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Conference necsc::fido

Title:Computerized Bulletin Board Systems
Created:Wed Aug 26 1987
Last Modified:Sat Aug 31 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:198
Total number of notes:877
Number with bodies:0
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1.02HAVEN::PORTERWed Aug 26 1987Charter
4.046HAVEN::PORTERWed Aug 26 1987BBS systems operators registry.
5.04HAVEN::PORTERThu Aug 27 1987FIDO(tm) BBS software status
6.025164Thu Aug 27 1987BBS Setup Help
7.04971Fri Aug 28 1987BBS Overview Help
8.031181Fri Aug 28 1987registering a BBS
9.02HAVEN::PORTERFri Aug 28 1987FOSSIL - Machine independent software!
10.036Sun Aug 30 1987How to use BBS mail?
11.01HAVEN::PORTERWed Sep 02 1987ECHOMAIL - Fidonet's equivalent of NOTESFILES!
12.083429::BUDAWed Sep 02 1987Latest versions of OUS
13.01HAVEN::PORTERThu Sep 03 1987An 'ECHOMAIL' used for AD&D game!
14.023917::BULKAFri Sep 04 1987Why become a SYSOP?
15.0273429::BUDAWed Sep 09 1987Modems
16.0216616::HIBBERTSThu Sep 10 1987OPUS Sysop with Problems
17.081855Sun Sep 13 1987DEC-DF112 AA MODEM AND OPUS. HELP!!!
18.093429::BUDASun Sep 13 1987What if ...
19.043236::NILSENFri Oct 02 1987Help needed with setup
21.02NAC::PLOUFFFri Oct 23 1987ZModem Protocol Docs Wanted
22.0334865::FULLERFri Oct 30 1987Problems with OPUS V1.
23.01Tue Nov 17 1987BBS for a MVAX or VAX
24.011HIGHD::HIBBERTSTue Dec 01 1987Opus Matrix Help !!!
25.01HAVEN::PORTERWed Dec 23 1987BinkleyTerm - netmail for the masses
26.039Wed Jan 06 1988Any WILDCAT! SYSOP AROUND?
27.0632288::BUDATue Feb 09 1988ARCVAX
28.01HAVEN::PORTERThu Feb 11 1988Portable "POINT" system for sale!
29.038472::PENNEYThu Mar 03 1988Thanks to the SYSOPS!
30.0251913::LAITINENThu Mar 03 1988"
31.01EXIT26::VERNAGLIAThu Mar 03 1988PC-Board Sysops?
32.0EXIT26::VERNAGLIAThu Mar 03 1988QuickBBS
33.0HAVEN::PORTERFri Mar 04 1988SEVERE BUG IN "OPUS" and PATCH for same.
34.0538Wed Mar 09 1988FIDOnet History?
35.059562::KURIHARAMon Mar 14 1988Commercial BBS in U.S.?
36.02EXIT26::VERNAGLIATue Mar 15 1988Sysop Support Group
37.043Sat Mar 26 1988Two-line RB/OPUS BBS Setup?
38.0JENEVR::BUDAMon Apr 25 1988quickbbs
40.01JENEVR::BUDAMon Jun 06 1988Can we help?
41.0JENEVR::BUDAWed Jun 08 1988FIDO Newsletter
42.0JENEVR::BUDAWed Jun 22 1988FIDO News
43.06HAVEN::PORTERWed Jun 22 1988MAGPIE - Easy to install BBS software!
44.08GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Aug 10 1988DEC echoes on the backbone?
45.084531Wed Aug 17 1988Matrix Protocols
46.08LEMAN::LUGRINTue Aug 23 1988Where is fido kit, what other soft usefull?
47.02LEMAN::LUGRINFri Aug 26 1988Optimal file transfer ?
49.04MANTIS::JONESFri Sep 02 1988BBS using a DF224
51.0TSDTST::BUDAFri Sep 02 1988Annual Sysop meeting
52.0HAVEN::PORTERWed Sep 07 1988HAVEN kit area now has QUICKBBS...
