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Conference milpnd::part_number_info

Title:Part Numbers and Part Information
Created:Fri Jun 01 1990
Last Modified:Thu Oct 24 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:102
Total number of notes:293
Number with bodies:0
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1.0MILPND::CROWLEYFri Jun 01 1990Welcome
2.050MILPND::CROWLEYFri Jun 01 1990Registry of Users -- Please sign in
4.04EXIT26::STRATTONSat Jun 02 1990Which numbers from where?
5.01THOTH::FILZMon Jun 04 1990Free Appix
6.04OTOFS::GREENMon Jun 04 1990ADV11-C or A8
7.03DASY::CROWLEYFri Jun 08 1990Registry of Databases
8.01ISLNDS::SEIZ_BAKERMon Jun 18 1990Data Element Definition
9.04MILPND::CROWLEYThu Jun 21 1990What is a UPI?
10.01THOTH::FILZThu Jun 28 1990FREE SPOC
11.05THOTH::FILZMon Jul 30 1990spoc
12.01MILPND::CROWLEYTue Jul 31 1990Country Codes for Systems and Options
13.01ANNECY::JAUNAYMon Aug 13 1990About documentation numbering
14.03MILPND::CROWLEYTue Aug 14 1990Third Party Products
15.03SPICE::PECKARThu Aug 23 1990Preserve the Numeric?
16.0MILPND::CROWLEYTue Sep 04 1990Rev N1 of DEC STD
17.0AYOV24::TADAIRThu Nov 01 1990I wonder.....
18.0BRADOR::BROUILLARDThu Nov 01 1990Discontinued Xtal
19.0PENUTS::JKEENANTue Nov 20 1990Rev M vs Rev N Variation Confusion
20.01EWBVMon Apr 01 1991About the wire, 91-
21.02HAMSUP::MARXSENMon May 06 1991H9644 top cover parts ?
22.04HOCUS::FOSTERWed May 29 1991Need Help on FS-*****-**
23.01POCUS::FOSTERThu Jun 06 1991Help on DT-class
24.01BRADOR::BROUILLARDWed Jun 19 1991ta81 tach sensor number
25.01WHTAIL::TILLOTSONFri Jun 21 1991environmental products info
26.02POCUS::FOSTERMon Jul 08 19912N,4N,RF and SW-Class
27.0ESDENG::SCHUURSFri Aug 09 1991Partsnumbering System Without Any Logic
28.02BROKE::TAYLORFri Sep 20 1991BNCIA-XX cable sets node stickers
29.01HOCUS::FOSTERMon Nov 18 1991NS-class
30.0MILPND::CROWLEYFri Dec 27 1991Plant Specific Numbers -- on APPIX
31.03BRSSWS::BRST2Tue Dec 31 1991DS5
32.03KAHALA::STEVENSMon Jan 20 1992Help with MicroVAX part number set
33.01DECTLK::WILLIAMSMon Jan 20 1992Surface Mount Part Numbers?
34.0BACHUS::BRST2Wed Jan 29 1992ROM part 23-297E4
36.0MILPND::CROWLEYMon Mar 02 1992Intro to EWIS
37.0BACHUS::ROELANDTSMon Mar 02 1992logo for D5
38.0SNOFS1::BRILLWed Mar 11 1992LP37 Process Prom Set
39.01SNOFS1::WATTTue Mar 17 1992SF2
40.0CSOADM::DOERINGERFri Apr 17 1992laptop partnumber program
41.01MILPND::CROWLEYTue May 19 1992DEC Bids Dick Adieu
42.02DRAC::DEMATOSWed May 27 1992SA7X P/N
43.01CSLALL::GKOPPSWed Jun 10 1992"+L part class?"
44.02SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERFri Jun 12 1992cable headache
45.01TAINO::FUSTEWed Jun 17 1992TU81E READ & WRITE cables
46.02SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERWed Jun 24 1992rz migration into VS4
47.02LYOISA::ALTABERTue Jun 30 1992panel bulkhead for kda5
48.01LYOISA::ALTABERWed Jul 08 1992RRD4
49.02DPDMAI::BERNALFri Jul 17 1992Xyplex Terminal Server Part #
50.07SEDSWS::SIAREYWed Sep 23 1992VAX612ft T/wire T piece part #
51.0QETOO::SCARDIGNOMon Oct 12 1992Telephone cable?
