, pointers, and addresses
3933.04RAISSA::FERRARISFri Aug 23 1991Different results from a for and a while loop
3934.06NIMVAX::CUMMINGSFri Aug 23 1991Problem with sscanf and float
3935.01AUSSIE::MENDESMon Aug 26 1991An asynchronous process I/O simulator with a descriptor and mailbox library.
3936.04BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Aug 26 1991cc/name=as_is and %link-i-udfsym for rtl routines
3938.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Aug 26 1991sign extend variable length integer
3939.03HDLITE::CONROYMon Aug 26 1991Availability of DEC C for VAX/VMS?
3940.06SMEGOL::COHENMon Aug 26 1991Problems with const and non-sharable clusters
3941.02AZUR::JANIKTue Aug 27 1991VAX C RTL Reference Manual
3942.08PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Aug 27 1991