53.0KIPPIS::LAITINENMon Sep 26 1988Editing using com-port
54.0TSDTST::BUDAWed Sep 28 198826 Sep 88 Newletter
55.04TRCAFri Oct 07 1988Macintosh BBS's ??
56.02KIPPIS::LAITINENTue Oct 18 1988NODEDIFF.A67 needed!
57.03MOSAIC::SAWYERTue Oct 18 1988Opus and Prometheus PROMODEM 24
58.014PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Oct 24 1988JModem, what is it?
59.02GODZLA::BUDATue Oct 25 1988A list of BBS's
60.04RAINBO::SAWYERTue Oct 25 1988In Pursuit of PC-Pursuit Information
61.0BOEHM::M_SAWYERMon Nov 07 1988Opus External Protocals
62.02YARD::EBDONMon Nov 28 1988Access Problems
63.0HAVEN::PORTERThu Dec 01 1988New files in HAVEN::OPUS: area.
64.03VIDEO::PARENTJTue Dec 06 1988source for CP/M BBS/RCPM kit
65.06STOWMA::GALVINMon Dec 26 1988Latest NODELIST.BBS
66.03BOEHM::M_SAWYERWed Jan 04 1989Opus doesn't recognize incoming ARCMAIL
67.014YARD::EBDONTue Jan 10 1989Easynet --> Matrix gate-way
68.02VULCAN::EBDONThu Jan 19 1989Transparent gate-way for XT?
69.0KIPPIS::LAITINENWed Jan 25 1989UFGATE wanted
70.01DDIF::CANTORWed Feb 08 1989Network nomenclature
71.07MDCRAB::BREWTONThu Feb 09 1989Haven::OPUS availability?
72.0VULCAN::EBDONFri Apr 07 1989The Bulletin Board Exchange
73.0VULCAN::EBDONFri Apr 07 1989CO-OP SysOp's Seminar, Leic.
74.05KALLON::EIRIKURFri Apr 07 1989Fidonet: How do I get started?
75.03HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Apr 18 1989Help request
76.01MAIL::GREENETue Apr 25 1989IS THERE A RSX11 BBS
77.01HEAD::EBDONThu Jun 15 1989Legal Matters
78.04TEASE::LEARYTue Jul 11 1989KERMIT on OPUS ???
79.0GIAMEM::GOODNISSWed Jul 12 1989Allo?
80.07OGOMTS::GALVINWed Aug 09 1989August 1989 USA BBS list...
81.07SED75Mon Sep 18 1989British BBSers?
82.09AYOV27::OAVAX_MBTue Oct 31 1989New Opus ?
83.01STAR::BUDAMon Nov 13 1989VEP and OPUS
84.0HOO78C::PIETERSONWed Nov 22 1989info wanted over BBS for the rainbow
85.04LUNER::DLANDRYWed Nov 29 1989need help downloading
86.065ROYALT::SHERWINWed Nov 29 1989FidoNET Newsletter
87.09AYOV27::OAVAX_MBThu Dec 07 1989Setting up a Board
88.02AYOV27::OAVAX_MBThu Dec 14 1989OPUSTRUC.ZIP
89.01BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Dec 28 1989First BBS in Soviet Union
90.012NECSC::PORTERFri Mar 02 1990OPUS v1.1
91.07FSCORE::READTue Mar 06 1990PC Network Access for Charitable Organisation ??
92.0RTOEU::KSCHOELLHORNFri Mar 23 1990Robotics USR 14.4 K sysop info needed
93.02SWAM2::CANNON_DAFri Mar 23 1990SYSOP & New member
95.0NECSC::PORTERThu Apr 12 1990FidoNet as of April 9
96.0NECSC::PORTERThu Apr 12 1990"MAXIMUS CBCS" v1.
97.02AKOVWed Apr 25 1990?BBS List by Topic Available?
98.02KAOFS::LOCKYERWed May 02 1990Need Help With Mail Processing.