52.0MILPND::CROWLEYTue Oct 13 1992Embedded software
54.0ISIDRO::FELIXWed Nov 18 1992lg
55.01KAOOA::PINKERTONThu Nov 19 1992Shockwatch vendor ??
56.0KAOOA::PINKERTONThu Nov 19 1992Phone resources DTN XXX-YYYY
57.01NBOFS1::SCHALLERTue Dec 08 1992Partnumber-listing for a TZ85-TA Table-Top version
58.03MCIS2::JANOWSKITue Jul 13 1993PN info needed
59.0AYOU63::PMCMILLANFri Jul 23 1993VRC16-CA Part #
60.02BLGSUP::OSPITITue Aug 31 1993calypso rear ethernet p/n
61.02BBQ::GOMEZPTue Aug 31 1993Online UPI index ?
62.04JGODCL::WIJGERSFri Sep 10 1993Any smart idea for Multi vendor PNs ?
63.01NAPCED::LUSCIANOMon Sep 13 1993vax 6
64.03LISTIM::VICTORTue Sep 14 1993LJ36P - BLOTTING PAPER PAD Part # ?
65.0MR4DEC::MMCNAMARAFri Oct 01 1993Digital's Electronic Connection
66.02CACIQE::BEZARESMon Oct 11 1993pcp34 display number
68.01--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 01 1993The Tip of Africa!!!!
69.0TPOVC::JERRYYEHFri Dec 10 1993vs4
70.01TPOVC::FREDTSENGTue Dec 14 1993tzk1
71.01ELWOOD::NAKAYAMAThu Dec 16 1993Cooling Air Requirement?
72.01SWAM2::REO_KAWed Jan 19 1994DECpc ST Box part number
73.01KOLOR::MCGOWANWed Mar 30 1994Digital Part No.s -> UPC codes?
74.02YOOV2Wed Mar 30 1994AC power distribution unit for SW8
75.01CONSLT::DALRYMPLEWed Apr 06 1994PN class to assign Vendor Serialized Data Sht
76.02POLAR::MCGUIREMon Apr 25 1994CF
77.01HAMSUP::STIEHLThu Jun 09 1994SA72 Part Problem
78.02LYOISA::ALTABERTue Jun 21 1994RZ26 in a SZ12 box
79.0TPOVC::MIKECHANGTue Aug 02 1994Help please,for P/N of DEC2
81.03KAOFS::B_MOLMon Sep 19 1994Bracket for PC4
82.0NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJWed Sep 21 1994CrossReference Utility Version 3 Available Now!
83.03GIAMEM::CASWELLThu Sep 22 1994Full BOM's Online?
84.02KAOFS::B_MOLTue Oct 18 1994battery part # for PCP2
85.0SNOFS2::BLOSSWed Dec 07 1994lpv+ power button number
86.02LYOISA::TORCHEUXMon Dec 26 1994RF35 & R4
87.02LYOISA::TORCHEUXMon Dec 26 1994VAX41
88.02LYOISA::TORCHEUXMon Dec 26 199445
89.01DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 07 1995QRL/"The" Digital Part# Repository
90.0DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 07 1995FAXback services for Vendor parts
91.03WMOIS::RAHILLYTue Mar 07 1995Part Descriptions
92.02LISTIM::VICTORMon Mar 13 1995DECpcLPX+ Reset Switch Part #, please ?!?
93.01MUGGER::LIVINGSTONETue Mar 14 1995SCSI cable for DAT?
94.02CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJFri Mar 31 1995Velostat kit - available thru Digital?
95.0TPOVC::JERRYYEHThu Apr 06 1995decserver 7
96.0VNZVThu Apr 20 1995DEC part# for DIALOGIC products
97.0DPDMAI::BERNALThu Jun 29 1995Decserver AZTEC power supply
98.01CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJWed Jul 12 1995VR299/VRC2
99.01DIAS::SYSTEMTue Aug 01 1995BA23 Front Panel Difference ?
100.01NBOFS1::SCHALLERFri Dec 22 1995RZ DISK_Labels required...
101.0TKTVFS::KAWANOFri Feb 16 1996What is part number????
102.01KAOFS::R_TAILLONThu Oct 10 1996QRL (quick reference list)