99.0GUIDUK::STEBBINSMon May 14 1990OPUS V1.1x bugs/problems/questions
100.02PEARL::JAQUESWed May 16 1990how to start up a BBS ??
101.0TILTS::CZARNECKIMon Jun 04 1990Fido V 1
102.0AYOV27::OAVAX_MBMon Jun 18 1990Opus 1.
103.0NECSC::PORTERTue Jul 17 1990WayStar: Upgrading from OPUS v1.
104.0NECSC::PORTERWed Jul 18 1990BinkleyTerm v2.4
105.03DENIS::DESHARNAISMon Jul 23 1990How do the BIG guys do it?
106.04DENIS::DESHARNAISFri Aug 03 1990Subscribing to Compuserve
107.07NECSC::PORTERTue Aug 21 1990MAXIMUS CBCS v1.
109.014ELIS::MARMOLANIWed Sep 12 1990Starting my DBBS soon
110.011JGODCL::ECKENDONKMon Oct 08 1990Are there any Remote Access users
111.0LAB::SALVIDIOMon Oct 08 1990WWIV
112.0LAB::GRANWed Oct 10 1990Views on BBS Software
113.02JGODCL::ECKENDONKFri Oct 19 1990Contact between FIDO- & SIGnet?
114.01JGODCL::ECKENDONKWed Dec 05 1990Free FIDO nodenaddress
117.03KAHALA::SANTINELLIThu Jan 31 1991A broken fossil...
118.01BRUMMY::BEATTIEFri Apr 05 1991What about a proper Board on All-in-1?
119.03YAWKEY::BYRNEFri Apr 19 1991Beginner needs advice
120.02HPSTEK::HANSONTue May 07 1991How do I connect to BBS from Starlink?
121.04TLAENG::TRINWed May 08 1991Internet<-->Fido<-->Wildcat!
122.01MAAFS1::RESMITHWed May 08 1991I need a 'ConCall' program
123.01LIBNAN::ABEDFri May 10 1991Looking for BBS
124.01HPSTEK::HANSONMon May 20 1991Playboy & .GIF Files
125.01ZGOMThu Aug 15 1991Maximus and external programs
127.0ADVLSI::FONTANAThu Sep 05 1991V.32 Modem for sale $3
128.0WLDWST::NSHORTFri Sep 06 1991Wildcat 3.
129.04SNOFS1::GEORGESun Sep 22 1991PD/Shareware BBS
130.01NECSC::PORTERThu Oct 17 1991CDROM == Huge file selection on WayStar BBS
131.0WLDWST::NSHORTWed Oct 30 1991Wildcat v3.
132.0MRKTNG::DESHARNAISThu Oct 31 19914 User BBS Software for Sale
133.0MRKTNG::DESHARNAISThu Oct 31 1991US Robotics 24
134.0MRKTNG::DESHARNAISThu Oct 31 199185 Meg SCSI Drive for Sale
136.01HYEND::EHANSONMon Dec 02 1991Remote Access & Windows
137.01NODEX::PRASADMon Dec 16 1991BBS in the Marlbor area?
138.0GIDDAY::MORANSat Dec 21 1991VMS software ???
139.03JUPITR::SWENSONThu Jan 23 1992Problem With NACL?
140.01VAXRIO::VITORFri Mar 06 1992BBS sw for XENIX/UNIX/ULTRIX?
141.0STAR::BUDAWed Mar 11 1992List of NH BBS's
142.01CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 11 1992How can I access a BBS?
143.01BAGELS::TCHAMBERSThu Mar 19 1992CURRENT BBS listing
144.03VSSCAD::EHANSONThu Apr 09 1992ZOOM Init String?
145.016TROOA::RATTMANThu May 14 1992High Speed Modems '92
146.01NJCAD1::LANDWEHRThu May 28 1992Mail From CompuServe to Internet
148.07TRADE::SHAPIROFri Aug 14 1992USR Upgrades!
150.01DLBVAX::MAILHOTFri Aug 21 1992?'s Setup, Access, # of Users, etc.
151.0CSCMA::PORTERTue Aug 25 1992WayStar BBS, still here (corrected PH#s)
152.0STAR::BUDAMon Sep 14 1992INTERNET Access
153.01ACSCKS::SHARROWTue Nov 17 1992Connect to compuserve with only vt33
154.07TUPPER::LWILLIAMSTue Dec 08 1992WayStar connection difficulty
155.01EICMFG::BAUERMon Dec 28 1992FidoNet Registration in Germany
156.0KILLRB::PIERCETue Jan 05 1993"The Vampyre Bar! BBS - Gnet EMS HQ"
157.02TUPPER::LWILLIAMSMon Jan 18 1993uploading/downloading from BBS difficulty
158.014CFSCTC::SHAPIROWed Jan 20 1993Weekly FidoNews
159.0CFSCTC::SHAPIROWed Jan 20 1993Weekly FidoNews Discussions
160.01HKOVC::KATSONTue Feb 02 1993RemoteAccess Support Files Wanted.
161.011HERIAM::GUMPA::CorbettFri Feb 19 1993Binkley Term and Decmodem V32
162.09TEMPE::WAGNERSun Feb 21 1993Info on RENEGADE?
163.0WELSWS::GILMOURThu Mar 11 1993BBS software on Easynet/DECnet locations
164.0CGOOA::PUTNAMFri Mar 12 1993BBS systems for a VAX
165.010SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Mar 15 1993Ansi graphics help ?
166.04WELSWS::GILMOURMon Mar 29 1993Binkley/latest
167.02PHDVAX::JMCGLINCHEYTue Apr 20 1993I need advice!
168.04ESSB::MANNINGWed Apr 21 1993DOORs and other questions
169.02TEMPE::WAGNERWed May 12 1993NOTES environment BBS
170.08CGOOA::PUTNAMMon Jun 21 1993BBS products information
171.0MPGS::BONNEAUWed Aug 18 1993SWiTCH
172.0MPGS::BONNEAUTue Aug 31 1993PowerBoard
173.0STAR::BUDAWed Nov 17 1993New Hayes modem
174.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Nov 29 1993Mass BBS's ???
175.01MARX::FLEMINGTue Nov 30 1993BBS software summary?
177.01MARX::FLEMINGFri Dec 17 1993Internet -> BBS?
178.0CGOOA::PETTIGREWTue Jan 18 1994Door.sys structure
179.0LISVAX::FOLGADOWed Feb 09 1994Selling weather info via a BBS?
181.010--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 18 1994PROCOMM HOST MODE PROBLEM...
182.06SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue Mar 29 1994DEC Sysops (MASS.)?
184.02ANDRIS::putninsSun Apr 10 1994BBS software for UNIX or VMS?
185.01SUBSYS::MSOUCYWed Apr 13 1994nodelist size
186.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYThu Apr 14 1994BBS Ad
187.04SUBSYS::MSOUCYWed May 11 1994Zoom 28.8 connectsa
188.04SUBURB::LISTERRWed May 11 1994..pass me a body bag please, nurse.
189.02SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue May 24 1994BBS down
190.01SUBURB::LISTERRMon Jun 20 1994Bye!
191.0COMET::SCHWARZMANFri Jun 24 1994FALKEN Software?
192.01PKHUB1::VANKONYNENBUMon Jun 27 1994BBS and Telecommunications
193.011SUBSYS::MSOUCYWed Jul 20 1994bbs ramblings
194.01COMET::CAMERON_SMon Aug 08 1994Colo Spgs BBS
195.02BOOST::WHITETue Nov 08 1994need bbs list
196.0VAXRIO::BRANQUINHOWed Dec 21 1994Remote access for Windows interface
197.0VIDEO::PULSIFERThu Feb 16 1995Fancy Messages ?
198.01VAXRIO::SANTOSSat May 20 1995RA - company address ?